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August 15 Game Chat
2008-08-15 17:51
by Jon Weisman

Brewers at Dodgers, 7:40 p.m.
Tonight's Lineup
Juan Pierre, CF
Matt Kemp, RF
Jeff Kent, 2B
Manny Ramirez, LF
Nomar Garciaparra, SS
Russell Martin, C
Casey Blake, 3B
James Loney, 1B
Chad Billingsley, P

Comments (515)
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2008-08-15 17:59:50
1.   bigcpa
Should've known... tough lefty.
2008-08-15 18:01:06
2.   Bluebleeder87
well you can't win 'em all... (looking at Pierre)
2008-08-15 18:01:51
3.   Rob M
How excited would we be to see Pierre hitting 9th on the nights he starts and Manny hitting 3rd?
2008-08-15 18:03:50
4.   xaphor
Jon, you might want to add a couple of carriage returns to the lead post.
2008-08-15 18:04:05
5.   trainwreck
It's impossible to be excited when Pierre is anywhere in the lineup.
2008-08-15 18:04:28
6.   Jon Weisman
4 - Can't do everything at once :)
2008-08-15 18:07:46
7.   Marty
Just caught up on Mad Men second season. I'm loving it.
2008-08-15 18:07:55
8.   D4P
Gameday doesn't know how to respond when Chris Burke drives in a run.
2008-08-15 18:08:48
9.   D4P
Check that: What was initially reported as "In play, run(s)" was actually an out with no runs scored.
2008-08-15 18:20:23
10.   trainwreck

Mike Hargrove has announced he is ready to manage again. Teams must be giddy.

2008-08-15 18:20:30
11.   Rob M
5 That dawned on my right after I posted.
2008-08-15 18:26:12
12.   Who Is Karim Garcia

His weight? The local Dairy Queen? Fantasy Football squads?

2008-08-15 18:28:37
13.   Bluebleeder87
This is the day Pierre hits one OUT!! yes I'm calling it folks!
2008-08-15 18:28:40
14.   larry slimfast
So, should I watch the rest of The Song Remains the Same, walk down to the Stadium and see the rest of the Raiders vs. the Titans or stay in and watch the Dodgers before I go out and "celebrate" the end of summer as I know it.
2008-08-15 18:29:14
15.   UVaDodger
13 Force Out? Fly Out?
2008-08-15 18:30:43
16.   Icaros

If that happens, Eric Stephen said he will show up tomorrow wearing the Pierre shirt and nothing else.

2008-08-15 18:35:30
17.   68elcamino427
I'm feeling a bit pouty on reading Pierre's {cringe} name on the lineup.

13 - Hope you're right.
End the drought.
Pierre's last HR was sometime during the 2006 season - wanted to state the number of at bats it's been, but I'm too lazy.

2008-08-15 18:41:12
18.   El Lay Dave
17 1128 PA since his last HR.
2008-08-15 18:43:00
19.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I missed the last 2 days of posting, but I am looking forward to seeing you fellas at the park tomorrow.

Should be lots of fun.

2008-08-15 18:43:03
20.   UVaDodger
18 Which for Pierre, is almost exactly the same as AB
2008-08-15 18:46:42
21.   Ken Noe
13 I'm calling Pierre, caught stealing.
2008-08-15 18:50:28
22.   Sam DC
D4P mentioned Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin. Costas has a studio interview with them and Bela the Bellowa near the open of tonight's main broadcast. At the end, it appears as if the studio crew just spontaneously broke into applause -- I don't think there was an audience. Costas was startled and quite touched. Nice moment.
2008-08-15 18:52:56
23.   D4P
Yeah. I made my comment during that interview. Nice girls.
2008-08-15 18:54:37
24.   bigcpa
Some guy on espn radio is talking Dodgers at great length. I recognize the rapid fire gravelly voice- guy isn't making a ton of sense... aha!... Steve Lavin! He and Doug Gottlieb just interviewed Colletti. Comedy gold.
2008-08-15 18:56:41
25.   Doctor
Kemp on Player Talk at Neither immature or cocky I didn't think.
2008-08-15 19:02:40
26.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
25 - I know a trash can that thinks otherwise.
2008-08-15 19:04:18
27.   Doctor

Did he beat up a trash can? I missed that....

2008-08-15 19:04:19
28.   oshea2002
24 - even as a Trojan, I've always liked Steve Lavin. When he was coaching at ucla, he actually came and spoke at our sports class, and was actually a big hit.
2008-08-15 19:05:20
29.   Tripon
Juan Pierre 1-5, with a run.

Its what he does for EVERY DANG GAME. Kemp's going for 3-4 with two runs, and a RBI, because that what he does every time he's in the 2nd spot after JP.

2008-08-15 19:05:33
30.   KG16
28 - Lavin was liked everywhere but Westwood, as I recall
2008-08-15 19:06:23
31.   Andrew Shimmin
Did Ardoin say mastectomy or vasectomy?
2008-08-15 19:06:52
32.   KG16
gentlemen, set your DVRs... KTLA 10:00 news, two guys claim to have the frozen remains of bigfoot.
2008-08-15 19:07:50
33.   oshea2002
Phelps race about to start....
2008-08-15 19:08:47
34.   68elcamino427
Went to the game last night with my resident baseball expert.

After the first at bat
resident expert's observation, "He was too agreassive in that at bat".

After the second at bat,
"Why is he being so agressive at the plate -he needs to be more patient!"
My response - Agressive is his middle name - with a capital "A" - that's one of the big reasons that he's my favorite player!

Third at bat
My observation, "Ok, he's seen him twice, lets see how he does this time!"


That was fun.

2008-08-15 19:08:52
35.   Tripon
30 Karl Dorell was liked by USC fans.
2008-08-15 19:09:31
36.   oshea2002
35 - I was about to mention how much I liked Dorrell as well.
2008-08-15 19:09:50
37.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
27 - Late last season, when everything was falling apart, an LA Times story made a cryptic reference to Kemp, a trash can and how Kent didn't like Kemp had done to it, whatever that was.
It's become a symbol for all the haters going out of their way to find something to dislike about the young players.
See, now I've ruined my snarky little dig via over-explanation.
Proof positive comedy does die on the operating table. :(
2008-08-15 19:11:28
38.   D4P
"Wow" on the Phelps race.
2008-08-15 19:12:01
39.   oshea2002
2008-08-15 19:13:31
40.   Tripon
D'Backs leading Astros 9-2 in the top of the 7th.
2008-08-15 19:14:18
41.   trainwreck
Already saw the pictures earlier this week. It did not look very real to me. Supposedly found in Georgia.
2008-08-15 19:14:25
42.   scareduck
13 - an obvious rule 11 violation.
2008-08-15 19:15:13
43.   Tom Meagher
13 If Pierre were to hit a home run off of Parra, it would be his first career home run against a southpaw.
2008-08-15 19:15:42
44.   whodat807
What an astonishing race.
2008-08-15 19:15:55
45.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
41 - Unearthed by Russian artillery fire?
Or, the other Georgia?
2008-08-15 19:16:59
46.   oshea2002
I can't believe Phelps pulled that off, that was awesome
2008-08-15 19:19:01
47.   Bluebleeder87

can't wait!

2008-08-15 19:20:01
48.   Andrew Shimmin
46- There's a no spoiler rule till it's aired on the west coast rule in effect for the Olympics, here.
2008-08-15 19:20:04
49.   scareduck
If Jesus loved the Dodgers so much, maybe He could get the team a good hitting shortstop who can stay on the field.
2008-08-15 19:20:23
50.   Sam DC
Did the race run live out west?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-08-15 19:20:26
51.   Tripon
There's also supposed to be footage of Natali Lukin and Shawn Johnson kissing on the lips. Whats more real, Maybe the Bigfoot stuff is real too.
2008-08-15 19:20:37
52.   Duranimal
That's not Big Foot. Just my cousin, Zeb.
2008-08-15 19:21:15
53.   scareduck
Jamie McCourt has totally internalized the faux blonde thing since coming to LA.

But she definitely needs to know that orange IS THE COLOR OF THE GIANTS.

2008-08-15 19:21:46
54.   Tripon
Also, don't visit if you care about a certain swimmer making history.
2008-08-15 19:22:39
55.   trainwreck
Awesome, they ruined Olypmics for me during Raiders game.

That was nice of them.

2008-08-15 19:23:16
56.   trainwreck
Well Olympic rule was violated like crazy in this thread as well.
2008-08-15 19:23:18
57.   Tripon
53 Its Orangeish red!

And for some reason I thought Jamie McCourt looked like Laura Bush, shows what I know.

2008-08-15 19:23:38
58.   thinkblue88
what the hell?
i thought there was a "NO OLYMPIC SPOILER" rule.
2008-08-15 19:23:57
59.   Tripon
55 Gymnastic girls kissing isn't really a Olympic spoiler.
2008-08-15 19:24:02
60.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
54 - Or Drudge.
2008-08-15 19:26:39
61.   oshea2002
My bad, I thought it was live on the West Coast, my sister texted and said she was watching. I just heard them talking about it in the Raiders game as well.
2008-08-15 19:27:05
62.   thinkblue88
Sorry, probably shouldn't have reacted like that.
2008-08-15 19:27:13
63.   oshea2002
51 - where is that footage?
2008-08-15 19:27:43
64.   El Lay Dave
53 ...totally internalized the faux blonde thing...

She's drinking bleach?

2008-08-15 19:28:08
65.   trainwreck
Johnnie Lee Higgins is not very smart.
2008-08-15 19:28:45
66.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Meanwhile, Burke just homered to put Arizona ahead by 10.
2008-08-15 19:29:01
67.   scareduck
57 - so it's better that she's rooting for the Giants and the Angels?
2008-08-15 19:29:48
68.   scareduck
64 - how did you know?
2008-08-15 19:30:38
69.   68elcamino427
Please donate to Think Cure.

1 of 3 will die of Cancer ...

Cancer strikes 3 of 4 families ...

Cancer is the leading killer of school aged children ...

The Donation that you make for research will really help - even if it's only $1.

Just do it.

2008-08-15 19:30:44
70.   scareduck
59 - that sounds like a made-for-Cinemax series.
2008-08-15 19:31:40
71.   El Lay Dave
63 Shawn Johnson is 16; let's not get skeezy here. Nastia Liukin (18) is one day older than my daughter.
2008-08-15 19:32:10
72.   oshea2002
65 - everything is 1 step forward, 2 steps back with that guy. On consecutive plays he runs the wrong route, then fields a punt at the 6, runs backwards, and fumbles.
2008-08-15 19:37:21
73.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
If the topic is America's gymnasts, here's Alicia Sacramone in happier times:
2008-08-15 19:37:32
74.   Disabled List
Even if you think it's been spoiled for you, the Phelps race is NOT. TO. BE. MISSED.

Set your DVRs.

2008-08-15 19:39:13
75.   oshea2002
It almost feels like Sacramone is taking more heat now that the US went 1, 2 in the individual. Even an article on FoxNews today about her started off saying "Even though she cost the US the gold medal ....
2008-08-15 19:39:21
76.   scareduck
69 - It would be nice if the best chemo drugs weren't platinum based, and priced accordingly.

Both dogs. Just lost one a couple weeks back.

2008-08-15 19:40:05
77.   xaphor
It looks like some on here might want to check out the USA women's soccer match from last night played in a torrential downpour. Team USA is the one in the all white kit.

In other news, Spike is picking up women's soccer.

2008-08-15 19:40:16
78.   Tripon
And now ESPN's Baseball Tonight's spoils the Olympics.
2008-08-15 19:41:28
79.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2008-08-15 19:43:05
80.   El Lay Dave
77 One would think Spike would have more interest in women's beach volleyball.
2008-08-15 19:46:13
81.   scareduck
77 - never let matters of good taste get in the way of ratings.
2008-08-15 19:47:17
82.   Andrew Shimmin
I wonder who was in charge of collecting the samples.

2008-08-15 19:47:58
83.   scareduck
2-0 and he's only made a single out.
2008-08-15 19:48:01
84.   68elcamino427
It's terrible. We lost aa lab to it too.
It's ravaged people in my family.

Think Cure!

This time it's personal!

2008-08-15 19:48:10
85.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-08-15 19:48:40
86.   Greg Brock
Oy vey.
2008-08-15 19:48:50
87.   scareduck
82 - One of the two samples of DNA said to prove the existence of the Bigfoot came from a human and the other was 96 percent from an opossum, according to Curt Nelson, a scientist at the University of Minnesota who performed the DNA analysis.


2008-08-15 19:49:18
88.   D4P
I guess we're not laughing at Gabe Kapler anymore.
2008-08-15 19:50:20
89.   Tripon
Is Bills tiring out?
2008-08-15 19:51:16
90.   68elcamino427
Whew - those Brewers are hitting the ball hard!
2008-08-15 19:51:37
91.   KG16
88 - I was laughing at Gabe Kaplan.
2008-08-15 19:51:40
92.   Andrew Shimmin
Cancer is bad, but a plurality of children in the US who die, die of unintentional injuries, not cancer.

2008-08-15 19:52:09
93.   Tripon
Let's beat up on Por O Parra!
2008-08-15 19:52:28
94.   Who Is Karim Garcia
What happened?
2008-08-15 19:53:06
95.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-08-15 19:53:14
96.   Tripon
There's Pierre's single hit. Lets try to bring him in, WITH A MATT KEMP HOME RUN.
2008-08-15 19:53:15
97.   scareduck
The Quartet of Clank strikes again.
2008-08-15 19:55:16
98.   68elcamino427
As an illness - Cancer is the leading cause of death of school aged children.

Since the year 2000 over 40,000 people are killed in highway accidents in this country every year btw.

2008-08-15 19:56:58
99.   El Lay Dave
As Dodger fans, are we allowed to smirk at other team's IF defense?

Last night, Nomar did show us flashes of why he used to be a good everyday SS. He was lucky that on a couple of those the runners were dudes like Coste and Myers.

2008-08-15 19:58:31
100.   D4P
Kent is a singles machine.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-08-15 19:58:33
101.   scareduck
99 - as long as we're leading, yes.
2008-08-15 19:58:56
102.   68elcamino427
Garciaparra was great on plays going to both his right and left last night. He was very good.
2008-08-15 19:59:07
103.   KG16
wow, Kent is hitting almost .500 in front of Manny. I'm not an expert or anything, but I'd say that's pretty good.
2008-08-15 19:59:59
104.   Tripon
Manny is also a singles machine.
2008-08-15 20:00:14
105.   thinkblue88
Manny is just incredible.
2008-08-15 20:00:15
106.   oshea2002
Manny does it again.
2008-08-15 20:00:20
107.   68elcamino427
Manny is a difference maker - Wow.
2008-08-15 20:00:31
108.   scareduck
Manny's clearly dogging it. Shouldn't re-sign him.
2008-08-15 20:01:15
109.   KG16
Nomar's contract is up this year, right? odds of him being resigned?
2008-08-15 20:01:18
110.   Sam DC
I am just amazed at the writer the Post has covering Olympic swimming. Here is his piece on the race just completed, up less than 45 minutes after race. Now I realize some of this was written ahead, but lots of it could not have been. Anyhow, without adding to the spoilers, it's a fine read.

(baseball connection -- this guys was the Nationals' beat writer for the last three years.)

2008-08-15 20:02:09
111.   Bluebleeder87
I've never heard of this Parra guy but he seems to throw pretty darn hard & is lefty.
2008-08-15 20:02:18
112.   oshea2002
Come on Russ.....
2008-08-15 20:02:23
113.   68elcamino427
Lovin Martin's walk up music
2008-08-15 20:02:26
114.   KG16
in that spot, with runners on first and second and a dropped third strike, could the catcher throw to third for a force out?
2008-08-15 20:03:43
115.   oshea2002
I'd like to see Blake ahead of Martin in the lineup.
2008-08-15 20:03:49
116.   The Dude Abides
Parra's slider is quite good.
2008-08-15 20:06:25
117.   Bluebleeder87
Manny Parra's ERA the last month or so isn't that impressive (hovering around 4) but he was vicious his last start with a 1.29 ERA.

we should be o.k.

2008-08-15 20:06:28
118.   El Lay Dave
yahoo agrees with Jason Stark?

Bottom 1st: LA Dodgers
- J. Pierre singled to first
- M. Kemp struck out swinging
- J. Kent singled to center, J. Pierre to third
- N. Garciaparra struck out swinging
- R. Martin struck out swinging

2008-08-15 20:08:20
119.   Bluebleeder87
there getting Martin with a lot of breaking stuff, he should lay of it...

easy for me to say right.

2008-08-15 20:09:08
120.   trainwreck
Wow, Mike Cameron has 20 home runs?!
2008-08-15 20:10:12
121.   Tripon
We need to block that small area. Its the 2nd time a ball died under the jutting out wall.
2008-08-15 20:11:17
122.   scareduck
Kendall makes it 3-1. Humph.
2008-08-15 20:11:54
123.   fordprefect
Kendall. Meh.
2008-08-15 20:12:41
124.   trainwreck
Even in the pre-season the Raiders can't help but be the Raiders.

What a joke.

2008-08-15 20:13:11
125.   Bluebleeder87
oh well... bad break for us, hopefully we can chip away.
2008-08-15 20:13:48
126.   scareduck
Nice DP. Still 3-1, though.
2008-08-15 20:14:15
127.   scareduck
124 - who died?
2008-08-15 20:14:45
128.   Greg Brock
120 Cameron hits bombs, strikes out, and plays nails defense every year. You shouldn't be surprised.
2008-08-15 20:14:59
129.   Gen3Blue
Oh dear--just got here and I see the Dodgers are trying to lose. Is their a reason Ethier isn't playing. Even a lame excuse? With their defense they need to play their best offense. Did you see Manny make a perfect play for Fenway? It didn't work. Still we have a chance if they pinch hit soon.
2008-08-15 20:15:08
130.   Tripon
118 I don't see any new Manny article on
2008-08-15 20:16:21
131.   Tripon
Another ball that died on the wall.
2008-08-15 20:16:25
132.   scareduck
121 - you were saying.
2008-08-15 20:16:26
133.   Bluebleeder87
nice way to start us of Casay Blake.
2008-08-15 20:16:29
134.   68elcamino427
Casey Blake!
2008-08-15 20:17:58
135.   oshea2002
Anyone catch the Stark chat today - someone asked if "so you're saying if the Dodger fans were real fans, they'd throw batteries at Manny?"
2008-08-15 20:18:00
136.   Tripon
124 You have an owner that tries to fire his coach by typing up a resignation letter and refusing to pay him for 'resigning'. Al Davis is senile, or the biggest IRL troll in the NFL.
2008-08-15 20:18:09
137.   El Lay Dave
130 Their inning summary doesn't show Manny's AB.
2008-08-15 20:19:12
138.   scareduck
Time for Juan to bunt one over the third baseman's head.
2008-08-15 20:19:26
139.   whodat807
129 Are you going to repeat the same thing every time Pierre starts? Calm down, you knew Torre was going to have Pierre start every once in a while.
2008-08-15 20:19:48
140.   oshea2002
124 - I like our squad this year. I think our starters outplayed theirs.
2008-08-15 20:19:59
141.   Gen3Blue
Here is "Goldmines" nightmare. Pierre bats with a man in scoring position.
2008-08-15 20:20:16
142.   Bluebleeder87
Checking B-R.Com the only guy with any kind of #"s against Manny Parra are Juan Pierre (4for2) & James Loney 3-1.

I would have still started Ethier for the simple reason that he brings more the the plate than Pierre.

2008-08-15 20:21:03
143.   silverwidow
Vin just said the Brewers won the 1982 World Series.


2008-08-15 20:21:37
144.   D4P
Once Pierre gets his hit, why leave him in...?
2008-08-15 20:23:12
145.   trainwreck
Definitely looked better, aside from our WRs who are awful. Al really should have let Javon walk.

It is just infuriating to blow another 4th quarter lead. Pre-season wins matter when you are the Raiders and you rarely win.

2008-08-15 20:23:51
146.   Bluebleeder87
Manny Parra's Wikipedia page says that Parra was a closer (reliever) so I'm hoping he is gonna run out of gas quick.
2008-08-15 20:23:55
147.   Gen3Blue
129 For some reason it makes me feel better.-----Sorry.
2008-08-15 20:24:21
148.   Tripon
Defensive purposes.
2008-08-15 20:24:48
149.   Icaros

It's called "chasing the dragon."

Except in this case, the dragon is about as exciting as half a can of Coors Light.

2008-08-15 20:25:13
150.   Tripon
Looks like Bills settled down.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-15 20:26:15
151.   Tripon
Looks like Bills settled down.
2008-08-15 20:26:23
152.   Bluebleeder87
Billingsley is a the rear Dodger Pitcher that throws a slider. I heard Dodger management doesn't teach that pitch.
2008-08-15 20:27:16
153.   Bluebleeder87
Gabe Kapler has the opposite of a cool swing.
2008-08-15 20:28:44
154.   El Lay Dave
149 This dragon causes as much venting as Coors Light though.
2008-08-15 20:29:27
155.   Andrew Shimmin
Torre's an opium addict?
2008-08-15 20:29:32
156.   scareduck
143 - not so much.
2008-08-15 20:29:44
157.   El Lay Dave
Looks like Bills settled down.
2008-08-15 20:30:11
158.   Who Is Karim Garcia

I think we went undefeated last year in preseason. So, go figure.

2008-08-15 20:30:20
159.   El Lay Dave
Striking out the side is more like it.
2008-08-15 20:30:32
160.   Icaros

More or less.

2008-08-15 20:31:24
161.   scareduck
This is getting tedious.
2008-08-15 20:31:44
162.   Andrew Shimmin
I've got to try that "tea" he pitches.
2008-08-15 20:32:19
163.   Bluebleeder87
It kind of seems like the Dodgers are getting up there & swinging at the first few offerings. patients.
2008-08-15 20:32:28
164.   MollyKnight
Was at a party that was so loud I couldn't hear my own thoughts. Decided I'd rather come home and watch the game and be here with you folks.
2008-08-15 20:32:50
165.   CanuckDodger
152 -- Billingsley rarely throws his slider, instead throwing a cutter, but he has broken out the slider tonight. And the Dodgers didn't have to teach him the pitch, since he could throw it in high school.
2008-08-15 20:33:44
166.   trainwreck
Manny seems susceptible to the inside fastball.
2008-08-15 20:35:10
167.   scareduck
164 - silence is golden.
2008-08-15 20:35:19
168.   oshea2002
145 - totally agree on Walker, we should have just taken his money back and let him walk. Arman Shields has a lot of talent if we can get him on the field, but otherwise we'll need to address WR in the upcoming draft. If we can address that, and the OL and DL, this could be a really good team in 2 years, assuming J Russ pans out. Getting a #1 WR has to be the #1 goal.
2008-08-15 20:36:16
169.   Bluebleeder87

if they keep on throwing it in there it will end up in the seats, watch.

2008-08-15 20:37:49
170.   MollyKnight
167- So is being absolutely free of any drama whatsoever.

Friday nights are overrated. I enjoy Tuesday. And Wednesday, for instance.

2008-08-15 20:37:54
171.   scareduck
That grounder was a 3.2 on the Richter scale.
2008-08-15 20:38:36
172.   Who Is Karim Garcia

My three Raider predictions to make you scoff....

1. Andew Walter will play more than Jamarcus
2. By the end of the year Michael Bush will be the RB
3. We lead the league in takeaways and turnovers.

2008-08-15 20:39:05
173.   Tripon
How is Craig Cousnell still in baseball?
2008-08-15 20:39:07
174.   scareduck
170 - Dave Edmunds would like to remind us that it's almost Saturday night.
2008-08-15 20:39:36
175.   El Lay Dave
170 You may be an old soul.
2008-08-15 20:41:20
176.   oshea2002
172 - what's your basis for prediction #1? Jamarcus was pretty healthy in college - or are you predicting his not playing being due to ineffectiveness?
2008-08-15 20:42:20
177.   larry slimfast
quit nibblin'. bring the thunder, bills.
2008-08-15 20:43:08
178.   Bluebleeder87

I remember when I was in my early 20's The most important things in my life was friends & parting.

lots & lots of friends & lots & lots of partying.

2008-08-15 20:43:39
179.   El Lay Dave
174 Originally a John Fogerty song.
2008-08-15 20:43:51
180.   Bluebleeder87
Nice play by Blake, he really plays good defense except for that one in SF.
2008-08-15 20:44:04
181.   trainwreck
1) I think they go with Russell unless he is hurt, even if he stinks.

2) Fargas will get hurt, so McFadden and Bush can share RB duties.

3) Good chance.

2008-08-15 20:44:31
182.   Tripon
176 Because the same thing that happened to Alex Smith will happened to JaMarcus Russell.

And Aaron Rodgers is still laughing in Green Bay.

2008-08-15 20:45:22
183.   Uncle Miltie
I thought Gabe Kapler had retired and was managing in the minor leagues...
2008-08-15 20:47:30
184.   The Dude Abides
I wonder if anyone has noticed this facial resemblance:
Casey Blake - beard = Jeff Blauser
2008-08-15 20:47:37
185.   Sam DC
Maddux and Moyer going for the all time 80 and up age group combined game score.
2008-08-15 20:47:46
186.   MollyKnight
You guys want to know what a nerd I am?

Earlier this week, my father sent me a scorecard I worked from a program in 1989. Not only did I keep proper score (Bob would be proud), but I recorded the number of beach balls (14), the number of times Tommy argued with an ump (2), and the number of times the peanut guy walked by our row in the top deck (14).

I was seven. It would obviously be a sign of things to come.

2008-08-15 20:50:14
187.   Gen3Blue
179 I can see the light, but Martin may not.
If he didn't look exhausted don't you think he would have been on second?
2008-08-15 20:50:29
188.   Bluebleeder87
Gabe Kapler is a native son Hollywood California is his birthplace.
2008-08-15 20:50:41
189.   larry slimfast
I'm starting to wonder if Martin might end up on the DL here soon...
2008-08-15 20:51:13
190.   scareduck
186 - not getting how this makes you a nerd, but ok.
2008-08-15 20:51:21
191.   D4P
You guys want to know what a nerd I am?

You left a raging party in Manhattan on a Friday night to return home and post on a baseball blog with a bunch of basement dwellers.

2008-08-15 20:51:48
192.   Icaros

Can I adopt some of your personality traits into the cyborg wife I'm building?

2008-08-15 20:52:13
193.   68elcamino427
Don't get me started.

Martin Is the Robot Made of Nails.

2008-08-15 20:52:19
194.   oshea2002
182 - the talent disparity between Smith and Russell is huge. Not even close IMO.
2008-08-15 20:52:23
195.   Bluebleeder87
I enjoy walks in the park were it's quite & dry so we can talk about precious things...
2008-08-15 20:52:44
196.   scareduck
Blake does yo, man! work. 3-3.
2008-08-15 20:52:46
197.   thinkblue88
The Beard strikes again!
2008-08-15 20:52:58
198.   Bluebleeder87
Blake is MORE than making up for that SF error.
2008-08-15 20:53:05
199.   Tripon
I don't care how tired Martin is. Casey Blake just hit a HR!

*Martin should rest a series or two.

2008-08-15 20:53:40
200.   MonkeyBlue
Casey! this guy got some sock to him!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-08-15 20:53:44
201.   scareduck
187 - I was blinded by the light, myself.
2008-08-15 20:53:46
202.   68elcamino427
Casey got his hands way out there in the front of the hitt'in Zone on that one.
2008-08-15 20:53:46
203.   SG6
191 - Hey! I'm in the attic!
2008-08-15 20:53:47
204.   trainwreck
Casey is playing his way into a bad contract for us.
2008-08-15 20:54:33
205.   Tripon
194 Similar skill set though. Now if we could only get Mike Martz to coach the Raiders to make sure JaMarcus Russell is run out of town so the Raiders can trade for Rex Grossman...
2008-08-15 20:54:41
206.   scareduck
185 - but have you seen the vicar in a tutu?
2008-08-15 20:54:51
207.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Is anyone planning on manning the grill at the picnic tomorrow? I can pick up a few pounds of carne asada...
2008-08-15 20:55:03
208.   Icaros

I'm hoping the Giants outbid us by offering him five years.

2008-08-15 20:55:22
209.   El Lay Dave
186 Was that a sign of future nerd-dom or future OCD?
2008-08-15 20:57:41
210.   Bluebleeder87

is a joke by the way.

2008-08-15 20:57:41
211.   trainwreck
No way they have similar skill set. Russell has possibly the strongest arm in history of the league.

I saw video of Alex Smith before the draft, where he went back to Helix high school to practice with the team. He could not even hit unguarded high school wide receivers.

2008-08-15 20:58:28
212.   Gen3Blue
Man, Blake really looks like a good acquisition, and I am a bit surprised.
But I think 189 may have a good point.
2008-08-15 20:58:56
213.   scareduck
206 s/b for 195 .
2008-08-15 20:59:26
214.   MollyKnight
178-It's crazy.

I'm a writer and I work from home. Which means A) I have the ability to wake up at 11 am every day if I want. and B) many people in my field are alcoholics. When you take that and multiply it by the fact that half of my friends from college just passed the BAR exam and moved to New York in the last two weeks but don't have jobs that start until October, it seems like there's always a party going on somewhere.

Last night the friends of the guy who lives nextdoor to me came banging on my door at 4 am to see if i wanted to hang out, for instance. It's sort of like being in college, but with real-life consequences.

2008-08-15 20:59:52
215.   Bluebleeder87
the Milwaukee brewers are do for a loss man!
2008-08-15 21:00:08
216.   MonkeyBlue
Good to see Bills get a easy inning.
2008-08-15 21:00:11
217.   El Lay Dave
207 Man, I was thinking about carne asada. If you bring some, I will bring corn tortillas, salsa, and charcoal. Deal?
2008-08-15 21:01:49
218.   trainwreck
You guys are killing me with the carne asada talk.
2008-08-15 21:02:45
219.   KG16
Pierre did not swing at that pitch until it was in the glove.
2008-08-15 21:03:00
220.   Tripon
211 I'm just amused that the 49'ners just keep on screwing up so badly. This is the same organization that hired Erickson and then fired him after three years to make a run at Pete Carroll and didn't even bother to check if Pete Carroll was willing to lave USC, so they had to settle for Mike Nolan.

Then they drafted a QB in Alex Smith who the coach hates and who Alex Smith hates back. Then Mike Nolan is forced to hire Mike Martz who promptly promotes O'Sullivan despite Alex Smith still being there and O'Sullivan has no business being in the NFL. Partly because Martz is crazy and thinks that a guy with no skills like O'Sullivan can give him want he wants, and partly because Mike Nolan is a passive aggressive son of a gun. Talk about a team aiming for that first pick of the draft right in the middle of the preseason.

2008-08-15 21:03:02
221.   MonkeyBlue
Nice hitting slappy.
2008-08-15 21:03:05
222.   whodat807
Completely off topic, but man, badminton doubles is exciting.
2008-08-15 21:03:16
223.   whodat807
Completely off topic, but man, badminton doubles is exciting.
2008-08-15 21:03:24
224.   KG16
214 - Molly, if you're looking for a boyfriend, I'm willing to take one for the team.


2008-08-15 21:04:05
225.   scareduck
224 - Rule 11 violation!
2008-08-15 21:04:35
226.   MonkeyBlue
Bison Power.
2008-08-15 21:04:53
227.   El Lay Dave
If Prince Fielder truly is a vegetarian, it is impossible for him to live a carbon-neutral life.
2008-08-15 21:04:57
228.   Bluebleeder87
It's pretty cool watching Kemp run live.
2008-08-15 21:05:05
229.   KG16
220 - the 49ers made the mistake of going outside the family. Smith is actually a prototypical West Coast Offense quarterback. Unfortunately, the 49ers don't run the WCO anymore.
2008-08-15 21:05:19
230.   68elcamino427
Bison on the oppo attack!
2008-08-15 21:05:20
231.   Gen3Blue
So the lead off hitter gets on.
2008-08-15 21:05:42
232.   MonkeyBlue
Bison speed.....delay speed.
2008-08-15 21:05:51
233.   68elcamino427
Kemp running slowly - Vin
2008-08-15 21:05:58
234.   scareduck
2008-08-15 21:05:58
235.   Andrew Shimmin
Matt Kemp is faster than gravity.
2008-08-15 21:06:12
236.   KG16
Interesting baserunning there by the Bison.
2008-08-15 21:06:13
237.   Bluebleeder87
Kemp runs like the wind.

He is one with the wind (TM) if you will.

2008-08-15 21:06:17
238.   Gen3Blue
And gets driven in.
2008-08-15 21:06:17
239.   Tripon
I'm looking at rule 9, just how many times was it violated during the no hit win against the Angels?

Also, Kent is on fire.

2008-08-15 21:06:34
240.   trainwreck
How is that? He ran a completely gimmick offense in college and has had no success with the WCO in SF.
2008-08-15 21:06:39
241.   El Lay Dave
214 real-life consequences suck.
2008-08-15 21:07:01
242.   whodat807
Kent looks like a completely different hitter lately.
2008-08-15 21:07:02
243.   jtrichey
I'm not complaining (well, maybe just a little), but can somebody tell me the last time that Matt kemp pulled a fly ball? Or his numbers on the year for pulling fly balls?

Good job by Bowa of sending Kemp even though Kemp had to wait on the liner. 3rd base coaches only get noticed when they are wrong, so Bowa, I noticed.

2008-08-15 21:07:09
244.   KG16
225 - trust me, if I was under the influence, my comments would look something like this:

MOIjnasdhfi asdfaksdfj djfq34erdifu

2008-08-15 21:07:40
245.   Bob Hendley
Kent. On Fire!
2008-08-15 21:08:08
246.   MonkeyBlue
242. I wonder why.
2008-08-15 21:08:17
247.   scareduck
244 - just kidding.
2008-08-15 21:08:23
248.   Tripon
240 Are you saying Tim Tebow wll be a bust? ;P
2008-08-15 21:08:49
249.   El Lay Dave
Old Grumpy showing some life.
2008-08-15 21:09:03
250.   Who Is Karim Garcia

EL LAY DAVE, it's a deal, bro. What time you getting there?

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-08-15 21:09:12
251.   KG16
240 - the 49ers really don't run the WCO, or at least not like they use to. as for Smith fitting in it, he's got good accuracy but doesn't air it out much.
2008-08-15 21:09:35
252.   Tripon
Quick, get Just For Men for Manny stat. Get those frigging dreads back to their original length.
2008-08-15 21:10:07
253.   KG16
248 - Tebow will be the best Tight End ever.
2008-08-15 21:10:56
254.   KG16
252 - I think you mean Rogane.
2008-08-15 21:10:56
255.   Icaros
The way I see it, the 49ers owe me another 40 years of consistent suckery. Childhood scars, indeed.
2008-08-15 21:13:17
256.   trainwreck
I really hope the Niners are dumb enough to offer a ton to make Pete Carrol head coach next year.
2008-08-15 21:13:17
257.   himynameisyoo
where can i find these ubiquitous rules that everyone always speaks of?
2008-08-15 21:13:28
258.   El Lay Dave
Bills at 75 pitches.
2008-08-15 21:13:33
259.   MollyKnight
224- Ha! I'm saving myself for Clive Owen.

Does he like the Dodgers?

2008-08-15 21:14:10
260.   El Lay Dave
257 Bottom of the right side bar. See "Thank you for not..."
2008-08-15 21:14:57
261.   Bluebleeder87

Somebody forgot to tell me about that part...

2008-08-15 21:15:59
262.   El Lay Dave
250 Who Is Karim Garcia - a plan! I don't know exactly. Early side I hope.
2008-08-15 21:16:10
263.   Xeifrank
258. He might fall a little short of the simulator prediction, especially if they have to hit for him in the bottom half of the inning.
vr, Xei
2008-08-15 21:16:39
264.   Gen3Blue
This Nomar guy can really play SS. If he can only last more than ten games.
So Bills is beginning to settle in--right when he gives up a wicked drive in Nomars direction and then a single. I hope so too.
2008-08-15 21:17:49
265.   MollyKnight
I can't believe I'm missing the DT picnic. My best friend (and editor) Neil is a diehard Brewers fan. We'd be in LA for this series if he weren't in Israel right now.

And then I'd be at the picnic! :(

2008-08-15 21:17:52
266.   Bluebleeder87
Cory Hart doesn't look that intimidating but apparently the dude has some sock.
2008-08-15 21:18:02
267.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Ballpark it for me, Dave. I'd hate to have carne asada sitting without refrigeration, or a hot grill sitting without carne. I was thinking of being there 10:30

2008-08-15 21:18:31
268.   The Dude Abides
Bottom of the far right column
2008-08-15 21:18:58
269.   MonkeyBlue
Bills got one more inning left in him
2008-08-15 21:20:25
270.   The Dude Abides
If he had been wearing his sunglasses, he would have hit that one out.
/unoriginal, so shoot me
2008-08-15 21:20:28
271.   El Lay Dave
265 I will eat a soft taco in your honor.
2008-08-15 21:20:55
272.   himynameisyoo
2008-08-15 21:21:43
273.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I haven't seen overkill 94 on here in a few days, I wonder if he's going. He was cool enough organize a carpool for last years meet up.

The meet up has me wondering. Any of you ever frequent a local bar to watch the game?

2008-08-15 21:22:25
274.   The Dude Abides
Russ needs a day off...that was a fat changeup.
2008-08-15 21:22:40
275.   Tripon
256 I think Carroll's waiting for that oft rumored expansion team that L.A.'s always waiting for. Barring that the Jacksonville Jaguars whose owner is trying to sell the team, and plays in one of the most poorest revenue areas for a NFL team.

And if/when Carroll leaves, I'm going to miss reading how he regularly heads into South Central in a blue Van to meet the more nefarious members of our society.

2008-08-15 21:23:14
276.   El Lay Dave
267 God invented the ice chest for more than keeping beer cold! I'm finding the breakfast with BHsportsguy pretty tempting. How about I pledge to be there by 10:30 for sure and we fire up the charcoal on your arrival?
2008-08-15 21:23:21
277.   MonkeyBlue
Casey owns Parra
2008-08-15 21:23:22
278.   Tripon
Blake's on some sort alert.
2008-08-15 21:23:23
279.   trainwreck
I don't think I have ever eaten real carne asada.
2008-08-15 21:23:42
280.   68elcamino427
is some sort alert in order for Blake?
2008-08-15 21:24:33
281.   Tripon
Prince Fielder always looks mad at something. He's like Kent's long lost brother.
2008-08-15 21:24:41
282.   El Lay Dave
The Beard is on fire!
2008-08-15 21:24:57
283.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Cool. I may be there earlier but I'll grab an ice chest too just in case.


Get busy living, or get busy dying.

2008-08-15 21:25:30
284.   MollyKnight
191- Exactly. :)
2008-08-15 21:25:31
285.   KG16
275 - Pete Carroll has no reason to go to the NFL. He will get to be head coach at USC for as long as he likes, he's got the job security of Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno. And better weather.
2008-08-15 21:25:44
286.   Bluebleeder87
man that was insane did you guys see that?? Prince Fielder went crazy on Parra.
2008-08-15 21:26:24
287.   68elcamino427
#7 James Loney!
2008-08-15 21:26:48
288.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Chad to bunt and then... Pierre :(
2008-08-15 21:27:01
289.   El Lay Dave
Believe that alert color for Blake would be yellow.
2008-08-15 21:27:06
290.   Disabled List
The carne asada is almost enough to make me get on a plane and go to the picnic. Almost.

There is absolutely no decent Mexican food in NYC.

2008-08-15 21:27:09
291.   Xeifrank
The Weisman Principle in effect here. Pitchier batting with runners on and a good chance he gets pulled in the middle of the next inning.
vr, Xei
2008-08-15 21:27:40
292.   Rob M
279 And you live in Los Angeles? That's ridiculous, son. If you want to go crazy and get the best on your first try, go to El Parian on Pico just west of Downtown.
2008-08-15 21:27:48
293.   KG16
this is one of those ABs where Orel Hershiser would make Prince Fielder pay.
2008-08-15 21:28:00
294.   MonkeyBlue
Holy crap! Big man can fly!
2008-08-15 21:28:03
295.   xaphor
No idea know how thick that concrete wall is in the dugout, but if Fielder pushed me like that, I'd be through it.
2008-08-15 21:28:40
296.   68elcamino427
Fielder moving like a nose tackle on that play
2008-08-15 21:28:42
297.   Tripon
Yellow alert for Casey Blake.

And wow, that's a web gem for Fielder. Didn't people say he couldn't field so he had to DH for his career?

2008-08-15 21:29:28
298.   whodat807
You'll believe a man can fly! What a play by the big man.
2008-08-15 21:29:40
299.   Disabled List
Fielder diving for that ball must've registered at least a 3.5 on the seismographs. Anyone feel it?
2008-08-15 21:29:46
300.   KG16
287 , 297 - the proper form is:

Yellow alert for Casey Blake. This is a yellow alert.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-08-15 21:30:22
301.   Rob M
Grabowski principle!
2008-08-15 21:30:25
302.   68elcamino427
Pierre follows the plan!
2008-08-15 21:30:26
303.   scareduck
290 - I used to have a rule about not eating Mexican in any state that did not actually border Mexico. I have since violated this with happy results.
2008-08-15 21:30:33
304.   MonkeyBlue
Pierre walked? I don't believe it.
2008-08-15 21:30:44
305.   trainwreck
I don't, I live in the East Bay and Mexican food around here sucks.

Though, I have heard there are some good places in Berkeley.

2008-08-15 21:30:56
306.   KG16
and I have to say, I'm surprised Bob has not issued the alert remotely.
2008-08-15 21:31:04
307.   fordprefect
Reality is over-rated too.
2008-08-15 21:32:02
308.   scareduck
298 - as God is my witness, I thought a Fielder could fly.
2008-08-15 21:32:25
309.   xaphor
I was thinking of stopping by Vallarta and picking up some carne asada to go round. Should I bring some as well or go with chicken for a bit of variety?
2008-08-15 21:33:37
310.   KG16
Anyone else want to see a letter high hanging change up?
2008-08-15 21:34:03
311.   MyTummyHurts
I'm prepared to gain a few pounds tomorrow.
2008-08-15 21:34:23
312.   El Lay Dave
306 Molly is here and Bob is probably at a happening party!
2008-08-15 21:35:43
313.   Bluebleeder87
rats! we need more runs.
2008-08-15 21:35:49
314.   MonkeyBlue
2008-08-15 21:36:12
315.   68elcamino427
Nice ab by the Bison.
2008-08-15 21:36:17
316.   Tripon
BTW, the signing deadline for draft picks ended at 9 PM.

2008-08-15 21:37:09
317.   trainwreck
I work at home, but am not yet an alcoholic. Maybe I need to hang with Molly's friends.
2008-08-15 21:38:11
318.   jtrichey
315 It was a long at bat, but was it really a good AB? He doesn't seem to want to ever get around and pull a pitch. He fouled off late a 90 MPH fastball. I love Matt Kemp, but I want to know why he doesn't pull anything hard. (I know better than to say he can't, he just doesn't seem to even try).
2008-08-15 21:39:00
319.   The Dude Abides
Grumpy range!
2008-08-15 21:39:03
320.   MonkeyBlue
Good play by the old man
2008-08-15 21:39:03
321.   Bluebleeder87
old man showing some rage.
2008-08-15 21:39:30
322.   68elcamino427
Kent web gem! Going to the right!
2008-08-15 21:40:02
323.   xaphor
Vin discussing catchers interference amazingly without a Griddle reference.
2008-08-15 21:40:25
324.   El Lay Dave
309 Your call. For some real variety how about lengua?
2008-08-15 21:40:56
325.   KG16
318 - hard to pull pitches when everything is away, away, away.
2008-08-15 21:41:01
326.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
321 - What did Kemp do this time?
2008-08-15 21:41:08
327.   Bluebleeder87

IMO he has the right approach, I wouldn't change anything about him wanting to drive the ball to CF & RF or RC. He pulls it I've seen him pull a few balls.

2008-08-15 21:41:13
328.   MonkeyBlue
Wow that really stopped my heart for a second.
2008-08-15 21:42:07
329.   Tripon
Andy LaRoche went 1-4 for Pittsburgh today. His older brother went 3-4. Its obvious who is the better baseball player as 3 hits is better than 1.
2008-08-15 21:43:49
330.   Bluebleeder87
this next inning should be interesting with the meat of the order coming up.
2008-08-15 21:44:16
331.   Gen3Blue
Sometimes like that last inning, I feel like throwing in with Joey P. and wishing we had a first baseman with more power. But then I think about how Loney and Kemp will only get better for a couple of years, and probably lead the club in "RBIs" (hope thats the right plural) right now. And they cost nothing. Come on!
2008-08-15 21:44:28
332.   Tripon
I thought Lance Nix was hurt in the Cuba-U.S. game? Or are there two Lance Nix's in baseball?
2008-08-15 21:44:32
333.   KG16
not that anyone else around here cares, but US beating Croatia 5-3 at the start of the second half in water polo. This would be a bit of an upset if they hold on.
2008-08-15 21:45:28
334.   fordprefect
Kendall. Meh.
2008-08-15 21:45:42
335.   68elcamino427
It was a nice ab. He laid off some close calls - could mean he's seeing the ball good?
Fouled off a couple a tad late but with good bat speed. Ethier one of those with the bat advanced an inch or two in the hitting zone and those balls are traveling in the other direction in a hurry.
Ultimately got good wood on the ball and sent it oppo.

A much different look to his at bat as compared to what had been happening earlier in the season.

A nice at bat. Not good. Not great. Just nice.

2008-08-15 21:46:46
336.   Tripon
And that should be Bills last innings. Time to blow this game, and then see if Sturze has anything left. :)
2008-08-15 21:47:11
337.   MonkeyBlue
Nix had no chance against Bills.
2008-08-15 21:47:36
338.   Disabled List
Now I've got carne asada on the brain, so I went looking for a recipe. I might be making this tomorrow while y'all are at the picnic:

2 pounds flank or skirt steak
Olive oil
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

4 garlic cloves, minced
1 jalapeño chile pepper, seeded and minced
1 teaspoon freshly ground cumin seed
1 large handful fresh cilantro, leaves and stems, finely chopped
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 limes, juiced
2 tablespoons white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/2 cup olive oil

1. Lay the flank steak in a large non-reactive bowl or baking dish. Combine marinade ingredients and pour the marinade over the steak. Cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1-4 hours.

2. Preheat your grill over medium-high flame (you can also use a cast iron grill pan on high heat for stove-top cooking). Brush the grates with a little oil to prevent the meat from sticking. Remove the steak from the marinade. Season both sides of the steak pieces with salt and pepper. Grill the pieces for a few minutes only, on each side, depending on how thin they are, until medium rare to well done, to your preference. Remove the steak pieces to a cutting board and let rest for 5 minutes. Thinly slice the steak across the grain on a diagonal.

3. Serve with warm tortillas (flour or corn) and pico de gallo.

2008-08-15 21:47:41
339.   Bluebleeder87
man, Lance Nix has had shoulder surgery on BOTH shoulders! that ain't fun, I have a friend who's had that procedure done & he says he gets periodic pain all the time & especially during the winter.
2008-08-15 21:48:09
340.   jtrichey
332 Lance's brother Jayson is playing in the Olympics.
2008-08-15 21:48:40
341.   xaphor
332 That was Jayson Nix.
2008-08-15 21:48:54
342.   BlueinBerkeley
Somewhat OT if you guys are watching on Prime Ticket. What is that jaunty little tune that Nancy Bea plays on the organ for the 5-second network spot in which a resin bag is dropped on a pitcher's mound?
2008-08-15 21:49:23
343.   Tripon
What is FSN prime doing? This isn't funny!
2008-08-15 21:49:39
344.   fordprefect
Prime Ticket? Hello?
2008-08-15 21:49:42
345.   MonkeyBlue
What happen to the game?
2008-08-15 21:50:28
346.   MonkeyBlue
Kent got another hit.
2008-08-15 21:50:43
347.   Icaros
Who put Vinny in a tin can? Let's get the jerks!
2008-08-15 21:50:51
348.   Bluebleeder87
any of you experiencing technical difficulties?
2008-08-15 21:50:58
349.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
340 - No, he's done, sadly.
2008-08-15 21:51:04
350.   The Dude Abides
Great...Prime Ticket just went out.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-08-15 21:51:19
351.   scareduck
347 - do you have Vin Scully in a can?
2008-08-15 21:51:41
352.   Bluebleeder87
I wanna go mid-evil on the communication folks!
2008-08-15 21:51:49
353.   68elcamino427
Yes - Vinny is back in the radio that I listened to when I was a kid.
2008-08-15 21:52:18
354.   debaser
Looks like FSN Prime is taking the opportunity to remind us of whose playing, what their respective records are, and where the game is happening. And putting Vin in a tin can.
2008-08-15 21:52:22
355.   Tripon
2008-08-15 21:52:41
356.   scareduck
FSN Wisconsin knows how to get it done.
2008-08-15 21:52:50
357.   fordprefect
Someone get the bottle of gin out of the booth.
2008-08-15 21:52:53
358.   Tripon
We switched to the FSN wisconsin feed now.
2008-08-15 21:53:02
359.   MonkeyBlue
Audio is really screwy.
2008-08-15 21:53:09
360.   babber
Vinny on the radio, like the good old days
2008-08-15 21:53:10
361.   Bluebleeder87
oh great we're getting the Wisconsin feed now!?
2008-08-15 21:53:14
362.   KG16
why am I getting FSN Wisconsin?
2008-08-15 21:53:22
363.   Gen3Blue
Who said Manny was having trouble with inside heat. You are prescient.
2008-08-15 21:53:29
364.   whodat807
For those who are in the dark, Kent got a line drive single, is being pinch runned for by Ozuna, and Manny's at bat.
2008-08-15 21:53:39
365.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
FSN Wisconsin, I imagine, is running a perma-crawl with the latest Favre news.
2008-08-15 21:53:40
366.   Tripon
How, Manny just got fooled.
2008-08-15 21:54:01
367.   Icaros
Wow, this is a trip. Now I'm getting Milwaukee broadcast with Vin announcing...Now it's the Brewers announcers...Oh, now it's Vin again...
2008-08-15 21:54:34
368.   KG16
FSN Wisconsin and Vinny on the old transistor radio
2008-08-15 21:54:47
369.   Disabled List
Prime Ticket is coming in just fine on the internets.
2008-08-15 21:55:54
370.   scareduck
I didn't need Vinny for that play.
2008-08-15 21:56:53
371.   Icaros
I hope Vin has enough oxygen in there.

I am really tired of the dancer who knocks over the DJ set-up.

2008-08-15 21:57:12
372.   Xeifrank
I like how Vin was suggesting that the Brewers pitcher should've cheated and had someone else take his SAT test for him.
vr, Xei
2008-08-15 21:58:35
373.   Xeifrank
Billingsley all the way to Broxton? Just don't bring in Park at any point.
vr, Xei
2008-08-15 21:59:18
374.   Icaros
Bluebleeder's boy starts the 8th.
2008-08-15 21:59:30
375.   Xeifrank
Never mind, the "under-rated" Troncoso is in.
vr, Xei
2008-08-15 21:59:40
376.   Bluebleeder87
Nice job Troncoso.
2008-08-15 21:59:44
377.   El Lay Dave
Whoa - Troncoso to set up.
2008-08-15 22:00:06
378.   Tripon
And Torre's decision to replace Kent in the field works for the Dodgers.
2008-08-15 22:00:17
379.   Bluebleeder87
actually it was a nice play all around.

Troncoso + Ozuna to Loney = nice out.

2008-08-15 22:00:43
380.   BlueinBerkeley
Just gonna drop 342 back in there because of the natural disaster:

If you guys are watching on Prime Ticket, what is that jaunty little tune that Nancy Bea plays on the organ for the 5-second network spot in which a resin bag is dropped on a pitcher's mound?

2008-08-15 22:00:59
381.   El Lay Dave
Is Beimel warming up for Fielder?
2008-08-15 22:01:20
382.   Tripon
Yikes, that was a lucky hit there for Hardy. Lets go for the DP here.
2008-08-15 22:02:12
383.   El Lay Dave
381 I meant that as "is Beimel warming up? Should be, for Fielder."
2008-08-15 22:02:28
384.   Tripon
Oh you gotta be kidding me.
2008-08-15 22:03:05
385.   Xeifrank
Joe Bobblehead coming in.
vr, Xei
2008-08-15 22:03:06
386.   MonkeyBlue
Bad Tronny!
2008-08-15 22:03:11
387.   Tripon
Isn't this Beimel's 4 outing in 4 games?
2008-08-15 22:04:02
388.   El Lay Dave
387 Only Kuroda and Kuo pitched yesterday.
2008-08-15 22:06:04
389.   El Lay Dave
387 Only Kuroda and Kuo pitched yesterday.
2008-08-15 22:06:25
390.   Tripon
Don't put the last HR allowed stat up FSN Prime! That's just jinxing Biemel to give one up!
2008-08-15 22:06:39
391.   Bluebleeder87
just checked B-R.Com & Prince Fielder is o for 4 against Beimel. Good news.
2008-08-15 22:07:23
392.   Bluebleeder87
Beimel gets 'er done. Nice.
2008-08-15 22:07:47
393.   trainwreck
Well, Phelps is getting ready to swim.
2008-08-15 22:08:07
394.   Andrew Shimmin
The Phelps race is going to start in a minute.
2008-08-15 22:08:18
395.   El Lay Dave
Make that 0 for 5.
2008-08-15 22:08:28
396.   Johnny Nucleo
Here comes The Beef.
2008-08-15 22:08:28
397.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-08-15 22:09:01
398.   68elcamino427
The toaster having a bit of a melt down too.

The Closer!

2008-08-15 22:09:59
399.   MonkeyBlue
heat baby heat!
2008-08-15 22:10:18
400.   El Lay Dave
The Blue Ox for the four-out save.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-08-15 22:10:18
401.   Tripon
Yikes! Hope Broxton can tough out the 4 out save.
2008-08-15 22:10:25
402.   68elcamino427
Nice catch by Pierre.
Thanks for the heads up on the race.
2008-08-15 22:10:27
403.   Rob M
Say what you want about Juan, he can run 'em down in the gaps.
2008-08-15 22:10:39
404.   Bluebleeder87
I was gonna type down I still have issues with Broxton closing but that was a nice un-stressfull inning.
2008-08-15 22:11:55
405.   Bluebleeder87
a run or 2 would be sweet.
2008-08-15 22:12:21
406.   El Lay Dave
Beimel and Broxton did not screw around - got their jobs done quick.
2008-08-15 22:12:35
407.   Tripon
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now Vin spoilers its.


2008-08-15 22:12:46
408.   scareduck
Russell Martin gets into the insurance business. He should contact AFLAC.
2008-08-15 22:12:46
409.   Rob M
2008-08-15 22:13:20
410.   Jon Weisman
Can Rowdy Gaines voice get any higher? I think he must be talking out of the top of his head.
2008-08-15 22:13:22
411.   scareduck
Vinny in a can again. I want my FSN Wisconsin!
2008-08-15 22:13:27
412.   Bluebleeder87
that dinger by Martin almost died of exhaustion, but it went over the fence & that's all that matters.
2008-08-15 22:13:29
413.   El Lay Dave
401 Well, he only threw two pitches in the eighth and due up are Counsell, Cameron and Kendall.
2008-08-15 22:13:36
414.   KG16
wow, I've lost races the way that Phelps won that race. I've also won them the way the guy in second just lost.


2008-08-15 22:13:39
415.   Tripon
Best part that it hits Kapler's glove to bounce over the wall. You can argue that if it wasn't for Kapler the ball might have stayed in play.
2008-08-15 22:13:52
416.   fordprefect
Get that bottle of tequila out of the booth!
2008-08-15 22:14:00
417.   trainwreck
Wow, no wonder the Serbian swimming team originally protested it. That was ridiculously close.
2008-08-15 22:14:02
418.   El Lay Dave
405 Well THERE'S a sweet run!
2008-08-15 22:14:10
419.   debaser
407 - To be fair, Vin did wait until it aired on the west coast. Way to follow the rules Vin!
2008-08-15 22:15:00
420.   68elcamino427
Missed Martin's HR watching Phelps try to swim through a wall.
2008-08-15 22:15:00
421.   MonkeyBlue
Martin! you da man!
2008-08-15 22:15:25
422.   MonkeyBlue
No cycle for Blake.
2008-08-15 22:15:31
423.   Rob M
Stand down on the Yellow Alert.
2008-08-15 22:15:35
424.   KG16
also the US just beat the number 1 team in the world in water polo.
2008-08-15 22:17:44
425.   KG16
did they do a double switch, or are we going to get to see the Ox hit?
2008-08-15 22:18:34
426.   Tripon
Loney doing a nice bit of hitting. Its almost as if Loney's unconcerned about getting a hit, its more like getting batting practice in a game situation.
2008-08-15 22:19:12
427.   Bluebleeder87
whoo hoo Broxton at the bat!!
2008-08-15 22:19:29
428.   MonkeyBlue
Broxton look like one scary power hitter.
2008-08-15 22:19:31
429.   El Lay Dave
No double-switch. Could have with Berroa for Nomar or Ethier for Manny, but I can see not doing it in that situation, one hit away from a tie or worse.
2008-08-15 22:19:38
430.   Johnny Nucleo
423 Er, a certain someone might give you a mild slap on the wrist for that. I believe the Thief River Falls-approved procedure is the following:

Yellow Alert cancelled in Los Angeles.

Stand down.

2008-08-15 22:20:23
431.   Tripon
Doesn't Eric Gagne still pitch for the Brewers?
2008-08-15 22:20:42
432.   MonkeyBlue
431. Yes, he does.
2008-08-15 22:20:50
433.   Tripon
Broxton is a walk machine.
2008-08-15 22:20:52
434.   El Lay Dave
If Broxton really got into one, it might go a long, long way.
2008-08-15 22:21:01
435.   Icaros
Broxton with the honest AB!
2008-08-15 22:21:03
436.   xaphor
Ox with the walk. Did his bat ever leave his shoulder?
2008-08-15 22:21:16
437.   Rob M
Why not Ethier here?
2008-08-15 22:21:18
438.   Jon Weisman
Yes, they should have double-switched with Berroa. I'm saying that even as Broxton wox.
2008-08-15 22:21:20
439.   trainwreck
Walking a relief pitcher has to be some kind of new principle.
2008-08-15 22:21:20
440.   scareduck
Second career walk for Brox.
2008-08-15 22:21:27
441.   Andrew Shimmin
Here comes Pierre's big fly. I believe, Bluebleeder. I believe.
2008-08-15 22:21:35
442.   MonkeyBlue
Gravitational pull at 1st base.
2008-08-15 22:21:43
443.   Johnny Nucleo
Broxton taking batting tips from Cory Wade!
2008-08-15 22:21:46
444.   Tripon
Oh Vin, did you have to make weight jokes and make me laugh so hard?
2008-08-15 22:22:09
445.   Icaros
Japanese monster movie at 1B.
2008-08-15 22:22:09
446.   fordprefect
Can Vin lighten up a little?
2008-08-15 22:22:11
447.   Disabled List
I don't like my closers on the basepaths. I'm still scarred from what happened last weekend to Kuo.
2008-08-15 22:22:24
448.   Cannonball
"There's 550 pounds over there"
2008-08-15 22:22:51
449.   scareduck
441 - I believe the inning is over.
2008-08-15 22:23:09
450.   Tripon
Wait, JP walks and strikes out in the same game?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-08-15 22:23:17
451.   John Hale
Anyone want a USA-Canada Baseball update

I am watching on canadian tv and terry tiffee is a hero. Not sure if it is shown on NBC or other NBC channels

2008-08-15 22:23:26
452.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm crestfallen. I really thought he'd do it. I don't believe in nothing, no more.
2008-08-15 22:24:12
453.   Icaros

So it goes.

2008-08-15 22:24:56
454.   trainwreck
Jennie Finch's changeup is nasty.
2008-08-15 22:25:21
455.   scareduck
I'm going to turn on Charlie Steiner on MLB Gameday Audio if this keeps up.
2008-08-15 22:25:23
456.   fordprefect
Someone get the bottle of vodka out of the booth!
2008-08-15 22:25:36
457.   Chiron Brown
You've got to double switch there. Does anyone really want our closer on the basepaths?
2008-08-15 22:25:56
458.   MonkeyBlue
Audio is not sync with the video.
2008-08-15 22:26:00
459.   Andrew Shimmin
Every time Counsell comes to bat, he should be hit. On principle.
2008-08-15 22:26:33
460.   The Dude Abides
Great...we're hearing Vin on radio but still have the TV picture, and the radio is ahead of the TV by about three seconds.
2008-08-15 22:26:53
461.   Tripon
Reading a Brewers blog is like reading the Philles blogs I been frequenting for the past few games. Apparently Craig Cousnell starts everyday. Its like having JP start everyday but with no good alternative.
2008-08-15 22:27:14
462.   debaser
Vin is now predicting the result of each pitch before it is thrown. Amazing.
2008-08-15 22:27:16
463.   Icaros

You really know how to melt his butter, huh?

2008-08-15 22:27:47
464.   The Dude Abides
Nope, just pound him down and in with the slider so he fouls the ball off his ankle.
2008-08-15 22:29:12
465.   MonkeyBlue
Finally got CC!
2008-08-15 22:29:18
466.   Andrew Shimmin
Broxton wasted, like, fifteen pitches in the AB. Just hit him. Go ahead. You know you want to.
2008-08-15 22:29:21
467.   The Dude Abides
Was that a backdoor slider or does Ox have a splitter?
2008-08-15 22:29:25
468.   Bluebleeder87
pretty funny look by Council there...
2008-08-15 22:29:35
469.   KG16
The "I Struck Out Against Jonathan Broxton" Club


2008-08-15 22:29:46
470.   Tripon
This is just odd. Somebody at FSN prime should be fired. Its not like this is a one time thing, this been happening for a while.
2008-08-15 22:29:56
471.   Neal Pollack
Hey, I'd rather be complaining about the broadcast than about the team. And there's not much to complain about, team-wise, right now. We're on the verge of taking five straight from two playoff contenders.
2008-08-15 22:30:18
472.   scareduck
468 - Greenies will do that.
2008-08-15 22:30:34
473.   scareduck
Vinnie's escaped!
2008-08-15 22:30:57
474.   KG16
470 - you make the assumption that there is still anyone in the studio at 1030 on a Friday night. my guess is that there was an adult beverage spilled.
2008-08-15 22:31:45
475.   MonkeyBlue
Please don't walk Cameron.
2008-08-15 22:31:48
476.   The Dude Abides
Let Mike Cameron go
2008-08-15 22:31:55
477.   Tripon
2nd K for Broxton.
2008-08-15 22:32:05
478.   scareduck
One out away from a first-place tie with the Snakes.
2008-08-15 22:32:27
479.   Bluebleeder87
man Broxton has been nasty of late, wow.
2008-08-15 22:33:06
480.   Icaros
Closer mentality.
2008-08-15 22:33:11
481.   The Dude Abides
Ox with the four-out save! Woo hooooooo!
2008-08-15 22:33:16
482.   Bluebleeder87
nice little winning streak boys, I'm actually starting to believe!!


2008-08-15 22:33:17
483.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
We win!
2008-08-15 22:33:30
485.   jtrichey
2008-08-15 22:33:56
486.   KG16
so, should I go play cards or work on the novel?

I could claim "research" by going to play.

2008-08-15 22:34:02
487.   scareduck
The Cubs and Cardinals say thank you.

And my comment gets eaten. Just par for the course.

2008-08-15 22:34:07
488.   MonkeyBlue
Nice win! keeping up with the Snakes.
2008-08-15 22:34:39
489.   Tripon
We're 7.5 games back from the wild card leader Brewers.
2008-08-15 22:34:47
490.   babber
That rocked!!
2008-08-15 22:38:23
491.   debaser
Nice come from behind win again tonight. Have fun tomorrow, carne asada for everyone!
2008-08-15 22:38:23
492.   El Lay Dave
486 You should figure out how to get thee to the picnic tomorrow. We're going to be one happy bunch.
2008-08-15 22:38:35
493.   lakerican

but tide with the Backs...

2008-08-15 22:40:05
494.   trainwreck
I can't wait for the bullet train to LA to be built.
2008-08-15 22:43:56
495.   Bluebleeder87
Hey BH text me or call me for what time you want me to show up, I lost the email with your #...

Buenas noches amigos.

2008-08-15 22:44:03
496.   The Dude Abides
Wow - that 50m freestyle is amazing to watch
2008-08-15 22:44:34
497.   KG16
492 - unfortunately, I have to be in Corona by noon. and then to Los Alamitos after that. And I will be moving furniture in the process.
2008-08-15 22:47:45
498.   KG16
496 - as a former swimmer, I have a love/hate relationship with swimming.

I loved to race. I hated to practice. I really hated sitting around during swim meets, especially big ones (I can only imagine how torturous the Olympics would be as a swimmer). I loved the challenge of competing against others and myself.

2008-08-15 22:48:21
499.   spacebrother
Here's something interesting: No Dodger errors in 4 games, I think.
2008-08-15 22:54:31
500.   debaser
498 - I have the same feelings about swimming. I started swimming competitively when I was around 7 and then stopped when I graduated high school. Swim practice every day was torture for me.

Water polo in high school was fun though. I played deep goal.

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-08-15 23:01:45
501.   Kevin Lewis
Is anyone even planning on bringing a bat and whiffle ball?
2008-08-15 23:08:35
502.   xaphor
Fresh off the disheartening defeat to China, Taiwan held Cuba to only 1 run on 5 hits but still came up short losing 1-0.

501 I belive Bluebleeder87 is.

2008-08-15 23:12:50
503.   trainwreck
Woo hoo! Gerrit Cole rejected the Yanks and is coming to UCLA.
2008-08-15 23:19:17
504.   KG16
anyone have any idea on how to go about buying a domain from someone else?
2008-08-15 23:26:21
505.   KG16
the Jamaicans run very fast. And they don't look like they're actually trying just yet.
2008-08-15 23:30:32
506.   xaphor
Get into contact with the domain holder through a whois lookup and them arrange for them to transfer the registrar information into your name. If it is a more complicated transaction between businesses, you will likely need to go through a broker.

whois lookup:

2008-08-15 23:45:18
507.   LAT
Regrettably, won't be at the picnic but have a good time all.
2008-08-15 23:52:13
508.   Jacob Burch
505 We still need to go to some card room together, now that school is finished. I played the Oaks in berkley the other weekend, 6-12 limit. Was remarkably easier than any 3-6 game I've ever played

USA/NBC has three announcers for the men's racewalking event. I'm in heaven.

2008-08-16 00:23:28
509.   trainwreck
I guess everyone is going to bed early to get up for the picnic.

Have fun everyone!

I shall be talking to myself on DT.

2008-08-16 00:49:29
510.   milkshakeballa
im here. not going to the picnic tho...since i dont know anybody here yet as i dont post much and i will be a loner there haha
2008-08-16 01:32:33
511.   milkshakeballa
i think its time the dodger organization figures out a way so kershaw will be able to pitch in the playoffs. whether he misses a couple starts with the off says or what, I don't know, but we will need him in the playoffs.
2008-08-16 01:59:58
512.   oshea2002
511 - absolutely, he's definitely in our top 4 starters if we get that far. I wouldn't mind if him and Bills end up being our top 2, similar to what I remember hearing in the 03 World Series - gimme stuff over experience every time.
2008-08-16 02:03:02
513.   Greg Brock
510 That's no reason to avoid the picnic. I absolutely hate meeting people I don't know, and I'm not good with crowds. But I'll be there.

You should go!

2008-08-16 02:12:36
514.   milkshakeballa
lol :) i know. too much to do though. ill def. be at the NLDS picnic tho....right jon? :)

and i think kershaw is #2 right now.

kuroda @ home

2008-08-16 02:15:08
515.   bhsportsguy
513 I finally texted you back.

Sorry, I have been away, when I leave everything to the last minute, I get what I deserve.

Anyone still up and going tomorrow, I will be there early with breakfast treats (eggs, portuguese sausage, bagels and cream cheese) Not sure about anything to drink though.

I am also making tri-tip sandwiches for anyone who wants one.

It should be fun, c'mon out.

2008-08-16 08:25:29
516.   Jon Weisman

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