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Hoping Stults Enjoyed the Per Diem
2008-08-19 17:18
by Jon Weisman

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Tonight's Lineups
Clint Barmes, 2B
Willy Taveras, CF
Matt Holliday, LF
Brad Hawpe, RF
Garrett Atkins, 1B
Ian Stewart, 3B
Troy Tulowitzki, SS
Yorvit Torrealba, C
Ubaldo Jimenez, P
Los Angeles
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jeff Kent, 2B
Manny Ramirez, LF
James Loney, 1B
Russell Martin, C
Nomar Garciaparra, SS
Casey Blake, 3B
Hiroki Kuroda, P
To make room for Greg Maddux on the 25-man and 40-man rosters, the Dodgers sent Eric Stults back to Las Vegas and Scott Proctor to the 60-day disabled list.

Comments (573)
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2008-08-19 17:21:11
1.   bhsportsguy
Unless there is injury, I believe Eric Stults cannot come back to the Dodgers for 10 days or 2 weeks.
2008-08-19 17:22:06
2.   Gagne55
Oh sweet. You upgraded to including both lineups. You're awesome Jon.
2008-08-19 17:22:28
3.   Bob Timmermann
I'm pretty sure it's 10 days. The only exception is if there's an injury or if the minor league season ends.
2008-08-19 17:23:46
4.   El Lay Dave
1 And Sept. 1 is in 13 days.
2008-08-19 17:24:15
5.   bhsportsguy
The last time the Dodgers faced Jiminez, 6 of the 8 position players in today's lineup were also in that game.
2008-08-19 17:30:01
6.   Tripon
Jeff Kent is a robot. Unfeeling. Unnatural. And doesn't drink from a sippy cup.
2008-08-19 17:39:45
7.   D4P

Regarding the previous thread, I have speculation on the record regarding Russell Martin's party life (and it's potential negative impact on his performance).

The photos of him on the town in pimp-daddy leather hats and such always rubbed me the wrong way, and I don't doubt that his off-field activities aren't helping his on-field exploits.

2008-08-19 17:41:38
8.   Zak
Jon, your Colorado line-up has both Stewart and Barmes playing 2B.
2008-08-19 17:42:03
9.   Icaros

Worked for Mantle, Ruth, and a billion other players.

2008-08-19 17:44:57
10.   GMac In The 909
8 The Rockies must be planning to pitch the righties away and the lefties in on the hands all game long.
2008-08-19 17:46:11
11.   KG16
9 - let's not forget DiMaggio. He was married to Marilyn Monroe. Though from what I heard he preferred to stay in while she preferred to go out.
2008-08-19 17:47:09
12.   KG16
10 - nope, Tulo's (Long Beach State grad) is just so good, he can cover both short and third.
2008-08-19 17:47:22
13.   Them Blues
7 How much fun do you forgo in your personal life in the name of your job?
2008-08-19 17:47:35
14.   Bob Timmermann
DiMaggio didn't marry Marilyn Monroe until after he quit playing.
2008-08-19 17:48:01
15.   KG16
12 - disregard the " 's" or the "is" in that post, whichever you prefer.
2008-08-19 17:48:32
16.   KG16
14 - killjoy
2008-08-19 17:48:39
17.   Tripon
Yet Tulo is not good enough to bat 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. HE IS A FAILURE.
2008-08-19 17:49:31
18.   KG16
17 - until the legalize ghost runners, I'm not sure how he'd be able to do that.
2008-08-19 17:49:36
19.   Them Blues
7 D4P's Eleventh Commandment: Thou who squatteth behind the plate shalt not wear hats made of leather.
2008-08-19 17:51:43
20.   Bob Timmermann
D4P's First Commandment:
Your manager is overpaid

D4P's Second Commandmant:
All players are overpaid

D4P's Third Commandmant:
You Shall Not Worship TV Shows Other Than "Arrested Development."

2008-08-19 17:58:17
21.   natepurcell

So what if he is going out? Everyone can't be as miserable as you.

2008-08-19 18:00:19
22.   Andrew Shimmin
21- Sure they can. You're just not trying hard enough.


2008-08-19 18:00:57
23.   Tripon
21 He wants Martin to visit Boarders every day, and read Hot Rod mags all day long. Like Manny obviously.
2008-08-19 18:02:20
24.   regfairfield
Professional athletes should only have salad and lights out by nine.
2008-08-19 18:02:47
25.   Johnny Nucleo
Jiminez' last start was the 10-1 shellacking that L.A. had at the hands of the Rockies on July 22. Since then the Dodgers are 15-9 and the highest margin of loss was the 9-6 defeat to the Cardinals on Aug. 6.
2008-08-19 18:03:50
26.   GoBears
13 How much fun do you forgo in your personal life in the name of your job?

Other than DT? All of it.

2008-08-19 18:03:57
27.   Tripon
25 His last start against the Dodgers, or Jiminez last start for a while? He was on the DL?
2008-08-19 18:04:47
28.   Johnny Nucleo
25 By last start I mean the last time we faced him, of course.
2008-08-19 18:04:47
29.   Johnny Nucleo
25 By last start I mean the last time we faced him, of course.
2008-08-19 18:04:47
30.   Johnny Nucleo
25 By last start I mean the last time we faced him, of course.
2008-08-19 18:05:16
31.   Sam DC
Victory starting now on Versus (East Coast feed, I guess).

Someone tell Bill Simmons.

2008-08-19 18:05:53
32.   Johnny Nucleo
Don't ask me how that happened.
2008-08-19 18:06:31
33.   Alex41592
Mathis makes a huge error and the Rays have runners at second and third with nobody out. 2-1 Angels Bot 8.
2008-08-19 18:08:23
34.   Tripon
Mathis is the Angels catcher of the future. Despite Mathis doing his earnest to lose the job.
2008-08-19 18:08:35
35.   Alex41592
Bases loaded and nobody out for the Rays.
2008-08-19 18:08:59
36.   Indiana Jon
He wants Martin to visit Boarders every day

I nearly corrected the spelling on this until I remembered what site I was on. With the West Coast bias here, I realized this was probably a surf shop and not the book store I was thinking of.

28 29 30 32

Got it. How did that happen?

2008-08-19 18:10:30
37.   GoBears
28/29/30. How'd that hap- oh, never mind.
2008-08-19 18:12:25
38.   Alex41592
Not the best of times for young B.J Upton.
2008-08-19 18:14:00
39.   Eric Stephen
By the way, the MLB per diem is $89 per day on the road or travel days. Since the Dodgers have been at home these last 5 days, Stults should not have received a per diem.

However, he did get paid 5 days worth of the MLB minimum of $390,000 (the season is considered 172 days long, so Stults probably got paid roughly $11,337 for his services this time around).

2008-08-19 18:17:26
40.   GoBears
Not the best of times for young B.J Upton

Ha! During "Journey Thoughts" the other day (yesterday?) someone predicted that we'd get around to Styx eventually.

2008-08-19 18:18:25
41.   Tripon
Dude, $11,000 just to sit around for 5 days? That's well, $11,000 for what I do nowadays.
2008-08-19 18:18:38
42.   GoBears
so Stults probably got paid roughly $11,337 for his services this time around

Nice (non)work if you can get it.

2008-08-19 18:19:15
43.   Eric Stephen
To add to that, the minimum minor league salary for someone with at least 1 day of service time is $62,500. I'm not sure what Stults's split contract has for his minor league salary, but assuming its the minimum, he would have made roughly $1,817 if he was in the minors the last 5 days. So at the very least he gained about $9,520 for his troubles.
2008-08-19 18:19:19
44.   trainwreck
That was me, but I just hope we never get to Pablo Cruise.
2008-08-19 18:19:32
45.   natepurcell
Stults probably got paid roughly $11,337 for his services this time around).

I hope thats enough compensation for his troubles of flying back and forth between LA and Vegas.

2008-08-19 18:20:46
46.   trainwreck
Awesome, two more offensive linemen got hurt for UCLA today.

+/- Tennessee winning by 15 points

2008-08-19 18:21:34
47.   Tripon
46 Man, that game is a total suckers bet.
2008-08-19 18:22:25
48.   Sam DC
Jayson Werth home run puts the Phils ahead of the Nationals in the 8th.
2008-08-19 18:23:03
49.   oshea2002
Willy Aybar with a 2 run single in the 8th to put the Rays up 4-2 on Anaheim.
2008-08-19 18:24:14
50.   Bob Timmermann
How was your trip to PNC?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-08-19 18:24:25
51.   Alex41592
49 - Even cooler is that Willie Aybar hit it over Erick Aybar's head.
2008-08-19 18:24:48
52.   Tripon,0,299120.column

Annnnnnnd, the first article(That I seen anyway) that says the Yankees were bums for letting Torre go.

2008-08-19 18:24:57
53.   Alex41592
51 - Willy, duh.
2008-08-19 18:26:42
54.   Ken Noe
TJ: Maddux gets No. 36, same one he had two years ago. That was Danny Ardoin's number, and he just showed up today and had a No. 28 jersey hanging in his locker because no one had even asked him first. Even worse, it still said RAMIREZ.
2008-08-19 18:28:35
55.   D4P
I love the per diem thing. Can't expect millionaires to spend their own money on food.
2008-08-19 18:29:07
56.   Sam DC
PNC's a heck of a lovely park, lotta fun walking over the Clemente bridge from downtown before the game. Killer Honus Wagner statue. My cousin got us some fine seats behind the plate, Pirates won, many hot dogs were eaten, fine day all around.

Nice gimmick -- they put up an email address for people to send in pix from their camera phones during the game and then they run 'em on the video board.

2008-08-19 18:30:19
57.   Sam DC
Andy LaRoche had a forgettable day though, except when Duaner Sanchez IBB'd him.

His brother showed him up with a two run home run.

2008-08-19 18:30:52
58.   Tripon

Molly Knight did a podcast with the Kamenetzky brothers over at the L.A. Times Dodgers blog.

2008-08-19 18:32:30
59.   Bob Timmermann
See comment 20 , 2nd commandment.

Why should the players be forced to spend money on their own for meals on the road? They are paid employees and traveling to places not of their choosing.

I've been thumbing through my Constitution to see if rich people are not allowed to ask for the same thing as poor people.

I'm still looking ....

2008-08-19 18:34:10
60.   El Lay Dave
55 Everyone at my (large) company gets their meals reimbursed when on company travel, from the millionaire executives to the lowliest peon. $89/day is not unreasonable.
2008-08-19 18:34:32
61.   D4P
Don't they also get some huge (free) buffet after the game, in addition to the per diem...?
2008-08-19 18:35:42
62.   Tripon
Ned Coletti is a funny looking man. I'm not even trying to insult him.(Although I guess its an insult.) The guy looks like a caricature.
2008-08-19 18:36:49
63.   El Lay Dave
61 I get free catered luncheons on some out-of-town travel.
2008-08-19 18:40:56
64.   Bob Timmermann
I'm going to get some free meals and one night's free hotel stay courtesy of the Metropolitan Cooperative Library System next week.

But I shall refuse them as a matter of principle.

2008-08-19 18:41:28
65.   Marty
I've been eating for free most of the last month.
2008-08-19 18:42:09
66.   Bob Timmermann
You are a horrible human being.
2008-08-19 18:43:20
67.   The Trolley Dodger
54 Now, now, you left out the next sentence of that TJ post:

"It's all good," Ardoin said. "I wasn't attached to (36)."

2008-08-19 18:44:12
68.   Icaros
If this were about 58 years ago, Joseph McCarthy would've ground up D4P's bones and flesh into a nice red paste, which the Dodgers could've then put on their post-game crackers and bread.
2008-08-19 18:44:20
69.   Marty
Chazz Palmentieri is getting up there.
2008-08-19 18:45:45
70.   Andrew Shimmin
Why is it worse to structure compensation this way, than to put it all into salary?
2008-08-19 18:47:21
71.   Bob Timmermann
I think it's clear that D4P lost China. I saw him hanging out with Owen Lattimore.
2008-08-19 18:48:19
72.   Dodgers49
Tonight's lineup was a no-brainer. It's Wednesday and Thursday's lineups that I'll be waiting to see. Will Juan Pierre get a start? Will Maddux pitch on Thursday and thereby bypass Philly?
2008-08-19 18:49:46
73.   oshea2002
Even the Padre announcers right now are talking about how the Pads are paying a chunk of Maddux's deal - "to ensure getting better prospects."
2008-08-19 18:50:31
74.   Alex41592
Maddux interview on FSN Prime.
2008-08-19 18:51:11
75.   oshea2002
Banks with back to back walks to start the game for the Pads in Phx.
2008-08-19 18:51:32
76.   Xeifrank
150:1 and one of the top records in baseball. Not bad.
vr, Xei
2008-08-19 18:51:38
77.   Alex41592
Maddux will start Friday, I assume Kershaw will pitch on five days rest Saturday afternoon.
2008-08-19 18:52:22
78.   Alex41592
1-0 D'Backs. Bloop RBI single.
2008-08-19 18:52:39
79.   scareduck
Mathis is teh suck.

Seriously, without looking, I'm pretty sure he holds the ML lead in errors behind the dish now, and this from a guy whose defense is supposed to carry the day. I don't know who the Angels' catching coach/coordinator is, but Mathis just looks awful out there lately. The dropoff between what the team might get from Napoli and what they are getting from Mathis is pretty extreme.

2008-08-19 18:53:41
80.   El Lay Dave
67 Isn't Maddux supposed to give Ardoin a Rolex or something for the number off his back?
2008-08-19 18:55:34
81.   sporky
Bloops singles will drive a person to drink.
2008-08-19 18:55:53
82.   oshea2002
Banks just walked his 3rd Dback in the 1st inning. Bases loaded, 1 out, 1-0 Zona.
2008-08-19 18:57:05
83.   D4P
81 road games times $89 per diem is $7,209.

Imagine being told you'll get paid $10 million a year and responding with a complaint about having to spend $7,209 of it on food. What are you supposed to be spending it on? Leather hats?

2008-08-19 18:57:14
84.   oshea2002
2-0 Arizona.
2008-08-19 18:58:11
85.   Alex41592
Uh, sac fly to shallow right. 2-0 D'Backs.
2008-08-19 18:59:11
86.   Alex41592
So to review, 4 walks for Banks (1 IBB), a bloop single and a sac fly.
2008-08-19 19:00:51
87.   sporky
65 In college, I managed to go 22 days without having to purchase any food/drinks. They give out free food for the strangest events.
2008-08-19 19:00:56
88.   Tripon
Padres just needs to clone Peavy 4 times, and hope for the best.
2008-08-19 19:00:56
89.   Alex41592
Ok, time to focus on the Dodger game. Nothing to see in Arizona.
2008-08-19 19:00:56
90.   Tripon
Padres just needs to clone Peavy 4 times, and hope for the best.
2008-08-19 19:01:08
91.   El Lay Dave
83 Lots and lots of tips. Who's complained about the per diem? And isn't it gold for the cup o' coffee guys?
2008-08-19 19:01:27
92.   ryu
Let's say Jeff Kent comes up to bat and the crowd boos him for his dumb remarks regarding Vin.

What do you think Vin would say, if anything?

2008-08-19 19:01:32
93.   oshea2002
Game over in Arizona, that was quick, 20 minutes.
2008-08-19 19:01:40
94.   Dodgers49
77 Maddux will start Friday

Oh well, I was hoping they would start him Thursday and move Lowe up to Friday. Now all I have to look forward to is Juan Pierre. :-)

2008-08-19 19:02:29
95.   D4P
Adam Dunn has been walking a lot for the DBacks.
2008-08-19 19:04:02
96.   Marty
95 But he's a beast with the per diem.
2008-08-19 19:05:08
97.   Tripon
95 Yeah, but he hasn't been driving in a lot of runs for the D'backs, and outside of Montero's big night, the guys behind him aren't driving him in either. To fully use Dunn's abilities of OBP, you need a guy with a high BA(one where BA should matter) to hit behind Dunn.
2008-08-19 19:05:18
98.   trainwreck
I don't think I got free anything at college, unless you count liquor at parties.
2008-08-19 19:06:32
99.   Andrew Shimmin
Do you honestly suppose the players would get less money if there were no per diem? Do you think the owners got fooled into allowing that into the CBA? This is entirely about structure, not sum.

And, I think this is an irrefutable counterargument: who cares about that?

2008-08-19 19:07:35
100.   El Lay Dave
From Diamond Leung:

The Padres have up until Oct. 15 to select up to two minor leaguers from a list provided by the Dodgers. The more players they accept in the trade, the less cash they will have to send the Dodgers to cover a portion of the remainder of Greg Maddux's salary. GM Ned Colletti said the minor leaguers available were not on the 40-man roster.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-08-19 19:07:40
101.   Alex41592
95 - It's impressive, but the D'Backs have been facing some really really bad pitching lately. 3 out of the last 4 games the opposing starting pitcher couldn't find the strike zone to anybody. Wandy Rodriguez, Brandon Backe and tonight Josh Banks.
2008-08-19 19:09:01
102.   Andrew Shimmin
Shaggy-haired Jeopardy kid has a fine coat, but an ugly tie.
2008-08-19 19:09:23
103.   sporky
98 I only knew Keystone and PBR. I probably bought $10 worth of alcohol while in school.
2008-08-19 19:09:33
104.   Bob Hendley
92 _ I don't know about the crowd, but in the game after the story cam out, Vin used an extremely hard "t" when pronouncing Kent's name on the air.
2008-08-19 19:10:33
105.   Tripon
100 Wait, that makes no sense. The more players the Padres pick, the more cash the Padres get to keep?
2008-08-19 19:10:42
106.   Dodgers49
In the Angels/Rays game Shields won it and also lost it. :-)
2008-08-19 19:11:07
107.   Alex41592
4-1 D'Backs Top 2. Padres have the bases loaded and nobody out.
2008-08-19 19:11:34
108.   Sam DC
Randor Bierd -- Character from Star Wars The Clone Wars or major league baseball player?
2008-08-19 19:12:37
109.   Bob Hendley
I like Martin, he plays and drinks with his hat on backward.
2008-08-19 19:13:07
110.   El Lay Dave
105 Yes it does, just like Ned sent a better package to Cleveland so the Indians would pick up Blake's salary.
2008-08-19 19:13:25
111.   Tripon
Least none of the guys are on the 40 man. Although James Adkins seems to be a good choice to be picked by the Padres. Chris Winhtrow on the long shot.
2008-08-19 19:13:35
112.   Alex41592
Sac fly. 4-2 D'Backs.
2008-08-19 19:14:38
113.   oshea2002
108 - mlb player?
2008-08-19 19:14:41
114.   Tripon
110 No, Diamond's saying that the more players the Padres pick, they pay less of the amount of Maddux salary.
2008-08-19 19:16:17
115.   silverwidow
MORE players = less Padre $$$
LESS players = more Padre $$$

Doesn't sound right.

2008-08-19 19:16:53
116.   trainwreck
You can be drunk and still find Keystone to be hard to drink.

I usually only bought hard alcohol and Pyramids at college.

2008-08-19 19:17:41
117.   El Lay Dave
114 Yeah, you're right. I read it as I expected it to read.
2008-08-19 19:18:04
118.   Tripon
115 Unless the Dodgers put a tiered system on the prospect list. Like the Padres can pick either one good prospect and some cash, or two marginals ones and pay nothing.
2008-08-19 19:19:24
119.   silverwidow
118 Exactly.
2008-08-19 19:20:43
120.   oshea2002
The Rocks are hitting the ball hard.
2008-08-19 19:21:10
121.   Tripon
Kuroda looks shaky.
2008-08-19 19:21:33
122.   Alex41592
The Rockies have hit Kuroda well both times they've faced him. Hopefully, he can settle down and the balls land in gloves.
2008-08-19 19:22:33
123.   overkill94
62 He looks a bit like Ignatius Reilly from the book A Confederacy of Dunces.

2008-08-19 19:23:29
124.   scareduck
108 - baseball player.
2008-08-19 19:24:39
125.   Sam DC
113 , 124 -- but you had to think about it I bet!
2008-08-19 19:26:22
126.   overkill94
What a cheap way to take a 2-0 lead
2008-08-19 19:26:26
127.   Alex41592
That's just good hitting right there.
2008-08-19 19:26:50
128.   Tripon
Great, we got bad Kuroda today.
2008-08-19 19:27:05
129.   scareduck
My Kuroda.


2008-08-19 19:28:00
130.   oshea2002
Kuroda is a big-time jekkyl and hyde pitcher.
2008-08-19 19:28:42
131.   oshea2002
126 - Hawpe's ball to Loney was blistered, so I guess it balanced out.
2008-08-19 19:29:47
132.   Alex41592
Of course if Kuroda gets over to first on the hard hit ball to Loney the inning ends. But, he didn't.
2008-08-19 19:31:11
133.   scareduck
108 -- actually,

Slightly NSFW.

2008-08-19 19:31:24
134.   oshea2002
132 - the throw looked to me to be behind him even being late to the bag, I think if he was on the bag it goes in the dugout.
2008-08-19 19:33:13
135.   thinkblue88
Kemp is just simply awesome.
2008-08-19 19:33:19
136.   Alex41592
Maddux sitting next to Kershaw.

Did you see where Kemp hit that?

2008-08-19 19:33:26
137.   El Lay Dave
LOL - now I'm seeing an ad for "".
2008-08-19 19:33:35
138.   Tripon
134 If Kuroda was standing near the bag, Nomar would have thrown near the bag. That one is on Kuroda.

And Matt Kemp must love to golf. And that was waaaaaaaaaaaay out of the strike zone.

2008-08-19 19:34:35
139.   whodat807
Bison being Vladdy.
2008-08-19 19:34:39
140.   alex 7
when I saw the replay, Kuroda would have gotten to the bag had Nomar's throw been there. Throw was behind, Kuroda had to stop and catch it up the line.
2008-08-19 19:35:28
141.   Tripon
Awesome, Jimenez is wild too.
2008-08-19 19:37:06
142.   Tripon
Ooh, that was a bad swing Ethier.

And now I see an ad for ninjas. What will the toaster think of next!?

2008-08-19 19:37:18
143.   scareduck
139 - what, did he hit into a double play?
2008-08-19 19:37:34
144.   alex 7
nomar has that sidearm throw that can often cause the ball to tail.
2008-08-19 19:37:57
145.   oshea2002
Did they just have those last two pitches at 99 and 98?
2008-08-19 19:38:21
146.   Them Blues
137 The perils of blind keyword internet advertising...
2008-08-19 19:38:31
147.   Tripon
Wow, Kent finally shows some power. That was just a solid hit.
2008-08-19 19:38:32
148.   Alex41592
White hot old man Kent!
2008-08-19 19:38:37
149.   oshea2002
I wonder if Vin will mention the Manny factor?
2008-08-19 19:38:53
150.   oshea2002
And he did!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-19 19:38:59
151.   Tripon
Hahahaha, Vin won't let go of the batting in front of Manny thing.
2008-08-19 19:39:16
152.   fordprefect
Take THAT, Vin Scully!
2008-08-19 19:39:19
153.   scareduck
Cue Star Trek TOS fight music. 2-1 Rocks.
2008-08-19 19:39:41
154.   Alex41592
Manny went 1 for 3 (single) against Jimenez in last years World Series.
2008-08-19 19:41:36
155.   Tripon
Oh, that should have been gone!
2008-08-19 19:42:00
156.   LoneStar7
yikes, thought that was a guarantee double
2008-08-19 19:43:41
157.   Tripon
Dang it, we should have gotten at least another run there.
2008-08-19 19:49:58
158.   KG16
and apparently the Star Trek reference was enough to get an ad for Adventure Quest (free RPG).

speaking of computer games... anyone play Civilization IV? I had Civ 3 for my old PC and am thinking of getting the new one for my mac?

2008-08-19 19:50:16
159.   underdog
Kuroda sure looked a lot better that inning. Granted it was basically the Rockies' own "black hole," but still, he at least didn't seem to be laboring as much.
2008-08-19 19:50:53
160.   sporky
Is one comment enough to skew the ads?
2008-08-19 19:51:55
161.   KG16
160 - shhhhh, that was just my sly way of asking the gamer question. you're going to blow my cover.
2008-08-19 19:52:39
162.   Alex41592
If Jimenez gets that pitch working it's going to be tough.
2008-08-19 19:52:48
163.   Icaros
And that is why you don't go out drinking all night during the season.


2008-08-19 19:53:39
164.   KG16
163 - but if you're suppose to stay up really late (as Koufax said) then what are you suppose to do?
2008-08-19 19:54:44
165.   scareduck
160 - I sort of doubt it. Interest is gauged by page rank for a search term.
2008-08-19 19:54:56
166.   KG16
i love the way Vin describes certain things, like "a slider without too much slide on it"
2008-08-19 19:56:56
167.   underdog
165 Otherwise...

Say, how about that Giselle Bundchen?

2008-08-19 19:57:02
168.   Andrew Shimmin
Blake was up all night playing D&D.
2008-08-19 19:57:24
169.   sporky
165 My plans are thwarted.
2008-08-19 19:58:13
170.   Tripon
Casey Blake is a fan of Journey.

...That's all I'm going to say of that.

2008-08-19 19:58:26
171.   MonkeyBlue
Kuroda! nice piece of hitting!
2008-08-19 19:58:30
172.   Alex41592
Hey, Kuroda gives Kemp a shot.
2008-08-19 19:58:33
173.   trainwreck
I like the ad with all the flying ninjas and says learn various martial arts. Then it turns out the site is just an online RPG game.

Because screw doing stuff when you can pretend to do it.

2008-08-19 19:58:53
174.   LoneStar7
a very honorable at bat
2008-08-19 19:59:14
175.   Andrew Shimmin
Strategically, I think the way to go here is for Kemp to hit a home run. That way, Kuroda doesn't have to run and get tired on the base paths.
2008-08-19 19:59:27
176.   alex 7
Kemp missed a mistake fastball right down the middle - thinking opposite field :(
2008-08-19 19:59:38
177.   sporky
Jimenez the Flammable?
2008-08-19 20:00:17
178.   Andrew Shimmin
Kemp fails to follow through on my very simple plan. He must not be too bright.
2008-08-19 20:00:57
179.   MonkeyBlue
49 pitches thrown already for Jimenez
2008-08-19 20:02:25
180.   Alex41592
179 - Not bad. I say we shoot for 80 through 3. They have the big boys coming up but so do we this inning.
2008-08-19 20:04:49
181.   Quik
158 Civ IV is real fun. Definitely worth a buy.
2008-08-19 20:05:42
182.   ucladodger

Thats really the only thing missing for Matt right now. Cant completely turn on a firm fastball middle-in. He turned on Suppan, but that was 88. Turning on 97 and making Jimenez pay is a little tougher.

2008-08-19 20:06:10
183.   Alex41592
Dunn just went deep. 6-2 AZ.
2008-08-19 20:06:59
184.   trainwreck
Is someone hurt?
2008-08-19 20:07:11
185.   Bob Hendley
159 - Hopefully Kuroda is Heckle and Jeckle tonight.
2008-08-19 20:07:26
186.   KG16
181 - how's it compare to Civ 3? first night i played it, i looked up and it was 630 am.

dang, apparently Kuroda was not alright.

2008-08-19 20:08:09
187.   MonkeyBlue
Kuroda? What the heck man! you suppose to be Ace at home!
2008-08-19 20:08:14
188.   ucladodger
Well, this isnt good. When Kuroda isnt good, he really makes it known.
2008-08-19 20:08:38
189.   scareduck
177 - Kuroda is flammable-er.
2008-08-19 20:08:39
190.   whodat807
Tonight... at Dodger Stadium... the dreaded return of Evil Kuroda! Thrills! Chills! Two-run homers!
2008-08-19 20:09:27
191.   D4P
Dunn just went deep his first home game for the Backs.

2008-08-19 20:09:30
192.   Alex41592
I dig the HD highlights of Dunn's HR from FSN Prime.
2008-08-19 20:10:58
193.   scareduck
"Tulowitzki, spread eagle stance at the plate ..." Quick, somebody throw at the eagle.
2008-08-19 20:11:38
194.   sporky
There is very little I dig about a Dunn HR.
2008-08-19 20:12:13
195.   Quik
181 Major improvement. The gameplay is a lot smoother and more refined than it was in Civ3.
2008-08-19 20:14:45
196.   Kevin Lewis
Xaphor (Steven),

I am trying to pick up my glove but no one is answering.

2008-08-19 20:14:47
197.   whodat807
195 Do you have any thoughts on the new Civ Revolution? Looks promising, if a bit simplistic.
2008-08-19 20:15:55
198.   MonkeyBlue
The freaking umps is giving Jimenez the corner but not Kuroda!
2008-08-19 20:16:00
199.   Gen3Blue
I had trouble reading Vin, which I usually don't. Of course this was before it was apparent that Kuroda didn't have it tonight.
I guess he was trying to say Ubaldo had his fast ball tonight, and usually gives us fits.
2008-08-19 20:16:28
200.   underdog
184 Kuroda was hit on the foot by a line smash from Holliday. He was okay physically but obviously it rattled him somewhat given what happened right after he said he was "fine."
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-08-19 20:16:28
201.   alex 7
karma Kent, karma.
2008-08-19 20:18:06
202.   Johnny Nucleo
Does Kuroda have a twin brother we don't know about? Whose main talent might be, say, being a sushi chef as opposed to pitching?
2008-08-19 20:18:09
203.   trainwreck
If I stubbed one of my toes I would be giving up home runs.
2008-08-19 20:18:13
204.   underdog
With Hiroki "The Girl With the Curls" Kuroda pitching you never know what to expect game to game or inning to inning. But this game still seems winnable.
2008-08-19 20:18:36
205.   JJ42
anyone watching the USA - Japan softball game streaming online right now? it's a good one.
2008-08-19 20:19:03
206.   xaphor
196 I found him, thanks.
2008-08-19 20:19:10
207.   sporky
12 pitch inning. Boo.
2008-08-19 20:19:42
208.   alex 7
mixing bad timing with regression to the mean:

the Manny haircut
the Kent remark.

2008-08-19 20:21:20
209.   underdog
On the other hand, when Jimenez is on, that makes it a little tougher to get those runs back.

Ah well. Time to mega-multitask.

Btw, Train, nice Fantasy Football team name. ;-) I keep changing mine back and forth.

2008-08-19 20:21:37
210.   trainwreck
It's all in the film Sôseiji aka Gemini.
2008-08-19 20:21:52
211.   Gen3Blue
From what I've seen of Ubaldo, it could be a big K total tonight--I wish if was for us.
2008-08-19 20:22:26
213.   underdog
That reminds me, does anyone know where I can find a detailed/specific TV listing for the Olympics? I want to know when the US-Brazil women's soccer final tomorrow actually airs, and that sort of thing.
2008-08-19 20:22:36
214.   trainwreck
I will make sure to change it for the week I face you.
2008-08-19 20:22:40
215.   LoneStar7
204 that may be the best nickname ever
2008-08-19 20:22:50
216.   alex 7
hehe, Kershaw is IN LOVE with Maddux. Looks like a kid who gets a date with his superstar fantasy girl.
2008-08-19 20:23:10
217.   Alex41592
Tony Jackson:

"The Dodgers acquired Maddux from San Diego, along with what is believed to be about $1.3 million to cover slightly more than half of what remains of his $10 million salary for this season -- the Dodgers appear to be on the hook for roughly $900,000. The Padres get two Dodgers minor leaguers to be named, which they will select from an already agreed-upon pool of five players, or they can simply choose to take one player and recoup some of the money."

2008-08-19 20:23:48
218.   scooplew
Manny could still go 0-for-93 and he would have a higher batting average than Andruw Jones.
2008-08-19 20:24:23
219.   Icaros

I didn't know Kuroda played trumpet. He's pretty good, huh?

2008-08-19 20:25:04
220.   underdog
214 Heh. And I'll make sure to use my current one then.
2008-08-19 20:25:23
221.   MonkeyBlue
219. No idea, but he ain't blowing anybody on the diamond.
2008-08-19 20:25:46
222.   sporky
221 I sure hope not.
2008-08-19 20:26:13
223.   trainwreck
I should hope so. There are children around.
2008-08-19 20:26:15
224.   Icaros

I'd certainly hope not. Kids are watching.

2008-08-19 20:26:46
225.   trainwreck
I blame my loss on that one to children.

Way to ruin one more thing, kids.

2008-08-19 20:26:51
226.   Icaros
Two flippin seconds, trainwreck...
2008-08-19 20:26:57
227.   underdog
221 just made me spit out my soda.
2008-08-19 20:27:17
228.   whodat807
223 224 Great minds!
2008-08-19 20:27:42
229.   Alex41592
212 , 221 , 222 , 223 , 224 - Are we still on the air?
2008-08-19 20:28:53
230.   Icaros
And sporky. I helped set that one up, and you both stole the gum in the middle of my BlowPop.
2008-08-19 20:29:01
231.   MonkeyBlue
lol, you guys.
2008-08-19 20:29:56
232.   trainwreck
Who took the jam out of your donut?
2008-08-19 20:30:43
233.   Icaros

"Homer Simpson, sir."

2008-08-19 20:31:32
234.   Paul S
Anyone watching the Rockies broadcast?
I found Waldo dead center behind home plate. Over Mary Hart's shoulder. Frightening.
2008-08-19 20:32:01
235.   underdog
I know this hasn't literally been true and I know it all evens out eventually but it feels like lately the Dodgers have been playing non-stop tough teams while the DBacks have played the Pirates and Padres. Again, it all evens out and they'll play each other some more soon, so it's hard to complain too much.
2008-08-19 20:33:14
236.   underdog
(Oh, and the Dbacks also played the Rockies, it's true. There isn't much logic to my whining.)
2008-08-19 20:33:20
237.   Tripon
There's going to be a lot of bans tonight.

And where is the wild Jimenez?

2008-08-19 20:34:19
238.   MonkeyBlue
Will they take out Kuroda?
2008-08-19 20:34:39
239.   sporky
"Pretty handy with the bat"...?
2008-08-19 20:34:40
240.   Icaros
I'd hit for him.
2008-08-19 20:34:56
241.   Alex41592
I highly disagree with keeping Kuroda in the game. I know we don't have a bench, but Jimenez is dealing.
2008-08-19 20:35:01
242.   natepurcell
I have the sounds off...who is that in the bullpen?
2008-08-19 20:35:20
243.   Alex41592
2008-08-19 20:35:23
244.   MonkeyBlue
2008-08-19 20:35:23
245.   sporky
2008-08-19 20:35:32
246.   thinkblue88
Welcome wild Jimenez!
2008-08-19 20:35:41
247.   Icaros

One more of those and we're cool.

2008-08-19 20:35:52
248.   Andrew Shimmin
Looked like a passed ball to me.
2008-08-19 20:35:58
249.   scareduck
I like wild pitches when the other guy throws one.
2008-08-19 20:36:01
250.   Icaros

Sorry, Sturtze.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-08-19 20:36:11
251.   MonkeyBlue
Pass ball, what a lazy effort by the Catcher.
2008-08-19 20:36:19
252.   underdog
Tanyon Sturtze is on our team? Wow, no wonder they're leaving Kuroda in. I guess I was in the mountains when Sturtze's contract was purchased. Sturtze, Stults, I guess they got them mixed up when filling out the transaction forms.
2008-08-19 20:36:20
253.   Andrew Shimmin
Well, okay then.
2008-08-19 20:36:28
254.   sporky
Yay for Torrealba!
2008-08-19 20:36:44
255.   whodat807
Hopefully he'll uncork number 17 soon
2008-08-19 20:36:48
256.   MonkeyBlue
Kuroda! is on fire!
2008-08-19 20:37:03
257.   Alex41592
Jimenez is all shook up.
2008-08-19 20:37:03
258.   Icaros

See what happens to us when you're not around?

2008-08-19 20:37:26
259.   sporky
Ubaldo's pants must be a lycra blend.
2008-08-19 20:37:27
260.   xaphor
213 The Olympic TV schedule is here if you can decifer it.

Almost a catcher's interferance called in the USA v Japan softball game.

2008-08-19 20:37:36
261.   KG16
Bison, just put good wood on the ball, that's all I ask.
2008-08-19 20:37:40
262.   oshea2002
My computer keeps buffering on the softball game - how is it not on tv anywhere?
2008-08-19 20:38:10
263.   whodat807
Ah, passed ball. That was some mighty bad catching.

Wow, Kuroda walks!

2008-08-19 20:38:12
264.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Kemp!
2008-08-19 20:38:13
265.   underdog
Nice one, Jimenez. Tee-hee.

Jimenez needs an Anton Chigurh haircut, by the way.

2008-08-19 20:38:17
266.   sporky
Hey, 80+ pitches.
2008-08-19 20:39:14
267.   underdog
258 That, and the Dodgers win 3 out of 4, too.
2008-08-19 20:39:30
268.   thinkblue88
BISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESS!!!
2008-08-19 20:39:38
269.   Andrew Shimmin
Matt Kemp is good at hitting.
2008-08-19 20:39:39
270.   KG16
that'll do Bison, that;ll do.
2008-08-19 20:40:11
271.   MonkeyBlue
Damn too bad pitcher was running! Anyways Bison Power!
2008-08-19 20:40:12
272.   Alex41592
Bison placement!
2008-08-19 20:40:20
273.   sporky
Another PB/WP opportunity.
2008-08-19 20:40:20
274.   Eric Stephen
Underdog, has been listing the brodcast schedules daily.
2008-08-19 20:40:21
275.   underdog
A Bison Flare™!
2008-08-19 20:40:32
276.   scareduck
2008-08-19 20:40:42
277.   whodat807
KEMP! Boy, I love that guy.
2008-08-19 20:40:58
278.   sporky
Vizcaino warming up!!!
2008-08-19 20:41:52
279.   ucladodger
This Kemp guy is a keeper. How freakin special has he been?
2008-08-19 20:41:54
280.   Alex41592
Pitch #90 in the 4th. We got a long game tonight.
2008-08-19 20:42:12
281.   MonkeyBlue
90+ pitches already
2008-08-19 20:42:17
282.   KG16
this one is going into the parking lot
2008-08-19 20:42:41
283.   sporky
Sombrero of the golden kind.
2008-08-19 20:42:52
284.   MonkeyBlue
Damn 3k's for Ethier... yesssh
2008-08-19 20:42:57
285.   ucladodger
2nd time Andre has struck out on ball 4. Damn. At least we get to their middle relief early.
2008-08-19 20:43:04
286.   sporky
283 Never mind. Not quite yet.
2008-08-19 20:43:34
287.   whodat807
Not the best day for Ethier.
2008-08-19 20:43:53
288.   MMSMikey
to ethier and loney: pitchers throw 3-2 breaking balls in the majors.
2008-08-19 20:44:24
289.   Icaros
Even when he Ks thrice, though, Ethier is up there putting up a long fight. He's been really impressive.
2008-08-19 20:44:49
290.   Alex41592
Andre is a little overanxious tonight. But, he won't see Jimenez again tonight. Also, it's not the ninth inning, Ethier's moment shall come.
2008-08-19 20:45:00
291.   Tripon
Ethier, better start hitting or Pierre's going to start.
2008-08-19 20:45:23
292.   xaphor
Eirc, we have confirmation that I have your glove. Drop me an email at xaphor {at} next time you are in town if you want to arange a pickup or I'll just bring it to the next DT bash.
2008-08-19 20:46:32
293.   MonkeyBlue
Nice catch for Ethier!
2008-08-19 20:46:48
294.   Alex41592
But, his glove is not a problem.
2008-08-19 20:49:03
295.   Tripon
I'm just wondering. I think Andrew said that Ethier is our only plus defender outfielder. Just how much better is he over Kemp?
2008-08-19 20:50:37
296.   underdog
274 Hm, thanks, Eric, though I can't readily find it there. I'll keep poking around.
2008-08-19 20:51:08
297.   JoeyP
Dodgers August OPS in the lineup:

Ethier- 1.133
Kent - .987
Manny - 1.254
Loney - .658
Martin - .683
Nomar - .686
Blake - .769

At least the current most productive hitters are getting the most Abs.

2008-08-19 20:51:20
298.   MonkeyBlue
Nice inning for Kuroda, I believe he can pitch another if Torre allow it.
2008-08-19 20:52:18
299.   underdog
291 Stop worrying about that. Ethier more than earned his keep over the weekend and Torre is on record as saying he's the starter. Pierre will also still get some starts, too, but 'Dre's the guy now. One bad game will not push him to the bench. Three... might.
2008-08-19 20:55:49
300.   Tripon
I don't get what the Rockies' manager is thinking. If you're constantly having different guys warming up, aren't you're burning the bullpen arms anyway for a really shaky guy?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-08-19 20:56:35
301.   trainwreck
Charlie Manuel shares your thoughts.
2008-08-19 20:57:43
302.   MMSMikey
uBALDo is luckey, manny smoked that ball.
2008-08-19 20:58:05
303.   oshea2002
301 - I agree, I think Manuel can be legitimately upset about the All Star game.
2008-08-19 20:58:07
304.   MMSMikey
2008-08-19 20:58:21
305.   Tripon
Of course, I said that before Ubaldo Jimenez got a DP from Manny.
2008-08-19 20:58:53
306.   xaphor
296 The USA v Brazil match should be on msnbc at 3am.
2008-08-19 21:02:15
307.   KG16
oh, hey, look at that... my tivo switched me over to the sarah connor chronicles
2008-08-19 21:02:53
308.   KG16
oh, because, i'm also recording eureka
2008-08-19 21:06:43
309.   Tripon
Sons of Anarchy should be a smash hit with a certain demographic. It features incest on a main storyline.
2008-08-19 21:07:09
310.   Icaros
Kuroda drinks his potion after the third inning and turns back into Dr. Jekyll.
2008-08-19 21:07:11
311.   Jon Weisman
212 - was deleted, and that whole exchange in the 220s ... well, there are in fact children around, so keep that in mind.
2008-08-19 21:07:25
312.   KG16
309 - i'm looking forward to that show
2008-08-19 21:07:42
313.   sporky
O/T... Sopranos or The Wire: which one should I start watching first?
2008-08-19 21:08:21
314.   underdog
A certain demographic...?

Er, never mind.

306 Cool, thanks. My Tivo will stay awake so I won't have to.

2008-08-19 21:09:54
315.   Bob Timmermann
Although I think "The Wire" is better, more people like "The Sopranos" and the first year of that show will grab you more quickly.
2008-08-19 21:10:20
316.   trainwreck
I vote Sopranos, but I haven't seen the Wire.
2008-08-19 21:10:27
317.   underdog
313 Oh man. That's a toughie. Well, The Sopranos went on longer so you could get through The Wire first. And The Wire is brilliant and gripping.

But Sopranos is terrific too. You can't lose!

2008-08-19 21:11:24
318.   MMSMikey
russell, how about not taking the 1st 2 pitches right down the middle before you decide to start swinging.
2008-08-19 21:12:07
319.   sporky
How exclusive is the "I struck out against Luis Vizcaino" club?
2008-08-19 21:12:22
320.   underdog
Why does Luis Vizcaino sound like the name of someone who should have pitched for the Dodgers at some point?
2008-08-19 21:13:26
321.   underdog
I really think Joe's gonna need to start resting Russ more often. He needs 1-2 games off a week and Ardoin has proven more than competent.
2008-08-19 21:13:45
322.   sporky
Which show is less depressing/soul-sucking: The Wire or The Sopranos?
2008-08-19 21:14:15
323.   Icaros

Because Jose Vizcaino played middle infield for LA?

2008-08-19 21:14:19
324.   trainwreck
I remember when I thought Luiz Vizcaino was going to be sweet for the A's.

I pretty much based that off the fact that he could throw hard.

2008-08-19 21:14:47
325.   oshea2002
Sweeney, again.
2008-08-19 21:15:06
326.   trainwreck
I would imagine Sopranos is less depressing.
2008-08-19 21:15:08
327.   Tripon
If you want a non soul depressing show, watch the Boondocks.
2008-08-19 21:15:19
328.   underdog
Nice one, Beard!

And it's up to Sweeney!


2008-08-19 21:15:20
329.   MonkeyBlue
I prefer slappy to PH instead of Sweeney...but he can prove me wrong.
2008-08-19 21:15:43
330.   KG16
how is it that sweeney is the best option off the bench?
2008-08-19 21:15:56
331.   Bob Timmermann
The Wire can be pretty depressing. The Sopranos is a lot more violent.

Both shows require you to pay a lot of attention as characters come and go seemingly at random.

2008-08-19 21:16:23
332.   Alex41592
13 days until rosters expand and we'll have a bench.
2008-08-19 21:16:23
333.   Icaros
Was Sweeney's music "Dr. Feelgood" just then?

Anyway, Icaros Feelbad.

2008-08-19 21:16:42
334.   underdog
323 - Yeah, and there were a few Luises in there somewhere.
2008-08-19 21:17:11
335.   Tripon
330 Because we won't replace Ozuna, or Berroa no matter what. I guess the Ronnie Belliard ship has sailed.
2008-08-19 21:17:23
336.   whodat807
313 It's my opinion that the Sopranos is the greatest achievement in television history.
2008-08-19 21:17:34
337.   sporky
Kuroda could've done better!
2008-08-19 21:18:23
338.   underdog
332 - Yah, indeed. Delwyn, DeWitt and Hu will all be better than Sweeney as PHs.

333 - Heh.

331 - I agree.
If you want to be uplifted, might want to look past both of those shows. How about "Deadwood"? {ducks}

2008-08-19 21:18:50
339.   Zak
Well, we got four hitters going 2-3 and four hitters going 0-3 right now. Know what that means?
2008-08-19 21:19:10
340.   Zak
It means Kuroda is the only one taking a walk.
2008-08-19 21:19:24
341.   underdog
Jason Johnson I can at least root for, get behind.

Tanyon Sturtze, no, I cannot.

2008-08-19 21:19:48
342.   trainwreck
If you don't want to be depressed, I suggest House of the Fireflies. Hilarious.

Bob T., knows what I am talking about.

2008-08-19 21:20:02
343.   sporky
338 I'm not looking for uplifting, but I just wanted to get a better feel for what I was getting myself into.
2008-08-19 21:20:48
344.   Icaros

He's sorry for making that pass at your cousin.

2008-08-19 21:20:52
345.   Bob Hendley
Clint Barmes, Deersplayer.
2008-08-19 21:20:54
346.   sporky
342 No thanks.
2008-08-19 21:21:01
347.   underdog
And JJJ was born in Sta Barbara, too!

/join his small marching and chowder society

2008-08-19 21:22:26
348.   Tripon
How did Micheal Cera become a famous and successful actor? Its like Shia LaBouf suddenly being the next big thing. I remember Even Steven! He couldn't act! His sister was the better actor!
2008-08-19 21:22:48
349.   nick
there's a joke I can't even think about making, based on Vin's recent remarks about a certain player's family educational history...
2008-08-19 21:23:23
350.   trainwreck
Michael Cera= very good

Shia Lebouf= drunk trash

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-08-19 21:23:23
351.   oshea2002
I wonder if Torre is still buying the "Sweeney is hurt" excuse? Either he's not, and Sweeney plain stinks, or he's still injured, in which case he shouldn't be playing.
2008-08-19 21:23:25
352.   MonkeyBlue
JJJ! nice job.
2008-08-19 21:23:50
353.   Icaros

The Sopranos will give you a bigger craving for baked zitti.

2008-08-19 21:23:59
354.   underdog
Sporky, The Wire is fantastic but each season does take a little while to get into, to get a grip on, but it becomes more and more involving and is hard to let go of. It and The Sopranos both have humor in them and so many great characters so it's not like it's all bleak, it's not like watching "Shoah" or something.
2008-08-19 21:24:26
355.   sporky
I haven't seen "Lost" or "The Office" either, so I would fail the Screen Jam part of DT test.
2008-08-19 21:24:57
356.   Icaros
Perhaps that should be ziti.
2008-08-19 21:25:30
357.   sporky
Thanks for the opinions. I'll probably watch 5 eps/2 DVDs each and take it from there.
2008-08-19 21:25:32
358.   trainwreck
I am sad that Screen Jam kind of went away once I finally saw all of Lost.
2008-08-19 21:25:42
359.   underdog
Hey, Shia LaBeouf was Herbert the wounded mascot in Freaks and Geeks so for that alone I forgive him for anything else. (Of course, he was quite young then.)
2008-08-19 21:26:19
360.   Tripon
If you're in a documentary kind of move, try out No Reservations. Its a foodie show on the Travel channel, and it'll always leave your mouth watering. Except for the part where he eats fermented Shark, and a Hogwart's unmentionables, but everything else looks goooooooood.
2008-08-19 21:26:22
361.   MonkeyBlue
Dodgers go to score in this inning!
2008-08-19 21:26:40
362.   underdog
355 - You still would be way ahead of Xei.


Okay, c'mon boys in blue, let's do this thing!

2008-08-19 21:26:42
363.   trainwreck
I haven't gotten that far yet.
2008-08-19 21:26:43
364.   Icaros
I think Michael Cera is a great actor, especially for his age.
2008-08-19 21:27:09
365.   Bob Timmermann
It's "Grave of the Fireflies."
2008-08-19 21:27:36
366.   Tripon
Thought Kemp could have legged that one for a single.
2008-08-19 21:27:54
367.   trainwreck
Aww yes, that probably gives away that it's not a very funny movie.
2008-08-19 21:27:59
368.   oshea2002
360 - I love Bourdain.
2008-08-19 21:28:13
369.   Bob Timmermann
Falkenborg relieves Tomko in Arizona!

Ahh, what might have been.

2008-08-19 21:28:34
370.   MonkeyBlue
366. I was thinking the same thing, Kemp wasn't hustling.
2008-08-19 21:30:04
371.   underdog
C'mon Vin... say it...
2008-08-19 21:31:13
372.   sporky
Manny vs Manny!
2008-08-19 21:31:27
373.   Bob Hendley
I don't like how Kent keeps putting pressure on Manny.
2008-08-19 21:32:10
374.   Tripon
Kinda funny that Hurdle refuses to walk Manny but Manuel, the Phillies manager gave Manny a couple of IBBs just because he could.
2008-08-19 21:32:50
375.   oshea2002
Best for Corpas to walk manny and take his shot at Loney.
2008-08-19 21:33:48
376.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Loney!
2008-08-19 21:34:23
377.   Alex41592
Loney vs. Corpas:

3 for 7 with a HR.

2008-08-19 21:34:35
378.   underdog
I don't like how Manny keeps putting pressure on Loney.
2008-08-19 21:34:51
379.   Tripon
Kinda wish we could bypass Loney and Martin right now and let Blake bat.
2008-08-19 21:36:45
380.   underdog
I don't like how my cat keeps putting pressure on my thigh, for that matter.
2008-08-19 21:37:13
381.   Alex41592
Martin with the pressure high.
2008-08-19 21:37:31
382.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Martin!
2008-08-19 21:37:40
383.   trainwreck
You should tell him to make some ch ch ch changes.
2008-08-19 21:37:44
384.   sporky
You dolt.
2008-08-19 21:37:50
385.   unlazy4sports
379 what happens to Nomar then?
2008-08-19 21:37:51
386.   underdog
Okay, Russ, time to atone for your other at bats tonight. Today you're only hitting like an Aluminum God.
2008-08-19 21:37:51
387.   alex 7
2008-08-19 21:37:58
388.   MonkeyBlue
FIRST PITCH!? Really Martin?
2008-08-19 21:38:00
389.   Tripon
Yep, pretty much.
2008-08-19 21:38:13
390.   underdog
Or not.
2008-08-19 21:38:20
391.   Alex41592
Well at least we're set up for an exciting ninth inning.
2008-08-19 21:38:35
392.   unlazy4sports
C'mon Russ.. first pitch swinging after a walk?
2008-08-19 21:39:06
393.   trainwreck
I blame this on Russell Martin's bad choice in women.
2008-08-19 21:39:10
394.   Tripon
Not that exciting. Manny seems to hate the 9th inning.
2008-08-19 21:40:16
395.   milkshakeballa
Corpus went 3 balls to Manny and walked Loney right before but you swing at the first pitch Martin? Come on, maybe that partying is really getting to you..
2008-08-19 21:41:04
396.   KG16
394 - yeah, but Ethier really likes the Ninth.
2008-08-19 21:41:13
397.   MMSMikey
this is where torre writing the lineup card out hurts us, martin and loney need to be 7/8, with blake/nomar or normar/blake hitting 5-6. nomar is a clutch hitter and would much rather have him up with the game on the line.
2008-08-19 21:42:09
398.   Andrew Shimmin
Stupid wind.
2008-08-19 21:42:28
399.   MMSMikey
not good.
2008-08-19 21:42:33
400.   underdog
Sigh. Holliday, in.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-08-19 21:42:33
401.   alex 7
effortless. He looks like he's out in front on that swing, but it the ball just explodes.
2008-08-19 21:42:36
402.   whodat807
397 Can't help but think if Nomar had flied out in the 5-spot and Martin had been on deck, you'd be singing the same tune.
2008-08-19 21:42:55
403.   Zak
7-3 AZ, top ninth, bases loaded, one out. a. gonzalez up, c. headley on deck.
2008-08-19 21:42:57
404.   Tripon
That's an oops. Was that a curve that just didn't curve?
2008-08-19 21:42:58
405.   MonkeyBlue
Torre is overworking JJJ here. The guy just pitched 2 2/3 inning a 2 day ago and 1 inning today.
2008-08-19 21:43:54
406.   Tripon
I want to see Surtze. I want to see just how bad he can be. Torre owns me this.
2008-08-19 21:44:05
407.   underdog
397 No offense, but I didn't see much to criticize at the time the line-up was revealed. Some people worried that Nomar would hit higher. Wherever people are batting in the line-up they need to have good at bats, at some point in the game it's going to matter, whether hitting 8th or 6th.
2008-08-19 21:44:09
408.   Bob Timmermann
Bases juiced for Adrian Gonzalez in the 9th in Phoenix with the DBacks up by 4 with one out.
2008-08-19 21:44:19
409.   Alex41592
7-3 AZ. Padres have the bases loaded and one out in the ninth.
2008-08-19 21:44:57
410.   Alex41592
7-5 AZ. Two on and one out.
2008-08-19 21:45:21
411.   underdog
Now 7-5 DBacks after a Gonzalez two RBI single.
2008-08-19 21:46:04
412.   Tripon
If anything, it should have been Casey batting higher in the order based on results tonight.
2008-08-19 21:46:42
413.   MMSMikey
7-6 AZ 1st and 3rd 1 out
2008-08-19 21:46:52
414.   Alex41592
7-6 AZ. First and third and one out.
2008-08-19 21:47:09
415.   Zak
Every night, we should play the game first and them fill out the lineup card, rearranging hitters with best results tonight.
2008-08-19 21:47:16
416.   Eric Stephen
Lyon is pulled..."and here come the pretzels."

And Tony Peña. The good one.

2008-08-19 21:47:46
417.   Alex41592
Arizona does not think highly of Brandon Lyon.
2008-08-19 21:49:15
418.   arborial
Anyone else getting the eBay ad for Seo Tai Ji and boys alblums? My only guess is that the eBay ads are picking up on the use of JJJ and a korean pop band from the 80's is as close as they can get.
2008-08-19 21:49:22
419.   Tripon
Brandon Lyon is the best Dodgers ever.

Oh, what? He plays for the D'Backs.

Surely the Dodgers pay for his salary.

2008-08-19 21:50:07
420.   MonkeyBlue
What wrong with Kuo? little tired?
2008-08-19 21:50:23
421.   Tripon
And we send our best relief pitcher to walk the first two men he faces. Lets see a triple play here!
2008-08-19 21:50:31
422.   Zak
HCK needs a miracle.
2008-08-19 21:50:34
423.   Eric Stephen
Hundley grounds to the pitcher. Gonzalez out at home, but its now 2nd & 3rd with 2 outs.

7-6 AZ still.

Luis Rodriguez up.

2008-08-19 21:52:27
424.   MMSMikey
can of corn to center, AZ wins
2008-08-19 21:52:33
425.   Neal Pollack
Bad bullpen management. I'm following the game in Arizona, on Fox Sports Game Trax, and even I can tell.
2008-08-19 21:52:35
426.   Eric Stephen
Ballgame in AZ. 7-6 bad guys.
2008-08-19 21:54:06
427.   MMSMikey
1 game behind.
2008-08-19 21:54:10
428.   Eric Stephen
Bad week for Kuo.
2008-08-19 21:54:12
429.   Tripon
Wow. We are not winning this game.
2008-08-19 21:54:21
430.   Alex41592
Oh boy.
2008-08-19 21:54:41
431.   Eric Stephen
Only a certain long-haired 70s rocker can save the Dodgers now.
2008-08-19 21:54:46
432.   Zak
428 yeah, a little bit
2008-08-19 21:55:27
433.   ucladodger
Well, i was going to post this before the home run, but it still works.

Hong Chih has been worked to death this past month. Pitching once every 2 days is silly for a guy with his arm troubles. Down by 2 in the 8th isnt the ideal place to put him in when you could give him another day off (unless the game gets tied up).

2008-08-19 21:55:30
434.   whodat807
Well, Kuo was bound to have a bad stretch eventually.
2008-08-19 21:55:48
435.   Icaros


2008-08-19 21:56:05
436.   Gagne55
Arizona improves to 8-0 in games in which they came in tied with the Dodgers (outside the first week of the season).
2008-08-19 21:56:10
437.   underdog
Wow. One of the few times Kuo has been really bad. Can't carp too much I guess.

Lindsay (on Freaks and Geeks): Yeah, well, what can you do?
Ken: I don't know, what can you do?

2008-08-19 21:56:38
438.   Bob Timmermann
And the Tanyon Sturtze Era in Los Angeles finally begins.
2008-08-19 21:56:46
439.   Tripon
So we have to score like 1000000 runs in order to win this game.
2008-08-19 21:56:52
440.   Andrew Shimmin
435- Ian Gillan.
2008-08-19 21:57:27
441.   Alex41592
I think I stopped believing on this night. But, I will hold on to the feelin'.
2008-08-19 21:57:53
442.   underdog
438 And underdog flips the Olympics on at last.

When's that Uruguayan javelin thrower back on?

2008-08-19 21:58:07
443.   Bob Hendley
Kuo are we.
2008-08-19 21:58:20
444.   Eric Stephen
I'd do anything for 1st place...even THAT!
2008-08-19 21:58:20
445.   Tripon
If they play Journey tonight, I'm going to punch somebody.
2008-08-19 21:58:49
446.   Zak
i would actually like to see sturtze give up like six runs here... that will be the best case scenario for the dodgers for the rest of this season.
2008-08-19 21:59:25
447.   Eric Stephen
Paraguayan! It's easy to remember due to the pair-a-Guo HR given up in the last week.
2008-08-19 21:59:39
448.   trainwreck
Tanyon Sturtze joins Joe Beimel in the My Gameday Photo Makes Me Look Like a Serial Killer Club.
2008-08-19 21:59:53
449.   underdog
I guess the Dodgers and this game have gone their separate ways. Oh well. Who's crying now?

Troubled times. Caught between confusions and pain, pain, pain. Time to leave this game, game, game.

2008-08-19 22:00:10
450.   Icaros

I saw Sebastian Bach play JCS in La Mirada a few years ago.

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-08-19 22:01:01
451.   Eric Stephen
Remember, it's not the destination. It's the...trip.
2008-08-19 22:01:37
452.   underdog
God, I hate Journey. My junior high phys ed teacher used to play them to torture us while we were also being physically tortured. It was like Guantanamo on a gym mat.
2008-08-19 22:02:34
453.   trainwreck
Do you not go to bars in the Bay Area or just pretend to join in when everyone sings Journey?
2008-08-19 22:02:40
454.   KG16
what happened in the last hour? nevermind, i don't want to know.

off to the novel writing.

2008-08-19 22:03:27
455.   Eric Stephen
That's an amazing, and troubling stat!
2008-08-19 22:04:15
456.   silverwidow
Sturtze just plain sucks. If he's not DFA'd the instant Wade is healthy, there's a major problem.
2008-08-19 22:04:33
457.   underdog
453 I don't go to bars that play Journey, no. Or at least have blacked out memories of any that did.
2008-08-19 22:04:38
458.   Tripon
Tanyon Sturtze is now our best relief pitcher.
2008-08-19 22:05:27
459.   Andrew Shimmin
450- See? That's why I never gamble for anything but money. Sure, it's crummy losing money, but there are worse things.
2008-08-19 22:05:41
460.   Alex41592
The Dodgers are never able to get over that proverbial hump. They tie the D'Backs over and over. But, never can get into first place. It's irritating but you only need to be in first place on September 28th.
2008-08-19 22:05:48
461.   underdog
Okay, you guys are disturbing. Off to watch the Olympics and clean the litter box, not necessarily in that order.
2008-08-19 22:06:15
462.   KG16
The Roast of Bob Sagat is back on.

good stuff. if you like that kind of stuff.

2008-08-19 22:06:38
463.   underdog
Disturbing me, that is. Sturtze and Journey, two good things that go great together!
2008-08-19 22:06:58
464.   Bob Timmermann
I would be OK with the Dodgers waiting until September 29 to be in first place.
2008-08-19 22:09:35
465.   trainwreck
Too many Journey references for me to not put this up.


2008-08-19 22:10:05
466.   Eric Stephen
Who is more hated/detached by/from his 70s/80s band: Steve Perry or Dennis DeYoung?
2008-08-19 22:10:06
467.   Icaros

Sadly, I don't follow...and I'm one of the few who actually pays attention to your comments.

2008-08-19 22:10:56
468.   Andrew Shimmin
467- How else would you end up at the event you described? I just assumed it was a lost bet.
2008-08-19 22:11:21
469.   underdog
Wasn't someone asking about the softball game earlier? It's on TV, on CNBC right now. Still scoreless between US and Japan, only 3 hits total.
2008-08-19 22:11:43
470.   Alex41592
For the first time since July 22nd the Dodgers could lose by more than three runs. In that game we lost 10-1 to the Rockies. Starting pitcher? Ubaldo Jimenez.
2008-08-19 22:12:40
471.   trainwreck
My friends and I got free tickets to see Styx while in high school and they made fun of Dennis DeYoung on stage.
2008-08-19 22:12:54
472.   underdog
Someone nudge me if a miracle 5+1 comeback is under way.
2008-08-19 22:13:58
473.   Icaros

I actually like him as a singer, and he looked like Jesus, even though I prefer my Jesus in Baby Jesus form.

2008-08-19 22:14:53
474.   Icaros
Tommy Shaw is the best part of Styx anyway.
2008-08-19 22:15:15
475.   trainwreck
Plus, he was in Trailer Park Boys and on cover of High Times.
2008-08-19 22:16:35
476.   Gagne55
455 Indeed. Since taking the division lead on April 6, Arizona has not given it up. The Dodger fought back to tie on July 9, but then the D'backs won and Dodgers lost on the 10th. The Dodgers won a head to head matchup on July 18 to tie again, but the D'backs promptly won game 2 of the series. So on the 20th again the Dodgers won head to head to tie. On the 21st, the D'backs won again and the Dodgers kept pace for the first time. But the 22nd had a D'backs win and Dodger loss. Finally, on August 13 the Dodgers and D'backs pulled into a tie once again. The Dodgers won their next two, but the D'backs won their next three to push the Dodgers back once again, never giving up the division. And then they tied on Sunday and it's another D'back win Dodger loss.

In summary, since after the first week of the season, when the Dodgers and D'backs are tied their records are:

Arizona 8-0
Los Angeles 3-5

2008-08-19 22:17:24
477.   Icaros
I don't even consider adding someone to my celebrity pantheon who hasn't yet graced the cover of High Times.
2008-08-19 22:22:32
478.   larry slimfast
I was trying to explain to some friends about Kuo's bat flip after his home run against the Met's and I was just getting awkward stares. So I YouTube'd it and couldn't find a thing except for someone videotaping their own television showing his interview after the game... with the closed caption feature on. Bizarre.

The video on does it no justice. Doesn't really show the flip.

Does anybody have a source for this video? You will save me from... well, nothing really but I just want to see it again.

Everybody should watch it so you can feel better about this game.

2008-08-19 22:25:47
479.   trainwreck
It appears MLB has taken down the video on most sites, because I cannot find a working link.
2008-08-19 22:31:04
480.   trainwreck
Brian Fuentes doing his best to impress our GM.
2008-08-19 22:31:07
481.   whodat807
478 It gets on my nerves how clueless baseball is with video clips. You can't find most any baseball play of note on YouTube, while the NBA, wisely, allows all their footage to be uploaded onto that site. I described to my girlfriend about Ichiro's famous assist from right field, throwing out Terrance Long at third, and right when I gained some hope that I might convert her at the altar of baseball, I realized that the play was absent from the interwebs. Ridiculous.
2008-08-19 22:31:55
482.   Tripon
We need to stop guys who's from the L.A. area from killing us. First Braun, and now Ian Stwert.
2008-08-19 22:33:12
483.   larry slimfast
That's it. I'm getting the archived game and watching the whole thing. If somebody doesn't read off the "expressed written consent" blurb, I'm gonna sell copies on the black market.

That'll teach somebody... something... or well... no that would probably be a waste of time.

2008-08-19 22:40:58
484.   dzzrtRatt
Ian Stewart played some good piano on "Exile on Main Street."
2008-08-19 22:40:58
485.   Bob Timmermann
The 400 meters looks like a very painful race to run.
2008-08-19 22:45:07
486.   larry slimfast
The 400 meter is the Longest Sprint in Track and Field™. It used to be anyway.
2008-08-19 22:46:04
487.   trainwreck
Pretty sure this is the first time I have heard the name LoLo.

If that's not a nickname.

2008-08-19 22:47:40
488.   Bob Timmermann
From her bio:

What's in her name?
Jones and her mother share the same given name: Lori Susan Jones. The legend of Lolo (according to Lolo) is that the phone-answering confusion of "Can I speak to Lori?" led to the clarification "Big Lori or Little Lori?" and "Little Lori"was eventually shortened to "Lolo." According to Big Lori, however, the family called the child Lolo from birth.

2008-08-19 22:51:11
489.   trainwreck
I remember when they tried to get us to run hurdles in middle school. That ended quickly after two kids broke their arms on the first day.
2008-08-19 22:52:18
490.   Bob Timmermann
Shouldn't NBC be doing something like interviewing the woman who actually won the race?
2008-08-19 22:54:02
491.   trainwreck
They eventually got around to her.
2008-08-19 22:55:35
492.   Bob Timmermann
Dawn Harper had the nerve to not have as troubled of a childhood as LoLo Jones.
2008-08-19 22:55:58
493.   trainwreck
Do we really need to see her crying?

That was low class, NBC.

2008-08-19 22:56:54
494.   arborial
488 not sure if she is aware of the fact that "lolo' is the Hawaiian word for crazy and is often used of people that are not right in the head
2008-08-19 23:00:55
495.   Andrew Shimmin
More gymnastics. Maybe they can catch the American gymnast with the Italian sounding name crying again.
2008-08-19 23:02:25
496.   KG16
they need to do something about the gymnastics judging.
2008-08-19 23:05:28
497.   Alex41592
Pierre vs. Francis

13 for 27

Loney vs. Francis

1 for 15

We either get Martin at third, Blake at first, Ardoin behind the plate. Or Nomar at first and Berroa at short. Pierre looks like he'll start tomorrow. Most may not like the lineup tomorrow, so prepare yourself now.

2008-08-19 23:07:39
498.   KG16
497 - hmmm, I think I'll just approach tomorrow like I would a day off: no game to watch.
2008-08-19 23:10:04
499.   Eric Stephen
I can't watch gymnastics without thinking of Seinfeld.
2008-08-19 23:14:57
500.   Tripon

ST. LOUIS -- Cardinals reliever Jason Isringhausen, twice demoted from the closer role this season, is likely out for the rest of the season with an elbow injury.

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-08-19 23:17:54
501.   underdog
God, NBC sucks.

Will USA be any better? I shall find out now.

2008-08-19 23:21:18
502.   Alex41592
USA has the 10K open water swimming event at the moment.
2008-08-19 23:28:16
503.   JJ42
469 That was me. I watched that entire softball game live streaming online. Let me just say it's a good one.
2008-08-19 23:30:17
504.   sporky
Headline at Torre to unleash Maddux in Philly

Dog metaphor and all, but unleash? Really?

2008-08-19 23:31:59
505.   Alex41592
Men's Basketball Quarterfinal Spain vs. Croatia is on USA.
2008-08-19 23:33:32
506.   trainwreck
He's like a terrible Jet Li movie.
2008-08-19 23:34:53
507.   trainwreck
I actually have not seen Unleashed, yet I own it.
2008-08-19 23:35:09
508.   sporky
Nastia Liukin reminds me of Cindy McCain. Don't really know why.
2008-08-19 23:37:16
509.   sporky
As of late, "terrible Jet Li movie" is a bit redundant.
2008-08-19 23:38:21
510.   trainwreck
Yes, there will never be another Fist of Legend or even the hilarious Twin Warriors.
2008-08-19 23:40:08
511.   JJ42
Fist of Legend and New Legend of Shaolin could be the next Kershaw movie tie-in
2008-08-19 23:40:46
512.   JJ42
"New Legend of Kersawlin"
2008-08-19 23:42:50
513.   Eric Stephen
I wish the Celtics had some Croatians in the Finals. Gasol is having his way down low.
2008-08-19 23:43:05
514.   trainwreck
Why do they even bother to dribble the ball with the amount of traveling they allow.
2008-08-19 23:48:26
515.   trainwreck
Too bad Yugoslavia does not exist anymore, because they could really use Nikola Dragovic.
2008-08-19 23:53:13
516.   Tripon
2008-08-19 23:55:18
517.   trainwreck
That one may be pushing it.
2008-08-20 00:07:51
518.   Tripon
517 What, you can't imagine Kershaw eating the brains of an Angel?
2008-08-20 00:10:16
519.   trainwreck
I can imagine that, but good luck trying to come up with a catchy name involving Evangelion.

Maybe Voltar is the way to go.

2008-08-20 00:21:09
520.   trainwreck
I meant Voltron.

Well my brain is a lost cause.

2008-08-20 00:25:47
521.   Tripon
Thank you for Not Kershawing.
2008-08-20 00:37:11
522.   trainwreck
I think I am going to watch something better than the Olympics, so it is Freaks and Geeks for me.
2008-08-20 00:39:58
523.   Dodgers49
>> Colletti said he would have acquired Maddux to replace Penny in the rotation even if James McDonald had thrown a no-hitter while Colletti scouted him on Sunday night, instead of getting knocked out in the fourth inning for Triple-A Las Vegas <<

So why was he wasting time scouting him. Surely there are better uses of his time. :-)

2008-08-20 01:21:53
524.   the OZ
515 UCLA's Dragovic is Serbian, and unless the Yugos need someone to drain deep 3's in warmups and not much else, Drago won't help.
2008-08-20 01:46:07
525.   trainwreck
That was just a joke. Trust me, if there was any UCLA fan that knows how useless Dragovic is, it is me.
2008-08-20 02:22:46
526.   trainwreck
To end this thread for tonight, I just want to say that I am in love with Lisa Cardellni now.

Carry on with the Maddux and Wade talk and all that.

2008-08-20 04:26:46
527.   D4P
Q: Is there a better rock vocal performance than Sebastian Bach in Skid Row's "I Remember You"?

A: No.

2008-08-20 05:15:13
528.   Bluebleeder87

The lyrics aren't to shaby either D4P.

2008-08-20 05:25:15
529.   D4P
Question about Maddux trade on Depo's blog:

can you confirm that it is for 2 players and not cash?

Depo's response:

We want players. There was no other reason for us to trade Greg.

2008-08-20 05:44:41
530.   D4P
'Tis a great song.
2008-08-20 05:55:48
531.   D4P
Mr. Shimmin goes to Washington...?

2008-08-20 06:53:12
532.   Ken Noe
Pads wanted McDonald or Elbert but must settle for "lower level minor leaguers." Story also confirms that they shifted substantial cash to get players.

2008-08-20 07:03:19
533.   D4P
Looks pretty clear that the Dodgers will be losing 2 minor leaguers (presumably, decent ones, given the relative competence of San Diego's front office) in exchange for a month-plus of Greg Maddux and his 5.75 non-PETCO ERA.
2008-08-20 07:07:16
534.   Bob Timmermann
I do not know how large of a cockroach could find a crack to get into my apartment and then managed to avoid my best attempts to kill it.

I shall put my cat, Casey, on roach patrol. In fact, he looks to be on patrol.

OK, he gave up after about five seconds, but it's the thought that counts.

2008-08-20 07:12:15
535.   D4P
I can assure you that cats don't keep cockroaches away. We purchased a device that plugs into the wall and emits a very high pitched sound that is supposed to keep pests (cockroaches, mice, etc.) away, that seems to do a pretty good job.
2008-08-20 07:14:11
536.   regfairfield
526 I'd check up on that name before you make a move.
2008-08-20 07:14:30
537.   Ken Noe
533 As I said last night, Maddux might've been cheaper before Penny went down again. But of course Ned dawdled until Towers had a little leverage, and thus SD will get better returns. I surely hope the Colletti Era is in its last weeks.
2008-08-20 07:16:52
538.   regfairfield
537 I don't think Maddux would have enjoyed becoming a long reliever.
2008-08-20 07:19:31
539.   D4P
Maddux doesn't really enjoy being a long anything these days.
2008-08-20 07:21:10
540.   Ken Noe
538 With JJJ and Stults turning up in the rotaition, that wouldn't have been a problem. They even could have left Penny down longer until he was healthy.
2008-08-20 07:24:29
541.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the cockroach discovered that my lack of food in my home has made my place less than hospitable.

But that was a Texas-sized or Hawaii-sized roach. It had its own area code. It even had a cell phone with it.

2008-08-20 07:33:14
542.   regfairfield
540 But Ned knew Penny was coming back soon. No GM is going to trade for a guy that's going to be his 6th best starter. Kershaw would have gone to the pen or got sent down if we acquired Maddux, and that would have made us worse.
2008-08-20 07:51:47
543.   Bluebleeder87
534 those are water roches or something no? There nasty! U see them by drain pipes mostly (if I didn't know any better I'd think those roches were on a strict HGH diet) nah but yeah I get to freaked out by them to step on 'em.
2008-08-20 08:20:13
544.   Greg Brock
522 I knocked out a mini Freaks and Geeks marathon while working on the house.

Samm Levine (Neil Schweiber) is going to be in the Tarantino remake of Inglorious Bastards!

2008-08-20 08:33:47
545.   underdog
526 train, join the Linda Cardellini Crush club. Hard not to feel that way after watching F&G. She's like the g/f I wish I had in high school. I just never had a drum set to "impress" her with. I watched some way-past-its-prime ER episodes just because she was on it, but it wasn't the same.

Millie: She does it.
Lindsay: What do you mean, "it"?
Millie: She fornicates it!

2008-08-20 08:37:12
546.   Kevin Lewis

My wife and I started Disk 2 last night. Kim's friend that writes on the locker...that is Karen from The Office, right?

The whole episode we were thinking she looked so familiar, and in the final see we both said, "It's Karen from the Office"

2008-08-20 08:37:25
547.   Kevin Lewis
scene, not see
2008-08-20 08:39:00
548.   underdog
544 - And David Krumholz, too! (Who was in an episode of F&G as... Samm Levine's older brother!)

Of course the I-Bastards remake also apparently has Mike Myers in it and director Eli Roth, which instantly make it sound bad.

But then it also may have Simon Pegg! And BJ Novak! So who knows.

2008-08-20 08:40:01
549.   Bob Timmermann
I believe that it was a water bug and not a roach as it didn't have the long antennae that roaches have. They are doing a lot of work on the unit next to mine and I think they got stirred up. So I don't know whether the bug escaped through my sink or through a crack in the wall. I'm thinking the sink.
2008-08-20 08:45:01
550.   Greg Brock
546 Tis Rashida Jones. You're in for lots more "Oh, wow, that's 'so and so'" moments, as they always got great people to fill out small roles.

548 Last I read, no Krumholz, no Pegg. They can't do it. Bummer, really.

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2008-08-20 08:45:49
551.   underdog
546 - Rashida Jones! Yah. She was psychotic in that episode. I actually was reading some of the scripts the other day just to get inspired for a project I'm working on, and that was one of them. That one actually never aired initially, even though it was meant to be one of the first episodes. I guess it was too dark for the first run. Was written by Mike White.
2008-08-20 08:46:26
552.   underdog
550 - But Myers and Eli Roth can, of course. Sigh.
2008-08-20 08:57:55
553.   CanuckDodger
532 -- That story from the San Diego paper doesn't say the Padres sought McDonald OR Elbert. The paper says the Padres sought BOTH of them. What I am wondering is if the term "lower-level minor leaguers" means LESSER QUALITY than McDonald/Elbert, or below Double A (high A and below are often referred to as the "low minors"). What are the chances Andrew Lambo is one of the guys? For pitchers, I am betting Steve Johnson is one of them.
2008-08-20 08:58:27
554.   Kevin Lewis

Yea, that would have been a rough start to the show

2008-08-20 08:59:09
555.   underdog
Oops, sorry Xei. Ixnay on the eevee-tay.

How about that Haren-Peavy matchup today, eh?

2008-08-20 09:00:40
556.   underdog
553 - If it's Lambo, I'll be mighty upset. But I don't see that happening. Don't you think Logan White had to sign off on this list of players?
2008-08-20 09:02:32
557.   regfairfield
553 I think there's no way. Lambo's our number two or three prospect now.

Steven Johnson seems like a good guess though.

2008-08-20 09:02:46
558.   cargill06
I brought this up awhile ago. Just wanted to revisit, I had Ichiro as a top 5 most overpaid player in baseball. I got corrected for the most part, what about now?

This year he has a OPS+ of 102 and is a -10 in CF to rank him 31st.

2008-08-20 09:04:58
559.   regfairfield
558 He's not having a good year, but a 102 OPS+ is still above average for a centerfielder. When you've got contracts out there like Zito's, that's going to keep him off a most overpaid list.
2008-08-20 09:10:49
560.   delias man
How many pitchers does a team normally carry for the LDS? I am thinking 9 or 10.
2008-08-20 09:12:56
561.   CanuckDodger
553 -- I don't know if White HAS to sign off, and if his opinion is sought, is it likely it overrides that of people who really, really want Maddux and are willing to do what is absolutely necessary to get Maddux? I have a feeling that McCourt has laid down the WIN NOW dictum and added the DO IT WITHOUT SPENDING MORE OF MY MONEY dictum, so what else to we have but prospects to throw at other teams? What is White supposed to say in this new environment? Bottom line, I think he finally lost the war in the Dodger FO.
2008-08-20 09:13:47
562.   Greg Brock
After Jason Schmidt and Andruw Jones, there are only three slots left.
2008-08-20 09:16:28
563.   GMac In The 909
527 That song came up on the iPod on the way in to work this morning. I gave an epic performance on lead air guitar.
2008-08-20 09:16:49
564.   Tripon
558 Ichiro's a luxury on a bad team like the M's. Put him on a good team like the Rays, or Red Sox, and his value would skyrocket due to name branding, and his on base percentage, which seems to get better when the M's are a decent team.
2008-08-20 09:19:41
565.   GoBears
How many pitchers does a team normally carry for the LDS? I am thinking 9 or 10.

Daniel Z can correct me if I'm wrong, but most of the LDS teams I see have 2 pitchers. Very well dressed and polite. Often with bicycles.

2008-08-20 09:21:06
566.   regfairfield
Kenji Johjima will make 30 million from now until 2011 and hit .215/.261/.310 this year. He's already lost his starting job.
2008-08-20 09:21:43
567.   Kevin Lewis
has anyone else watched Dr. Horribles Sing a Long Blog?
2008-08-20 09:21:44
568.   Icaros

Short sleeve shirts with ties. Can't miss 'em.

2008-08-20 09:22:44
569.   cargill06
562 I orginally said it before the season started.
2008-08-20 09:23:18
570.   CanuckDodger
567 -- Yes, why?
2008-08-20 09:30:08
571.   Tripon
566 That's what happens when your owner cares nothing about baseball.
2008-08-20 09:31:01
572.   GMac In The 909
567 I watched it, and it was legen ...

... wait for it ...

2008-08-20 09:32:09
573.   Jon Weisman
2008-08-20 09:36:25
574.   El Lay Dave
The timing of 572 and 573 cracked me up.

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