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Destiny Rides Again
2008-08-25 15:31
by Jon Weisman

Dodgers at Phillies, 4:05 p.m.
Today's Lineups
Los Angeles
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jeff Kent, 2B
Manny Ramirez, LF
James Loney, 1B
Russell Martin, C
Casey Blake, 3B
Angel Berroa, SS
Chad Billingsley, P
Jimmy Rollins, SS
Chase Utley, 2B
Pat Burrell, LF
Ryan Howard, 1B
Shane Victorino, CF
Jayson Werth, RF
Pedro Feliz, 3B
Chris Coste, C
Brett Myers, P
Starting Tuesday, Arizona will be the only above-.500 team the Dodgers face for the remainder of the season.

Comments (434)
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2008-08-25 15:53:23
1.   trainwreck
Check out this banned Orangina ad.

I am going to say NSFW, because people will probably think you are a weirdo.

2008-08-25 15:54:05
2.   Eric Enders
That headline sounds like the title of a movie shot in the San Fernando Valley.
2008-08-25 15:55:22
3.   Bluebleeder87
day 2, I still can't find my remote...
2008-08-25 15:55:44
4.   Jon Weisman
2 - I didn't know where it was shot, but this indeed was what I was thinking of:

2008-08-25 15:57:26
5.   Eric Stephen
I think the kind of movie Eric was talking about in 2 would have a character named Again.
2008-08-25 15:59:11
6.   Jon Weisman
5 - Ah ... well, that's different then.
2008-08-25 15:59:34
7.   Kevin Lewis

I hope the guy that worked on that with a computer felt dirty at some point.

2008-08-25 16:05:56
8.   Bluebleeder87
woah! Checking Brett Myers numbers the last few starts, he's been practically unhittable but his overall ERA is at 4.39 & his ERA+ is at 94, So we shall see how everything unfolds tonight.
2008-08-25 16:08:17
9.   larry slimfast
This game feels more must win than any game all season. For Broxton's sake, I hope he doesn't suffer a blown save tonight. I fear that might destroy even more confidence, including his own.
2008-08-25 16:08:59
10.   Alex41592
There's a good way to start.
2008-08-25 16:10:20
11.   Harold M Johnson
Matt Kemp is awesome, what a treat it's been to watch him this year.
2008-08-25 16:10:20
12.   Gen3Blue
Of the three feeds of the game I can get, only one seems to be LA and its not Vin, of course. What do you know, he says only Kemp and Loney seem to be hitting consistantly.
2008-08-25 16:11:45
13.   Eric Stephen
Dan Shulman wasn't quite done with his "Kemp doesn't do prototypical leadoff things" script when The Bison smashed his double.
2008-08-25 16:12:51
14.   Physics DR
Thank You for connection to the retired barber in the previous thought.
When I growing up, Davie was my barber from birth through college until Vietnam.
Davie Jr. (who has 4 years younger than I) joined the Long Range Recon unit that I was a member of during my second tour in "nam".

In the middle of that tour he asked to switch R&R assignments with me so he could see his family in Hawaii. he did not return from that recon and still listed as MIA to his family.

Years later I always tried to return to him for haircuts. However they were sad occasions. He had this POW/MIA flag in front of the barber shop and died in 90's still missing and still honoring his son.

I always wondered if we had not switched assignments. However it always good to remember old friends.

2008-08-25 16:12:55
15.   Kevin Lewis

I agree. I have not been following the Dodgers closing for too long. It has been really fun to watch Matt grow as a player.

2008-08-25 16:13:42
16.   Eric Stephen
Grady Sizemore just joined the 30/30 club with a dinger.
2008-08-25 16:15:28
17.   trainwreck
My ears are bleeding listening to these idiots.

If only I could watch sports without sound.

2008-08-25 16:16:22
18.   Kevin Lewis

What are they saying?

2008-08-25 16:18:29
19.   Alex41592
This seems to happen every year. We go through a terrible stretch with RISP.
2008-08-25 16:19:12
20.   Gen3Blue
Wow, these announcers are depressed. I suppose I can understand it but isn't their job to sort of disguise it like the Nats, or the old Fish.
2008-08-25 16:19:20
21.   JRSarno
Way to convert there in the Top of the 1st.
2008-08-25 16:19:27
22.   El Lay Dave
Lead-off double not capitalized upon. Sigh.
2008-08-25 16:19:29
23.   trainwreck
Walking through Dodger clubhouse we do not see a passion there. There is still some division you can tell based on what is on TV and where people are hanging out.

A bunch of nonsense.

2008-08-25 16:20:00
24.   Eric Stephen
Steve Phillips said the Dodgers needed players in their prime, 28-32 years old, and had too many players either young or old, that were more inconsistent. He said Furcal was the one consistent guy they had, but he's hurt.
2008-08-25 16:22:28
25.   trainwreck
Awesome, feed not working at the moment.

I hate you, ESPN.

2008-08-25 16:22:54
26.   Eric Stephen
I blame the leadoff baserunner on ESPN2's technical difficulties.
2008-08-25 16:23:31
27.   El Lay Dave
25 Before or after Billingsley hit Rollins with a pitch?
2008-08-25 16:24:05
28.   bhsportsguy
Do you know what division leading team hits worse with RISP than the Dodgers, the Rays.

Minnesota is hitting over .300 and the Angels doing what they need to do to win, is hitting .288 with RISP.

2008-08-25 16:24:19
29.   Eric Stephen
Nothing after the top of the 1st has been shown on ESPN2.
2008-08-25 16:24:29
30.   Eric Stephen
...and, we're back.
2008-08-25 16:25:08
31.   Eric Stephen
...and now we're not back.
2008-08-25 16:25:25
32.   bhsportsguy
24 That has been said before, it is true that the one of the not talked about things about the Rockies was that Holliday, Hawpe, and Atkins were all in that age range, the same goes for the Phillies with Utley, Howard, etc.
2008-08-25 16:25:33
33.   trainwreck
And we are gone again.

This is so clown shoes.

2008-08-25 16:25:55
34.   Eric Stephen
ESPN2 needs to invest in better equipment.
2008-08-25 16:26:02
35.   regfairfield
24 The guy that's either been terrible or amazing?
2008-08-25 16:27:31
36.   Eric Stephen
Yeah, but he's been consistently one of those two. :)
2008-08-25 16:28:22
37.   El Lay Dave
Rollins hit with a 1-2 pitch. Utley singles him to third on a 2-2 pitch.
2008-08-25 16:30:08
38.   Bluebleeder87
quick question, do the guys with the radar guns work for an individual player or do they work for the ball club?

or maybe there scouts?

2008-08-25 16:31:05
39.   El Lay Dave
Pat the Bat flies to left; Rollins holds, but Utley goes to second.
2008-08-25 16:31:13
40.   ToyCannon
How many RedSox and Yankee's meet that criteria?
2008-08-25 16:31:20
41.   bhsportsguy
38 I would say they work for clubs.
2008-08-25 16:32:01
42.   bhsportsguy
40 They are savvy veterans that know how to win.
2008-08-25 16:32:41
43.   El Lay Dave
Howard with the best (for Chad) of the three true outcomes.
2008-08-25 16:33:55
44.   Eric Stephen
Good fundamentals beats The Flyin Hawaiian to the bag to end the threat.
2008-08-25 16:34:10
45.   Alex41592
Nice job Chad.
2008-08-25 16:34:14
46.   Bluebleeder87
I seriously thought Bills was gonna give up a run or two (nice going Billz!) I didn't like how Loney "played" that ball, what with Victorino running & all.
2008-08-25 16:34:21
47.   El Lay Dave
40 Youkalis and Bay are 29. Drew and Ortiz are 32.
2008-08-25 16:35:21
48.   Eric Stephen
I can watch the Rey Maualuga hit on Patrick Cowan over and over again.

(And yes I'm aware which team won that game)

2008-08-25 16:35:57
49.   KG16
1 - the perfect ending to that commercial would have been the bear eating the deer. but i have a very twisted sense of humor.

oh, hey, and check it out, they're still playing baseball?

2008-08-25 16:36:28
50.   Kevin Lewis
Maybe I understand "chance" differently, but how can there be a 15.7% chance to score 1 run or more with no on and no outs according to ESPN?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-08-25 16:36:30
51.   Johnny Nucleo
The Phillies had runners on first and third with none out. And yet they failed to score a single run.
It doesn't just happen to the Dodgers.
2008-08-25 16:36:34
52.   fanerman
48 Patrick Cowan was a childhood friend of mine.
2008-08-25 16:38:07
53.   bhsportsguy
48 He should have been penaltilized with a late hit flag on that play.
2008-08-25 16:38:17
54.   Marty
Dietrich in Destry Rides Again is the inspiration for Lilli Von Schtupp in Blazing Saddles.
2008-08-25 16:38:31
55.   nick
47 A-Rod 32; Xavier Nady 29.
2008-08-25 16:38:53
56.   bhsportsguy
54 Where in the world in Marty?
2008-08-25 16:39:37
57.   ToyCannon
Drew and Ortiz seem so much older. I expected Eric to answer that question, you must be on your A game today.
2008-08-25 16:39:59
58.   KG16
Berrora doing what an 8 hole hitter is suppose to do with two outs - get a cheap single so the pitcher doesn't lead off the next inning.
2008-08-25 16:40:10
59.   Eric Stephen
If you want to say unnecessary roughness or a blow to the head, I can get on board with that, but in no way was that play a late hit.
2008-08-25 16:40:39
60.   Alex41592
Look at Chad drawing the walk.
2008-08-25 16:40:45
61.   KG16
57 - Ortiz is from the Dominican Republic, so it is possible that he's actual 63 by now.
2008-08-25 16:41:14
62.   fanerman
Way to draw that walk!
2008-08-25 16:41:19
63.   regfairfield
50 A run is scored in 15.7% of innings.
2008-08-25 16:41:30
64.   Eric Stephen
I'm (a) working on a paper, and (b) watching the aforementioned Maualuga hit. :)
2008-08-25 16:41:48
65.   JRSarno
51 - The Phils can afford it. We can't.
2008-08-25 16:41:58
66.   Gen3Blue
Have to admit it, Myers is hot right now and there are few better. I turned off the sound when I saw Phils on first and third and noone out. Apparently they didn't score so who knows, maybe the worm is turning.
Usually when Kemp leads off he gets a double like tonight. I suppose maybe Pierre getting on on an error and then getting thrown out at second rattles the pitcher more.
2008-08-25 16:42:14
67.   trainwreck
Hey, look at that. Visuals of the game.
2008-08-25 16:42:21
68.   bhsportsguy
59 Okay, I'll take that. I think USC was tired of seeing running quarterbacks at the Rose Bowl in 2006.
2008-08-25 16:42:25
69.   KG16
according to gameday, that first pitch to Bison was in a spot where he should have hit it into next week.
2008-08-25 16:43:06
70.   El Lay Dave
57 is good for the reflexes. I think Drew and Ortiz's backs are in their 40s.
2008-08-25 16:43:08
71.   Eric Stephen
Well, if they're not going to show it in HD, there's no reason to put up with Steve Phillips.
2008-08-25 16:43:31
72.   trainwreck
That is like how I can watch the Gonzaga/UCLA ending over and over. It never gets old.

My heart literally skipped a beat I was so excited during that.

2008-08-25 16:43:57
73.   ToyCannon
Dietrich scared the crap out of me as a kid when I saw the "Blue Angel". The power of a woman over a man was forever ingrained in my brain.
2008-08-25 16:44:09
74.   Alex41592
69 - It was.
2008-08-25 16:45:23
75.   ToyCannon
I was crushed, I felt like crying with the crier.
2008-08-25 16:45:58
76.   Marty
I'm home. Taking a few days off
2008-08-25 16:46:05
77.   Alex41592
This ump likes the inside corner to righties. Myers is locating well on the inside fastball to right handers.
2008-08-25 16:46:37
78.   KG16
74 - That's unfortunate.
2008-08-25 16:47:35
79.   Eric Stephen
If Gonzaga would have just held on that game, I would have won 3 NCAA pools I was in. It was indeed tear-worthy.
2008-08-25 16:48:07
80.   KG16
I'm not a big fan of Werth's facial hair alignment on his gameday photo.
2008-08-25 16:48:26
81.   schoffle
Taking the first pitch should never be cause for 2nd guessing.
2008-08-25 16:48:41
82.   Eric Stephen
Feliz Neverdies.
2008-08-25 16:48:47
83.   schoffle
even more so after the pitcher walked
2008-08-25 16:49:02
84.   ucladodger
This team is just hitting out of synch right now. Kemp leads off with a double and nothing happens after. Then he is up with 2 men on, misses a hanger and then strikes out. Seems to happen every game nowadays.

And then when little dribblers are hit like that, we got no shot.

2008-08-25 16:49:40
85.   Kevin Lewis

So wouldn't the word average be better than chance?

It just seems like chance involves an equation that can't be quantified with no one on and no one out, but I can understand the average...

2008-08-25 16:49:55
86.   ucladodger
Well, that evens it out a little bit. Baseball is one crazy game.
2008-08-25 16:50:01
87.   Alex41592
There's a break. Killed liner that found Blake's glove.
2008-08-25 16:50:45
88.   regfairfield
85 That works too.
2008-08-25 16:50:58
89.   Alex41592
I may have seen that wrong but that liner almost went THROUGH Blake's webbing.
2008-08-25 16:52:55
90.   ucladodger
2 out RBI's. Amazing what a difference they make.
2008-08-25 16:53:59
91.   thinkblue88
So...can someone explain what it means to be a "front runner" fan?
2008-08-25 16:54:40
92.   Eric Stephen
To only root for a team if/when they're winning.
2008-08-25 16:55:10
93.   bhsportsguy
A walk, a well-placed ground ball, a liner, a sacrifice, and a bloop.

Of course, Chad could be also be wearing down a bit at this time of year.

2008-08-25 16:55:47
94.   ucladodger
How do you get crossed up with nobody on second? Thats sad.
2008-08-25 16:57:18
95.   bhsportsguy
Phillies have scored their last 7 runs with two out.
2008-08-25 16:58:21
96.   trainwreck
This booth is just full of smugness.
2008-08-25 16:58:26
97.   ucladodger
Bills is doing his best Broxton impression from last night. Sucks that he doesnt have it when we need him most. Got away with one there.
2008-08-25 17:00:25
98.   Bluebleeder87
Rollins got jammed & still managed to get the hit, you can't blame Bills for that (I ain't anyways) but yeah, the Phills are getting lucky also...

better lucky then good as they say.

2008-08-25 17:00:57
99.   El Lay Dave
Both pitchers with 44 pitches through two IP. Only one has allowed two runs, though.
2008-08-25 17:01:03
100.   Alex41592
Edmonds has a triple and a double in two at bats so far in Pittsburgh.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-08-25 17:01:34
101.   bhsportsguy
Look, the Dodgers don't make it exactly easy for national broadcasters to say anything positive, their a .500 team and the most visible person (prior to Manny) in uniform is Joe Torre.

They don't have any real offensive identity and they don't have a bigtime starter to highlight.

2008-08-25 17:01:46
102.   Bluebleeder87
if anything Bills will hold 'em (no not that hold 'em) & we will chip away.
2008-08-25 17:01:47
103.   Eric Stephen
I believe Sizemore is just the 4th leadoff man to join the 30/30 club:

Jimmy Rollins, 2007
Alfonso Soriano, 2002 & 2003
Bobby Bonds, 1973

2008-08-25 17:02:11
104.   bhsportsguy
100 And he is being paid the Padres.
2008-08-25 17:03:08
105.   Bluebleeder87
we're still a young team with emerging stars.
2008-08-25 17:03:39
106.   Eric Stephen
they don't have a bigtime starter to highlight

Billingsley should count here.

2008-08-25 17:04:13
107.   ucladodger
Everything just out of synch. Kemp and Kent both 1-2, but got their hits in different innings.
2008-08-25 17:04:51
108.   Gen3Blue
Now we see Manny when the chips are down.
2008-08-25 17:05:11
109.   trainwreck
Kent sure does not try very hard for a guy that complains about everyone's efforts. Always just jogging around or never even attempting to get a ball on defense.
2008-08-25 17:05:13
110.   Gen3Blue
2008-08-25 17:05:29
111.   Bluebleeder87
man did you guys see Kent dogging it??
2008-08-25 17:06:23
112.   scareduck
106 - <sarcasm> Billingsley is only 12-9, so he can't be very good.</sarcasm>
2008-08-25 17:06:45
113.   Gen3Blue
Its amazing how things go when its breaking against the D's. I should learn to recognize it.
2008-08-25 17:06:46
114.   underdog
96 I know. I hadn't expected to feel like muting this threesome so quickly, but I literally felt like strangling them all after two innings, even Orel. I was glad to learn about how the Dodgers still have a bad mix of too old and too young, that was fascinating, and to hear the Jimmy Rollins story, and to hear about the Dodgers struggles to score, and all that over again times ten.

Also, it was really insightful to hear that Matt Kemp "is just not the prototypical leadoff hitter" and "doesn't have that lead-off hitter mentality" right at the start of the game. (And then bang, two base hit!)

{{Mute}} Hopefully the game itself can right itself and put me in a better mood.

2008-08-25 17:07:44
115.   bhsportsguy
112 I am talking about the national media. I never said Chad wasn't any good.
2008-08-25 17:08:00
116.   Bluebleeder87
all i'm gonna say is that if coach Ron (my Sandy Koufax league coach) would have seen any of us dogging it like that, 2 laps around the entire park.
2008-08-25 17:09:10
117.   bhsportsguy
114 But there are nuggets in truth in all of that.
2008-08-25 17:11:03
118.   El Lay Dave
111 Remember the thigh muscle problem Kent had toward the end of ST? I suspect he's been having nagging injury issues on and off all season long.
2008-08-25 17:11:22
119.   scareduck
115 - me, too.
2008-08-25 17:12:40
120.   bhsportsguy
Kent has not been pushing for the double all year unless he can make it standing.
2008-08-25 17:14:24
121.   underdog
117 It's the fact that they violating rule 8 (over and over again) that get me. Every ESPN game for a year+ seems to have those same points made. It would be nice if the Dodgers would win more consistently, but I feel like they have no new insight to provide. Is that too much to ask?

And the points about Kemp were made so poorly, whether or not he's prototypical, it sounds like something we'd soon see dissected on FJM.

2008-08-25 17:14:36
122.   Bluebleeder87
Bills is actually pitching pretty darn good, I just hope the bats wake up!
2008-08-25 17:15:03
123.   underdog
Btw, was anyone else stunned that Victorino didn't actually end up with that ball on Kent's hit? Seems like that's how it's gone for LA this weekend.
2008-08-25 17:16:00
124.   Gen3Blue
I'm not sure who I'm listening to, but if they are Dodger's announcers I'm embarrassed. They were just talking about Howard's strike out numbers. Seeing what has happened so far, I'm convinced that it is the Gods, and nothing will change until they reverse their position. Of course that is when a very rare player can turn things around all by himself, but that's a once a decade type thing.
2008-08-25 17:16:09
125.   underdog
Yah, I think Kent's hypocrisy aside, it seems like he can't run 100% at all.
2008-08-25 17:16:58
126.   bhsportsguy
121 I think that is an issue that is going on here on DT, I mean this team has had the same issues all year (since Furcal went down), its pretty hard for me to see even if Ethier and Kemp had started everygame this year that this team's record would be any different.
2008-08-25 17:17:18
127.   Jon Weisman
Molly is having an interesting week.

2008-08-25 17:17:21
128.   Eric Stephen
What did the announcers say about Howard's strikeouts?
2008-08-25 17:17:40
129.   ucladodger
I think 9 straight games w/out an RBI from Blake. For a guy hitting where he is in the lineup, thats pretty crummy.
2008-08-25 17:18:25
130.   bhsportsguy
127 I read that this morning, I could not find any TMZ type pictures though.
2008-08-25 17:20:13
131.   ucladodger
Again, totally out of synch. Now 2 on for our pitcher with 2 outs. Seems to be constantly happening.
2008-08-25 17:22:47
132.   trainwreck
lol she thought Samantha Rosen was an asian male pop star.
2008-08-25 17:23:09
133.   Gen3Blue
Ah Blake. Is he really much better than DeWitt. Yes and Nomar's off because he is struggling. Without the Dodgers and Giants, they would have to open an old age home for baseball players.
I have to credit Berroa for 2 hits and getting the leadoff spot to come up in 2 innings. But the fact that neither came near driving in a run is "the Gods". Did they just say the Phil's bullpen past the Dodgers as the best? Because we are going to get into it, partly due to Berroa.
2008-08-25 17:23:53
134.   El Lay Dave
Berroa with singles in his last 3 AB. Berroa?
2008-08-25 17:27:20
135.   Bluebleeder87
you know what man, Brett Myers is pitching really good as well, pitchers do that sometimes (I have to remember that) our hitters sometimes face good pitchers thus the por AB's.
2008-08-25 17:27:47
136.   Tripon
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP)—Nine-year-old Jericho Scott is a good baseball player— too good, it turns out.

The right-hander has a fastball that tops out at about 40 mph. He throws so hard that the Youth Baseball League of New Haven told his coach that the boy could not pitch any more. When Jericho took the mound anyway last week, the opposing team forfeited the game, packed its gear and left, his coach said.

Dodgers need a way to figure out how to sign this 9 year old.

2008-08-25 17:28:04
137.   Bluebleeder87

He is Berroa(ing) down on each pitch.

2008-08-25 17:29:37
138.   Alex41592
Ok, take 2!
2008-08-25 17:30:10
139.   Alex41592
Andre does his job.
2008-08-25 17:30:18
140.   bhsportsguy
Kemp needs to get those with some guys on base.
2008-08-25 17:30:24
141.   scareduck
127 - And then I realized that these photos of them, with me looking absolutely like I'd been dragged in with yesterday's trash, would probably end up in some celebrity weekly, or worse, PerezHilton, a site that everyone I've ever known checks hourly.

I hope that's not a requirement.

2008-08-25 17:30:32
142.   Gen3Blue
Here's a good indicator of the God's
2008-08-25 17:31:48
143.   D4P
Kemp needs to get those with some guys on base

He's batting behind Blake, Berroa, and Billingsley.

2008-08-25 17:32:33
144.   Alex41592
143 - Rally killer B's?
2008-08-25 17:32:57
145.   Alex41592
Though Berroa has been good today.
2008-08-25 17:33:36
146.   Alex41592
Ok, Kent needs to read the script again.
2008-08-25 17:34:11
147.   Bluebleeder87
Manny - almost.
2008-08-25 17:34:37
148.   superbas
man look at that wind
2008-08-25 17:34:43
149.   ucladodger
This is really pathetic.
2008-08-25 17:34:52
150.   Alex41592
The Gods are not happy with us right now. That wind is vicious coming in.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-25 17:35:05
151.   Gen3Blue
Oh man--snuff this annoucer--please.
Yes its the gods, and the fact that Kemp gets to second all the time instead of first.
2008-08-25 17:36:57
152.   D4P
Only a matter of time until Torre gives Pierre a start in LF over Ethier, to "Inject some life into the offense."
2008-08-25 17:37:11
153.   ucladodger
And why cant we get that call on the other side of the plate?
2008-08-25 17:37:36
154.   underdog
126 Yah at least to their credit the ESPN announcers, mostly Phillips, did just spend some time talking about the importance of Furcal's injury. That's what I've felt all year long is the main reason they've struggled on offense most of the season. 34 runs from SS's with Furcal for a month, 34 runs from SS's since Furcal's absence. Pretty amazing.
2008-08-25 17:38:02
155.   underdog
That's Bison's lack of leadoff mentality, he gets to second on a double instead of getting to first and then trying to steal his way to second.


Man, this lack of offense with RISP all series is tres frustrating.

2008-08-25 17:38:09
156.   Gen3Blue
If they find a way to get rid of Kemp, I will know the devil is in the Management somewhere.
If they get rid of these annoncers, there is a God.
2008-08-25 17:38:30
157.   sweepstakes
151-- Right there with you. These clowns were whining about ball/strike calls and gleeful when Manny only flew out to the track. There should be a difference between announcers and fans. Makes you appreciated how good Vinny is.
2008-08-25 17:38:37
158.   Alex41592
Now, the Phillies get their second take. Crazy game.
2008-08-25 17:38:45
159.   Tripon
Steve Lyons. 1) Rollins actually has some power. 2) JP doesn't hit triples. 3) Nobody is scared of JP's speed. Nobody.
2008-08-25 17:38:56
160.   El Lay Dave
127 I have absolutely no idea who Samantha Ronson is. I did find this photo that sort of, but not exactly, fits Molly's description:
2008-08-25 17:39:19
161.   trainwreck
Orel says Jimmy Rollins is mainly a baseball player. In case anyone thought he was mainly a saxophonist or a lawyer.
2008-08-25 17:39:53
162.   underdog
Argh, throw the ball home!


2008-08-25 17:40:12
163.   ucladodger
Go home Casey, go home. Cant afford to just give up a run, even if you have a DP.
2008-08-25 17:40:40
164.   Gen3Blue
Nows the time for Howard to get a Home Run and it really won't matter.
2008-08-25 17:40:48
165.   underdog
161 He's a player all right! And a gamer. But does he have leadoff mentality?
2008-08-25 17:41:23
166.   Gen3Blue
But no.
2008-08-25 17:41:34
167.   bhsportsguy
I agree with going for the DP for two reasons, it can get you out of the inning faster and I am pretty Chad needs to keep pitching to preserve the bullpen.
2008-08-25 17:41:54
168.   trainwreck
Orel also does not like Ryan Howard's posture or mechanics.
2008-08-25 17:42:09
169.   bhsportsguy
Boy, those announcers must really be bugging you guys.
2008-08-25 17:42:48
170.   El Lay Dave
162 Was that DP ball hit right at Blake or did he have to move to his left?
2008-08-25 17:43:35
171.   ucladodger

Down 2 runs with this craptacular offense, you cut down the run, not to mention the guy on deck hadnt even touched the ball in his 2 previous ABS.

2008-08-25 17:44:44
172.   Alex41592
Hit right to him though there may have been a slight hesitation. I believe the point is moot now.
2008-08-25 17:45:01
173.   underdog
I generally really like Orel's commentary, but he seems like he's being awfully hard on guys in some ways. That was a tough play for Berroa to make, to grab, and then to be able to throw out a very speedy runner. Yet he felt Berroa needed to be better there.
2008-08-25 17:45:28
174.   trainwreck
They are ripping on everything.

Orel is now saying I do not see any frustration or anger on Dodger faces. Like they are just passing time.

2008-08-25 17:46:17
175.   superbas
orel with the pitcher's perspective. berroa sometimes make those unnecessary slides and twirl.
2008-08-25 17:46:41
176.   D4P
Nice patience from Werth.
2008-08-25 17:46:43
177.   regfairfield
173 A more rangy fielder could have just made it a routine play.
2008-08-25 17:46:52
178.   oshea2002
I'm not sure there's any truth to what Orel is spewing, but it sure sounds nice. Phillips is a complete tool.
2008-08-25 17:46:54
179.   Alex41592
I love how that pitch is called a ball now.
2008-08-25 17:47:04
180.   trainwreck
Our young guys are not in it to win it apparently either.
2008-08-25 17:47:15
181.   ucladodger
LOL. Myers has gotten that call 4 times. Bills has hit the painttwice this inning but hasnt gotten one. Goes to show how much influence an umpire can have on a game.
2008-08-25 17:47:52
182.   scareduck
169 - not me, I'm listening on radio to Mr. Rick Monday and Jerry Reuss.
2008-08-25 17:48:35
183.   Eric Stephen
I thought Orel's point on Berroa's play was that a middle infielder with good range doesn't have to slide to get to the ball, and has more time to throw to first.

However, I think Orel & Phillips are beating the "Dodgers aren't showing any fire" point into the ground.

2008-08-25 17:48:36
184.   Alex41592
Bills gets out of another jam.
2008-08-25 17:49:03
185.   scareduck
174 - it's certainly true for Manny, at least until the free agency clock starts ticking.
2008-08-25 17:49:23
186.   JoeyP
Someone please hire Orel as a pitching coach.

He's worse than Joe Morgan.

Cant believe I just typed that.

2008-08-25 17:49:37
187.   underdog
Yeah, sorry BH, I'm generally pretty quiet about announcers (unless they're Arizona's) but they've been really irritating tonight. And I was in a good mood when I came home! Oh well, I'll stop talking about them though. It's also like they didn't see any of the Dodger games from the last home stand. I saw plenty of emotion and fire and hustle out there. They do look more tired in this series, no doubt, but they're making pretty sweeping generalizations about the team that are misinformed and lazy.

Anyway, enough out of me. I'm gonna watch some CNN for a bit. Prod me if the Dodgers start coming back. ;-)

2008-08-25 17:49:46
188.   oshea2002
Orel almost seems upset. I can respect that.

It reminds me a bit of Scott Wolf, the SC beat writer from the Daily News whom SC fans despise and love to rip on. Everyone's convinced that even as an alum, he hates the program and that his end game is to somehow bring them down or something. I used to think the same, until I heard him on the radio the day after the Texas game, he was ripping Carroll, not just to do it, but genuinely b/c he seemed pissed about what had gone down.

2008-08-25 17:50:10
189.   El Lay Dave
At least Bills retires yesterday's hero.
2008-08-25 17:50:15
190.   still bevens
So has the game been revoked from ESPN2? Im watching some babbling about Leinart.
2008-08-25 17:50:40
191.   bhsportsguy
183 Again, teams that don't score have a hard time showing "fire."

I saw this team with no fire come back from a 6-1 deficit two weeks ago.

I thought the Phillies showed nothing against Kuroda at Dodger Stadium.

2008-08-25 17:50:46
192.   JoeyP
Orel was right about Berroa, but the "heart, soul, facial expressions" crap he was spewing made me hit the mute.
2008-08-25 17:50:55
193.   trainwreck
I was just about to say these guys may be worse than Joe Morgan.
2008-08-25 17:51:37
194.   Alex41592
Game is blacked out in L.A on ESPN2.
2008-08-25 17:51:55
195.   bhsportsguy
BTW what does showing fire mean. Throwing water coolers around, tossing bats out of the dugout?
2008-08-25 17:52:15
196.   trainwreck
I thought they hated him over the cheerleader saga. : )
2008-08-25 17:52:27
197.   Ken Noe
Orel: One ticked off ex-Dodger.
Steve Phillips: The Ned of the Mets.
2008-08-25 17:53:24
198.   sweepstakes
How many times do we need to hear that the Dodgers wasted two leadoff doubles?
2008-08-25 17:54:14
199.   Bluebleeder87
Casey Blake needs a hug.
2008-08-25 17:54:56
200.   Alex41592
The ESPN crew is probably just upset that the Red Sox/Yankees series didn't start today and they are covering this instead.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-08-25 17:55:14
201.   JoeyP
LaRoche could have done that.
2008-08-25 17:55:14
202.   Ken Noe
195 Based on his later comments, he wants to see some Dodgers yelling at each other. Seriously.
2008-08-25 17:55:30
203.   Alex41592
It is the worst when a team goes through this.
2008-08-25 17:56:06
204.   underdog
They've had some bad luck, too. I tuned back in to see Martin's hit and then that line smash right at third for a DP. This series is like a BABIP disaster for LA.
2008-08-25 17:56:20
205.   Tripon
Angel Berroa is your 2009 starting SS. Resigned for a 3 year $15 million dollar contract by newly extended Ned Coletti. Blargh.
2008-08-25 17:57:09
206.   El Lay Dave
195 Bouncing your helmet off the turf after hitting into an inning-ending DP?
2008-08-25 17:58:00
207.   underdog
205 Oh come on. Seriously, even Colletti isn't that dense. No way. SS next year will be a re-signed Furcal, or Hu.
2008-08-25 17:58:09
208.   oshea2002
205 - that's only funny to the extent there's no chance that it could happen.
2008-08-25 17:58:57
209.   underdog
Punching a Muppet? I think the Dodgers need to punch more Muppets. And kick more kittens. With angry Samurai-warrior facial expressions. Then they'd be champions for sure.
2008-08-25 17:59:38
210.   D4P
Alert! Alert!
2008-08-25 17:59:45
211.   Alex41592
2008-08-25 17:59:56
212.   Eric Stephen
Maddux is in the early stages of a Giambi-esque 'stache.

Wow that was a badly defended triple. Manny was Manny, but Berroa looked like a shotputter from 40 feet away on the relay.

2008-08-25 18:00:26
213.   oshea2002
Per Phillips, the Dodgers front office basically needs to evaluate if Martin, Kemp, Loney, Bills, Ethier, etc are worth a hill of beans. They are problem children who don't know how to win or play the game the right way. Torre, Colletti and the vets have likely been cheated out of a world series title by these jokers.
2008-08-25 18:00:48
214.   Jon Weisman
202 - You mean clubhouse tension? Shoot, that's so 2007.
2008-08-25 18:00:57
215.   scareduck
And here the Dodgers don't have a DH position for Manny.
2008-08-25 18:01:10
216.   sweepstakes
208- If he could get Boras to represent and tell Ned what a special player he is . . .
2008-08-25 18:01:31
217.   Eric Stephen
...of the orange variety.

(Rollins needs a HR for the Wes Parker)

2008-08-25 18:02:31
218.   Alex41592
213 - Things could be worse guys. That idiot could be working for us. Everytime I hear his voice I just wanna throw something at my T.V.
2008-08-25 18:02:50
219.   D4P
Is Bob on (yet another) vacation...?
2008-08-25 18:03:07
220.   Bluebleeder87

I was gonna mention that as well Eric but I think that's his look.

2008-08-25 18:03:10
221.   JoeyP
Thats a pretty big reason that Manny will likely play in the AL - the DH.

Cant see a team wanting him to play LF when he's 38-40 yr old seasons.

And maybe Manny wouldnt wan to play it either.

2008-08-25 18:03:20
222.   sweepstakes
Hats off to Bills. He didn't have his best stuff but he kept us in the game. That's what good pitchers do.
2008-08-25 18:03:29
223.   superbas
billz work out of it again...i don't like this 2007 version, maybe he's tiring. how many times has billz allowed 3 runs or less this year and either lose or nd?
2008-08-25 18:03:35
224.   Tripon
213 There's a reason why Steve Phillips isn't seriously considered for any opening job.
2008-08-25 18:03:41
225.   Alex41592
218 - For my sanity I don't watch much Baseball Tonight anymore.
2008-08-25 18:03:48
226.   Eric Stephen
Crap, I think it's only yellow. I need to spend a week in Thief River Falls, MN.
2008-08-25 18:04:09
227.   D4P
If I were a Phillies fan, I would feel like the team was starting to waste some opportunities and that it would come back to haunt.
2008-08-25 18:05:15
228.   Alex41592
223 - This will be the eighth time.
2008-08-25 18:06:02
229.   Snake in Philly
The broadcasters that I'm getting here in Philly are the usual combo of Harry Kalas and Gary Matthews. Harry falls asleep for a few innings each game and then rambles through a number of get wells and happy birthdays. None of the Phillies broadcasters know much about the NL West.
2008-08-25 18:06:13
230.   Chiron Brown
208 But I don't doubt for a minute that he'd re-sign Kent or Nomar if they wanted to play another year.
2008-08-25 18:06:57
231.   Icaros
Imagine how bad the team would be if not for the Blake and Ramirez acquisitions. Might be 3 games back or something.

At least we didn't trade anything good.

2008-08-25 18:07:07
232.   El Lay Dave
226 In this ballpark, I think you were right the first time, but only Bob and his proxy know for sure.
2008-08-25 18:07:50
233.   oshea2002
230 - Kent told Simers in that article a month ago he was either retiring or moving on to another team. He'd better be a man of his word.
2008-08-25 18:08:13
234.   Bluebleeder87
Mark Sweeney's been hitting lately.
2008-08-25 18:08:42
235.   Gagne55
Dodger prospect Jaime Ortiz added me as a friend on facebook today shortly after he found my group "Andrew Lambo- Future MLB Star." He was a teammate of Lambo on the Loons.
2008-08-25 18:09:49
236.   superbas
alright we have a rally!!!
2008-08-25 18:09:52
237.   D4P
Mark Sweeney's been hitting lately

Veterans know that games in August and everything after count more than games in the early part of the season.

2008-08-25 18:10:12
238.   Bluebleeder87
really nice opportunity here.
2008-08-25 18:10:15
239.   Eric Stephen
Sweeney's getting the bounces since he came back.
2008-08-25 18:10:24
240.   Snake in Philly
Since we got Manny and Torre started playing our "best lineup", we're at .500. This is about the same as without Manny and the "best lineup".

Has there been any news on Furcal lately? I hadn't read anything, but is he out for the duration?

2008-08-25 18:10:36
241.   Gen3Blue
Ha Ha Ha. That wasn't hit that hard. Sweeney finally gets a hit playing croquet. I love it even thow I'm not sure I can spell it.
2008-08-25 18:11:00
242.   oshea2002
237 - young players don't hustle and struggle. Veterans play possum and save themselves for when it really counts.
2008-08-25 18:11:13
243.   Alex41592
Go to left here Andre.
2008-08-25 18:11:44
244.   Eric Stephen
C'mon, Kent. I got a bet to (improbably) win!
2008-08-25 18:12:03
245.   Bluebleeder87
alright, now we really have something going.

right on.

2008-08-25 18:12:20
246.   oshea2002
Kent needs to lose one in the seats here.
2008-08-25 18:12:26
247.   thinkblue88
Kent and Ramirez are up, if we do not score..... man, I just don't know.
2008-08-25 18:13:27
248.   Eric Stephen
Here comes the inside fastball 0-2.
2008-08-25 18:13:40
249.   Alex41592
Just in case I'm putting anything valuable away from me in case I start throwing things.
2008-08-25 18:14:01
250.   Eric Stephen
Heck of a pitch to take there. Whew.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-08-25 18:14:12
251.   oshea2002
How about a HBP?
2008-08-25 18:14:30
252.   El Lay Dave
233 Is retiring and/or moving on like washing a truck, falling off and breaking a wrist?
2008-08-25 18:14:33
253.   D4P
Kent is getting lucky.
2008-08-25 18:14:48
254.   Alex41592
The first time he decides to call that a ball for Myers.
2008-08-25 18:14:52
255.   Eric Stephen
Philly Thoughts must be fuming right now. Two strike threeable pitches.
2008-08-25 18:15:11
256.   JoeyP
Nice patience Kent.
2008-08-25 18:15:17
257.   Alex41592
Better than a GIDP.
2008-08-25 18:15:19
258.   Bluebleeder87
2008-08-25 18:15:20
259.   oshea2002
Wow, 5 strikes on one ab.
2008-08-25 18:15:28
260.   superbas
ugh...5 strikes and he still couldn't do anything.
2008-08-25 18:15:32
261.   El Lay Dave
251 I want a CI on Coste!
2008-08-25 18:15:50
262.   Eric Stephen
20 grand slams. 20 bases loaded doubles.
2008-08-25 18:15:57
263.   JoeyP
Kent got himself out by chasing the 1st slider in the dirt of that AB.
2008-08-25 18:16:19
264.   oshea2002
In all seriousness, where's Phillips commenting on the failure to get the runner home from 3rd and less then 2 outs?
2008-08-25 18:16:24
265.   JoeyP
Wow, that was Manny's pitch!
2008-08-25 18:16:31
266.   Eric Stephen
The fastball to Kent was inside according to K-Zone.
2008-08-25 18:17:23
267.   Alex41592
Of course Werth gets to the ball.
2008-08-25 18:17:40
268.   JoeyP
Werth is a good OFer, but that was routine.

All of Manny's Mojo was in his dreds.

2008-08-25 18:17:46
269.   Eric Stephen
Manny gave it a ride, but not in this wind.
2008-08-25 18:17:46
270.   thinkblue88
well there you go, your 2008 dodgers. with the bases loaded, they fail to score...yet again.
2008-08-25 18:17:56
271.   Gen3Blue
Who stayed at third--Sweeney? I love it. Oh sorry I should be more reverential cause here came the veterans!
And down we go!
2008-08-25 18:17:57
272.   Tripon
Seems like somebody in Dodgers management told Steiner to tone down the hysterics. He hasn't yelled once. Or at least I haven't noticed it.
2008-08-25 18:18:04
273.   D4P
Werth isn't as bad as Ned thinks he is.
2008-08-25 18:18:56
274.   scareduck
268 - his center of mass has changed.
2008-08-25 18:20:00
275.   Alex41592
270 -


But, only one grand slam. Kemp.

2008-08-25 18:20:09
276.   El Lay Dave
264 TWICE.
2008-08-25 18:20:28
277.   regfairfield
Manny since his haircut: .272/.375/.363
2008-08-25 18:20:39
278.   Icaros

Neither is that worthless sack who calls himself Cody Ross. Be we didn't want any of the soulless players that Google Boy acquired.

2008-08-25 18:21:30
279.   Gen3Blue
We're out hitting them again. Don't they understand they are beat!
2008-08-25 18:22:01
280.   Bluebleeder87
Bills pitched a pretty good game but our hitters (props to Brett Myers made some good pitches when he needed to) haven't done anything...
2008-08-25 18:22:28
281.   scareduck
"... goes back to Ramirez, he will not get it..."

Funny, I have this sense of deja vu.

2008-08-25 18:24:24
282.   Gen3Blue
I may have to go, but its nice to know our only reliable offensive player is apt to be here a long time--Matt Kemp.
2008-08-25 18:24:44
283.   El Lay Dave
I know it's only a three-run game, but what's the point of having a 12-man pitching staff and throwing Chan-Ho on back to back nights anyway?
2008-08-25 18:24:58
284.   Bluebleeder87
it looks like we're gonna split

we win 4 at home

the Phills win 4 at home

2008-08-25 18:25:40
285.   Tripon
283 Tayon Sturze doesn't come in unless its a blowout.
2008-08-25 18:25:41
286.   JoeyP
277-- Can we refer to Manny as Samson then?
2008-08-25 18:25:42
287.   Alex41592
Where does Victorino lie in regard to DePo? Considering it was Rule V and all.
2008-08-25 18:26:45
288.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. I gotta do my thing fellas, hope the Dodgers come back.
2008-08-25 18:26:50
289.   regfairfield
287 That was entirely DePo's fault.
2008-08-25 18:27:37
290.   Bluebleeder87

I think it was Evans rain (sp?) when the whole Victorino thing happened.

2008-08-25 18:27:49
291.   JoeyP
Heads up baserunning from Werth.

He's good.

2008-08-25 18:27:59
292.   Alex41592
Kent fell asleep and good for Werth he took advantage of it.
2008-08-25 18:28:39
293.   JoeyP
290--Evans gave away Victorino the 1st time in Rule V to the Padres.

Then DePo did it with the Phils, except he didnt offer to buy him back from the Phillies.

2008-08-25 18:28:40
294.   trainwreck
I hate you, Jeff Kent.
2008-08-25 18:28:44
295.   El Lay Dave
285 Troncoso? Off last night, 1 IP the night before, 2 IP on Fri.
2008-08-25 18:28:53
296.   Alex41592
Evans was in charge when Victorino was Rule V'd to San Diego. San Diego gave him back. DePo was in charge when Philly Rule V'd him in Dec. 04.
2008-08-25 18:29:19
297.   Bluebleeder87
you know what, games like this are actually good for us, slaps us back to reality on what we need to work on.

I hope Torre talks to the team or something.

2008-08-25 18:29:44
298.   scareduck
286 - Ugh. That means Torre = Delilah.
2008-08-25 18:30:04
299.   regfairfield
How did Werth score on that play?
2008-08-25 18:30:10
300.   sweepstakes
294 But Jeff Kent plays the game right.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-08-25 18:31:39
301.   scareduck
299 - Dodgers weren't paying attention; Werth was on second, went to third on the groundout to the right side, and he observed the infield wasn't paying attention. By the time he crossed the plate it was too late.
2008-08-25 18:32:26
302.   Alex41592
6 of 7 won and 6 of 7 lost. Sweep Philly. Swept by Philly. Two weeks of the season gone. 1 1/2 back then. 3 (or 4) back now.
2008-08-25 18:32:27
303.   Icaros

Ran home from second while Jeff Kent imagined himself jumping his dirtbike.

2008-08-25 18:33:04
304.   MC Safety
297 They were saying earlier Torre told em to take a day off today and that they didn't have to show up to the ballpark until six or so...

Didn't seem to work.

2008-08-25 18:33:06
305.   regfairfield
301 I still can't picture that.
2008-08-25 18:33:25
306.   underdog
Guess I owe Icaros some Schrute Bucks for the way this ugly series has gone. Ah well.

As I said earlier, the Dodgers have also had some bad luck too, as far as balls hit hard but at people, or Manny's ball hit into the wind, which could otherwise have been at least a two base hit. And the Phillies have outhustled them, too. Ugly and frustrating, but can't do much about it.

(Except crying, pounding the floor, biting the head off a live chicken.)

2008-08-25 18:33:55
307.   El Lay Dave
301 But 292 and 294 are blaming Kent. The way you describe it, it would normally be a napping 1B. Did Kent hold it a long time and/or lob a toss that just beat the batter, a slow catcher, to first?
2008-08-25 18:34:22
308.   underdog
I can't wait til we have a good fielding team again though. Guess that'll be next year.
2008-08-25 18:34:50
309.   JoeyP
305--Werth was running on the play, and the ball was a real high chop. So by the time the ball came down to Kent, Werth had already rounded 3rd.

Kent threw to 1st, and Werth just kept on going home.

2008-08-25 18:34:57
310.   Icaros

I'll take those Schrute Bucks in singles, please. I need money for the bus.

2008-08-25 18:35:27
311.   Alex41592
307 - By the time Loney got the ball in his glove Werth was 15 feet from the plate.
2008-08-25 18:36:15
312.   MC Safety
299 Stupid Kent should have charged the high chopper. Instead he stood there like a statue waiting for it, and by the time the ball got there the only play was to first.

I really hope this is the last year we have to put up with Jeff Kent.

2008-08-25 18:36:18
313.   El Lay Dave
Each team now with 10 hits.
2008-08-25 18:37:09
314.   thinkblue88
Yeah I knew it wasn't gonna be too bad, but I seem to remember a lot of those bases loaded hits were earlier in the season. Not that those hits and runs shouldn't count, it just seems recently, we have struggled with men on/bases loaded.

Wasn't DeWitt like 6/7 with the bases loaded?

2008-08-25 18:37:30
315.   Snake in Philly
Werth had a great lead and was going on the hit which was a slow bouncer. Kent could have tried to gun it home I guess, but to me it looked like more of a great hustle play by Werth.
2008-08-25 18:37:31
316.   regfairfield
308 ...and you all said I was crazy.
2008-08-25 18:37:48
317.   superbas
great, 1st and 2nd 0 out again
2008-08-25 18:37:56
318.   underdog
310 How about Schrute Quarters for laundry?


Well if nothing else, this game has one positive: Russell Martin having 3 hits and much better at bats tonight.

2008-08-25 18:37:58
319.   Alex41592
Another rally.
2008-08-25 18:38:34
320.   dzzrtRatt
Those Kennedy fellas sure have a flair for drama.

(I clicked over to the convention on Werth's hit. Glad I did.)

2008-08-25 18:38:51
321.   regfairfield
How many players would actually bother checking the guy on second in that situation? It was boneheaded, sure, but a lot of people would have made that mistake.
2008-08-25 18:39:50
322.   dzzrtRatt
However, why is Caroline Kennedy's face so drawn-looking? She looks haggard, worried, or perhaps she's a chain-smoker.
2008-08-25 18:40:50
323.   JRSarno
I remember this awesome few days that we had last year, say from Sept. 18 to Sept. 20, 2007, where we managed to lose our gonads in Colorado. Well, we're only at August 25, 2008, and I get the sense that the Dodgers lost their gonads again. I think some guy named "RISP" took them away; then again, it might be painfully apparent that they've actually been devoid of gonads for a long time.
2008-08-25 18:41:05
324.   ucladodger
I had nice long post written but it got deleted, so I'll do a shortened version.

Even with Kent's great hot streak, he hasnt been an amazing offensive juggernaut. It's really a Juan Pierrian streak, with only 5 extra base hits in around 90 ABs. Hes hitting .400 in August with only those 5 XBH and a .919 OPS. So while he has been so much better than before, its not like he has been a a run producing maven. Add to that some pretty ABs like tonight, and what you have is a guy not really helping his team all that much, espeically when you consider defense. Basically, his hot streak OPS is almost Adam Dunn's career average, a player Ned didnt think highly enough to block from the team we trail.

2008-08-25 18:41:30
325.   Alex41592
322 - Lets say she has been through a lot.
2008-08-25 18:42:09
326.   dzzrtRatt
Okay, I went back to the game to see yet another apparent rally. Will this one go anywhere?

Charlie Steiner buzz-kills it by announcing that "Tanyon Sturtze continues throwing in the bullpen." I hope he's not throwing a baseball, but I gather that he is.

2008-08-25 18:42:53
327.   Physics DR
No fun here.

Guess I will move to the Democrats on cable.

2008-08-25 18:43:06
328.   Alex41592
Pierre is going to come through.
2008-08-25 18:43:08
329.   Eric Stephen
If the Dodgers lose tonight, that will be 7 losses in 9 games since the introduction of "Don't Stop Believing" into the fold.

As much as it pains me to say it, from a pure superstitious standpoint, it might be time for the Journey to end. :(

2008-08-25 18:43:13
330.   ucladodger

When I say his .919 OPS is almost Dunn's career number, it should be the other way around. Dunn's career OPS is an even .900.

2008-08-25 18:43:17
331.   Tripon
Remember when the Dodgers won a game with no hits? Those were the days.
2008-08-25 18:43:45
332.   sweepstakes
Slappy goes yard.
2008-08-25 18:44:27
333.   Alex41592
If Pierre goes deep off a lefty I'l buy a drink for everyone on the blog.
2008-08-25 18:44:46
334.   dzzrtRatt
Maybe the Dodgers are guilty of looking ahead to the series against the Nats.
2008-08-25 18:45:10
335.   Eric Stephen
Why in the world is Kuo throwing in the pen?
2008-08-25 18:45:25
336.   nick
greenlight Pierre 3-1 cause he might hit a...single?
2008-08-25 18:45:49
337.   dzzrtRatt
Lame. I should've stayed with some cable goon from Denver.
2008-08-25 18:45:51
338.   Alex41592
25 men left on in two games.
2008-08-25 18:45:59
339.   ucladodger

In case Juan hit a 3 run bomb. Torre needs to cover all possibilities, you know.

2008-08-25 18:46:42
340.   scareduck
Attack of the killer LOBsters.
2008-08-25 18:47:46
341.   MC Safety
321 Nope, bad play on Kent's part no matter how you slice it. He should have charged it, but he didn't. That would have held Werth at bay at third while he was able to get the easy out at first. Pretty basic play.
2008-08-25 18:48:05
342.   trainwreck
Maybe it is time to get "Closer to the Heart".
2008-08-25 18:49:37
343.   scareduck
341 - your powers are weak, old man.
2008-08-25 18:50:22
344.   tommyl
Its Tanyon Sturtze, ah that takes me back to good old 2005 (Yankee fan).
2008-08-25 18:51:26
345.   underdog
That was this series in a nutshell, basically. Looking at things positively, but also logically based on history, they can't be any worse than this with RISP so presumably they'll improve, maybe even radically, in the upcoming series.
2008-08-25 18:51:44
346.   Tripon
Jeff Kent, and Nomar might need to retire.
2008-08-25 18:52:47
347.   tommyl
Hey, announcers guess what, there's a baseball game going on. Sigh, I hate ESPN.
2008-08-25 18:52:51
348.   underdog
331 I guess this series is revenge for that. Or revenge for sweeping the Phils in LA. Or both. At any rate, now we're even Baseball Gods, so help us.

Help us, Jeebus!

2008-08-25 18:53:38
349.   underdog
347 Oh you haven't muted them yet? You're innings behind, son!
2008-08-25 18:54:25
350.   tommyl
349 Just flipped it on to see how our old manager (and apparently players) were doing. How's it been so far?
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-08-25 18:54:34
351.   Tripon
I believe somebody has a zero ERA. Hint: He's one of Torre's favorites.
2008-08-25 18:55:21
352.   regfairfield
351 Blake DeWitt?
2008-08-25 18:56:05
353.   ucladodger

We play the Nats next. Although its not technically do oer die because we still play Arizona, but the team needs to sweep. I dont see us going 5-1 against the D'Backs, so we have to make up the games somehow. Sweeping bad teams is a start.

2008-08-25 18:56:55
354.   still bevens
So with the PVL injection and no stories of clubhouse dischord, whats the excuse for this downturn at the end of this season?
2008-08-25 18:57:49
355.   thinkblue88
matt kemp is awesome.
2008-08-25 18:58:10
356.   scareduck
How will Kemp be stranded?
2008-08-25 18:59:16
357.   Tripon
354 We have guys who shouldn't be on team on the team.

Or, baseball is a funny game. The way we're playing right now we're going to protect our first rounder when we sign expensive FAs like C.C. and Manny, and Jesus Christ. I imagine ol' Jesus can steal a couple of bases and turn water into wine.

2008-08-25 19:00:12
358.   El Lay Dave
That's an even dozen hits for LA. With zero runs.
2008-08-25 19:00:41
359.   GMac In The 909
357 But He can't hit a curveball.
2008-08-25 19:00:55
360.   El Lay Dave
356 Does it count as stranded after Kent GIDPs to end the game?
2008-08-25 19:01:21
361.   thinkblue88
andre ethier is also awesome.
2008-08-25 19:01:38
362.   El Lay Dave
357 We just need JC to turn whine into wins.
2008-08-25 19:01:59
363.   scareduck
Okay, I'm wrong. Kent will hit into an inning-ending triple play.
2008-08-25 19:02:30
364.   Eric Stephen
It least we semi-fatigued Lidge by making him warmup. It won't affect us, but any kind of spiteful vengeance is good enough for me.
2008-08-25 19:02:57
365.   Linkmeister
1st and 2nd no outs, again. How often can we leave the bases like that in a single series?
2008-08-25 19:03:36
366.   Eric Stephen
Oh man, why taint the HOF talk with Omar Vizquel?
2008-08-25 19:03:52
367.   trainwreck
Omar Vizquel is not a hall of famer.
2008-08-25 19:04:41
368.   thinkblue88
Jeff Kent is not very awesome. At all.
2008-08-25 19:04:58
369.   El Lay Dave
So a better play to keep Werth from scoring earlier and Manny on-deck represents the tying run.
2008-08-25 19:05:39
370.   El Lay Dave
369 (while Kent was still in the box)
2008-08-25 19:06:57
371.   thinkblue88
Kent, Ramirez, 14 LOB. ouch.
2008-08-25 19:07:08
372.   scareduck
Aaaaand, that's a wrap.
2008-08-25 19:08:57
373.   scareduck
Well, the silver lining is at least they're getting guys on base.
2008-08-25 19:09:58
374.   Linkmeister
373 Um. That silver's pretty tarnished.
2008-08-25 19:10:17
375.   Icaros

" awful lot."

2008-08-25 19:10:45
376.   ucladodger
Wheres Bob to tell us the most hits the Dodgers have ever had in a shutout? What a disgusting performance these 4 games were. Just wretched, and physically painful to watch.
2008-08-25 19:11:22
377.   sweepstakes
Since the media seems sold on Jeff Kent heading to Coopertown, whose cap you guys think he wears?
2008-08-25 19:11:33
378.   El Lay Dave
Phillies with the awesome 13-hit shutout. Unbelievable.
2008-08-25 19:11:54
379.   El Lay Dave
377 Harley-Davidson.
2008-08-25 19:12:28
380.   sweepstakes
379 good one.
2008-08-25 19:13:45
381.   gpellamjr
377 I'm sold on Kent for HOF, too. He has to go in as a Giant-- but I think it would be cool if he were a Dodgers, just out of spite for SF.
2008-08-25 19:14:15
382.   regfairfield
This was the 13th 13 hit shutout of the Retrosheet era.

No team has had a 14 hit shutout.

2008-08-25 19:14:39
383.   Icaros

Then we'd have to retire his number.

2008-08-25 19:15:48
384.   sweepstakes
Regardless of how Kent's lack of hustle annoys, he's debatable in my opinion. He really gets a bounce because he's a second baseman.
2008-08-25 19:15:58
385.   El Lay Dave
376 The 13 hits with no runs tonight is the most since 1956, the most hits in a shutout was 10.

Assuming I ran the report correctly.

2008-08-25 19:16:31
386.   oshea2002
Since we are going down, I hope it's in flames. Whatever it takes for Ned to be gone.
2008-08-25 19:19:37
387.   El Lay Dave
385 Preface all of that with "For the Dodgers"
2008-08-25 19:23:44
388.   LogikReader

Hear, hear!

2008-08-25 19:23:56
389.   SortaLaSorda
354. Wait for it. If memory serves, Kent waited until the season was mostly gone before courageously calling out the kids. Kind of ironic now, considering how asleep he was tonight.
I sure wish the Dodgers had a real, bona-fide HR guy (or two).
2008-08-25 19:24:09
390.   scareduck
378 - which is worse: getting shut out on 13 hits, or getting shut out on zero hits?
2008-08-25 19:26:23
391.   LogikReader
I think it's a tie, stillduck, or c) losing a game on a home run by Pedro Feliz
2008-08-25 19:28:30
392.   LogikReader
I'm so sorry, scareduck! Why did I call you "stillduck?"
2008-08-25 19:31:12
393.   El Lay Dave
390 The former, in which scoring opportunities must have been wasted. In the latter, one must simply tip the hat to the opposing pitcher in most cases.
2008-08-25 19:31:32
394.   LogikReader
I feel like this team is cursed. How on earth does everyone manage to hit reasonably well in their last seven games, and yet can't even crack the 3 run barrier all week long?
2008-08-25 19:33:31
395.   Tripon
390 The no hitter. Tonight's game might get a blurb on Sports center and then forgotten as a footnote on baseball Reference. A No hitter would lead off of Sportscenter for the next 24 hour news cycle and help define a pitcher's career.
2008-08-25 19:36:24
396.   Tripon
389 If Kent calls anyone out this season he'll get slammed immediately by the media, including Simers, or especially Simers. Simers may be a Kent guy but he's also a Bison and Ethier guy, speaking up for both of them over the course of the season.

Last year people just assumed Kent knew what he was talking about and Plaschke just ran with it. If Kent tried to play the same card again, people are going to be more skeptical. And Kent went on record this year that Kemp's one of the reason the Dodgers had success this year before the recent slump. To attack him or Ethier now would be in bad taste.

2008-08-25 19:37:16
397.   El Lay Dave
389 I sure wish the Dodgers had a real, bona-fide HR guy...


2008-08-25 19:37:51
398.   JayB
I don't think that Manny really got his 'dreds' cut shorter; the dreds are just tucked up under his 'babushka' more. Also, he is a poor leftfielder.
2008-08-25 19:37:56
399.   Bluebleeder87
Nice little story on Steve Sax [ ]

Sax noticed a number of players during his playing days "getting kind of taken" financially, so now he represents a few athletes, with Kris Humphries of the Toronto Raptors and former Major Leaguer F.P. Santangelo among his nearly 100 clients.

2008-08-25 19:38:24
400.   Paul Scott
389 We have them. They just play for other teams now.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-08-25 19:43:36
401.   Tripon
398 If that was true, Manny would still be hitting .500 with 1000 HRs.
2008-08-25 19:44:35
402.   Alex41592
Serious question:

When is the last time a team got a hit in every single inning in a nine inning game and got shutout?

2008-08-25 19:53:32
403.   Alex41592
1-0 Padres RBI triple Luis Rodriguez. Peavy vs Haren.
2008-08-25 19:54:07
404.   LogikReader
I'm not superstitious enough to think that Manny's Haircut cost him his batting prowess. Now then, I have some good news for everybody.

The Padres take the early lead on AZ, 1-0 at Petco!

2008-08-25 19:56:58
405.   Paul Scott
402 This is not nearly as surprising as you (and others) are miking it out to be. The Dodgers are second to last in the league in TPA and XBH. They are second in GIDP and GB/FB ratio. They are forth from last in walks.

This is a team that hits a lot of singles and little else. It is also a team that hits a lot of ground balls.

That is exactly the sort of team you should expect to have a combination of high hits and low scores.

2008-08-25 19:58:21
406.   regfairfield
395 This was way more rare though.
2008-08-25 19:58:44
407.   Alex41592
405 - Do you have an answer?
2008-08-25 19:59:59
408.   Paul Scott
406 Of course. A high-hit shutout is, naturally, rare. But if there is a team with the right offensive make-up to do it, it is the Dodgers.
2008-08-25 20:01:00
409.   underdog
I hope this isn't a rule 5 violation in any way, don't think it is, but I hadn't realized 'til tonight that Michelle Obama's brother was coach of the Oregon State basketball team. (I think as of fairly recently.) I'm sure Bob knew that, but I didn't.

350 In this series, not so hot. In the previous week's homestand vs same team and Brewers, much better. Check back week to week to see how he and they (and we) are faring. It's a very moody season.

2008-08-25 20:01:43
410.   underdog
Didn't they say on ESPN broadcast that no team had gotten 12 hits in a game and been shut out since the Twins did it two years ago? That was all I could find.
2008-08-25 20:13:39
411.   JoeyP
The Dbax really need Justin Upton to come back. Chad Tracy is bleeding Abs right now.

Peavy's got a shutout thru 3.2, but he's thrown 80 pitches to do it.

2008-08-25 20:16:36
412.   Tripon
411 D'Backs should just bite the bullet and move Dunn to first base. I admit, I thought Dunn wasn't going to cut it, but he's doing his job.
2008-08-25 20:20:15
413.   JoeyP
88 pitches for Peavy thru 4.
2-1 Dbax.
2008-08-25 20:20:42
414.   Alex41592
9 pitch at bat by Snyder leads to a 2 RBI single. 2-1 AZ.
2008-08-25 20:21:59
415.   Paul Scott
407 Wake-up and find out that McCourt really didn't fire DePodesta? Other than that, no, not really. Ned is a terrible GM, but he is not so different from most. We need to bring in someone who understands why runs are scored.

Our good, young, players need development that puts them in the right direction. In particular, Kemp really needs to learn to walk. If he maintains an IsoP of around 0.05 then he will not amount to the great hitter he could be.

Loney is not realistically going to develop into an average 1B. He has only shown power once in his career - his short stint in rookie-ball. His GB% is way to high and always has been. If he could learn to walk like a superstar, then maybe he could be average. Apart from that, he will need to completely change his plate approach.

Martin is really the only one doing things properly. Either as well, actually, he just does not have a huge ceiling, but that is not a slight.

I don't have any good suggestion from a "fix" because there isn't one that will show results quickly. The Dodgers need to completely change their approach to building an offense. Doing this now, however, is not likely to show anything for several years. That, frankly, is a depressing thought considering that two years ago I was convinced the Dodgers were about to start a dynasty.

2008-08-25 20:23:47
416.   regfairfield
407 I think he meant about the "hits in every inning" thing.

I'd go through the list I posted.

2008-08-25 20:26:05
417.   Paul Scott
Adam Dunn is the closest thing to predictable that baseball has. He is doing for Az. now exactly what he did for Cin. for years. If your mind has somehow changed about Dunn, it has nothing to do with Dunn.
2008-08-25 20:26:10
418.   regfairfield
415 Loney showed plenty of power in his stint in the bigs last year. He's got the potential to hit it out, but it's going to take some time in the weight room and adjustment to his approach now that there's a book out on him.
2008-08-25 20:30:18
419.   Alex41592
Tied up in Petco. 2-2.

Also, is it just me or is all of Loney's power to right/right center field. I only remember one opposite field HR from Loney and it was in his Coors game September of 2006. Perhaps he's not thinking power and is trying to go opposite field.

2008-08-25 20:31:19
420.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
The last Dodger game I attended had been a stinker last may in which Bomko gave up 8 runs in the first 2 innings. My wife, without any instigation on my part, got a baby sitter and arranged for us to go to the game tonight (we live in Philly now). This was a much better game than the last one I went to!

It was great to see the Dodger's offense finally bust out. They were hitting the ball all over, and even the outs were generally hit squarely. I can't remember the last time I've seen that many baserunners at a game! The Dodgers looked like they were winning, which is almost as good as the real thing.

2008-08-25 20:32:51
421.   Tripon
417 Dunn was in a bad slump coming into the trade to the D'Backs, and was still in that slump for a week. The guy was walking at his usual rate but wasn't driving the ball.
2008-08-25 20:33:13
422.   JoeyP
Loney must take more walks & hit the ball in the air.

The DPs, lack of power, & dependence on hitting singles to be effective is much to overcome for a 1st basemen.

2008-08-25 20:34:13
423.   Paul Scott
418 That's fair. If I am calling his rookie-ball evidence of power, then his short stint last year is also evidence of it. Still, last year does show a similar issue. Too many GBs. Part of his SLG was also generated by his .350 BABIP, but he also had his best HR/FB rate last year. This year it is way down along with his FBs.

So, sure, I agree, if he bulks up and (as previously mentioned) completely changes his approach, he could produce. The Dodgers current development, however, does not seem to be stressing these things. So, overall, I'll stick by what I said about him.

2008-08-25 20:39:04
424.   Paul Scott
421 Dunn's OBP was over .600 in his first week with the Snakes. I wish our players could hit a "slump" like that.
2008-08-25 20:41:08
425.   Tripon
Funny how USC gets daily updates on Sportscenter/ESPN shows. And UCLA barely gets a peep. Ah to be a national power house.
2008-08-25 20:43:16
426.   Tripon
424 Check his slugging. Dunn was average his ton of walks but he wasn't driving people in, and he wasn't being driven in by the guys behind him. OBP is great, but its less great if you're left on base.

So yes, I'm going to say that you're in a slump if you are a power hitter not hitting for power or much of anything.

2008-08-25 20:45:45
427.   trainwreck
I guess it is understandable since no one pays attention to Oregon State.
2008-08-25 20:46:04
428.   Paul Scott
426 ok. Well as far as I can tell, you are complaining about Dunn for the sake of complaining then. I'd accept a SLG of .250 from all our players who could generate .600 OBP while in a "slump." We'd win a lot of games that way.
2008-08-25 20:47:34
429.   JoeyP
Peavy's an inefficient warrior tonight.
2008-08-25 20:47:48
430.   kinbote
424 Colletti seems to excel in somehow outdoing himself when it comes to ineptitude. After Pierre, Jones, and countless other blunders, it's possible his failure simply to block a post-waiver deal giving Arizona Adam Dunn is arguably his worst mistake ever. We're paying for it now; let's hope he pays for it this offseason. He, and this team, are a joke. (Torre is a problem, too, but that's another story.)
2008-08-25 20:50:23
431.   Tripon
428 Sure, if you want to take it that way I guess. I'm just saying that Dunn wasn't that effective that first week due to the people behind him wasn't driving him in. But if you think I'm whining about it, eh.
2008-08-25 20:55:02
434.   Jon Weisman
432 violated rules 3 and 6.

New post up top.

2008-08-25 20:59:52
435.   MC Safety
434 Hyperbole, yeah. But baiting?
2008-08-25 21:15:38
436.   Jon Weisman
435 - Uh, yeah. Potentially bringing an angry response for no good reason? Yeah, that qualifies.

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