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Zing Zang Zoom
2008-09-08 17:33
by Jon Weisman

SportsClubStats has a graph showing how the Dodgers' playoff odds have fluctuated over the past two weeks - and more.

The Dodgers play tonight in San Diego, which is ... still San Diego. Still a place that can give the team fits. Greg Maddux, what will you do - what will you do?

* * *

Dodgers at Padres, 7:05 p.m.

Diamondbacks at Giants, 7:15 p.m.

Comments (502)
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2008-09-08 17:44:40
1.   Alex41592
We are in double gameday mode people!
2008-09-08 17:47:00
2.   fanerman
1 That just means it's time to get serious.
2008-09-08 17:48:05
3.   underdog
Good luck to the Dodgers and Raiders (or Broncos, if you're me -- I feel like Woden here during Rockies-Dodgers games). Got to get back to work for awhile. But I was happy to see Aaron Rodgers is off to a good start at least, and GB fans seem to have embraced him.

Predicting a 5-4 final in the Dodgers game tonight, but won't call winner due to fear of reprisals.

2008-09-08 17:51:09
4.   trainwreck
You did see the last thread where people were expressing their hate for the Raiders?
2008-09-08 17:53:58
5.   underdog
4 I just did catch up on that yeah, almost made me want to defend them! Almost. ;-) See? You don't need me around to supply smack talk.
2008-09-08 17:57:17
6.   trainwreck
I wonder if sporky will hate Jody Gerut by the end of this series.
2008-09-08 17:58:10
7.   Alex41592
6 - He won't give her the chance. He's out with an injury.
2008-09-08 18:03:02
8.   caseybarker
Raiders? Hate?

What a throw by Rodgers to Driver... called back by penalty.

2008-09-08 18:03:48
9.   underdog
Warren Sapp is on Dancing with the Stars?? Tee-hee.

Sigh, back to work.

2008-09-08 18:07:40
10.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
9 - Sapp's partner will be the hippo from Fantasia.
2008-09-08 18:08:50
11.   trainwreck
I am not having a good fantasy week.
2008-09-08 18:10:41
12.   UVaDodger
11 One guy in my league drafted Brady, and played the guy with McNabb and Michael Turner. He had a bad week.
2008-09-08 18:17:29
13.   sporky
I want to love the likes of Rich Aurilia.
2008-09-08 18:17:33
14.   Gagne55
Green Bay has played well thus far in the Post-Brett Favre era.
2008-09-08 18:30:38
15.   old dodger fan
If you click on the Sportsclubstats link above and go to the DBacks page look at the graph of their playoff chances. They must be sick.
2008-09-08 18:31:06
16.   Tripon
How can you hate the Raiders? They're as cute as a poodle.
2008-09-08 18:35:51
17.   bigE
12 Are you in my fantasy league? ;) I played my brother this week, and that's exactly what happened there, too. (I was on the McNabb/Turner end.)

He also has Joseph Addai, so that didn't help matters, either.

2008-09-08 18:41:12
18.   Jacob Burch
17 Let us not discuss the follies of my beloved Colts. Sigh. I was not a good person to be around for a good two hours after the game.
2008-09-08 18:44:10
19.   whodat807
I had a great week in the DT league, but went up against a team with both Marion Barber and Michael "The Burner" Turner. Poop.
2008-09-08 18:47:21
20.   caseybarker
I'd really like to see the Patriots win a SB without Brady. They are still loaded. Hopefully Maroney's OK.
2008-09-08 18:47:35
21.   scareduck
Andre Ethier and Roy Oswalt, co-NL Players of the Week:

Or maybe for sporky, Players of the Squee.

2008-09-08 18:49:58
22.   D4P
I'd really like to see the Patriots win a SB without Brady

If that didn't break a DT rule, then the rules are worthless.

2008-09-08 18:50:18
23.   Tripon
Jack Wilson of the Pirates is out for the rest of the season due to a fractured finger.

2008-09-08 18:50:24
24.   Gagne55
The ClubStats look pretty flawed. There are sometimes games in the first week that shift playoff% by over 20%. That shouldn't happen.
2008-09-08 18:53:58
25.   regfairfield
24 Depending on how they're calculated (using third order win percentage for example) it's possible.
2008-09-08 18:55:16
26.   bhsportsguy
The season broken down in 20 game segments


8-12 -7
13-7 +3
7-13 same record
10-10 +2
11-9 +1
12-8 +1
9-11 -1
3-0 +2.5

This doesn't mean anything but right now Arizona does not appear to be a team on the verge on putting on big winning streak.

2008-09-08 18:57:16
27.   Eric Stephen
I didn't make it to tonight's game, so the Dodgers have an excellent chance to win. The next two nights will be all my fault, however.
2008-09-08 18:57:44
28.   old dodger fan
26 I didn't think we would either.
2008-09-08 18:58:07
29.   sporky
What's a reasonable W-L record for the Vikings? I want realistic expectations.
2008-09-08 18:58:37
30.   Tripon
7 wins for the Vikes. They really should have upgraded at QB.
2008-09-08 18:58:50
31.   trainwreck
2008-09-08 19:01:17
32.   68elcamino427
As the Dodgers quest to secure the top spot in the West continues ...
tonight they send the Old Elf out to the mound to work his magic ...
it feels quiet ... too quiet
2008-09-08 19:01:23
33.   D4P
Did you hear about Evan Tanner?
2008-09-08 19:03:51
34.   trainwreck
No, did he kill himself or something?
2008-09-08 19:05:09
35.   D4P
His body was found out in the desert or something. Not sure what happened.
2008-09-08 19:05:20
36.   Gagne55
25 Early in the season, most of the projected future winning percentage should come from players previous seasons. The system they use is terrible.
2008-09-08 19:05:35
37.   Tripon
So why did they make Petco such an extreme pitcher's park? That can't help you attract top hitting talent.
2008-09-08 19:06:36
38.   trainwreck
Wow, that is sad. But is pretty obvious he had a lot of mental issues.


2008-09-08 19:06:55
39.   Tripon
1 pitch. 1 out for Martin. That's no lead off hitter at all.
2008-09-08 19:07:16
40.   Bob Hendley
I have the Friars' announcers. First observation/complaint by them: a lot of Dodger fans in the park. Following this, they said that despite what Kent says, Manny has made a major contribution to the Dodger offense.(?)
2008-09-08 19:07:23
41.   Gagne55
Vikings should onside kick.
2008-09-08 19:07:43
42.   D4P
extreme pitcher's park? That can't help you attract top hitting talent

Neither can a small payroll. Maybe the teams with small payrolls realize they're never gonna get a lot of big bats, so they choose to focus on pitching and defense, and design/set up their park accordingly.

2008-09-08 19:08:01
43.   Eric Stephen
The flip side is the attraction to top pitching talent.
2008-09-08 19:09:11
44.   Eric Stephen
They were simply responding to whatever was on screen. Once Manny was shown (with his ripped skull cap and all), he became the topic of discussion.
2008-09-08 19:09:31
45.   Tripon
42 Yeah, but it doesn't help the talent offensively that they already have. And pitching can be just as expensive as hitters are.
2008-09-08 19:09:57
46.   trainwreck
Report says he died of dehydration.
2008-09-08 19:12:06
47.   Eric Stephen
Dodgers not doing their best to make Baek a Loser, baby, so far.
2008-09-08 19:12:42
48.   sporky
I pray to the baseball gods that Lincecum gets his 16th win.
2008-09-08 19:14:40
49.   Tripon
Then again, you have Giles who don't care which stadium's he's playing at.
2008-09-08 19:14:47
50.   regfairfield
45 It lets you pull any guy that can throw strikes off the scrap heap and turn him to an effective pitcher. Baek is a good example of this.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-08 19:16:08
51.   Gagne55
The Vikings are making a comeback.
2008-09-08 19:16:31
52.   Eric Stephen
Wow. Luis Rodriguez should have been called out for that. He stepped across the plate on that bunt.
2008-09-08 19:17:02
53.   caseybarker

I figured it's time to let go of my hatred of the New England Patriots. Of course, if the Dodgers disappoint, all bets are off.

2008-09-08 19:17:06
54.   Tripon
Vin said that Kuo, Broxton, and Park are unable to pitch tonight.

Torre says that Wade's up for closer opportunity. We may see McDonald yet tonight.

2008-09-08 19:17:26
55.   Gagne55
n'vr mnd
2008-09-08 19:17:30
56.   Eric Stephen
The game ends with the score the Chargers wanted yesterday.
2008-09-08 19:17:37
57.   Tripon
The Vikings just threw an interception.
2008-09-08 19:17:44
58.   milkshakeballa
No Brox Kuo or Park tonight. Wade will be closer.

Got a feeling we might see McDonald

2008-09-08 19:17:52
59.   sporky
54 One can only hope.
2008-09-08 19:18:35
60.   Eric Stephen
Shouldn't Broxton get a seat in the bullpen? He's standing.
2008-09-08 19:20:08
61.   Eric Stephen
Vasgersian and Grant have used the term "filth ball" to describe Maddux's classic cut in at the last minute pitch, although I think they mean it as a compliment.
2008-09-08 19:20:09
62.   Tripon
How many pitchers are in the bullpen? 15 players? 20?
2008-09-08 19:20:12
63.   Gagne55
Looks like there isn't much of a bullpen tonight. Maddux needs to give them some innings tonight. Routing Baek would be nice too.
2008-09-08 19:21:34
64.   Tripon
Kemp is a defensive player.

63 Expect to see TronTron and JJJ to pitch multiple innings tonight if Maddux can't go 6/7 innings.

2008-09-08 19:22:18
65.   Tripon
2-0 Padres.

Well, that isn't what I'm looking for.

2008-09-08 19:22:20
66.   Eric Stephen
That's unfortunate.
2008-09-08 19:22:50
67.   Alex41592
In a park where balls don't carry that ball carried.
2008-09-08 19:23:11
68.   Icaros
Maddux has shown nothing since his acquisition. One move too many.
2008-09-08 19:23:47
69.   LoneStar7
66 but expected
2008-09-08 19:23:47
70.   68elcamino427
Looks like the lightning is seeping out of the bottle for the Old Guy.
2008-09-08 19:23:53
71.   Gagne55
62 Besides the three guys resting they have:
Wade,Beimel,Troncoso, Proctor, Johnson, Elbert, McDonald

Am I forgetting anyone

2008-09-08 19:24:37
72.   Alex41592
I'm more upset over the fact that we allowed the one person who can hurt us, hurt us.
2008-09-08 19:24:59
73.   Reddog
I hope we didn't give up much for Maddux.
2008-09-08 19:25:54
74.   Tripon
71 James Loney.

Really, we should hope this game doesn't go extra innings.

2008-09-08 19:25:57
75.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-08 19:26:10
76.   Icaros

I didn't get pitching to him, either. First was open. He's the only real hitter on the team.

2008-09-08 19:26:24
77.   Bob Hendley
2008-09-08 19:26:42
78.   Eric Stephen
Technically the two people that can hurt us.

No need to fear. Plenty of runs left to be scored tonight, folks.

2008-09-08 19:26:43
79.   68elcamino427
First base was very open
2008-09-08 19:26:51
80.   Gagne55
75 It so figures that I forgot someone.
2008-09-08 19:27:07
81.   MMSMikey
wouldnt torre of have learned, by watching manny kill arizona, that you dont let their best player beat you, the one guy on the team that can hits gets to hit with 1st base open, and chase headley immediately strikes out looking.
2008-09-08 19:27:09
82.   bhsportsguy
Lincecum shuts down AZ in the first.

I would expect that the Dodgers will have to keep scoring 5+ runs a game to keep up the winning streak.

2008-09-08 19:27:43
83.   Eric Stephen
Giles is still a good hitter.
2008-09-08 19:27:59
84.   68elcamino427
I think it's players yet to be named
2008-09-08 19:28:07
85.   Tripon
Park should have started tonight so we'd have opposing Korean pitchers.
2008-09-08 19:28:12
86.   regfairfield
How many intentional walks do you see in the first inning? It's not like Adrian Gonzalez is Barry Bonds.
2008-09-08 19:29:20
87.   Tripon
73 DodgerCanuck was pretty sure its two people from the lower end of the top 30 Dodgers prospect.

...And that was what? 4 pitches to get 3 outs? Blargh.

2008-09-08 19:30:12
88.   Johnny Nucleo
72 Exactly. With first base open. Not saying there should have been an intentional walk, but he shouldn't be given a good pitch to hit.
2008-09-08 19:30:20
89.   Eric Stephen
I forget, were the player or players given to the Padres for Maddux not on the 40-man?
2008-09-08 19:31:12
90.   68elcamino427
How about the good old unintentional -intentional?

Gonzalez sure did the job though didn't he?

2008-09-08 19:31:25
91.   Eric Stephen
To be fair, the pitch Gonzalez hit was like half a foot off the plate. Obviously not far enough outside, but Adrian went and got that one.
2008-09-08 19:31:53
92.   Tripon
89 Not on the 40 man. Padres wanted Elbert and McDonald, but obviously that wasn't going to happen. So the Padres settled for players in the low minors.
2008-09-08 19:32:25
93.   bhsportsguy
89 Its been reported that they are not on the 40-man roster.
2008-09-08 19:32:53
94.   MMSMikey
with chase headley on deck, you put gonzales on, and what does headley do, K's looking.
2008-09-08 19:33:48
95.   oshea2002
Not a good start for my 2 teams tonight.
2008-09-08 19:34:06
96.   Eric Stephen
Channel 4 SD just listed the fathers and sons faced by Maddux in his career:

Buddy & David Bell
Ken Griffeys
Jose Cruzes
Tony Gwynns
Cecil and Prince Fielder
Max & Will Venable

2008-09-08 19:34:09
97.   Tripon
Maddux always throws Batting Practice pitches though. We shouldn't be surprised that some hitters goes for the long ball.
2008-09-08 19:34:23
98.   trainwreck
Sigh, what a terrible start. Padres are winning. DeAngelo Hall makes a bone-headed play and the Raiders are not blitzing at all like usual.
2008-09-08 19:35:20
99.   Tripon
Blake DeWitt is leading off next inning! Let's see some patience hitting!
2008-09-08 19:36:01
100.   underdog
Greg Maddux is a great... pitching coach.

I feel like we might as well have Rick Honeycutt pitching.

But don't forget the Padres' pitcher looked pretty hittable the last game we faced him. This one ain't over.

And neither is that "other" game, train. ;-)

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-08 19:36:52
101.   bhsportsguy
0-0 after 1 at Telephone Co. Park.
2008-09-08 19:36:53
102.   bhsportsguy
0-0 after 1 at Telephone Co. Park.
2008-09-08 19:37:29
103.   Tripon
It'd help if the Dodgers start working the count.
2008-09-08 19:37:47
104.   Eric Stephen
This is the point were trainwreck and I start to take bets, taking advantage of increased odds in our favor.

Easy to have the football game on mute. Three Mikes are three too many.

2008-09-08 19:38:21
105.   Icaros
Giles is still a good hitter.

Sure, but nothing compared to Gonzalez.

2008-09-08 19:38:21
106.   Tripon
There we go. Error on Antoneilli.
2008-09-08 19:38:31
107.   Eric Stephen
"It's going to be a tough one to score."

Umm, no. That's a clear error.

2008-09-08 19:39:06
108.   Eric Stephen
2008 OPS+ Entering Tonight
Giles 128
Gonzalez 127
2008-09-08 19:39:12
109.   trainwreck
And Javon is not playing. Unbelievable.
2008-09-08 19:40:00
110.   whodat807
Lots of first pitch outs so far.
2008-09-08 19:40:09
111.   Icaros

Why don't you just marry him, then?

2008-09-08 19:40:18
112.   Eric Stephen
Decent idea by Maddux, but sometimes the bounces don't go your way.
2008-09-08 19:40:37
113.   Tripon
This game is too interesting for the Padres. Way too interesting.
2008-09-08 19:40:50
114.   Eric Stephen
I don't like his hair.
2008-09-08 19:42:24
115.   sporky
Well, Linecum has 5 strike outs in 2 innings, so there's that.
2008-09-08 19:42:47
116.   KG16
Why was Maddux swinging away there?

Was he channeling the old "Chicks dig the long ball" routine?

2008-09-08 19:43:10
117.   Icaros

Actually, Gonzalez is not as good as I thought. Wasn't he tearing it up earlier this year? Thought his OPS was much higher than .830s.

2008-09-08 19:43:33
118.   bhsportsguy
The Perfect Storm?

Lincecum has 5 strikeouts in 2 innings pitched.

2008-09-08 19:44:10
119.   Bob Hendley
Well, maybe we can tire him out on the basepaths.
2008-09-08 19:44:26
120.   bhsportsguy
116 It was the old fake bunt then try to push the ball past the 3B play.
2008-09-08 19:44:30
121.   Alex41592
116 - The old butcher boy routine that didn't work out.
2008-09-08 19:44:42
122.   LoneStar7
the mikes are not the best announcing crew in the world...

on that fumble all three of them seemed to say "ohh ahhh ohh ooo"

2008-09-08 19:44:51
123.   whodat807
116 I don't mind Torre taking a chance that Maddux bounces it over the third baseman's head. Bad luck that it went straight at him.

Btw, the Mike and Mike announcing crew for the Raiders game is much much better than the regular 3 man crew - they actually have chemistry and don't try talking over each other. They should be in the main slot, if you ask me.

2008-09-08 19:45:23
124.   Tripon
This is crazy. How the heck can Maddux pitch so poorly at Petco?
2008-09-08 19:45:25
125.   whodat807
122 We seem to be at odds, sir.
2008-09-08 19:45:29
126.   Eric Stephen
It was the classic Butcher Boy move. Show bunt, draw the 3B in, then try to chop it over his head. It almost worked.


That was awful defense from Kemp.

2008-09-08 19:45:50
127.   milkshakeballa
horrid route by kemp right there
2008-09-08 19:46:23
128.   Icaros
I'm not sure we can afford to let Maddux start anymore after this. He's done.
2008-09-08 19:46:28
129.   Eric Stephen
If I had an obelisk, Mike & Mike would be on it.
2008-09-08 19:47:42
130.   sporky
Angel Hernandez. Blech.
2008-09-08 19:47:57
131.   LoneStar7
who would fill his spot, jj? chan ho? Chan ho did ahve some quality starts this year
2008-09-08 19:47:59
132.   Jacob Burch
129 They never offer much, but they also don't anger me like Mr.Cowherd tends to do and DeMarco Farr used to do
2008-09-08 19:48:02
133.   Bob Hendley
They are up in the bullpen. On wait...never mind.
2008-09-08 19:48:21
134.   trainwreck
I don't like Greenburg. He has a bad voice for play-by-play and sometimes has no clue what to say during a play.
2008-09-08 19:48:50
135.   Gen3Blue
There are certain advantages to having to adhere to a small and set budget. Perhaps I don't really mean advantage. But it means that when Maddox became reduced by age to a batting practice pitcher, they had to give him to someone who could pay part of his salary. And if luck doesn't go towards that team, the Padre's home park will likely give them a win.
2008-09-08 19:49:01
136.   MMSMikey
oh, now we walk gonzales, nice call, joe.
2008-09-08 19:49:04
137.   Eric Stephen
Cowherd would indeed place higher on my non-existent obelisk.
2008-09-08 19:49:13
138.   Tripon
Park, JJJ, McDonald. One of them can go five innings. Supposedly.
2008-09-08 19:49:17
139.   joemc
this really sucks.
2008-09-08 19:49:37
140.   Alex41592
Just remember the pressure is on Arizona. Giants have two on and one out.
2008-09-08 19:49:40
141.   sporky
SF- 2 on, 1 out.
2008-09-08 19:50:07
142.   Jacob Burch
Three runs against Baek. Don't freak out quite yet, my Dodger kin.
2008-09-08 19:50:11
143.   whodat807
131 I'm Chan Ho's biggest fan, but I'm not sure how comfortable I am with the thought of him starting with so much at stake, especially since he's been in relief for most of the year.
2008-09-08 19:51:14
144.   Alex41592
Still no score after 2 in S.F.
2008-09-08 19:52:31
145.   bhsportsguy
You guys and gals are going to where yourselves out, we have almost 3 more weeks to go.
2008-09-08 19:53:48
146.   Bob Hendley
142 - We need ILLA to make us feel that we are sane in comparison.
2008-09-08 19:54:29
147.   Tripon
Sorry Vin, Padres're already mathematically eliminated from contention.
2008-09-08 19:54:50
148.   sporky
146 I can do a decent impression if you'd like.
2008-09-08 19:55:13
149.   Jacob Burch



2008-09-08 19:56:36
150.   Tripon
First hit for the Dodgers!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-08 19:56:40
151.   KG16
ok, thanks all, still at the office and following on gameday
2008-09-08 19:56:46
152.   Eric Stephen
For those of us on the SD feed, what was the question?
2008-09-08 19:57:05
153.   Bob Hendley
148 - That would go something like Eeuqs! ?
2008-09-08 19:57:24
154.   Jacob Burch
Mr.Perry. One more..
2008-09-08 19:57:26
155.   Alex41592
Time to take it to the gap Manny.
2008-09-08 19:57:35
156.   bhsportsguy
After 2 and half, no score in San Francisco.
2008-09-08 19:57:41
157.   Jacob Burch
Or was it five including Maddux? Ah well. I'll stop for now.
2008-09-08 19:57:43
158.   sporky
153 Close enough. Tonight, I'm channeling ILSF.
2008-09-08 19:57:45
159.   whodat807
Nicely played by Giles, that should have been a double.
2008-09-08 19:58:31
160.   Penguin
sorry if i'm repeating whats been discussed but...anybody else having problems viewing on
2008-09-08 19:58:31
161.   Eric Stephen
3-time Cy Young winners?
2008-09-08 19:59:09
162.   Tripon
Another broken bat. Argh.
2008-09-08 19:59:22
163.   milkshakeballa
loney is going to hit a home run right now..
2008-09-08 19:59:37
164.   Eric Stephen
If that was the question, don't forget Steve Carlton.
2008-09-08 19:59:37
165.   Bob Hendley
159 - Didn't he refuse to go elsewhere? Where was that? He must like the weather.
2008-09-08 19:59:49
166.   Jacob Burch
157 Multi-Team Cy Young winners.
2008-09-08 19:59:59
167.   sporky
165 Boston.
2008-09-08 20:00:53
168.   Bob Hendley
160 - No problems at all tonight, so far. Normally I have some.
2008-09-08 20:01:03
169.   Tripon
165 He didn't want to be a bench player for Boston.
2008-09-08 20:02:06
170.   Tripon
Another than ethier's first at bat, seems like Loney's current at bat is the only one who truly trying to work Beak out.
2008-09-08 20:02:18
171.   Alex41592
Two men on and nobody out for Sandoval. Bottom 3.
2008-09-08 20:02:24
172.   MMSMikey
would'nt it be perfectly typical of the dodgers, on an 8 game winning streak, against BAEK, who is 0-8 lifetime at petco, for him to get his 1st win tonight.
2008-09-08 20:02:33
173.   milkshakeballa
2008-09-08 20:03:08
174.   sporky
2008-09-08 20:03:11
175.   bhsportsguy
172 I would say it would be baseball.
2008-09-08 20:03:27
176.   Alex41592
Lincecum has his run. 1-0 Giants.
2008-09-08 20:03:39
177.   Penguin
168 thx Bob...i was sorta hoping i'd have company there
2008-09-08 20:03:59
178.   Alex41592
I repeat the pressure is on Arizona.
2008-09-08 20:04:21
179.   sporky
2008-09-08 20:04:27
180.   MMSMikey
4-0 giants, a chance to move 2.5 games ahead. dodgers need to wake up.
2008-09-08 20:04:38
181.   Bob Hendley
173 - WGJ's fault, not yours.
2008-09-08 20:04:38
182.   Alex41592
Lincecum has his FOUR runs. 4-0 Giants!
2008-09-08 20:04:40
183.   sporky
2008-09-08 20:04:41
184.   milkshakeballa
maddux is just awful
2008-09-08 20:05:07
185.   Alex41592
We may have a replay situation in San Francisco.
2008-09-08 20:05:16
186.   bhsportsguy
Benji makes LA breathe a little easier, 4-0
2008-09-08 20:05:32
187.   Tripon
Detroit Tigers Thoughts has updated its Elias rankings, and Lowe is indeed a type-A FA.

I'm looking forward to him returning to the Red Sox and giving us their first rounder.

2008-09-08 20:05:40
188.   Alex41592
No replay. 4-0 S.F.
2008-09-08 20:07:09
189.   Tripon
Also, Brad Penny just misses Type-A, and he is in the top echelon of Type-B.
2008-09-08 20:10:28
190.   Gen3Blue
Allright, I hope the Giants can keep the Snakes down. And I don't believe(as hard as I am trying) that Torre thought Maddox would win in San Diego's park. They didn't think so.
2008-09-08 20:10:58
191.   Jacob Burch
As much as the Aged Maddux has me on pins and needles on 70% or so of his starts, I still love seeing him handle a come-backer.
2008-09-08 20:11:06
192.   MMSMikey

i'd call it september against a team 33 games under .500

2008-09-08 20:11:22
193.   LoneStar7
ok ok good dp there...maybe if the bats really come alive we can really start creating some separation from the dbacks here
2008-09-08 20:12:22
194.   caseybarker
Raiders have been jobbed by refs on two big plays, now.
2008-09-08 20:12:22
195.   ToyCannon
The expectation I heard was Detroit which means we would just get a sandwich pick.

That Sandoval guy who is tearing up the league at the moment was neck and neck with Santana for the MVP of Cal League. Our guy won. Or I mean the Cleveland guy won.

2008-09-08 20:12:24
196.   Jacob Burch
192 Huh?
2008-09-08 20:14:14
197.   milkshakeballa
wow kemp is REALLY struggling he isnt even taking good cuts
2008-09-08 20:14:14
198.   Jacob Burch
ucladodger rushes to report on that bad AB by Matt.
2008-09-08 20:14:21
199.   caseybarker
Ronald Curry's drop on third down didn't help.
2008-09-08 20:14:29
200.   Tripon
195 Sandwich and a second rounder.

If you're a team rebuilding by using FAs, you might as well sign every FA you can, and just forget about the draft for a year, I guess. How good can your 3rd or 4th round pick can be anyway?

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-08 20:15:06
201.   Tripon
Casey Blake is trying to kill the Dodgers pullpen.
2008-09-08 20:15:26
202.   sporky
lol at the Dodger BP scattering to get away from that foul ball.
2008-09-08 20:16:00
203.   sporky
Petit walks in a run. 5-
2008-09-08 20:16:08
204.   Alex41592
5-0 S.F.
2008-09-08 20:16:15
205.   Tripon
2008-09-08 20:16:35
206.   sporky
2008-09-08 20:17:11
207.   bhsportsguy
5-0, bases loaded for Winn, still in the 4th inning.
2008-09-08 20:17:26
208.   Tripon
Somebody just called DeWitt 'Double-A baby' from the stands. I take offense to that, he was playing in Triple-A for a month or so, so he's a Triple-A player.
2008-09-08 20:17:59
209.   bhsportsguy
If Johnson can pitch on Saturday, I think Scherzer pitches for Petit next Sunday.
2008-09-08 20:18:35
210.   sporky
2008-09-08 20:19:40
211.   Tripon
That should have been a replay call. :(

No matters! DeWitt just got a hit! Blake and Blake to the rescue!

2008-09-08 20:19:41
212.   bhsportsguy
All right, now our clutch hitter Berroa.
2008-09-08 20:20:28
213.   KG16
208 - I also take offense in that he's better than most of the Padres' infielders.
2008-09-08 20:20:28
214.   whodat807
Nice at bat by DeWitt. I like this guy.
2008-09-08 20:20:55
215.   bhsportsguy
Let's hope Lincecum did not cool off during that long inning.
2008-09-08 20:21:11
216.   Gagne55
201 I don't understand why such a new stadium wouldn't have a built in bullpen.
2008-09-08 20:21:46
217.   Gagne55
2008-09-08 20:21:49
218.   Jon Weisman
I say pinch-hit for Maddux.
2008-09-08 20:22:01
219.   milkshakeballa
hmmm...maddux hittin....with the way he is pitching?
2008-09-08 20:22:07
220.   Gagne55
Why is Maddux hitting???!!!!
2008-09-08 20:22:07
221.   ToyCannon
Might as well pinch hit since he can only go one more inning anyway.
2008-09-08 20:22:18
222.   Gen3Blue
Hey, thats a good sign for DeWitt. He is the first batter in a while who looked like he could handle Baek. Unless Baek is caving. I hope we are so lucky.
2008-09-08 20:23:01
223.   Gagne55
I doubt Maddux even makes it through the 6th.
2008-09-08 20:23:03
224.   68elcamino427
Good spot for Young here?


2008-09-08 20:23:05
225.   KG16
2008-09-08 20:23:21
226.   Jon Weisman
By the way, Gagne55, send me an e-mail if you still want to change your screen name. Not that I'm telling you to.
2008-09-08 20:24:21
227.   JoeyP
Serious brainfart for Torre.

You gotta pinch hit for Maddux there. Rosters have been expanded, no need to save the bullpen.

And whats Berroa doing swinging 2-0?

2008-09-08 20:26:28
228.   Bob Hendley
226 - I vote that he changes it to Brox51! On, no voting..
2008-09-08 20:26:45
229.   MMSMikey
even though broxton kuo and park are not available tonight, you still have plenty of arms down there to try and win the game? and torre lets maddux his with and 2nd 3rd 2 outs? to pitch one more inning? he is not doing a very good job tonight, with letting gonzales hit in the 1st inning. sometimes i think torre is just a senile old man.
2008-09-08 20:27:30
230.   Tripon
Maybe trading for Maddux wasn't the best idea after all.
2008-09-08 20:28:19
231.   Jacob Burch
229 A senile old man who will let the veteran pitch his "innings due" like 95% of all managers I've ever seen. I don't agree with it, but I don't think it's as shocking as some are making it up to me.
2008-09-08 20:28:35
232.   bhsportsguy
At the end of 4.5, 5-0 Giants.
2008-09-08 20:28:49
233.   trainwreck
I didn't think it was possible, but I hate Deangelo Hall even more now.
2008-09-08 20:30:07
234.   Rob M
Maddux hasn't looked sharp in any start yet. I feel like we ought to start seeing more of McDonald to see if he would be a better solution at 5th starter. Then again, Park, Johnson and Kuo might all be in line ahead of him if it ever came to that.
2008-09-08 20:31:01
235.   Gagne55
228 The 55 was a reference to Gagne being 55/55 in save opportunities in 2003.

Jon, what is the e-mail address? I'll send one as soon as I think of a clever new name.

2008-09-08 20:31:13
236.   milkshakeballa
we need some runs next innings
2008-09-08 20:31:17
237.   caseybarker
Gibril Wilson is bad, too.
2008-09-08 20:31:17
238.   Rob M
234 Also, just checking in here late so sorry if a similar conversation has already happened.
2008-09-08 20:31:27
239.   Tripon
RedSox announced they now have the consecutive sellout streak. the Indians were the previous record holder. I'd be impressed, but Fenway is the smallest stadium in MLB, or at least top 5.
2008-09-08 20:32:00
240.   MMSMikey
theres your 1 more inning joe.
2008-09-08 20:32:06
241.   milkshakeballa
way to go joe
2008-09-08 20:32:20
242.   Tripon
Greg Maddux. Trying to be consistent and give up a run per inning.
2008-09-08 20:32:21
243.   Gagne55
Well, Maddux did get through the 6th. But not without more damage done.
2008-09-08 20:32:55
244.   Jacob Burch
234 I'd say he looked fine on 9/1, but the general point stays the same.
2008-09-08 20:33:14
245.   Bob Hendley
234 - Can't imagine Torre starting a rookie other than Clayton at this point.
2008-09-08 20:34:11
246.   bhsportsguy
It's easy to blame Maddux but again, if the Dodgers are not scoring, I find it difficult to put it all on the pitcher.
2008-09-08 20:34:17
247.   68elcamino427
Bye-bye Mr. Maddux. You've had a HOF career.
There's a nice spot on the bench for you next to Mr. Jones.
Thanks for your effort. We know it was your best that you have to give.
2008-09-08 20:34:18
248.   Alex41592
We've haven't scored any runs off Cha Seung Baek.
2008-09-08 20:34:38
249.   Tripon
He might start McDonald in a emergency start. But somebody has to be seriously hurt, and Eric Schults has come down with hemorrhoids or something.
2008-09-08 20:34:49
250.   Alex41592
248 - We haven't*
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-08 20:34:54
251.   Bob Hendley
243 - That was the 5th.
2008-09-08 20:34:55
252.   Jon Weisman
235 - It's on the sidebar, near the top.
2008-09-08 20:35:15
253.   Gen3Blue
Somebody said "trading for Maddox not a good idea". We didn't give up anybody did we?
2008-09-08 20:35:17
254.   Jacob Burch
Eric, are you posting from your iPhone? You surely must be at the game.
2008-09-08 20:35:45
255.   Gagne55
248 He's actually looked pretty solid tonight. Still this lineup is doing nothing.
2008-09-08 20:36:33
256.   bhsportsguy
Can we stop this Maddux not starting talk, it is not going to happen unless he is hurt and he never gets hurt.
2008-09-08 20:36:38
257.   Bob Hendley
249 - He just might, if he sees you spelling his name that way.
2008-09-08 20:37:15
258.   Tripon
Ethier is awesome. Manny bring him home!
2008-09-08 20:37:19
259.   Alex41592
Ethier stays hot.
2008-09-08 20:37:27
260.   bhsportsguy
Eric is not at that game, I blame him for the poor offense.
2008-09-08 20:37:29
261.   Jacob Burch
/holds up four fingers.
2008-09-08 20:37:45
262.   68elcamino427
2008-09-08 20:38:06
263.   Jacob Burch
Daring Bad Black! Huzzah!
2008-09-08 20:38:17
264.   Jacob Burch
That was Freudian. Bud Black*
2008-09-08 20:38:49
265.   Tripon
Its odd that Beak is confusing Manny like this. You'd think he'd be the one to bat Beak around like a pinanta but so far its been Ethier and DeWitt who's doing the most damage. (well as much damage without giving up a run)
2008-09-08 20:40:09
266.   sporky
265 Beak!
2008-09-08 20:40:38
267.   Tripon
Yep. This is an un-Manny game as you can get.
2008-09-08 20:40:46
268.   MMSMikey
i cant believe Cha Seung Baek has got manny ramirez out 3 straight times. are you kidding me?
2008-09-08 20:40:47
269.   Jacob Burch
266 :Muppet Sounds:
2008-09-08 20:41:44
270.   silverwidow
JaMarcus Russell is SO not ready for the NFL.
2008-09-08 20:42:19
271.   Eric Stephen
I'm at home tonight, but I should be in attendance the next two nights.
2008-09-08 20:43:00
272.   milkshakeballa
sighhh...i just dont get this team
2008-09-08 20:43:05
273.   milkshakeballa
sighhh...i just dont get this team
2008-09-08 20:43:06
274.   Tripon
Well, er. Yeah.
2008-09-08 20:43:28
275.   Eric Stephen
This game is embarrassing.
2008-09-08 20:44:02
276.   bhsportsguy
Lincecum 5, D-Backs 0 after 4.5, nifty double play by Vizquel.
2008-09-08 20:44:49
277.   Gagne55
Why does this team play so poorly on the road?
2008-09-08 20:44:56
278.   I Love LA
We are batting tonight as if we are facing lincecum.
2008-09-08 20:45:21
279.   bhsportsguy
What's hard to understand, they are basically a .500 team in a division that play's worst than that.
2008-09-08 20:45:41
280.   68elcamino427
Ok Maddux make me wrong with a 1 2 3 6th
2008-09-08 20:46:23
281.   Tripon
I wish we were facing Lincecum tonight, at least we'd see one of the premier pitchers. Which is not Baek.
2008-09-08 20:46:39
282.   Eric Stephen
Classic Maddux pitch there.
2008-09-08 20:46:41
283.   Jon Weisman
279 - I agree. What, exactly, is the mystery here? Did the Dodgers become a team that couldn't be shut out over six innings in a pitchers park and I missed it?
2008-09-08 20:46:54
284.   milkshakeballa
are we facing baek or lincecum?
2008-09-08 20:46:58
285.   MMSMikey
278, Baek, lincecum, whats the difference?
2008-09-08 20:47:48
286.   Tripon
283 The Mystery is why we can't score any runs off of Baek.
2008-09-08 20:47:56
287.   I Love LA
285 - According to the Dodgers they are the same guy.
2008-09-08 20:48:01
288.   milkshakeballa
Not by Baek Jon :)
2008-09-08 20:48:03
289.   milkshakeballa
Not by Baek Jon :)
2008-09-08 20:48:40
290.   silverwidow
I would like a J-Mac appearance tonight.
2008-09-08 20:48:42
291.   I Love LA
Now Maddux is deciding to bring his A stuff?
2008-09-08 20:49:03
292.   Eric Stephen
Maddux was very audibly displeased with ball 1 there.
2008-09-08 20:49:26
293.   MMSMikey
it should'nt have to do with the park, the dodgers play in a pitchers park, its that we are getting completely shutdown by a crappy pitcher.
2008-09-08 20:49:43
294.   Eric Stephen
Maddux just suggested that the UUWU do something anatomically impossible to himself.
2008-09-08 20:49:45
295.   Tripon
Angel Hernadez is looking to start a fight.
2008-09-08 20:49:57
296.   Alex41592
Angel Hernandez yelling at Maddux is funny. Back to work Angel.
2008-09-08 20:50:08
297.   Eric Stephen
The Dodgers don't play in a pitchers' park.
2008-09-08 20:50:10
298.   Jon Weisman
Yes, even by Baek. The Dodgers remain an inconsistent offensive team, and he is a major-league pitcher.

I'm not saying you should like it. I just can't imagine being surprised by it.

2008-09-08 20:50:13
299.   silverwidow
Dodger Stadium is a hitters' park now.
2008-09-08 20:50:16
300.   MMSMikey
that ball was lathered.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-08 20:50:47
301.   Jacob Burch
293 As has been said, Dodger Stadium is not a pitcher's park. "Crappy" pitchers have good games. "Good" line ups have bad games. If you're shocked, I suspect you are very good at blacking out about half of the season thus far this year.
2008-09-08 20:50:57
302.   silverwidow
Ooh, another Elbert sighting. I like.
2008-09-08 20:51:22
303.   sporky
I just want to see McDonald get an inning and Hu a few ABs.
2008-09-08 20:51:23
304.   Tripon
Dodgers don't play in a pitcher's park anymore. They play in a neutral's park now. A lot of the foul grounds at Dodgers stadium was taken away to add more field seats, thus taking away a couple of easy foul outs per game.
2008-09-08 20:51:38
305.   Rob M
I'm never surprised to see this team struggle offensively, especially on the road. And Baek actually looks pretty good tonight. He's throwing hard and hitting his spots.
2008-09-08 20:51:46
306.   sporky
300 Rinse, repeat?
2008-09-08 20:51:52
307.   MMSMikey
baek didnt get out of the 4th inning when he pitched in LA last week, this is a little surprising.
2008-09-08 20:53:05
308.   Jacob Burch
307 Are you surprised when a dice that has rolled six two throws in a row suddenly shows a deuce? Variance is king in baseball, especially in the inconsistent NL West.
2008-09-08 20:53:26
309.   Jacob Burch
That should be die. My English professors shake their collective heads.
2008-09-08 20:53:39
310.   Eric Stephen
Pat Rapp threw a 1-hit shutout once at Coors Field. Sometimes it happens.
2008-09-08 20:53:43
311.   Alex41592
6 innings 4 runs from Maddux. I think the game can fall on the offense.
2008-09-08 20:53:49
312.   whodat807
304 The seemingly annual reduction of the foul ground at Dodger Stadium has bothered me for years. I understand the inclination to add high-priced seats, but I hate how overboard management has gone and what it's done to the way the stadium plays.
2008-09-08 20:54:43
313.   sporky
Hell, Eric Stults shut out the White Sox.
2008-09-08 20:54:54
314.   bhsportsguy
I would be worried if I was Arizona because right now, Doug Davis has been their best starting pitcher for the last 3 weeks.
2008-09-08 20:55:16
315.   Tripon

Baek has a 73 ERA+ for the Padres, 74 ERA+ for a year. Even with the offensive struggles the Dodgers will have on a given day, it shouldn't be to the point where a guy who's really below league average should be dominating like this, such as getting Manny out 3 outs in a row.

Eh, I know its baseball, but its not as it I can emotionally understand it and accept it. Its frustrating to watch, and all you can do is grumble and chalk it up that you caught a pitcher on a good day and plan for the next game after this game ends.

2008-09-08 20:55:55
316.   bhsportsguy
I wonder if Matty needs to move back to the leadoff role?
2008-09-08 20:56:20
317.   Eric Stephen
A Bison hot streak would sure be nice.
2008-09-08 20:56:23
318.   Alex41592
Lincecum being Lincecum. 5-0 S.F Bot 6.
2008-09-08 20:57:07
319.   Tripon
Ah, Lincecum would look nice in Dodgers Blue. I'd even give up Kershaw for him.
2008-09-08 20:57:09
320.   bhsportsguy
Lincecum still shutting out the D-Backs after 5.5
2008-09-08 20:57:53
321.   Jacob Burch
Great AB by Matty.
2008-09-08 20:57:56
322.   Alex41592
Lead off walk.
2008-09-08 20:57:57
323.   Jon Weisman
Leadoff walk from Kemp. Start me up.
2008-09-08 20:58:09
324.   milkshakeballa
same feeling here tripon
2008-09-08 20:58:35
325.   Eric Stephen
Don Sutton for Tom Seaver?
2008-09-08 20:58:41
326.   MMSMikey

we could of had lincecum, we drafted kershaw then the giants took lincecum, but i hope, in the end, clay will be better.

2008-09-08 20:58:49
327.   LogikReader
I had a bad feeling about this after we started projecting playoff rosters :)
2008-09-08 20:58:54
328.   Jacob Burch
That was a nasty 0-2 curve by Baek. He really is spotting well tonight.
2008-09-08 20:59:03
329.   sporky
That sucked.
2008-09-08 20:59:04
330.   Eric Stephen
That pretty much sums up the evening.
2008-09-08 20:59:04
331.   The Dude Abides
2008-09-08 20:59:06
332.   Jacob Burch
2008-09-08 20:59:11
333.   Tripon
324 Hindsight is always 20/20.

And yeah, that DP basically sums up tonight's game.

2008-09-08 20:59:23
334.   milkshakeballa
sigh...bthats baseball
2008-09-08 20:59:26
335.   Alex41592
Ah yes the death trap at first double play.
2008-09-08 20:59:50
336.   Jon Weisman
Dodgers endure a small amount of payback for Nomar's catch. Not as difficult, but still short-circuiting.
2008-09-08 21:00:11
337.   LogikReader
Baek shutting down the Dodgers... meh, just one game, so it's not bothering me right now. I think a lot of us are just assuming the one game will be momentum to lose two more games.
2008-09-08 21:01:26
338.   MMSMikey
after tonight baek will be able to say hes 1-8 at petco.
2008-09-08 21:01:34
339.   Eric Stephen
DeWitt has hit the ball on the screws this evening.
2008-09-08 21:02:05
340.   Tripon
326 We'd could have drafted Max Scherzer too. 2006 was just loaded with high quality pitching talent. And the Royals had to pick one of the worse ones in Horcheaver.
2008-09-08 21:02:22
341.   Alex41592
Look at it like this:

Magic number will reduce by one today. That is a good day. Could've been a better day, but you'll sleep better.

2008-09-08 21:02:57
342.   bhsportsguy
337 It could, nothing would surprise me, though Lowe is pitching awfully well now so I think we will win on Wednesday.
2008-09-08 21:03:00
343.   sporky
341 Go Giants!
2008-09-08 21:03:18
344.   Eric Stephen
He's going to go 1-1 tonight? Baek is 0-7 lifetime at Petco.

2008-09-08 21:03:38
345.   Tripon
339 DeWitt showing some signs of power?
2008-09-08 21:05:09
346.   bhsportsguy
340 Clayton Kershaw is 4 years younger than both Lincecum and Scherzer.
2008-09-08 21:05:31
347.   MMSMikey
338, 1-1?
2008-09-08 21:05:41
348.   Tripon
Least Wade won't be used today. Save his arm for tomorrow!
2008-09-08 21:05:55
349.   Jacob Burch
347 You have him gaining a loss and win.
2008-09-08 21:07:49
350.   MMSMikey
gees, 0-7, my bad.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-08 21:08:15
351.   Eric Stephen
That was a cool looking slide by Russ there.
2008-09-08 21:10:48
352.   Tripon
346 Yeah, but both Lincecum and Scherzer are able to pitch more innings now. If you think the peak years for the Dodgers are this year and the next few years, Lineceum would have been the better choice. Age shouldn't matter that much if those first six years of team controlled.

All I'm saying is that by the time they were drafted, Lineceum was more ready to help the Dodgers(Or Giants in this case) over Kershaw, and will likely continue to do so in the next few years.

I know Kershaw's a pitching phenom, but he's also going to have to learn much more and be better than he is now. The Dodgers have to suffer and grow with Kershaw's growing pains, while the Giants can enjoy Lineceum pitching his way into his own peak years.

2008-09-08 21:11:29
353.   Eric Stephen
Shameful graphical error on the SD broadcast. On today's date in 1954, Richie Ashburn fouled off 14 pitches before drawing a walk (Alex Cora scoffs!).

Anyway, the on screen note identified him as "Phillies infielder Richie Ashburn."

Ashburn played 2104 games in the OF, and two at 2B. And those two were in his final season (1962) with the Mets. He's one of the best defensive outfielders ever! That's a bad error on 4SD's part.

2008-09-08 21:11:48
354.   I Love LA
What sucks is that if only we generated some offense this game might be winnable.
2008-09-08 21:11:58
355.   bhsportsguy
During the winning streak, giving up 4 runs would not have mattered.
2008-09-08 21:12:04
356.   Jacob Burch
Are we seriously debating about Kershaw/Linecum hindsight? Really?
2008-09-08 21:12:06
357.   Alex41592
5-0 S.F Bot 7.
2008-09-08 21:12:39
358.   sporky
352 Given the current state of their team and farm system, Kershaw might slot in better with the Giants than Lincecum.
2008-09-08 21:12:50
359.   Gen3Blue
339 Interesting--Ethier and DeWitt have seemed to have no trouble with Weak. You'd think it was a lefty thing except Loney looks hopeless, as have Manny, Martin and Kemp.
2008-09-08 21:13:26
360.   whodat807
If Dodger Thoughts was a person, he/she'd definitely be bipolar.
2008-09-08 21:13:42
361.   Eric Stephen
I'm still chapped the Dodgers didn't draft Albert Pujols before the 13th round in 1999. :)
2008-09-08 21:14:35
362.   Eric Stephen
I'm thinking Sean Young might get cast.
2008-09-08 21:15:18
363.   trainwreck
So who do you want in the draft? : P
2008-09-08 21:15:48
364.   trainwreck
But she is a nutcase.
2008-09-08 21:16:35
365.   Eric Stephen
And?... :)
2008-09-08 21:16:49
366.   Alex41592
6-0 S.F.
2008-09-08 21:17:00
367.   Tripon
Yeah, that's symbolize the night.
2008-09-08 21:17:21
368.   Icaros
I'm sensing a 5-run comeback in the top of the ninth.
2008-09-08 21:17:31
369.   Eric Stephen
What an awful turf! Wow.
2008-09-08 21:17:38
370.   MMSMikey
paul macanalty would not have caught that
2008-09-08 21:17:39
371.   Gagne55
The Padres are having a good night with the gloves.
2008-09-08 21:18:13
372.   Jacob Burch
How has it come that any dazzling defensive play symbolizes any night the Dodgers lose? It's not like we've been knocking on the door.

I'm crotchety tonight.

2008-09-08 21:18:33
373.   The Dude Abides
Wow...Sweeney's second foul ball and the fly ball to left that made out are the two hardest hit balls I've seen him hit in the past couple months.
2008-09-08 21:19:06
374.   MMSMikey
comfortable 0-4 for russell.
2008-09-08 21:19:12
375.   Tripon
Maybe we should move Martin down the order.

Time to give Blake DeWitt a chance at leadoff?

2008-09-08 21:19:12
376.   sporky
At least Jody Gerut isn't playing.
2008-09-08 21:19:41
377.   Gagne55
Another 4+1 game coming?
2008-09-08 21:20:22
378.   The Dude Abides
What I want to know is how Molina scored from second base on a single to center.
2008-09-08 21:20:26
379.   CanuckDodger
Nothing really wrong with a Lincecum/Kershaw debate. It is an interesting debate to have. Lincecum has obviously paid off quickly for the team that chose him, but it is going to be years before we know which pitcher reached -- past tense -- the higher ceiling, and I am for drafting for ceiling even if it means waiting a while longer for the pay off. Both picks look good two years after that draft.
2008-09-08 21:20:56
380.   Tripon
372 Because when the Dodgers were winning, those balls drop for hits?
2008-09-08 21:21:03
381.   underdog
Maybe Dodger Thoughts is more like Debra Winger.


Wow, been following the Dodgers just via GameDay -- did baek pitch as well as it appears, or did the Dodgers just look feeble and tired, or both? Oh well, their offense was bound to pull off the highway at some point.

2008-09-08 21:22:00
382.   joemc
i thought of a new slogan: the NL West: Who will be the most mediocre?
2008-09-08 21:23:11
383.   Tripon
I don't remember Proctor being actually able to pitch.
2008-09-08 21:23:12
384.   Tripon
I don't remember Proctor being actually able to pitch.
2008-09-08 21:23:20
385.   bhsportsguy
378 Well for one, Young didn't even throw home.
2008-09-08 21:23:27
386.   Jacob Burch
379 I suppose I meant an argument where so many ifs get thrown in to try and come to a "The Dodgers really should have gone with..." With both having as little of their careers played, with so much unknown when they were drafted, etc etc etc.
2008-09-08 21:23:46
387.   68elcamino427
Dodgers are gett'in San Diego'ed in San Diego again
2008-09-08 21:25:51
388.   berkowit28
I think Vin said earlier that Baek also pitched once at Petco for the Cubs, a couple of years ago. And he lost that one too. So he's 0-8, not 7. Soon to be 1-8.
2008-09-08 21:25:53
389.   preacherroe
Martin sure is hitting a lot of ground balls to the left side. I wonder if its a fatigue factor.
Staying ahead of the D-Backs might be like the two guys in the woods confronted by a bear, as one guy stops to put on his sneakers, the other guy says, "You can't outrun a bear" "I don't have to outrun a bear, I only have to outrun you."
2008-09-08 21:26:16
390.   I Love LA
This is why I didn't understand why everyone was amped up to play San Diego this week. 1.) They swept Arizona recently 2.) We got swept by the Nationals 3.) We are terrible on the road.

We also go to Colorado so I really hope we don't go back to our 8 game losing streak mode.

2008-09-08 21:27:50
391.   Alex41592
6-0 S.F Bot 8. 109 pitches for Lincecum.
2008-09-08 21:28:49
392.   I Love LA
Never thought I would be this happy for the Giants.
2008-09-08 21:29:02
393.   bhsportsguy
Lincecum making sure the D-Backs might be able to grab a late dinner in the City.
2008-09-08 21:29:41
394.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I know cracking on Biemel's Gameday mug shot is an old joke, but damn.
What's missing are the little cartoon circles and spirals showing he's drunk.
2008-09-08 21:29:59
395.   Eric Stephen
Baek has never been a Cub, and has never pitched in Petco before this season, at least in MLB.
2008-09-08 21:30:09
396.   Alex41592
Lincecum will pitch the ninth.
2008-09-08 21:30:26
397.   berkowit28
382 No, you didn't. Sons of Steve Garvey used that some time ago, to better effect.
2008-09-08 21:31:00
398.   Eric Stephen
I just want to say that from a non-baseball standpoint, I've never been a fan of underdog. Nor am I fond of Hallux Valgus. :)
2008-09-08 21:31:01
399.   68elcamino427
wishing good fortune for the Giants just doesn't work for me
2008-09-08 21:31:25
400.   MMSMikey
make sure your are positive baek is 0-8 and not actually 0-7, or they will string you up.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-08 21:32:22
401.   Jacob Burch
400 It was a light-hearted jab and you asked for clarification--no harm intended, I'm sure.
2008-09-08 21:33:07
402.   Jacob Burch
2008-09-08 21:33:13
403.   I Love LA
Can we just ask Ethier to hit for us the entire 9th inning?
2008-09-08 21:33:17
404.   Eric Stephen
From Bill James online:

Bengie Molina did not score from 2nd on a single at all in 2006 or 2007, a total of 16 attempts.

In 2008, Bengie has scored on 7 of 17 such occasions!

2008-09-08 21:33:20
405.   sporky
400 (///)
2008-09-08 21:33:37
406.   joemc
also: The NL West: Who Will Suck Less?
2008-09-08 21:33:42
407.   Alex41592
I've got nothing. Ethier.
2008-09-08 21:33:50
408.   trainwreck
Al needs to get angrier and have a heart attack.
2008-09-08 21:34:04
409.   whodat807
Ethier is so hot right now.
2008-09-08 21:34:34
410.   Eric Stephen
And that was before tonight, so he's probably 8 for 18 now. Amazing.
2008-09-08 21:34:52
411.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
18 for his last 28.
That's... very good.
2008-09-08 21:35:37
412.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
411 - Ethier is...
2008-09-08 21:35:39
413.   Eric Stephen
All we can ask is for the tying run to come to the plate.
2008-09-08 21:35:43
414.   bhsportsguy
Going to the top of the 9th in the City by the Bay.
2008-09-08 21:36:08
415.   Eric Stephen
I believe that counts as a Journey reference! :)
2008-09-08 21:36:22
416.   eusmus
Mike Adams has thrown 5 straight balls to manny... 3-2 count...
2008-09-08 21:36:43
417.   MMSMikey
2008-09-08 21:36:59
418.   whodat807
Angel Hernandez is having some sort of power trip today.
2008-09-08 21:37:02
419.   Eric Stephen
Manny probably felt he had to swing there, but that was a good slider.
2008-09-08 21:37:11
420.   Alex41592
A rare bad game for Manny. Oh well.
2008-09-08 21:37:53
421.   whodat807
2008-09-08 21:37:57
422.   bhsportsguy
1 down in San Francisco, which game will end first.
2008-09-08 21:38:30
423.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Ninth inning and Lincecum is still dialing it up to 95 mph.
2008-09-08 21:38:33
424.   Alex41592
117 pitches and counting for Lincecum.
2008-09-08 21:38:48
425.   bhsportsguy
Dunn singles.
2008-09-08 21:39:07
426.   Eric Stephen
Sorry if I offended you. The only reason I looked it up because I saw it posted here that Baek was 0-8, but then I went to get something to eat (and to get rope) and the radio broadcast said he was 0-7. I just wanted to see what his real Petco record was when I got back home.
2008-09-08 21:39:46
427.   bhsportsguy
423 You make the rarest of appearances but welcome.
2008-09-08 21:39:46
428.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
CoJack doubles.
2008-09-08 21:40:39
429.   Eric Stephen
Who loves ya?

I hope he didn't choke on his lollipop, U.L. Washington style, running to 2nd.

2008-09-08 21:40:51
430.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
427 - I bounce around. Most recently, I've been hanging at BBTF (the Lounge, mostly).
2008-09-08 21:41:49
431.   bhsportsguy
Dodgers have a one game lead.
2008-09-08 21:41:50
432.   Jacob Burch
Oh well! Let us hope that shakes the bad out of us and we respond tomorrow.
2008-09-08 21:41:56
433.   Eric Stephen
Well, at least I am spared the insults walking back my car this evening. Ahh, the joys of watching at home.
2008-09-08 21:42:01
434.   Alex41592
Bad game. New game tomorrow. Arizona on it's way to losing.
2008-09-08 21:43:21
435.   Jacob Burch
Kevin Kennedy guarantees no 8 game losing streak.

We're doomed.

2008-09-08 21:43:22
436.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
AZ under .500 for the first since since July 21.
2008-09-08 21:43:28
437.   Eric Stephen
Raiders begin the comeback.
2008-09-08 21:43:58
438.   Alex41592
127 pitches. No CG. Bases loaded and one out for AZ. 6-0 S.F. Lincecum done.
2008-09-08 21:44:45
439.   still bevens
438 Good ol' Bochy.
2008-09-08 21:46:18
440.   Eric Stephen
Bochy prefered a pitcher whose name ended in "shaw" to Lincecum here.
2008-09-08 21:47:20
441.   underdog
408 Totally. I bet Lane Kiffin has nightmares where the rotting corpse of Al Davis tells him it's his way or the highway. Oh wait, that really happened.
2008-09-08 21:48:15
442.   Alex41592
6-2 S.F 2 out. Runner at first.
2008-09-08 21:48:37
443.   underdog
Hopefully the Dodgers will do something different -- not start a losing streak. You're going to lose some games. That's fine. Just come back the next game and erase it with a win. No more streaks!
2008-09-08 21:49:21
444.   Eric Stephen
More Bengie Molina baserunning numbers:

In his career, in 110 opportunities to advance from 1st to 3rd on a single, Molina has successfully advanced 6 times.

In 29 career opportunities to score from 1st on a double, he has scored only twice.

2008-09-08 21:49:25
445.   trainwreck
lol we are such a joke. Keep telling them not to blitz, Al.
2008-09-08 21:50:15
446.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
444 - Makes me wish we had these stats for Ernie Lombardi.
2008-09-08 21:50:52
447.   Eric Stephen
1.5 game lead.

Magic number = 18

2008-09-08 21:51:23
448.   Alex41592
Magic number reduced. S.F wins 6-2.
2008-09-08 21:51:29
449.   LogikReader
Yea the Dodgers have gotta cut it out. The Padres are not a kinda bad team, not a mediocre team, they are a BAD team. Tonight the Pads earned it wasn't a big eadl, but the Dodgers need to stop fooling around with bad teams on the road.

Cut it out.

2008-09-08 21:51:43
450.   LogikReader
eadl = deal
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-09-08 21:52:23
451.   Bob Hendley
447 - There ya go!
2008-09-08 21:52:36
452.   bhsportsguy
Dodgers are 1.5 games up with 18/19 to go.
2008-09-08 21:54:54
453.   Bob Hendley
447 - "I don't have to outrun a bear, I only have to outrun you."
2008-09-08 21:56:01
454.   Jacob Burch
What we need are more Gameday posts with ancient language in them! This is all on Jon.
2008-09-08 21:56:45
455.   Eric Stephen
I love that joke.
2008-09-08 21:57:42
456.   Eric Stephen
More importantly, were you keeping score at home using the Bob Carpenter book? Or do you only do that in attendance?

I've done both, but rarely at home.

2008-09-08 21:57:50
457.   bhsportsguy
Dodger employees have ice cream guaranteed through Wednesday.
2008-09-08 21:58:19
458.   Gagne55
The Rockies picked up half a game today.
2008-09-08 21:58:28
459.   LogikReader
Did you guys know Mitch Hedberg is going to release a new CD tomorrow? That's a remarkable achievement for a guy that died 3 years ago.
2008-09-08 21:59:04
460.   bhsportsguy
456 I think Jacob is no longer keeping score at home.
2008-09-08 21:59:04
461.   Jacob Burch
456 You and BH have both asked for updates! This excites me.

I kept the first game I could at home with it as practice--the boxes are much smaller than I'm used to, so I'm having to adjust my shorthand and get rid of some information I usually kept and how I record outs. However, I've decided to only score while at a particular event--serves more of a keepsake that way.

2008-09-08 22:00:09
462.   LogikReader

I'm sorry bh, I don't follow.

2008-09-08 22:00:13
463.   Jacob Burch
456 Also, Eric, I may be working on a iPhone-ized DT over the next few weeks. If I succeed in figuring it out, you will be needed to beta test.
2008-09-08 22:01:23
464.   Tripon
459 Tupac is the king of releasing albums after they're dead.
2008-09-08 22:01:37
465.   Eric Stephen
I'll be your huckleberry. It would sure beat Safari crashing every few minutes.
2008-09-08 22:02:43
466.   bhsportsguy
Why is Cutler still playing?
2008-09-08 22:03:52
467.   Bob Hendley
I guess Webb has to be the favorite, since W's play such a big role, but this kid Lincecum is my CY. (no offense to Billz)
2008-09-08 22:04:15
468.   Jacob Burch
465 I still haven't figured out why DT constantly does that. Hopefully I figure that out as well!
2008-09-08 22:04:50
469.   Eric Stephen
Very nice! I just downloaded it via iTunes. Thanks.
2008-09-08 22:05:27
470.   bhsportsguy

By tradition, when the Dodgers are in first place, the employees at Dodger Stadium get ice cream in the afternoon.

With a 1.5 game lead, the Dodgers will be in first place at least through Wednesday thus the employees get two more days of ice cream.

2008-09-08 22:05:47
471.   Eric Stephen
If the season ended today (well, the Dodgers would be in the playoffs...), I would guess the voters would have this order:

1) Lincecum
2) Sabathia
3) Webb

2008-09-08 22:05:52
472.   Jacob Burch
As bad as my Colts lost felt, my heart goes out to Raiders fans. Thuggish connotation or not, I hung out with some great fans when I went to Indy@Oakland last year and for being so supportive, you dudes deserve better.
2008-09-08 22:06:02
473.   trainwreck
Sweet! Have to go pick that up.
2008-09-08 22:07:11
474.   Eric Stephen
That's a pretty cool tradition. Does it extend to offseasons? I would imagine some sort of gym membership program offered in early 1989, 2005, etc. :)
2008-09-08 22:08:12
475.   Eric Stephen
I'll be listening to it in a few minutes! I will give you my review in a few hours.
2008-09-08 22:09:05
476.   Eric Stephen
Are you creating an application?
2008-09-08 22:12:33
477.   Jacob Burch
376 Probably just a Web App. It may not be much, as I don't really want to drive traffic to an un-ad site. If Ken or Jon or whomever wishes, they'd be happy to use it as a subscription option. Or some such.

But now I've said too much!

2008-09-08 22:13:15
478.   bhsportsguy
I think Elvis and Sinatra do a good job of releasing compilations after their deaths.
2008-09-08 22:16:21
479.   bcg60
I have total respect for what Maddux has accomplished in his career and I think he could be a great pitching coach, but I think we would have gotten a lot more from Stultz than we have from Maddux since the trade. I don't think we would have lost 8 in a row if Maddux hadn't started those two games on the road. He has a road era over 5.00 this season. I would like to see Stultz get a start, though I doubt he'll be given the opportunity.
2008-09-08 22:21:40
480.   Eric Stephen
Silly BH, thinking Elvis is dead.
2008-09-08 22:24:07
481.   underdog
Hey guys! Did you hear that Buckwheat's been shot? I mean, Tom Brady's out for the season? ESPN has a report!
2008-09-08 22:29:00
482.   Jacob Burch
481 Apparently, Some dude named Farver is on a new team as well. Go figure.
2008-09-08 22:40:31
483.   Eric Stephen
Unce, Tice, Fee Times a Super Bowl champ?

[/holding up 5 fingers]

2008-09-08 23:09:12
484.   KG16
480 - I hear Elvis and Jim Morrison are running a karaoke bar in either Havana or Lima.
2008-09-08 23:52:43
485.   Jacob Burch
Great Football piece from the Onion.

2008-09-09 00:24:11
486.   ibleedbloo
477 I hope when you're programming you don't forget about us lowly Windows Mobile users. I would love to see a more mobile friendly version of all Toaster members...but Dodger Thoughts is the most important, of course.
2008-09-09 05:16:17
487.   Bob Hendley
471 - Might be right, if the season ended now, but with, say, three starts left for each, my reading of the tea leaves is that if Webb reaches the hallowed twenty-wins circle, he gets the votes. As someone else pointed out here, I think, CC probably get MVP votes, rather than CY votes.
2008-09-09 05:21:46
488.   Bluebleeder87
Good news on Penny [ ]

SAN DIEGO -- Injured Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny was so impressive in a simulated game Monday that he's likely to be activated for bullpen duty for the weekend series in Colorado.
"Penny was very good today," manager Joe Torre said. "I talked with him about coming out of the bullpen, and the way we're using our bullpen, the more the merrier."

2008-09-09 05:37:12
489.   Bob Hendley
With Maddux you gets what you gots. He is going to give up 3-4 runs in 5-6 innings pretty consistently. With our pen and our offense that should keep the Bums in most games. Since he is a PVL, the tendency is to give him too much rope, however. He stayed in too long against the Fillies and probably should have been taken out early against the Friars, when we had a high leverage situation that begged for a PH (albeit a rusty Pee Wee).
2008-09-09 06:55:49
490.   old dodger fan
Baek since joining the Padres-
17 starts
Game Scores:
less than 30 = 1
30's = 4
40's = 4
50's = 5
60's = 2
71 (last night)
74-vs AZ
Avg 48

Maddux while a Padre this year
26 starts-avg 50

Maddux while a Dodger this year
4 starts- average 40

2008-09-09 07:00:58
491.   old dodger fan
Correction-Baek above

50's = 4

2008-09-09 07:24:06
492.   JoeyP
Where has Russ Martin's power went:

2006: .282/.355/.436
2007: .293/.374/.469
2008: .277/.375/.393

Culmination of too many innings played?
Were 06/07 outliers with respect to his power (since in the minors he hit with little power)?
Or is 2008 just a down year?

Martin's 2nd half 2008:

2008-09-09 07:33:10
493.   JoeyP
Another suprising aspect to this season has been Derek Lowe. I think most figured he's fall off the cliff in his last season, but he's turning in his best season as a Dodger remarkably.

Dodgers are really going to miss his performance in the coming seasons. Not that they should re-sign him, bc as the years go by its doubtful he could replicate it, but if he leaves & the team doesnt land CC, the pitching could be hurting.

He's been an innings eater thats actually been a good pitcher.

2005: 222 IP 3.61 ERA
2006: 218 IP 3.63 ERA
2007: 199 IP 3.88 ERA
2008: 189 IP 3.53 ERA

Pretty good consistency.
Thats how to spend 4/36 & get value.

2008-09-09 07:37:06
494.   delias man
I think Matt and Russ need to switch spots in the order. I am really worried about both.
2008-09-09 07:56:08
495.   Disabled List
I'm not worried about Matt, he was tearing the cover off the ball just a couple of weeks ago. He's in a mild slump right now, which I'm sure he'll snap out of soon enough.

Martin is another story. Those numbers/trends that JoeyP posted are pretty disturbing. He has definitely fallen into the LoDuca-style Second Half Slide. Seems like all those "rest" days Russ got at 3B earlier in the season didn't quite work out the way Torre thought they would.

2008-09-09 08:19:17
496.   D4P
Record when Pierre gets 1 or more ABs


Record when Pierre gets 0 ABs


It will be annoying when Torre gets praised by the media for leading the team to the division title, when in reality he should get criticized for making the team worse than it could have been had he played the correct outfielders all along.

2008-09-09 08:20:55
497.   Jon Weisman
496 - What is it when Pierre has 2 or more AB? The reason I ask is that since he's been benched, his appearances have tended to be in games the Dodgers already trail in.
2008-09-09 08:33:13
498.   regfairfield
492 Russ' isolated power:

2003: .161
2004: .171 (Vero Beach, so it has an asterisk)
2005: .112 (Jacksonville pitchers park)

This isn't little power for a catcher in his early 20s.

2008-09-09 08:33:33
499.   old dodger fan
496 I would be more interested in our record when he gets 4 or more PA's.
2008-09-09 08:34:14
500.   D4P
Looks like the record is 42-43 when Pierre gets 2 or more ABs.

3-16 when he gets 1.

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-09-09 08:35:56
501.   old dodger fan
500 Having fun with baseball stats,
"The more Pierre plays, the better the team does"
2008-09-09 09:20:34
502.   Jon Weisman

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