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Behold the Final Monday Road Game of the Regular Season
2008-09-15 15:32
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers have finally caught up with the Diamondbacks in terms of road games played. Each team has seven road games remaining.

I had thought last week might be rougher on the Dodgers. We'll see if the fates shift this week.

NL West Stretch Run
Date Dodgers Diamondbacks September 5 Comment At Day's End


at San Diego at San Francisco Dodgers have the easier opponent but probably the tougher atmosphere to play in. +1.5 games
9/9 at San Diego at San Francisco    +2.5
9/10 at San Diego at San Francisco    +3.5
9/11 Idle Idle    +3.5
9/12 at Colorado vs. Cincinnati Advantage, Arizona. The Rockies might still be fighting to stay in the race, at home.  +3.5
9/13 at Colorado vs. Cincinnati    +4.5
9/14 at Colorado vs. Cincinnati    +4.5
9/15 at Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco Traditionally an easy series for the Dodgers, this comes at the end of a 10-game road trip, so they'll be hoping Giants pitching gives Arizona trouble.  
9/16 at Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco    
9/17 at Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco    
9/18 at Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco    
9/19 vs. San Francisco at Colorado Advantage, Los Angeles.  
9/20 vs. San Francisco at Colorado    
9/21 vs. San Francisco at Colorado    
9/22 Idle at St. Louis    
9/23 vs. San Diego at St. Louis Ditto. Following a rest day to themselves, the Dodgers have one more big shot to make a move if they haven't already.  
9/24 vs. San Diego at St. Louis    
9/25 vs. San Diego at St. Louis    
9/26 at San Francisco vs. Colorado Dodgers have won big games in San Francisco before, but they'd like to avoid the race coming down to this weekend.  
9/27 at San Francisco vs. Colorado    
9/28 at San Francisco vs. Colorado    

* * *

Scott Elbert could continue to see more work while Hong-Chih Kuo nurses his sore arm, writes Diamond Leung of the Press-Enterprise. Leung also writes about the Dodgers' reunion with Andy LaRoche - who has been getting a batting-style makeover in Pittsburgh, according to Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. (Thanks to commenter BHSportsguy for the latter link.)

The Dodgers are also without Andre Ethier for one more start as well as Casey Blake, who is hoping that his back trouble doesn't Furcalate.

* * *

Craig Harris of the Arizona Republic looks at the Arizona Diamondbacks over the long term.

* * *

Dodgers at Pirates, 4:05 p.m.

Giants at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.

* * *

Update: September 18, 2006 - the date of the 4+1 game, and the date of Juan Pierre's last home run. Until tonight!

Comments (491)
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2008-09-15 15:41:39
1.   underdog
"Furcalate." Nice! Hope that doesn't happen, either. Speaking of which, what's the latest on Raffy?

Next week?

(In the We'll Believe It When We See It Dept.)

2008-09-15 15:42:02
2.   Bob Timmermann
A man, a plan, a baseball team, ARIZONA!

Wait... that doesn't work.

2008-09-15 15:48:03
3.   Bluebleeder87
looking at, Kuroda's best month was August with an era of 2.29, his second best month was may with an era of 2.87.
2008-09-15 15:49:50
4.   Bluebleeder87
to me, the schedule seems to favor us...
2008-09-15 15:52:39
5.   Tripon
Kuroda doesn't have many months to note.
2008-09-15 15:52:52
6.   LogikReader
...In a World Where there both of our rivals were totally underwater.

I got nothin'

2008-09-15 15:54:13
7.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
4 - Agreed. For AZ, the four-game set at St. Louis looks like a potential back-breaker.
But if the Cardinals are eliminated from WC contention sooner than later (Magic Number of 9), do they sit Pujols?
2008-09-15 15:55:04
8.   cargill06
Kuroda has had an extraordinarly unlucky 2nd half. His FIP in the 2nd half is 2.86, his ERA in the 2nd half is 4.76.
2008-09-15 15:55:36
9.   still bevens
I really feel like Andy was one of the 'darn kids with work ethic problems' we kept hearing about. Im not saying he's the only one, but this from the article Jon linked is noteworthy.

"The scholarship is more about not putting the work in and if we're not doing everything we need to get the most of our abilities. It's not just about performance," he replied. "In Andy's case, if he doesn't do what he needs to do this offseason, if he doesn't improve the body, improve the agility, all the things that we need him to do, then he won't be our third baseman next year."

2008-09-15 15:55:40
10.   LogikReader
Hey fellas, by the way

If you had XM or Sirius Radio, you may have heard the first episode of the Mad Dog "without Mike" show on XM 144 (not sure where it is on Sirius).

I doubt most of you are familiar with the old Mike and the Mad Dog Show on WFAN, but anyway, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's first surprise guest was Joe Torre!

I thought it was a decent interview, but it didn't reveal a whole lot, besides the Blake injury.

2008-09-15 15:55:55
11.   bhsportsguy
I think that the way the Rockies and Cards are playing, the Dodgers best leave Pittsburgh no worse than they started.
2008-09-15 15:57:34
12.   bhsportsguy
9 Jon gets all the credit even when his minions find the nuggets. ;)
2008-09-15 15:58:43
13.   Jim Hitchcock
7 No. If they're playing a pennant contender, it's tradition to field your best team.
2008-09-15 16:00:27
14.   LogikReader
This might shock you, but I think the Boston Red Sox are a really boring team to watch.

I'm not kidding. I think the Rays are more entertaining, and might even have better personalities.

2008-09-15 16:01:15
15.   UVaDodger
8 I have to admit, Kuroda has been a far better pitcher than I anticipated, and I was optimistic about the signing.

I suppose even a blind Colletti finds a nut once in a while.

2008-09-15 16:01:47
16.   NoHoDodger
My first LAT

Why would Torre put Martin as a leadoff hitter and have Pierre bat second?

Wouldn't Martin be a better choice to hit in front of Manny? The two slot will see more fastballs around the plate, perfect for Martin who has some sock, not so perfect for Pierre who has no sock.

But then again, could this be the game that Pierre gets his first homer by sitting on a fastball up the gut?

2008-09-15 16:02:01
17.   Harold M Johnson
10 it's 123 on Sirius.
2008-09-15 16:04:54
18.   Tripon
15 It was Logan White who suggested to Ned Coletti to sign Kuroda. Partly because White's head scout of the Dodgers, but I trust White's eye for talent over Coletti's any day of the week.

Also, I forgot that Vin doesn't travel east of the Rockies.


2008-09-15 16:05:23
19.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
17 - I read that as "Sinus."
(A channel that's nothing to sneeze at?)
2008-09-15 16:05:30
20.   Eric Stephen
When Jon goes big time I hope past clips will be easier to retrieve than Letterman clips from NBC once he moved to CBS.
2008-09-15 16:05:41
21.   Bob Timmermann
Unless you're Davey Johnson.

Robinson Checo says hello!

2008-09-15 16:06:20
22.   bhsportsguy
The Pirates play "Right Now" as they go out on the field.

I am really beginning to not like that song.

2008-09-15 16:07:23
23.   Jon Weisman
9 - Oops. I meant to credit you, but I screwed up.
2008-09-15 16:07:39
24.   Eric Stephen
If anything, Pierre not batting leadoff is a symbolic gesture that whatever the club may need out of that position, it is not something Pierre can provide.
2008-09-15 16:08:21
25.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow, a definite RIP for Ric Wright.
2008-09-15 16:09:03
26.   trainwreck
LaRoche flashing the leather.
2008-09-15 16:09:23
27.   D4P
What's the point of batting Pierre 2nd if he's not qualified to bat 1st...?
2008-09-15 16:09:25
28.   Gilgamesh
From the Pitysburg GMs comments, it sounds like he actually knows what BABIP is. I've never heard such verbage from Coletti.
2008-09-15 16:09:48
29.   trainwreck
That is push-ups for you, Pierre.
2008-09-15 16:10:14
30.   Bilshaw
Pierre= Automatic Out
2008-09-15 16:12:36
31.   Tripon
Oh James Loney, you cost Manny a stolen base!
2008-09-15 16:12:57
32.   Bob Hendley
I hoped for 5-5 on this road trip, so we are ahead of (my) schedule, at least and the Snakes not doing as well as I had thought they might do. All in all, looking pretty good at this point.
2008-09-15 16:13:02
33.   MonkeyBlue
Not even Manny can prevent Pierre pathetic at-bat.
2008-09-15 16:16:07
34.   Alex41592
Scott Kazmir opens with 9 consecutive balls.
2008-09-15 16:17:12
35.   Alex41592
And Ortiz makes him pay 3-0 Red Sox.
2008-09-15 16:18:18
36.   MonkeyBlue
Jeez Nomar has no range at all at 3rd.
2008-09-15 16:19:38
37.   Alex41592
5-0 Red Sox. Wow.
2008-09-15 16:19:53
38.   Alex41592
Err. 4-0 Red Sox.
2008-09-15 16:21:12
39.   Bob Timmermann
The 150:1s would still be in first if they lose.
2008-09-15 16:22:28
40.   Bob Timmermann
Josh Whitesell will make his MLB debut at first base for Arizona tonight.
2008-09-15 16:22:41
41.   Alex41592
Great pitch by Kuroda.
2008-09-15 16:25:09
42.   LogikReader
Remember that rant Ned Yost had after the Pirates broke up a potential no hitter for CC?

Could you say that Andy LaRoche helped fire Ned Yost? :)

2008-09-15 16:26:17
43.   Bob Timmermann
The Brewers ownership has disliked Yost's performance all year long. The sweep in Philly proved to be the precipitating event.
2008-09-15 16:27:38
44.   bhsportsguy
43 I heard this morning that the fans were not that thrilled with Yost.
2008-09-15 16:28:58
45.   Bob Timmermann
Yost was almost fired early in the season when the Brewers were struggling.
2008-09-15 16:30:25
46.   MonkeyBlue
Tough break for Bison.
2008-09-15 16:30:58
47.   Alex41592
Kemp did everything right but it found the glove.
2008-09-15 16:32:24
48.   Tripon
DeWitt with a four pitch walk. They're disrespecting Angel Berroa!
2008-09-15 16:33:16
49.   bhsportsguy
I am torn between listening to Rick Monday or watching the Milwaukee Brewer presser.
2008-09-15 16:33:56
50.   Tripon
Odds on a Berroa resigning? With or Without Manny? Or would a Berroa signing be independent of Manny resigning?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-15 16:35:13
51.   Alex41592
Berroa fouled that after it hit the ground.
2008-09-15 16:35:32
52.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Girardi must be really angry at Robinson Cano as he's sitting him again tonight and starting Cody Ransom at second.

Cody Ransom, a revered name in Dodger lore.

2008-09-15 16:35:38
53.   Tripon
I feel like Berroa has swung at 4 balls already.
2008-09-15 16:35:42
54.   Jim Hitchcock
BTW, does anyone else think the Cincinatti broadcaster sounds like Dennis Farina?
2008-09-15 16:36:08
55.   Bob Timmermann
I believe that's a wild pitch.

Just a hunch.

2008-09-15 16:36:08
56.   Tripon
What the heck was that pitch!?
2008-09-15 16:36:37
57.   UVaDodger
Ohlendorf is having ever so slight control problems.
2008-09-15 16:36:54
58.   bhsportsguy
Jerry Reuss saying that one was just a bit short.
2008-09-15 16:37:08
59.   BlueCrew Bruin
JUUUuust a bit low...
2008-09-15 16:37:09
60.   Alex41592
Ok, Kuroda. Just stand there.
2008-09-15 16:37:15
61.   MonkeyBlue
Damn! Too bad Kuroda is up.
2008-09-15 16:37:52
62.   bhsportsguy
I have this weird thing happening on my MLB media player, its playing Monday and Reuss but I have a small video box of the Brewer presser.
2008-09-15 16:38:22
63.   bhsportsguy
59 Can basketball season start today?
2008-09-15 16:38:27
64.   Tripon
Kuroda might be a better hitter than Berroa.
2008-09-15 16:39:41
65.   Gen3Blue
I'm worried about Kuroda getting hit! Don't swing!
2008-09-15 16:40:12
66.   MonkeyBlue
Go Kuroda!
2008-09-15 16:40:26
67.   Bob Timmermann
Trust me, Charlie, I can tell you what a library sounds like and it ain't like PNC Park.

Rule 1 and common decency prevents me from reproducing the sounds.

2008-09-15 16:40:45
68.   Tripon
Kuroda is putting up a batting clinic!
2008-09-15 16:41:22
69.   The Dude Abides
I think you meant better than Sweeney.
2008-09-15 16:41:43
70.   bhsportsguy
67 I remember when librarians were people you did not want to know about their private life.
2008-09-15 16:41:50
71.   Gen3Blue
Don't swing!
2008-09-15 16:42:20
72.   MonkeyBlue
Damn it Kuroda.
2008-09-15 16:42:33
73.   Tripon
Well that sucked. Who could ever predicted a DP!
2008-09-15 16:42:40
74.   The Dude Abides
Wow, both Nomar and Kuroda run like Jeff Kent.
2008-09-15 16:42:58
75.   D4P
I wouldn't let my pitcher swing in that situation.
2008-09-15 16:43:06
76.   Bob Timmermann
Do you have any coffee?
None, not even a jar of Folger's crystals?
2008-09-15 16:43:33
77.   fanerman
Rule 1 guys?
2008-09-15 16:43:36
78.   Alex41592
Great at bat but I am firmly against a pitcher with the bases loaded and less than 2 outs swinging the bat.
2008-09-15 16:44:40
79.   Bob Timmermann
Dontrelle Willis pitches for the Tigers tonight in Texas as Detroit tries to stay alive.

I'm expecting somebody to get eliminated.

2008-09-15 16:44:40
80.   underdog
Damn that was a great at bat for Kuroda - until the last pitch. Ah well.

I tuned into this late - the Pirates broadcasters sound like those EuroCup announcers who broadcast remotely instead of live at the venue, except more boring.

2008-09-15 16:44:45
81.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
On the positive side, Ohlendorf has made 39 pitches in two innings.
2008-09-15 16:44:54
82.   bhsportsguy
77 "Goodness gracious sakes alive!"
2008-09-15 16:45:02
83.   Gen3Blue
That's why don't swing. What coach is responsible for that.

Also I'm pessimistic for two main reasons-but to heck with pessimism. Lots of pitches and not many good relievers in Pittsburg.
Go Dodgers.

2008-09-15 16:45:50
84.   Bob Timmermann
Despite, walking two and giving up four runs in the first, Kazmir threw five fewer pitches than Matsuzaka.
2008-09-15 16:46:18
85.   LoneStar7
i really hope yesterday didn't throw our offense into a total funk, plays like that remind me of the Dodgers 3 weeks ago
2008-09-15 16:46:31
86.   underdog
If the Reds' analyst/sidekick is Dennis Farina, the Pirates guy is Simple Jack?
2008-09-15 16:46:40
87.   D4P
You don't, say.
2008-09-15 16:47:07
88.   Alex41592
Andy LaRoche vs. the Dodgers. Call your friends and neighbors.
2008-09-15 16:47:22
89.   underdog
The pitcher hitting into a double play after a nine-pitch at bat, and one game, are hardly reason for despair.
2008-09-15 16:47:45
90.   Bob Timmermann
I, love, commas, I can't seem, to get, enough of them.
2008-09-15 16:49:02
91.   underdog
Luis Cruz = Neville Longbottom.
2008-09-15 16:49:15
92.   Eric Stephen
Comma Chameleon was a great song by Culture Club back in the day.
2008-09-15 16:49:55
93.   Gen3Blue
I know stating the obvious is probably pushing some rule here. But I am really curious if anyone is responsible for the pitcher, already causing at least 6 or 8 pitches, swinging at a pitcher who is notably wild, when one of the likely outcomes is a double play.
2008-09-15 16:49:57
94.   D4P
Radiohead's "Comma Police" ain't too shabby, either.
2008-09-15 16:50:47
95.   Alex41592
Today is also the final game ever to be played on Monday at Yankee Stadium.
2008-09-15 16:51:20
96.   Eric Stephen
What about the playoffs? Oh wait...
2008-09-15 16:52:35
97.   Bob Timmermann
If the Yankees win tonight, they move into a tie for third.

And the Rays are playing their next seven games (including tonight) against the Red Sox and Twins.

2008-09-15 16:52:37
98.   MonkeyBlue
They got to get a run out of this inning while the pitcher is struggling.
2008-09-15 16:53:34
99.   Alex41592
You might as well hit and run here.
2008-09-15 16:54:10
100.   bhsportsguy
If we all took Buck O'Neils' outlook on life, we would be a lot happier. And we would talk to any woman wearing a red dress.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-15 16:54:14
101.   UVaDodger
93 I'm consoling myself with the thought that Kuroda was probably told not to swing but was too proud to listen.

This is likely not the case, but my self-conciliatory thoughts need not reflect any reality.

2008-09-15 16:54:23
102.   Alex41592
Business we are in.
2008-09-15 16:54:31
103.   The Dude Abides
Slappy gets a hit!
2008-09-15 16:54:56
104.   Bob Timmermann
Remember it takes two people to lie. One to lie and one to listen.
2008-09-15 16:55:11
105.   UVaDodger
Double steal time? Those are always fun.
2008-09-15 16:55:39
106.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
102 - I can no longer hear the phrase "We're in business" without thinking of Tom Sizemore in Saving Private Ryan.
2008-09-15 16:56:08
107.   fanerman
105 With Manny up?
2008-09-15 16:56:30
108.   UVaDodger
104 That's why I blame my ex-girlfriends for the liberties I've taken with the truth.
2008-09-15 16:56:57
109.   UVaDodger
107 I said fun, not wise.
2008-09-15 16:57:24
110.   MonkeyBlue
This guy is WILD!
2008-09-15 16:57:48
111.   The Dude Abides
That pitch reminded me of Corey Snyder for some reason.
2008-09-15 16:57:56
112.   Alex41592
Pittsburgh is playing for nothing. They don't need to walk Manny.
2008-09-15 16:58:23
113.   MonkeyBlue
Manny delivers the good!
2008-09-15 16:58:31
114.   Alex41592
2008-09-15 16:58:36
115.   bhsportsguy
111 Cory Snider = Gary Busey
2008-09-15 16:58:36
116.   The Dude Abides
I love it when they pitch to Manny with runners on 2nd and 3rd.
2008-09-15 16:58:59
117.   fanerman
Wild Pitch = almost as fun.
2008-09-15 16:59:00
118.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Had you asked this guy to give Manny an IBB, he might've thrown strikes.
2008-09-15 16:59:28
119.   Eric Stephen
43 RBI and counting in 42 games. Oyster Burns is spinning in his grave.
2008-09-15 16:59:33
120.   bhsportsguy
There are several people in Phoenix thinking walk Manny.
2008-09-15 16:59:42
121.   underdog
Seriously, I'm going to need a nap very soon if I have to keep listening to these Pirates announcers. I wish I'd had a tape of them last night when I had insmnia.

Manny is clutch!

2008-09-15 17:00:05
122.   The Dude Abides
Oops I meant Chris Snyder
2008-09-15 17:01:18
123.   bhsportsguy
There was a lot more cheering for the visiting team in today's game in Milwaukee.
2008-09-15 17:01:44
124.   bhsportsguy
I guess sometimes a 7+ ERA does mean something.
2008-09-15 17:01:58
125.   Eric Stephen
I'm not a Gameday regular, but have used it recently thanks to the iPhone. The phrase "in play, no out" makes me happy.
2008-09-15 17:02:22
126.   Tripon
Nomar breaks rule 1!
2008-09-15 17:02:27
127.   Alex41592
Nomar with the rule 1.
2008-09-15 17:03:02
129.   Eric Stephen
I guess the Dodger equivalent would be having to play a game against the D-Backs in San Diego.
2008-09-15 17:03:22
130.   underdog
LOL. There's a concert after the Pirates game in Pittsburgh on Saturday night: Lynyrd Skynyrd.
2008-09-15 17:03:29
131.   KG16
gah, i hate games on the east coast, always forget that they start in the middle of the afternoon.
2008-09-15 17:03:48
132.   bhsportsguy
He hit a double on the first pitch in his first at-bat so you play with the devil.
2008-09-15 17:04:32
133.   bhsportsguy
129 Maybe in Anaheim, I think in San Diego, it would sound like a library.
2008-09-15 17:04:33
134.   Tripon
129 Wouldn't it be more like the Dodgers against the D'Backs in Orange County?
2008-09-15 17:04:34
135.   Eric Stephen
"Up jumps the devil" is a Vin phrase I have grown to enjoy over the last few years.
2008-09-15 17:04:37
136.   MonkeyBlue
Bison and Nomar? Come on man.
2008-09-15 17:04:49
137.   Alex41592
Can you imagine playing a crucial 'home' game against the Cubs in Arizona?
2008-09-15 17:05:09
138.   Mandingo
Those of you with TIVO should rewind to the pitch right before Loney's hit...I am pretty sure Manny stole a sign and relayed it to Loney.
2008-09-15 17:05:27
139.   Eric Stephen
It didn't sound like a library last week, when JJ42 & I (in separate sections) lead a non-hostile takeover of Petco! :)
2008-09-15 17:06:14
140.   Alex41592
2008-09-15 17:06:25
141.   MonkeyBlue
Break for the Dodgers. Wow.
2008-09-15 17:06:30
142.   Tripon
Thank you Ryan Doumit.
2008-09-15 17:07:16
143.   underdog
That was dumb. Thanks, Pirates!
2008-09-15 17:07:16
144.   Jim Hitchcock
PNC = PNAC. The neocons have invaded baseball!
2008-09-15 17:07:49
145.   Neal Pollack
Wow, this is a bad team we're playing.
2008-09-15 17:08:03
146.   Tripon
What's Doumit story? He doesn't seem the most natural catcher even though his numbers seem good for a catcher.
2008-09-15 17:08:03
147.   Alex41592
138 - Either that or he was stretching right after the moment the catcher was finished with his sign. Coincidence?
2008-09-15 17:08:39
148.   Alex41592
Another walk for DeWitt.
2008-09-15 17:08:40
149.   Tripon
Also, DeWitt suddenly is becoming a walk machine.
2008-09-15 17:09:15
150.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
138 - Manny can play the clown for the media, but every in-depth piece on him paints him as a hitting savant.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-15 17:09:39
151.   Mandingo
147 - Pitching coach made a visit to the mound right after...coincidence?
2008-09-15 17:11:34
152.   Alex41592
7 walks in 5 games for DeWitt.
2008-09-15 17:11:36
153.   Mandingo
150 - I don't doubt one bit of it.
2008-09-15 17:11:52
154.   Jim Hitchcock
Dang, if we had batted around just once more, I could have gotten home before the 4th inning.
2008-09-15 17:11:58
155.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
149 - That's 11 walks in 15 games as a starter since his call-up.
2008-09-15 17:12:06
156.   capdodger
Good inning. Nice stadium.

Section 7, row G, seat 1 is a nice view.

2008-09-15 17:15:03
157.   underdog
154 Okay, you better not be blog-commenting from your car, or I'm gonna be mad!
2008-09-15 17:15:08
158.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
156 - Are you there? (You and literally dozens of others?)
2008-09-15 17:16:24
159.   The Dude Abides
That infield dirt sure seems beat up. A lot of odd bounces.
2008-09-15 17:17:45
160.   bhsportsguy
Life may no longer worth living past November. No, not the election.

TRL is leaving the airwaves. Where will pop tarts and wanna Leif Garretts go now?

2008-09-15 17:18:27
161.   Jim Hitchcock
157 Easy, buddy! ;)

No, still at work, with about a ten minute drive home.

2008-09-15 17:20:18
162.   Alex41592
Marino Salas is in the game.

What? You don't know him?

2008-09-15 17:21:06
163.   capdodger
158 yep. I missed the them when they came to DC and when I was out in LA in August, so there was no way I was going to miss a chance encounter thos time.


2008-09-15 17:21:17
164.   LogikReader
Off the catwalk... off the catwalk, yea... Jason Bay hits a HR off the catwalk...

5-1 Red Sox in Tampa

2008-09-15 17:21:45
165.   bhsportsguy
I am guessing that 2000+ home runs between Jr., Thome, A-Rod and Jason Giambi are the largerst quartet ever to play in the same game in baseball history.
2008-09-15 17:21:50
166.   UVaDodger
The Pirates may have just replaced a terrible pitcher with a worse pitcher.
2008-09-15 17:23:35
167.   underdog
161 Whew! Okay, as you were then. ;-)

(I confess, I sometimes check out on DodgerThoughts and/or live box scores on my phone when on the bus, but never do it on my bicycle. Or in a car. Or when backpacking.)

2008-09-15 17:24:11
168.   Alex41592
Martin with his 13th walk of the month.
2008-09-15 17:24:34
169.   Marty
Let's see if Pierre can take a walk.
2008-09-15 17:24:58
170.   Marty
2008-09-15 17:25:01
171.   Alex41592
Kuroda looked like he tweaked something.
2008-09-15 17:25:04
172.   UVaDodger
It's an epic battle, a pitcher who can't find the plate versus a batter who is morally opposed to walking.
2008-09-15 17:25:21
173.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-09-15 17:25:40
174.   capdodger
150 - I saw a lot of rocks being raked around by the grounds crew bbefore the game. I'm not surprised it's playing rough.

Why is he in the lineup if he can't get the bunt down?

2008-09-15 17:25:41
175.   Jim Hitchcock
167 There's a little Luddite in all of us.
2008-09-15 17:25:43
176.   UVaDodger
Salas 1, Pierre -1,000,000
2008-09-15 17:26:18
177.   The Dude Abides
I would think that doing a hit and run in that situation would be better than sacrificing, especially with Manny on deck.
2008-09-15 17:26:40
178.   bhsportsguy
165 2094 HRs for those 4, over 3000 career HRs for both starting lineups.
2008-09-15 17:26:42
179.   Alex41592
Jason Varitek makes it 7-1 Red Sox.
2008-09-15 17:27:22
180.   Tripon
Yeah, these are the 2008 Pirates.
2008-09-15 17:27:44
181.   MonkeyBlue
This is why they're the Pirates.
2008-09-15 17:28:15
182.   Andrew Shimmin
Oops, again.
2008-09-15 17:28:25
183.   JoeyP
Why on earth was Pierre bunting with Manny hitting right behind him?
2008-09-15 17:28:30
184.   Tripon
Loney gets two RBI, and gets picked at first.
2008-09-15 17:28:31
185.   MonkeyBlue
Good job Loney.
2008-09-15 17:28:36
186.   bhsportsguy
How catchable was that fly ball? Manny has had 2 singles bang off the wall in the last few days.
2008-09-15 17:29:17
187.   Gen3Blue
How we didn't score --OKm\now>
2008-09-15 17:29:30
188.   Alex41592
Duncan told him to stay. Loney just went too far.
2008-09-15 17:30:01
189.   Tripon
186 Catch able, if the Pirate Outfielder(Moss) just ran all the way to the wall. For some reason, he was like 10-15 feet away from the ball.
2008-09-15 17:30:17
190.   Gen3Blue
Wow, a first pitch even Nomar couldn't swing at.
2008-09-15 17:30:25
191.   Tripon
Nomar breaks rule 1 again!
2008-09-15 17:30:53
192.   LogikReader
We talk about the Pirates giving gifts, but the Dodgers also gave them two gift outs between Loney and Pierre.

Ah well... it happens. 5-0 Dodgers

2008-09-15 17:33:33
193.   Andrew Shimmin
Looks like Kuroda is okay.
2008-09-15 17:35:36
194.   JoeyP
The Pirates announcers sound like they're ready for the season to be over.
2008-09-15 17:36:40
195.   Alex41592
It looks like Boston will have more wins than Tampa Bay when this day is over.
2008-09-15 17:37:26
196.   MonkeyBlue
Russel throw a out a runner? Wooo!
2008-09-15 17:37:31
197.   Zak
2/3 more innings of Kuroda and then James McDonald tonight. or for sure not this season.
2008-09-15 17:37:37
198.   Alex41592
Running down by 5.
2008-09-15 17:38:30
199.   JoeyP
Adam LaRoche trying to steal 2nd down 5-0?

They are the Pirates.
Makes sense.

2008-09-15 17:39:15
200.   Alex41592
I think we may see James McDonald in San Francisco.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-15 17:39:20
201.   Zak
I mean 2 to 3 more innings, not 2/3rd.
2008-09-15 17:39:35
202.   UVaDodger
197 2-3? Or two-thirds?
2008-09-15 17:40:23
203.   UVaDodger
201 Ah, I thought 2/3 was oddly specific.
2008-09-15 17:42:56
204.   Alex41592
Another walk for DeWitt.
2008-09-15 17:43:23
205.   Tripon
Steve Lyons is asking if DeWitt actually swung at a pitch tonight.
2008-09-15 17:43:23
206.   Tripon
Steve Lyons is asking if DeWitt actually swung at a pitch tonight.
2008-09-15 17:43:34
207.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I like the idea that in Phoenix right now, AZ players are warming up on the field and occasionally sneaking a peek at the out-of-town scoreboard - where they see the Dodgers are winning again.
No pressure, boys.
2008-09-15 17:44:15
208.   Gen3Blue
The poor Dodgers keep getting runners in scoring position and trying not to score them. Thank God they are in Pittsburg!

Hey, what is the salary clock doing for DeWitt and Andy LaRoche. I know its complicated.

2008-09-15 17:44:15
209.   The Dude Abides
Bison placement! DeWitt patience! I really like this team's future.
2008-09-15 17:44:22
210.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Someone should ask Rob Neyer what he thinks of DeWitt now.
2008-09-15 17:44:43
211.   underdog
197 Do you have inside information, or just a bold prediction?
2008-09-15 17:44:44
212.   Alex41592
205 - DeWitt foul tipped a pitch in his 2nd PA.
2008-09-15 17:45:02
213.   UVaDodger
205 DeWitt swung at the third pitch he saw in the third, and fouled it off. Other than that pitch, no, he has not.
2008-09-15 17:45:41
214.   Tripon
Doubt DeWitt would be a super two.
2008-09-15 17:45:44
215.   The Dude Abides
Bad luck...Berroa's shot caromed off the mound at a weird angle, right to the SS. It was going into CF otherwise.
2008-09-15 17:45:50
216.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Berroa the human out.
2008-09-15 17:50:04
217.   Gen3Blue
Kuroda with one of the better hit balls of the night, but right at Moss, who our announcers were yacking about.
2008-09-15 17:50:06
218.   Zak
211 Prediction. Conditions are ideal.
2008-09-15 17:53:31
219.   Lee Corbett
what's the verdict on Andy LaRoche now from those who can watch the games? I don't get to watch other than Game Day to get a sense of how he looks, but his numbers are ordinary.
2008-09-15 17:54:17
220.   underdog
218 I'm thinking McDonald will more likely get his shot after/if the Dodgers clinch. Heck, I wouldn't mind seeing him in San Francisco the last weekend, because that will mean the Dodgers clinched, and it would be fun to see him live. Tonight would be fun, maybe if they score a couple more runs?
2008-09-15 17:55:56
221.   The Dude Abides
Good route by McLouth in CF there. Tracked it right off the bat.
2008-09-15 17:56:33
222.   Tripon
WHAT THE!!?>!>?!
2008-09-15 17:56:34
223.   Mandingo
2008-09-15 17:56:35
224.   Andrew Shimmin
I don't believe what I just saw!
2008-09-15 17:56:36
225.   Bob Timmermann
Time to go repent my sins.
2008-09-15 17:56:43
226.   The Dude Abides
I feel a disturbance in the force.
2008-09-15 17:56:46
227.   Eric Stephen
My eyes deceive me!!!
2008-09-15 17:56:49
228.   eusmus
I've gone blind.
2008-09-15 17:56:55
229.   trainwreck
2008-09-15 17:57:05
230.   skybluestoday
Pigs fly!
2008-09-15 17:57:12
231.   cargill06
2008-09-15 17:57:13
232.   capdodger
I don't believe what I just saw.
2008-09-15 17:57:17
233.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
The end is nigh.
2008-09-15 17:57:20
234.   Lee Corbett
Get out!
2008-09-15 17:57:27
235.   fanerman
Did the unthinkable get thunk?
2008-09-15 17:57:35
236.   UVaDodger
Is Gameday broken? Pierre didn't really hit a home-run, right?
2008-09-15 17:57:39
237.   Marty
Did Pierre really hit it out?
2008-09-15 17:57:52
238.   JoeyP
I hate to see the karmic flip side of a Juan Pierre homer.
2008-09-15 17:57:54
239.   Alex41592


2008-09-15 17:58:04
240.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Mr. Salas should just drop his glove, right now, and head for the nearest exit.
2008-09-15 17:58:04
241.   DXMachina
In a year so improbable, the impossible has happened!
2008-09-15 17:58:09
242.   Humma Kavula
...dogs and together...!!!
2008-09-15 17:58:15
243.   Rob M
That settles it - all Dodger's success are belong to the Manny effect.
2008-09-15 17:58:27
244.   Tripon
It was a no doubter. It was in the seats by a good five rows.
2008-09-15 17:58:28
245.   Gen3Blue
JP? JP? i LEFT THE ROOM. darn.
2008-09-15 17:58:34
246.   LoneStar7
ohhhh myyyyyy
2008-09-15 17:58:36
247.   The Dude Abides
If Sweeney hits a HR tonight, I'm going to call up everyone I ever may have wronged and apologize.
2008-09-15 17:58:40
248.   Andrew Shimmin
If DeWitt sticks with the team from here out, he'll almost certainly be a super two in 2010. He spent about a month in the minors, this year.
2008-09-15 17:58:51
249.   bigcpa
I don't have video... did he do a Kuo bat flip??
2008-09-15 17:58:53
250.   NoHoDodger

I can't believe that I called Pierre's homer!!!!!!!

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-15 17:58:56
251.   Alex41592
I'm adding Marino Salas to the list!
2008-09-15 17:58:58
252.   Humma Kavula
238 You did see that the American economy collapsed today, right?

Hell, small price to pay.

2008-09-15 17:59:07
253.   Marty
How did the bench react?
2008-09-15 17:59:07
254.   dzzrtRatt
And it was a deep HR. No cheapie.

I guess the rest has done Pierre some good.

2008-09-15 17:59:15
255.   Zak
220 Probably. That would be good because then they can start him. I really hope we can clinch before that last weekend so we can line-up our playoff rotation and have Lowe and Chad go in Games 1 and 2. I don't think that's being premature at this point, right? :)

The way the Dbacks are playing, we might even clinch this coming weekend.

2008-09-15 17:59:23
256.   NWdodger
I need to know where to report a glitch in just showed Pierre hitting a homerun.
2008-09-15 17:59:26
257.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Pierre's last home run came two days shy of two years ago:
2008-09-15 17:59:31
258.   JoeyP
Well I guess Kemp goes to the bench once Ethier gets back.
2008-09-15 17:59:32
259.   MonkeyBlue
Heh, nice HR for Pierre.
2008-09-15 17:59:38
260.   Tripon
Does this earn JP another start tomorrow?
2008-09-15 17:59:46
261.   Gen3Blue
JP? JP? i LEFT THE ROOM. darn.
2008-09-15 17:59:58
262.   fanerman
My personal over-under on Juan Pierre home runs as a Dodger was a 0.5. I bet the under. I lost. Good thing I don't owe myself any money.
2008-09-15 18:00:11
263.   Tripon
258 Torre says Manny's going to get an off day during one of these games. Might be tomorrow.
2008-09-15 18:00:29
264.   Ken Noe
TO: Marino Salas
FROM: Pitchers Union
re: Pierre home run

Please turn in your union card ASAP.

2008-09-15 18:00:31
265.   68elcamino427
Juan Pierre go'in Deep Deep Deep!
2008-09-15 18:00:36
266.   Eric Stephen
It was the classic avoid the guy for a few seconds, then mob him. Same as DeWitt & Berroa.
2008-09-15 18:01:15
267.   GoBears
Thanks folks. I'm at work, with the game on the radio. I popped over here to make sure everyone was OK after the JP power display. You didn't disappoint.

So, Ethier is back to 3.5?

2008-09-15 18:01:31
268.   Andrew Shimmin
What a bum. Pierre takes the guy deep, and Manny lines out.

I'd bench him.

2008-09-15 18:01:45
269.   cargill06
From last thread;

327. NoHoDodger
Why would Torre put Martin as a leadoff hitter and have Pierre bat second?

Wouldn't Martin be a better choice to hit in front of Manny? The two slot will see more fastballs around the plate, perfect for Martin who has some sock, not so perfect for Pierre who has no sock.

But then again, could this be the game that Pierre gets his first homer by sitting on a fastball up the gut?

2008-09-15 18:01:47
270.   underdog
That was just awesome. The Pirates should be kind of embarrassed, but, hey, props to Pierre. Who needs Ethier when we have Slappy McPower! {cough}
2008-09-15 18:02:23
271.   Alex41592
Yeah, the only way Pierre gets another start is if Manny gets a day (most likely Thursday) or we've clinched. But, that was great.
2008-09-15 18:02:31
272.   fanerman
Okay. The Dodgers are going to win the World Series. If Juan Pierre can hit a home run this year, there's magic in the air.
2008-09-15 18:02:34
273.   Johnny Nucleo
I thought I would have something witty to say on this very rare occasion. But I find myself speechless.
2008-09-15 18:02:36
274.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I was really hoping Manny would go yard, so we'd have a back-to-back that would've been unfathomable before the season.
2008-09-15 18:02:47
275.   Marty
Yeah, Manny needs a rest. He's only 3-4 today.
2008-09-15 18:03:01
276.   Zak
266 That is almost insulting to a veteran player like Pierre.
2008-09-15 18:03:07
277.   The Dude Abides
Silent treatment at first, then they mobbed him. Luckily, Jeff Kent was not present, or all the life would have been sucked out of the dugout. And...Charley Steiner is echoing Jack Buck (and our commenters).
2008-09-15 18:03:34
278.   regfairfield
Pierre went 1,079 at bats without a home run, the fourth longest streak in the last 15 years.
2008-09-15 18:03:39
279.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
Before the season I predicted Pierre would have a huge year, batting .340 with a bit of power. Unfortunately, Torre has not given Pierre enough at bats for him to settle in and bring my prognosis to fruition.

Although I was wrong on the specifics, I'm looking pretty smart now for predicting big things from Pierre's bat this year.

2008-09-15 18:03:45
280.   MollyKnight
Seriously, everyone. The end is near.
2008-09-15 18:03:55
281.   caseybarker
More rare than a Ramon Martinez (the SS)Homerun.
2008-09-15 18:03:58
282.   68elcamino427
Very happy for Pierre. The dude has endured.
2008-09-15 18:04:11
283.   Disabled List
This thread, from post 222 on, just earned a place in Dodger Thoughts Classic.

I'm just glad I was alive to see this day.

2008-09-15 18:04:52
284.   Zak
I can't believe that Juna Pierre hit one out. But I really can't believe someone called that. That guy should buy a lottery ticket tonight.
2008-09-15 18:05:14
285.   Clive Clements
253 I don't know if the camera followed him in on the Dodger feed, but they replayed the dugout reaction on the Pirates' feed. Everybody was sitting on the bench, really quiet - looked like they were pretending like nothing happened, then when Pierre passed a couple of guys, everybody got up and mobbed him. Pretty funny.
2008-09-15 18:06:00
286.   underdog
Darn, they cut off the highlights of Pierre's home run just before the dugout mobs him (I missed that part).

How many people following via the box score assumed it was an inside the park home run?

2008-09-15 18:06:08
287.   Bob Timmermann
Looks like Miguel Cairo now has the longest streak of ABs without a homer. Reggie Willits and Joey Gathright could take over the lead if Cairo doesn't return in 2009.
2008-09-15 18:06:10
288.   Tripon
Manny loses his hat again. Might as well just let him run without a cap.
2008-09-15 18:06:17
289.   cargill06
If you give up a HR to Pierre and walk Kuroda in the same game... yikes.
2008-09-15 18:06:33
290.   Zak
We should have given Pierre the silent treatment here at DT. No one says anything for 2 minutes, and then 50 comments all at once.
2008-09-15 18:06:53
291.   berkowit28
The Pirates have a good organist, anyway. Not much else.
2008-09-15 18:07:59
292.   underdog
Uh oh.

A plague of locusts and a rain of frogs just descended on my house. Anyone getting that too? I believe I hear the pounding of horse's hooves in the distance, too, four horses to be exact. Hope that's not due to Pierre.

2008-09-15 18:08:09
293.   UVaDodger
290 I would say we could do that next time, but who am I kidding?
2008-09-15 18:09:57
294.   fanerman
292 The Angel of Death is descending upon Berkeley.

No wait, that's just the fog.

2008-09-15 18:10:04
295.   Bob Timmermann
Are any of the horses pale?

I would stay away from that one.

2008-09-15 18:10:23
296.   Zak
293 Watch, he's going to go on a HR tear now. And people everywhere will say, "he cannot be contained".

Maybe this will help his trade value.

2008-09-15 18:10:39
297.   The Dude Abides
How can you tell there are four horses? Are you an expert on horse hoof clop counting?
2008-09-15 18:10:41
298.   cargill06
How much did Pierre's OPS shoot after his HR?
2008-09-15 18:11:56
299.   I Love LA
I still cannot believe Juan Pierre hit a HR. Must be the Manny effect.
2008-09-15 18:12:33
300.   LogikReader
I tell ya man... Even Juan Pierre gets good pitches to hit in front of Manny.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-15 18:12:58
301.   The Dude Abides
That hanging slider was smoked by Nomar.
2008-09-15 18:13:11
302.   68elcamino427
2008-09-15 18:13:19
303.   Tripon
What do the Pirates put emphasis on? It doesn't seem to be their pitchers.

Nomar's out of the game after hitting a single. Ozuna's running for him. Nomar went 2-4. I assume DeWitt's moving to 3rd after this inning.

2008-09-15 18:14:07
304.   Ken Noe
It's hard to see the game suddenly, with the moon turning to blood and all.
2008-09-15 18:14:56
305.   GoBears
Monday mentioned that that last Pierre HR was an inside-the-park variety. So when was the last time he actually hit one out? And was it in high altitude against a minor league pitcher as well?

This pitcher has no business in the majors, but that Pierre took him yard points out the difference between levels. Pierre, as awful as he is, is a major leaguer.

Or maybe a blind squirrel just found a nut.

2008-09-15 18:15:38
306.   68elcamino427
#33 with another RBI!
2008-09-15 18:15:41
307.   Tripon
Blake DeWitt, Sac Fly, RBI, 3 walks.
2008-09-15 18:15:52
308.   Alex41592
Pierre's last HR (before tonight) was in Philadelphia and it went into the seats about 9 rows deep. He must like Pennsylvania.
2008-09-15 18:15:59
309.   Disabled List
The Pirates announcers could not possibly sound more bored. They sound like they're calling a committee hearing on CSPAN.
2008-09-15 18:16:54
310.   Chiron Brown
Juan Pierre. He's like a Roomba made of nails.
2008-09-15 18:18:16
311.   Bob Timmermann
The Mets have one hit through 7 innings against the estimable John Lannan of Washington.
2008-09-15 18:18:28
312.   Tripon
The Nats are beating the Mets- 4-1 in the top of the 7th.

Apparently, the Mets are trying to repeat their performance from 2007.

2008-09-15 18:18:33
313.   68elcamino427
Keep those Dodgers Roll'in ...
2008-09-15 18:20:11
314.   Jon Weisman
257 - September 18, 2006.

Gee, that really was quite a day.

2008-09-15 18:21:17
315.   Alex41592
I remember Jake Peavy started a game against us that day. The rest escapes me.
2008-09-15 18:21:44
316.   Tripon
Kuroda is dealing. The solutions to his road woes is to play Pittsburgh.
2008-09-15 18:23:06
317.   Alex41592
314 - It was also the debut of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip which I was watching when Kent hit his HR in the ninth.
2008-09-15 18:23:09
318.   Tripon
Tigers up 4-0 against the Rangers. Willis has 2Ks, with two walks.
2008-09-15 18:24:19
319.   Tripon
P.S. I want Curtis Granderson on the Dodgers.
2008-09-15 18:24:25
320.   Pedro Astacio
I think Penny started for us that day.

Must have been a pretty good pitcher's duel.

2008-09-15 18:25:27
321.   LoneStar7
I think a Juan Pierre home run is at least 3 times more lucky and unlikely than a Carlos Zambrano no hitter...our drought shall end first!
2008-09-15 18:26:07
322.   Alex41592
For those who have drifted off.

Saito and Penny are warming in the bullpen.

2008-09-15 18:26:46
323.   fanerman
Okay I'm unable to do any work anymore. I might as well just go home. Every time I try to focus, my brain gets caught in an infinite loop and just says:

Does not compute.
Does not compute.
Does not compute.

For the love of Choi what happened!?! I don't think I'll be able to understand the significance of today for many years.

2008-09-15 18:27:16
324.   twerp

This is Ned Colletti. Could I interest you in a power hitting centerfielder?

Great leadoff hitter. Gets on base on a lot, really knows how to play the game.

Steals a lot of bases, too. That's what he is, come to think of outright steal. We have too many outfielders, you see. Otherwise we wouldn't even consider trading such an outstanding player. He just plays the game the right way, that's all.

(Why am I hearing a dial tone? Must be something wrong with the phone...I'll call back...)

2008-09-15 18:27:46
325.   68elcamino427
Juan Pierre - ready the launching pad!
2008-09-15 18:27:48
326.   Linkmeister
Here comes Home Run Juan!
2008-09-15 18:27:58
327.   Tripon
Can Lightning strike twice?

Oh, just a single for JP.

2008-09-15 18:28:29
328.   Alex41592
John Russell is taking a huge risk not going to a LOOGY here with Pierre.

And Pierre makes him pay!

2008-09-15 18:29:04
329.   Ken Noe
The seventh seal remains sealed.
2008-09-15 18:29:15
330.   Jon Weisman
DeWitt is 0 for 0 with three walks and an RBI.
2008-09-15 18:29:15
331.   Tripon
Sweeney is batting for Manny. This seems cruel, you should have let Manny bat and pad his stats and then take him out of the game.
2008-09-15 18:29:51
332.   Tripon
Sweeney walks!
2008-09-15 18:30:08
333.   Tripon
The Pitt crowd is chanting Larry Bowa.
2008-09-15 18:30:21
334.   68elcamino427
Bases jacked for #7!
2008-09-15 18:30:32
335.   thinkblue88

Juan Pierre??


(sorry, late to the Pierre party)

2008-09-15 18:31:54
336.   Tommy Naccarato
292 & 294
Or it could be a whole bunch of frogs falling from the sky like in Magnolia.
2008-09-15 18:32:23
337.   Tripon
Ardoin should catch the 8th and 9th.
2008-09-15 18:32:59
338.   LeeLacy
If Kuroda is able to complete his third shutout of the year, he will have the most shutouts by a Dodger pitcher since '95, when Nomo had three as well.
2008-09-15 18:33:53
339.   Alex41592
338 - Unfortunately, we will not see that tonight.
2008-09-15 18:34:03
340.   Marty
330 That kind of line got LaRoche run out of town.
2008-09-15 18:34:05
341.   Bob Timmermann
First major league homer for Matt Antonelli tonight.
2008-09-15 18:34:26
342.   68elcamino427
Tonight life is a little bit sweeter.
2008-09-15 18:34:53
343.   Disabled List
Time to empty your bench, Joe. Let's see McDonald.
2008-09-15 18:35:24
344.   Alex41592
Takashi Saito welcome back.
2008-09-15 18:35:34
345.   Tripon
340 More like other teams graded LaRoche higher than DeWitt and asked for LaRoche over DeWitt.

Saito's in the game.

2008-09-15 18:36:00
346.   Tripon
343 We're going to see Saito and Penny tonight.
2008-09-15 18:36:58
347.   Bob Timmermann
Sign of September:

The Rays made seven defensive changes to start the seventh.

2008-09-15 18:37:31
348.   Johnny Nucleo
Saito vs. Laroche: this is a cool matchup.
2008-09-15 18:37:40
349.   Alex41592
Gameday has Saito's fastball at 91.
2008-09-15 18:37:43
350.   eusmus
The FSN gun has Saito at 88, but Gameday has him at 92.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-15 18:38:10
351.   Tripon
Andy made an out.
2008-09-15 18:38:34
352.   Alex41592
FSN Prime is running 3-4 MPH slower than Gameday.
2008-09-15 18:38:49
353.   68elcamino427
Saito ... the Anti-Jones.
2008-09-15 18:42:10
354.   underdog
Saito wins the battle vs. Old Friend Andy.

309 meet 121 re the Pirates announcers. I swear there are like two-three minutes where they don't say anything, or they're speaking so slowly and low that only certain species of bats can pick them up.

2008-09-15 18:43:04
355.   Disabled List
The Pirates broadcasters just went 90 full seconds without saying anything, exactly at the same time the Cowboys scored a touchdown on MNF.

Methinks there's a TV in the booth distracting them with a much more interesting game in Irving, TX.

2008-09-15 18:43:09
356.   Alex41592
21 pitches. 13 strikes. 1 walk. 2 strikeouts.
2008-09-15 18:43:15
357.   underdog
Kind of a crazy MNF so far, btw. Cowboys scored on a kickoff return for a TD by Felix Jones, and a bomb to TO. Eagles just took the lead on a fumble in the end zone by Romo that they recovered for a TD.
2008-09-15 18:45:21
358.   underdog
DL and I need to check over each other's notes before posting.
2008-09-15 18:45:47
359.   68elcamino427
Dear Mr. Saito
My humble respect
Your disregard for your personal health and gain in deference ot your team astounds.
2008-09-15 18:46:21
360.   Tripon
Hecklers in the 'bucs crowd is riding hard on Danny Baustisa.
2008-09-15 18:49:09
361.   Linkmeister
Can DeWitt get through an entire game with no official ABs?
2008-09-15 18:49:17
362.   underdog
And while I was typing that the Cowboys and Eagles each scored a TD. This game may rival the Denver-SD game yesterday in points. Except DeSean Jackson was an idiot and after a bomb TD he flipped the ball in celebration behind him before he crossed the plane of the end zone. What a bonehead. And I like DeSean.
2008-09-15 18:49:49
363.   Tripon
Nope. 0-1 for DeWitt now.
2008-09-15 18:50:13
364.   Johnny Nucleo
Kuroda's game score for tonight: 72
Distribution for the year:
80+: 2 (90, 91)
70-79: 5
60-69: 4
50-59: 5
40-49: 5
30-39: 4
<30: 4
2008-09-15 18:50:22
365.   NoHoDodger

I'm playing the Lottery Tonight.

2008-09-15 18:50:29
366.   Disabled List
DeSean Jackson just pulled a Leon Lett on MNF. Showboated before he got in the end zone and lost the ball.

Underdog and I are again in agreement. This has been a wild MNF game.

2008-09-15 18:51:00
367.   Linkmeister
2008-09-15 18:51:50
368.   trainwreck
Desean Jackson, you idiot!!

Just cost me a fantasy touchdown.

2008-09-15 18:51:51
369.   underdog
So no TD for Jackson, the Eagles have it 1st and goal instead of a TD in what was one of the dumbest cocky plays ever.
2008-09-15 18:51:51
370.   Tripon
Steve Lyons left the announcers booth for some reason and is doing some sort of sideline reporting.
2008-09-15 18:54:42
371.   LoneStar7
if anyone has got desean on their fantasy team, they've got to be kicking themselves.
2008-09-15 18:55:16
372.   Tripon
Penny's in the game. He allows a single to Sanchez. Something tells me this won't be as easy as Saito's outing.
2008-09-15 18:55:23
373.   LogikReader
...and if anyone has Brian Westbrook, like me, that guy is sayin' thank you very much!
2008-09-15 18:55:47
374.   The Dude Abides
Penny: not fooling anybody.
2008-09-15 18:55:47
375.   Lee Corbett
Penny is getting hit hard every time it seems
2008-09-15 18:55:50
376.   underdog
Hopefully Penny won't blow this 8 run un-save.
2008-09-15 18:56:09
377.   Alex41592
370 - He'll do the postgame interview on the field.
2008-09-15 18:56:24
378.   Alex41592
A.J Ellis in the game.
2008-09-15 18:56:43
379.   Eric Stephen
Except for the bloop hit and infield single he allowed in SD.
2008-09-15 18:56:57
380.   Neal Pollack
Yeah, well, I've got Jackson and the guy I'm playing this week has Westbrook. And Romo. And McNabb. And Akers. And DeMarcus Ware.

I had a 100-point lead going into today...gonna be very hard to hold onto that.

2008-09-15 18:57:25
381.   underdog
I just noticed AJ Ellis is in the game catching Penny. If Brad has any further problems he'll probably blame Ellis.
2008-09-15 18:57:29
382.   Tripon
Jason Johnson and Procter is warming up.

I don't know what this says about Procter and his role on the relief totem poll.

2008-09-15 18:58:29
383.   Tripon
Odds on Penny getting a start if we clinch?
2008-09-15 18:59:19
384.   underdog
That was a bit better, Penny.

If he wants to earn extra points, he can throw a wild pitch that hits that stupid parrot mascot behind home plate. Come on, Nook!

2008-09-15 19:00:23
385.   Tripon
Adam LaRoche hits a 2-run HR. A no doubter.
2008-09-15 19:00:28
386.   The Dude Abides
Umm...I do believe that pitch was pummeled.
2008-09-15 19:00:32
387.   thinkblue88
Penny got Pierre'd.
2008-09-15 19:00:47
388.   Alex41592
Penny gives up a homer to Adam LaRoche on a 91 MPH fastball.
2008-09-15 19:01:24
389.   underdog
That was a bit worse, Penny.

Maybe the parrot should pitch instead.

2008-09-15 19:01:26
390.   Tripon
Penny gets Moss to ground out to Loney. Penny survives! ...Sort of.
2008-09-15 19:01:27
391.   trainwreck
I've got Romo, Jackson, F. Jones, and Westbrook going in DT league.
2008-09-15 19:02:00
392.   Alex41592
Puts a small damper on the game.

But, a victory!

Magic Number: 9

2008-09-15 19:02:10
393.   LoneStar7
may this be some of the last we see of penny? he just doesn't seem to be able to pitch at all anymore..
2008-09-15 19:02:29
394.   Ken Noe
Doesn't bode well for that option year.
2008-09-15 19:02:56
395.   Tripon

Kuo's hurt again.

2008-09-15 19:03:28
396.   underdog
Oh well.

Dodgers win!

And that's what counts.

2008-09-15 19:05:25
397.   Tripon
Why Ellis catching, and not Androin?
2008-09-15 19:07:32
398.   underdog
397 - Why not? Give the kid a little taste in an 8-0 romp.
2008-09-15 19:07:39
399.   Bob Timmermann
Nine homers so far in the Tampa Bay-Boston game.
2008-09-15 19:08:41
400.   Bob Timmermann
And from now on, I can use "old friend" to describe A.J. Ellis.

Sort of like I do with Adam Melhuse, Chad Moeller, and Brian Johnson.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-15 19:08:47
401.   Tripon
"I don't think it's going to happen. Two months is really tough," said Torre. "You look at [Albert] Pujols and some of the things he's done all the time. To me, it's depending on your interpretation of an MVP. He could be considered if we go on to the postseason. Without him, it probably wouldn't happen. To that point, sure, it doesn't matter how long he's been here."

At least Torre's sane! He agrees with DT that Pujols in the MVP!

2008-09-15 19:09:44
402.   Alex41592
There's no reason to rush anything with Kuo.

Our bullpen is so deep with Beimel, Wade, Park Saito and Broxton. Along with Elbert, Troncoso and anything Proctor and JJJ can give us is a bonus.

2008-09-15 19:09:46
403.   Tripon
398 To give Penny some familiarity with a catcher he might actually know?
2008-09-15 19:10:31
404.   Bob Timmermann
I'm backing Geovany Soto!
2008-09-15 19:14:26
405.   Bob Timmermann
Brad Penny had pitched to Danny Ardoin a grand total of five innings prior to tonight.
2008-09-15 19:17:28
406.   underdog
So they give Kuo a shot in his triceps to ease pain in his elbow, and he now has pain in his triceps? That sounds great. Oh well, hopefully he can take the week off and be of use soon enough.
2008-09-15 19:17:31
407.   Alex41592
SCY drops the ball in center. Oh dear.

1-0 Giants.

2008-09-15 19:18:48
408.   underdog
400 Hey, he could be the Dodgers' backup catcher next season. Save the old friend stuff for three years from now, when he's the backup for the Orioles.
2008-09-15 19:24:41
409.   Them Blues
We're up five games, stuck on my eyes
Five games, what a surprise
We're up five games, my brain hurts a lot
Five games, thats what we've got

(with apol's to the thin white duke)

2008-09-15 19:28:14
410.   Icaros
I keep forgetting that I'm rooting for the Giants as I watch this game.
2008-09-15 19:36:56
411.   capdodger
384 Seriously. That stupid parrot knocked my cap off when he walked by me.

I asked him if he could smell October with that nose.

2008-09-15 19:44:21
412.   Tripon
Lane Kiffin will last another week seemly.
2008-09-15 19:53:35
413.   Icaros
I did like how the Parrot was making fun of the guy talking on his cell phone. He did seem a bit mean-spirited, though. I guess no winning seasons since '92 will do that.
2008-09-15 19:57:27
414.   KG16
ok, really, who hacked gameday while I was gone to make it appear that Pierre hit a home run? I'm not believing this until I see the replay.

this home stretch feels weird, by the way. it's like the last three years of bad breaks are evening out in a two month span. (not that i believe breaks even out over the years, I'm just saying...)

2008-09-15 20:03:16
415.   KG16
Giants rallying in the Desert.
2008-09-15 20:04:18
416.   capdodger
413 Anyone on their phone was probably checking in on MNF and FF.

The right-field corner started chanting, ""Let's go Steelers," in the fifth inning.

2008-09-15 20:06:55
417.   KG16
pitcher strikes out to end the inning, runners left on the corners.
2008-09-15 20:10:17
418.   LogikReader
Monday Night Football tonight is making the Chargers/Broncos game look like a pitching duel.

37-31 Eagles, 4th qtr.

2008-09-15 20:17:57
419.   Bob Timmermann
I'd prefer an Auburn-Mississippi State game anytime.
2008-09-15 20:19:36
420.   Tripon
Kuroda has a 113 ERA+. That's a pretty good year considering everything.
2008-09-15 20:31:54
421.   Tripon
Andrew (Washington, D.C.): Why do some teams call-up minor leaguers in Sept. and don't use them at all? Wouldn't it be better to keep them in the minors, since they will at least keep getting innings/at bats. For example, James McDonald of the Dodgers has not pitched yet after being called up 2 weeks ago. Speaking of McDonald, will he have a good chance of being in the rotation for 09?

Kevin Goldstein: Well, the minor league regular season ended on Labor Day for most leagues, so there is no more chances for them to pitch. For many like McDonald, it's kind of a reward for a job well done.

2008-09-15 20:34:33
422.   Jon Weisman
420 - I don't know how anyone could complain about Kuroda this year.
2008-09-15 20:41:33
423.   Bob Timmermann
People will complain about anything for any reason.
2008-09-15 20:42:30
424.   Bob Timmermann
I believe it's cargill06 who wants to know, but the Rockies will be eliminated tomorrow if the Dodgers win and the Rockies lose.
2008-09-15 20:49:27
425.   The Dude Abides
Eckstein with a scrappy, gritty, sacrifice bunt popup to the pitcher for the first out in the 8th.
2008-09-15 20:50:42
426.   Bob Timmermann
Adam Dunn making Eckstein's failure to bunt moot.
2008-09-15 20:51:46
427.   Alex41592
D'Backs are in a save situation.
2008-09-15 20:52:07
428.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-15 20:52:33
429.   The Dude Abides
And...Adam Dunn with the two-out, two-run HR in the bottom of the 8th. I hope the D-Back relievers blow it again.
2008-09-15 20:53:13
430.   Jon Weisman
If Arizona holds this lead, Brad Hennessey will get a complete game but will not succeed in lowering his ERA below 8.00.
2008-09-15 20:55:50
431.   Gen3Blue
Ohhh, I awoke for a minute, and saw the direct result of Adam Dunn and a bad ball park.
2008-09-15 21:00:04
432.   Alex41592
4 1/2 game lead. Dodgers have 12 games left while the D'Backs have 13.

Magic Number: 9

If the Dodgers go 6-6 in the remaining 12 games the Diamondbacks would have to go 11-2 in their remaining 13 games to force a divisional tiebreaker at Dodger Stadium.

2008-09-15 21:07:11
433.   JJ42
Got back from dinner celebrating my dad's 64th b-day and just read that Pierre hit a homer. Wow. I'm afraid the sun won't come up tomorrow morning.
2008-09-15 21:16:15
434.   Jimmy B
I'm on vacation in NY and was at the Yankee's game tonight. I looked up at the scoreboard and it said the Dodgers were leading 6-0 and Juan Pierre hit his first home run.

I yelled out about Juan Pierre. I refused to believe it until I saw it. I just got back to my room, put on the feed and saw it with my own eyes.

I'm very scared.

2008-09-15 21:30:09
435.   fanerman
433 434 Me, too. I'm completely freaked out. I just... can't comprehend it. Instead of biking home, I took the bus because I was afraid something crazy might happen if I rode on my bike. I'm still in shock. My jaw has remained dropped since I heard the news.
2008-09-15 21:45:50
436.   KG16
I'm watching Sportscenter right now... I am not liking Mike Shannahan right now. He got lucky twice in the game against the Chargers, lucky in that it got him TWO touchdowns in a game that his team one by one point. That's not the kind of game to say "you just have to suck it up and move on".
2008-09-15 21:47:36
437.   Disabled List
There's a full moon tonight.

Weird things happen when the moon is full.

2008-09-15 21:51:25
438.   Daniel Zappala
I'm sleeping in until noon because I want my last day on earth to be quiet and relaxing.
2008-09-15 21:56:58
439.   KG16
438 - then who shall finish the game?
2008-09-15 22:04:01
440.   Bob Hendley
Good for JP. Just hope he doesn't go all Kent on us regarding the Manny effect.
2008-09-15 22:12:32
441.   Bob Timmermann
He (Pierre) said he had a good feeling the ball would clear the short porch in right field, but wasn't taking anything for granted after a two-year drought.

"With my luck," he said, "a bird would hit it. You never know for sure."

Pierre got a momentary silent treatment from teammates when he returned to the dugout, but that just brought out more smiles. He'd been joking lately with Matt Kemp and Delwyn Young that this was bound to happen.

"I told them September is my power month," he said. "And this wasn't a wall-scraper. It was four or five rows up."

2008-09-15 22:20:08
442.   Bob Hendley
Nary a mention of Manny!
2008-09-15 22:28:35
443.   KG16
442 - Manny who?
2008-09-15 22:34:35
444.   Bumsrap
Will Torre give Ethier his job back or go with the hot hitting and more veteran Pierre down the stretch?
2008-09-15 22:36:55
445.   Bumsrap
Don't want to mention names but the Dodgers could go into the post season having two hitters with 100 RBIs.
2008-09-15 23:03:21
446.   LAT
Pierre home run was CGI. Lieutenant Dan told me as much.
2008-09-15 23:17:17
447.   Eric Stephen
Well, Pierre does have magic legs.
2008-09-15 23:20:57
448.   Eric Stephen
One of the unmentioned players had 13 RBI in his final 12 games last season. If he matches that this season, he will finish with 99, so it's certainly reachable.

There's also a small chance we could have three players with 100 runs, although of course one of them scored most of them with another club.

2008-09-15 23:49:21
449.   Eric Stephen
LA Dodger first basemen with 100 RBI seasons:

1) Wes Parker (1970)
2) Steve Garvey (1974, 1977-80)
3) Eric Karros (1995-97, 1999-2000)

2008-09-15 23:52:48
450.   JRSarno
I'm happy for Pierre. He deserved that moment; even though there are more obvious choices for the Dodger outfield now and for the future, it's good to see that he got some love today...
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-09-16 00:19:36
451.   Jacob Burch
If it wasn't for an inadvertent whistle call against the Colts last year, the chargers likely would have lost to them in the regular season. I believe LT and Norv's non-response was the equivilent of "suck it up and move on."

It's football. It happens. Suck it up, learn what's wrong with what you did (no matter how you slice it, two bad ref calls or not, letting a team score 39 points isn't a good game), and look forward to next week.

Sorry. Venting here on this as I haven't been able to stand sports radio on the issue.

2008-09-16 00:21:27
452.   Jacob Burch
Note to KG16 et al -- I don't like Marty (though I think he's usually fairly brilliant) at all and he should have a much better choice of words, but its not like the Chargers coaching staff and team is exactly known for being the most wonderful of sports either.
2008-09-16 00:21:52
453.   Jacob Burch
And by Marty I mean Shanahan. I am le tired.
2008-09-16 01:55:04
454.   jasonungar07
Dedicated to Juan. I made this little video (which is about Manny really)

2008-09-16 06:33:32
455.   Ken Noe
"I think some of the young cats got a kick out of it," Pierre said of his home run, according to Diamond. Pierre then hugged Richard Nixon and sang "Candy Man."
2008-09-16 07:31:37
456.   D4P
For some reason, I find myself feeling relatively magnanimous toward Juan this morning. I'm glad he got off the schneid.
2008-09-16 07:40:23
457.   LAT
455. Very funny but now I can't get the image of Pierre in uniform skipping up and down the dugout singing "Who can make the sun rise . . ." while his teammates watch and sing along like children on the Ed Sullivan show.
2008-09-16 07:49:53
458.   cargill06
422 Scareduck?
2008-09-16 07:51:07
459.   cargill06
Do you think the gun was a little off in Pittsburgh last night? Kuroda was mostly in the 89-91 range and Penny was in the 86-89 range. I'm thinking the gun may have been a few MPH off making Saito in the 90-92 range.
2008-09-16 07:55:49
460.   Wen
Dropping by to say a belated thank you to ToyCannon, xaphor, and bhsportsguy (and maybe a few others that I can't remember right now) for info on Dodger stadium and the trolley. I had a great time there.

Also to post this news regarding an ex-ML'er Ricky Stone:
(The Lions are a professional baseball team in Taiwan.)

2008-09-16 08:05:59
461.   ToyCannon
Give us the logistics of how it all went down.
2008-09-16 08:06:23
462.   gpellamjr
Oh jeez. Ike knocks my electricity out for what they're telling me will be another 4 or 5 days, and what do I miss? Pierre hits a HR? I don't even believe it.
2008-09-16 08:06:43
463.   scareduck
458 - why would you think that? Kuroda has been about what the Dodgers expected, and in fact is one of the few misfires the Ned Colletti front office has made. Andruw Jones, on the other hand ... I understood why people thought he might return but there was plenty of good reason to believe he was done prematurely.
2008-09-16 08:12:45
464.   cargill06
463 I'm just messing with ya.
2008-09-16 08:26:19
465.   ToyCannon
Aug 25th:
"204. scareduck
193 - well, alrighty, I'll be right here waiting for that 20-game winning streak, any day now. But as I've said before, it's not a very likely outcome. "I'll win the lottery" is not a very good retirement plan. "

Hey is 13 - 2 good enough for you?

2008-09-16 08:26:39
466.   Jon Weisman
464 - Yeah, see, we frown upon making people defend themselves for no reason.
2008-09-16 08:27:33
467.   ToyCannon
I just bet my workmate 1.00 that you'll come back and say, yes but 13 - 10 isn't.
2008-09-16 08:28:22
468.   Eric Stephen
455 ,457
How fitting then that Pierre's HR came on the night featuring the return of...Sammy.
2008-09-16 08:31:28
469.   Eric Stephen
A few of my uncles were worried the Dodgers would lose at least two in Colorado. I sent them an email saying how this run reminded me of similar runs in 1982 & 2006.

The run at that time was 10 of 11, and one of my uncles responded "yeah, but it's also 10 of 19."

I find it impossible to accept that one can't take any joy from the fact that since August 29 there has not been a single day that the Dodgers have lost ground in the NL West. 17 days and counting!

2008-09-16 08:34:09
470.   ToyCannon
When Eric said he spotted Pierre paying for Kemp's dinner in the rain, I know he gained even more respect from me. He's not some 35 year old washed up veteran who can understand that the kid took his job, he's a guy who feels he's in his prime and yet he's still doing the right thing with the kid. Very impressive actually. I really hope we find a team for him that will play him which is all he wants to do.
2008-09-16 08:43:14
471.   Bob Hendley
469 - This is a team that even "I Love LA" could love.
2008-09-16 08:45:15
472.   D4P
I am definitely in a "Pierre is a nice guy and hard-worker, even though his performance doesn't warrant his salary" kinda mood right now. That differs from the "Pierre's performance doesn't warrant his salary" mood I'm normally in.
2008-09-16 08:48:58
473.   underdog
451 452 I'm biased of course but I agree. And I agree his "doing a heckuva job" response about the refs was probably inadequate. Though I also thought, what is he supposed to say? "They blew that call and I would like to donate this win back to the Chargers"? At least he had earlier, along with Jay Cutler (even more clearly), admitted that call was blown. The Chargers also had two plays after that to stop the Broncos, plus the two point conversion, and did not. Anyway, it was a bad call and I understand the frustration, but it really does happen, and I'm kinda sick of hearing about it, especially given, as you say the game or two that had bad calls that rolled the Chargers' way.
2008-09-16 08:52:00
474.   Eric Stephen
I hate the Broncos with the heat of a thousand suns but I haven taken pleasure in the suffering of Chargers fans in my office.
2008-09-16 08:55:32
475.   Ken Noe
It all boils down to the simple fact that as a head coach, Norv Turner is bad karma. The universe rebels against it.
2008-09-16 08:57:41
476.   Ken Noe
Frightening news...Bernie Williams is hinting at a comeback.
2008-09-16 08:57:55
477.   D4P
It all boils down to the simple fact that as a name, Norv is bad karma. The universe rebels against it.
2008-09-16 08:59:54
478.   ToyCannon
Hating the good teams won't bring your pathetic Raiders back to life.
Raider Fan
Hates kittens

Evidently your penance was to be a Dodger fan.

2008-09-16 09:00:48
479.   D4P
I'm afraid of people who hate kittens.
2008-09-16 09:01:12
480.   Eric Stephen
Since DeWitt's return (small sample size alert): .286/.406/.449, 12 BB in 64 PA (18.8%)

Before being sent down: 26 BB in 309 PA (8.4%)

DeWitt in minors: 153 BB in ~2143 PA (7.1%)

2008-09-16 09:02:38
481.   ToyCannon
8 walks in his last 20 plate appearances.
2008-09-16 09:04:35
482.   ToyCannon
Since Andrew has proven that batting 8th has a negligible effect on a players walk ratio, mabye he can also prove that batting 7th with an Angel following also has a negligible effect.
2008-09-16 09:07:26
483.   Eric Stephen
The funny part is I really do hate kittens (well, cats in general).

But I hate the Broncos (and the Chargers and Chiefs) no matter how good or bad they are. I'm consistent with my hatred.

I'm also resigned to the fact that the Raiders will not start the path toward respectability until Al Davis meets his maker.

2008-09-16 09:08:38
484.   Eric Stephen
batting 7th with an Angel

Maybe it is a "halo" effect. :)

2008-09-16 09:14:13
485.   cargill06
NL #7 hitters draw a non-IBB walk 7.76% of the time.

NL #8 hitters draw a non-IBB walk 7.50% of the time.

2008-09-16 09:15:52
486.   ToyCannon
If Manny was batting 8th I wonder what the % would be?
2008-09-16 09:17:01
487.   cargill06
485 Correction, if I'm subtracting the IBB out of the equation I need to subtract the IBB from the PA's

NL #7 hitters draw a non-IBB 7.62% of the time
NL #8 hitters draw a non-IBB 7.61% of the time

2008-09-16 09:17:17
488.   Bob Timmermann
RIP, Elmer Dills.
2008-09-16 09:18:19
489.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-16 09:19:24
490.   underdog
I respect Eric's hatred of the Broncos but he loses me with the senseless attacks on kittens and cat-kind. May you find a hairball on your pillow, sir, and a purring beast on your neck one evening.


Btw, Rob Neyer chat on right now, if you feel like asking him a Dodger question.

This one didn't excite me very much:

Jesse (Los Angeles, CA): I know the Dodgers are playing teams with records under .500, but can they ride this wave into the World Series?

SportsNation Rob Neyer: (12:09 PM ET ) Anything might happen in October, but the Dodgers will be heavy underdogs if they have to play the Cubs.

2008-09-16 09:19:52
491.   Tripon
"(Matt) Kemp will score 100 runs, but he'll run through your stop signs sometimes," Donnelly told him.

2008-09-16 09:20:09
492.   Xeifrank
After appearing for the longest time that the NL West winner would face the Cubs in the first round, it now appears that the Dodgers could be facing the Mets in the first round again. It's probably an easier matchup, and with the "windmill" no longer coaching third, it could be a winnable series.
vr, Xei

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