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Spread the Wealth
2008-09-17 14:44
by Jon Weisman

Thanks most recently to Juan Pierre, but also to folks like Luis Maza and Danny Ardoin, 18 different Dodgers have homered this season, four shy of the team record of 22.

Chin-Lung Hu, Mark Sweeney, Pablo Ozuna, Jason Repko, A.J. Ellis, Hong-Chih Kuo: We're counting on you.

(The Dodgers are also two players shy of the team record for most players hitting exactly one home run. Note that the 2002 team has five pitchers on its list.)

* * *

Dodgers at Pirates, 4:05 p.m.

Giants at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.

Comments (684)
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2008-09-17 14:55:30
1.   D4P
Is 3 the fewest HRs hit by a Dodger position player making $18 million/year...?
2008-09-17 14:56:48
2.   Gagne55
A win tonight eliminates both the Rockies and Giants.

1 Yes. It is also the most.

2008-09-17 14:57:23
3.   trainwreck
After reading that the little song they play in "You Can't Say That On Television" came into my mind.
2008-09-17 14:58:44
4.   D4P
It is also the most

Trick question!

2008-09-17 14:59:02
5.   wronghanded
3 I could go for a Barth Burger right about now!
2008-09-17 15:02:05
6.   delias man
Mota had a HR in 03?
2008-09-17 15:03:11
7.   evenatriple
Hail Nate! I'm giving a talk tonight on a topic that is a Rule 5 violation -- and one of the items I will be discussing is a table prepared by DT Friend Nate Silver that was published in a national Rule 5-oriented magazine. Thanks Nate, you are going to make me look smart, and I need all the help I can get.
2008-09-17 15:09:45
8.   Eric Enders
I was there for Mota's homer. It was a Sunday afternoon game at Coors Field. The game was already a blowout when he hit it.
2008-09-17 15:11:17
9.   Jon Weisman
So, Colorado today got its second 1-0 shutout in Coors of the week.

2008-09-17 15:14:28
10.   Marty
Kinda makes it not so special.
2008-09-17 15:22:28
11.   Bumsrap
Anybody willing to do the math? Which Dodger charges more per homer, Pierre or Jones?
2008-09-17 15:24:53
12.   Bumsrap
My estimate is that Pierre charges $9,000,000 and Jones charges $6,000,000.
2008-09-17 15:25:25
13.   Eric Enders
11 Not even close. Pierre $15.5 million, Jones $4.7 million.
2008-09-17 15:25:57
14.   Bumsrap
I had to find my slide rule.
2008-09-17 15:26:06
15.   caseybarker


2008-09-17 15:26:44
16.   Bumsrap
That's a slide rule for ya.
2008-09-17 15:27:35
17.   Eric Enders
Jones this year actually made $9 mil plus a $5.1m signing bonus. Pierre made $7.5m in 2007 and $8m this year for a total of $15.5 mil.
2008-09-17 15:29:12
18.   Bumsrap
So, Jones will cost $20,500,000 next year?
2008-09-17 15:32:24
19.   twerp
What are the chances--in theory--that, despite his age, Mota could pinch hit right now and do better than Sofor Sweeney?
2008-09-17 15:35:13
20.   Marty
RIP Norman Whitfield
2008-09-17 15:40:12
21.   Eric Enders
18 The total breakdown is:
2008 $14.1 million
2009 $17.1 million
2010 $5 million
2008-09-17 15:42:38
22.   caseybarker
Does anyone have two extra tickets for Giants-Dodgers Saturday night?
2008-09-17 15:45:37
23.   ToyCannon
Timeless stuff, some of my favorite songs ever.
2008-09-17 15:47:56
24.   Marty
23 I really expected Shimmin to break the story.
2008-09-17 15:48:05
25.   scooplew
I see where Torre is giving Ozuna the opportunity to break into the home run club tonight...By the way, does anyone know what the L.A. record is for pinch-hitting futility for a single season? I wonder where Sweeney stands in that category.
2008-09-17 15:54:07
26.   trainwreck
I wish the Dodgers played the A's in Oakland.
2008-09-17 15:54:14
27.   LogikReader

You Can't Say That on Television, or You Can't Do That On Television?

That was a great theme song:

2008-09-17 16:00:14
28.   scareduck
9 - there have only been two other back-to-back shutouts at Coors Field:

4/30/2002 and 5/1, vs Pittsburgh (10-0 and 6-0)
6/19/2006 and 6/20, vs Oakland (6-0 and 7-0)

2008-09-17 16:01:25
29.   scareduck
28 - by the Rockies, that is.
2008-09-17 16:02:00
30.   MonkeyBlue
Pierre still in the starting lineup?
2008-09-17 16:03:44
31.   twerp
193. from last thead==
"...and Maddux (his last game not withstanding) have guaranteed roster spots"...

??? Maddux's last game was a throwback to his remarkable peak: 7IP, 2H, 0R, OBB, 3Ks in an economical 68 pitch outing. The team lost 1-0, but not due to Maddux.

He may not be able to replicate anything real close. But at 42 he realizes this might be his last shot at another ring. Last time out he showed that vintage Maddux is still reachable.

IIRC, Kuroda has been called the Japanese Maddux. He followed Maddux with 7IP, 3H, 0R, 1BB, and 2Ks in an almost-as-economical 83 pitches.

Then came Lowe with 7IP, 5H, 1ER, 0BB, 3Ks, 97 pitches.

That's a combined 21 IP, 10H, 1ER, 1BB, and 8Ks for the last three Dodger starters.

It just doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

2008-09-17 16:05:39
32.   scareduck
20 - another one felled by the complications of diabetes:

Get your blood tests, everyone. It could save your life!

2008-09-17 16:06:25
33.   UVaDodger
31 It gets a little better - We could have won all three games.
2008-09-17 16:07:56
34.   ibleedbloo
I hate being the guy who asks if "anyone seen this" and then finds out thats all that was talked about for the last two days, but I'll take the chance anyway.

If you have a few extra bucks, here you go

2008-09-17 16:08:04
35.   gibsonhobbs88
The true numbers I care about right now: Dodgers magic number coming into tonight: 8

Realistically the Dodgers can do most of this themselves: If the Dodgers go a reasonable 7-4 in their remaining 11 games, the Snakes would have to win all 12 of their remaining games just to force a tie.
With 2 games left in Pittsburgh, chances are good the team can accomplish this within the next homestand. Besides, I don't think the D-Backs will win all their games in CO and STL on their next road trip. Division is very much within their sights now. They must not get ahead of themselves.

2008-09-17 16:08:49
36.   LoneStar7
just a random thought, people always talk about the Sox having the best die hard fans in the country..

but i just saw a clip of roger clemens pitching his 20 strike outs at fenway and there were maybe 6 fans in the outfield..just a thought considering LA is always pegged with the "fair weather city"

I also heard something on the radio a while back where someone compared dodger fans to marlins fans in 2003. He said in the same way that marlin fans only came out to see dontrell, dodger fans only come out to see clayton kershaw..

I may of never heard a more blatantly false statement about a group of fans..

2008-09-17 16:11:04
37.   MonkeyBlue
Manny got robbed!
2008-09-17 16:13:03
38.   ToyCannon
Or a limb
2008-09-17 16:13:36
39.   DodgerBakers
huh, Manny gets a 3-2 count with a runner on first...
2008-09-17 16:14:46
40.   LU Dodger
ok I apologize in advance because I am like 96% faithful that it HAS been discussed here.

but just so I know (because it IS a life/death importance fact of life), but are Manny's dreads gone, or just pinned up?

2008-09-17 16:14:56
41.   Jon Weisman
The Dodgers aren't going to lose the division if they go 7-4 or 6-5. It's what happens if they go 2-9 or 3-8 - in other words, if the pitchers hit a dead zone like Webb and Haren just came out of - that one would worry about. And while not probable, that's certainly possible enough to keep one humble.
2008-09-17 16:16:31
42.   twerp
33 31 And probably should have. You'd think a team doing as well offensively as the Dodgers lately could find a way to score two runs.
2008-09-17 16:17:19
43.   ucladodger
Berroa is just a statue out there. Ball was hit hard, but probably should have been caught.
2008-09-17 16:18:15
44.   bigcpa
Reporting live from PNC. Look for me in a blue Dodger shirt on the Dodger on-deck circle.
2008-09-17 16:18:58
45.   Jon Weisman
Ramirez talks Torre out of rest

"Ramirez, a free agent after this season, confirmed he doesn't need a rest."

"I'm Cal Ripken," he said.

2008-09-17 16:20:07
46.   Alex41592
A cannon!
2008-09-17 16:20:10
47.   MonkeyBlue
WOOO! Kemp cannon arm!
2008-09-17 16:20:25
48.   trainwreck
Nice hold.
2008-09-17 16:20:51
49.   Bob Timmermann
They're letting you stand in the on deck circle?
2008-09-17 16:21:04
50.   LU Dodger
Matt Kemp with the PUNKDOWN!
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-17 16:21:04
51.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-17 16:21:59
52.   scareduck
Bills cannot give up any more runs now.
2008-09-17 16:22:49
53.   scareduck
45 - apparently Manny's shortcomings include a failure to understand defensive positional value.
2008-09-17 16:22:58
54.   Bob Timmermann
Ortiz homer puts the Red Sox up 2-0 on the 150:1s.
2008-09-17 16:23:26
55.   Alex41592
Sick pitch and only one run down.
2008-09-17 16:24:04
56.   scooplew
34 Is that a serious posting on ebay? $10,000?
2008-09-17 16:24:34
57.   twerp
Doesn't Bills have the most pitch variety of any Dodger? FB, slider, cutter, curve...does he also throw a change? Anything else?
2008-09-17 16:25:06
58.   dodgerinlv
With the Dodgers now losing, any idea how many innings they have been behind since the beginning of their current hot streak?
2008-09-17 16:26:49
59.   Jim Hitchcock
58 Dodgers are down a run, not losing ;)
2008-09-17 16:27:30
60.   Bob Timmermann
No one is going to get $10 grand for a Juan Pierre home run ball. You could probably catch some player's 500th home run and not get 1/10th that amount for it.
2008-09-17 16:28:04
61.   scareduck
59 - also, they have a negative lead.
2008-09-17 16:29:01
62.   Alex41592
Phillies and Mets are off to good starts.
2008-09-17 16:30:12
63.   Jim Hitchcock
61 Even better!
2008-09-17 16:30:13
64.   Bob Timmermann
Phillies are already up 4-0 in the first at Atlanta.
2008-09-17 16:32:23
65.   Alex41592
Aybar 2 run HR 3-2 Rays Bot 1.
2008-09-17 16:32:49
66.   Bob Timmermann
No, that is appropriately JAHRFA
2008-09-17 16:33:43
67.   Linkmeister
Gosh, the Braves fell off a cliff after their 14 years on top, didn't they?
2008-09-17 16:35:12
68.   Kevin Lewis
Okay folks, can you teach me how to fish?

How do I look up Billingsley's home and away splits on Baseball Reference?

2008-09-17 16:37:06
69.   Kevin Lewis
Never mind I found it
2008-09-17 16:37:18
70.   Alex41592
68 -
2008-09-17 16:39:10
71.   MonkeyBlue
Sweet DP!
2008-09-17 16:39:12
72.   Bob Timmermann
I go out to a lake with sticks of dynamite and throw them in and wait for the dead fish to come to the surface.
2008-09-17 16:39:51
73.   MonkeyBlue
Nice save by Nomar.
2008-09-17 16:40:04
74.   trainwreck
I miss Furcal.
2008-09-17 16:41:59
75.   Alex41592
Furcal killed his back on a play similar to the one Berroa just tried to make.
2008-09-17 16:42:20
76.   Gen3Blue
I was sure the runner was out till the third time I saw it. I hope he was. The rules were followed; the throw beat him.
2008-09-17 16:42:30
77.   scareduck
67 - they finally ran out of options on the pitching staff (though Jair Jurrjens has turned out nicely), the offense was too dependent on the development of guys like Jeff Francouer, they didn't have anyone good to slot in at first, they have the same problem everyone else has at third (to the extent that Chipper Jones continues to be injury-prone) ...
2008-09-17 16:44:08
78.   LU Dodger
Idk if it's been commented on, but the story on the Dodgers homepage about the traffic stop is downright ridiculous. I would be very angry if that happens to me. (w/ the search and 4 cop cars)
2008-09-17 16:44:38
79.   Gen3Blue
72 But if you give someone a lit stick of dynamite, it takes care of them for life!
2008-09-17 16:50:12
80.   Bob Timmermann
The 150:1s are going for the throat tonight. They're up 5-2 in the second.
2008-09-17 16:51:11
81.   trainwreck
Let's try to play some defense here, people.
2008-09-17 16:51:24
82.   scareduck
78 - appears to be a DWB violation.
2008-09-17 16:51:36
83.   Gen3Blue
If that had been Andy, I'm afraid it would have broke his forearm.
2008-09-17 16:52:05
84.   The Dude Abides
Just checked out that story. Outrageous case of DWB. They call four extra cop cars because of tinted windows.
2008-09-17 16:52:12
85.   scareduck
79 - Bob won't let me into the library with a lit stick of dynamite anymore. He's losing his sense of humor.
2008-09-17 16:52:36
86.   Jon Weisman
78 - Tony Jackson has that story as well, along with news about the Dodgers apparently going from Las Vegas to Albuquerque, and Jacksonville to Chattanooga.
2008-09-17 16:53:33
87.   ucladodger
Doumit is having a crazy year. Some pretty weak defense on our left side causing those 2 runs.
2008-09-17 16:54:33
88.   Jon Weisman
I guess there go my two Billingsley runs. Jinx.
2008-09-17 16:55:09
89.   Bob Timmermann
Second run is unearned.
2008-09-17 16:55:29
90.   LU Dodger
I wonder if anyone in the car mentioned their athlete status, or if the officer knew.

I wouldn't think it could've helped Morgan to note who he was.

2008-09-17 16:55:34
91.   ucladodger

Disgusting story. A nice gesture by Nyjer Morgan turns into that garbage.

2008-09-17 16:55:36
92.   Eric Stephen
Yeah sorry about that. D'oh mitt!

All he needs is 12.1 more scoreless innings! :)

2008-09-17 16:55:52
93.   Eric Stephen
New life!
2008-09-17 16:56:41
94.   scareduck
86 - I got busted for speeding on a very lonely road in El Paso County, Colorado, outside of Colorado Springs just before midnight. The deputy gave me an unclear instruction that I took to mean he wanted me to drive my car forward, upon which occasion he told me to stop, get out of the car, and assume the position. I spent about 15 minutes handcuffed in the back of the car with him accusing me of taking drugs before convincing him that I was just driving to work.
2008-09-17 16:57:33
95.   Alex41592
There's a bloop.
2008-09-17 16:58:33
96.   Bob Timmermann
A friend's son got pulled over in South Pasadena for having "non-conforming" taillights while driving a new Scion that they just got off the lot.
2008-09-17 16:58:49
97.   Alex41592
Count is 2-1 not 3-0. Now 2-2.
2008-09-17 16:59:58
98.   thinkblue88
2008-09-17 17:00:07
99.   ucladodger
Go Nomar. Way to prove me wrong.
2008-09-17 17:00:08
100.   MonkeyBlue
Nomar! nice double and nice hustle by Manny.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-17 17:00:09
101.   LU Dodger
Ok these Pittsburg announcers are starting to get to me with the "Good managers are good because of great talent teams" argument, and the game is pretty much an afterthought at this point to them....

but who am I kidding, outside the NL west rival announcing, these guys rock

2008-09-17 17:00:13
102.   Alex41592
Manny read that double tremendously.
2008-09-17 17:00:53
103.   Jim Hitchcock
2008-09-17 17:01:16
104.   ucladodger
Great baserunning, too.
2008-09-17 17:01:30
105.   Bob Timmermann
The Pirates announcers almost always tend to drift off and discuss other stuff. Bob Walk doesn't have a long attention span.
2008-09-17 17:01:49
106.   MonkeyBlue
Just get a flyball! Ozuna!
2008-09-17 17:02:08
107.   Jim Hitchcock
101 Yeah, had no choice but to listen to them last night. They were dreadful.
2008-09-17 17:02:20
108.   MonkeyBlue
Ozuna! clutch hit.
2008-09-17 17:02:22
109.   Alex41592
Joe Torre is a genius.
2008-09-17 17:02:37
110.   KG16
i just tuned into gameday. Holy good gawd, who put Kemp in the middle of a black hole?
2008-09-17 17:02:45
111.   ucladodger
Go Pablo!
2008-09-17 17:02:54
112.   LU Dodger
wow're not gonna make a whole lot of Pittsburg pals that way:(
2008-09-17 17:03:10
113.   Alex41592
Kemp should look to take third here.
2008-09-17 17:03:22
114.   KG16
110 - my timing, as always, is impeccable
2008-09-17 17:03:25
115.   Jim Hitchcock
Damn. Torre can do no wrong the last couple of weeks.
2008-09-17 17:03:52
116.   Bob Timmermann
Whitey Herzog remarked once how much dumber he got after Bruce Sutter left as a free agent. Although he seemed to get smarter in 1985 and 1987 with Todd Worrell.
2008-09-17 17:06:33
117.   Jim Hitchcock
116 Still remember Worrell getting booed during opening day introductions one year at DS, and the sad sorta look on his face, and how bad I felt for him.
2008-09-17 17:07:01
118.   scareduck
Grabowski Principle moment.
2008-09-17 17:07:27
119.   trainwreck
Way to work a walk, Bills.
2008-09-17 17:07:41
120.   Eric Stephen
Time for Martin to break out of the power slump. In grand style.
2008-09-17 17:07:41
121.   KG16
Ok, this is the spot where the Golden God needs to put this game out of reach.
2008-09-17 17:08:05
122.   MonkeyBlue
Come Martin! break this open!
2008-09-17 17:08:28
123.   ucladodger
Russ power!
2008-09-17 17:08:41
124.   Alex41592
Russ flat out killed that pitch!
2008-09-17 17:08:47
125.   scareduck
In play, run(s).
2008-09-17 17:09:33
126.   Tripon
Huh, Ethier is the one who got the out.
2008-09-17 17:09:44
127.   MonkeyBlue
Ethier Robbed! that would have been 2 runs.
2008-09-17 17:10:11
128.   Jim Hitchcock
Uh, Gameday went from Bills to Ethier. They don't like Martin?
2008-09-17 17:11:27
129.   Jim Hitchcock
128 Catching while Canadian?
2008-09-17 17:11:41
130.   Bob Timmermann
It does that sometimes. It catches up on the next batter.
2008-09-17 17:12:01
131.   Eric Stephen
Martin's 2-pitch AB must have been lightning quick.
2008-09-17 17:12:50
132.   Jon Weisman
McCourt's marathon deal approved,0,7108862.story

2008-09-17 17:12:57
133.   cargill06
It's starting. Peter Gammons just suggested a Kemp for Cano trade is being discussed.
2008-09-17 17:14:29
134.   Tripon
Adam LaRoche is productive.
2008-09-17 17:14:41
135.   MonkeyBlue
Bills is not on his game tonight.
2008-09-17 17:14:50
136.   Tripon
133 That makes no sense at all.
2008-09-17 17:14:53
137.   scareduck
Billingsley is not cooperating with Jon's program.
2008-09-17 17:15:31
138.   ucladodger

Do these guys even realize the things they are saying? Thats just too ridiculous, expecially after the year that Cano had this year.

Chad struggling a bit tonight.

2008-09-17 17:15:37
139.   MC Safety
133 That would be so stupid.
2008-09-17 17:15:49
140.   Bob Timmermann
Billingsley is not going along with tonight's theme of "Everybody on Bob's fantasy team's has a good game."
2008-09-17 17:16:02
141.   Eric Stephen
I hope the Dodgers take Kirk Lazarus's advice in regards to how they play this trade.
2008-09-17 17:17:07
142.   Jon Weisman
133 - I flat out don't believe that such a deal is being discussed in September. I'd bet loads that Gammons is being fed that from someone purely desiring to stir things up, inflate someone's value.
2008-09-17 17:17:09
143.   Alex41592
133 - Clearly that rumor came from a Red Sox source.
2008-09-17 17:18:30
144.   Tripon
Or a Yankees source. Seriously, Cano's contract doesn't make much sense at the moment, and why the heck would you trade him for Kemp who's going to make half of his salary and be twice as productive.
2008-09-17 17:18:32
145.   Alex41592
Now, that was impressive on both ends.
2008-09-17 17:18:33
146.   ucladodger
Poor Andy. Could be 2-2 tonight.
2008-09-17 17:18:52
147.   caseybarker

Beimel, a former member of the Pirates who grew up in Pennsylvania and was having dinner with family after the game, said it's happened to him.

"Guess they're pretty strict with it here," he said.

Jumping to conclusions with that DWB?

2008-09-17 17:20:21
148.   Bob Timmermann
150:1s 8
Red Sox 2

The Red Sox have used three pitchers in the third and two of them have made errors. It's very 2006 World Series-like.

2008-09-17 17:20:25
149.   Jon Weisman
147 - Driving While Beimel.
2008-09-17 17:20:46
150.   Alex41592
Prince Fielder's three run double puts a wrench into Chicago's clinching plans for tomorrow afternoon.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-17 17:21:13
151.   The Dude Abides
No way that Beimel would draw a total of four or five cop cars for having tinted windows.
2008-09-17 17:22:37
152.   Bob Timmermann
What if it were Beimel and Troy from West Virginia?

That would more likely be an Amber Alert.

2008-09-17 17:22:42
153.   Eric Stephen
Only 11 earned runless innings left for Chad!
2008-09-17 17:24:42
154.   scareduck
150 - it's Jason Marquis.
2008-09-17 17:24:52
155.   Marty
They should just start Manny at 3-2.
2008-09-17 17:25:37
156.   The Dude Abides
Those two would draw a whole SWAT team.
2008-09-17 17:26:04
157.   Eric Stephen
He intentionally got it to that count anyway. Oh wait, no one on first. :)
2008-09-17 17:26:34
158.   MonkeyBlue
Pirates playing good D.
2008-09-17 17:26:40
159.   Tripon
Manny was hustling!
2008-09-17 17:26:46
160.   caseybarker
I don't know,man, Biemel's got long hair.
2008-09-17 17:27:03
161.   The Dude Abides
If Bixler can hit, Jack Wilson is expendable.
2008-09-17 17:27:11
162.   Alex41592
Two rockets for outs and one blooper that leads to a four run rally. Baseball.
2008-09-17 17:27:12
163.   ucladodger
That was a great at bat by Manny. Really a joy to watch.
2008-09-17 17:28:36
164.   Tripon
Who would want Jack Wilson's contract?
2008-09-17 17:29:05
165.   Tripon
Wow, Nomar's hot tonight.
2008-09-17 17:30:06
166.   ucladodger
Please let this be the start of a Bison hot streak. Love going the other way on the breaking ball he was looking for.
2008-09-17 17:30:37
167.   Marty
Yeah, then we can get more than Cano for him this month.
2008-09-17 17:30:58
168.   The Dude Abides
Day off make Bison strong
2008-09-17 17:32:10
169.   Tripon
Well, I guess Loney's in the game.
2008-09-17 17:32:20
170.   Alex41592
And Nomar is done. Man oh man.
2008-09-17 17:32:30
171.   ucladodger
Are you serious? The guy is made of cardboard.
2008-09-17 17:32:30
172.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-17 17:32:58
173.   ucladodger
He might have some serious knee damage there.
2008-09-17 17:33:00
174.   scareduck
Was that the sound of breaking china I just heard?
2008-09-17 17:33:16
175.   The Dude Abides
Brian Sabean...oh man that was ugly. Some players are just cursed :(
2008-09-17 17:34:15
176.   cargill06
Well, there goes our LHP killer.
2008-09-17 17:34:16
177.   Marty
Did Nomar run into the catcher?

I guess that means Loney hits against lefties.

2008-09-17 17:34:27
178.   Linkmeister
For those of us using Gameday only, what happened?
2008-09-17 17:34:41
179.   Bob Hendley
Poor Nomar. This may be his last game.
2008-09-17 17:34:45
180.   Alex41592
I think this puts an end to will Loney start against lefties? Though, Nomar is walking.
2008-09-17 17:34:49
181.   thinkblue88
Poor Nomar. I feel sorry for the guy. Such a promising career....Hope he somehow recovers.
2008-09-17 17:35:17
182.   The Dude Abides
Larry, know your personnel.
2008-09-17 17:35:29
183.   cargill06
Does Bowa actually know how to put up a stop or go sign? Or does he just jump around like an idiot yelling?
2008-09-17 17:35:38
184.   trainwreck
Way to go, Bowa.
2008-09-17 17:35:43
185.   Tripon
Did Larry Bowa hold up Nomar?
2008-09-17 17:35:52
186.   thinkblue88
Rounding third, he hit the brakes and it looks like his spikes got caught at messed up his left knee.
2008-09-17 17:36:10
187.   Bob Hendley
Looked like ligaments.
2008-09-17 17:36:28
188.   Alex41592
There was no way Nomar scores on that, no possible way. He was held up for good reason and rolled over on his left knee.
2008-09-17 17:36:29
189.   ucladodger

Rounding third on a base hit, Bowa held him because the right fielder was so shallow. Nomar tried to stop with his right leg and the left one just sort of gave way.

2008-09-17 17:36:56
190.   trainwreck
Bowa does not put up stop sign and Nomar runs half way to home and tries to stop and twists his knee in the process.
2008-09-17 17:37:05
191.   The Dude Abides
Ozuna singled to right, Bowa had a semi-windmill going, Nomar went flying around third, then Bowa held him up. Nomar tried to stop and his right foot came out from under him, causing his left knee to bend at a bad angle. Collapsed and tagged out.
2008-09-17 17:37:53
192.   Jon Weisman
189 - So it was more of a Nomar's body issue than a Bowa issue?
2008-09-17 17:38:01
193.   Marty
Sounds like it wasn't Weissian bad.
2008-09-17 17:38:09
194.   ucladodger
To defend Bowa a little bit, Nomar needs to know where the outfielders are playing. Moss was playing Ozuna about as shallow as a pitcher, and nothing hit to him would score him.
2008-09-17 17:38:13
195.   Linkmeister
Oh, man. Thanks.
2008-09-17 17:38:59
196.   Tripon
Ozuna is no DeWitt.
2008-09-17 17:39:10
197.   ucladodger

I guess i missed the part where Bowa was sending Nomar initially. If he ddi, scratch whatever i said.

Our infield defense is crap today.

2008-09-17 17:39:32
198.   The Dude Abides
The correct move by a third base coach on that play would have been to put up an immediate stop sign. Right fielder playing shallow because Ozuna is not going to have power hitting the other way, so no way Nomar scores unless there is a misplay.
2008-09-17 17:39:38
199.   MonkeyBlue
Ozuna is not a good defensive guy. I thought he was, but he is just very mediocre.
2008-09-17 17:39:52
200.   Tripon
197 I think this game shows that Ozuna shouldn't be considered for a defensive replacement.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-17 17:40:28
201.   cargill06
192 No, it was a Bowa issue. Nomar had no chance of scoring and never held up a stop sign probably yelled at him not to go and forced Nomar to slam on the brakes. You see Bowa yell and explitave when he realizes Nomar is on the ground in pain.
2008-09-17 17:40:36
202.   kguy
You have to feel sorry for the guy- Nomar is finally is in the position to play in the post-season, sign a new contract, and get back on track, and then the wheels fall off.

The poor guy can't catch a good break.

2008-09-17 17:41:05
203.   ucladodger
Great. Poor defense puts Chad in a bad spot.
2008-09-17 17:41:10
204.   trainwreck
It it Nomar's brittle body that is at fault for the injury, but Bowa screwed up in not giving him a sign. Nomar was even yelling about it as he was running.
2008-09-17 17:41:15
205.   Bob Timmermann
2008-09-17 17:41:36
206.   Marty
I was going to blame myself because I was spinning the Gameday batter icon in circles and was afraid I'd made Ozuna dizzy. But I've got the angle adjusted so it gives me that feeling of watching the game from the cheap seats.
2008-09-17 17:42:11
207.   trainwreck
199 200
I think we all came to that conclusion a month ago, when Joe kept putting Ozuna in for Kent as a defensive replacement.
2008-09-17 17:42:31
208.   The Dude Abides
That's right. You're relying on your third base coach there, because your back is to the play. It was a sinking liner, so you hold Nomar up, and if there is any misplay, you can send him home.
2008-09-17 17:42:41
209.   Jon Weisman
204 et al - Thanks.
2008-09-17 17:42:48
210.   superbas
billz thank torre for a nomar/ozuna/berroa/blake starting infield.
2008-09-17 17:42:54
211.   katysdad
Nomar going down reminded me a lot of when Mike Blowers blew out his knee in 1996.
2008-09-17 17:43:47
212.   Alex41592
C'mon Bills.
2008-09-17 17:45:07
213.   Tripon
Scary LaRoche at bat.
2008-09-17 17:45:10
214.   MonkeyBlue
Come on bills!
2008-09-17 17:45:12
215.   ucladodger
Wow, that was strike 3.
2008-09-17 17:45:19
216.   Marty
Another thing I've noticed. The Gameday batter never takes the bat off his shoulders. Yet there seems to be hits in each game.
2008-09-17 17:45:22
217.   Alex41592
Man that was a good pitch that just missed.
2008-09-17 17:45:27
218.   Bob Timmermann
According to UCLA's press release, the Bruins will be hosting Notre Dame basketball on Sat. 2/7.

Tipoff is set for 10 AM.

2008-09-17 17:46:28
219.   The Dude Abides
Agreed...Nomar's brittle body causes him to get hurt when he gets caught in unusual getting collided with when he's tagging someone out, or having to come to a sudden stop from full speed because his third base coach fell asleep at the wheel. The idea is to try and minimize the number and severity of Nomar's unusual situations. Know your personnel, Larry.

OK, big AB here, great first pitch from Bills.

2008-09-17 17:46:30
220.   Alex41592
I believe the game is in the balance here.
2008-09-17 17:46:46
221.   Tripon
2008-09-17 17:46:56
222.   ucladodger
Thanks Pablo
2008-09-17 17:47:02
223.   The Dude Abides
Not so good second pitch :(
2008-09-17 17:47:16
224.   KG16
I turned away and Nomar got hurt. Lovely. I have to admit, I feel bad for the guy, it wasn't that long ago where the debate was A-Rod/Jeter/Nomar for best shortstop of his generation.
2008-09-17 17:47:18
225.   Alex41592
Can't give a team extra outs but you can't let that happen either.
2008-09-17 17:47:25
226.   trainwreck
Balls! Slam balls!
2008-09-17 17:47:28
227.   Tripon
I'd DFA Ozuna right then and there.
2008-09-17 17:47:40
228.   MonkeyBlue
Ugh. You suck Bills.
2008-09-17 17:47:53
229.   KG16
wow, that's um, wow.
2008-09-17 17:47:54
230.   fanerman
2008-09-17 17:47:55
231.   bhsportsguy
I agree, if Ozuna makes the play, its not an issue but Chad has to make better pitches.
2008-09-17 17:48:02
232.   Tripon
You pull Bills now?!
2008-09-17 17:48:14
233.   Marty
This is all Bowa's fault. And Bennett
2008-09-17 17:48:22
234.   MMSMikey
thanks pablo.
2008-09-17 17:48:47
235.   fanerman
228 Err, yeah, it's a grand slam. But, I don't think Bills sucks.
2008-09-17 17:49:14
236.   LU Dodger
3 run deficit?? Manny Ramirez scoffs at your 3 run deficit!
2008-09-17 17:49:14
237.   KG16
according to game day, that hit landed somewhere in or about the great State of West Virgina.
2008-09-17 17:49:20
238.   bhsportsguy
What about the times the defensive players makes the impossible play and saves the pitcher.

Chad had 2 chances to get a guy out and he didn't do it.

2008-09-17 17:49:31
239.   Marty
I'll tell you one thing. Billingsley will never get pulled over in Pittsburgh.
2008-09-17 17:49:36
240.   scareduck
Dear Ned,

Hope you're well. The weather here in Pittsburgh is a little cooler than it was in Los Angeles, but it's okay. The team isn't very good, but I'm doing everything I can to make it better.

   -- Andy

2008-09-17 17:49:41
241.   Xeifrank
Looks like I won't have to worry about watching any Lost or Desperate Housewives shows. vr, Xei
2008-09-17 17:49:47
242.   ucladodger

Of course, but all but one of the runs is a direct result of poor infield defense. That all adds up to extra pitches, turning over the lineup, etc. Its not fair to Chad for him to get 4 or 5 outs an inning.

2008-09-17 17:50:31
243.   superbas
bad chain of events...nomar getting hurt, pablo sucking, and the ump squeezing 3-2 ball (next strike to laroche was the same location).
2008-09-17 17:51:40
244.   Tripon
240 It was Andy's big brother who hit that Grand Slam.
2008-09-17 17:51:58
245.   The Dude Abides
Adam LaRoche kills low fastballs on the inside half. Don't give him any (says the guy who hasn't pitched since 7th grade).
2008-09-17 17:52:31
246.   LU Dodger
we are so winning this game
2008-09-17 17:52:32
247.   Tripon
Who did the Braves get for Adam LaRoche? Don't know why they gave him up.
2008-09-17 17:53:18
248.   superbas
i blame the grandslam pitch on honeycutt :). i'll do a little dance when he's finally fired.
2008-09-17 17:53:21
249.   Mandingo
We will come back to win this one.
2008-09-17 17:54:08
250.   Alex41592
Nice start Berroa.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-17 17:54:12
251.   Rob M
247 - brent lillibridge and mike gonzalez
2008-09-17 17:54:14
252.   larry slimfast
Hard to blame Torre for taking Bills for granted... but not hard enough.
2008-09-17 17:54:26
253.   Jon Weisman
Should the Ozuna play you're all talking about have been ruled an error?
2008-09-17 17:54:35
254.   LU Dodger
and it begins....
2008-09-17 17:54:38
255.   Alex41592
And we are in the Pirates bullpen.
2008-09-17 17:55:32
256.   Mandingo
Speaking of Honeycutt, what are the chances he's canned and the PC job is handed to Maddux?
2008-09-17 17:55:32
257.   Rob M
It seems a waste to bring in biemel to get one guy with the bases empty in that spot then pinch hit for him.
2008-09-17 17:55:54
258.   ucladodger

No, he just butchered it royally. He actually got to the ball in time which was surprising because of his lack of range and then went into a sort of half dive that didnt need to be made. The ball went right between his glove and his feet.

2008-09-17 17:56:00
259.   KG16
247 - the Atlanta fans turned on him when he failed to get Nick Johnson out at first. He and a minor leaguer were traded for Mike Gonzales (relief pitcher) and Brent Lillibridge.
2008-09-17 17:56:15
260.   Tripon
253 I believe so. He got to the ball, he could have sat on it for all I know. I think he could have cleanly fielded the ball if he actually knew where it was. Ozuna just let it past by him as if the ball was hit over his head.
2008-09-17 17:56:21
261.   The Dude Abides
Adam LR came into this game with 9 HRs in 87 career ABs against Dodger pitching, but he's been all or nothing against us. Career BA vs Dodgers of .253, with only 13 additional hits after those 9 HRs. Count the two today, and he has 11 HRs and 24 total hits in 90 career ABs against us.
2008-09-17 17:56:55
262.   Tripon
256 Mike Maddux? ;P
2008-09-17 17:57:12
263.   scareduck
247 - Mike Gonzalez and Brent Lillibridge.
2008-09-17 17:57:33
264.   Tripon
2008-09-17 17:57:44
265.   Alex41592
D.Y gets into one!
2008-09-17 17:57:45
266.   ucladodger
DY! Bomba.
2008-09-17 17:57:47
267.   superbas
gogo DY
2008-09-17 17:57:50
268.   KG16
261 - then we should hope he does not end up in San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, or Denver
2008-09-17 17:58:40
269.   Alex41592
Just a ground ball gets us a run.
2008-09-17 17:58:45
270.   scareduck
Ben Sheets pulled in the third in the Cubs game.
2008-09-17 17:59:01
271.   LU Dodger
we ain't...go-ing no-where....

we ain't...goin' nowhere...

we can't be stopped now...

2008-09-17 17:59:01
272.   Alex41592
But, hey that'll do.


2008-09-17 17:59:02
273.   Tripon
I love the Pirates bullpen.
2008-09-17 17:59:02
274.   MonkeyBlue
Wooo here comes the offense!
2008-09-17 17:59:50
275.   caseybarker
2008-09-17 17:59:51
276.   Tripon
Bringing in a LOOGY for Ethier?

He finally made it!

2008-09-17 17:59:54
277.   larry slimfast
256 I dare say Honeycutt does a pretty good job. Maddux for bench coach!!! 2009!!! Is that a Rule 5?
2008-09-17 18:00:11
278.   The Dude Abides
Too bad the Pittsburgh manager didn't give that reliever a chance to work out his problems on the mound.
2008-09-17 18:00:16
279.   Mandingo
273 - I love the Pirates!
2008-09-17 18:00:26
280.   LU Dodger
Pirates manager short circuiting right now in fear of whose on deck
2008-09-17 18:01:08
281.   The Dude Abides
Everyone take a quick look at TJ Beam's pitcher over at Yahoo....looks like Mr. Bean.
2008-09-17 18:01:12
282.   Gagne55
It's rally time!
2008-09-17 18:01:47
283.   The Dude Abides
pitcher* should be picture
2008-09-17 18:02:06
284.   LU Dodger
I gotta say, I've never felt so ok about having a GS hit against us, as I do with our offense right now. Usually, it would get a channel flip from me...but no more......

this is where it stops!

2008-09-17 18:02:08
285.   Alex41592
.154 BAA for lefties against Sean Burnett.
2008-09-17 18:02:08
286.   superbas we go!

on the ozuna play...if he was more competent the ball would've hit his glove thus causing the error. as it were the ball went between his legs and the glove.

2008-09-17 18:02:28
287.   Tripon
Too bad Jim Tracy isn't still the pirates managers.
2008-09-17 18:02:43
288.   Alex41592
Productive. Back within one.
2008-09-17 18:02:52
289.   MonkeyBlue
Sac fly!
2008-09-17 18:03:02
290.   Gagne55
When I saw Sean Burnett, I was like "wasn't he a starter?" He was back in '04. This is his first season since then.
2008-09-17 18:03:09
291.   Mandingo
277 - IMHO, Maddux will make a good manager, but his skills would best cultivate as pitching coach or bench coach.
2008-09-17 18:03:23
292.   Tripon
The previous pirate pitcher couldn't induce Ethier to fly out?
2008-09-17 18:03:58
293.   KG16
Was Ethier early on that sac fly? watching on game day that looked like it should have been in the right field bleachers.
2008-09-17 18:04:33
294.   LU Dodger
Manny ready to feast on some reliever cuisine
2008-09-17 18:04:57
295.   bhsportsguy
When you score 2 runs with your 8 and 9 spots coming up first in the inning, you should be really, really happy.
2008-09-17 18:05:14
296.   KG16
287 - this feels like a Tracy-managed game
2008-09-17 18:05:16
297.   Tripon
Its like the Pirates bullpen is filled with mop up men.
2008-09-17 18:05:25
298.   Gagne55
287 This guy manages a bullpen like Tracy does though. Three pitchers in one inning.
2008-09-17 18:06:16
299.   bhsportsguy
298 4 pitchers for 5 batters.
2008-09-17 18:07:16
300.   Alex41592
Right forearm injury (tightness) for Ben Sheets.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-17 18:07:21
301.   larry slimfast
291 Bench coach could teach him a lot... not that I would know... it just seems that way. He clearly knows strategy.
2008-09-17 18:07:26
302.   Gagne55
299 That's the Jim Tracy I remember!
2008-09-17 18:08:17
303.   bhsportsguy
Baustita do not throw a fastball here.
2008-09-17 18:08:21
304.   Tripon
This seems to be an unintentional intentional walk.
2008-09-17 18:08:45
305.   LU Dodger
nice AB by manny
2008-09-17 18:08:50
306.   KG16
why bring in a guy to pitch around Manny? Why not let the last guy do that?
2008-09-17 18:08:51
307.   Gagne55
Manny draws another walk.
2008-09-17 18:08:58
308.   Tripon
The previous two relief pitchers couldn't induce Ethier to fly out and IBB Manny?
2008-09-17 18:09:19
309.   The Dude Abides
Let's go MIMITW, get a hit!!!
2008-09-17 18:09:37
310.   LU Dodger

lol good point

2008-09-17 18:10:13
311.   Gagne55
I think Bautista was also a starter back in the day.
2008-09-17 18:10:37
312.   Jon Weisman
Dodgers have 15 baserunners in 30 plate appearances so far tonight.
2008-09-17 18:10:37
313.   MonkeyBlue
What the heck? Damn pirates defense.
2008-09-17 18:10:37
314.   larry slimfast
Nice play.
2008-09-17 18:10:39
315.   Tripon
2008-09-17 18:10:42
316.   Mandingo
We're getting killed by the LaRoche clan
2008-09-17 18:10:50
317.   LU Dodger
well that stings
2008-09-17 18:10:53
318.   The Dude Abides
2008-09-17 18:10:56
319.   ucladodger
LOL at Lyons.
2008-09-17 18:11:24
320.   Gagne55
Rally quenched.
2008-09-17 18:11:43
321.   bhsportsguy
Its funny, if Andy isn't playing where he was, that ball probably either flys by him or go's over his glove.
2008-09-17 18:11:45
322.   Alex41592
There was the one moment that had to happen in this series.
2008-09-17 18:12:02
323.   fanerman
2008-09-17 18:12:32
324.   KG16
2008-09-17 18:12:47
325.   bhsportsguy
Casey should have bunted.
2008-09-17 18:13:14
326.   KG16
321 - stratergy or luck?
2008-09-17 18:13:45
327.   superbas
is torre conceding the game bringing in proctor?
2008-09-17 18:13:47
328.   ucladodger
No Lyons, if he's closer, he gets hit in the face. i think the odds are a little higher of Blake hitting that ball hard than a slow chopper.
2008-09-17 18:14:14
329.   bhsportsguy
326 If Blake pulls a little more, its a double,
2008-09-17 18:14:43
330.   Mandingo
301 - No doubt he knows his strategy. The only question I have is whether his expertise can be better used at a specialty position (pitching or bench coach), as opposed to the more political position of manager.
2008-09-17 18:15:19
331.   Tripon
Don't know if Torre conceding the game. Proctor pitched fairly well the last couple of times out.
2008-09-17 18:16:58
332.   KG16
330 - while it's a more political position, the manager is still the one responsible for setting the strategy. He probably needs some time as a bench coach to learn the finer points of hitting strategy (though, I suppose, given his expertise, he might have a good idea on that already).
2008-09-17 18:17:07
333.   bhsportsguy
Dodgers have come close to blowing this game open too, Ethier, Ozuna and Blake have all had good chances to bring runs in. Unfortunately, Adam LaRoche did not have to stay home and watch his kids.
2008-09-17 18:18:09
334.   Alex41592
Proctor looking sharp.
2008-09-17 18:18:18
335.   Tripon
And Proctor pitches a scoreless sixth. Notch another vet for the postseason roster.
2008-09-17 18:18:50
336.   bhsportsguy
Nice inning by Proctor, he is now past Jason Johnson and Ramon Troncoso on the playoff roster chase.
2008-09-17 18:18:52
337.   superbas
nice! proctor u win this round!!
2008-09-17 18:20:40
338.   Gagne55
Proctor is pitching better because he isn't injured anymore.
2008-09-17 18:21:02
339.   Tripon
The replay shows that Bowa wasn't even paying attention to Nomar.
2008-09-17 18:22:12
340.   Gen3Blue
I must admit to being a bit confused by this game. I felt that a team starting Berroa and Osuna up the middle would be behind at this point, I thought the score would be lower, and I never envisioned Bills would walk the bases loaded and then give a Slam to Adam LaRoche. Bills is great, but still has a bit to learn. and not going with Loney or Dewitt? Yes I am confused.
Oops! Nomar left with an injury and Loney came in. Huge surprise.
2008-09-17 18:22:41
341.   The Dude Abides
Pirates' good defense has taken away at least three runs from us w/runners in scoring position (Ethier, Blake). Conversely, our lousy defense (Blake, Ozuna) has cost us several runs.
2008-09-17 18:24:11
342.   Tripon
Huh, Ozuna's still in the game.
2008-09-17 18:24:14
343.   The Dude Abides
Ugh...Bison should have crushed that one.
2008-09-17 18:24:24
344.   Mandingo
332 - Thanks for the input. Either way, I sure hope the Dodgers retain him in some capacity after he retires. He is already a significant asset to pitchers and has the potential to become an excellent manager.
2008-09-17 18:25:43
345.   Mandingo
Great Hussle!
2008-09-17 18:26:02
346.   The Dude Abides
With speed like that, Ozuna should have better range.
2008-09-17 18:26:30
347.   Alex41592
The speed of Ozuna ties the game!!!
2008-09-17 18:26:40
348.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Berroa got to greedy! oh well Dodgers tied!
2008-09-17 18:26:53
349.   bhsportsguy
Chad is off the hook.

Bullpen vs. Bullpen.

2008-09-17 18:26:57
350.   Mandingo
Wow need to be greedy.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-17 18:26:58
351.   Tripon
344 Maddux sounds he'd be perfect for a roving pitching instructor.

And er, yeah. Don't know how Berroa thought that was a triple, but I'm really glad he tied the score up.

2008-09-17 18:27:05
352.   ucladodger
Man, Berroa would have been safe if Sanchez gets the ball cleanly. Angel has been on fire this past month.
2008-09-17 18:27:14
353.   The Dude Abides
And, we're tied...the stellar combo of Berroa and Ozuna gives us a run.
2008-09-17 18:27:40
354.   Gen3Blue
If anyone can act more like The Three Stooges than Osuna and Berroa, I wan't them for the remake.!
2008-09-17 18:27:52
355.   Bob Hendley
Pablo has a future as an ump!
2008-09-17 18:28:07
356.   bhsportsguy
348 I think you make that play because one, they may throw home anyway and two, you may want them to go after you just to make sure the run scores.
2008-09-17 18:28:20
357.   Bob Timmermann
I think the Mets bullpen is making the same noise as my cat does when he gets a furball.
2008-09-17 18:28:22
358.   Linkmeister
Greedy, Angel! But nice going anyway.
2008-09-17 18:29:24
359.   Gagne55
You're never supposed to make the last out at third. Oh well. Tie game.
2008-09-17 18:29:32
360.   underdog
Hey guys, looks like I didn't miss anything. :-/

Actually I've been lurking, watched the last couple of kooky innings. Even after LaRoche (Adam) hit the grand slam I didn't give up on this game at all, I'm sure y'all didn't either. Adam's having himself a nice game, though.

Oh, and some of you (ahem) jinxed Chad today with all your talk of ERA predictions. For shame! For shame! ;-)

2008-09-17 18:29:32
361.   Tripon
Procter's in for another inning?
2008-09-17 18:29:52
362.   katysdad
I did not know that Torre was a player/manager with the Mets in 1977. He took over for Joe Frazier after 45 games. Torre pinch hit with himself twice after being named manager.
2008-09-17 18:29:53
363.   bhsportsguy
Ohh might be pushing it with Proctor but I am not sure who the options are with Kuo still out.
2008-09-17 18:29:58
364.   Mandingo
Seems like Bowa got caught in between waving Ozuna in and stopping Berroa
2008-09-17 18:30:10
365.   scareduck
So naturally the first guy that comes to Torre's mind to preserve a tie is ... Proctor.
2008-09-17 18:30:22
366.   underdog
357 Get the petromalt, Manuel, get the petromalt!


Ozuna's hustle got him safe at first. His spacing out almost cost them a run though. But we'll take it.

2008-09-17 18:30:27
367.   Gen3Blue
357 That noise I know is really nasty! What have the poor Mets done now! O course I'll try to find out.
2008-09-17 18:31:03
368.   The Dude Abides
And now we see a replay of Ozuna rounding third, and he almost stopped because Bowa wasn't waving him in. Then Bowa waved him in and said "go." What's with Bowa tonight?
2008-09-17 18:31:05
369.   scareduck
360 - it's the Pirates.
2008-09-17 18:31:06
370.   underdog
I might be wrong but I think Proctor's in to face just one more batter.
2008-09-17 18:31:27
371.   Gagne55
"Man, Berroa would have been safe if Sanchez gets the ball cleanly"

Huh? Messy fielding caused the out?

2008-09-17 18:31:41
372.   Bob Hendley
361 Angel's fault.
2008-09-17 18:31:48
373.   Marty
362 So when Torre was hired, Cosell shouted Down Goes Frazier!
2008-09-17 18:31:49
374.   Tripon
363 Wade, Tron Tron, McDonald, Elbert, etc.

And actually Procter's doing great. Nobody has hit the ball hard against him. I'm astounded.

2008-09-17 18:31:57
375.   Alex41592
Torre has two choices he can go with Proctor here or he can double switch DeWitt in at the 9 spot. He chose to go with Proctor.
2008-09-17 18:32:06
376.   Tommy Naccarato
Surprised Charlie didn't mention something AGAIN about another broken bat, "When are they going to do something about that!"
2008-09-17 18:32:12
377.   underdog
Proctor's also looked really good to me lately.
2008-09-17 18:32:29
378.   Tripon
And Torre pulls Proctor for Elbert for the lefty-lefty fetish.
2008-09-17 18:32:42
379.   Rob M
When did Scott Proctor get so good? I mean, he wasn't always sucky, but he's freaking dominating. Or is it just the Pirates?
2008-09-17 18:33:01
380.   Alex41592
And there's the double switch.
2008-09-17 18:33:14
381.   Tripon
371 If the Pirates fielded the ball cleanly, Berroa would have stopped at 2nd.
2008-09-17 18:33:53
382.   underdog
374 - Why astounded? He's actually a pretty good reliever when he's healthy and after recovering from Torre's overuse of him in the past.
2008-09-17 18:33:55
383.   Bob Timmermann
On the radio on the way home, Rick Monday twice referred to dates in August as "September" and then he called Casey Blake "Blake DeWitt."

And I don't have that long of a drive home.

2008-09-17 18:34:22
384.   The Dude Abides
Excellent pitching by Proctor. Throwing hard fastballs and sharp sliders. I've made fun of the guy, but maybe he just needed to be healthy and rested. Now we have Elbert to face a bunch of lefties if we have a double switch. And yes, we have a double switch.
2008-09-17 18:34:26
385.   katysdad
373 My friend tells a great story about the time his Christmas tree, a huge frasier fir, fell over and he exclaimed "Down goes frasier!"
2008-09-17 18:34:33
386.   Alex41592
.190 OPS difference LHP vs. RHP for McLouth.
2008-09-17 18:34:34
387.   Tripon
382 Because I never seen a healthy Procter.
2008-09-17 18:35:18
388.   Tripon
I always get the feeling that Elbert going to fall off the mound with every pitch.
2008-09-17 18:36:06
389.   Gagne55
Proctor faces five batter, Ks three of them and allows no baserunners and gets pulled in the middle of an inning?!
2008-09-17 18:36:37
390.   ToyCannon
Kuo Kuo where art tho
2008-09-17 18:36:42
391.   Tripon
Elbert is wild tonight.
2008-09-17 18:36:48
392.   underdog
379 - Again, because he's healthy now. Hopefully Torre won't make his arm fall off again. Facing the Pirates helps, but he's looked pretty good overall the last few outings.

And Elbert looks less sharp, walking "McClouth(!)." C'mon Scott!

2008-09-17 18:36:51
393.   Alex41592
Torre's decision to use Beimel earlier is the key.
2008-09-17 18:37:06
394.   Gen3Blue
Uh-oh. We put in less than a rookie reliever!

I have to look at Joe as a comic manager or I would be crying right now. You can't lose this game, but I feel he has tried several way.

2008-09-17 18:37:08
395.   The Dude Abides
The second baseman Sanchez bobbled the relay throw, allowing Ozuna to score even though Bowa crossed him up at third base. So, Berroa rounded second and kept going to third.
2008-09-17 18:37:27
396.   scareduck
387 - I never hope to see one
But I can tell you anyhow
I'd rather see than be one.
2008-09-17 18:37:35
397.   bhsportsguy
389 Thought one more guy would be getting greedy, again part of this is seeing how Elbert reacts coming into an inning to close it out.
2008-09-17 18:38:12
398.   Tripon
Well, yeah.
2008-09-17 18:38:15
399.   Mandingo
really bad
2008-09-17 18:38:16
400.   Alex41592
The Beimel 5th inning appearance is the issue.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-17 18:38:17
401.   scareduck
Must've been crushed.
2008-09-17 18:38:19
402.   The Dude Abides
Oops...forgot that Doumit was a switch hitter. Ouch.
2008-09-17 18:38:24
403.   trainwreck
2008-09-17 18:38:47
404.   Tripon
Enjoy your first lost tonight Elbert.
2008-09-17 18:38:52
405.   Bob Timmermann
2008-09-17 18:38:54
406.   Gagne55
That's Scott Elbert for ya.
2008-09-17 18:38:55
407.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-17 18:38:58
408.   MMSMikey
classic case of torre overmanaging, proctor was unhittable, awful. that the best procotor has thrown all year.
2008-09-17 18:39:06
409.   Gen3Blue
Ha--that was funny--what next.
2008-09-17 18:39:16
410.   ToyCannon
Torre overthought this inning. Happens but this is why Kershaw will be on the playoff roster and Elbert won't.
2008-09-17 18:39:25
411.   underdog
And Elbert's possible place on the post-season roster looks more and more impossible.
2008-09-17 18:39:51
412.   ToyCannon
Come on, he may end up getting the win.
2008-09-17 18:39:52
413.   Rob M
400 Exactly! Why burn Beimel in such a low leverage situation? Jeez.
2008-09-17 18:39:52
414.   Tripon
Wow, we are bleeding this inning.
2008-09-17 18:40:14
415.   MonkeyBlue
How many run has the Pirates score with 2 outs? 6 runs?
2008-09-17 18:40:24
416.   underdog
So just for those of us keeping score, Torre was wrong to leave Proctor in there that long, but then after he took him out he should've left him in there to face the lefty? Just so I'm clear on this.
2008-09-17 18:40:28
417.   The Dude Abides
Eight out of nine Pirate runs have come with two out.
2008-09-17 18:40:54
418.   bhsportsguy
He wanted Elbert to face these lefties, just not in this inning.
2008-09-17 18:40:59
419.   bhsportsguy
He wanted Elbert to face these lefties, just not in this inning.
2008-09-17 18:41:08
420.   Gen3Blue
As BT once said(I'm pretty sure). I hate being right.
2008-09-17 18:41:11
421.   Mandingo
Simply too big a spot for Elbert right now
2008-09-17 18:41:24
422.   Alex41592
Elbert was brought in when Beimel should have been and Beimel was brought in when Elbert should've been.
2008-09-17 18:41:47
423.   Tripon
Lefties on Lefties is overrated. Torre is going to pull Elbert now.
2008-09-17 18:41:50
424.   Mandingo
Walk to the Mound Torre
2008-09-17 18:41:57
425.   ToyCannon
Or not
2008-09-17 18:42:41
426.   scareduck
Catbert >> Dogbert >> Elbert.
2008-09-17 18:42:46
427.   underdog
Some of this would've been avoided if, you know, Bills had pitched better today and hadn't given up 7 runs, forcing early removal, and if Kuo wasn't hurt. But whatever.
2008-09-17 18:42:54
428.   The Dude Abides
Well, there goes Elbert's playoff roster spot. He's up there to get lefties and switchies out, and everyone reached base against him.
2008-09-17 18:43:12
429.   bhsportsguy
422 Elbert had been brought in these situations during this winning streak, except now he has a bad night.
2008-09-17 18:43:19
430.   MMSMikey
nice move joe, im sure there was no way scott proctor could have got mcclouth out, hes a right handed pitcher, and mcclouth hits left, after all.
2008-09-17 18:43:20
431.   Alex41592
1-0 Giants Top 1.
2008-09-17 18:43:29
432.   Gagne55
Finally Elbert is out of there.
2008-09-17 18:43:30
433.   scareduck
421 - yes, facing a non-contending major league team's lineup.

Why did Torre put him up there?

2008-09-17 18:43:38
434.   ucladodger
That was a mess. As has been said, Torre used Beimel and Elbert backwards tonight. Ridiculous use of 1 meaningless out for Beimel, but puts in Elbert in an extremely high leverage situations. Some poor decisions tonight by all of the coaching staff.
2008-09-17 18:43:43
435.   Eric Stephen
Elbert just got the Season 1 DVD of Lost. That's what he meant.

On a related note, for my penance for jinxing Chad tonight, I have one (yes, only one) reserved level ticket to Sunday's game against the Giants. I will give it away for free to the first person who emails me at ericdstephen at gmail dot com.

2008-09-17 18:44:01
436.   Tripon
Jason Johnson is in.
2008-09-17 18:44:14
437.   MonkeyBlue
JJ, oh boy I don't exactly feel comfortable about this guy.
2008-09-17 18:44:18
438.   bhsportsguy
You guys are so funny, it as if Elbert had not pitched at all until tonight.
2008-09-17 18:44:42
439.   Alex41592
429 - I know but burning Beimel in the 5th inning is the problem. I don't have a problem going lefty/lefty, Elbert just had nothing tonight.
2008-09-17 18:44:54
440.   ucladodger

Or if the defense didnt completely suck tonight and didnt force Bills to get 4 outs in 3 different innings.

2008-09-17 18:44:56
441.   larry slimfast
2008-09-17 18:44:57
442.   The Dude Abides
400, 413, 422, et al:
Agreed. Beimel is the high leverage lefty.
2008-09-17 18:45:10
443.   Alex41592
2-0 Giants Top 1.
2008-09-17 18:45:13
444.   superbas
i'm actually rooting for andy right here.
2008-09-17 18:45:37
445.   bhsportsguy
If Elbert is going to pitch in the playoffs he should be able to get out of an inning with 2 out and no one on base.
2008-09-17 18:45:49
446.   Jacob Burch
Last time Adam LaRoche hit a grand slam off the Dodgers, JD Drew and Milton Bradley saved the Jeff Weaver's day.

Let's go outfield!

2008-09-17 18:45:51
447.   Tripon
4 run lead for the Pirates, and Andy LaRoche gets his revenge. Again!
2008-09-17 18:46:10
448.   twerp
72.   Bob Timmermann
"I go out to a lake with sticks of dynamite and throw them in and wait for the dead fish to come to the surface"

Los Angeles Librarian Arrested For Illegal Fishing

California game warden Juan Pierre has arrested Bob Timmermann of the downtown Los Angeles library and charged him with the illegal taking of fish, a misdemeanor punishable by something or other, Pierre said.

Timmermann claimed he was under a lot of pressure, what with his library duties and maintaining The Griddle at, along with continuing to be a prolific commenter at Dodger Thoughts at that same Internet address. Since Timmermann also follows numerous sports and several other interests closely, he said, he just did not have time to wait for fish to bite in the normal way.

He added that if he had known it would come to this, he would have gone to Texas and retrieved some of the fish caught there in a chain link fence following Hurricane Ike, or perhaps just picked up some of the thousands of others lying in the road. (#2)

"It's a fine kettle of fish Mr. Timmermann has gotten himself into," commented Pierre, who admitted that he is not sure what the penalty is for this offense because he has just begun this second career following his surprising release from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"Actually, if Mr. Timmermann had not incriminated himself by admitting his crime on Dodger Thoughts, it would have been very hard to catch him in the act," Pierre went on.

Pierre pointed out that seeing Timmermann's admission of guilt was a stroke of luck. He said he has taken to following Dodger Thoughts closely due to abuse heaped on him by DT commenters all during his Dodger career. "The arrest of this hardened criminal brings a certain level of satisfaction," he said. "This should be a warning to his cohorts at Dodger Thoughts that I'm watching them closely.

"This is far from being just a fish story," Pierre concluded.

2008-09-17 18:46:21
449.   ucladodger
Second time theyve scored 4 with 0 out and nobody on. Thats pretty much unacceptable.
2008-09-17 18:46:32
450.   Rob M
I don't like the strange bullpen usage patterns. Mainly, I don't like pulling guys in the middle of the inning when there's nobody on and they're pitching well. If you do that often enough, you'll eventually find the guy in the pen that's cold. And then he leaves Elbert in when he's clearly wild and not fooling anyone. I don't get it.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-09-17 18:46:35
451.   MonkeyBlue
Simply amazing.
2008-09-17 18:46:40
452.   The Dude Abides
Ten out of eleven runs with two outs. Oh well, our pitching staff was due to have one bad game.
2008-09-17 18:47:04
453.   Alex41592
We were so due for this kind of game...BUT

3-0 Giants Top 1!

2008-09-17 18:47:08
454.   Louis in SF
I think Torre was auditioning to see how Ebert would do having to get the right out and then if couldn't he still had the switch hitter who would bat left handed.

Given the way this inning is going we may finally see McDonald

2008-09-17 18:47:21
455.   Gagne55
And even the bad LaRoche gets a hit.
2008-09-17 18:47:24
456.   ucladodger

Oops. 2 out and nobody on.

2008-09-17 18:47:39
457.   underdog
You guys are killing me.

So let's bring in Elbert earlier and have him give up two runs then instead of now? Again, Chad got burned for 7 runs early so the pen gets out of whack, it happens. I probably would've left Proctor in there for another out, too, but a bunch of people were wondering why he was still in there.

At least we can be assured JJJ won't be on the post-season roster.

And can feel some warmth in our hearts for beleaguered Andy LR having a good day, too. (A small amount of warmth.)

And still, this game isn't over.

But I'm going to have dinner now instead. Later.

2008-09-17 18:47:43
458.   I Love LA
I really hate joe torre right now.
2008-09-17 18:48:42
459.   MonkeyBlue
I sick to my stomach. I work out my frustration at the gym now.
2008-09-17 18:48:43
460.   Alex41592
This is really quite something.
2008-09-17 18:48:43
461.   Tripon
Jason Johnson isn't going to make the post season either.
2008-09-17 18:48:45
462.   ucladodger
JJJ is pretty terrible. When is the last time Tron pitched?
2008-09-17 18:49:03
463.   Eric Stephen
The Dodgers are 34-1 when scoring 7 runs this year. They got this one.
2008-09-17 18:49:26
464.   underdog
440 That too!
2008-09-17 18:49:27
465.   The Dude Abides
And nine runs have scored after two out and nobody on base.
2008-09-17 18:49:42
466.   Alex41592
Hey we might see McDonald tonight!
2008-09-17 18:49:44
467.   Gagne55
453 Looks like Bob won't be posting any moving into the light threads tonight then.
2008-09-17 18:50:18
468.   bhsportsguy
I can't believe anyone can be upset after this recent run.
2008-09-17 18:50:58
469.   Jon Weisman
Pirates hit for the cycle this inning.

I don't know, I'm kind of looking at this as a "get everything out our system game."

2008-09-17 18:51:05
470.   ucladodger

Sept 2nd to answer my own question. Thats after he went 14 innings in august with a 2.5 era.

2008-09-17 18:51:21
471.   Alex41592
I am totally not upset. This is just so freaky. I'm amazed by this.
2008-09-17 18:51:22
472.   Tripon
There comes Tron Tron. One out! All we want is one out!
2008-09-17 18:51:28
473.   The Dude Abides
Let's go Giants!
2008-09-17 18:51:31
474.   manram99
this is embarassing..end of story
2008-09-17 18:51:41
475.   Gen3Blue
I have nothing against Scott Elbert. But does anyone know how little time he has spent in proffesional baseball. He lossed about a year and a half to injuries. He has a great arm. But to put him in with the pennant on the line--that is the hieght of incompetence.
2008-09-17 18:52:32
476.   fracule
Way to throw this game away Joe. go.
2008-09-17 18:52:49
477.   Alex41592
Darn no McDonald. Maybe in the 8th.
2008-09-17 18:52:53
478.   Jon Weisman
SF 3, Arizona 0 first inning.
2008-09-17 18:52:57
479.   Linkmeister
So, Bob, how much is your bail? Should we be taking up a collection?
2008-09-17 18:53:23
480.   MMSMikey
.475, and pulling a pitcher when hes absolutely dealing like proctor was, because of the stupid lefty/righty matchup. I respect Joe Torre but sometimes i just think hes a senile old man.
2008-09-17 18:53:27
481.   Gen3Blue
I'm sorry, height, I think.
2008-09-17 18:53:40
482.   Tommy Naccarato
I hate this.
2008-09-17 18:53:43
483.   Jon Weisman
475 - rule 6 still exists.

Guys, really, mellow out.

2008-09-17 18:53:59
484.   MonkeyBlue
473. Blasphemy!!!!
2008-09-17 18:54:04
485.   fracule
We'll still win 3 of 4 though, I'm pretty confident of that. This is just crazy weird.
2008-09-17 18:54:13
486.   Bob Timmermann
Fortunately, Juan Pierre operates his jail in Andy Taylor/Otis like fashion.
2008-09-17 18:54:17
487.   Disabled List
I just got home, and decided to do a quick burn through the DT comments before I turned the game on.

What. The. Hell?

2008-09-17 18:54:38
488.   fanerman
474 If this is embarrassing, what was the 8-game losing streak?

I'm not feeling too bad about this game. It happens.

2008-09-17 18:54:42
489.   Alex41592
This is just crazy.
2008-09-17 18:54:51
490.   Tommy Naccarato
Thats an error all the way
2008-09-17 18:54:52
491.   ucladodger
Talk about a throw away game. Yuck.
2008-09-17 18:55:21
492.   Mandingo
Torre works the politics...the strategy however, not so much.
2008-09-17 18:55:30
493.   MMSMikey
haha. ok im laughing now.
2008-09-17 18:55:34
494.   Eric Stephen
Wow. Unfortunately Nyjer Morgan wasn't pulled over before scoring the 8th run of the inning.
2008-09-17 18:55:35
495.   Alex41592
This is beyond insane.
2008-09-17 18:55:40
496.   Andrew Shimmin
That was amusing.
2008-09-17 18:55:42
497.   Mandingo
HAHa! This is awesome!
2008-09-17 18:55:50
498.   Gagne55
And Tron cannot restore order.
2008-09-17 18:56:07
499.   scareduck
2008-09-17 18:56:23
500.   Gen3Blue
Somebody get Curly out of there before he hurts Manny. Just laugh this one off and let it go.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-09-17 18:56:30
501.   MMSMikey
wow, troncoso is right handed, and mcclouth made out, imagine that.
2008-09-17 18:56:30
502.   Mandingo
Jon, you're absolutely right, lets just get this all out right now!
2008-09-17 18:56:38
503.   ucladodger
Anyone (Bob) know the most runs scored in an inning after 2 outs were made? I'd imagine 8 is pretty high on the list.
2008-09-17 18:56:38
504.   fracule
Alright! Who turned the frozen donkey wheel?!
2008-09-17 18:56:50
505.   The Dude Abides
This has now become comical. Let's hope our guys laugh it off and move on.
2008-09-17 18:56:53
506.   larry slimfast
lazy play by Loney and Troncoso there
2008-09-17 18:57:00
507.   scareduck
This is like a minor league game. Wow.
2008-09-17 18:57:03
508.   trainwreck
Can we please use McDonald. I just want to see him pitch.
2008-09-17 18:57:09
509.   underdog
Seriously, I'm still laughing at this even though now I'm in the kitchen burning dinner.

I think 469 and 471 sum it up best for me.

Mostly I keep checking back just to see if McDonald is pitching.

2008-09-17 18:57:12
510.   Alex41592
15 runs. One game.

D'Backs down 3-1 Top 2.

2008-09-17 18:57:15
511.   Andrew Shimmin
Looked like DeWitt may have came off the bag early, there. . . I would have called it that, anyway, because it would have been funnier.
2008-09-17 18:57:17
512.   MonkeyBlue
The only good thing about this game is that its just one game.
2008-09-17 18:57:17
513.   MonkeyBlue
The only good thing about this game is that its just one game.
2008-09-17 18:57:34
514.   Eric Stephen
Since moving to LA, the Dodgers are 0-29 when giving up 15 or more runs.
2008-09-17 18:57:41
515.   bhsportsguy
Elbert had pitched in 7 games and has 2 holds so he has pitched in high leverage situations before.
2008-09-17 18:57:52
516.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2008-09-17 18:57:54
517.   fracule
Alright. Who turned the frozen donkey wheel?
2008-09-17 18:58:30
518.   Eric Stephen
Silver lining!
2008-09-17 18:59:22
519.   Linkmeister
Reminds me of that awful Phillies game 10 or 15 years ago where they gave up 9 in the 9th or something.

If Bob doesn't need bail money, I'm outta here.

2008-09-17 18:59:40
520.   Bob Timmermann
The Pirates still came up 4 runs short of the MLB record for most runs scored with two outs and nobody on.

The Dodgers hold that record with 12 runs scored against the Reds on August 8, 1954 in the 8th inning. The Dodgers scored 13 in all, but the first run came in on a sac fly and then the next batter made out.

Take a deep breath:

REPLACED BORKOWSKI (PLAYING SS); Hodges tripled to right;
Furillo hit a sacrifice fly to right [Hodges scored]; Gilliam
grounded out (second to first); Campanella was walked
intentionally; Labine walked [Campanella to second]; Hoak walked
[Campanella to third, Labine to second]; Reese reached on an
error by Harmon [Campanella scored (unearned), Labine scored
(unearned) (no RBI), Hoak to third, Reese to second (on throw)];
singled to right [Hoak scored (unearned), Reese scored
(unearned), Snider scored (unearned)]; AMOROS RAN FOR ROBINSON;
Hodges doubled [Amoros to third]; Furillo singled to center
[Amoros scored (unearned), Hodges scored (unearned)]; Gilliam
was hit by a pitch [Furillo to second]; Campanella singled to
left [Furillo scored (unearned), Gilliam to second]; Labine
walked [Gilliam to third, Campanella to second]; SMITH REPLACED
COLLUM (PITCHING); Hoak homered (unearned) [Gilliam scored
(unearned), Campanella scored (unearned), Labine scored
(unearned)]; Reese walked; Snider singled to right [Reese to
second]; Amoros walked [Reese to third, Snider to second];
FOWLER REPLACED SMITH (PITCHING); Hodges flied to center; 13 R
(1 ER), 7 H, 1 E, 3 LOB. Reds 5, Dodgers 20.

2008-09-17 18:59:51
521.   scareduck
A refresher:

2008-09-17 19:00:07
522.   Gagne55
Oh Proctor. Why oh why did you get pulled?
2008-09-17 19:00:36
523.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
You know the college basketball concept of the "good loss?" Where a highly-ranked team falls flat on its face late in the season, and the thinking is, after this embarrassment they'll regain their focus?
This could be a good loss for the Dodgers.
(Note: I have no idea whether the good loss is statistically provable, but the narrative works here.)
2008-09-17 19:00:38
524.   katysdad
[503) 12, Brooklyn Dodgers scored 12 runs against the Cincinnati Reds in the 8th inning with none on base and 2 outs, on August 8, 1954.

REPLACED BORKOWSKI (PLAYING SS); Hodges tripled to right;
Furillo hit a sacrifice fly to right [Hodges scored]; Gilliam
grounded out (second to first); 2 OUTS: Campanella was walked
intentionally; Labine walked [Campanella to second]; Hoak walked
[Campanella to third, Labine to second]; Reese reached on an
error by Harmon [Campanella scored (unearned), Labine scored
(unearned) (no RBI), Hoak to third, Reese to second (on throw)];
singled to right [Hoak scored (unearned), Reese scored
(unearned), Snider scored (unearned)]; AMOROS RAN FOR ROBINSON;
Hodges doubled [Amoros to third]; Furillo singled to center
[Amoros scored (unearned), Hodges scored (unearned)]; Gilliam
was hit by a pitch [Furillo to second]; Campanella singled to
left [Furillo scored (unearned), Gilliam to second]; Labine
walked [Gilliam to third, Campanella to second]; SMITH REPLACED
COLLUM (PITCHING); Hoak homered (unearned) [Gilliam scored
(unearned), Campanella scored (unearned), Labine scored
(unearned)]; Reese walked; Snider singled to right [Reese to
second]; Amoros walked [Reese to third, Snider to second];
FOWLER REPLACED SMITH (PITCHING); Hodges flied to center; 13 R
(1 ER), 7 H, 1 E, 3 LOB. Reds 5, Dodgers 20.

2008-09-17 19:01:05
525.   fracule
Ok. We just need 4 runs in the 8th and 4 runs in the 9th. We can do it!!
2008-09-17 19:01:33
526.   katysdad
Awww, 58 seconds!
2008-09-17 19:02:02
527.   Alex41592
In a poll on the Cubs TV feed they asked what team would you least want to face in the playoffs.

The four choices were the Phillies, Dodgers, Mets and Brewers.

Philles 59%, Dodgers 19%, Mets 10%, Brewers 12%.

2008-09-17 19:02:08
528.   Bob Timmermann
The AL high for most runs after two outs and nobody on is 10 by the White Sox on 9/2/1959, second game.

The White Sox scored 11 overall, getting a leadoff homer.

WHITE SOX 5TH: Smith homered; McAnany grounded out (pitcher to
first); Stanka grounded out (second to first); Aparicio singled
to right; Aparicio stole second; Fox singled to center [Aparicio
scored]; Landis walked [Fox to second]; Kluszewski singled to
right [Fox scored, Landis to third]; Lollar singled to left
[Landis scored, Kluszewski to second]; MORGAN REPLACED FOYTACK
(PITCHING); Goodman singled to center [Kluszewski scored, Lollar
to third]; Smith singled to center [Lollar scored, Goodman to
third]; McAnany singled to right [Goodman scored, Smith to
third]; Stanka singled to third [Smith scored, McAnany to
second]; Aparicio was hit by a pitch [McAnany to third, Stanka
to second]; Fox tripled to center [McAnany scored, Stanka
scored, Aparicio scored]; NARLESKI REPLACED MORGAN (PITCHING);
Landis made an out to third; 11 R, 10 H, 0 E, 1 LOB. Tigers 3,
White Sox 11.

2008-09-17 19:02:51
529.   Disabled List
I think this game is a glitch in the Matrix.
2008-09-17 19:05:56
530.   Bob Timmermann
Now I ask the DT collective mind this: if Hanley Ramirez is out for any time with a shoulder injury, whom should I move into his place: JJ Hardy or Ryan Theriot?
2008-09-17 19:06:11
531.   underdog
"Defensive indifference" as Martin reaches 2nd.

That kind of describes the Dodgers today in general.

2008-09-17 19:07:54
532.   thinkblue88
JJ Hardy.
2008-09-17 19:08:36
533.   underdog
Two runners on!

The Dodgers now have the tying run... in the bathroom.

2008-09-17 19:08:46
534.   Johnny Nucleo
448 Alternate Griddle-ized ending:
"This should be a warning to his cohorts at Dodger Thoughts that I'm watching them closely", Pierre said. "We just might see more of these marauders step into the light."
Asked about what fate would befall Timmermann for breaking California's notoriously strict game and wildlife laws, the former light-hitting outfielder would only say, "That guy's going to sleep with the fishes".
2008-09-17 19:10:43
535.   Eric Stephen
Brandon Webb spoils the fun with a 2-run double. 3-3 bottom 2.
2008-09-17 19:10:49
536.   Bob Timmermann
It's an ugly night.

Florida leads Houston 14-2
Detroit leads Texas 12-1

2008-09-17 19:10:54
537.   Alex41592
Oh dear. Brandon Webb 2 RBI double and they are tied in Arizona.
2008-09-17 19:10:54
538.   underdog
Bad Day at Beard Rock.
2008-09-17 19:10:55
539.   MMSMikey
WEBB with a 2 out 2 run double on an 0-2 pitch, tied 3-3
2008-09-17 19:11:04
540.   Gen3Blue
Game in S.F. tied. I can't forgive Torre for this.
2008-09-17 19:11:15
541.   bhsportsguy
In September, the opponents had scored 31 runs in 14 games and no unearned runs. Well that will change after today.
2008-09-17 19:11:29
542.   MMSMikey
4-3 dbacks.
2008-09-17 19:12:01
543.   thinkblue88
2008-09-17 19:12:10
544.   Bob Timmermann
Gen3Blue's favorite former Pirate is obviously not Orlando Merced.
2008-09-17 19:12:17
545.   Alex41592
Webb has run around the bases 4-3 AZ.

But, hey James McDonald!

2008-09-17 19:12:24
546.   Tripon
Well, McDonald is finally in a game.
2008-09-17 19:12:33
547.   bhsportsguy
540 Are they supposed to win every game?
2008-09-17 19:12:57
548.   underdog
540 Heh. Er, you're kidding right?
2008-09-17 19:13:34
549.   Gagne55
And Arizona comes storming back.
2008-09-17 19:13:51
550.   MMSMikey
6-3 AZ
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-09-17 19:13:57
551.   Tripon
McDonald is lankly.
2008-09-17 19:14:15
552.   Gen3Blue
6-3 Snakes.
2008-09-17 19:14:25
553.   Alex41592
Upton crushes it and the lead will shrink to 3 1/2. 6-3 AZ.
2008-09-17 19:14:41
554.   Bob Timmermann
I tell you what's unforgivable. Somebody stole my sandwich last night at work. And it was the second half of nice chicken parmigiana sandwich from Maria's.

They just took it off my friend's desk.

In broad office light.

I'm still ticked off about that far more than this game.

2008-09-17 19:15:20
555.   thinkblue88
Wow, great curveball
2008-09-17 19:15:29
556.   Tripon
Huh. McDonald is the first Dodgers to get Adam LaRoche out.
2008-09-17 19:15:46
557.   Eric Stephen
All I can see out there is Ramon Martinez (the good one)!

Some day James McDonald will sit back on his farm and tell his grandkids the story of getting the win in his MLB debut.

2008-09-17 19:15:48
558.   Gen3Blue
Arizona started cranking about the time 18-7 or whatever hit the board.
2008-09-17 19:15:50
559.   trainwreck
Breaking off the curve!
2008-09-17 19:16:06
560.   underdog
Nice! K's Adam LR! Huzzah, James!
2008-09-17 19:16:21
561.   Tripon
Is there a reason why Ardoin isn't in the game?
2008-09-17 19:17:32
562.   thinkblue88
uncle charlie!! Nice.
2008-09-17 19:17:36
563.   Eric Stephen
Welcome to the bigs, Mr. McDonald.
2008-09-17 19:17:37
564.   MMSMikey
right handers should'nt pitch to left handed hitters.
2008-09-17 19:17:39
565.   ucladodger
Pretty impressive.
2008-09-17 19:17:56
566.   Mandingo
what a sick curve!
2008-09-17 19:17:59
567.   StolenMonkey86
1-2-3 after an 8 run inning.

I'm lovin' it. (tm?)

2008-09-17 19:18:00
568.   Alex41592
Well A.J Ellis was in the game.
2008-09-17 19:18:03
569.   Bob Timmermann
Ardoin isn't in the game because AJ Ellis is catching and you can only have one guy doing that at a time.
2008-09-17 19:18:06
570.   trainwreck
You see what happens?!!! You see what happens, Joe?!!!
2008-09-17 19:18:09
571.   The Dude Abides
Nice to see that McDonald has some electric stuff.
2008-09-17 19:19:06
572.   DaveP
McDonald's curveball looks great and I'm surprised he was throwing 93mph fastballs. I thought he topped out at high 80s from what I read previously.
2008-09-17 19:19:27
573.   dzzrtRatt
554 Maybe it was one of those bobcats that lurk in the stacks.

Or maybe it was Pam Anderson, striking a blow for vegetarians.

2008-09-17 19:19:48
574.   Tripon
Isn't Capps the Pirates closer?
2008-09-17 19:19:50
575.   Eric Stephen
right handers shouldn't pitch to left handed hitters


Are you Tony LaRussa?

2008-09-17 19:19:53
576.   Jacob Burch
557 Are you coming up for any of the games next week, or just the possible playoff game(s)?
2008-09-17 19:19:54
577.   bhsportsguy
Arizona had not gained a game in 18 days and in the 10 days the Dodgers have been in 1st place by themselves.

If they gain one tonight, they will still be a game under .500

2008-09-17 19:20:32
578.   Eric Stephen
The uber-rally begins.
2008-09-17 19:20:40
579.   underdog
554 I wolfed my Teamster sub for you.
2008-09-17 19:20:44
580.   Johnny Nucleo
554 Wasn't Tommy Lasorda at the library? That could explain it.
2008-09-17 19:21:46
581.   Bob Timmermann
Tommy was gone by the time I brought the sandwich back.

He's been cleared.

But Gary Bennett might be a suspect.

2008-09-17 19:21:46
582.   ucladodger

I liked his velo also, but he dont know how much of that can be attributed to his long layoff and just pitching one inning. I'd imagine as a starter he sits at 89-90.

Good night for Bison.

2008-09-17 19:21:53
583.   bhsportsguy
So McDonald comes in and gets three outs, when the Dodgers have been behind by more runs in about 3 weeks and he should have been in the game when it counts?
2008-09-17 19:21:58
584.   Eric Stephen
The next game I attend at Dodger Stadium will be Game 3 of the NLDS.

Possibilities still exist for a SF trip to see the final two Sat/Sun games, and possibly to see underdog's cats.

2008-09-17 19:22:05
585.   trainwreck
Rally time!
2008-09-17 19:22:18
586.   Johnny Nucleo
This game is totally Nintendo.
2008-09-17 19:22:20
587.   Alex41592
Tim Lincecum pitches tomorrow for the Giants. It's very important we come out sharp and put this game behind.
2008-09-17 19:23:07
588.   underdog
Well either Sweeney does something good here and that's nice, or he doesn't and he's one step closer to going into the light when it comes to the playoff roster.
2008-09-17 19:23:23
589.   LeeLacy
The Dodgers are down 8 runs, yet they have 3 more hits than the Bucs.

Go figure ...

2008-09-17 19:23:39
590.   CanuckDodger
572 -- Not "topped out," but his fastball "sat" at 88 to 91 this year, hitting 93 once in a while -- but that is as a starter. It is not uncommon for a starting pitcher to show a harder fastball in a one inning relief outing, when he doesn't have to think about pacing himself.
2008-09-17 19:23:42
591.   larry slimfast
570 Does Joe's neighbor drive a red corvette?
2008-09-17 19:23:49
592.   Tripon
Berroa kills the rally. :(
2008-09-17 19:23:57
593.   underdog
Okay, he did something good.

And the Dodgers have the tying run on... (let's see... doing the math... carry the one...) the phone in the clubhouse.

2008-09-17 19:24:01
594.   Bob Timmermann
Luis Ayala strikes out Roger Bernadina to get the save for the Mets.
2008-09-17 19:24:08
595.   ucladodger

Duh. I think most of the consternation is due to Torre's backwards use of Beimel/Elbert and pulling Proctor after he was going so well.

2008-09-17 19:24:17
596.   LeeLacy
Rally time!
2008-09-17 19:24:30
597.   StolenMonkey86
589 - We haven't hit as many rally-killers.
2008-09-17 19:25:18
598.   thinkblue88
I believe it's called baseball.

I love this, down by 8 runs, and we are still scoring runs in the 9th. We might not win it, but its great to see the guys chugging away.

2008-09-17 19:25:38
599.   bhsportsguy
595 But Torre has done that all year, Beimel hasn't been a late inning pitcher in a while.
2008-09-17 19:27:26
600.   underdog
595 - Except for the consternation expressed here about Proctor being left in so long, and the idea that Elbert earlier would've been different than Elbert later sort of puzzles me, but whatever. What's done is done. Defense and some porous pitching were the most guilty culprits tonight. If people want to scapegoat Torre after the Dodgers just went 14-2, that's fine. I'm kind of done with the topic now.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2008-09-17 19:27:26
601.   ucladodger

Which I consider a problem. Elbert just came up and Torre has used him mostly in higher leverage, late inning situations. Beimel has been very good at his job but is used incorrectly and in the wrong spots. There was no reason to waste him for 1 batter in the 5th inning. Just poor bullpen use.

2008-09-17 19:27:29
602.   Eric Stephen
6 K in 11 PA for Repko this season.
2008-09-17 19:27:56
603.   thinkblue88
Okay, so we scored a run.
Get 'em tomorrow guys.
2008-09-17 19:28:17
604.   Bob Timmermann
But people HATED Scott Proctor all year long.

And now his removal is a hanging offense?

Sometimes, you make a decision and it doesn't pan out. Sort of like when I bought a ticket to go see "I HEART Huckabees"

2008-09-17 19:28:18
605.   underdog
And Repko blows it! They should've gone for 6 and kicked the extra point. Fools! Oh well.
2008-09-17 19:28:20
606.   Johnny Nucleo
19 hits in a losing effort. My guess is that doesn't happen too often.
2008-09-17 19:30:17
607.   underdog
Seeing James McDonald almost made that game worth it. Almost.
2008-09-17 19:30:24
608.   Eric Stephen
Elbert, before tonight had only entered three games when the lead or difference was two runs.

The only two times in seven games that Elbert had given up runs were when the scores were 8-0 Dodgers and 7-0 Dodgers.

2008-09-17 19:31:07
609.   Eric Stephen
"...two runs or less."
2008-09-17 19:31:24
610.   LeeLacy
Just need to shake this one off.

If the Dodgers win tomorrow, that will conclude a very successful 7-3 road trip.

2008-09-17 19:31:35
611.   Bob Timmermann
There have been six teams that have lost games this year when they got 20 or more hits.
2008-09-17 19:31:38
612.   larry slimfast
Gagne on the mound in Chicago with a lead. I'm rooting for the Brewers.
2008-09-17 19:31:41
613.   Jacob Burch
605 Shouldn't you be advocating to go for the conversion and the win?
2008-09-17 19:31:47
614.   Bob Hendley
554 - Tomorrow you might think about leaving a lit dynamite sandwich on your desk.
2008-09-17 19:32:05
615.   Kevin Lewis

Was it the turkey sandwich Monica made?


Agreed. The only frustrating thing for me that inning was the walk Elbert gave up to the first batter.

2008-09-17 19:32:34
616.   bhsportsguy
608 But it is not like there was 2 on and no one out, he had 0 on base and 2 out. If Scott Elbert is going to be on the playoff roster, he has to come in and throw strikes. He didn't.
2008-09-17 19:32:42
617.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, SEVEN teams have lost games this year with 20 or more hits.

2008-09-17 19:32:55
618.   Kevin Lewis
Is anyone else watching this Time music infomercial on KCAL?
2008-09-17 19:34:03
619.   underdog
604 Or when I bought a ticket to see "Superman Returns."

Or anyone buying a ticket to Cleveland (for the first time).

2008-09-17 19:34:15
620.   Eric Stephen
I was trying to point out that Elbert has pitched fine in his highest leveraged situations.
2008-09-17 19:35:04
621.   underdog
613 Heh. I thought about that, but unlike Shanny I wimped out. I figured Repko wouldn't look to the end zone anyway.
2008-09-17 19:35:14
622.   Tripon
Shia LaBouf is the ultimate miscast as the action hero.
2008-09-17 19:36:01
623.   Kevin Lewis
Oh man, I thought I was gaining big points with Sheets in Chicago. Now I see he came out in the 2nd with arm pain. Crud!
2008-09-17 19:37:05
624.   underdog
Yeah, I feel like Sheets is going to be the Jason Schmidt of free agent pitcher signings in the next go round.
2008-09-17 19:37:52
625.   Tripon
Kemp turns 24 next week, but hitting coach Don Mattingly won't excuse the high strikeout total as a byproduct of his natural aggressiveness.

"It's something that needs to change," Mattingly said.


2008-09-17 19:38:13
626.   underdog
Aww. I just realized poor AJ Ellis was on deck for his first major league at bat.
2008-09-17 19:38:46
627.   Daniel Zappala
I'm making peach cobblers tonight. Bob, I'm thinking of you.
2008-09-17 19:39:26
628.   Eric Stephen
Early start tomorrow gang! Time to enjoy strawberries & cream with Bud Collins.
2008-09-17 19:39:29
629.   Daniel Zappala
I do not feel sorry for AJ Ellis. I feel sorry for John Lindsey.
2008-09-17 19:40:07
630.   Eric Stephen
I'm not going to watch anymore of the AZ game. I'll just read about the Giants' comeback tomorrow.
2008-09-17 19:41:01
631.   Bob Timmermann
I'm rooting for Arizona because I need to eliminate somebody!
2008-09-17 19:41:03
632.   Johnny Nucleo
617 I'm a little surprised to see the record of teams with 20 or more hits this year is 18-7. I thought it would be a bit higher, I guess.
2008-09-17 19:42:51
633.   Bob Timmermann
I should mention that I got the idea for catching the fish with dynamite when I saw the reedited version of "A River Runs Through It" which was designed to appeal to an action film crowd.

It's really cool when Brad Pitt and Tom Skerritt start lobbing hand grenades in to the river to stop the bad guys from stealing the collection plate from the church.

2008-09-17 19:43:52
634.   fanerman
1 IP, 2 K's, 0 H, 0 BB for Mac-Do. Sounds good to me.
2008-09-17 19:44:03
635.   Bob Timmermann
This is the most losses for 20 hit games I could find in B-R's Play Index. I would think that in 1930 or 1894 there may have been more losses of that kind.
2008-09-17 19:44:09
636.   Tripon
I do not feel sorry for John Lindsey. I feel sorry for Paul Xavier.
2008-09-17 19:44:29
637.   Eric Stephen
You know what else can be caught with dynamite? Cats!
2008-09-17 19:46:00
638.   underdog
637 That just made my cat Dashiell go running into the other room.

636 Paul, Xavier, you mean. Xavier's his first name. Maybe we'll see him next season, or another team will.

2008-09-17 19:49:41
639.   underdog
633 If I'm not going to catch a fish, I might as well not catch a big fish.


Okay, off to try to get some work down. Hasta manana. Hopefully no one on the Dodgers will be profiled by the police tonight.

2008-09-17 19:51:20
640.   Eric Stephen
I retract 637 in light of you being directly responsible for Keary Colbert finding playing time in Seattle.
2008-09-17 19:56:01
641.   Bob Timmermann
The Brewers have used seven pitchers tonight.

And yet given up only one run and only four hits.

2008-09-17 20:01:06
642.   underdog
640 (That was actually my cat who made that prediction/request, just to confuse things further. I ghost-wrote for him.)
2008-09-17 20:10:19
643.   JRSarno
Has Beimel been interviewed at all regarding his limited, situational usage this season? Just curious if he's frustrated.
2008-09-17 20:11:01
644.   trainwreck
Dangit, looks like Shaq will play for USC.

That is Shaquelle Evans, WR.

2008-09-17 20:11:05
645.   Eric Stephen
I guess we'll have to wait for Molly's ESPN The Magazine interview to be published.
2008-09-17 20:17:05
646.   Gen3Blue
I had a post about Mattingly helping Kemp. I am so glad I have learned some restraint.(obviously not quite enough).
2008-09-17 20:19:42
647.   Bob Timmermann
Home run Eckstein!

7-3 AZ.

2008-09-17 20:29:11
648.   Tripon
Lincoln (Fort Worth): Could you tell some good Ty Cobb stories? Maybe like the time he climbed into the stands and punched the guy in the wheelchair?

Steven Goldman: The guy wasn't in a wheelchair. He had no hands, so operating a wheelchair might have been a problem. When Cobb started stomping the guy, people around him shouted, "He has no hands!" Cobb said, "I don't care if he has no feet!" and kept stomping. Cobb did not discriminate against the physically challenged, just non-whites.

2008-09-17 20:33:39
649.   Bluebleeder87

I agreed with the move as well.

2008-09-17 20:38:29
650.   Bluebleeder87
How beautiful is this game (as in life) we were skipping along (happy go lucky) & bam! humbled... The drama of how they respond to this loss will be interesting.

the subtleties of the game & how it can emulate life is very intriguing.

Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2008-09-17 20:40:44
651.   Gen3Blue
I've seen this "Surviverman" guy on Discovery and Science invest elaborate time and energy on fishing about 10 times and I've never seen him catch anything. It's like Joe putting in Procter!
2008-09-17 20:50:15
652.   Alex41592
It took until September 17th for our THIRD loss of the month. Incredible.
2008-09-17 20:51:52
653.   Bob Timmermann
In postgame stories, Nomar Garciaparra says he reinjured his knee in the same way, but he doesn't know long he'll be out. But "it could have been worse."
2008-09-17 20:53:18
654.   twerp
633 Here's another fishing method to try when you have more time, are out on parole, whatever===

2008-09-17 20:59:54
655.   overkill94
The hell happened? When I boarded my plane to SF the Dodgers had just taken a 4-2 lead in the 4th inning and then when I found the game on my rental car's XM radio the scrolling thing said we were down 15-7! Was Cory Wade unavailable for any reason?
2008-09-17 21:02:24
656.   Bob Timmermann
It was one of those games were everything went bad in a hurry. It wasn't like waiting for a hurricane to hit. It was like having an earthquake hit.

And then an aftershock.

2008-09-17 21:07:54
657.   Alex41592
Is the 22-4 record the Dodgers started out with the 1977 the best stretch of games in L.A Dodger history?
2008-09-17 21:07:55
658.   Tripon
PITTSBURGH -- Walking across the clubhouse to his locker, Manny Ramirez literally went out of his way to say that he didn't deserve to be the NL most valuable player and that Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals did.

"I voted for Pujols," Ramirez said.,0,3741487.story

2008-09-17 21:08:38
659.   Alex41592
Let me try that again:

Is the 22-4 record the Dodgers started out with in 1977 the best stretch of games in L.A Dodger history?

2008-09-17 21:13:17
660.   Eric Stephen
The 1955 team was 22-2.
2008-09-17 21:13:31
661.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers had 22-4 stretches in 1976 and 1977.
2008-09-17 21:14:16
662.   Eric Stephen
I missed the L.A. part.
2008-09-17 21:21:51
663.   Bob Timmermann
Giants plate 2 in the 9th. 7-5 AZ. Runner on 2nd and nobody out.
2008-09-17 21:22:16
664.   Alex41592
WAKE UP! 7-5 AZ runner at third and nobody out for the Giants!
2008-09-17 21:22:26
665.   Bob Timmermann
Whoops, a triple for Vizquel
2008-09-17 21:24:05
666.   Alex41592
7-6 AZ and one away. But, nobody on base.
2008-09-17 21:27:04
667.   Eric Stephen
Winn has been waaaay late on two fastballs.
2008-09-17 21:28:51
668.   fanerman
Back to sleep I guess?
2008-09-17 21:29:03
669.   JoeyP
Tomorrow's a big game for the Dodgers. Dont want to lose that one, and have the dbax possibly just 2 out on the loss side with over a week left.

Dodgers neeed a win, then all the pressure will be on the Dbax facing Lincecum.

2008-09-17 21:29:07
670.   Alex41592
3 1/2 game lead.

Magic Number: 8

If the Dodgers go 5-5 in their remaining 10 games the Diamondbacks would have to go 9-2 in their remaining 11 games in order to force a divisional tiebreaker at Dodger Stadium.

2008-09-17 21:31:24
671.   LogikReader

I'm still not 100% confident about our chances, but it's nice to be on the other side of the ledger for a change. :)

2008-09-17 21:54:43
672.   Jon Weisman
Tonight ended the NL West's dreams of a 90-win champion.
2008-09-17 21:57:21
673.   underdog
669 Indeed.


Just watched Sunday's "Mad Men." Woo, Betty Draper sure is getting nuttier all the time. And how long do we think Joan Hollaway's marriage bliss will last? Two more episodes?

2008-09-17 22:11:42
674.   Eric Stephen
Those that dropped out of the DT record projection pool tonight:


They all predicted an 90-72 record.

Dodgers are currently on pace for an 84-78 record, which was only prediction by one poster: uke*.

*I have a feeling I may have mistyped that name.

2008-09-17 22:12:07
675.   underdog
Hate to rehash this again but at least Tony Jax got some clarification:

>>Because I know many of you are going to ask, we (I) did ask Joe Torre about removing Scott Proctor in the seventh inning. For those who weren't watching, Proctor had retired all five batters he had faced in what was now a 7-7 game, and Torre brought in rookie lefty Scott Elbert, who came on with two outs and nobody on, walked the first batter he faced and wound up allowing four runs without recording an out.

Here is what Joe said:

``The guy comng up (Nate McLouth) had hit 26 home runs, 23 of them against right-handers. I felt pretty good about that situation. We thought we were set up for that line of hitters, but it just didn't work out. (Elbert) just tried to overthrow the ball.''<<

2008-09-17 22:13:11
676.   underdog
And on Nomar:

>>Nomar's knee isn't as bad as it originally looked, but he'll miss at least a day or two. He said he fully expects it to feel a lot worse tomorrow. But he also said he thinks the injury is limited to the MCL, the same injury that resulted in the most recent of his DL stints this season. He wouldn't guess as to how long it will keep him out, but given that the Dodgers aren't expected to try to re-sign him this winter, I supposed it's possible he has played his last game for them. But again, he didn't sound like a guy whose season just ended, so we'll see<<

2008-09-17 22:17:59
677.   Eric Stephen
I looked back on the thread. It turns out it was someone named "uke" who predicted an 84-78 record.

Maybe Matt Luke posted under a pseudonym.

2008-09-17 23:41:04
678.   Dodger Tony
The one word I noticed was missing amongst the comments I have read this evening was the word "ominous". That would be the one adjective that best described the intuitive feeling I had in my gut after this game. There were ominous signs throughout the course of the game, in my opinion. Among them:

-The incessant, karma provoking mocking of all things Pittsburgh by the smarm producing Charlie Steiner, typically piggybacked by Josh and Ken on the radio side nightly.
-The total collapse of Billingsley in the biggest game of the year, in particular his walking the bases loaded with two outs followed by the crushing salami.
-The possible end of Nomar's career on the third anniversary evening of the 4 homerun game. Also freakish.
-The implausable 8 runs with two outs after a simple choice by Torre to go with the lefty after Proctor pitched his best game all year, causing a chain reaction crash heard 3000 miles away.

While numerous things must simultaneously happen for the perfect storm of a Dodger collapse, the opening strains to such a song seem to have been sung here on this rather disturbing evening in Pennsylvania, the state that will also have an enormous impact on the general election.

Are we on our way to becoming this years Mets? Or are the Mets on their way to becoming this years Mets, yet again? Tomorrows game is far bigger now for the 20 year old prodigy then it was mere hours ago. Torre's leadership AND decision making is slightly more vice like.

I shudder to think.

2008-09-17 23:46:45
679.   Eric Enders
678 That's a bit extreme, isn't it? The Dodgers still lead by 3.5 games over a team that keeps tripping over its own two feet. They've still gone 14-3 over their last 17 games. They still have a 96.6% chance of making the playoffs. One game doesn't change all that.

I'm normally a pessimist among pessimists, but tonight's game didn't bother me in the slightest.

2008-09-17 23:49:10
680.   Bob Timmermann
And I never even suggested anyone crack open anyone else's skull yet.
2008-09-17 23:49:42
681.   Jon Weisman
678 - "Total collapse?" "Biggest game of the year?"

"This year's Mets" - after a one-game losing streak?

Surely you didn't think the Dodgers would go undefeated.

I won't deny anyone their feelings, but try to put them in perspective.

2008-09-17 23:53:26
682.   Eric Enders
This year's Mets may be the Mets.
2008-09-18 00:02:14
683.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-18 16:59:35
684.   StolenMonkey86
So what are the odds that Martin gets to 100 BB on the year?

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