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Kershaw XVII: Kershawt in the Dark
2008-09-02 17:00
by Jon Weisman

Matt Kemp gets a rest - tonight he is not starting for the first time since June 30 (Jason Repko's big day). Kemp has started all but three games since May 18, and 124 out of 139 this season.

* * *

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (460)
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2008-09-02 17:05:09
1.   Brian Y
So are you pulling a Rawitch and not posting the line-ups as well? I miss being able to see the line-ups on here. :-(
2008-09-02 17:05:15
2.   Dodger Dawg
I hope Repko does better than his last start.
2008-09-02 17:06:03
3.   Jon Weisman
2- Repko isn't starting, Pierre is.
2008-09-02 17:09:29
4.   Tripon
I think the lineups are retired due the curse they had on the Dodgers. That losing streak started right about the time the opposing lineup was posted!
2008-09-02 17:10:22
5.   bhsportsguy
1 Jon posted the lineup in the previous thread.
2008-09-02 17:16:25
6.   Rob M
Where could I generate a list of the top career EqA of all time? I don't see how to generate sortable lists of career stats at B-Pro but don't know if anyone else lists that stat.
2008-09-02 17:17:07
7.   ToyCannon
What were the odds back in April that Victor Martinez would get over 200 at bats but not hit his 1st home run until Sept 2nd? Whatever Hafner and Martinez were doing back in 2006, I expect Indian fans would like them to start doing it again. Maybe A Jones could join them as they search for their lost power.
2008-09-02 17:18:34
8.   ToyCannon
It is a pet peeve that BP makes you work to hard to get information. They should spend a day playing with Baseball Reference and then get some interns who know how to build a baseball reference site that is useful.
2008-09-02 17:24:29
9.   Tripon
7 I know a couple of Indians fans who hate Hafner, who they believe is blocking Victor Martinez from DHing/1st base full time. And that they think Hafner's numbers were PED inflated. One of them ended their rant against Hafner with "GO AWAY HAFNER. NOBODY LOVES YOU."
2008-09-02 17:32:23
10.   Paul Scott
Dodgers playoff probability currently sits at 17% by BP PECOTA adjusted.

Not sure why it would plummet so much (it was 24% two days ago) when we have been winning, but there you go, fwiw.

2008-09-02 17:37:28
11.   Gagne55
10 Dodgers and D'backs both winning favors the D'backs for two reasons: 1)Dodgers are behind and time is diminishing and 2) Strength of schedule remaining is moving towards the D'backs as they clear St. Louis while the Dodgers get San Diego.
2008-09-02 17:38:16
12.   Bob Hendley
2 - Don't remind me of Repo's last start! How was it again that he avoided striking out in his last at-bat? Actually, then, do remind me.
2008-09-02 17:38:21
13.   Rob M
10 AZ is winning, too, and the clock is ticking.
2008-09-02 17:38:35
14.   Tripon
11 Did you just argue D'Backs had an easier time with the Cards than the Dodgers had with San Diego?
2008-09-02 17:42:12
15.   Rob M
14 The opposite. The BP odds are noting that AZ is defeating a tougher opponent, so the previous odds were reflecting a lesser likelihood of their winning yesterday than the Dodgers winning.
2008-09-02 17:43:54
16.   Linkmeister
Jon, are you saying Kershaw is Inspector Clouseau?
2008-09-02 17:51:41
17.   Dodger Dawg
3) I'd still like to see Repko get the start. Thanks Jon.
2008-09-02 17:55:48
18.   Tripon
I doubt Repko gets a start unless somebody gets hurt.
2008-09-02 17:57:45
19.   Tripon,0,2479034.story

The Biggest craze to hit France. Boat Jousting. I expect to see this sport at London 2012.

2008-09-02 18:19:44
20.   Brent Knapp
James Loney is narrating an hour long special on "RBI" right now on ESPN2.
2008-09-02 18:19:48
21.   underdog
16 It's feeling like an Elke summer, that's for sure.
2008-09-02 18:21:47
22.   fanerman
20 Gah I want to watch.
2008-09-02 18:22:37
23.   underdog
20 Aww, that's neat! Thanks for the tip.

13 Made it sound like the DBacks were winning their game tonight, then I realized it hadn't started yet.

2008-09-02 18:26:16
24.   Tripon
Pujols is the MVP if he beats the D'Backs tonight.
2008-09-02 18:26:34
25.   das411
Man oh man, he has already made 16 starts??? It feels like just a few days (months) ago that we were all watching him try to figure out Albert Pujols... :'(
2008-09-02 18:29:14
26.   berkowit28
[19[ Actually, it seems rather to be the biggest French craze to hit the Los Angeles Times. According to the article, it appears to have been around since at least 1666, so even longer. Not a new craze.
2008-09-02 18:29:50
27.   underdog
Tony Jackson has what sounds like some fairly good news/report on Sammy:

>> Takashi Saito threw two-seam fastballs off a mound and will incorporate curveballs when he goes off a mound again on Thursday. If that goes, well, he'll throw a simulated game on Saturday, then another simulated game next week, then be activated. Torre said that when Saito is activated, he likely will make one appearance in an innocuous situation just to get used to competition again. But Torre seemed to say that after that, he would be perfectly comfortable with Saito closing again.<<

2008-09-02 18:38:18
28.   Tripon
Watched a bit of the RBI program. Looks cool, a couple of questions though, is it an alternative to high school programs, or is it supposed to supplement it? Or is it an older AUU-type thing?
2008-09-02 18:42:32
29.   Tripon
Also, question to anyone who can answer. Who do you think from the current top 30 Dodgers prospects have a good chance of being sent by the Dodgers to the Padres for the Maddux deal?
2008-09-02 18:43:10
30.   Bob Timmermann
The Braves PAT has given them a 14-13 edge over the Marlins in the 6th.
2008-09-02 18:53:36
31.   Tripon
A Dodgers fan wanted the Dodgers to trade for Eckstein.
2008-09-02 18:56:35
32.   regfairfield
31 He's better than any other middle infielder we have.
2008-09-02 18:56:37
33.   LogikReader
RBI baseball is the Reviving Baseball in Inner cities program. Remember when you'd hear Vin Scully talk about how x amount of dollars was donated to Reviving Baseball in Inner cities program after a Dodger home run? If I remember, Gary Sheffield made many many contributions.
2008-09-02 18:57:13
34.   LogikReader
Loney managed to explain the program in just 15 short seconds.
2008-09-02 18:58:12
35.   CanuckDodger
29 -- Total guess on my part: Steve Johnson and James Adkins.
2008-09-02 19:01:30
36.   Gagne55
14 ,15 To clarify, 15 had it right. The strength of schedule disparity will be more favorable to the Diamonbacks after this game than before it, because St. Louis is better than San Diego.
2008-09-02 19:06:51
37.   Bob Timmermann
The Nats finally lost!
2008-09-02 19:08:25
38.   McNulty
Does anyone have a problem with the Time Warner HD signal of today's Dodger game?
2008-09-02 19:08:30
39.   Gagne55
37 for the 86th time this season!
2008-09-02 19:09:44
40.   Gagne55
Cardinals have lost 7 straight in Arizona. :(
2008-09-02 19:10:12
41.   Bob Timmermann
Rule 1 prevents me from giving a proper reply that the handle of comment 38 demands.
2008-09-02 19:10:34
42.   Gagne55
I saw Headley and Hundley three years ago when they played for the Eugene Emeralds.
2008-09-02 19:11:59
43.   Gagne55
one pitch one out
2008-09-02 19:13:24
44.   Gagne55
7 pitches, three outs
2008-09-02 19:14:47
45.   whodat807
Nice start for young Clayton.
2008-09-02 19:16:37
46.   Alex41592
Troy Glaus 2 run HR 2-0 STL Top 4.
2008-09-02 19:16:41
47.   Gen3Blue
As Vin so diplomatically put it, Pierre in center to stay "sharp". If we don't lose I will take it with equanimity.
2008-09-02 19:16:50
48.   Gagne55
The Cardnials are leading Arizona 2-0 in the fourth inning!
2008-09-02 19:16:59
49.   Alex41592
46 - Top 3.
2008-09-02 19:17:36
50.   Gagne55
That 3-1 pitch was so not in the strike zone!
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-02 19:18:24
51.   Gagne55
Pierre lost a footrace?
2008-09-02 19:19:07
52.   Gen3Blue
Another dazzling lead-off out. A lead off double seems harder to stop.
2008-09-02 19:20:01
53.   Gagne55
Glaus gets his revenge on his former team
2008-09-02 19:20:59
54.   Gen3Blue
Here is where Manny could really help.
2008-09-02 19:21:31
55.   Gagne55
Manny being MANNY!!!!!
2008-09-02 19:21:35
56.   Jacob Burch
54 Heh.
2008-09-02 19:21:40
57.   Alex41592
Just a beautiful swing. 2-0 Dodgers.
2008-09-02 19:21:48
58.   Gen3Blue
And he does.
2008-09-02 19:21:52
59.   Rob M
No doubt about it...
2008-09-02 19:21:52
60.   thinkblue88
man ram does it again! dude is unreal
2008-09-02 19:22:59
61.   underdog
And we're no longer dreadlocked!

No doubt about that one, even Charley Steiner knew it right away I'd bet.

2008-09-02 19:23:34
62.   regfairfield
How amazing is it that Manny might not be the best midseason acquisition this year.
2008-09-02 19:24:16
63.   Gagne55
On that homer, one could see the outfield seats completely empty in the top half. :(
2008-09-02 19:24:50
64.   Alex41592
Now it's 2-0 Cardinals Top 4.
2008-09-02 19:25:41
65.   Jacob Burch
63 Tuesday against the Padres in the first, not a huge surprise.
2008-09-02 19:27:01
66.   Tripon
Glaus was on the D'Backs?

Manny gets revenge against the Padres for some perceived slight.

2008-09-02 19:27:56
67.   Alex41592
Kershaw has everything working so far.
2008-09-02 19:28:10
68.   Rob M
Clayton's got it working so far.
2008-09-02 19:28:27
69.   Tripon
Kershaw sure does look a lot better against Double-AA hitters. Wonder how many of the Padres hitters tonight faced against Kershaw in the minors.
2008-09-02 19:29:54
70.   thinkblue88
2008-09-02 19:30:05
71.   Tripon
What. Get some more buttons for Berroa's shirt.
2008-09-02 19:30:26
72.   Alex41592
What the heck? The best error I've seen.
2008-09-02 19:30:46
73.   whodat807
I was going to berate Berroa for that play, but that was sort of a freak occurrence.
2008-09-02 19:30:49
74.   Tripon
Blake DeWitt can field.
2008-09-02 19:30:49
75.   Gagne55
ball in the shirt?
2008-09-02 19:30:56
76.   Alex41592
Look at the DeWitt!
2008-09-02 19:30:59
77.   ucladodger
That's crazy. Don't think i've ever seen that before.
2008-09-02 19:31:09
78.   underdog
That was hilarious. Hopefully we'll still be laughing after the inning is over.

Hu's ears just perked up a bit.

2008-09-02 19:31:27
79.   Gagne55
66 Don't believe me?

2008-09-02 19:31:34
80.   underdog
And thanks to DeWitt we can still chuckle!

That's a hit if Kent's playing there, eh?

2008-09-02 19:31:35
81.   Eric Stephen
Most 30-HR Seasons
Aaron 15
Bonds 14
Ruth 13
Schmidt 13
Manny 12
Foxx 12
A-Rod 12*
Thome 11*

Manny just hit his 30th of the season, and A-Rod hit #30 tonight as well. Thome is sitting on 29.

2008-09-02 19:31:42
82.   Alex41592
Hard line drive...into the shirt of Berroa!

4-0 Cardinals Molina 2 run HR Top 4!

2008-09-02 19:31:45
83.   whodat807
Ah, DeWitt, the Solution at yet another problem area.
2008-09-02 19:32:54
84.   Gagne55
Would somebody who is good at physics explain how Berroa caught the ball with his shirt?
2008-09-02 19:33:23
85.   DaDoughboy
Welcome home Mr. DeWitt..
2008-09-02 19:33:49
86.   Eric Stephen
Weird hop + Baggy shirt.
2008-09-02 19:34:01
87.   Alex41592
Felipe Lopez goes back to back 5-0 Cardinals Top 4!
2008-09-02 19:34:19
88.   DaDoughboy
I wish they would x-mo and x-zoom that ball to Berroa..c'mon FSN!
2008-09-02 19:34:21
89.   trainwreck
That Aaron Boone sure was great.
2008-09-02 19:34:59
90.   Sam DC
Peter Gammons on BBT just now: Andre Ethier has been the best performing Dodger since the All Star break. Look at his OPS!
2008-09-02 19:35:13
91.   ucladodger
Hopefully Wainwright can throw 7 or today so the hideous Card's bullpen doesnt have to throw more than a few innings.
2008-09-02 19:35:29
92.   Tripon
Casey Blake DeWitt is at bat.
2008-09-02 19:36:33
93.   Bob Timmermann
14s wild in Florida!
2008-09-02 19:37:27
94.   Alex41592
LOL, they wrapped Berroa up. Great.
2008-09-02 19:37:59
95.   Bob Timmermann
According to the DT Zeitgeist, am I supposed to like Blake DeWitt now that he's playing second base?
2008-09-02 19:38:06
96.   Tripon
90 Gammons said Andre Ethier is the best of the young guys on the Dodgers partly because he's reminds people of Paul O'Neill.

Also, Blake DeWitt gets a hit.

79 I believe you, I just don't remember Glaus ever playing for the D'Backs, thought he went straight from the Angels to the Blue Jays.

And Berroa gets a hit.

Crazy game.

2008-09-02 19:38:22
97.   Gagne55
Berroa redeems himself.
2008-09-02 19:38:52
98.   Gagne55
Bunt Kershaw!
2008-09-02 19:39:07
99.   regfairfield
95 I'm begrudgingly accepting him as the best option.
2008-09-02 19:39:20
100.   whodat807
If, as Vin suggests, Berroa was never known for his hitting, what exactly, was he known for?

Nice hit, though. It's good that he's finally heating up.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-02 19:39:32
101.   Gagne55
terrible bunt
2008-09-02 19:39:32
102.   Alex41592
DeWitt has to take Kouzmanoff out there. But, Kershaw beat it out.
2008-09-02 19:40:03
103.   underdog
Not the greatest bunt I've ever seen. Ah well.
2008-09-02 19:40:14
104.   Gagne55
100 He was best known for winning Rookie of the Year in 2003.
2008-09-02 19:40:59
105.   regfairfield
99 It's a lot like I liked Nomar at short.
2008-09-02 19:41:06
106.   Bob Timmermann
Someone needs to tell the Gameday operator that Kershaw doesn't get a sacrifice on a force out.
2008-09-02 19:41:23
107.   underdog
Wow, I actually feel kinda sorry for Pierre. Robbed twice so far.
2008-09-02 19:41:38
108.   Eric Stephen
Dodger Regulars Since ASB, Sorted By OPS
Manny 1.239
Loney .864
Ethier .846
Blake .840
Kemp .838
Kent .778
Martin .658

I only included Manny & Blake's Dodger numbers, entering tonight. And I didn't include a SS since Nomarroa has split time.

2008-09-02 19:41:55
109.   Tripon
95 I was fine with DeWitt at 3rd base, partly because I believed that LaRoche wasn't going to get a chance in 2008.
2008-09-02 19:42:21
110.   whodat807
104 Well knowing that he has a reputation for having lead hands, doesn't that mean for that one year at least he was known for his bat?
2008-09-02 19:43:12
111.   underdog
I never stopped liking DeWitt, I just didn't like him continuing to start at third when he was clearly in a rookie funk. But i'm glad he's back and he's a good fit at 2nd right now defensively. But I also didn't check the DT Zeitgeist manual so I may have been in violation of something. I was waiting for the movie to come out.
2008-09-02 19:43:30
112.   Marty
Only Vin could come up with Penrod and Sam.
2008-09-02 19:44:18
113.   Tripon
104 Berroa's 2003 RoY campaign seems kinda week.
2008-09-02 19:45:09
114.   Bob Timmermann
I really only asked about DeWitt because I wanted to use the word Zeitgeist.
2008-09-02 19:45:33
115.   Tripon
Yeah, not seeing any defensive problems with Martin right now.
2008-09-02 19:45:40
116.   Gagne55
110 He was actually a decent hitter that one year. It looks like a colosial fluke though amongst the rest of his career. Matsui was more deserving of the ROY that year imo and that has nothing to do with Berroa's performence since then.

2008-09-02 19:46:04
117.   nick
Tio Carlos!
2008-09-02 19:46:23
118.   underdog
Uncle Charlie drops in for strike three -- nice one Vin. I almost spit out my fried rice just then.
2008-09-02 19:46:46
119.   skybluestoday
"Uncle Charlie" -- !

I absolutely adore Vin Scully's patented scullyisms!

2008-09-02 19:46:57
120.   ucladodger
This is the best Kershaw has looked so far as a dodger. Hopefully I didnt just jinx him, but he has been stupendous.
2008-09-02 19:47:27
121.   underdog
112 I'll admit, that one went over my head, had to look it up.

Nice inning, Minotaur!

2008-09-02 19:47:28
122.   thinkblue88
Kershaw is dealing!! 25/30 pitches have been strikes!
2008-09-02 19:48:36
123.   underdog
I'd love to see Vin drop in some more British-isms one of these days. "And how's your father! it's strike three."
2008-09-02 19:49:07
124.   Tripon
Vin is hinting. He is hinting badly.
2008-09-02 19:49:29
125.   LoneStar7
man its great to hear vin's voice again...this was definitely a great idea for dallas
2008-09-02 19:49:33
126.   Tripon
Andre Ethier. Triple machine.
2008-09-02 19:49:36
127.   ucladodger
Wow, Andre almost made the Cardinal Sin.
2008-09-02 19:49:46
128.   thinkblue88
woo ethier!
2008-09-02 19:49:51
129.   Gagne55
That was kinda risky.
2008-09-02 19:50:03
130.   LoneStar7
wow great hustle dre
2008-09-02 19:50:07
131.   Gen3Blue
If the Dodgers take it nice and slow, they could have Bills,Kershaw, MacDonald, and Elbert in the rotation in two years. This knowing that relievers can be had for a dime a dozen, and the cost of a proven young starter is totally out of reason.
Of course I know Ned can pay quite a bit for a reliever, and many mil for a starter--ie. Schmidt.
2008-09-02 19:50:30
132.   trainwreck
lol, yes my favorite British slang.

How about a little Bob's your uncle.

2008-09-02 19:50:31
133.   whodat807
Is there some sort of preliminary alert for what Ethier is doing tonight?
2008-09-02 19:50:38
134.   underdog
Whoa, is it too early for alert status?
2008-09-02 19:50:40
135.   Gagne55
124 but respecting rule 9
2008-09-02 19:50:49
136.   Jacob Burch
Baek's face was priceless. Love it.
2008-09-02 19:50:50
137.   Tripon
Baek gets a warning for throwing reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally inside against Manny.

Bud Black is not amused.

2008-09-02 19:51:07
138.   nick
man, Kershaw with his cap off could play Huck Finn in a movie...
2008-09-02 19:51:25
139.   whodat807
Oh c'mon, that wasn't intentional.
2008-09-02 19:51:25
140.   trainwreck
I realize Bob's your uncle just means and there it is, but it sure sounds dirty.
2008-09-02 19:51:51
141.   ucladodger
Great slide by Andre. Manny almost hit that too hard.
2008-09-02 19:52:02
142.   Gagne55
Two close plays for Ethier but he won them both.
2008-09-02 19:52:10
143.   Eric Stephen
Ethier's legs and reckless abandon plate an extra run!
2008-09-02 19:52:14
144.   Bob Timmermann
My nephews and nieces don't seem to think that the phrase is dirty.
2008-09-02 19:52:18
145.   LoneStar7
and a wonderful slide
2008-09-02 19:52:34
146.   whodat807
What a slide for Ethier! Nice hitting by Manny.
2008-09-02 19:52:40
147.   Gen3Blue
I love it. Vin is shocked that they pitch to Manny, and then manages to act shocked when thay throw at him.
2008-09-02 19:52:57
148.   underdog
I agree with Vin, why are they pitching to Manny at this point? Especially with 1st base open...

Nice hustle by Andre X 2.

And bob's yer uncle!

2008-09-02 19:53:11
149.   Tripon
Giles is an old man. That or he doesn't trust his center fielder to roam center-left.
2008-09-02 19:53:27
150.   Bob Timmermann
Mike Gonzalez trying to save the Braves 16-14 lead in the ninth in Florida.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-02 19:53:54
151.   Gagne55
Jamie Moyer was an estabished starter when Maddux debuted. I love it.
2008-09-02 19:54:31
152.   whodat807
147 I think Vin was shocked that the umpire interpreted the pitch as intentional.
2008-09-02 19:55:45
153.   Gagne55
2008-09-02 19:55:48
154.   underdog
138 I believe he's already got dibs on Tom Sawyer. No, scratch that, Opie Taylor.
2008-09-02 19:56:14
155.   Tripon
Is Ethier now the 'true' leadoff hitter now?
2008-09-02 19:56:55
156.   underdog
Yep, the Dodgers face Matt LaBlanc tomorrow. That should be winnable, though he's tougher than David Schwimmer.
2008-09-02 19:57:10
157.   Gagne55
LeBlanc had a 5.33 era in AAA this year.
2008-09-02 19:57:30
158.   Eric Stephen
2008 Dodger 10-Game Hitting Streaks
Kemp, 19 games (July 9 - Aug 1)
Loney, 15 games (to start season)
Loney, 13 games (present)
Loney, 12 games (June 12-25)
Kemp, 12 games (Apr 25 - May 7)
Martin, 10 games (Apr 23 - May 3)
2008-09-02 19:57:52
159.   Gen3Blue
Looks to me like the D's offense is pulling back. Oh well, we will see next inning.
2008-09-02 19:58:10
160.   Gagne55
First player in the HOF as a Padre? Winfield?
2008-09-02 19:58:30
161.   Bob Timmermann
And the Braves win. 1-2-3 inning for Mike Gonzalez.

The Braves got 16 runs and 21 hits and Chipper Jones didn't play in the game.

2008-09-02 19:58:41
162.   trainwreck
He's not very good. Literally, an ape pitches better than him.
2008-09-02 19:58:46
163.   LoneStar7
123 my dads a brit, one of my favorites is "wizzer and chips" lol
2008-09-02 19:58:50
164.   Jacob Burch
AFLAC: Mr.May I assume?
2008-09-02 19:58:51
165.   Eric Stephen
though he's tougher than David Schwimmer

Hey, underdog, salute the position; not the man.

2008-09-02 19:58:53
166.   Gagne55
A lot of these guys are hitting the ball at Dewitt.
2008-09-02 19:59:12
167.   Tripon
The Blake brothers are going to make Kershaw pick up the tab for tonight's dinner.
2008-09-02 19:59:38
168.   underdog
Nice to see the Dodgers playing great defense again after hitting bottom a week ago.
2008-09-02 20:00:33
169.   LoneStar7
163 sorry "whizzer and chips"
2008-09-02 20:01:04
170.   underdog
165 I wasn't even assuming the position.

Schwimmer was also a poor army officer.

2008-09-02 20:01:25
171.   overkill94
162 You stole my joke!
2008-09-02 20:02:04
172.   Eric Stephen
Berroa's shirt could be a funny trivia answer someday.

A miniscule 39 pitches for Kershaw through 4.

2008-09-02 20:02:15
173.   Tripon
168 Yeah, hopefully it shows management that next year's infield should include players that has plus defense.
2008-09-02 20:02:16
174.   overkill94
Only 39 pitches through 4 innings. Nice.
2008-09-02 20:03:17
175.   Eric Stephen
I'm always skeptical of eating spaghetti since watching Band of Brothers.
2008-09-02 20:04:11
176.   thinkblue88
woot! DeWitt power!
2008-09-02 20:04:13
177.   Jacob Burch
2008-09-02 20:04:30
178.   skybluestoday
Mr. DeWitt!


2008-09-02 20:04:36
179.   LoneStar7
hes back!
2008-09-02 20:04:40
180.   Tripon
Blake DeWitt homers. He seems to be sure of himself since he been up.
2008-09-02 20:04:46
181.   Eric Stephen
Solution the man, not the position (2nd or 3rd)!!!
2008-09-02 20:06:22
182.   Icaros
Would be very nice if he could stick at 2B.
2008-09-02 20:07:19
183.   Gen3Blue
168 I somewhat agree UD. But I can also see it as a model of everything going the
D's way, after watching every possible thing break against them for eight games.
2008-09-02 20:07:37
184.   Tripon
182 What would you do with DeJesus? Move him to 3rd?
2008-09-02 20:07:58
185.   Tripon
Better bunt for Kershaw this time around.
2008-09-02 20:08:06
186.   Jacob Burch
160 164 We win! Granted, mine was with an overly-mean Steinbrennerism
2008-09-02 20:08:07
187.   Brent Knapp
If Blake hits real well the rest of the year with solid defense, do you think there's any way he will be given the 2B spot outright for 2009?
2008-09-02 20:08:59
188.   Gen3Blue
Oh, the Breaks
2008-09-02 20:09:02
189.   underdog
(Belated reaction)


2008-09-02 20:09:06
190.   trainwreck
I think that is the most likely scenario.
2008-09-02 20:09:09
191.   thinkblue88
good break

ha, dewitt OPS'ing exactly .700

2008-09-02 20:09:10
192.   Tripon
Torre doesn't trust JP to get a hit. Or he trusts Andre that much more.
2008-09-02 20:10:22
193.   Tripon
Baek's really laboring. He looks gassed already!
2008-09-02 20:10:32
194.   regfairfield
190 Well, my day's ruined.
2008-09-02 20:10:38
195.   Icaros

Why would DeJesus move off SS?

2008-09-02 20:10:39
196.   underdog
183 True 'nuf, I was constantly aggravated by the number of bad breaks in that streak. But it also doesn't negate that there was some very porous defense, especially from Nomar and Kent, among others.
2008-09-02 20:11:02
197.   Eric Stephen
No place to put Manny.
2008-09-02 20:11:55
198.   underdog
193 That's funny, so do I!

But not from playing baseball, from my dinner in particular.


Well now they can't IBB Manny.

2008-09-02 20:12:03
199.   Eric Stephen
20 salamis, 20 bases loaded doubles.
2008-09-02 20:12:07
200.   trainwreck
Maybe we will get new management that is pro-Mark Ellis.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-02 20:12:43
201.   whodat807
194 I can understand being skeptical of DeWitt, but you seem to actively root against him.
2008-09-02 20:12:43
202.   Jacob Burch
194 If one considers one of the MIF positions to be a given in-house solution, would you prefer Hu? Not an aggressive question, I have no idea which of the two and a half possible solutions (given the idea that there's not a likely shot de Jesus could win the starting nod)
2008-09-02 20:12:45
203.   Tripon
And a bit of randomness:

"Saint☆Young Men is a comedy manga by Nakamura Hikaru about Jesus and Buddha are on a long vacation and they have come to the mortal world to live in a cheap apartment in Tokyo."

Note: Link itself is SFW, but other stuff on the site may not be.

2008-09-02 20:13:02
204.   Eric Stephen
Ruined because of the eminent FA 3B signing?
2008-09-02 20:13:14
205.   Neal Pollack
This is shaping up to be a time-capsule game.
2008-09-02 20:13:57
206.   CanuckDodger
194 -- Why is your day ruined?
2008-09-02 20:13:59
207.   Tripon
195 He has a high penchant for errors, and scouts think his future position is at 2nd?
2008-09-02 20:14:01
208.   Eric Stephen
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so close.
2008-09-02 20:14:05
209.   thinkblue88
gaaaaaaaa!! so close......
2008-09-02 20:14:48
210.   regfairfield
Because Blake Dewitt isn't good enough at baseball yet to warrant being outright handed a job.
2008-09-02 20:15:20
211.   KG16
wow, that looked gone.

this team reminds me of something my high school water polo coach said about our team one year: This team is schizophrenic.

2008-09-02 20:15:35
212.   LA punk
Manny's foul looked like it glanced off the foul pole and changed direction.
2008-09-02 20:15:53
213.   trainwreck
I thought it was Mark Ellis love.
2008-09-02 20:16:07
214.   Eric Stephen
...and 50 Ks.

How many Dodgers get cheered after a strikeout?

2008-09-02 20:16:16
215.   Tripon
urgh, I groaned with the crowd.

Time for Loney to pick up the mood.

2008-09-02 20:16:34
216.   KG16
212 - the first thing I typed was: CHALLENGE! then I saw the replay and changed my mind.
2008-09-02 20:16:52
217.   regfairfield
213 That to.
2008-09-02 20:17:06
218.   Tripon
212 A good time to use replay?

And Loney is the man.

2008-09-02 20:17:09
219.   Jon Weisman
Kershaw spent 10 minutes on base.
2008-09-02 20:17:15
220.   Eric Stephen
First major league run scored for Kershaw!!!
2008-09-02 20:17:43
221.   LoneStar7
what a stud
2008-09-02 20:18:29
222.   underdog
Loney really heats up during stretch drive time.
2008-09-02 20:18:53
223.   bhsportsguy
219 At least he gets some time to cool down (due to the pitching change) right now.
2008-09-02 20:19:04
224.   Icaros

He looked fine defensively when I saw him this year. I don't see him hitting enough to be anything but a SS.

Unless they develop into more offensively than I am expecting, I don't see there being room for Hu and DeJesus as starters. I think whoever turns out better wins the SS job.

2008-09-02 20:19:13
225.   whodat807
Wow, I was not aware that Loney had more RBIs last September than Matt Holliday. Pretty impressive.
2008-09-02 20:19:23
226.   Tripon
No need to replace Loney for anyone yet.
2008-09-02 20:19:24
227.   Eric Stephen
8-0 Cards
2008-09-02 20:20:06
228.   Eric Stephen
Dirk Hayhurst is a real name? He must have a winter job in the San Fernando Valey.
2008-09-02 20:21:06
229.   Tripon
San Diego is doing its hardest to get the first pick of the draft. Vin mentions BP, awesome.
2008-09-02 20:21:22
230.   underdog
Hayhurst = Beaker from the Muppets.
2008-09-02 20:21:33
231.   Icaros
Mark Ellis is 31 and hitting .233/.321/.373.

I understand his defense is supposed to be great, but why should I want to sign him over the many young options we have in house for the position?

2008-09-02 20:22:12
232.   Tripon
Martin's really pressing at the moment.
2008-09-02 20:22:43
233.   Tripon
Of course I say that, and he gets an hit.
2008-09-02 20:23:23
234.   whodat807
I'd like to see Hu and DeWitt battle it out for second and Furcal signed to a one year stop-gap deal, personally. Then DeJesus can claim what's his in 2010.
2008-09-02 20:24:00
235.   underdog
Weird. I don't remember the last Dodger laugher. I'll enjoy it, for who knows when the next one will appear.
2008-09-02 20:24:35
236.   trainwreck
Has anyone gotten the new Metallica?
2008-09-02 20:24:55
237.   underdog
I think Hu and DeJesus should battle it out UFC style, in a giant steel cage live on pay-per-view.
2008-09-02 20:24:59
238.   Eric Stephen
Brandon Webb remembers!!! :)
2008-09-02 20:25:25
239.   KG16
huh, Vin just informed me that this game is interesting, ironically without breaking Rule 9.
2008-09-02 20:25:38
240.   Tripon
Vin can't resist!
2008-09-02 20:25:48
241.   Gen3Blue
Loney's singles come so reliably that power doesn't matter in reality, although it will probably come. Someone was talking about Blake playing 2nd or third next year. I hope they meant Blake DeWitt, who really looks good. Could the D's really have made the right pick between LaR and DeW?
2008-09-02 20:26:01
242.   regfairfield
231 A PrOPS of .798 in an extreme pitchers park with elite defense. His line drive percentage went up by two over last year and his BABIP dropped 50 points.

His power has disappeared lately though and he's replaced it with popups. That's a concern that wasn't there a month ago.

2008-09-02 20:26:10
243.   KG16
237 - will that be the main event or part of the undercard?
2008-09-02 20:26:14
244.   Jon Weisman
Announcers are exempt from rule 9.
2008-09-02 20:26:37
245.   berkowit28
84 Berroa is the shirtstop tonight.
2008-09-02 20:26:52
246.   Jon Weisman
25 minutes between pitches for young Clayton.
2008-09-02 20:28:16
247.   trainwreck
The main event is Rudy Seanez vs Kyle Farnsworth.
2008-09-02 20:28:30
248.   Eric Stephen
A Casey Blake / Furcal one-year deal steel cage match with Ned Colletti refereeing is the main event.
2008-09-02 20:29:04
249.   Icaros

Don't you see his best skill eroding in the near future at his age, though?

2008-09-02 20:29:09
250.   KG16
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-02 20:29:25
251.   Tripon
And that's over!

Crowd gives a small applause to Kershaw.

2008-09-02 20:29:58
252.   trainwreck
What a berk!
2008-09-02 20:30:06
253.   regfairfield
249 Yeah, it's definitely a concern, but it's a lot better than the alternative. The choice isn't really DeWitt or Ellis, it's Ellis or Casey Blake.
2008-09-02 20:30:27
254.   KG16
248 - can they do the pro wrestling thing where the ref gets hit over the head with a steel chair in that one?
2008-09-02 20:31:29
255.   Eric Stephen
Kershaw is really taking to Maddux as a mentor:

Maddux was terrible in his 1st start, Kershaw followed with a shellacking.

Same thing after Maddux's 2nd start.

Maddux was good last night. Tonight...

2008-09-02 20:33:07
256.   Eric Stephen
I think we can cover that aspect when the Dodgers go on their yet unscheduled goodwill tour to Cuba, as Ned refs a taekwondo match.
2008-09-02 20:33:55
257.   Icaros

I'm trying not to think of it through the filter of an idiot GM, though. In my universe, Casey Blake is not part of the equation.

2008-09-02 20:34:03
258.   OhioBlues12
I wouldn't mind seeing Torre take Kershaw out after five and handing it over to McDonald to go the rest of the way.
2008-09-02 20:34:04
259.   LogikReader
If the Cardinals blow this 8-0 (now 8-1) lead, I'm going to need a large cheese pizza to help comprehend it.


...would you believe in all these years I never realized the UK's BBC was a public broadcasting station? That sure explains a lot of things.

2008-09-02 20:34:34
260.   Lee Corbett
252 not that i mind, but Berk is rhyming slang for a very rude word :)
2008-09-02 20:35:46
261.   Tripon
Vin has been pimping the resign Berroa campaign all night.
2008-09-02 20:36:15
262.   regfairfield
257 Even from a non idiot perspective at least one of DeWitt or Hu is guaranteed a job next year, as long as we don't load our roster with Ecksteins.
2008-09-02 20:36:50
263.   Gen3Blue
If one was smart, and wanted Kershaw to last the season, or even see the play-offs, they might take him out now.
2008-09-02 20:37:30
264.   Tripon
Its amazing that nobody is trying to hit it to center field.
2008-09-02 20:38:18
265.   Tripon
263 I doubt he starts during the post season. McDonald has a better chance of starting a post season game at the moment.
2008-09-02 20:39:03
266.   LoneStar7
i heard andy homered today
2008-09-02 20:39:28
267.   trainwreck
Not in modern times. Originally, yes. But now it just means idiot.
2008-09-02 20:39:31
268.   Eric Stephen
Not a bad idea. Kershaw is due up 3rd in the 5th.
2008-09-02 20:39:51
269.   Alex41592
258 - This is definitely a night you'll see McDonald.
2008-09-02 20:41:14
270.   Tripon
266 1-3 with a homer.

2008-09-02 20:42:34
271.   Alex41592
The Borg is back.
2008-09-02 20:42:48
272.   Tripon
Falkenborg is back.
2008-09-02 20:43:33
273.   Tripon
Falkenborg is disrespecting Angel Berroa.
2008-09-02 20:44:36
274.   Lee Corbett
267 I was just playing; I am a fan of rhyming slang in all it's varieties. I campaign for its use tirelessly.
2008-09-02 20:44:40
275.   Gen3Blue
I thought Falkenborg was gone.?
2008-09-02 20:45:11
276.   Brent Knapp
Kershaw threw 122 innings last year and entering tonight has thrown 138 innings. I always hear people say it's best not to increase a workload by more than 30 innings each year. If we make the playoffs are we going to keep sending kershaw out there with 170 innings?
2008-09-02 20:45:31
277.   Lee Corbett
and the Borg's still got his LA cap on in GameDay
2008-09-02 20:45:45
278.   Tripon
Chin-lung Hu revealed that the blurred vision in his right eye affected him even before being sent down to Class AAA Las Vegas, as he said the eyeball twitch caused the pitcher to appear to be moving as he stood stationary in the batter's box. He still is bothered by it a bit. "I just didn't tell anybody," Hu said. "I don't give any excuses. I was struggling."

Maybe the Dodgers didn't put him in any trades because they know he wouldn't pass any physicals? I hope Hu can fix his vision problems somehow.

2008-09-02 20:46:01
279.   underdog
Yeah, one more inning with this score differential and I'd like to see some of the newbie subs come in. And I mean subs, not scrubs (i.e., Sweeney and Jones)
2008-09-02 20:46:04
280.   trainwreck
British slang is so much better than ours, it is not fair.
2008-09-02 20:46:23
281.   Tripon
275 He's pitching for San Diego right now.
2008-09-02 20:46:33
282.   Eric Stephen
All you can really ask is that there be someone on base when the pitcher is up, so he can at least attempt to sacrifice. 3 bunt attempts for Clayton tonight.
2008-09-02 20:48:02
283.   Eric Stephen
Injury concealment should be a punishable offense, either via fine or suspension.
2008-09-02 20:48:18
284.   Alex41592
Pujols makes a tremendous catch along the rail in foul territory to end a threat in the 6th inning. 8-1 Cardinals Top 7.
2008-09-02 20:48:33
285.   trainwreck
Eyeball twich, awww is one of the most annoying things ever.
2008-09-02 20:48:44
286.   Tripon
So why is Erin Andrews the spokewoman for the Gillette's ad? Well, other than the obvious reason?
2008-09-02 20:50:39
287.   Jon Weisman
276 - No, we're not.
2008-09-02 20:53:33
288.   Eric Stephen
Kershaw with a mere 74 pitches through 6. A walk in the park.
2008-09-02 20:53:48
289.   underdog
A wonderful job by Kershaw-shank tonight, and now I really would pull him. Though I'm sure with the fairly low pitch count and the one hitter it's tempting to leave him in.
2008-09-02 20:53:59
290.   Tripon
The playoff ad doesn't seem that big of a joke at the moment.
2008-09-02 20:54:52
291.   Eric Stephen
Our HR leader extends his lead!
2008-09-02 20:54:55
292.   thinkblue88
andre power!! yess
2008-09-02 20:54:55
293.   Tripon
Andre Ethier has power.
2008-09-02 20:55:19
294.   larry slimfast
orange alert
2008-09-02 20:55:25
295.   underdog
Alert! Alert!


2008-09-02 20:55:27
296.   Alex41592
#19 for Ethier. Opposite field and a beauty.
2008-09-02 20:55:45
297.   Icaros
Wow, imagine how many HRs he'd have by now if he didn't get benched for lousy vets off and on.
2008-09-02 20:56:02
298.   LoneStar7
wow lets go dre...and im guessing an alert shall be posted
2008-09-02 20:56:11
299.   Eric Stephen
I have Kershaw's game score at 75, which would be a career high (he had a 70 in St. Louis).
2008-09-02 20:56:13
300.   Tripon
Manny hustle.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-02 20:56:17
301.   whodat807
Ethier sure is putting on an interesting performance tonight.
2008-09-02 20:56:21
302.   Lee Corbett
280 I live in Sydney, and a lot of the British slang, like Butcher's Hook, is used, and there's a fair bit of local stuff too

for example: "You little Ronnie" is rymhing slang with Ronnie Coote and Beaut (Beauty).

Reg Grundies is for undies (underwear)

"Harry Holt" for bolt (or run fast) is my favourite. Harold Holt himself was a Prime Minister of Australia who drowned, and his body was never recovered and so of course people speculated he'd run away; and so as slang for running away Harry Holt is a great piece of working man's humour.

excuse non-American spelling but I can't help it.

2008-09-02 20:57:06
303.   Tripon
297 Ethier didn't get hot until Aug. though. He just might be a second half player.
2008-09-02 20:57:43
304.   Bob Timmermann
Orange alert for Andre Ethier. This is an orange alert.
2008-09-02 20:58:12
305.   Tripon
Falkenborg threw 8 and 2/3 of no hit ball?
2008-09-02 20:58:16
306.   Icaros
A double for Ethier would be a Super Perfect Cycle, as he also has a walk tonight.
2008-09-02 21:00:06
307.   Icaros

Um...he was quite hot to start the year, then got benched because Pierre cried to his parents.

Hard to stay hot when you aren't playing.

He was certainly not a second-half player in 2006.

2008-09-02 21:00:45
308.   Tripon
A.J. Ellis will be called up tomorrow.
2008-09-02 21:00:53
309.   trainwreck
My grandmother is Australian, but she never taught me any good Australian slang.

I have to try to figure out stuff from things like Chopper.

2008-09-02 21:01:35
310.   LoneStar7
my goodness our last cycle was really in 1970?
2008-09-02 21:01:45
311.   Eric Stephen
Ethier's slugging percentage is up to .493.
2008-09-02 21:01:53
312.   Tripon
Also, Loney was named the Dodgers' Roberto Clemente award winner. Congrats Loney.
2008-09-02 21:02:28
313.   Gen3Blue
Vin and Trek got it right--life is tough for a Borg.
2008-09-02 21:03:51
314.   Gen3Blue
About two years until Ethier hits more dingers than Manny.
2008-09-02 21:03:52
315.   Alex41592
I believe it helped a lot that when Ethier woke up in the morning he knew he would be starting in right field for the Dodgers.

He didn't have that luxury earlier this season.

Also, Chris Carpenter has come in to pitch in relief for the Cardinals.

2008-09-02 21:04:01
316.   LoneStar7
i like how borg is wearing a dodger hat on game day..
2008-09-02 21:04:08
317.   Alex41592
Repko and HU!
2008-09-02 21:04:20
318.   Tripon
Berroa's still in the game? Hu's at 2nd? DeWitt at 3rd? Madness!
2008-09-02 21:04:53
319.   underdog
There we go: Repko and Hu in for Manny and CBlake.
2008-09-02 21:05:15
320.   Icaros
Hey, it's next season's starting infield!


2008-09-02 21:05:20
321.   Eric Stephen
Yes! The Padres' telecast just showed the Carlos Perez water cooler incident.
2008-09-02 21:05:35
322.   Tripon
Huh, Kershaw's still pitching. I guess its his last inning. I want to see McDonald!
2008-09-02 21:06:45
323.   underdog
Damn that Headley Lamarr!

I'd realllly consider pulling Kershaw soon. Save these innings in the bank for later, eh?

2008-09-02 21:07:30
324.   Tripon
First time Kershaw's in any real trouble.
2008-09-02 21:07:39
325.   underdog
320 Er, I hope there's one crucial difference, at least.
2008-09-02 21:07:48
326.   Bob Timmermann
Trust me, you don't need to remember Chip Ambres' name. He's been passed around organizations like a joint at Woodstock.
2008-09-02 21:08:38
327.   Icaros
Edgy Bob tonight.
2008-09-02 21:08:52
328.   Tripon
325 You never know, Vin seems pretty high on Berroa. o/~

And Blake DeWitt shows he has range again.

2008-09-02 21:09:23
329.   Eric Stephen
Golf clap by me for Kershaw.
2008-09-02 21:09:30
330.   LoneStar7
321 can anyone find a link to that video?
2008-09-02 21:09:35
331.   Gen3Blue
Honeycutt had that look like I might make it close yet.
2008-09-02 21:09:45
332.   Alex41592
Carpenter gets out of a jam. 8-1 Cardinals Top 8.
2008-09-02 21:10:24
333.   underdog
326 Plus, I kept thinking Vin was saying Ambergris, which I definitely don't want to remember.
2008-09-02 21:11:11
334.   trainwreck
You have a better chance of seeing classified UFO video footage than finding MLB footage.
2008-09-02 21:11:43
335.   Alex41592
Up seven runs (at least) in the eighth inning could mean the M.L debut of James McDonald.
2008-09-02 21:12:40
336.   Eric Stephen
Maybe someone named Zambrino can be traded for the Padres' new 2B.
2008-09-02 21:12:50
337.   Icaros

Just one more reason why kids can name a lot more NBA players than they can MLB players.

That and the tattoos.

2008-09-02 21:13:10
338.   Gen3Blue
326 that is a great simile or metaphore.
Whatever it is good.
2008-09-02 21:13:31
339.   Tripon
DeWitt's having a pretty good night.
2008-09-02 21:14:40
340.   LoneStar7
334 hahah..sad, but true..that ticks me off..i couldn't believe someone got gibson's whole at bat online
2008-09-02 21:15:41
341.   Tripon
Kershaw's still in the game? They're going to allow him to pitch the whole game?
2008-09-02 21:16:03
342.   Icaros
I know I'm not the only one DVRing the debut of the new 90210 right now, but I might be the only one brave enough to admit it.
2008-09-02 21:16:16
343.   Alex41592
Single, two walks and a HR for DeWitt.

Not too shabby.

Torre disagrees and we shall see more Kershaw. Only at 84 pitches.

2008-09-02 21:16:23
344.   whodat807
Why is Kershaw still in this game?
2008-09-02 21:16:54
345.   Jon Weisman
342 - I have to watch it for work reasons.
2008-09-02 21:17:56
346.   Eric Stephen
[No comment]
2008-09-02 21:18:03
347.   Alex41592
Uh-oh. Pierre hurt bad.
2008-09-02 21:18:06
348.   Tripon
I barely remember the old 90210. I grew up as a child of Dawson Creek.

JP looks hurt.

2008-09-02 21:18:12
349.   Bob Timmermann
The Minotaur is the first Dodger with three sacrifices in a game since Tom Candiotti back in 1993.

Willie Davis is the only non-pitcher to do it.

2008-09-02 21:18:15
350.   Icaros

Dreading it? Or does that ever even happen?

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-02 21:18:42
351.   Neal Pollack
I hope Pierre's injury isn't serious. We need his grit and hustle.
2008-09-02 21:18:59
352.   Eric Stephen
I would have DVRd it if I remembered it was tonight.
2008-09-02 21:19:17
353.   trainwreck
Aww, I did not realize that was on. It has some hot girls on it. I will check that out.

It has a girl from Degrassi: The Next Generation!

2008-09-02 21:19:19
354.   Gagne55
JP is hurt. :(
2008-09-02 21:19:55
355.   Tripon
351 JP knows how to cook grits?
2008-09-02 21:20:03
356.   Icaros

It's two hours tonight; you can still record the last 40 minutes. Hurry!

2008-09-02 21:21:04
357.   Tripon
Its JP's back.
2008-09-02 21:21:11
358.   underdog
Hope JP just pulled his hamstring.

Oh, Icaros, you're just gonna watch 90210 ironically, right?

2008-09-02 21:21:12
359.   trainwreck
Aww, I totally forgot Lucille I is on this.
2008-09-02 21:21:16
360.   Alex41592
Kemp forced to come into the game.
2008-09-02 21:21:18
361.   Gagne55
Kemp finishig up on an off day. Oh how Jones has fallen.
2008-09-02 21:21:19
362.   Eric Stephen
Lucille I is on 90210!
2008-09-02 21:21:35
363.   Jon Weisman
350 - Agnostic. I'm curious to see the metamorphosis of Tristan Wilds.
2008-09-02 21:21:58
364.   underdog
So much for trying to cut down on Kershaw's inning workload. This seems pointless to me, but whatever.
2008-09-02 21:22:12
365.   Gagne55
Kershaw is still in?
2008-09-02 21:22:35
366.   Eric Stephen
It's on again Thursday!
2008-09-02 21:23:15
367.   Icaros
I have a special connection to the kids of West Beverly HS as, like them, I was class of '93.

Can't say that I graduated college in fours years like they did, though. Kelly got her degree in four years despite having a raging coke addiction, almost burning to death, and joining a cult, to name a few.

2008-09-02 21:23:15
368.   Alex41592
361 - Jones is still hurt. Well, hurt enough to where he can't play the outfield.
2008-09-02 21:23:57
369.   trainwreck
I started watching the original 90210 when Tiffani Amber-Thiesen joined it.
2008-09-02 21:24:08
370.   Gagne55
93 pitches isn't that many, but it's a mop up situation.
2008-09-02 21:24:35
371.   Rob M
Jeez, get Clayton out of there.
2008-09-02 21:24:39
372.   underdog
Huh, Jeff Judah is one of the writers. (Former supervising producer of Freaks and Geeks, among other things.) Well, I still can't bring myself to watch.
2008-09-02 21:24:56
373.   LoneStar7
I just finished Arrested Development, I absolutely loved it.
2008-09-02 21:25:11
374.   Icaros

I started watching it ironically twelve years ago, then got hooked. Just like heroin.

2008-09-02 21:25:32
375.   larry slimfast
334 I have now proven to myself that this is indeed true. I am a sad human being.
2008-09-02 21:25:33
376.   Gagne55
Bring in Tron!
2008-09-02 21:25:50
377.   Eric Stephen
At least he gets a nice ovation.
2008-09-02 21:25:50
378.   Alex41592
Nice job Kershaw!
2008-09-02 21:28:24
379.   trainwreck
Why does every guy on the CW have the stupidest haircut in the world?
2008-09-02 21:28:38
380.   Tripon
TronTron is going to seal this inning. Or not.
2008-09-02 21:28:47
381.   Jon Weisman
372 - You're surprisingly behind the curve on that. Sachs and Judah are the showrunners.
2008-09-02 21:30:13
382.   Icaros
Yeah underdog, it's supposed to be darker and less cheeseball. Resistance is futile.
2008-09-02 21:30:22
383.   Gagne55
Ugg. Good relievers may have to be used.
2008-09-02 21:30:23
384.   Tripon
This game just got ugly FAST.
2008-09-02 21:30:48
385.   LoneStar7
ok now come on..
2008-09-02 21:30:55
386.   ChicagoDodger
378 But what a bad job of managing by Torre. The kid did a real nice job through 6. Torre escaped putting him out there in the 7th, and then does the unthinkable by letting him pitch the 8th.

What's the point of September call-ups? McDonald to start the 8th with no one on made a ton of sense. Why let Kershaw enter the 8th? And I said that to myself in the 7th inning.

Stupid managing!

2008-09-02 21:30:59
387.   underdog
On second thought...
2008-09-02 21:30:59
388.   dzzrtRatt
Okay, enough of this.

Kershaw should get credit for this win, at least.

2008-09-02 21:31:00
389.   ChicagoDodger
378 But what a bad job of managing by Torre. The kid did a real nice job through 6. Torre escaped putting him out there in the 7th, and then does the unthinkable by letting him pitch the 8th.

What's the point of September call-ups? McDonald to start the 8th with no one on made a ton of sense. Why let Kershaw enter the 8th? And I said that to myself in the 7th inning.

Stupid managing!

2008-09-02 21:31:04
390.   Gagne55
Beimel time. Tron failed.
2008-09-02 21:31:26
391.   Tripon
TronTron out. Biemiel's brought in to restore order.
2008-09-02 21:32:16
392.   underdog
381 I've just completely blanked out all existence of that show until now. I suppose I was making some false assumptions. Though I did know Lucille I was in it, at least.
2008-09-02 21:32:19
393.   sporky
WE: 94%
2008-09-02 21:32:58
394.   LoneStar7
at least st louis is out of the inning...8-2 going into top 9..

lets keep this lead at 4 come on now

2008-09-02 21:33:22
395.   CanuckDodger
Torre's a moron. It was obvious to everybody but him that Kershaw was done after seven.
2008-09-02 21:33:53
396.   Tripon
And Hu shows he has even more range than DeWitt. Seriously, he just came from nowhere.
2008-09-02 21:33:54
397.   underdog
Dear Dodgers,

Please don't blow this game, or I shall be turning up my oven and then placing my head inside of said oven.


2008-09-02 21:34:11
398.   LoneStar7
hu was there to back that up? hehe..
2008-09-02 21:35:12
399.   Jon Weisman
386 - Bringing back someone who has thrown 90 pitches over seven innings with plenty of rest between innings is "unthinkable?" I'm not saying I would have pulled him out, but that's a bit much.
2008-09-02 21:35:37
400.   ChicagoDodger
395 All year you hear about babying Kershaw, watching pitch counts, keeping innings down.

Can anyone think of any intelligent reason for allowing Kershaw to pitch the 8th much less the 7th? A 8-0 lead after 6 and a 8-1 lead after 7. Why send him out there?

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-02 21:35:52
401.   Gagne55
397 I'm hoping that is a rule 6 violation.
2008-09-02 21:35:58
402.   Jon Weisman
399 - I meant, "I'm not saying I wouldn't have pulled him out."
2008-09-02 21:36:10
403.   Alex41592
He had 84 pitches through 7.
2008-09-02 21:36:36
404.   Bob Timmermann
Seriously, he just came from nowhere.

Ummm.... OK.

2008-09-02 21:37:10
405.   Gagne55
Ambres has looked like a really good hitter this game.
2008-09-02 21:37:22
406.   sporky
WE: 98%
2008-09-02 21:37:36
407.   Jon Weisman
403 - Thanks.
2008-09-02 21:37:56
408.   Alex41592
Ok, everyone it's Andre time.
2008-09-02 21:38:27
409.   ChicagoDodger
399 Lowe? Yes. Kuroda? Yes. Billingsley? Yes.

But not a 20 year-old who they are supposedly watching his pitch counts and innings pitched.

The point is they didn't need to send him out there with a 8-0 lead and there were plenty of available pitchers to start the 7th or 8th inning.

2008-09-02 21:39:22
410.   fanerman
397 Broiled underog, my favorite!
2008-09-02 21:39:46
411.   Tripon
400 Torre could be testing Kershaw's ability to pitch in late innings, which is one of the last things Kershaw needs to learn to be an effective starter. With a low pitch count, perhaps he saw a good opportunity for that.
2008-09-02 21:40:03
412.   sporky
By reading the DT comments, sometimes you can't tell if the Dodgers are winning or losing.
2008-09-02 21:40:39
413.   Tripon
No cycle for Andre.
2008-09-02 21:40:49
414.   Gagne55
Alert cancelled. Stand down.
2008-09-02 21:41:03
415.   LoneStar7
ah..too bad
2008-09-02 21:41:08
416.   fracule
Did Andre get a knickname? I like Andre Gigante.
2008-09-02 21:41:56
417.   fanerman
The game is still going. Andre may get another at-bat, however unlikely.
2008-09-02 21:42:16
418.   Tripon
Repko gets a single.
2008-09-02 21:42:20
419.   sporky
414 You never know!
2008-09-02 21:42:53
420.   underdog
Awww, good for JRepko.
2008-09-02 21:43:29
421.   ChicagoDodger
411 There is plenty of time for that in 2009 and 2010.

I just feel that after 6 innings it was a perfect time to take him out and let him have the knowledge of a job well done with a real nice stat line. Instead they allowed him to reduce that by having him go out there and pitch further. At the very least, a real missed opportunity for Torre.

2008-09-02 21:43:34
422.   Bob Timmermann
Dodgers cycles
Jimmy Johnston 5/22/1922
Babe Herman 5/18/1931
Babe Herman 7/24/1931
Dixie Walker 9/2/1944
Jackie Robinson 8/29/1948
Gil Hodges 6/25/1949
Wes Parker 5/7/1970
2008-09-02 21:44:17
423.   Tripon
Repko steals a base. Also, it seems that Journey has been retired.
2008-09-02 21:45:05
424.   bhsportsguy
At the end of 8 1/2, 8-2 Cardinals.

Tomorrow, Cardinal pitcher Kyle Lohse will be going for his 14th win of the year against Doug Davis in a matinee game at Chase.

2008-09-02 21:45:09
425.   underdog
410 It's particularly good with a miso glaze and a side of pilaf.


417 Um, I hope if he gets another at bat it's only because the Dodgers batted around this inning.

2008-09-02 21:45:40
426.   Jacob Burch
421 If Kershaw had retired the side with under 110 pitches, I don't think there would be much of a critique allowed to be made.

I probably would have yanked him after one base runner instead of two (or just before the inning), but there's nothing wrong with showing confidence in a young pitcher when he hasn't thrown over 100 yet.

2008-09-02 21:46:55
427.   Alex41592
And the Diamondbacks lose!
2008-09-02 21:47:20
428.   trainwreck
This show is worse than One Tree Hill.
2008-09-02 21:48:21
429.   Jon Weisman
421 - All I'm saying is that it wasn't unthinkable.
2008-09-02 21:48:38
430.   Tripon
421 I don't disagree about pulling Kershaw, but I take a bit of the issue about protecting Kershaw with the 'nice' stat line. Torre likely asked Kershaw how he was feeling, and Kershaw likely told Torre that he'd liked to go back out. Kershaw shouldn't be babied in that aspect, against the possibility of not having gaudy stats. Kershaw earned his 4 ER's tonight for better or worse. Kershaw's was still in the game because Kershaw thought he could pitch another inning.
2008-09-02 21:48:40
431.   fracule
428 Just because Martin grounded into a DP?
2008-09-02 21:49:24
432.   ChicagoDodger
426 Okay. That's the great thing about a site like this. I guess I over-reacted since I'm the only one who feels that way. But I do feel that way.
2008-09-02 21:51:28
433.   Tripon
Of course I'm wondering why Bimiel's in the game? How many times has he gone two innings?
2008-09-02 21:52:24
434.   ChicagoDodger
430 And didn't Little get fired in Boston beause Pedro thought he could still pitch that particular inning against the Yankees?
2008-09-02 21:52:32
435.   LoneStar7
why do i feel like we're not going out without a little scare
2008-09-02 21:52:50
436.   Alex41592
DeWitt to Hu to Loney.
2008-09-02 21:53:05
437.   trainwreck
Lori Loughlin is still as attractive as she was on Full house.
2008-09-02 21:53:21
438.   underdog
Probably because he didn't make many pitches last inning, or over the past week, and the Dodgers have to win this game. This is not the time to bring in a James McDonald for his ML debut or to overuse Cory Wade, or to make us nervous with JJJ.
2008-09-02 21:53:23
439.   LoneStar7
435 and i posted that 6 seconds too soon...
2008-09-02 21:53:51
440.   Tripon
434 Kershaw has a 8 run lead to play around with. And there is a reason why Joe Torre got Grady Little fired twice.
2008-09-02 21:54:05
441.   bhsportsguy
434 I think the 7th game of the ALCS is slightly different despite the importance of tonight's game.
2008-09-02 21:54:32
442.   fracule
434 He was scapegoat. Boston's pen was haggard, and staying with Pedro was really the best bet.
2008-09-02 21:54:33
443.   Alex41592
1 1/2 back.
2008-09-02 21:55:07
444.   Kevin Lewis
Wow, that was a rocket from second on the double play.
2008-09-02 21:55:38
445.   Bob Hendley
Reeling them in.
2008-09-02 21:55:50
446.   ChicagoDodger
430 And I'm not saying Kershaw should be babied into having good stats.

I just think a Manager can pick some spots especially early on in a career for a young picher to take the kid out and when he reflects back at that stat line, it perhaps provides more confidence then a stat line that gave up 3 earned runs. That's all.

2008-09-02 21:56:30
447.   underdog
Great game! A big win, even if it looked easy -- we'll take it.

Winning tomorrow is a must, too, before the AZ series.

2008-09-02 21:56:46
448.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
442 The Boston pen was LIGHTS OUT in the later part of that season. I worked at Fenway that year, and I can still remember the refrain.

"Timlin in the 8th, Williamson in the 9th!!"

2008-09-02 21:57:54
449.   fanerman
Okay. Now we can stand down.
2008-09-02 21:58:49
450.   trainwreck
I will be amazed if Icaros gets hooked to this version of 90210.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-09-02 21:59:22
451.   fanerman
I've got to think that hitting the 20-HR plateau will mostly secure Ethier's starting outfielder position permanently. Unless he gets traded.
2008-09-02 21:59:45
452.   Tripon
446 Yeah, but I don't think Kershaw's the type of guy who just looks at the stat line to say he had a good night or not. Anybody who watched the game knows he pitched a good game despite the stat line.

And I think it shows that Torre has confidence in Kershaw that Torre allowed Kershaw to pitch into the 8th.

2008-09-02 22:00:51
453.   Xeifrank
The Dodgers chopped two games off of their magic number tonight and it now stands at 26.
vr, Xei
2008-09-02 22:01:17
454.   Tripon
451 Doubt we'll create a hole this offseason. Torre really loves Ethier and Kemp at the moment.
2008-09-02 22:01:21
455.   ChicagoDodger
452 Fair enough. Again, I guess I over-reacted.
2008-09-02 22:02:30
456.   fracule
448 Williamson had given up 2 runs in the ninth the night before, and who thinks that Pedro is going to come back and get smacked for 3 runs. Not me, and probably no-one else, until after if happened.
2008-09-02 22:04:42
457.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
I was in a bar about a mile away from Fenway at the time... and there were definitely a LOT of people groaning that Pedro was coming back out rather than going to the pen.
2008-09-02 22:05:40
458.   fracule
456 Sorry, I'm remembering things wrong.
2008-09-02 22:05:45
459.   Jon Weisman

457 - Pedro was in such a state that I would have put myself in the game to pitch.


2008-09-02 22:06:51
460.   fracule
457 Fair enough, I wouldn't have expected him to give up those runs, but you're right with a series on the line, you might want to say, 'no'.

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