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Danger, Will Robinson
2008-09-12 17:00
by Jon Weisman

In 1982, Atlanta led the National League West by 2 1/2 games on September 3. The Braves then lost 12 of their next 18 games through September 22 to fall three games behind the Dodgers with 10 games to go in the season.

At that time, the Dodgers were playing in San Diego. They scored one run in 19 innings to start an eight-game losing streak that dropped them two games behind Atlanta. Los Angeles then won three in a row, but the Dodgers needed to win four. And Joe Morgan got in the way of that.

I'd be saying the same thing if the Dodgers were behind: Division leads come and go. Stay vigilant.

* * *

If the Dodgers and Diamondbacks do finish in a tie for first place in the NL West, the playoff game will be at Dodger Stadium, the profile of George Washington announced today.

* * *

Entering today's game, Chad Billingsley had already thrown 35 innings more than he did last season.

Dodgers at Rockies, 6:05 p.m.

Reds at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.

Update: Hong-Chih Kuo received a cortisone shot in his left elbow Wednesday, reports Ken Gurnick of

Comments (406)
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2008-09-12 17:09:59
1.   overkill94
It seems pretty remarkable that Billingsley has never had an ERA over 4 in any of seasons (or even partial minor league stints) on his way to and with the Dodgers. His closest was a 3.95 mark in 13 starts at Las Vegas, but just keeping your ERA under 4 in that park is an accomplishment.
2008-09-12 17:10:38
2.   Jim Hitchcock
One game at a time.

(a little revenge on the Rockies for last year would be sweet.)

2008-09-12 17:11:11
3.   ToyCannon
I spit in the eye of 1982. If we lose, it will be because we didn't have the horses for the complete season.

Unless we get unlucky, in that case I'll apologize for my outburst of optimism.

2008-09-12 17:20:15
4.   StolenMonkey86
Chad has also thrown 489 more pitches than last year - 379 more strikes, 110 more balls.
2008-09-12 17:25:42
5.   KG16
I have to admit, there is a part of me that hopes that the Astros, Phillies, and Mets all pass the Brewers and Cubs in the standings.
2008-09-12 17:31:01
6.   Marty
Bad Metro Link train collision in Chatsworth. At least 2 dead. Apparently the train hit another freight train.
2008-09-12 17:39:44
7.   bhsportsguy
Ah Jon finally brings up 1982. The Braves had a 10.5 game lead on the Dodgers on 7/29/82. By 8/18/82, the Dodgers led by 4 gams. And as Jon noted above, the Braves gained back 6.5 games by September 3rd.

The lowest magic number the Dodgers had while still in first place was 7.

2008-09-12 18:06:45
8.   Eric Stephen
Wow, a night for Eric Young. OK.
2008-09-12 18:07:21
9.   Bob Hendley
There seem to be some bugs in the new format. I ain't gettin nuthin!
2008-09-12 18:07:31
10.   thinkblue88
Thoughts and prayers go to the families. Fox11 says at least 7 dead. Tough....
2008-09-12 18:10:21
11.   Bluebleeder87
6 10

it looks pretty bad... i'm surprised it's only 2-7 people.

2008-09-12 18:10:49
12.   Tripon
Andre Ethier is lovely.
2008-09-12 18:11:24
13.   Bluebleeder87
Andre Ethier is on a serious tear man.
2008-09-12 18:11:32
14.   caseybarker
Interesting. Wikipedia credits Burke with inventing the high five.
2008-09-12 18:14:15
15.   Bluebleeder87
DP. J.Francis doesn't look all that impressive, hopefully it's just a matter of time.
2008-09-12 18:18:22
16.   Indiana Jon
14 I've heard that before. Wasn't it him and Dusty Baker?
2008-09-12 18:18:46
17.   Eric Stephen
I hate Coors Field.
2008-09-12 18:19:19
18.   MollyKnight
I think I'm staying in tonight. It's raining. And I miss Dodger Thoughts.
2008-09-12 18:19:32
19.   Summer Saint
9 The newly available feeds simply aren't working. Given how finicky has always been for me, I guess that's no surprise.
2008-09-12 18:22:00
20.   Bluebleeder87

nah, he invented the cooler "high five" (tm)

2008-09-12 18:22:40
21.   Linkmeister
Why is this not on Prime Ticket out here? And Sunday's game isn't on that channel either.

Bereft, I am.

2008-09-12 18:22:55
22.   caseybarker
Burke high-fived Baker after he had hit a home run. Later that game, Burke hit his first career home run, and Baker gave him a high five.

May be the Dodgers' outfield body bump will make it into Wikipedia.

2008-09-12 18:23:23
23.   Bluebleeder87
classic case of Billingsley leaving the ball up.
2008-09-12 18:27:28
24.   Gen3Blue
I seem to have to listen to some typical homers for this game, but Bills has to share the blame. Now that he left those two guys on, I hope he can figure it out. He is inately better than Francis.
2008-09-12 18:27:52
25.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. blue, let's get some runs.
2008-09-12 18:29:23
26.   Bluebleeder87
i remember riding the Metrolink once from Newhall back to L.A. (Union station) I really enjoyed the trip.
2008-09-12 18:29:47
27.   Bluebleeder87
Nomar humbly gets things started with a walk.
2008-09-12 18:30:17
28.   Bluebleeder87
Let's bring 'em in Kemp.
2008-09-12 18:30:34
29.   Indiana Jon
Hmm, didn't know Michael Jordan was credited with creating the fist bump either, but that's in wikipedia too.
2008-09-12 18:30:38
30.   Bluebleeder87
swung on & missed 1-1 count.
2008-09-12 18:31:43
31.   Bluebleeder87
I've had a 3 & 4 pack but never the elusive 6 pack.

oh so close...

2008-09-12 18:32:54
32.   thinkblue88
kemp!!! nice
2008-09-12 18:33:03
33.   Bluebleeder87

& triple for Matt Kemp.

2008-09-12 18:36:10
34.   Bluebleeder87
It's pretty cool, it seems (of late) that when ever they opposition scores a few runs the Dodgers come right back with a vengeance.
2008-09-12 18:40:36
35.   Gen3Blue
Well, that inning seemed to subdue the Homers a bit. Lets go Bills.
2008-09-12 18:47:26
36.   Andrew Shimmin
Looked like the play was at second.
2008-09-12 18:49:09
37.   mpm31
Hello all from Upstate NY- I've been a season-long observer of DT and thought I'd finally contribute (at least a greeting) to the conversation. I'm watching as usual on MLB.TV and I've been energized by the Dodgers recent strong play! Go Blue! (Maybe deciding to comment was a bad idea, as the Rockies have just tied the score).
2008-09-12 18:51:47
38.   Bluebleeder87


the way Francis looks these days I'm sure we'll be o.k. as Vinnie would say "pull up a chair" man.

2008-09-12 18:53:14
39.   Ken Noe
37 Don't worry, it was because I just turned the game on.
2008-09-12 18:54:29
40.   underdog
37 Welcome! And it's not your fault, I blame Coors field. ;-) Chad got out of that one relatively cheaply though. Pull up a chair indeed.
2008-09-12 18:56:06
41.   bhsportsguy
37 Welcome.
2008-09-12 19:00:39
42.   thinkblue88
Manny is determined to hit the ball instead of taking some of those pitches.
2008-09-12 19:03:30
43.   bhsportsguy
No score after 2 in Arizona, at least the Dodgers are building up a pitch count against Francis, Chad needs to get that 3rd out a little quicker.
2008-09-12 19:03:52
44.   underdog
Darn, I thought the Beard hit that out for a sec.

Oh well.

Dinner time. Hope I come back to find the Dodgers winning.

2008-09-12 19:08:33
45.   Tripon
Rumored for weeks to be Cincinnati-bound, [Micah] Owings on Friday officially became the third player to complete the trade that sent left fielder Adam Dunn from the Reds to the Diamondbacks.

2008-09-12 19:10:04
46.   Bob Hendley
No (keeps coming in and out), so I have Vin on the radio. Makes me feel like a kid again, just no warm glow from the tubes.
2008-09-12 19:13:15
47.   Eric Stephen
Welcome to the fray!
2008-09-12 19:15:44
48.   Linkmeister
46 Tubes? Is that radio a floor model?
2008-09-12 19:16:20
49.   thinkblue88
Matt Kemp getting the line drive stroke back!
2008-09-12 19:16:50
50.   trainwreck
Burn After Reading fun little comedy.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-12 19:17:07
51.   MonkeyBlue
Bison Power!
2008-09-12 19:17:22
52.   ucladodger
Great to see Matt hitting again. He makes the team so much more potent whehn he is going well.
2008-09-12 19:17:25
53.   Bob Hendley
Now in the 4th, I have the dynamic duo on the airwaves, complaining about not being able to sleep because of the altitude. Bison!
2008-09-12 19:17:27
54.   bhsportsguy
Nice going guys. 3-2 Dodgers.
2008-09-12 19:17:30
55.   MonkeyBlue
50. Sounds like a good rent.
2008-09-12 19:17:34
56.   Jon Weisman
Trains, hurricanes - not a good night.

In minor news:

Saito to be activated tomorrow; Kuo got a cortisone shot Wednesday.

2008-09-12 19:18:26
57.   bhsportsguy
Dunn just made a very strange looking catch but saved an extra base hit.
2008-09-12 19:19:41
58.   ToyCannon
That train wreck happened about 1 mile north of where I work. My wife called and told me stay off Topanga so I took Canoga. I literally passed a convoy of police cars headed north. Then the strangest thing, 3 parking enforcement vehicles with their lights on followed the convoy. I didn't even know parking enforcement vehicles had blinky lights.

We have had a lot of train crashes with cars but I don't remember two train crashing in this area before.

2008-09-12 19:20:37
59.   Bob Hendley
48 - Back in the day (1960s), as a kid I would snuggle up to the hi-fi to listen to the games. (An immense piece of furniture).
2008-09-12 19:20:41
60.   bhsportsguy
DeWitt has made Larry Bowa very happy tonight.
2008-09-12 19:20:50
61.   ToyCannon
Whaled on it for Berroa is a little line drive single to left field.
2008-09-12 19:21:40
62.   ToyCannon
I was close to my transistor but never was able to warm up to the hifi.
2008-09-12 19:22:27
63.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Angel! way to chase that one
2008-09-12 19:22:28
64.   KG16
Am I the only one that really wants to see Kemp steal home every time he's on third?
2008-09-12 19:22:46
65.   ToyCannon
Remember when Berroa had gotten his average up to 240? Already seems so long ago.
2008-09-12 19:23:28
66.   thinkblue88
He should come charging in Ted Lilly style.
2008-09-12 19:23:57
67.   Marty
Where is Kuo's left below?
2008-09-12 19:24:24
68.   bhsportsguy
3.5 done in Arizona. 0-0
3.5 done in Colorado 3-2 Dodgers
2008-09-12 19:24:32
69.   Tripon

You too can play Iron Chef America on the DS.

2008-09-12 19:25:25
70.   bhsportsguy
65 He did single his first time up.
2008-09-12 19:25:49
71.   Marty
59 Hi-fi's were the one thing a kid could never touch when I was young.
2008-09-12 19:27:29
72.   ToyCannon
Yup, he whaled on that hanging curve, but that was one bad at bat with a runner on 3rd and one out.
2008-09-12 19:28:32
73.   ToyCannon
Now we just need Furcal

He's a guy who can play hurt and still be better then what we got. He can rest the back in the offseason.

2008-09-12 19:28:50
74.   bhsportsguy
72 I agree.
2008-09-12 19:29:49
75.   ucladodger
Wow, talk about a squeeze job. How does Francis, a lefty, get that call on a change-up, but Chad cant get it on 2 fastballs? I guess the outside corner is non-existant tonight
2008-09-12 19:30:07
76.   berkowit28
64 No, you're not!
2008-09-12 19:31:17
77.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-12 19:31:26
78.   Jon Weisman
67 - Ha, it's below something!
2008-09-12 19:31:30
79.   Tripon
75 Baseball just need to slam QUESTEC down the throats of the baseball umpires and be done with it.

And wow, that' a bad throw by Bills, and Nomar not able able to catch it.

2008-09-12 19:32:51
80.   berkowit28
67 his left below Wednesday. That's a very different place.
2008-09-12 19:33:25
81.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Bills is walking a tight rope, but Rockies are bailing him out.
2008-09-12 19:34:41
82.   Tripon
Those Pheiten necklaces are apprently the new steroids.

That or Joba is just a poor pitcher.

2008-09-12 19:35:11
83.   bhsportsguy
Dunn fouls out and leaves Young at 2B, still scoreless after 4.

I hope the Dodgers can score some more runs this inning.

2008-09-12 19:35:13
84.   LAT
Bills seems to have matured a lot this year. A year ago that wild throw to first would have caused him to lose concentration against the hitter.
2008-09-12 19:35:18
85.   MollyKnight
It seems like Manny will homer off Jeff Francis this inning. He saw too many pitches last time around not to have a good result this time.
2008-09-12 19:35:38
86.   Bob Hendley
Talking about altitude:

Denver - 5,280ft (the ole Mile High)
Mexico DF - 7,349ft (where I am)
Bogota - 8,661ft (I'll be there next week)
La Paz - 11,942ft (how do they do it?)
Mt. Whitney - 14,505ft

2008-09-12 19:36:53
87.   MonkeyBlue
I think Jeff is done for tonight.
2008-09-12 19:37:15
88.   bhsportsguy
85 Stopping in between parties. :)
2008-09-12 19:37:29
89.   KG16
Vinnie plugs Andre's blog. A true sign of the times
2008-09-12 19:37:56
90.   Tripon
Heh, Vin talking about Ethier's blog.
2008-09-12 19:38:36
91.   Ken Noe
86 I did a little construction work in Quito, 9,200 ft. Drink a lot of water.
2008-09-12 19:38:54
92.   MonkeyBlue
Break! for the Dodgers.
2008-09-12 19:39:00
93.   KG16
my favorite kind of fielder's choice, at least when the Dodgers are on offense.
2008-09-12 19:39:01
94.   Tripon
The Rockies infielders are poor fieldersssssss
2008-09-12 19:39:30
95.   bhsportsguy
Webb appears to be pitching better tonight but still no score after 4.5
2008-09-12 19:39:43
96.   MonkeyBlue
Be patience Manny! you'll get your hit!
2008-09-12 19:40:28
97.   LAT
Manny looks a tad slow turning on the fastball.
2008-09-12 19:40:58
98.   MollyKnight
2008-09-12 19:40:58
99.   Tripon
DP. Blargh.
2008-09-12 19:41:37
100.   KG16
hey, guys, that's not Juan Pierre in left, what are you thinking?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-12 19:41:42
101.   MonkeyBlue
Well this inning turn to crap.
2008-09-12 19:43:28
102.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Anyone read Martin's lips as he walked past Bowa?
"My bad."
2008-09-12 19:44:20
103.   Tripon
102 More like a certain four letter word that started with an 'F'.
2008-09-12 19:45:00
104.   Tripon
Also, for any anime fans in the house.

There's going to do a remake of Full Metal Alchemist based more closely on the manga series.

2008-09-12 19:46:09
105.   MonkeyBlue
104. Nice. I enjoyed the series.
2008-09-12 19:48:33
106.   Tripon
105 You should read the manga series if you get the chance. It splits from the anime ep around ep 26, and its simply a much more enjoyable read. And the best characters get left out of the anime series. Also Greed gets to return later on in the series.

Greed is just awesome.

2008-09-12 19:50:06
107.   bhsportsguy
Chad appears to be settling down.

Webb strikes out, still 0-0 after 5.

2008-09-12 19:50:57
108.   bhsportsguy
Fellas, we could use some more runs.
2008-09-12 19:50:58
109.   trainwreck
Interesting they are remaking the show already. I missed some episodes in the middle, but it got good at the end.
2008-09-12 19:53:50
110.   KG16
stop hitting the ball directly to the Rockies.
2008-09-12 19:54:55
111.   MonkeyBlue
106. No money for Manga. I only watched the series on Cartoon network.
2008-09-12 19:55:00
112.   Tripon
109 The manga series its based on is ending soon.(Well its in its stretch run, there's enough material to last a year or so.) And if you watched the FMA movie, there isn't much room to make a sequel to it the first FMA series. ...Well unless they want to tell the story of Edward Elric meeting Martin Luther King Jr.

Remaking it at least allows them to make new material for the series, and besides, now they get to introduce the crazy Chinese prince who has Chinese ninjas who can constantly kill homunculus without breaking a sweat.

2008-09-12 19:55:33
113.   Tripon
111 There are koff koff other ways. Not that I'm recommending it mind you.
2008-09-12 19:58:12
114.   bhsportsguy
Scoreless after 5.5 in Arizona.
2008-09-12 19:59:07
115.   Gen3Blue
Wow, every one hits it on the dot. This is how baseball works. I went to grill a sandwich with Manny coming up and two on--no outs. When I got to take a look the D's had done nothing, but the Rocks were also out. It seemed like I saw Kemp and DeWitt hit it on the screws and make outs, and Colorado up again. Oh well, back to my sandwich before it burns.
2008-09-12 19:59:24
116.   LAT
Come on! The Giants are beating Peavy 1-0. Are you kidding me. I need these Giants to lose, lose, lose. I want them to lose like the Duke Brothers.
2008-09-12 20:00:10
117.   MonkeyBlue
Calm down Bills.
2008-09-12 20:00:56
118.   bhsportsguy
Chad is pitching on guts tonight.
2008-09-12 20:01:25
119.   superbas
does honeycutt actually say anything of note when he's out there? i'm not very impressed with him as our pitching coach.
2008-09-12 20:01:54
120.   MollyKnight
My super's kid just started kindergarten a few weeks ago. (Apologies to Jon's little pups, but he is the most adorable human being on the planet.)

Anyway, I just ran into him while I was taking Pirate on a walk and asked him what he learned today at school. He said, "Friday I am happy because I get to sleep for as long as I want tonight! Friday, we dance!" And he started jumping around.

It reminded me of that Onion article Jon posted not too long ago.

2008-09-12 20:02:01
121.   Tripon
This should be Bill's last innings. That he lasted 6 innings in a game like this is marvelous.
2008-09-12 20:03:07
122.   superbas
whewww! yay billz!!!
2008-09-12 20:03:29
123.   MonkeyBlue
96 pitches for Bills. You think Torre going to give him another inning?
2008-09-12 20:04:03
124.   bhsportsguy
Arizona scores on an infield hit, a two-base throwing error and a drawn-in infield grounder to left.
2008-09-12 20:04:16
125.   KG16
119 - I always picture the scene from Bull Durham when Honeycutt goes to the mound. "Candlesticks make a nice gift"
2008-09-12 20:04:19
126.   Tripon
I'd pull him, and Wade or TronTron in there.
2008-09-12 20:04:40
127.   Eric Stephen
Chad will probably have to wait until Pittsburgh to lower the ERA into the 2s. Heck of an outing tonight though.
2008-09-12 20:06:54
128.   MonkeyBlue
Wow not Sweeney? Why not the great PH Sweeney?
2008-09-12 20:07:09
129.   underdog
125 Me, too. maybe you could find out where she's registered and maybe a place-setting or maybe a silverware pattern. Okay, let's get two! Go get 'em.

119 Why? It's not like his pitching staffs don't get results. Coaches probably get too much blame and too much credit depending on how the staff is faring, but it seems like he's done pretty well and the pitches like him. I don't see much reason to see him as a poor pitching coach at any rate, though we aren't privy to those mound meetings.

2008-09-12 20:07:27
130.   KG16
wait, wait, wait. I'm confused, isn't this the spot where we're suppose to see Sweeney?
2008-09-12 20:07:55
131.   ucladodger
Great job by Chad tonight. Obviously didnt have his best stuff and an inconsistent zone, but he got through it. A truce ace.
2008-09-12 20:08:02
132.   Tripon
Padres sent RHP Brian Falkenborg outright to Triple-A Portland.
Falbenborg had a 4.22 ERA in nine appearances since joining the Padres a month ago. He goes to open up a spot for Scott Patterson.

2008-09-12 20:08:05
133.   underdog
Oh, and kudos to Chad for surviving Coors, or at least faring much better than in previous stints. Nicely done, ThunderThighs!
2008-09-12 20:08:46
134.   Jon Weisman
Berroa feature:

2008-09-12 20:08:56
135.   Bob Timmermann
My fantasy team thanks Chad.
2008-09-12 20:08:57
136.   Tripon
Why are they asking Young to bunt? If you want a bunter, you might as well use Pierre.
2008-09-12 20:09:31
137.   Bob Hendley
Let's go Pee Wee!
2008-09-12 20:09:33
138.   underdog
Let's go Peanut, er, Pee Wee!
2008-09-12 20:09:57
139.   KG16
they've been working Young away, think they come inside?
2008-09-12 20:10:11
140.   thinkblue88
DY with the walk. nice.
2008-09-12 20:10:23
141.   Tripon
Then again, Pierre wouldn't walk.
2008-09-12 20:10:26
142.   MonkeyBlue
Nice walk.
2008-09-12 20:10:36
143.   MollyKnight
I can't believe Vince Young's conversations with his therapist are on
2008-09-12 20:10:41
144.   KG16
139 - er, guess not.

"I thought you were kidding" - best squeeze play story ever.

2008-09-12 20:10:53
145.   Gen3Blue
Joe is going to show he can win without our core of young players, or die trying!
2008-09-12 20:10:53
146.   Bob Hendley
Pee Wee gets the job done (getting Wesley Sr. to second).
2008-09-12 20:11:04
147.   Tripon
This is hilarious.
2008-09-12 20:11:25
148.   The Dude Abides
Silly commenters. Coors is obviously a pitcher's park, that's why we're playing for one run.
2008-09-12 20:11:46
149.   KG16
143 - I saw that, and my first thought was wow, broke the psychotherapist-patient privilege. And not to law enforcement but to the boss. and then to the news.
2008-09-12 20:12:02
150.   Bob Timmermann
Next year on "In Treatment":


Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-12 20:12:05
151.   MonkeyBlue
Why is Martin bunting? Have this guy hit!
2008-09-12 20:12:22
152.   Tripon
Why the heck are they asking Martin to bunt?
2008-09-12 20:12:31
153.   Bob Hendley
139 - Yes, inside was how they were pitching Pee Wee before. (before he lost his roomie and got injured).
2008-09-12 20:13:02
154.   KG16
148 - 3-2 in the 7th, i don't mind playing for the run. I'm not too keen on having Young AND Martin showing bunt.
2008-09-12 20:14:03
155.   Gen3Blue
Poor Martin--he is being ordered to make an out. Last year he would have just hit a home run.
2008-09-12 20:14:07
156.   Tripon
Its Andre time
2008-09-12 20:14:16
157.   The Dude Abides
Good job Joe.
2008-09-12 20:14:20
158.   MonkeyBlue
Its time for Dre to bring the runs in.
2008-09-12 20:14:27
159.   KG16
154 - that second sentence should have "though" in it, either at the beginning or the end, whichever you prefer.
2008-09-12 20:14:32
160.   bhsportsguy
1-0 Arizona going into the 7th.
2008-09-12 20:15:06
161.   herchyzer
59 . 71 . Man, those prehistoric hi-fi's were great! My parent's had that 6 inch tall spindle where you could stack a bunch of records on top of each other. then it would drop them one after another onto the spinning pile. Destroyed many a Beatles or Donavan or Joan Baez or Jefferson Airplane record, I'm sure.
2008-09-12 20:15:19
162.   KG16
155 - in Joe's defense, he's had Pierre in the lead off spot most of the season, probably just confused.
2008-09-12 20:16:07
163.   dodgerinlv
Sadly, it looks like Webb found a cure for what ails him, the Reds.
2008-09-12 20:16:39
164.   MollyKnight
149- I think there may be provisions within the patient/doctor confidentiality clause wherein the doctor can alert the authorities if he believes the patient poses a legitimate threat to himself or to someone else.

Still, broadcasting a depressed football player's thoughts of suicide on flipping isn't going to do much to help the problem. Especially in the macho athlete culture. I don't know him or his situation, but I feel horrible for him.

2008-09-12 20:17:15
165.   MollyKnight
I wonder if the shrink is a team employee...
2008-09-12 20:17:24
166.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-12 20:17:42
167.   JoeyP
Ethier must be back to doing "that Oakland thing".

Working the count like a pro, and ripping pitches for power.

2008-09-12 20:17:42
168.   dodgerinlv
What percentage of houselholds in LA get Kcal and not FSN? All games should be on FSN for out-of-towners.
2008-09-12 20:17:43
169.   The Dude Abides
That 2-0 strike call really screwed Dre there.
2008-09-12 20:18:11
170.   underdog
It's up to Manny to fire up the grilli.
2008-09-12 20:18:53
171.   Tripon
Manny is Manny.
2008-09-12 20:19:01
172.   thinkblue88
Alright Manny!!

Single off the right field wall.

2008-09-12 20:19:10
173.   JoeyP
Not pitching around Manny is a huge mistake.
2008-09-12 20:19:12
174.   trainwreck
Middle of plate fastball...

I can guess that result.

2008-09-12 20:19:19
175.   MonkeyBlue
Manny with a nice single.
2008-09-12 20:19:24
176.   Bob Timmermann
If you don't have cable, you probably don't like the games being on FSN.
2008-09-12 20:19:28
177.   bhsportsguy
Key off the wall single scores his pal Angel, 4-2.
2008-09-12 20:19:37
178.   Bob Hendley
Alright Manny!
2008-09-12 20:19:39
179.   Ken Noe
Hawpe! Duck!
2008-09-12 20:19:42
180.   underdog
Long single, but we'll take that insurance.
2008-09-12 20:19:44
181.   trainwreck
I was wrong, not a HR.
2008-09-12 20:20:39
182.   KG16
164 - I know the privilege pretty well, at least here in California (and it's pretty standard, nationally), having written more than a few motions about it. Even if the shrink was a team employee, he can't disclose the contents of the discussion to the Titans without permission from Young. Danger to self or others allows disclosure to authorities - and even then, what you're allowed to say is very, very limited.
2008-09-12 20:20:57
183.   Ken Noe
Long night for the Bearded Warrior.
2008-09-12 20:20:58
184.   JoeyP
Big insurance run.
Dodgers just need 1 win in Colorado, & its looking good right now.
2008-09-12 20:21:31
185.   ucladodger
No clue why the Rockies just didnt intentionally walk the guy. He's just too good to pitch too, especially with Casey Blake on deck
2008-09-12 20:21:41
186.   dodgerinlv
176 How many people still don't have cable in LA?
2008-09-12 20:22:06
187.   MollyKnight
182-Yeah, that's what I thought. So the doc could have had cause to call the police if Young said "That's it! I'm going to kill myself!" and then stormed out of his house with a gun. Right?
2008-09-12 20:22:19
188.   KG16
186 - five, six, maybe?
2008-09-12 20:22:36
189.   bhsportsguy
1-0 Arizona going to the 8th.
2008-09-12 20:23:03
190.   Tripon
186 I think he's saying that not every person in SoCal gets KCAL.
2008-09-12 20:23:23
191.   JoeyP
185- Manny's OPS'ing 1.250 in sept.
Blake at .653
2008-09-12 20:23:40
192.   LAT
A. Gonzo ties it up 2-2 in SD.

What? No one cares about the SF/SD game?

2008-09-12 20:23:48
193.   bhsportsguy
185 Managers don't like IBB with runners on 1st and 2nd, do not ask me why.
2008-09-12 20:23:49
194.   ucladodger
Big out right there.
2008-09-12 20:24:37
195.   JoeyP
Park in Colorado with a 1 run lead is scary.
2 run lead is fine.

If Holiday gets on, you gotta bring in Beimel to face Hawpe.

2008-09-12 20:25:05
196.   Gen3Blue
Go to your stats. Find by far the Dodgers best RBI man. He is not playing. He has been cool, so I might commend you Joe, as long as we win. I have to take a walk.
2008-09-12 20:25:23
197.   The Dude Abides
I'm relieved that Holliday only got a single. But now I'm nervous, with Hawpe and Atkins up next.
2008-09-12 20:25:29
198.   ucladodger

I understand the "baseball" logic, but its silly. Manny is just too good and Blake is slumping right now. With 2 out, our chances of scoring with Manny up and 1st and 2nd are higher than with the bases loaded and Blake up with the way both of them are going.

2008-09-12 20:25:52
199.   KG16
187 - in that spot, yes. He had no obligation to, but he could if he reasonably believed that Young posed a danger to himself or someone else. Not to get side tracked, but when I say "reasonably" there's a strange legal definition - the standard is if a reasonable member of the practice with similar training and experience would have came to the same conclusion, he'd be ok.
2008-09-12 20:25:54
200.   thinkblue88
That is something I never understood. I used to think it was some type of rule.
But I guess managers just don't like to do it.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-12 20:25:57
201.   Jon Weisman
His name is Bako. Paul Bako.
2008-09-12 20:26:08
202.   ucladodger
Torre has fallen in love with Elbert. Seems like he's pitched every day.
2008-09-12 20:26:17
203.   Tripon
193 It would have loaded up the bases.

I don't know why its acceptable to walk a batter when there's a guy on 2nd and first base open, but not okay when there's a man on first. But hey, I'm not a manager of the baseball game.

Quick pull for Chan Ho Park.

Park's getting pulled for... Scott Elbert.

He's sooooooooooooo going to make the post season roster.

2008-09-12 20:26:28
204.   MonkeyBlue
Wade is up, The heck? Let this guy rest. Wow what a quick pull, why wasn't as quick when Penny was pitching?
2008-09-12 20:26:56
205.   bhsportsguy
Paul Bako doubles with one out in AZ.
2008-09-12 20:27:04
206.   JoeyP
Elbert over Beimel?

Eh thats cool.
Go with the kid.

2008-09-12 20:27:06
207.   The Dude Abides
OK Joe, good call...
2008-09-12 20:27:08
208.   Jon Weisman
186 - My brother doesn't have cable.
2008-09-12 20:27:39
209.   Tripon
204 A poor offensive team at San Diego vs. a high powered offense in Denver.
2008-09-12 20:27:46
210.   underdog
I like Joebert's faith in Elbert. Now let's just keep giving him reasons to have that faith, Scott.
2008-09-12 20:27:46
211.   bhsportsguy
204 Because the Dodgers had a 4 run lead.
2008-09-12 20:27:56
212.   Ken Noe
TO: Scott Elbert
FROM: Scott Proctor
Heaven help you, rook.
2008-09-12 20:28:35
213.   Tripon
208 Your brother, the same brother where the only place Gargoyles is still played on TV is on Toon Disney? (Yes, I grew up watching Gargoyles. Still love the show.)
2008-09-12 20:28:41
214.   KG16
198 - the IBB is a dumb play, in my opinion. The odds are that a player will make an out (if you control for IBBs). Bases loaded means your pitcher has less room to work with (a walk brings in a run), and if the hit does drop, two runs are likely to score.
2008-09-12 20:28:48
215.   The Dude Abides
Oops, I thought he was bringing in Beimel.
2008-09-12 20:29:19
216.   LAT
This Pevey fellow is not a very good pitcher. Gives up another HR. Now 3-2 Giants. Ugh!
2008-09-12 20:30:04
217.   Jon Weisman
213 - Yep, he gets his Gargoyles on the sly.
2008-09-12 20:30:12
218.   KG16
203 - walking a guy with first base open sets up a force at second, particularly useful when there is only one out.
2008-09-12 20:31:34
219.   Bob Hendley
Wasn't Bonds walked once (IBB) with the sacks full?
2008-09-12 20:31:45
220.   ucladodger
Best base stealer in baseball, folks. Crazy to think that about Holliday. good job, Elbert.
2008-09-12 20:31:54
221.   Daniel Zappala
I don't have cable either. I have a dish.
2008-09-12 20:32:02
222.   Bob Timmermann
You can't change pitchers here.
2008-09-12 20:32:20
223.   Jon Weisman
The telecast didn't seem to realize there was a strikeout.
2008-09-12 20:32:21
224.   Tripon
218 that play is still available if you walk a guy, like say Pujols.

Hu's in at 2nd, Blake out at 3rd, DeWitt moves to 3rd. Cory Wade comes in to pitch. Elbert is out. That's some managing there.

2008-09-12 20:32:23
225.   MonkeyBlue
You got to be kidding me?
2008-09-12 20:32:30
226.   Bob Timmermann
OK, Hawpe struck out.

Never mind...

2008-09-12 20:32:35
227.   ucladodger

Yes, as was Josh Hamilton this year.

2008-09-12 20:32:35
228.   trainwreck
And he wrote one episode of Jem.

Jem, the first love of my life.

2008-09-12 20:32:44
229.   thinkblue88
Josh Hamilton was IBB a couple of weeks ago with the bases full.
2008-09-12 20:33:17
230.   MonkeyBlue
226. Yeah ok I didn't know it too.
2008-09-12 20:33:41
231.   Bob Timmermann
Josh Hamilton got an IBB with the bases loaded this year.
2008-09-12 20:34:04
232.   bhsportsguy
Webb has shut down the Red Machine through 8, if Melvin takes him out and they lose, well, he might have to get some bodyguards.
2008-09-12 20:34:06
233.   Bob Timmermann
Allergies are making me slow and sluggish.
2008-09-12 20:34:32
234.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
232 - Brandon Lyon is warming up.
2008-09-12 20:34:41
235.   LAT
Professor Gerald Fasel, Astrophysicist annoys me.
2008-09-12 20:35:04
236.   Bob Timmermann
But I still have Brandon Lyon on my fantasy team.

That is not a fantasy that makes you happy.

2008-09-12 20:35:15
237.   ucladodger
How was that a strike? Umpire is terrible tonight.
2008-09-12 20:36:25
238.   Tripon
228 I love the current Spectacular Spider-Man series. Its what Brand New Day(the current direction Marvel taking with Spider-man in the comics, starting with wishing away Peter Parker and Mary Jane's marriage. Don't ask) should have been.

Now if Greg Weisman could only introduce Kitty Pryde....

2008-09-12 20:36:40
239.   ucladodger
Corey Wade is awesome. How great has he been this year?
2008-09-12 20:37:04
240.   KG16
219 - I always remember it as a story about Mel Ott.

I am not a fan of the intentional walk. the only play i hate more in all of sports is taking a knee to end the first half of a football game.

2008-09-12 20:37:06
241.   Ian Capilouto
Cory Wade. I like that guy.
2008-09-12 20:37:06
242.   bhsportsguy
232 Well, they hit for Webb and Salazar tripled with no out.
2008-09-12 20:38:01
243.   Eric Stephen
Is that the Sharp TV guy? If so, I would like to purchase the TV that would allow me to watch his demise.
2008-09-12 20:38:35
244.   underdog
236 Maybe "fantasy" is the wrong word for it then? My FF team last season was more like a "catastrophe league" than "fantasy."

Cory Wade rocks.

2008-09-12 20:39:08
245.   bhsportsguy
The Rockies will have a lot harder time trading Helton than the Dodgers trading Jones.
2008-09-12 20:40:04
246.   bhsportsguy
Mr. World Series MVP up with one out and a runner on 3rd.
2008-09-12 20:40:16
247.   OhioBlues12
238 - Second that. No new episodes until March I think, that is going to be a long wait. That cartoon truly is spectacular!
2008-09-12 20:40:20
248.   Bob Hendley
240 - You don't like K's either, as I recall.
2008-09-12 20:40:28
249.   KG16
I need a ruling from the judges, who am I suppose to root for in Notre Dame vs Michigan?
2008-09-12 20:41:08
250.   Eric Stephen
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-12 20:41:10
251.   KG16
248 - I don't like hitters striking out, I like my pitchers to strike guys out.
2008-09-12 20:41:32
252.   Tripon
DeWitt getting IBB'ed. This game has officially entered Biazzro World.
2008-09-12 20:42:05
253.   Jon Weisman
I'll tell Greg about all the good comments he's getting.
2008-09-12 20:42:11
254.   KG16
250 - but won't that open the door to "Is Michigan back?" talk? and really, shouldn't Michigan be banished to the lower level bowls, at best, for the next decade?
2008-09-12 20:42:21
255.   whodat807
Just joining the party; why wasn't Loney the starter today? What with his extensive history of mashing at Coors...
2008-09-12 20:42:47
256.   LAT
243. Exactly. I think your on to something. We could tie slabs of raw meat to him and put him in a lion cage and sell it on pay-per-view.
2008-09-12 20:42:48
257.   Tripon
Well, that worked out well for the Rockies.
2008-09-12 20:42:49
258.   Tripon
Well, that worked out well for the Rockies.
2008-09-12 20:43:20
259.   underdog
255 Something like 1-20 vs. Jeff Francis and some not-good at bats in there.
2008-09-12 20:43:30
260.   KG16
255 - because he's not good against Francis.
2008-09-12 20:43:30
261.   Eric Stephen
1 for 15 against LHP Francis.
2008-09-12 20:44:05
262.   bhsportsguy
255 Nomar scored twice so he filled in pretty well for Crazy Eyes.
2008-09-12 20:44:38
263.   underdog
You can say that again.

Well, that's Wesley Snipes for ya -- sometimes he'll surprise you with something good, and then a lot of times he bombs.

2008-09-12 20:44:45
264.   Eric Stephen
Better for Michigan to be back than Notre Dame.
2008-09-12 20:44:48
265.   Bob Hendley
252 - Seems reasonable strategy to me.
2008-09-12 20:45:00
266.   Tripon
253 Tell him I love his Eddie Brock too even if he was a bit emo in the season finale, and ask him why Peter Parker left Eddie Brock out of the most important people list when he needed to fight off the Symbiote. That is er, if you remember.
2008-09-12 20:46:04
267.   Eric Stephen
Speaking of "Crazy Eyes" and the Greg Brock-hated eyes on the scoreboard occasionally shown at Dodger Stadium, I think Loney should bat to Billy Idol's "Eyes Without a Face."
2008-09-12 20:46:20
268.   KG16
251 - I should clarify: my issue with strike outs is how they are considered really good for pitchers but don't matter for hitters. (I'm relatedly skeptical of BABIP)

I also think that strike out pitchers should be given more rope, particularly when it comes to pitch count, over the course of the game

2008-09-12 20:46:35
269.   ucladodger
Wade just carved him up. Brilliant
2008-09-12 20:46:37
270.   MonkeyBlue
Man is Wade such a working horse for us.
2008-09-12 20:46:50
271.   bhsportsguy
Bases loaded for Dunn with one out.
2008-09-12 20:47:02
272.   MonkeyBlue
Also the Crowd is dead.
2008-09-12 20:47:21
273.   KG16
where has Brock been, lately, by the way?
2008-09-12 20:48:23
274.   Ian Capilouto
Where did Cory Wade come from? What is his story?
2008-09-12 20:48:28
275.   underdog
Whew, Ianetta just missed getting that one outta there.

And then with a Rule 1 violation as he enters the dugout on the Rockies FSN broadcast.

2008-09-12 20:48:36
276.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
273 - Cambria?
2008-09-12 20:48:54
277.   ucladodger
Where would this team be without Wade? Such a rock in the middle innings.
2008-09-12 20:49:08
278.   The Dude Abides
Angel's throws make the dude nervous.
2008-09-12 20:49:15
279.   LAT
Berroa has made as many bad throws as good ones tonight.
2008-09-12 20:50:04
280.   Gen3Blue
In my opinion Wade is doing what he always did in the minors--not throwing many balls.
2008-09-12 20:50:07
281.   trainwreck
Ask him if I can meet Jem.
2008-09-12 20:50:17
282.   OhioBlues12
253 - Pleas do Jon. Spectacular Spider-Man is like a breadth fresh air. The first season was excellent on every level and I can't wait for season 2.
2008-09-12 20:50:48
283.   The Dude Abides
Big mismatch here with Corpas vs Hu.
2008-09-12 20:51:00
284.   underdog
274 - From Indianapolis. Went to Kentucky Wesleyan U. Pitched very well in Jacksonville and never had to go suffer in the PCL. Don't think they expected him to necessarily stay around as long as he has, and pitch as lights out, when they first called him up.
2008-09-12 20:51:06
285.   bhsportsguy
276 You are not far off.
2008-09-12 20:51:08
286.   Tripon
The success of Cory Wade for the Dodgers makes me wonder where a guy like that be without the use of the MLB draft. Its not as if a guy like Cory Wade would command a higher salary bonus if he was an FA signing instead of the 10 round pick that he is.
2008-09-12 20:51:21
287.   Bob Hendley
273 - Too busy spreading his wisdom to another captive audience, his students instead of us. ;)
2008-09-12 20:52:24
288.   The Dude Abides
Walk! Reverse psychology strikes again!
2008-09-12 20:52:25
289.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Cal Poly-SLO?
2008-09-12 20:53:16
290.   dodgerinlv

I hope your brother has gotten his $40 coupon from the govt for his digital converter box.

2008-09-12 20:53:22
291.   The Dude Abides
Great job again Joe.
2008-09-12 20:53:26
292.   underdog
First time I've typed this this season -- Good eye, Hu!
2008-09-12 20:53:30
293.   ucladodger
Russell needs to never bunt or be asked to bunt ever again.
2008-09-12 20:53:33
294.   eusmus
I love bunting in Coors field! Joe Torre is awesone!
2008-09-12 20:53:38
295.   MonkeyBlue
Jeez just let Martin hit!
2008-09-12 20:53:44
296.   Tripon
Corpas made a crazy play.

And Russell Martin should never be allowed to bunt again. And Torre should just stop asking for it. Seriously. What the heck.

2008-09-12 20:53:47
297.   bhsportsguy
289 Nah, he is just chilling in that general area.
2008-09-12 20:53:52
298.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Mike "Hot Rod" Lincoln in for the Reds.
2008-09-12 20:54:42
299.   Tripon
Andre Ethier. Not being asked to bunt.
2008-09-12 20:54:54
300.   Bob Hendley
292 - He was batting with only one?! I had heard that he had a problem.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-12 20:55:55
301.   Ian Capilouto
I always like it when guys like Wade kind of come out of nowhere to make a good career for themselves.
2008-09-12 20:56:00
302.   Tripon
Bowa, why did you stop Hu at 3rd?
2008-09-12 20:56:16
303.   MonkeyBlue
WHAT the heck man? ugh needed that run.
2008-09-12 20:56:24
304.   Jon Weisman
I'm actually relieved to see the Dodgers be conservative running on Hawpe's arm for once.
2008-09-12 20:56:41
305.   LAT
Bowa what the heck are you doing out there?
2008-09-12 20:56:55
306.   whodat807
Hu didn't score, but boy, Manny sure is good with runners in scoring position.
2008-09-12 20:56:58
307.   The Dude Abides
Come on Slappy...please please
2008-09-12 20:57:07
308.   ucladodger
Doesn't Joe know there is no such thing as a 200 foot sac fly?
2008-09-12 20:57:07
309.   MonkeyBlue
Well I doubt Pierre is going to strike out.
2008-09-12 20:57:12
310.   KG16
i was just about to ask if there was someone other than Sweeney to use here, and now we get Pierre.

I think I actually prefer Pierre here.

2008-09-12 20:57:47
311.   underdog
Bowa had a tough time deciding whether to keep Hu going or not, I would've just kept running and assume he's not gonna catch it but it was close to being caught.
2008-09-12 20:58:00
312.   Daniel Zappala
Nice pop up.
2008-09-12 20:58:04
313.   Tripon
There's our Slappy McPopUp.
2008-09-12 20:58:05
314.   ucladodger
As for Hu not scoring, that was some pretty bad baserunning.

Great decision Joe! I'd rather have Kuo hit than Pierre.

2008-09-12 20:58:15
315.   Ken Noe
This Pierre guy looks familiar.
2008-09-12 20:58:23
316.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Mark Reynolds has been driven to drinkin' because he just Kd on a curve from Hot... Rod... Lincoln.

And then Linc threw a wild pitch to let in a run.

2008-09-12 20:58:29
317.   Gen3Blue
Martinb is my golden God, and I love him to death, but towards the end of the season he looks like a horse that needs to be put down.

If Hu doesn't score on that play, he or the third base coach need something: being put down doesn't begin to cover it.

2008-09-12 20:58:43
318.   trainwreck
At least it wasn't a double play.
2008-09-12 20:58:44
319.   underdog
2008-09-12 20:58:59
320.   Daniel Zappala
Pierre being Pierre.
2008-09-12 20:59:08
321.   KG16
does Loney look more trim, lately, or is it just me?
2008-09-12 20:59:23
322.   bhsportsguy
The D-Backs have scored on a walk and now a wild pitch this inning, Bob better hope they don't score again or his save situation goes away.
2008-09-12 20:59:23
323.   LAT
I can't believe the Dodgers are winning this game in spite of Joe and Larry. Why Pierre there? I guess the good news is Joe didnt go with Jones.
2008-09-12 20:59:34
324.   underdog
Better Pierre Than Sweeney, is what that meant. But apparently, not much better. Good ol' Slappy McPopup.
2008-09-12 20:59:46
325.   Bob Timmermann
Don't let that lead get bigger than 3. I want my cheap save from Brandon Lyon!

Hey, if I get win from Billingsley and a save from Lyon, it's win-win-win!

2008-09-12 21:00:12
326.   Jon Weisman
323 - Who else would you use?
2008-09-12 21:00:32
327.   Ian Capilouto
2008-09-12 21:00:33
328.   MonkeyBlue
Loney save the day! OMG!!!!!
2008-09-12 21:00:33
329.   Eric Stephen
Loney = Coors RBI machine!
2008-09-12 21:00:35
330.   Tripon
Loney, I love you. 3 innings of work, and he has 3 RBIs.
2008-09-12 21:00:37
331.   The Dude Abides
2008-09-12 21:00:47
332.   ucladodger
Big big hit. Love me some loney! Quite a night for the first base combination.
2008-09-12 21:00:57
333.   bhsportsguy
It was all set up for Loney to drive in all the runs.
2008-09-12 21:01:02
334.   Tripon
326 Arodin, A.J. Ellis?
2008-09-12 21:01:14
335.   KG16
James Loney should never get another day off, ever.
2008-09-12 21:01:15
336.   whodat807
Excellence, thy name is Loney.
2008-09-12 21:01:18
337.   Ken Noe
Wild Game James.
2008-09-12 21:01:51
338.   underdog
Yessssss! Googly Eyes comes through!
2008-09-12 21:01:58
339.   Daniel Zappala
326 That's what I was just thinking -- who are our top pinch hitters? Nomar and Young? Then who?
2008-09-12 21:02:23
340.   Tripon
Also, Jayson Repko.
2008-09-12 21:02:46
341.   Gen3Blue
Thank God. Getting no runs out of that inning would have justified every manager, coach and probably poor Hu being executed with piano wire.( As happened in 1944-or was it 45).
2008-09-12 21:02:49
342.   Ian Capilouto
My uncle who is doped up on Vicodin, a morphine drip, and some other stuff after an intense shoulder surgery was impressed enough by that Loney double to say ,"hey hey." That just made me laugh.
2008-09-12 21:02:58
343.   Eric Stephen
James Loney has 18 games with 3+ RBI. Seven of those games are against Colorado.

His top 3 games are in Coors.

2008-09-12 21:03:14
344.   ucladodger
Wow. He fast.
2008-09-12 21:03:16
345.   Humma Kavula
I love me some Loney.

I love me some Vin Scully calling Loney's play.
2008-09-12 21:03:32
346.   KG16
339 - I guess they could have gone with Repko
2008-09-12 21:03:44
347.   underdog
323 What were Torre's terrible moves tonight? I must have missed them. There was that one puzzling bunt attempt, if that was his call. Other than that I don't know. And Pierre trumps Sweeney, Jones and most of the other feeble choices there. Delwyn already PH and drew a walk. I thought the pitching changes all matched up well tonight, and i liked bringing Loney in as well as Hu. Other than that.

Bowa's kinda of a fool, though.

2008-09-12 21:04:14
348.   Tripon
343 If Helton wasn't there, I would imagine the Rockies pushing hard for Loney even if they had to trade with a division rival.
2008-09-12 21:04:52
349.   Gen3Blue
Who on the Dodgers drives in the runs?
Sure Manny--but who else?
2008-09-12 21:05:03
350.   LAT
326. Repko
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2008-09-12 21:05:09
351.   Ken Noe
I like Vin rubbing in the fact that the Snakes no longer have Valverde.
2008-09-12 21:05:19
352.   Tripon
Scott Procter's in the game. He still has a year left on arbitration doesn't he?
2008-09-12 21:05:28
353.   underdog
I personally like Repko, too, but vs. a righty and with Pierre looking up at you with his veteran puppy eyes, it's probably hard to refuse.
2008-09-12 21:05:58
354.   bhsportsguy
Lyon strikes out Bruce, 2 down.
2008-09-12 21:06:08
355.   berkowit28
Berroa's little decline is paving the way for Fircal's return. Soon.
2008-09-12 21:06:09
356.   underdog
349 - Besides Ethier and Loney and Kemp you mean?
2008-09-12 21:06:14
357.   The Dude Abides
Ugh. Proctor. Please get the guys out in front of Holliday, Hawpe, and Atkins.
2008-09-12 21:07:04
358.   Jon Weisman
James Loney is now batting .30000000000000, giving the Dodgers another batter batting at least .300000000000.
2008-09-12 21:07:32
359.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Tying run comes to the plate in Phoenix.
2008-09-12 21:08:15
360.   bhsportsguy
Dusty's favorite Corey Patterson up.
2008-09-12 21:08:53
361.   The Dude Abides
LOL...the ump's delayed call fooled Vinny.
2008-09-12 21:10:17
362.   MonkeyBlue
Ball game! Wooo the winning conitnues!
2008-09-12 21:10:19
363.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Infield single! Bases loaded!
2008-09-12 21:10:29
364.   LAT
Tony Gwynn railing on about how Lincicum should not win the Cy Young cause Giants suck. Now they are talking about MVP based on players impact to his team and Pods announcer says Manny deserves consideration. He says the way Ethier is now hitting, Manny responsible for nearly 100 RBI. Gwynn compleatly dis' the idea.
2008-09-12 21:10:30
365.   The Dude Abides
Slappy! FTW!
2008-09-12 21:11:01
366.   underdog
We win!

Okay, off to play some Wii Tennis and throw my arm out before bed.

2008-09-12 21:11:03
367.   Tripon
At least 15 dead in the Train wreck.
2008-09-12 21:11:19
368.   bhsportsguy
Bases loaded, 2 outs for Jeff Keppinger.
2008-09-12 21:12:05
369.   Bob Timmermann
This is why I'm dumping Brandon Lyon from my fantasy team.
2008-09-12 21:12:22
370.   Louis in SF
Bags full of reds two outs in Zona, hopefully another melt down.
2008-09-12 21:12:44
371.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Lyon's last two fastballs: 85 and 87.
2008-09-12 21:13:44
372.   bhsportsguy
That was his pitch, darn it.
2008-09-12 21:13:45
373.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Opposite-field single eludes Ecks, plates two.
2008-09-12 21:13:53
374.   Ian Capilouto
What a nice, clean and efficient Dodger win. Pretty cool.
2008-09-12 21:14:08
375.   Louis in SF
Single by Keppinger, Reds score 2, 3-2 Zona, Reds still batting.
2008-09-12 21:14:09
376.   Eric Stephen
I love Brandon Lyon.
2008-09-12 21:14:10
377.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
BoMel brings the hook; Qualls enters.
2008-09-12 21:14:16
378.   Bob Timmermann
I both love and hate Brandon Lyon now.
2008-09-12 21:14:31
379.   bhsportsguy
2 run single.
2008-09-12 21:15:03
380.   Tripon
Brandon Lyon is the best closer ever.
2008-09-12 21:15:08
381.   Louis in SF
Zona going to the bullpen, Lyon melts down again, enter Rauch.
2008-09-12 21:15:16
382.   caseybarker

He needs that one-trillionth of a hit to put him over 300.

2008-09-12 21:16:25
383.   Bob Timmermann
Rauch is not getting into any important games for the DBacks the rest of the season unless Melvin is desperate.
2008-09-12 21:16:30
384.   Louis in SF
My error, Qualls not Rauch
2008-09-12 21:16:35
385.   ucladodger
Too bad the DBacks scored 2 runs on a walk and a wild pitch to give them a cushion. Lyon with a 1 run leads is probably a negative win expectancy.
2008-09-12 21:17:28
386.   LAT
If AZ played 8 inning games they would be a lot closer to the Dodgers.
2008-09-12 21:18:02
387.   MonkeyBlue
Wow Lyon is god awful.
2008-09-12 21:18:26
388.   Ian Capilouto
My gosh, flat Riunite is pretty bad. Sort of like sweet vinegar.
2008-09-12 21:19:03
389.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Qualls gets him on a slider in the dirt.
2008-09-12 21:20:15
390.   LAT
Darn, a walk and a wild pitch were the diffrence.
2008-09-12 21:21:30
391.   Tripon
Why aren't the D'Backs using Qualls in the 9th before this? Seems like he's their best relief pitcher.
2008-09-12 21:21:37
392.   bhsportsguy
390 Though I doubt Lyons would have stayed in so long if it was 1 or 2 run lead.
2008-09-12 21:21:48
393.   Gen3Blue
356 Udog exactly right you are.
Loney 80 rbi. Wade 14 pitches - 10 strikes
We win!! Thats what I like.
2008-09-12 21:24:09
394.   Bob Timmermann
All the DBacks relievers have had their ups and downs this season. Qualls started off really well this year, but then had a bad May, an OK June, and a bad July. He's been good since then.
2008-09-12 21:24:50
395.   bhsportsguy
Dodgers win!
D-Backs win.

Take the number down by 1.

Magic number is 13.

2008-09-12 21:27:47
396.   Bob Timmermann
Bobby Thigpen's record will live another day.
2008-09-12 21:28:14
397.   Marty
Who cares what Arizona does as long as we win.
2008-09-12 21:31:16
398.   Tripon
397 Every Ariz. loss makes its more likely to clinch during our last home stand. I do not want the last series at San Fran to be meaningful games for us. That'll be a nightmare waiting to happen.
2008-09-12 21:31:45
399.   Gen3Blue
396 Saves?
395,397 Yeah Dodgers win!! Thats it for me!
2008-09-12 21:49:35
400.   Bob Hendley
398 - Yes, I am sure that underdog (who has tix) would be happy to forgo the stress.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-12 22:14:26
401.   I Love LA
398 - Very True, you know they are eyeing that final weekend in hopes of taking us out.
2008-09-12 22:24:34
402.   tjdub
I had an unfortunate DVR malfunction tonight so it's been nice to re-live the game I missed through you all. A couple comments -- I never cared for Vince Young until now. Running that story is pretty appalling and he deserves some privacy and some time. On a lighter note, did I read correctly that Martin was asked to bunt twice? I hate bunting. I coach 3rd for my son's fall league team and I felt obligated to give his best friend the bunt sign last Friday (kid on 1st,1 out, he's the fastest kid on the team, we needed one run, etc.) After the sac he apparently had some unkind words for me in the dugout (my son the tattle-tale!). I was going to give him a little light-hearted hard time about it but then thought he was totally right. I would have been mad too. I promised him it will never happen again.
2008-09-12 22:31:01
403.   Jon Weisman

The Dodgers are among the teams that have scouted Japanese amateur pitcher Junichi Tazawa, who said this week that he would bypass the draft of his native professional league and sign with a major league club. A team source who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the Dodgers were taking a wait-and-see approach with the 22-year-old right-hander who pitches for Eneos Oil of the Japanese corporate league, as they've heard that he has already decided to sign with the Boston Red Sox. Tazawa is expected to command a signing bonus of at least $1.5 million.

Tazawa's decision has sent shock waves through the Japanese league, which previously hasn't had to deal with top amateur players leaving the country.

2008-09-12 22:38:03
404.   Eric Stephen
Listening to "We Are The World" right now. God I love that song.
2008-09-12 22:39:09
405.   Tripon
Speaking of unfamiliar roles, Torre said Brad Penny will continue pitching relief. Penny's first bullpen appearance since the 2006 playoffs lasted three batters Wednesday -- a walk, a broken-bat bloop single and an infield single.

2008-09-12 22:45:55
406.   Jon Weisman

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