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September 19 Game Chat
2008-09-19 17:47
by Jon Weisman
Comments (481)
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2008-09-19 17:50:46
1.   thinkblue88
Go Dodgers, Rockies!
2008-09-19 17:51:41
2.   Alex41592
2-0 Rockies Bot 3.
2008-09-19 17:55:08
3.   cargill06
Sheffield just got Ventura'd
2008-09-19 17:57:45
4.   bigcpa
3 He got traded for Bubba Crosby?
2008-09-19 17:58:52
5.   whodat807
3 Did he get punched in the face by Nolan Ryan?
2008-09-19 17:59:03
6.   Bob Timmermann
Sheffield tore up his ankle and leg in a horrible collision at home plate?
2008-09-19 18:01:23
7.   bigcpa
Andre Ethier is the ML leader in Line Drive % out of 147 qualifiers at 26.7%.
2008-09-19 18:02:17
8.   cargill06
"Fausto threw to first to try and pick of Sheff and Sheff yelled at him. Fausto head locked him and brought the pain like Nolan."

That's the report I got from my sources.

2008-09-19 18:02:23
9.   Alex41592
Rockies are making some great defensive plays.
2008-09-19 18:03:22
10.   trainwreck
lol good old Sheffield.
2008-09-19 18:04:24
11.   Bob Timmermann
After the Phillies took a 6-5 lead at Florida, the Marlins scored six times with Alfredo Amezaga capping it off with a 3-run homer off of Old Friend Rudy Seanez.
2008-09-19 18:05:20
12.   Bob Hendley
8 - Well, there goes your bet, I am guessing.
2008-09-19 18:08:06
13.   trainwreck
Edwin is dealing! Take that 97 mph heater, Carlos Gomez!
2008-09-19 18:08:40
14.   cargill06
12 Man, I didn't even think of that.
2008-09-19 18:10:43
15.   Alex41592
An infield single and two walks loads the bases for Chris Snyder.
2008-09-19 18:12:05
16.   Alex41592
De La Rosa can't throw a strike to save his life right now.
2008-09-19 18:13:03
17.   Alex41592
Line drive CAUGHT by Stewart.

2-0 Rockies Bot 4.

2008-09-19 18:15:33
18.   68elcamino427
14 suspenion time.
2008-09-19 18:18:44
19.   KG16
So, what will we call the new Yankee Stadium... it won't be the House that Ruth Built, will it be the House that George Built?
2008-09-19 18:19:30
20.   Alex41592
Clint Barmes solo HR 3-0 Rockies Bot 4.
2008-09-19 18:20:33
21.   Alex41592
I resign from my post for the night. Off to the stadium.
2008-09-19 18:23:59
22.   trainwreck
I got a phone message from a physicist telling me to vote for a prop.

I was hoping he was going to try to sell me a Sharp TV.

2008-09-19 18:26:57
23.   Dane Bramage
Angels up 7-0 in the third...but wait a minute! Texas has batted around in the bot of the inning and now it's 9-7 Tesas with 1 out...
2008-09-19 18:32:43
24.   LAT
19. Please, not so soon. That subject and the new stadium will get more coverage, debate, and attention than the election. It will only be rivaled by Farve Gate.
2008-09-19 18:36:40
25.   trainwreck
Edwin is still striking them out with 97 mph fastballs.

Nice game.

2008-09-19 18:36:58
26.   ucladodger
Edwin ends his night with a 97 mph fastball for strike 3. He pitched really well tonight.
2008-09-19 18:37:16
27.   KG16
24 - sorry, I was watching the 150:1s and they mentioned the last game at the Stadium.
2008-09-19 18:39:30
28.   Icaros
Dunn hurts Arizona with another HR.
2008-09-19 18:49:20
29.   Linkmeister
24 So the question I have is, on ESPN, will the 150:1's wonderful season and arrival in the playoffs get more minutes than the Yankees' not making it into the playoffs?

I know, silly me.

2008-09-19 18:51:22
30.   KG16
30 - I was really hoping for the Baseball Tonight Special: What's Wrong with Baseball? but that would have required both the Yankees and Red Sox not making the playoffs. The Mets not making it would have been gravy on the cake.
2008-09-19 18:53:38
31.   Linkmeister
I've already seen lamentations that poor old Yankee Stadium won't have the playoffs and/or World Series as a proper sendoff for the building.
2008-09-19 18:57:01
32.   KG16
31 - well, in fairness, the proper send off for Yankee Stadium probably would have been a Kershaw complete-game shut out in Game 7. But that's just me
2008-09-19 18:58:27
33.   KG16
The color commentator on ESPN just said that he wouldn't have Edwin Jackson start in the post season. Not so sure I'd agree with that.
2008-09-19 18:59:02
34.   trainwreck
You mean Orel?
2008-09-19 18:59:32
35.   Bob Timmermann
Nelson Figueroa in to hold on to a 5-4 lead for the Mets in Atlanta.

First batter reaches on an E6. The next batter hits a hit and run single that is combined with an E9 and the tying run scores.

Ricardo Rincon is up next on the Mets Wheel O' Relievers.

2008-09-19 19:02:12
36.   Jacob Burch
Couldn't Fausto appeal it to next season? I seem to recall something similar happening some seasons ago. Should be interesting in view of the bet.
2008-09-19 19:02:30
37.   Vaudeville Villain

I don't think I would, either. Look at this rotation.

Scott Kazmir
James Shields
Matt Garza
and a relatively fresh David Price.

Who would you bump for Jackson?

2008-09-19 19:04:15
38.   Bob Timmermann
Aaron Heilman, come on down, you're the next contestant on "The Reliever is Wrong!"
2008-09-19 19:05:33
39.   Eric Stephen
The Rays remind me of the 1991 Braves. They seemed poised for quite a run.
2008-09-19 19:05:39
40.   ucladodger

Price wont be in the rotation. For the 1st round, I dont see any team using 4 guys, so Kaz, Shields, and Garza are the 3. It is also entirely possible that Edwin's next start is his last in a Tampa Bay uniform. If he doesnt make a start in the playoffs, I'd say there is a decent chance he gets dealt for a bat. The Rays have a ton of young arms and Edwin is actually going to be making some money in the coming years.

2008-09-19 19:06:28
41.   Eric Stephen
6 outs to go for a magic number of 6.
2008-09-19 19:09:04
42.   Jacob Burch
36 Answering my own question, I believe he can, but since he has nothing left to really do this season, it is likely he will just waive his right to continue playing while waiting to the off season to appeal, allowing him to play from Day 1 next season no matter the appeal results.

Sorry good friend, you're stuck $25.

2008-09-19 19:09:05
43.   Eric Stephen
In 1995 I sat in the audience for a taping of The Price is Right. If I ever do it again, I'll be sure to wear clothing that expresses my love of the host; that seems to be the prime determinant for becoming a contestant.

Also, if I was 2nd or 3rd in the bidding, I'd be tempted to bid just $1 over the previous bet, even if it was ridiculous, just to eliminate that bid.

2008-09-19 19:09:37
44.   Vaudeville Villain

I didn't even include Andy Sonnanstine who has been Jackson's better this year, slightly.

Tampa's got a hell of a staff.

2008-09-19 19:09:41
45.   trainwreck
I just saw the Fausto/Sheffield fight and it was not a Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura beat down. Fausto got in a few little weak taps while they were tangled up.
2008-09-19 19:10:46
46.   Eric Stephen
JB, I got seats for 2 games in round 1. Thanks for the previous offer. Where are you sitting? I'm in field section 51 (near LF foul pole) for both games.

I will try for NLCS tickets tomorrow.

2008-09-19 19:10:49
47.   Jacob Burch
43 One of the sweetest but rare things on PIR is when a by-$1 victim gets the bonus cash for a dead-on guess. Always makes me happy.

Unless they were a jerk, then I hope they get a Whammie behind Door Number Blank.

2008-09-19 19:11:01
48.   trainwreck
I know a guy that got on that show. Stoners seem to get on it a lot.
2008-09-19 19:12:16
49.   Linkmeister
47 I had never had the occasion to use the word Schadenfreude until January 2001; now I use it all the time.
2008-09-19 19:13:01
50.   KG16
Larry Bowa is chalk full of cliches tonight.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-19 19:14:01
51.   Jacob Burch
46 You can buy NLCS with the pre-buy, or is that through the lottery?

I got tickets right above you (52C, Reserve), but it looks like unless TBS inexplicably makes it an afternoon game and/or the Dodgers inexplicably over take both AL east teams, I'll be going to a concert instead. It's a very special concert to me (One band having played the song my mom and step-dad walked to, the other possibly having played a future walk song of my own) and I figure the three outcomes of not going are:

Dodgers Sweep and it sucks that I missed it, but I can begin begging season ticket holders and/or Eric Stephen, ticket lottery winner, for NLCS tickets

The Villains sweep and I'm probably glad to not be in Deprez Ravine.

The series goes to Game 4 and I'm pretty sure I'm going to that.

2008-09-19 19:14:47
52.   Bob Timmermann
The Cubs magic number is 1.
2008-09-19 19:14:50
53.   Eric Stephen
I really should be DVR-ing Price is Right more. Even with Drew Carey, it's still a great game show.

Eric's Favorite Game Shows
1) Price is Right
2) Jeopardy
3) Press Your Luck
4) Password (or Super Password)
5) Card Sharks
6) Tic Tac Dough
7) Joker's Wild

2008-09-19 19:15:32
54.   Bob Timmermann
Chock full.
2008-09-19 19:15:55
55.   Linkmeister
53 No Pictionary or Win Lose or Draw?
2008-09-19 19:16:29
56.   Jacob Burch
Way way not enough Match Game on that list. Solid Jeopardy love though. I try to score myself a few times a week, and j-archive was my favorite essay-procrastination website. My mind let me do it because hey, I'm learning!
2008-09-19 19:17:32
57.   KG16
watching the True Blue Story of 2003 all I can think is, wow, 2003 seems like so long ago. Also, Gagne looked much thinner than I remember, I wonder how much weight gain affected him. Probably not as much as the PEDs and the surgeries, but still, got to wonder
2008-09-19 19:18:58
58.   Eric Stephen
Tickets will be made available to the general public tomorrow at 10am for both the NLDS and NLCS.

I'll try to buy 4 each NLCS game. I'll send you an email.

2008-09-19 19:19:56
59.   Eric Stephen
55 ,56
Both Win, Lose or Draw and Match Game should be on the list, possibly above Joker's Wild.
2008-09-19 19:20:25
60.   Eric Stephen
Line drive double play to first for AZ. 2 outs in the 8th, 3-1 Rox.
2008-09-19 19:20:47
61.   Jacob Burch
58 Echk. I was hoping they'd wait a bit, as I would have tried to buy 2 for 2, but I literally have none in the bank to try this attempt.

I will gladly pay for parking, ticket, and Dodger Dogs for all if you succeed.

And if you haven't noticed, iPhonerence has had a few upgrades over the last few days.

2008-09-19 19:21:30
62.   Bob Timmermann
Since the Yankees won tonight, the 150:1s can't clinch a playoff spot tonight.
2008-09-19 19:21:56
63.   Eric Stephen
Oooh, I will definitely check it out! Practicing for the playoffs.
2008-09-19 19:27:32
64.   kngoworld
Early video of the Sheffield/Carmona fight can be found here:
2008-09-19 19:33:22
65.   Eric Stephen
This is for Bluebleeder, or anyone else wondering about the costs of postseason tickets:

Dodger postseason tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am, for those interested.

2008-09-19 19:34:16
66.   KG16
64 - aren't you suppose to drop the bat before you reach first base?
2008-09-19 19:35:28
67.   Bob Hendley
Rockies 3-1 in the top of the ninth.
2008-09-19 19:35:55
68.   Marty
Kevin Kennedy was a manager? Who knew?
2008-09-19 19:36:44
69.   Marty
Aren't you supposed to drop the batter if you're going to hit him on purpose?
2008-09-19 19:36:49
70.   Bob Timmermann
The 150:1s have a magic number of one to reach the playoffs.

The Red Sox have a magic number of two to reach the playoffs.

2008-09-19 19:39:42
71.   Bob Hendley
66 - Me thinks that the ump should have tossed him for carrying the bat to first. Yery provocative.
2008-09-19 19:39:45
72.   KG16
69 - I don't think so. You drop the batter if you're trying to brush him back. If you're trying to hit him, put it on the rump or between the numbers, and make it an off speed pitch. It's the gentlemenly thing to do.
2008-09-19 19:40:23
73.   Eric Stephen
Mark Reynolds makes it close. A shot to CF, 3-2 Rox. 1 out.
2008-09-19 19:40:28
74.   Bob Timmermann
3-2 Rockies with one out in the 9th after a Reynolds homer.
2008-09-19 19:40:43
75.   Jon Weisman
Reynolds HR - Arizona trails 3-2.
2008-09-19 19:41:00
76.   Jon Weisman
I knew I shouldn't have bothered. Why did I bother?
2008-09-19 19:41:16
77.   Eric Stephen
Chris Snyder gets on. PR Alex Romero is the tying run on first. 1 out. 3-2 Rox.
2008-09-19 19:41:26
78.   Bob Timmermann
I'll switch to a monopoly then...

Padres 6, Nationals 6 8th inning.

2008-09-19 19:41:42
79.   Eric Stephen
Eck gets HBP.
2008-09-19 19:41:58
80.   Icaros
Suddenly Fuentes can't pitch. Typical crap.
2008-09-19 19:42:11
81.   Jon Weisman
Left-handed reliever Hong-Chih Kuo had an MRI on his left elbow Friday, and manager Joe Torre said Kuo would not throw for a few days, and then would see how the elbow responds early next week.

"Everything structurally looked great," Torre reported. "Nothing in the MRI tells us (to shut him down), but if we threw him today we'd want to give him four days off."

2008-09-19 19:42:36
82.   68elcamino427
Let's go Maddux! Work it! Make it happen!
2008-09-19 19:43:27
83.   Jacob Burch
Man who hit Eckstein with Baseball can do anything.
2008-09-19 19:43:57
84.   Jacob Burch
accomplish anything*. Apologies, 80s nerd krew.
2008-09-19 19:45:56
85.   trainwreck
Oh, come on!
2008-09-19 19:46:09
86.   Eric Stephen
What a lucky 2nd run for SF. Holy jeebus.
2008-09-19 19:46:11
87.   KG16
Can we call for a do over?
2008-09-19 19:46:31
88.   Andrew Shimmin
The grass is in the base path, I guess.
2008-09-19 19:47:28
89.   Bob Hendley
That called for Ratpack! or whatever.
2008-09-19 19:47:47
90.   KG16
Tommy would have gotten tossed over that call.

Just saying...

2008-09-19 19:47:56
91.   68elcamino427
This is a classic turn of events
2008-09-19 19:48:31
92.   Eric Stephen
Brian Fuentes is not making this easy.
2008-09-19 19:48:38
93.   Jacob Burch
I have been shown I have no idea what constitutes the basepath, I guess.
2008-09-19 19:49:03
94.   Icaros
Fuentes is just killing me over here.
2008-09-19 19:49:28
95.   Andrew Shimmin
If I were Hurdle, I'd bring in Livan Hernandez. To play the percentages.
2008-09-19 19:49:36
96.   KG16
LA turns it's eyes to Short Chris Young
2008-09-19 19:49:41
97.   Eric Stephen
Chris Young just made the D-Backs margin for error...shorter.
2008-09-19 19:49:41
98.   Branch Rickey
Rockies Win!
2008-09-19 19:50:02
99.   Jacob Burch
92 SCY however, is.
2008-09-19 19:50:13
100.   KG16
And Short Chris Young comes through!
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-19 19:50:15
101.   DaveP
Berroa looked like he was stuck in quicksand the first couple steps going to his left on the two run single.
2008-09-19 19:50:31
102.   Eric Stephen
Woo woo woo!
2008-09-19 19:50:59
103.   Branch Rickey
2008-09-19 19:51:44
104.   Marty
I think Berroa lost the ball in the runner. I never thought that trick ever worked.
2008-09-19 19:51:48
105.   LogikReader
Magic Number is 6!!

Already, that puts us ahead of the 1982 team. Just gotta hang on.

2008-09-19 19:53:14
106.   Louis in SF

From my TV shot in the Bay Area it looked like Berroa was screened by Sandoval

2008-09-19 19:53:55
107.   Bob Hendley
Come on Matty!
2008-09-19 19:54:27
108.   Eric Stephen
I know we're down 2-0, but look at the mound for the Giants!

I feel like Bobby Knight, when asked how he felt during a 31-point comeback against LSU. He said something like, "I thought we were in bad shape but I looked down and saw Dale Brown and knew we still had a chance."

2008-09-19 19:54:41
109.   KG16
Did I miss something? I just went to set my fantasy football line ups and Willie Parker and Michael Turner are projected to rake up over 500 points, each.
2008-09-19 19:55:29
110.   Jon Weisman
The Manny effect gets Ethier another free walk.
2008-09-19 19:55:35
111.   KG16
What happened to Sampson's hair on the road trip?
2008-09-19 19:55:42
112.   LogikReader
I miss long-haired Manny
2008-09-19 19:57:01
113.   KG16
Manny just doesn't look right with no hair.
2008-09-19 19:57:07
114.   Eric Stephen
111 ,112
It's all marketing. Now McCourt can sell Manny do-rags with tiny dreads hanging out.

It's why Kobe changed his number. Straight cash, homey.

2008-09-19 19:57:18
115.   KG16
plus, I gotta think that messes up his balance.
2008-09-19 19:58:04
116.   KG16
If Manny had his hair, that would have been a home run.
2008-09-19 19:58:17
117.   Eric Stephen
"It's not fishing; you don't throw the little ones back. And Manny will take it gladly."

-Vin Scully

2008-09-19 20:00:32
118.   Jacob Burch
Sixty times in or so, I still laugh at the Joe Torre Tea commercial.
2008-09-19 20:00:32
119.   Bob Hendley
I think that he just has his hair pinned up, no?
2008-09-19 20:00:50
120.   Marty
You could see when he took his helmet off that Manny still has all his hair. It's just tied up.
2008-09-19 20:02:03
121.   Bob Timmermann
The Mets take over first in the NL East by 1/2 game.
2008-09-19 20:02:23
122.   Eric Stephen
It is great. It seems like such a cash grab, and how can you blame anyone for that?

Personally, I've kicked Celestial Seasonings to the curb in an act of solidarity.

2008-09-19 20:02:37
123.   Jacob Burch
Ahh, graphite shaft. I love you Vin.
2008-09-19 20:04:15
124.   Bob Timmermann
San Diego and Washington still tied in the bottom of the 10th.
2008-09-19 20:06:12
125.   Tripon
Hah, Vin got flummoxxed by Casey Blake DeWitt!
2008-09-19 20:07:24
126.   ucladodger
I really really hope Maddux doesnt start a playoff game.
2008-09-19 20:07:28
127.   Icaros
I've grown to hate Dave Roberts.
2008-09-19 20:07:42
128.   Marty
Maddux has nothing tonight.
2008-09-19 20:07:47
129.   overkill94
Man, besides his last start, Maddux has been pretty worthless since we got him.
2008-09-19 20:08:55
130.   Bob Timmermann
Winning run on first with one out for the Nats.
2008-09-19 20:08:57
131.   Icaros

I hope Lambo enjoys the San Diego organization.

2008-09-19 20:09:11
132.   Eric Stephen
Some Adam's apple punching needs to happen in that Jack-in-the-Box commercial.
2008-09-19 20:09:18
133.   lukemccain
125 That might show up on the Wheel of Fortune.
2008-09-19 20:09:31
134.   nofatmike
Gee, the Giants sure weren't this resilient against the D'Backs.
2008-09-19 20:09:53
135.   Eric Stephen
Bite your tongue, you laptop-soiling fiend!
2008-09-19 20:10:44
136.   Andrew Shimmin
132- Unless the ad team that came up with it cast themselves for the parts, I'd be happier if the adam's apple punching was off-camera. And prodigious.
2008-09-19 20:11:36
137.   Eric Stephen
Man, seeing that replay of the DeWitt/Martin play shows how amazingly close the Dodgers came to losing yesterday.
2008-09-19 20:12:46
138.   LogikReader
This is ridiculous! Is Zito topping out at 87?
2008-09-19 20:12:46
139.   Andrew Shimmin
It can't be Lambo.

At least, it can't be just Lambo.

2008-09-19 20:12:58
140.   Eric Stephen
I want to give them the benefit of the doubt since most of the JitB commercials are great, but I believe Clubber Lang's forecast is in order for the makers of this particular commercial.
2008-09-19 20:13:08
141.   Icaros

It was Plaschke who soiled my laptop. And my cerebral cortex.

I love it when the Dodgers make Zito look like a great pitcher.

2008-09-19 20:14:22
142.   Marty
A friend of mine made a Jack-in-the-box commercial when the current campaign started, like 10 years ago. The them was super-sizing fries. It never aired.
2008-09-19 20:14:25
143.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-19 20:14:26
144.   KG16
We seem to be facing the old Zito. I don't like the old Zito in a Giant's uniform. I barely liked him in an A's uniform
2008-09-19 20:14:35
145.   Louis in SF

If this gets much worse in the next few innings, I think we ought to pitch McDonald and Stultz tonight and save the bullpen.

2008-09-19 20:14:39
146.   68elcamino427
Yes - the play by Martin at the plate was reminiscent of his All-Star Game play.
2008-09-19 20:14:54
147.   Bob Timmermann
1st and 3rd, 2 outs for the Nats in the 10th.

Guzman vs. Meredith

2008-09-19 20:15:22
148.   Tripon
No way in hell its Lambo.
2008-09-19 20:15:27
149.   Bob Timmermann
We go to the 11th in DC. More Nats and Pads! Yippee!!
2008-09-19 20:15:30
150.   Marty
Has Zito always been that jittery? I thought they outlawed greenies.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-19 20:16:29
151.   Eric Stephen
Thank you Vin. I forgot my mission to keep tabs on Maddux getting close to the magical 5,000 IP mark.
2008-09-19 20:17:15
152.   thinkblue88
Some sort of Alert must be sounded for Napoli.
2008-09-19 20:17:24
153.   Bob Timmermann
Cy Young, 7354 2/3 IP!
2008-09-19 20:17:41
154.   Eric Stephen
And there it is!
2008-09-19 20:17:52
155.   Bob Hendley
I can't stand the fact that Rowand is allowed to wear spats on the field.
2008-09-19 20:18:13
156.   Bob Timmermann
Red alert for Mike Napoli. This is a red alert!

All hands on deck!

2008-09-19 20:19:10
157.   Eric Stephen
Maddux's next walk will be #1000. So there's a good chance it doesn't come in a Dodger uniform! :)
2008-09-19 20:19:11
158.   LogikReader
That was pitiful, fans... give ol Maddux a standing O!

[ah well, too bad the PA guy couldn't announce the feat]

2008-09-19 20:19:27
159.   Andrew Shimmin
When the regular season ends, Bob's going to switch over to updating us on the CAC 40.
2008-09-19 20:19:39
160.   68elcamino427
Ah ha! Could Maddux be getting loose? His ball is beginning to move.
2008-09-19 20:19:55
161.   KG16
153 - if Cy Young played today, he'd finish his career with about 4400 innings
2008-09-19 20:20:06
162.   Tripon

In Triple A news, only 3 Triple-A teams are affiliations, with 3 Major League teams looking for new affiliations.

The Blue Jays, Marlins, and Nats are going to be fighting over Syracuse, New Orleans, and Las Vegas. You have to believe that the three major league teams are going to try to fight over Syracuse, then New Orleans, then Las Vegas if only because of distance, and secondly of how poor the park are in Cashman Field.

2008-09-19 20:20:13
163.   Eric Stephen
I had to look that one up.
2008-09-19 20:20:53
164.   Eric Stephen
Not bad for a 141-year old.
2008-09-19 20:20:56
165.   Tripon
If Cy Young pitched today, he'd have records of 35-20.
2008-09-19 20:23:15
166.   Bob Timmermann
Personally, I wouldn't want to watch a 141 year old man trying to get out major league hitters.
2008-09-19 20:23:48
167.   Jacob Burch
Bob has no taste for fun.
2008-09-19 20:24:02
168.   KG16
166 - isn't that basically what we're doing tonight?
2008-09-19 20:24:11
169.   Icaros

Me too. Had no idea.

2008-09-19 20:24:15
170.   Eric Stephen
Holy Ishikawa! Nice play.
2008-09-19 20:24:18
171.   Jacob Burch
This is a goofy game.
2008-09-19 20:24:39
172.   MC Safety
Marty called it. Barry Zito is on a hot one.
2008-09-19 20:24:43
173.   Tripon
Travis Ishikawa likes to play defense.
2008-09-19 20:25:00
174.   Eric Stephen
C'mon, can't we at least make sure the replay czar is awake on that one???
2008-09-19 20:27:24
175.   Eric Stephen
I'd bunt on him.
2008-09-19 20:28:27
176.   Tripon
Where is replay? I thought it was supposed to be called on fair and foul balls.
2008-09-19 20:29:25
177.   Jacob Burch
Rule One!
2008-09-19 20:30:14
178.   silverwidow
Ethier looks meaner than Ty Cobb sometimes.
2008-09-19 20:30:23
179.   Andrew Shimmin
176- That wasn't close enough to need it.
2008-09-19 20:31:53
180.   Bob Timmermann
Replay is only used on fair/foul calls that may be home runs.
2008-09-19 20:31:55
181.   68elcamino427
1 pitch 1 out
2008-09-19 20:32:44
182.   Eric Stephen
There aren't many better quotes in history than Cobb's "I don't care if he doesn't have any legs."
2008-09-19 20:32:48
183.   Bob Timmermann
One on, one out for the Nats in the bottom of the 11th.
2008-09-19 20:33:15
184.   Jacob Burch
AFLAC made me bite at the easy guess, and I have failed.
2008-09-19 20:33:22
185.   Bob Hendley
AFLAC - Some guy named McCormick or something, as I recall.
2008-09-19 20:33:32
186.   Louis in SF
I am listening on the Giants radio station in SF hoping to change my luck. The idiot rules behind Direct TV and MLB don't allow me to watch what I have paid for.
2008-09-19 20:33:51
187.   Bob Timmermann
2008-09-19 20:34:25
188.   silverwidow
2008-09-19 20:34:30
189.   KG16
Flying Bison!
2008-09-19 20:34:31
190.   Eric Stephen
Kemp looked like he could have hurt himself on that dive.
2008-09-19 20:34:49
191.   68elcamino427
Bison stretch
2008-09-19 20:35:14
192.   Jacob Burch
190 He'll have to say goodbye to Lambo before he hits the DL.

You people make my heart jump, I swear.

2008-09-19 20:35:20
193.   Marty
Matty makes your heart race.
2008-09-19 20:35:53
194.   Bob Timmermann
12th inning now in DC. I'm sure Sam is there with his kids.

They likely misbehaved and he's trying to find the proper punishment for them. The Nats vs. the Padres will make them think twice about setting his house on fire.

2008-09-19 20:36:19
195.   LogikReader
Nice play, Bison!

Seeing how the Angels are still fighting for Home Field advantage, (over) using K-Rod looks like the right move.

But I'm telling you, having to go to K-Rod this much is going to come back to haunt them!

2008-09-19 20:36:30
196.   silverwidow
I'm craving some more J-Mac rainbow curves. Maybe next weekend, yes?
2008-09-19 20:37:04
197.   68elcamino427
Get hurt? Who's tougher than a Robot Made of Nails? Ain't gonna happen.
2008-09-19 20:37:16
198.   Bob Timmermann
It's not like the Angels need him after this year.
2008-09-19 20:37:44
199.   Eric Stephen
So, you're saying they should...

...wait for it... him for the playoffs?

2008-09-19 20:37:54
200.   Tripon
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-19 20:38:18
201.   Bob Timmermann
Of course tonight, Francisco Rodriguez is cleverly disguised as Scot Shields.
2008-09-19 20:38:18
202.   overkill94
196 God I hope so
2008-09-19 20:38:23
203.   68elcamino427
Mr. Ultimo with the frozen rope to left.
2008-09-19 20:38:33
204.   Eric Stephen
I expect J-Mac to make his first MLB start next weekend with underdog in attendance.
2008-09-19 20:38:41
205.   Tripon
DeJesus would be moved before Lambo.
2008-09-19 20:38:49
206.   MollyKnight
The argument could be made that Manny Ramirez is the best pure hitter to ever wear a Dodger uniform.
2008-09-19 20:39:26
207.   Bob Timmermann
Zack Wheat spins in his grave.
2008-09-19 20:40:21
208.   Jacob Burch
(waits for Bob's Frank Robinson argument)
2008-09-19 20:40:30
209.   Eric Stephen
I can buy doubt.

Piazza and Snider and maybe or Babe Herman are the only real competition.

2008-09-19 20:40:45
210.   Jacob Burch
Dangit! I picked the wrong one.
2008-09-19 20:42:04
211.   Tripon
Who's worth more as prospects, McDonald and Elbert, or Lambo and DeJesus? Because the Padres wanted both McDonald and Elbert, and if the Dodgers refused to give one of them, let alone both of them for Maddux, I can't see the Dodgers giving a prospect as high as Lambo.
2008-09-19 20:42:32
212.   Eric Stephen
Molly, did you contribute to the ESPN The Mag piece on Chicago baseball besides the Top Chef part?
2008-09-19 20:42:37
213.   Tripon
Casey Blake is Blakey.
2008-09-19 20:42:42
214.   silverwidow
205 DeJesus would be moved before Lambo.

Ned probably idolized DeJesus Sr. growing up, so no.

2008-09-19 20:42:50
215.   lukemccain
When is Maddux gonna sit next to someone besides Lowe? I thought part of the reason to bring him here was to impart his wisdom to the young pitchers.
2008-09-19 20:43:12
216.   Bob Hendley
187 - Oops, we are not supposed to guess out loud? But didn't I only spoil it for those that knew already? Is that really spoiling?
2008-09-19 20:43:43
217.   Jacob Burch
215 He was next to Kershaw and Martin for the greater part of the first week or so. You also don't see the majority of the team's time together.
2008-09-19 20:43:47
218.   KG16
206 - Babe Ruth technically wore a Dodger uniform, but he was a coach, so that probably doesn't count.
2008-09-19 20:43:59
219.   Eric Stephen
That curve is really something tonight.
2008-09-19 20:43:59
220.   silverwidow
211 The Padres are getting C prospects, guaranteed. Someone like James Adkins, Jesus Castillo, etc.
2008-09-19 20:44:21
221.   Tripon
Its getting increasingly looking like Maddux isn't going to be on the post season roster.
2008-09-19 20:45:07
222.   lukemccain
209 Babe Ruth once wore a Dodger uniform.
2008-09-19 20:45:42
223.   Jacob Burch
I would bet up to thirty dollars Maddux makes the 25, injury baring.

And that's a lot!

2008-09-19 20:46:45
224.   Tripon
220 Kinda surprised the Padres didn't want a guy like Xavier Paul. He's still young enough to make it, but with the outfielder jam the Dodgers are currently seeing, I doubt he'll get much of a chance as a Dodgers. Xavier will have to beat out Young, Repko, JP, and Jones just for a 4th outfielder spot.
2008-09-19 20:47:17
225.   LA Native

The only instance that I can even compare this to is Pedro Guerrero for a couple of months (I believe it may have been June of 85, but don't quote me on that).

I suppose you can make an argument for Piazza, but I just don't remember him ever being so dominant over a 2 month stretch.

2008-09-19 20:47:51
226.   Jacob Burch
Paul would have had to clear waivers.
2008-09-19 20:48:34
227.   Bob Hendley
223 - Learn from cargill. You might want to make that contingent on there being one. ;-)
2008-09-19 20:49:36
228.   Jacob Burch
227 That was in an informal statement only! I declare the right to write up a full contract of my betting ways.
2008-09-19 20:51:33
229.   Tripon
226 Dodgers could have just waited to trade him in the off season as a PTBNL.

Well, they could anyway. A team like Reds or the Angels are going to be looking for an extra outfielder stock anyway. We should see what we can get for Paul, or include him in a larger deal.

2008-09-19 20:52:14
230.   Bob Timmermann
Going to the 13th in DC.
2008-09-19 20:52:34
231.   Eric Stephen
Guerrero, June & July 1985
45 games, 391/.489/.833
52 runs, 19 HR, 39 RBI

Manny Aug & Sept 2008
45 games, .390/.480/.720
31 runs, 14 HR, 44 RBI

2008-09-19 20:52:42
232.   LogikReader
James McDonald can't pitch better than Maddux tonight? Really???
2008-09-19 20:54:09
233.   KG16
232 - three simple letters explain this:


2008-09-19 20:55:05
234.   Icaros
Maddux used to be a surgeon out there. Now it's like he's setting it on a tee and you're just hoping the guy hits it to someone in the field.
2008-09-19 20:55:08
235.   Tripon
I don't think Coletti thought Maddux would pitch this poorly.
2008-09-19 20:56:11
236.   Eric Stephen
So he's now Dr. Shephard after the drinking problems?
2008-09-19 20:56:16
237.   Jacob Burch
And there we go!
2008-09-19 20:56:28
238.   KG16
Welp, good night. at least Arizona lost
2008-09-19 20:56:29
239.   Eric Stephen
Wow that was badly played by Manuel.
2008-09-19 20:56:30
240.   Bob Hendley
235 - Irony police?
2008-09-19 20:56:35
241.   Icaros
2008-09-19 20:56:40
242.   Tripon
Bad Manny Defense!
2008-09-19 20:56:42
243.   Bob Timmermann
But that wasn't the case in Denver on Friday.
2008-09-19 20:56:48
244.   MC Safety
Where were these Giants against the Dbacks?
2008-09-19 20:57:35
245.   Eric Stephen
I think Greg Maddux is English for "David Wells."
2008-09-19 20:57:42
246.   Jacob Burch
244 Not batting against Greg Maddux
2008-09-19 20:57:46
247.   cargill06
I'd love to have 20 AB's against Maddux right now, I swear I could get 4 hits off him.
2008-09-19 20:57:58
248.   nick
badly played by M, but with that swing hard to completely blame him: batter looked fooled...
2008-09-19 20:58:03
249.   thinkblue88
I agree with the crowd.....boooo!
2008-09-19 20:58:07
250.   scareduck
Greg Maddux is no longer a great pitcher.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-19 20:58:09
251.   Tripon
Greg Maddux is mad at himself. Mad at himself because he's 42 and is realizing that perhaps the game has passed him by.
2008-09-19 20:58:26
252.   cargill06
245 Early favorite for comment on the month.
2008-09-19 20:58:27
253.   scareduck
Kemp came close to getting that ball.
2008-09-19 20:58:58
254.   silverwidow
J-MAC TIME!!! That's the only consolation here.
2008-09-19 20:59:01
255.   Bob Timmermann
I predict that you'd be 0 for 20 and be lucky to get anything out of the infield.
2008-09-19 20:59:04
256.   scareduck
251 - Sadly, yes.
2008-09-19 20:59:26
257.   MC Safety
Get this guy out of here. At least James is warming up.
2008-09-19 20:59:34
258.   Icaros

Sure it was. He just got lucky that game.

2008-09-19 20:59:37
259.   Eric Stephen
It's like they always say, "the first 5,000 IP are easy..."
2008-09-19 20:59:40
260.   Andrew Shimmin
Maddux would have a good shot at a quality start if Manny hadn't dropped a fly ball.
2008-09-19 20:59:44
261.   LogikReader
I smell a sweep.
2008-09-19 21:00:01
262.   Bob Hendley
Isn't Bengie sporky's guy?
2008-09-19 21:00:21
263.   tjdub
Ways to maximize the value of the Maddux trade at this point:
1. Leave him out there for the rest of the night to save the pen.
2. Never, ever let him pitch again.
2008-09-19 21:00:34
264.   Tripon
Who said Bengie Molina was miscast as a RBI guy?
2008-09-19 21:00:49
265.   scareduck
261 - as long as the Snakes are also swept, does it matter?
2008-09-19 21:00:53
266.   cargill06
255 I went 1-4 off Chris Seddon in HS, lefty on left match-up too. Maddux would match up with my bat speed.
2008-09-19 21:00:55
267.   Kevin Lewis
Man, Kemp got up there!

Good news: is letting me watch this game

Bad News: This game so far

2008-09-19 21:01:19
268.   Eric Stephen
Maddux has won three games in his career in which he has given up 7 runs.
2008-09-19 21:01:38
269.   Reddog
I think its a good thing the Dodgers are in the NL West.
2008-09-19 21:01:41
270.   ucladodger

Thats sort of how I feel. Not that i would get any hits, but I just dont feel that confident in sending out a guy I know i can make contact against. Just doesnt give me a huge boost in confidence.

2008-09-19 21:01:42
271.   MC Safety
255 LOL
2008-09-19 21:02:05
272.   I Love LA
Do yourself a favor and retire not ever pitch again. All you bring is earned runs for the other team. 8 in Philly, 7 today with the Giants, and i remember you giving up 4 runs to SD as well. The only good game was last week at Colorado but that was more of a fluke.
2008-09-19 21:02:15
273.   Bob Timmermann
The 42-year old Greg Maddux is better than Chris Seddon was in high school.

You would have a lot of trouble hitting his breaking pitches.

2008-09-19 21:02:20
274.   Louis in SF
I can only hope the radio saves us tonight. I suppose if Manny is going to butcher a play this is the game to do it in. Zito has found new life and we are down 7-0.
2008-09-19 21:02:35
275.   LogikReader
I don't think Coletti thought Maddux would pitch this poorly.

First of all, I take back 261 . Second, I'm not gonna try to be snarky or anything, but any fool with a calculator could see that Maddux has been not just kinda bad, not just mediocre, but downright AWFUL away from Petco. Colletti might have been the ONLY guy who didn't think Maddux could pitch this poorly.

2008-09-19 21:02:56
276.   ucladodger

That last sentence stunk.

2008-09-19 21:03:29
277.   I Love LA
Its also frustrating that the Giants sucked worse than a HS JV team in the 4 games vs Dbacks but they are looking like a playoff bound team tonight. Actually that credits more to Maddux.
2008-09-19 21:03:57
278.   Tripon
265 You generally don't want to play badly leading off to the playoff games?
2008-09-19 21:04:21
279.   LogikReader

Actually, the Dodgers really only have to win one game in this series. So I'm not really worried, just annoyed that the Giants we see tonight are really the same team from yesterday.

2008-09-19 21:05:23
280.   thinkblue88
Wow, just saw the GD replay, Kemp went up high! Great effort.
2008-09-19 21:05:50
281.   Tripon
I'd take out manny and give him half a game off. Might as well sub everyone out tonight and come back tomorrow.
2008-09-19 21:06:01
282.   Eric Stephen
Think of it this way: the Dodgers magic number went down today. The season is one game closer to ending. Like the Rolling Stones taught us...

2008-09-19 21:06:02
283.   MC Safety
Where does AZ finish without Dunn?

I'm thinking we'd have already clinched.

2008-09-19 21:06:11
284.   Bob Timmermann
The 2000 Yankees lost 12 of their last 14 games in the regular season.

They did OK.

2008-09-19 21:06:19
285.   Andrew Shimmin
There actually is an MLV.TV. For only twenty-five bucks, it'll let you register the domain:

I don't know what I would do with it, but, now that I mention it, I do kind of want to register it.

2008-09-19 21:06:47
286.   Kevin Lewis
I'm going to have to go with Bob on this one. I think there would be a lot of ground outs if any contact was made.
2008-09-19 21:07:07
287.   cargill06
273 I had a friend was a big baseball player
Back in high school
He could throw that speedball by you
Make you look like a fool boy
Saw him the other night at this roadside bar
I was walking in, he was walking out
We went back inside sat down had a few drinks
But all he kept talking about was
2008-09-19 21:07:38
288.   Eric Stephen
The wrong pitcher got hooked up to the wayback machine tonight.
2008-09-19 21:07:45
289.   Icaros

Nope, because of his defense and strikeouts, the D-backs would've clinched last week had they not acquired him.

2008-09-19 21:08:35
290.   Eric Stephen
I love the Sparky Anderson candle story!
2008-09-19 21:08:40
291.   Gen3Blue
I have to admit that if Arizona had won tonight, I would be starting to panic. But as is, I have to snicker at how badly the Pads took Coletti. Maddux is at the point where anything can happen: You throw a ball that can be smacked, it will either be hit at someone or not.
2008-09-19 21:09:09
292.   LogikReader
Sooooo... anyone excited about that big Florida/Tennessee game tomorrow?

I know Tenn lost to UCLA, but I think that game is going to be really close. I have a feeling about it.

2008-09-19 21:09:27
293.   Eric Stephen

Hottest wings I've ever had.

2008-09-19 21:09:29
294.   Bob Timmermann
If a 42-year old Greg Maddux can shut out the Rockies over 8 innings in Denver, what makes you think someone who is not a professional baseball player, let alone a college player, be that more successful.

The Giants hitters, despite what we think of them, are all far more talented than any of us at hitting a baseball.

2008-09-19 21:09:31
295.   silverwidow
Welcome to Dodger Stadium, J-Mac! Enjoy a long and successful career as a #3 starter.
2008-09-19 21:09:52
296.   Jacob Burch
2008-09-19 21:10:12
297.   Eric Stephen
More excited for LSU/Auburn. And I hate the SEC.
2008-09-19 21:10:18
298.   MC Safety
That was a strike.
2008-09-19 21:10:23
299.   silverwidow
J-MAC throwing 94 MPH
2008-09-19 21:10:37
300.   scareduck
Wow, Tommy Lasorda really didn't do himself any favors with that ad. He looked like a real blowhard, and a creep.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-19 21:10:57
301.   Tripon
Think Kershaw can be a number 4 pitcher? I ask if only because I want to see McDonald get the 5th spot.
2008-09-19 21:11:27
302.   Bob Timmermann
You left out the lying part. The story is apocryphal.
2008-09-19 21:11:30
303.   LogikReader
292 , 297

Auburn/LSU could be a great game. I'll tell you what though: if Tennessee somehow beats Florida, that proves once and for all the SEC is overrated.

2008-09-19 21:11:45
304.   silverwidow
301 Kershaw is a future #1
2008-09-19 21:12:07
305.   Jacob Burch
294 I tend to get fumed when someone says something similar about a NFL team, but passed this one by.

They may be a chain and have terrible commercials, but I've been addicted to Wing Stop lately. At least at my location, they put a lot of time and effort to make sure the wings are top-notch. Solid recipe too.

There are still a few BBQ places that when on fire make the best wings I've had, but this has been more consistent.

2008-09-19 21:12:30
306.   Tripon
304 Yeah, but next year.
2008-09-19 21:12:56
307.   silverwidow
No biggie.
2008-09-19 21:13:15
308.   Jacob Burch
304 I think he meant next year. And its more of a question of whether or not Management will allow him to be the 4th.
2008-09-19 21:13:26
309.   Eric Stephen
Kershaw is at least a #4 starter now. There are only 79 starting pitchers this season with a 100 ERA+ and 100 IP. That is less than 3 per team.

Kershaw is one of those pitchers.

2008-09-19 21:13:29
310.   silverwidow
Rainbow curve!!!
2008-09-19 21:13:59
311.   silverwidow
McDonald throwing 67-71 MPH curves
2008-09-19 21:14:04
312.   Tripon
If Mark Sweeney took 20 straight at bats against Maddux, how many hits would he have? I'd say 3 singles, and 4 walks.
2008-09-19 21:14:31
313.   Bob Timmermann
I've also left out the fact that Maddux would likely throw a few pitches at some amateur's head who was trying to settle in against him..

That would put the fear of God in me.

2008-09-19 21:14:50
314.   silverwidow
That is a plus pitch right there.
2008-09-19 21:14:58
315.   cargill06
294 There was a lot of super glue stuck between my tounge and my cheek that I couldn't quite wash away when typing these comments.
2008-09-19 21:15:06
316.   MC Safety
That curve was nasty.
2008-09-19 21:16:06
317.   scareduck
302 - Might be this game:

2008-09-19 21:16:10
318.   kinbote
All I want is for us to clinch in time to:

1. Set up our rotation for the first round.
2. Rest our bullpen stalwarts.
3. Give Martin a day off.

Truthfully, we were fortunate to win yesterday [DeWitt & Martin's game-saving play was unbelievable]. 3.5 up with 8 to go [9 for AZ] is still in the comfort zone.

2008-09-19 21:16:11
319.   Bob Timmermann
Mark Sweeney has never drawn a walk against Maddux in his career. He's 3 for 11 with a double
2008-09-19 21:16:25
320.   scareduck
317 - or not.
2008-09-19 21:16:41
321.   LogikReader
I cannot believe the Pads/Nats game is still in progress! In the 12th inning it was about 11:40 ET. Seemed awfully late for a game to only be in the 12th.

Now it's in the 14th inning annnnnnnnnnnnnd as I write this the Padres break the tie. 7-6 SD!

2008-09-19 21:16:54
322.   Bob Timmermann
The Reds manager in the story is John McNamara.
2008-09-19 21:17:11
323.   silverwidow
McDonald is very underrated. He change change speeds and has some beautiful pitches.
2008-09-19 21:17:13
324.   LA Native

Thanks for the stats. I want to say Guerrero had 15 homers just in June alone. My memory served me well. Amazing how the stats are relatively close. Like I said this is the only time I can compare a hitter to Manny in the 28 plus years I have been watching the Dodgers.

2008-09-19 21:17:36
325.   Icaros

You hitting the dirt would be Hendrickson-esque.

2008-09-19 21:20:05
326.   Eric Stephen
I always remembered Guerrero's 15-HR June since I was 9 (in 1985). What I didn't realize until recently was that he may have been even better in July!

June: 15 HR, .344/.436/.860
July: 4 HR, .460/.563/.794

2008-09-19 21:20:32
327.   68elcamino427
Giants are loving this game - Meh
2008-09-19 21:20:47
328.   Tripon

Carmona and Sheffield fought after Carmora HBP Sheff, and then threw at him at first base.

2008-09-19 21:21:57
329.   Icaros
Extremely unnecessary post-catch slide by Winn. And then Krukow says he's been GG caliber in RF.
2008-09-19 21:21:58
330.   Tripon
I assume the last at bat for Manny.
2008-09-19 21:23:05
331.   Bob Timmermann
Bud Black has shrewdly saved Trevor Hoffman so he can pitch the bottom of the 14th for a save.
2008-09-19 21:23:20
332.   MC Safety
Manny using his Boston Red Sox bat. Hilarious.
2008-09-19 21:23:41
333.   Bob Timmermann
Oh the cycle alert in Arlington is canceled.

Stand down.

2008-09-19 21:24:56
334.   cargill06
328 You and your high budget sources. See 8
2008-09-19 21:26:52
335.   Eric Stephen
James McDonald is playing the part of Tim Leary this evening.

Ramon Troncoso will be in the role of Alejandro Pena.

2008-09-19 21:30:00
336.   Tripon
So if two prospects face each other in a MLB game in Sept, is it a minor league match up, or a major league match up?
2008-09-19 21:30:11
337.   MC Safety
I'm loving that change.
2008-09-19 21:30:13
338.   KG16
313 - he'd only do that if you winked at him
2008-09-19 21:33:53
339.   Eric Stephen
Doesn't the guy in the toupee in the "What is Love" Pepsi commercial look like Joe Buck?
2008-09-19 21:33:59
340.   Tripon


2008-09-19 21:34:45
341.   Bob Hendley
I know that he is not what he once was, we are in the middle of a pennant race, and there are some young arms that we want to have a chance, but has Maddux really been pitching awful for us? He seems to generally give up 3-4 runs in 5-6 innings and with our bats (lately) and pen that should keep us in most ballgames. Like Shimmin says, Manny catches that ball and Maddux likely gets a QS tonight. He may be that side of average, but he seems fairly consistent to me.
2008-09-19 21:35:09
342.   Eric Stephen
Mondesi was nicknamed "Buffalo"???!!!!

How fitting given Kemp's similarities.

2008-09-19 21:35:18
343.   thinkblue88
Ha! Sheffield gettin' the beat down.

Didn't he get his arse kicked in San Francisco too? I kinda remember him having a bloody face. Not sure though.

2008-09-19 21:35:38
344.   KG16
Wait, what? Mondesi was nicknamed Buffalo? Does that mean he's related to Bison?
2008-09-19 21:36:11
345.   Eric Stephen
It is Joe Buck!
2008-09-19 21:36:14
346.   KG16
342 - 29 seconds!
2008-09-19 21:37:44
347.   goofus
There's one thing we know professional ballplayers don't have and that is PRIDE. How low will once great players like Maddux and Kent sink for a few more dollars, even when they're embarrassing themselves out there. Maddux really stinks, and the team deserves to lose for playing him. Management is incredibly stupid!
2008-09-19 21:38:05
348.   Eric Stephen
Haha! I always heard Mondesi's self-nickname of "El Cañon."

I loved that one.

2008-09-19 21:38:26
349.   MC Safety
339 The guy with the combover and stache looks like Nick Cave, but I don't think it's him.
2008-09-19 21:39:38
350.   Bob Timmermann
Hyperbole and unintentional hilarity often run hand in hand.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-19 21:40:18
351.   CanuckDodger
They obviously have other things going for them, but Billingsley and Kershaw don't have the change-up mastered, and in Kershaw's case it really hurts him. In McDonald, we have a starter prospect who DOES have that change-up you like to see a starter have in his arsenal. I would have him in our rotation on opening day 2009, for sure, but Colletti probably won't allow it.
2008-09-19 21:42:03
352.   Icaros

On the beach, even. It's very romantic.

2008-09-19 21:42:24
353.   Eric Stephen
3 scoreless to begin the career of one James McDonald. Brad Ziegler is scared. Scared, I tell you.
2008-09-19 21:42:46
354.   Tripon

Wow, the What is Love music video is such a freak show. No idea why Haddaway uses a vampire motif, but now I'm going to imagine that the series Tru Blood(A show I doubt I'll every watch) is just like this.

2008-09-19 21:43:07
355.   Eric Stephen
Actually I think it's like the Rocky Balboa / Apollo Creed beach running scene in Rocky III.
2008-09-19 21:43:40
356.   Tripon
347 Maddux is making $10 million this year. What is he supposed to do, donate that money to cancer research?
2008-09-19 21:43:48
357.   KG16
bunch of lollygaggers.
2008-09-19 21:45:10
358.   Andrew Shimmin
351- Maybe he won't get a vote.
2008-09-19 21:45:33
359.   Bob Timmermann
2 days ago, Chad Billingsley gave up 7 runs (6 earned) in 4 2/3 IP.

There were fewer burnings in effigy after that game than there are tonight.

My effigy guy hasn't done this much business since Odalis Perez was on the Dodgers.

2008-09-19 21:45:59
360.   scareduck
354 - better:

2008-09-19 21:47:23
361.   KG16
359 - good thing it's not Guy Fox Day
2008-09-19 21:47:44
362.   Tripon
I still don't think it'll be Coletti decision next year. I'm optimistic that McCourt will see the big picture and promote the guy he trusts in White over the guy he doesn't trust with his money in Coletti. He doesn't even have to fire him, he can just 'promote' Coletti out of the front office.
2008-09-19 21:47:52
363.   scareduck
351 - Insallah, Colletti is gone.
2008-09-19 21:49:29
364.   Bob Timmermann
The 19th different player to homer!
2008-09-19 21:49:30
365.   Eric Stephen
A 7-run Grabowski Principle?
2008-09-19 21:49:40
366.   scareduck
Pablo Ozuna!
2008-09-19 21:49:53
367.   Tripon
Ozuna has his homer. Hopefully Torre doesn't think he saw enough to put him on the postseason roster.
2008-09-19 21:50:25
368.   Eric Stephen
Bob, Vin and Ozuna bring your Odalis mention full circle!
2008-09-19 21:50:29
369.   StolenMonkey86
Pablo Ozuna is not buying this classic Barry Zito thing.
2008-09-19 21:51:08
370.   Tripon
Matt Kemp not buying it either.
2008-09-19 21:51:18
371.   CanuckDodger
359 -- Billingsley and Maddux both had bad performances, but we're dealing with two very different contexts. Billingsley had been great for a long time up till his bad game, while Maddux was pretty shaky before the Colorado game. And Billingsley isn't here at the cost of losing two prospects to what has been a division rival and will be again.
2008-09-19 21:51:27
372.   Bob Hendley
359 - There also wasn't a line of DTers with bats in their hands willing to go up against Billz (a la Airplane).
2008-09-19 21:51:39
373.   scareduck
369 - it's like any other marketing gimmick. Same old formula, different can.
2008-09-19 21:51:47
374.   LogikReader
Righetti: Hey, Barry, what's the trouble?
Zito: I just threw 116 pitches
2008-09-19 21:52:37
375.   Jon Weisman
364 - My work has not been in vain.
2008-09-19 21:53:11
376.   KG16

Righetti: Right, how about you throw 20 more?
Zito: Ok, sure.

2008-09-19 21:53:19
377.   Eric Stephen
To tomorrow's starter: Hiroki, I just wanted to wish you good luck. We'll all be counting on you.
2008-09-19 21:53:23
378.   Tripon
MLB pitchers I think I can get a hit off of.

Absolutely no one. Not even Jose Canseco.

2008-09-19 21:53:58
379.   Jacob Burch
Steve Perry!
2008-09-19 21:54:00
380.   Icaros
Pat Sajak is the Dodgers version of Jack Nicholson.
2008-09-19 21:54:01
381.   Eric Stephen
I think you can all hear it.
2008-09-19 21:54:47
382.   Eric Stephen
Larry King is Dyan Cannon.
2008-09-19 21:55:23
383.   StolenMonkey86
Righetti: Right, how about you throw 20 more?
Zito: Hey, who am I, Lincecum?
2008-09-19 21:55:37
384.   Jacob Burch
I haven't seen either yet. I need to pay more attention.

Larry was in the dugout club the one game I got to go, as was Ice Cube.

2008-09-19 21:55:39
385.   Icaros

Same number of wrinkles.

2008-09-19 21:56:05
386.   Eric Stephen
And Tommy Lasorda is Magic Johnson.
2008-09-19 21:56:42
387.   Jacob Burch
Hiroki, I just wanted to wish you good luck. We'll all be counting on you.
2008-09-19 21:57:35
388.   Icaros
I saw Sajak interviewed on a Nationals broadcast at a game in DC once. He said he and his family always go to Dodgers games, even in other cities.
2008-09-19 21:57:49
389.   Eric Stephen
Yes! I knew someone would come through with the delayed replay.

That's why DT is basically like Cheers.

2008-09-19 21:58:34
390.   Eric Stephen
He's a huge baseball fan. He used to have a radio show on
2008-09-19 21:58:45
391.   LAT
Just tuned in> Did the radar gun break 85 during the first 5 innings. Heck did they even bother with the gun.

Apocryphal. Come on people, no way I'm the only one who had to look that up.

2008-09-19 21:58:46
392.   Jacob Burch
389 We'll just have to wait for #3 after he pitches the W.
2008-09-19 21:59:15
393.   Icaros
I call getting to write, "Hiroki, I just wanted to wish you good luck. We'll all be counting on you," after he gets the win tomorrow night.
2008-09-19 21:59:38
394.   Jacob Burch
I think we need to make a list. "Word's Bob Timmerman taught me"
2008-09-19 22:00:47
395.   Jacob Burch
Except the list will not have the random apostrophe in the middle of no where for no good reason. That would be silly.
2008-09-19 22:01:31
396.   Eric Stephen
I don't know if you guys know this, but that is in fact an insulin pump on JJJ's belt.
2008-09-19 22:01:37
397.   Icaros

I had to look up 363 , and I'm still not sure what it means.

2008-09-19 22:02:32
398.   Eric Stephen
Shouldn't 24-Hour Fitness change their name if they close at 11pm on Fri/Sat/Sun?
2008-09-19 22:03:18
399.   Eric Stephen
I had to look it up too, and it means "God willing."

But I didn't have to look up apocryphal!

2008-09-19 22:03:43
400.   Icaros

Manny thinks it's only fair that he get to have his iPod on the field with him, too.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-19 22:03:56
401.   KG16
397 - turkish for "god willing"
2008-09-19 22:04:18
402.   Andrew Shimmin
397- There's an H missing.
2008-09-19 22:05:09
403.   LAT
384. He of the biggest head hereonplanet Earth is always in the Dugout Club. You can tell cause he's always wearing a Dodger jersey that says "Larry King" not just "King" but "Larry King." Loser.
2008-09-19 22:05:32
404.   Icaros

The phrase "24 Hour Fitness" represents a state of mind. Not to be taken literally. Come visit our juice bar. Thank you.

2008-09-19 22:05:47
405.   alex 7
for a year, I thought James McDonald was white. I missed Wednesday's game. So I got that out of tonight, which is nice.
2008-09-19 22:08:08
406.   Jacob Burch
6+1 coming up! That's right, #2 on the season for Juan Pierre. (Assuming. Probably correctly)
2008-09-19 22:08:49
407.   Icaros

I thought that when I first heard about him. I also thought Matt Kemp would be white. Andre Ethier I thought would look like former Astro Eric Anthony, for some reason.

2008-09-19 22:09:48
408.   Jacob Burch
The only Minor Leaguer I pictured more or less correctly was Cody Ross.

Smile and all.

2008-09-19 22:10:25
409.   Bob Timmermann
I had a dream last night that the page for Felix Pie, just said "PIE" and underneath it was the statement "Mmm.... Pie!!!!"
2008-09-19 22:10:51
410.   Jacob Burch
I assume wrong! The mighty lead off Sweeney makes me pay.
2008-09-19 22:11:18
411.   Jacob Burch
409 One of my favorite MST3K songs has a similar line.
2008-09-19 22:11:57
412.   Icaros

Was the page sponsored by Homer J.?

2008-09-19 22:12:33
413.   Johnny Nucleo
359 What? Odalis? What was your effigy guy doing when Tomdrickson was around? And Pierre was starting. Around here, effigy guys will always do brisk business. He's probably thanking his lucky stars for Jones and Sweeney.

363 Insha'allah indeed. If I'm not mistaken that might be the first and only time you equate a Frank McCourt decision with God's will ;)

2008-09-19 22:12:47
414.   Bob Timmermann
I couldn't tell.

But I woke up from the dream in a cold sweat and smelling of boysenberries.

2008-09-19 22:14:23
415.   Jacob Burch

Right around 5:20

2008-09-19 22:16:09
416.   Jacob Burch
...Seriously Bochy? Seriously? For Angel Berroa?
2008-09-19 22:16:18
417.   Icaros
He's really going to change pitchers here up 7-1 with two outs? God...
2008-09-19 22:16:55
418.   Jacob Burch
Icaros and I are wavelengthed tonight. I'm scared.
2008-09-19 22:17:48
419.   Johnny Nucleo
397 That expression is one of the great gifts of the Arabs to civilization. It's kind of disconcerting though when you ask your cab driver if he can take you to a certain destination and he essentially says "Yes, God willing".
2008-09-19 22:18:06
420.   Andrew Shimmin
There are a total of six google hits for "boysenberry schnapps." Which makes me think it's not a real thing.
2008-09-19 22:19:03
421.   Jacob Burch
Bochy really deserves the dubya here.
2008-09-19 22:22:27
422.   LogikReader

That's the opposite of a Huzzah win!

2008-09-19 22:22:38
423.   Icaros

It's a bumpy ride. I'm not gonna lie.

2008-09-19 22:24:46
424.   UVaDodger
420 I got a total of 4 hits for "wikipedia zsa zsa" earlier tonight.
And only one hit was Wikipedia, or in English.
Just saying.....
2008-09-19 22:25:03
425.   Jacob Burch
What is the rule presidence for Sheff getting pinch run for after the brawl? He had taken his base and was, well. Tagged.

Do umps call a magic time before such an event occurs?

2008-09-19 22:25:33
426.   Jacob Burch
Precedence.* I am not on my game tonight.
2008-09-19 22:27:14
427.   Icaros

It's election year. What do you expect?

2008-09-19 22:28:23
428.   Jacob Burch
Errant apostrophes and misspelling that word are two of my biggest self-peeves. I am ashamed.

This is the English and Grammar gods attacking me for putting off the last ten pages of my Undergraduate life for several months.

2008-09-19 22:30:49
429.   LogikReader
Lets review... would you all agree that the Dodgers played three games of bad baseball in a row?

Man that's gonna stop tomorrow, come Boysenberry Schnapps or highwater!!!!

2008-09-19 22:31:29
430.   LogikReader

Where does "lack of apostrophes" rate on that scale?

2008-09-19 22:34:26
431.   Jacob Burch
430 Depends on the usage. I tend to also only get upset when I do the whole its/it's thing, which I do too often.
2008-09-19 22:42:36
432.   bhsportsguy
In Maddux's last 3 starts, how many runs have the Dodgers scored while he pitched?

The Dodger offense was absent for those games and you can't expect Maddux to pitch like he did in Colorado every time out.

2008-09-19 22:45:11
433.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-09-19 22:46:01
434.   scareduck
402 - don't make me dig out my copy of "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" again. Transliteration from Arabic is an inexact thing.
2008-09-19 22:47:25
435.   scareduck
413 - I was hoping for a meteorite strike, but if McCourt fires him, I'll take that, too.
2008-09-19 22:52:58
436.   scareduck
Also --

2008-09-19 22:56:01
437.   bhsportsguy
Is this notion that Ned is gone based on anything but a hope on a wing and a prayer?
2008-09-19 22:58:01
438.   LAT
Some nights ESPN's Top 10 aren't very toppy.. Tonight was not one of those nights. Great catch by Yankee outfielder and great no look pass by Canice Parker. But that has to be the first time Duck Duck Goose has been referenced.
2008-09-19 22:58:25
439.   Andrew Shimmin
He got a hard budget cap (evidently the first) in the run up to the trade deadline. That's a pretty heavy vote of no confidence. Maybe all is forgiven if the team makes the playoffs, but still. Why would you give the checkbook back to the guy you just got done taking it away from?
2008-09-19 22:59:23
440.   Alex41592
Another magic number removed. It's a good day.

3 1/2 game lead.

Magic Number: 6

If the Dodgers go 4-4 in their final 8 games the Diamondbacks would have to go 8-1 in their final 9 games in order to force a divisional tiebreaker game at Dodger Stadium.

The Diamondbacks have now lost 11 games in a row on the road. Today snapped the Dodgers seven game home winning streak.

Bad game tonight but Arizona feels worse.

2008-09-19 22:59:42
441.   Jacob Burch
I refuse to believe ESPN has had had an original reference in the last five years unless it fills in one of their pop culture formulas. SVP is a fan of "LeBron James is to The Cavs what ___leadsingerofpopular'hip'band___ is to ____popular'hip'band____"
2008-09-19 23:03:53
442.   LAT
Pennant race. Thrilling
Dodger playoff tickets. Expensive.
Gary Sheffield getting slugged in the face. Priceless.

That is definitly one of the highlights of the season for me.

2008-09-19 23:13:00
443.   underdog
411 Bees on pie. Burning rubber tires!


Well, tonight's not a total washout. Bob's favorite movie is on TV Land.

I'm glad I missed most of the stinker of a game -- decided since my g/f was going away for a week it would be better to hang out with her than watch the Dodgers game and I guess that was even more of a wise decision. I did catch 2 innings though, including James MacDonald looking sharp!

Otherwise, fuhgedaboutit, Jake, it's Chinatown.

2008-09-19 23:14:42
444.   underdog
Tomorrow I will be home to watch the game live so if they win I'll feel luck I'm now a good luck charm. If they lose, I'll just be sad.

"Request permission to relieve bladder." Ah, I love Scott Glenn.

Er, speaking of which... see ya!

2008-09-19 23:15:07
445.   underdog
Feel like, not feel luck... me fail English?
2008-09-19 23:15:56
446.   Jacob Burch
You're missing an errant apostrophe for true failure!
2008-09-19 23:18:02
447.   bhsportsguy
I cannot believe there are 44 better memories for the LA Dodgers than 9/11/83.

But, both Bill Singer's and Jerry Reuss's no-hitters were rated behind that.

My friend asked if bad things could qualify, I thought probably not but who knows.

2008-09-19 23:18:32
448.   Alex41592
Peavy vs. Billingsley September 23rd.
2008-09-19 23:18:58
449.   underdog
446 "It stinks!"
2008-09-19 23:23:38
450.   Jacob Burch
447 You do an internet poll for things dated back more than five years, and this will be the result.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-09-19 23:41:24
451.   LAT
Wow, Tony Jackson really hated tonights give away. A flip book of the Gibson HR paid for by the LA Cty. Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk intended to remind you to vote. He called it "trash."
2008-09-19 23:44:38
452.   Jacob Burch
I haven't seen it, but I hope its just frame by frame the ten seconds or so of the ball being hit and leaving the stadium, with ten or so frames of VOTE! thrown in to subconsciously alter your behavior.
2008-09-19 23:47:48
453.   Bob Timmermann
Tony must be such a pleasant fellow to deal with. He has the ideal makeup for a baseball beat writer since he seems to hate all human contact and anything he doesn't like must be wrong.
2008-09-19 23:49:22
454.   whodat807
451 Wow, TJ seems really angry about that flipbook. I thought he'd take issue with it being low-quality and gimmicky, but he seems to be angry that Gibson's '88 homerun is still being celebrated as much as it is.

Why so angry? And who cares if Gibson's sitting on the D-Backs' bench? His HR is probably the greatest moment in Dodger history and one of the top three moments in baseball history, period. Seems like a weird thing to get worked up about.

2008-09-19 23:50:34
455.   Jacob Burch
453 I'm still trusting you to figure out my Sheff/Carmona ruling. In Bob I Trust.
2008-09-19 23:53:06
456.   Bob Timmermann
TJ doesn't seem to care for tradition and he's probably happy that Torre and Mattingly will be in L.A. instead of at Yankee Stadium's last game.

That post of his is probably the most cynical thing he's ever written. But I guess it's better than his usual "The season's over... The Dodgers will never catch Arizona... They're three games under .500! Why don't we all drive our cars off cliffs!"

2008-09-19 23:57:03
457.   Bob Timmermann
I just looked at the video. Sheffield wasn't out because no one tagged him. During the fracas, you can see the ball on the field. The first baseman threw the ball back to Carmona before Sheffield went after the pitcher.

Then once the melee started, I assume the umpires called time or it was implied.

2008-09-20 00:04:35
458.   LogikReader
Oooh, this is a much better quality video of the Carmona/Sheffield brouhaha

It's also the Indians' broadcasters, as opposed to the Tigers' broadcasters.

You know what I'd really be interested in? I'd love to hear the radio broadcast of the fight via the Indians radio team.

2008-09-20 00:06:35
459.   Bob Timmermann
I think the umpires would call time once players not in the game came on the field.
2008-09-20 00:07:02
460.   Jacob Burch
457 Dangit. Would have been awesome if Carmona just tagged Sheff right before the brawl started.
2008-09-20 00:22:08
461.   Tripon
"We'll get to Oct. 1 and see where we are," Torre said. "Our first consideration is to win now. You can't really shut somebody down, when he's got the ability to help us in the bullpen.",0,4777378.story

2008-09-20 00:24:55
462.   Tripon
Right-hander Brad Penny had a cortisone shot in his sore right shoulder, but he doesn't know if he'll pitch again this season.

Sounds like Penny isn't going to get that post-clinch start.,0,4347363.story

2008-09-20 00:40:35
463.   bhsportsguy
Since 8/29/08 a.m. - 9/20/08 a.m.

-4.5, -3.5, -2.5, -2.5, -1.5, -1.5, -1.5, -.5, .5, 1.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 3.5, 4.5, 4.5, 4.5, 4.5, 3.5, 3.5, 3.5

-2, -1, -1, -2, -2, -3, -2, -1, -2, -1.5, -2.5, -3.5, -3, -2, -2, -1, -.5, .5, .5, .5, -.5

+5.5, +5.5, +5.5, +5.5, +4.5, +4.5, +4, +4.5, +4, +3, +3, +4, +3, +2, +1, E, -1, -1, -2, -2

2008-09-20 00:47:04
464.   Eric Stephen
Without looking:

1) Dodgers relative to Arizona, NL West

2) Phillies, relative to Mets, NL East

3) Brewers relative to Phillies, NL Wild Card

2008-09-20 00:48:28
465.   Eric Stephen
Underdog, since you referenced "The Critic," I will extend my suspension of cat hatred for one more week, through the end of the MLB regular season.
2008-09-20 00:51:12
466.   Eric Stephen
At least TJ hasn't yet played the Dan Shaugnessy card of "it was so much better when I used to be able to drink beers with sports stars, and now they are more private".
2008-09-20 00:53:20
467.   Eric Stephen
A Tale of Two Kurodas:

July 28 vs. SF: 3.2 IP, 7 runs, Loss
August 9 at SF: 8 IP, 1 run, ND*

*It's best not to remember to think of how that game ended.

2008-09-20 00:54:08
468.   Eric Stephen
Time to get some sleep. Remember, playoff tickets tomorrow at 10am people!
2008-09-20 03:11:32
469.   trainwreck
I love "the Critic."
2008-09-20 06:21:51
470.   Marty

2008-09-20 06:41:27
471.   D4P
Ryder Cup not looking good for the Euros, for whom I root.
2008-09-20 06:51:49
472.   LogikReader
...that's so un-American!
2008-09-20 06:54:40
473.   LogikReader
forgot to add :)
2008-09-20 07:00:22
474.   D4P
I hate the American Ryder Cup team. They have too much freedom.
2008-09-20 07:14:01
475.   LogikReader
7am Golf Thoughts... I am up early today.
2008-09-20 07:34:24
476.   cargill06
458 HAHA, at 1:29 Matt Joyce assumes the fetile position.
2008-09-20 07:57:31
477.   LogikReader
I took one last look at the Sheffield/Carmona fisticuffs.

It hit me. This is the frustrations of two teams who were expected to be battling for the AL Central crown at this time.

2008-09-20 08:09:30
478.   Ken Noe
I'd be really angry about a Gary Bennett flip book.
2008-09-20 08:16:31
479.   Bob Timmermann
Tony Jackson doesn't like Dodgers fans treasured memories. It disturbs his world view.
2008-09-20 08:32:39
480.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-20 08:34:50
481.   tethier
Maybe it's just a coincidence, but the Dodgers are 15-4 since Jeff Kent stopped playing 2nd base. Provided the Dodgers make the playoffs, I'd like to see Kent available as a pinch hitter. Maybe he can take Sweeney's spot.

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