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Remembering Lyman Bostock
2008-09-16 15:40
by Jon Weisman

Sunday morning, ESPN's Outside the Lines will revisit the 1978 murder of Angels outfielder Lyman Bostock, writes Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News.

* * *

Blue Notes has a Dodger Photoshop Contest going - check it out.

* * *

Dodgers at Pirates, 4:05 p.m.

Giants at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.

Update: Hong-Chih Kuo "will not even play catch for several days," writes Ken Gurnick at

Comments (502)
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2008-09-16 15:49:02
1.   underdog
I wonder if Eric S comes up there for Dodgers-Giants series (if it means something), if I should bring my cat to the game?


I also wonder why Andre Ethier is being so private about the birth of his child - it's his right, I just hope everything went okay. Seems odd.

2008-09-16 15:50:37
2.   Daniel Zappala
If I understand things right, the team with the best record in the NL plays the wild card winner (unless the wild card is in its same division). So the way things stand today, the Cubs would play the Phillies or Mets (whichever gets the wild card). Going based on winning percentage only, wouldn't they want to play the Dodgers instead? Do they consider this fair?
2008-09-16 15:51:03
3.   Bob Timmermann
I definitely will set the DVR for that. I've always wondered what happened to Leonard Smith. I really wonder how he lives with himself.
2008-09-16 15:51:22
4.   blue22
From the previous comments on next year's interleague matchups: Can I assume that LA also visits Oakland and Seattle, even though that article fails to mention it? LA wouldn't simply host the A's and M's without having to return the favor?
2008-09-16 15:52:00
5.   bhsportsguy
1 Ethier has not opened up much, outside his love of fine Los Angeles dining, I think he is probably trying to be protective. Actually, the young guys that are married, Broxton, Billingsley, Ethier are pretty private.
2008-09-16 15:52:24
6.   Bob Timmermann
Normally, the only home and home interleague games the Dodgers play are against the Angels.

Although the Dodgers did have two series against Toronto in 2007.

2008-09-16 15:53:16
7.   D4P
Yeah. Hard to believe Andre wouldn't even issue some generic "The baby is healthy and my wife is doing fine" statement. Makes it seem like something's amiss.
2008-09-16 15:53:49
8.   bhsportsguy
4 No, outside of the home/away series with the Angels, the rest of interleague play is just played in 3 game series. So it sounds like this time the away series are in Texas, Anaheim and Chicago.
2008-09-16 15:54:08
9.   Eric Stephen
The only reciprocal series each year is with the "natural rival," which in the Dodgers' case is the Angels. They play two series with the Angels, but alternate with the other teams every few years.
2008-09-16 15:55:26
10.   Eric Stephen
I believe the interleague matchup formula was created by the inventor of QB rating.
2008-09-16 15:56:29
11.   bhsportsguy
Although a visit to Chicago could raise the idea of summer trip to the Windy city next year.
2008-09-16 15:56:35
12.   KG16
So, the Bison sits today, huh? That's a shame.
2008-09-16 15:57:26
13.   Bob Timmermann
I would assume that if something was wrong with the baby or the mother, Andre Ethier would still be in Arizona.

It's not all that easy for someone with Ethier's status to maintain any privacy.

2008-09-16 15:58:16
14.   Bob Timmermann
Time to soak up the scenic beauty that is US Cellular Field.
2008-09-16 15:59:18
15.   underdog
I think it's good of him to keep things private, but as D4P suggests, a generic, reassuring message wouldn't be too hard to do. I'm sure it's all fine, but there'd be less worry about it if at least an "everything's good" message came through.
2008-09-16 16:01:20
16.   blue22
6/8/9 - GAH! Another season of checking out the 51s in Tacoma. I got really excited there for a moment.
2008-09-16 16:03:44
17.   Sean P

Bison needs a rest.

2008-09-16 16:08:20
18.   Jon Weisman

Kuo "will not even play catch for several days."

2008-09-16 16:10:19
19.   underdog
18 Uh oh.

(Actually I'm not that surprised or freaked out yet, but boy I hope he's okay by season's end; if they make the playoffs they'll need him.)

2008-09-16 16:10:20
20.   UVaDodger
18 That is not good news. Hopefully he'll be fine for any potential playoff appearances.
2008-09-16 16:10:57
21.   John Hale
Thanks to all for the info on interleague play.
I saw Arod get taken out by a Dodger on a double play ball back in 2000 just after I moved here. And the Dodgers have not been back to Safeco since. Its one of the reasons I stay in a group of Mariner season tickets. Oh well. I wish the Marlins would move to Portland.
2008-09-16 16:12:31
22.   underdog
Looks like Manny got another hair cut of sorts, eh?
2008-09-16 16:13:57
23.   Jon Weisman
Did Andre hit that ball to the wall, like Gameday says?
2008-09-16 16:15:01
24.   D4P
as D4P suggests, a generic, reassuring message wouldn't be too hard to do

I'm just hoping the baby doesn't look like Derek Lowe...

2008-09-16 16:15:08
25.   underdog
That pitched never crossed the plate. But it was still a good pitch.
2008-09-16 16:15:09
26.   Ken Noe
Joe: Stop with the hair thing.
2008-09-16 16:15:34
27.   Alex41592
23 - He did not. 15 feet in front of the track in left center.
2008-09-16 16:15:43
28.   underdog
23 No, was just hit to fairly deep left field but not that deep. Was pretty routine.
2008-09-16 16:16:21
29.   underdog
I didn't realize Neville Longbottom was pitching for the Pirates.
2008-09-16 16:16:34
30.   Alex41592
Jeter just passed Gerhig.
2008-09-16 16:18:30
31.   blue22
21 - I've been in the Seattle area for almost 2 years now. Though I've certainly missed seeing the big club live, I've seen the 51s each of the last 2 summers. Got to see Kemp, Loney, LaRoche, Delwyn, etc. up close and personal. The minor leagues definitely have their advantages.
2008-09-16 16:18:39
32.   Indiana Jon
30 Jeter shouldn't even be in the same sentence as Gehrig.
2008-09-16 16:19:05
33.   Ken Noe
29 More of that upper crust British look, I think. Bertie Wooster on the mound for Ye Olde Buccaneers.
2008-09-16 16:19:32
34.   scareduck
3 - I did a little digging on that subject a while ago:

Leonard Smith was declared insane, spent a year or so in a state hospital and was released. The state of Indiana changed their rules regarding the insanity defense thereafter.

2008-09-16 16:20:39
35.   Alex41592
A shortstop named Jeter plays for the Yankees.

That same shortstop has passed Gehrig for most career hits at Yankee Stadium.

2008-09-16 16:20:55
36.   underdog
33 I say, old boy! Indeed, you might be right but the teeth, the teeth are quite so, very Neville.
2008-09-16 16:21:06
37.   ToyCannon
Have the Los Angeles Dodgers ever played the Cubs in the playoffs. I have no memory of it happening.
2008-09-16 16:21:55
38.   fanerman
30 32 But he was... twice in two posts!
2008-09-16 16:21:56
39.   Lexinthedena
Jeter has gone from being overrated to being hated.

He's a pretty damn good player.

2008-09-16 16:22:59
40.   underdog
Berroa blowa that one.

Not an easy play actually and 2nd was a lost cause. What a weak little rally to start for the Pirates.

2008-09-16 16:24:42
41.   underdog
Well, that was much better!
2008-09-16 16:24:43
42.   Alex41592
4-6-3 puts us where we should be.
2008-09-16 16:24:49
43.   ToyCannon
Sad, he was someone who if he was going to go free I would have liked to try one of my get out of jail but don't come back remedies.
2008-09-16 16:25:02
44.   gibsonhobbs88
Several topics to cover:

I do remember the Lyman Bostock tragedy and his story and that he was a CSUN alum. First player to ever own up and offer to pay back on part of his contract when he started off hitting so poorly for the Angels.

I want to thank all the posters for making me laugh last night when I got home. I heard Juan Pierre's home run on the radio on my way to a church function. When I got home later, the first thing I wanted to do was to see the comments around the time he hit the home run. You had me in Stitches. You were all as funny as Tina Fey on SNL last Saturday night!

Regarding the last thread, Maury Wills should be in the hall for revolutionizing the game at that time but even to him it is a long shot. At the 60's luncheon this year when I told him he deserved to be there, he said "Well, maybe they will when I am six feet under"! So even Maury isn't holding his breath in anticipation.

Andre - I hope everything is okay but maybe he is one of those guys that keeps his private life private.

Let's go Dodgers! I hope Lowe is still on his game and the Pirates kill worms all night!

2008-09-16 16:25:08
45.   herchyzer
Lyman Bostock's my hero.
2008-09-16 16:28:19
46.   Alex41592
Welcome back Casey Blake!
2008-09-16 16:28:51
47.   ToyCannon
The strangest part of the Joe Pos post comparing Rose/Jeter is how more then one poster dumped on Jeter for sleeping around with models. I was unaware until then, that was a character flaw for a single person.
2008-09-16 16:28:52
48.   underdog
The Beard is Back!

And he goes deep!

2008-09-16 16:28:53
49.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Just now noticed Casey Blake has returned.
Back must be feeling better.
2008-09-16 16:29:30
50.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Shoulda waited for his at-bat to end before posting.
Then again, perhaps he was motivated by my understatement.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-16 16:29:54
51.   underdog
BeardPower followed by The SolutionSingle.
2008-09-16 16:30:08
52.   Disabled List
Blake & Blake.
2008-09-16 16:30:29
53.   ToyCannon
The Beard and Dread show, catch it on KCAL.
2008-09-16 16:30:31
54.   Jon Weisman
Seven Dodgers now with double-figures in HR. Two of them came at the end of July.
2008-09-16 16:30:50
55.   bhsportsguy
37 Prior to divisional play, the Dodgers played the Cardinals, Giants, Braves and Giants in 3 game playoff series.

The Dodgers played the Astros in a one-game playoff in 1980 and the Astros in the 1981 NLDS. In the years prior to the current playoff format, they played the Pirates, Phillies, Expos, Cardinals and Mets in the NLCS.

I believe they have played the Reds, Braves, Cardinals and Mets in NLDS play after the Wild Card has been introduced.

2008-09-16 16:31:25
56.   unlazy4sports
15 He probably didn't think a reassuring message was needed in that no one should be thinking something was wrong.
2008-09-16 16:33:37
57.   bhsportsguy
37 Of the original 8 NL franchise teams, the only team the Dodgers have not faced in post-season play are the Cubs.
2008-09-16 16:34:16
58.   Alex41592
Berroa's hit could give Martin a chance to do some damage. Lowe's has to get the bunt down.
2008-09-16 16:34:38
59.   Alex41592
And them Pirates...
2008-09-16 16:35:16
60.   underdog
Great bunt by Lowe, was perfect and then Minky blew the easy catch at first. Nice!
2008-09-16 16:35:16
61.   Alex41592
That umpire will be graded down.
2008-09-16 16:36:17
62.   Alex41592
And it leads to a sac fly.
2008-09-16 16:36:18
63.   underdog
Nice deep sac fly there by Beard, Jr.
2008-09-16 16:37:09
64.   KG16
in play, run(s) is a nice thing to see. But with the bases loaded and where that ball was on game day, I was really counting on that "s"
2008-09-16 16:37:15
65.   underdog
Yeah it looked like Lowe should've been called out on the replay, Minky picked it back up in time just before his foot hit the bag. Was close and shouldn't have even been that. Ah well, run would've scored anyway there.
2008-09-16 16:38:35
66.   Alex41592
Man, Ethier just continues with great at bat after great at bat.
2008-09-16 16:38:48
67.   Tripon
Andre Ethier. Clap clap clap clap clap Andre Ethier clap clap clap clap
2008-09-16 16:39:20
68.   bhsportsguy
Do not throw Manny a fastball on the first pitch.
2008-09-16 16:39:46
69.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
41 pitches for Karsten in less than two innings.
I love it when we can force a team to its (bad) bullpen early.
2008-09-16 16:40:15
70.   bhsportsguy
Okay, the second pitch.
2008-09-16 16:40:16
71.   underdog

I {heart} Pittsburgh!

2008-09-16 16:40:28
72.   Alex41592
The Dodgers are taking advantage of the error, big time.
2008-09-16 16:40:38
73.   underdog
Keep it coming, Neville!
2008-09-16 16:41:03
74.   joekings
Has AZ turned the game off in the clubhouse?
2008-09-16 16:41:49
75.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Two hours before first pitch in Phoenix, and the D-Backs know they're not getting any help from the Bucs.
2008-09-16 16:42:10
76.   Disabled List
Would you believe that the Pirates are actually OVERperforming their 2nd and 3rd order wins by 8.3 and 6.5, respectively?
2008-09-16 16:42:16
77.   Alex41592
74 - Perhaps they are preparing a DVD to send to the league for review.
2008-09-16 16:42:32
78.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
74 - Can't turn off the out-of-town scoreboard.
2008-09-16 16:42:39
79.   ucladodger

I think it was L.A's own Freddy Sanchez who dropped it, covering 1st on the bunt. And it was a terrible call.

2008-09-16 16:42:42
80.   scareduck
Wasn't Jeff Karstens once upon a time considered a good or at least promising pitcher? He seems to be terrible or at least very unremarkable with the Pirates. It's almost as if pitcher they touch turns to a gascan.
2008-09-16 16:45:19
81.   UVaDodger
80 He did 2 hit the D'Backs a few weeks ago. I will remember him fondly for that game and this one.
2008-09-16 16:46:41
82.   Dane Bramage
Anyone have info why Mientkiewicz is there instead of Adam LaRoche for the Bucs?
2008-09-16 16:47:46
83.   Icaros
Adding (so far) 24 home runs since the end of July has been nice. Hopefully Santana and LaRoche don't make the future sad.
2008-09-16 16:48:23
84.   Dane Bramage
Yahoo Gameday looks funny, with Lowe pitching to LaRoche pictured in a Dodger cap.
2008-09-16 16:48:49
85.   Tripon
So how is Andy LaRoche tonight?
2008-09-16 16:48:57
86.   berkowit28
Today would be a good day to get runs in double figures, like other teams do. It's been a long time since those games with 11 runs.
2008-09-16 16:48:57
87.   Alex41592
Well, LaRoche made the present pleasant.
2008-09-16 16:50:25
88.   KG16
86 - as long as the Dodgers finish with more than the other team, what difference does it make how many runs they score?
2008-09-16 16:52:04
89.   Pedro Astacio

We would be able to rest our starters. Maybe see McDonald.

2008-09-16 16:52:06
90.   Tripon
This is odd for Blake.
2008-09-16 16:52:15
91.   Icaros
Um...not sure I want the first since Hodges to be Casey Blake.
2008-09-16 16:52:15
92.   Alex41592
Casey has the tough two out of the way. Triple and HR.
2008-09-16 16:52:17
93.   overkill94
Too premature for a cycle alert?
2008-09-16 16:52:40
94.   still bevens
80 My theory on Karstens being highly regarded has more to do with him being a Yankee prospect than anything else.
2008-09-16 16:52:44
95.   Disabled List
What flavor alert is this for Blake?
2008-09-16 16:53:22
96.   Tripon
DeWitt gets another cheap RBI.
2008-09-16 16:53:40
97.   Jim Hitchcock
Well, here we go again. Cycle watch.
2008-09-16 16:53:45
98.   Alex41592
Blake plates Blake.
2008-09-16 16:53:46
99.   Icaros

Dude, did Andy sleep with a girl you like, or something?

2008-09-16 16:54:54
100.   underdog
The Beard is on fire!

Well, that sounds scarier than I meant it -- you know what I mean.

And Pierre... back to the bench with ya soon.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-16 16:55:10
101.   Tripon
99 I asked because I missed Andy's at bat. I would like to hear what others thought about his performance tonight.
2008-09-16 16:55:38
102.   underdog
Another cheap RBI? What does that mean?
2008-09-16 16:55:38
103.   manram99
did manny cut his hair again?
2008-09-16 16:56:19
104.   Alex41592
Angel Berroa: Clearing the pitcher daily.
2008-09-16 16:56:23
105.   Icaros

He's just baiting.

2008-09-16 16:56:28
106.   underdog
103 meet 22 -- Yep, apparently so. Maybe by next weekend he'll look like Manny circa his Indian days.
2008-09-16 16:56:46
107.   bhsportsguy
When Oswalt gives up 5 runs in 3 innings, things are going bad to worst for Houston.

Minnesota may not have anything to play for if they don't start playing better.

Old pal Odalis has shut down the Mets for 3 so far.

No score from Tampa.

2008-09-16 16:57:09
108.   underdog
105 "Go away, baitin'!"

(Idiocracy references, ON)

2008-09-16 16:58:23
109.   Tripon
How is a sac fly anything but 'cheap'?
2008-09-16 16:58:30
110.   berkowit28
88 If it's not a pitcher's duel, the more runs, the more fun. No difference to the standings.
2008-09-16 16:58:50
111.   Jim Hitchcock
100 Be fair. He's not hitting in front of Manny today!
2008-09-16 16:59:02
112.   Icaros
Lowe needs to keep getting wins so he doesn't end up a ridiculous Type B this winter.
2008-09-16 16:59:10
113.   bhsportsguy
Old friend Jayson Werth homers to make it 3-0 Phillies over the Braves in Atlanta.
2008-09-16 17:00:43
114.   fanerman
112 Excellent point!
2008-09-16 17:01:04
115.   Andrew Shimmin
If Blake ends the Dodgers' cycle drought, I'm giving up show business.
2008-09-16 17:01:39
116.   Alex41592
Very nice play by DeWitt.
2008-09-16 17:02:21
117.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Love me them 9-pitch innings.
2008-09-16 17:02:28
118.   overkill94
115 I just want the drought to be over. It's a bit embarrassing that the D-Backs - who have only been in existence for 11 years - have three cycles already while we haven't had one in 38 years.
2008-09-16 17:02:32
119.   bhsportsguy
115 You can become a pen salesman.
2008-09-16 17:02:59
120.   KG16
109 - there is no such thing as a "cheap" RBI. He had a runner on third with no outs. His job is to put the ball in play and get the runner home. That's what he did. Just because you don't like the way that he did it doesn't mean it's "cheap". It's called baseball, that's the way it's been played for about 140 years now.
2008-09-16 17:03:36
121.   scareduck
Not that anybody here necessarily cares, but WGN will rebroadcast the Carlos Zambrano no-hitter on Friday.

I hate MLB's arcane and antiquated blackout rules.

2008-09-16 17:03:36
122.   MC Safety
Another Metropolitan collapse would be amazing.
2008-09-16 17:04:05
123.   Zak
112 If he makes and wins his remaining starts this year, he'll end up with 16 wins. With a 3.30ish ERA, he's got to be a Type A.
2008-09-16 17:04:10
124.   Icaros

Ugh. How many times would Colletti and Plaschke go to the "Ned acquired the first Dodger to hit for the cycle since Gil Hodges...for nothing" well after that?

2008-09-16 17:04:14
125.   bhsportsguy
Odalis Perez just struck out David Wright looking.
2008-09-16 17:04:29
126.   underdog
109 Sac flies are not cheap. You're doing your job. You're scoring a runner at third with a fly ball deep enough to get them home. If it was so easy everyone would do it with RISP. He could've popped up or struck out or fouled out or lined out or grounded out. It's not all luck.
2008-09-16 17:04:35
127.   KG16
120 - also, was Martin's sac fly RBI "cheap"?
2008-09-16 17:05:08
128.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-16 17:05:26
129.   underdog
Or, what KG said.

Okay, I'm outta here for the eve -- good luck to the Dodgers the rest o the way. Icaros, text me if Pierre hits another home run so I know to head for cover.

2008-09-16 17:05:26
130.   Zak
I thought Wes Parker had the last Dodger cycle.
2008-09-16 17:06:00
131.   bhsportsguy
I believe we have now established that a sacrifice fly is not cheap especially when in some of the dog days of this season, I would have killed for a sacrifice fly.
2008-09-16 17:06:42
132.   Eric Stephen
Welcome back to the .400 club, Mr. Ramirez.
2008-09-16 17:06:51
133.   bhsportsguy
Odalis has 1 hitted the Mets through 4.
2008-09-16 17:06:53
134.   Icaros

That's who I meant. Wrong first baseman.

2008-09-16 17:07:02
135.   joekings
115 - I think it's more embarrassing to not have had a no-hitter a la padres and mets. Though I would like to see a cycle.
2008-09-16 17:07:09
136.   scareduck
120 etc. - the preferable way to do so would be a home run, followed by a triple, followed by a double, followed by a single, followed by a sac fly, followed by a groundout to right, followed by anything that does not result in a run scoring (groundout to third/short or a strikeout). I wouldn't call it "cheap" but it is better than not getting the run in. I recall the Dodgers had a lot of problems earlier in the season getting that man in with less than two outs, so I wouldn't be too eager to label a successful sac fly "cheap".
2008-09-16 17:07:49
137.   Eric Stephen
He does. Icaros must have a horrible Brady Bunch experience and blocked all references from his memory. :)
2008-09-16 17:08:16
138.   Zak
I still can't believe how close to a cycle Andre was at DS. I mean he had rounded 2nd for gosh's sake. I hope that is not the closest we will come to a cycle for another 38 years.
2008-09-16 17:08:34
139.   Andrew Shimmin
Walks are also not cheap. They're free, as it happens.
2008-09-16 17:08:51
140.   Alex41592
Man, what I would've done for some cheap runs in Philadelphia and Washington.
2008-09-16 17:09:44
141.   Gen3Blue
Blake vs. Crede. My gut says both these guys are 20 homer 3rd basemen. Blake is about OPS+ 105 while Crede is slightly below 100. Blake is a slightly below ave. fielder while Crede is very average. In my opinion--no difference. But they our both getting on and you should NEVER give a guy past his prime a long tern contract.(more than two years IMO).
The shame is if we can't produce a guy almost as good from our system for 400,000.
And thats nothing these days.
My apologies to Blake, who is having a great night.
2008-09-16 17:09:58
142.   Tripon
120 126 Er, yeah. I like DeWitt, but DeWitt was looking for one thing, and that was just putting the ball far enough to bring in the run. Fair enough that we differed on that definition on the use of the sac fly, but I'd like to see if DeWitt could take a step in his evolution and drive the ball. I called it 'cheap' because it was the obvious play, and I think partly mandated by the coaching staff, that DeWitt not try to drive the ball, instead of just making sure the ball was hit far enough into an outfielder's glove.

To me, it's 'cheap' in the sense that it was the easiest thing he could do, and he that is what he did.

2008-09-16 17:10:35
143.   Andrew Shimmin
FC for Blake. We're going to need the rest of the team to band together and knock off all this getting on base stuff, to limit his chances. And, actually, I wouldn't take any chances with the man's back. Might be time to get Repko a little time at the hot corner.
2008-09-16 17:11:26
144.   KG16
136 - sure, it would have been nice for DeWitt to hit a home run, but since the odds are that a hitter is going to make an out - unless he has an OBP over .500 (which, I'm pretty sure would be some sort of record), getting the run in, in that spot, is what matters. You do it any way you can. "Cheap" implies that it's illegitimate in some fashion. It is just as legitimate as if the ball would have dropped ten feet to the right where the fielder couldn't get to it and DeWitt ended up with a double. The object is to score more runs than the other guys, that's what DeWitt has enabled his team to do with the sac fly.
2008-09-16 17:11:30
145.   Icaros
My only horrible Brady Bunch experience is that I have literally seen every episode dozens of times.
2008-09-16 17:12:45
146.   bhsportsguy
145 I try to guess the episode based on the very first shot you see, even if it just their "house."
2008-09-16 17:14:17
147.   Andrew Shimmin
I wanna party with you guys.
2008-09-16 17:14:42
148.   Icaros

Wow. I was maybe at that point many years ago, but not now.

2008-09-16 17:15:14
149.   Marty
I've never seen a Brady Bunch episode.
2008-09-16 17:15:30
150.   Eric Stephen
Barry Bonds had a .609 OBP in 2004. There have been 14 seasons of a .500+ OBP.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-16 17:15:57
151.   Icaros

Comb the Sweet Tarts out of your beard and you're on.

2008-09-16 17:16:50
152.   MonkeyBlue
Pierre weak arm, don't really help much.
2008-09-16 17:18:06
153.   Eric Stephen
My favorite Brady Bunch episode was the one where Jan was really annoying and whiny. I also liked the episode in which Carol Brady didn't do housework despite not having a job.
2008-09-16 17:18:38
154.   fanerman
150 Only 2 .400 BA's in the bunch.
2008-09-16 17:19:01
155.   ucladodger
That was helpful
2008-09-16 17:19:04
156.   MonkeyBlue
What the heck was that? Break for the dodgers.
2008-09-16 17:19:27
157.   Alex41592
Nice hustle Brandon Moss.
2008-09-16 17:19:32
158.   Eric Stephen
I don't think it mattered on that play.
2008-09-16 17:19:44
159.   Tripon
Well, that was odd. Don't know why Moss didn't try to hustle to first base.
2008-09-16 17:19:46
160.   Sean P

232 BB & 120 IBB vs. 373 AB will do that for you.

2008-09-16 17:20:16
161.   Disabled List
He sure knocked the cover offa that one.
2008-09-16 17:20:50
162.   MonkeyBlue
158. Well he could have prevent Nate from going to 3rd... I think. Anyways this is why they are the Pirates!
2008-09-16 17:21:49
163.   Disabled List
Manny didn't cut his dreads, they're just stuffed up inside his hairnet... hairpiece... hair-thingie.
2008-09-16 17:22:06
164.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
141 - Let me say up front I have watched few games with my own eyes.
That disclaimer out of the way, why do people harsh on Casey Blake's defense? Entering tonight, with the Dodgers he had 10 double plays against 1 error. For his career, Blake is 108 to 76. Anything above break-even is considered good.
For comparison, Mark Reynolds has a ratio of 21-30 (although he was nearly 2-1 to the good last season).
2008-09-16 17:22:37
165.   overkill94
153 It was the 70's, she was too busy making herself cocktails and reading Redbook
2008-09-16 17:23:37
166.   bhsportsguy
I know I keep bringing this up but Odalis Perez has now shutout the Mets for 5 innings on one hit.
2008-09-16 17:24:20
167.   Tripon
DeWitt, trying to raise his OBP one hit at a time.
2008-09-16 17:24:44
168.   Marty
Juan Gone comin up
2008-09-16 17:24:49
169.   bhsportsguy
Dale Sveum sees Alfonso Soriano double in his first at-bat against CC.
2008-09-16 17:25:32
170.   Bob Hendley
Cheap hit.
2008-09-16 17:25:33
171.   Sean P

That was a cheap hit.

2008-09-16 17:25:41
172.   Eric Stephen
Some sh-sh-shaky defense by the Pirates this inning.
2008-09-16 17:25:45
173.   Tripon
Man, those Pirates infielders aren't much fielders at the moment.
2008-09-16 17:25:46
174.   Alex41592
1-0 Cubs on their quest to sweep the Brewers and win the Central.
2008-09-16 17:25:53
175.   Disabled List
166 I'd laugh at that, but I remember the Dodgers also getting embarrassed by the Nats recently.
2008-09-16 17:26:13
176.   Eric Stephen
Sveum as it ever was?
2008-09-16 17:26:18
177.   scareduck
163 - that's gotta be R-21 equivalent.
2008-09-16 17:26:36
178.   Tripon
171 170 Hah.

And Berroa DP's. Figures.

2008-09-16 17:27:17
179.   Marty
It's hard to Odalise a game if you don't start off strong.
2008-09-16 17:27:40
180.   scareduck
176 - ow.

2008-09-16 17:30:15
181.   scareduck
Dodgers just mailed me that Dodgers NLDS luxury suites are going for $7k. If you hurry, there are cut-rate prices for fan appreciation day at only $2,500 during the Giants series.
2008-09-16 17:32:13
182.   bhsportsguy
With 2 out, Odalis doubled, Willie Harris walked and Guzman hit a ground-rule double to give the Nats a 1-0 in the 5th.
2008-09-16 17:32:23
183.   Zak
164 Let me try to tackle that. Usually converting DPs and fielding errors are not good stats for rating fielding. They are helpful, but hardly complete. Some of the problems:

1. Obvious one is if you can't get to a ball, usually it is not an error. So you could have very limited range, hardly get fielding opportunities, and still have few errors.

2. You never get an error for not converting a double play. So it is a really poor metric to measure anything by, because you could have 20 double play chances, convert only 3 of them, but the other 17 won't be an error as long as you get the one out.

3. The other problem with fielding errors are if you have an agile fielder with good range, then he will get to more balls and sometimes his good plays will also result in more errors.

All that being said, people will throw other defensive metrics at you and none of them are really complete. They can give you a conceptual idea about a fielder, for example range, but you still can't account for other stuff like arm strength and accuracy. FWIW, I like Blake as a defensive 3B from what I've seen. But I've seen metrics that tell me that he is worse than he's been with the Dodgers.

2008-09-16 17:32:26
184.   arbfuldodger
From the making a bad trade even worse dept.

Erik Bedard will undergo exploratory arthroscopic surgery,by Dr. Yocum to check things out and remove any "unhealthy particles" in his left shoulder. So much for The M's trying to get any return on trading him this off-season or next season if they find anything bad w/ the scope.

2008-09-16 17:33:53
185.   KG16
based on the gameday photo, I'm guessing Luis Cruz is 14, 15 maybe?
2008-09-16 17:35:44
186.   Andrew Shimmin
I heard a rumor that Bedard has Higgs boson in his left shoulder.
2008-09-16 17:36:44
187.   Marty
186 That makes him a boson's mate?
2008-09-16 17:37:59
188.   Tripon

Joe Torre's playing career. His numbers seem really good for a guy not to make it to the Hall of Fame.
2008-09-16 17:40:50
189.   bhsportsguy
187 Quint's speech in "Jaws"
2008-09-16 17:40:53
190.   Gagne55
188 9 time all-star, 1971 MVP, 128 OPS+ with more games at catcher than anywhere else.
2008-09-16 17:42:29
191.   bhsportsguy
The wheels could be coming off, 1st and 2nd, one out in the top of 6th for Odalis.
2008-09-16 17:44:03
192.   Andrew Shimmin
I'd send Martin again.
2008-09-16 17:44:46
193.   Eric Stephen
The VC could remedy that in December. Torre could be the John Wooden or Lenny Wilkens of baseball.
2008-09-16 17:44:47
194.   Alex41592
And we are on alert.
2008-09-16 17:44:59
195.   Andrew Shimmin
Orange Alert for Casey Blake. This is an Orange Alert!
2008-09-16 17:44:59
196.   Tripon
Casey Blake. Going to get what Andre couldn't.
2008-09-16 17:45:20
197.   Eric Stephen
Orange Beard alert.
2008-09-16 17:45:32
198.   fanerman
2008-09-16 17:47:09
199.   Alex41592
Boston breaks the scoreless tie with a sac fly. 1-0 Red Sox.
2008-09-16 17:48:45
200.   bhsportsguy
Odalis is probably done but he has shut out the Mets through 6 on 2 hits and 1 HBP.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-16 17:49:36
201.   Bob Timmermann
I would be stunned if the Basbeball Hall of Fame ever inducted someone in two categories.
2008-09-16 17:51:00
202.   Andrew Shimmin
It'd be a shame if Odalis fell off the payroll entirely, next year. Maybe Colletti should see about bringing him back. He could be 2009 Chan Ho Park.
2008-09-16 17:51:08
203.   overkill94
188 Yeah, but his rookie card wasn't worth all that much. That's my main criteria.
2008-09-16 17:51:09
204.   fanerman
198 Hm, seems like FanGraphs was wrong.
2008-09-16 17:51:24
205.   Gagne55
193 Can somebody have two plaques in the Baseball Hall of Fame?
2008-09-16 17:51:35
206.   Tripon
I want to punch the Pirates mascot so bad at the moment.
2008-09-16 17:52:37
207.   Icaros
How many plaques would a two-headed man get?
2008-09-16 17:52:37
208.   bhsportsguy
With 2 out and no one on base, in a 1 run game, Brian McCann just bunted for a base hit.
2008-09-16 17:52:40
209.   Gen3Blue
164 Star. My browsers been so meesed up it seems like I've been answering you for 1/2 hour and written several good essay. But I guess I must be brief--although I looked up several defensive stats, I would guess with the state of the art they weren't statistically significant and I was mostly going on buzz. But Blake is having a heck of a night. I was about to say I have seen the D's offense relax ahead 5-1, and he got run 6 in. He's also still up for the cycle.

I just hope we can get him for a year, and if not can get something from our once vaunted farm system. ( I'm really beginning to like DeWitt as a 2nd baseman-he could be good.)

2008-09-16 17:54:41
210.   scareduck
"Third time this evening Derek Lowe has retired the minimum number of batters." I would hope so, otherwise he's out of the game.
2008-09-16 17:55:18
211.   Gagne55
207 No two headed man has ever played a significant role in baseball.
2008-09-16 17:55:43
212.   Bob Timmermann
I don't see any provision in the HOF voting rules for electing someone in two different categories. I would think that after someone made it in, the nominating committees just wouldn't bother to put that person on any further ballots.
2008-09-16 17:56:57
213.   bhsportsguy
Ryan Dempster has struck out 7 in 3 innings in a 1-0 game after 3.
2008-09-16 17:57:37
214.   bhsportsguy
213 Actually 2.5
2008-09-16 17:59:48
215.   Icaros

Bud Selig has two heads.

2008-09-16 18:00:41
216.   Zak
215 Where is the other one?
2008-09-16 18:00:42
217.   Bob Timmermann
Cleveland's 8-1 lead over the Twins is down to 8-7 in the 6th.
2008-09-16 18:01:37
218.   StolenMonkey86
216 - The answer may qualify as a rule one violation.
2008-09-16 18:01:56
219.   Tripon
It must be boring in Pittsburgh.
2008-09-16 18:03:15
220.   Icaros

Let's just say you have to follow him into a bathroom stall, or possibly a locker room, to see it.

2008-09-16 18:05:00
221.   Alex41592
Cubs add on two and take a 3-0 lead.
2008-09-16 18:05:34
222.   Gen3Blue
I wouldn't worry about it being boring in Pittsburg yet. Do you know the Dodgers?
2008-09-16 18:06:59
223.   Alex41592
Carlos Pena goes opposite field to tie the game at 1.
2008-09-16 18:07:07
224.   Tripon
Hall voters are allowed to combine Torre's accomplishments as a player and manager. Torre fell short in Vets panel elections in 2003, 2005 and 2007, with 45 percent his highest total.

Torre should make it then if they're combining his management and player years.

2008-09-16 18:07:29
225.   Bob Timmermann
Pittsburgh is a surprisingly interesting city to visit.

I give Pittsburgh two thumbs up.

I give Cleveland every appendage possible down.

2008-09-16 18:08:42
226.   Ken Noe
I saw my first major league games in Pittsburgh. Heck, first big city I ever saw. I'd love to see this franchise turn around.
2008-09-16 18:09:05
227.   Bob Timmermann
Torre's numbers as a player don't merit induction into Cooperstown. And I don't think you can add in his managerial record because he's still managing.

That would break with precedents.

2008-09-16 18:09:09
228.   StolenMonkey86
219 - There is an orange alert on, though we may have to wait until the 9th to get further progress.
2008-09-16 18:16:23
229.   Gagne55
225 Didn't you give up that grudge when they sent you an apology letter?
2008-09-16 18:16:23
230.   Tripon
Park's in the game.
2008-09-16 18:16:57
231.   Gagne55
230 So I guess Park is in the Park.
2008-09-16 18:17:40
232.   larry slimfast
I want to keep Lowe. I think he could be good for 3 more years. Will he get more than that?
2008-09-16 18:18:27
233.   Bob Timmermann
Cleveland is the subject of a latent grudge. It can come back at any time.
2008-09-16 18:19:07
234.   Tripon
Well, that's going to hurt DeWitt's defensive numbers.
2008-09-16 18:19:46
235.   LU Dodger
Does anyone know who is announcing the Dodger's radio on Gameday?

One sounds like Rick Monday...but Steiner's boisterous voice I know is not there.

2008-09-16 18:20:13
236.   Jacob Burch
It's usually Jerry Reuss
2008-09-16 18:20:36
237.   Gagne55
Cargrill may be getting an e-mail from Bob tonight.
2008-09-16 18:22:03
238.   LU Dodger

Thanks, I'm an east coaster, so I'm not too familiar with dodgers radio. I wouldn't be listening to it if wasn't soooo slow right now

2008-09-16 18:22:37
239.   Andrew Shimmin
Here comes Blake. Missit, missit, Noonan, Noonan, Aaaaah!
2008-09-16 18:22:57
240.   scareduck
211 - but plenty of two-faced men have.
2008-09-16 18:23:32
241.   LU Dodger
well here we go............
2008-09-16 18:24:17
242.   Tripon
no cycle for Casey Blake.
2008-09-16 18:24:45
243.   Bob Timmermann
Cycle alert canceled. Stand down.


2008-09-16 18:24:45
244.   Andrew Shimmin
I don't care what Bob says, I'm standing down. And changing the channel.
2008-09-16 18:24:53
245.   scareduck
235 - road games outside the NL West have Monday and Reuss in the radio booth, with Monday doing the play-by-play (badly) and Reuss providing color commentary. Home games and road games in the NL West are called by Vin Scully through the first three innings, and Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday the rest of the way.
2008-09-16 18:25:01
246.   trainwreck
Doesn't even get on-base. What a loser!
2008-09-16 18:25:13
247.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Does Wes Parker crack a bottle of champagne when a Dodger falls short of the cycle?
2008-09-16 18:25:15
248.   scareduck
243 - tease.
2008-09-16 18:25:18
249.   Andrew Shimmin
Oh. Bob doesn't think the Pirates are coming back, I guess.
2008-09-16 18:25:31
250.   StolenMonkey86
stand down
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-16 18:25:48
251.   Bob Hendley
Wes pops another split.
2008-09-16 18:27:33
252.   Bob Timmermann
Wes Parker has developed a severe problem with all of the alcohol he's been consuming the past 38 years.
2008-09-16 18:29:29
253.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
"As long as Dodgers continue to fall short by that one hit, usually the triple, I live forever...
"That, and Brady Bunch reruns."
2008-09-16 18:29:32
254.   fanerman
The first Dodger cycle since Wes Parker will belong to Andre.
2008-09-16 18:30:43
255.   Bob Timmermann
Personally, I think Jon is happy that no Dodger has hit for the cycle this year.
2008-09-16 18:32:33
256.   Icaros

Could be Bison. And Loney is Master of Triples.

2008-09-16 18:33:22
257.   Gagne55
2008-09-16 18:33:29
258.   Andrew Shimmin
Solid bullpen management.
2008-09-16 18:33:48
259.   Alex41592
Hey, it's an unnecessary usage of one Jonathan Broxton.
2008-09-16 18:34:08
260.   bhsportsguy
Joe is not fooling around. And Broxton hasn't pitched since Saturday.
2008-09-16 18:34:28
261.   The Dude Abides
Beimel not exactly fooling anyone we have to bring in the Ox. I guess he can use the work.
2008-09-16 18:34:59
262.   bhsportsguy
259 No, this is not a time for Scott Proctor or Troncoso, you take the win and go home.
2008-09-16 18:35:13
263.   Jacob Burch
He hasn't pitched in three days and who knows if he'll get higher leverage situation. Not really a big deal
2008-09-16 18:35:20
264.   Gagne55
Not much trust in Beimel. Torre should have at least given him one more batter. Then if it's a hit then it becomes a save situation for Brox.
2008-09-16 18:36:14
265.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Torre is not Repo Man. He does not live for tense situations.
2008-09-16 18:36:28
266.   Icaros

Or back to the hotel.

2008-09-16 18:36:58
267.   Alex41592
Magic Number: 8
2008-09-16 18:37:45
268.   scareduck
Andy LaRoche comes in to ironically strike out against his old club to give the Dodgers a win.
2008-09-16 18:38:41
269.   scareduck
255 - he's only spiting you.
2008-09-16 18:42:17
270.   The Dude Abides
262, 263
Agreed, especially on the road. The most devastating losses are the ones where you had a lead in the 9th of three or more runs and your bullpen blew it. The Dodgers would have won the division in 2006 if Grady hadn't decided to give Lance Carter some work in San Diego with a five-run lead in the 9th and a chance to sweep the Pads. Carter had a terrible ERA at the time. He blew the lead (this was pre-Saito), and the Dodgers lost the game. The Dodgers didn't recover from this loss for awhile, as they went on a long losing streak after they had dominated the Padres. Meanwhile, the Padres were inspired by the come from behind win, and went on a tear.

Don't mess around with a win staring you in the face.

2008-09-16 18:42:41
271.   LU Dodger
Dave Roberts with a lead off walk
2008-09-16 18:42:45
272.   Tripon
ESPN2 is showing minor league playoffs
2008-09-16 18:42:46
273.   Gagne55
268 I wouldn't call that ironic...
2008-09-16 18:44:58
274.   Jacob Burch
273 If Bob gets a CI alarm, I get a Misuse of Irony alarm
2008-09-16 18:50:26
275.   Sean P

Yes, irony would have been him not getting out in that situation.

2008-09-16 18:55:08
276.   Alex41592
Too much to keep track of as the MIL/CHC, MIN/CLE, BOS/TBR, PHI/ATL games are all good right now.
2008-09-16 18:56:06
277.   Jacob Burch
I'd say the only true ironic situation would be if he did something to definitively knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs, as he was traded in an attempt to prevent that. Still sketchy though.
2008-09-16 18:59:34
278.   Bob Timmermann
Ooh, hitting Cliff Floyd with an 0-2 pitch with 2 runners on is not good.
2008-09-16 18:59:53
279.   UVaDodger
274 Would that sound when someone erroneously claimed irony, or when someone used irony correctly, but in a context where men of better breeding would have avoided using it?
2008-09-16 19:02:45
280.   Alex41592
Dioner Navarro pushes the Rays to one game plus .002 up over the Red Sox.
2008-09-16 19:06:25
281.   Jacob Burch
279 The former
2008-09-16 19:07:16
282.   Bob Timmermann
In about 30-60 minutes, the Phillies could be:
a) leading the NL East
b) leading the Wild Card
c) tied for the Wild Card
d) out of the money
2008-09-16 19:08:38
283.   Alex41592
Ryan Howard just picked a)
2008-09-16 19:10:42
284.   Bob Timmermann
Orange alert for Ryan Howard. This is an orange alert.
2008-09-16 19:12:23
285.   Alex41592
I have no idea if this has been said but the balance of power in the N.L just shifted.

Fernando Tatis gone for the season with a shoulder injury.

Also, Chris Snyder hits a HR.

1-0 AZ.

2008-09-16 19:13:13
286.   Tripon
Is this TBS first season with the playoffs?
2008-09-16 19:14:31
287.   Alex41592
286 - This will be their second season. They had the division series and NLDS last year. This season they have the division series and ALDS. FOX has the NLDS and World Series.
2008-09-16 19:16:40
288.   Alex41592
Blah. TBS has all division series games and the ALCS this season. FOX has the NLCS and World Series.
2008-09-16 19:16:46
289.   Bob Timmermann
ALCS you mean

TBS has all four of the ALDS and NLDS.

2008-09-16 19:17:30
290.   Bob Timmermann
Apparently someone has had his memory wiped of all the ads for "Frank TV"
2008-09-16 19:19:49
291.   overkill94
Mike Gonzalez hadn't blown a save in three years and now he's blown two within a week
2008-09-16 19:20:18
292.   Icaros
No more Frank TV commercials!
2008-09-16 19:25:04
293.   Bob Timmermann
The Rockies may live to fight another day.
2008-09-16 19:35:58
294.   Bob Timmermann
Josh Bard is out for the season with the Padres. And he won't be offered arbitration.

And yet, he was almost the hero in the 4+1 game.

If there only hadn't been that +1.

2008-09-16 19:36:33
295.   Andrew Shimmin
At least there stopped being only one Actober. Whatever that was.
2008-09-16 19:37:24
296.   Tripon
I don't think we have to worry about the Astros making the playoffs.
2008-09-16 19:38:02
297.   Tripon
294 A return to Boston?
2008-09-16 19:45:55
298.   Gagne55
If the Rockies win and Giants lose and then the Dodgers win tomorrow, then the Rockies and Giants will be simultaneously eliminated.
2008-09-16 19:47:44
299.   Tripon
Blake DeWitt and Angel Berroa gets love on Baseball Tonight.
2008-09-16 19:50:13
300.   Alex41592
299 - I must say that was a very pro-Dodgers segment by Baseball Tonight.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-16 19:52:40
301.   Tripon
300 Gammons strikes me as odd. He was so mad at Manny for such a long time, and he kept on pushing that odd rumor of moving Martin to 3rd and signing Veritek. But he raves about the Dodgers youth, and is still in awe of Manny's play with the Dodgers.
2008-09-16 19:52:45
302.   Alex41592
The Mets are now tied for the Wild Card lead with the Brewers.

Phillies lead the East by 1/2 game.

2008-09-16 19:53:41
303.   Tripon
Phillies take first play in the NL East. Mets take the wild card lead.
2008-09-16 19:54:49
304.   Eric Stephen
I can't believe I forgot to mention this earlier this morning, but happy 50th birthday to Orel Hershiser!

Also, happy 20th birthday to Tom Browning's perfecto against the soon to be champs.

2008-09-16 19:55:02
305.   Alex41592
301 - Like he said, he sees Manny and Torre in Fenway Park in October. That vision alone would make him happy.
2008-09-16 19:56:34
306.   CanuckDodger
301 -- What, exactly, did Gammons say about our yewts?
2008-09-16 19:58:38
307.   eusmus
306 It's hard to understand Gammons, but I believe he did mention something about DeWitt's recent OBP explosion.
2008-09-16 20:00:48
308.   herchyzer
When does SF get out of 'Zona? Do they more games after tonight? I hope not. I suspect that the Gints have a deep, deep rooted hatred for the Dodgers that's causing them to tank. I can see the 'Backs sweeping.
2008-09-16 20:02:33
309.   Gilberto Reyes
Now that the club is 7 games over .500 for the first time all year and appears to be a lock for the NL West title, I can't help but think back to June 15. The Dodgers had just been swept in Detroit to fall 7 games below .500 and Jon posted his "Bad Moon Rising" note.

Through 69 games, the 31-38 Dodgers are two games ahead of the pace of the worst team in Los Angeles history. The 1992 Dodgers started the season 29-40.

In 50 years, only one Los Angeles Dodger team (1995) has made the postseason with a record below .500 at this stage.

But division re-alignment helped the 1995 team make the playoffs just like it did this year. Hopefully the team can stay hot in the playoffs and do what St. Louis did a few years ago.

2008-09-16 20:02:42
310.   Alex41592
308 - Two more games. The Giants face Haren today and Webb tomorrow. But, the D'Backs face Lincecum on Thursday.
2008-09-16 20:04:04
311.   Gagne55
308 The evidence does not support that conclusion. I say this because the Giants pwn3d the D'backs in San Francisco not long ago.
2008-09-16 20:04:11
312.   Jon Weisman
Jerry Crowe, whom I normally like, compares Manny's MVP candidacy in 2008 to Sal Maglie's Cy Young candidacy in 1956. ...

... but fails to note that Maglie came over May 15 and pitched 191 innings for the Dodgers.

2008-09-16 20:05:57
313.   Alex41592
Durham hits a two out double in the ninth to make the score 5-4 Cubs. Braun is the batter.
2008-09-16 20:08:24
314.   Alex41592
Infield single. 1st and 3rd and here comes Fielder who has two HR's so far tonight.
2008-09-16 20:08:45
315.   LAbits
Well, I'm beginning to appreciate Steiner, whose voice I compare to to someone drumming with a 4x4 wrapped in velvet. I'm listening to Dodgers v. Pirates on a business trip on xm189 & the Pitt announcers are so expressionless, non-descriptive and 'deer in the headlights' in their reaction to the Dodgers - its stultifying!
2008-09-16 20:12:32
316.   Alex41592
Wood strikes Fielder out on a wicked curve ball. Cubs magic number down to 4.
2008-09-16 20:15:20
317.   Disabled List
I guess that puts an end to CC Sabathia's Cy Young chances. After all, he's got a loss now.
2008-09-16 20:38:21
318.   Louis in SF
Gammons credited the DP combo of Berroa and DeWitt helping to solidy the infield, he also mentioned Ethier having a regular spot in the outfield. He obviously also liked Manny and Blake. The way Blake is hitting he also has a shot to pass Finley's mark of hommers by a Dodger acquired in a Aug 31 trade. Manny of course is already passed Finley.
2008-09-16 20:44:03
319.   dzzrtRatt
Good news: The Giants' cleanup hitter is up with two men on, one out in the top of the ninth.

Bad news: The identity of that cleanup hitter is Bengie Molina.

2008-09-16 20:48:20
320.   dzzrtRatt
Haren gets a CG shutout.
2008-09-16 20:49:13
321.   LogikReader
Way to show up, SF. Now watch as the Giants get completely dominated and swept by the D'backs.

/I Love LA>

2008-09-16 20:49:28
322.   bhsportsguy
319 No, the good news is that Haren pitches a complete game shut out and the Dodgers still knock one more off the Magic Number.
2008-09-16 20:50:45
323.   Jacob Burch
If we were told the Giants would win three out of the seven, I think we'd all live with that.

And they still have two starts (one from Mr.Tim) to not make it even better.

2008-09-16 20:50:49
324.   bhsportsguy
321 No one is scoring, the only way the D-Backs score these days is on home runs and their pitchers giving up no runs.
2008-09-16 20:52:15
325.   LogikReader
Boy... I think I can really, really see a D'Backs sweep of the Giants this week.

Not that it will do much to the Dodgers' lead, but I literally thought a 2-2 split would be enough in Pittsburgh. I still think so, but the G-Men will have to score more than 2 runs to ease the tension!

2008-09-16 20:54:53
326.   bhsportsguy
325 The Dodgers have a better chance to win their next 2 games on the road against the Pirates against the D-Backs facing the Giants even with Webb and Johnson pitching.
2008-09-16 20:55:10
327.   LogikReader
Bh is right too... nobody is scoring in these games. To be honest, even with the win the D'backs had a really hard time scoring runs. They're lucky they play in a juicy ballpark, otherwise they might have gone 21 innings.
2008-09-16 20:57:14
328.   LogikReader
What's really cool is that Jon and Co. outlined the game plan for the next two weeks and the Dodgers are even exceeding expectations.

Get 1 of 3 in Colorado; got 2 of 3.
Get a split in Pittsburgh; got at least that.
Once they get back home, the Dodgers just have to avoid getting swept and things should play in their favor.

2008-09-16 20:57:41
329.   Louis in SF
Lincicum pitches on Thursday and Webb tomorrow. If Lincicum wins he has 18 wins and then has a remote chance for 20, and conceivably could pitch against the Dodgers on the last day of the season. Bochy has said he will only pitch him if the game has meaning. I am hoping Webb loses tomorrow and Lincicum on Thursday. I obviously hope the Dodgers sweep continuing to gain ground.
2008-09-16 20:57:53
330.   LoneStar7
I just realized that they now show return of the jedi with that alternate ending.

the yub nub celebration at the end was arguably my favorite part of the whole movie..

2008-09-16 21:24:37
331.   bhsportsguy
-4.5,-3.5,-2.5, -2.5, -1.5, -1.5, -.5, .5, 1.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 3.5, 4.5, 4.5, 4.5, 4.5
2008-09-16 21:26:16
332.   ToyCannon
Big night all around. We win, Dodger Rays win, Mets lose, Brewers lose.

Some big time closers are blowing some big games. Nathan tonight, Papelbon earlier in the week.

2008-09-16 21:28:58
333.   ToyCannon
17 games now we have either gained ground or held serve. That is amazing. Something to be said for having a pupcake schedule at crunch time.
2008-09-16 21:32:08
334.   Eric Stephen
The Dodgers are now at 18 consecutive days without losing ground in the NL West. Since being down 4½ games after play August 29, the next day has ended with the Dodgers in at worst the same position than they started the day.

In 2006, the Dodgers went 20 straight days without losing ground (their 17-1 stretch). I believe this is the club record, just because I can't find another such stretch.

In 1982, the amazing run included a day or two in which they lost ground. In 1955, the club started 22-2, but on the day of loss #2 they lost ground in the standings.

2008-09-16 21:33:43
335.   Eric Stephen
331 ,333
Great minds think alike. I sweat I didn't see your posts before I posted!
2008-09-16 21:33:55
336.   Eric Stephen
I also swear.
2008-09-16 21:34:18
337.   Eric Stephen
I have one more cycle than Casey Blake tonight!
2008-09-16 21:38:44
338.   trainwreck
What are the colors for the cycle alert when it comes to posting?
2008-09-16 21:42:16
339.   Eric Stephen
Just blue. Dodger blue.
2008-09-16 21:59:35
340.   JoeyP
Scareduck said the Dodgers needed a 20 game win streak to make the playoffs.

14 out of 16 so far.

I dont think the Dodgers are quite out of the woods yet bc its unlikely they can be hot the rest of the way, while the Dbax lose out the rest of the way. Could still come down to next week.

2008-09-16 22:04:48
341.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-16 22:12:56
342.   trainwreck
Puppies are surprisingly sweet.
2008-09-16 22:26:19
343.   Jon Weisman
340 - Did he say the Dodgers "needed" that streak?
2008-09-16 22:27:28
344.   Alex41592
The Dodgers now have more home games (6) left than road games (5).

4 1/2 game lead.

Magic Number: 8

If the Dodgers go 6-5 in their remaining 11 games the Diamondbacks would have to go 11-1 in order to force a divisional tie breaker game at Dodger Stadium.

2008-09-16 22:39:08
345.   ToyCannon
For the life of me I couldn't think of cupcake and then pupcake just sounded right. You wouldn't believe how many words I cannot come up with. I'd like to blame it on age but I've been that way since I was a child. If it wasn't for the preview screen my posting would look more childlike then they already do. I blame it not being able to hear until I was 2 but I'm probably grasping at straws.
2008-09-16 22:50:07
346.   underdog
Hmm, anyone else just see Rick Reilly's short piece on SportsCenter on the Dodgers and Manny? Was pretty amusing. Basically said the Dodgers should give him whatever he wants (no haircut rule, give him Walter Alston's #, whatever) to bring him back next year. Anyway, it's amusing enough to catch in a repeat or maybe online if they put it there later.
2008-09-16 22:53:35
347.   CodyS
The Dodgers have a very very good chance of winning the west now, although with this team it's always hard to get your hopes up.

My understanding is that the Cubs (best record) would get the WC winner and the Dodgers would go vs. the East winner (Mets/Phillies). So how do we match up against the Mets/Phillies?

2008-09-16 23:00:54
348.   Eric Stephen
Potential 1st round Dodger opponents:

Cubs (if Brewers win wild card): Dodgers are 2-5 against them

Mets (if Mets in wild card): 3-4 against them

Phillies (if Phils in wild card): 4-2 against them

The Dodgers could only face Milwaukee if both make the NLCS, and they are 4-2 against the Brew Crew.

2008-09-16 23:02:01
349.   Eric Stephen
I crossed the Mets & Phillies there. If both NL East teams make the playoffs, the Dodgers would play the division winner, as mentioned in 347 (not the wild card).
2008-09-16 23:09:20
350.   bhsportsguy
Kuo acknowledged that his left elbow, which has survived four surgeries, has hurt him all season.

"After four surgeries, there's always going to be something," he said. "But it was good enough to pitch."

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-16 23:12:58
351.   trainwreck
I want the Phillies, because we can beat them and us sweeping them and them sweeping us towards end of year.
2008-09-16 23:13:26
352.   bhsportsguy
The home run was the 10th for Blake in his 48 games with the Dodgers, a team he said he started to feel increasingly a part of when it started its previous 10-game trip with a season-long eight-game losing streak.

"For whatever reason that helped," he said. "When you go through something like that as a team, you rely on each other more and you become closer."


For Blake, the atmosphere rid him of any reservations he had about his move to Los Angeles.

Blake said he wants to listen to whatever the Indians have to tell him when he becomes a free agent this winter, but he said he would also consider re-signing with the Dodgers if they want him back.

"I like it here," Blake said. "I'm going to keep my options open. These guys have been great to me."

2008-09-16 23:14:11
353.   trainwreck
We are going to run out of dead people to make his ligaments out of.
2008-09-16 23:15:50
354.   LoneStar7
353 "The Man That Was Used Up"..?
2008-09-16 23:17:46
355.   Gilberto Reyes
348 Dodgers are 4-4 vs Phils this year. Both teams sweeping four games series at home.
2008-09-16 23:27:16
356.   bhsportsguy
The Dodgers have proven eclectic in their taste in music, going beyond the standard hip hop and rock with John Mayer's rendition of "Free Fallin' " recently being added to the playlist. After wins, the Leona Lewis pop ballad "Bleeding Love" has been blasted over the speakers.

2008-09-16 23:27:51
357.   Alex41592
Remarkably we are only 4 1/2 games back of the #2 seed in the National League. That's an unlikely scenario but I thought I'd throw it out there.

The scenarios below are if the N.L West Champion finishes as the #3 seed:

If the Mets or Phillies win the wildcard the N.L West Champion will open on the road in the N.L East Champion's ballpark on October 1st.

If the Brewers or Astros win the wildcard the N.L West Champion will open on the road at Wrigley Field on October 1st.

If the season ended today and boy wouldn't that be nice:

Dodgers vs. Phillies
Mets vs. Cubs

2008-09-16 23:32:18
358.   trainwreck
If only Jose Cruz Jr was around. He had a good taste in batting songs.
2008-09-16 23:32:45
359.   bhsportsguy
Who sold his Pittsburgh-area home and bought a home in Manhattan Beach?

2008-09-16 23:36:10
360.   trainwreck
Does every athlete live in Manhattan Beach?
2008-09-16 23:38:37
361.   LAT
346. You left out the part where Riley said the Dodgers should give Manny 4 years and $80M.
2008-09-16 23:46:11
362.   Bob Timmermann
The LAT did a story on this recently back in the old days when it had a real estate section.

Manhattan Beach is most popular with hockey players. And not just members of the Kings. It's apparently quite the place for players from all over.

And then once some pro athletes moved in, more followed.

2008-09-16 23:54:29
363.   Gilberto Reyes
346 Thanks for the tip on the ESPN piece on Manny and the Dodgers by Rick Reilly.

My favorite highlight..."Manny has made more friends in a week than Jeff Kent has in a year."

Reilly thinks that Manny will stay for $80 million over 4 years.

2008-09-17 00:03:33
364.   bhsportsguy
Here's the thing about Manhattan Beach, it's close to LAX and for a mid-late afternoon ride to Staples or Dodger Stadium, its not that bad.

During the Laker season, Prime Ticket had these little films with Luke Walton, one day he ran errands (bank, dry cleaning, etc.), I knew exactly where in Manhattan Beach he was doing all this stuff.

2008-09-17 00:09:10
365.   trainwreck
My friend is from Manhattan Beach. He tells me all these stories about athletes he sees running the beach and other things. His next door neighbor is Mikki Moore.

At the local bar he would tell me how Nomar bought him shots then the next week he drank with Josh Shipp.

2008-09-17 00:13:42
366.   bhsportsguy
365 Jordan Farmar also lives in Manhattan Beach so a Josh Shipp sighting isn't that odd. The Lakers/Kings practice facility is nearby.
2008-09-17 00:31:03
367.   trainwreck
We need a guard in 09 worse than the Dodgers need a third baseman in 09.
2008-09-17 01:13:53
368.   dzzrtRatt
Bill Plaschke thinks the Angels ought to wave goodbye to K-Rod and his $15 mil/year contract demands, because saves are a team stat.
2008-09-17 01:20:43
369.   trainwreck
I feel completely dirty saying this, but I agree with Plaschke. Well, I am going to be lighting my self on fire so I can burn the skin off now.

In reality, I hope the Angels do the dumbest thing possible and give him 15 million or more, because I hate the Angels.

2008-09-17 05:05:03
370.   D4P
I have to think that "saves are a team stat" is a relatively new epiphany for Plaschke.

Course, the more important realization is that saves are an irrelevant stat, but baby steps.

2008-09-17 05:13:14
371.   The Dude Abides
Saves might be overrated by the general baseball population, but IMO they're underrated by the statistical wonk population. Too many blown saves can have an effect on team morale and thus future games, and that doesn't show up in the stats.
2008-09-17 05:17:25
372.   The Dude Abides
But that's not saying that K-Rod deserves $15 million per year. The Angels have a tough decision to make about keeping him. It's quite possible that the Mets won't spring for him, and the Yanks still have Mariano. The D-backs are still hurting for money, Houston signed Valverde already, so there might not be any other teams willing to meet his preferred price.
2008-09-17 05:24:28
373.   D4P
Certainly, saves are important from the standpoint of the team, not so much because they are saves, but because getting a save means that the team won the game. It's the win the counts, not the save.

Saves are a particularly poor stat for measuring how well a pitcher has pitched. While it's probably true that pitchers with high save percentages pitched better on average than pitchers with low save percentages, there's just no reason to use the save stat instead of other more meaningful stats (e.g. Ks, BBs, HRs, etc.) that give us a more direct indication as to how the pitcher actually pitched.

2008-09-17 05:48:29
374.   old dodger fan
In their last 5 games (once thru the rotation) the D'Backs have given up 9 runs. In the previous 5 they gave up 27; the 5 before that 33 and the 5 before that 27.

Small sample size or a pitching staff that has found it's groove? Haren had a great start last night, Webb seems to have found his way, Johnson is pitching well.

These guys have dug a deep hole for themselves but let's not set our playoff rotation quite yet.

2008-09-17 06:00:01
375.   D4P
Too little too late for Webb and Haren. They blew the season in their 4 recent games vs. the Dodgers. If the DBacks win even just 2 of those 4 games (like one might have reasonably expected them to), we'd only be a half-game ahead in the standings.
2008-09-17 06:20:45
376.   dzzrtRatt
Can the Dodgers go 5-6 to the end of the season?

Because if they do, Arizona would have to go 10-2 to tie them.

That's a fairly big hole.

If the Dodgers only go 3-8, Arizona would only tie if they played no worse than 8-4.

I guess it could happen. But at this point, it would be called a "collapse."

Joe Torre can earn his money now by preventing such a collapse.

2008-09-17 06:27:38
377.   D4P
Joe Torre can earn his money now by preventing such a collapse

What can Joe do to prevent the collapse, and in what way can he do so that other (lower-paid) managers couldn't?

2008-09-17 07:21:20
378.   Bluebleeder87
pitchers leaders
Chad Billingsley

ERA 3.02
Strike outs 189
Wins 15

batting leaders
Andre Ethier

BA .301
HR 20
Runs 86
OPS 884

2008-09-17 07:23:12
379.   Disabled List
376 The Diamondbacks pitching seems to have righted itself, and their remaining schedule isn't that intimidating. So an 8-4 finish to the season for AZ is certainly not out of the question. And is there anyone here who thinks it's impossible for the Dodgers to stumble and lose 8 of their final 11 games? Anyone? [crickets]

The division race is far from over, and all this talk of playoff matchups and postseasons starters churns my stomach a little bit. I may be overnervous here, but did the Lakers-Celtics series last June not teach us anything?

2008-09-17 07:26:07
380.   old dodger fan
377 I think (and certainly can't prove) a good manager can keep players from panicing/quitting when the team slumps. I think a good manager is more important to AZ right now than to LA.

We have 11 games left and AZ has 12. Of those 23 games we need 8 to go our way to lock. 8 of 23 is 34.8%.

2008-09-17 07:28:12
381.   D4P
The Dodgers will win the division. Book it.

The DBacks have shown no resolve this season. They blew every chance they had to pull away, and it was pretty clear all along that they weren't good enough to run away. There's especially no reason to think they'll overtake the Dodgers now that we're playing our best ball of the season. The pitching is lights out and the offense is on fire.

In putting up a 14-2 record over the last 16 games, we've outscored our opponents 91-32, or 5.7 to 2.

2008-09-17 07:28:58
382.   ToyCannon
Yes it is. I expect Arizona to right itself but after these two games with Pitt we are home and we have not stumbled at home all year. I don't expect the final Giant series to be relevant.
2008-09-17 07:40:03
383.   Bluebleeder87
you guys know how much playoff ticks are gonna cost? TC i'll by some from you, let me know if you'll have some available.
2008-09-17 07:43:24
384.   OhioBlues12
The next four games look eminently winnable for us from a pitching matchup standpoint. The only one that may be up in the air is the Maddux-Zito matchup. We have hit Zito hard in the past, but he handled us pretty good in our last meeting if I remember correctly. We are in a good position considering Arizona still has a series left with St. Louis, but we need to push hard to put this thing out of reach over the next several games.
2008-09-17 07:44:15
385.   Bluebleeder87
I was actually very surprised Haren even won. I've heard he has very poor 2nd halfs traditionally.
2008-09-17 07:46:23
386.   D4P
The next four games look eminently winnable for us from a pitching matchup standpoint

The Dodgers have been facing some serious scrubs lately. Not that it necessarily matters, given how they systematically dismantled Webb and Haren.

2008-09-17 07:56:32
387.   OhioBlues12
On the flip side, the pitching matchups for Arizona definetly fall in their favor over the next four games, with the exception of the Cook-Davis game. That looks one that could be trouble for them. They also face Lincecum tomorrow, so I am hoping that Johnson has an off day.
2008-09-17 07:59:16
388.   The Dude Abides
From ESPN Insider, via Buster Olney:
Heard this: Brad Penny's season is likely over, after he threw in the ball in the 83-84 mph range the other day.

2008-09-17 08:02:16
389.   The Dude Abides
And, some implied criticism of Andy LaRoche in this local Pittsburgh article:
2008-09-17 08:03:33
390.   D4P
LaRoche is almost dead to me.
2008-09-17 08:09:13
391.   cargill06
Here are the Dodgers A.M. (After Manny)
Martin .225/.337/.291
Loney .298/.331/.416
DeWitt .302/.406/.453
Berroa .287/.363/.416
Blake .253/.308/.506
Manny .401/.488/.745
Kemp .262/.293/.419
Ethier .370/.439/.710
Team .281/.349/.446

Billingsley 4-1 49.1 IP, 2.92 ERA
Lowe 6-2, 57.1 IP, 2.67 ERA
Kuroda 4-2, 57.2 IP, 2.50 ERA
Kershaw 3-2, 48.1 IP, 4.28 ERA
Team 25-18, 3.53 ERA

2008-09-17 08:10:52
392.   UVaDodger
Torre seemed to rule out the possibility of surgically repaired shortstop Rafael Furcal returning during the regular season...

I think this was mentioned a few days ago, but does anyone have any idea why this is the case? Is Furcal still hurt? I would think that even an 80% Furcal is an upgrade over a 100% Berroa. Or is this just more Torre-speak that actually means very little?

2008-09-17 08:12:15
393.   Bluebleeder87

for me (my opinion) I won't boo if you go 0-4 but if you lack hustle (as a teammate) I'd probably be a little upset.

2008-09-17 08:15:11
394.   Disabled List
Martin is almost a black hole of offense at the moment. He and Kemp are gonna need to get going when Ethier, Manny, DeWitt and Berroa have their eventual cooling-off periods.

Russ is still showing some nice IsoD, though.

2008-09-17 08:20:02
395.   cargill06
388 Likely his Dodger career?
2008-09-17 08:21:26
396.   MC Safety
What is it with third base prospects named Andy?

Next good third base prospect that comes along should just stick with Andrew. Andy just sounds too wimpy. Andrew means business.

2008-09-17 08:22:22
397.   D4P
Andy just sounds too wimpy. Andrew means business

And Andruw is fat.

2008-09-17 08:22:38
398.   bhsportsguy
It's only September but the numbers don't lie, all parts of the Dodgers' game is working right now.

Dodgers OBP/SLG/OPS .366/.455/.821
Oppts OBP/SLG/OPS .264/.302/.567

2008-09-17 08:26:32
399.   old dodger fan
398 It helps if you are playing SD, Colo and the Pirates.
2008-09-17 08:26:48
400.   MC Safety
397 Bwahahah! I knew that was coming, and it was still funny!
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-17 08:29:19
401.   MC Safety
399 Didn't help when we were playing the Gnationals.
2008-09-17 08:35:55
402.   Eric Stephen
That was way back in August.
2008-09-17 08:37:37
403.   old dodger fan
401 Don't remind me. I've seen 2 Dodger games this year and one was in DC. We did win the other one, thankfully.
2008-09-17 08:43:39
404.   Jon Weisman
At least Martin has a .381 on-base percentage this month.
2008-09-17 08:51:56
405.   MC Safety
402 That's right, we sucked really bad towards the end of August.
2008-09-17 08:52:36
406.   JoeyP
The biggest stretch of the season IMO was when the Dodgers got swept by the Nationals, but at the same time the Dbax got swept by the Padres. That stretch could have reasonably put the Dodgers away, but the Dbax couldnt capitalize.
2008-09-17 08:54:01
407.   Tommy Naccarato
Jon and 382 ,
When I read comments like this: "I don't expect the final Giant series to be relevant." Well, this just scares the beejeebees out of me. Have we not learned anything during the long-time rivalry between these two teams????

A lot could happen in the next 11 games. God-forbid Manny or Andre break a bone, throw-out his shoulder, turn an ACL.....

Jon, you need to add a "Thank you for not predicting the outcome of a divisional championship that has yet to be won" on the side bar...

2008-09-17 08:54:58
408.   scareduck
316 - having seen said "wicked" curveball, I protest the description. It was a dinky slider over the heart of the plate that totally locked up all 300+ lbs. of Prince Fielder like a Little Leaguer. A funnier conclusion to a baseball I have rarely seen.
2008-09-17 08:55:38
409.   Eric Stephen
Question of the day: Is it worth paying ~$25 for one reserved level ticket to a game on this homestand that I won't attend, just for the right to purchase postseason tickets online a little bit earlier than Joe Q. Public?

I tend to think it is, kind of a mini personal seat license.

2008-09-17 08:58:14
410.   old dodger fan
409 As an added bonus you could give it someone and feel good about yourself or with a bit of creative thinking maybe even give it to someone that would generate a tax deduction.
2008-09-17 09:02:38
411.   scareduck
382 , 407 - I heard earlier that the Giants were going to realign their rotation so Tim Lincecum could pitch in that final Giants series, but heard afterwards that they weren't. Am I hallucinating?
2008-09-17 09:07:43
412.   old dodger fan
411 I'm just glad the DBacks get him tomorrow and we miss him over the weekend.
2008-09-17 09:07:46
413.   bhsportsguy
411 The only thing they can do is have him pitch the last game of the series, he is scheduled to start tomorrow, they could switch or skip Sanchez's start on Tuesday, September 23, but if they decide to keep it, then Lincecum will make his last start of the year on Wednesday, September 24.
2008-09-17 09:11:22
414.   old dodger fan
413 Why wouldn't he pitch on the 18th as scheduled and then on the 23rd and then on the 28th?
2008-09-17 09:11:33
415.   D4P
Every time I check, there's a new photo of some Wall Street financial dweeb with his/her head buried in his/her hand(s).
2008-09-17 09:11:47
416.   Tripon
411 The Giants will only do it if Lincecum is able to win 20 games, boosting his Cy Young chances.
2008-09-17 09:12:09
417.   cargill06
407 The divsion is won. Coolstandings has us at 98+% chance to win the division and that sounds about right. With 2 games vs. Pitt with Billingsley and Kershaw pitching, 3 against SD (1 against Peavy) and 6 against SF missing Lincecum in every single game. Not to mention AZ still has to face Lincecum, and StL for 4.

We can start lining up our post-season and giving AJ Ellis, McDonald, Young starts in 6 or 7 days.

2008-09-17 09:13:08
418.   scareduck
372 - the Mets might be interested but it's not certain. Frankie could be looking at a fairly short list of teams, depending on the direction that the Yanks want to go.
2008-09-17 09:15:54
419.   Tripon
Speaking of the Mets, their beat writers are convinced that Luis Castillo is going to be traded despite signing a 4 year/28 million extension that doesn't kick in until next year. Might as well knock off Orlando Hudson on any wish list since he'll most likely head off to New York.
2008-09-17 09:19:15
420.   LogikReader

Eric, I can do you one better than that. I believe you can also get "upper" reserve tickets for 6 bucks each with the Promo Code "THINKBLUE". This makes me eligible for the pre-sale.

I picked up a pair for Fan Appreciation Day. Is fan appreciation day worth the trip? It sounds like fun, but otherwise it seems like a meaningless game (well not this year, but usually).

2008-09-17 09:19:50
421.   unlazy4sports
396 easy there, that's my name you're talking about..
2008-09-17 09:19:50
422.   Kevin Lewis
So, I can buy some postseason tickets today. I can only buy for one NLCS game. Should I go for game 1 or game 2 at Dodger stadium? I am just thinking about the best pitching matchup I could have.
2008-09-17 09:20:54
423.   Bob Timmermann
Fan Appreciation Day has never been the same since they stopped giving away the Hobie Cat.

Baseball has never been the same since the Dodgers stopped driving the Hobie Cat around the warning track in between innings to promote Fan Appreciation Day.

Ahh, I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.

2008-09-17 09:22:28
424.   scareduck
415 - Lots of good stuff at Calculated Risk:

The Russian stock market (who knew?) lost 25% of its value in two days and trading has halted. The Shanghai index is down 2/3rds from its peak. The Dow is down 300 points today (it was up 140-something yesterday)... it's been a brutal week for anyone who believed that the financial crisis was anywhere near over. The amazing thing is how little cry there is over the idea of bailouts for the organizations responsible for making catastrophically bad decisions.

Yet the situation contains a few silver linings. For one thing, people finally understand what is at stake, and the necessity of a bloodletting. CR's post "Comment on Crisis: Necessary Steps" seems pretty reasonable.

2008-09-17 09:23:16
425.   ToyCannon
If we lose Kuo for the playoffs we are taking a big hit, he's been one of our best weapons all year. It may not manifest itself in one short series but it will surely become a problem the deeper we get.

How about those Berroa numbers for AM. Startling, simply startling.

2008-09-17 09:24:55
426.   cargill06
422 Game 5, better chance of seeing Billinsley.
2008-09-17 09:26:33
427.   D4P
The amazing thing is how little cry there is over the idea of bailouts for the organizations responsible for making catastrophically bad decisions

Yes. Funny how it's easier to sell bailouts for wealthy folks than for non-wealthy.

2008-09-17 09:29:09
428.   Tripon

A shocker, Steve Phillips think Pujols should be MVP.

2008-09-17 09:30:14
429.   JoeyP
Its a great time to buy & crude oil is down to $93.

Not all bad news.

I'd hope that those that will be retiring soon are putting their money into safe ventures like bonds. The markets now are across the board dynamic and volatility is crazy.

2008-09-17 09:32:30
430.   JoeyP
427-- I think if AIG wanst bailed out, alot of non-wealthy folks would be hurt.

I believe in unfettered free market capitalism & am against the bailouts, but I can understand trying to save the people it would hurt (AIG was a huge company that offered many different services to all classes of people).

2008-09-17 09:33:40
431.   Jon Weisman
407 - I agree with you but I'm not going to legislate this one.
2008-09-17 09:36:14
432.   D4P
I think if AIG wanst bailed out, alot of non-wealthy folks would be hurt

That's partly why wealthy folk bailouts are easier to sell. Sellers can always harken to some kind of trickle-down issue, acting as if they really care about the tricklees.

2008-09-17 09:37:57
433.   Kevin Lewis

Oh, I like the hope involved in that one.

2008-09-17 09:41:16
434.   Jon Weisman
Willie Mays' Advice Clears Path for Simpson

2008-09-17 09:43:06
435.   Jon Weisman
How common was it for the NFL to play on Mondays before "Monday Night Football" began in 1970?
2008-09-17 09:43:57
436.   ToyCannon
Saving & Loan
Bad lending practices

Between greed and stupidity we shoot ourselves in the foot an awful lot but luckily it is a large economy and these expensive blips will fall from memory just like the Saving & Loan crises, only to rear their ugly head when the next generation of financiers try to do much instead of playing within the game.

Hate to be anyone playing on margin these days.

2008-09-17 09:43:58
437.   Jon Weisman
Never mind:

2008-09-17 09:44:30
438.   Bob Timmermann
Probably depended upon stadium availability. Lots of stadiums were used by baseball teams and they might have gotten priority. The Coliseum had games from Friday through Monday I think.
2008-09-17 09:45:17
439.   Bob Timmermann
My theory was entirely wrong.
2008-09-17 09:47:04
440.   old dodger fan
436 It always amazes me how many brilliant people invest billions of other peoples money in things they really don't understand.
2008-09-17 09:47:25
441.   Bob Timmermann
That Monday night game wasn't because of a conflict with USC or UCLA. Their seasons hadn't started yet.

They didn't play their first games until September 21.

2008-09-17 09:53:06
442.   D4P
Tommy Violates Rule 6 (again)

Fans in Southern California are already thinking about a possible Dodgers-Angels World Series.

"It would be the greatest thing that ever happened," said former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, who guided the Dodgers to two World Series crowns in four appearances during his Hall of Fame career.

2008-09-17 10:01:39
443.   old dodger fan
Nats third baseman Ryan Zimmerman on playing in DC "I love it here. It would be so much fun to win in Washington. And it's close to home" in Virginia Beach, Zimmerman said. "But every player in this game is the same. Most of all, you want to win. If it looks like we're going to lose 90 games every year… I'm not going to play here my whole career if we're not going to win."
2008-09-17 10:04:43
444.   Kevin Lewis
I am now officially angry at Ticketmaster. My password they gave me is "not in the system"
2008-09-17 10:05:32
445.   D4P
I'll call Eddie*.


2008-09-17 10:06:53
446.   Ken Noe
AIG bought up my wife's supplemental retirement right before they decided to go belly up. I think that gives us a truly vested interest.
2008-09-17 10:07:04
447.   Kevin Lewis
Anyone know the contact number for Dodgers ticketmaster?
2008-09-17 10:07:51
448.   Kevin Lewis
Never mind, found it
2008-09-17 10:07:51
449.   Bob Timmermann
Stephanie Edwards will be reunited with Bob Eubanks for the Rose Parade in 2009 on the KTLA broadcast.

Trust me, this is a big deal to some people.

2008-09-17 10:09:40
450.   Eric Stephen
Forget the Masters. That's a tradition unlike any other.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do some shopping at Lucky Supermarket.

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-09-17 10:11:48
451.   Kevin Lewis
I am annoyed now, still holding
2008-09-17 10:14:28
452.   fanerman
450 I'm an Alphabeta guy myself.
2008-09-17 10:15:50
453.   Kevin Lewis
I got Eddie, and now I am being transferred to customer service
2008-09-17 10:16:27
454.   LogikReader

...and by the way, that would be FAR from "the greatest thing that ever happened."

Nothing would bore me more than the Anaheim Angels of Monrovia slap hitting their way into the Fall classic.

I highly doubt it will happen anyway. Anybody got their pythag record offhand?

Me? I'd much rather see the 150:1's, or even the Red Sox, if they lose.

2008-09-17 10:17:45
455.   LogikReader

You mean she wasn't for a while? Wow!

2008-09-17 10:18:51
456.   Kevin Lewis
Seriously, the guy's name was Eddie
2008-09-17 10:19:33
457.   LogikReader
The Rose Parade without Stephanie Edwards on KTLA... that just sound so wrong.
2008-09-17 10:20:00
458.   Bob Timmermann
The Angels Pythagorean record is 82-68. They are at +10.
2008-09-17 10:20:25
459.   still bevens
I bought two sets of playoff tickets this morning. Can't really the ones for the NLDS. I'll be out of town for a wedding =( (but sorry boys theyre already spoken for).

Hopefully I'll get to use the other tickets I bought - NLCS game 1.

2008-09-17 10:20:57
460.   LogikReader
btw, the THINKBLUE tickets have to be purchased online. Wait up, is it "thinkblue" or "peanuts?" I forgot.
2008-09-17 10:21:03
461.   old dodger fan
456 So why did Eddie dump you off onto someone else?
2008-09-17 10:23:11
462.   Kevin Lewis
Got the run around. Ticket Master says they can't help me and I need to contact the DOdgers
2008-09-17 10:23:30
463.   old dodger fan
454 Angels-Red Sox. Games starting at 10:30 pm on the EC. They won't like that at TBS.
2008-09-17 10:23:39
464.   LogikReader
+10... Wow, that's close to the +11 the Dbacks had last year with their pythag record of 79-83.
2008-09-17 10:24:02
465.   Kevin Lewis

Said online sales go to customer service, but Terry had no idea what to do. And she had no contact number for the Dodgers

2008-09-17 10:24:08
466.   Jon Weisman
457 - That certainly was an odd way for the station to promote its coverage. But it could be an interesting trend.

"Channel 5 News - Without Hal Fishman."

"Today on KTLA - No Twilight Zone Marathon!"

2008-09-17 10:27:08
467.   D4P
An undercover video taken at an Iowa pig farm shows workers hitting sows with metal rods, slamming piglets on a concrete floor and bragging about jamming rods up into sows' hindquarters.

"I hate them. These [expletives] deserve to be hurt. Hurt, I say!," the employee yells as he hits a sow with a metal rod. "Hurt! Hurt! Hurt! Hurt! ... Take out your frustrations on 'em." He encourages the investigator to pretend that one of the pigs scared off a voluptuous and willing 17- or 18-year-old girl, and then beat the pig for it.

At one point in the video, workers are shown slamming piglets on the ground, a practice designed to instantly kill those baby pigs that aren't healthy enough. But on the video, the piglets are not killed instantly, and in a bloodied pile, some piglets can be seen wiggling vainly. The video also shows piglets being castrated, and having their tails cut off, without anesthesia.

Gotta love humans.

2008-09-17 10:27:10
468.   Kevin Lewis
Anyone know the number to Dodger Stadium?
2008-09-17 10:29:49
469.   Xeifrank
458. How many wins above/below pythag record is one standard deviation?
vr, Xei
2008-09-17 10:30:06
470.   Kevin Lewis
Got the number and the line is busy. I imagine I am not the only one
2008-09-17 10:30:45
471.   scareduck
446 - In re your AIG insurance policies, they aren't directly affected:

In related news, Suze Orman proves why I have absolutely no regard for anything she ever says:

It starts way back when there was nobody overseeing and regulating. Nothing. It's how many times have I said on this program, what were they all thinking? Why were they lending money to people who shouldn't have been borrowing money? Why were they packaging these things? What about the rating agencies? Why weren't the rating agencies rating everything the way they should have been and now they're making matters worse? So whether it's fraud or not, was there deceit going on? I don't know if it was deceit as much as just total irresponsibility is what caused this.

Another word for "lie" is "deceit", Suze. That's just covering for her friends in the financial services biz, but it's still a lie and she's still part of that gang. It's hard to have anything but contempt for that sort of thing.

2008-09-17 10:31:40
472.   Kevin Lewis
now it is working
2008-09-17 10:33:46
473.   D4P
How many wins above/below pythag record is one standard deviation?

I think the answer is 4.

2008-09-17 10:34:15
474.   Kevin Lewis
2008-09-17 10:34:32
475.   old dodger fan
I don't know if it was deceit as much as just total irresponsibility is what caused this. Plenty of both.
2008-09-17 10:36:34
476.   Eric Stephen
Doesn't Robinson Cano bailout in his swing?
2008-09-17 10:37:31
477.   CanuckDodger
467 -- "Hurt, I say!" I find it hard to believe an American would say that. It sounds very upper class British, and from about 60 years ago.
2008-09-17 10:38:58
479.   Xeifrank
473. So that would mean that by random luck in a normal distribution 1.5 teams would have a pythag +- difference > 8. If the Angels and one other team are slightly above/below that threshold then it's difficult to attribute it to anything more than luck. I haven't glanced at the pythag +- of the other teams to see if that's the case or not.
vr, Xei
2008-09-17 10:39:00
480.   Ken Noe
471 Thanks. I still resent their buyout of Valic though.
2008-09-17 10:39:19
481.   cargill06
467 That made me feel a little queezy.
2008-09-17 10:39:27
482.   Daniel Zappala
I assume my retirement funds, which are managed by AIG, are safe?
2008-09-17 10:40:58
483.   Bob Timmermann
All hail the White Sox and Mets, the two teams in playoff spots whose records are accurate according to Pythagoras.

The Rockies also have the record they "deserve."

2008-09-17 10:43:41
484.   Tripon
Nathan (New York): Would Joe Torre have led the 2008 Yankees to the playoffs?

SportsNation Steve Phillips: No, I think the Yankees were flawed coming in. Not even Torre would have been able to salvage this team. I don't believe that Joe Girardi would have been able to get the Dodgers into the playoffs, however. That unique combination of old and young players really benefitted from Torre's experience, and it would have been a difficult roster for Girardi to manage.

If the Yankees had Bills, Kuo, Wade, Saito, Elbert, Manny, Ethier, Kemp, and Martin, I'm sure they'd be better too.

2008-09-17 10:45:16
485.   Tripon
Voters are also allowed to combine Hodges' accomplishments as player and manager. Voters are allowed to do that … but there's little precedent for doing so.


2008-09-17 10:48:15
486.   bhsportsguy
484 Well if the Dodgers had the Red Sox and Rays in their division, they would be in trouble.
2008-09-17 10:48:24
487.   MC Safety
Wall Street/Vegan Thoughts.

Bleh. Two things I couldn't care less about.

I was hoping Eric Stephen and fanerman were going to kick start Defunct Supermarket Thoughts.

2008-09-17 10:49:54
488.   KG16
479 - or the Angels are just, you know, better at winning close games than other teams.
2008-09-17 10:53:31
489.   Marty
454 Please don't drag the fine city of Monrovia into this. :-)
2008-09-17 10:53:36
490.   old dodger fan
482 Mutual funds should be OK, at least no worse off than funds managed by anyone else. I don't think much is "safe" right now.
2008-09-17 10:55:44
491.   Jon Weisman
478, edited -

478. scareduck
11-year-old boy in Compton killed after being struck in the chest by a baseball:,0,4924523.story

2008-09-17 10:55:50
492.   Xeifrank
488. it's, you know, possible.
vr, Xei
2008-09-17 10:56:08
493.   KG16
Just looking at the numbers again - and avoiding work - I see that there are six teams besides the Angels out performing their expected wins (NYY +1, KC +4, TX +4, FLA +5, MIL +2, SF +5). The Cardinals are the only team even. Everyone else is under performing their expected record.

But there are easy ways to figure out why teams are over and under performing their expected wins that aren't luck. for example, SF probably has something to do with having Lincecum.

2008-09-17 10:56:37
494.   old dodger fan
From today's WSJ: NY Jets to Auction Seats on eBay-'Personal Licenses' for NFL games could exceed $25,000 at new stadium
2008-09-17 10:58:37
495.   Eric Stephen
The Angels record vs. pythagorean record:

2008: +10
2007: +4
2006: +5
2005: +2
2004: +1
2003: -3
2002: -2

The last 3 years have been very good in terms of overperforming, but are they really doing anything differently than the years since the championship team?

2008-09-17 10:58:41
496.   JoeyP
They are safe in that AIG isnt going to default on them.

But Mutual Funds are likely taking a beating considering most funds try at the very least to "be the market", and DJIA is down to 10,800. As long as you are in the market for the long haul, I wouldnt be too worried. Its certainly been a down year (since last October's highs), but I dont see any prolonged trouble that the market cant fix on its own.

2008-09-17 11:02:57
497.   Bob Timmermann
The Washington Nationals are going to be on the road when the SABR Convention comes to DC next summer.


2008-09-17 11:02:59
498.   Eric Stephen
Wouldn't having a good pitcher such as Lincecum simply reduce runs allowed, and thus increase the pythagorean record?

I always thought teams with better luck had better bullpens and performed better than expected in close (1-run) games.

2008-09-17 11:05:12
499.   rockmrete

He complained about chest pain before being struck by the ball.

Tell my congressman what?

2008-09-17 11:06:07
500.   Bob Timmermann
With the season on the line for the Rockies this afternoon, Livan Hernandez takes the hill. Josh Geer pitches for the Padres. The tension is palpable.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-09-17 11:11:05
501.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-17 11:12:52
502.   KG16
498 - not if you're winning close games with the good pitcher and getting blown out in losses. Say Pitcher X throws 5 shut outs and his team scores 2 runs in each of those games, so in those 5 games they are +10 in runs scored. Then, let's say the day after each of those 5 shut outs, the team loses 12-2 in each game for a nice -50. Over all, they are -40 but they are 5-5 in those ten games, easily out performing their expected wins and losses.
2008-09-17 11:19:53
503.   Physics DR
Yankee Stadium.

As I mentioned my first baseball game was at Yankee stadium in 1955 World Series. My father had just got his PhD from MIT and he took his family to New York as a reward.

We got to run around center field, I got the autographs of about 20 Dodgers, and Duke Snider carried me around on his shoulders. I can still smell the grass!

I always thought that the World Series had to have the Dodgers and Yankees in it.

Since this is the last year of Yankee Stadium I had hoped they would make it this year.

My father got a brick from the Polo Grounds and Ebbets Field when they were torn down. Hopefully I will be able to add a brick from Yankee stadium.

I have a lot of great memories of family and friends however the memory of Center Field in Yankee Stadium is one of the best.

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