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In Which I Offer a Blunt Lament ...
2008-08-22 13:30
by Jon Weisman

Dodgers at Phillies, 4:05 p.m.
Today's Lineups
Los Angeles
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jeff Kent, 2B
Manny Ramirez, LF
James Loney, 1B
Russell Martin, C
Nomar Garciaparra, SS
Casey Blake, 3B
Greg Maddux, P
Jimmy Rollins, SS
Chase Utley, 2B
Pat Burrell, LF
Ryan Howard, 1B
Shane Victorino, CF
Greg Dobbs, 3B
Geoff Jenkins, RF
Chris Coste, C
Kyle Kendrick, P
Manny Ramirez, Jeff Kent and Andre Ethier OPS over 1.000 in August, and still the Dodgers aren't in first place? What's it gonna take?

* * *

From the Dodger press notes:

The Dodgers are expected to have three future Hall of Famers in the lineup tonight for just the fifth time in L.A. Dodger history, as Greg Maddux will take the hill with Manny Ramirez and Jeff Kent behind him. The last time the Dodgers had three Hall of Fame players on the same team was for six weeks in 1969 after Jim Bunning was traded to the Dodgers from the Pirates and joined a pitching staff that included Don Drysdale and Don Sutton.

  • The last time three future Cooperstown-bound individuals appeared in the same game for the Dodgers, according to club research, was June 19, 1972 when Frank Robinson, Hoyt Wilhelm and Don Sutton all played in a game for Los Angeles.

  • The last time three future Hall of Famers were on the field at the same time for the Dodgers was July 30, 1958 when Sandy Koufax was on the mound, with Pee Wee Reese playing third base and Duke Snider in center field at Milwaukee's County Stadium.

  • The last time three future Hall of Famers started a game for the Dodgers was June 13, 1958 when Sandy Koufax started on the mound with Pee Wee Reese at third base and Duke Snider in center field against the Pirates at the Coliseum. Don Drysdale also pitched three innings in relief of Koufax.

  • The only other three times that a trio of future Hall of Famers started a game for the Dodgers were April 15, 20 and 24, 1958, as that April 15 game was the franchise's first on the West Coast (at San Francisco's Seals Stadium).

    Of course, the aformentioned 1958 trio wear Dodger caps on their Hall of Fame plaques, unlike the 2008 bunch.


  • Kevin Hench of gives us more reason to be thankful for the pitching of Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw. Let's hope their futures remain bright.

  • At, Nate Silver of Baseball Prospectus listed the top 50 players he would start a team with, and three Dodgers made the second-string 25.

  • Rich Lederer of Baseball Analysts brings back one of my favorite features: Foto Friday.

    Update: Almost forgot! Tangotiger's Fans Scouting Report is back. People of Dodger Thoughts, let's lead the way in filling out ballots rating the Dodgers.

  • Comments (477)
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    2008-08-22 13:34:32
    1.   trainwreck
    Is Kent's entry into the Hall of Fame certain?

    I have heard a lot from both sides in the media.

    2008-08-22 13:36:25
    2.   silverwidow
    "I want to play for the Dodgers as long as possible, but I'll let the future dictate whether that happens or not." - Martin
    2008-08-22 13:36:32
    3.   Jon Weisman
    1 - Nothing's certain when it comes to the BBWAA, but I'd bet on it.
    2008-08-22 13:38:14
    4.   Icaros

    I hear both opinions as well, and I just assume that the ones who say Kent shouldn't be in the HOF are grossly incompetent.

    2008-08-22 13:39:40
    5.   D4P
    Is Kent's entry into the Hall of Fame certain?

    Depends on how long Manny's hitting behind him...

    2008-08-22 13:42:13
    6.   regfairfield
    I've actually seen smart people argue Kent isn't a Hall Of Famer, but I forget where.
    2008-08-22 13:44:36
    7.   berkowit28
    Of course, how many people "knew" in 1958 that Sandy Koufax would make it? Similarly, there could be more than one of our current younger crop playing tonight who might eventually make it, with yet more on the team (Billingsley, Kershaw?) not playing tonight. Perhaps in 2058, people will look back and be able to say "When was the last time there were 8 future HOF players on the same Dodgers team?" Think about that...
    2008-08-22 13:45:47
    8.   trainwreck
    I am willing to bet there won't be 8 Hall of Famers coming from this team.
    2008-08-22 13:46:25
    9.   elandcohen
    so let me get this straight. Nate Silver would rather start a baseball team with Dustin Pedroia then with either Matt Kemp or Chad Billingsley? how do these guys keep their jobs? It clearly states the following on the top of the page -The rankings take into account both numbers and scouting information
    -Upside is valued far more heavily than certainty in the rankings
    And still he would rather have Pedroia?
    I don't know why things like this bother me, but they do.
    2008-08-22 13:46:58
    10.   Jon Weisman
    6 - "isn't" or "won't get in"?
    2008-08-22 13:47:36
    11.   natepurcell
    where is kershaw on that list?
    2008-08-22 13:48:41
    12.   trainwreck
    I think he will make the Top 25.
    2008-08-22 13:49:40
    13.   trainwreck
    Because Dustin Pedroia goes up to 11 on the gamer scale.

    Whatever the heck that means.

    2008-08-22 13:49:40
    14.   natepurcell


    2008-08-22 13:53:00
    15.   regfairfield
    9 He's a plus defensive second baseman that's OPSed about .845 since May 2007. Pedroia is a damn good player and has accomplished far more than Kemp has so far.
    2008-08-22 13:53:43
    16.   regfairfield
    14 He's not there.
    2008-08-22 13:53:52
    17.   Bluebleeder87
    the game starts at a perfect time for me today. Woo!
    2008-08-22 13:54:14
    18.   Eric Stephen
    I heard that interview, and I didn't think there was much significance to that quote. Martin was just giving the cliche answers to the "have the Dodgers approached you about a long-term contract" question.

    Martin basically said the classic, "I'll let my agent and the Dodgers talk about that, I'm here to play baseball" I don't think anything new was revealed via the Mason/Ireland interview (shocking, I know).

    2008-08-22 13:54:20
    19.   berkowit28
    8 Surely not, I agree, but who knows? In addition to the three vets already mentioned, Kemp, Martin, Billingsley and Kershaw all have a chance (well, Martin if he gets back to how he should be). So, in the best of all worlds, that would be 7. Then there's always the possible Koufax-like surprise element (Broxton, Ethier, Loney - hey, Jones!) who suddenly improves dramatically. You never know...
    2008-08-22 13:55:57
    20.   natepurcell

    where is he?

    2008-08-22 13:56:13
    21.   regfairfield
    Plus PECOTA isn't a huge fan of Kemp since he doesn't walk much and has a high BABIP.
    2008-08-22 13:56:20
    22.   trainwreck
    They all have some chance, but I would say Kemp's is a very small chance.
    2008-08-22 13:57:41
    23.   natepurcell
    clayton has the best chance but that chance is still very, very slim.
    2008-08-22 13:57:50
    24.   bhsportsguy hasn't posted the top 25 yet.
    2008-08-22 13:58:05
    25.   regfairfield
    20 Below 50? I don't know if I'd put him on the list.

    If we did this draft, how would you feel if you took Kershaw in the first round and then the guy right after you took Josh Hamilton or something. He could be on the list, but I don't think it's a horrible exclusion.

    2008-08-22 13:58:31
    26.   regfairfield
    It's on Baseball Prospectus for free right now.
    2008-08-22 13:58:36
    27.   bhsportsguy
    21 At what point does BABIP not become just a matter of luck?
    2008-08-22 14:00:37
    28.   Jon Weisman
    24 - Yes it has.
    2008-08-22 14:00:44
    29.   Tripon
    Only three Hall of Famers? Don't you mean four with Matt Kemp? ;P
    2008-08-22 14:01:03
    30.   Icaros

    When Kemp can go 4-4 in a game after crossing the path of a black cat, breaking a mirror, and walking under a ladder.

    2008-08-22 14:01:14
    31.   regfairfield
    27 Can't tell you, but I'd be curious if anyone's ever been able to sustain a .380 without absurd amounts of line drives.
    2008-08-22 14:01:28
    32.   Jon Weisman
    2008-08-22 14:02:20
    33.   trainwreck
    Why don't the Marlins just stick Hanley in CF, since he is so bad defensively?
    2008-08-22 14:03:53
    34.   trainwreck
    I would rather have Kershaw than Jay Bruce.

    Don't get me wrong, I think Bruce will be very good.

    2008-08-22 14:06:01
    35.   regfairfield
    34 But that would generate a ton of "how could you put Kershaw above the guy that was the consensus number one prospect". I think Bills is a bit too low, but there's so much at play in these lists that it's hard to be perfect. If you make the bold pick, you some times end up being the guy who named Chris Young the #19 player in baseball.
    2008-08-22 14:07:40
    36.   bhsportsguy
    31 Isn't that a product of this high strikeout rate and his propensity to get hits on a lot of ground balls to the left side of the infield.
    2008-08-22 14:08:44
    37.   trainwreck
    But it is not like Bruce is setting the world on fire right now. They both had great minor league numbers.
    2008-08-22 14:08:50
    38.   cargill06
    11 How Hanley is ahead of Wright Pujols Sizemore and Utley is mind boggling. Wright and Chase being way better fielders and base stealers also and Albert a much better fielder.
    2008-08-22 14:11:05
    39.   natepurcell

    Don't get too down on yourself.

    2008-08-22 14:11:14
    40.   regfairfield
    36 It could be, but I really don't think anyone has ever been able to sustain a .380.

    It's hard to criticize these lists because it's so subjective and so much can change in six years. They're really hard to do.

    2008-08-22 14:12:31
    41.   cargill06
    35 And be glad you're wrong.
    2008-08-22 14:14:18
    42.   cargill06
    41 for now...
    2008-08-22 14:20:32
    43.   regfairfield
    If Ichiro can't sustain .380, I doubt Kemp can.
    2008-08-22 14:23:13
    44.   fanerman
    Kemp's BABIP compared to his LD% is much saner this year than last year.

    2007: .411
    2008: .380

    2007: 17.5
    2008: 23.3

    2008-08-22 14:27:02
    45.   bhsportsguy
    44 His BABIP on groundballs also reached more normal levels than last year.

    Of course he did hit 42 points higher last year too.

    2008-08-22 14:29:20
    46.   cargill06
    43 How do you come up with Kemp having a .380 BABIP isn't it calculated H/AB+SF-K's?
    2008-08-22 14:31:39
    47.   regfairfield
    46 Minus home runs too.
    2008-08-22 14:33:34
    48.   cargill06
    47 still getting .368
    2008-08-22 14:38:39
    49.   berkowit28
    Now, Nationals are beating the Cubs too. At Wrigley. 10-5 middle of the 8th. Hmmm, we head there next.
    2008-08-22 14:38:56
    50.   regfairfield
    48 I just grabbed the number off Hardball Times.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-08-22 14:40:08
    51.   D4P
    FanGraphs has Kemp's BABIP at .382
    2008-08-22 14:43:02
    52.   Alex41592
    Following an MRI exam Friday, J.D. Drew has been diagnosed with a herniated disk in his back.

    2008-08-22 14:43:03
    53.   underdog
    Eric S, were ya being facetious when you said in previous thread you hope Maddux's first start for Dodgers today is better than his previous first start for LA? I assume so, since that was a rain-shortened no hitter. :-) Guess you're hoping for a real one.
    2008-08-22 14:46:14
    54.   cargill06
    50 Oh, I never subtracted the HR's from each end. Still, I come up with .384, oh well.
    2008-08-22 14:47:34
    55.   cargill06
    54 And I need to Add SF to instead of subtract them.
    2008-08-22 14:52:56
    56.   Alex41592
    We need an alert for Belliard though it'll end soon. 11-5 in the ninth.
    2008-08-22 14:56:03
    57.   underdog
    Hope the Marlins play better this weekend than they did this week, and that the DBacks act like they're still playing the Padres.
    2008-08-22 15:01:30
    58.   fanerman
    Matt Kemp leads the NL in BABIP. Milton Bradley leads the majors at .384.
    2008-08-22 15:01:58
    59.   bigcpa
    Fairly lame puff piece on Colletti by Hal Bodley here:
    2008-08-22 15:03:12
    60.   underdog
    While you're procrastinating at work, or daydreaming... how about daydreaming along with Ralph Phillips?

    2008-08-22 15:06:37
    61.   Underbruin
    50 Andrew, Kemp's numbers from this year really aren't that out of line with what would be expected. Accepting the usual practice of adding 12% to LD rate, Kemp's expected BABIP is .353 - a .380 rate is lucky, but not by a very large margin.

    Also, take a look at the remainder of his BABIP numbers for previous seasons, major- and minor-league. His WORST year was 2006's cup of coffee (.253/.289/.443), with a BABIP of .340 (the only 'unlucky' year he's had so far, with an LD rate of 24.3 in 166 PAs). Here are his .BABIPs over the past few years at each stop via Fangraphs:

    2006 AA - .377 in 199 ABs
    2006 AAA - .418 in 182 ABs
    2006 ML - .340 in 154 ABs
    2007 AAA - .374 in 161 ABs
    2007 ML - .417 in 292 ABs
    2008 ML - .382 in 476 ABs

    Looking at the various projections systems available before the year shows the same thing. MINER had the lowest predicted BABIP at .323, with MARCEL and Bill James predicting just shy of .380 (I also might note that Kemp's K rate is WAY above what anybody predicted for him, which would as noted above drive up his BABIP numbers from the predicted ones).

    As an aside, unless these "predictions" have been updated throughout the course of the season (certainly possible, though that would seem to defeat the premise), ZiPS has gotten Kemp almost exactly right. Without looking, which of the following two lines is Kemp's actual line, and which was the ZiPS prediction:


    2008-08-22 15:07:49
    62.   Jon Weisman
    59 - You know, there's no requirement that such a piece be discussed ...
    2008-08-22 15:09:27
    63.   bigcpa
    62 I just like saying "puff piece."
    2008-08-22 15:14:43
    64.   sporky
    Ever since I got a new iMac a few months ago, I've been crashing it twice a week like clockwork. I must've cross-contaminated it with my Dells.
    2008-08-22 15:16:00
    65.   bigcpa
    Drudge has a VP spoiler if anyone cares.
    2008-08-22 15:23:20
    66.   trainwreck
    I had to go look up who that guy was.
    2008-08-22 15:28:48
    67.   Bob Timmermann
    Did you need scouting video? What his LD%?
    2008-08-22 15:30:49
    68.   Underbruin
    68 They say he's very toolsy and has plenty of upside. An interesting choice, given Obama's opportunity to go with alternative PVL.
    2008-08-22 15:31:01
    69.   Underbruin
    ... That was directed at 67.
    2008-08-22 15:31:05
    70.   Daniel Zappala
    67 I'm starting, and I expect to be profitable in 20 years.
    2008-08-22 15:32:53
    71.   Bob Hendley
    Mussina going for win numbers 17 for the year and 267 lifetime tonight against his old team, the O's.
    2008-08-22 15:34:29
    72.   Rob M
    re: Silver's top 50 list - I wasn't necessarily surprised that Kershaw wasn't in the top 50, but I was surprised that David Price merited an honorable mention and Kershaw got no mention at all. I also think he's underrating Chad, but he seems to be flying under the radar in general these days.

    On the other hand, I thought Russ seemed a tad overrated at 26.

    2008-08-22 15:38:46
    73.   bigcpa
    Bayh's wikipedia isn't updated yet so it must not be real.
    2008-08-22 15:41:15
    74.   regfairfield
    Things I learned today: Chuck Tiffany is Kershaw's number eight comparable.
    2008-08-22 15:47:27
    75.   ToyCannon
    Just for fun HOF % on the Dodger 2008 Team
    Jeff Kent - 93%
    Andruw Jones - 49%(Has anyone who has hit more then 350 homeruns and won 10 gold gloves not made the HOF from the CF position?)What he accomplished by the end of his age 29 season was clearly HOF worthy. This season reminds me of Jimmy Wynn's 29 year old season. Only 5 center fielders in the history of baseball have hit more home runs.
    Chad Billingsley - 9%
    Clayton Kershaw - 3%
    Matt Kemp - 2%
    Russel Martin - 1%
    Greg Maddux - 100%
    Manny Ramirez - 100%
    Nomar Garciaparra - 13%
    Furcal - 2%
    2008-08-22 15:48:53
    76.   cargill06
    75 Nothing could be 100%, what if Manny and Maddux both but 10 g's on the Phils tonight.
    2008-08-22 15:49:09
    77.   Alex41592
    Season totals:

    ERA +:

    Billingsley: 142
    Kershaw: 122
    Lowe: 113
    Kuroda: 111
    Maddux: 97

    OPS +:
    Kemp: 113
    Ethier: 109
    Kent: 97
    Manny: 150
    Loney: 105
    Martin: 108
    Nomar: 96
    Blake: 113

    Call me crazy, but our team is really good.

    2008-08-22 15:51:35
    78.   regfairfield
    Juan Pierre - 20%
    2008-08-22 15:51:36
    79.   cargill06
    77 throw in the bull-pen and it looks even better.
    2008-08-22 15:52:57
    80.   ToyCannon
    Given how good Chad has been it is amazing how little pub he gets. As Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness wrote about, even the LA Times is unaware that we have an ace on the staff.
    2008-08-22 15:54:53
    81.   ToyCannon
    JP has as much chance as Mickey Rivers. Last year I argued that he had no chance for 3000 hits because he wouldn't be a regular long enough to have the chance. I stand by that.
    2008-08-22 15:56:35
    82.   regfairfield
    81 He's got the support of the BBWA already. If (big if) he can get a job again somewhere he could probably get in with 2500 hits and 700 steals.

    He's got a better shot than Nomar I'd say.

    2008-08-22 15:57:17
    83.   ToyCannon
    If we had Saito and Furcal this would be a team that I'd bet on.
    2008-08-22 16:00:19
    84.   Jon Weisman
    82 - He certainly won't get in if Raines doesn't get in.
    2008-08-22 16:00:57
    85.   underdog
    What are the odds on a Furcal return in September, as it stands now, btw? 40%?
    2008-08-22 16:02:46
    86.   Icaros
    If Juan Pierre ever makes the HOF, the HOF will mean absolutely nothing to me forever after.

    Talk about one of the world's biggest jokes...

    2008-08-22 16:03:12
    87.   ToyCannon
    We disagree. Show me an outfielder like Juan Pierre in the HOF who started playing in the last 50 years even if he gets 2000 hits.
    Kenny Lofton ain't getting in
    Willie Wilson ain't getting in
    Brett Butler ain't getting in
    Cesear Cedeno ain't getting in

    Anyone who has ever had 2500 hits and stolen at least 500 bases had modicum of power to go with it.

    2008-08-22 16:06:27
    88.   Alex41592
    Here's the answer to who's announcing tomorrow afternoon's game:

    Los Angeles Dodgers at Philadelphia Phillies - Kenny Albert, Tim McCarver & Ken Rosenthal (FOX, 3:55pm, 37%)

    MARKETS INCLUDE: Albuquerque, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington

    2008-08-22 16:07:17
    89.   regfairfield
    84 I'm convinced.

    If Johnny Damon gets up to 3000 hits (he's at 2236 right now believe it or not) is he in?

    2008-08-22 16:07:55
    90.   oshea2002
    Anyone else getting a blank screen on MLB Extra Innings right now?
    2008-08-22 16:08:19
    91.   ToyCannon
    Exactly, other then Lou Brock speed doesn't seem to impress the judges and Lou Brock had almost 800 XBH.
    2008-08-22 16:08:30
    92.   Alex41592
    If Maddux gets that pitch we're in GREAT shape.
    2008-08-22 16:09:50
    93.   underdog
    Unfair! the game started early!
    2008-08-22 16:10:12
    94.   Alex41592
    That is picture PERFECT hitting for this ballpark! Great job Andre!
    2008-08-22 16:10:14
    95.   Bob Hendley
    56 - Speaking of Belliard, who went 4-5 today, from a water-under-the bridge perspective, would he have been a better, or at least, less costly alternative to Blake.
    2008-08-22 16:10:27
    96.   underdog

    Sweet! No longer 3.5!

    2008-08-22 16:10:28
    97.   MonkeyBlue
    Ethier loving the short porch.
    2008-08-22 16:10:42
    98.   thinkblue88
    woo! andre!
    2008-08-22 16:10:53
    99.   Jon Weisman
    Opposite field - nice.
    2008-08-22 16:11:26
    100.   Bob Hendley
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-08-22 16:12:32
    101.   oshea2002
    Tonight is why I loathe KCal 9, at least until they work something out with MLB Extra Innings.
    2008-08-22 16:12:40
    102.   underdog
    I am watching this at work where I have no sound, but have a feeling I'm not missing much with Phillies announcers...
    2008-08-22 16:12:48
    103.   ToyCannon
    If he reached 3000 in style he might have a shot but I think it is all downhill for him.
    2008-08-22 16:13:00
    104.   Jacob L
    I attended a game at CBP last April. My impression? It can be very cold in Philly in April. Very cold.
    2008-08-22 16:13:30
    105.   Bob Timmermann
    Lou Brock also was the all-time stolen base leader when he retired and had three excellent World Series performances.
    2008-08-22 16:14:20
    106.   Alex41592
    Now, that's working a walk. Sweet job.
    2008-08-22 16:15:02
    107.   ToyCannon
    Maybe but I've never seen him play 3rd. I'd never even seen him play 2nd until recently. To bad the Nat's wanted something for him because I'd like him on the team right now.
    2008-08-22 16:16:52
    108.   MonkeyBlue
    Damn just a little harder.
    2008-08-22 16:17:19
    109.   Alex41592
    26 pitches.
    2008-08-22 16:17:20
    110.   Jim Hitchcock
    Just one run an inning. That's all I ask.
    2008-08-22 16:19:12
    111.   ToyCannon
    Yes, he had a lot going for him but I think if he only had the stolen base record it would not have been enough. The voters don't seem impressed with Raines who is number three on the list.
    2008-08-22 16:19:25
    112.   Bob Hendley
    102 - Who are they? The play-by-play fellow has a venerable voice and I should know.
    2008-08-22 16:19:29
    113.   Alex41592
    One pitch. One out.
    2008-08-22 16:20:19
    114.   ToyCannon
    Is the over/under over 10? With Kendrick pitching I think Greg might pull in a W if he can go 5 innings.
    2008-08-22 16:20:29
    115.   Jacob L
    Maddux should need about 27 pitches, at this rate.
    2008-08-22 16:20:57
    116.   Bluebleeder87
    Loney hit THE TOP of the ball which created a down ward affect...
    2008-08-22 16:21:21
    117.   Alex41592
    102 - Harry Kalas and Chris Wheeler are very good in my opinion. Also, Tom McCarthy who does innings 4-6 is good too.

    And that is CLASSIC MADDUX!

    2008-08-22 16:21:25
    118.   Bob Timmermann
    If it's a venerable voice for the Phillies, it has to be Harry Kalas.
    2008-08-22 16:21:36
    119.   thinkblue88
    Wow, Maddux is a pretty good pitcher. Awesome.
    2008-08-22 16:21:37
    120.   Bluebleeder87
    they just isn't fair man!

    5 pitches ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

    2008-08-22 16:21:44
    121.   still bevens
    Maddux is amazing.
    2008-08-22 16:23:18
    122.   regfairfield
    At this rate Maddux might be able to go six today.
    2008-08-22 16:23:47
    123.   Jim Hitchcock
    I take it the fly balls were routine?
    2008-08-22 16:23:54
    124.   Bob Hendley
    107 - He has split about 100 games evenly between 3rd, 2nd and first, with a couple of games at SS thrown it. Oh well.
    2008-08-22 16:23:56
    125.   Bluebleeder87
    i've hit some balls that ACTUALLY KNUCKLE believe it or not, it's pretty cool.
    2008-08-22 16:24:29
    126.   Bob Hendley
    122 - Ha ha!
    2008-08-22 16:24:41
    127.   Icaros
    I was wondering who the familiar announcer was the last time I was watching a Phillies broadcast. Did Kalas do other sports? He almost sounds like the NFL Films voice.
    2008-08-22 16:25:16
    128.   Bluebleeder87
    Maddux only throws around 70 pitches or so a game from what I understand.
    2008-08-22 16:25:26
    129.   thinkblue88
    That's a terrible
    2008-08-22 16:25:31
    130.   oshea2002
    127 - He does sound like Facenda a bit.
    2008-08-22 16:25:38
    131.   Alex41592
    Oh my, horrible call.
    2008-08-22 16:25:43
    132.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
    Kalas isn't THE NFL Films voice, but he has done it in recent years since John Facenda died.
    2008-08-22 16:25:57
    133.   Icaros

    Those are hard to catch, too.

    2008-08-22 16:26:06
    134.   Alex41592
    127 - Kalas IS the NFL films guy.
    2008-08-22 16:26:32
    135.   underdog
    Careful, Russ...

    That pitch looked like one that was called a ball in the first but on the other hand it was pretty close. Don't want the umpire grumpy the rest of the game standing behind you.

    2008-08-22 16:26:39
    136.   D4P
    Doesn't it seem like almost every pitcher the Dodgers face these days has a high ERA...?
    2008-08-22 16:27:12
    137.   Icaros

    Thanks, I knew he wasn't the OG.

    2008-08-22 16:27:13
    138.   Jacob L
    127 I think he is the NFL films voice, in more recent years, but not to be confused with the NFL Films "Voice of God", the late John Facenda (sp)>
    2008-08-22 16:27:44
    139.   Bluebleeder87

    his voice is weird especially when you watch him talk into the mic... I instinctively think, that's not human to talk that way.

    2008-08-22 16:28:07
    140.   oshea2002
    John Facenda was awesome, as is NFL Films. I love watching their old stuff, and I think their "America's Game" with the Super Bowl Champions work was amazing as well.
    2008-08-22 16:28:15
    141.   underdog
    Oh right, Harry Kalas, true, I actually like him -- or at least his voice.
    2008-08-22 16:28:19
    142.   Bluebleeder87
    watch out!
    2008-08-22 16:28:34
    143.   Jacob L
    138 I'm slower than a Jeff Kent/Mike Scioscia/Eric Karros relay team.
    2008-08-22 16:28:54
    144.   underdog
    Ouch! The Beard got clipped.
    2008-08-22 16:29:23
    145.   Jim Hitchcock
    C'mon, your inner Hershiser.
    2008-08-22 16:29:51
    146.   Bob Hendley
    132 - He's voice is perfect for those slo-mo NFL scenes (Packers marching down the field in the snow), but this is making me sleepy.
    2008-08-22 16:30:09
    147.   underdog
    Getting the pitcher out of the way and getting Kendrick up to 45 pitches in just 2 innings already make this inning a success, even if no runs.
    2008-08-22 16:30:44
    148.   Jim Hitchcock
    145 He never listens to me anymore.
    2008-08-22 16:31:11
    149.   Jacob L
    Maddus saw one fewer pitches than he threw in the first, so there's room for improvement.

    I only wish I like NFL games as well as NFL Films.

    2008-08-22 16:32:02
    150.   Bluebleeder87
    Jamie Moyer can almost collect his pension. almost.
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-08-22 16:32:37
    151.   jujibee
    Is anyone watching this game on the Direct TV baseball package? If so what channel? My guide says that it is on 727, but the picture is not coming through.
    2008-08-22 16:32:55
    152.   Jacob L
    This is getting silly.
    2008-08-22 16:32:55
    153.   Icaros
    I just wish my NFL team wasn't awful with a moron for head coach.

    I'm sure fans of many teams feel that way.

    2008-08-22 16:33:01
    154.   D4P
    Batters sure don't take a lot of pitches against Maddux.
    2008-08-22 16:33:22
    155.   underdog
    It feels like 3 Maddux IP would take about as long as 1 Kuroda inning, in pace.
    2008-08-22 16:33:33
    156.   Alex41592
    The game is on KCAL in L.A and CW57 in Philly. Both over the air local channels. So, I don't think Extra Innings has the game. I could be mistaken.
    2008-08-22 16:33:37
    157.   Bluebleeder87
    I'll just say football isn't my forte.
    2008-08-22 16:34:14
    158.   oshea2002
    151 - I have the same problem. I think it's a mistake that it's even listed, as it's on both team's local channel. Which is why I hate KCal.
    2008-08-22 16:34:29
    159.   underdog
    The Adam Melhuse era is at least temporarily over in Denver.
    2008-08-22 16:34:35
    160.   Jim Hitchcock
    151 Do you get HD?
    2008-08-22 16:34:38
    161.   Bluebleeder87
    stress free innings are pretty cool.
    2008-08-22 16:34:39
    162.   trainwreck
    With my team, the moron is the owner.
    2008-08-22 16:34:44
    163.   Alex41592
    Unreal and brilliant.
    2008-08-22 16:34:46
    164.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness

    That would be 100% correct.

    2008-08-22 16:34:50
    165.   Jacob L
    You're kidding me.
    2008-08-22 16:35:20
    166.   Icaros
    Comcast Extra Innings doesn't have the game. Gameday isn't working for me either, so I'm using CBS Sportsline.
    2008-08-22 16:36:10
    167.   underdog
    Jim did you see my response to your backpacking question yesterday? Don't want to bore people here by repeating it.

    162 With my team the moron is most of the fans in Denver. Coach and owner are okay, though.

    2008-08-22 16:36:27
    168.   Icaros

    My team's owner died recently. A lot of people weren't sad about it.

    2008-08-22 16:36:35
    169.   Alex41592
    The final three games of this series will be carried on regional/national TV.

    Saturday's game is on FOX, Sunday's game is a national game on ESPN. Now, Monday's game is on ESPN2.

    2008-08-22 16:37:10
    170.   drewjensen
    11 pitches through two innings for Maddux. Nice.
    2008-08-22 16:37:26
    171.   Jim Hitchcock
    156 I don't think local broadcasts effects what MLB EI schedules. I've seen nearly every game this year on DT, except when they're playing the Giants (I live in Northern Nevada).
    2008-08-22 16:37:31
    172.   jujibee
    160. Yes, but that channel isn't working either.
    2008-08-22 16:37:45
    173.   trainwreck
    I also used to like that team, but once they left LA all that went out the window. Then they became good. Jerks!
    2008-08-22 16:38:17
    174.   whodat807
    I remember going to the game Maddux pitched against the Giants that clinched the West in 2006. Traffic to SBC was terrible, and I got there an hour late... and Maddux's brisk pace and brilliance meant that I had missed 5 innings.
    2008-08-22 16:39:56
    175.   Jon Weisman
    "In today's daily notes, there was incorrect information on the last time three future Hall of Famers appeared in a game for the Dodgers. The correct date should be June 19, 1972 when Frank Robinson, Hoyt Wilhelm and Don Sutton all played in a game for Los Angeles."
    2008-08-22 16:40:57
    176.   JoeyP
    Maddux has thrown 9 strikes and gotten 6 outs.

    Thats really poor discipline by the Phillies. Unless they are hitting rockets, not a good start for the Phils.

    2008-08-22 16:40:58
    177.   underdog
    Do the Phillies always have 70s nights when the Dodgers are in town, or was that Arizona that did that before? Or maybe it's always the 70s in those two places.
    2008-08-22 16:41:06
    178.   Bluebleeder87
    according to Matt Luke, Larry Bowa is taller than me.

    how dare he!

    2008-08-22 16:42:27
    179.   Icaros

    In general, if the game is only on local broadcast for both teams, EI doesn't carry it. It's usually only shown via Fox Sports or Comcast cable broadcasts.

    2008-08-22 16:42:47
    180.   Bluebleeder87
    I for one can't wait for Maddux to display his sick glove...
    2008-08-22 16:43:25
    181.   Jacob L
    177 I don't remember the Dbacks in 70s . . .
    2008-08-22 16:44:09
    182.   Gagne55
    176 He's been like that for a while. He lead the league in IP five straight seasons despite fairly average endurance.
    2008-08-22 16:44:12
    183.   Jacob L
    Get with the program, Jenkins!
    2008-08-22 16:44:50
    184.   oshea2002
    179 - yup. They did reach some agreement this year with Channel 4 San Diego, otherwise their games were never on.
    2008-08-22 16:45:13
    185.   Bluebleeder87
    you can't place a ball better than Jenkins did just know.
    2008-08-22 16:45:46
    186.   JoeyP
    Maddux is doing something Schmidt/Loaiza couldnt do:

    Get batters out throwing 82 MPH fastballs.

    2008-08-22 16:46:22
    187.   Alex41592
    He's just so good.
    2008-08-22 16:46:29
    188.   ToyCannon
    Did anyone feel sorry for Luke after he explained how the pension program works and how he is at the bottom of the bottom of the scale?
    2008-08-22 16:46:56
    189.   Bluebleeder87
    the only thing (& I might be wrong) but Maddux IS leaving the ball up & that can't be good, he is getting away with it now.
    2008-08-22 16:47:10
    190.   Jacob L
    Maddux's GameDay photo looks like my Uncle Roger.
    2008-08-22 16:47:53
    191.   underdog
    Putting on a pitching clinic: Professor Maddux.
    2008-08-22 16:47:55
    192.   JoeyP
    19 strikes
    4 balls
    9 batters faced

    3 scoreless innings for Maddux

    2008-08-22 16:49:15
    193.   underdog
    181 Just meant having throwback nights, or people who look like they're in the 70s. In Arizona, there are also a lot of people in their 70s.
    2008-08-22 16:49:21
    194.   Jacob L
    188 I suppose, but not surprised. He had, like, a half a pot of coffee in the big leagues?
    2008-08-22 16:49:46
    195.   Bluebleeder87
    I wouldn't say sorry (at least he gets money from MLB, who can say that, not me) the thing is that he played for 11 years but still didn't qualify for a FULL pension, if your not a level headed dude, that stuff might eat you up inside.
    2008-08-22 16:49:51
    196.   Alex41592
    Maddux killer Jenkins out of the game. Old friend Werth in the game.
    2008-08-22 16:49:52
    197.   Icaros

    Yes, I remember when you pretty much never saw San Diego games, and if you did it was rarely their announcers, which Bob appreciated.

    2008-08-22 16:50:22
    198.   Jacob L
    193 I know, but it'd be cool if they invented some 70s unis for the team that didn't exist . . .
    2008-08-22 16:50:54
    199.   MonkeyBlue
    No wonder Farve didn't go out on that DP.
    2008-08-22 16:51:19
    200.   Bob Hendley
    Dre has 5 dingers in the last 10 days.
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2008-08-22 16:52:14
    201.   Bluebleeder87
    I don't know why but I love watching a lefty hit the ball the opposite field.
    2008-08-22 16:52:22
    202.   Icaros

    Maybe they could bust out Phoenix Firebird unis. Hey, Matt Williams played for them and the D-backs.

    2008-08-22 16:52:38
    203.   trainwreck
    Just Another Extra-Base Hit For Loney
    2008-08-22 16:52:42
    204.   underdog
    31 doubles for James this season. Not bad for a slugfoot.
    2008-08-22 16:53:31
    205.   Bluebleeder87

    3.5 be damned!

    2008-08-22 16:54:00
    206.   Alex41592
    Andre only leads the team in home runs.
    2008-08-22 16:54:03
    207.   underdog
    198 Yeah, they should either be brown and avocado green, or like Icaros said, firebird throwups, er, throwbacks.
    2008-08-22 16:55:26
    208.   Alex41592
    68 pitches through 3.
    2008-08-22 16:57:58
    209.   eusmus
    208 through 4.

    For whatever reason the Dodgers have abandonded the patience they showed in the first inning and are swinging at a lot of balls out of the zone.

    2008-08-22 16:58:25
    210.   Bluebleeder87

    I have to admit though, once he started talking about that, I kind of dozed off into my own little world.

    2008-08-22 16:59:17
    211.   Alex41592
    209 - Yes, I was thinking Kendrick in terms of pitches and looking forward to Maddux. Thanks.
    2008-08-22 16:59:47
    212.   StolenMonkey86
    Utley stretched that AB to 3 pitches
    2008-08-22 16:59:49
    213.   trainwreck
    This is getting kind of ridiculous.
    2008-08-22 16:59:55
    214.   underdog

    I'm loving it so far - 4 IP in less than an hour.

    2008-08-22 17:00:40
    215.   Jim Hitchcock
    167 I did now. It does sound awesome. And with your dad to boot. It's been 40 years since I hiked with my dad, up the switchback trail to Glacier Point. Man, did he set a fast pace.

    There's also an abandoned trail up to the point; it starts at Camp Curry and follows a ridge line up the face, and then cuts up over tto the top. That section actually has stairs hacked out of the stone...pretty amazing. It wasn't until we hit the top that we ran across a big plaque that said `Warning: This is an abandoned trail. Do not attempt to follow.

    So, naturally, I did the hike 3 more times over the next 2 summers.

    2008-08-22 17:01:15
    216.   underdog
    212 Hah hah. Yeah, tremendous patience. Well, it's hard when a guy just throws nothing but strikes, you can't just watch a bunch of pitches. This is Maddux in a nutshell, basically. They should at least try to foul some off, easier said than done. Actually, they should just keep doing what they're doing.
    2008-08-22 17:01:23
    217.   Bluebleeder87
    A lot of torque in that Burrell swing...
    2008-08-22 17:01:31
    218.   trainwreck
    Camp Curry just makes me hungry.
    2008-08-22 17:02:01
    219.   Jacob L
    Heck of a game plan by the Phillies. Their fans must be eating this up.
    2008-08-22 17:02:33
    220.   Sam DC
    I believe that the Belliard waiver claim was reported on August 14.

    Since August 14, Ronnie Belliard is 18-31.

    2008-08-22 17:02:37
    221.   underdog
    215 - Sounds awesome, too!

    Stepdad, actually. My dad used to camp but was never much of a backpacker and is now 70. My stepdad is almost 60 but is still more of a mountain goat than I'll ever be! He and his friends kicked our butts on the trails, ashamed to say.

    2008-08-22 17:03:40
    222.   JoeyP
    Why again do Phillies fans hate Pat Burrell?
    2008-08-22 17:03:41
    223.   underdog
    That was a much better at bat, alas.
    2008-08-22 17:04:52
    224.   Bluebleeder87
    alas = wings in espanol
    2008-08-22 17:05:24
    225.   Icaros

    Why did they hate Bobby Abreu?

    2008-08-22 17:05:28
    226.   MonkeyBlue
    2008-08-22 17:05:42
    227.   Alex41592
    Pat Burrell did the damage with that tremendous at bat. Howard reaped the benefits.
    2008-08-22 17:05:47
    228.   Jacob L
    Dang it.
    2008-08-22 17:06:12
    229.   underdog
    Just what I was afraid of. With one swing, easy to take the lead.

    Phillies fans seem to hate Ryan Howard these days but alas they may temporarily cease that.

    2008-08-22 17:06:14
    230.   Bluebleeder87
    you can thank Burrell for that.
    2008-08-22 17:06:16
    231.   JoeyP
    Thats an out at Petco.
    2008-08-22 17:06:43
    232.   oshea2002
    2 runs in 4 ip is fine, we need to be scoring far more off of Kendrick.
    2008-08-22 17:07:00
    233.   underdog
    Okay boys, no worries, let's just get it back.
    2008-08-22 17:07:11
    234.   trainwreck
    NBC News says Obama picked Biden.

    Back to baseball.

    2008-08-22 17:07:19
    235.   StolenMonkey86
    through 4:

    Kendrick: 68
    Maddux: 42

    2008-08-22 17:07:34
    236.   Icaros
    I think it was Burrell's scrappiness at 1B that made Maddux give up the HR.
    2008-08-22 17:08:17
    237.   StolenMonkey86
    234 - Drudge says Bayh.
    2008-08-22 17:08:27
    238.   trainwreck
    Philly fans on another board I frequent, do not like Howard, Rollins, Hamels, or Utley at the moment either.
    2008-08-22 17:08:33
    239.   Lefty Supremacist
    Boom goes the dynamite.

    So uhh... when are the Dodgers hitters going to realize that:

    a. Kyle Kendrick is on the mound
    b. They are hitting in Citizen's Bank Park

    2008-08-22 17:10:26
    240.   oshea2002
    Maybe we still think we're facing that lights out Colorado staff.
    2008-08-22 17:11:03
    241.   Bluebleeder87
    I like our chances of scoring more than 1 run today.
    2008-08-22 17:11:05
    242.   whodat807
    I love that retro look for the Phils.
    2008-08-22 17:11:35
    243.   MonkeyBlue
    Kemp is not looking good at all. inside pitches are killing him.
    2008-08-22 17:12:32
    244.   underdog
    ...or not.
    2008-08-22 17:13:48
    245.   underdog
    237 - Not to get into rule 5 territory but why would any of us trust Drudge to be correct on this?

    Ah, never mind that question... Back to baseball, next inning guys!

    2008-08-22 17:13:52
    246.   Bluebleeder87
    Rome wasn't built in a day, we shall score more runs but it will take time...
    2008-08-22 17:14:45
    247.   underdog
    Maddux must feel like he's still with the Padres, for all the run support.
    2008-08-22 17:16:04
    248.   Bob Timmermann
    I thought Dick Gephardt was going to be the VP choice.
    2008-08-22 17:16:20
    249.   Jim Hitchcock
    Pessimism must not rule the day!
    2008-08-22 17:16:40
    250.   StolenMonkey86
    245 - not saying I did, just thought it was worth noting that there are conflicting reports.
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2008-08-22 17:16:41
    251.   MonkeyBlue
    Oh boy.
    2008-08-22 17:16:47
    252.   Jim Hitchcock
    248 Bob, you're bad.
    2008-08-22 17:17:16
    253.   Alex41592
    Two bad things:

    The throw had no chance of getting him.

    Loney should've gloved it.

    2008-08-22 17:17:36
    254.   underdog
    Sometimes I think Russ tries to do too much...
    2008-08-22 17:17:42
    255.   ucladodger
    Man, James contuinues to stink defensively. Not that hard to catch the ball on that play.
    2008-08-22 17:17:50
    256.   JoeyP
    Dumb, low percentage play by Russ.
    2008-08-22 17:18:02
    257.   D4P
    Ja(y)son Werth out-OPSing Pierre, Jones, Kemp, and Ethier.
    2008-08-22 17:18:40
    258.   underdog
    250 Gotcha.
    Personally I'm hurt I wasn't considered.

    C'mon Mad Dog! Get out of this one. Even a DP to score a run would be ok.

    2008-08-22 17:18:47
    259.   Alex41592
    Bad defense and no runs follow Maddux.
    2008-08-22 17:18:55
    260.   underdog
    Er, and just as I type that...
    2008-08-22 17:19:58
    261.   JoeyP
    Pull Maddux before this one gets out of hand.
    2008-08-22 17:19:59
    262.   Bluebleeder87
    I must remember that the Phillie pitcher has a 5+ era.
    2008-08-22 17:21:27
    263.   JoeyP
    I'm not sure if Gameday is off, but the first called strike on Jimmy Rollins was in the right handed batters box.

    Is Maddux getting his Atlanta Braves days K zone?

    2008-08-22 17:22:23
    264.   D4P
    Maddux breaks the 50-pitch barrier.
    2008-08-22 17:23:05
    265.   Dane Bramage
    262 His ERA is irrelevant. Remember, we just had a game where our offense made DeLaRosa look like a CY award winner...
    2008-08-22 17:23:35
    266.   underdog
    It's actually Tom McCarthy and Gary Matthews (Sr.) in the booth for the Philly broadcast, btw. (Not that I can hear them.)
    2008-08-22 17:24:40
    267.   underdog
    265 - Kendrick and De La Rosa are also young pitchers who are better than their numbers, too, they've just been streaky and mostly bad lately. But that doesn't mean they can't be good. Be nice if they waited a bit longer on that, though.
    2008-08-22 17:25:02
    268.   Alex41592
    Still in this one. Maddux with a great pitch to Utley.
    2008-08-22 17:25:02
    269.   MonkeyBlue
    Same pitch that got Chase last out.
    2008-08-22 17:25:17
    270.   underdog
    Nicely done, Mad Dog. That could've been a lot worse.
    2008-08-22 17:26:00
    271.   JoeyP
    That was a big K.

    5 in
    3 runs
    59 pitches

    2008-08-22 17:28:59
    272.   underdog
    Dagnabbit, I thought he'd done it again!
    2008-08-22 17:29:46
    273.   sporky
    Would it kill Kent to see more than 5/3 pitches per AB?
    2008-08-22 17:30:10
    274.   underdog
    And then a smash hit -- right to the 3B. Danit, I wanted to get Kendrick outta there by next inning.
    2008-08-22 17:30:38
    275.   MonkeyBlue
    Classless fans.
    2008-08-22 17:31:10
    276.   Bob Timmermann
    "Dagnabbit" will be a Rule 1 violation if we use 1880s standards.
    2008-08-22 17:31:48
    277.   ucladodger

    De la Rosa is 27 with a 5.85 career ERA and acarrer 1.7 WHIP. He is the definition of suck. Kendrick is at least young and not totally garbage.

    2008-08-22 17:33:15
    278.   Bluebleeder87
    very nice Manny Ramirez. Very nice.
    2008-08-22 17:33:19
    279.   Alex41592
    Great job by Manny.
    2008-08-22 17:33:24
    280.   Bob Hendley
    266 - La, la la?
    2008-08-22 17:33:40
    281.   JoeyP
    Good AB Manny.

    Now Loney needs to hit a homer.

    2008-08-22 17:34:25
    282.   Bluebleeder87
    one of those patented doubles from Loney would be nice right about now.
    2008-08-22 17:35:10
    283.   Alex41592
    Loney has hit the ball real well off Kendrick so far tonight. Asking for a third time might be too much.
    2008-08-22 17:35:44
    284.   Bluebleeder87
    drop the head of the bat on that one & the ball would have left the yard.
    2008-08-22 17:36:05
    285.   Bob Hendley
    Loved Manny's bat fling on the ball inside.
    2008-08-22 17:36:06
    286.   Bluebleeder87

    down & in. that pitch was.

    2008-08-22 17:36:37
    287.   ucladodger
    This could have been a very nice inning. Now up to Russ.
    2008-08-22 17:37:08
    288.   MonkeyBlue
    Well at least the Dodgers made KK work. Come on Martin! big hit big hit!
    2008-08-22 17:37:09
    289.   Bluebleeder87
    at least the league is scared of our hitters now.
    2008-08-22 17:37:21
    290.   underdog
    And that takes care of Kendrick, at least. Let's see if they can do something off the 'pen.
    2008-08-22 17:38:04
    291.   Bob Hendley
    What's the Phillies pen like?
    2008-08-22 17:38:17
    292.   underdog
    276 Confarnit, Bob! What in tarnation are you talking about, you dirty galoot!
    2008-08-22 17:39:15
    293.   underdog
    291 Felt tip, I believe.
    2008-08-22 17:39:24
    294.   Alex41592
    291 - Surprisingly good. I believe they are #2 behind us.
    2008-08-22 17:39:27
    295.   JoeyP
    Durbin's the right guy for the Dodgers to face.

    The blew two games last week in LA.

    2008-08-22 17:39:46
    296.   MMSMikey
    c'mon russ.
    2008-08-22 17:39:55
    297.   berkowit28
    With ESPN2 showing Monday's game, the world will see Billingsley.
    2008-08-22 17:40:05
    298.   underdog
    There's a guy who looks like Tom Poston in the Phils' booth, now.
    2008-08-22 17:40:14
    299.   Bob Timmermann
    Sir, calling me a "galoot" has offended my sensibilities. I demand to meet you on the field of honor.

    My seconds will be in touch with you to arrange the details.

    bhsportsguy booked Dueling Ground 1A over in Weehawken for us. If we get there early, he'll make us eggs!

    2008-08-22 17:41:01
    300.   Bluebleeder87
    just take the walk Martin, please.
    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2008-08-22 17:41:17
    301.   underdog
    Btw, how come das never shows up when the Dodgers are actually playing the Phillies?
    2008-08-22 17:41:34
    302.   MonkeyBlue
    Damn it.
    2008-08-22 17:41:35
    303.   MMSMikey
    c'mon russ, nevermind.
    2008-08-22 17:41:57
    304.   sporky
    2008-08-22 17:42:08
    305.   JoeyP
    Russ "Mere Mortal" Martin.
    2008-08-22 17:42:30
    306.   Bluebleeder87
    so promising...
    2008-08-22 17:42:31
    307.   Bob Hendley
    293 - I think you missed Shimmin leading Pen Thoughts the other day.
    2008-08-22 17:42:41
    308.   underdog
    Darnit, Russ!

    299 "We'll do it now... and to the death."
    Oh no, I can't do anything to the death. Doctor's orders. You see, I have this ulcer condition, and death is the worst thing for it.

    2008-08-22 17:43:38
    309.   Bob Timmermann
    Leave the Roadrunner out of this.
    2008-08-22 17:44:30
    310.   Bob Hendley
    299 - And you can make Portugese sausage out of underdoggy.
    2008-08-22 17:45:34
    311.   scooplew
    Was Martin's ball hit well? Was it on a 3-1 count?
    2008-08-22 17:46:25
    312.   Alex41592
    311 - No and 3-2 count.
    2008-08-22 17:46:29
    313.   underdog
    311 - 3-2 count and it was a little pop fly to shallow right.
    2008-08-22 17:46:56
    314.   gpellamjr
    Help is on the way! Sturtze up in the pen!
    2008-08-22 17:47:09
    315.   underdog
    Damn, now this really may be it for Maddux. Oh well, if not for that 2 run homer he'd be tied...
    2008-08-22 17:47:21
    316.   Bluebleeder87
    we desperately need a double play here.
    2008-08-22 17:47:28
    317.   sporky
    311 It was unsightly.
    2008-08-22 17:47:50
    318.   underdog
    Oh god...

    Say, what's up with Beimel these days? Is he hurting?

    2008-08-22 17:47:59
    319.   MonkeyBlue
    Maddux is done.
    2008-08-22 17:48:19
    320.   MMSMikey
    martins problem is he takes too many strikes. i was at the game yesterday, his 2nd at bat he took three pitches down the middle and walked by to the dugout. just now, a 3-1 "slider", but that was hardly a slider, it was a 3-1 get me over spin ball that russ could probably hit into the gap, then he goes out of the zone on a 3-2 pitch and pops up. just takes too many strikes for some reason.
    2008-08-22 17:48:20
    321.   sporky
    For my mental health, I'm switching to the US Open semis.
    2008-08-22 17:48:26
    322.   JoeyP
    Maddux is having a "here hit it" type of game.

    I imagine just about all his starts are going to be like that with the Dodgers.

    2008-08-22 17:48:54
    323.   underdog
    I guess I'd rather leave Maddux in here then bring in Sturtze, if those are my options.
    2008-08-22 17:49:40
    324.   Bob Hendley
    Ouch, being tattooed here. Respect for Bison arm?
    2008-08-22 17:50:32
    325.   Bluebleeder87
    Maddux had cat like relexs there...
    2008-08-22 17:50:54
    326.   underdog
    Maddux wanted that 1-2 pitch.
    2008-08-22 17:51:44
    327.   Bluebleeder87

    for my taste, I like his approach.

    2008-08-22 17:51:47
    328.   underdog
    Guess it didn't matter but did anyone else think he left early from third on that one?
    2008-08-22 17:52:56
    329.   MonkeyBlue
    2008-08-22 17:53:10
    330.   Tripon
    I come back and the Phillies score 4 runs to make it 7-1.
    2008-08-22 17:53:14
    331.   underdog

    Well, then.

    That duel with Bob is looking better all of a sudden.

    2008-08-22 17:53:21
    332.   JoeyP
    Well thats that.

    Maddux will make up for it with his superior coaching of other Dodger pitches abilities.

    2008-08-22 17:53:29
    333.   jasonungar07
    261. JoeyP
    Pull Maddux before this one gets out of hand.

    Joey knows what we all know but what Torre dosen't I guess.

    2008-08-22 17:53:34
    334.   Bluebleeder87
    oh well.
    2008-08-22 17:53:38
    335.   MMSMikey
    not a good start to the road trip. could be 3 games back after tonight.
    2008-08-22 17:54:08
    336.   Alex41592
    Fly ball out any other stadium. He hit under that ball. 70+ pitches for Maddux is trouble these days. He was at 76.
    2008-08-22 17:54:21
    337.   underdog
    Maddux looked really great for 4 innings. Maybe that's all he can do.

    Ah well.

    I was hoping for 2 out of 3 in this series, that may be asking for too much, but still possible.

    2008-08-22 17:54:34
    338.   Bob Timmermann
    C'mon. There's no better workout to start your day than a friendly duel.
    2008-08-22 17:54:40
    339.   D4P
    Huh. I guess 79 mph pitches aren't that effective after all.
    2008-08-22 17:55:20
    340.   underdog
    We have to take our possessions and flee. I'm very good at that. I was the men's freestyle fleeing champion two years in a row.
    2008-08-22 17:55:59
    341.   underdog
    I could just sit here and quote from Love and Death all day and not get bored. Others may beg to differ, of course.
    2008-08-22 17:56:04
    342.   JoeyP
    Maybe Maddux should just pitch against the Padres, in Petco, for the rest of the season?
    2008-08-22 17:56:04
    343.   D4P
    I'm not sure The Zen™ is a good fit for Maddux.
    2008-08-22 17:56:22
    344.   scooplew
    It wasn't supposed to go this way tonight...I expect Maddux is better now, however, than he will be when we reacquire him in 2010.
    2008-08-22 17:57:50
    345.   Bluebleeder87
    historically the Phils don't play well against us 337 so I'm still hopeful.
    2008-08-22 17:58:02
    346.   underdog
    Sturtze's GameDay pic looks like a stoner version of Maddux. And it takes a lot of him to get a relief pitcher out.
    2008-08-22 17:58:51
    347.   Bluebleeder87

    that's still 6mph faster than by best good sir.

    2008-08-22 17:59:07
    348.   Bob Timmermann
    I think the skull cracking and goo feasting has begun.
    2008-08-22 17:59:48
    349.   Alex41592
    4 game wraparound series in Philly. And then 3 in Washington. We can pull off 5 of 7 before getting to Arizona.
    2008-08-22 18:03:51
    350.   underdog
    "Mark Sweeney replaces Tanyon Sturtze."

    Zzzz... I can't wait for Sept 1st, and for Cory Wade to come back, and for the Easter Bunny to come.

    Show/Hide Comments 351-400
    2008-08-22 18:04:16
    351.   underdog
    Whoa! A hit! An actual hit!
    2008-08-22 18:04:28
    352.   D4P
    Sweeney OPSing .639 in August.
    2008-08-22 18:04:43
    353.   underdog
    Praise Jeebus!
    2008-08-22 18:07:58
    354.   underdog
    Wheat... lots of wheat... fields of wheat... a tremendous amount of wheat...
    2008-08-22 18:08:29
    355.   Bob Hendley
    I would be happy for 6-5 on this trip, particularly if two of those wins are off the Snakes. Anything more would be gravy for me.
    2008-08-22 18:09:36
    356.   underdog
    At least we have a real pitcher pitching again.
    2008-08-22 18:10:21
    357.   underdog
    I think the Snakes could have some trouble with the Marlins this weekend, too. Though it would be nice if it was in Florida, instead. More trouble than they had with the Padres, anyway.
    2008-08-22 18:11:32
    358.   sweepstakes
    McCort, Flanders and Torre-- the Trifecta of Lame-- have taken a lot of the joy of watching the Dodgers. Torre never would've let Bills or Kershaw hang in there like he did Maddux. Day in and day out, management continues to befuddle and anger me with their incompetence.
    2008-08-22 18:11:40
    359.   Bluebleeder87
    that Sharp commercial makes me feel like the CEO's over at Sharp have self-esteem issues.
    2008-08-22 18:11:50
    360.   Alex41592
    Jimmy Rollins if you are going to say something about the fans then at least win the World Series like David Justice did for Atlanta. They'll forget what you said real quick.
    2008-08-22 18:12:55
    361.   Alex41592
    360 - Then again no they won't forget. You are ruined, sir.
    2008-08-22 18:13:07
    362.   Bluebleeder87

    Florida has plenty of pop in there bats so I'm optimistic about that series as well.

    2008-08-22 18:14:20
    363.   Linkmeister
    Crud. I exhaust myself catering an in-house birthday party for my Mom and her buddies (all Virgos, none with an actual birthday today), usher all out the door, come back here to see what the Dodgers are doing, and lo! A horrid score!

    I'm going to take a nap now.

    2008-08-22 18:14:24
    364.   Bluebleeder87
    what did he say Alex41592?
    2008-08-22 18:16:34
    365.   Alex41592
    Florida throws Anibal Sanchez, Volstad and Nolasco at Arizona. Arizona doesn't use Haren or Webb in this series. After that Haren faces Peavy in Petco before Webb wins on Tuesday. Have to find a way to win at least two in Philly.
    2008-08-22 18:19:11
    366.   underdog
    I think this is one of those jet-lagged games that hopefully the Dodgers can move on from tomorrow.
    2008-08-22 18:19:40
    367.   Alex41592
    364 -
    2008-08-22 18:20:36
    368.   Bob Hendley
    If we can stay close and then get home, we should be in good shape. The Snakes from the 29th to the 7th have 3 against the Cards and 6 head-to-head with us, which could be decisive. There on out, for the last two weeks, I like how our schedule compares to theirs, as they have 4 in StL.
    2008-08-22 18:26:59
    369.   Alex41592
    David Justice called out the Atlanta fans as being apathetic in 1995. This ran in the newspaper the day of Game 6 of the World Series. Justice then proceeded to hit the decisive game winning home run that night to win the World Series. Of course Tom Glavine's 8 inning 1 hit masterpiece helped as well.
    2008-08-22 18:28:03
    370.   Bob Hendley
    Mussina's not going to get number 267 tonight, though he didn't pitch all that poorly.
    2008-08-22 18:35:08
    371.   underdog
    Too bad Loney's 3-4 day will be wasted.
    2008-08-22 18:36:46
    372.   goofus
    Like I said last week, we already had pitchers that could do as much as Maddux. He may not end up costing us much, but it will be more than he is now worth. Stick a fork in him.
    2008-08-22 18:37:33
    373.   JoeyP
    Has this Hal Bodley article about Ned Colletti been discussed here?

    Read with caution.

    2008-08-22 18:38:37
    374.   underdog
    373 -- 59 62 Yep, definitely wouldn't recommend reading it without brushing your teeth after.
    2008-08-22 18:38:47
    375.   trainwreck
    Pro-Ned articles do not get read or talked about here.
    2008-08-22 18:39:28
    376.   underdog
    Well, that was a quick and sorry game that started off pretty well. Wouldn't have expected that result after the first few innings. Better luck tomorrow, then!
    2008-08-22 18:39:38
    377.   JoeyP
    Nvm--BigCPA got it at comment 59.
    2008-08-22 18:41:57
    378.   trainwreck
    Brian Dohn thinks the crowd for the Tenn/UCLA game will be 40% Tennessee.

    Wow, that is bad.

    2008-08-22 18:42:47
    379.   Alex41592
    Maddux will do fine the rest of the way. Philly is a very tough place to pitch. He looked absolutely incredible at times. Burrell's at bat changed everything. Great at bat by him.

    You can't put up one run in this stadium. You will lose. Good win for the Phillies and we'll see them tomorrow.

    2008-08-22 18:49:01
    380.   El Lay Dave
    378 It is bad - Tennessee travels so well the estimate should be 67%.
    2008-08-22 18:50:04
    381.   underdog
    379 - I agree, yah, for the most part. I think Maddux will be more useful back home of course but I wouldn't judge his acquisition based on this game. Hopefully. They're gonna need to score more than 1 in "The Zen" no matter who is pitching. Night all!
    2008-08-22 18:58:11
    382.   Alex41592
    D'Backs had runners at 1st and 2nd with one out. Dunn struck out looking and Tracy flew out to left. No score Top 2.
    2008-08-22 19:02:25
    383.   Bob Timmermann
    Since UCLA fans scalped their own tickets to fans from Wisconsin for a bowl game at their own home stadium in a season in which they had a dramatic win over their crosstown rival, I am surprised that there will be so few Tennessee fans.
    2008-08-22 19:04:18
    384.   trainwreck
    Probably will be more then. That will be a great recruiting tool on national TV.


    2008-08-22 19:09:05
    385.   Bob Timmermann
    Checklist for small home crowd
    1. Mediocre team
    2. School not in session
    3. Opponent with rabid fanbase
    4. Holiday weekend
    2008-08-22 19:10:11
    386.   trainwreck
    Mediocre is being quite generous.
    2008-08-22 19:12:17
    387.   Bob Timmermann
    The Cardinals already have 18 hits in the 5th inning.
    2008-08-22 19:15:39
    388.   El Lay Dave
    385 5. Significant distance from campus to stadium. (Although that becomes N/A when 2. is true.)
    2008-08-22 19:15:54
    389.   oshea2002
    383, 384 - I was at the Rose Bowl - 85% Wisky fans. I'd expect at least 60% Tennessee fans, I remember going to a Dodger game on the Friday night before Tennessee's last trip to the Rose Bowl - Dodger stadium was a sea of orange. They travel like crazy. I've been to Stanford / SC games in Palo Alto where we had close to 80 or 90% of the stadium.
    2008-08-22 19:16:10
    390.   El Lay Dave
    387 18 hits in an inning must be a record. ;)
    2008-08-22 19:20:39
    391.   Bob Timmermann
    The major league record for hits in an inning is indeed 18. The Cubs did so back in 1883 against Detroit in a 26-6 win.
    2008-08-22 19:21:58
    392.   trainwreck
    Be hilarious to see UCLA ever make the BCS championship game and have about 10% of the crowd.
    2008-08-22 19:22:43
    393.   Bob Timmermann
    The White Sox have a commercial for an online FOREX trading site.

    The disclaimer is "Warning FOREX OTC trading is subject to substantial losses."

    2008-08-22 19:24:05
    394.   Bob Timmermann
    I think it's hilarious to contemplate UCLA ever playing in a BCS championship game.

    It will never happen as I long as I draw oxygen on this planet.

    2008-08-22 19:29:30
    395.   trainwreck
    Many horrible accidents would have to be involved.
    2008-08-22 19:30:38
    396.   Bob Timmermann
    Do those accidents involve killing me?
    2008-08-22 19:31:23
    397.   D4P
    It seems to me that USC football is better than UCLA football.
    2008-08-22 19:32:09
    398.   trainwreck
    That's not for me to decide.
    2008-08-22 19:32:26
    399.   Louis in SF
    I think I was very fortunate to have missed most of the game. Was at the gym through the top of the 4th and all I saw was the Dodgers up 1-0. Then came home and got on the phone and tried to watch the game through my MLB extra innings package and was told over the phone in a recorded message that the game was blacked out per MLB AND ONLY AVAILABLE IN LA AND PHILLY!

    Blackout in the SF Bay Area makes no sense-person at Direct TV was useless, does anyone have a good email or phone number at MLB-the blackout makes no sense!....And the only benefit I obviously had-I didn't see the rest of the game.

    2008-08-22 19:43:38
    400.   oshea2002
    394 - you were a hurricane away from it happening in 98.
    Show/Hide Comments 401-450
    2008-08-22 19:45:00
    401.   trainwreck
    Now Bob will be traumatized for the rest of the night.
    2008-08-22 19:49:13
    402.   John Hale
    As someone who paid for two months rent during grad school with the UCLA-Wisky Rose Bowl tickets I had possession of I ask that you please stop slamming the UCLA program and associated alumni/fans.

    If other schools/alumni base have lost all perspective of intercollegiate athletics that should not be the fault of the sophisticated bruin fan.

    I wish I believed what I just wrote.

    2008-08-22 19:50:45
    403.   D4P
    Cody Ross throws out a runner at the plate.

    The guy is amazing.

    2008-08-22 19:52:43
    404.   D4P
    Passing the baton is annoying.
    2008-08-22 19:52:43
    405.   trainwreck
    I am a UCLA fan. I just wish we did the things to make the football program better.
    2008-08-22 20:02:47
    406.   Bob Timmermann
    Thankfully, I had dozed off for a bit.
    2008-08-22 20:06:56
    407.   oshea2002
    405 - You fired Dorrell, what more do you want?
    2008-08-22 20:07:28
    408.   oshea2002
    FYI the Fish have tied up the Snakes at 2 in the 6th.
    2008-08-22 20:08:07
    409.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm certainly grateful that I'm not a Wisconsin fan.

    Because then I would have likely died from alcohol poisoning a long time ago.

    2008-08-22 20:11:07
    410.   trainwreck
    I would have died from cheese poisoning.
    2008-08-22 20:30:04
    411.   MMSMikey
    old friend paul lo duca with an RBI single to put the marlins up 3-2
    2008-08-22 20:31:33
    412.   berkowit28
    Marlins just went ahead 3-2 over D'backs on a 2-out 3-2 count Paul Lo Duca single. Top of 7th.
    2008-08-22 20:34:39
    413.   JoeyP
    RJ struck out 13 in 7 innings but will likely get the loss.
    2008-08-22 20:38:17
    414.   John Hale
    I had just logged on to see the proper burial of the Dodger season and wasn't prepared for the burying of the UCLA football program. There will be plenty of time for that over the next few months...
    More importantly UCLA is still top twelve in graduate chemistry programs (according to US NEWS)
    2008-08-22 20:43:55
    415.   Bob Timmermann
    The US News & World Report rankings of universities are about as valid a way of ranking as the BCS is for football.
    2008-08-22 20:44:27
    416.   Alex41592
    413 - He will not lose. 3-3.
    2008-08-22 20:46:03
    417.   Bob Timmermann
    I don't think it's likely that Johnson will get a loss.
    2008-08-22 20:46:11
    418.   Alex41592
    More like the Unit will win, 4-3 Snakes.
    2008-08-22 20:47:43
    419.   JoeyP
    Now he's line to win, and he deserves a win for K'g 13 guys in 7 ip.

    Slow hook for Anibal Sanchez.

    2008-08-22 20:49:47
    420.   JoeyP
    Conor Jackson kills left handed pitching & the Marlins bring in Arthur Rhodes to face him...
    2008-08-22 20:50:42
    421.   JoeyP
    Then on the 1-1 count, they decide to Ibb him.


    Loaded for Dunn.

    2008-08-22 20:53:49
    422.   Alex41592
    And still loaded after Dunn strikes out for the third time tonight.
    2008-08-22 20:54:26
    423.   JoeyP
    Dunn caught looking at ball 3 called strike 3.
    2008-08-22 20:56:07
    424.   Alex41592
    4-3 AZ Top 8. Rhodes gets Tracy to pop up to Ross.
    2008-08-22 20:57:23
    425.   Alex41592
    Lincecum just racked up his 200th strikeout of the year.
    2008-08-22 20:59:38
    426.   John Hale
    I agree that USNEWS ranking of undergraduate programs is nearly pointless
    but the graduate rankings provide endless oppurtunities for needling other lab nerds whose diploma mill might be lower down the list. Particularly if your favorite school is (as you say) not going to be making the BCS champtionship any time soon.
    2008-08-22 21:00:09
    427.   Megaballs
    Thinking big picture lately,
    how just once I'd like to have the Dodgers dumpong a vet as a 2 month rental and ADDING to our farm system,
    which got me thinking how the Dodgers would be if Flanders had never made a free agent move or a trade

    how good teams build from within, replenishing, young guys competing with intermediate players, then locking up long-term the core franchise guys.

    how more profitable an organization would be

    Got to thinking of Mueller, thru Schmidt, Andruw Jones...then when Kevin Brown and Strawberry...wait, other than one year of Gibson, how has free agency ever really helped the Dodgers?

    2008-08-22 21:02:06
    428.   Alex41592
    A controversial non-HR call in Arizona. In two weeks it would be reviewed. It's called a triple but it was a HR.
    2008-08-22 21:02:20
    429.   whodat807
    That was a home run by Willingham in the Marlins-DBacks game. He wuz robbed.
    2008-08-22 21:03:57
    430.   Alex41592
    Sac fly ties the game at 4. Rauch blown save.
    2008-08-22 21:04:36
    431.   Alex41592
    CODY ROSS! 5-4 Marlins Top 8!
    2008-08-22 21:04:42
    432.   underdog
    The US Men's volleyball team's coach looks disturbingly like Buster Bluth.


    Sac fly for the Marlins scores Willingham anyway, now tied.

    2008-08-22 21:05:09
    433.   underdog
    And Cody Ross continues to rock.
    2008-08-22 21:05:31
    434.   JoeyP
    Cody Ross is awesome.

    That is all.

    2008-08-22 21:06:23
    435.   Alex41592
    I don't miss Cody Ross at all but tonight he bleeds Dodger blue. He killed a meatball by Rauch.
    2008-08-22 21:06:34
    436.   whodat807
    Cody Ross, helping out the Dodgers even as a Marlin. What a shot!
    2008-08-22 21:07:12
    437.   kinbote
    Cody Ross: The Original Maverick.
    2008-08-22 21:07:49
    438.   JoeyP
    How can you not miss Cody Ross when Andruw Jones/Juan Pierre are taking up 81 mils between them?
    2008-08-22 21:07:54
    439.   whodat807
    It's hilarious how down the D-Backs announcers get when their team is losing. They led into that commercial with dispirited silence.
    2008-08-22 21:12:46
    440.   Alex41592
    439 - Anybody who makes Daron Sutton go into his 'sad' voice is alright by me.

    438 - Oh no. I'm not getting into a Cody Ross discussion. I'm happy he has a chance to start somewhere.

    2008-08-22 21:16:04
    441.   Alex41592
    Great 4-6-3 DP. 5-4 Marlins Top 9.
    2008-08-22 21:25:05
    442.   Xeifrank
    A reminder that the Friends of DT Fantasy Football league still has three more openings. Feel free to join on a first come first serve basis. Info below...

    League ID#: 419463
    League Name: Friends of Dodger Thoughts
    Password: bison
    Custom League URL:
    Draft Type: Live Draft
    Draft Time: Wed Sep 3 7:15pm PDT [ Add to My Calendar ]
    Max Teams: 12
    Scoring Type: Head-to-Head

    2008-08-22 21:29:58
    443.   Bob Timmermann
    OK, when Sutton and Grace put on "rally caps" that's a bit beyond what even Ken Harrelson would do.

    And remember the most important thing about the Marlins-DBacks game is that Kevin Gregg is on my fantasy team.

    2008-08-22 21:34:44
    444.   Bob Timmermann
    I suppose I operate on the theory that if I'm an announcer for a team that it's in first place and has a fair number of good players on it that you don't need to resort to hokum to get the fans watching on TV involved.
    2008-08-22 21:35:29
    445.   berkowit28
    Marlins beat D'backs 5-4
    2008-08-22 21:41:30
    446.   Bob Timmermann
    And Bob's fantasy team gets a rare save.

    Such is your fate when your top reliever is Brad Lidge.

    2008-08-22 21:49:56
    447.   JoeyP
    Dbax have lost 12 games in which they were tied or led in the 8th inning or later.
    2008-08-22 22:05:13
    448.   ToyCannon
    Yet, we still trail them by two games.
    2008-08-22 22:07:07
    449.   ToyCannon
    E Jackson, Wily Aybar, and Navarro all play prominent roles in the Tampa Bay victory tonight.
    If Tampa was to somehow play the Dodgers in the World Series I'm not sure I'd be rooting for the Dodgers. I know one other Dodger blogger who would not be.
    2008-08-22 22:12:46
    450.   ToyCannon
    Vegas Update:
    1. D Young who was 0 for 14 in his rehab exploded for 3 extra base hits tonight.
    2. Reclamation project Jerome Williams threw 5 innings of shutout ball.
    3. James McDonald pitched two innings of shutout ball in relief. Maybe getting him ready to do some setup work for the Dodgers.
    4. DeWitt with a double and triple giving him 5 extra base hits in his last 11 at bats.
    Show/Hide Comments 451-500
    2008-08-22 22:12:58
    451.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm still stunned at how the Rays are still flying under the radar. They are ignored by much of the national baseball press and almost never show up on national or even regional TV.

    The Rays story this year is akin to the 1969 Mets.

    2008-08-22 22:25:16
    452.   Jon Weisman
    451 - I was thinking the '91 Braves.
    2008-08-22 22:30:46
    453.   trainwreck
    ESPN finally showed them this week.
    2008-08-22 22:32:49
    454.   Bob Timmermann
    If the Rays are like the 91 Braves are we then going to be seeing them in the playoffs every year and almost always losing in disappointing fashion?
    2008-08-22 22:33:50
    455.   Jon Weisman
    454 - Certainly possible.
    2008-08-22 22:36:45
    456.   underdog
    Scott Long needs his own personal blog, doesn't he?


    Bob, just a warning, I may sleep through our duel tomorrow. I just can't do pistols at dawn. If so, you can declare victory, and I'll be the stinking varmint who loses.

    2008-08-22 22:45:41
    457.   jasonungar07,1,6114366.column

    Good read.

    2008-08-22 22:51:46
    458.   Tripon
    454 They got the nobody going to their games down pat.

    Gotta wonder if the Rays are able to sell out their playoff games. I still remember the Braves in the 01 NLCS with all the empty seats in the stands.

    2008-08-22 22:58:19
    459.   Bob Timmermann
    If the Rays make the playoffs, they will sell out all their games.

    The Braves problem was that they made the playoffs so frequently that the fans took it for granted. Also, the Braves were always assigned midweek day games because the networks figured nobody wanted to watch them.

    2008-08-22 23:20:20
    460.   trainwreck
    Best selling shirt at Stanford store:

    2008-08-22 23:44:52
    461.   LAT
    457 Interesting article. The comparisons to Arte will gnaw at Frank (as they should). The comment about not being in the forefront during the Tixera deal is right on point. Frank's only extended successful PR periods have been when he has stayed away. Also valid is the point about the elevator operator. I know its a smaller venue and has an unlimited source of retirees to choose from but Angels stadium is simply a more pleasant visit. The staff is friendler, more helpful and seems care. Nobody at DS gives a hoot about the fans.
    2008-08-22 23:48:20
    462.   still bevens
    Obama/Beimel 2008
    2008-08-23 02:41:09
    463.   Sam DC
    460 -- gosh, I almost want to get one of those.
    2008-08-23 04:18:12
    464.   whodat807
    I can't express how frustrating it is to wake up at 6 AM to watch the Olympic gold medal baseball game, and then discovering that it's the first baseball match that NBC has decided not to stream live online.
    2008-08-23 05:01:03
    465.   whodat807
    Wow, in a Kazahkstan-Cuba taekwondo fight, the Cuban fighter, ahead on points 3-2, was disqualified for some obscure rule, and he got mad and punched the referee!

    And that's your early morning Olympic update.

    2008-08-23 06:27:35
    466.   whodat807
    Wait, let me correct that: the Cuban fighter kicked the ref in the face! So while he may have lost the match, he did beat the ref on points, 1-0.
    2008-08-23 06:36:57
    467.   D4P
    Kyle Kendrick outpitched Greg Maddux on Friday night -- and Maddux probably deserves some of the credit.

    A week after a 40-minute meeting with Maddux to discuss pitching, Kendrick did an impersonation of the veteran while leading the Philadelphia Phillies to an 8-1 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    2008-08-23 06:41:12
    468.   Charenton
    Without discussing any political ramifications (ahem rule 5)
    isn't it curious/coincidental/… how the W. Randolph firing and the J Biden selection were both announced at 3am EST ?
    2008-08-23 06:56:50
    469.   Bob Timmermann
    I believe Barack Obama has hired Omar Minaya as an adviser.

    This could lead to an important campaign post for Fernando Tatis.

    2008-08-23 08:35:30
    470.   RamMan
    457 It also appears that McCourt is getting clothing tips from Dan Evans....
    2008-08-23 09:03:49
    471.   LAT
    These Jason Schmidt rehab updates are lame. Does anyone really think he will throw a ML pitch this year(or ever again). They only serve to remind people (1) what a bad signing it was; and (2) how wrong the medical staff has been about all the previous rehab updates. Ned, put him on a shelf and forget about him. Don't keep reminding everyone what a bad signing this was.
    2008-08-23 09:59:34
    472.   Bumsrap
    471 - Reminds me to comment that the ex-Giants fitness guru now with the Dodgers, seems to be resulting in perhaps more Dodgers injury than previous years under the fitness grunt fired by McCourt.
    2008-08-23 10:15:09
    473.   Greg Brock
    Came to see Bob's Delaware jokes.
    Was disappointed.
    2008-08-23 10:21:39
    474.   D4P
    Actual lines from an episode of "Cheap Seats" I'm currently watching, that takes a new look at a women's fishing event from 1993:

    Fishing announcer: Most of the fish they're catching are falling just short of the 14-inch minimum length requirement.

    Randy Sklar: Women have thrown me back a few times because of that too.

    Jason Sklar: HEL-LOOOO!!!

    2008-08-23 10:33:22
    475.   Bob Timmermann
    No Delaware jokes allowed at Dodger Thoughts.

    But it's good to see that Obama wanted to get those three electoral votes.

    2008-08-23 10:34:58
    476.   Alex41592
    Diamond's got the lineups:

    Kemp, CF
    Ethier, RF
    Kent, 2B
    Ramirez, LF
    Garciaparra, SS
    Blake, 3B
    Loney, 1B
    Martin, C
    Kershaw, P

    Rollins, SS
    Utley, 2B
    Burrell, LF
    Howard, 1B
    Victorino, CF
    Werth, RF
    Feliz, 3B
    Coste, C
    Hamels, P

    2008-08-23 10:41:43
    477.   Jon Weisman

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