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Another Hoisting, Lads
2008-08-17 16:32
by Jon Weisman


It sure is pretty seeing yet another hale fellow thrust upon his Dodger teammates' shoulders, though Dodger fans could have done without the pitching and defense combining to surrender yet another Clayton Kershaw lead.

Anyway, forget about the goats - here's to the heroes. Andre Ethier and friends, take another curtain call. Ever since Takashi Saito and his smile went on the disabled list, the best smiles after a Dodger win have been those shared by Ethier and Matt Kemp when they find each other for their jump and bump.

Ethier had his second walkoff hit of the week, and missed one Saturday night by inches.

This game marked the first time in Los Angeles Dodger history that the Dodgers homered on the first and last pitches they faced in a game, according to year-by-year research I did on's Batter Events Index. In fact, Los Angeles has never had leadoff and walkoff homers in the same game, regardless of whether the leadoff batter swung at the first pitch.

* * *

James McDonald pitches for the third time with the Las Vegas 51s tonight.

Update: McDonald struck out six in 3 1/3 innings but allowed five runs on six hits and two walks.

* * *

Update 2: Here's how today's finish made me feel. This is for you, Angie - I mean, Andre.

This had nothing to do with today's game, but I can't let it go by.

Comments (204)
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2008-08-17 16:43:16
1.   Paul S
Feels like 2004 (pre-trade deadline) all over again... Attaboy Andre!
2008-08-17 16:43:51
2.   trainwreck
Ethier being interviewed on Baseball Tonight.
2008-08-17 16:45:10
3.   Bob Timmermann
How many times have the Los Angeles Dodgers hit their first and last pitch in a game for a home run? I've gone back to 2000 so far and not found an occurrence.

I would be surprised if it has happened much at all for many teams except for Oakland or San Francisco.

2008-08-17 16:45:33
4.   madmac
well that was cool
2008-08-17 16:45:37
5.   trainwreck
Well that was over quick.

Let's get Andre Ethier on and just ask him about Manny Ramirez.

2008-08-17 16:49:55
6.   Jon Weisman
I'm at 1980 now - still none.
2008-08-17 16:51:22
7.   Paul S
Would it be innapropriate to suggest a return to 'Think Blue' instead of 'Think Cure' after all this time?! I'm happy to donate when asked (and I do) to the wanna-be Jimmy Fund, but put the Blue back Frank!
2008-08-17 16:51:54
8.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I would be surprised if it has happened much at all for many teams except for Oakland or San Francisco.
Nods to Rickey Henderson and Bobby Bonds, I assume.
What about Houston, with Craig Biggio and his 53 leadoff bombs?
2008-08-17 16:52:17
9.   ssjames
This may be more common but I am not sure how to check it. When was the last time that each starting outfielder had at least one homerun in the same game? It has probably been a while.
2008-08-17 16:54:44
10.   The Dude Abides
Heh. The co-anchor on Baseball Tonight is making fun of Phillips for trading away Melvin Mora. Mora is hitting .500 in August, 33 hits in 16 games, with 26 RBI.

Now they're talking about Nolan Ryan getting traded away by the Mets in the 1970s, calling it the worst trade of all time, and giving Phillips a hard time again and Phillips is saying he wasn't even a teenager when that trade happened.

2008-08-17 16:57:22
11.   Jon Weisman
All done - this is a first in L.A. Dodger history.
2008-08-17 16:58:45
12.   Linkmeister
9 If any team was gonna do it, I'd bet on the Yankees. Ruth, Meusel and whoever or Mantle, Maris, and maybe Yogi when he played left field.
2008-08-17 16:58:55
13.   whodat807
Garrett Anderson is apparently the greatest Angel in franchise history, according to Tim Kurkjian. I was at first dubious, but the numbers seem to back it up.
2008-08-17 17:00:19
14.   Tripon
Somebody mentioned in the other thread about Kent's complaining that Vin didn't know what he was talking about with the whole Kent batting before Manny thing, that Kent wasn't batting better because of Manny but because guys like Kemp and Ethier was batting in front of Kent in a joking manner. Actually, Kent did offer praise for Kemp in the T.J. Simers article just to set the record straight. Also, Kent tried to bring in Lowe into the argument and Lowe tried to hide in a corner facing a situation between Kent and Scully.
2008-08-17 17:01:37
15.   Jon Weisman
I actually thought the Davey Lopes Dodgers or the Coliseum Dodgers would have done it.
2008-08-17 17:04:10
16.   Deuce
No ballplayer is going to like having his success attributed to someone else. Don't blame Kent for how he feels, but should have kept his mouth shut.
2008-08-17 17:04:17
17.   Eric Stephen
Salmon was better.
2008-08-17 17:04:35
18.   Tripon
13 Garrent Anderson and Tim Salmon had their best years toling when the Angels were pretty bad. Then they had their declining years when the Angels actually mattered on a regional and national scale kinda magnifying their bad years. Course, they're not the Angels best player, it'd have to be Vlad(that I personally saw), but he was signed after the 2002 WS, so he might not be the most important player for the Angels.
2008-08-17 17:05:38
19.   Paul S
From the AP via ESPN:
"Ramirez, who has 26 homers overall this year, is 25-for-59 (.424) with six homers and 21 RBIs in 16 games with the Dodgers after a bitter split with the World Series champion Boston Red Sox. In the last 16 games he played with Boston, Ramirez was 24-for-59 (.407) with four homers and 15 RBIs."

Interesting. His hot bat at the end of his Boston career is not often mentioned. I guess it doesn't fit the 'quitter' profile.

2008-08-17 17:05:40
20.   Eric Stephen
They still have "Think Blue". "Think Cure" is the charity organization of the club, and the name is a play off "Think Blue."
2008-08-17 17:07:09
21.   Tripon
Ethier's OPSing 1.026 in the month of Aug. Go small sample sizes!!! (which doesn't include today's game yet.)

2008-08-17 17:08:39
22.   Tripon
19 People mention the 1.022 OPS he had in July for the Red Sox all the time.
2008-08-17 17:10:25
23.   Jon Weisman
20 - They changed the sign for the big pledge drive this weekend - I'm sure they'll change it back tomorrow or the next homestand.
2008-08-17 17:11:40
24.   Eric Stephen
He's up to 1.211 after today's game (.357/.426/.786)
2008-08-17 17:11:53
25.   Andrew Shimmin
Ben Stein's on Q&A. He's a peculiar dude.
2008-08-17 17:13:05
26.   Paul S
20 I know it's a charity. 'Think Cure' is on the field and on the hill, at least the games that I see.
p.s. how do I underline the post I am referencing?
2008-08-17 17:14:37
27.   Andrew Shimmin
26- You can learn all the tricks if you click the "Help," link next to "Post a comment."
2008-08-17 17:14:44
28.   Eric Stephen
Use brackets outside the post number to link to the post.

For instance, [ 1 ] becomes 1 .

2008-08-17 17:16:29
29.   Eric Stephen
I forgot to include, no spaces in between brackets and post number.
2008-08-17 17:23:20
32.   Jon Weisman
Folks, Dodger Thoughts is not a frat party. Enough with the gawking remarks.
2008-08-17 17:24:13
33.   ChicagoDodger
19 *In the last 16 games he played with Boston, Ramirez was 24-for-59 (.407) with four homers and 15 RBIs."

Interesting. His hot bat at the end of his Boston career is not often mentioned. I guess it doesn't fit the 'quitter' profile.*

Interesting point. I didn't know that. Makes you wonder even more why a team would get rid of a player who was hitting .407 in his last 16 games for them.

I wonder if (in baseball history) a contending team such as the Red Sox are have "ever" gotten rid of a player hitting as well as Manny was hitting before the team traded him. It's almost impossible to believe something such as that could happen in a trade deadline type deal.

2008-08-17 17:24:30
34.   tjdub
I agree that bullpen management was a joke today. Between that and the defense CHP should not have even been in this position today. It does look like it's well past midnight for Chan Ho now. I may have to go straight back to my pre-Gagne habit of never watching a ninth inning of a game I recorded.
2008-08-17 17:26:48
35.   Tripon
33 Babe Ruth.
2008-08-17 17:27:00
36.   Bob Hendley
Dre almost had four dingers in two games. Missed it by that much!
2008-08-17 17:31:08
37.   tethier
What a great win today after blowing the lead in the 9th. I believe this is the first time that Andre has hit two dingers in the same game. Does anyone know if that is the case?

It's funny, unlike other times over the last couple of years, even though they blew the lead, I felt that they would come back to win it in the 9th. FWIW I don't know why JJ was removed after Kendall's single. Even if the next hitter hit an HR it still would have been 5-3 with 1 out.

I will be going to see my first Dodger game since the mid 1980's (no I haven't been living on another planet, just in Connecticut) this coming Friday night in Philedelphia. The way I calculate the rotation with the off day and skipping Penny, Kershaw will be pitching on Friday. I would love to see Clayton pitch, as oppossed to Lowe or anyone else except perhaps Bills.

Can anyone confirm that Kershaw will be going on Friday? He'll have 4 days rest.

2008-08-17 17:32:16
38.   ChicagoDodger
35 Not a similar example. Unless I read it wrong, Ruth was traded in the offseason. I am particularly talking about a team making a deadline deal to improve their playoff chances and do it by trading away a player hitting as well as Manny was hitting for them at the time of the trade.
2008-08-17 17:32:59
39.   Tripon
The Padres are throwing out Cha Seung Baek tonight. He's not having a great year.
2008-08-17 17:33:04
40.   Tripon
The Padres are throwing out Cha Seung Baek tonight. He's not having a great year.
2008-08-17 17:33:39
41.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
32 - My wife and I had another couple over for dinner last night. While we all watched the Olympics, our female guest couldn't help but loudly say how hawt the Aussie 400 medley relay team was. As my wife giggled in concurrence, me and the other guy kept our mouths shut, rolled our eyes and drank more wine.
2008-08-17 17:33:55
42.   Alex41592
37 - July 24th, 2006. Ethier hit two HR's off TCY of the Padres.
2008-08-17 17:34:17
43.   timm
I'm concerned Torre is relying on Park in crucial situations more than I'm comfortable with. Park has been pretty erratic over the last few years. Has he ever been used as a closer before this year?
2008-08-17 17:34:24
44.   Jon Weisman
Ethier hit two homers in a game once before.

2008-08-17 17:34:43
45.   ChicagoDodger
37 CBS Sportsline shows it as Kershaw versus Kendrick on Friday August 22nd.
2008-08-17 17:36:00
46.   Alex41592
I left with one out in the top of the ninth after Cameron struck out.

Did I miss anything?

2008-08-17 17:36:12
47.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Torre seems to still be playing mix-and-match for a post-Saito bullpen with which he feels comfortable.
Explains why we've seen in save situations over the last week Broxton, Kuo and Park.
2008-08-17 17:36:36
48.   Dodgers49
From previous thread:

408. I hate to do this, but... I predict Torre will still try to get Pierre a couple starts a week.

I suspect you are correct. The Dodgers face left handed starters next Wednesday and Thursday and I expect Torre to start Pierre in at least one if not both of those games.

2008-08-17 17:37:22
49.   Jon Weisman
41 - There are attractive people in the Olympics. But I think we've reached the saturation point for commenting on them here.
2008-08-17 17:39:38
50.   The Dude Abides
Branagh is too busy quoting Shakespeare to play good volleyball.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-08-17 17:39:42
51.   ChicagoDodger
44 Oddly enough, Mike Cameron homered in that game as well.

Moral of the story? If Cameron and Ethier both homer in the same game, Ethier will hit 2 that game.

2008-08-17 17:40:10
52.   The Dude Abides
Oops that was meant for 49
2008-08-17 17:40:58
53.   Paul Scott
If he could learn to walk, he would actually be above average at his position. Not that average is a bad thing.
2008-08-17 17:41:26
54.   D4P
Who are the attractive Olympians that are inspiring the gawking...?
2008-08-17 17:43:28
55.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
53 - Pierre, you mean? If so, I heartily concur on the average =! bad concept.
Average never killed a team - it's the below-average players sucking up 300 plate appearances who do you in.
2008-08-17 17:44:24
56.   bcg60
I am hoping that Ethier will get the start on Thursday since I'll be at the game. I know it's a small sample size, but he is hitting .400 against Rusch. Plus, he's had a few hits against lefty relievers lately, so I would think he's starting to come out of his slump against them. Besides, what he adds in defense is enough to give him the nod against Pierre.
2008-08-17 17:45:44
57.   Who Is Karim Garcia
If we had held up in the 9th inning against the giants and won yesterday we'd be 10 games over .500.


What a time to be a Dodger fan. I really feel lucky and excited to see all of this unfold.

2008-08-17 17:47:07
58.   timm
Rusch isn't pitching Thursday. The Rockies changed their rotation for the series.
2008-08-17 17:47:40
59.   tethier
42 - 44 - 45. Thanks.

Even though Andre has done it once before, what a game. And as was said, he just missed back to back two HR games.

I see no reason why he couldn't have 20 - 25 HRs this year if he had played all the time.

Really looking forward to seeing Kershaw pitch.

2008-08-17 17:48:08
60.   Tripon
The only two guys who walks on a regular basis are Russell Martin, and Manny who are leading with 67 and 62 respectively. Everyone else is in that 30's to 40's walk range besides Juan Pierre with 20 walks.
2008-08-17 17:48:09
61.   Tripon
The only two guys who walks on a regular basis are Russell Martin, and Manny who are leading with 67 and 62 respectively. Everyone else is in that 30's to 40's walk range besides Juan Pierre with 20 walks.
2008-08-17 17:48:22
62.   Eric Stephen
Quick note, possibly to xaphor: I left my mitt at Elysian Park. It's a black Rawlings, in case anyone sees it. If not, no big deal; I need a new one anyway. :)

Also, I had a great time at the picnic and the game with some good friends. Andrew Shimmin is the man.

Oh yeah, and Journey rocks.

2008-08-17 17:48:25
63.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
57 - It is encouraging yet maddening all our losses in the last 10 days came in our opponents' last at-bats.
2008-08-17 17:50:01
64.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Yeah, I saw it there. I do believe xaphor picked it up.

2008-08-17 17:51:02
65.   Eric Stephen
The carne asada was excellent, by the way. Where did you pick that up?
2008-08-17 17:51:54
66.   D4P
People use mitts in wiffle ball...?
2008-08-17 17:53:07
67.   Eric Stephen
Brought it just in case. Ended up throwing the softball around pre-Matt Luke with Kevin Lewis and Lex (in the dena).
2008-08-17 17:53:56
68.   Paul Scott
55 No, Ethier. Pierre would have to walk like Dunn to be average.
2008-08-17 17:54:00
69.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Sanchez Meat Market. Their carne asada would be my last meal.

2008-08-17 17:55:29
70.   bcg60
58 - Thanks. Still a lefty pitching on Thursday though. Oh well.
2008-08-17 17:55:32
71.   tethier
63 I think this is partially a reflection of missing Wade, as a few people have stated. Of course losing Saito has hurt too, but Wade has been key to the bullpen. I hope he's back soon and healthy.

Speaking of bullpen guys, what happneed Proctor? I thought a couple of weeks ago he was close to coming back. Not that I miss him.

2008-08-17 17:59:51
72.   Tripon
68 Dunn needs to walk like Dunn to be average. He hasn't done much since the D'Backs picked him up.
2008-08-17 17:59:58
73.   Alex41592
71 - Torre said he expects Wade back at the very moment he is eligible which is the second game in Philadelphia. Wade could throw an inning in Vegas soon.
2008-08-17 18:00:19
74.   whodat807
You know, there have been a lot of comments, both here and elsewhere, that the eventual NL West winner won't be deserving of a playoff spot. I might have believed that when both the Snakes and the Dodgers were below .500, but with the recent hot streak that both teams are going through, matching the record of the Phillies (of whom I've never heard anything like "they don't deserve to make the playoffs" said) or the Mets isn't out of the question. We're only 1.5 games behind the Phils and 4 behind the Mets. And we're a half game better than the Fish.

Of course, the Dodgers have to make the playoffs for this conversation to be relevant, but I think statements like "we don't deserve to make the playoffs" aren't really accurate right now.

2008-08-17 18:00:31
75.   whodat807
You know, there have been a lot of comments, both here and elsewhere, that the eventual NL West winner won't be deserving of a playoff spot. I might have believed that when both the Snakes and the Dodgers were below .500, but with the recent hot streak that both teams are going through, matching the record of the Phillies (of whom I've never heard anything like "they don't deserve to make the playoffs" said) or the Mets isn't out of the question. We're only 1.5 games behind the Phils and 4 behind the Mets. And we're a half game better than the Fish.

Of course, the Dodgers have to make the playoffs for this conversation to be relevant, but I think statements like "we don't deserve to make the playoffs" aren't really accurate right now.

2008-08-17 18:02:47
76.   trainwreck
Look who is in their division and look who is in ours.

Plus, there are three teams in the Central with better records.

2008-08-17 18:04:05
77.   tethier
74 I've thought the same thing. It would not surprise me if both the Snakes and D's make the payoffs.
2008-08-17 18:04:35
78.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
74 - I'd say those "not deserving" comments peaked in late July, about when the Dodgers were three games under .500 - yet were only a game behind Arizona.
Following the trades for Manny and Dunn, I predict the winner of the NL West has 87 wins - three games better than the winner of the 2006 World Series.
2008-08-17 18:06:08
79.   Tripon
Yeah, but is 87 wins good enough to win the division now? The D'Backs aren't losing most games now.
2008-08-17 18:07:59
80.   tethier
76 Well, the Central teams can knock each other off while the West teams beat up on their weaker opponents. It's a bit of a long shot I admit,but both the D's and Snakes have the pitching to carry them.
2008-08-17 18:08:33
81.   Tripon
The big thing is that the D'backs has a torrid road trip that goes though Denver and St. Louis in the last two weeks of the year.
2008-08-17 18:11:55
82.   D4P
The big thing is that the Dodgers have played 7 more home games and 7 fewer road games than the DBacks.
2008-08-17 18:13:43
83.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
79 - Because AZ is playing bad teams.
Meanwhile, the Dodgers just went 6-1 against two serious playoff contenders.
87 wins equals a record that's 12 games above .500. Currently, LA and AZ are at four games - 64-60 - above break-even. That means for either to win 87 games, they've got to play at a .605 clip (23-15) until October.
So, yes, 87 wins will do it.
2008-08-17 18:15:42
84.   trainwreck
Those bad Astros are only 2 games behind us and we had the same record as them before we started this hot streak.
2008-08-17 18:18:33
85.   Gen3Blue
Hey, is that Andruw playing center at Las Vegas tonight or a coincidental A. Jones?
2008-08-17 18:20:11
86.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
84 - I don't care what the record says; I'm looking at how teams are playing now. And right now, Houston is not a good team.
According to LA's record, the team is just slightly above average. But we all know this current roster is far better than the one that fumbled through the season's first four months.
2008-08-17 18:20:45
87.   Gen3Blue
Gee-I think 87 wins was about what I predicted this spring when bullied into it at DT.
2008-08-17 18:20:56
88.   xaphor
62 Eric, I picked up two black mits (one Rawlings and one Cooper) that were lying by the picnic table, wiffle balls and bat. I received an email from Kevin to arrange a pickup indicating that they were both his. If neccessary we can have a street wiffle ball home run tournament to determine to the true owners. :)
2008-08-17 18:28:41
89.   Who Is Karim Garcia

First one to go over the tree wins.

2008-08-17 18:33:06
90.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
89 - Sadly, I peaked at "hedge-track" power.
2008-08-17 18:34:04
91.   Marty
There's a great carne asada place by Kevin Lewis in Pasadena. Linda Rosa Market on Allen and Villa behind the liquor store there. Great asada, but amazing boneless, marinated chicken. It's like eating candy.
2008-08-17 18:36:47
92.   whodat807
86 I think if you look at recent records, Houston is actually surprisingly good. They've won 8 of their last 10, and have been blazing since the All-Star break. They're first half was awful, but I don't think you can say they're a bad team, the way they're playing now.
2008-08-17 18:38:58
93.   Tripon
86 The Astros went on a 8 game winning streak before the D-Backs/Astros series.
2008-08-17 18:38:59
94.   Tripon
86 The Astros went on a 8 game winning streak before the D-Backs/Astros series.
2008-08-17 18:39:26
95.   whodat807
87 And your comment number was 87 too!
2008-08-17 18:40:47
96.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
[93, 94] - By sweeping four-game sets with the Reds and Giants.
World-beaters, they.
2008-08-17 18:45:11
97.   whodat807
92 Eek, *their first half, not they're first half.

Is anyone else hypnotized by Olympic badminton? What a beautiful game.

2008-08-17 18:46:27
98.   Tripon
96 We lost two games to the Giants! D'Backs face a bad San Diego for a home and away series, and sandwiched in between them are the fading Marlins at home.(Who could really use Manny right now.) They don't face a real test again until the Dodgers.

Meanwhile the Dodgers face Denver at home, and then Philly, Wash, and then the D'Backs all on the road. I like the D'backs schedule over the next two weeks over ours.

2008-08-17 18:50:45
99.   whodat807
96 They also have a 20-10 record in their last 30 games, best in the NL, and second best in the MLB. I dunno what metric you use to determine a team's worth in the here and now, but it seems to me that they've been plenty good for at least the last month.
2008-08-17 18:51:01
100.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I like the D'backs schedule over the next two weeks over ours.
As do I.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-08-17 18:53:06
101.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Morgan's daughter has chosen Stanford over Cal.

Her funeral.

2008-08-17 18:53:22
102.   Paul Scott
72 Yeah. that 0.464 OBP he's put up since joining the Snakes has just been killing them. It's a good thing Colletti didn't grab him.
2008-08-17 18:53:52
103.   Bob Timmermann
And his other daughter is going to attend USC!
2008-08-17 18:54:01
104.   whodat807
101 Go Bears.
2008-08-17 18:59:14
105.   Tripon
102 That .444 slugging average is low (for him), Arizona needs instant offense and Dunn's more inclined to take a walk than take a single. They got Dunn to hit Homers, not to take walks that the guys behind him can't cash him in.
2008-08-17 19:05:19
106.   Who Is Karim Garcia
in case people want to see the field of the epic whiffleball games...

2008-08-17 19:05:43
107.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Astros, entering today:
Runs scored: 562
Runs allowed: 599
They're outperforming their third-order record by more than seven wins.
So, no, I won't call Houston a good team.
2008-08-17 19:09:33
108.   Daniel Zappala
Joe Morgan's daughters clearly like following in my footsteps.
2008-08-17 19:17:34
109.   whodat807
107 You said: "I'm looking at how teams are playing now. And right now, Houston is not a good team." You just cited their Runs Allowed/Runs Scored for their entire season. No question, the first half Astros were terrible, but if you're looking at what kind of team they are now, there's no question they're good. The only team better over the last month was the Angels!
2008-08-17 19:21:36
110.   Bluebleeder87

i would'da asked who's mitt's they were but I figured the owners new they were sitting there & were gonna pick'em up... the good thing is that xaphor was kind enough to post about it.

2008-08-17 19:21:46
111.   Bob Timmermann
Falkenborg up in the pen for the Padres!
2008-08-17 19:27:34
112.   Bluebleeder87

actually badminton is a REALLY fun sport to play as well.

2008-08-17 19:27:57
113.   Bluebleeder87


2008-08-17 19:30:15
114.   D4P
Old Friend Falkenborg...!
2008-08-17 19:33:29
115.   The Trolley Dodger
Here's the recipe for the carne asada they make for Nomar's Carne Asada Sunday:

Event pictures and whatnot here:

2008-08-17 19:33:44
116.   Gagne55
114 No, it's Two Time Old Friend Falkenborg.
2008-08-17 19:36:45
117.   trainwreck
Now we can add terrible father to the list of Joe Morgan's failures as a person.

; )

2008-08-17 19:36:52
118.   StolenMonkey86
All I can say is that I fully support Micah Owings going to the Reds, but for his sake I hope he switches to being a position player until Dusty Baker is fired.
2008-08-17 19:37:06
119.   trainwreck
True Blood is a pretty hilarious show.
2008-08-17 19:48:22
120.   StolenMonkey86
If Rafael Furcal plays 77 innings at shortstop (9 games), that will put him back on top as the player who played the most innings at short for the year, and it will make our lineup look less terrible on our baseball-reference page.

Of course, that is provided that Berroa doesn't play again. We can only hope.

2008-08-17 19:52:10
121.   Bob Timmermann
Old friend Brian Myrow is the last hope for the Padres.
2008-08-17 19:57:34
122.   StolenMonkey86
43 During the World Baseball Classic, Park was the closer for the Korean squad, with some success. Byung-Hyun Kim, who is an all-star whose page can be sponsored for $15 at, blew the lead against Japan in the semifinal game.
2008-08-17 20:02:54
123.   whodat807
122 Park was surprisingly great for the Korean team; I think he allowed only 1 run throughout the entire competition. He couldn't pitch in the Japan-Korea semifinal because of the rules about the number of innings pitchers could pitch in the tournament.

I remember Kim blowing the lead against Japan, and then beaning the next batter in frustration. He is all sorts of awful.

2008-08-17 20:17:11
124.   mintxcore

That picture cracked me up! So is the palm tree in play or NOT?! ;D

2008-08-17 20:17:12
125.   thinkblue88
Josh Hamilton has been intentionally walked...with the bases loaded.
2008-08-17 20:22:44
126.   thinkblue88
And it worked as Marlon Byrd K's to end the game.
2008-08-17 20:30:28
127.   MollyKnight
How 'bout Clayton Kershaw?
2008-08-17 20:40:10
128.   Jon Weisman
Update to this post above.
2008-08-17 20:49:40
129.   trainwreck
I have never heard of either of those shows, but now I get the Hello Larry reference in this local commercial.
2008-08-17 20:51:04
130.   kinbote
From the L.A. Times:

But third base coach Larry Bowa implored the Dodgers to persevere, and soon they would notch their third walk-off win of a homestand in which they have gone 6-1 against NL playoff contenders Philadelphia and Milwaukee.

2008-08-17 20:53:44
131.   Bob Timmermann
"Hello, Larry" was one of the defining TV series of my childhood.

It pretty much defined it as "not funny."

2008-08-17 21:03:03
132.   Disabled List
130 You know, I had a hunch Larry Bowa was responsible for that comeback today. He was obviously emanating comeback vibes while standing all by himself in the coaching box, and Ethier tuned in. Yep, today's win just smelled like Larry Bowa.
2008-08-17 21:04:51
133.   bhsportsguy
129 "Angie" had a theme not dissimilar to a more successful series, "Dharma and Greg" except Angie was not a free spirit but a working class girl.

Both leads are more famous for their first major movie roles, Donna Pescow, in "Saturday Night Fever" and Robert Hays in "Airplane."

Doris Roberts, who made a career as a supporting character, moved on "Remington Steele" and then of course, "Everybody Loves Raymond."

2008-08-17 21:05:39
134.   Icaros
Yep, today's win just smelled like Larry Bowa.

It would almost be worth getting banned to have a field day with this one.

2008-08-17 21:07:32
135.   trainwreck
Yeah, I immediately thought, "Hey, it's the guy from Airplane!"
2008-08-17 21:11:13
136.   Jon Weisman
133 - Let's not forget Robert Hays and Pam Dawber in "The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything."

Debralee Scott and Kim Richards are not to be ignored from the supporting casts in the above shows.

2008-08-17 21:11:41
137.   Icaros

And the mom from Out of this World!

2008-08-17 21:12:31
138.   Icaros
135 , I meant.
2008-08-17 21:12:34
139.   Bob Timmermann
Does anyone know if Lithuania is resting its starters tonight in basketball against Australia?

The Aussies are winning by 26 in the first half.

2008-08-17 21:14:40
140.   trainwreck
That was her? Did not even recognize her.
2008-08-17 21:17:05
141.   bhsportsguy
There was a time when a single parent with kids was a "bold concept" in sitcoms particularly in the late '70s and '80s.

"One Day At A Time," "Hello Larry," "Phyllis," "Who's The Boss," Benson," Diffrent Strokes," and "Alice" are examples of that theme.

2008-08-17 21:20:03
142.   trainwreck
I now have "Would You Like To Swing On a Star" stuck in my head.

Whooaaa oooo.

2008-08-17 21:24:11
143.   bhsportsguy
141 I forgot "My Two Dads."

In fact, there were really 2 types of sitcoms at that time, the workplace/non-homelife based sitcom ("Barney Miller," "Taxi," "M*A*S*H," "Welcome Back Kotter (until Julie had a baby), "Night Court," and "Cheers")

It wasn't until "Family Ties," and really "The Cosby Show" where the traditional two-parent with kids sitcom returned.

2008-08-17 21:25:49
144.   trainwreck
This is like going back to my History of Television class.

That class was great, where else could I give a presentation on "Beavis and Butt-head."

2008-08-17 21:29:05
145.   Bob Timmermann
The premise of "My Two Dads" bothered me because the two "dads" were given joint custody over a daughter who obviously could only be fathered by one of them.

A judge watched over the two of them and she said that she was required that neither of them ask for a paternity test or else they would both lose custody.

I'm no expert on family law, but I'm guessing that such an agreement would not be legal.

2008-08-17 21:30:09
146.   Disabled List
I vaguely remember "Angie". It was one of those shows like "Too Close for Comfort" that were always on the TV at my grandmother's place when I came over to visit.
2008-08-17 21:35:37
147.   CanuckDodger
142 -- Just a couple of days ago, on a whim, I tried to find the Out Of This world version of "Swinging On A Star" on YouTube, but I was unsuccessful. They only had the traditional versions, from Bing Crosby etc.
2008-08-17 21:36:47
148.   trainwreck
Here you go.

2008-08-17 21:45:20
149.   CanuckDodger
148 -- Oooh, my wish is your command.:) Thanks a bunch.
2008-08-17 21:52:05
150.   Jon Weisman
Colletti watched McDonald pitch tonight.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-17 21:53:56
151.   trainwreck
Finally getting around to Freaks and Geeks.


Loved, Count Floyd reference.

2008-08-17 21:55:21
152.   Alex41592
Not a good start for McDonald tonight in Fresno.

3 1/3 innings 6 hits 5 ER 2 BB 6 K's 84 pitches

2008-08-17 21:57:30
153.   Alex41592
152 - Missed the update above.
2008-08-17 22:00:49
154.   bhsportsguy
If you missed the first inning of the China vs. USA softball game then you might as well watch something us now.
2008-08-17 22:01:37
155.   Tripon
Pineapple Express. Total Stoner movie.
2008-08-17 22:03:08
156.   Eric Stephen
After a promising start to this season, the Dodgers have lost four in a row with me in attendance (only once to the Padres though). My last three visits to Dodger Stadium have resulted in extra inning losses.
2008-08-17 22:09:17
157.   trainwreck
Were you expecting anything else?
2008-08-17 22:17:00
158.   mintxcore
Would just like to add, Generation Kill is incredible. Though it's not "Out of this World"...
2008-08-17 22:17:39
159.   Eric Stephen
155 ,157
Yeah, that pretty much delivered what was promised. I was hoping for some more humor, and I could have used more Ed Begley, Jr. and Nora Dunn. :)
2008-08-17 22:18:32
160.   Eric Stephen
It would have been cool to touch my fingers together during Bob's quiz to go look at the answers while time was frozen.
2008-08-17 22:18:59
161.   trainwreck
I actually haven't seen it yet. Shocking, I know.
2008-08-17 22:20:21
162.   Disabled List
158 Agreed. The first episode didn't really grab me, but I'm glad I stuck with it. It's excellent.
2008-08-17 22:22:15
163.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Generation Kill is amazing. I can't wait to buy the DVD set, and I _
never_ buy the DVD.
2008-08-17 22:23:57
164.   mintxcore

Generation Kill filled the void the Wire had left.... but once this is over, now what? True Blood isn't looking too hot, but I'll give it a shot.

2008-08-17 22:25:32
165.   trainwreck
It's pretty funny, I recommend it.
2008-08-17 22:28:55
166.   Who Is Karim Garcia
The Wire is best anything ever. GK has been amazing and I'm still upset at how Deadwood was left. HBO punks!

True Blood looks ridiculous.

2008-08-17 22:44:37
167.   CanuckDodger
A friend of mine, a real war movie/TV series enthusiast, is watching Generation Kill, and after the first five episodes, he says he is finding it quite boring. With only two episodes remaining (I talked to him before tonight's episode), he is wondering if the group of marines at the center of the show are ever actually going to get into a real battle. Also, a conclusion my friend has drawn, considering the series is based on a non-fiction book, is that high-tech weapons aside, the American military is a joke, with incompetent officers leading enlisted men taken from the bottom of the barrel of American society. If anybody has a cogent reply to his accusations, I would be interested to hear it.
2008-08-17 23:02:49
168.   trainwreck
Not touching that one with a 40 foot pole.
2008-08-17 23:05:01
169.   Bob Timmermann
I have an 80 foot pole and I don't think it's long enough.
2008-08-17 23:05:49
170.   preacherroe
Canuck, I think your friend's generalization about the US military is the kind of shallow stereotyping that defamed an entire generation of Viet Nam vets as psychotic dopers,etc..Other than that I'm sure your friend is a great guy.
On a more serious note ,are Drew Locke and Thomas Giles considered major league prospects, also Matthew Sartor?
2008-08-17 23:06:19
171.   Eric Stephen
I hope it folds up. That sounds like it would be hard to store.
2008-08-17 23:06:39
172.   CanuckDodger
168 -- Are you watching Generation Kill?
2008-08-17 23:07:50
173.   trainwreck
Not yet, everyone here seemed to hate the pilot so much that I figured I would wait to watch it.
2008-08-17 23:09:16
174.   ryu
What's the story with Scott Hatteberg? Just last year he batted .310/.394/.474

Why hasn't a team signed him after getting released by Cincinnati? Is he not good anymore?

2008-08-17 23:11:56
175.   trainwreck
Look at his home and away splits. Still got on base away from home, but no pop at all.
2008-08-17 23:17:34
176.   CanuckDodger
170 -- Hitting well in a hitter-friendly league when one is too old for the league means little, so I would say no on Locke and Giles, but I have been impressed with RHP Sartor's performance in the California League. I just wish I knew what his stuff is like, so we could rule out his success as being a function of blue smoke and mirrors.
2008-08-17 23:18:06
177.   Jon Weisman
I showed guarded praised for Generation Kill last month and within seconds a rule 5 explosion occurred. I'm afraid that show might have to be off limits here.

Mad Men, on the other hand, was awesome tonight - not just because Matthew Weiner named his priest character after the one at our mutual high school.

2008-08-17 23:20:51
178.   trainwreck
Canuck, is the Trailer Park Boys pilot episode available for viewing?
2008-08-17 23:22:31
179.   JJ42
170 , 176 We had a discussion with an employee of the IE 66ers about Locke. He said he can hit but can't field at all. There's nowhere to hide him. During our conversation, he misplayed a ball in RF. He had started the game at 1B but shifted to RF after Austin Gallagher hurt his hand and Valentin reshuffled his defensive alignment.
2008-08-17 23:23:54
180.   Bob Timmermann
I liked the episode of "Mad Men" except for the priest character, who is poorly conceived and did something at the end of the episode that would get him excommunicated.
2008-08-17 23:26:58
181.   trainwreck
I wish I did not have to wait forever to see the next season of Flight of the Conchords.
2008-08-17 23:28:52
182.   CanuckDodger
178 -- You mean the black & white movie? I don't know. It really is fantastic. Some key differences between that and the TV series that followed. Have you checked torrent sites? I'm not a "downloader," so I don't know what those sites have to offer. I'm surprised it was never included among the extras on the first season DVD release.
2008-08-17 23:29:43
183.   trainwreck
I quit using downloading programs, since so many sites just stream stuff, but have not found it yet. I saw that they make way more drug references.
2008-08-17 23:33:05
184.   JJ42
Okay, so I'm back after visiting, in the last 48 hours, the Inland Empire 66ers, the DT picnic, the Orange County Flyers, the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, the LA Dodgers, and the Long Beach Armada. For someone who loves baseball, it was great. A lot of driving and taking the metrolink, but well worth the time! I have a ton of photos and will share that link with you guys when I have time to upload and sort them.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos from the epic DT whiffle ball series - I've uploaded them to the DT Flickr group. "Team 1" swept the 2 game series.

Game 1 was pitch to your own team. After scoring a thousand runs, we decided to pitch to the opposite team. It was a contrast in styles with Team 2 pitching bringing straight heat and Team 1 "pitching to contact." Team 1 won 4-2. The picnic was a definite highlight of the baseball weekend - thanks to everyone!

2008-08-17 23:43:24
185.   CanuckDodger
183 -- So you have read about it? I don't think it is a matter of "more" drug references (if we can count marijuana as a drug), really. It is that they use and deal cocaine in the movie. When the opportunity arose to do a TV series based on the film, I imagine a decision was made to get rid of hard drugs either to satisfy the TV executives, or to make the characters more sympathetic to a TV audience -- or both.

Anyway, after rummaging through a pile of videotapes, I found my copy of the movie taped from TV. I should be able to get my friend (the same guy who finds Generation Kill boring, coincidentally!) to make a DVD copy at some point.

2008-08-17 23:44:07
186.   trainwreck
Was that TC rocking the UCLA shirt?


2008-08-17 23:45:58
187.   trainwreck
Yeah, I just wasn't sure about making a reference to the nose candy on DT.

That would be so flippin sweet if you could do that for me. TPB is my favorite show of all time, so I really want to see that.


2008-08-17 23:49:38
188.   Jon Weisman
180 - I did find that character problematic as well.

Maybe he will get excommunicated someday, though - but he has to be found out first.

2008-08-17 23:51:29
189.   xaphor
178 This one?

167 All I am going to say is that I have friends/family from the RAF and Royal Navy who have echoed the same sentiment as well as friends/family from the American services who would vehemently deny them. I'm sure the truth is somewhere in between.

2008-08-17 23:52:49
190.   trainwreck
xaphor, you rule!!!!
2008-08-18 00:04:58
191.   Bob Timmermann
Old friend Chin-Hui Tsao on the hill for Taiwan.
2008-08-18 00:25:43
192.   Eric Enders
Remind me again why we didn't ask Tsao back?
2008-08-18 01:45:46
193.   Bob Timmermann
Tsao refused to change his name to Teixeira.
2008-08-18 02:48:21
194.   Benjamin Miracord
So I'm watching the women's quadruple sculls rowing from the Olympics in China, and I'm sure I heard someone in the crowd yelling:

"Beat L.A. Beat L.A."

2008-08-18 02:51:24
195.   Benjamin Miracord
Of all of the ramifications of all of Ned Colletti's moves, I think I am most angry at myself for buying into the hype that Juan Pierre would average one home run per year.
2008-08-18 03:18:49
196.   Benjamin Miracord
Touch 'em all, Andre. You'll never hit a bigger home run. In August. Against the Brewers.

Congrats, Andre. Keep it up and you might be regarded by management as one of the three or four best outfielders on the club.

Ethier will probably never win a batting title, but there's something about his swing that brings to mind Bill Buckner.

I totally agree with the poster (KG16?) who once said the Dodgers will rue the day they trade Andre Ethier. Don't be ruers, Dodgers. Avoid the rue.

2008-08-18 07:38:07
197.   mintxcore

Thanks for the great pics! You forgot to mention Team 1's excellent defense! Well, not counting me, I was on rollerskates out there...

2008-08-18 07:40:18
198.   Daniel Zappala
196 On the other hand, I'm all for roux. My sauces wouldn't be the same without it.
2008-08-18 08:59:29
199.   Eric Stephen
I think a main reason for the delay of Flight of the Conchords season 2 is that the duo used just about all of their material for season 1. They had a few years worth of songs built up, and I'm sure its taking time to recreate the magic for season 2.
2008-08-18 09:12:21
200.   Eric Stephen
Per our conversation at the game Saturday, Paul Molitor was the last 100 RBI man with single-digit HR, with 9 HR, 113 RBI for the 1996 Twins.

Other than Molitor and 1985 Tom Herr, you have to go back to 1950 to see such a season.

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2008-08-18 09:20:09
201.   GoBears
I've enjoyed carne asada thoughts. Made me hungry. I'll check out Sanchez, per WIKG's recommendation. But what about carnitas? Any wisdom on the best places for carnitas in (preferably West) LA? My wife can't eat beef, so she's a carnitas gal.

There was a little taqueria in Encinitas that had fantastic carnitas and carne asada. Eric Stephen - do you know about Juanita's? It's on Coast Hwy, b/w Encinitas Blvd and Leucadia. Juanita's carnitas in Encinitas. Easy to remember.

But what about around here? I'd appreciate suggestions.

2008-08-18 09:28:29
202.   El Lay Dave
The picnic was an unqualified success. Thanks to Jon, Bob, bhsportsguy, who is karim garcia, bluebleeder (props to the man supplies the wiffle ball equip) et al., for all the arrangements. Matt Luke (who looked liked he could still play; he's 37) from the speaker's bureau was a pleasant surprise, as were the prizes for Bob's Dodger trivia challenge (Bob Welch - balk king?). The food was no surprise; I knew this crowd would come up with good eats.
2008-08-18 09:36:20
203.   El Lay Dave
In a recent thread someone asked - in response to a comment about how hot Manny was - about deadline deals between contenders of hot hitters. Manny is simply ridiculous, but one guy I thought of was Nomar in 2004:

July for the Sox:
.386 .438 .591 1.029
August 1-20 for the Cubs:
.333 .373 .565 .938
.308 .365 .477 .842

2008-08-18 09:37:03
204.   Indiana Jon
167 Interesting your friend would come to that conclusion since one of the main themes of the show seems to be the US Miltary's lack of equipment availablity to the soldiers in the field. As far as military officers coming from the bottom of the barrel of American society, well, they do come straight out of our US colleges and universities. Take that to mean whatever you want. Please remember though, this show is designed to look at the very worst in our military and has done a fine job of that. I think if any of you came to work with me for a week, you may see a different reality.
2008-08-18 09:37:54
205.   D4P
Picnic photo question:

Does Shimmin have pens in his shirt breast pocket...?

2008-08-18 09:41:20
206.   Jon Weisman

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