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Ethier Ore
2008-09-05 22:43
by Jon Weisman

I'd love to do an Andre Ethier post tonight, but I'm going to turn in. So for the time being, consider it done in spirit. That was a whammo, blammo night!

2008-09-05 22:48:14
1.   Tripon
Ethier made himself a bunch of money from Aug. and Sept.
2008-09-05 23:08:48
2.   NoHoDodger
If only Torre realized from the "get go" that he needed to platoon Pierre and Jones, instead of Pierre and Either, then where would the Dodgers be?
2008-09-05 23:11:04
3.   Alex41592
I'm out of words to describe Ethier, so instead of trying I'll look ahead. Not too many people will be able to see our game tomorrow afternoon.

Arizona Diamondbacks at Los Angeles Dodgers - Josh Lewin & Mark Grace (FOX, 3:55pm, 18%)

MARKETS INCLUDE: Albuquerque, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco

2008-09-05 23:11:54
4.   Neal Pollack
What a nifty game. The atmosphere was electric the last time Ethier came up to bat. Almost rivalled Manny's reception, but, to be fair, this wasn't Manny's finest hour. This was one of the season's great games...
2008-09-05 23:14:27
5.   underdog
3 Yay, I get the game here. But I'll be Tivo-ing because I'll be teaching a class in the afternoon. Alas. Too bad it's not a 3 hour Baseball Studies class.

Go Andre "No Longer 3.5" Ethier!

And, no, Jon, Orel didn't mention anything about the Dodgers' lack of passion, he was better tonight, even if he mocked the NL West a few times. Then the Sportscenter guys mocked the NL West. We get it guys, mediocrity reigns supreme. Yet, do you think any of the other NL contenders would actually be licking their chops at the prospects of playing LA or Arizona? I wouldn't think they would be.


2008-09-05 23:24:19
6.   Tripon
"Hey, Kent is in the clubhouse, go aggravate him," Lowe says. "Or talk to Chad Billingsley; he's cute like a little poodle."

Love is in the air?,0,2746743.column?page=2

2008-09-05 23:27:36
7.   Tripon
Infielder Tony Abreu, who spent the year recovering from hip surgery, will report to the Arizona Instructional League next week.,0,3229845.story

2008-09-05 23:53:01
8.   ucladodger
Back from the game and it was a blast. Ethier and Lowe were spectacular, but I give the player of the game to Lowe. Kept throwing up 0 after 0, and the DBacks never even threatened to score. Masterful job.

Andre was about as locked in as you can be. Every ball was scorched and the sound of his home run was something to behold. I dont know if he can hit a ball any better. Terrific performance tonight and hopefully tomorrow will be a repeat.

2008-09-05 23:58:02
9.   I Love LA
Dre was amazing tonight...way to go. Hope we have enough offense left for the weekend. Now comes the bad news, Brandon Webb will be on the mound seeking revenge.
2008-09-06 00:10:01
10.   LogikReader
Anybody catch the official presser on Vin? Vin is coming back for a 60th season next year!

2008-09-06 00:10:15
11.   Eric Stephen
It's a wonderful problem to have when you have to decide between a 5-5 night (with 3 XBH) or 8 shutout innings for player of the game.
2008-09-06 00:10:59
12.   Eric Stephen
Wonderful news!!!
2008-09-06 00:15:18
13.   MC Safety
0 Ethier, Ogre.
2008-09-06 00:50:37
14.   Alex41592
10 - Great news. And the timing of it is funny since that topic came up tonight. Same workload with no games east of Colorado.
2008-09-06 01:48:07
15.   LoneStar7
darn! so i wont get tomorrow's game here in dallas? Tonight was wonderful though.
2008-09-06 06:31:23
16.   Johnny Nucleo
On the occasion of Andre's 20th home run and a 5 for 5 night, maybe we could have a little ceremony to officially bury his "3.5" nickname, if we haven't done so already.
2008-09-06 06:41:41
17.   Disabled List
BP's playoff odds report is quite the interesting read this morning. The Dodgers now have a 57% chance of making the playoffs, compared to 41% for the D-backs. Seven days ago, after getting handed their 8th straight loss, the Dodgers' playoff chances were 17%.

A week ago, I was ready to write the season off as a total failure. Now, we're favored to make the postseason. What a weird team.

2008-09-06 07:19:25
18.   Jon Weisman

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