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Broadcast News
2008-09-14 09:42
by Jon Weisman

Fox and TBS (among others) probably don't want to jinx it, but they must be salivating:

Division leaders
NL West: Los Angeles
NL Central: Chicago
NL East: New York
AL West: Los Angeles
AL Central: Chicago
AL East: Well, five out of six ain't bad. Anyway, Tampa Bay might be the most interesting team of all - a worst-to-first candidate.

* * *

Among his 90 pitches Saturday, according to MLB Gameday, Clayton Kershaw threw 25 curveballs (along with two changeups): 30 percent offspeed. That seems like a pretty good mix, doesn't it?

* * *

I thought it was interesting to look at this post-mortem on the New York Yankees by Joel Sherman of the New York Post because several of the philosophical points relate to the Dodgers. I don't agree entirely with Sherman's take on the issues, but I think he discusses many of the issues the Dodgers have been and will be preoccupied with.

* * *

Dodgers at Rockies, 12:05 p.m.

Reds at Diamondbacks, 1:10 p.m.

Comments (414)
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2008-09-14 10:00:55
1.   Jon Weisman
From ITD:

Pierre, CF
Kemp, RF
Ramirez, LF
Loney, 1B
Blake, 3B
DeWitt, 2B
Berroa, SS
Ardoin, C
Maddux, P

2008-09-14 10:07:39
2.   UVaDodger
Not that I begrudge him time with his family, especially the new addition, but when is Ethier coming back? I miss his musk.
2008-09-14 10:10:53
3.   KG16
304 - so explain Oakland-Kansas City
2008-09-14 10:14:42
4.   Icaros

The Raiders do get shown because of their LA popularity. It's only been this way for about 15 years now. You haven't noticed?

The Rams were on a lot when they were a dominant team a few years ago, but that was about it.

2008-09-14 10:16:26
5.   KG16
4 - I know it's been that way for 15 years, but their popularity has slipped a bit, I think. And there are better games available this morning
2008-09-14 10:17:08
6.   trainwreck
Al's apparently going to fire Kiffin regardless tomorrow.

Good to know our season will be over already.

2008-09-14 10:20:01
7.   Icaros

I'm not arguing that. But the Raiders sell a lot of merchandise, and are still the closest to LA's default team.

2008-09-14 10:21:50
8.   Gagne55
Hopefully this will be Loney's annual big day at Coors. I could see this one having over ten runs from both sides.
2008-09-14 10:23:00
9.   underdog
6 Seriously? Sheesh.

Even if they win today?

Al should fire himself, instead.

If this were Shakespeare, Kiffin would get someone to poison Al's bran flakes over night.


Btw, those of you who don't like Peyton Manning should thank me -- by picking him for my fantasy team I've assured everyone that he'll have his worst season ever.

2008-09-14 10:23:15
10.   Gagne55
7 I think San Diego is closer to L.A.'s default team at this point. Raiders are second.
2008-09-14 10:25:40
11.   Icaros

I would bet there are still more Raiders fans in LA than Chargers fans by a wide margin. At least LA buys a lot more Raiders merchandise, whether or not they really care about football.

2008-09-14 10:27:26
12.   trainwreck
They even opened a Raider Image a couple years ago in LA.
2008-09-14 10:30:43
13.   KG16
I just remember being promised good games and I look up in week two to see Giants-Rams (should be a blow out), and Oakland-Kansas City (should not even be on TV bad).
2008-09-14 10:31:10
14.   Gagne55
11 Yeah, and I do see a lot of Raiders jerseys around. I hear more about the Chargers, but that might be because the Raiders have been so bad for so long. Also, I believe that CBS is contractually obligated to play Chargers games in the LA region.
2008-09-14 10:32:24
15.   Icaros
The Raiders are easily the most popular team in California because they've been able to cultivate fans in the north and south by residing on both ends of the state.

The 49ers are second, but that's really a product of their being a great team 20 years ago.

2008-09-14 10:32:59
16.   Tripon
Yeah, but I still don't want to watch a 2-14 team ever again unless they're actually in L.A., or at worst Orange County.
2008-09-14 10:34:37
17.   Icaros

It's the defending Super Bowl champs, from New York.

2008-09-14 10:35:57
18.   Icaros
That being said, I'm not getting the Giants-Rams game in SF.
2008-09-14 10:36:02
19.   trainwreck
Chiefs have already used three qbs in this game.
2008-09-14 10:38:59
20.   KG16
18 - I'll trade you feeds.
2008-09-14 10:39:41
21.   Icaros

Deal, make sure it's HD.

2008-09-14 10:40:59
22.   trainwreck
Don't worry, eventually they will stop showing Rams and Raider games in LA, because both of their records will be too horrible.
2008-09-14 10:41:42
23.   trainwreck
Happens every season. Which annoyed me, because I wanted to the watch the Raiders even when it was another losing season.
2008-09-14 10:42:43
24.   Icaros
And what's infuriating is that I'm not getting any game on Fox right now. Since the 49ers are on at 1:00, they can't show a game at 10:00. Didn't we used to get 2 Fox and 2 CBS games?
2008-09-14 10:47:09
25.   Jon Weisman
You guys are sure spending a lot of energy trying to make an interesting conversation out of how uninteresting the Raiders are.
2008-09-14 10:48:39
26.   trainwreck
I am sure we did at some point, but it has been awhile.
2008-09-14 10:50:40
27.   Fan since 59
25 I agree. I logged on to the computer to get away from those two lousy games.
2008-09-14 10:50:55
28.   Icaros

Imagine how uninteresting it feels to have the Raider game as your lone football viewing option right now. I have energy to burn!

2008-09-14 10:54:00
29.   Icaros
I'm going to wash dishes now.
2008-09-14 10:54:11
30.   Tripon
Man, I'd worry about the Seahawks future, but they play in the NFC West. What a horrible division.
2008-09-14 10:55:01
31.   Shmueli4
Please correct me if I am wrong. Is this the first time in the Manny era that Kemp is the one hitting in front of Manny? I cannot recall another game. I always thought that of all the players that could benefit the most from the Manny-effect it is Kemp - especially when you factor in his tremendous ceiling with his potential success.
2008-09-14 10:56:17
32.   Gagne55
24 I've always gotten two from one and one from the other each Sunday. Which station gets two games varies from week to week. Usually, both stations have a 10:00 game and one has a 1:00 game, but sometimes it's the other way.
2008-09-14 11:00:25
33.   Bob Timmermann
I decided to watch baseball games instead. Because I don't have an NFL team to root for. I'll worry about which NFL game I get in November.
2008-09-14 11:01:22
34.   Gagne55
28 You could watch Toronto Boston on TBS instead of football.
2008-09-14 11:04:08
35.   Linkmeister
NFL games start here at 0700 and 1000; you can watch two (or three, if you flip channels) football games and still have time for the beach (or Sunday night baseball until the regular season ends).
2008-09-14 11:04:37
36.   whodat807
Hoo boy, Rodgers has three TDs already today. At least one Cal player is having a good weekend.
2008-09-14 11:06:02
37.   underdog
Who the frack is Tyler Thigpen? You'd think the Chiefs could've coaxed Culpepper out of retirement.
2008-09-14 11:06:39
38.   Bob Timmermann
The White Sox-Tigers doubleheader is delayed by rain.


The rain might let up tonight, so if they can get in one game, the Tigers and White Sox would still be able to make up the final two games with a doubleheader on the Monday after the final day.

2008-09-14 11:07:08
39.   underdog
Oh, and glad to see Russ finally get the day off today. I have to say, I'm not feeling too confident about today's Dodger game, given they're due and given the matchup. So I won't be too torn up about it if they lose.
2008-09-14 11:08:14
40.   Bob Timmermann
Tyler Thigpen is a proud alum of Coastal Carolina.
2008-09-14 11:12:25
41.   Bob Timmermann
David Price in to relieve for Edwin Jackson in the third inning in New York.

Yankees 6, 150:1s 3

2008-09-14 11:13:31
42.   Tripon
36 Meanwhile, San Fran is starting J.T. O'Sullivan. Think the 49ner's want that pick back?
2008-09-14 11:15:56
43.   Bob Timmermann
David Price, 7 pitches, 3 outs.
2008-09-14 11:19:22
44.   trainwreck
I guess that's efficient.
2008-09-14 11:20:49
45.   Bluebleeder87

From what I remember Cook is a pretty darn good pitcher (this is baseball so you COULD BE RIGHT) but i'm expecting a well pitched game by him & a coin toss of a start from Maddux...

2008-09-14 11:24:37
46.   Tripon
Time to sell high on Edwin Jackson.
2008-09-14 11:25:20
47.   Bluebleeder87

I'm diggin that too. You know what man, we already have the series so I'm cool with a Rox W, but it sure will be sweet if we can sweep them after what they did to us last year no.

2008-09-14 11:26:41
48.   ucladodger

He still has trouble throwing strikes early in the count. When he pitches well, he does that often. When you really can only throw 1 pitch consistently for strikes, you need to be 0-1, 1-2 or create some early count outs. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets traded in the offseason because of the glut of pitchers the Rays have, but he needs to work on some things in the offseason if he wants to reach another level as a pitcher. Mostly throwing strikes with his offspeed, improving his change up or developing another out pitch (splitter wlould complement his fastball nicely), and just consistency. we shall see.

2008-09-14 11:37:38
49.   Bob Timmermann
Old friend Adam Melhuse starting at catcher for the Rockies today. Dexter Fowler gets a start in the leadoff spot in center.
2008-09-14 11:38:39
50.   Bob Timmermann
Jorge Cantu breaks up Colin Balester's no-hitter with two outs in the 6th.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-14 11:40:44
51.   Tommy Naccarato
For what its worth, The Rams main offices are still in Los Angeles; as well as John Shaw and the late Georgia, maintain(ed) their residences in Bel Air and Al Davis still owns his house in Palos Verdes.

With that, I hope the Lambs never win another game again and the Raiders should have never moved from Oakland in the first place.

I also hope they never build anything on that beautiful vacant land in Walnut/Diamond Bar. We need pro football like we need a hole in the head.

2008-09-14 11:46:40
52.   Tommy Naccarato
Also, I have a friend in St. Louis that tells me that next year, a deal kicks in to the Lambs contract with St. Louis, where if the stadium standards aren't up to the top 3rd in the league, the lambs can go on the lamb.

With John Shaw, anything is possible. Sort of like Scott Boros and the J.D. Drew contract

2008-09-14 11:48:03
53.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert for Derek Jeter in New York. This is a yellow alert.
2008-09-14 11:52:57
54.   KG16
51 , 52 - I wouldn't have minded a team in Anaheim - preferably an expansion team, but I'd have taken the Vikings or Saints with a name change.

The Rams coming back would be a very, very strange thing to me.

2008-09-14 11:55:14
55.   KG16
wow, the Giants just went 97 yards on 11 plays for a touchdown. Maybe I should have taken Eli Manning instead of Tavaris Jackson.
2008-09-14 11:55:48
56.   Ken Noe
Bring back the Dons.
2008-09-14 11:57:38
57.   Louis in SF
For someone who can't get excited by what Al Davis does or doesn't do anymore, I am more interested in how the Dodgers will approach next season, and what are the creative ways to make an extended playoff run.

It seems unrealistic for the Dodgers to be able to keep Manny and get Sabathia. If that is the case, I think Manny is more important and I am begining to think it might be worth it to try and keep Lowe. Realize logic says you keep Penny and let Lowe go, but Penny's injury history makes me nervous. Also wonder what it would take to get Beltre 12 million at 3rd base now seems cheap and he is under 30. What prospects would we have to give up?

2008-09-14 11:58:43
58.   Bluebleeder87
So I guess Andre Ethier was gonna take 2 maternal days off & then come back or what?
2008-09-14 12:02:04
59.   Bob Timmermann
News flash:

Carl Pavano leaves game in New York with an injury.

2008-09-14 12:02:08
60.   Tommy Naccarato
56 That's the name I think would have worked pretty good if we would have gotten an expansion team.
54 I have a friend that works for the Superdome and he has told me in the past that the Saints leaving New Orleans is a possibility. I was also fortunate to see some of the pictures form the aftermath of the Dome after Katrina. From the looks of it, Hell on earth during that harrowing week with little regard for humanity.
2008-09-14 12:03:24
61.   KG16
58 - Ethier would be taking paternal days, not maternal days. He is not, um, equipped to take maternal days.
2008-09-14 12:04:10
62.   trainwreck
It was a possibility, but I think it would be a PR nightmare now.
2008-09-14 12:11:08
63.   Tommy Naccarato
62 Yes and no. I'm told that the owner Tom Benson just doesn't care what kind of a nightmare it would be.

To me that is sort of a sad state of affairs, really.

2008-09-14 12:13:22
64.   Tripon
Man, it doesn't look like this Dodgers lineup will have any punch to it.

Maddux looks like he's walking into a death Sentence. His.

Maddux might as well grab a blade and some armor and challenge Cook to a "Honor Duelllll."

2008-09-14 12:15:30
65.   bhsportsguy
The voice of NFL Films (okay one of them), Harry Kalas is calling the Phillies game, Ryan Howard ties up the game 3-3 in the 6th, now in the top of 7th.
2008-09-14 12:16:17
66.   whodat807
64 That's a bit of a premature conclusion, considering we're not even done with the first inning.
2008-09-14 12:17:15
67.   trainwreck
Woo hoo!

I got MLBTV. I can see the team.

2008-09-14 12:17:36
68.   bhsportsguy
Holiday is way out in front (which hard to believe) and grounds out weakly to third to end the 1st.
2008-09-14 12:17:51
69.   LoneStar7
wow pretty easy inning, and great fielding.
2008-09-14 12:18:39
70.   Bluebleeder87
Things I didn't know (from Wikipedia) Casey Blake:In 2006, Blake once again was the Indians' starting right fielder. He ultimately ended up missing much of the season due to injury. He played in only 109 games. Blake ended the season with a career-high .282 batting average, 19 home runs and 68 RBI.
2008-09-14 12:21:30
71.   Bob Timmermann
If John Facenda were calling the game, it would be really creepy.
2008-09-14 12:22:50
72.   bhsportsguy
Mota in for the Brewers in the bottom of the 7th. Blanton pitched 7 and left the game with the score tied at 3.
2008-09-14 12:24:33
73.   bhsportsguy
71 The Autumn wind is a Raider...
2008-09-14 12:26:03
74.   LoneStar7
Theres a Trojan for ya, Reggie Bush with a taunting penalty on his punt return for a TD
2008-09-14 12:27:17
75.   Bob Timmermann
Blustering out to sea
With a rollicking song
He goes along
Swaggering boisterously
2008-09-14 12:32:47
76.   Bob Timmermann
2008-09-14 12:41:53
77.   dodgerinlv
I turned off the TV after the game ended last night and wasn't aware of the D-Back ending until this morning.

But, how Ironic to name a piece to a trade (Ownings) and then have that person, a pitcher no less, pay you back the next day.

The wheels are definitely falling off the bus for AZ.

2008-09-14 12:43:17
78.   Bob Timmermann
Looks David Price's MLB debut will be 5 IP with just 2 hits and one run (a Jeter homer) allowed.
2008-09-14 12:44:25
79.   UVaDodger
I can definitely deal with this level of performance from Maddux. I am still not a believer, however.
2008-09-14 12:45:57
80.   Tripon
Loney should be batting 2nd today.
2008-09-14 12:51:26
81.   Bluebleeder87
man, I really thought Manny Ramirez was gonna drop that...
2008-09-14 12:52:15
82.   whodat807
Maddux looks absolutely masterful today.
2008-09-14 12:53:24
83.   Alex41592
Phillies on the verge of pulling within one game of Milwaukee.
2008-09-14 12:53:49
84.   Bob Timmermann
Phillies take 7-3 lead on the Brewers in the 8th.

Burrell drives in one and Victorino hits a 3-run homer.

2008-09-14 12:54:08
85.   bhsportsguy
Werth on first, no one out, Utley sacrifices (I think on his own), Howard is walked intentionally, Burrell singles to left and Werth beats the throw.

4-3 Brewers in the 8th. Until the Flying Hawaiian homers at it is now 7-3.

2008-09-14 12:56:26
86.   Bluebleeder87
Angel Berroa has Cooks number... here something on Berroa from Wikipedia:Berroa was originally signed as an undrafted free agent by the Oakland Athletics in 1997. He made his professional debut in the Arizona Fall League in 1999 and then played briefly with the A's Double-A team, the Midland Rockhounds. In 2000, with the Visalia Oaks in the Single-A California League he received an honorable mention on the California League All-Star team when he recorded 11 doubles and stole 11 bases in 129 games.
2008-09-14 12:57:08
87.   bhsportsguy
I hope Ned Yost doesn't go all Gene Mauch and start pitching CC and Sheets on 3 days rest.
2008-09-14 12:59:47
88.   Bob Timmermann
The Marlins scored seven runs in the eighth to take the lead against the Nats 8-6. All of the subs required the Marlins to make SIX defensive changes for the ninth.
2008-09-14 13:00:14
89.   caseybarker
Looks like the Raiders dodged an arrowhead.

How can a team with a great return game and 250 rushing yards only be ahead 16-8? You'd think they could at least get some good play-action going.

2008-09-14 13:00:37
90.   Bluebleeder87
This kind of warmed my heart just now (from Wikipedia)Greg Maddux:Maddux was born in San Angelo, Texas, but spent much of his childhood in Madrid, Spain, where the United States Air Force had stationed his father. His father exposed him to baseball at a rather young age, and kindled his passion for the sport.
2008-09-14 13:02:05
91.   Tripon
This game became less interesting.
2008-09-14 13:02:15
92.   bhsportsguy
I like Vin saying "grounded to shallow right field" as Hawpe grounds out to DeWitt.
2008-09-14 13:04:16
93.   Alex41592
Through 5 in 58 minutes.
2008-09-14 13:04:20
94.   bhsportsguy
Actually Lincecum faced the Dodgers in that dreaded Kuo/Billingsley rain game and I think he even got the win but he has not started a game against the Dodgers so far.
2008-09-14 13:04:38
95.   Tripon
DeWitt plays like he's a second right fielder.
2008-09-14 13:05:07
96.   Tripon
94 Who was the starter in that game for the Giants?
2008-09-14 13:06:30
97.   Bluebleeder87
thrue the magic of television, Vinnie pre-taped that little tid-bid.
2008-09-14 13:07:04
98.   Bob Timmermann
Merkin Valdez started for the Giants.

Yes, that Merkin Valdez.

2008-09-14 13:07:30
99.   Alex41592
96 - Merkin Valdez. Lincecum did win that game. That was the third game of the season.
2008-09-14 13:08:19
100.   tethier
I see the Pirates are clubbing the Cardinals 7-2 in the bottom of the 8th. If they win it will be 3 in a row. Hopefully they're not heating up in time for the Dodgers visit. LaRoche, An is 3 for 4 - 3 singles.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-14 13:09:03
101.   Bob Timmermann
The Red Sox have benefited from two bad calls on the bases in the 9th inning and lead the Jays 4-3 in the ninth.

But the bases are empty and two outs.

2008-09-14 13:09:53
102.   LoneStar7
man does this make me miss andre
2008-09-14 13:10:00
103.   Alex41592
Mets in some trouble up two in the ninth.
2008-09-14 13:10:35
104.   Tripon
Come on Manny! You got a guy on base!
2008-09-14 13:10:57
105.   Alex41592
Benches clear in Pittsburgh (baseball).
2008-09-14 13:13:20
106.   Tripon
Why is anyone running when Manny's at the plate?
2008-09-14 13:13:35
107.   Tripon
And Kemp was safe.
2008-09-14 13:13:44
108.   MonkeyBlue
Bison was safe!
2008-09-14 13:13:47
109.   Bluebleeder87
I see why Kemp is mad...
2008-09-14 13:13:57
110.   Bob Timmermann

3-run pinch homer gives the Braves a 5-4 lead in the ninth.

2008-09-14 13:14:18
111.   thinkblue88
bison smash!
2008-09-14 13:14:29
112.   bhsportsguy
103 Now they are beyond trouble.
2008-09-14 13:14:34
113.   Tripon
Manny being Manny.
2008-09-14 13:14:52
114.   Bluebleeder87
your reputation seems to have preceded you Manny Ramirez...
2008-09-14 13:17:33
115.   Bluebleeder87
Scherzer (I swear I spelled right with out cheating!)is making a lot of pitches in Zona.
2008-09-14 13:17:35
116.   Tripon
Casey Blake out at 3rd, Nomar's replaces him at 3rd.
2008-09-14 13:18:42
117.   trainwreck
Mike Shanahan's dream, the Broncos are a passing team again.
2008-09-14 13:19:48
118.   Bluebleeder87
Scherzer stroke out the side anyways.
2008-09-14 13:20:22
119.   KG16
My fantasy football teams are depending on good games by San Diego and Pittsburg. So far, San Diego's defense feels obligated to give the Broncos a lot of early yards. I'm hoping the goal line interception is coming.

Meanwhile, the Dodger game looks like one of those games that makes so many of my (usually female) friends ask how I can like baseball.

2008-09-14 13:21:36
120.   Linkmeister
Jeepers, this looks like 1996-era Maddux, at least according to Gameday.
2008-09-14 13:22:05
121.   trainwreck
This is pretty much guaranteed to be Maddux's best start for us.
2008-09-14 13:22:21
122.   Linkmeister
By that I mean, six innings, 52 pitches? Wow!
2008-09-14 13:22:30
123.   fanerman
Ah, so KG16 is a ladies' man.
2008-09-14 13:23:01
124.   Tripon
What is that Phiten commercial supposed to tell me? That Joba Chamberlin is a punk that breaks people walls for kicks?
2008-09-14 13:23:11
125.   trainwreck
If Broncos lose, the Raiders are tied for first!
2008-09-14 13:25:22
126.   Tripon
The Raiders, will this be the year Al Davis personally coaches the team?
2008-09-14 13:25:28
127.   bhsportsguy
The Braves are still up.
2008-09-14 13:25:33
128.   KG16
123 - in a manner of speaking... but a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell, or so I'm told.
2008-09-14 13:25:58
129.   KG16
126 - didn't he do that in the AFL days?
2008-09-14 13:28:13
130.   Tripon
129 Yeah he did. But the joke is that Davis keeps on hiring young, first time coaches like Madden, Gruden, and Kiffin because he's trying to mold a coach in his image.

I figure he might as well cut the charade and personally man the horrible team he personally created.

2008-09-14 13:28:19
131.   Tommy Naccarato
Maddox doesn't look too bad for being dead does he?
2008-09-14 13:29:04
132.   Tripon
We just might be heading to extra innings today.
2008-09-14 13:29:12
133.   Bluebleeder87
whoa! really nice pitch by Aaron Cook there.
2008-09-14 13:30:37
134.   bhsportsguy
The Mets have gave up 5 runs in the 9th, they trail 7-4 going to the bottom of the 9th.
2008-09-14 13:30:53
135.   Tripon
Hahahahahaha. The Replay system isn't working in the Chargers/Brancos game so a fumble that wasn't a fumble is ruled a fumble and can't be reviewed.
2008-09-14 13:31:12
136.   Bob Timmermann
Al Davis coached the Raiders from 1963-65. They were 23-16-3.
2008-09-14 13:31:19
137.   KG16
huh, you don't see that every Sunday.

Broken replay machine turns a catch for San Diego into a fumble recovery by Denver.

2008-09-14 13:33:19
138.   ToyCannon
Explain to me again why the Dodgers don't belong in the playoffs against the likes of the Cubs, Mets, and (Brewers or Phillies)?
2008-09-14 13:34:34
139.   Bob Timmermann
Because Juan Pierre's tips aren't generous enough.
2008-09-14 13:34:49
140.   KG16
138 - which version do you want, ESPN or Kevin Kennedy?
2008-09-14 13:36:08
141.   Tripon
Because the Dodgers play baseball west of the rockies.
2008-09-14 13:36:18
142.   Linkmeister
Barmes singles on a ball hit to Maddux? Somebody explain, please.
2008-09-14 13:37:53
143.   KG16
142 - Maddux fell trying to field it, I think, and couldn't get the ball to Loney in time.
2008-09-14 13:38:14
144.   Bob Timmermann
Maddux knocked the ball down but it squirted off to his left.
2008-09-14 13:38:49
145.   Alex41592
142 - Comebacker that nicked off Maddux's glove. Maddux ran to grab the ball but Barmes beat the throw.
2008-09-14 13:39:18
146.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Anyone have details on Blake's back injury?
2008-09-14 13:39:21
147.   Bluebleeder87
Coors field has some nice foul space out there.
2008-09-14 13:40:25
148.   Bluebleeder87
Maddux is doing his thing today.
2008-09-14 13:40:32
149.   Alex41592
146 - Minor back tightness is what they're calling it according to Diamond.

2008-09-14 13:41:08
150.   KG16
Vin about Maddux: he could cut diamonds today.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-14 13:41:39
151.   Linkmeister
2008-09-14 13:42:02
152.   Alex41592
Great game today and Maddux has been magnificent.
2008-09-14 13:42:07
153.   KG16
This Greg Maddux fellow seems to be pretty good, where's he been the last 15 years?
2008-09-14 13:42:10
154.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
149 - 'Preciate it.
2008-09-14 13:42:17
155.   Icaros
Didn't Furcal start with "minor back tightness?"
2008-09-14 13:42:36
156.   Ken Noe
I confess, I didn't think Maddux had this in him anymore.
2008-09-14 13:42:53
157.   bhsportsguy
The Mets lose and they will have a smaller lead over the Phillies than they did last year at this time regardless of what happens tonight.
2008-09-14 13:43:43
158.   KG16
155 - possibly, but Furcal does not have the power of the Beard. It's like the Force, but fuzzy.
2008-09-14 13:43:58
159.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Look at the pitches on Gameday: Five fastballs on the outside corner, and then a slider in. Wow.
2008-09-14 13:44:19
160.   Bob Timmermann
This is going to be one of those Auburn-Mississippi State kind of games.
2008-09-14 13:45:36
161.   KG16
Interesting, on 2nd and 20 (or so), the Chargers complete a 17 yard pass, but Denver gets called for illegal contact. Chargers take the five yards and the automatic first down.
2008-09-14 13:46:25
162.   KG16
So, no more days off for Martin?
2008-09-14 13:46:50
163.   Bob Timmermann
Is Stephen Drew hurt or is Bob Melvin running out of ideas on who to play and not playing one of his best hitters?
2008-09-14 13:46:50
164.   Tripon
Maddux is done for the day. Young is PH for him.

Ardoin is also out, and Marting PH for him and presumably will replace him as catcher.

2008-09-14 13:47:17
165.   Alex41592
Furcal was reported to have had back 'stiffness' on May 6th.

Perhaps somebody can alert me to the difference between tightness and stiffness.

2008-09-14 13:47:34
166.   Tripon
162 Not until we hopefully clinch I suspect.
2008-09-14 13:48:04
167.   thinkblue88
pee wee!
2008-09-14 13:48:17
168.   Tripon
D. Young is 3-3 against Cook. Perhaps Young should have started over JP today.
2008-09-14 13:48:34
169.   thinkblue88
Barry Zito is not very good at throwing baseballs.
2008-09-14 13:48:34
170.   LoneStar7
pee wee
2008-09-14 13:49:55
171.   Bluebleeder87
pretty nice inning to score here & MK has a hit against Cook today.
2008-09-14 13:51:49
172.   Tripon
This game is just like that infamous Phillies game. Think we can reach 14 hits without a run this time?
2008-09-14 13:51:56
173.   Bluebleeder87

It's pretty cool when the players bust there dancing moves when they clinch.

2008-09-14 13:51:59
174.   LoneStar7
2008-09-14 13:53:33
175.   Bob Timmermann
The day-night doubleheader in Chicago will just be a single admission doubleheader.

If they ever start playing.

2008-09-14 13:54:26
176.   KG16
this is why I wanted to play Baltimore's defense instead of San Diego's today. Stupid acts of god.
2008-09-14 13:54:44
177.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Game Score for Maddux: 74 (I think).
2008-09-14 13:55:11
178.   Bluebleeder87
it wasn't pretty but Pierre made the catch.
2008-09-14 13:55:28
179.   KG16
175 - is that on the junior circuit?

Wow, I really thought that one was gone, and then suddenly Pierre was standing under it.

2008-09-14 13:56:02
180.   Bluebleeder87
I have to admit, I still am not comfortable watching Wade pitch but he seems to get the job done.

especially cause it's Coors Field.

2008-09-14 13:57:25
181.   Bluebleeder87
Dude, no score in Coors Field.


2008-09-14 13:57:37
182.   KG16
Odds on Manny getting the IBB to lead off the 9th?

I'd say 1:4.

2008-09-14 13:57:39
183.   LoneStar7
here we go, lets get one, come on man ram
2008-09-14 13:57:54
184.   Bob Timmermann
Bengals vs. Pale Hose.

The Northsiders are playing in Miller (Minute Maid) Park tonight against the Astros. And it's a single game up there despite what Vin just said.

2008-09-14 13:58:14
185.   Ken Noe
Manny time.
2008-09-14 13:58:27
186.   KG16
181 - the Rockies have scored a total of three (3!) runs in this series. It's just crazy.
2008-09-14 13:58:27
187.   bhsportsguy
More pitches being thrown in 2 innings at Arizona than in 8 in Colorado.

0-0 after 2 from Chase.

2008-09-14 13:58:32
188.   Linkmeister
Well, that was efficient. Has Wade been taking lessons from Maddux?
2008-09-14 14:00:13
189.   KG16
they're pitching to Manny?

This isn't going to end well for the Rockies...

2008-09-14 14:01:32
190.   Tommy Naccarato
"Al Davis coached the Raiders from 1963-65. They were 23-16-3."

If I was Al Davis, I would have fired Al Davis....

2008-09-14 14:02:15
191.   Tripon
We're really missing Ethier tonight.
2008-09-14 14:02:20
192.   KG16
this is not my day to be prognosticating
2008-09-14 14:02:27
193.   Tommy Naccarato
Manny being sloppy..
2008-09-14 14:03:58
194.   KG16
I'm wondering if Nomar shouldn't get a few more games at short this year. Assuming he's not needed at third.
2008-09-14 14:04:03
195.   Tommy Naccarato
Is it time for a Nomah home run yet?
2008-09-14 14:04:13
196.   Bob Timmermann
Davis replaced himself with Jon Rauch (the coach, not the pitcher on Arizona), who did a lot better, 33-8-1, and an AFL championship and a trip to the Super Bowl.
2008-09-14 14:04:39
197.   Bob Timmermann
Actually, he was JOHN Rauch.
2008-09-14 14:05:22
198.   Tommy Naccarato
Believe it or not, but I remember that Joe Rauch.
2008-09-14 14:05:46
199.   Tommy Naccarato
John Rauch!
2008-09-14 14:05:57
200.   Bob Timmermann
Rauch was fired after going 12-2 and replaced by John Madden. Madden went 12-1-1 in his first season.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-14 14:07:21
201.   Jacob Burch
This is the second game this year to be 0-0 in the ninth.

The winning play?

Flyball: LF; Atkins Scores/Safe on E2 (catch)/unER/No RBI


2008-09-14 14:07:51
202.   Jacob Burch
201 That is, first at Coors
2008-09-14 14:08:10
203.   Alex41592
I'd let Wade pitch the ninth.
2008-09-14 14:09:25
204.   Bob Timmermann
The last time the Rockies were 0-0 going to the bottom of the ninth at Coors.

2008-09-14 14:11:33
205.   Jacob Burch
204 That's some team work right there.
2008-09-14 14:11:34
206.   Bluebleeder87
in honor of Nomar Garciaparra's walk here are some historical anecdotes from his native Whittier, California.

Pio Pico was the last Mexican governor of California & was a resident of Whittier back in the day & also from what I remember former President Nixon attended Whittier College.

2008-09-14 14:12:34
207.   Alex41592
I see Harrelson so the White Sox game should be starting soon (finally).
2008-09-14 14:15:26
208.   Bluebleeder87
This is insanity... seriously, no score in Coors Field in the 9th inning.


2008-09-14 14:15:48
209.   Alex41592
0-0 in the 10th at Coors. First time?
2008-09-14 14:16:05
210.   Bob Timmermann
The surprising thing was that when Pio Pico was alive the city was already called Whittier.

It was just a real estate scam to get unsuspecting Quakers to move out there. Little did they know they would be living in a city with really bad freeway access.

2008-09-14 14:16:39
211.   Tripon
Time to play Jayson REEEEEEEEEEEEEPKO.
2008-09-14 14:18:24
212.   Bob Timmermann
I'm pretty sure it is.
2008-09-14 14:18:45
213.   bhsportsguy
No score in Chase after 3.
2008-09-14 14:18:54
214.   KG16
210 - hey, they've got the 605, which eventually gets them to all the real freeways
2008-09-14 14:21:03
215.   Tripon
Mark Sweeney's pitch hitting.
2008-09-14 14:21:20
216.   Alex41592
Jay Bruce solo HR 1-0 Reds Top 4.
2008-09-14 14:21:57
217.   bhsportsguy
Jay Bruce hits a leadoff home run, 1-0 Reds.
2008-09-14 14:22:52
218.   Bob Timmermann
Does everybody who rides the 605 want to gamble or go to a strip club? I was noticing the billboards alongside that freeway last night.
2008-09-14 14:23:01
219.   Ken Noe
Sweeney made an out. Wow.
2008-09-14 14:24:06
220.   Alex41592
Kuo in.
2008-09-14 14:24:20
221.   bhsportsguy
218 I have always wondered why you can't do both at same time.
2008-09-14 14:25:20
222.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
OT: News from another board: "Matt Cassel hurt."
Who is the backup's backup?
Is Doug Flutie available?
2008-09-14 14:26:18
223.   Bluebleeder87
Man, Holliday scorched that ball.
2008-09-14 14:27:07
224.   Tripon
We're burning though the bullpen. I almost wish the Dodgers will give up a run and just get out of Denver.
2008-09-14 14:28:07
225.   Bluebleeder87
there we go K/Guo just trust your stuff & throw strikes.
2008-09-14 14:28:34
226.   LU Dodger


2008-09-14 14:28:42
227.   Icaros
Torre really got in Kuo's face, apparently making sure he wasn't hiding arm pain.
2008-09-14 14:28:44
228.   Bob Timmermann
Matt Cassel's backup is Kevin O'Connell.
2008-09-14 14:29:35
229.   Jacob Burch
228 All So-Cal for New England!
2008-09-14 14:30:09
230.   Tripon
Berroa doesn't have enough range.
2008-09-14 14:30:33
231.   Bluebleeder87
if anything I hope K/Guo can induce a DP here.
2008-09-14 14:31:21
232.   Bob Timmermann
I saw Berroa at a Home Depot looking at ranges. I think he has one with six burners.
2008-09-14 14:31:28
233.   Alex41592
Atkins ball was the DP ball but he pulled it in the hole.
2008-09-14 14:32:01
234.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-14 14:32:10
235.   Tripon
Well, yeah. Whose ball was that for? Kemp, or JP?
2008-09-14 14:32:16
236.   LU Dodger
if we lose this game, it's Tripon's fault.

...just so everyone knows hehe

2008-09-14 14:32:24
237.   Bob Timmermann
Very Coors-like hit there.
2008-09-14 14:32:42
238.   Bluebleeder87
Pierre was hesitant, he should have had that play, you can't blame 'em with The Bison coming in the way he was.
2008-09-14 14:33:07
239.   Ken Noe
Mr. Snipes has had the same range since he bought his first one at Sears back in '73, and it works just fine, thank you.
2008-09-14 14:33:52
240.   Tripon
Dodgers lose 1-0.
2008-09-14 14:34:01
241.   Alex41592
Ah well. Great game. Too bad. Series victory and on to Pittsburgh.
2008-09-14 14:34:34
242.   Ken Noe
Go Reds.
2008-09-14 14:34:36
243.   Bluebleeder87
it's all good man, we took the series & that's good enough for me.
2008-09-14 14:34:36
244.   MonkeyBlue
Tough loss. Stupid offense, so useless today.
2008-09-14 14:35:18
245.   bhsportsguy
So far all Division leaders that are involved in the race have lost today.
2008-09-14 14:35:37
246.   fanerman
Well, it happens.
2008-09-14 14:35:38
247.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
243 - Yep, 4-2 so far with four games at PIT. Barring disaster, this will be a successful trip.
2008-09-14 14:36:16
248.   bhsportsguy
The Dodgers lose another one run game on the road.
2008-09-14 14:36:52
249.   Tripon
I'm surprised that Torre didn't replace JP with Repko and moved Kemp to center.
2008-09-14 14:37:22
250.   Bob Timmermann
I blame this loss on Juan Pierre's tipping policies and Andre Ethier's potency.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-14 14:37:45
251.   Alex41592
Repko had already been used as a pinch runner for D.Y.
2008-09-14 14:39:04
252.   Tripon
Why the heck did Torre do that? Did he really think Manny would be able to play extra innings?
2008-09-14 14:46:42
253.   berkowit28
Why did Pee Wee need a pinch runner? Is he a poor baserunner?
2008-09-14 14:51:14
254.   Bluebleeder87
Justin Upton just hit a home rune, 1-1 Reds at Zona.
2008-09-14 14:51:47
255.   Alex41592
Upton destroys a ball upstairs in center field. 1-1 Bot 5.
2008-09-14 14:54:21
256.   Bilshaw
Chase Field. Sky flyball show
2008-09-14 15:02:50
257.   Tripon
Kuroda vs. Ohlendorf tomorrow. I expect a dominating performance by Kuroda.
2008-09-14 15:15:50
258.   bhsportsguy
Arizona is now 2 for 30 with RISP in this series against the Reds, they have scored 6 runs in two games and six innings.

1-1 going to the 7th, a battle of the pens.

2008-09-14 15:16:39
259.   Tripon
Manny no gusta Coors Field.
2008-09-14 15:19:10
260.   MC Safety
Dang you underdog. Anquan Boldin and Tony Scheffler! You have a good team.
2008-09-14 15:20:27
261.   berkowit28
Per Diamond Leung:

"Andre Ethier communicated to a Dodgers official that he's expecting to be able rejoin the team tomorrow, and it will be Tuesday at the latest."

2008-09-14 15:21:11
262.   Jacob Burch
260 I have both in my money league, but did not start Tony (or Brandon Marshall) for I am a fool and forgot to check. Ah well.
2008-09-14 16:02:33
263.   Alex41592
The Diamondbacks have left 15 men on base through 8 innings.
2008-09-14 16:14:16
264.   Johnson
Now going to extras in AZ, with Gigantor coming in to pitch. If the D'Backs lose this one, it could be completely demoralizing. Not just the 15 left on, but the Reds haven't had a baserunner since the fourth.
2008-09-14 16:14:44
265.   LU Dodger
Rauch is in
2008-09-14 16:15:40
266.   trainwreck
No! Niners are going to win.
2008-09-14 16:16:38
267.   trainwreck
Yes! He missed!
2008-09-14 16:18:00
268.   KG16
how is it that Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma are getting first place votes over USC in the latest polls?
2008-09-14 16:19:48
269.   KG16
the zebras in Denver are calling a lot of illegal contact penalties today.
2008-09-14 16:20:22
270.   Alex41592
Corey Patterson solo HR 2-1 Reds Top 10.

HR was off Rauch.

2008-09-14 16:20:44
271.   Tripon


2008-09-14 16:21:28
272.   Tripon
268 There are writers and coaches from Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma.
2008-09-14 16:21:38
273.   ucladodger
Jon Rauch/Brandon Lyon : Worst bullpen combination in history?
2008-09-14 16:22:48
274.   KG16
272 - do they not watch college football outside of their respective States?
2008-09-14 16:22:56
275.   Tripon
And Jim Bowden wanted us to give up DeJesus for Raunch.
2008-09-14 16:23:27
276.   LU Dodger
If I'm an Dbacks fan, I'm beyond words at Melvin's ability to keep sending Rauch out there.
2008-09-14 16:25:43
277.   KG16
that was a fumble by Cutler!
2008-09-14 16:25:45
278.   Tripon
274 coaches from the surrounding area might do it to pump up their own rep. Writers might do it if you follow the path that

OSU is overrated ---> USC hasn't played anybody this year ---> USC crushes OSU ---> OSU really was overrated, and USC still hasn't played anybody this year, and they don't play in the Big 12 or SEC.

In other words, until USC beats everyone, there's still going to be naysayers.

2008-09-14 16:26:36
279.   Tripon
The Reds send Cordero to protect the 2-1 lead.
2008-09-14 16:26:59
280.   Alex41592
1 away in AZ.
2008-09-14 16:27:03
281.   KG16
278 - ah, post hoc ergo proctor hoc.
2008-09-14 16:28:13
282.   KG16
um, this ruling by the referee is strange. And the rule, as explained is stupid.
2008-09-14 16:28:43
283.   Alex41592
2 away.
2008-09-14 16:29:39
284.   KG16
sorry trainwreck, 49ers win anyway
2008-09-14 16:29:50
285.   Alex41592
Eckstein singles and here comes Justin Upton.
2008-09-14 16:29:58
286.   Tripon
Two outs for the D'Backs. Its down to Eckstein. He is 0-4 today.
2008-09-14 16:30:25
287.   Tripon
Eckstein singles to center.
2008-09-14 16:30:29
288.   ucladodger
Referees should NEVER blow the whistle on a play like that. You can always reverse the call to an incompletion.
2008-09-14 16:31:27
289.   KG16
um, interesting ending in Denver.
2008-09-14 16:32:26
290.   Alex41592
Upton singles and Eckstein goes to third. 2 on for SCY.
2008-09-14 16:32:36
291.   KG16
between the bad fumble call early and the bad fumble call late, San Diego has been robbed today.
2008-09-14 16:33:15
292.   Tripon
Upton singled to center, and Eckstien to 3rd.
2008-09-14 16:34:01
293.   Alex41592
Cordero strikes him out!

Ballgame over!

And the Diamondbacks...LOSE!

Magic number: 10

2008-09-14 16:34:04
294.   Tripon
Young strikes out! Reds win!
2008-09-14 16:34:25
295.   Dark Horse
2008-09-14 16:35:53
296.   Ken Noe
Another loss in the Valley of the Done.
2008-09-14 16:36:25
297.   KG16
293 - wow, the Dodgers could clinch by the end of the week.
2008-09-14 16:39:39
298.   KG16
The Broncos got very, very lucky today.
2008-09-14 16:39:59
299.   KG16
Also, for the record, I still don't like Norv Turner.
2008-09-14 16:40:34
300.   Tripon
297 As long we do it on the homestand, that's all I care about. No reason to try to clinch in San Fran.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-14 16:40:38
301.   Tommy Naccarato
"The surprising thing was that when Pio Pico was alive the city was already called Whittier.

It was just a real estate scam to get unsuspecting Quakers to move out there. Little did they know they would be living in a city with really bad freeway access."

Which they willed on to neighbor La Habra. It takes me about 15-18 minutes to get to a freeway.

I believe the magic number is now 13, correct?

2008-09-14 16:43:48
302.   KG16
301 - magic number is 10, according to's standings
2008-09-14 16:44:41
303.   Tripon
301 Its ten! A combination of five Dodgers wins and five D'Backs losses net us the NL West crown. Lets knock it down a good deal by sweeping Pittsburgh!
2008-09-14 16:46:06
304.   KG16
anyone think the Dodgers could surpass the NL East leaders by the end of the season?
2008-09-14 16:48:57
305.   Alex41592
This is it:


4 @ Pittsburgh

3 vs. S.F

3 vs. S.D

3 @ S.F


4 vs. S.F

3 @ Colorado

4 @ St. Louis

3 vs. Colorado

Magic Number: 10

If we go 6-7 the rest of the way the Diamondbacks would have to go 11-3 to force a tie breaker game at Dodger Stadium.

2008-09-14 16:52:10
306.   Tripon
304 No, and I don't know if I want to face the Brewers in the first round even with the home field advantage. C.C. and Sheets are actually healthy, while Zambrano, and Harden aren't.
2008-09-14 16:53:40
307.   Gen3Blue
I was only able to pay attention to the ball games on and off today, but I just noticed the snakes lost, and I am beginning to believe things are falling the Dodgers way this year.
To have Maddox have an incredable low pitch shutout, and then to be totally shutdown by Cook(even Manny couldn't get an RBI) should be negative. But the snakes manage to lose to the Reds?????? Let the good times roll!!!
2008-09-14 16:55:10
308.   D4P
The women's billiard event was a success. You should go if there's ever one in your vicinity.

Mrs. D4P got her picture taken with Allison Fisher and got to shake hands with Jeanette Lee. The players are very friendly and accessible, and it's fun to watch them play. The champion of the event was the young Austrian, Jasmin Ouschan.

2008-09-14 16:57:08
309.   Bob Timmermann
The way the Brewers are going, the Dodgers would be more likely to face the NL East survivor in the first round.
2008-09-14 17:04:04
310.   whodat807
Would much prefer the Mets over the Cubs in a 5 game series. I'm pulling for the Phillies to take the WC.
2008-09-14 17:04:50
311.   LoneStar7
wooo...just saw that AZ lost, wonderful news
2008-09-14 17:04:58
312.   Tripon
Or the Astros. Part of me still believe they're smoke and mirrors.
2008-09-14 17:06:22
313.   D4P
The part of me that believes the Astros are smoke and mirrors is the eyes, which sees that Houston has been outscored by 7 runs this year.
2008-09-14 17:08:10
314.   Tripon
Possible NL managers in the post season.

Torre - Dodgers
Manuel - Phillies
Manuel - Mets
Pinella - Cubs
Yost - Brewers
Cooper - Astros
Melvin - D'Backs

It'll be a battle of the oooooooold school, and the just plain odd in Melvin. Talk about a guy who has absolute misplaced confidence in his bullpen mates such as Lyon and Rauch.

2008-09-14 17:08:37
315.   whodat807
312 They're something like 20 games over .500 since the All-Star break and have been getting progressively hotter as time goes on. Not sure how that could possibly be a fluke, but in any case, I want no piece of them. They got 2007 Rockies written all over them.
2008-09-14 17:09:06
316.   Tripon
313 So if they won a game 7-0, you'd suddenly be a believer? :)
2008-09-14 17:10:27
317.   D4P
Then I'd just think they were a .500 team.
2008-09-14 17:17:20
318.   Bob Timmermann
Phillies up 4-0 after 2 against the Brewers. Cubs lead the Astros 1-0 on a leadoff homer by Soriano.

So now the Astros fall further in D4P's eyes.

2008-09-14 17:23:01
319.   KG16
so, if the playoffs started today, the Dodgers would get the Cubs - who's own manager has said they are playing like they are waiting to get beat. If the Phillies pass the Brewers, the Dodgers would be going to New York to close down Shea Stadium. Or possibly to Philly if the Phils can pass both the Mets and the Brewers. Dodgers are six games off of passing the Mets with 13 to play.

Lot to be sorted out in the last two and a half weeks.

2008-09-14 17:24:20
320.   KG16
the Browns-Steelers game looks like it'll be fun - 30-60 mph winds.

yes, you read that right, they are saying wind gusts will get up to 60 mph.

2008-09-14 17:26:29
321.   Bob Timmermann
You're referring to whom the Dodgers would play if the playoffs started NOW.

If the Phillies hold on to their lead, they'd be tied with the Brewers for the wild card.

2008-09-14 17:30:57
322.   Icaros

Was Shanelle Lorraine there?

2008-09-14 17:31:00
323.   KG16
321 - I think I covered that in my ramble.
2008-09-14 17:32:21
324.   ucladodger

I want no part of Roy Oswalt right now. Go Phillies and give us the Mets. Their pen is almost DBacks bad.

2008-09-14 17:35:21
325.   Tripon
324 I do want part of Backe, and Randy Wolf, and Moelher. Their back end of the rotation is fairly weak.
2008-09-14 17:35:50
326.   bhsportsguy
321 Milwaukee needs that stopwatch that stops time.
2008-09-14 17:36:39
327.   D4P
No, but this young lass was:

2008-09-14 17:38:59
328.   Jacob Burch
323 I believe this is more a nod towards Bob's excitement over all the doubleheaders this weekend. (You said if they started "today" instead of "now").
2008-09-14 17:39:26
329.   ucladodger

True, but with the way Oswalt is going and with him getting 2 starts in a 5 game series, I'd rather play somebody else, even Johan. And its not like Randy Wolf is a complete scrub. He's decent and can dominate on occasion if he has the good curveball.

2008-09-14 17:39:58
330.   Icaros

She's cute. I like her three goals: 1) To be happy, 2) To be grounded & 3) To be the best in pool

2008-09-14 17:41:44
331.   Bob Timmermann
I've been watching way too much TV today...
2008-09-14 17:41:54
332.   D4P
Unfortunately, I didn't get to see her in person, as she had lost prior to the semi-finals. I did get to see Ga Young Kim (another earlier round loser) walking around, who is also cute, though not quite as cut IMO as Xiaoting.
2008-09-14 17:42:04
333.   ucladodger

And totally forgot about Wandy. If he can come back healthy and be close to his early season form, thats not a bad 1,2,3. Moehler and Backe would at most get 1 start.

2008-09-14 17:44:49
334.   Icaros

You've opened a door for me today I never knew existed

2008-09-14 17:48:38
335.   Tripon
I hope you enjoy today's ep of Perverted Female Pool Players Thoughts.
2008-09-14 17:49:38
336.   Alex41592
Cubs are in great shape on the 'road' in Milwaukee. 5-0 over the home team Astros.

The crowd needless to say is packed and cheering hard for the Cubs.

2008-09-14 17:50:00
337.   Bob Timmermann
5-0 lead for the Cubs in the third. 6-0 lead for the Phillies in the fourth.
2008-09-14 17:50:26
338.   Icaros

They seem like nice girls. How do you know they are perverted?

2008-09-14 17:54:02
339.   D4P
I discovered the world maybe 4-5 years or so ago on ESPN2. It's a tough sport to follow very closely, as the events don't air on TV for a few months or so after they take place.

Plus, there's only 8 tournaments or so a year.

2008-09-14 17:56:49
340.   D4P
They seem like nice girls

The tour does a very good job of making sure the players are accessible for talking and autographs and such. Even some of the players who lost earlier in the week hung around to watch and meet with fans. They were all very friendly and willing to spend time with anyone who wanted to.

2008-09-14 18:04:41
341.   Bob Timmermann
Even though the Astros are the home team in Milwaukee, they are wearing the gray pants they use on the road.
2008-09-14 18:13:47
342.   D4P
Are the Brewers wearing their home or road uniforms?

Not that I really care, but still, the question stands.

2008-09-14 18:24:46
343.   Bob Timmermann
Since the Brewers are playing in Philadelphia now, I'm guessing they are wearing road uniforms.
2008-09-14 18:26:39
344.   berkowit28
And the Cubs?
2008-09-14 18:27:43
345.   D4P
Oh. I guess I was missing some information and making an incorrect assumption.

A pox upon me for a clumsy lout.

2008-09-14 18:28:19
346.   KG16
341 - they could be wearing the white ones that were damaged by Ike
2008-09-14 18:29:16
347.   Bob Timmermann
The Cubs are blue tops and gray pants. The Astros are wearing orange tops and gray pants.
2008-09-14 18:30:29
348.   berkowit28
Now it feels like an off-day.
2008-09-14 18:33:02
349.   Alex41592
The Cubs 'home' game takes on an interesting subplot.
2008-09-14 18:37:45
350.   Tripon
I'm going to assume that the Brewers do not want to play the Cubs in the playoffs.

So why is there a rule forbidden teams from the same division from playing each other in the first round? Is it because of the unbalanced schedule and the fact teams play 18/19 times against each other? If this is such a crime, they should just go back to an balanced schedule and either allow more inter league games, or multiple trips to other NL cities. I'm sure the Dodgers would like to see Chicago more than once.

And why is Bill Gates and Sinefield trying to play the Odd Couple?

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-14 18:38:47
351.   D4P
So why is there a rule forbidden teams from the same division from playing each other in the first round?

I think it's intended to maximize the chance that the Red Sox and Yankees play each other in the Final Four, rather than the Elite Eight.

2008-09-14 18:39:33
352.   Tripon
As in Chicago the city. I'm sure the Cubs are lovely, but they're losers. The Lovable losers.
2008-09-14 18:46:56
353.   KG16
350 - I don't like the unbalanced schedule with the wild card. Too few games against teams your competing with over the course of the season. But as for the reason for the rule, I don't know. I suspect D4P is right, though MLB would never actually admit that.
2008-09-14 18:47:43
354.   KG16
352 - well, the Dodgers might get to see Chicago twice, once in the NLDS and then again, later...
2008-09-14 18:48:21
355.   Tripon
FJM has a new piece and they make this note:

Of course Colletti gambled on Manny -- you're getting fired if you do nothing, so you might as well pay the price in talent (no one the greater Los Angeles area seemed to place any value on the next six or whatever years of Andy LaRoche) to acquire a rent-a-player in a desperate Hail Mary attempt to save your job. And hey. Look. It worked. That was easy.

I'd disagree a bit because as Junior notes that nobody in L.A. could place the proper context of LaRoche's six year of cost control, which I say implies that Andy wouldn't get first shot at 3rd base next year even if he stayed with L.A., and if he still couldn't win the job outright by next year, what value did he really had? We didn't exactly sold high on LaRoche, but we didn't sell low on him either. For a rental, Manny ani't bad.

2008-09-14 18:51:37
356.   caseybarker
[351, 353]


2008-09-14 18:51:38
357.   Tripon
Don't visit ESPN if you wish to remain ignorant of a interesting game between the Cubs and Astros.
2008-09-14 19:00:20
358.   Alex41592
They are in the eighth inning in Milwaukee. And it's a good one.
2008-09-14 19:02:54
359.   Bob Timmermann
And there's a tie for the NL wild card spot now
2008-09-14 19:13:54
360.   Alex41592
Ninth inning in Milwaukee!
2008-09-14 19:16:30
361.   dianagramr
I wonder how many interesting games have ever taken place at a neutral site?
2008-09-14 19:19:31
362.   Alex41592
Zambrano takes the mound in Milwaukee.
2008-09-14 19:20:05
363.   Bob Timmermann
Neutral site games have never been interesting. There haven't been that many alternate site games.

In the NBA, neutral site games have been the site of many notable events. Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in Hershey, PA and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar broke Wilt's all-time scoring record in a game in Las Vegas.

2008-09-14 19:20:36
364.   Tripon
The Cubs and Astros game is on ESPN now.
2008-09-14 19:21:00
365.   Tripon
Wow, this is so not a away game for the Cubbies. All I see is blue in the stands.
2008-09-14 19:25:21
366.   Tripon
Zambrano no hits the Astros.
2008-09-14 19:25:43
367.   Alex41592
2008-09-14 19:26:00
368.   Jon Weisman
To say the least, Darin Erstad was determined to swing at that pitch.

Great job, Carlos.

2008-09-14 19:26:43
369.   Disabled List
Hurricane Ike just torpedoed the Astros' wild card run.
2008-09-14 19:26:51
370.   Tripon
Has any team gotten no hit/perfect game, and went on to win the world series?
2008-09-14 19:28:22
371.   dodgerinlv
Who made the decision for this game to be played in Milwaukee? It wouldn't be Selig's way of trying to insure that the Brewers make the playoffs, would it? This is such an advantage for the Cubs. The Astros would have been better of playing this game in a AAA stadium in Oklahoma or something.
2008-09-14 19:29:19
372.   LogikReader

Yep. It was our beloved 1988 Dodgers, in fact! The Reds no hit the '88 Dodgers that year.

2008-09-14 19:29:58
373.   Bob Timmermann
Ooh, I'm guessing that Metrolink wished it didn't have that prepaid PSA ready to go on my cable system.
2008-09-14 19:30:58
374.   Jacob Burch
373 Could you clarify?
2008-09-14 19:31:30
375.   dodgerinlv
Its almost as bad as the Saints having a "home" game against the Giants in Giants Stadium.
2008-09-14 19:32:43
376.   Bob Timmermann
Metrolink has a public service commercial with a jovial Huell Howser telling you how wonderful it is ride to Metrolink and what a wondrous experience it is.

I've seen it before. I'm sure the cable system just dropped it in to its computer sometime and this was the time for it to come up.

2008-09-14 19:34:38
377.   caseybarker

Tom Browning, correct?


2008-09-14 19:35:39
378.   Bob Timmermann
There were plans to play the games in Round Rock, but MLB wanted to have the games played in a dome to make sure that two of them were played.

Miller Field had an edge because it was also available on Monday.

Toronto was available too, but I would think that would have been logistically more difficult.

2008-09-14 19:57:54
379.   Bob Timmermann
Octavio Dotel: Not popular in Chicago.
2008-09-14 19:59:56
380.   bhsportsguy
NL West Contenders 9/15-9/18

Dodgers @ Pirates
Hiroki Kuroda (R) v. Ross Ohlendorf (R) 4:05 p.m.
Derek Lowe (R) v. Jeff Karstens (R) 4:05 p.m.
Chad Billingsley (R) v. Zach Duke (L) 4:05 p.m.
Clayton Kershaw (L) v. Paul Maholm (L) 9:35 a.m.

Giants @ Diamondbacks
Brad Hennessey (R) v. Doug Davis (L) 6:40 p.m.
Matt Cain (R) v. Dan Haren (R) 6:40 p.m.
Jonathan Sanchez (L) v. Brandon Webb (R) 6:40 p.m.
Tim Lincecum (R) v. Randy Johnson (L) 6:40 p.m.

2008-09-14 20:00:36
381.   fanerman
It's a little odd to listen to D4P talk without being all cynical. It's kind of nice. I also have a new appreciation for the WPBA, and I already liked it quite a bit before.
2008-09-14 20:19:22
382.   Tripon
Hey, remember when Dylan Hernandez wrote a puff piece about Juan Pierre's numbers in Sept? Yeah, I do too.
2008-09-14 20:27:49
383.   KG16
I have to admit, I find these Seinfeld/Gates commercials rather funny. But not funny enough to ever buy a PC again. In fact, I'm still working on a way to convince my boss to switch the firm over to Macs.
2008-09-14 20:29:24
384.   Tripon
D'backs are going to get at least 6 picks in the draft next year, but its a weak draft. Should a team just forget about the draft in a given year when its a weak year for talent?
2008-09-14 20:31:41
385.   Tripon
383 They're just so cheesy, and I don't know how Seinfield is going to appeal to a college age student to buy a PC.
2008-09-14 20:48:22
386.   KG16
385 - I know they're cheesy, that's what I love about them.

384 - given the nature of baseball, I don't think it's wise to take a year off from the draft. It's not like the NBA where you get two picks for 15 total spots. Baseball franchises have 7 rosters to fill out. The odds of anyone drafted in any particular year to make the ML roster are not good, but that doesn't mean you don't find a guy who can put it together while in Ogden or Vero Beach or Jacksonville.

2008-09-14 20:50:11
387.   Tripon
Among the many things Ramirez has brought to the Dodgers is pregame music. It had been banned by previous manager Grady Little and hadn't returned to the clubhouse until Ramirez started playing his favorite merengue artists. The atmosphere is definitely looser, and even if there are players who don't particularly care for Ramirez's taste in styles, nobody's complained to Torre.

Grady Little, trying to suck the fun out of Dodgerville until his terrible reign was deposed.

2008-09-14 20:54:29
388.   underdog
Well, that was a crazy sports day, wasn't it?

Saw the end of the Dodger game just in the live box score on my phone while out and about, then came back to watch the insane Broncos-Chargers game on delay via Tivo (my heart is now out of my throat). Then saw what happened with Zambrano. Loony!

Btw, that was indeed a bad call in the Broncs game, they caught a break there though at first I'm sure it looked like his arm was in motion and then they blew it by blowing the whistle. So they got a break, but the Chargers also gave up nearly 500 yard and 39 points, and had several chances to stop them at the end. Shanahan rolled the dice, partially showing confidence in the offense and to go for the kill, partially also because he had little confidence in his D's ability to stop the Chargers if it went to OT. So what the heck. Crazy but it worked. I'd feel more sorry for the Chargers if I didn't loathe them with the white heat of a thousand suns.

And Jacob, did you really not start Marshall today? Oh man, I, uh... sorry, man. Don't do that again.

18 catches!

Anyway, thanks to the Dbacks for flailing about. Let's take care of business in Pittsburgh, Blue.

2008-09-14 20:55:48
389.   Tripon
386 Let me rephrase, do you sign as many type-A free agents as you can, take the hints in the early rounds, and focus on signing higher talent/ higher risk signings of say, high schoolers who seemed focused on entering college over 'established' names?

The biggest advantage of picking in the first round is the relative high success of first rounders making it to the big leagues and becoming productive major leagues. In a weakened draft, one can assume that the percentage of said players picked will have a lesser chance of making to the top level, but they're still going to command similar or even more money to sign.

Of course, one should only sign an Type-A FA, and give up a draft pick if he's actually worth it, say C.C. ...

2008-09-14 21:12:48
390.   Jacob Burch
388 I'm fairly powerful at WR--I started TJ and Boldin. Still, with Cinci being, well, the Bengals, I should have given in to Marshall. A mistake by me to be sure.
2008-09-14 21:17:29
391.   StolenMonkey86
Ned Yost is riding CC's arm like Bochy is to Tim Lincecum. This is scarier for Lincecum, who hasn't made as much money, is about half the size, and hasn't been pitching as long.

But still, one has to think that in a 6 year deal for Sabathia, at least a couple months will be lost to injury.

2008-09-14 21:17:46
392.   bhsportsguy
How did your week go?

9/8 - 9/14
NL East
NY 3-2
Phil 5-2

NL Central
Chi 3-1
Milw 1-6
Houston 4-1

NL West
LA 4-2
AZ 1-5

AL East
TB 3-3
Bos 4-3

AL Central
Chi 3-3
MN 4-2

AL West
LAA 6-1 (Clinched division title)

NL Wild Card
Milw 1-6
Phil 5-2
Hou 4-1
StL 1-5

AL Wild Card
Bos 4-3
Minn 4-2

2008-09-14 21:24:26
393.   underdog
398 - Oh, only 2 WR slots in your league? Ah, that makes a bit more sense then, and yeah, the Bengals are the Bungles right now. I was pretty happy with Anquan's day as well (sorry MC!)
2008-09-14 21:25:07
394.   underdog
390 i meant, not 398. Okay, off to watch True Blood and then Mad Men! A fine night of telly.
2008-09-14 21:31:30
395.   Jacob Burch
393 Ay, sort of an odd one. Leaves too much value to chance I think, but it is what it is. I"m going to need a big game from westbrook to win, I'm afraid.
2008-09-14 21:50:54
396.   caseybarker
So... Fringe.

What do you think was in that woman's stomach?

2008-09-14 22:26:42
397.   jasonungar07
387 That was fun! Spent the last 15 min you -tubeing " MERENGUE"

got this one in my head...

2008-09-14 22:54:34
398.   Bob Hendley
397 - Merengue, like salsa, is dance music and best heard in that context. I don't mind listening to it, but my wife, who is Dominican, finds it nerve wracking, unless she is on the dance floor. So, I can imagine that there might be a few of Manny's teammates who are not overwhelmed by the musical choice.
2008-09-14 23:24:43
399.   FirstMohican
A guy with a .285 OBP broke up a perfect game? Man, that hurts.
2008-09-15 04:22:44
400.   D4P
I save that for special occasions.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-15 07:19:14
401.   Bob Hendley
399 - Every dog has his day. Someone mentioned here the other day that Harden had a BA against of .169, equivalent to facing a lineup full of M. Sweeney.
2008-09-15 07:25:41
402.   Bluebleeder87

wasn't it a perfect game? anyways, my next door cubicle mate just told me he heard they were placing a Dodger on the DL but didn't hear who it was, could it be Casey Blake?

2008-09-15 07:27:38
403.   Bluebleeder87

I can imagine... I think Grady Little probably did the right thing by banning music in the clubhouse when you think about it.

2008-09-15 07:32:07
404.   old dodger fan
After a "Hot Streak" in late August where Sweeney reached base in 5 consecutive PA's (2 singles and 3 BB) he has since made an out in 9 straight PA's. All were as a PHer.
2008-09-15 07:47:39
405.   silverwidow
Rotoworld has a column that speculates where FA's will sign.

Nomar Garciaparra - Giants
Rafael Furcal - Dodgers
Casey Blake - Astros
Joe Crede - Dodgers
Manny Ramirez - Phillies

2008-09-15 07:50:42
406.   D4P
Joe Crede is on the list of players whom Ned will inevitably attempt to acquire at some point during his career as MLB GM.
2008-09-15 08:04:21
407.   Bob Hendley
404 - Meanwhile, Pee Wee as an OBP as a PH of .417.
2008-09-15 08:12:30
408.   UVaDodger
405 What are the odds that he's right and the Dodgers offer 4 years 60 million to Furcal? That seems really high for such an injury risk.

And I think there is zero chance that McCourt doesn't sign Manny. He would have to be literally broke to give him up after what he's done here.

2008-09-15 08:14:21
409.   Bluebleeder87
Dodgers Dot Com only talks about Casey Blake so I'm thinking it's him, but who knows.
2008-09-15 08:16:27
410.   Bluebleeder87

Rafael Furcal makes sense (2 years only though) Joe Crede makes no sense to me & if NedCo likes 'em forget it, even worse.


2008-09-15 08:20:51
411.   MC Safety
I came back from an 8-2 deficit to get into xeifrank's H2H championship! And I forgot to start Clayton yesterday, too! Whoo hoo!
2008-09-15 08:23:57
412.   Gen3Blue
406 Say it ain't so!

UVa Please say it ain't so! But it may be.

That breaks at least two of the suggested no-nos for the Yankees in the Post article Jon mentioned in this post:
Don't give a long term contract to someone past their prime and don't give a long term contract to someone who may not care about every game.

2008-09-15 08:27:30
413.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-15 08:27:41
414.   ToyCannon
With Crede's injury history I don't see it. Ned is going to be gun shy about signing anyone with injury issues. The last thing he will want is to see another FA spending the season on the DL.
Ty Wiggington has been awesome(138 OPS+) for Houston, why would they want Casey Blake?

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