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Kershaw XIV: Kershawl We Dance?
2008-08-17 11:30
by Jon Weisman

Brewers at Dodgers, 1:10 p.m.
Today's Lineup
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jeff Kent, 2B
Manny Ramirez, LF
James Loney, 1B
Russell Martin, C
Casey Blake, 3B
Angel Berroa, SS
Clayton Kershaw, P

Comments (416)
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2008-08-17 11:35:22
1.   Tripon
Jon, you think you can put the opposing line up too? Just to give a contrast as to what the other team is throwing at the Dodgers on a given day?
2008-08-17 11:36:01
2.   Tripon
Also, the Japanese original of Shall We Dance? is better than the Americanized remake version.
2008-08-17 11:38:18
3.   Alex41592
3-0 Astros Bot 1!
2008-08-17 11:41:24
4.   Tripon
The Nats traded Luis Ayala for a player to be named later. Ayala is 1-8 with a 5.77 ERA in 62 outings this year. He'll fit right in with the Mets bullpen.;_ylt=Arv4IpY6E8EA55ODnCpPSwE5nYcB?slug=ap-nationals-metstrade&prov=ap&type=lgns

2008-08-17 11:50:14
5.   Tripon
Also, you have both Ethier and Manny playing LF.
2008-08-17 11:56:57
6.   immouch
this might seem crazy, but i'm fearful that the single biggest story this dodgers season might turn out to be the number of innings kershaw tosses. if he makes too big a jump, percentage wise, year-to-year, there's a lot of anecdotal history (if not, in fact, evidence) to suggest he'll be at risk, career-wise. yet the team might be at risk, season-wise, if kershaw isn't pushed to that limit or beyond. anybody got any idea how the dodgers will handle this if the issue arises? i'm hopeful some medical folk will hold sway in this. i don't trust mccourt/colletti/torre to do the thing that's best for the dodgers, long-term... i wish i didn't feel that way, but i do.
2008-08-17 12:01:55
7.   natepurcell
Are there photos of Andrew Shimmin yet?
2008-08-17 12:02:01
8.   Bob Hendley
From OT, 168 - *Jon: I love Matt Kemp just as much as you do. But please be rational: He should have been standing on 2nd base (or at least near the bag) when Cameron failed to catch that ball.

As it was, Kemp was backtracking and standing closer to first base when the ball fell. It was terrible baserunning, and everyone knows that.*

Jon can defend himself, but as the spokesman for everyone, I do not know that.

2008-08-17 12:03:11
9.   Bob Hendley
7 - No, but apparently he wore tails and spats.
2008-08-17 12:03:24
10.   D4P
I'm guessing Andrew's in the middle.

2008-08-17 12:07:33
11.   Tripon
Japan is smoking Canada in Little League 9-1. The Japanese kids are bullies.
2008-08-17 12:11:20
12.   Bluebleeder87

JJ42 took some really cool picks of the wiffle ball game, I think he said he was gonna post them as soon as he had a chance.

2008-08-17 12:12:49
13.   Bluebleeder87
i too have some general sourness issues from yesterday but I'm gonna have to tough it out for my teammates, it's the good kind of soreness anyways so it's all good.
2008-08-17 12:12:59
14.   Future Hall of Famer Matt Kemp
8 - I wonder if he'd have thought it was bad baserunning if Cameron had caught the ball (like he should have) and then tagged up from first to second and put himself into scoring position?
2008-08-17 12:16:37
15.   natepurcell
It's Ethier's fault, he should have hit it farther.
2008-08-17 12:18:09
16.   Bob Hendley
Mussina, at 265 victories, going for his 16th win of the season, again. Last time out he left after 7 with a three-run lead and Rivera lost it with his first BS of the season.
2008-08-17 12:21:51
17.   Tripon
Would Maddux cost compensation if he signs with another team in the off season?
2008-08-17 12:25:39
18.   Bluebleeder87

for me (honestly) you can't get upset at the play. When the play was unfolding before my eyes (I peaked at Kemp when Cameron cought it) I was like dummy run!! but then I thought about it & he pretty much did what comes naturally, especially the way Cameron plays CF.

2008-08-17 12:31:58
19.   bcg60
I read a comment from Cameron where he said that the ball hit his glove and if it hadn't, he thinks it would have had enough on it to go over the wall. So close and yet so far.
2008-08-17 12:44:38
20.   Uncle Miltie
So what are the chances that the Dodgers decline their team option on Brad Penny for next season. Wouldn't that make him an unrestricted free agent?

Derek Lowe is probably gone. We'd only have 3 starters (Kershaw, Billingsley, Kuroda). Kuroda has been really inconsistent though. James McDonald can probably be thrown into the mix. The Dodgers could pursue Ben Sheets, but they may prefer to spend the bulk of their offseason money on re-signing Manny.

2008-08-17 12:48:06
21.   KG16
20 - I'd decline the option on Penny and let Lowe go. I'd also make a run at Sabbathia; I like Sheets but his injury history is troubling. I'd be happy with a rotation of Sabbathia, Billingsly, Kershaw, Kuroda, and McDonald.
2008-08-17 12:50:49
22.   KG16
From Simers' latest:

"Vin Scully talks too much," Kent said.

I'll get to pitchforks. Brock, can you get the torches?

In all seriousness, Kent doesn't like the fact that everyone is noticing that he started to hit well after a certain left fielder started hitting behind him.

2008-08-17 12:51:45
23.   trainwreck
Jeff Kent hates everything and anything that is not Jeff Kent or a motorcycle.
2008-08-17 12:52:36
24.   JayB
I still think Kershaw looks like an older version of "Opie" on the Andy Griffith Show.
2008-08-17 12:54:06
25.   natepurcell

To have Brad Penny on the Dodgers for 2009, it will cost 8.75 mil in salary. To decline, there is a 2 mil buyout.

Its worth it to exercise the option when the end balance is 6.75mil. If he is healthy, he is a 115+ era or higher pitcher. Exercising his option should not keep the Dodgers from pursuing CC or Sheets if they want to.

2008-08-17 12:56:53
26.   still bevens
Terrible, terrible pitchers can stand to make more than 9 mil a year. Picking up Penny for one more year is a no brainer.
2008-08-17 12:57:07
27.   Bob Hendley
22 - I can empathize with him. I mean, no one's attributing Manny's numbers to the fact that he has Loney/Martin hitting after him. he is a future HOF in perhaps his last season and he feels that he gets no respect.
2008-08-17 12:57:59
28.   KG16
25 - I just think it's time for Penny to move on. Plus, keeping him likely blocks McDonald; especially if the Dodgers go get Sheets or CC or whoever else ends up on the free agent list.

Speaking of, is there somewhere I can find the list of guys who should be free agents?

2008-08-17 12:59:22
29.   D4P
That's the thing. Whomever we get to replace Penny would likely be some combination of worse and/or more expensive.
2008-08-17 13:00:24
30.   trainwreck
I still don't buy us going after a top flight pitcher. Never spent more than $55 million on a deal. Can't imagine we approach Santana numbers.
2008-08-17 13:00:44
31.   Uncle Miltie
25- nate I agree. It's too early to give up on Penny. In my judgment, the potential reward warrants the risk. You likely aren't going to get a comparable starter for that kind of money. If Penny comes back next year and performs, we would be getting a solid pitcher on a bargain deal (and would also have him under control at a very reasonable rate through 2010).
2008-08-17 13:01:31
32.   MollyKnight
22- Gotta be honest. I've heard a few other players on the team mutter the same thing. Most of these guys didn't grow up Dodger fans, so they don't automatically belong to the church of Scully. Plus, some guys are going to automatically be irritated by a guy who talks/writes about the team every day, yet never sets foot in the locker room.

Not saying I agree with it, just relaying what I've heard.

2008-08-17 13:05:23
33.   Tripon
Don't see Kent trying to go out of his way to meet with Scully either. It cuts both ways, and Vin's 40 years his senior. Its usually the younger man who has to pay his respects to his elders, and while's Kent's an old man, he should still pay respects Vin Scully.
2008-08-17 13:06:10
34.   Bob Hendley
28 - I think you want to go into the season with at least six guys you think can start (assuming we get C.C., Sheets, or someone else). You feel that its time to move on, but he would have to be replaced anyway and unlikely to get anyone with his possibilities for $6 million plus. If he blocks McDonald it would likely be because he is pitching well. In any event, McDonald and Kershaw will have inning issues next season.
2008-08-17 13:06:43
35.   D4P
Nice of TBS to start the highlight package with the Red Sox and Yankee games, respectively.
2008-08-17 13:08:37
36.   KG16
34 - if Kershaw and McDonald know that they are going to be in the rotation on the big club next year, they can train this off season accordingly to build their stamina and arm strength.

This is just one of those things that I disagree with most around here, I think.

2008-08-17 13:11:00
37.   KG16
why exactly is there a Nigeria-Ivory Coast soccer match on Prime Ticket HD instead of the Dodger game?

And I'm guessing TBS is a no go in the LA market for the game?

2008-08-17 13:11:15
38.   Bob Hendley
36 - Well, we certainly can't write-off your concerns about him blocking McDonald.
2008-08-17 13:11:33
39.   natepurcell

Why can't they do that anyways?

2008-08-17 13:12:43
40.   KG16
39 - yeah, they should be doing it anyway.
2008-08-17 13:13:03
41.   natepurcell
Thats a swing.
2008-08-17 13:14:29
42.   The Trolley Dodger
Over at MLB Trade Rumors, they posted earlier about the potentiality of yet another Marlins fire sale this off season. Anybody we'd be interested in?

2008-08-17 13:14:37
43.   D4P
Nice at-bat, Braun.
2008-08-17 13:15:36
44.   KG16
42 - Uggla at second would be nice.
2008-08-17 13:16:52
45.   natepurcell
WTG Clay.
2008-08-17 13:17:25
46.   trainwreck
Awesome, had no idea game was on TBS.
2008-08-17 13:17:47
47.   natepurcell

How about 3b where his glove wouldn't kill us as much?

2008-08-17 13:19:09
48.   KG16
47 - that'll work too. I honestly haven't seen much of Uggla so don't know much of his defense, just looking at his offensive numbers.
2008-08-17 13:19:24
49.   MollyKnight
2008-08-17 13:19:27
50.   Tripon
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-08-17 13:19:29
51.   natepurcell
2008-08-17 13:19:30
52.   thinkblue88
Bison Power!!!
2008-08-17 13:19:42
53.   silverwidow
2008-08-17 13:19:48
54.   bhsportsguy
Take that outfielders.
2008-08-17 13:19:49
55.   KG16
Bison says, "I know how to lead off."
2008-08-17 13:19:58
56.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm sorry, but Matt Kemp does not have the closer mentality.
2008-08-17 13:20:03
57.   Tripon
48 Dan Uggla is the same man who commited 3 errors in the all-star game. In the same inning.
2008-08-17 13:20:31
58.   KG16
I'm guessing Suppan's game score wouldn't be very good having given up a run on one pitch.
2008-08-17 13:20:46
59.   Bob Hendley
Pulled that one!
2008-08-17 13:20:52
60.   natepurcell

I want to see photos of you from the picnic.

2008-08-17 13:21:18
61.   Future Hall of Famer Matt Kemp
Don't need to worry about baserunning when you're jogging around the bases.
2008-08-17 13:21:19
62.   Travis08
57 Dan Uggla and Mike Jacobs each have golden sombreros today.
2008-08-17 13:21:23
63.   KG16
57 - yeah, I was working late that day, didn't get to see any of the All Star game. Not that I would have really wanted to.
2008-08-17 13:21:46
64.   natepurcell

Seriously. This second half has been the Matt Kemp Show.

2008-08-17 13:21:49
65.   jtrichey
That's what I'm talking about Kemp! Pull the ball. Who doesn't want to see Kemp occasionally get into one?
2008-08-17 13:21:52
66.   MollyKnight
Well, I guess that answers any questions about Kemp rebounding from blaming last night's loss on himself.
2008-08-17 13:22:58
67.   D4P
2008-08-17 13:23:24
68.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Manny! we need your power!
2008-08-17 13:23:48
69.   natepurcell
2008-08-17 13:23:49
70.   thinkblue88


2008-08-17 13:24:01
71.   Tripon
Well, guess I can stop whining about Manny cutting his dreads now.
2008-08-17 13:24:03
72.   KG16
Manny is very impressive.
2008-08-17 13:24:05
73.   MonkeyBlue
2008-08-17 13:24:11
74.   MollyKnight
This is your life, Jeff Suppan.
2008-08-17 13:24:22
75.   D4P
Manny has hit a lot better since Manny joined the Dodgers.
2008-08-17 13:24:25
76.   natepurcell
That was really....REALLY awesome to watch.
2008-08-17 13:24:45
77.   Andrew Shimmin
60- You already have. For the first time anybody can remember, D4P was right in 10 .
2008-08-17 13:25:12
78.   Tripon
Loney with a legged double!
2008-08-17 13:25:13
79.   MonkeyBlue
Loney my boy!
2008-08-17 13:25:21
80.   bhsportsguy
Kapler might have caught that.
2008-08-17 13:25:21
81.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Vin Scully does not call homeruns to actual scale. Everything Manny hits is "halfway" up the bleachers.
2008-08-17 13:25:35
82.   MollyKnight
Ryan Braun is a terrible, terrible fielder.

But he has a gorgeous swing.

2008-08-17 13:25:36
83.   KG16
My analysis may be off on this, but it seems like, today, when the Dodgers hit the ball, they are hitting it very, very hard.
2008-08-17 13:26:43
84.   Tripon
How many Homers does Manny hit in Fenway? Seems to me most of the homers Manny hits in Dodgers Stadium would be doubles off the Green Monster.
2008-08-17 13:26:43
85.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Manny the rally killer, and Loney clogging the bases. I love it.
2008-08-17 13:26:56
86.   bhsportsguy
81 Next time, I'm going to barbeque some ribs.
2008-08-17 13:27:12
87.   MollyKnight
Gonna have more HR during day games, too. Ball travels way better at DS when it's hot.
2008-08-17 13:27:21
88.   ucladodger
Suppan might not last very long. Baseball is fun when everybody hits like this.
2008-08-17 13:28:21
89.   still bevens
76 Why you gotta make those of us imprisoned at work feel even worse? Im just glad gameday added video highlight clips so I can check it out.
2008-08-17 13:28:30
90.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Nice one BH. We can round it out with some Dodger dogs. The tritip yesterday was amazing bro, really.

2008-08-17 13:28:45
91.   trainwreck
That really was not as formal as I was expecting. I went through TC's set of photos and was convinced you were not in them.

You get a pass from me, that's not that bad.

2008-08-17 13:28:47
92.   bhsportsguy
88 Missed you yesterday at the festivities, we could have talked Kemp and Jrue!
2008-08-17 13:29:29
93.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Suppan is, as Kornheiser would say, struggle-ING
2008-08-17 13:29:46
94.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Blake!
2008-08-17 13:30:27
95.   Tripon
Nobody but Manny can do the Homerun bat tossing look. Imagine if Juan Pierre did that.
2008-08-17 13:30:49
96.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I must say, I think the dodgers are inspired by our whiffle ball exhibition.

How none of us turned an ankle is still beyond logic.

2008-08-17 13:31:13
97.   ucladodger

Man, i wish i could have gone, but I had to work. And I can't to see Jrue suit up, especially after what will happen to the football team this year...yuck.

2008-08-17 13:31:44
98.   ucladodger

Can't wait, obviously.

2008-08-17 13:32:26
99.   trainwreck
Yes, I am already counting down to basketball season.
2008-08-17 13:33:18
100.   ucladodger
Please be okay, Clayton. Please
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-08-17 13:33:23
101.   Tripon
WHat's up with Kershaw?
2008-08-17 13:33:40
102.   still bevens
Okay this 'Injury delay' thing I see on gameday is horrifying. Did he tweak something playing the bunt?
2008-08-17 13:34:28
103.   bhsportsguy
I think we will be surprised with the football team, whether it will be pleasant remains to be seen.
2008-08-17 13:34:35
104.   trainwreck
He drive to make a diving stop and throw on the bunt, but he is fine.
2008-08-17 13:35:35
105.   ucladodger

I'm just afraid every game every football game will be like last year against Notre Dame. Our defense plays well but the offense is so bad they give up more points than the defense. Obviously the offensive staff is in another world compared to last year, but the our QB/line combo is pretty pathetic.

2008-08-17 13:36:01
106.   trainwreck
As long as we get to see some of the younger players play, I will be content.
2008-08-17 13:37:14
107.   trainwreck
I am always eagerly waiting for basketball season anyways. But, I have been waiting for Jrue for two years.
2008-08-17 13:39:14
108.   trainwreck
He tried
2008-08-17 13:39:55
109.   KG16
ok, i'm going to break up trainwreck's cycle and then get out of here.
2008-08-17 13:40:14
110.   Tripon
astros beat the D'Backs 3-0. Lets win this game.
2008-08-17 13:40:24
111.   KG16
hey, Houston beat Arizona. Too bad they couldn't do that yesterday too.
2008-08-17 13:40:52
112.   ucladodger

Me too. I also lucked out and got tickets for every game, which is great because I heard they were giving away more half packages than ever because of the demand. I would have been totally PO'd if i didnt get every game in my senior year.

2008-08-17 13:41:18
113.   Tripon
Berroa, showing that he's in the game not for his defensive abilities.
2008-08-17 13:41:32
114.   ucladodger
2 freakin little ground balls in the same spot. Talk about unlucky.
2008-08-17 13:41:32
115.   KG16
ugh, c'mon Kershaw, stop being so democratic. enough of these ground balls and pop ups.
2008-08-17 13:41:55
116.   natepurcell
This ump sucks.
2008-08-17 13:42:03
117.   Tripon
111 If we want to take leads from Arizona, we need to do that with the two series we have against them.
2008-08-17 13:43:40
118.   ucladodger
Awesome pitch
2008-08-17 13:44:36
119.   Bob Hendley
114 - Unlucky that we don't have a SS?
2008-08-17 13:46:51
120.   Gen3Blue
The first two pitches to Weeks. To me they were both at the same spot at the knees, but it would have been unfair to call both balls or to call both strikes. The first was a ball--the second a strike--fair enough.
2008-08-17 13:48:15
121.   Tripon
119 We could always call up Hu and DFA Berroa.

Because you know. Hu can play Shortstop.

2008-08-17 13:57:54
122.   Tripon
Alright Kemp!
2008-08-17 13:58:05
123.   ucladodger
Our centerfielder is a freakin baller
2008-08-17 13:58:26
124.   bhsportsguy
Nice play by Kershaw, Fielder might be the only LH hitter that he could just get.

Matt Kemp, CF, who would of thought it.

2008-08-17 13:58:47
125.   Andrew Shimmin
Manny should have dogged that fly ball, more. Is there any thing that could happen to the Dodgers right now that would be as bad as Manny and Kemp colliding?
2008-08-17 13:59:54
126.   trainwreck
If Bills and Kershaw high-fived and broke each other's arms.
2008-08-17 14:00:56
127.   Tripon
Matt Kemp's defense is great! Why can't he win a gold glove?
2008-08-17 14:00:59
128.   still bevens
124 Sadly not Ned.
2008-08-17 14:01:35
129.   Gen3Blue
Knowing Kemp has less baseball experience than most 23-24 year olds, I really think he is a natural center fielder, and we don't lose much defense playing him over someone like Andruw.
2008-08-17 14:02:59
130.   bhsportsguy
I don't think it was just Ned.
2008-08-17 14:03:23
131.   JayB
[32 & 22] Vin Scully is indeed a HOF announcer, "BUT" with that being said, I agree with Jeff Kent as far as Vinny talking too much. I put the blame at the feet of Dodger ownership, who placed Vinny in the position of sole announcer. Earlier posters have said that Vinny wanted it this way. Maybe so, but the ownership needs to do what is best. I get the sense that Vinny feels the need to make up for the lack of a partner by filling "every second" of the telecast with non-stop blather. It bothers me enough that I mute the telecasts half the time. All right, go ahead and torch and crucify me, just my opionion.
2008-08-17 14:04:41
132.   Gen3Blue
126 Man, you found something right away. LOL
2008-08-17 14:04:59
133.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Suppan its getting pretty conformable, like Bush.
2008-08-17 14:06:29
134.   thinkblue88


2008-08-17 14:08:00
135.   bhsportsguy
131 He talks more during the first 3 innings because he is doing both radio and television. After that he tends to talk less.

He also approaches each game as if the person watching their first game of the year.

You are certainly welcome to your opinion, Scully's style of generally playing down the middle is not for everyone.

2008-08-17 14:08:48
136.   Tripon
If Kemp and Ethier collied with each other suffering multiple concussions, and then Manny trips over the two trying to pick up the ball, and breaks his leg while throwing it to first, and then both Kershaw and Loney run into each other at first and Kershaw breaks his pitching hand, and Loney breaks his left hand. And then Russell Martin comes over to first, tries to get the lay of the land and the ump throws him out for delay of game.
2008-08-17 14:09:11
137.   trainwreck
He got a hold of that one.
2008-08-17 14:10:13
138.   Tripon
Kendall is a weapon of mass destruction.
2008-08-17 14:10:35
139.   Icaros
This feels a lot like last night's loss.
2008-08-17 14:10:48
140.   Gen3Blue
Out of nowhere I know, but I've forgotten why Selig wanted to get into the NL so bad.
2008-08-17 14:10:57
141.   Andrew Shimmin
Kendall submits his idea for the 125 contest.
2008-08-17 14:11:17
142.   Penguin
131 Agreed. i thought i was the only Dodger fan who felt that way. Plus it seems like he tells the same human interest story about the visiting player in every game of the series.
2008-08-17 14:11:45
143.   Gen3Blue
Yeah Manny--he caught that with style.
2008-08-17 14:12:19
144.   trainwreck
The Brewers must hate mythical beasts.
2008-08-17 14:12:27
145.   Tripon
Kershaw hasn't looked right since the hit in the 2nd inning, ...and the Brewers keep on trying to knock out Kershaw.
2008-08-17 14:13:31
146.   Tripon
142 131 Guess you guys enjoy Steiner and Lyons.
2008-08-17 14:13:58
147.   Andrew Shimmin
Emperor Joseph II: My dear young man, don't take it too hard. Your work is ingenious. It's quality work. And there are simply too many notes, that's all. Just cut a few and it will be perfect.

Mozart: Which few did you have in mind, Majesty?

2008-08-17 14:15:31
148.   Bob Hendley
131 - Kent was not actually talking about Vin's style, which one can like or not. Indeed, Kent would have no idea how Vin broadcasts. Kent was referring to being told that Vin had noted that Kent hitting in front of Manny was beneficial for him, as suggested by the numbers. Vin has noted this every game for the past week or so.
2008-08-17 14:17:13
149.   Penguin
146 They're rarely on the MLB.TV games, but I do like Steiner from his days at ESPN. Lyons is ok.
2008-08-17 14:18:02
150.   mintxcore
Whenever I feel need to appreciate Vin Scully, I just turn on an ESPN game... or a Fox game... or an Angels game... or any other game. There is nothing like him. I'd rather have him talk about the ballplayers than himself, or saying "DUDE!!!" the whole time...
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-17 14:19:37
151.   Bob Hendley
Vin just said Kent with a really hard "t".
2008-08-17 14:22:15
152.   MonkeyBlue
Thank you Sun.
2008-08-17 14:29:48
153.   Chiron Brown
131 Why would you think two or three announcers together would talk less? Vin has the style he has because he worked for so long on radio. Most announcers today don't give the score or tell you who's on base. In fact, announcers today don't call games, they comment on them. And they do it like they're announcing a sale on Coors Light at the Talladega 7-11. Vin's call has a special cadence. It's the cadence of baseball.
2008-08-17 14:30:40
154.   whodat807
Vin needs no color commentator. He's the perfect play by play guy, and no Joe Morgan type would add anything that Vin can't provide himself. Listening to any other announcing crew only affirms who great we have it with good ol' Vinny.
2008-08-17 14:31:21
155.   Tripon
Ryan Braun is too pretty looking. Baby Face should be chaired now.
2008-08-17 14:32:36
156.   southbaydodger
From vin earlier:

"It's like the empire state building running at you" referring to Prince running up the line. No one else can get away with that.

2008-08-17 14:33:52
157.   Ken Noe
I've always been an East Coast Dodger fan. Thanks to the magic of the internets, I've only been able to listen to Vin regularly in the last couple of years. It truly has been a pleasure.
2008-08-17 14:34:03
158.   MonkeyBlue
Bail out with the DP.
2008-08-17 14:34:19
159.   Icaros
Never an easy inning the last two games.
2008-08-17 14:35:43
160.   bhsportsguy
I can't be objective since I am fairly sure I have heard Vin call 3500+ games in my lifetime.
2008-08-17 14:37:06
161.   Andrew Shimmin
announcers today don't call games, they comment on them.

Just so. Since I've got my eyes on the computer for probably 90% of the game, looking up only when something's happening, I like having real play by play.

2008-08-17 14:38:06
162.   Tripon
Wow, those Dodgers fans can't catch at all.
2008-08-17 14:38:49
163.   Tripon
Ethier is just KILLING THE BALL.
2008-08-17 14:38:53
164.   MonkeyBlue
Ethier! with that power again!
2008-08-17 14:38:54
165.   thinkblue88
yesss!!! Ethier Power!!
2008-08-17 14:38:54
166.   trainwreck
Ethier going oppo!
2008-08-17 14:39:52
167.   Andrew Shimmin
That one probably didn't go more than thirty or forty rows deep in the Pavilion.
2008-08-17 14:40:34
168.   natepurcell
These TBS announcers aren't that bad.
2008-08-17 14:40:47
169.   Bob Timmermann
We want Barabbas!
2008-08-17 14:40:49
170.   Ken Noe

A friend of mine has a tape of Brooklyn playing the Cubs in 1956. The only real change in Vin is that these days, he's not still inviting people to please come down to the stadium in the third inning.

2008-08-17 14:40:58
171.   thinkblue88
Hey, all our OF have homeruns today.
2008-08-17 14:41:25
172.   Linkmeister
I'm about to commit heresy. I hear the Giants radio team on weekends occasionally (Krukow and Kuiper, maybe? Dave somebody?) and they're pretty good at play-by-play, and they sure give the score frequently.

They're not Vinnie, but they're not awful (aside from the homerism).

2008-08-17 14:41:49
173.   bhsportsguy
171 That didn't happen last year.
2008-08-17 14:41:56
174.   bigE
Anyone else notice that Vin has made no mention of Kent's recent success batting ahead of Manny?
2008-08-17 14:42:02
175.   Bob Hendley
159 - In the last 15 innings against the Brewers they have only gone out in order twice. In the rest they either had a man on base or scored (HR). In 8 of those innings, the leadoff hitter has gotten on. So, I would say that you are right.
2008-08-17 14:42:21
176.   Gen3Blue
Looks to me like Ethier could easily be a twenty-five HR guy through his prime.
2008-08-17 14:42:58
177.   Bob Hendley
174 - Only the first time up, and they showed the numbers.
2008-08-17 14:45:30
178.   oshea2002
Chip and (I think) Ron Darling seem to be doing a pretty solid job. I didn't think the Brew Crew announcers were that bad either last night. As I've mentioned, I live in the midwest, I can't imagine 3 worse crews then the Cubs, Sox, and Cards.
2008-08-17 14:47:19
179.   Bob Hendley
As I recall, the Reds announcers are pretty bad.
2008-08-17 14:47:42
180.   thinkblue88
Have you ever heard an Angels broadcast?
2008-08-17 14:49:12
181.   Tripon
180 The Rex Hudler and Steve Phyisoc crew is pretty bad, but the other one with Grubicza and Mota is okay.
2008-08-17 14:49:50
182.   oshea2002
178 - I like Rory doing SC hoops games, but him and Gubby are pretty lifeless.
2008-08-17 14:50:30
183.   Gen3Blue
The D's can't let up against a team hits so many dingers.
2008-08-17 14:50:39
184.   thinkblue88
Yeah, the radio guys actually aren't too bad. But it's easy to sound good when you are being compared to Hudler.
2008-08-17 14:51:07
185.   Ken Noe
From best to worst:
1. Vin.
2. Almost everybody else.
3. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.
2008-08-17 14:52:08
186.   Linkmeister
Huh. From KNBR: "Dave Flemming, the youngest active Major League broadcaster. . ."

Didn't know that.

2008-08-17 14:52:36
187.   Tripon
He is Kershaw. He is the future of the Dodgers.
2008-08-17 14:52:42
188.   whodat807
I love watching that curve.
2008-08-17 14:52:47
189.   MonkeyBlue
Congrats to Kershaw for allowing only 1 run in 6 innings.
2008-08-17 14:53:09
190.   oshea2002
Buck and McCarver are brutal. I may be in the minority, but I think the Giants have very good announcers as well.
2008-08-17 14:54:49
191.   Mark Joseph
Charlie just mentioned "on this day" in 1992, Kevin Gross pitched his no-hitter. That was the only no-hitter I have ever seen in person. I still remember Jose Offerman's catch of a dunker in the 8th inning to preserve the no-hitter.

I was there with my two best friends; one of them had brought his 11-year old son along. It was a good day.

2008-08-17 14:56:11
192.   Bob Hendley
189 - Looking like his fifth good outing in a row.
2008-08-17 14:57:11
193.   Louis in SF

Have lived in the Bay Area for 17 years and Dave Flemming of the Giant announcers is the best at calling the game. Miller can be entertaining but on Giant broadcasts especially in the past few years tries to be too funny, Krukow and Kuip run into the same problem. With Vinny you get the call of the game and history, some of his stories are a bit old, but in fairness for someone his age he has also stayed current, and he doesn't in my opinion go crazy about salaries-he will tell you if someone gets a big contract and as he did with Chris Young in AZ, but in my mind he doesn't get snarky or mean about it.

2008-08-17 14:58:44
194.   MonkeyBlue
Nice Berroa! please get a least one run! Sweeney!
2008-08-17 14:59:21
195.   ucladodger
Braun is pretty craptacular in the outfield. Its a good thing he can mash. An added bonus to him for having the prettiest right-handed swing in the game (IMO).
2008-08-17 14:59:38
196.   oshea2002
Props to these TBS announcers for mentioning how ridiculous it was that Steinbrenner tried to blame this whole season on injuries.
2008-08-17 14:59:52
197.   Tripon
Dodgers pull Kershaw to use Sweeney as a Pitch hitter.
2008-08-17 15:00:30
198.   Tripon
195 So he's a 24-year-old Jewish Manny?
2008-08-17 15:01:36
199.   Bob Hendley
He need to drive a stake into these guys.
2008-08-17 15:01:56
200.   ucladodger

I dont think he's that bad in the field.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-08-17 15:02:18
201.   oshea2002
That looked really inside
2008-08-17 15:02:18
202.   ucladodger
Professional pinch hitter.
2008-08-17 15:02:31
203.   Tripon
Wow, that was not a strike out.
2008-08-17 15:02:40
204.   natepurcell
Rookie call by a rookie ump.
2008-08-17 15:03:33
205.   The Dude Abides
You know it's getting pathetic when your pinch-hitting specialist can't catch up to a thigh-high 85 mile per hour fastball right down the middle.
2008-08-17 15:03:33
206.   Ken Noe
Swingy was robbed.
2008-08-17 15:04:34
207.   Tripon
From a Brewers poster at a Brewers blog.

I totally agree....when I look at the Dodger lineup and see just about every guy in the lineup with a .280 plus average, double digit homers an 60 plus RBI, it makes me's a wonder they're only a few games over .500

2008-08-17 15:05:16
208.   MonkeyBlue
Slappy would have made contact. What a wasted opportunity.
2008-08-17 15:05:19
209.   ucladodger
Man, he roped that.
2008-08-17 15:05:19
210.   ucladodger
Man, he roped that.
2008-08-17 15:05:24
211.   natepurcell
That should have been dropped because it was so ugly.
2008-08-17 15:05:29
212.   Gen3Blue
Holy cow! How did Sweeney miss that.

That was a fairly bad call!

Suppans lucky.

2008-08-17 15:06:14
213.   Tripon
Didn't the Dodgers broadcast employ a K-Zone for a couple of years, or was that just for ESPN and national Fox games?
2008-08-17 15:07:39
214.   Tripon
JJJ? I'm not sure how I feel about this move.
2008-08-17 15:07:40
215.   Gen3Blue
205 Exactly what I tried to allude to--you did it better.
2008-08-17 15:07:48
216.   Ken Noe
Braun caught that fly like a goalie.

If the Cards catch the Brewers, will trading for CC still be brilliant?

2008-08-17 15:09:30
217.   ChicagoDodger
Kind of makes you wonder what the score might be if there was a "major" league umpire behind the plate today.
2008-08-17 15:09:45
218.   Marty
I think Manny is much better in the field than Braun. Braun is the worst looking fielder I've seen in a long time.
2008-08-17 15:09:55
219.   ucladodger
JJJ throwing hard
2008-08-17 15:10:35
220.   Tripon
Of course I say this, and JJJ is cruising.
2008-08-17 15:10:45
221.   ucladodger

Manny is historically bad at a position he has played for his whole career. Braun is bad, but he'll get better.

2008-08-17 15:11:18
222.   whodat807
216 If the Cards catch the Brewers, it certainly won't be CC's fault; his performance after getting to the Brewers is the best case scenario for at trade like that. You can't fault the Brewers, who haven't been in position to contend for I don't know how long, for going after CC when they have a chance at the playoffs and more.
2008-08-17 15:12:46
223.   MonkeyBlue
1,2,3 GJ JJJ
2008-08-17 15:13:08
224.   Tripon
221 Manny's a smart fielder though. He won't dive for a ball he knows he can't catch, and he'll defer to his center fielder. Well, he seems to have an utter fascination with bobbling the ball, but other than that, he's not terrible.
2008-08-17 15:13:18
225.   natepurcell

Any particular reason why you think he will get better? Because he is young?

I mean, he was horrible at 3b and is horrible at LF now. Maybe some players are just not meant to be any good defensively...

2008-08-17 15:16:13
226.   Tripon
Wow, this guy can't pitch.
2008-08-17 15:16:35
227.   trainwreck
It is a success, because they gave up no one of consequence. LaPorta is a good player, but they had nowhere to play him. They had to trade him at some point.
2008-08-17 15:17:16
228.   MonkeyBlue
Pay the price for that risky catch!
2008-08-17 15:17:17
229.   Tripon
Wow, the Brewers are playing NO DEFENSE today.
2008-08-17 15:17:45
230.   ucladodger

Basically. He's never going to be a gold glover or anything, but i could see him making his way up to average. He's a really good athlete, so i just think playing the position consistently will make him a much better defender. I could easily be wrong, but I cant see him being this bad for his whole career.

Nice Andre. Only if Kemp's show would have found grass, this game would be out of reach.

2008-08-17 15:18:10
231.   ChicagoDodger
Does Torre really need anymore proof of how much better a player Ethier is then Pierre?

Is it even close?

2008-08-17 15:18:45
232.   ucladodger

Kemp's shot, not show. Although if he had a show, i would definitely watch it.

2008-08-17 15:19:18
233.   MonkeyBlue
231. bbbbuuuttt competition!
2008-08-17 15:20:37
234.   Tripon
We just need Juan Pierre's agent publicly demanding a trade.
2008-08-17 15:21:00
235.   MonkeyBlue
Professional at bat for Kent.
2008-08-17 15:21:31
236.   whodat807
231 I think Torre's figured that out, now that Ethier has earned the starting job for what seems like the fifth time this season. Hopefully he won't have to battle it out again before the season ends.
2008-08-17 15:23:06
237.   MonkeyBlue
Manny so good! Manny being Greedy! nice hustle though!
2008-08-17 15:23:14
238.   ChicagoDodger
236 I sure hope you are right. I mean, what you write makes sense, but when has sense ever entered into the equation regarding Pierre?
2008-08-17 15:23:48
239.   Tripon
Oh, Raiders coach Lane Kiffin basically called Jevon Walker soft by saying that a guy making his kind of cash shouldn't be dropping balls.
2008-08-17 15:24:30
240.   whodat807
238 I know what you mean. But even when Torre said Pierre would start, I suspected he'd go with the hot hand (and the better player) within a week, and that's what happened. I guess the lesson is, never believe a word Torre says about who's going to play at what position.
2008-08-17 15:26:32
241.   Ken Noe
Just caught JP at the end of the bench, sitting with Bison, glaring at Manny.
2008-08-17 15:28:07
242.   ChicagoDodger
240 It's just that, with Ethier in the outfield (with Kemp and Manny) and with Nomar and eventually (hopefully) Furcal at SS, that is not only the best line-up Torre can put out on the field, but it's also the one most enjoyable for us fans. That has to mean something, No? :)
2008-08-17 15:28:37
243.   Tripon
Kinda funny that Ethier is the player that might end with 25 homers, about what they wanted from Andruw Jones this year.
2008-08-17 15:29:48
244.   Tripon
Is JJJ eligible for the 3 inning save?
2008-08-17 15:30:54
245.   Ken Noe
242 Minus Nomar, the 2009 Dodgers?
2008-08-17 15:31:19
246.   Bob Timmermann
All you need to do to be eligible for the 3 inning save is pitch the last 3 innings of a win for somebody else.
2008-08-17 15:33:10
247.   StolenMonkey86
245 - Well, DeWitt has been playing 2nd in Vegas ...
2008-08-17 15:33:19
248.   trainwreck
He's right and he has been bashing Walker's poor play all camp.
2008-08-17 15:35:00
249.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I believe Kevin Lewis got the three inning save yesterday at the whiffleball game.
2008-08-17 15:35:51
250.   ChicagoDodger
245 Lot's of decisions go into making that happen for 2009. Some of them pretty tough decisions. Not sure if it could happen. Manny for 2009 would be great. Manny beyond 2010? Might not be so great, especailly at $20+ million a season. Furcal with his injuries, does he sign a 1 year deal? Is it smart to go beyond a year for the Dodgers?

Not saying yes or no to either of them, but they are tough decisions.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-08-17 15:36:23
251.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Should have let him walk.

2008-08-17 15:36:50
252.   Tripon
248 Yeah, but Kiffin is saying that partially because it will piss off Al Davis. Talk about a guy wanting to get fired so he can pick up a severance check, not that I blame the guy but I can't see the Raiders winning more than 4 games with Kiffin and Al Davis both there.
2008-08-17 15:37:16
253.   Tripon
2008-08-17 15:38:45
254.   ucladodger

Blake hasnt exactly been tearing it up in AAA. Only 4 XBH in 84 plate appearances in Vegas isn't what i was expecting to happen. That includes 0 XBH hits in his last 10 games or so.

2008-08-17 15:39:22
255.   StolenMonkey86
253 - Don't stop believing we'll hold a 4 run lead?
2008-08-17 15:39:36
256.   trainwreck
He is just being honest, which is not allowed in Raiderland. Al sucks at his job and Kiffin has every right to bash the players that aren't performing.
2008-08-17 15:40:19
257.   Tripon
250 Barry Bonds at 40 was still a productive player.(Okay, he had HGH) but if a team can sign a player like Andruw Jones for two years with little production, I rather see a Manny who would be super productive for those first two years, average in that 3rd year, and then the drop off we're all dreading in year four.

The thing I fear is we don't resign Manny is that we get to see year two of the Andruw Jones show, and/or Juan Pierre pouting his way back to the left field job.

2008-08-17 15:40:44
258.   Ken Noe
The wheel in the sky keeps on turning.
2008-08-17 15:42:49
259.   oshea2002
Walker should have been allowed to retire. Signing him in the first place was idiotic, but he gave us an out, and Al was too dumb/senile to take it.
2008-08-17 15:43:43
260.   StolenMonkey86
254 - Yikes, that's awful. that translates to, well, pretty much what he did in the majors this year.

Not saying it should happen, just that Torre likes him, and so does Bill Plaschke.

2008-08-17 15:44:05
261.   trainwreck
2008-08-17 15:44:31
262.   StolenMonkey86
Jason Johnson FTS?
2008-08-17 15:45:01
263.   Ken Noe
257 McCourt will clear the decks to amass the cash to resign Manny. Boras knows that. That has to mean moving JP and how ever much salary it takes, letting Furcal walk unless he's relatively cheap at a year, and letting Penny walk with Lowe and Nomar.
2008-08-17 15:47:03
264.   ChicagoDodger
257 But, we are talking Manny, and we are talking Boras. We can't just assume it would be only a 4 year deal. Do you sign Manny for 6 years and $140 million?
2008-08-17 15:47:48
265.   Tripon
Adam Dunn played LF for today's game for the D-Backs. Guess that experiment with RF is over now.
2008-08-17 15:51:17
266.   The Dude Abides
Wow...that 0-2 pitch to Kendall was a strike, much more so than Sweeney's called strike three.
2008-08-17 15:52:49
267.   Tripon
This ump needs to go back to school.

And JJJ loses the chance for a save.

But because Park gets to pitch with a runner on base, he gets a save opportunity too!

2008-08-17 15:52:53
268.   Bob Timmermann
Or Conor Jackson got a day off.
2008-08-17 15:53:02
269.   Gen3Blue
257 It's kind of too late to choose between those two options. One would fear or hope that the Jones/Shmidt results might preclude some massive contracts for a few years.
2008-08-17 15:54:44
270.   Tripon
268 Conor Johnson played 1st base. Chad Tracy got the day off. Or was just benched due to the moving parts game.
2008-08-17 15:55:11
271.   The Dude Abides
C'mon Russ! Lo Duca would have had that!
2008-08-17 15:56:06
272.   Bluebleeder87
Loney loney loney.
2008-08-17 15:56:06
273.   MonkeyBlue
Oh boy.
2008-08-17 15:56:33
274.   Tripon
Er, that was not what we had in mind Loney.
2008-08-17 15:56:40
275.   Bluebleeder87
Keep it in your pocket Loney.
2008-08-17 15:57:06
276.   Bob Timmermann
I've looked at two box scores and the D-Backs started Chad Tracy at first and Adam Dunn in left and Randy Johnson on the mound and Conor Jackson did not play.
2008-08-17 15:57:25
277.   Bluebleeder87
I was about to type down "close up shop Park" when that play happened.
2008-08-17 15:57:31
278.   The Dude Abides innocuous missed called third strike on Kendall by the ump...and now we have this
2008-08-17 15:57:38
279.   Andrew Shimmin
Loney getting two errors on one play is how you can tell that Ch-i reads DT. And that maybe he doesn't dig it.
2008-08-17 15:58:16
280.   MonkeyBlue
Oh man oh man.
2008-08-17 15:58:30
281.   trainwreck
I am getting pretty tired of this.
2008-08-17 15:59:05
282.   Bluebleeder87
that extra run in on Loney, it's o.k. man it happens.
2008-08-17 15:59:47
283.   The Dude Abides
Great...the guy with all the dingers is up.
2008-08-17 15:59:49
284.   bhsportsguy
It is going to be this way for the rest of the year.
2008-08-17 16:00:00
285.   oshea2002
Seemingly no lead is safe anymore.
2008-08-17 16:00:06
286.   Tripon
276 Oh, you're right.
2008-08-17 16:01:21
287.   Lexinthedena
2008-08-17 16:01:22
288.   Bluebleeder87
2008-08-17 16:01:31
290.   MonkeyBlue
2008-08-17 16:01:32
291.   Bob Timmermann
Free baseball?
2008-08-17 16:01:36
292.   Tripon
Well, I'm mad.
2008-08-17 16:01:39
293.   oshea2002
I could have hit that pitch into the pen.
2008-08-17 16:01:57
294.   Bob Timmermann
Chan Ho Park with the Pedro Guerrero glove slam!
2008-08-17 16:02:19
295.   Bluebleeder87
it's not your fault Park.

another thing is WHY did Torre take out Jason Johnson?? WHY!!

2008-08-17 16:02:29
296.   The Dude Abides
Unbelievable pitch selection there. Also unbelievable pitcher selection by Joe, when Beimel should have come in to face Counsell and Durham.
2008-08-17 16:02:31
297.   oshea2002
Can we stop playing on saturday and sunday?
2008-08-17 16:02:36
298.   trainwreck
We really aren't good enough to be in the playoffs.

Thank the stars for the NL West.

2008-08-17 16:02:45
299.   MollyKnight
Remember how when Braun was up last night I was all, "Oh no I can't watch," and everyone was all "It's ok! You can watch now!" And then Jon was like: YOU CAN OPEN YOUR EYES.


2008-08-17 16:03:16
300.   Uncle Miltie
Bring back Grady Little? Joe Torre is the most overrated manager in baseball. I don't see how he's much different from Dusty Baker.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-08-17 16:03:16
301.   Lexinthedena
295 Uhhh....Park threw that crap curve ball, not Torre.
2008-08-17 16:03:24
302.   oshea2002
I'm calling it now - we win this game.
2008-08-17 16:03:46
303.   Bluebleeder87
I'm actually gonna point the finger an Torre.

can you guys please tell me WHY he pulled JJ? I'm being serious I can't find a reason for it?


2008-08-17 16:04:03
304.   ChicagoDodger
Have to go back to the ump who gave Kendall a ball on strike 3!

Quite possibly 4 runs attached to that call. And there is also the possible 2 runs taken away on the strike 3 call to Sweeney.

Do they have stats for how many runs a ump gives or takes away from a team?

2008-08-17 16:04:34
305.   Andrew Shimmin
I think Molly is right--this is all Jon's fault.
2008-08-17 16:04:39
306.   Tripon
This horrible inning is on Loney and Park. URGH.
2008-08-17 16:05:17
307.   Lexinthedena
How has Beimel been against right handed hitters this year?
2008-08-17 16:05:30
308.   oshea2002
Fault is irrelevant, be it Park, Loney, Torre, the ump, etc. This is the 4th time in 8 days this has happened, and we can't make the playoffs with these types of performance.
2008-08-17 16:05:53
309.   Who Is Karim Garcia

No, Bob. Someone will have to pay for this.

2008-08-17 16:05:58
310.   Bluebleeder87

what up LEX!!

nah dude but I'm saying why did he change Jason Johnson, he was cruising it bro!!

2008-08-17 16:06:00
311.   bhsportsguy
The player the Dodgers are missing the most right now is Cory Wade.
2008-08-17 16:06:07
312.   The Dude Abides
I don't think Chan Ho has the closer mentality. Forget about the decision to take JJJ out, which was extremely debatable. If you're going to choose between two guys who never close, why not go lefty to lefty with Counsell, lefty to switchy with Durham?

Oh, and now he brings in Beimel? Just wondering, against a team with HR power like Milwaukee, why not bring in the guy who doesn't give up dingers?

Sorry, but this one's on Joe. Torre.

2008-08-17 16:06:21
313.   Icaros
Saw that coming a mile away. Park is simply too HR prone to be pitching in that spot. Has been his whole career, even when his stuff is good.
2008-08-17 16:06:58
314.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Yes. I measure them with the wrinkles on my forehead.

2008-08-17 16:07:01
315.   Gen3Blue
As amazing as some of our losses in the last two weeks have been, it has still been mostly due to dribblers, bloopers, bad calls, and bad defense, and not solid hits until Braun.
2008-08-17 16:07:05
316.   Bluebleeder87
I'm acutally not to P.O'ed... the Brewers have a crappy pen.
2008-08-17 16:07:13
317.   Lexinthedena
If Kapler steals away a home run I'm gonna renounce my heritage.
2008-08-17 16:07:14
318.   oshea2002
Good thing this time is we can send someone up to hit for Ozuna, unless the Brewers allow him to hit off a tee.
2008-08-17 16:07:20
319.   MSarg29
Remember when the Dodgers never blew games late?
2008-08-17 16:07:21
320.   JeffinTokyo
This is all on Joe. He took out the fresh Johnson who was pitching well and brought in a tired Park, who did what tired pitchers do, hang curves.
2008-08-17 16:07:23
321.   ChicagoDodger
308 This is the 4th time in 8 days this has happened, and we can't make the playoffs with these types of performance.

That I can't argue. It's like watching the Dodgers is like watching an NBA game. Forget the first 8 innings. Just watch the 9th.

2008-08-17 16:07:24
322.   bhsportsguy
308 Bullpens have slumps too, its just more painful since there is usually no time to recover.
2008-08-17 16:07:33
323.   Bob Hendley
2008-08-17 16:08:17
324.   bhsportsguy
Its come to this, people now want Jason Johnson to stay in the game.
2008-08-17 16:08:19
325.   Bluebleeder87
I'm stickin' to my guns & saying it was all on Torre.
2008-08-17 16:08:28
326.   trainwreck
Kemp is looking awful in this at bat.
2008-08-17 16:09:29
327.   Lexinthedena
Parks first two curves against Braun were beautiful.
2008-08-17 16:09:30
328.   Bob Timmermann
The player the Dodgers are missing the most right now is Cory Wade.

And until he was called up, I didn't even know the Dodgers had a pitcher in the system called Cory Wade.

2008-08-17 16:09:35
329.   bhsportsguy
Braun's home run landed about where Martin's ball was hit last night.
2008-08-17 16:09:40
330.   scareduck
I was kinda napping through the first seven innings of this game, started doing laundry, and next thing I know I'm watching a joyous Ryan Braun rip one into the Dodgers' bullpen.

298 - Sweep of the Phillies or no, I agree. Even with Manny and Blake, the Dodgers were still a very iffy team, which is why the trades for those players were so utterly disastrous. At the risk of a Rule 8 violation, the Dodgers will still need a third baseman next year. And they will probably need a slugging left fielder.

2008-08-17 16:09:48
331.   trainwreck
Reverse jinx works!

If I believed in that stuff, that is.

2008-08-17 16:09:50
332.   MollyKnight
I absolutely send Kemp here. Absolutely.
2008-08-17 16:09:51
333.   Chiron Brown
I don't mind Torre bringing Park in but you don't let him face Braun as the tying run in the 9th. Park gives up too many home runs for that.
2008-08-17 16:09:55
334.   Disabled List
The bullpen really needs to stop getting drunk on Friday and Saturday nights.

I blame Beimel. And Gary Barnett.

2008-08-17 16:10:05
335.   Tripon
Kemp may have of had an 'awful at bat', but he got a single for the power crusher Andre Ethier. Hit one out Ethier. END THIS GAME!
2008-08-17 16:10:07
336.   Eric Stephen
I think it's clear now that the Dodgers need Steve Perry more than ever.
2008-08-17 16:10:11
337.   Bluebleeder87

I abide...

2008-08-17 16:10:11
338.   Lexinthedena
326 You bite your tongue.
2008-08-17 16:10:21
339.   The Dude Abides
OK Bison! Now, time to be a distraction...and keep that hole open.
2008-08-17 16:10:25
340.   bhsportsguy
I blame last night's loss on the Dodger vendor who taunted Bob's choice of attire.
2008-08-17 16:10:30
341.   Bob Timmermann
Its come to this, people now want Jason Johnson to stay in the game.

We want Sturtze! We want Sturtze! We want Sturtze!

2008-08-17 16:10:47
342.   scareduck
319 - I was watching in 2003.
2008-08-17 16:11:15
343.   Bob Timmermann
I concur. You expect that the field level guys would be a bit more deferential.
2008-08-17 16:11:26
344.   scareduck
340 - there was taunting? Oh, my.
2008-08-17 16:11:57
345.   trainwreck
Just a small town girl...
2008-08-17 16:12:09
346.   bhsportsguy
332 So has NY become Favre City yet?
2008-08-17 16:12:13
347.   Lexinthedena
341 I pine for the days of Gio Carrera.
2008-08-17 16:12:17
348.   Bob Timmermann
Don't try to buy a veggie wrap wearing a Croatian soccer jersey? You'll get the heckling of a lifetime.
2008-08-17 16:12:19
349.   The Dude Abides
If Andre gets on, and Joe has the next guy sacrifice, I think I'm going to start drinking early today.
2008-08-17 16:12:42
350.   The Dude Abides
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-08-17 16:12:46
351.   Lexinthedena
Dr. Dre!!!!
2008-08-17 16:12:46
352.   Tripon
2008-08-17 16:12:47
353.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I love Andre.
2008-08-17 16:12:47
354.   trainwreck
2008-08-17 16:12:48
355.   Bob Timmermann
And now we're all like Mr. Burns on Flag Day.
2008-08-17 16:12:50
356.   Eric Stephen
Cameron can't get this one!!!

Don't stop...

2008-08-17 16:12:52
357.   MollyKnight
ILU, Andre Ethier.
2008-08-17 16:12:56
358.   scareduck
343 - Was there suitable retailation?

Walkoff shot by Ethier.

Okay, that was fun.

2008-08-17 16:13:10
359.   bhsportsguy
Ethier puts it where no one can catch it.
2008-08-17 16:13:10
360.   MonkeyBlue
2008-08-17 16:13:12
361.   Bluebleeder87

Happy over LOAD!


2008-08-17 16:13:14
362.   Icaros
Ethier knows how to win ballgames.
2008-08-17 16:13:17
363.   TheBigGrabowski

Park is off the hook.

2008-08-17 16:13:17
364.   Andrew Shimmin
Anybody see if Kemp was standing on second when it went out? I have important theories about his competence as a baseball player that hinge on it. . .
2008-08-17 16:13:31
365.   Disabled List
2008-08-17 16:13:34
366.   Gen3Blue
What does it say if you have noone better than Osuna on the bench. Is it possible?

Never mind. Just shoot me if Ethier doesn't star4t the rest of the year.

2008-08-17 16:13:54
367.   Tripon
Low and outside. Ethier just loves that spot. That's the 3rd homer he hit that was low and outside.
2008-08-17 16:13:57
368.   TheBigGrabowski
Pierre will cry himself to sleep tonight.
2008-08-17 16:14:06
369.   ChicagoDodger
What an ending! Thank You Andre Ethier!
2008-08-17 16:14:20
370.   Bob Hendley
My Dre am Boy!
2008-08-17 16:14:22
371.   Bob Timmermann
1 pitch win for Joe Beimel.
2008-08-17 16:14:46
372.   The Dude Abides
The silver lining in all this, besides the win, is the possibility that Joe leaves Slappy on the bench for the rest of the season, including against LHP starters.
2008-08-17 16:14:49
373.   Tripon
364 Kemp was on 2nd as Ethier was rounding first.
2008-08-17 16:14:54
374.   Eric Stephen
The best part of the Manny Mota interview with Ethier in the dugout is that it's not for a radio station; Mota just keeps a huge personal collection of interviews.
2008-08-17 16:15:32
376.   trainwreck
Remember, this happened because Eric Enders evoked the holy name of Steve Perry.

Just Another Win For Journey.

2008-08-17 16:15:47
377.   Bob Timmermann
In the replay, Kemp is standing halfway between first and second when Ethier reacts to the ball going over the wall.
2008-08-17 16:16:00
378.   ChicagoDodger
366 Let this be proclaimed the day Andre starts from here on out! Never again does he sit. Not versus lefties. Not versus tough righties. Not versus anyone.

He's earned it!

2008-08-17 16:16:22
379.   Eric Stephen
2008-08-17 16:16:28
380.   trainwreck
Excuse, me Eric Stephen.
2008-08-17 16:16:29
381.   Penguin
These walk off wins are fun. Andre is making it impossible for Torre not to play him. Good times.
2008-08-17 16:16:34
382.   Bluebleeder87
Seriously though, I just can't trust Torre with the bullpen, I just can't.
2008-08-17 16:16:34
383.   Linkmeister
"A roller coaster of emotions," Vinnie said.


2008-08-17 16:17:30
384.   trainwreck
Sadly, I am sure that won't be the last time I do that. But it goes both ways.
2008-08-17 16:17:46
385.   Andrew Shimmin
373, 377- Sounds like I was right, earlier, about Kemp vis a vis the closer mentality.
2008-08-17 16:18:37
386.   oshea2002
Told you all we'd still win.
2008-08-17 16:18:38
387.   Bob Timmermann
That's Beimel's second 1 pitch win of the season. He also had one on May 1 at Florida.

Fifth player listed in B-R's play index with two 1-pitch wins in a season. Luis Vizcaino and Rich Rodriguez in 2002. Joe Horgan in 2004. Willie Hernandez in 1988.

2008-08-17 16:19:30
388.   Uncle Miltie
I'm happy for Andre. He's really developing into a solid player. Juan is going to be riding the pine for a long time :)
2008-08-17 16:21:02
389.   ucladodger
The saddest part of this win is thinking how much better our record would be if Andre didnt have his ABS stolen by Druw/Pierre. At least he has shown that there is no doubt who is better and will get all starts for the rest of the year (hopefully)
2008-08-17 16:21:06
390.   ryu
Dre Day!
2008-08-17 16:21:30
391.   StolenMonkey86
387 - I remember Broxton had a 1 pitch win in 2006 that involved inducing a double play grounder, so he got 2 outs on 1 pitch.
2008-08-17 16:21:31
392.   The Dude Abides
I thought Kemp was a little closer to 2B than he was to 1B when the ball went over. That was the right play...he wasn't going back to 1B to tag up, and with zero outs and the ball on the far side of the diamond in right field, he easily would have made it to 3B if the ball isn't caught and remains in the stadium.
2008-08-17 16:21:49
393.   dontraiseplz
a food coma put me to sleep in the top of the ninth. I woke up during commercial thinking "is it over?", then I freaked when I saw the score. then Andre did what he did and I don't think I shouted so hard since the comeback vs. Lyons!

can anyone here tell which flyball is going out anymore? Those Brewer infielders keep fooling me. It's only obviously when Manny hits it.

2008-08-17 16:22:05
394.   trainwreck
Ain't nuthing but a G' thang, baby.
2008-08-17 16:22:50
395.   Ken Noe
389 Absolutely. Not to mention when Joe gives JP his starts this week.
2008-08-17 16:23:09
396.   Tripon
We're missing the obvious point here. Kershaw didn't do his job and get the win. :(
2008-08-17 16:25:00
397.   The Dude Abides
Seriously, I would send a check to any reporter who asks Joe why he didn't have Pierre pinch hit for Ethier for the purpose of a sacrifice bunt. That would be comical, and I wonder if Joe would realize that the questioner was mocking him.
2008-08-17 16:26:51
398.   oshea2002
There's a thread on the Brew Crew espn board that says "Brighter Future - Weeks or the country of Georgia?"
2008-08-17 16:27:25
399.   StolenMonkey86
396 - Yeah, all that guy did was do his job. Maybe sometime at the end of the season we'll use him in relief to conserve him, he'll lose a 1-run lead and we come back. Then he'll get the win but we'll question whether he did his job.
2008-08-17 16:28:01
400.   StolenMonkey86
397 - lol
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-08-17 16:28:57
401.   Chiron Brown
388 He's been a solid player. And he's been the Dodger's best all-around outfielder for the last two seasons.
2008-08-17 16:31:29
402.   The Dude Abides
My other fantasy about this would be to have someone pose as a Milwaukee reporter new on the job, and ask Joe how many games he thinks the Dodgers would be in the lead if Ethier had been healthy all season...then the rest of the questions unfold from there. "What? He hasn't been injured? Who's been starting in front of him?"
2008-08-17 16:32:10
403.   grady44
Did I miss something or were Kuo and Broxton unavailable? Chan Ho and Jason Johnson should never be pitching in the 9th with the chance to pick up a game on the D-Backs the rest of the year.

Did anyone see Pierre's reaction after the game? I didn't...just curious to see what someone's face looks like when they know their job is lost.

2008-08-17 16:33:40
404.   Tripon
Kemp's batting at .300 now.
2008-08-17 16:34:39
405.   Eric Stephen
I'd give the nod to Kemp, but Ethier is not far behind.
2008-08-17 16:34:56
406.   Bob Timmermann
I would be very surprised if Pierre was unhappy after Ethier's home run. At least overtly. That would make him extremely unpopular.

I remember when Toby Hall was on the Dodgers and was most unhappy to be sitting on the bench and rarely playing as Martin's backup. Yet, Hall was still the first guy at the plate in one situation to congratulate Martin after he hit a game-winning home run.

2008-08-17 16:35:48
407.   The Dude Abides
Beimel-last two seasons, 101 2/3 innings pitched:
1 HR
I'm just sayin'
2008-08-17 16:36:48
408.   Deuce
I hate to do this, but... I predict Torre will still try to get Pierre a couple starts a week. Possible spins:

-"He deserves to play."
-"Andre has struggled against lefthanders."
-"We need Juan's speed at the top of the order."
-"Manny and Matt need a rest once in awhile."
-"We're hitting too many homers. Need to manufacture some runs."


2008-08-17 16:37:49
409.   The Dude Abides
The humorous thing about this is that Park doesn't get credited with a blown save. The Dodgers had a four-run lead with one out in the ninth when he came in, with a man on first. If there had been no outs and one runner on, it would have been a save situation.
2008-08-17 16:39:58
410.   Tripon
409 No, the funny thing is that Park and JJJ didn't give up a earned run though that whole thing, so Park's and JJJ's ERA actually dropped a bit.
2008-08-17 16:43:24
411.   The Dude Abides
Johnson had pitched very well in the 7th and 8th, and the D's had a four-run lead in the 9th. Johnson got the first batter, went 0-2 to Kendall, and the ump blew the call on a perfect 0-2 slider on the outside corner. That pitch had been a strike the entire game. Kendall then hit a seeing-eye grounder up the middle for a single, and Joe removed Johnson for Park (instead of Beimel) face a lefty in Counsell and a switch-hitter in Durham who is usually better from the left side. This was not a save situation, so I don't get Joe's reasoning here. Then, when Park gave up hits to both Counsell and Durham, Joe left Ox in the pen and let Park (who is prone to the home run ball) face two HR hitters. The second guy hit it out on a 0-2 pitch.
2008-08-17 16:43:46
412.   Tripon
Ethier's doing an interview on ESPN right now.
2008-08-17 16:44:01
413.   The Dude Abides
Andre on ESPN right now
2008-08-17 16:44:41
414.   MollyKnight
Woath. they're interviewing Andre on Baseball Tonight right now.
2008-08-17 16:44:54
415.   bcg60
Great ending. I'm really happy for Andre. He's had to really fight to get where he is on the team. A friend of mine who was at the game called me afterwards and he said he and his friend moved down behind home plate before the bottom of the 9th and he said they were cheering for Andre to pull the ball right and hit it out. He said the place went crazy when he did. Hopefully we've finally seen the end of the dreaded platoon against lefties. He's earned the right to start against all comers.
2008-08-17 16:49:13
416.   Gen3Blue
Just saw ESPN New's rap on the D's game. Spent some time on Manny's homer in the first. Ethier's walk off was a 2 second afterthought. Obviously it wasn't the story they wanted.
2008-08-17 16:50:21
417.   Jon Weisman
2008-08-17 16:51:43
418.   The Dude Abides
Heh. The co-anchor on Baseball Tonight is making fun of Phillips for trading away Melvin Mora. Mora is hitting .500 in August, 33 hits in 16 games, with 26 RBI.

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