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Kershaw XX: Kershane, Come Back Kershane
2008-09-18 09:00
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers plan to announce today that they're shifting the location of three minor-league affiliations, according to Tony Jackson of the Daily News. They will go from Las Vegas back to their old home in Albuquerque in AAA, from Jacksonville to Chattanooga in AA, and from Vero Beach to Glendale, Arizona for their training wheels team that has been in the Gulf Coast League.

Regarding the 2009 schedule, Jackson also notes that Friday night games are switching from 7:40 p.m. to 7:10 p.m.

* * *

For your potential pregame entertainment, I'm scheduled to be a guest on Fantasy Focus with Jeff Erickson at 9:25 a.m. on XM radio 175.

* * *

Going into Wednesday's games, there was a better than 90 percent chance the Dodgers would win the National League West and a better than 90 percent chance that some would start to get angry or panic if Arizona gained a game on the Dodgers in the standings - even though that was inevitable at some point.

The lost game isn't meaningless, nor is it the end of the world. There has always been a chance that the Dodgers will slump in the final 10 days of the season. But let's not assume that the slump is coming based on one game.

One game at a time, people.

Dodgers at Pirates, 9:35 a.m.

Giants at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.

Comments (1051)
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2008-09-18 09:08:53
1.   Bob Timmermann
But where are my Roman numerals?
2008-09-18 09:09:50
2.   Eric Stephen
Hopefully today won't be XXL for young Clayton.
2008-09-18 09:10:20
3.   MC Safety
Didn't know you were into Zappa, Trainwreck.

And how bout Jimmy Mack in the 9th last night. That 12 to 6 was serious. Pretty nice 73 mph change, too.

Jimmy, Jimmy, oh Jimmy Mack, when are you coming back?

2008-09-18 09:11:06
4.   Jon Weisman
1 - Nuts, I forgot. Hang on.
2008-09-18 09:12:18
5.   Eric Stephen
I'm hoping for Kershaw XX: Super Bowl Kershawffle
2008-09-18 09:12:26
6.   Bluebleeder87
I'm in the "Let's put Kershaw on the shelf" but it will be interesting to see how he pitches today.
2008-09-18 09:14:16
7.   Bluebleeder87
as far as the moves, I'm digging the Zona spring training move.
2008-09-18 09:16:17
8.   LogikReader
First of all, I'm really going to miss the Las Vegas 51's.

Secondly, there is no secondly.

2008-09-18 09:17:26
9.   underdog
Other lines from today's movie:

A curveball is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A curveball is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.

2008-09-18 09:17:34
10.   cargill06
I'm bummed they're leaving LV, I always wanted to organize a guys trip to Vegas and watch a 51's game. Truely a very sad day for me.
2008-09-18 09:18:10
11.   Tripon
I'm not going to miss the Las Vegas 51's, if only because their home games weren't broadcast in the L.A. area. If you really want me to get invested in the minor league system, MLB should figure out a way to televise these games.
2008-09-18 09:19:09
12.   Eric Stephen
Now you just have to spend more time doing Vegasy stuff, which is also cool.
2008-09-18 09:19:48
13.   Eric Stephen
Very nice.
2008-09-18 09:20:00
14.   overkill94
10 I went to one game a couple years ago while Gagne was rehabbing there. It was really hot even though it was a night game and the park was pretty shoddy so you didn't miss much. Then again, while slightly inebriated I asked Gagne how his elbow felt and he lied to me by saying it was "fine". I also got Kuo's attention, gave him a thumbs up and he smiled back at me.
2008-09-18 09:21:57
15.   overkill94
6 I'm hoping we can stay hot for the next five games, get Arizona out of the picture and be able to give Kershaw's start to someone else when it comes up again (next Wednesday I believe).
2008-09-18 09:22:59
16.   kinbote
Today feels like a Loney-bomb day.
2008-09-18 09:25:11
17.   Kevin Lewis
I am thinking we are going to bounce right back today. Time to return the favor from last night.
2008-09-18 09:26:14
18.   kinbote
14 I still regret the only thing I've ever said to a Dodger minor leaguer: I was at a Fresno game against the 51s and I got Shane Victorino's attention. Out of all the things I could've said, I mustered a weak, "What's wrong with Cody Ross?" He replied, "Knee." I trust you've enjoyed this anecdote.
2008-09-18 09:27:23
19.   JoeyP
Too bad for the Dodger minor league players.

There's way more to do in Jacksonville than Chattanooga.

And Vegas than Albuquerque.

2008-09-18 09:28:03
20.   Eric Stephen
Little did you know how retroactively those two would be missed.
2008-09-18 09:28:34
21.   Dexter Fishmore
Everybody, please: a round of applause for Angel Berroa for reaching a positive (0.4) VORP for the season.


2008-09-18 09:29:04
22.   D4P
Little did you know how retroactively those two would be missed.

Some of us knew...Oh yes, some of us knew...

2008-09-18 09:29:36
23.   Jim Hitchcock
0 I'm just glad the Dodgers got that out of their system (and I also took the opportunity to watch Jeopardy).

Today is a new day, however, and a new life. Cue Marshall Tucker Band. Cue Kershaw.

2008-09-18 09:34:58
24.   Bob Timmermann
When I think of a brand new day, I get drawn back to this song they made us sing in Catholic school when I was in the second grade. Remember that this was in 1973.

It's a brand new day,
Everything is fine.
Though it may be gray,
I want you to know that the sun's gonna shine.

It goes on like that for a while.

2008-09-18 09:35:38
25.   kinbote
20 Actually, the guy I'm missing these days is Hanrahan. He grew a goatee, dropped his knuckles to the dirt, and started throwing 97! He belongs in that first group of prospects whom I followed very very closely.
2008-09-18 09:38:39
26.   Icaros

Really? Jacksonville is one of the most boring and depressing cities I've visited.

2008-09-18 09:39:13
27.   LogikReader
Awesome! Jon's (correctly spelled) name is also shown on my XM title display, along with a url for DT.
2008-09-18 09:39:21
28.   cargill06
Thank you John Russell for giving Doumit a day off.
2008-09-18 09:40:10
29.   Bob Timmermann
Remember, Doumit doesn't hit lefties well.

Except for Scott Elbert.

2008-09-18 09:40:55
30.   Alex41592
Rookie hazing day!
2008-09-18 09:42:40
31.   Bob Timmermann
Rookie hazing day should go the way of bear baiting.
2008-09-18 09:43:11
32.   LogikReader

Anyhow, Jon's cool interview is underway on XM 175, MLB Home Plate. It's cool to hear a voice defending Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp on the radio.

2008-09-18 09:44:14
33.   underdog
...doubles on a soft line drive to Angel Berroa?? Okay, I'm turning MLBTV on. This will be a weird game, I can tell already.
2008-09-18 09:44:51
34.   Bob Timmermann
Morgan led off all four games of this series with a hit.
2008-09-18 09:45:04
35.   JoeyP
26--Its still close to the beach. Chattanooga has Lookout Mountain, some Civil War museums type stuff, & thats it.
2008-09-18 09:45:36
36.   underdog
Ah, at least I get to hear the Dodgers' crew instead of the somnambulant Pirates announcers.
2008-09-18 09:45:58
37.   Bob Timmermann
Glenn Miller had no hit songs about Jacksonville.
2008-09-18 09:47:44
38.   Bob Timmermann
I used to think Jason Michaels and Ryan Howard were the same person.

I'm not sure why.

2008-09-18 09:50:12
39.   Tripon

Shilling won't shut up about Manny.

2008-09-18 09:50:26
40.   ibleedbloo
Will Dancing Homer be joining the team in Albuquerque?
2008-09-18 09:50:27
41.   kinbote
33 That makes no sense at all. What's the deal with soft line drives anyway?
2008-09-18 09:52:47
42.   Kevin Lewis

My feed is blacked out. What is the deal?

2008-09-18 09:53:00
43.   underdog
41 I get the feeling Gameday was wrong; from Steiner and Lyons they were saying it was hit down the line so that was just an odd typo.

Okay, that could've been a better start for Ker-shane, but could've been a lot worse, too. At least public enemy #1 is here today.

2008-09-18 09:53:08
44.   kinbote
37 Jacksonville was no hit by Glenn Miller?
2008-09-18 09:53:24
45.   Alex41592
Morgan hit an opposite field blooper that nicked the left field line.
2008-09-18 09:53:55
46.   underdog
40 Hah, I was just thinking about that too. Will they keep the name Isotopes? From aliens to nuclear fission, the Dodgers are out there.
2008-09-18 09:54:35
47.   DaveP
43 - it was a little blooper hit off the end of the bat that landed on the LF line maybe 20 feet beyond 3B. Berroa got there first, but it wasn't hit anywhere near him.
2008-09-18 09:56:03
48.   fanerman
Well, I'll be quirky.
2008-09-18 09:56:06
49.   kinbote
43 I was going to say. Pierre is the only player who hits soft line drives!
2008-09-18 10:02:42
50.   Bob Timmermann
The Gameday software requires that they enter the name of the player who picks up the ball as the person the hit was "to."
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-18 10:02:57
51.   fanerman
Good inning Kershane.
2008-09-18 10:03:48
52.   underdog
Much better, Kid K.

Now, is it a rule violation if I ask the Dodgers to get a hit?

2008-09-18 10:04:50
53.   caseybarker
Chattanooga has a large aquarium and an IMAX theater!
2008-09-18 10:05:41
54.   Bob Timmermann
Advisory ruling:

In the words of Senor Wences, "It's all right!"

2008-09-18 10:06:19
55.   underdog
Chattanooga also, if I'm not mistaken, fairly recently renovated and cleaned up their once polluted waterfront. It was considered a model "greening" of a US city; let's see Jacksonville do something similar!
2008-09-18 10:07:17
56.   Marty
Doesn't Chattanooga have a choo-choo?
2008-09-18 10:07:51
57.   Alex41592
A walk is just as good as a hit for the #8 guy.
2008-09-18 10:08:36
58.   Kevin Lewis
Underdog, are you getting video feed on
2008-09-18 10:09:11
59.   Gagne55
52 No, as long as you don't explicitly say what Maholm is doing right now.
2008-09-18 10:09:54
60.   Alex41592
Our Double-A club could be called the Chattanooga Choo Choo's. They'll have Shin-Soo Choo and Choo Freeman make guest appearances. It'll be great.

Another sac bunt for Kershaw.

2008-09-18 10:09:55
61.   kinbote
Berroa breaks up the perfecto.
2008-09-18 10:10:10
62.   Tripon

Manny article by Jerry Crasnick.

2008-09-18 10:11:35
63.   Alex41592
Now that is total disrespect to Andre Ethier.
2008-09-18 10:11:45
64.   Tripon
It's no secret that the Dodgers have had trouble melding their youth movement with a desire to acquire veteran security blankets at several positions. The young guys -- Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier, to name two -- carry themselves with a self-assurance that can come across as a swagger, or big league-itis. And the veterans have neither the time nor the inclination for community outreach.

Interesting that Ethier is included.

2008-09-18 10:14:09
65.   Sushirabbit
35, uh Chattanooga has the Lookouts and all their history. I think Jackie Mitchell was from that area, too.
2008-09-18 10:14:52
66.   kinbote
64 Inflammation of the big league?
2008-09-18 10:17:08
67.   underdog
58 Yep, Kevin, I am. Are you in the LA area? It's probably blacked out in SoCal but comes through elsewhere. Although it's slowing my computer down today for some reason so I may go back to GameDay.
2008-09-18 10:17:34
68.   caseybarker
...characterized by an unwillingness to move trash cans.
2008-09-18 10:19:09
69.   kinbote
I'm following on GameCast. How's Kershaw's stuff look?
2008-09-18 10:19:34
70.   underdog
62 64 Why on earth is Gary Bennett mentioned in that article? He hasn't exactly been a presence on the team since 2 months into the season.
2008-09-18 10:20:49
71.   Icaros
But I was always told that swagger was a good thing. Now swagger is bad?

Also, they have to go back to the Albuquerque Dukes name. Those unis were cool.

2008-09-18 10:21:20
72.   underdog
69 Quite good since a shaky start. His curve has some real snap to it.

Of course, Maholm is pitching well, too, so he kind of has to pitch lights out, it appears.

2008-09-18 10:21:56
73.   Tripon
70 I would assume he was around the team until he actually went to Vegas, even when Bennett was on the DL.
2008-09-18 10:22:44
74.   Tripon
"Part of the culture of Los Angeles is the star presence," Colletti said. "The fan base here is drawn to people of charismatic character and production. Production first, I would think. It doesn't matter how charismatic somebody is if they're hitting .200."

Colletti is still a PR person at heart.

2008-09-18 10:23:21
75.   bhsportsguy
Sarah Vowell tells the story about time she and her sister went on a trip to see the Trail of Tears. On their way, they stopped in Chattanooga and stayed at a revamped train that was now a hotel.

They gleefully spent the night saying Chatanooga Choo Choo over and over.

2008-09-18 10:23:32
76.   D4P
It doesn't matter how charismatic somebody is if they're hitting .200

Irony Committee: activate!

2008-09-18 10:23:59
77.   bhsportsguy
74 But that is absolutely the truth.
2008-09-18 10:26:14
78.   Gagne55
0 K, 3 BB. DIPS frowns upon Maholm's performance.
2008-09-18 10:26:18
79.   underdog
So the Pirates have a backup mascot, a goofy Pirate, who appears during day games to give the Parrot a rest, apparently. He's even less funny than the Parrot.
2008-09-18 10:27:09
80.   cargill06
Maholm 3 IP, 0 K's, 3 BB's... ok let's put a few on the board.
2008-09-18 10:27:39
81.   Kevin Lewis

Yea, LA area. The information that pops up only talks about Saturday games, so I don't know why this game would be blacked out in LA. Is it based on IP address or where I listed my address? Maybe next time I will register with a St. Louis address.

2008-09-18 10:27:54
82.   Gagne55
77 One exception to that would be Nomar. That guy gets ovations regardless of how well he's playing.
2008-09-18 10:29:25
83.   fanerman
75 Cherokee! Marching on the Trail of Tears!

Sigh, so sad that that reminds me of the Europe song.

2008-09-18 10:29:26
84.   D4P
Today's Gameday is not meeting my standards.
2008-09-18 10:29:53
85.   Harold M Johnson
It would be great if Kemp could get hot in the last few weeks of the season and into the playoffs.
2008-09-18 10:29:53
86.   Gagne55
And then Maholm Ks the next two guys.
2008-09-18 10:30:17
87.   Tripon
Man, Manny could have scored on that!

Well, the no hitter is gone at least.

2008-09-18 10:30:26
88.   fanerman
We could use a Bison Smash, right about now.
2008-09-18 10:31:08
89.   Tripon
Blake DeWitt gets a two RBI single! YES!!!
2008-09-18 10:31:22
90.   underdog
Darn it, run, Manny, run! That's the only time I've ever wished Manny was temporarily Pablo Ozuna. C'mon Solution, let's solve this!
2008-09-18 10:31:24
91.   Alex41592
BLAKE DEWITT! 2-1 Them Bums!
2008-09-18 10:31:33
92.   Gagne55
No more no hitter for Maholm.
2008-09-18 10:31:34
93.   joekings
87 - Was it Bowa's fault?
2008-09-18 10:31:45
94.   fanerman
Bison Smash! Solution Single!
2008-09-18 10:31:56
95.   underdog
And he does! (Obviously I typed that a second before his hit.) Yay!
2008-09-18 10:31:56
96.   Gagne55
No more shutout for Maholm.
2008-09-18 10:32:08
97.   bhsportsguy
89 I like how DT is faster than my radio via the computer.
2008-09-18 10:32:28
98.   Gagne55
No more lead for Maholm.
2008-09-18 10:32:39
99.   Tripon
93 Considering that Manny rounded third and thought twice about going home. I don't know, I couldn't see if Manny was held by Bowa.

DeWitt makes it a moot point though.

2008-09-18 10:35:06
100.   Bob Timmermann
This will be my last chance this year to yell "McLOUTH!!"
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-18 10:35:23
101.   kinbote
Blake DidIt.
2008-09-18 10:36:57
102.   underdog
2008-09-18 10:38:03
103.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness

If you live in the LA area, every Dodger game should be blacked out on This one's no different.

2008-09-18 10:38:38
104.   Bob Timmermann
There you go!
2008-09-18 10:40:31
105.   kinbote
Did the Jim Tracy era in Pittsburgh even exist?
2008-09-18 10:41:14
106.   LogikReader
Dumb Question.

For those of you who purchased tickets to the Dodgers MLB pennant race special games, i.e. a chance to get the Friday presale, did you get your pre-sale email code yet?

The Pre-Sale is tomorrow, and I still haven't received the pre-sale notification. Uh oh...

2008-09-18 10:41:37
107.   Alex41592
Never one to self promote, I'm sure. The Griddle has TBS postseason announcing crews.

2008-09-18 10:42:19
108.   cargill06
Kershaw's first 100 ML innings are in the books.

4.32 ERA, 91 K's, 48 BB's, 11 HR's.

Not bad for a 20 year old kid. in the middle of a pennant race.

2008-09-18 10:42:21
109.   Alex41592
Nice inning by Kershaw.
2008-09-18 10:46:49
110.   Kevin Lewis

That is not the case though. I have been able to watch about 70% of the games on

2008-09-18 10:48:00
111.   Alex41592
110 - This may sound weird umm where do you live?
2008-09-18 10:48:26
112.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
110 Consider yourself lucky then! Sounds like something is funky with your account, because you shouldn't get any.
2008-09-18 10:51:05
113.   Alex41592
Although, it's not uncommon. There are places in West L.A (near Westwood) where I am actually blackedout from the Bay Area games but not L.A/Anaheim. It's very weird.
2008-09-18 10:53:39
114.   Alex41592
Big out. Now, Morgan can't score the runner on a base hit.
2008-09-18 10:54:53
115.   Bob Timmermann
What if he works it to a 3-2 count. I hear Nyjer Morgan does that a lot.
2008-09-18 10:54:58
116.   Alex41592
Nice over the shoulder catch by Berroa.
2008-09-18 10:55:04
117.   MonkeyBlue
berroa! nice play!
2008-09-18 10:55:27
118.   Alex41592
Kershaw spits at your idea.
2008-09-18 10:55:48
119.   underdog
That was a great play by Ahn-hel, a nice snow-cone backwards grab. And that's 5 very nice innings for Kid Kershaw.
2008-09-18 10:57:18
120.   LoneStar7
just logged into that charlie steiner i was hearing? how would i be getting the away feed?
2008-09-18 10:57:47
121.   Alex41592
120 - There is no FSN Pittsburgh feed today.
2008-09-18 10:57:58
122.   MonkeyBlue
Manny leading off the inning again. Can't do much damage beginning lead off guy.
2008-09-18 11:01:10
123.   LoneStar7
121 ah, well while I'd obviously prefer vin to travel east, its nice to hear charlie once in a while now that I'm an out of market fan
2008-09-18 11:01:19
124.   Tripon
Manny should lead off every game!
2008-09-18 11:03:29
125.   Tripon
Clayton Kershaw is out of the game.
2008-09-18 11:03:43
126.   Tripon
Saito's pitching the sixth.
2008-09-18 11:04:25
127.   cargill06
What was Kershaw's velocity at today? Only, asking becuase I want to see how accurate the gun is so I can get a better gauge on how hard Saito is throwing.
2008-09-18 11:05:58
128.   underdog
2008-09-18 11:07:02
129.   Bob Timmermann
There you go.
2008-09-18 11:07:49
130.   Reddog
Why take Kershaw out after only 5 innings? Look at how many innings Lincecum has pitched this year. Do they have to baby Kershaw?
2008-09-18 11:07:56
131.   Alex41592
Saito is hitting 92 on Gameday.
2008-09-18 11:08:55
132.   Bob Timmermann
If Kershaw is going to lose it, he would lose it in a hurry.
2008-09-18 11:09:00
133.   Alex41592
Asking Saito to intentionally walk somebody seems weird.
2008-09-18 11:09:14
134.   LoneStar7
130 but tims season ends in september, we're hoping clayton is playing in october
2008-09-18 11:09:22
135.   MonkeyBlue
Our friend Andy... will he hurt us?
2008-09-18 11:09:58
136.   LoneStar7
131 on fsn i think it jsut said he's only hitting 89
2008-09-18 11:10:54
137.   Alex41592
Yeah FSN has consistently been 3-4 MPH slower than Gameday.
2008-09-18 11:11:33
138.   cargill06
136 I think the FSN gun has been a few MPH slow this who series. It had Bills mostly at 89 last night, and Kuroda mostly at 89-90. That's slow for them.
2008-09-18 11:12:52
139.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Andy stabbed us in the back. :(
2008-09-18 11:13:14
140.   Sean P

Lincecum is 4 years older than Kershaw.

2008-09-18 11:13:41
141.   Bob Timmermann
It's the Treaty of Versailles all over again!
2008-09-18 11:14:08
142.   LogikReader
It just had to happen, didn't it?
2008-09-18 11:14:52
143.   underdog
Darn that Laroche kid! That pitch was a littl up, too, from Sammy. There goes Kid K's win.
2008-09-18 11:14:56
144.   MC Safety
Say sayonara to Saito's slider.
2008-09-18 11:16:04
145.   Icaros

He threw some good ones last outing.

2008-09-18 11:16:14
146.   bhsportsguy
Saito still trying to get his feel back.
2008-09-18 11:17:25
147.   Kevin Lewis
111 112

I live in Pasadena, and I have had no problems the last two months. Maybe once a week I would be blacked out. It makes no sense to me. If I don't have cable, they are getting paid to show me the feed over the internet. So, why stop me from watching?

2008-09-18 11:18:17
148.   LoneStar7
I really want to win this after getting shelled last night, and while i know Lincecum on the mound is comforting, I'd really start hitting some panic buttons if the possibility of being only 2.5 up came up
2008-09-18 11:18:36
149.   CodyS
It is pointless to have a AAA team in Albuquerque, Las Vegas, or indeed anywhere in the PCL. it is such a crazy hitters league that performance there tells you almost nothing about how people will perform in the majors. So it becomes just a place to stash people, whom you promote or not based on instinct.
2008-09-18 11:19:15
150.   JoeyP
Kershaw was at 86 thru 5.
I dont have a problem pulling him there and bringing in Saito.

It is strange to see Saito in the 6th inning though.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-18 11:20:02
151.   Bob Timmermann
The PCL isn't all at altitude. There is a team in New Orleans. And that is below sea level.

It's just that the cities near L.A. that have PCL teams tend to be at altitude or in the desert.

2008-09-18 11:20:13
152.   Lexinthedena
Sorry if I'm late on this....but has anyone read the yahoo sports story about Manny being bashed by one of his former teammates?.....It is no surprise whatsoever who the mouthpiece is.
2008-09-18 11:20:39
153.   MonkeyBlue
Nice at bat for Bison.
2008-09-18 11:20:51
154.   Alex41592
Nice start with a Kemp walk.
2008-09-18 11:20:57
155.   joekings
nice AB by Kemp
2008-09-18 11:20:59
156.   Bob Timmermann
I think it's been mentioned three times already today.
2008-09-18 11:21:19
157.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
147 That's my point, though. Living in Pasadena, you should have been blacked out of all Dodgers games. The fact that you haven't is an error in your favor. Whether you have cable or not is irrelevant.
2008-09-18 11:22:00
158.   kinbote
Bison Patience!
2008-09-18 11:23:14
159.   Kevin Lewis

I understand what you are saying, but I don't understand the reasoning to black me out of something I am paying for. I mean, FSN-Prim is getting their money, right, and I am watching endless ads, so it's a win win for everyone.

But, now I know I will not be getting MLB.TV anymore.

2008-09-18 11:23:50
160.   kinbote
A game like today's is where having Pierre available to pinch-run is a good thing.
2008-09-18 11:23:59
161.   oshea2002
I hate bunting there 3-1.
2008-09-18 11:24:33
162.   oshea2002
Good eye Blake.
2008-09-18 11:24:39
163.   MonkeyBlue
Nice walk for Dewitt!
2008-09-18 11:24:47
164.   Alex41592
Beautiful. Now, Berroa can bunt.
2008-09-18 11:25:04
165.   Bluebleeder87
sounds like a good game 2-2, how did Kershaw look?
2008-09-18 11:25:11
166.   underdog
Followed by Solution Patience!
2008-09-18 11:25:43
167.   MonkeyBlue
Berroa can really help us or screw us.
2008-09-18 11:25:43
168.   bhsportsguy
You can bet a bunt here or maybe a little hit and run.
2008-09-18 11:25:46
169.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
159 Oh, I completely agree. The rules are asinine at best. At least they're fixing some of the more ridiculous situations next year (i.e., Vegas is considered territory of about 5 different teams that Vegas TV stations don't air - SD, LA, ANA, ARI, maybe OAK and SFG too).

But yeah, is only worthwhile if you're a fan who doesn't live in the home team's area, like the Dodger fan in NYC.

2008-09-18 11:26:10
170.   underdog
165 - Very solid. No change up to speak of, alas, but his curve and FB were pretty good. After the 1st inning he was mostly lights out. His pitch count just got too high too quickly. But he certainly pitched well enough to win.
2008-09-18 11:26:22
171.   MonkeyBlue
Nice bunt! now for PeeWee.
2008-09-18 11:26:23
172.   Alex41592
Great bunt. Now, D.Y.
2008-09-18 11:26:44
173.   oshea2002
Come on Peewee
2008-09-18 11:26:53
174.   underdog
Great bunt by Berroa.

And now Pee Wee's up!

2008-09-18 11:27:32
175.   Bluebleeder87
Bob T. can tell you all about MLB.TV hard ships.
2008-09-18 11:28:40
176.   MonkeyBlue
Useless! BAH!!!!!
2008-09-18 11:29:15
177.   oshea2002
That right there was the one spot where'd I'd like to have Kent back. He would have gotten the runner home there.
2008-09-18 11:29:38
178.   underdog
Grrr. Pee Wee! {shakes fist}
2008-09-18 11:29:47
179.   MonkeyBlue
Good chance the pirates might walk in a run.
2008-09-18 11:29:55
180.   MC Safety
Cmon Dre.
2008-09-18 11:30:22
181.   underdog
IBB to face Ethier, which is probably the right move statistically. We'll see.
2008-09-18 11:30:50
182.   oshea2002
I'll take it.
2008-09-18 11:30:50
183.   MonkeyBlue
WOOOOO! YES!!!! break!
2008-09-18 11:30:54
184.   JoeyP
Can the Dodgers get two 2-out run RBI singles in the same game?
2008-09-18 11:31:00
185.   MC Safety
I love baseball.
2008-09-18 11:31:01
186.   Alex41592
YES! We will take it!
2008-09-18 11:31:02
187.   eusmus
Man, Andre crushed that one!
2008-09-18 11:31:07
188.   Mandingo
2008-09-18 11:31:12
189.   Tripon
Thaks Andy!
2008-09-18 11:31:23
190.   oshea2002
Dear Manny, please end the game here. Thanks.
2008-09-18 11:31:24
191.   LoneStar7
2008-09-18 11:31:40
192.   underdog
That was wonderfully lucky there! We'll take it.

Steiner had a good line, "That may be a guppy but they're not gonna throw it back." Indeed.

2008-09-18 11:31:47
193.   bhsportsguy
I am guessing that they will bring in a righty to face Manny.
2008-09-18 11:31:49
194.   Alex41592
Now, Manny with the bases juiced.
2008-09-18 11:31:50
195.   fanerman
Make 'em pay!
2008-09-18 11:32:11
196.   MonkeyBlue
Manny! hasn't been all that today and yesterday.
2008-09-18 11:32:29
197.   Tripon
Manny got fooled!
2008-09-18 11:32:46
198.   Alex41592
Maholm has pitched Manny really well today.
2008-09-18 11:33:27
199.   joekings
if this game doesn't end before lunch i don't think i'll be able to eat.
2008-09-18 11:33:56
200.   bhsportsguy
Either that says a lot about Maholm or the lack of a bullpen on the Pirates' part.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-18 11:34:13
201.   underdog
Come t o think of it, wasn't Manny gonna sit today or yesterday originally? I wonder if Joe is dread-ing that decision now. {duck}

No, but it does look like he could use a rest - but sitting vs. the lefty today probably didn't seem to make much sense.

2008-09-18 11:34:31
202.   LogikReader
By my estimation, this is the first one run game the Dodgers have had in a while, am I right?
2008-09-18 11:34:38
203.   Gagne55
Having to rely on the bullpen this early scares me. Wade better be coming out.
2008-09-18 11:34:43
204.   fanerman
200 I read that line as "Ethier that says..." about 5 times before I realized that was an "either."
2008-09-18 11:34:51
205.   underdog
200 Both. Maholm is their best pitcher and pitched well today. And their bullpen ranks dead last in baseball.
2008-09-18 11:35:37
206.   Gagne55
202 This isn't necessarily going to end a one run game.
2008-09-18 11:36:23
207.   MonkeyBlue
Wade for 2 innings and Broxton in the ninth would be my guess.

Dangerous play right there.

2008-09-18 11:38:53
208.   JoeyP
I think its safe to say the Dodgers won the middle relief lottery this year.
2008-09-18 11:39:01
209.   cargill06
Way to show 'em how to hustle Doug.
2008-09-18 11:39:03
210.   MonkeyBlue
Doug gots greedy!
2008-09-18 11:39:40
211.   Alex41592
He is no McLouth!
2008-09-18 11:40:07
212.   bhsportsguy
I am guessing that throw was waiting for the eye chart.
2008-09-18 11:40:44
213.   JoeyP
The Pirates being the Pirates.
Not a smart play down by 1 run.

Doug M isnt the fastest player in the league.

2008-09-18 11:41:04
214.   Gagne55
For those watching live, was that Ethier showing off his gun? Or, did Doug just make a terrible baserunning decision.
2008-09-18 11:41:05
215.   Bob Timmermann
Brewers scored a run in the top of the first at Wrigley.
2008-09-18 11:41:09
216.   Gen3Blue
Ethier may be my choice for favorite all around outfielder.
2008-09-18 11:41:42
217.   Bluebleeder87
I agree, our bullpen has been great.
2008-09-18 11:42:42
218.   MonkeyBlue
Our bullpen? What happen to our bullpen?
2008-09-18 11:43:03
219.   bhsportsguy
215 Harden threw 38 pitches in that inning.
2008-09-18 11:43:12
220.   underdog
Dre's 10th OF assist couldnt have come at a better time. Especially since Morgan got a hit again right after.

That was actually a pretty decent throw to 2nd by Martin, too, but had no chance.

Argh, and then the Pirates tie it anyway. Sigh.

2008-09-18 11:43:24
221.   Bob Timmermann
But he didn't give up a hit.
2008-09-18 11:43:50
222.   Gagne55
217 Not in this series. :(
2008-09-18 11:44:04
223.   JoeyP
That Doug M play is really big now.
Bring in Beimel to face McClouth.
2008-09-18 11:44:24
224.   underdog
214 Both.


c'mon Cory!

2008-09-18 11:44:36
225.   Disabled List
What is going on with our bullpen these past two days? Have these guys forgot they're facing the Pittsburgh Pirates?
2008-09-18 11:45:16
226.   ToyCannon
Is his arm still attached?

You just know that Harden in going to go down just as the Cub fans think they have an ace for the playoffs. He is not going to be able to handle the workload of being a number 2 in the playoffs.

2008-09-18 11:45:55
227.   JoeyP
Torre must be saving Beimel for Adam LaRoche.
2008-09-18 11:46:12
228.   Bob Timmermann
All Chavez battery for the Bucs!
2008-09-18 11:46:44
229.   Bob Timmermann
Nine players for the Bucs, but only seven different surnames.
2008-09-18 11:48:16
230.   Bob Timmermann
Jesse Chavez, the Viceroy from Victorville.
2008-09-18 11:48:34
231.   oshea2002
I got a bad feeling about this one.
2008-09-18 11:49:39
232.   Gagne55
229 That made me think of Team Korea in the WBC back in '06. Their first five batters were all named Lee.
2008-09-18 11:49:49
233.   Lexinthedena
Soy Chavista!
2008-09-18 11:50:11
234.   Tripon
Morgan is like a much better version of JP.
2008-09-18 11:50:35
235.   I Love LA
we might be only 2.5 up after tonight.
2008-09-18 11:51:18
236.   Alex41592
Kemp has to look to take 2nd here.
2008-09-18 11:51:37
237.   Alex41592
We might be up 4.5 after tonight.
2008-09-18 11:51:45
238.   Neal Pollack
I fear an appearance by Sweeney in a key's coming.
2008-09-18 11:52:45
239.   Alex41592
There we go!
2008-09-18 11:52:45
240.   oshea2002
Another chance for the solution here.
2008-09-18 11:53:26
241.   Bluebleeder87
235 237

You guys are messing with my emotions man.

2008-09-18 11:54:21
242.   oshea2002
In all seriousness, is Sweeney a better hitter then Berroa?
2008-09-18 11:54:27
243.   Alex41592
And Lyons monologue goes for not. Mark Sweeney.
2008-09-18 11:54:35
244.   JoeyP
Dewitt shall be named Mr. RISP if he delivers again.
2008-09-18 11:54:44
245.   Tripon
Sweeney is PHing for Berroa.

Guess Hu gets in at short after this.

Russell pulls his pitcher for a LOOGY. FOR SWEENEY.

2008-09-18 11:54:55
246.   Gagne55
I'd rather have Berroa than Sweeny.
2008-09-18 11:55:01
247.   Alex41592
Torre, pull Sweeney and have Repko come up.
2008-09-18 11:55:17
248.   Neal Pollack
Even earlier than I expected. Never thought we'd be complaining about pinch-hitting for Berroa. The Sweeney Kool-Aid party continues. Can't you just see him coming up in the bottom of the 9th in a key playoff game?
2008-09-18 11:55:48
249.   JoeyP
Sweeney is DUE!

He'll get a hit & all of his suckiness will be forgotten.

2008-09-18 11:55:54
250.   kinbote
Wow. Lots of intentional walks today. Have any actually worked?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-18 11:56:09
251.   bhsportsguy
238 Way to go Neal. Or we could see a pinch-hitter for the pinch-hitter. Actually, the right-handed choices are Hu, Repko, Ozuna so probably not.
2008-09-18 11:56:56
252.   Bluebleeder87
is it still tide up? sorry man, I tride yahoo & sportsline (game day) & there both bad today.
2008-09-18 11:57:21
253.   oshea2002
We have to have some 30 year old career minor leaguer who could do better then sweeney.

What in the world is sweeney still doing up against a LHP?

2008-09-18 11:57:22
254.   cargill06
Sweeney's OPS is more than 2X higher vs LHP this year. John Russell you sucker.
2008-09-18 11:57:56
255.   MonkeyBlue
What the heck? Please tell me Torre didn't call for this???????
2008-09-18 11:57:56
256.   bhsportsguy
Harden has thrown 54 pitches in 2 innings.
2008-09-18 11:57:57
257.   eusmus
I'm sure that won't get mentioned much ...
2008-09-18 11:57:57
258.   Tripon
Who the heck told Kemp to steal?!
2008-09-18 11:58:37
259.   thinkblue88
2008-09-18 11:58:59
2008-09-18 11:59:16
261.   bhsportsguy
258 It was probably Kemp who told Kemp.
2008-09-18 11:59:35
262.   MollyKnight
Kemp has the green light. He doesn't need anyone to tell him to steal.
2008-09-18 11:59:39
263.   JoeyP
That somewhat cancels out Doug M's play.

Seriously Kemp, what are you doing?

2008-09-18 11:59:58
264.   Alex41592
I have no problem with that but Lyons is going to grill him anyway.
2008-09-18 12:00:02
265.   oshea2002
Kemp got an atrocious jump.
2008-09-18 12:00:02
266.   D4P
Weird. Taking the bat out of Sweeney's hands is usually a good thing.
2008-09-18 12:00:12
267.   RELX
We tend not to criticize our younger players here that much, but that was a stupid play on Kemp's part. What was the point?
2008-09-18 12:00:28
268.   LAT
Somewhere Jeff Kent is snikering.
2008-09-18 12:00:29
269.   JoeyP
3rd out at 3rd base is not good.
2008-09-18 12:00:48
270.   oshea2002
Did Steiner just call Sweeney our best pinch hitter?
2008-09-18 12:00:50
271.   cargill06
One of Sweeney's better games this year however.
2008-09-18 12:00:52
272.   DodgerBakers
from the radio: "And the Dodgers lose a pinch hitter in Mark Sweeny"

Don't know how much of a loss it was. The real loss is that Matt's sb% is down to 75% and we have three outs in a 8th inning tie game.

2008-09-18 12:01:16
273.   Alex41592
Yeah, it's a dump on Kemp moment! If Pierre did that he'd be praised for it.
2008-09-18 12:01:16
274.   GMac In The 909
So Kemp's CS means Wade gets a second inning of work? Brilliant.
2008-09-18 12:01:23
275.   ucladodger
Just a dumb, dumb play. What does getting to third base really get you there? Risk definitely not worth the reward. Kemp will get killed for that, as he should.
2008-09-18 12:02:03
276.   Neal Pollack
Didn't see that coming.

Correction to Steiner, though. Sweeney is NOT the Dodgers' best pinch hitter. Seriously, a master hypnotist, Sweeney must be. Steiner just referred to Sweeney as a "bopper."

2008-09-18 12:02:09
277.   GMac In The 909
Sweeney is a professional hitter. How can that get lost on all of you?
2008-09-18 12:02:18
278.   MollyKnight
I understand it was a bad play. But with Sweeney up and two outs I'd be doing everything I could to manufacture a run without help from the batter's box.
2008-09-18 12:02:22
279.   bhsportsguy
Okay, let's not go overboard here, it was a bad play but its over now.
2008-09-18 12:02:58
280.   scooplew
Kemp's decision will not be found in the 1954 Al Campanis book: "The Dodger Way to Play Baseball."
2008-09-18 12:03:02
281.   Disabled List
Matty being Matty.
2008-09-18 12:03:06
282.   DodgerBakers
277, you made me laugh!
2008-09-18 12:03:44
283.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
278 Beat me to it. That was stupid of Kemp, but Steiner and Lyons going on and on about how losing Sweeney's at-bat is just a tragedy is a bit much.
2008-09-18 12:03:49
284.   Alex41592
278 - Exactly.
2008-09-18 12:04:37
285.   McNulty
Kemp had to steal 3rd and Home to score with Sweeney up to bat, it's so obvious!
2008-09-18 12:04:55
286.   Alex41592
What if the throw goes into left field and Kemp scores? Whatever it's over and we're going to the ninth.
2008-09-18 12:05:12
287.   MonkeyBlue
Good job Wade. Now for the offense to get to work on the horrid Pirate bullpen.
2008-09-18 12:05:12
288.   GMac In The 909
283 ... especially when rosters have been expanded for quite some time now.
2008-09-18 12:05:29
289.   LoneStar7
wow cory looked sharp, ets end this here
2008-09-18 12:05:48
290.   Gagne55
well that was a quick bottom 8th
2008-09-18 12:06:13
291.   bhsportsguy
I don't know, Hu, Repko and Martin.

You better hope that Manny gets up this inning.

2008-09-18 12:06:33
292.   DodgerBakers
Ugh, I can't stand Steiner and Lyons going on and on about how now we'll have to lead off with Hu and how that really hurts. They seem like the type to really like Batting Average. Which is better? .168 or .138.

Neither, I suppose, but still...

2008-09-18 12:06:46
293.   underdog
That was more like the Wade we all know and love.

Now, let's do this thing!

2008-09-18 12:07:02
294.   Bluebleeder87

hehehe, man I missed it but that sure was funny.

2008-09-18 12:07:22
295.   oshea2002
The move was dumb, but was completely mitigated IMO by who was up.

We got a real pair of boppers leading off here in the 9th. Lets just say I've got a feeling this will be 2-2 in the bottom half.

2008-09-18 12:07:44
296.   RELX
278 . How was Kemp being on third going to manufacture a run? Unless Kemp was going to steal home too, or you were expecting a wild pitch or a balk, it was a terrible play.
2008-09-18 12:08:41
297.   oshea2002
wow, nice ab Repko.
2008-09-18 12:09:24
298.   LoneStar7
repko has looked more lost than sweeney in hsi short stints in the bigs this year, just awful
2008-09-18 12:10:05
299.   Linkmeister
295 "be 2-2 in the bottom half"

That would be regression. ;)

2008-09-18 12:10:49
300.   DodgerBakers
296 I think she was being facetious.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-18 12:10:58
301.   JoeyP
Hit a homer Russ.

Broxton better be coming in for the bottom of the 9th regardless.

2008-09-18 12:11:16
302.   GMac In The 909
292 Hu was going to lead off anyway after the double switch was complete.

Pitcher in at Sweeney's spot (after Sweeney made out, of course)
Hu in at 9th spot, playing SS

Those goofs probably aren't very good at chess.

2008-09-18 12:11:18
303.   JRSarno
I am trying to recall an instance in which Hu got a base hit.
2008-09-18 12:11:48
304.   oshea2002
If you have ever had delusional moments where you say to yourself, "wow - I could have gotten up there and done that" - Repko's ab just reinforced those feelings.
2008-09-18 12:12:29
305.   Gagne55
Gulp. Looks like this will be a game where ya have to just throw Chan Ho Park out there and hope for the best.
2008-09-18 12:12:52
306.   oshea2002
299 - well said.

Hu did get that hit off of Hoffman very early. That's the only hit I remember him getting.

2008-09-18 12:13:22
307.   JRSarno
Terrible inning
2008-09-18 12:14:03
308.   Gagne55
301 One should not use their closer in a tie game on the road.
2008-09-18 12:15:08
309.   underdog
Maybe poor Repko needs to see an optometrist, too. Preferably not Hu's.

Btw, Hu was much better at the plate in his short stint with the big club last year, there were quite a few hits from him then. I think he's still trying to find it again. I don't know what Repko's deal is, though.

2008-09-18 12:15:12
310.   Alex41592
And it will be Chan Ho.

Torre does not use his closer until it is a save situation, for better or for worse.

2008-09-18 12:15:32
311.   LoneStar7
i say throw out the best we've got to insure we get dre manny and casey an at bat...if that fails then just ride it out
2008-09-18 12:15:39
312.   underdog
305 - Better CHP than JJJ.
2008-09-18 12:18:54
313.   Bob Timmermann
That leaves you with situations where Alex Gonzalez hits game-winning homers against Jeff Weaver while Mariano Rivera watches.
2008-09-18 12:19:42
314.   Alex41592
Might want to grab Beimel to hold on the runner.
2008-09-18 12:20:09
315.   Gagne55
312 Definitely. This one won't go too far into extras with guys like JJJ and Stults being whats left in the pen after this.
2008-09-18 12:20:51
316.   oshea2002
With our bigger hitters coming up, I would have gone to Brox here. We could lose here with Broxton in the pen and Ethier/manny/blake coming up.
2008-09-18 12:21:13
317.   ucladodger
Great play by Chan Ho
2008-09-18 12:21:22
318.   Alex41592
There we go! Lets go boys!
2008-09-18 12:21:28
319.   MonkeyBlue
BIG Double play. Now the Dodgers get a freaking run!
2008-09-18 12:21:46
320.   LoneStar7
that was huge, lets go
2008-09-18 12:22:04
321.   LogikReader
2008-09-18 12:22:16
322.   underdog
Games like this are why they expand rosters in September. I can't imagine how much pain it would cause with pitching staff, defense and hitting options limited.
2008-09-18 12:22:19
323.   Alex41592
Pittsburgh is out of lefties. They've used Burnett and Grabow.
2008-09-18 12:22:25
324.   bhsportsguy
I swear, I am going to find out what happens here 15 seconds before Rick Monday tells me. (insert joke here)
2008-09-18 12:22:49
325.   underdog
That was sweet, Chan Ho. Let;s go boys in blue, I have people to do and things to see.
2008-09-18 12:23:02
326.   Neal Pollack
This is exactly what we needed. An extra-inning getaway day game in Pittsburgh.
2008-09-18 12:23:19
327.   Reddog
This is the kind of game a pennant-winning team should be able to win.
2008-09-18 12:23:21
328.   Jeromy
To quote Steve Lyons re: Ryan Doumit, "I think he needs a hug."
2008-09-18 12:23:33
329.   underdog
324 15 seconds is generous if we're talking about the score. ;-)
2008-09-18 12:23:51
330.   Alex41592
Wait nevermind.
2008-09-18 12:24:36
331.   Tripon
Manny with a guy on base.
2008-09-18 12:24:36
332.   Alex41592
Ethier says left hand this!
2008-09-18 12:24:55
333.   Gagne55
325 "I have people to do"


2008-09-18 12:26:46
334.   Gagne55
Wasn't there a dummy named Grabow in an episode of the Simpsons?
2008-09-18 12:26:55
335.   Alex41592
Ethier at 2nd and two shots to score him.
2008-09-18 12:27:02
336.   MonkeyBlue
Now for a single.
2008-09-18 12:27:27
337.   bhsportsguy
334 Gabbo
2008-09-18 12:27:28
338.   Gagne55
Manny with a productive out.
2008-09-18 12:27:36
339.   LoneStar7
ok that coulda been worse, lets get him in
2008-09-18 12:28:11
340.   cargill06
327 If we only had Eckstein.
2008-09-18 12:28:26
341.   Gagne55
Loney is so going to 4-6-3
2008-09-18 12:28:26
342.   Alex41592
A little opposite field shot down the line here would be great.
2008-09-18 12:28:28
343.   LoneStar7
this screams DP, but lets hope for the best
2008-09-18 12:28:37
344.   underdog
333 I dunno, still have to figure that out. ;-)

Okay, two on, one out for Loney. C'mon Crazy Eyes!

2008-09-18 12:29:31
345.   MonkeyBlue
Dang it Loney!
2008-09-18 12:30:05
346.   Alex41592
Now the Pirates are out of lefties.
2008-09-18 12:30:18
347.   GMac In The 909
The Dodgers have had some horrid ABs in this game ... at least that's what Gameday makes it look like.
2008-09-18 12:30:19
348.   Gagne55
Well, at least that is better than what Loney usually does in that situation.
2008-09-18 12:30:34
349.   underdog
I think there are more people in the stands in my Wii Sports games than there are in PNC Park today.

Okay, it's up to the Bison to make up for his earlier sin.

2008-09-18 12:30:36
350.   ucladodger
Now Matt has a chance to redeem himself
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-18 12:32:50
351.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-18 12:32:59
352.   ucladodger
Or not. Fastball down the middle and he was expecting it. Ouch.
2008-09-18 12:33:53
353.   MMSMikey
there ya go matty
2008-09-18 12:34:19
354.   superbas
i hope kemp doesn't become raul mondesi-lite...and i like raul mondesi.
2008-09-18 12:34:34
355.   Bob Timmermann
The Waste Not, Want Not Cubs lead the Brewers 2-1 on two hits, both homers.
2008-09-18 12:34:46
356.   underdog
5 hits in 10 innings isn't going to win you too many games, though they also have had their share of walks. And of course they've won a game with no hits this season. But it would be nice if they, you know, scored next inning - assuming they have a chance to.
2008-09-18 12:35:05
357.   Lexinthedena
There was nothing lite about Raul Mondesi
2008-09-18 12:35:39
358.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-18 12:35:42
359.   Lexinthedena
Chan Homer makes me so nervous in the bottom of extra innings.
2008-09-18 12:36:28
360.   oshea2002
this will not end well.
2008-09-18 12:36:34
361.   ucladodger
Since when did Nyjer Morgan become a better version of Pierre?
2008-09-18 12:36:45
362.   underdog
That sucked. He was bunting and stood in front of the path of the ball. What a crummy way to let a runner on.
2008-09-18 12:36:52
363.   Gagne55
2008-09-18 12:37:34
364.   GMac In The 909
Well, at least Lincecum is going tonight ...
2008-09-18 12:38:03
365.   Bob Timmermann
As long as Morgan wasn't standing in the strike zone, I don't see what the problem was.
2008-09-18 12:38:17
366.   Alex41592
Regardless we're heading home for 6 games. The D'Backs have to go to Coors and St. Louis.
2008-09-18 12:38:27
367.   Jeromy
Need a DP here!
2008-09-18 12:38:30
368.   Tripon
Well, that worked out for the Dodgers.
2008-09-18 12:38:37
369.   thinkblue88
2008-09-18 12:38:38
370.   MonkeyBlue
WOW!!!! WEEEE!!!
2008-09-18 12:38:39
371.   oshea2002
Wow, great hold on by Martin!
2008-09-18 12:38:42
372.   Alex41592
2008-09-18 12:38:54
373.   MMSMikey
oh my god
2008-09-18 12:39:10
374.   Alex41592
DeWitt and Martin! That was tremendous.
2008-09-18 12:39:20
375.   ucladodger
What a pick by Russell. Thats unreal.
2008-09-18 12:39:25
376.   LoneStar7
that was a bit wild
2008-09-18 12:39:25
377.   MollyKnight
Oh my God.
2008-09-18 12:39:36
378.   Alex41592
Now where's Beimel?
2008-09-18 12:39:38
379.   whodat807
2008-09-18 12:39:46
380.   underdog
OMG that was bizarre.

Where was DeWitt -- he totally blew coverage of 2nd base -- but then they nail Morgan at home!

Yeesh. I don't need this kind of stress during the workday!

Great play by Martin to hold on to the ball and it was a good throw from DeWitt.


2008-09-18 12:39:50
381.   mwhite06
Are we out of the inning?
2008-09-18 12:39:59
382.   GMac In The 909
Explain. Please. Thank. You.
2008-09-18 12:40:04
383.   LoneStar7
wow and a wonderful pickup by russ
2008-09-18 12:40:09
384.   eusmus
374 Not for DeWitt it wasn't, that should've been a double play.
2008-09-18 12:40:54
385.   kachang
Wow, nice play by Russell - but we should be out of the inning.
DeWitt completely forgot to cover 2nd.
2008-09-18 12:41:20
386.   Gagne55
Gamecast froze from whatever this great play was by Martin.
2008-09-18 12:41:21
387.   oshea2002
They would have never doubled Michaels on that.
2008-09-18 12:41:31
388.   DodgerBakers
365 FWIW, the radio said that he was standing on the plate.
2008-09-18 12:41:53
389.   underdog
365 Yeah, I initially thought that ball was closer into the strike zone but it was a bit wild. Still... he's a jerk! And he has bad taste in socks. And stuff.
2008-09-18 12:42:04
390.   whodat807
So was it a wild throw by Chan Ho, or bad coverage by DeWitt? Monday's making it sound like the former.
2008-09-18 12:42:18
391.   caseybarker
Something good must've happened.

I can't believe how disgusted I'm becoming every time Mark Sweeney bats.

2008-09-18 12:42:36
392.   Tripon
2008-09-18 12:42:38
393.   Alex41592
We are out of it!
2008-09-18 12:42:40
394.   fanerman
382 I second that.
2008-09-18 12:42:42
395.   Bob Timmermann
If Morgan were standing on the plate, he should have been called out for being out of the batter's box.
2008-09-18 12:42:57
396.   MonkeyBlue
Please get a run. The bullpen is running thin on good relievers.
2008-09-18 12:42:59
397.   Jim Hitchcock
Man, watching this on Gameday is pure torture.
2008-09-18 12:43:19
398.   Tripon
390 Bad Coverage by DeWitt. He was nowhere near 2nd.
2008-09-18 12:43:33
399.   MollyKnight
For those who didn't see it, the batter hit a high chopper to Chan Ho which looked like a double play ball. He went to throw the ball to second and DeWitt, inexplicably, was not covering the base. He was standing about five feet behind it. So he dove to stop the ball from going into center field.

MEANWHILE, Nyjer Morgan decided to round third and try for home in the confusion. DeWitt got up from the ground and threw the ball home to Martin on a bounce. There was a collision, and Martin held on to tag Morgan out.

And then they brought Beimel in to face LaRoche and he hit a sleepy fly ball to Manny.

Three outs. Heading to the 11th.

2008-09-18 12:43:35
400.   Gagne55
388 And gamecast placed the pitch in the strikezone, not that gamecast is very accurate.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-18 12:44:10
401.   underdog
After Beimel takes care of bizness on one play, now we are out of the inning. Whew.

What happened was it was another comebacker to Park, nice play by him, he went to 2nd but DeWitt didn't cover the base in time and the ball almost went into CF on the throw. DeWitt saved it, then they waved Morgan home and DeWitt threw to Martin who blocked the plate and held on to the ball for the out at home.


2008-09-18 12:44:10
402.   ToyCannon
2008-09-18 12:44:14
403.   cargill06
Harden 6 BB, 7 K's in 4.2 IP, his pitch count has to be like a million.
2008-09-18 12:44:43
404.   misterjohnny
399 thank you thank you thank you
2008-09-18 12:44:45
405.   underdog
Or, what Molly said.


C'mon Dodgers! I have work to do. And lunch to eat. And stuff.

2008-09-18 12:44:50
406.   bhsportsguy
399 Nice reporting.

Also, nice interview with the LAT bloggers yesterday.

2008-09-18 12:44:53
407.   GMac In The 909
399 Thank you, Molly.
2008-09-18 12:45:01
408.   Bob Timmermann

Gameday didn't give Park an assist on the play.

2008-09-18 12:45:23
409.   fanerman
399 Thanks Molly. Just reading that summary made my heart skip a beat.
2008-09-18 12:45:23
410.   MMSMikey
what were wrong with the first 2 pitches blake?
2008-09-18 12:45:27
411.   ucladodger
Not good to see Kemp late on an 88 mph fastball and Dewitt not even make contact.
2008-09-18 12:45:38
412.   Gagne55
Dodgers pretty much have to score here. Or Jason Johnson could theoretically get through an inning unscathed, but score here!
2008-09-18 12:45:54
413.   scooplew
399 Thank you. I think I am glad that I wasn't watching.
2008-09-18 12:46:20
414.   MollyKnight
401-Underdog! Our recaps were almost identical. Any fact checker would be happy.
2008-09-18 12:46:26
415.   underdog
With Capps pitching and the bottom of thr order up, I have a feeling we'll need to get thru the bottom of this inning and then win it in the next inning.
2008-09-18 12:46:43
416.   Cones88
Beimel looks like a vampire in his Yahoo box score picture.
2008-09-18 12:47:26
417.   underdog
414 Yours was more exciting. Mine was the expurgated version.
2008-09-18 12:47:32
418.   Disabled List
The Dodgers have really tried their best to hand these last two games to the Pirates.
2008-09-18 12:47:35
419.   oshea2002
415 - we were never gonna score unless Dewitt lead off with a hit, thereby having Hu bunt.
2008-09-18 12:47:46
420.   MMSMikey
should have just let biemel hit there
2008-09-18 12:47:53
421.   underdog
Slappy McLinedrive. Oh well, he did more with the bat than the other two guys that inning.
2008-09-18 12:48:40
422.   Alex41592
We still have Broxton, Elbert, JJJ, McDonald, Proctor, Stults and Troncoso.
2008-09-18 12:48:52
423.   Louis in SF
Broxton or Proctor to come in? Please not Jason Johnson
2008-09-18 12:49:00
424.   oshea2002
what are there, 300 people there?
2008-09-18 12:49:01
425.   Bluebleeder87
so we've used 3 relievers so far right.
2008-09-18 12:49:20
426.   Alex41592
Proctor is on.
2008-09-18 12:49:21
427.   bhsportsguy
403 115 pitches in 5 innings, I tjhink Lou is rolling the dice with this one.
2008-09-18 12:49:37
428.   whodat807
Wow that was quick; went to the bathroom and by the time I returned, we were heading for the bottom of the 11th.

Proctor up now... feeling a bit nervous.

2008-09-18 12:49:43
429.   Bob Timmermann
Proctor is the FIFTH reliever.
2008-09-18 12:50:04
430.   bhsportsguy
Rememeber everyone liked Proctor yesterday.
2008-09-18 12:50:50
431.   Alex41592
I don't care who is pitching I'm nervous as heck! Nice play by Loney.
2008-09-18 12:50:53
432.   MonkeyBlue
Nice fielding by Casey!
2008-09-18 12:51:18
433.   oshea2002
421 - Slappy is like Manny compared to Hu.
2008-09-18 12:51:34
434.   Gagne55
Proctor. I hope he isn't tired from yesterday. He had a rubber arm in the past, but I'm not as confident since he's coming off a recent injury.
2008-09-18 12:51:37
435.   underdog
I wonder how many people will question Proctor's appearance here and how many will wish he was left in longer, in a few minutes.

Great play by the Beard!

2008-09-18 12:51:39
436.   Tripon
Casey Blake has some range.
2008-09-18 12:51:44
437.   Alex41592
And a great play by Casey!
2008-09-18 12:51:53
438.   LoneStar7
whew god play
2008-09-18 12:52:07
439.   underdog
And ANOTHER great play by Beardy McBlake!
2008-09-18 12:52:09
440.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
By my count, we've only got Ardoin, Ellis, and Ozuna left on the bench, with Nomar unavailable.

For pitchers, we have Troncoso, Johnson, Broxton, and Stults, with McDonald, Elbert, Kuo, Billingsley, Lowe, Maddux, Kuroda unavailable, and Penny's status unknown.

2008-09-18 12:52:13
441.   MollyKnight
Casey Blake web gem. To his left with a single axle!
2008-09-18 12:53:05
442.   MollyKnight
Bare-hand to his left for the beard!
2008-09-18 12:53:37
443.   Alex41592
Ok, top of the order coming up in the 12th.
2008-09-18 12:53:52
444.   MollyKnight
I bet Penny is done for the year.

On to the 12th!

2008-09-18 12:54:07
445.   whodat807
Nicely done by Proctor and Blake!

This is providing some much needed entertainment for my long, lazy afternoon.

2008-09-18 12:54:14
446.   LoneStar7
wow here we go, my computer is going to die in this philosophy class : (
2008-09-18 12:54:18
447.   bhsportsguy
442 I hope we are not keeping you from taking Pirate out for an afternoon constitutional.
2008-09-18 12:54:18
448.   Lexinthedena
Chuck Norris doesn't use a glove to play baseball.
2008-09-18 12:54:22
449.   underdog
438 I don't know if He had much to do with it. ;-)
2008-09-18 12:55:10
450.   Louis in SF
Lets do it here!
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-09-18 12:55:18
451.   Lexinthedena
440 Pierre was used?
2008-09-18 12:55:27
452.   Disabled List
Can somebody explain to me why only three Dodgers have hits today? They're playing the Pirates, right? The ones that play in Pittsburgh?
2008-09-18 12:55:30
453.   Alex41592
Craig Hansen is in to pitch.
2008-09-18 12:56:21
454.   cargill06
Hansen has 40BB 31K's this year.
2008-09-18 12:56:22
455.   Gagne55
440 Who do the Pirates have left?
2008-09-18 12:56:52
456.   ucladodger
Wow, a 2-0 slider.
2008-09-18 12:57:14
457.   Bob Timmermann
The Pirates have many pitchers left. But they are running out of any that I've heard of.
2008-09-18 12:57:18
458.   Alex41592
4 pitch walk to Martin.
2008-09-18 12:57:38
459.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
451 He flew out to RF for Beimel.
2008-09-18 12:57:40
460.   Gagne55
I remember when Red Sox fans were touting Craig Hansen as the next great reliever.
2008-09-18 12:58:03
461.   bhsportsguy
457 You only know pitchers that can help you defeat children in your fantasy league.
2008-09-18 12:58:06
462.   Bob Timmermann
Harden comes out for a pinch hitter in Chicago. He gives up 1 run in 5 innings and throws 115 pitches.


2008-09-18 12:58:11
463.   underdog
542 - Partial credit should go to Maholm, who is the Pirates best pitcher and pitched very well today.

Nice start for Martin!

2008-09-18 12:58:14
464.   Tripon
Wonder if Manny can make meat of Hansen.
2008-09-18 12:58:16
465.   Linkmeister
441 "axle?"

"How's that driveshaft, buddy?"

Looked like a Salchow to me, anyway. ;)

2008-09-18 12:58:50
466.   Bluebleeder87

Martin doing his thing...Let score 'em in.

2008-09-18 12:58:52
467.   Gagne55
Hansen really can't find the zone today.
2008-09-18 13:00:01
468.   LoneStar7
this may be the last at bat i get
2008-09-18 13:00:09
469.   Gagne55
463 I'll keep that in mind when comment 542 gets posted.
2008-09-18 13:00:25
470.   underdog
A sarcastic cheer from the crowd on that 3-0 strike call.
2008-09-18 13:00:40
471.   ucladodger
Wow, terrible AB by Andre.
2008-09-18 13:00:43
472.   MonkeyBlue
What the heck Ethier?
2008-09-18 13:00:54
473.   bhsportsguy
A little run and hit here.
2008-09-18 13:01:02
474.   oshea2002
swung at ball 4 and 5.
2008-09-18 13:01:24
475.   oshea2002
Come on pittsburgh, your season is over - pitch to Manny.
2008-09-18 13:01:59
476.   Alex41592
First bad at bat against a righty for Ethier in a very long time and he still ran it to a full count.
2008-09-18 13:02:15
477.   Bob Timmermann
Gameday listed pitch 3 of the intentional walk as a "changeup"
2008-09-18 13:02:57
478.   Alex41592
Beach ball delay at Wrigley.
2008-09-18 13:04:14
479.   Gagne55
476 Ran it to a full count by trading 4-1 for 3-2. 4-1 is way better. It gaurentees getting on base.
2008-09-18 13:05:32
480.   Reddog
C'mon Blake, hit it out.
2008-09-18 13:06:18
481.   underdog
A sarcastic cheer from the crowd on that 3-0 strike call.
2008-09-18 13:06:23
482.   ucladodger
Wow, i thought he was going to ring him up.
2008-09-18 13:06:29
483.   cargill06
454 Let's make it now 43 BB's, 31 K's
2008-09-18 13:06:51
484.   Alex41592
Bases loaded for Loney. Go opposite field Loney. Hansen out T.J Beam in.
2008-09-18 13:06:54
485.   Tripon
Will we ever see the end of the Pirates bullpen?
2008-09-18 13:06:59
486.   Eric Stephen
Not counting the intentional walk to Manny, that was 8 straight sliders by Craig Hansen before the ball 3 fastball.

Woo hoo, a walk. Time for Loney to get closer to 100 RBI!

2008-09-18 13:07:12
487.   oshea2002
Now that was a professional ab, whatever that means.
2008-09-18 13:07:19
488.   underdog
Oops. That was weird.

469 Heh, I meant 452 . I get dyslexic when I haven't had lunch and the Dodgers are stressing me out.

C'mon Loney! {bite nails}

2008-09-18 13:07:33
489.   bhsportsguy
Maybe Molly did take her dog for a walk.
2008-09-18 13:08:07
490.   Louis in SF
Steve Lyons just called that pitch a cement mixer slider! Anyone heard that phrase before?
2008-09-18 13:08:13
491.   Bob Timmermann
The 6 intentional walks in this game are still five short of the MLB record for an extra inning game.

That happened back on 5/2/1956.

That was a 17-inning game with a combined 38 men LOB.

2008-09-18 13:08:43
492.   capdodger
487 Strictly speaking, that was a professional PA.
2008-09-18 13:08:46
493.   Bob Timmermann
TJ Beam looks like a guy whose wife would have an affair with Don Draper.
2008-09-18 13:09:24
494.   Reddog
C'mon Loney, hit it out.
2008-09-18 13:09:26
495.   Jim Hitchcock
399 Late, but thanks, Molly.
2008-09-18 13:09:35
496.   Eric Stephen
So he looks like...everybody? :)
2008-09-18 13:09:43
497.   bhsportsguy
493 Is that a Mad Men reference?
2008-09-18 13:10:30
498.   Gagne55
485 How many guys do they have left?
2008-09-18 13:10:33
499.   LAT
Hard to imagine Loney can go 0-6
2008-09-18 13:10:34
500.   Jim Hitchcock
Okay,let it be the Pirates saying arrghh..
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-09-18 13:10:50
501.   ucladodger
Wow. Swung right through an 89 mph fastball. Just hit it in the air, James.
2008-09-18 13:11:20
502.   Johnny Nucleo
Obscure mysteries of the day: TJ Beam's full name is Theodore Lester Beam.
2008-09-18 13:11:28
503.   Tripon
Hell, I just want Loney to sac fly. I know I call it a cheapie earlier but I reformed on that stance.
2008-09-18 13:11:49
504.   oshea2002
Loney doesn't appear to be seeing the ball well today. I doubt these shadows are helping.
2008-09-18 13:11:49
505.   underdog
5 hits is one thing but drawing 11 walks is pretty nice.
2008-09-18 13:12:09
506.   ucladodger
Beautiful job.
2008-09-18 13:12:14
507.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-18 13:12:16
508.   Alex41592
Yes, going opposite field!
2008-09-18 13:12:21
509.   thinkblue88
Thank you James!!!
2008-09-18 13:12:30
510.   whodat807
YES! Loney!
2008-09-18 13:12:36
511.   Gagne55
500 Awesome comment.
2008-09-18 13:12:36
512.   Johnny Nucleo
In play, run(s)
2008-09-18 13:12:39
513.   Reddog
Allright Loney!
2008-09-18 13:12:45
514.   Alex41592
Milwaukee takes the lead on two unearned runs so far.
2008-09-18 13:12:59
515.   underdog
504 - Yeah, I think a lot of hitters were having problems with that today, it appeared.

BUT LONEY COMES THROUGH! opposite field hit! Huzzah!

2008-09-18 13:12:59
516.   fanerman
2008-09-18 13:13:07
517.   LogikReader
He DID IT! The New Big Game James!!
2008-09-18 13:13:18
518.   oshea2002
Huge AB here, fly ball Matty.
2008-09-18 13:13:23
519.   Gagne55
Get Broxton up.
2008-09-18 13:13:23
520.   MollyKnight
C'mon, Matty! Hit one in the GAP.
2008-09-18 13:13:32
521.   bhsportsguy
506 I never know if you are being sarcastic.

Do you go to football games? I ask because I may have an extra ticket for some upcoming games.

2008-09-18 13:13:45
522.   Bob Timmermann
And the Royals lead Seattle 12-0!
2008-09-18 13:13:47
523.   Jim Hitchcock
Hey, Gameday erased the HR in the bottom of the first. This game should be over!


2008-09-18 13:13:52
524.   bhsportsguy
520 You are back!
2008-09-18 13:14:05
525.   whodat807
Btw, this radio crew sans Steiner is really, really boring.
2008-09-18 13:14:09
526.   fanerman
Bison Power time...
2008-09-18 13:14:16
527.   Gagne55
Prepare the "Colorado Walks into the Light" article.
2008-09-18 13:14:22
528.   MollyKnight
Rule 1 violation in my apartment.
2008-09-18 13:14:26
529.   ucladodger
Hideous second half of the game for Kemp.
2008-09-18 13:14:35
530.   Alex41592
DeWitt with the bases loaded.
2008-09-18 13:15:09
531.   Johnny Nucleo
500 You're one day early. Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

2008-09-18 13:15:10
532.   oshea2002
How about a HBP here?
2008-09-18 13:15:46
533.   eusmus
I'm sure the Dodgers won't regret not scoring that second run ...
2008-09-18 13:15:57
534.   trainwreck
Dewitt just got pwned.
2008-09-18 13:16:01
535.   Tripon
DeWitt has patience. Unfortunately, the Pirate reliever remembered how to throw a strike.
2008-09-18 13:16:04
536.   ucladodger

No sarcasm there, that was a great job of 2 strike hitting. I have student tickets and go to every one. Thanks for the offer though.

2008-09-18 13:16:05
537.   fanerman
I guess one run is all we get.
2008-09-18 13:16:09
538.   Reddog
Alright, c'mon Broxton, we need to win this game.
2008-09-18 13:16:36
539.   LAT
Would have liked more than one run there.
2008-09-18 13:16:40
540.   bhsportsguy
536 If you ever want to sit in the shade.
2008-09-18 13:16:43
541.   Alex41592
Ahem, make that 3 unearned runs for Milwaukee.
2008-09-18 13:17:19
542.   underdog
531 - Well, shiver me timbers if the Dodgers blow this one. Yarrgh, the laws of science be a harsh mistress.
2008-09-18 13:18:06
543.   Alex41592
We are exactly where we need to be. Lets get it done Broxton!
2008-09-18 13:18:09
544.   ucladodger

If this were last year, I'd be there in an instant. My girlfriend got tickets this year, so I'm sort of obligated to go with her!

2008-09-18 13:18:24
545.   oshea2002
A 1, 2, 3 inning here would be much appreciated. No cheapies with Doumit, Morgan, and possibly McClouth coming up.
2008-09-18 13:18:24
546.   bhsportsguy
541 Bob get's no pleasure from the fact that a certain former WR is now pitching for the Cubs.
2008-09-18 13:18:27
547.   Jim Hitchcock
531 Too funny!
2008-09-18 13:18:33
548.   underdog
Speaking of football, I am now going to the Lions @ 49ers game on Sunday with a friend who had an extra ticket. Why, I don't know, other than that it was nice to be asked. I'll bring my cell phone so I can check box scores during that barnburner of a contest.
2008-09-18 13:19:21
549.   Alex41592
If you needed anymore evidence. FSN has Broxton at 93 on his fastball.
2008-09-18 13:19:32
550.   Lexinthedena
Me tinks ye ol' Ox ought to burn 'em scurvy dregs with fastballs a' flame n' sliders that mix cement!
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-09-18 13:19:57
551.   trainwreck
You poor fool.
2008-09-18 13:20:22
552.   Gagne55
Underdog, I find it amusing that you posted 542. That means your typo had you referring to your own future comment in 463 .
2008-09-18 13:20:29
553.   ucladodger
2008-09-18 13:20:31
554.   Alex41592
One away!
2008-09-18 13:20:46
555.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
Gameday is saying that Proctor is still the pitcher, but it hasn't shown the first pitch yet (it has been sort of lurchy for me). Wherefore art though, Big Man?
2008-09-18 13:20:58
556.   underdog
Blows him away with a fastball!
1 down, 2 to go.
2008-09-18 13:21:12
557.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
549 - Lyon called that a slider.
2008-09-18 13:21:18
558.   bhsportsguy
551 So are you going to make it down to a football game or are you going to wait for basketball?
2008-09-18 13:21:22
559.   Bob Timmermann
Pittsburgh's Gameday operator had to pick up his kids from school at 5, so he's gone.
2008-09-18 13:21:24
560.   capdodger
Huh. It seems that gameday has decided to take the rest of this inning off.
2008-09-18 13:21:30
561.   oshea2002
Come on, make this guy hit you.
2008-09-18 13:21:32
562.   Tripon
548 So you're basically going to the Tim Tebow sweepstakes match up.

And yes, I'm fully expecting the 49ers to have an awful season, fire Nolan, and start over with a new franchise QB.

2008-09-18 13:21:44
563.   still bevens
I wont be content until Morgan gets out. Dude has been a Dodger killer all week.
2008-09-18 13:21:49
564.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
549 - The second pitch of that at-bat, correct?
2008-09-18 13:21:51
565.   Lexinthedena
game channel is frozen. PLay by play please:)
2008-09-18 13:22:00
566.   underdog
552 Hah hah. I think I saw this in a Ray Bradbury story once. Maybe I'm my own grandfather.


Okay, let's go Broxton. This guy makes me want to make like Molly's dog on the carpet.

2008-09-18 13:22:25
567.   oshea2002
Of all the people to walk. Wow.
2008-09-18 13:22:34
568.   Alex41592
564 - No, I meant the first pitch.

And a giant mistake by Broxton.

2008-09-18 13:22:38
569.   cargill06
Can someone watching the game tell me what Brozton's face looks like?
2008-09-18 13:22:49
570.   trainwreck
Hopefully can make it down sometime in November or December. So basketball season for sure.
2008-09-18 13:22:58
571.   Alex41592
Morgan is absoutely going to steal here.
2008-09-18 13:23:01
572.   capdodger
That's what happens when you put metal in the microwave!
2008-09-18 13:23:10
573.   ucladodger
Jeeze, Brox. Thats pretty terrible.
2008-09-18 13:23:43
574.   Tripon
Hu should had that ball!
2008-09-18 13:23:55
575.   Gagne55
Bob, do have the Colorado walks into the light article out and ready to hit submit?
2008-09-18 13:23:58
576.   oshea2002
I think a good throw has him there.
2008-09-18 13:24:06
577.   ucladodger
Good throw gets him.
2008-09-18 13:24:15
578.   underdog
Man, I'm getting kind of sick of Nyger Morgan.
2008-09-18 13:25:04
579.   Alex41592
Ok, it's Broxton vs. McLouth with the game on the line. Two away.
2008-09-18 13:25:36
580.   underdog
And yeah, Martin had a shot at him. Darnit, Russ and Mongo!

Uh oh, that comebacker shot off of Broxton. Hope he's okay. Looked like it caught his glove but it may have gotten a piece of him. Great reaction just to get the out at 1st.

2008-09-18 13:25:58
581.   Alex41592
Comebacker hit Big John on the glove hand so they're checking on him. He'll stay in.
2008-09-18 13:26:28
582.   Sagehen
579 Thanks Alex. Gameday broke. We must know what's going on.
2008-09-18 13:26:30
583.   ucladodger
That extra run would have been really nice right about now.
2008-09-18 13:26:32
584.   Tripon
Its Nyjer Morgan. Just looked up his stats at Baseball Ref, and he is Juan Pierre.

2008-09-18 13:26:32
585.   cargill06
Um why Joe? Whyyyyyyyy?
2008-09-18 13:26:54
586.   underdog
IBBs a good call here. Well, we'll see.
2008-09-18 13:26:56
587.   I Love LA
can someone please give me an update? Some of you go way off topic sorry I am counting for updates and all I get are off base comments.
2008-09-18 13:26:58
588.   scooplew
Game Day has died. What is happening?
2008-09-18 13:26:58
589.   oshea2002
One of Brox's biggest moment's of the year here. I don't mind walking the guy here since McClouth is the winning run anyway.
2008-09-18 13:27:00
590.   Alex41592
This is very questionable walking the winning run on base. McLouth has great speed and he'll score on a gapper.
2008-09-18 13:27:15
591.   Neal Pollack
Oy vey.
2008-09-18 13:27:16
592.   MrCourt123
Keep the updates coming. Gameday isn't working for me and ESPN gamecast is frozen too!
2008-09-18 13:27:27
593.   underdog
585 - Why what?
2008-09-18 13:27:29
594.   capdodger
And Gameday springs back to life!
2008-09-18 13:27:31
595.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
GameDay stalled at the worst time. It just now explained the Doumit strikeout. Now the walk...
2008-09-18 13:27:37
596.   oshea2002
1st and 3rd. 2 outs. Up 1 run. Michaels up.
2008-09-18 13:27:57
597.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
Now, the highspeed version of Gameday! Almost caughtup.
2008-09-18 13:28:31
598.   underdog
1st and 3rd with two outs for those of you missing the action. Michaels is up.

McClouth, who is a lefty and the Pirates best hitter, was IBB'd.

I just hope Broxton is okay, separate from this game, after that liner off his glove hand.

2008-09-18 13:28:33
599.   oshea2002
Why make no effort to hold the guy there?
2008-09-18 13:28:38
600.   Alex41592
That's why you don't put him on. McLouth steals second.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2008-09-18 13:28:41
601.   cargill06
593 Why walk him? Never a good idea to put the winning run on base.
2008-09-18 13:29:10
602.   oshea2002
McClouth stole second. 1-2.
2008-09-18 13:29:31
603.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
stalled again at 2 pitches to Cruz, who I only know hit a comebacker thanks to all of you!
2008-09-18 13:30:10
604.   ucladodger
2008-09-18 13:30:11
605.   Tripon
GAME OVER! DeWitt gets the fly out!
2008-09-18 13:30:17
606.   oshea2002
we win.
2008-09-18 13:30:21
607.   Reddog
2008-09-18 13:30:21
608.   Alex41592
YES! Blooper to DeWitt!


Magic Number: 7

2008-09-18 13:30:31
609.   trainwreck
2008-09-18 13:30:51
610.   underdog
Little pop fly! DeWitt's got it! Dodgers win! Broxton for the save!

Dodgers win! Magic number 7.

And I can eat lunch in peace now.

2008-09-18 13:31:00
611.   Tripon
We went 7-3 on this road trip. We gotta be happy with that.
2008-09-18 13:31:03
612.   Alex41592
I'm spent!
2008-09-18 13:31:07
613.   fanerman
Yes! Lunch time...
2008-09-18 13:31:08
614.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
gameday just caught up with "in play, out" a popup! YAY!
2008-09-18 13:31:12
615.   DodgerBakers
2008-09-18 13:31:15
616.   capdodger
"In play, Out(s)"


2008-09-18 13:31:20
617.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-18 13:31:35
618.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
A 7-3 road trip.
OK, Snakes, the Dodgers won and you're facing Lincecum - no pressure.
2008-09-18 13:32:04
619.   caseybarker
2008-09-18 13:32:34
620.   bhsportsguy
They gain at least 2 games in the standings and shave 12 off the magic number. That will get it done.
2008-09-18 13:32:44
621.   ToyCannon
Felt like a playoff game, nice for Broxton to close it out.
2008-09-18 13:32:51
622.   bhsportsguy
They gain at least 2 games in the standings and shave at least 12 off the magic number. That will get it done.
2008-09-18 13:33:21
623.   Tripon
Magic number is seven, Dodgers went 7-3, and the Dodgers are 80-73, or 7 games above .500
2008-09-18 13:33:25
624.   Alex41592
I'll be back with perspective later. Right now I'm going to find a way to lower my heart rate.
2008-09-18 13:33:44
625.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
That's six straight series won.
2008-09-18 13:33:44
626.   underdog
618 Tee hee. Yeah, let's go Lincecum, one more great start and then you can shut it down for the year so we don't have to face you. Thanks.

Hasta luego, Amigos de Azul.

2008-09-18 13:33:45
627.   Louis in SF
One of the uglier games of the season. I am not sure we win that game against anyone else with the exception of the Pirates.
2008-09-18 13:34:36
628.   Linkmeister
To quote Alvin Dark, "drug through a knothole."
2008-09-18 13:36:21
629.   Tripon
FSN is showing a repeat of the game now.
2008-09-18 13:36:57
630.   scooplew
Thanks all for the updates. You are more reliable and have far more heart than Game Day. Now I can get back to work. Here's to Lincecum.
2008-09-18 13:39:27
631.   underdog
551 Fool, indeed, although it's rare to get to see an NFL game live so cheaply. And since the superior Saints-Broncos game isn't on TV here, might as well get some sun and see some terrible football.
2008-09-18 13:39:47
632.   gibsonhobbs88
Very good gentlemen! A 7-3 road trip is nothing to sneer at. We lost one game at each stop but won each series. Not only does AZ have to face Linecum tonight but that means we miss him this weekend. Arizona after tonight has to hit the road. We need to clinch while we are at home and AZ is on the road. I'm going Saturday and Tuesday. Probably Kuroda Saturday and then Bills to make up for his worst start since April or early May on Tuesday against SD.
The 1/2 game goes away on our off day Monday. Az will be in STL that day.
Great way to come home!
2008-09-18 13:40:12
633.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow, squeaker.

BTW, the Pirates mascot really freaks out Seamus the Wonder Parrot.

2008-09-18 13:40:43
634.   Tripon
FSN goes straight to the 4th inning, apprently deciding that the first three innings don't count despite the Pirates scoring a run in the first.
2008-09-18 13:41:49
635.   JoeyP
This may be the best Dodgers record in Sept of all time.
2008-09-18 13:43:02
636.   Daniel Zappala
My wife emailed me asking where we keep the rubber bands. Google is on the case. I got gmail ads for custom-made rubber bands, custom rubber products, discount rubber mulch, and rubber mats and rolls.
2008-09-18 13:44:51
637.   Kevin Lewis
I just noticed that Stub Hub is now running the tickets on eBay. That is unfortunate. I used to get really cheap tickets
2008-09-18 13:44:54
638.   Tripon

ESPN ranks Lincecum first out of all Starting Pitchers for 2009, Bills ranks 14th. And the first AL pitcher comes in at 7th with Francisco Liriano,

2008-09-18 13:46:34
639.   Eric Stephen
I was thinking 1965, but they were "only" 22-8. That club did finish 15-1 though.
2008-09-18 13:49:15
640.   trainwreck
I have to miss Raider game because of a Christening. Don't people know there is football on.

Their baby's salvation or whatever can wait.

2008-09-18 13:50:24
641.   I Love LA
thank you so much to those who gave updates! You guys are the best!
2008-09-18 13:50:55
642.   Tripon
640 That kid is the reincarnation of Al Davis.
2008-09-18 13:53:00
643.   trainwreck
Wow, True Blood already got second season. That second episode was incredibly boring.
2008-09-18 13:56:57
644.   Tripon
Zito vs. Maddux tomorrow. Battle of Cy Young winners!
2008-09-18 13:58:17
645.   kinbote
And the wind screamed Lincecum.
2008-09-18 13:58:53
646.   caseybarker
20-8 in 1991
20-9 in 1966
20-7 in 1965
2008-09-18 14:00:00
647.   caseybarker
1965 team went 2-1 in October.
2008-09-18 14:00:48
648.   underdog
Didn't see this posted earlier. From Diamond's blog:

Nomar Garciaparra was doing so well that his plans to see the Pittsburgh Steelers' team doctor were scrapped. "It's better than I expected," Garciaparra said of his strained left knee. "I expected it to keep me up at night. It didn't."

2008-09-18 14:01:08
649.   Terry A
633 - Or in this case, a "squee!-ker."
2008-09-18 14:01:37
650.   underdog
643 Not enough crazy vampire sex in that episode for ya? The next one looks rather frightening though.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2008-09-18 14:02:10
651.   Jonny6
Random thoughts from a wild day game:

* The defensive metrics may contradict my naked eye, but it sure looks like Blake is a solid defensive 3rd basemen. Those two plays in succession were some of the best I've seen this season, with the second one being positively Beltre-esqe.
*No need to dwell on it past today, but Kemp's attempted steal was one of the more bone headed mistakes of the season.
*Hu just cannot seem to make a contribution this season. I keep waiting and rooting for a key base hit or phenomenal play with the glove in an important situation, but it's just not happening. I hope Hu is still with us in 2009 to get another chance to excel.
*Martin is a good baseball player.
*Even against a left-handed pitcher, wouldn't we rather have Berroa up right now over Sweeney (even disregarding the defensive adjustments that must follow using Sweeney as a pinch hitter)?
*And finally, even when DeWitt seems to mess up he finds a way contribute (re: the put out at home). He's obviously no Kent with the bat, but he does seem to have a knack for being involved in the big plays.

2008-09-18 14:07:23
652.   Disabled List
These last two games were two of our nastiest games of the season. And yet we still managed to split the pair. I'll take that any day.

There was lots of stuff to complain about today, but since we finished the roadie 7-3, I'll keep quiet. For now.

2008-09-18 14:10:40
653.   Alex41592
Absolutely incredible at Wrigley!

Down 6-2 with two out in the ninth they come all the way back to tie the game at 6. Unbelievable.

2008-09-18 14:12:24
654.   Alex41592
Bottom 9th: Chi Cubs
- S. Torres relieved G. Mota
- R. Theriot lined out to shortstop
- D. Lee flied out to right
- A. Ramirez doubled to deep left
- J. Edmonds singled to center, A. Ramirez scored
- M. DeRosa singled to right center, J. Edmonds to third
- G. Soto homered to deep left center, J. Edmonds and M. DeRosa scored
- K. Fukudome grounded out to shortstop

4 runs, 4 hits, 0 errors
Milwaukee 6, Chi Cubs 6

2008-09-18 14:14:38
655.   Jim Hitchcock
643 It's Flamingo Road with bigger fangs.

Sons of Anarchy, otoh...

2008-09-18 14:18:46
656.   bhsportsguy
654 Kevin Kennedy just said if the Cubs win, this could be a devasting loss for the Brewers.
2008-09-18 14:20:59
657.   Alex41592
Seth McClung tomorrow's starter for the Brewers is in to pitch for the Brewers in the 10th inning. It's do or die for the Brewers, sort of.
2008-09-18 14:30:12
658.   Bob Timmermann
Was Torii Hunter's steal of home a straight steal?
2008-09-18 14:32:05
659.   Bob Timmermann
Answering my question, Hunter sneaked in on a rundown between first and second.
2008-09-18 14:34:58
660.   bhsportsguy
659 I just read where Stephanie Edwards is going to get $50K (the same as Bob Eubanks) to skip New Year's Eve and brave the early chill of a Pasadena New Year's Day.
2008-09-18 14:35:52
661.   bhsportsguy
The Dodgers should be home before the game in Arizona is over.
2008-09-18 14:43:09
662.   Alex41592
Jim Edmonds just got thrown out of the game mid-at bat for arguing balls and strikes. It wasn't even arguing more of a discussion and he got tossed.
2008-09-18 14:45:25
663.   NoHoDodger
Big Win Today.

This is a back-breaker for AZ.

If the Dodgers lost this game, the margin of error would be a little uncomfortable for me.

As of now, I am VERY comfortable.

2008-09-18 14:47:34
664.   Alex41592
Feliz Pie pinch hitting for Edmonds on a 1-2 count grounds into a fielders choice. DeRosa singles Pie to third. 1st and 3rd 2 outs for Soto. Soto who tied the game earlier with a three run HR.
2008-09-18 14:48:25
665.   Alex41592
Soto flies to deep center. This game is an instant classic. Top 12 and all tied at 6.
2008-09-18 14:49:59
666.   natepurcell
So last night I went to the dbacks/giants game and right as I was walking to my seats and seeing the field...the entire stadium was getting RickRolled through the loud speakers.

It was the most glorious total situation I have ever experienced.

2008-09-18 14:50:09
667.   kinbote
650 My wife likes vampires, so we've been watching it. Jon said he made it through 2 3/4 episodes; based on the previews, I think I know the event that's going to push it over the edge.
2008-09-18 14:52:08
668.   cargill06
Colorado was eliminated from the play-off's today. I'm disappointed that Bob didn't notify me of this.
2008-09-18 14:52:35
669.   Tripon
Los Angeles Dodgers' Manny Ramirez, right, bows to teammate Chin-lung Hu (60) after beating the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-3 in 12 inning in a baseball game at Pittsburgh Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

2008-09-18 14:54:19
670.   Bob Timmermann
It was on the Griddle almost immediately after it happened.
2008-09-18 14:57:53
671.   Gagne55
670 But cargrill asked you to e-mail him.
2008-09-18 14:59:53
672.   Bob Timmermann
I wanted to eat lunch.
2008-09-18 15:00:30
673.   Alex41592
Brewers go from 2nd and 3rd and nobody out to 1st and 2nd with two out. Dillon grounds to short. 6-6 Bot 12 at Wrigley.
2008-09-18 15:00:44
674.   cargill06
The Brewers had runners on 2nd and 3rd with no one out and failed to score. I'm glad I'm not a Brewer fan.
2008-09-18 15:01:44
675.   Tripon
3PM Sportscenter leads off with the Dodgers-Pirates highlights.
2008-09-18 15:04:37
676.   bhsportsguy
672 But then, who would answer the phone?
2008-09-18 15:07:56
677.   Alex41592
Cubs will have 1st and 2nd with one out for Theriot.
2008-09-18 15:09:07
678.   Alex41592
Two out. 1st and 3rd for Lee.
2008-09-18 15:11:31
679.   Tripon
Hah, Scott Proctor won the game.
2008-09-18 15:12:01
680.   Alex41592
Lined to center base hit. Cubs win 7-6. Cubs Magic number is down to 2.
2008-09-18 15:12:17
681.   seesdifferent
Cubs win!
2008-09-18 15:12:40
682.   Alex41592
Now, that was a tremendous baseball game.
2008-09-18 15:12:56
683.   Tripon
So we're rooting for the Brewers to lose to get either the Mets or Phillies?
2008-09-18 15:14:28
684.   nofatmike
The Brewers season is probably over.
2008-09-18 15:15:20
685.   Alex41592
I actually don't care who we face. Wrigley, Citizens Bank Park, or Shea are all going to be tough places to win. But, I can't wait if we get to that point.
2008-09-18 15:18:14
686.   Dane Bramage
Wow, the Brewers are 4-13 for September. Practically the inverse of us.
2008-09-18 15:20:13
687.   Tripon
The Brewers are going to want a top flight manager. Larry Bowa, welcome to Milwaukee!
2008-09-18 15:20:17
688.   blue22
684 - May want to see what Hamels and Johan do tonight in their starts tonight, but they're only a game back in the Wild Card. They do need to get Sheets back quickly though.

All 3 teams are on the road this weekend.

685 - Agreed, I'll take on any and all qualifiers. Rooting for a supposedly lesser team to face is a good way to get punished by the baseball gods. The Cubs do look like the best team right now, though.

2008-09-18 15:20:20
689.   cargill06
Hmm, I need Oakland to complete a 4 team parlay. Should I get my hopes up yet?
2008-09-18 15:20:34
690.   JoeyP
Looks like the Brewers gamble has turned up a bust.

They look really bad next year with no CC or Sheets. It'll be even worse if LaPorta turns into something good.

2008-09-18 15:20:49
691.   bhsportsguy
Milwaukee plays the Reds and Pirates, if they want those last three games against the Cubs to count for them, they really need to win all 6.
2008-09-18 15:21:24
692.   cargill06
Arizona's magic # is 15.
2008-09-18 15:22:16
693.   JoeyP
The thing that would suck about playing the Cubs in the 1st rd, is almost definite the 1st two games will be day games which means most will miss them being at work.
2008-09-18 15:24:58
694.   Dane Bramage
693 What? Network execs don't think that a Cubs-Dodgers matchup warrants the prime-time broadcast slot?
2008-09-18 15:29:01
695.   Dane Bramage
Wrigley Field, West Coast edition going on right now in Oakland...Angels up 6-3 bot 9th runners on 1st & 3rd...
2008-09-18 15:29:34
696.   thinkblue88
I remember in 2004, the Dodgers-Cardinals game was in the afternoon.

The Mets/Dodgers were also in the day.

2008-09-18 15:31:06
697.   Jim Hitchcock
694 Remember the Dodgers/Mets games at Shea?
2008-09-18 15:32:45
698.   Dane Bramage
697 Yes, but it's a painful memory...
2008-09-18 15:35:07
699.   Alex41592
694 - With potential for a New York team, the Red Sox, two Chicago teams and two Los Angeles 'named' teams. You have prime time up the wazoo. But, I believe the Cubs and Red Sox draw the best out of the eight potential teams so whomever they face will get the proper prime time treatment.
2008-09-18 15:36:14
700.   underdog
Somewhere, Ned Yost is chuckling quietly to himself. Or maybe loudly to other people.
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2008-09-18 15:38:44
701.   Humma Kavula
696 I recall Game 3 of the Mets/Dodgers series -- the one game played at Dodger Stadium -- being a night game L.A. time. But I could be remembering wrong.
2008-09-18 15:40:21
702.   Tripon
700 Don't know why Ned Yost would be happy. He's never going to get a head coaching job ever again, unless he finds a really dumb owner.
2008-09-18 15:41:26
703.   cargill06
701 Yes it was, becuase I remember it being ok for me to start drinking after the top of the `1st.
2008-09-18 15:41:34
704.   Alex41592
2006 NLDS Dodgers/Mets:

Game 1 was a twilight game 4 p.m. in the east.

Game 2 was a night game 8 p.m. in the east.

Game 3 was a twilight game at Dodger Stadium but 8 p.m. in the east.

2008-09-18 15:47:17
705.   Bob Timmermann
I wouldn't count out the Brewers. The Mets still have to play the Cubs four times.
2008-09-18 15:47:57
706.   Alex41592
TBS also changed the times for division series games. FWIW, last season when there were three games scheduled they started at Noon, 3:30 and 7 p.m here on the West Coast. Games on the weekend started at 3:00 and 6:30 as well as Noon and 3:30.

So, my guess is Game 1 and 2 (in N.Y, PHI or CHI) would start at either Noon or 3:30 here regardless of where we play. And game 3 and 4 potentially would start at 3:00 or 6:30.

2008-09-18 15:53:16
707.   Lexinthedena
I could see Larry Bowa managing somewhere next season, but not the Brewers, they thought Yost was wound too tight. They will look to get a Torre type....Pittsburgh? AZ? Seattle? They are all searching for the "Fire"....
2008-09-18 15:58:02
708.   underdog
702 eh, he was probably drinking before all the chuckling began. Also, yes, I agree, it would take a dumb owner and/or GM to hire him again -- good thing there aren't any of those around. ;-)
2008-09-18 15:59:11
709.   RELX
After today's lose, the Brewers need to do something radical, like firing their manager...oh wait...
2008-09-18 16:00:03
710.   RELX
705 . The Cubs may have clinched by then, though.
2008-09-18 16:00:23
711.   bhsportsguy
708 Bowa has said that he likes coaching and working with Torre, not sure he would want to deal with the aggravation.
2008-09-18 16:03:01
712.   underdog
711 I was still talking about Ned Yost, not Bowa. I agree.
2008-09-18 16:03:36
713.   underdog
I think for their next trick, the Brewers should fire the Cubs manager.
2008-09-18 16:06:35
714.   The Dude Abides
Go Timmy! Pitch another shutout tonight to cut our magic number and keep the Cy Young away from Webb.
2008-09-18 16:11:00
715.   LogikReader
Hey hey!

Just got my email with the Playoff Tix Presale information.

It pays to get reserve tickets :)

2008-09-18 16:11:33
716.   Jim Hitchcock
714 I suspect that's not your only motivation, Dude ;)
2008-09-18 16:23:29
717.   bhsportsguy
Visitors getting off to good starts:

Phillies 2-0
Mets 1-0
Twins 3-0
Astros 1-0

2008-09-18 16:25:07
718.   LoneStar7
i hate the dogers
2008-09-18 16:27:51
719.   Alex41592
717 - Add the White Sox 1-0
2008-09-18 16:28:34
720.   trainwreck
I love lamp.
2008-09-18 16:28:57
721.   LogikReader
Toronto doesn't want to play along:

O's, 0
Jays, 1

2008-09-18 16:30:54
722.   Alex41592
Evan Longoria goes deep and gets two back 3-2 Twins.
2008-09-18 16:36:18
723.   Alex41592
Today was also the final game of the season for the duo of Charley Steiner and Steve Lyons. Vinny all the way from here on out.
2008-09-18 16:39:10
724.   Alex41592
Navarro goes deep for two more runs. 4-3 Rays still in the 1st.
2008-09-18 16:40:04
725.   Jim Hitchcock
Hmmm...the article in the Times yesterday about the Dodgers/Giants rivalry told the story of Alvin Dark watering the field at Candlestick into a muddy morass to slow down Maury Wills, but left out the part about the duck calls.
2008-09-18 16:54:39
726.   underdog
718 ???
2008-09-18 16:56:49
727.   blue22
726 - It's a little early for a Rule 11...
2008-09-18 17:01:25
728.   LoneStar7
726 sorry I singed on my roommates computer to comment from class and watch, he's a bozo yankee fan, and apparently cannot spell to save his life...
2008-09-18 17:06:50
729.   bhsportsguy
728 Well, it could have been worst, he could have ordered a dozen pizzas in your name.
2008-09-18 17:06:57
730.   Jim Hitchcock
727 Not if your in the Lonestar state ;)
2008-09-18 17:09:01
731.   bhsportsguy
And not too demean the stat but today's save by K-Rod is an example of why you need to keep it in context.
2008-09-18 17:09:27
732.   LoneStar7
729 haha yea that would of been a bit worse

730 its still only 7 here, I think I'd have to of been heavily drinking since about 4 to forget how to spell dodgers lol..

2008-09-18 17:20:57
733.   bhsportsguy
Today's win was the first 1-run win on the road since the comeback on July 20th in Arizona. Since then they had lost 5 1-run road games, the last being Sunday in Colorado.

Today was also the first time since July 25th that the bullpen saved a 1 run lead to close out the game.

The Dodgers last 1-run win was against the Phillies (8/13) at home when Nomar hit a home run in the bottom of the 9th of a then 6-6 tie game.

2008-09-18 17:22:35
734.   Jon Weisman
733 - There goes my lead :)
2008-09-18 17:27:30
735.   bhsportsguy
During this 15-3 run, the Dodgers have only 4 saves because the team has only had 5 games decided by 1-3 runs.

Recofd by run differential per game

1 - (1-1)
2 - (2-0)
3 - (1-0)
4 - (5-1)
5 - (3-0)
6 - (1-0)
7 - (2-1)

2008-09-18 17:27:45
736.   Jon Weisman
Lyman Bostock story to go with the ESPN special Sunday:

2008-09-18 17:27:59
737.   Tripon
All the Dodgers need is 87 wins, since the D'Backs can only reach 86 wins. :)
2008-09-18 17:28:48
738.   bhsportsguy
734 Yes, but you will make my factual ramblings Scullyesque.
2008-09-18 17:33:49
739.   underdog
can someone repost the link to the thread that had all of our Dodger record predictions in it? Either the recent comment from Eric S or the original one?
2008-09-18 17:34:19
740.   Jon Weisman
738 - Don't think I'm gonna post anything tonight anyway. On to 1,000 comments!
2008-09-18 17:35:14
741.   fanerman
739 89 wins and I'm sticking to it!
2008-09-18 17:35:55
742.   Im So Blue
I was at Borders in Torrance today, and saw a sign advertising the appearance of DT fave Danica McKellar tonight (9/18) at 7pm.

She'll be promoting her latest book, Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss

2008-09-18 17:36:44
743.   underdog
741 I think I had about the same but could be wrong.

742 {jealous whimper}

2008-09-18 17:36:51
744.   fanerman
742 Go back and get pics!
2008-09-18 17:39:36
745.   Tripon
741 Dodgers are going to win the rest of their games, including sweeping San Fran in San Fran to get to 89 wins.
2008-09-18 17:39:47
746.   Jon Weisman
742 - It hadn't before occurred to me that with more fortuitous timing, we could appear at the same book signing.
2008-09-18 17:40:16
747.   GMac In The 909
744 Heh. I needed to see pics of her as soon as I read the post ... and I came across some on a website called Nice.
2008-09-18 17:42:51
748.   Tripon

Sounds like the Padres are going to buy out Giles for $3 million instead of picking up his 9 million dollar option. He'd make sense of the Angels if they want to go fairly cheap and short years.

2008-09-18 17:45:31
749.   bhsportsguy
One of the more interesting predictions, if they hit that record, they will clinch the West. And his timing for a certain call up was dead on.

52. Humma Kavula
The Dodgers went 87-75 in 2008, missing the wild card by one game (Brewers!). The positives were the increasingly great play of Kemp, Loney, and NL MVP Russell Martin.

Bonus prediction:

Clayton Kershaw was called up from AA Jacksonville on May 25 to mixed results. He struck out a batter an inning, but also allowed too many walks and threw too many pitches. He was sent back down in June and recalled in August to join the rotation when Loaiza is injured. Two words to describe August 15 through the end of the season: Fernandomania II.

2008-09-18 17:46:21
750.   underdog
Ah hah!

I don't know if I want to answer the question because I'm afraid of jinxing them or whatever. But instead I'll just hopefully "misunderestimate"...

89-73, one game out of first, playoffs as wild card."

Hmm, I'll be slightly off, but not much.

Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2008-09-18 17:49:59
751.   Tripon
Aside from Saito & Broxton, the bullpen failed to live up to expectations. Beimel was a huge disappointment, and the team scrambled for middle-inning options all year long.

Heh, glad to see kinbote was dead wrong on this. Although he had no way of knowing that Kuo, Park, and Wade would basically be the backbone of the relief corps. (Broxton and Saito obviously being the face of the relievers.)

2008-09-18 17:50:31
752.   GMac In The 909
750 I'm still holding out hope for mine:

19. GMac In The 909
The Dodgers' 85-77 record in 2008 rested on the shoulders of Ron Stilanovich, who took over as third base coach after Larry Bowa was trampled by The Bison.

2008-09-18 17:51:53
753.   underdog
751 Yeah but kinbote was spot on about Jones, alas.

"3. Andruw Jones proved to be a massive disappointment, setting a team record for strikeouts while occassionally sneaking into the RF bleachers for the all-you-can-eat spread."

2008-09-18 17:53:09
754.   Alex41592
The D'Backs send:




No Reynolds, no Snyder and no Tracy. That game is at 6:40.

2008-09-18 17:54:18
755.   underdog
The Dodgers ended the season with one of their hottest Septembers ever, leapfrogging Arizona. Broxton filled in for Saito after Sammy got injured, and the young guys picked up the slack from Jones and Pierre. Oh, At the same time they switch their AAA and AA teams to new locations in New Mexico and Tennessee."

Er, I meant to write that there, just forgot to post it. I have my notes to prove it somewhere.

2008-09-18 17:55:44
756.   underdog
I wonder if Lincecum will strike out more than 15 today. With those three guys out of the line-up, maybe not, but it might be close! I just hope the Giants win, and that will be the last time I type that all season. {shudder}
2008-09-18 18:00:14
757.   KG16
723 - that might just be the best news I've heard all month.
2008-09-18 18:00:41
758.   trainwreck
*The Dodgers went 91-71 in 2008, because of the depth of their pitching. Clayton Kershaw, James McDonald, and Scott Elbert all came up and contributed to the team. The team went into a lull in the beginning of the season because of injuries, but then a mythical beast arrived and created a media frenzy and propelled the Dodgers to the top of the NL West.

Juan Pierre was never seen again.*

That one inning that McDonald pitched counts as contributing, right?

2008-09-18 18:01:39
759.   trainwreck
Let's try that again...

The Dodgers went 91-71 in 2008, because of the depth of their pitching. Clayton Kershaw, James McDonald, and Scott Elbert all came up and contributed to the team. The team went into a lull in the beginning of the season because of injuries, but then a mythical beast arrived and created a media frenzy and propelled the Dodgers to the top of the NL West.

Juan Pierre was never seen again.

That one inning that McDonald pitched counts as contributing, right?

2008-09-18 18:02:14
760.   Jon Weisman
Are we expecting Lincecum to be sharp in his first start after the 138 game? I'm not. I'm not trying to be pessimistic - it just seems logical to assume he might not be at his best.
2008-09-18 18:02:51
761.   underdog
Sigh, remind me never to play co-ed weeknight soccer again, or at least not captain a team therein.

Five women on the team, 3 needed to field a full squad, 4 of the 5 can't make it tonight.

2008-09-18 18:04:35
762.   trainwreck
Should have done kickball.
2008-09-18 18:05:19
763.   bhsportsguy
Eric Stephen is going to check but I am pretty sure I did not make a prediction.
2008-09-18 18:07:41
764.   underdog
762 I kill at that game! But it's still the same problem during the week if you need to have a set amount of women. Ah well.
2008-09-18 18:09:49
765.   trainwreck
Turn that frown upside down, because tonight, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is back!!!
2008-09-18 18:16:36
766.   underdog
765 - I'm waiting 'til The Office and 30 Rock are also back before fully smiling on Thursdays. Looking forward to kicking the ball around regardless, but thanks for reminder, have to Tivo that.
2008-09-18 18:31:08
767.   trainwreck
I like how our Double-A team is now the Lookouts.
2008-09-18 18:31:51
768.   fanerman
767 I guess before you can be a Dodger you have to be on the Lookout(s).
2008-09-18 18:34:43
769.   underdog
767 They were also Tre Cool's band before they became a baseball team and before he joined Green Day.

(mixing up history is fun!)

2008-09-18 18:36:45
770.   trainwreck
Giants need to stop showing that damn Brian Johnson home run.
2008-09-18 18:37:43
771.   trainwreck
I was hoping their mascot was Joseph Gordon-Levitt looking confused by a math problem.
2008-09-18 18:39:22
772.   Marty
Apparently, I didn't make a prediction. I don't know why. Now, I predict they win the division.
2008-09-18 18:41:07
773.   trainwreck
It is pretty sweet our AAA team is named after something from the Simpsons.
2008-09-18 18:41:44
774.   Bluebleeder87

did you see my ex?

2008-09-18 18:42:23
775.   thinkblue88
Evan Longoria has hit 3 homeruns tonight!
2008-09-18 18:46:33
776.   Bluebleeder87
Nice start by the Giants.
2008-09-18 18:47:19
777.   Gen3Blue
Randy not having a great first inning so far.
2008-09-18 18:47:37
778.   fanerman
773 Oh my Ch-i I just realized they're really gonna be the Isotopes. I salute whoever came up with that name.
2008-09-18 18:47:40
779.   Alex41592
Giants have the bases loaded and nobody out for Molina.
2008-09-18 18:47:53
780.   cargill06
6!!! I'll see you tomorrow night.
2008-09-18 18:49:05
781.   trainwreck
Fans voted for it.
2008-09-18 18:49:05
782.   Alex41592
Molina pops out.
2008-09-18 18:49:59
783.   Alex41592
1-0 Giants Sandoval sac fly.
2008-09-18 18:51:53
784.   Alex41592
Giants only get one. 1-0 S.F. Bot 1.
2008-09-18 18:52:10
785.   fanerman
781 Then I salute them.
2008-09-18 18:52:28
786.   Bluebleeder87
only 1 run by the Giants
2008-09-18 18:54:15
787.   ToyCannon
Dodgers were able to overcome the performance sapping injuries to Furcal, Kent, Schmidt, Nomar, and LaRoche and remain competitive

If only the rest of my run on paragraph had been so prophetic. The only thing I got right were injuries and a NL pennant.

On the plus side I got snipped at by Frip which has to count for something.

2008-09-18 18:59:07
788.   Alex41592
Jackson gets a two out double but Dunn flies to right.

1-0 Giants Top 2.

2008-09-18 18:59:21
789.   ToyCannon
Thank the baseball Gods that the Rockies picked Greg Reynolds with the 2nd pick in the 2006 draft instead of Longoria. He would have rewritten all of the Rockie record books.
2008-09-18 19:01:52
790.   Bluebleeder87
When you think about it, it's amazing watching a 40 something year old man like Randy Johnson still able to do what he does... He's had back problems all his career from what I remember & your not suppose to pitch & be as athletic as he is as TALL as he is.
2008-09-18 19:04:12
791.   Jacob Burch
Man, when I heard we wouldn't be the 51s anymore I was sad to lose such an awesome logo. I'm pretty sure this is the only option that I would in fact like better. A gift from the Dodger/Simpson site posting heaven.

Going to buy a 'Topes hat pronto.

2008-09-18 19:08:38
792.   Alex41592
Uneventful inning.

1-0 Giants Top 3.

2008-09-18 19:08:58
793.   Bluebleeder87
Nice 1,2,3 inning by Lincecum with the way the D-Backs bullpen has been pitching, I like our chances.
2008-09-18 19:10:10
794.   scareduck
775 - go Dirtbags, er, Rays!
2008-09-18 19:12:17
795.   Gen3Blue
Isotopes is an awesome name. Of course I have to realize the stadium is almost 5000 ft. elevation and used to inflate batting stats in a way Vegas couldn't approach. In my formative MiL years I seem to remember Mike Marshall and Greg Brock hitting like 40 or 50 homers each in triple A.
2008-09-18 19:12:56
796.   Bluebleeder87
i'm trying to figure out Randy Winn's swing, he seems to cheat a little & use his arm's a little more than the normal hitter.
2008-09-18 19:14:18
797.   Bluebleeder87
man, the Giants 3rd base coach has a little of Rich Donnelly in 'em.
2008-09-18 19:15:31
798.   Alex41592
Aurilia gunned down trying to go 1st to 3rd on a base hit by Molina.

1-0 Giants Bot 3

2008-09-18 19:23:21
799.   Alex41592
Eckstein singles and eventually ends up at third. But, Lincecum gets Ojeda to groundout.

1-0 Giants Top 4.

2008-09-18 19:25:46
800.   Louis in SF
Don't know if it has been mentioned already, but just came back from Crissy Field-beautiful day and Bochy said that Timmy would get 3 more starts including tonight, they are scheduling him to pitch the last day of the season against the Dodgers.

I am hoping for a nice long extra inning affair tonight with Timmy getting a no decision but the Giants pulling it out.

Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2008-09-18 19:31:58
801.   Gen3Blue
It's a very interesting comparison throughout their careers. Is it better to take a compact pitcher who needs basically no minor league work and enters the league as an ace at 22 years old(Lincecum) or a full size pitcher who makes the majors at 20 and is a lefty(Kershaw). Time will likely tell.
2008-09-18 19:35:11
802.   Alex41592
Filthy pitch to strikeout Upton.

1-0 Giants Top 5.

2008-09-18 19:39:22
803.   trainwreck
Just as we need Lincecum he gets hurt.
2008-09-18 19:39:29
804.   Alex41592
Trying to bunt Lincecum is hit on the LEFT hand.
2008-09-18 19:43:23
805.   Alex41592
Lincecum looks just fine.
2008-09-18 19:49:57
806.   Lee Corbett
46 strikes and 9 balls for Lincecum; talk about pounding the strike zone.
2008-09-18 19:51:49
807.   Alex41592
1-0 Giants Top 6.
2008-09-18 19:52:36
808.   Alex41592
59 pitches. 9 balls.
2008-09-18 20:01:55
809.   LogikReader
Wow, this is a good game over in Phoenix!


In honor of 4+1 day, I want to share this fan tribute clip with you:

Look at the way he managed to track Nomar's game winner in the moment!! How cool is that? And doesn't it fit in perfectly with the "The Natrual" music?

2008-09-18 20:02:16
810.   superbas
even though it's obvious after this performance the writers gotta give the cy young to lincecum right?
2008-09-18 20:07:45
811.   Alex41592
D'Backs have a runner at third and one out for Jackson.
2008-09-18 20:08:42
812.   Alex41592
Jackson gets hit by the pitch. 1st and 3rd for Dunn.
2008-09-18 20:09:09
813.   LogikReader
If Lincecum gets out of this 6th, I'd give him TWO Cy Young awards.


By the way, do you guys remember that 4+1 had a sequel, the next year? Yep, and JD Drew was in it too!

(Partially NSFW)

Sequels are never as good as the original.

2008-09-18 20:09:20
814.   dodgerinlv
Being in LV, I hate to see the Dodgers (51's) leave town, but I understand about the poor facilities. Too bad for the guys that just bought the team, the Marlins in LV just doesn't ring the same bell.
2008-09-18 20:11:46
815.   LogikReader
Wow!!! A K of Adam Dunn for Tall Tim.
2008-09-18 20:12:04
816.   Alex41592
Filthy! Dunn strikes out. 2 away for Upton.
2008-09-18 20:14:21
817.   trainwreck
That was such a stupid defensive play.
2008-09-18 20:15:08
818.   Alex41592
Lincecum is burned by horrible defense by Velez. 2-1 AZ.
2008-09-18 20:16:15
819.   Bluebleeder87
No way the LF missed that. darn it!
2008-09-18 20:16:44
820.   Bluebleeder87
if anything the Snakes bullpen will save the day.
2008-09-18 20:19:14
821.   Alex41592
2-1 D'Backs Top 7. Velez playing LF butchered an Upton line drive that sailed over his head and plated two big runs.
2008-09-18 20:19:53
822.   MyTummyHurts
I'm under the impression the Giants left fielder missed played that ball.
2008-09-18 20:20:09
823.   pen
Why wasn't that ruled an error? I know it probably won't make much of a difference, but I hope those 2 ERs don't cost Lincecum the CY :(.
2008-09-18 20:20:13
824.   Louis in SF
If the Giants get a leadoff hit, wonder if Bochy will hit for Timmy or let him try and bunt again?
2008-09-18 20:24:17
825.   Bluebleeder87
The snakes broadcasters are saying it was a "clutch" hit by Upton... He DID hit it hard but it was WAS playable.
2008-09-18 20:26:07
826.   LogikReader
Seriously, man. In what universe is that a hit? As hard as he hit it, Velez just mis-judged it badly. Most LFs would have caught it.
2008-09-18 20:26:34
827.   LogikReader
What is Velez doing in LF anyway?
2008-09-18 20:27:15
828.   superbas
i jinxed timmy :(
2008-09-18 20:28:56
829.   Alex41592
The Unit is done for the night.
2008-09-18 20:28:57
830.   Bluebleeder87
Timmy is cool under fire though.
2008-09-18 20:30:24
831.   Alex41592
2-1 D'Backs Top 8.
2008-09-18 20:31:35
832.   Bluebleeder87
I admit, it feels awkward rooting for the Giants.
2008-09-18 20:32:09
833.   Louis in SF
Velez was in left tonight, according to the genius Brian Sabaen they wanted another righty against Johnson, and Valez has been hitting well lately. His big problem is his defense and finding a place for him to play.
2008-09-18 20:32:59
834.   Alex41592
Juan Cruz is in.
2008-09-18 20:35:18
835.   Bluebleeder87
Juan Cruz threw some nasty stuff to... yay! Molina!
2008-09-18 20:35:55
836.   Alex41592
Bengie Molina solo HR and we are tied at 2!
2008-09-18 20:37:04
837.   Bluebleeder87
in the back of my mind I was thinking MAYBE (maybe) the snakes bullpen still had a good game in them, guess not.
2008-09-18 20:39:11
838.   Alex41592
Juan Cruz has good stuff tonight but he tried to get ahead of Molina with the fastball and he went opposite field for the HR.

2-2 Bot 8.

2008-09-18 20:45:44
839.   Bluebleeder87
I wonder how many pitches Lincecum has like a million.
2008-09-18 20:46:48
840.   Alex41592
Jackson steals second and Dunn singles him in.

D'Backs are in save situation territory.

2008-09-18 20:46:59
841.   Bluebleeder87

Lincecum threw one to many changeups to Adam Dunn.

2008-09-18 20:47:30
842.   Icaros
The Giants are worthless. They'll be magically playing much better starting tomorrow.
2008-09-18 20:47:36
843.   LogikReader
Thank you, SF for single-handedly putting the Dbacks BACK in to the race.

Well Done!

Not worrying, but it's just annoying.

2008-09-18 20:47:52
844.   Alex41592
Lincecum is at pitch 117.
2008-09-18 20:49:35
845.   Jacob Burch
Velez, Vizquel, Pitcher's spot! Hurrah!
2008-09-18 20:50:56
846.   bluegold
Dbacks are not in the race. They have to sweep a 4-game series just to gain one game on us. Meanwhile, the magic number still stares them in the face. They are not in an enviable position.
2008-09-18 20:52:55
847.   Bluebleeder87
the Cy Young goes to Lincecum if you ask me, I mean, don't get me wrong Webb is nasty, but for me, I think Lincecum is a no brainer.
2008-09-18 20:53:33
848.   Icaros
It's funny how so many here are actually rooting for Lincecum to get the CY. No Giants fan on the planet would hope the same for a Dodger like Billingsley. In fact, many Giants fans are happy to see Lincecum lose tonight so they can be spoilers to LA.

It's a very low self-esteem fanbase.

2008-09-18 20:54:46
849.   Tripon
I don't know how you can't root for Lincecum though. The guy does it on sheer force of will.
2008-09-18 20:57:40
850.   Icaros

You make it sound like he was born without limbs. He's gifted with a golden arm he doesn't even have to take care of.

Poor guy.

Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2008-09-18 20:58:08
851.   LogikReader
I think the key is, the best fans appreciate greatness, even if its on our hated rival. No matter how much we hated Bonds, we always admired his bat. It was phenomenal. Same here for Lincecum's arm.
2008-09-18 20:58:14
852.   Tripon
850 He also pitches for the worst franchise known to man. Poor guy.
2008-09-18 20:59:52
853.   Icaros

Yes, much worse than the likes of Seattle, Texas, Kansas City, etc.

2008-09-18 21:09:07
854.   superbas
i don't like lincecum, but what's fair is fair. he's been the best pitcher in the nl at the very least.
2008-09-18 21:09:16
855.   Tripon
Lincecum gets a complete game loss. Bochy must hate his bullpen.
2008-09-18 21:09:26
856.   LogikReader
So much for "all out, all season." I mean did you guys feel like the Dbacks had almost nothing in the tank, and like today's Dodger game, only the Giants could have given the Dbacks a sweep like that. Gift wrapped and tied up with a ribbon.

Ah well, just gotta get the wood together for tomorrow night's game. The Blue Crew is money at home!

2008-09-18 21:11:37
857.   Alex41592
3 1/2 game lead.

Magic Number: 7

If the Dodgers go 4-5 in their remaining 9 games the Diamondbacks will have to 8-2 in their remaining 10 games in order to force a divisional tiebreaker at Dodger Stadium.

Dodgers head home for 6 with the Giants and Padres. While the D'Backs go on the road for 7 with the Rockies and Cardinals.

2008-09-18 21:12:01
858.   Tripon
We'll need to go 7-2 to lock this up, ignoring what the D'Back wins and losses. We can do this!
2008-09-18 21:12:37
859.   sporky
This must be the longest thread since the Manny trade.
2008-09-18 21:14:01
860.   Tripon

ESPN ranks the top 50 hitters. Matt Kemp is at 23?! Manny is at 33!?!

2008-09-18 21:17:07
861.   Jon Weisman
Getting angry that the Giants couldn't beat the Diamondbacks is just ... weird.
2008-09-18 21:19:42
862.   LogikReader
Jon, remember how you said the Dodgers' magic number stalled at 7 in 1982? I've been thinking about that all week.
2008-09-18 21:21:30
863.   KG16
861 - my two favorite teams are the Dodgers and whoever is playing the Giants. But once the Giants are eliminated, I'm more interested in seeing the Diamondbacks lose more often than not.

But yes, looking for a Giants' win is just... weird.

2008-09-18 21:23:35
864.   Tripon

The Park to DeWitt to Martin play that saved the game.

2008-09-18 21:25:44
865.   LoneStar7
I'm hoping we can hold 2.5 games or more by the time arizona gets through colorado and heads to st. louis.

I feel like tomorrows game could be weird with the on and off zito and maddux...for some reason I expect the D backs to hit big in colorado, but im counting on stellar home performances from kuroda and lowe

2008-09-18 21:27:41
866.   Tripon
Garciaparra said he was hopeful of playing again in a couple of days and that he was told by the Dodgers' medical staff that spraining that ligament last month might have loosened parts of his knee and prevented damage in other areas."I definitely got lucky," he said.

...So Nomar's previous injuries saved him from this injury?,0,2507770.story

2008-09-18 21:28:46
867.   underdog
Grumble... stupid Giants... they can bite my shiny metal... {/Bender, OFF}

Ah well. Timncecum's arm is gonna fall off at this rate, but he pitched his little heart out. Anyway, I'm not too worried about the Dodgers but I do hope the Giants play as bad as they're capable of through this weekend's series so the following weekend's series becomes meaningless.

2008-09-18 21:30:59
868.   Tripon
Maddux vs. Zito
Kuroda vs. Hennessey
Lowe vs. Cain

We should be able to win two out of three. Let Arizona try to play perfect baseball. All we have to do is to win series.

2008-09-18 21:31:40
869.   Bob Hendley
I had hoped for at least 5-5 on the road, come home more or less tied with the Snakes and looking forward to a comparatively better schedule than them. Up 3.5 (how fitting) at this stage is just too good to be true.
2008-09-18 21:32:32
870.   underdog
Btw, Casey Blake was one of the top 5 Web Gems just now on BBTN, except the hosts all blathered on about something else over the highlights so Casey got no love verbally. But there he was at #4.
2008-09-18 21:34:29
871.   bhsportsguy
NL West Contenders (9/19-9/21) (all times Pacific)

Giants @ Dodgers
Barry Zito (L) v. Greg Maddux (R) 7:40 p.m.
Brad Hennessey (R) v. Hiroki Kuroda (R) 7:10 p.m.
Matt Cain (R) v. Derek Lowe (R) 1:10 p.m.

D-Backs @ Rockies
Max Scherzer (R) v. Jorge De La Rosa (L) 5:05 p.m.
Doug Davis (L) v. Aaron Cook (R) 5:05 p.m.
Dan Haren (R) v. Greg Reynolds (R) 12:05 p.m.

2008-09-18 21:34:44
872.   Louis in SF

Yes, Low Kuroda I think will pitch real well. I think we need 5 out of 6 for the homestand. I think expecting lots out of St. Louis is a mistake. Best thing we have going in that series is Albert going for the MVP. Hope Colorado comes up big.

2008-09-18 21:36:41
873.   68elcamino427
After the last two Dodger games the false sense of security has vanished and I'm back on the edge of my seat again.

Magic number ... magic number ...
roll Dodgers roll ... keep on rolling guys

2008-09-18 21:41:53
874.   trainwreck
There is no false sense, we got a three and a half game lead!
2008-09-18 21:42:36
875.   Bluebleeder87
I really don't know how many innings Kershaw has thrown but I would like to think the Dodgers will gracefully bow him out.
2008-09-18 21:42:43
876.   Tripon
872 I'm expecting at least a split in St. Louis for Ariz. The D'backs play even worse on the road than the Dodgers usually do.
2008-09-18 21:44:05
877.   caseybarker

Ethier's assist at second didn't hurt, either.

2008-09-18 21:46:53
878.   Bluebleeder87
a few more notes on injury updates (Dodgers Dot Com) [ ]

Kuo, shut down since experiencing discomfort in his left triceps tendon after pitching Sunday, played catch with no problem and plans to throw off a mound Friday.

2008-09-18 21:48:42
879.   trainwreck
Woo hoo!
2008-09-18 21:49:08
880.   Bluebleeder87
we really REALLY need Kuo in the playoff run, the way he's been pitching against lefties & righties, we need him 100%.
2008-09-18 21:49:19
881.   Tripon
That's right, 30-game winner. Maddux is 30-14 lifetime against the Giants, and 2-0 with a 1.38 ERA this year while pitching for the Padres. The only team he's beaten more often is the Mets (35).

Awesome, I didn't realize that Maddux pitches will against the Giants.

2008-09-18 21:50:07
882.   Gen3Blue
"your people I don't understand, and so I say to you, may you never hear surf music again."
Go Dodgers, we can do this!
2008-09-18 21:50:58
883.   trainwreck
Is that stat relevant at all, when teams change players so much?

Plus, he's not good anymore.

2008-09-18 21:54:55
884.   The Dude Abides
That win today tied the whole road trip together.
2008-09-18 21:55:41
885.   Tripon
The 2-0, 1.38 ERA should be this year. Maddux should at least be effective against the Giants.
2008-09-18 21:56:12
886.   Jacob Burch
860 Fantasy and Worth do not a correlation make. Juan Pierre is routinely a top 60 fantasy batter no matter how awful he is. Kemp's Power/Speed combination make him a fantasy value.
2008-09-18 21:56:48
887.   Jon Weisman
Bill Plaschke evokes 1982 ... and that's the happiest part of his latest column.
2008-09-18 21:59:40
888.   trainwreck
Did it not?
2008-09-18 22:02:32
889.   Bob Hendley
872 - That's asking a lot, for us to go 5-1 on the homestand. Look, if the Snakes win their next three series, all we have to do is win one of ours.
2008-09-18 22:07:51
890.   LogikReader
Wow, Plaschke breaking out the stats! ...and then it fell apart with "Derek Lowe's mortality".

What a shame, Plaschke... that article had such promise. Or not.

2008-09-18 22:08:26
891.   bhsportsguy
Some Perspective (with apologies to The Griddle)

Cubs - MN 2
Rays - MN 3 (for playoffs)
Red Sox - MN 4 (for playoffs)
Dodgers - MN 7
Phillies - MN 8 (for playoffs)
White Sox - MN 9
Mets - MN 9 (for playoffs)
Rays - MN 10 (division)
Phillies - MN 10 (division)

2008-09-18 22:09:05
892.   Jon Weisman
One game at a time. I'm not trying to be patronizing. Really, it's the simplest way. All this "if we go x-x, they have to go y-y" stuff will just drive you crazy.
2008-09-18 22:10:02
893.   Alex41592
The Diamondbacks have won 10 of 12 from the Rockies this season. But, have not faced them since August 14th and a lot has changed since then.

Also, Brandon Webb will pitch the 'half' a on Monday. That game will decide which way that hanging half a game will fall.

The Dodgers just need to take care of their own business and none of this matters. A Dodger win and D'Backs loss would definitely help though. The Diamondbacks are at a point where they need to win every game.

For the Dodgers to clinch at home they need the D'Backs to lose. Winning the division may have some nice odds but doing it at home could be a little difficult. To avoid a meaningful series in San Francisco we will need a little help from Colorado and St. Louis.

This can be over as soon as Monday but it can also carry over to next weekend. I'll be there tomorrow and even with a three and a half game lead I'll be on the edge of my seat.

2008-09-18 22:12:10
894.   Bob Hendley
889 - To clarify: Snakes can go 2-1 against COL, 3-1 against St Louie, and 2-1 against COL, and we would need to go 1-2 against SF, 1-2 against SD, and 2-1 against SF(but hopefully not this combination as it would send underdog up a wall).
2008-09-18 22:13:32
895.   Bob Hendley
892 - Sorry, Jon.
2008-09-18 22:16:26
896.   Tripon
A strikeout record is considered so psychologically damaging, some front offices bench players who are close to breaking one.

Are you kidding me? Sure hurt Ryan Howard. this year. You know, the guy who's hitting 50 homers and got guys like Plaschke all hot and bothered with the MVP talk.

2008-09-18 22:16:48
897.   Jon Weisman
895 - You don't need to apologize.
2008-09-18 22:18:39
898.   The Dude Abides
The Giants are playing like a bunch of nihilists right now. Let's hope that continues.
2008-09-18 22:20:53
899.   Bob Hendley
Just a little giddy because we really did the job on the road (despite the blow-out and the x-inning affair)and put ourselves in a good position.
2008-09-18 22:21:57
900.   bhsportsguy
896 He is right, teams have benched guys but not when they are going for their team record, it has been for the season record.
Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2008-09-18 22:22:24
901.   LogikReader
By the way, it's going to be a shame to have these upcoming Dbacks games on Extra Innings and have to put up with the Rockies broadcasters over the weekend. As much as Daron and Gracie annoy me, they provide plenty of entertainment, especially when things go wrong.

The Rockies broadcasters, meanwhile, can't even pretend to enjoy the game their covering.

~100 posts to go until we reach the 1000 mark!

2008-09-18 22:23:10
902.   LogikReader
their = they're
2008-09-18 22:34:46
903.   underdog
Sorry, Jon.

I'm not sure what we're apologizing about, but I wanted to jump in just in case I needed to.

2008-09-18 22:35:36
904.   underdog
901 At least we don't have to listen to the insomnia-curing Pirates announcers again this season.
2008-09-18 22:43:10
905.   Icaros
That Plaschke article came just in time, as I'm out of toilet paper. Too bad I can only read it from my laptop.
2008-09-18 22:46:36
906.   bhsportsguy
In 2006, going into their last 9 games, the Dodgers trailed the Padres by .5 a game and led the Phillies for the W/C by .5 game. Their magic number was 10.

In 2004, going into their last 9 games, the Dodgers had a 2.5 game lead over the Giants and the magic number was 7. The difference that year was that the Dodgers and Giants still had 5 more games against each other.

2008-09-18 23:11:17
907.   LU Dodger
Ya, so what i'm inflating the comments to get to 1000. Wanna fightaboutit?
2008-09-18 23:11:48
908.   dodgerkramer1
The biggest thing about the 2009 schedule that jumps out at me...

A 10-game road trip, then a 3-game homestand to end the season.


2008-09-18 23:27:48
909.   berkowit28
If Dodgers continue to win each series 2-1, and so do the D'backs, then it will depend on Monday's game, when they play and we don't, whether we clinch the division just before the final series with the Giants or during it. Even if D'backs were to win their Colorado series 2-1 and their St. Louis series 3-1 (unlikely), all it would take during the final pair of series (Dodgers vs/Giants, D'backs vs. Rockies) is for us to win one single game, or Giants to lose one.
2008-09-18 23:29:55
910.   Eric Stephen
Note to self: If I make the trip to SF for the Sept 27/28 games, do not borrow Icaros's laptop.
2008-09-18 23:32:30
911.   Eric Stephen
Do you know what's fun about writing a report on human resources and subjective versus objective methods of performance analysis?

I got to invoke Evan Longoria and his contract with the Rays! I will try to work sports, and especially baseball, into any possible medium.

2008-09-18 23:35:38
912.   Eric Stephen
The only guy a can remember getting benched due to his near-record K totals was Jose Hernandez with the 2001 Brewers.
2008-09-18 23:38:21
913.   Eric Stephen
I like to look at the current standings to determine how long the Dodgers can remain in first if the worst case scenario happened. As it stands, the Dodgers are guaranteed to be in first place through Monday. I can live with that.
2008-09-18 23:42:16
914.   Eric Stephen
Getting back to the Maddux v. Giants stuff, he has not lost to them since May 9, 2003.

Since then in 13 starts he is 7-0 with a 2.40 ERA. Maddux's teams are 10-3 in those starts.

2008-09-18 23:43:23
915.   trainwreck
Is that cycles in back-to-back nights?
2008-09-18 23:43:29
916.   Eric Stephen
I haven't seen Brock around in a while.

(Now I'm just going for some sort of record)

2008-09-18 23:43:50
917.   Eric Stephen
Take that Wes Parker!
2008-09-18 23:46:22
918.   The Dude Abides
Maddux will make the Giants look like eight-year olds.

Eight-year olds, Eric.

2008-09-18 23:54:42
919.   trainwreck
I Am the Walrus.
2008-09-19 00:05:20
920.   Jon Weisman
Looks like the Giants are committed to getting Tim that extra start:

Lincecum has no chance for 20 wins, but he can win 19 after management decided to alter the rotation to get him one extra start. Instead of pitching for the final time against the Rockies on Wednesday night, Lincecum will open the final homestand on Tuesday then close the season against the Dodgers a week from Sunday.

The decision made before the game was somewhat surprising, especially after Lincecum's 138-pitch shutout at San Diego on Saturday. Bochy made the call in consult with pitching coach Dave Righetti and general manager Brian Sabean.

"He's throwing the ball great and he's feeling great," Bochy said. "Why not get him three more starts?"

The easy answer is that Lincecum already leads the National League in pitches thrown, the Giants are well out of the race and odds are the Dodgers will have the West clinched before Game 162. The risk-reward ledger tilts heavily toward treading cautiously with that franchise-changing right arm.

2008-09-19 00:06:25
921.   trainwreck
The Giants didn't get to where they are today by thinking smart.
2008-09-19 00:15:29
922.   Eric Enders
Of course, neither did the Dodgers.
2008-09-19 00:27:49
923.   bhsportsguy
920 Tim Lincecum has 19 starts where he has thrown 110+ pitches. CC has 12, Chad Billingsley has 8.
2008-09-19 00:35:10
924.   Alex41592
If that last game were to mean anything, it would be quite the scene.

Billingsley vs. Lincecum. But, I can wait until 2009.

BTW, Lowe starts on September 21st. His next start after that would be on regular rest September 26th. Kershaw may have to be skipped. Which conveniently would allow him to be ready to pitch on October 1st.

There is no path I can see that has Billingsley lined up on regular rest for October 2nd. He starts on September 23rd and hopefully not again in the regular season. So, bullpen work will have to suffice. Same goes for Kuroda.

2008-09-19 00:40:10
925.   LoneStar7
we're not gonna make to 1,000 are we?...
2008-09-19 00:40:58
926.   Alex41592
Perhaps without an NPUT in the morning it could happen. It'll be close.
2008-09-19 00:41:48
927.   LoneStar7
I'm a bit disappointed that 'ol billy wasn't mentioned in 666 as well
2008-09-19 00:55:27
928.   berkowit28
909 "all it would take during the final pair of series (Dodgers vs/Giants, D'backs vs. Rockies) is for us to win one single game, or Giants to lose one."

Sorry - that should read "or D'backs to lose one".

2008-09-19 01:19:51
929.   bhsportsguy
Okay, to cheer everyone up, at this point last year, the Colorado Rockies trailed both San Diego and New York (who had a 2.5 game lead on the Phillies) in the wild card race by 4.5 games. The Rockies went 9-1, the Padres went 5-6 and the Mets went 4-7 to set up the one game playoff in Colorado.
2008-09-19 01:21:59
930.   Jon Weisman
It's a little surprising to realize the Dodgers haven't gained a game on Arizona since September 13.
2008-09-19 01:30:40
932.   Louis in SF
I saw the Dodgers choke in person and as a professional reporter covering the last three games in 1982, I hope and believe I won't see it again. If Torre as a manager is special, I think it is a calmness he seems to display, which should should work well with the Dodgers over the next 9 games, I always thought that the 82 Dodgers in their last games in LA before they went up to SF, played tight....Interesting thought in the Friday game in the final series against the Giants in SF, Kent hits a pinch homer to put the Dodgers into the playoffs!
2008-09-19 01:34:47
933.   The Dude Abides
V.I. Lenin! Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov!
2008-09-19 01:38:58
934.   trainwreck
I got a craving for some In-N-Out burgers now.
2008-09-19 02:14:21
935.   Benjamin Miracord
This aggression will not stand.
2008-09-19 02:17:19
936.   Benjamin Miracord
V.I. Lenin? I believe Asian-American is the preferred nomenclature.
2008-09-19 02:19:35
937.   Benjamin Miracord
We need some help, Dude, if we're going to get to 1000. Paging The Big Grabowski.
2008-09-19 02:28:14
938.   The Dude Abides
The one on Camrose?
2008-09-19 02:29:34
939.   The Dude Abides
Forget about The Big Grabowski. We really need The Little Grabowski Urban Achievers.
2008-09-19 04:31:23
940.   Charenton
939 messages ! I don't think that I'll be able to get up to date on DT today.…

Other than that good luck from France on reaching 1000. Has it ever been done before?

2008-09-19 07:19:45
941.   thinkblue88
Two or three other times I think.

I think "The Loney" game had 1500+ comments.

2008-09-19 07:22:28
942.   thinkblue88
There ya go, 1601 comments. We can do it! haha

2008-09-19 07:50:43
943.   MC Safety
Going back to 80's songs. "Jungle Life" by Tarzan Boys is an awesome song.
2008-09-19 08:10:49
944.   TRM
Has anyone still not received their Friday pre-sale ticket information?
2008-09-19 08:15:48
945.   Bluebleeder87

They probably know something we don't but still... Again, I really liked what FJM wrote about that whole thing.

2008-09-19 08:37:51
946.   Harold M Johnson
Looking forward to the Giants series this weekend, I'll be at the stadium on Saturday and Sunday. How about you guys?
2008-09-19 08:43:25
947.   fanerman
Well this is the earliest I've been to work in 2 months...
2008-09-19 08:44:58
948.   Bluebleeder87
I've never been to a playoff game, how much do they cost? I'm sure they cost a little more right?
2008-09-19 08:48:59
949.   Bluebleeder87
man, the atmosphere (sp) is gonna be rockin' I still remember watching on the tube the stadium erupt when J. Werth hit that bomb a few years back.
2008-09-19 08:51:38
950.   fanerman
And there's no coffee! Gah...

I should really figure out the proper proportions for coffee one of these days.

Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2008-09-19 08:57:28
951.   Eric Stephen
Has anyone still not received their Friday pre-sale ticket information?

I haven't received my info yet either. I actually called the Dodgers last night (866-DODGERS) regarding this and the helpful rep told me they wait until the day of to prevent the information being sold in advance, like on eBay or something. The pre-sale starts at 10am, so if I still don't have an email by 9:30 or so I will probably call again.

2008-09-19 09:01:38
952.   cargill06
949 I was there, it was electric it was a great experience. I rememeber screaming, "Going back to StL." but I forgot Odalis was pitching.
2008-09-19 09:02:48
953.   cargill06
They were showing the series clinching game against the Mets in '88 before the game too. As corny as it sounds it gave me chills.
2008-09-19 09:02:50
954.   fanerman
949 By the way, that is the correct spelling for "atmosphere."
2008-09-19 09:06:24
955.   Eric Stephen
MLB sets the prices, and I haven't seen 2008 info yet, but here is the 2007 info:

Division series was between $15 and $185, and the LCS was between $25 & $200.

2008-09-19 09:07:55
956.   Eric Stephen
In 2004, before the Lima game they were showing Game 4 of the 1988 NLCS (the Scioscia bomb off Gooden). Similar chills ensued.
2008-09-19 09:08:50
957.   LogikReader
944 951

Hey guys,

I just got my Dodgers playoff presale info today in the email box. It gives a very obscure "pass code" and a link to purchase the tickets.

If you haven't received it yet, make sure to check the email account that's registered with your Ticketmaster account. At one time I used a very old email address with TM and had to check there.

2008-09-19 09:09:27
958.   underdog
Well, I hope that last series vs the Giants means nothing (which would also make Lincecum starting entirely stupid), but if it does I look forward to seeing Eric S up here borrowing Icaros' laptop.

I wonder if the Friday game (a week from today) that I'm going to will mean anything. It would be neat to see the Dodgers clinch, but not so neat if it's close and the Giants are aiming to play spoiler. Yaarrrrgh. Avast!

2008-09-19 09:10:15
959.   Xeifrank
And in the end for those of us that are peons, EBay and other online ticket agencies set the prices. Remember the Colliseum game?
vr, Xei
2008-09-19 09:10:48
960.   underdog
Be there any landlubbers here who don't know today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Yarrrgh!

Ramming speed ahead, ye blue bilge rats, we've got booty ta plunder! Y'aarrrrgh!

2008-09-19 09:11:42
961.   Eric Stephen
If I borrow Icaros's laptop, I swear I won't look up news stories like this (I swear):

2008-09-19 09:12:57
962.   thinkblue88
Mark&Brian(95.5 KLOS) have been all over it for the past hour. =)
Callers are calling in doing pirate voices. LOL
2008-09-19 09:15:48
963.   LogikReader

Mark and Brian are still on the air? :)


First pigs, now cats. Goodness.


I still can't believe the Giants lost all four in Az. I call conspiracy!!

2008-09-19 09:19:12
964.   fanerman
I think Jon is just waiting for us to get to 1000 comments before he'll add his ready-to-publish-new-post.
2008-09-19 09:20:26
965.   LogikReader
btw, re: playoff tickets

What happens to our purchase if the Dodgers don't make the playoffs?


2008-09-19 09:21:04
966.   cargill06
963 Clint Hurdle already says he hates the Dodgers more than any other team in the league. Maybe he'll trot Livan out there for 3 of the 6 games.
2008-09-19 09:22:33
967.   Sushirabbit
It like the bottom of the pot, but I don't think I'd call these comments tadiq. :-)
2008-09-19 09:26:15
968.   Xeifrank
I put FM radio morning talk shows right up there, or rather down there with non cable channel TV shows. :)
It's getting more difficult to reload DT with the nearly 1K posts.
vr, Xei
2008-09-19 09:31:03
969.   MC Safety
966 I've always hated Clint Hurdle for some reason or another. His head makes Barry's look small. The things his head does when he's chewing gum is up there with the more disturbing things in baseball, imo. He's like Placido Polanco x3.
2008-09-19 09:32:29
970.   Eric Stephen
The Rockies and Livan won his last start 1-0! :)
2008-09-19 09:32:38
971.   underdog
961 Jeez. That's awful. Thanks for linking that! :-(
2008-09-19 09:33:35
972.   twerp
To help get to 1000, here's a too-long ramble about pitchers and catchers and stuff I wrote a while back. Ain't-a-gonna not post it now just because I didn't have time then===

Answers to a reply to my comment of mine--

"What do pitchers really have to think about? If the catcher is calling for a pitch in a certain location, all the pitcher has to do is try to throw it there. Nothing to think about."

Maybe he disagrees with the catcher. He might want a pitch that worked with this hitter and this situation in the past, or he thinks is better right then, but the catcher wants something else. Then again, nothing for either to think about if the bench calls most pitches. But I don't think the bench usually does. Or does it? (Come to think of it, a smart pitch-calling bench could name its own price. Johnny Bench's cousin, or something. ;) Sorry .)

"Unless you want to argue that the pitcher (not the catcher) should be deciding the pitches and locations."

A story a while back had Penny saying he let Maddux call one of his starts in '06. Supposedly Maddux tipped pitch calls by looking to different parts of the park. I wondered if this might not have been QBS (quality baloney stuff). Supposedly the catcher calls the game. But then maybe Martin was the one looking at Maddux for calls. Penny said he was pleased with the results. He won, IIRC.

This was about when Penny supposedly quit trying to strike out everyone and decided to become more of a contact pitcher, to preserve his arm, I guess. And he did seem to do all right with noticeably less K's for a good while, tho his K rate dropoff alarmed quite a few folks. However he did it, I think Penny won more games than anyone in the league over a couple years, didn't he? Seems like more than 30 wins, not many losses, 16-4 or so at one stretch, IIRC.

For a good part of this year Penny has been a contact pitcher, all right. Very much over and over, and over a fence too often, not quite what he had in mind. Now the wear and tear on his arm may be career-threatening, IMO.

"Which raises a question: is there any generally accepted rule of thumb in baseball that a pitcher shouldn't shake a catcher off "too much," and should accept the catcher's pitch recommendation "most of the time"...?

You'd like to think the pitcher and catcher would be on the same page from pregame planning. But a pitcher might not have confidence in one of his pitches. Or a catcher might be trying to tell a pitcher one of his pitches isn't working, but the pitcher still thinks highly of it, says it will work.

Solution for catcher: go out to mound and 'splain things to dummy...unless dummy is Greg Maddux or another All-Star, in which case smart catcher might wish to give dummy pitcher a bit of latitude.

End of ramble (acknowledges cheering). Guess I'm better at adding length to the quest to get to 1000 than number of comments.

2008-09-19 09:35:59
973.   ibleedbloo
Is todays presale account specific or is it a generic code?
2008-09-19 09:36:20
974.   Eric Stephen
The NL champion Rockies last year got 119 starts out of pitchers with an ERA under 5.00 (as starters).

This year they have received only 71 such starts.

2008-09-19 09:37:20
975.   Eric Stephen
I'm pretty sure each account gets a specific password.
2008-09-19 09:39:15
976.   underdog
Yikes, another train crash in LA? Yeesh. This one much less serious.

2008-09-19 09:41:06
977.   kinbote
Well, I found myself feeling a bit flattered this morning. Two of my preseason predictions were rehashed in this thread. Even though I was dead wrong, I'm honored to be recognized.

Now I'm just feeling woozy from the high comment numbers {swoon}

2008-09-19 09:45:28
978.   njr
So I bought some reserve level tickets for next week (which I didn't really need) in order to be eligible to buy post-season tickets today. I was just reading the fine print and it said there is a 48 hour turn-around before you recieve your password to buy the post-season tickets. As far as I know this was not made clear before I bought the tickets. Now I will at best get the code at 12:30 today, by which time the tickets will most likely be gone. And what about people that bought reserve tickets yesterday in order to be eligible?

It seems a little crooked to me.

2008-09-19 09:45:31
979.   twerp
So, here's another fairly long one. You guys are just lucky, I guess.

In one of the Broxton threads there was talk about the look in his eyes and his supposedly getting flustered at times.

Think I've read that not showing it if things bother him is one of Mariano Rivera's strengths.

From my regrettably limited viewing of Dodger pitchers, Maddux doesn't seem to show much either. Derek Lowe, however, can be a tantrum-in-waiting. Seems like when Lowe starts stomping around the mound, often it's a good idea to get the bullpen ready because usually Lowe won't be around much longer. Lately there's been none of that as Lowe's been on a tear. Penny was volatile, but he seems more even-keeled now. Kuroda, from what I've seen, is pretty calm, at least externally. (But the outfield grass might be in danger post-game if he does badly.) I don't see nearly enough Dodger pitchers on TV, period, certainly not enough to be sure of their mound temperament.

But I have seen Broxton look a bit upset when things don't go well. Not accusing him of "choking" or "doesn't have the closer mentality" (whatever that means, , anyhow). But when he's upset it does seem to show. That kind of body language or facial expression can give "aid and comfort to the enemy," as in "ordinarily, we have no chance against this guy, but today maybe we can get him."

Whatever Broxton's eyes or facial expression, he's definitely in trouble if relief pitchers "should never let 'em see you sweat." Big, big trouble. Big guy sweats just thinking about pitching.

Brox really needs to grasp that at even 80% he's still way better than all but a handful of other relievers at 100%, including other closers.

Maybe learning to take a bit off some pitches, especially the FB, would help. Or, could he learn this supposed super slider grip Honeycutt reportedly showed Kuroda, and maybe others? If Brox threw occasional sliders or splitters or something in the low 80s, or high 70s. nearly 20 MPH off his FB, hitters would have no chance. His slider usually sits high 80s now, I think. Maybe a changeup? Talk about lethal....make that even more lethal...didn't he say recently Maddux had shown him a better changeup grip, or was that Kershaw?

Supposedly speed variation was one of Pedro's great assets at his peak. A 95+ FB followed by something in the 70s was extremely difficult to deal with, I recall reading. One hitter said that combo wasn't something you see every day. Wonder if Broxton could come up with something similar?

2008-09-19 09:46:45
980.   underdog
Broxton sweats a lot because he's big, end of story.
2008-09-19 09:49:33
981.   cargill06
Sweat thoughts?
2008-09-19 09:51:19
982.   fanerman
Just look at Brad Penny. He's a sweater. And not the kind you get from your aunt on Christmas.
2008-09-19 09:52:05
983.   kinbote
979 I failed my first driver's test because I supposedly didn't "move my eyes enough." (I actually have excellent peripheral vision and next time made a point of moving my entire head while scanning for traffic.)
2008-09-19 09:53:03
984.   cargill06
Derek Lowe sweats with the best of them, and he looks like he is in good shape.
2008-09-19 09:58:34
985.   Andrew Shimmin
It's hot in the summer.
2008-09-19 09:59:45
986.   s choir
948 I got top deck division series seats for $25 each. LCS top deck seats were $45 each.
2008-09-19 10:01:22
987.   Bob Timmermann
It's only hot in the summer because our parents used aerosol deodorants in the 1970s.
2008-09-19 10:02:14
988.   underdog
Y'argh. This thread is now full of bilgewater mateys. Time to send it down to davy jones' locker where it belongs. This ol sea dog's gonna weigh anchor and collect me loot, and shove off to me office.
2008-09-19 10:02:59
989.   underdog
987 Hah. Nice.
2008-09-19 10:03:34
990.   twerp
Most people sweat in stressful situations, period. It's just more obvious with some.
Yep, hot weather would make it more noticeable.

Anyone remember what the product was that the "never let 'em see you sweat" commercial featured?

2008-09-19 10:05:28
991.   Andrew Shimmin
And that whole stupid tilting thing the earth does. How come we can fly a man to the moon, but not straighten out the earth's rotation? Call your congressman today, and tell him or her that you're anti-wobble--help us put a stops to seasons, before it's too late!
2008-09-19 10:05:54
992.   MC Safety
Any fans of the band Man Man? My friends Crystal Antlers are opening for em at the Echoplex tonight. Should be as wild as the Coachella set, if not wilder. Modest Mouse fans may have seen em before on a couple of tours. They are insanely good live.
2008-09-19 10:06:17
993.   Eric Stephen
I'm on the phone with Ticketmaster right now discussing why I have not received my password yet. I didn't know about the 48-hour wait though. I bought my ticket at like 7pm Wednesday, so if I have to wait until tonight that will royally suck.
2008-09-19 10:07:22
994.   Eric Stephen
I like my leaves to stay green, thank you very much!
2008-09-19 10:07:42
995.   Bob Timmermann
A Poem about Deodorants by Larry Csonka

Roll, roll, roll-on
All soggy and wet
Spray your underarms
What a fog you'll get

Unfortunately, I forget the second half.

2008-09-19 10:08:10
996.   Eric Stephen
I don't think the Toaster likes 1,000-comment posts very much.
2008-09-19 10:10:33
997.   Disabled List
NPUT coming at post 999, I can feel it...
2008-09-19 10:11:05
998.   RELX
2008-09-19 10:11:30
999.   RELX
2008-09-19 10:11:49
1000.   Marty
Plaschke. Wait that supposed to be for 666
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2008-09-19 10:12:01
1001.   Jacob Burch
Got my playoff tickets for Game 3. 52C. A -lot- of reserve-ish level seats appeared sold out, sadly.
2008-09-19 10:13:00
1002.   Jacob Burch
Eric--You're more than welcome to be my +1 if you can't get it resolved and/or had no one else lapping up to join you.
2008-09-19 10:16:22
1003.   Andrew Shimmin
1000 - Nate really let us down, there.
2008-09-19 10:19:46
1004.   cargill06
USA is up 3-1 after the morning matches.
2008-09-19 10:20:54
1005.   Eric Stephen
I officially hate Ticketmaster more than cats.

I am on call #2 right now, after the previous 35 minute call (mostly on hold) eventually led me to be transferred to the Baltimore Ticketmaster. When I told her I was calling regarding Dodger tickets, she asked, "What state is that, New York?"

2008-09-19 10:25:23
1006.   bigcpa
Just back from Pittsburgh. Saw the Weds and Thurs game. I strongly recommend making a visit to PNC- gorgeous as advertised. We stayed right across the bridge from the ballpark and walked across each day. Tickets are dirt cheap. Their fans are bitter. I had a few comments like "Congrats on stealing Manny Ramirez. All we got was a bunch of minor leaguers that will get good and leave."

On the flight back I had the privilege of sitting with two scouts who were at the whole series. One was with the Cubs and one with the Brewers. Both were scouting LA for a potential playoff matchup! Needless to say I picked their brains for an hour plus and learned a ton. They were actually a bit freaked out by how much I knew about the team. I tried not to give away any inside tips like "bait Torre into using Mark Sweeney." A few odds and ends that I can recall- mostly from the Cubs scout:

- They love Lambo and likened his stroke to JD Drew.

- They're believers in Kershaw but think he needs a changeup to become an elite guy. Relies too much on the fastball and was missing spots all day long. They had him topping out at 94 and think he's wearing down. They questioned whether he'd start in the postseason. Still they fear him more than Maddux who they claim has lost his command.

- Cubs guy loves Dejesus and recommended that Hendry ask for him and Meloan in the 2006 Maddux trade!

- Furcal worked out at SS in PNC and looked 100% according to onlookers! The guy had dinner with Dodger people including Steiner and they said Furcal's hammies are sore and he's taking it slow. I asked if they had a 1 game lead would he be rushed back and he said it wouldn't surprise him. Both guys laughed when I asked about Berroa's defense.

- I grilled them on LaRoche and both said he pretty much is a mess. They confirmed a lot of the suspicion around here that the club never really believed in the guy. The guy said his line drives tail back to the right which tells them he doesn't release the bat head properly. This all sounded like scouting mumbo jumbo to me.

- They think Billingsley is a beast. They argued whether he was throwing a slider or a cutter and compared that pitch to Rivera and Robb Nenn in his prime! And this during his supposed worst start since April.

I'll post more if I remember anything else of interest.

2008-09-19 10:26:00
1007.   njr

I got my tickets sorted out by calling the dodgers ticket office directly: three two three two two four 1 4 seven one

They gave me my correct password and I had no problem buying tickets just now on line.

2008-09-19 10:28:46
1008.   cargill06
1006 Great stuff.
2008-09-19 10:30:58
1009.   Dane Bramage
1006 Still they fear him more than Maddux who they claim has lost his command.

This, plus Scherzer on the mound for the Snakes in Colorado has me concerned about the Dodgers chances to reduce our magic number tonight...

2008-09-19 10:34:28
1010.   herchyzer
I've lived in the Bay Area a couple of times. I've listened to Giants fans carry on about their hatred of the Dodgers, and Bay Area folks, in general, go out of there way to put down Los Angeles. I finally came up with a way to always shut them up. I'd ask them if they knew what Dodger fans think of the Giants, or Los Angeles residents think of the Bay Area.
"No, what?"
"They don't."
2008-09-19 10:37:11
1011.   herchyzer
Post 1010 was a response to post 848 .
2008-09-19 10:37:24
1012.   bigcpa
I should have emphasized more that both scouts think the Dodgers would be a very tough out in the postseason. Although Cubs guy thinks the Dodger bats could get soft facing weak competition down the stretch and get a rude awakening with Zambrano, Harden etc.
2008-09-19 10:41:05
1013.   eusmus
- They think Billingsley is a beast. They argued whether he was throwing a slider or a cutter and compared that pitch to Rivera and Robb Nenn in his prime!

I think a big part of Chad's continued improvement is the use of that cutter. According to fangraphs he's using that pitch 4.5% more this year and it seems like a very effective strikeout pitch against right-handed batters.

2008-09-19 10:42:15
1014.   fanerman
1006 Thanks for sharing!
2008-09-19 10:42:33
1015.   ginocimoli
1006 I enjoyed your post. But why would scouts laugh at Berroa's defense? From everything I've seen, he's a terrific defender at shortstop--arm, range, athleticism. And over the last month he's even been decent with the bat.
2008-09-19 10:43:36
1016.   cargill06
1009 We're facing Zito
2008-09-19 10:46:37
1017.   ToyCannon
Great stuff, any comments on Martin/Loney/Kemp/Ethier?
2008-09-19 10:52:33
1018.   Eric Stephen
NJR, thank you very much! I called that number and was helped very quickly (i.e. under an hour) and I just bought two tickets for each NLDS game.

I'm in field level 51 row U (gm 1) and row R (gm 2), so ToyCannon can throw stuff at me from above. :)

2008-09-19 10:54:13
1019.   Xeifrank
My simulator has the Dodgers heavily favored tonight and the Rockies favored in their game against Arizona. Using the expected win% of both games, the chance of our magic number dropping are...

MN dropping by 2: 42%
MN dropping by 1: 46%
MN dropping by 0: 12%

Should be a good evening for Dodger fans.
vr, Xei

2008-09-19 10:55:00
1020.   bigcpa
1017 I did ask them about Loney, Kemp, Ethier. Responses were mostly what we've heard before. Loney is Mark Grace. Kemp has been tailing off lately and needs to cut down on the K's blah blah. They think Ethier's breakout is legit.
2008-09-19 10:56:05
1021.   kinbote
1006 Rack him! [Great stuff--thanks]
2008-09-19 10:56:33
1022.   herchyzer
930 . Both the D's and the 'Backs have been taking care of business. Fortunately for us, our "taking care of business" is a lot easier than theirs.
2008-09-19 11:07:52
1023.   Dane Bramage
1016 From tonight's game preview:

"The Giants, though, have won three straight games started by the 2002 AL Cy Young Award winner, who is 1-0 with a 4.34 ERA in that span."

Maybe I'm just a "nattering nabob of negativism" but tonight's games (AZ and us) are giving me the willies...

2008-09-19 11:12:05
1024.   natepurcell
Good stuff bigcpa, thanks for the info.
2008-09-19 11:14:24
1025.   cargill06
1023 Well, Maddux has a 0.00 ERA in his last 1 start.

Any way you slice it Zito stinks. He walks a ton of guys, almost walks as many as he K's and averages less than 6 K's per 9.

2008-09-19 11:16:27
1026.   underdog
1010 As a resident of SF meself, I'd say those two things go together - it's usually Giants fans who carry over their Dodger hatred into all around LA hatred, and agree, as one who's lived in both places the animosity is almost non-existent in LA. But again, there are so many transplants up here and non-evil-Giants-fans that it's not like everyone up here bashes LA. There's just the sort of propaganda attitude spread by some sportscasters and longtime die hards to carry on that tradition. Despite having my own problems with some aspects of LA, I do end up defending it to some people up here. I remain vigilant!

1006 Great stuff indeed, big. You could've probably revealed some insider secrets about Mark Sweeney - I bet they already know he sucks. ;-)

2008-09-19 11:17:33
1027.   bigcpa
1024 My pleasure. I think you would have made better use of the 60 minute forum I had. I got tons of quick hits without any real in-depth stuff.
2008-09-19 11:18:40
1028.   kinbote
1025 On KNBR, the consensus is that Zito's improvement is the result of an increase in focus. How can you not be focussed standing on a major league mound?!?!
2008-09-19 11:21:47
1029.   twerp
"Still they fear him more than Maddux who they claim has lost his command."

Someone get that to Maddux, especially after his last start.

As if he needed more motivation than he already has.

2008-09-19 11:22:14
1030.   kinbote
1027 I'm just thankful you didn't give away Pierre's slap-bunt trick. That needs to stay top secret.
2008-09-19 11:24:37
1031.   cargill06
My buddy and I bet $50 at the beggining of the year on who would have a better ERA Fausto Carmona or Chad Billingsley. We put a 125 IP minimum on the bet to make sure nothing "flukey" happened. Fausto is at 113.1 IP (5.16 ERA) and only has 2 more starts to get 11.2 IP to reach our minimum.

He's not conceding the bet to me and sticking to the 125 IP requirment. Am I wrong to be a little peeved? I know if the situation were reversed I'd have conceded the bet to him becuase getting cheated of a full season's worth of innings would not be the reason why I lost the bet.

2008-09-19 11:25:27
1032.   Bob Timmermann
I hate San Francisco.

And all of its residents.

Even the Dodgers fans who live there.

Sorry, I'm a bit of a zealot in this regard. Don't take it personally. I don't hate people like Underdog and Icaros personally, just generally.

It's not personal, it's a vendetta.

2008-09-19 11:25:29
1033.   underdog
130 Or his special, secret home run power swing.
2008-09-19 11:26:32
1034.   underdog
1032 But we rank better than Cleveland, I should hope.

You have a cat, which grants you immunity in my camp.

2008-09-19 11:28:52
1035.   Lexinthedena
1026 L.A bashing is a favorite pastime of many americans. I think it comes from transplants hanging out with other transplants, in transplanty parts of L.A, made up of folks who came here to partake in their vision of what living in L.A is.
2008-09-19 11:30:09
1036.   Bob Timmermann
I will let underdog know ahead of time when my operatives come to San Francisco. He should be able to escape in time.
2008-09-19 11:31:02
1037.   Daniel Zappala
I love the Bay Area, and SF in particular.
2008-09-19 11:31:40
1038.   Johnny Nucleo
1006 I really enjoyed that - thanks.
2008-09-19 11:32:00
1039.   Daniel Zappala
But I don't love underdog or the other Bay Area Dodger fans personally, because they didn't accompany me to a Giants game while I was in town.
2008-09-19 11:32:13
1040.   Bob Timmermann
Carlos Zambrano, not as good this start...
2008-09-19 11:33:17
1041.   D4P
Oregon > California
2008-09-19 11:33:35
1042.   Eric Stephen
I don't think you have a right to be angry regarding the bet. The 125 IP requirement was agreed upon beforehand, so you should stick to it.
2008-09-19 11:33:40
1043.   kinbote
1033 Shhh!
2008-09-19 11:35:46
1044.   cargill06
1042 When he said that there he was sticking to the 125 there was nothing I could really say to him, because he's right. I just thought if was kind of ruining the integrity of the rule, espically if he finishes at like 124.1.
2008-09-19 11:37:58
1045.   Bob Timmermann
Yesterday a woman called my library to complain about people making noise in the library she was in. We were going to refer her to the appropriate supervisor for her talk to.

Except the woman was calling from Portland.

2008-09-19 11:39:07
1046.   ToyCannon
No, that is why you guys created an IP limit. Carmona was hurt and it probably effected his season.

Didn't Zito in the midst of his crappy season shut us out?

I can't throw things at you because you are under the overhang, but I think I can drop things on you from the opening between the railing and the thingy attached to the railing that is fun to pound. It has many a HSC chant imprinted from my hands.

2008-09-19 11:40:11
1047.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-19 11:40:23
1048.   D4P
The loud people must have been Californians.
2008-09-19 11:41:12
1049.   underdog
1039 Sniff. Sorry, I think that was when I was down in Sta Barbara, suffering from smoke inhalation over the 4th of July weekend. You'll just have to come back here next weekend to celebrate our playoff clinching.

1036 Thanks, appreciate it. Don't worry about the area where I work, though, it's already trashed.

2008-09-19 11:43:05
1050.   Johnson
1044 You should have set it up like the batting title, where if a player doesn't get enough at-bats (or is it plate appearances?) to qualify, he can take an 0-fer in the number of ABs he is short, and if after the 0-fer he's still on top, he wins the batting title. You know, prevents a guy from outhitting his league by 40 points but coming up 5 ABs short.

So you could spot Carmona 11.2 (or however many it would be by the end of the year) scoreless innings. Not that your buddy would go for it - sounds like he's going to hold on to his money if he's got an out.

Show/Hide Comments 1051-1100
2008-09-19 11:50:37
1051.   skybluestoday

Thought it might be a cold day in hell before I would ever hear a "Third Stone from the Sun" reference on Dodger Thoughts.

My favorite musician!

2008-09-19 12:07:14
1052.   berkowit28
What's goingf on in Chicago? Zambrano gave away 7 runs, including a grand slam, in 1.2 innings, and has been replaced by Sean Marshall (who he?). Who gave away another run (he inherited two baserunners, one at 3rd). It's now 8-0 Cardinals, still 2nd inning, middle. Marshall got out of the inning leaving yet one more inherited runner at 3rd.

I guess we're not the only ones (re Wednesday night).

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