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DeWitt Returns, Replacing Ozuna
2008-08-27 14:19
by Jon Weisman

Dodgers at Nationals, 4:10 p.m.
Today's Lineups
Los Angeles
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jeff Kent, 2B
Manny Ramirez, LF
James Loney, 1B
Russell Martin, C
Nomar Garciaparra, SS
Casey Blake, 3B
Greg Maddux, P
Willie Harris, LF
Christian Guzman, SS
Ryan Zimmerman, 3B
Lastings Milledge, CF
Ron Belliard, 1B
Jesus Flores, C
Elijah Dukes, RF
Emilio Bonifacio, 2B
Tim Redding, P
Not wanting to wait for rosters to expand on September 1, the Dodgers recalled Blake DeWitt from Las Vegas and designated Pablo Ozuna for assignment, indicating that DeWitt will see some time at second base backing up Jeff Kent.

The Dodgers have on-based .378 in their past three games, putting 48 runners on base, but they have stranded 37 and grounded into eight double plays. The team has four doubles, no triples and no homers in its past 127 plate appearances.

Arizona has a day game at San Diego today. The teams were scoreless after five innings, but Arizona scored four in the sixth to take the lead.

Update: Incredible. San Diego rallies to win, 5-4, and sweep the Diamondbacks. There is mud in Joyville...

Comments (548)
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2008-08-27 14:26:51
1.   scareduck
Make that four, as Randy Johnson drove in a run.
2008-08-27 14:27:52
2.   Alex41592
Petco Park can't save Clay Hensley from being awful.
2008-08-27 14:28:43
3.   El Lay Dave
I imagine this is also what will allow Torre to give Casey Blake an occasional day off.
2008-08-27 14:29:33
4.   Kevin Lewis
Let's not hit anything to third tonight!
2008-08-27 14:33:54
5.   Dane Bramage
2 Even Brandon Webb can be awful in Petco once in a while, too.
2008-08-27 14:34:13
6.   JoeyP
Martin's last true off-day (when he didnt play at all) was August 7th.

He's started 18 games in a row, with 1 team off-day in that span.


2008-08-27 14:35:06
7.   Dane Bramage
6 Danny?
2008-08-27 14:35:16
8.   scareduck
6 - Danny Ardoin.
2008-08-27 14:36:04
9.   JoeyP
Ooops sorry Danny!
2008-08-27 14:38:16
10.   Dane Bramage
It probably would be a great thrill for him to catch Maddux.
2008-08-27 14:41:45
11.   okdodge
The way Maddux's last start went, we probably don't need a catcher when he pitches. Just put the catcher at the rover position and hope to catch everything they hit.
2008-08-27 14:42:38
12.   unlazy4sports
Is it just me or does anyone else think we should move Russ to batting 2nd and Ethier to 5th given his power surge this month?
2008-08-27 14:42:52
13.   Dane Bramage
2008-08-27 14:47:32
14.   cargill06
Loney's minor league career had OPS' that looked like this, .737, .638, .776, .727.


2008-08-27 14:50:16
15.   scareduck
4-1 Arizona on a Jody Gerut triple and an Edgar Gonzalez infield single with one out in the seventh.
2008-08-27 14:51:29
16.   Alex41592
Oh boy! 4-3 D'Backs Bot 7.
2008-08-27 14:51:37
17.   scareduck
4-3 Snacks on a Nick Hundley homer.
2008-08-27 14:51:41
18.   regfairfield
14 And then he figured something out and broke out. Unless there's evidence his great year was a fluke, those numbers really aren't relevant.
2008-08-27 14:56:07
19.   okdodge
15 Gerut = building piece
2008-08-27 14:56:52
20.   LAT
How is it Yahoo has the score 4-2? Their scorer must be in the head.
2008-08-27 14:57:25
21.   cargill06
18 I'm as happy as the next guy to have a cheap, young, average 1B on our team.

I'm just not expecting that much more from him, unless he can find a way to hit .320 on a regular basis.

2008-08-27 14:58:08
22.   cargill06
20 Gonzo didn't score from 1st on the HR, I thought that'd only be possible from Kent.

Yahoo fixed it.

2008-08-27 15:02:12
23.   Bluebleeder87
just got home in time to watch Randy Johnson give up 3 easy runs as I was changing to more comfortable clothes.

they still need one more run though.

2008-08-27 15:02:49
24.   Howard Fox
all everyone does is dump on Loney...last I checked he has been hitting around .300 all year and is leading the team in runs batted in, and for the most part plays steady defensively
2008-08-27 15:03:36
25.   Bluebleeder87

try CBSsportsline Dot Com LAT it works a little better.

2008-08-27 15:06:15
26.   Bluebleeder87
base hit by Giles, with no outs to start of the 8th.
2008-08-27 15:06:23
27.   cargill06
24 I don't think anyone today was dumping on Loney. All I'm saying is I don't expect much more than what we're getting, sure he'll probably have a few years better than this year and a few years worse.

I think that's the only thing said today that'd be precived as negative, I don't see it as a negative however.

2008-08-27 15:06:27
28.   Alex41592
Giles is red hot of late.
2008-08-27 15:06:33
29.   DaDoughboy
Yes Giles!
2008-08-27 15:06:35
30.   trainwreck
I highly suggest everyone check out and read the interview with team owner Lew Wolff.

Great guy, willing to answer a ton of questions honestly and he explains how a smart organization is run.

2008-08-27 15:08:31
31.   Bluebleeder87
Giles moves to 2nd base with one out.
2008-08-27 15:09:57
32.   DaDoughboy
c'mon Kouz.
2008-08-27 15:10:28
33.   Bluebleeder87
it's all tide up.


2008-08-27 15:10:54
34.   Alex41592
TIED UP 4-4!
2008-08-27 15:11:03
35.   DaDoughboy
woot woot!
2008-08-27 15:11:04
36.   DaDoughboy
woot woot!
2008-08-27 15:12:06
37.   Eric Stephen
No 295 for Randy.
2008-08-27 15:12:24
38.   Bluebleeder87
i don't know how well the snakes bullpen is but every time I watch them, they give up a run or two.
2008-08-27 15:12:34
39.   Alex41592
Stolen base runner at 2nd with 2 out.
2008-08-27 15:12:41
40.   Bluebleeder87
5-4 Pads.
2008-08-27 15:12:58
41.   Alex41592
Jody Gerut! 5-4 Them Padres.
2008-08-27 15:12:59
42.   bhsportsguy
5-4 Padres, is it good that the Padres are playing better with the Dodgers scheduled to play them 9 times.
2008-08-27 15:13:33
43.   Kuo-fax
nice hit by "building block" Gerut for the lead!!
2008-08-27 15:13:42
44.   scareduck
5-4 Padres on a Jody Gerut single.
2008-08-27 15:13:53
45.   Underbruin
30 - From that interview's Part I, Lew Wolff:

" I'm talking about all of baseball. I don't know of one injury in all of baseball where the player wasn't legitimately injured. The biggest problem we have are the ones who want to play when they're injured as opposed to the ones who want to take care of themselves. But I don't believe any of it is fake or any of that."

Sounds like a refrain we've heard on this site - nice to see it's shared by at least one of baseball's higher-ups. I just wonder if that extends to the Bums.

2008-08-27 15:14:47
46.   Bluebleeder87
the snakes broadcasters sound sad.
2008-08-27 15:14:58
47.   scareduck
"Once again, the Dodgers are lovin' this." You betcha.
2008-08-27 15:17:25
48.   cargill06
There will always be a soft spot for Jody Gerut in my heart after Monday and today.
2008-08-27 15:17:35
49.   sporky
I didn't think it was possible, but I love Jody Gerut even more now.
2008-08-27 15:18:46
50.   Eric Stephen
I hear bells of the hellish variety.

(Actually, I don't hear them. I'm in Carlsbad today, nowhere near Petco)

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-08-27 15:18:48
51.   bhsportsguy
49 More than Chad?
2008-08-27 15:19:17
52.   Alex41592
This is crazy we could walk into Arizona 1 1/2 games back.
2008-08-27 15:19:53
53.   bhsportsguy
50 There is a part of me that kind of wishes Arizona had put the Dodgers out of their misery over the past few days.
2008-08-27 15:21:22
54.   sporky
51 There are different tiers. I love Jody Gerut as much as I could possibly love a non-Dodger.
2008-08-27 15:21:30
55.   bhsportsguy
The Dodgers could go 4-6 on this road trip and only trail by half of game on Labor Day.
2008-08-27 15:21:49
56.   Alex41592
One down in the ninth.
2008-08-27 15:22:01
57.   sporky
51 Or did you mean, did I love Jody Gerut more than Chad loves Jody Gerut?
2008-08-27 15:22:39
58.   bhsportsguy
55 Of course they could lead by half of a game too, depending on when they win the 4 games.
2008-08-27 15:23:29
59.   cargill06
56 Stattracker is down, could you please keep me updated?
2008-08-27 15:23:34
60.   scareduck
54 - so your heart is shaped like a wedding cake.
2008-08-27 15:24:08
61.   Alex41592
Ojeda K'd. Tony Clark is up.
2008-08-27 15:24:08
62.   Bluebleeder87
Hoffman paints the corner, 2 outs.
2008-08-27 15:24:12
63.   sporky
Clark strikes out looking. 2 down!
2008-08-27 15:24:14
64.   scareduck
Tony Clark down on strikes. Two down.
2008-08-27 15:24:24
65.   bhsportsguy
two out

60 Or like those Star Trek chess boards.

2008-08-27 15:24:53
66.   Alex41592
Hoffman vs. Stephen Drew
2008-08-27 15:25:19
67.   sporky
2008-08-27 15:25:44
68.   scareduck
Drew goes down swinging, 3 out and 5-4 Padres, final.
2008-08-27 15:26:10
69.   Alex41592
HE STRUCK HIM OUT! Two wins puts us 1 1/2 games back.
2008-08-27 15:26:30
70.   fracule
"Hell's bells!!"
2008-08-27 15:26:39
71.   delias man
I hope this can loosen up the Dodgers. They already know they can gain the game. I already feel relaxed, so should they.
2008-08-27 15:26:42
72.   sporky
The second Jody does this to the Dodgers, though, I'm proposing that he be put on Bob's obelisk.
2008-08-27 15:27:12
73.   bhsportsguy
Considering who the Padres were playing today (No Greene, No Adrian G.), I don't know what the Win Probability was but it had to be around 5% or less for the Padres.
2008-08-27 15:28:37
74.   sporky
8/27/08 AZ vs 8/26/08 LA: whose fans were more frustrated?
2008-08-27 15:29:42
75.   ToyCannon
The Diamondbacks keep dragging my heart around.
2008-08-27 15:30:59
76.   Dane Bramage
Now the big question is which Maddux is gonna show up tonight?
2008-08-27 15:31:05
77.   Kevin Lewis
KT has another gem on FJM

Oh, and GO PADRES!

2008-08-27 15:31:31
78.   ToyCannon
The same one who has been showing up for 20 years.
2008-08-27 15:32:40
79.   El Lay Dave
76 Greg, not Mike, nor Appa.
2008-08-27 15:33:16
80.   bhsportsguy
75 I knew you were a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers fan.
2008-08-27 15:35:10
81.   Dane Bramage
79 Nor Otto?
2008-08-27 15:35:23
82.   sporky
Hoffman struck out the side with 13 pitches.
2008-08-27 15:36:20
83.   still bevens
82 Joe Morgan said it would be like this.
2008-08-27 15:37:54
84.   Howard Fox
and if the Dodgers lose today and the Rockies win again....shades of last year
2008-08-27 15:42:08
85.   Axim
So this move allows for Elbert to be added to the 40 man right?
2008-08-27 15:47:03
86.   trainwreck
Blez: You mentioned leaving the team in good shape for your son and the Fisher family. Are you in this as an A's owner for the long haul?

Wolff: Absolutely. I tend to be a hypochondriac and I get off the phone with someone my age who is ill and I say well, there is an end. I hope it doesn't come for many years, but I like succession planning. Billy's twins, I've got them taking Billy's job.

Blez: (laughing) Wow, you really are in it for the long haul. My question to that would be who winds up taking it, Brayden or Tinsley?

Wolff: I think it's both of them. (laughing) Sort of like the McCourts.

2008-08-27 15:48:28
87.   Eric Stephen
75 ,80
I would enjoy that reference more if it didn't involve Stevie Nicks. I have an irrational hatred of her for some reason, and even though I like her in that song.

Also, that song inspired one of Weird Al's first parodies ("Stop Dragging My Car Around").

I went to the Petty concert in Irvine on Friday (awesome, as was Steve Winwood) and my only fear was that Stevie Nicks would somehow weasel her way into the concert.

Thankfully, she was absent.

2008-08-27 15:49:39
88.   Eric Stephen
Yes, but bringing Ozuna back (which seems like a possibility and maybe even the club's plan) would require another move if Elbert also came up.
2008-08-27 15:50:55
89.   El Lay Dave
I considered chuckling at the D-backs misfortune but then I remembered that the Dodgers lost to Collin Balester of the Nats last night, a guy whose name sounds more like the stair repairman at Fawlty Towers than a pitcher.
2008-08-27 15:53:11
90.   sporky
From an AZ Snakepit commenter: "We can NOT expect the Dodgers to lose to the Nationals AGAIN..."

If only it were so...

2008-08-27 15:54:00
91.   LAT
89 Fawlty Towers? Is that what they are calling Petco these days?
2008-08-27 15:54:42
92.   Axim
88 Ozuna seems redundant when they could just bring up Hu, Repko and even Xavier Paul to do what Ozuna would do (pinch run, defensive replacement).
2008-08-27 15:56:24
93.   trainwreck
If you do not know Fawlty Towers then you must see this.

2008-08-27 16:00:46
94.   El Lay Dave
87 I'd rather see Petty bring out Maria McKee to sing a duet of "Ways to Be Wicked".
2008-08-27 16:01:43
95.   superbas
woot woot i drop by for a pregame update and see the snakes have already lost. i was always a laroche guy but since he's gone i'm fully behind dewitt over ozuna. now can we just bring up hu and get rid of berroa also? please???
2008-08-27 16:02:02
96.   El Lay Dave
92 Ozuna and Berroa are redundant to DeWitt and Hu. Repko and Paul do not play the infield.
2008-08-27 16:02:08
97.   DodgerPhan
There's an article up on about the powerful Mitch Jones and how he has been held back all these years.

2008-08-27 16:04:52
98.   still bevens
97 Didn't Mitch Jones take his act to Japan last year and got owned?
2008-08-27 16:05:31
99.   Humma Kavula
Have you met Mitch Jones
Someone said as we shook hands
He was just Mitch Jones to me...
2008-08-27 16:05:56
100.   regfairfield
97 Jones hit .242/.326/.430 as a 25 year old in AA. I'm guessing the Yankees weren't going to hand that guy a job. Even the year he hit 39 jacks he struck out 152 times as a 26 year old in AAA.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-08-27 16:07:54
101.   Humma Kavula
98 100 And still the Dodgers shoulda played him in center over Pierre last year.
2008-08-27 16:08:20
102.   bhsportsguy
The way it looks right now, the only way the Dodgers face Lincecum is if the last game of the season means something and the Giants have him pitch more than a few innings.
2008-08-27 16:09:15
103.   DodgerPhan
He deserves more of a shot than say, another Jones, age 31, making $18 million batting .161/3/14 in the big leagues. =)
2008-08-27 16:12:41
104.   ToyCannon
If you were my age when Nicks was singing you might have a different tune. The Buckingham/Nicks album cover they did together before they joined Fleetwood Mac was shall we say prized by this teenager. If you have never heard the album, check it out, because once they joined Fleetwood Mac you could tell how much they changed the style of the old bluesy Mac to the tunes that made them lots of money.

Yeah, big fan. Some him play the night after his house burned down, but it didn't get his rickenbacker.

2008-08-27 16:12:51
105.   Zak
102 I have to think that he will be shut down for the year by then.
2008-08-27 16:14:15
106.   ToyCannon
Lone Justice, I remember the days. Man she had a voice.
2008-08-27 16:15:42
107.   Zak
Andre came to play today.

Remember for a while back there, it seemed like we scored in the first inning in every game.

2008-08-27 16:18:44
108.   fracule
The Nationals commentator just used the phrase
"Strap on a uniform" when reffering to Jeff Kent.
2008-08-27 16:18:52
109.   Neal Pollack
Why would you want to score runs anyway?
2008-08-27 16:19:11
110.   Bluebleeder87
I'm expecting a good pitched game by Maddux.
2008-08-27 16:19:17
111.   DaDoughboy
and there's another stranded RISP..
2008-08-27 16:20:11
112.   Dane Bramage
108 As opposed to wizard's robes?
2008-08-27 16:20:25
113.   El Lay Dave
104 I definitely remember that cover. 12" album covers have so much more impact than CD inserts, er, little jpgs in iTunes. Somehow managed to never see Petty in concert, though I did meet Mike Campbell once - very quiet guy. I saw Fleetwood Mac once (Tusk tour) and came away very impressed with Lindsey Buckingham - I like some of his solo work too.
2008-08-27 16:20:28
114.   sporky
The bad thing about day games is that you feel like a lush when you start drinking before 5pm.
2008-08-27 16:20:58
115.   sporky
114 Or east coast night games.
2008-08-27 16:21:57
116.   El Lay Dave
106 Yes, great pipes. Had a little crush on her.
2008-08-27 16:22:42
117.   El Lay Dave
112 or leathers.
2008-08-27 16:22:57
118.   Dane Bramage
113 I spent much of the 70's as a confused geeky kid trying to divine some sort of meaning from all of those trippy Roger Dean Yes covers.
2008-08-27 16:23:10
119.   Alex41592
6 pitches.
2008-08-27 16:24:00
120.   UVaDodger
114 Well, if its any comfort, you feel like a reprobate staying up until 1 am drinking on a random weekday when you try to follow the dodgers on the east coast.

Or at least like you're still in college.

2008-08-27 16:24:25
121.   Zak
Man, Maddux has either really good innings or really bad ones.
2008-08-27 16:24:55
122.   El Lay Dave
119 Didn't his last start begin with similar efficiency?
2008-08-27 16:26:20
123.   Bluebleeder87
Loney steppen' up.
2008-08-27 16:26:24
124.   Alex41592
2008-08-27 16:26:27
125.   Tripon
Jeff Kent is an old man who eats little children.

And Loney is average and probably a complementary player. All that means is that we should keep him until Andrew Lambo is ready.

Course I typed that, and Loney hits a HR. He's been hot lately!

2008-08-27 16:26:31
126.   El Lay Dave
118 But it was ELP's Brain Salad Surgery that confused me the most. Years later I find that something that is in the original artwork is airbrushed out for the album cover.
2008-08-27 16:26:33
127.   sporky
2008-08-27 16:26:40
128.   Humma Kavula
2008-08-27 16:26:47
129.   thinkblue88
2008-08-27 16:26:50
130.   sporky
The cashier at the local Trader Joe's thought I was in the 8th grade. I'm sure I'll appreciate it a few years from now, but damn.
2008-08-27 16:26:56
131.   UVaDodger
Weird Game!
2008-08-27 16:27:03
132.   DaDoughboy
Atta boy Loney!!
2008-08-27 16:27:52
133.   Dane Bramage
126 Yep, that one too. What got 'brushed out?
2008-08-27 16:28:06
134.   ToyCannon
Not bad for a below average 24 year old first baseman who has yet to live up to unrealistic expectations.
2008-08-27 16:28:13
135.   waterboy100
glad to se dewitt back. and is there any way to get an rss feed of the main articles here?
2008-08-27 16:28:15
136.   El Lay Dave
Old Weird James start the scoring!
2008-08-27 16:28:15
137.   Humma Kavula
130 When I was 26 years old, I got carded... at a movie theater for a movie rated R.
2008-08-27 16:28:46
138.   Harold M Johnson
When Ethier works the count, he gets hits.

When Loney is aggressive, he can hit for power.

If both of those guys would put it together more consistently they'd be considered much more then complimentary players. Can they do it? Not for me to say but I wish they would!

2008-08-27 16:29:25
139.   Humma Kavula
Of course. Couldn't let the inning get away without a double play.
2008-08-27 16:29:30
140.   Bluebleeder87
Nomar is on a DP tear of some kind.
2008-08-27 16:29:36
141.   El Lay Dave
133 This is a family blog. Let's just say the original piece is a bit more adult.
2008-08-27 16:29:41
142.   underdog
134 Heh.

I'm not here. I'm logging in from the "mountains".

But -- Squeee! Squee, indeed.

2008-08-27 16:29:53
143.   Alex41592
Hey, Lyons making sense.
2008-08-27 16:30:07
144.   regfairfield
134 I need to be negative about our guys way more often.
2008-08-27 16:30:07
145.   underdog
Oops. That double play was my fault. Back to lurking.
2008-08-27 16:30:30
146.   El Lay Dave
I'm sure Tony Jackson will note that Loney's HR was NOT a hit with RISP.
2008-08-27 16:31:07
147.   Alex41592
Casey wakes up!
2008-08-27 16:31:32
148.   Bluebleeder87
nice. i'm glad Blake hit that out, he needed a pick-me-up home run.

2 dingers.

2008-08-27 16:31:45
149.   Dane Bramage
And Blake goes yard!
2008-08-27 16:32:26
150.   Bluebleeder87
that Maddux swing was almost Sele'esk.


Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-27 16:32:32
151.   sporky
SQUEE again!

I haven't been able to say that in a while.

2008-08-27 16:32:33
152.   DaDoughboy
geez boys, don't spend it all in one place now..
2008-08-27 16:33:24
153.   El Lay Dave
Hey get the pitcher out of the way AND score a run, nice hitting by The Beard.
2008-08-27 16:34:09
154.   trainwreck
What in the Jeebus.
2008-08-27 16:34:32
155.   LoneStar7
Lonestar and beard, bottom of the lineup baby...if we can just get the top back on track
2008-08-27 16:41:54
156.   cargill06
134 , 144 - That Kemp kid will be out of baseball by 26.
2008-08-27 16:43:53
157.   Kevin Lewis

I was carded this year when I was in line with my Dad at Ralphs. He was the one buying the beer, and she still carded me.

2008-08-27 16:45:16
158.   Dane Bramage
And the Nats begin to peck away again. We are become Prometheus chained to the pillar...
2008-08-27 16:48:30
159.   Alex41592
Time to make stuff happen.
2008-08-27 16:49:52
160.   MC Safety
Drats. I was hoping the Bison was going to notch his 30th.
2008-08-27 16:50:30
161.   trainwreck
I got guarded at BevMo even with a beard going and the woman at the counter said, "I thought you were a lot younger than 23."

Funny thing was, behind me in line was my third grade teacher and her husband with a whole shopping cart filled with booze.

2008-08-27 16:50:34
162.   Alex41592
Alright Kent and Manny here's another chance with Ethier at second.
2008-08-27 16:50:50
163.   trainwreck
2008-08-27 16:51:24
164.   UVaDodger
It's all about the xbh for the Dodgers, and all about the infield hits for the Nats. Interesting.
2008-08-27 16:51:46
165.   ucladodger
Kemp needs a ton of work stealing bases. His lead was about 2 feet too short and started with his hands on his knees. His natural ability has gotten him 29 steals, but he has terrible fundamentals. You almost never see him have to go back on a pickoff, and thats because his leads are so short. An extra foot or 2 on the lead off and he is safe. A guy with his speed should never be caught by that kind of throw.
2008-08-27 16:52:47
166.   ucladodger

That should read have to go back head first on a pick off.

2008-08-27 16:54:12
167.   Zak
Isn't no outs, runner on first and your 2nd, 3rd and 4th hitter coming up the perfect time not to steal. Or is this one of Bowa's aggressive-on-the-bases-when-leading situations. Seriously, results be damned, before he took off, I was hoping he wouldn't go. Maybe with one out. But zero outs? Psychologically the Dodgers are expecting not the score.
2008-08-27 16:55:26
168.   Zak
are expecting not to score.

is what I meant.

2008-08-27 16:56:20
169.   ucladodger

The third base coachmakes no decisions when it comes to stolen bases, etc. The Nats catcher had thrown out 15% of guys. Thats terrible and worth the risk to go, especially with a guy like Kemp. Matt has to get a better lead and be in better position to go, because he cannot get caught in that situation by that poor of a throw.

2008-08-27 16:57:10
170.   Sam DC
Post beat writer reports that Bowden was clowning around in a Manny wig before the game.

Sure that was something to see . . .

2008-08-27 16:57:46
171.   trainwreck
Rick Sutcliffe says Jason Varitek is the most important player in Red Sox history.
2008-08-27 16:58:42
172.   Zak
Kemp is now 4-25 with 2 walks in the last 27 PAs (sorry I didn't check if there were any HBP, S or SF).

That is a semi-slump.

2008-08-27 16:58:56
173.   trainwreck
Gammons is slurping it up too.
2008-08-27 16:58:58
174.   Marty
I remember getting chills up my spine when Maria McKee sang You Are The Light at the Hollywood Palace. Musta been about 1986.
2008-08-27 16:59:27
175.   ucladodger
Our middle infield is atrocious.
2008-08-27 17:00:12
176.   sporky
Maddux the Flammable.
2008-08-27 17:00:20
177.   Zak
169 Not saying Bowa made the call to steal. Just, I don't like the timing. It's ok, I can see why they did it. I just don't like it.
2008-08-27 17:01:35
178.   sporky
Lush be damned.
2008-08-27 17:01:40
179.   ToyCannon
Having worked in a liquor store once upon a time it is no wonder old people get carded. The son of the owner was working behind the counter one night when a guy came in with a full beard, very scary looking. He asked for his ID and the guy said he just came out of prison and that he didn't have one. He was a surly SOB and eventually the kid sold him the liquor and then was popped for selling to someone under age. They set the kid up, it was ridiculous. I saw the whole thing, it was offensive and an eye opener for a 16 year old.
2008-08-27 17:02:11
180.   ucladodger

I ddint mind the decision, but Kemp's execution was atrocious. As were those last 2 plays. What a trainwreck.

2008-08-27 17:02:25
181.   sporky
Hey, it's past 5pm!
2008-08-27 17:02:32
182.   Tripon
Maddux no gold glove no more.
2008-08-27 17:03:22
183.   ToyCannon
Did Lasting hit the ball so hard he broke game day?
2008-08-27 17:04:58
184.   trainwreck
Dodgers, the gift that keeps on giving.
2008-08-27 17:05:06
185.   Tripon
This is hilarious.
2008-08-27 17:05:14
186.   cargill06
Um Casey you're aloud to move.
2008-08-27 17:05:53
187.   Zak
180 Yeah. AZ fans must feel like we did in the SD-AZ game in the 8th.
2008-08-27 17:07:09
188.   Lexinthedena
Free Eric Stults!
2008-08-27 17:07:10
189.   sporky
So it's an unearned run even if it's the pitcher's fault?
2008-08-27 17:07:31
190.   trainwreck
I really wish someone claimed Maddux.
2008-08-27 17:08:29
191.   Marty
There was a liquor store in Monrovia back in the day that would sell to anyone that looked over 12. They also were the local connection for any drug you wanted. About the only thing not for sale there were hookers.
2008-08-27 17:09:34
192.   Marty
2008-08-27 17:09:55
193.   LoneStar7
I want Chan Ho to start
2008-08-27 17:10:09
194.   cargill06
Ok Toy let's hear it...
2008-08-27 17:10:12
195.   bhsportsguy
Can the Dodgers hit 3 doubles and not score any of them?
2008-08-27 17:10:23
196.   sporky
Please don't try to steal, James.
2008-08-27 17:10:26
197.   scareduck
If disparaging the Dodgers first baseman causes him to excel: Loney is teh suck.
2008-08-27 17:10:34
198.   Zak
191 You probably didn't look in the right aisle. Or ask nicely.
2008-08-27 17:10:56
199.   scareduck
191 - were they on retainer?
2008-08-27 17:11:00
200.   bhsportsguy
Greg Maddux will start every game unless he is hurt and since he has never gotten hurt, he will start.

Move along people.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-08-27 17:11:02
201.   ucladodger

Is that a rhetorical question?

2008-08-27 17:11:36
202.   Tripon
179 That's ridiculous. I have similar problems selling smokes to youngish looking people too. One time, this guy came on a skateboard and a backup from a local highschool said, he was 18 and I asked for ID. Told me my dad knew he was 18 so I could sell him the smokes, I told him that I didn't know he was 18 so I couldn't. After about ten minutes, after increasing yelling and obscenities, I told him I wasn't going to sell to him unless I see some I.D. and told him to leave. Still, the whole situation can get ugly fast if the person in question won't leave.
2008-08-27 17:12:05
203.   bhsportsguy
The Dodgers hit fly balls when they need just ground balls and then they hit ground balls when they need fly balls, they hit ground balls.
2008-08-27 17:13:07
204.   Zak
Nomar is one for his last twenty-one ABs.

Blake is six for thirty-five.

2008-08-27 17:13:45
205.   sporky
We should've traded for Jody Gerut.
2008-08-27 17:13:50
206.   ucladodger
We could send up our A ball squad and do better than 4 for 45 with RISP. Thats one of the worst stats I've ever seen. Didn't we do the same thing last year, also?
2008-08-27 17:13:54
207.   Tripon
We need to move Loney to 3rd or something.
2008-08-27 17:14:08
208.   bhsportsguy
204 If I had to guess, Nomar is probably a little hurt but he won't take himself out of the game. And given the options, the Dodgers are not going to force him out.
2008-08-27 17:15:10
209.   bhsportsguy
206 But the thing when they hit well, they'll go something like 10 for 21 in a stretch.
2008-08-27 17:16:01
210.   bhsportsguy
Sorry, I guess I shouldn't type things like that anymore.
2008-08-27 17:16:56
211.   Tripon
Jay Mariotti, the opinionated and polarizing sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, told the Chicago Tribune he resigned on Tuesday after 17 years with the paper.

2008-08-27 17:17:05
212.   bhsportsguy
And I would bet that if you looked it up, Maddux would have some ridiculous percentage of turning that double play probably 95 out of 100 or better than that.
2008-08-27 17:18:09
213.   ucladodger

It just seems that everyone is stuck in the mud. They do something right (not talking about the homers tonight) like a leadoff double, catch a break and get on base, and then nothing comes after that. I've just never seen a team in contention play this poorly and keep getting let off the hook. If the Dodgers played semi-decent fundamental baseball this year, they would be up 2-3 games. Just really aggravatingt o watch a team go through this.

2008-08-27 17:19:13
214.   trainwreck
He will just be on TV more. Which is far worse.
2008-08-27 17:19:37
215.   Tripon
207 Not 3rd base mind you, but 3rd in the batting lineup.
2008-08-27 17:22:11
216.   scareduck
This reminds me of the 2004 Cubs, who had a good shot at the Wild Card and were in second place on 9/22 with four to play with the division-trailing Reds. They totally muffed it, losing three of four.
2008-08-27 17:22:50
217.   scareduck
211 - Hooray!

214 - no it isn't, because I never watch TV except for baseball.

2008-08-27 17:24:04
218.   sporky
2008-08-27 17:24:06
219.   Tripon
2008-08-27 17:24:07
220.   trainwreck
Why would you read his columns?
2008-08-27 17:24:16
221.   ucladodger
This is the most disgusting thing I've ever watched.
2008-08-27 17:24:30
222.   Sam PHL
This is ridiculous.
2008-08-27 17:24:46
223.   scareduck
Jeff Kent can play, alrighty.
2008-08-27 17:24:51
224.   cargill06
Watching the Dodgers play defense makes me throw up in my mouth... no rule 6 violation either.
2008-08-27 17:25:19
225.   Tripon
Seriously, Kent should have gotten two errors on that play.
2008-08-27 17:25:21
226.   sporky
224 But it is a rule 13 violation.
2008-08-27 17:25:39
227.   Alex41592
This is where Zimmerman puts one in the bullpen.
2008-08-27 17:25:39
228.   scareduck
220 - I don't, but he gets a lot of reaction at BTF. He's Chicago's version of Bill Plaschke, only stupider, if that's possible.
2008-08-27 17:26:20
229.   scareduck
224 - but it does violate my banishment of the "throw up in my mouth" locution.
2008-08-27 17:26:22
230.   be2ween
Merciful God, thank you for the fly-out.
2008-08-27 17:26:35
231.   sporky
Every out is an adventure.
2008-08-27 17:27:15
232.   trainwreck
Peter Gammons is talking about how the Dodgers staff wants Robinson Cano.
2008-08-27 17:28:16
233.   Ranma
That's proven veteran leadership for you, folks. If veterans lead by example, then McCourt and--if he's still going to be around--Colletti better be paying attention. Then again, they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks...
2008-08-27 17:28:27
234.   sporky
Maddux, Nomar, Manny and Kent have the lowest WPA thus far.
2008-08-27 17:28:41
235.   Tripon
Everytime somebody points out that management wouldn't be comfortable with all rookie defensive lineup outside of Loney, I will point to Jeff Kent and his horrible defense.
2008-08-27 17:29:30
236.   Tripon
232 Isn't Cano the Chris Young of 2nd basemen?
2008-08-27 17:29:48
237.   cargill06
226 Unfortunately, I'm not part of the cool crowd and don't know what that is.
2008-08-27 17:31:15
238.   Zak
I'll take another double for $600 Alex.
2008-08-27 17:31:36
239.   sporky
237 See 229
2008-08-27 17:31:36
240.   scareduck
232 - he's (a) drunk, (b) sarcastic, (c) taking stupid pills, (d) shilling for the Yankees, (e) all of the above.
2008-08-27 17:31:44
241.   Jim Hitchcock
Oh, gee , great, now I get to go home and watch the game on TV...
2008-08-27 17:31:51
242.   ucladodger
This is nuts.
2008-08-27 17:31:56
243.   Sam PHL
So, can we hit a HR with someone on next time?
2008-08-27 17:31:56
244.   sporky
2008-08-27 17:32:00
245.   Alex41592
2008-08-27 17:32:16
246.   Tripon
Apprently Jay Mariotti was on a 3 year/ $6 million dollar contract with the Sun Times. Seriously? For Mariotti? Mariotti is the Juan Pierre of Sports writers.
2008-08-27 17:32:41
247.   scareduck
Ethier must be drinking some of that PVL energy drink, whatever it is. Solo homer, 4-3 Dodgers.
2008-08-27 17:34:44
248.   ToyCannon
Cano is pretty good for a 2nd baseman but he does have some very serious 1st/2nd half splits in his career.
2008-08-27 17:34:47
249.   ssjames
Our only hope apparently is to hit repeated solo homeruns, as that way we are not hitting with men on base. Men on base=Krytonite to Dodger hitters lately.
2008-08-27 17:34:51
250.   Johnson
So that would be a Yellow Alert for Andre Ethier, no?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-08-27 17:35:04
251.   cargill06
Maybe we need Pierre to take 'Dre's spot to spark the off.... nevermind
2008-08-27 17:35:08
252.   sporky
Is really, really slow for anyone else?
2008-08-27 17:36:12
253.   ssjames
252 Yes.
2008-08-27 17:36:33
254.   ToyCannon
Someone sound the cycle alert for Bob. I'm not sure what color to use.
2008-08-27 17:36:45
255.   ucladodger
Yes Lyons, Manny is a better hitter when he has 2 strikes on him. How do these people get jobs to actually talk about baseball?
2008-08-27 17:36:53
256.   thinkblue88
It wasn't even loading for me last night.
2008-08-27 17:37:07
257.   sporky
Is there a color for 2 doubles and a HR?
2008-08-27 17:37:14
258.   Ranma
Andre the Giant sends another mighty blast. Lyons says it's his 6th in 12 games. Let's see what DeWitt can do in place of Kent the next game.
2008-08-27 17:37:17
259.   scareduck
247 - I must be drinking. 4-3 Nats.
2008-08-27 17:37:24
260.   ToyCannon
Sorry, didn't refresh in time.
2008-08-27 17:37:25
261.   Axim
He still needs a single and a triple.
2008-08-27 17:37:57
262.   Zak
Dodgers are so out of sync. Six extra base hits, but only three runs. And in two of those XBH, the runner before was either caught stealing or wiped out in a DP. Still, at least we are hitting well. Just need some breaks to go our way.
2008-08-27 17:38:00
263.   ssjames
Why a cycle alert? Two doubles and a homer do not a cycle alert make as far as I know.
2008-08-27 17:38:06
264.   sporky
253 256 Thanks. Cube time.
2008-08-27 17:38:10
265.   Johnson
257 Actually my mistake. I read the box score and didn't notice it was TWO doubles, I thought the third hit was a single. I will stand down.
2008-08-27 17:38:36
266.   ToyCannon
Bruin Blue
2008-08-27 17:39:49
267.   ToyCannon
I got my misinformation from True Blue. Should have known better then to trust that hack site.
2008-08-27 17:39:55
268.   Tripon
Loney's more likely for a cycle in tonight's game due to his crazy ability to get triples.

And Maddux decides this game sucks and plunks Millidge.

2008-08-27 17:41:37
269.   cargill06
At least Nomar didn't hurt himself that time.
2008-08-27 17:41:43
270.   ssjames
268 Loney's ability to get triples despite his serious lack of speed is my favorite thing about him. It is so random.
2008-08-27 17:41:47
271.   Alex41592
That's a great play by Milledge.
2008-08-27 17:42:10
272.   sporky
How does Milledge go from 1st to 3rd on a ground out?
2008-08-27 17:42:16
273.   scareduck
When Maddux gets into the dugout, I bet he starts writing his retirement press release.
2008-08-27 17:43:22
274.   cargill06
271 Tried to do the same thing in LA and that's how nomar hurt himself, didn't work that time.
2008-08-27 17:43:23
275.   Sam PHL
Maddux is so sneaky.
2008-08-27 17:43:28
276.   ucladodger
Great play by Maddux.
2008-08-27 17:43:38
277.   Alex41592
Now that was brilliant!
2008-08-27 17:43:46
278.   Bluebleeder87
I admit, that was a really nice PVL play by Maddux.
2008-08-27 17:44:01
279.   Tripon
Maddux conned Lastings.
2008-08-27 17:44:24
280.   Bluebleeder87
I still don't like the way the Dodgers do pickles though...
2008-08-27 17:44:37
281.   MJW101
An offseason trade with Baltimore for Roberts/Mora/Huff would go a long way in replacing the PVLhood of Kent/Manny/Blake (assuming Nomar signed with SD).
2008-08-27 17:45:06
282.   ucladodger
We have 3 home runs and 3 doubles for a total of 3 runs. The Nats have 0 XBH for 4 runs. Thats amazing.
2008-08-27 17:45:07
283.   scareduck
That rundown was AWESOME.
2008-08-27 17:45:12
284.   underdog
That was an awesome fakeroo by the Mad Dog.

First he plunks Milledge and then fools him on the basepaths.

2008-08-27 17:46:12
285.   sporky
2008-08-27 17:47:11
286.   trainwreck
What are you doing out of your cave?
2008-08-27 17:47:21
287.   Zak
How does this game have no strikeouts?
2008-08-27 17:47:44
288.   Tripon
281 San Diego is trying to shed payroll. I doubt they'll sign anyone of importance this off season. So unless Nomar is willing to work for the vet's minimum, he's not going to the Padres.
2008-08-27 17:50:34
289.   scareduck
287 - Maddux explains half of it.
2008-08-27 17:50:59
290.   Bluebleeder87

that raises a good question, I wonder were Nomar will play next season. I'm sure he'll play in the NL West but with whom

2008-08-27 17:51:46
291.   trainwreck
SF Giants.
2008-08-27 17:52:16
292.   sporky
If Ed Wade is still around, Houston.
2008-08-27 17:52:33
293.   scareduck
Martin forgot the first rule about playing the Nats: don't hit the ball to Zimmermann.
2008-08-27 17:53:23
294.   sporky

Was that intentional?

2008-08-27 17:54:54
295.   joekings
If Blake gets on they have to take out Maddux right?
2008-08-27 17:55:03
296.   scareduck
294 - yes, but it was misspelled anyway.
2008-08-27 17:56:23
297.   Tripon
Well, Maddux's still in the game.
2008-08-27 17:57:41
298.   Tripon
Its going to be SWEENEY TIME.
2008-08-27 17:58:37
299.   scareduck
298 - it's like Daylight Savings Time, only without the reliability.
2008-08-27 17:59:27
300.   scareduck
Maddux walks Redding. Gah.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-08-27 18:00:12
301.   sporky
299 He reliably sucks, so there's that.
2008-08-27 18:01:23
302.   Bluebleeder87
good move by Torre here, & i actually like this Troncoso move.
2008-08-27 18:03:21
303.   Sam DC
One of the Nationals' top few pitching prospects is named Zimmermann.
2008-08-27 18:04:36
304.   cargill06
302 I would have to say I agree with you, always efficent when you pitch 0.2 IP with 1 pitch.
2008-08-27 18:04:36
305.   sporky
That was... too easy of a double play.

Something else will go horribly awry.

2008-08-27 18:05:09
306.   scareduck
1 pitch, two outs.
2008-08-27 18:06:09
307.   underdog
That was as efficient a relief appearance as you can get, TronTron! And he'll be fresh if needed tomorrow.

{cue sinister suspense music} Can... the... Dodgers... score a run in three innings. {thunderclap}

{evil laugh}

We'll see... we'll see.

2008-08-27 18:07:18
308.   Tripon
TronTron suddenly became the new Wade.

Hopefully Wade won't become the old TronTron.

2008-08-27 18:12:07
309.   Tripon
JP being Sweeney.
2008-08-27 18:12:32
310.   Alex41592
Great job Juan.
2008-08-27 18:12:36
311.   sporky
Nationals Park is the new Bermuda Triangle.
2008-08-27 18:12:38
312.   trainwreck
I wonder if Kemp will get a day off.
2008-08-27 18:13:22
313.   Bluebleeder87
that was a comical try by Dukes.
2008-08-27 18:13:37
314.   underdog
I will raise my glass for Elijah on that muck-up.
2008-08-27 18:13:44
315.   superbas
make 'em pay bison
2008-08-27 18:14:03
316.   Gen3Blue
If Pierre was as young as Kemp, he could steal second now.
2008-08-27 18:14:40
317.   underdog
Kemp gets lucky twice.
2008-08-27 18:14:41
318.   Tripon
So I'm going assume Millidge is a better player over Dukes.
2008-08-27 18:14:42
319.   bhsportsguy
Kemp hasn't had a day off since the ASB so he is due.
2008-08-27 18:15:02
320.   Alex41592
312 - We face a lefty tomorrow and I can't imagine Torre benching Kemp against Arizona this weekend. He needs to play.
2008-08-27 18:15:15
321.   bhsportsguy
316 He hit the first two pitches so he never had a chance.
2008-08-27 18:15:23
322.   underdog
It's very hard to post here using sticks, dirt and matches. I'm still in the mountains if you recall.
2008-08-27 18:17:40
323.   ToyCannon
It is not working you might as well come home. Don't want a bear to get you.
2008-08-27 18:18:42
324.   Gen3Blue
Every good Dodger hitter has become committed in this stretch to hitting into double and triple plays. Go figure. They can't put anything together, thats a given.
Ethier is typical, he hits 2 doubles and a home run until someone is on base. It is weird. Couldn't a vet like Kent do something?
2008-08-27 18:19:38
325.   Gen3Blue
2008-08-27 18:20:27
326.   Tripon
A vet like Kent is a vet like Kent.
2008-08-27 18:20:38
327.   underdog
The Cursed Week continues.
2008-08-27 18:20:39
328.   scareduck
Jeff Can't.
2008-08-27 18:21:37
329.   underdog
323 I will sacrifice myself to the bears if that's what it takes to get the Dodgers to the playoffs!
2008-08-27 18:22:31
330.   Bluebleeder87
well, this place is pretty big so I'm cool with Chan Ho Park coming in to pitch here.
2008-08-27 18:22:40
331.   Gen3Blue
It is definitely an unnatural thing and there is no use worrying about it, so I will try not to.
2008-08-27 18:23:32
332.   Johnny Nucleo
On Gameday that Kent flyball looked out. What happened?
2008-08-27 18:23:35
333.   underdog
I almost Charlie Steinered on Kent's ball at first. But t hat was just wishful thinking.
2008-08-27 18:23:55
334.   Johnny Nucleo
Out meaning out of the park.
2008-08-27 18:24:08
335.   Alex41592
2008-08-27 18:24:11
336.   ucladodger
James is so good when he has no time to think.
2008-08-27 18:24:27
337.   Bluebleeder87
I hope that play by Loney sparks up the boys in blue.
2008-08-27 18:24:41
338.   underdog
332 - Caught in the deepest corner of left field, actually went foul, very close to the wall.
2008-08-27 18:25:16
339.   scareduck
329 - how about to the Cubs?

The Lincoln Park Trixies are supposed to be pretty cute.

2008-08-27 18:26:39
340.   Tripon
Yeah, the D'Backs don't have to worry about us.
2008-08-27 18:26:41
341.   Bluebleeder87

well there goes that theory... (ah!)

2008-08-27 18:26:44
342.   ucladodger
And that might be it for tonight.
2008-08-27 18:27:03
343.   GMac In The 909
I've had it.
2008-08-27 18:27:17
344.   still bevens
Is this the one where we lose a ton of games and then go on a 16 game win streak? u_u
2008-08-27 18:27:32
345.   scareduck
330 - you were saying ...

Zimmerman was launching double plays yesterday, now he's launching dingers.

2008-08-27 18:27:59
346.   Johnny Nucleo
Chan Ho Yard strikes again.
2008-08-27 18:28:00
347.   sporky
345 A glimmer of hope for Nomar?
2008-08-27 18:28:44
348.   sporky
347 Never mind; was thinking the reverse.
2008-08-27 18:29:40
349.   Bluebleeder87
these are the Nats for crying out loud. we still gotta face the likes of Hanrahan, yes I'm still hopeful.
2008-08-27 18:32:36
350.   LoneStar7
this is making me sick, or else its jersey mikes
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-08-27 18:32:43
351.   Bluebleeder87
Let's go Manny, oh there you go.

come on James Loney...

2008-08-27 18:33:22
352.   LoneStar7
why do i now expect a double play
2008-08-27 18:33:36
353.   ToyCannon
A DP would be so fitting. A hit would be so sweet.
2008-08-27 18:33:40
354.   Tripon
Homer, Double, single for Loney?
2008-08-27 18:33:42
355.   scareduck
Loney needs to hit the ball to Zimmerman to make the insanity complete.
2008-08-27 18:33:43
356.   Bluebleeder87
alright Loney!
2008-08-27 18:34:22
357.   ToyCannon
And his average now sits right on 300
2008-08-27 18:34:36
358.   Bluebleeder87
man, give Manny a gas tank. did you guys see that?
2008-08-27 18:34:51
359.   ToyCannon
Now can we call for an alert?
2008-08-27 18:34:55
360.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. Russell, destiny calls!
2008-08-27 18:34:58
361.   ucladodger
Please, Russell. Please
2008-08-27 18:35:03
362.   scareduck
353 - door #2. Hope flickers!
2008-08-27 18:35:35
363.   Bluebleeder87
oxygen tank.
2008-08-27 18:35:38
364.   sporky
My kingdom for a sacfly...
2008-08-27 18:35:55
365.   ToyCannon
Maybe we score on a wild pitch.
2008-08-27 18:36:06
366.   Bluebleeder87
little fly ball will also do.
2008-08-27 18:36:31
367.   Tripon
Oh come on Martin!
2008-08-27 18:36:41
368.   LoneStar7
ok now comes the double play
2008-08-27 18:37:17
369.   ToyCannon
We are putty in the hands of a pitcher with a man on base. Nomar will now end the madness with a DP shot to Zimmerman or a 3 run home run.
2008-08-27 18:37:28
370.   scareduck
361 - Don't play B17.
2008-08-27 18:37:44
371.   Alex41592
The time for getting mad passed about 4 days ago. We're a Greek tragedy at this point.
2008-08-27 18:38:16
372.   Bluebleeder87
Rivera is relying on the curve for both Russell & Nomar.
2008-08-27 18:38:34
373.   ucladodger
My gosh, our hitters have the worst plate discipline with RISP. Try swinging at strikes, guys. This team is worse than futile
2008-08-27 18:38:34
374.   Tripon
2008-08-27 18:38:52
375.   scareduck
No DP, anyway.
2008-08-27 18:39:16
376.   scareduck
371 - this is comedy.
2008-08-27 18:39:35
377.   Tripon
Is Sweeney really our best bet? Where's Blake Dewitt?
2008-08-27 18:39:50
378.   Bluebleeder87
everybody wants to be a hero, nah man, just have a good at bat, that's all man.
2008-08-27 18:40:09
379.   Tripon
OMG, they finally did it! They finally did it!
2008-08-27 18:40:10
380.   Tripon
OMG, they finally did it! They finally did it!
2008-08-27 18:40:22
381.   Bluebleeder87
look who delivered Casey Blake, alright.
2008-08-27 18:40:36
382.   Alex41592
A bloop that falls in...
2008-08-27 18:40:48
383.   scareduck
2008-08-27 18:41:16
384.   Bluebleeder87
I hope Sweeney induces a BB.
2008-08-27 18:41:18
385.   underdog
Holy mackerel, I'm shocked he didn't make a diving catch of that one. Shocked!
2008-08-27 18:41:37
386.   Bluebleeder87
i hope the tide has turned.
2008-08-27 18:43:11
387.   trainwreck
Why don't pitchers challenge Sweeney? Not like he is going to crush the ball.
2008-08-27 18:43:52
388.   Gen3Blue
Is this Sweeney . Oh no Good night from the East Coast.
2008-08-27 18:44:34
389.   Alex41592
Nice job Sweeney.
2008-08-27 18:44:36
390.   Bluebleeder87
nice AB by Sweeney, gotta give him props, he has been good of late.
2008-08-27 18:44:39
391.   sporky
Bermuda Triangle, I tell you.
2008-08-27 18:45:06
392.   scareduck
And then the Nats remembered that they suck.
2008-08-27 18:45:20
393.   underdog
Whew. It's up to Kemp to do something here. {{clap clap clap}} Let's go Bi-son!
2008-08-27 18:45:22
394.   Tripon
Sweeney is a walk machine. I admit, Sweeney's actually better since he came off the DL. He even raised his Sweeney line from under a .098BA to .175 BA. I'm not even being factious, Sweeney's actually a pinch hitter, and not a belly itcher.
2008-08-27 18:45:33
395.   scareduck
384 - you get your wish.
2008-08-27 18:45:52
396.   Bluebleeder87

from what I've seen of Sweeney he absolutely has no more pop in his swing but hey what can you do, at least he induced a walk.

2008-08-27 18:46:19
397.   Ken Noe
Wherever Sweeney got the force field, I like it.
2008-08-27 18:46:22
398.   dzzrtRatt
Tell them Diddy says Kemp's hitting a salami.
2008-08-27 18:47:08
399.   Bluebleeder87
let's see what we get from the Bison.
2008-08-27 18:47:51
400.   sporky
398 Baloney.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-08-27 18:48:19
401.   Ken Noe
Bison, if Hanrahan wants to walk you again, let him.
2008-08-27 18:48:23
402.   Bluebleeder87
i feel ya' Bison, it's cool...
2008-08-27 18:48:26
403.   Tripon
Kemp needs his own forcefield.
2008-08-27 18:48:41
404.   ucladodger
Jeeze,he had a pitch to crush. Right off the end of the bat.
2008-08-27 18:48:51
405.   underdog
Sigh, that was kind of weak, Matt.

Would've been good if there'd been one out, a perfect sac fly swing. Unfortunately...

2008-08-27 18:49:08
406.   Ken Noe
Or not.
2008-08-27 18:49:11
407.   scareduck
9 LOBsters.
2008-08-27 18:49:52
408.   underdog
I feel all oogly inside.

Either it's all the nuts and berries I've been eating, or the Dodgers. Or both.

2008-08-27 18:50:06
409.   JoeyP
Kemp needs more patience.
2008-08-27 18:50:21
410.   dzzrtRatt
Once again, they get within one. Just to make the inevitable loss more torturous.
2008-08-27 18:50:35
411.   Bluebleeder87
what can you do man, he actually got a good pitch to hit but not the result he wanted.
2008-08-27 18:51:21
412.   Bluebleeder87
there playing with our emotions...
2008-08-27 18:51:35
413.   LogikReader
...Kemp knew it too. Poor guy :(
2008-08-27 18:52:03
414.   Tripon
D'Backs lost to the Padres 5-4. Just saying....
2008-08-27 18:52:17
415.   LogikReader
Gosh, why did Arizona have to be so bad this week? Just makes this more frustrating doesn't it?
2008-08-27 18:52:41
416.   Bluebleeder87
seriously though, Hanrahan is a walk machine, I hope the Dodger hitters practice patience.
2008-08-27 18:52:44
417.   scareduck
414 - dig dig dig ...
2008-08-27 18:52:58
418.   sporky
What's more embarrassing: getting swept by SD or WAS?
2008-08-27 18:53:35
419.   Tripon
In perhaps the biggest setback of a difficult summer for the Warriors, team officials confirmed Wednesday that Ellis -- just awarded one of the biggest pay raises in league history -- will be sidelined at least three months after suffering a severe high ankle sprain in his hometown of Jackson, Miss.

2008-08-27 18:54:21
420.   Bluebleeder87
The Dodgers are like a cute babe, after all these years I finally figured it out.
2008-08-27 18:55:41
421.   underdog
Broxton has his "want it" face on today!
2008-08-27 18:55:46
422.   Jon Weisman
419 - Since I figured that wasn't Dale Ellis, I had to look at the link to see who it was.
2008-08-27 18:56:00
423.   Tripon

Kotsay officially traded to the Red Sox. Braves get minor league outfielder Luis Sumoza

2008-08-27 18:56:17
424.   sporky
421 How unclutch of him!
2008-08-27 18:56:20
425.   Bluebleeder87
I wish he has his "wanted it" face against Philly.
2008-08-27 18:57:08
426.   underdog
Sumoza's actually a pretty decent Low A prospect, from what I've read. And also a tasty Indian appetizer.
2008-08-27 18:57:10
427.   ucladodger

Overall, definitely. Basically, he swings the bat too much. He needs to learn that early in the count, or if the count is in your favor, dont swing at anything you cant purt a hurting on. Yesterday was a prime example. What we just saw if him swinging at a fastball down the heart he knew was coming, but he just missed it. Would have been nice to see him square one up.

2008-08-27 18:57:28
428.   Tripon
Hopefully, Broxton got that mechanic flaw figured out.
2008-08-27 18:58:03
429.   Bluebleeder87
we seriously have good batters coming up.

if anything it will be interesting.

man, Zona is probably loving this. crude curves is life.

2008-08-27 18:58:47
430.   underdog
Are you men, or are you mice, Dodgers? Or are you Devo?

Now's the time to prove something.

2008-08-27 18:59:10
431.   Tripon
426 Sumoza is the type of guy we should be giving up in the Maddux trade. Well, not should, but would since Maddux so far hasn't panned out. ...That play conning Lastings Milledge not withstanding.
2008-08-27 18:59:31
432.   Gen3Blue
I have to believe this is some kind of supernatural bad luck streak. And as long as the D-backs continue to lose it doesn't matter. (at least until teams start catching us from behind).
It is terrible to look at the possibility that it is not bad luck, for then you would conclude that the organization needs to be stripped from the top down quite a ways, and the minor's system built up also, in hopes of being competetive in two or three years.
2008-08-27 19:02:15
433.   Tripon
Why did Ethier swing at ball 4? Was he trying to launch another low and outside pitch?
2008-08-27 19:04:14
434.   Tripon
Jeff Kent is right. Manny ani't doing anything for him at the moment.
2008-08-27 19:04:28
435.   Bluebleeder87
it seems like the Dodger hitters didn't get the memo that Hanrahan walks a lot of batters.
2008-08-27 19:05:12
436.   underdog
Why does everyone seem to suddenly have their best stuff when facing the Dodgers this past week?
2008-08-27 19:05:26
437.   Bluebleeder87
there pressing man. ugh.
2008-08-27 19:06:37
438.   Tripon
Manny keeps the inning alive.

Its Loney time!

2008-08-27 19:07:03
439.   Bluebleeder87
lets go Loney take us to a w.
2008-08-27 19:07:34
440.   Tripon
There's some drunk hecklers at the D.C. park today.
2008-08-27 19:09:06
441.   Bluebleeder87
oh man... the Nats are gonna win the series.
2008-08-27 19:09:21
442.   Tripon
The homer Park gave up is the difference. Blargh.
2008-08-27 19:09:39
443.   underdog
{{commit hari-kari}}
2008-08-27 19:10:23
444.   sporky
I'm relying on Brian Williams to console me.
2008-08-27 19:10:36
445.   superbas
ugh i blame the bad mojo on torre's insistence that manny cut his hair. it can't be because this is just a mediocre team.
2008-08-27 19:10:39
446.   underdog
One of the more depressing weeks for baseball in recent memory, right after one of the more positive weeks. Sounds like the Dodgers, all right.

I'm gonna go for a jog. I'll try not to kick any small furry animals en route.

2008-08-27 19:10:51
447.   Ken Noe
440 That's Ned, they lost his resume at Kinko's.
2008-08-27 19:11:43
448.   ucladodger
Way to go, blue. Lose 8 of 9 in chrunch time. Poor fundamentals, mental errors, no luck, poor play. Really a disgusting 10 days or so. Shoot, the Rockies might end up winning the division.
2008-08-27 19:11:58
449.   Bluebleeder87

I was taking a nap but the Dodgers also committed 2 errors, it was just bad all around.

2008-08-27 19:12:17
450.   Tripon
Jim Bowden just held his on air audition for the Dodgers GM job.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-08-27 19:12:51
451.   JoeyP
Doesnt really matter what the dbax do if the Dodgers cant win any games.
2008-08-27 19:13:29
452.   Zach the Ripper

The thing about that Underdog, is it is wasted sybolism because the Dodgers haven't had any honor for about 20 years.

2008-08-27 19:14:18
453.   Bluebleeder87
all we can do is dust off & move forward, Zona baby Zona.
2008-08-27 19:15:37
454.   Tripon
We still have another game in D.C. Kent should have sat yesterday, and he should sit tomorrow., hopefully with Blake DeWitt with the team, Kent will.
2008-08-27 19:15:43
455.   LoneStar7
I feel like Frank Ricard after Dean Pritchard announced that Joseph "Blue" Polaski's score of 0 would make the fraternity ineligable.
2008-08-27 19:15:52
456.   Bluebleeder87
Does anybody know for a FACT if we play good in Arizona?
2008-08-27 19:15:55
457.   sporky
I will now excuse myself before I get banned.
2008-08-27 19:18:22
458.   scareduck
420 - ... in what way? They take your money without giving you anything in return?
2008-08-27 19:23:30
459.   Tripon
456 I doubt it. The Dodgers needed to have a winning record on this road trip to be in a good position to win the NL West. That we can't even win a game from the Nats shows that we have no business being in a divisional playoff race.
2008-08-27 19:26:14
460.   GMac In The 909
I'm not speaking to the Dodgers right now. Could someone please tell them I'm mad at them and I'd like an apology?
2008-08-27 19:27:33
461.   Paul Scott
[442.] "The homer Park gave up is the difference. Blargh."

Yeah, either that or one of the four runs our HOF gave up.

2008-08-27 19:28:19
462.   Bluebleeder87
it's frustrating but we still have 6 games against zona, so I'm still o.k.
2008-08-27 19:30:41
463.   Tripon
461 Those four runs were a sunk cost. And if you want to give Maddux the lost, we should give Kent part of the loss somehow.
2008-08-27 19:31:59
464.   Tripon
Tron Tron now has a 3.90 ERA. He's is becoming awesome.
2008-08-27 19:32:56
465.   trainwreck
76 days until Bruin basketball...
2008-08-27 19:33:17
466.   Tripon

Boras responds about Alverez. Er, doesn't sound like he has anything to stand on.

2008-08-27 19:33:23
467.   CodyS
421 Well it wasn't a save situation, of course Broxton looked comfortable and blew everyone away. Now that Hanrahan kid, what a closer! I wonder how you get a guy like that on your roster.
2008-08-27 19:37:21
468.   LogikReader
How can Frank not fire Ned at the end of this season?
2008-08-27 19:37:38
469.   Daniel Zappala
Waiting for college basketball or football season is no comfort. I can only wait for spring training next year.
2008-08-27 19:38:07
470.   Paul Scott
459 On May 12-15 the Nats took 3 of 4 from the Mets. Does your logic also mean that the Mets have "no business" being a playoff contender?

Pretty much every division leader, the Rays and Cubs and Angels included, have been swept or badly beaten in a series this year by some of the worst teams.

2008-08-27 19:38:52
471.   I Love LA
This is tough for me to say and despite having 6 more games with Arizona, I am getting ready to stick a fork in this season. Arizona will put us out of our misery this weekend. If we can't win a game in Washington, we are not leaving Arizona with one win. Can we start thinking offseason plan?
2008-08-27 19:40:57
472.   Bluebleeder87

watch. The Dodgers are gonna win by a lot tomorrow & they will believe again, just watch.

2008-08-27 19:41:55
473.   Bluebleeder87

I admit, Brox looked really good today.

2008-08-27 19:44:31
474.   scareduck
460 - a relationship requires both parties to communicate. You'll just have to tell them yourself.
2008-08-27 19:45:54
475.   Tripon
470 The Mets play the Nats 18 games out of a season, so there's going to be some anomaly like the 3 out 4 that you mentioned, and they're 8-4 against the Nats so far with 6 more games between them.

Dodgers play the Nats only six times, and a .500 record against them would basically sum our season. We need to beat teams like the Nats to pad our record. Yes, the Mets lost a 4 game series to the Nats, but they're not the ones in a losing streak right now. The Dodgers are.

2008-08-27 19:46:52
476.   GMac In The 909
475 Something tells me my issues will fall on deaf ears.
2008-08-27 19:55:24
477.   Tripon
Obama just kissed Joe Bidden's wife on the lips. I might be violating rule 5 but that was incredibly amusing.
2008-08-27 19:58:20
478.   LogikReader
Bluebleeder, I hope you're right. One thing I've noticed is that they are at least scoring some runs again. However, they still haven't scored more than 3 since two Sundays ago. Maybe the pressure is getting to them.


Speaking of "playing under pressure"... I had a chance to watch Nastia Liukin on Leno on DVR tonight, and it thought it was a rare instance of a talk show guest having more poise than the host of the show!

I didn't notice she had a Texas accent.

2008-08-27 20:00:08
479.   trainwreck
I guess swing state has a different meaning to them.
2008-08-27 20:05:49
480.   scareduck
473 - about the only good thing to come of it.
2008-08-27 20:06:55
481.   GMac In The 909
479 Bah-dum bum bum. =)
2008-08-27 20:08:31
482.   LogikReader


2008-08-27 20:12:56
483.   Tripon
This time, it might not even be Sturtze getting sent out, as the team could still option Ramon Troncoso so they don't lose Sturtze, as they can recall Troncoso in September. "He certainly understands when I tell him something that I'm telling him the truth for the moment, for that minute," Torre said of Sturtze. Torre also said Sturtze "was not OK" with all of this. Sturtze declined comment.

Say goodbye to TronTron for a couple of days.

2008-08-27 20:58:10
484.   trainwreck
The Dodgers seem to have beaten the chatter out of everyone.
2008-08-27 21:08:47
485.   LogikReader
Hey, I came up with a great line to describe Ned and other stuff:

"Never hire a Giant to do a Dodger's Job!"

I won't give up, trainwreck. Anybody want to talk fantasy football?

2008-08-27 21:09:44
486.   Alex41592
Tim Lincecum is at 126 pitches in the 8th inning.
2008-08-27 21:10:22
487.   Tripon
486 Are the Giants trying to ruin his arm?
2008-08-27 21:13:19
488.   Alex41592
Lincecum finishes with 132 pitches and the crowd is booing Bochy for taking him out.
2008-08-27 21:13:25
489.   sporky
I got an e-mail from someone I went on one date with. He somehow found out my eBay ID and found out the items I'd won, and listed them in the e-mail.

This is beyond creepy.

2008-08-27 21:15:18
490.   trainwreck
Are you in the DT league?
2008-08-27 21:15:34
491.   trainwreck
Sporky has a stalker.
2008-08-27 21:23:50
492.   trainwreck
Eric Patterson on the A's can fly around the base paths.
2008-08-27 21:26:42
493.   Icaros

Yikes. Did you respond to the e-mail?

2008-08-27 21:34:03
494.   Tripon

Van Slyke Hopes to Create His Own Legacy

2008-08-27 21:35:37
495.   sporky
493 No... I don't know what I would say.

I'd like to think it was just a really, really, really tasteless joke on his part, but I don't ever want to talk to this guy again.

2008-08-27 21:40:48
496.   Tripon
Tim Linecum's 15-3, with a 2.43 ERA and a 1.18 WHIP. How is Webb's the front runner for the Cy Young?
2008-08-27 21:42:16
497.   LAT
Glad to see everyone is still here. After tonight's game I half expected to log on and find out DT followers had gone Hale Bopp.
2008-08-27 21:44:05
498.   trainwreck
Because sportswriters care about wins and losses too much.
2008-08-27 21:46:28
499.   Tripon

If you were ever wondering, Matt Kemp would be a Type A FA at the moment. Ethier would be a type B, graded just below Moses Alou.

2008-08-27 21:47:18
500.   Tripon
Oh, and Sweeney grades to 8 points, out of 100.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-08-27 21:49:43
501.   JRSarno
Kent was awesome tonight.
2008-08-27 21:49:46
502.   LAT
The Cy young so far really should be Linecum's. He is a 15 game winner on a horrible team. Webb is a 19 game winner on just a bad team.
2008-08-27 21:50:15
503.   Tripon
498 I can't bring myself to hate Linecum. Heck, I think he's the best pitcher to come out of his draft, and this was the one that had Kershaw in it and Picked 3 spots in front of Lineicum.

I don't know what that says about me as a Dodgers fan.

2008-08-27 21:52:32
504.   trainwreck
I have said before here that I like to watch him and Cain pitch. Sanchez should be another fun one to watch.

You can hate the team and still appreciate good play. I love to watch good pitching on display.

2008-08-27 21:53:13
505.   Megaballs
We've traded maybe 6 prospects this year.

Do we have a Ned Colletti prospects traded count?

Seems to me Ethier is the one and only prospect ADDITION during this three year reign of error.

2008-08-27 21:54:38
506.   Bluebleeder87
I seriously don't like how the Giants brain trust are treating Timmy Lincecum.
2008-08-27 21:55:32
507.   Bluebleeder87

He's beyond a great pitcher. It would be criminal for you not to like the dude.

2008-08-27 21:57:31
508.   Tripon
505 7 minors leaguers were traded this season for players. one for Berroa, two for Maddux, two for Casey Blake, and two for Manny.
2008-08-27 22:03:46
509.   LogikReader

There's a DT League?? Dang... is there room for one more?

2008-08-27 22:08:05
510.   LogikReader
Lincecum is my personal Cy Young if he doesn't get the actual one. He's easily the best pitcher in the NL this year. He literally can stop losing streaks. Nobody on the Dodgers can do that.


Prediction: Shawne Merriman is going to blow his career this year. I will be front and center if it happens, after ignoring the advice of four doctors!

2008-08-27 22:09:14
511.   Bluebleeder87

I wonder who is the top guy on the league.

2008-08-27 22:09:58
512.   gibsonhobbs88
Thank God I am going away for Labor Day weekend and I will not watch one day of the current debacle that is the Dodgers. The Snakes are losing giving the Dodgers an open door and we keep shutting the door closed. Losing to the Nats twice prove to me this team does not have what it takes and being below .500 again, I prefer to not root for mediocrity!! I will now root for my friend to have his dream come true and have the Cubs reach the WS this year and play the Angels so he can maybe catch a game out here. The Dodgers do not deserve to win! Pathetic, we may be looking at an 0-10 or a 1-9 trip!!
2008-08-27 22:15:51
513.   LogikReader
Where's Bob when you need him? He left on a plane for someplace... and I'm dyin' to find out the last time the Dodgers went 0 for a road trip.

Didn't the Lakers go something like 9-0 or 10-0 on a road trip this year? The Dodgers could do the reverse :)

2008-08-27 22:16:16
514.   trainwreck
Dang, seems to be full now.
2008-08-27 22:17:43
515.   trainwreck
He is such a meat-headed moron. His knee is going to snap at some point this season. People will be gunning for him, since he is not exactly the most liked guy. Plus, two of the teams in his division (Raiders and Broncos) employ a cut-blocking scheme.
2008-08-27 22:25:35
516.   Tripon
515 The Chargers are pushing for him to play too. Its clear the Chargers don't care for the guy's well being.
2008-08-27 23:00:41
517.   trainwreck
I am a Ricky Gervais fan, but that Ghost Town movie looks like one pile of dribble.

Sadly, much like Simon Pegg's new movie.

2008-08-27 23:01:01
518.   trainwreck
I guess it should be pond of dribble.
2008-08-27 23:08:20
519.   LAT
So why is it that when I look at the AL East and see Boston 3.5 games behind the Rays I think it is still a viable race, but when I look at the Dodgers 3.0 games behind a team that is considerably worse the the Rays I think its all over? Is this what they mean by "lack of objectivity"?
2008-08-28 00:12:58
520.   Eric Stephen
From the Simers column:

""What about statues for Vin Scully, Tommy Lasorda, Jackie Robinson and Don Newcombe?" countered the Dentist, who also works as Dodgers PR guy."

So Josh Rawitch is "the Dentist"? Odd. I guess it's better than "Google Boy".

2008-08-28 00:13:17
521.   dzzrtRatt
No, the Dodgers are still in it. (Sigh.)

If they win the West, I'll be happy. The reason I'll be happy is that in the course of making up a three-game deficit, they'll have to win a few more games, at least four. There is no way they can go the rest of the season without winning again and end up in the playoffs.

Even if they lose every game in the playoffs, there would have to be wins between now and then and wins are fun.

2008-08-28 00:18:00
522.   Eric Enders
I think "The Dentist" is Dr. Charles Steinberg, one of McCourt's Red Sox imports.
2008-08-28 00:27:05
523.   Eric Stephen
Ah yes. Thanks. I forgot about him.
2008-08-28 00:35:46
524.   scareduck
522 - I thought it was Orin Scrivello, DDS.
2008-08-28 02:26:10
525.   Eric Enders
523 I don't really know what he looks like, but I tend to picture him as Laurence Olivier in "Marathon Man."
2008-08-28 07:25:41
526.   whodat807
I went to the Nat's ballpark yesterday, intending to watch the game with my (reluctant) girlfriend, but decided to skip the game b/c it was sprinkling -- and the last two games I've seen the Nats played, I've gotten absolutely soaked. So I figured I'd watch Kershaw pitch in person for the first time today, and it's POURING. These storms come and go in DC, but I'd be surprised if the game isn't rained out today.
2008-08-28 07:29:59
527.   The Blue Legend
I agree the Dodgers don't have the heart and passion to win this year. They should be up in the standings by at least 4 games. Instead they are lucky to be 3 back and not 6 or 7.

What I find really frustrating is that teams like the Twins, Marlins, A's (most of the time) seem to always be competetive with guys that come out of nowhere, while the Dodgers always fall on their face with big names or "kids with tremendous upside"

I'm really trying to find some sort of pattern or corrolation as to why the Dodgers have been so lousy for 20 years. There really isn't any excuse.

I'm going to continue to root for them but it's getting harder and harder to stand by them when they show no heart and passion.

2008-08-28 07:30:04
528.   The Blue Legend
I agree the Dodgers don't have the heart and passion to win this year. They should be up in the standings by at least 4 games. Instead they are lucky to be 3 back and not 6 or 7.

What I find really frustrating is that teams like the Twins, Marlins, A's (most of the time) seem to always be competetive with guys that come out of nowhere, while the Dodgers always fall on their face with big names or "kids with tremendous upside"

I'm really trying to find some sort of pattern or corrolation as to why the Dodgers have been so lousy for 20 years. There really isn't any excuse.

I'm going to continue to root for them but it's getting harder and harder to stand by them when they show no heart and passion.

2008-08-28 07:36:11
529.   D4P
I agree the Dodgers don't have the heart and passion to win this year. They should be up in the standings by at least 4 games. Instead they are lucky to be 3 back and not 6 or 7.

Are they running slower than they're capable of? Are they swinging more softly? Are they throwing and pitching more slowly and/or less accurately?

Which particular performance features do you think are being negatively affected by a lack of heart and passion?

2008-08-28 07:40:12
530.   whodat807
528 I just think they haven't been good enough to be better this year. This is a team that started Blake DeWitt, Angel Berroa, Luis Maza, Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones regularly for huge portions of the year.
2008-08-28 07:49:38
531.   LAT
525 I now this man . . . its Szell!
2008-08-28 07:58:56
532.   regfairfield
The Dodgers problem this year: everyone that good has been really bad, has been really bad. Everyone that could have broke out didn't.
2008-08-28 08:00:43
533.   Paul Scott
528 Arizona and Los Angeles are under performing their expected win-loss by two games. Should the Dodgers record be better? In theory, yes. Should they be four games up on the Snakes? No, they should be exactly where they are.
2008-08-28 08:00:52
534.   regfairfield
Let's try that again: Everyone that could have been bad has been really bad, everyone that could have broke out didn't except Bills.
2008-08-28 08:03:16
535.   Paul Scott
532 A good distinction from 2005, where the bulk of the problem was injuries. Both Tracy and Torre were unable to play the right people, though Tracy's choices were quite a bit worse than Torre's.
2008-08-28 08:03:18
536.   Gen3Blue
530 There is some truth in that.

Wishful thinking--I know it is very rarely done but it would be wonderful if Furcal gave the Dodgers a test year in return for the great contract they gave him in which he was really healthy only one year. And I don't mean play for cheap, just take one year. That would show real "class" (one of my least favorite expressions). Didn't Randy Wolfe do something similar.

2008-08-28 08:09:20
537.   regfairfield
535 It's arguably just as unlucky though.
2008-08-28 08:17:09
538.   Bluebleeder87
I have a feeling we're gonna break out of it today.
2008-08-28 08:18:44
539.   Howard Fox
530 that just means its Torre-he stayed with inferior performing players too long

528 I agree with you, its the LA hype and the lack of a coherent want to go with young players, then you play them, suffer with their growth, and a couple years later they come into their own...that is what the Twins and A's of the world do

you don't bring in high priced guys past their prime to block the youngsters don't trade for past their prime players and throw away young players for the 2 month rental (Manny excepted)...

with Wade and Saito iffy, Hanrahan might have been nice in our bullpen...who did we get for him?

2008-08-28 08:19:57
540.   Paul Scott
537 Sort of. Injuries are mostly unpredictable (I'll hold aside Bradley 2005, Penny 2004/5 and Schmidt 2007/8 as having some predictability. But getting smacked on the hand with a fastball is not something you can factor in). Downside has an expected risk. Outside of Furcal, which I account entirely to bad luck (and even with that bad luck, it was a good signing and an extension would have merit as well), Ned's acquisitions have had substantial downside risk with little upside - or rather I should say the upside was equaling earlier performance with only a slight decline. (Jones is almost certainly an exception here as well, in the sense that I thought he had substantial upside compared to his 2007 performance. I had expected him to perform on a reasonable decline from 2006 - which would have substantially outpaced his 2007 performance.)
2008-08-28 08:21:07
541.   Howard Fox
and back to Torre...Nomar plays and can't hit...I'd rather have Hu defensively...but what do I know
2008-08-28 08:28:21
542.   regfairfield
539 Lost to minor league free agency. He struck out 46 and walked 39 in 74 innings in AAA his last year, so it's understandable that we gave up on him.
2008-08-28 08:30:00
543.   regfairfield
540 So that just leaves Kent then.
2008-08-28 08:30:42
544.   regfairfield
Though we never did think "maybe we should try Hanrahan in the bullpen" so that's our fault.
2008-08-28 08:31:45
545.   Bumsrap
If the Dodgers are not passionate I still say it is largely due to Torre playing Jones so long it created the teams personality that we are complaining about. Add Kent's uninspiring attitude and sluggishness, and then go back to Torre who failed to say that the core of this team is Kemp, Loney, Martin, and Ethier and instead blamed their inexperience while ignoring in his public comments the pitiful performance of Kent, Jones, Nomar, Sweeney, and Pierre.
2008-08-28 08:36:20
546.   whodat807
545 The core you mentioned has either started all year, or started most of the year (Ethier). What exactly would Torre saying "THIS IS OUR CORE" have done to improve the team's performance? And who would we have played in place of Nomar and Kent?
2008-08-28 08:44:15
547.   Howard Fox
544 I guess you can't keep them all and some get away.
2008-08-28 08:49:02
548.   Jon Weisman

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