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... That Explains Your Team's Thickness and Shine
2008-09-09 16:40
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers know ups and downs. So does Liz Lemon:

* * *

You could have seen this coming with the number of lefties the Dodgers are facing this week: Andruw Jones is getting a start. But it's not coming at the expense of the red-hot Andre Ethier, but rather the winterfresh Matt Kemp.

In addition, Nomar Garciaparra is starting at first base, which basically means that he and Angel Berroa are playing instead of James Loney.

Here's hoping, for the sake of the Dodgers, Kemp and Loney come back relaxed and refreshed ... in the late innings to protect a Dodger lead.

* * *

Dodgers at Padres, 7:05 p.m.

Diamondbacks at Giants, 7:15 p.m.

Comments (709)
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2008-09-09 16:50:07
1.   Sam NYC
I am usually a Torre defender, but I have to say: Huh? Do we not want to win tonight?
2008-09-09 16:51:24
2.   Jon Weisman
Better know a Sweeney...

M. Sweeney released:

2008-09-09 16:53:54
3.   Xeifrank
Lineup Thoughts: I think the Nomar for Loney move can be justified based on splits data (atleast on offense), also keeping in mind that PetCo tends to supress home runs in left handed batters more so than right handed batters. The Jones for Kemp move makes very little sense, as both are right handed and Kemp is by far the more superiour player on offense. I'm not sure if Jones still rates that much higher (if at all) in CF than Kemp with his added poundage and supposedly sore knee. The simulator gives Nomar a slight boost over starting Loney, but a big red flag is raised looking at the data dump with Jones in the starting lineup instead of Kemp. Overall, the pre-game simulator win expectancy drops from 58.87% down to 56.99% with these moves... which amounts to about 2 tenths of a run.
vr, Xei
2008-09-09 16:55:38
4.   Sam NYC
3 -- I stand corrected.
2008-09-09 16:58:06
5.   Jon Weisman
3 - Does the simulator like Berroa over Loney?
2008-09-09 16:59:10
6.   Xeifrank
5. You mean Nomar at SS?
vr, Xei
2008-09-09 16:59:50
7.   Tripon
Torre said he'd do both of these moves in August and yesterday, and we all laughed.

Well who's laughing now!

2008-09-09 17:00:26
8.   bhsportsguy
9 outfielders have more starts than Kemp (129/144) this year in the NL, 2 other first basemen, Gonzalez and Howard have started more games than Loney (138).
2008-09-09 17:01:01
9.   underdog
2 Darn you! Got my hopes up for a second.

I don't have a problem sitting Loney for Nomar tonight. (Would be a thrill to be able to have Furcal back to play SS instead of Berroa...) And Kemp needs a rest too, though I have little confidence in Jones. Maybe he'll pleasantly surprise us.

But I really think Martin needs a rest. Couldn't be tonight with the other guys who are sitting, but maybe tomorrow?

2008-09-09 17:01:07
10.   Tripon
6 No, Torre said earlier in the year he'd start Berroa to spell Nomar at SS and move him to First, benching Loney. This was when Nomar was the regular starting SS.

So it was basically interpreted as a starting Berroa over Loney move.

2008-09-09 17:04:55
11.   Eric Stephen
I haven't bought my seat yet for tonight's tilt. I'm tempted to get LF seats to catch one of Andruw's HRs. :)
2008-09-09 17:09:16
12.   underdog
Fringe debuts tonight -- worth watching, Jon?
2008-09-09 17:12:21
13.   Jon Weisman
6 - Yes, that's what I meant.
2008-09-09 17:13:13
14.   ToyCannon
Kemp and Loney could use a night off. We have a bench, sometimes you need to use it. Torre has given us the lineup we wanted for a month now, can we keep the pitchforks for the hay while he gives a couple of players some rest, and finds out if A Jones is going to help the playoff roster.
2008-09-09 17:13:18
15.   Jon Weisman
12 - You can give it a shot. I won't be sticking with it but others I respect will.

2008-09-09 17:14:10
16.   Jon Weisman
14 - I agree. I'm trying to look at this positively, even though I would have liked to have seen Kemp try to get well against LeBlanc.
2008-09-09 17:16:07
17.   ToyCannon
If Nomar could play SS don't you think he would be? My guess is that they have determined that he physically can't do it.
2008-09-09 17:17:23
18.   bhsportsguy
16 Kemp's been dragging since the last road trip, even during the winning streak he was cold, this is his second day off since ASB, (his second in the last week).
2008-09-09 17:17:33
19.   ToyCannon
The biggest shock of Nomars walk off catch, is not that he laid out and made the catch, but that he was able to get up and walk away.
2008-09-09 17:17:54
20.   underdog
15 Thanks. My Tivo will watch it for me first and let me know how it is. It's a very sharp little Tivo.
2008-09-09 17:18:17
21.   Tripon
15 What about Life on Mars? Worth watching?
2008-09-09 17:19:38
22.   Jon Weisman
21 - Still in hiding. Hasn't been screened yet.
2008-09-09 17:20:27
23.   Xeifrank
5. Loney 1B, Nomar SS, Berroa Bench = an extra .31 runs per game offensively (compared to tonight's lineup). You can then make any Nomar vs Berroa and Nomar vs Loney defensive adjustments to that number. Reg?
vr, Xei
2008-09-09 17:20:38
24.   Tripon
22 That can't be good. If ABC was sure of the show, they'd show it to critics well in advance.
2008-09-09 17:22:10
25.   ToyCannon
I wonder if we have seen the last of the great HBO series. Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and Deadwood were amazing shows and the ones who have followed just don't come close to measuring up.

I watched the vampire debut, came away unimpressed. After watching John I was intrigued enough to watch the only season. I felt no compunction to bother with the Vampire series. The mind reading Hero trick was the final straw for leaving me longing for the past but knowing I'll never see another show quite like those three.

2008-09-09 17:23:53
26.   Jim Hitchcock
25 See `Sons of Anarchy', TC?
2008-09-09 17:27:39
27.   Jon Weisman
24 - Generally I agree, though I'm honestly not sure it's done yet.

HBO will be back. They still have Big Love, which deserves to be included as a great show.

2008-09-09 17:28:33
28.   Tripon
Well, we can't expect the Giants to help us tonight with Zito on the mound today. Then again, he's facing Davis who has his own struggles to go though.

I'm just going to hope the Dodgers can win today and at least keep that slim 1 and a half lead going.

2008-09-09 17:29:06
29.   ToyCannon
Nope-Should I bother?
2008-09-09 17:32:00
30.   Jim Hitchcock
29 Sure, at least check out the pilot (tonight at 8). Katey Sagal like you've never seen her before, for sure.
2008-09-09 17:32:04
31.   Jacob Burch
Like most others, I'm alright with Loney getting rest, I just don't know ifnit has to come in the same day as not only a Kemp rest, but a Jones start.
2008-09-09 17:32:54
32.   Tripon

BP has our playoff chances at 76.5% before tonight's game.

2008-09-09 17:33:44
33.   Tripon
30 Hey, Kathy Segal was Leela in Futarama.
2008-09-09 17:34:08
34.   ssjames
24 There was a time when I loved all five HBO dramas, and each had a distinct voice and brilliance behind it. The ones previously mentioned: Sopranos, Six Feet Under and Deadwood. But also Carnivale and The Wire were all brilliant and practically demanded that I watch HBO every Sunday night. Now that all those shows are over I am considering canceling my HBO, because there is nothing there I feel a need to watch anymore. Hopefully, True Blood will change my mind, but we will see.
2008-09-09 17:35:07
35.   Branch Rickey
I've become one of those people who says "I don't watch much TV" (boy do I hate those people) but man, do I love 30 Rock.
2008-09-09 17:38:47
36.   D4P
I don't watch much TV. In fact, I just canceled our cable. We now get zero channels.

I've discovered that I can watch most of want I want to watch (including live sports) on the internet.

2008-09-09 17:38:53
37.   Tripon
Doug (DC): Thoughts on Haftner being demoted from AAA to AA to help Akron beat Bowie in the playoffs this past weekend.

SportsNation Rob Neyer: Doesn't seem real sporting, does it?


2008-09-09 17:44:01
38.   Tripon
Hmm, all this talk about Perdoia makes me wonder that if Boston didn't trade Manny he'd be in the AL MVP race, and possibly win it. A lot of the talk about Perdoia's bid is that he's the best player on a playoff team at the moment.
2008-09-09 17:47:04
39.   D4P
What's so great about Pedroia? Is he really good on defense or something? His offensive numbers are definitely good, but not so good that he'd be mistaken for the best player in the league. His OPS is 5th on his own team, for Ch-i's sake.
2008-09-09 17:50:41
40.   Tripon
39 Pedroia leaves in several counting stats. And he plays good defense at 2nd.

Personally think Mauer should be AL MVP. We underrate catchers as in today, and catchers who can provide offense and defense are a rare breed today. Defensively, catching is the hardest to play at.

2008-09-09 17:51:21
41.   LU Dodger
25, 27

No love for Flight of the Conchords? I love that show.

2008-09-09 17:51:42
42.   Sam DC
Tatis up in a grand slam situation . . .

his first opportunity this inning.

2008-09-09 17:54:50
43.   OaklandAs
39 Well, he's played every day, unlike most of his teammates that have a higher OPS. As of today, he's 4th in the AL in VORP, behind only A-Rod, Aubrey Huff, and Grady Sizemore, and none of those three are on likely playoff teams.
2008-09-09 17:56:31
44.   BlueCrew Bruin
25 No love for Carnivale? I still have to sit down and watch the second season but I really enjoyed the first. It's disappointing knowing in advance that, from what I've read, the ending was a rush job because of the pending cancellation.

Also, I've heard great things about The Wire.

2008-09-09 17:57:46
45.   Sam DC
(no slam for tatis)
2008-09-09 17:58:09
46.   D4P
Wow. Didn't realize that Aubrey Huff was that VORPy this year.
2008-09-09 17:59:14
47.   Bob Timmermann
Pedroia up in an MVP creating moment in Boston.
2008-09-09 18:01:39
48.   Zak
Other than the Dodgers and Dbacks series, the other series really important to Dodgers fans is the STL-CHC series. One, we would be playing CHC in the playoffs. Two and more importantly, we need STL to be in the race until the last week of the season. AZ goes to STL that week and I really want those games to matter to STL, not least because Pujols may shut it down if the Cards are out of it.

Also, the Lincecum being a frontrunner now in the NL Cy Young race is bad news for the Dodgers. We might face him twice in our last ten games, and I was hoping that with him being young, the Giants might shut him down for the season. Obviously that is unlikely now that he has a chance to get to 19 wins or so and nail down the Cy Young.

2008-09-09 18:01:47
49.   CanuckDodger
I'm really looking forward to the US version of Life On Mars, just because the UK version was so outstanding. Of course, there are a lot of fans of the original who are sharpening the knives, anticipating that the American remake will be crap.
2008-09-09 18:03:55
50.   Bob Timmermann
I would think Pujols would have to be in a lot of pain to stop playing in games that have an effect on the pennant race.

If Pujols is playing hurt this year, I would hate to see how he hits when he's healthy.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-09 18:04:18
51.   D4P
2008 OPS+

Martin: 100
Navarro: 104

2008-09-09 18:05:08
52.   LoneStar7
didn't torre just say something about making every game count right now...and isnt it zito over in the bay confused by this lineup
2008-09-09 18:06:01
53.   D4P
didn't torre just say something about making every game count right now

Losses count just as much as wins.

2008-09-09 18:07:22
54.   LoneStar7
53 agreed, so why are we throwing out a second unit lineup
2008-09-09 18:08:37
55.   Tripon
If Pedroia wins AL MVP this year, it'll be akin to Eric Crouch winning the Heisman in 2001.
2008-09-09 18:09:13
56.   Bob Timmermann
Matsuzaka out in Boston after giving up a leadoff single to Iwamura in the 6th. Rays lead 3-2.
2008-09-09 18:09:46
57.   Tripon
51 Bah.
2008-09-09 18:11:20
58.   goofus
53 It's all theater...
2008-09-09 18:12:18
59.   Tripon
Lets hope good Manny shows up today. No more 0-4 nights!
2008-09-09 18:13:08
60.   Marty
I'm into the last season of the Wire. I just love that show. I'll have gone through all five seasons in a month.
2008-09-09 18:14:22
61.   Bob Timmermann
I hope that Marty has successfully kept the Devil down in the hole.
2008-09-09 18:16:54
62.   Tripon
Matt Kemp has been a little overanxious lately, so Joe decided to give Andruw a look. Asked Torre if Andruw could work himself into an everyday role in what little time there is left to the season. He didn't say yes, but he didn't say no. ``I would have to figure how who the (heck) doesn't play,'' Torre said. ``(But) I hope it does take place, because that would mean we have an extra body who could help us.'' Oh, Nomar is playing first tonight, too, with Loney sitting.

2008-09-09 18:20:15
63.   bhsportsguy
Phillies were trailing 9-1 after the 3 1/2 innings, they now have the tying run up to the plate with no one out in the bottom of the 6th.
2008-09-09 18:23:12
64.   Bob Timmermann
In the battle between Cody Ross and Jayson Werth, there can only be one winner.

I don't know who though.

2008-09-09 18:30:05
65.   bhsportsguy
64 Werth flew out in not too deep right so Stairs could not score, 10-8 Marlins, 2 outs and Andrew Miller coming in to face Utley with the tying runs in scoring position.
2008-09-09 18:32:07
66.   D4P
In the battle between Cody Ross and Jayson Werth, there can only be one winner

I think we know who the loser is, and he's not a Phillie or a Marlin.

2008-09-09 18:33:02
67.   Tripon
66 What would your Dodgers lineup be?


2008-09-09 18:35:27
68.   D4P
I probably wouldn't have traded Bradley, so Ethier wouldn't be in there.

I would have been fine with a combo of Werth, Kemp, Bradley, Ross, and maybe someone else. That would be good production for little money, and we wouldn't be stuck with Andrierre.

2008-09-09 18:40:43
69.   LogikReader
Would you have traded Kent? :)
2008-09-09 18:40:46
70.   Bob Timmermann
That outfield alignment would have more cost-efficient trips to the DL than any other.
2008-09-09 18:40:58
71.   Jon Weisman
Six-man rotation pays off for Padres

2008-09-09 18:41:09
72.   ToyCannon
Milton would just be a pinch hitter in the NL so you don't have as many bodies in the outfield as you think. And of course you must have known that the wrist injury that afflicted Werth for two years would heal and he'd bounce back to his 2004 self.
2008-09-09 18:42:04
73.   Tripon
68 I don't think the Dodgers could wait for Bradley to get healthy. Yes, he is a very good player, but before this year he spent a good portion on the DL. And he's a full time DH right now. Maybe he can play the field but I don't know how good defensively he can be. Considering that Oakland readily DFAed Milton Bradley last year either shows that Oakland had the same concerns about his health, or they simply made a mistake. Probably both.
2008-09-09 18:42:32
74.   ToyCannon
I'd have traded Kent and Milton. Who has time for thin skinned teammates and those who taunt such people.
2008-09-09 18:43:13
75.   D4P
"Ask again later"

Yep. No big contracts sittin' around on my bench.

2008-09-09 18:43:22
76.   Bob Timmermann
12 LOB for the Rays through 6 1/2 at Fenway. The individual LOB add up to 26!

The Rays still lead 3-2. Apparently they have a slight edge in character.

2008-09-09 18:43:53
77.   ToyCannon
Costly yes, but why would they be cost efficient?
2008-09-09 18:44:34
78.   Tripon
So you have the Cards and Rangers experimenting with the 4 man rotation, and the Padres going with a six man.
2008-09-09 18:45:59
79.   D4P
I'm starting to feel as if FJM may have run its course. I rarely check it any more, and when I do, it hasn't changed since the last time I checked it.
2008-09-09 18:46:18
80.   ToyCannon
All three teams combined would have a hard time coming up with a great 5 man rotation.
2008-09-09 18:48:06
81.   Tripon
80 Peavy, Loshe, TCY, Millwood(if he was healthy), and er, I got nothing after that.
2008-09-09 18:49:34
82.   Tripon
79 On that note, Plaschke hasn't wrote a soul numbing article about the Dodgers in a while.
2008-09-09 18:51:55
83.   ToyCannon
Pedroia looks like a top 3 MVP to me.
2008-09-09 18:52:07
84.   Bob Hendley
Jeez, the clip wouldn't play in the DF, so all I'm left with is Nomar/Dru in the line-up and Werth/Ross Thoughts. ;/
2008-09-09 18:52:51
85.   ToyCannon
And TCY has not been exactly inspiring this season.
2008-09-09 18:53:39
86.   Tripon
83 But he's not having a better year over Mauer.
2008-09-09 18:55:06
87.   Tripon
82 Oh, and Carpenter. But he's not healthy either. That's an achey five man rotation if I ever seen one.
2008-09-09 18:56:36
88.   berkowit28
82 But Simers is doing pretty well.This morning:

1) "It's also probably a given the Dodgers will lose every game the rest of the way Greg Maddux pitches, although he finally did make the Padres winners."

Not many willing to state what seems to be the case. But better:

2) 'TODAY'S LAST word comes in e-mail from Mark Kaplan:

"We need a statue of Vinnie at the main entrance to the stadium. And let's have it while he is here to see it. The Lakers didn't do it for Chick, and that's a shame. What do you think?"

Let's get it while Kent is here to see it too.'


2008-09-09 18:56:44
89.   Bob Timmermann
Plaschke is likely on a long vacation after the Olympics.
2008-09-09 18:59:17
90.   Bob Timmermann
Library patron: I don't like to read the Wall Street Journal anymore.
Me: Why?
Library patron: It has too many articles about business in it.
2008-09-09 19:00:08
91.   Sam DC
So "Hole in the Wall" is a tv show?

Not involving a bar.

But involving a big yellow pool.


2008-09-09 19:00:11
92.   ToyCannon
If the Twins make it to the playoffs, I think he wins but if they don't would you have a problem with Pedroia winning? He does seem to be the energizer bunny on that team. He's in the middle of everything.
2008-09-09 19:01:33
93.   ToyCannon
Are you trying material on us that you want to sell to Scott Long?
2008-09-09 19:03:59
94.   Bob Timmermann
Picture me saying that in front of a brick wall and holding a microphone.
2008-09-09 19:04:22
95.   LogikReader

Lame. Bob Costas and even Heather Cox were right back at it only a few days after the closing ceremonies. What's Plachke's excuse? He didn't even have to anchor 97 hours of live coverage.


In a twisted sense of humor, I'm going to put the Padres radio broadcast on simultaneously with the Dodgers FSNPT broadcast. This will be fun!

2008-09-09 19:04:55
96.   Tripon
92 I just don't think the MVP should go automatically to a guy on a playoff team which the award does seem to go most of the time. If the Twins miss the playoffs, it won't be because of Mauer, it'll be because the rest of that team is bad offensively. Just because Perdoia is on a better team doesn't mean he should be the front runner for the MVP.

Same thing with Pujols and Delgado. We should give the award to the best player, not the guy who got hot playing on a team that's likely going to playoffs.

2008-09-09 19:05:26
97.   thinkblue88
An Alert needs to be sounded for Berkman.
2008-09-09 19:06:31
98.   Tripon
Martin pops us on the first pitch. Just like yesterday's game!
2008-09-09 19:06:51
99.   LogikReader

Sorry, Bob. My last comment was for 89 , not 90 .

2008-09-09 19:07:01
100.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert for Lance Berkman in Houston. Thi is a yellow alert.

He gets a lot of those.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-09 19:08:15
101.   Bob Timmermann
I'm betting on Plaschke turning up at the USC-Ohio State "Save College Football" Charity Game at the Coliseum Saturday.
2008-09-09 19:09:47
102.   thinkblue88
Ethier continues his awesomeness.
2008-09-09 19:09:59
103.   LogikReader
How rare is this? Manny and Jason Bay are batting at the same time!
2008-09-09 19:11:00
104.   Bob Timmermann
It's probably happened several times except nobody cared when Bay was on the Pirates.
2008-09-09 19:11:42
105.   LogikReader
HOLY COW!!! Bay just hit a 2 run HR over the green monster. That puts the Sox ahead, 4-3.
2008-09-09 19:12:51
106.   Tripon
Where has Manny's plate discipline has gone? Hah, just kidding.

The sight of guys in Red Sox jerseys in the stands clapping at Manny striking out was odd.

2008-09-09 19:14:05
107.   LogikReader
Bay slamming the ball around at Fenway. Boy how about those Red Sox? Always thinking ahead.
2008-09-09 19:14:07
108.   Vaudeville Villain
(Insert grousing about terrible line-up here)

Anyway, my AL MVP is Milton Bradley. It's too bad he can never stay helathy and in the outfield. He's got full-time future DH written all over him.

2008-09-09 19:14:51
109.   LogikReader
...and conversely, I have a bad, bad feeling about this Dodger Game.
2008-09-09 19:21:58
110.   Bob Timmermann
Dan Johnson lives!
2008-09-09 19:23:04
111.   thinkblue88
Mike Gonzalez quest for history ended tonight with his first blown save since 2004. It was too bad, he was only 46 consecutive saves away from breaking Gagne's record.
2008-09-09 19:27:53
112.   LogikReader
Just checked into the Angels game. TEXAS is in 2nd place????????
2008-09-09 19:29:08
113.   Johnny Nucleo
Kuroda really hit every compass direction with that last set of pitches.
2008-09-09 19:29:17
114.   LogikReader
Navarro puts the Cherry on the Cake with his clutch double. 5-4 Rays!

Boston is not having a good sports week so far.

2008-09-09 19:29:27
115.   Bob Timmermann
Texas has been in second most of the year.
2008-09-09 19:30:09
116.   LogikReader
Answer to advertisement at the bottom.

YES, that's me! Without that lady sitting on the couch though :(

2008-09-09 19:32:12
117.   LogikReader
Really, Joe, you could have put a cardboard cutout at the plate and gotten better production than Druw :)
2008-09-09 19:32:43
118.   thinkblue88
Welcome back Andruw....
2008-09-09 19:33:50
119.   Bob Timmermann
The Rays are hoping that they get the 2002 Troy Percival for the bottom of the ninth.
2008-09-09 19:40:29
120.   LogikReader
Up north, the G-Men and Zito yield 2 runs to the Dbacks. 2-0 Az going to the bottom of the 2nd.
2008-09-09 19:41:20
121.   thinkblue88
Best time of the year, Vin calling multiple games.
2008-09-09 19:43:49
122.   Gen3Blue
I admit that Kemp and Loney have been weak lately, but there is something to be said for dancing with the guy who brung you. It feels like Frank and Ned,(and maybe Joe) said lets throw a Red Sox line-up at them, that can't miss.
It's also been interesting to watch as DeWitt and Kuroda seem to be the only ones able to handle an off speed pitch.
2008-09-09 19:44:05
123.   LogikReader
One out to go over in Boston. Percival gets Big Papi to fly out. Big play.
2008-09-09 19:46:40
124.   LogikReader
Another popup, and the actual Red Sox lineup falls to the 150:1's! 5-4, the final score.
2008-09-09 19:47:39
125.   Bob Timmermann
Has Dan Johnson become Tampa Bay's Dick Nen?

Granted Johnson wasn't a rookie, but it is a guy from the minors coming in off the bench and hitting a game-tying home run in a big game.

2008-09-09 19:47:46
126.   LogikReader
Back to back K's! Go Kuroda.
2008-09-09 19:49:15
127.   KG16
so what have I missed the last two days while working on an opp to an msj?
2008-09-09 19:49:31
128.   KG16
127 - did i mention i hate msj's?
2008-09-09 19:49:51
129.   whodat807
I'm delighted to find that Vin is calling the Dodger radio feed, but I'm quite frustrated that I can't figure out a way to sync the video feed with the radio feed. And that makes me a sad panda.
2008-09-09 19:51:38
130.   KG16
argh, first, brady goes down when i've got him on one of my fantasy teams, and now merriman is going on the ir when I have sd's defense. the nfl doesn't seem to understand that i don't care all that much about it to begin with.

of course, with san diego's secondary, i'm guessing they won't miss merriman all that much as far as fantasy stats go.

2008-09-09 19:54:46
131.   Bob Timmermann
So that's what an MSJ is...
2008-09-09 19:54:51
132.   MMSMikey
this is getting annoying, 12 innings in sd and haven't come close to scoring a run.
2008-09-09 19:56:04
133.   Bob Timmermann
Welcome to September!
2008-09-09 19:56:50
134.   Bob Timmermann
The Jays sweep in Chicago. Toronto's winning streak is now at 10.
2008-09-09 19:56:56
135.   jasonungar07
How long will this ridiculous Martin at leadoff exp last? I get so frustrated..Kemp was mashing in leadoff.

9 games in for Russ...


2008-09-09 19:58:22
136.   joemc
we can figure out haren and webb but not baek and leblanc.
2008-09-09 19:59:08
137.   bhsportsguy
131 I have had a lot of experience with MSJs, Opposition to MSJ and Replies. I have put together way too many evidence attachments.
2008-09-09 19:59:34
138.   Andrew Shimmin
135- In a just world, speaking ill of Martin would be a hanging offense.
2008-09-09 20:00:09
139.   LogikReader
You know what the best thing is about Petco?

We only have to play two more games there.

2008-09-09 20:04:34
140.   Andrew Shimmin
That's what I'm talking about.
2008-09-09 20:04:49
141.   The Dude Abides
Well...after watching a few innings tonight, I can say that Andruw's first at-bat tonight and his AB against Kip Wells in Colorado are the two worst at-bats by a non-pitcher I've ever seen. This is in terms of how overmatched he looks and the relative skill of the pitcher. He couldn't catch up to any of the three 83-85 MPH fastballs that Wells threw him, and his strike three tonight (waving at a 70 MPH changeup that never came within six inches of the outside corner) was absolutely pathetic. He is so clearly washed up that it's hard to believe he is still playing.
2008-09-09 20:04:51
142.   jasonungar07
I love Martin, but to call out JP and his impact at leadoff and then not do the same with Russ is wrong. I know 9 games is only 9 games and he may hit .330 at leadoff next year but right now he is terrible.

Ethier comes up with 1 out every time.

2008-09-09 20:05:15
143.   LogikReader
NICE relay!!! GREAT tag, Martin. That was too awesome.

Now let's wake up those bats!!

2008-09-09 20:06:46
144.   fanerman
130 You didn't figure it was a possibility that Merriman would damage his knee even more during the season?
2008-09-09 20:07:00
145.   whodat807
A shame about the run, but what a nice relay to cut down Gonzales.
2008-09-09 20:07:27
146.   Tripon
142 143

This is the reason why Martin is playing even when he's not producing offensively.

We should consider a DeWitt-Ethier-Manny top of the lineup.

2008-09-09 20:07:27
147.   Tripon
142 143

This is the reason why Martin is playing even when he's not producing offensively.

We should consider a DeWitt-Ethier-Manny top of the lineup.

2008-09-09 20:08:14
148.   The Dude Abides
Wow, what a bad call by the ump on that play at home. That makes up for something, but I don't know what it makes up for.
2008-09-09 20:08:27
149.   Tripon
Its as if the Padres intentionally threw the games at Dodgers Stadium just to bum rush the Dodgers at Petco.
2008-09-09 20:08:36
150.   Gen3Blue
136 No sample size, so its nothing but a joke, but it appears the Red Sox core of our lineup can't hit anyone who throws less than 90.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-09 20:08:45
151.   whodat807
Bah, I thought Nomar caught that one.

And it's not hard to say, Padre announcers, Martin got the tag.

2008-09-09 20:08:57
152.   LogikReader
The tag seemed a lot better on the radio :D
2008-09-09 20:09:33
153.   KG16
144 - it crossed my mind. I also have baltimore in that league. and new england in the other, so i'm not all that worried.

137 - it's the evidence stuff that kills me. if i could just do the memos, i'd be fine.

2008-09-09 20:09:44
154.   The Dude Abides
Wow...Andruw almost beat out that grounder.
/not really
2008-09-09 20:09:50
155.   Andrew Shimmin
Saying that you know nine games are only nine games does not excuse calling Martin's batting first ridiculous. Either nine games is too small a sample size, or it isn't. There's no reason to believe it's an inherently bad idea--Martin's OBP (despite his recent struggle) is higher than any regular save Manny's.
2008-09-09 20:09:52
156.   whodat807
148 Was it really a bad call? Are my eyes that biased? It really looked like Martin skimmed the glove over Gonzales' ankle as he slid in...
2008-09-09 20:10:31
157.   MMSMikey
nice inning dodgers, just roll over.
2008-09-09 20:11:56
158.   Johnny Nucleo
I blame the existence of this black hole in the Dodgers lineup on the Large Hadron Collider.
2008-09-09 20:12:22
159.   Bob Hendley
Called looked good on the replay. Martin had the glove down and the guy slid into it.
2008-09-09 20:12:41
160.   Andrew Shimmin
It's like saying, I know astrology is hokum, but I've been checking my horoscope for the last week, and it's been dead on accurate every day! So, I've decided to let it pick stocks for me, for the rest of the year.
2008-09-09 20:13:37
161.   whodat807
Speaking of Merriman, how many possible ways can there be to spell "Shawn"?

This is my personal "Ways to spell 'Shawn'" Power Rankings

1) Shawn
2) Shaun
3) Shawne

Shawne is only a slightly less terrible alternate spelling for a common name than the worst of all time--"Ashleigh."

2008-09-09 20:13:41
162.   Tripon
155 Yeah, but he's been slumping since the 2nd half of the season. And we see two different Martin, either he's hacking at everything, or he's trying to draw walks. If he's a leadoff hitting, I'd like to see the latter, but that Martin doesn't show up a lot lately. The current Martin doesn't believe much in OBP most nights.
2008-09-09 20:14:14
163.   fanerman
161 Sean?
2008-09-09 20:14:27
164.   Gen3Blue
I'm tempted to say that the kind of baseball randomness that causes 0-8 to be followed by 8-0 accounts for this game. But I won't let Torre off anywhere near that easy. Andrew Jones??
2008-09-09 20:14:27
165.   Tripon
Chone Figgins.
2008-09-09 20:15:02
166.   Tripon
Chone Figgins.
2008-09-09 20:15:22
167.   whodat807
Some nifty defense from the Dodgers tonight. I did not think Berroa would get to that ball.
2008-09-09 20:16:28
168.   Tripon
Nomar had to save that ball though.
2008-09-09 20:17:17
169.   whodat807
163 164 So apparently I didn't put a lot of thought into my Shawn rankings.

1) Shawn (Green)
2) Sean (Connery)
3) Shaun (King)
4) Shawne (Merriman)
568) Chone (Figgins)

2008-09-09 20:18:25
170.   LogikReader
In with you Gen3Blue. Sustaining an 8-0 pace... it's just too good to be true.

Still a lot of road trip to be played. (not only that, but this is the last big roadie of the season).

2008-09-09 20:18:53
171.   Bob Hendley
There are walking into the light like zombies over at the Griddle.
2008-09-09 20:19:06
172.   LogikReader
I'm with you Gen3Blue
2008-09-09 20:19:08
173.   Andrew Shimmin
He's been slumping for the last two weeks. In the period from the All Star break to August 20th, he maintained a .374 OBP.
2008-09-09 20:20:00
174.   whodat807
The last 13 innings aside, I'm really optimistic about the Dodgers' chances. Penny, Saito and Furcal all close to coming back -- I can't wait to see them back out there.
2008-09-09 20:20:48
175.   Tripon
Looks like Berroa cooled down.
2008-09-09 20:21:21
176.   Bob Hendley
My spelling is slumping.
2008-09-09 20:21:29
177.   Tripon
Baseball is a funny game when Kuroda is your best hitter of the night.
2008-09-09 20:22:46
178.   Gen3Blue
Boy, this guy LeBlanc has been slaying the Dodgers. I thought Waek was bad, but this guy is killer. Can the Pad's keep Peavey and friends, and might they be trouble on rotation alone next year?
2008-09-09 20:24:04
179.   Tripon
Did they put a shift on Ethier?
2008-09-09 20:27:54
180.   Andrew Shimmin
Berroa nearly got to third base on Giles's double.
2008-09-09 20:29:09
181.   Gen3Blue
I'm tempted to say Ethier is our best all round outfielder.
2008-09-09 20:30:03
182.   Neal Pollack
This team drives me crazy. Starting Jones is not the randomness of baseball. It's like entering a three-legged horse in the Preakness.
2008-09-09 20:32:11
183.   Bob Hendley
181 - I think that Dru takes the cake as far as round outfielders go.
2008-09-09 20:32:14
184.   Gagne55
This team's road play has become almost a satire of itself.
2008-09-09 20:34:39
185.   Bob Hendley
We can all be thankful, however, that we don't have a guy running around in DS dressed like a monk.
2008-09-09 20:34:50
186.   Neal Pollack
It's not like we're facing an entirely hostile crowd...
2008-09-09 20:38:24
187.   bhsportsguy
Zito giving up only 2 runs in 5 innings is a nice surprise, Dunn flied out to the deepest part of the ballpark.
2008-09-09 20:38:49
188.   The Dude Abides
Martin was behind the plate and his mitt was over the back edge of the plate. Gonzales slid across most of the plate until the tag was made. The umpire was behind Martin and didn't see where the plate was.
2008-09-09 20:39:26
189.   The Dude Abides
2008-09-09 20:39:37
190.   Jacob Burch
Rally Killer.
2008-09-09 20:39:44
191.   thinkblue88
2008-09-09 20:39:58
192.   Gagne55
Manny being Manny I guess.
2008-09-09 20:40:41
193.   whodat807
2008-09-09 20:40:43
194.   Jacob Burch
That was one zany single.
2008-09-09 20:40:44
195.   Gagne55
Is Nomar really that slow?
2008-09-09 20:41:00
196.   thinkblue88
gaa!! was it close like steiner made it sound??
2008-09-09 20:41:07
197.   The Dude Abides
Unbelievable...Nomar hits the top of the wall and only gets a single...let's hope Casey crushes one.
2008-09-09 20:41:33
198.   MMSMikey
damn just another foot or so.
2008-09-09 20:41:34
199.   Jacob Burch
196 For once, he's probably justified.
2008-09-09 20:41:48
200.   Bob Hendley
I like that...and that.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-09 20:42:06
201.   whodat807
Wow I celebrated like that was a homerun. So close!
2008-09-09 20:42:09
202.   thinkblue88
its about time our crowd wakes up!
2008-09-09 20:42:15
203.   The Dude Abides
It was a scorching hot line drive and maybe he initially thought it was gone...had a lot of topspin on it.
2008-09-09 20:42:51
204.   bhsportsguy
197 That ball was smoked it took a perfect bounce right into the bare hand of Headley who has a pretty good arm.
2008-09-09 20:43:09
205.   MMSMikey
that 1-0 pitch was not a strike
2008-09-09 20:43:43
206.   Gagne55
LeBlanc gets two generous calls in a row.
2008-09-09 20:44:49
207.   bhsportsguy
Zito has a nice curve ball tonight.
2008-09-09 20:44:57
208.   MMSMikey
wrong place to hit the ball.
2008-09-09 20:45:25
209.   Gagne55
C'mon Jones. Show us why you're getting paid $18 millz.
2008-09-09 20:46:13
210.   Gagne55
That was a routine 6-4-3. That was botched.
2008-09-09 20:47:16
211.   Tripon
Man, Andruw is like a -100 VORP or something.
2008-09-09 20:47:34
212.   whodat807
Andruw's 3 plate appearances have been a microcosm for his season - just awful.
2008-09-09 20:47:36
213.   Andrew Shimmin
That would have been funny. Not funny enough, maybe. But funny.
2008-09-09 20:48:03
214.   Jacob Burch
213 Exactly what I was thinking.
2008-09-09 20:48:11
215.   MMSMikey
there ya go fatty
2008-09-09 20:48:15
216.   Jacob Burch
That'll work.
2008-09-09 20:48:30
217.   Tripon
This is hilarious. If Jones earns another start after this, I'd lead the Fire Torre bandwagon myself.
2008-09-09 20:48:31
218.   Bob Hendley
Dru, not used to being on first (thought he was a spectator).
2008-09-09 20:48:33
219.   Gagne55
Jones? Um. Why?
2008-09-09 20:48:33
220.   Andrew Shimmin
Huh. That was unexpected.
2008-09-09 20:48:37
221.   Jacob Burch
There is no way Joe lets Jones hits again, right? Right?
2008-09-09 20:48:54
222.   Gen3Blue
183 I like it. How could he try and take a base at that weight?
2008-09-09 20:49:23
223.   Chris H
I guess we don't need to worry about Jones stealing ABs from Kemp the rest of the way.
2008-09-09 20:49:39
224.   MollyKnight
Why Andruw Jones even allowed on the field at this point is beyond me. This really isn't funny anymore. He's hurting the team. Get him the heck out of there.
2008-09-09 20:49:46
225.   whodat807
Wow what a move by LeBlanc. He'll pickoff some people before he's through. Hopefully not today, though.

Um, excuse me, Mr. Padre announcer, but Andruw Jones is not just doing badly - he's having the worst offensive season of ALL-TIME. And apparently it extends to his baserunning.

2008-09-09 20:50:01
226.   Andrew Shimmin
Jones's VORP on the year is -16.2, good for 1006th place. Corey Patterson, Francoeur, and Tony Pena are the only position players below him.
2008-09-09 20:50:02
227.   Neal Pollack
Worst. Player. Ever.
2008-09-09 20:50:53
228.   oshea2002
Is this not trying to lose on Torre's part? It was funny 2 months ago. In the middle of a pennant race, I question Torre's sanity, motives, and competence.
2008-09-09 20:51:27
229.   bhsportsguy
Of course, I think Jones has been trying to hard to force the issue this year, no one wants to play this poorly.

On the other hand, Zito has struck out 9 through 5.5, down 2-1.

2008-09-09 20:53:08
230.   Icaros
"I don't care."
2008-09-09 20:53:09
231.   whodat807
228 No, Torre is not trying to lose. Of course he's not. He's trying to see if Jones will be at all useful for the stretch run, and after tonight's debacle, I'd be we won't see much more of him after tonight.
2008-09-09 20:53:10
232.   Gagne55
Kuroda has not been sharp.
2008-09-09 20:53:11
233.   bhsportsguy
This year, Andruw Jones attracts negativity like a lantern attracts moths.
2008-09-09 20:53:32
234.   Jon Weisman
Kuo is still unavailable:

2008-09-09 20:54:03
235.   whodat807
Kuroda is walking the tightrope - no 1-2-3 innings, but still eking out an effective performance so far.
2008-09-09 20:54:41
236.   Tripon
Whoa, Andruw Jones actually made a play!
2008-09-09 20:54:54
237.   cargill06
Jason Marquis, CC Sabathia, Carlos Zambrano, Dontrelle Willis, Micah Owings, James Shields... These are all guys I'd rather see up at the plate than Andruw Jones for a full season.

Am I forgetting anyone?

2008-09-09 20:55:01
238.   sporky
Nice play by Andruw.
2008-09-09 20:55:01
239.   Gagne55
At least Jones can still play the field.
2008-09-09 20:55:14
240.   oshea2002
231 - I'm mostly kidding, except for the sanity part. I think we all know the definition of insanity, and this is the perfect example.
2008-09-09 20:55:46
241.   Andrew Shimmin
237- It may be a little on the nose, but I'd rather see Albert Pujols at the plate than Andruw Jones.
2008-09-09 20:55:59
242.   sporky
2 on, 1 out for Bengie Molina.
2008-09-09 20:56:02
243.   MMSMikey
how sad is it that the 2 teams fighting for the division are getting shut down by 2 soft tossing leftys, 1 making his 2nd major league start, and the other being a complete disaster for the last 2 years.
2008-09-09 20:56:42
244.   sporky
2008-09-09 20:56:55
245.   LAT
Looked like Jones came up limping a bit.
2008-09-09 20:57:00
246.   Bob Hendley
Nice play.
2008-09-09 20:57:37
247.   Jacob Burch
Double Switch with Kemp, Double Switch with Kemp, Krusty is Coming, Double Switch with Kemp
2008-09-09 20:57:37
248.   Gagne55
237 I'll answer that question the same way somebody answered that question for me yesterday: "Eric Stults"
2008-09-09 20:57:51
249.   sporky
My new love singles in a run. 2-2 in SF.
2008-09-09 20:58:00
250.   bhsportsguy
Molina ties it up in SF, 2-2.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-09 20:58:57
251.   cargill06
249 He's just so cuddly.
2008-09-09 20:59:05
252.   Tripon
What would it take to trade for Pujols?

Kemp, Ethier, Bills, Kershaw, and Martin?

2008-09-09 20:59:23
253.   Gagne55
243 That 'other' pitcher won a Cy Young Award.
2008-09-09 20:59:53
254.   MMSMikey
huge play by kuroda, i could have seen that ball squeeking through 2 diving infielders.
2008-09-09 21:00:12
255.   bhsportsguy
Doug Davis can't get past the 6th, another D-Back starter will not get the win.
2008-09-09 21:00:48
256.   MMSMikey

dont make me post zitos numbers.

2008-09-09 21:01:07
257.   Jacob Burch
Nomar moving to Short, sounds like. Unless Joe shoves Hu out there for the pitcher.
2008-09-09 21:01:23
258.   Tripon
I don't think the Padres will allow us to win this game.
2008-09-09 21:01:52
259.   oshea2002
Well, Zito kept it close. Fight on.
2008-09-09 21:02:21
260.   Gagne55
258 Not if these guys keep chasing Adams' pitches in the dirt.
2008-09-09 21:02:59
261.   KG16
DeWitt missed a game tying pitch on strike two. I'm always amazed when guys hold up on hanging curve balls over the plate.

And SWEENY? Srly?

2008-09-09 21:03:10
262.   cargill06
252 I wouldn't do that.

You maybe saying tounge in cheek though.

2008-09-09 21:03:15
263.   oshea2002
258 - I feel like it's at the point where something really lucky needs to happen for us to win on the road, and vice versa at home.
2008-09-09 21:04:13
264.   cargill06
261 Happens all the time when you're looking dead red.
2008-09-09 21:04:42
265.   bhsportsguy
D-Backs escape the 6th with a 2-2 game, it is a battle of the bullpens at AT&T.
2008-09-09 21:04:43
266.   sporky
What I would give for a Sweeney HR...
2008-09-09 21:05:15
267.   MMSMikey
nice take mark
2008-09-09 21:06:09
268.   MMSMikey
nice take, again, mark.
2008-09-09 21:06:53
269.   MC Safety
2008-09-09 21:06:53
270.   Bob Hendley
This is the only M. Sweeney left standing.
2008-09-09 21:06:54
271.   KG16
264 - yeah, i know. i'm just saying.
2008-09-09 21:07:12
272.   oshea2002
Jones spot is coming up again. We'd better not see him again until SF the final weekend when we've already clinched.
2008-09-09 21:07:34
273.   The Dude Abides
If we see Pierre this game, it will be the trifecta. And if there is a camera shot of bullpen coach Tanyon Sturtze, it will be the superfecta.
/I wiki'd it
2008-09-09 21:08:36
274.   cargill06
Booya.... I mean Yabu
2008-09-09 21:09:26
275.   KG16
is there any chant in sports more annoying than "Beat LA"?
2008-09-09 21:09:29
276.   bhsportsguy
Yabu pitches like Yoda dispenses wisdom, concisely.

2-2 into the bottom of the 7th.

2008-09-09 21:10:36
277.   whodat807
Wow, for all of Chan Ho's recent struggles, he's still got an ERA under 3. What a year from him.
2008-09-09 21:12:03
278.   The Dude Abides
It's amazing that we have a player that Torre uses routinely who has an OPS that's 100 points lower than the OPS of Andruw Jones.
2008-09-09 21:13:21
279.   oshea2002
I don't mind Chan Ho in this park (really, any pitcher in this park should be ok), but the longball is minimized here.
2008-09-09 21:13:53
280.   Gen3Blue
278 Sweeney?
2008-09-09 21:14:34
281.   LogikReader
Now... wouldn't you just walk Gonzalez and go after the next hitter (Hundley, I think), instead of wasting Beimel to try to get him out?

The odds would figure to be higher with the former.

2008-09-09 21:16:36
282.   oshea2002
Giants with a runner in scoring position after a strike 3 wild pitch.
2008-09-09 21:17:17
283.   MMSMikey
2 on 2 out for shierholtz
2008-09-09 21:17:38
284.   LogikReader
Beimel K's Gonzalez!

bah, what do I know?

2008-09-09 21:18:25
285.   MMSMikey
this might be our best chance this inning, really need russell to get on and let our 2 best hitters go to work.
2008-09-09 21:18:53
286.   Bob Timmermann
That's Olympic bronze medalist Nate Schierholtz, thank you!
2008-09-09 21:19:17
287.   Icaros
Dunn kills Arizona with a nice defensive play.
2008-09-09 21:19:24
288.   oshea2002
wow, good play by Dunn on a ball down the line, bang bang at first but called out. Moving to the 8th 2-2
2008-09-09 21:20:15
289.   The Dude Abides
Yes...Sweeney...and Andruw is having a historically bad season at the plate. His OPS is around .512 (including tonight), and Sweeney's is .412 after that last strikeout. I guess Sweeney was hoping for a breaking ball on that strike three, as he has virtually no chance of putting a 90MPH fastball in play.
2008-09-09 21:20:34
290.   oshea2002
Atta boy Russ!!
2008-09-09 21:20:34
291.   MMSMikey
beautiful start.
2008-09-09 21:20:35
292.   The Dude Abides
2008-09-09 21:20:38
293.   KG16
There's the Golden God we all know and love.
2008-09-09 21:21:24
294.   oshea2002
I dunno how this inning plays out, but I see no way they let Manny hit unless Black truly doesn't care.
2008-09-09 21:21:32
295.   KG16
If Bowa said anything that sounds like "bunt" he is going to be skinned.
2008-09-09 21:22:26
296.   Jacob Burch
295 Exactly what I was thinking. He would get the sole spot on my never-founded Obelisk.
2008-09-09 21:22:51
297.   underdog
Nice one, Russ! Making him pay for his mistake.

Now let's do something Dodgers!

{clap clap clap!}

2008-09-09 21:23:54
298.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
If Dunn pulls that, it's going for a swim.
Two down in SF.
2008-09-09 21:24:11
299.   KG16
Andre Either is so dreamy.
2008-09-09 21:24:12
300.   The Dude Abides
Woo hooooooooo!
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-09 21:24:12
301.   Icaros
Well done.
2008-09-09 21:24:14
302.   Jacob Burch
2008-09-09 21:24:16
303.   nick
2008-09-09 21:24:18
304.   thinkblue88


2008-09-09 21:24:19
305.   sporky
2008-09-09 21:24:33
306.   Tripon
Andre Ethier is the $10 million dollar man.
2008-09-09 21:24:44
307.   MMSMikey
2008-09-09 21:25:14
308.   oshea2002
Andre. The Man. That is all.
2008-09-09 21:25:14
309.   Jon Weisman
Andre Ethier, your at-bats should be painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
2008-09-09 21:25:21
310.   KG16
what are the acceptable rules for a man crush?
2008-09-09 21:25:25
311.   sporky
I'm hyperventilating.
2008-09-09 21:25:48
312.   trainwreck
I kinda like this Ethier guy.
2008-09-09 21:25:49
313.   The Dude Abides
Yes, but he was wearing a Manny dreadlock hat in the dugout after Manny hit his HR. Very unprofessional. Maybe he will be benched tomorrow because Jeff Kent would not approve.
2008-09-09 21:25:51
314.   sporky
310 All rules are null and void when it comes to Andre.
2008-09-09 21:25:54
315.   whodat807
This Ethier kid is pretty good.
2008-09-09 21:26:09
316.   underdog
Nice one, Andre! That was a generous scoring to make it a triple - he looked more like Headley Lamar out there - but hey, we'll take it. It was certainly a great double!
2008-09-09 21:26:23
317.   sporky
2008-09-09 21:26:26
318.   KG16
2008-09-09 21:26:28
319.   The Dude Abides
Wow, Manny crushed that one.
2008-09-09 21:26:32
320.   MMSMikey
awful 2nd strike call.
2008-09-09 21:26:46
321.   oshea2002
Great AB by Manny after the Ump put him in a hole.
2008-09-09 21:26:53
322.   thinkblue88
ANDRE AND Manny leading us to the promised land.
2008-09-09 21:26:59
323.   underdog
This ump SUCKS.

Okay, there, I feel better now. Especially after the go ahead sac fly! Huzzah!

2008-09-09 21:27:13
324.   sporky
Insurance, please!
2008-09-09 21:27:14
325.   Jon Weisman
They really gave Ethier a triple for that single + two-base error?
2008-09-09 21:27:21
326.   LogikReader
Mannnnnnnnnnn... if that ball was hit anywhere but Petco, Manny would've had a 2 run bomb.

Great work, Man-Ram. Awe-SOME!

2008-09-09 21:27:40
327.   LAT
Manny is an animal. That's a HR is any other stadium.
2008-09-09 21:27:43
328.   KG16
319 - yeah, that ball was out of every park short of Petco and Yellowstone
2008-09-09 21:27:48
329.   The Dude Abides
Hey ump, wasn't that a strike on Casey Blake?
2008-09-09 21:28:15
330.   whodat807
You tell him Manny! And you drive that ball into the outfield!
2008-09-09 21:28:31
331.   KG16
325 - I'd say double and an error. but i'll take the triple.
2008-09-09 21:28:35
332.   underdog
I don't agree with not IBB-ing Manny there, don't agree with the Pads' announcer with the reasoning as to why they didn't, but I'm quite happy they didn't.
2008-09-09 21:28:36
333.   sporky
Vizquel with a leadoff double!
2008-09-09 21:28:59
334.   Jon Weisman
331 - You're right.

Vizquel leads off the bottom of the eighth for SF with a double.

2008-09-09 21:29:06
335.   bhsportsguy
Old man Omar gets a leadoff double in the bottom of the 8th.
2008-09-09 21:29:14
336.   whodat807
Just a biiiiiiit inside.
2008-09-09 21:29:45
337.   underdog
Go Giants!

Gack... excuse me, I have to scrub my mouth out with mouthwash now for an hour.

2008-09-09 21:29:50
338.   LAT
In SF Visquel with leadoff double. Roberts sac him to third. One out.
2008-09-09 21:29:56
339.   The Dude Abides
It could have been a double and an error, as that looked like a dive/stumble by the left fielder right next to the wall...but he never touched the ball.
2008-09-09 21:30:07
340.   whodat807
Nicely done, Dodger offense.
2008-09-09 21:30:17
341.   Bob Timmermann
Marty knows a lot about how powerful Omar can be.
2008-09-09 21:30:35
342.   bhsportsguy
332 I am shocked they didn't walk Manny, Omar is moved to 3B on a bunt by Roberts.
2008-09-09 21:31:26
343.   The Dude Abides
Casey Blake is a better defensive third baseman than advertised.
/knocking on wood
2008-09-09 21:31:42
344.   Jon Weisman
You know, I would imagine that the midgame switch from 1B to SS is rare in major-league history.
2008-09-09 21:31:49
345.   KG16
337 - yeah, I don't really like having to kind of sort of root for the Giants. I always tell people my two favorite teams are the Dodgers and whoever's playing the Giants. (in a close third is whoever's playing the Yankees, with an exception for the Red Sox)
2008-09-09 21:32:01
346.   bhsportsguy
The D-Backs IBB Winn with one out and a man at 3B.
2008-09-09 21:32:06
347.   whodat807
The Strokes, the White Stripes - this Padre broadcast is using some good music to transition into commercials.
2008-09-09 21:32:21
348.   underdog
That was a pretty nice play over there by The Beard.
2008-09-09 21:32:49
349.   The Dude Abides
I hope that knock on the head doesn't narrow this ump's strike zone these final two innings.
2008-09-09 21:32:50
350.   Jacob Burch
347 Dodgers have been using two Beck songs this year, making me happy.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-09 21:33:00
351.   fanerman
Nice doings a-transpired while I was taking a shower. Yay!
2008-09-09 21:33:45
352.   oshea2002
Yes Fred Lewis!!
2008-09-09 21:33:47
353.   MMSMikey
3-2 giants!
2008-09-09 21:33:49
354.   LAT
Fred Lewis. Dodger hero.
2008-09-09 21:34:26
355.   Jon Weisman
I also wonder if the 100-time Gold Glove winner in center has ever come out of a game for a defensive replacement.
2008-09-09 21:34:43
356.   sporky
I'm beyond hyperventilating now.
2008-09-09 21:34:51
357.   LogikReader
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Giants have the lead over the Dbacks, 3-2!
2008-09-09 21:34:52
358.   oshea2002
Come on Aurilia, need some insurance here.
2008-09-09 21:34:57
359.   underdog
Yay, Giants!

Gack, excuse me, I have to go to confession now. And I'm Jewish!

2008-09-09 21:35:18
360.   Jon Weisman
354 - Didn't Lewis make some memorably bad play in left field against the Dodgers this year that I can't quite remember?
2008-09-09 21:35:57
361.   LAT
Cue the Brian Wilson music.
2008-09-09 21:36:02
362.   sporky
360 Dropped fly balls, I think.
2008-09-09 21:36:02
363.   LogikReader
ANOTHER BASE HIT!!! The fun continues in SF, 4-2 Giants.
2008-09-09 21:36:11
364.   Bob Timmermann
Cox once pulled Jones from a game because he felt he didn't put in enough effort going after a fly ball.

Cox was ... unhappy.

2008-09-09 21:36:11
365.   underdog
Insurance run for the Giants, 4-2! Yay!


2008-09-09 21:36:24
366.   fanerman
356 If "squee" = hyperventilate, what is "beyond hyperventilate"?
2008-09-09 21:36:29
367.   Icaros

The magic wall play, and he also had a key drop in a game in SF on July 4.

2008-09-09 21:36:30
368.   Jacob Burch
360 Was he the one that had it go in and out only to find its way to Rowand's glove?
2008-09-09 21:36:46
369.   sporky
I love Tony Pena.
2008-09-09 21:37:08
370.   oshea2002
360 - I can think of like 4, this year, against us. Bumbling the ball on to the railing (out of play) being the most memorable.
2008-09-09 21:37:11
371.   KG16
364 - or drunk
2008-09-09 21:37:12
372.   bhsportsguy
Fred Lewis grounds a single into right, 3-2 Giants and Winn goes to 3B.
2008-09-09 21:37:32
373.   underdog
360 The infamous drop that landed on the left field padded wall/countertop, whatever that thing is, which the Giants announcers complained about for two days afterward.Yes, that Fred Lewis.

Let's go Cory!

2008-09-09 21:37:34
374.   fanerman
367 Yup. The ball that he bobbled and fell into the stands and became a ground rule double... right?
2008-09-09 21:38:01
375.   Icaros

That, too.

2008-09-09 21:38:07
376.   sporky
366 Not really sure. I'm open to suggestions.
2008-09-09 21:38:18
377.   Bob Timmermann
Lewis dropped a fly ball against the Dodgers in San Francisco and then at Dodger Stadium, Lewis fumbled a ball into the stands, although I don't think the umpires called that one right.
2008-09-09 21:38:46
378.   oshea2002
This ump is killing me.
2008-09-09 21:39:34
379.   Icaros
I believe I saw both the July 4 drop and the ball that he accidentally volleyed to Rowand in person.
2008-09-09 21:39:41
380.   The Dude Abides
My worst fears were realized about that blow to the ump's head. That 2-2 pitch should have been strike three.
2008-09-09 21:40:49
381.   LAT
Beimel looked pretty dialed in. I play the hot hand instead of slaving to the righty-righty thing.
2008-09-09 21:40:50
382.   MMSMikey
cmon corey
2008-09-09 21:41:29
383.   The Dude Abides
Just because the curveball drops a full foot doesn't mean it's not a strike.
2008-09-09 21:41:35
384.   underdog
Bob, the Griddle is kind of spooking me out.
2008-09-09 21:42:15
385.   oshea2002
381 - I agree.
2008-09-09 21:42:45
386.   MMSMikey
that ball was right down the middle.
2008-09-09 21:42:59
387.   Jon Weisman
I thought the ball that was called for strike three was strike three.
2008-09-09 21:43:00
388.   Bob Timmermann
You don't like moths?
2008-09-09 21:43:04
389.   KG16
heh, that's not the way to make friends and influence people young Mr. Hundley
2008-09-09 21:43:09
390.   The Dude Abides
Yes! The ump's head is all better and he's back to the generous strike zone.
2008-09-09 21:43:27
391.   bhsportsguy
Whew, my rookie dodger of the year. :)
2008-09-09 21:43:30
392.   underdog
Thank God.

And Hundley is OUTTA HERE. Tee hee.

This ump does suck, but that looked like a pretty good pitch to me.

2008-09-09 21:43:30
393.   Jon Weisman
Leadoff single for Young in SF in top of the ninth.
2008-09-09 21:44:15
394.   Icaros
Witnessing first-hand the overratedness that is Brian Wilson.
2008-09-09 21:44:21
395.   oshea2002
Tie game in SF. Thanks for nothing Wilson.
2008-09-09 21:44:21
396.   MMSMikey
4-4 tie up in SF
2008-09-09 21:44:24
397.   The Dude Abides
I think Hundley thought that 3-2 pitch was low, because the ump called two curveballs low that were above the knee.
2008-09-09 21:44:28
398.   sporky
Oh no.
2008-09-09 21:44:34
399.   Bob Timmermann
Chris Snyder is the West Coast Dan Johnson!
2008-09-09 21:44:47
400.   underdog
388 It feels more Poltergeist-ish to me. But not necessarily in a bad way.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-09 21:44:50
401.   Jon Weisman
Tied up in SF
2008-09-09 21:44:55
402.   bhsportsguy
Short Chris Young singles to lead off the top of the 9th.
2008-09-09 21:44:56
403.   LAT
That could have easily been ball four but who am I to say. I think Hundley may have a Rule 1 there
2008-09-09 21:44:59
404.   MollyKnight
Chris Snyder has tied the game in SF.
2008-09-09 21:45:15
405.   fracule
2008-09-09 21:45:18
406.   Jon Weisman
What happened to Arizona's strategy of having Snyder bunt?
2008-09-09 21:45:25
407.   Gagne55
The funny thing was the pitch Hundley was mad about was right down the middle.
2008-09-09 21:45:41
408.   sporky
I'd be fine with a Dback win as long as the game goes 18+ innings.
2008-09-09 21:45:55
409.   The Dude Abides
I bet Melvin would have had Snider sacrifice again if it had only been a one-run game.
2008-09-09 21:46:10
410.   underdog
Uh, wasn't someone here the other day talking about the glory that is Brian Wilson? Did I mention that Brian Wilson sucks.


2008-09-09 21:46:16
411.   bhsportsguy
I was afraid of that.
2008-09-09 21:46:19
412.   LogikReader
Good LORD, SF! Is that all ya got? Snyder ties the game with a 2 run HR.


Anybody out there who saw that on FSN Arizona? oof

2008-09-09 21:46:20
413.   MMSMikey
talk about not wasting time in blowing a save. snyder crushed that ball.
2008-09-09 21:46:50
414.   trainwreck
I kept expecting to see a bunch of pictures of Tangina.
2008-09-09 21:47:00
415.   KG16
Why, Joe, why?

And see what we get for relying on the Giants?

2008-09-09 21:47:06
416.   The Dude Abides
Wow...that swing was Andruw Jonesesque.
2008-09-09 21:47:09
417.   oshea2002
Keep that grin on Andruw.
2008-09-09 21:47:23
418.   Gen3Blue
Andruw leading off. Is Joe serious.
2008-09-09 21:47:32
419.   Icaros
Pet Sounds is still a classic.
2008-09-09 21:47:40
420.   Jon Weisman
It's been fun, but do we want to have a designated updater for the SF game rather than 10 of us?
2008-09-09 21:47:51
421.   fanerman
Andruw Andruws on that pitch.
2008-09-09 21:47:52
422.   oshea2002
That ball Snyder hit is still traveling I think.
2008-09-09 21:48:41
423.   Gagne55
413 From San Francisco to Houston per Vin Scully.
2008-09-09 21:49:02
424.   KG16
420 - I've been relying on Vin, myself...
2008-09-09 21:49:43
425.   underdog
I'm assuming the Andruw Jones Experiment+ is over (again) and we won't see another start til Spring or if games become meaningless?

+Not a sequel to The Philadelphia Experiment.

2008-09-09 21:49:58
426.   Tripon
DeWitt has been awesome since he came back. Does anyone has his stats since he came back up just before Sept?
2008-09-09 21:50:32
427.   Icaros
I have faith in Gigantor giving up a run.
2008-09-09 21:50:40
428.   MMSMikey
jon rauch is in, this is good for us, lead off single.
2008-09-09 21:50:49
430.   oshea2002
Alright - I'll take SF duty. Leadoff man on for SF in the 9th.
2008-09-09 21:51:04
431.   bhsportsguy
420 I'll volunteer but I am watching it on my computer so I will be behind a bit.
2008-09-09 21:51:04
432.   LAT
I sure hope the good Broxton shows up tonight.

Not that it would matter :-)

2008-09-09 21:51:09
433.   underdog
I'm watching the Giants DBacks on FSN Bay Area live. So I designate me the updater.

Leadoff hit in the bottom of the 9th for the Giants.

2008-09-09 21:51:14
434.   Gagne55
Sandoval lead off the ninth with a single for the Giants.
2008-09-09 21:51:15
435.   fanerman
425 I've got to think so.
2008-09-09 21:51:43
436.   fracule
I will give updates in the form of a single syllable zoomorphism.
2008-09-09 21:52:03
437.   Gen3Blue
Win or lose, I think DeWitt is going to be a hell of a Dodger for some reason. He almost always has a better at bat than players much older. I know, his beard is scraggly, but who cares.
2008-09-09 21:52:28
438.   KG16
huh, Kobe's not having surgery. Interesting.
2008-09-09 21:53:00
439.   fanerman
433 434 Heh...
2008-09-09 21:53:12
440.   MMSMikey
1st and 2nd no outs.
2008-09-09 21:53:18
441.   oshea2002
Ball 4, 2 on, no outs.
2008-09-09 21:53:32
442.   Bob Hendley
426 His pre-All Star break number are better than his post numbers, actually.
2008-09-09 21:53:34
443.   underdog
A walk puts runners at 1st and 2nd for the Giants. No outs.
2008-09-09 21:53:36
444.   thinkblue88
lol...multiple people volunteer for the 1 available updater position.
2008-09-09 21:53:51
445.   oshea2002
Vizquel is up. Surely bunting.
2008-09-09 21:54:01
446.   fanerman
437 That just gives him "gamer" points. If, you know, being a gamer was not intangible.
2008-09-09 21:54:38
447.   oshea2002
Rauch out, Juan Cruz in.
2008-09-09 21:54:53
448.   Jon Weisman
444 - I'm laughing too, but it's working.
2008-09-09 21:55:15
449.   Jacob Burch
oshea is taking the lead! And good job Matty!
2008-09-09 21:55:32
450.   underdog
Hah. Yeah, I'm stepping aside. No more Giantsbacks updates from me.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-09-09 21:56:29
451.   Bob Timmermann
I'm just going for PIP. It insures that I can't follow either game.
2008-09-09 21:56:46
452.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
426 - In DeWitt's nine games as a starting second baseman, entering tonight, he's 290/361/516/877.
2008-09-09 21:56:59
453.   underdog
An insurance run would be nice for the Dodgers.
2008-09-09 21:57:52
454.   The Dude Abides
More Dodger fans remaining at the game than Friar fans. They just booed the pitcher for stepping off the rubber.
2008-09-09 21:57:53
455.   MMSMikey
vizquel squares to bunt, takes a strike.
2008-09-09 21:58:08
456.   Tripon
Andre Ethier is kinda hot. I mean, ...yeah.
2008-09-09 21:58:20
457.   oshea2002
1-2 on Vizquel. Couldn't get the bunt down.
2008-09-09 21:58:53
458.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Ethier! I think you're hot!
2008-09-09 21:59:10
459.   oshea2002
A juan pierre special to LF. 1 out. First and second. Velez up.
2008-09-09 21:59:40
460.   Jon Weisman
Jonathan Broxton enjoys being the closer,0,2698302.story

2008-09-09 22:00:14
461.   underdog
The Padres' announcers are much less offensive to me than listening to the DBacks announcers, but they are so sleep-inducing, with long gaps of silence, I feel like I'm watching a golf match.
2008-09-09 22:01:27
462.   oshea2002
Basehit, Giants win
2008-09-09 22:01:39
463.   sporky
2008-09-09 22:01:40
464.   MollyKnight
Giants win!!!!


2008-09-09 22:01:50
465.   The Dude Abides
Wow...Andre took a 2-0 87 MPH fastball right down the middle.
2008-09-09 22:01:52
466.   trainwreck
Why did the Giants let that fat guy run? Oh well, they got away with it.
2008-09-09 22:01:53
467.   MMSMikey
giants win
2008-09-09 22:01:56
468.   Tripon
Giants win! The Giiiiiiiiiiiiants win!
2008-09-09 22:01:57
469.   Tripon
Giants win! The Giiiiiiiiiiiiants win!
2008-09-09 22:02:06
470.   oshea2002
Velez singles to right, bang bang at the plate, just beats the tag!!!!
2008-09-09 22:02:11
471.   underdog
Give props to Sandoval for great hustle and slide to just make it in there! That was pretty awesome. Even if it IS the Giants. Huzzah!
2008-09-09 22:02:15
472.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
Tense moments simultaneously in two games! I hate to say "Go Giants", but time is for the .....

woa! Giants won!

2008-09-09 22:02:23
473.   Tripon
I love me some ANDRE ETHIER.
2008-09-09 22:02:27
474.   Jacob Burch
That'll Do Dre.
2008-09-09 22:02:29
475.   sporky
There are no words!
2008-09-09 22:02:33
476.   The Dude Abides
2008-09-09 22:02:40
477.   nick
2008-09-09 22:02:41
478.   MonkeyBlue
SO FREAKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-09-09 22:02:49
479.   thinkblue88


and ethier is awesome!!!
woo hooo hoooooooooo!!

2008-09-09 22:02:53
480.   MollyKnight
Remember back when Joe Torre didn't know about Andre Ethier?
2008-09-09 22:02:54
481.   MMSMikey
2008-09-09 22:02:55
482.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-09 22:03:11
483.   Bob Timmermann
That was a very productive 45 seconds that elapsed there between Velez's hit and Ethier's hit.
2008-09-09 22:03:17
484.   KG16
When can we start voting for Andre to be on next year's all star team?
2008-09-09 22:03:17
485.   Rob M
Wow. We got ourselves a star.
2008-09-09 22:03:24
486.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-09 22:03:30
487.   Tripon
Why are they walking Manny? The game's over! Give him his homer!
2008-09-09 22:03:37
488.   whodat807
2008-09-09 22:03:39
489.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
Go Andre!!!!!
2008-09-09 22:03:45
490.   underdog
Ethier is just every possible shade of awesome right now!

That was about as good a two minute period as the Dodgers have had all season, if you count the game in SF, too. :-)

2008-09-09 22:04:21
491.   Jacob Burch
One Year of Milton Bradley for 3.5.
2008-09-09 22:04:38
492.   fanerman
2008-09-09 22:04:50
493.   BlueinBerkeley
Keep complimenting Andre!
2008-09-09 22:04:52
494.   bhsportsguy
That was a fun 60 seconds of baseball.

I am sure Eric Stephen and JJ42 enjoyed it too.

2008-09-09 22:05:00
495.   underdog
483 Two minutes... 45 seconds, tomato, tomahto.
2008-09-09 22:05:11
496.   trainwreck
You must be my lucky star
'Cause you shine on me wherever you are
I just think of you and I start to glow
And I need your light
And baby you know

Starlight, star bright first star I see tonight
Starlight, (star bright) make everything all right
Starlight, star bright first star I see tonight
Starlight, (star bright) yeah

2008-09-09 22:05:21
497.   bigcpa
Jamey Wright is in a bit of a jam up in Safeco. 7-3 Rangers. I'll keep tabs.
2008-09-09 22:05:50
498.   bhsportsguy
45 seconds, 2 minutes who cares.
2008-09-09 22:05:58
499.   underdog
OT, but I didn't realize until now for some reason that Shawne Merriman spells his first name with an 'e' at the end. Odd.
2008-09-09 22:06:26
500.   Tripon
Vin knows how to nurse a grudge. hehehehehehehehehehe.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-09-09 22:06:42
501.   bhsportsguy
Me and Underdog think the same.
2008-09-09 22:06:52
502.   Icaros
Ethier's OPS up to .887 on the season, in 475 at-bats.

And he was getting benched...

2008-09-09 22:07:20
503.   cargill06

How likely is it that in '09 Russell Martin maybe considered the 4th best catcher in the NL WEST?

Chris Ianetta OPS+ 127 (higher after tonight)
Snyder OPS+ 106 (a few points higher after tonight)
Sandoval OPS+ 132 (dropped a little after tonight+ minor league track record)

2008-09-09 22:07:23
504.   Bob Hendley
Entering the game, Dre was out-slugging David Wright.
2008-09-09 22:07:44
505.   Tripon
It is Hayhurst, that guy who can write a blog.
2008-09-09 22:07:45
506.   Jon Weisman
497 - LOL
2008-09-09 22:07:50
507.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
500 - Please explain.
2008-09-09 22:08:09
508.   fanerman
It's official. I have a mancrush on Andre Ethier.
2008-09-09 22:08:10
509.   Jacob Burch
497 That made me laugh fairly hard. Kudos.
2008-09-09 22:08:14
510.   Jon Weisman
505 - Is that like Toonces, that cat who can drive a car?
2008-09-09 22:08:27
511.   Jacob Burch
507 More "Hitting in front of Manny" talk.
2008-09-09 22:08:57
512.   thinkblue88
Funny, today I was thinking to myself that Russ is the 4th best catcher in the NL West THIS year.
2008-09-09 22:09:06
513.   Tripon
503 Sandoval isn't a full time catcher. You have the argument for the other two. Haven't seen much of Ianetta, but Snyder a good catcher.
2008-09-09 22:09:06
514.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
508 - We're not here to judge.
Let it out, man. Let it out.
2008-09-09 22:09:07
515.   bhsportsguy
507 Oh, its the whole Kent/Scully/Simers thing.
2008-09-09 22:09:23
516.   Icaros

"Toonces, our cat?"

2008-09-09 22:09:34
517.   Jacob Burch
With the stork on its way, this must rank up there for best months in Dre's life. It'll be awesome for him to spend some family time after winning many extended-family-fans over the last few months.
2008-09-09 22:09:36
518.   fracule
499 Yes, also 'Chone' is fairly odd.
2008-09-09 22:10:18
519.   Gen3Blue
Wait, it still could be exciting---they are warming up JJ. I hope it is just a bluff.
2008-09-09 22:10:49
520.   underdog
497 - Darnit! I was gonna keep tabs on that game.

How about I watch SportsCenter and tell everyone what they say?

Merriman... blah blah... Lance Armstrong... blah blah... Tom Brady...

2008-09-09 22:11:01
521.   The Dude Abides
So...should Ox come out for the 9th? Nevermind.
2008-09-09 22:11:42
522.   Neal Pollack
Andre is The One.
2008-09-09 22:11:48
523.   underdog
Bring in James McDonald!
2008-09-09 22:11:49
524.   Jacob Burch
520 Favre update please?

That's the second time we've made that back-to-back joke. Huzzah!

2008-09-09 22:12:08
525.   Tripon
507 Vin keeps on talking about playing in front of Manny is a very good thing, and lists Ethier's numbers. Slowly, and I shall say Smugly. You could hear the joy in his voice, but some of that is because he's seeing Ethier have such a good time at the moment.

And I like Broxton coming in here. You already have him warming up, might as well use him. Torre can't fall in the same trap of having Broxton warm up 8 out of 9 nights and not using him like he did earlier in the season.

2008-09-09 22:12:16
526.   underdog
Broxton might as well pitch, since he'd warmed up and was ready to get some work in anyway.
2008-09-09 22:12:21
527.   MonkeyBlue
Throw strikes Broxton.
2008-09-09 22:12:50
528.   larry slimfast
Just noticed Ethier's career OPS is now higher than Bradley's...
2008-09-09 22:12:52
529.   KG16
495 - i actually heard someone pronounce it tomahto for the first time in my life the other day. it sounded weird.

so, we don't get to see McDonald until Glendale, huh?

2008-09-09 22:12:58
530.   MSarg29
Wonder if Plaschke will decry the lack of veteran leadership tonight.

Andre just doesn't understand a pennant race.

2008-09-09 22:12:59
531.   Jon Weisman
The night last year that Broxton was laid low in San Diego, who remembers that game's starting pitcher?
2008-09-09 22:13:36
532.   oshea2002
Forget the fact Ethier is hitting in front of Manny. How about the fact he's 4 guys ahead of Jones? Cause and Effect?
2008-09-09 22:14:15
533.   The Dude Abides
And... The One tracks down that long fly.
2008-09-09 22:14:40
534.   oshea2002
531 - for them, Peavy, no?
2008-09-09 22:14:41
535.   fanerman
Hmm... that would have been a home run somewhere else wouldn't it?
2008-09-09 22:14:42
536.   cargill06
Not to beat a dead horse, it's a very small sample size. But, if Manny is "protecting" Ethier shouldn't he be walking less?

Well, batting in front of Manny his walk rate has more than doubled from compared to not hitting in front of Manny.

2008-09-09 22:14:50
537.   KG16
Andre is benefiting from having Manny behind him. But he's also executing at the plate. That's the part that always gets left out of the protection debate. Doesn't matter what kind of pitches you see if you can't hit them, or you hit it where they are.
2008-09-09 22:15:15
538.   underdog
Giants postgame analyst just said that "Barry Zito's biggest problem before was that when he first came over he tried to do a lot too much."
2008-09-09 22:15:15
539.   Bob Hendley
Andre Gigante!
2008-09-09 22:15:19
540.   The Dude Abides
Nothing like a four-run lead to practice your changeup in a game.
2008-09-09 22:15:42
541.   bhsportsguy
My hunch is that the D-Backs are not watching this game in their clubhouse.
2008-09-09 22:15:49
542.   Jacob Burch
531 His current setup man?
2008-09-09 22:15:59
543.   Jon Weisman
525 - I would be shocked if Vin cared a whit about what Kent said about him.
2008-09-09 22:16:25
544.   oshea2002
538 - If it's Greg Papa, cut him some slack. He had to call the Monday Night debacle last night as the voice of the Raiders.
2008-09-09 22:16:50
545.   Bob Timmermann
There are McDonald's in cities other than Glendale.
2008-09-09 22:17:01
546.   Jon Weisman
542 - Kuo is he.
2008-09-09 22:17:03
547.   trainwreck
Well I guess that explains why he was overthrowing those 84 mph fastballs.
2008-09-09 22:17:20
548.   bhsportsguy
You would think you could just bust Giles inside all the time.
2008-09-09 22:18:06
549.   cargill06
Can we offically declare the Rockies dead?
2008-09-09 22:18:42
550.   Bob Timmermann
I'll tell you when.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-09-09 22:18:48
551.   LAT
I would not have used Brox here. It just not necessary with a 4 run lead and Col. on the horizon. Save the big palooka.
2008-09-09 22:18:50
552.   KG16
536 -couple of points:

1. batting in front of Manny, he can be more selective.
2. the key for pitchers is throwing swinging strikes, if you will. it's those ones that are just outside the zone that the hitter goes after that make all the difference. by laying off of those pitches, Ethier is a) walking more, and b) making better contact on better pitches.

I had a third point, but my brain just frozen, must reboot.

2008-09-09 22:19:05
553.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
543 - Grouchy* Vin has emerged this season. Remember his D-Day rant about the lack of media coverage?

*-There's nothing wrong with being grouchy. It's a most human emotion.

2008-09-09 22:20:06
554.   Jon Weisman
553 - The ratio of how much Vin cares about D-Day vs. how much he cares about what Jeff Kent says is nearly infinite.
2008-09-09 22:20:16
555.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
550 - Said Bob, who was dressed in a black robe and holding a scythe.
2008-09-09 22:20:28
556.   cargill06
550 Ok Bob, E-Mail me at at the exact moment.
2008-09-09 22:20:31
557.   The Dude Abides
OK, we need a K here...this guy strikes out a lot.
2008-09-09 22:20:39
558.   Bob Timmermann
Oh no, he's unknowningly unlocked the Gates to Hell!
2008-09-09 22:20:41
559.   Bob Hendley
549 - I hope they still have some life left in them, as they have six games against the Snakes.
2008-09-09 22:21:15
560.   Jacob Burch
543 My favorite was his Anti-Helton/Ichiro face in regards to Coors and Sisler.
2008-09-09 22:21:18
561.   KG16
552 - ah, there it is...

3. because he's more selective (because of the luxury of Manny behind him), pitchers are force to a) throw more pitches, and b) throw more strikes in the zone, which are more likely to be hit.

2008-09-09 22:21:24
562.   underdog
544 No, it was former player Bip Roberts.
2008-09-09 22:21:38
563.   oshea2002
I get the impression Vin thinks the Padres are headed nowhere; quickly and for quite a while.
2008-09-09 22:21:40
564.   silverwidow
Why is Vin saying the Padres finished 30 games under .500 two years ago?

They won the division.

2008-09-09 22:21:47
565.   bhsportsguy
554 I would say that Vin cares about almost anything including what the waiter says to him in the morning serving him breakfast rather than what Jeff Kent thinks.
2008-09-09 22:21:52
566.   Bob Timmermann
The Rockies could hang around for two more weeks.
2008-09-09 22:22:52
567.   oshea2002
562 - ahh. The star of one of my favorite all time commercials, the baseball card commercial with Tony Gwynn. Anyone remember that one?
2008-09-09 22:22:58
568.   bhsportsguy
564 Someone gave Vin some bad notes.
2008-09-09 22:23:03
569.   Alex41592
Ran on here to say:

2 1/2!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-09-09 22:23:25
570.   KG16
hey, a little breathing room in the standings
2008-09-09 22:23:28
571.   MSarg29
woo hoo
2008-09-09 22:23:39
572.   The Dude Abides
And...I'm spent.
2008-09-09 22:23:49
573.   underdog
We win!


2008-09-09 22:24:09
574.   Sam NYC
2008-09-09 22:24:16
575.   KG16
Ethier is hitting .500 in the last 12 games. I don't care about sample sizes, just think about that. 23-46 in 12 games.
2008-09-09 22:24:30
576.   bhsportsguy
The Dodgers have gained 7 games in 11 days.
2008-09-09 22:24:32
577.   MonkeyBlue
Inching closer to winning this division.
2008-09-09 22:24:40
578.   Tripon
Vin pronounced 'games' kinda weirdly there. Did anyone else notice?
2008-09-09 22:24:49
579.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Dodgers have their largest lead since May 16, 2007.
2008-09-09 22:25:36
580.   underdog
The Dodgers didn't try to do a lot too much and they won!

Okay, pleasant dreams everyone.

2008-09-09 22:26:53
581.   GMac In The 909
I heart Andre.
2008-09-09 22:27:14
582.   jtrichey
Vin is human, and while he wouldn't ever say it on the air, I would bet anything that he is quite aware of the Kent/batting ahead of Manny issues, and DOES care. I'm not saying his feelings are hurt, but he knows he was disrespected just a little and he cares about that. Not sure why Vin would be above such things. He has stressed Ethier's hitting (2 words: MANNY RAMIREZ) every game for the last week, and I don't think it's by accident.
2008-09-09 22:27:31
583.   Jacob Burch
Why do I think we may get an Andre post before I go to bed?
2008-09-09 22:28:20
584.   Gagne55
Ah good. Dodgers win D'backs and Rockies lose. I'm not going to have access to T.V. or internets between tomorrow and late Saturday. Hopefully the news will be good then.
2008-09-09 22:29:18
585.   LogikReader
Hahahahaha, anybody catch that raw feed of Steve Lyons on Dodgers Live?
2008-09-09 22:29:49
586.   Jacob Burch
585 Heeellooo. Heeelllloo.
2008-09-09 22:30:05
587.   silverwidow
Dodgers @ Cubs
Brewers @ Mets


Let's go.

2008-09-09 22:31:03
588.   Jacob Burch
587 Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.
2008-09-09 22:31:08
589.   KG16
585 - i caught the last couple seconds, kind of funny.


2008-09-09 22:31:08
590.   Gen3Blue
Manny should be doing better getting to bat behind Ethier! And if Joe insists on batting Manny third(which may not be a bad idea), could he at least bat Ethier cleanup?
I mean batting some one who is hitting .236 4th? I know batting average isn't everything, but when your OBP is under .300 and your slugging is under .400, ...236 is what it is.(Nomar)
2008-09-09 22:31:33
591.   natepurcell
Andre Ethier is insane at the moment. He is taking the correct pitches and hitting everything hard. He is a joy to watch right now.
2008-09-09 22:31:37
592.   The Dude Abides
Andre slugging at something like 1.310 the last 13 games?
2008-09-09 22:31:49
593.   Gen3Blue
Manny should be doing better getting to bat behind Ethier! And if Joe insists on batting Manny third(which may not be a bad idea), could he at least bat Ethier cleanup?
I mean batting some one who is hitting .236 4th? I know batting average isn't everything, but when your OBP is under .300 and your slugging is under .400, ...236 is what it is.(Nomar)
2008-09-09 22:33:27
594.   natepurcell
299/375/522 = Ethier.

Those are just solid all around.

2008-09-09 22:36:14
595.   still bevens
Heath Bell really screwed the pooch in the 8th. Ethier was trying to go the other way the whole AB and he gave him something tailor made for the approach. Great AB.
2008-09-09 22:37:47
596.   thinkblue88
Andre Ethier or Nick Markakis?

I thought to myself earlier in the year, if Andre was given enough AB's,could he be better than Markakis?

2008-09-09 22:39:53
597.   natepurcell

Markakis is still 2 years younger than Ethier and putting up 133OPS+ in his age 24 season. Markakis is just a stud but I like Ethier.

2008-09-09 22:40:00
598.   The Dude Abides
He's hitting everything. A number of his homers have been golf jobs off breaking balls at the knees. His triple down the left field line was a high 94 MPH fastball on the outside corner. His bases loaded double was a fastball in on the hands, off the plate and waist high.
2008-09-09 22:41:20
599.   overkill94
594 Good lord, his OPS was around .850 as recent as Friday IIRC. I always thought his upside was something like .300/.360/.500 but he has exceeded even those expectations this year. Maybe he can be a starting corner outfielder in the majors after all ;)
2008-09-09 22:41:34
600.   Gagne55
Saito coming back this weekend? I'll believe it when he's activated.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2008-09-09 22:41:42
601.   The Dude Abides
We are rolling now. All we need now is to get Jeff Kent back to restore our hitting in front of Manny.
2008-09-09 22:43:00
602.   thinkblue88
Wow, I thought Markakis was a lot older for some reason.

I'm really happy for Andre and hope he continues to smash.

2008-09-09 22:43:17
603.   KG16
granted, it's only 37 games, but, I think there might be a not-crazy argument for Manny as NL MVP. 12 home runs, 36 RBIs
2008-09-09 22:43:19
604.   bhsportsguy
Since Andre's walk-off against the Brewers which tied the Dodgers with the D-Backs, the Dodgers have gone 10-11 but the D-Backs have gone 7-13 for the Dodgers to have a 2.5 game lead.
2008-09-09 22:44:12
605.   overkill94
A little late here, but nice come-from-behind win tonight. I'm in Australia so I kinda forgot about the game, but I did get to track the last half inning! Maybe somehow I'll find a way to watch the game tomorrow...
2008-09-09 22:45:23
606.   trainwreck
Just look at Pujols's numbers and there really is no argument for anyone else.
2008-09-09 22:46:56
607.   Xeifrank
Magic Number: 16
vr, Xei
2008-09-09 22:48:08
608.   dzzrtRatt
What a wonderful game. A real team effort, led by Andre. This is a guy who's never gotten the respect of the organization, the press or the fans despite long stretches of quality at-bats, fine defense and and a no-drama attitude. Managers felt free to bench, reporters felt free to air-trade him and replace him in their minds with PVLs, and he just kept growing. I think he'll be a mainstay for the Dodgers for many years.
2008-09-09 22:48:41
609.   Andrew Shimmin
606- It's no worse a position to take than that there are four catchers better than Russ Martin in the NL West.
2008-09-09 22:49:22
610.   Neal Pollack
How about batting Andre third and Manny fourth? You could bat Kemp second, Loney and Blake interchangably fifth and sixth....
2008-09-09 22:49:52
611.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers really need a catcher like Jason Varitek.

Or Pedro Sandoval.

Or Jayhawk Owens.

2008-09-09 22:51:07
612.   Xeifrank
Another lefty tomorrow (Estes), one would assume that Kemp is back in the lineup and that the Andruw Jones III sequel is considered a bust. I doubt Loney would get two nights off in a row, but you never know.
vr, Xei
2008-09-09 22:53:25
613.   bhsportsguy
BTW, Jon, you can put Tina Fey highlights on top of every game thread as far as I am concerned.
2008-09-09 22:58:58
614.   Marty
2 1/2 games baby! This is fun.
2008-09-09 22:59:02
615.   bhsportsguy
Manny giving props to Ethier, Loney and Kemp, I guess Russell is now a PVL.
2008-09-09 22:59:50
616.   ToyCannon
Heck of a win by the Dodgers and Rays. Can't wait for the World Series. Navarro with the game winning hit against Papelbon is about as sweet as it gets. Also kudos to Andruw Jones for leading the team to this come from behind victory. Most teams would have given up facing the dynamo Padre team but not this team. No sir, they dug down deep and when despair looked like it would take hold, their leader shook them out of their lethargy and brought focus back into their ADD addled minds.

Did someone say that Milton with his 379 DH ab's should be MVP playing for a team that hasn't been in contention all season? A team who wins or loses no matter if he is in the lineup or not? A player who gets the biggest offensive bump of any stadium in the AL?

Was a little surprised to see the lack of interest in the sore elbow of Kuo. Last time he had a sore elbow the Griddle author proclaimed that he would never pitch a meaningful inning for the Dodgers again.

2008-09-09 23:01:10
617.   ToyCannon
I wonder if Rob is having fun?
2008-09-09 23:01:10
618.   Jacob Burch
615 Darn, I just turned it off. Would have liked to see that interview.
2008-09-09 23:02:30
619.   ToyCannon
Or it could be that he hasn't done much since he showed up so why give him props.
2008-09-09 23:07:24
620.   TrueBlueOz
where in OZ are you? I might be able to help you out with that game tomorrow.
2008-09-09 23:09:37
621.   jasonungar07
I'm just stoke Martin was in leadoff. :-)
2008-09-09 23:12:27
622.   thinkblue88
I would say 3rd best in 2008. Honestly.
2008-09-09 23:13:00
623.   jumanjifan01
I wonder if the Red Sox wish they had tried to trade for Andre Ethier instead of Jason Bay
2008-09-09 23:14:43
624.   thinkblue88
BTW, I like Martin, he is one of my favorite Dodgers. I just hope he bounces back next year offensively and defensively.
2008-09-09 23:18:11
625.   silverwidow
623 As the story goes, the Red Sox DID ask for Ethier, but we said no.
2008-09-09 23:20:16
626.   silverwidow
Andre is setting himself up for a big payday in 2009. I thought he was going to get something like $2M, but it's looking like it'll be $3.5-$4M at this rate.
2008-09-09 23:21:01
627.   LogikReader

I'd say no. Bay, after all, got the go-ahead homer at Fenway in the 8th just before the Sox blew their lead in the 9th.

Bay is a legit all-star. Pretty hard to argue against that, although he is 3 years older.

2008-09-09 23:23:15
628.   Andrew Shimmin
Catchers who have been VORPier than Martin this year: Joe Mauer, Brian Mccann, Geovany Soto, and Ryan Doumit. None of them are in the NL West.
2008-09-09 23:23:29
629.   Eric Stephen
Just got home from the game. There isn't a much more fun sports experience than seeing your team win on the road. Combine that with the fact that the ratio of Dodgers fans to Padres fans was the highest I can remember, and it was a joyous night had by all.

The Andre & Manny Show rides again. Those two are simply amazing right now.

I was checking Gameday on my phone and roughly one second after "in play (run)" happened in bottom of the 9th inning in SF, Ethier laced his game-sealing bases loaded double.

If Dodger Thoughts were a business and I an employee, I could have written off tonight as a business expense because I met up with JJ42 just as the game was ending. We watched Andre Ethier give his interview to FSN guy whose name I can't remember while Steve Lyons patiently waited his turn (literally) for the spotlight.

As we walked out of the stadium, we both happened to be grinning ear to ear. Such is the contentment of Dodger fans these days. 'Tis a glorious time to bleed blue.

Oh yeah, Jacob Burch is a wizard. Thanks!

2008-09-09 23:27:06
630.   Eric Stephen
You are probably right. As a comp, Alex Rios was a Super Two following 2006, in which he put up a 120 OPS+ with good defense, and made $2.535m in 2007.

Fast forward 2 years, and Ethier is sitting on a 125-130 OPS+ with possibly good defense (+/- is way down this year), and with inflation he's a good bet to be in your $3.5 - $4m range.

2008-09-09 23:27:29
631.   bhsportsguy
629 So are you going again tomorrow?
2008-09-09 23:28:59
632.   Andrew Shimmin
Alex Rios was born in a town called Coffee.
2008-09-09 23:29:54
633.   Eric Stephen
I am like 50/50. Lots of stuff to do so I might stay home and have the game in the background. But the lure of the Dodgers is quite strong.
2008-09-09 23:31:29
634.   Eric Stephen
He also has a girl's name. Might as well be Nancy Rios.
2008-09-09 23:40:12
635.   Jacob Burch
629 Similar to Jon's aspirations to be Vin Scully, my youthful goal was to be Bond's Q. My small, small way to get near it is things like these.
2008-09-09 23:44:10
636.   Eric Stephen
I wanted to be Steve Perry.

OK, that's not true.

Or is it?...

2008-09-09 23:44:29
637.   sporky
According to Diamond, DY is responsible for the "rally dreads" that Andre was wearing in the dugout.

>>"We had to do something," Young said, picking up the pace with the dread-making after Manny Ramirez homered in the sixth inning. "The more dreads, the more we scored."<<

2008-09-09 23:47:02
638.   Jacob Burch
636 If it was, you need to don't stop, believ...

Greg Brock's absence is allowing this!

2008-09-09 23:56:56
639.   Andrew Shimmin
Google's got a lot of street view scouting left to do in Alabama.
2008-09-09 23:58:48
640.   Louis in SF
Family has been in town so have been following games late, last night I recorded and they lost, tonight didn't record and they won-maybe I watch the game live?

Just looked at the Giants schedule and if they keep to schedule we miss Timmy and Zona gets him again.

2008-09-09 23:58:53
641.   KG16
628 - I'm sorry, I have to believe that at least one of those names is made up.
2008-09-10 00:00:05
642.   KG16
636 - I wanted to be Slash. Probably should have bought a guitar at some point.
2008-09-10 00:02:31
643.   bhsportsguy
640 Giants don't have any off days so Lincecum pitches at home against the Padres on Saturday and then faces Arizona in their season finale on Thursday just before the Dodger series.
2008-09-10 00:11:54
644.   overkill94
620 Right now I'm in a suburb at the south end of Sydney but tomorrow around gametime I should be in the main part of Sydney. Got any tips on bars that might be showing it?
2008-09-10 00:17:13
645.   Jacob Burch
BH~ I should be free to figure out what we wanted to do for next year/the rest of this year's games over the phone tomorrow. The paper still isn't finished (I feel like Andruw Jones everytime I stare at my Word document, the crestfallen writing slugger who can barely crank a sentence), but I'm taking my lunch for errands tomorrow, so should be able to talk then. Let me know if any time works better than others.
2008-09-10 00:27:55
646.   LoneStar7
what a huge night for the to see the game from a fraternity brothers house, all of us dodger fans alike were thrilled here in Dallas. I guess being away from home is working out alright so far..
2008-09-10 01:04:48
647.   xaphor
644 There is a sports bar at the Fox Studio in Sydney that might be worth a shot. I would call ahead though as their website seems to be down.

2008-09-10 01:09:11
648.   overkill94
647 Thanks, I'll check that one out to see if they'll be showing it
2008-09-10 02:39:03
649.   TrueBlueOz
I can't help you in Sydney but If you were in Melbourne I would have you over for MLB viewing. Good luck.
2008-09-10 03:33:26
650.   bhsportsguy
If there was ever a pitching matchup that would favor the Diamondbacks on paper, today's certainly appears to be one.

The Giants have replaced Kevin Correia for Brad Hennessey, former closer, whose last start was October 1, 2006. That was the season finale against the wild card clinched Dodgers. Hennessey only pitched 1 inning, gave up a run and was the loser that day. He has spent most of the season in AAA, logging 21 starts for their Fresno team, his last 3 starts were promising, 23.1 IP, 22 hits, 7 ER, 2 BB and 16 K.

Haren has faced the Giants twice this year, winning at AT&T (8 IP, 2 ER, 9K).

Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2008-09-10 06:35:52
651.   Bob Hendley
Who needs a Large Hadron, we gots Ethier's bat on ball.
2008-09-10 06:37:22
652.   Daniel Zappala
Going through the comments and I saw this from Bob.

451. I'm just going for PIP. It insures that I can't follow either game.

The lesson of the day! The difference between insure and ensure:

2008-09-10 06:52:27
653.   Sushirabbit
Thanks for the tip on the LHC, rap. It's pure genius! Oh, wait that's Guiness...
2008-09-10 07:17:51
654.   Bluebleeder87
I have a fever! & the only prescription are Dodger W's!
2008-09-10 07:26:38
655.   dianagramr

Ex-Dodger Joel Guzman DFAed

2008-09-10 07:27:49
656.   Bob Timmermann
That was the subject of Jon's post prior to this one.
2008-09-10 07:39:07
657.   Andrew Shimmin
656- It bears repeating. Not to get all meta, but I don't think there was a properly funereal aspect to the discussion below that post. First that, then people ripping on Martin in this thread; it's like I don't even know you people (in the not quite real way that I even sort of do know you) any more.
2008-09-10 07:40:51
658.   Bob Timmermann
It's never been the same for you since Eric Byrnes went down for the season, eh?
2008-09-10 07:42:25
659.   Andrew Shimmin
Lilacs blossom just as sweet
Now my heart is shattered.
If I bowled it down the street,
Who's to say it mattered?
2008-09-10 07:45:23
660.   regfairfield
I shouldn't say "who the hell is that" to anyone that's mentioned as better than Russ.
2008-09-10 07:58:54
661.   Gen3Blue
I'm not worried that the LHC could create a black hole that could damage the earth. After all the Dodgers played Osuna, Berroa, pitchers spot, and JP and the world wasn't sucked in!
2008-09-10 08:00:47
662.   cargill06
So, I'm guessing the answer to 503 is not likely.
2008-09-10 08:16:51
663.   Disabled List
I'm not sure whether I love it or hate it when I go to bed while the Dodgers are losing, only to wake up the next morning and see that they ended up winning. I'm happy that they won, but I'm irritated that I missed the comeback. This is reason #4,675 why following west coast baseball from the east coast sucks.

4+1 was also such a game, but I was able to watch that one "sort of" live the next morning on the archive.

2008-09-10 08:17:15
664.   Bluebleeder87
I can't find a picture of Andre Ethier wearing dreds?
2008-09-10 08:20:58
665.   Daniel Zappala
I'm waiting for MLB to give me a proper download of the 4+1 game still. I paid them for it, but they changed the DRM licenses so it won't play. Going on a month since I've been bugging them about it.
2008-09-10 08:21:23
666.   Andrew Shimmin
Bill Plaschke.
2008-09-10 08:32:31
667.   old dodger fan
666 LOL I bet you've been waiting a long time to do that.
2008-09-10 08:33:24
668.   Andrew Shimmin
Bob has his CIs, Pellam has his softball team, I have that joke. It's not a lot, but it's enough.
2008-09-10 08:34:02
669.   MyTummyHurts


2008-09-10 08:36:56
670.   fanerman
Some things never get old.
2008-09-10 08:46:38
671.   cargill06
People voting for Delgado??? Come on, Ethier has a higher VORP than him.
2008-09-10 08:47:45
672.   Disabled List
BP's postseason odds:

Dodgers: 86.3%
D-backs: 13.4%

Magic number is 16.

2008-09-10 09:02:38
673.   Kevin Lewis

I gave up that battle a long time ago

And what is with blacking out last nights game? I had a BBQ all set up only to find we couldn't watch it

2008-09-10 09:07:51
674.   MollyKnight


2008-09-10 09:09:42
675.   Andrew Shimmin
Speaking of DRM, this is pretty remarkable. Usually this treatment is reserved for political books, and I don't think I've ever seen the rankings rigged as heavily.

2008-09-10 09:13:14
676.   underdog
674 I swear I didn't know, your honor! Her ID said 23 and she looked it! {sob}

Go Dodgers!

2008-09-10 09:20:46
677.   old dodger fan
AZ/SF is a day game. I'm really interested to see how Haren pitches.
2008-09-10 09:32:19
678.   blue22
675 - What's going on there?
2008-09-10 09:33:43
679.   MC Safety
Tripon/Alex41627-Andy LaRoche
Cargill06-Russ Martin
Paul Scott-Logan White
ToyCannon-Milton Bradley/James McDonald (tempted to put all LB Poly players, but don't no how he feels about Utley)
2008-09-10 09:34:33
680.   Eric Stephen
Ethier (5) is getting dangerously close to the club leader in triples (Loney, 6). Surely James Loney will hit a few more triples this week to salt away his lead.
2008-09-10 09:34:52
681.   MC Safety>know.
2008-09-10 09:35:40
682.   Eric Stephen
Humans-Jeff Kent
2008-09-10 09:40:56
683.   whodat807
How did Vince Young survive so long in sports with that much sensitivity? It's bad bad bad news when your QB's mother makes a statement for him saying that he's sick of it all and wants out of football.
2008-09-10 09:45:15
684.   Andrew Shimmin
678- The future. I don't really know the backstory--how the flash mob was formed. But it was, and then it caught on.
2008-09-10 09:46:22
685.   JJ42
Hey Eric Stephen,
Great catching up with you, although I couldn't make it down to your section during the game (Boo Petco ushers!) We should definitely try to watch more games together next season - maybe even set up a DT night at Petco. Yes, it was great thinking about the state of the Dodgers as we walked out.

p.s. You can't stop Andre Ethier, you can only hope to keep him a hit short of the cycle.

2008-09-10 09:46:57
686.   NoHoDodger
664 has the photo of Either in "dreds".

What a classic shot!

That goes a long way to tell how loose the team is at this stage of the season. It also says a great deal on how much "calming" influence Manny has on the bench.

The boys look like they are having fun.

2008-09-10 09:51:42
687.   whodat807
Continuing my commentary of ESPN's top headlines during office downtime, it really gets my goat how the Tour De France treats its greatest champion. I'm not a big Lance Armstrong supporter - I love his story, but I admit I have my suspicions - but it seems to me that you gotta actually catch him red-handed before going out of your way to badmouth him in the press. Maybe they should spend less time thinking about Lance and more time shoring up their pathetic drug testing program. Hmph.
2008-09-10 09:51:44
688.   cargill06
679 LOL,


How likely is it that in '09 Russell Martin maybe considered the 4th best catcher in the NL WEST?

Chris Ianetta OPS+ 127 (higher after tonight)
Snyder OPS+ 106 (a few points higher after tonight)
Sandoval OPS+ 132 (dropped a little after tonight+ minor league track record)*

How does that imply that I don't like Martin? Just asking a question.

2008-09-10 09:54:30
689.   Alex41592
679 - Hey! It's Alex41592. Alex41627 totally doesn't make any sense. :)

Also, I don't have a problem with Andy LaRoche. Tripon can have that all to himself should he choose so.

Rick Sutcliffe is praising Ned on ESPNews.

2008-09-10 09:57:12
690.   MC Safety
682 reminded me,

Vin Scully-Jeff Kent
Every single Dodger fan-Andruw Jones

2008-09-10 09:57:21
691.   fanerman
689 LOL. Makes you wonder if MC Safety just started typing numbers at random after "Alex" to see if anybody would notice.
2008-09-10 09:57:46
692.   Daniel Zappala
Every time I see C. Snyder in the box score for Arizona, I think -- how the heck did Cory Snyder manage a comeback?
2008-09-10 09:59:14
693.   MC Safety
690 Doh! Meant to put:

Every single Dodger fan besides ToyCannon-Andruw Jones

2008-09-10 10:00:42
694.   MC Safety
691 That is indeed what took place. Almost had it.
2008-09-10 10:01:02
695.   Disabled List
692 I have the exact same reaction.
2008-09-10 10:05:05
696.   Gen3Blue
663, and the choir said "AMEN"
2008-09-10 10:05:46
697.   LogikReader
We can see everyone talking SC/Ohio State, but everyone knows the REAL game of the week is Wisconsin vs Fresno State!

Can't wait for Saturday!

2008-09-10 10:06:01
698.   MollyKnight
I really, really want to go to Nashville and get to the bottom of this Vince Young saga.
2008-09-10 10:08:25
699.   fracule
687 There are no worse losers, or better quitters in the history of the world, than France.
2008-09-10 10:11:08
700.   Sean P

Are you being serious?

Sandoval has played 10 games so far as a catcher this year with a whopping total of 39 PA.

Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2008-09-10 10:16:40
701.   Daniel Zappala
I thought the big game this weekend was BYU-UCLA? It's the game where I expect BYU to lose, and Bob expects UCLA to lose. So whoever does the best at not losing gets bragging rights.
2008-09-10 10:19:53
702.   whodat807
Where does LeBron's support for the Cowboys, Yankees, and Bulls rank on the grand scale of frontrunning-ness?
2008-09-10 10:22:18
703.   underdog
I don't know many scouts in baseball who would take Pablo Sandoval or Snyder over Russell Martin.
2008-09-10 10:22:29
704.   whodat807
Sirs, sirs, you have been misinformed. The big game this weekend is the mighty California Golden Bears tilt against the fearsome Maryland Terrapins. Tickets are still available.
2008-09-10 10:23:42
705.   MC Safety
Fact or fiction: the Dodgers will win the NL West.

Olney: Fact. Fact is the Dodgers are a MUCH better team with Casey Blake and Manny Ramirez. The jump from the AL to the NL is like going from USC to UMass*. The Dodgers are now 20-17 since adding Blake and Ramirez.

*Are the pitchers that much better in the AL?

That seems like a pretty ridiculous statement, but that shouldn't be news considering the source.

2008-09-10 10:24:05
706.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-10 10:25:02
707.   old dodger fan
704 Good chance of rain. What fun!
2008-09-10 10:36:06
708.   Daniel Zappala
MLB wrote me back! They say I have to call their toll-free number and someone will help me! I'm saved! I get to speak to customer support, and surely they will solve my problem!
2008-09-10 10:45:10
709.   AndruwJones
Thanks for fixing that. Everyone should have at least one person in their corner.

I don't have anything against James McDonald just not interested in seeing him Sept during crucial games. He is more then welcome to pitch the last game of the season. I doubt we ever see him in a Dodger rotation.

I love Milton Bradley as a ballplayer. Nobody backed Milton harder until he left Depo/Tracy under the bus by whining to the public about his problems with Kent after they asked him to keep it in house. I don't get the idea where everyone keeps thinking he's an outfielder anymore. He's a DH and even as a full time DH he will be unable to log 400 at bats. This was his peak year, just like Carl Everett's when he was in Houston. Texas is good to switch hitting, injury prone, multi-talented ballplayers, who will never be as good as they could have been because their body type just isn't up to the daily grind of a baseball season.

2008-09-10 11:28:37
710.   bhsportsguy
692 Did you ever come back to LA this summer?

And will you be at the game on Saturday?

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