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September 20 Game Chat
2008-09-20 16:35
by Jon Weisman
Comments (888)
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2008-09-20 16:45:35
1.   LogikReader
LAT'd, but not worth reposting.

Basically I discovered mid-post why MLB teams with the best league record play the WC team and not just "the worst team" during the Division Series.

It has to do with the "you don't play a team in your own division" exception for the LDS.

2008-09-20 16:46:40
2.   LogikReader

Matt Holliday is out? Goodness gracious, I hope he's really hurt and not just "kind of hurt" so Hurdle can spite the Dodgers.

2008-09-20 16:47:02
3.   Bob Timmermann
You want the wild card team to have the biggest disadvantage in the first round, so it has to play on the road against either the top team or the second best team.
2008-09-20 16:48:54
4.   Bob Timmermann
"We'll probably have to give him (Holliday) today and tomorrow, the off day Monday, and re-evaluate him," Hurdle said before Colorado's game against Arizona.

From the AP.

2008-09-20 16:49:23
5.   LogikReader

Yep. That makes a lot of sense. There has to be incentive for winning your own division, and with the current alignment, that works best.

The NFL used to allow wild cards to host a playoff home game and I had a big problem with that. Thankfully, re-alignment ended that scenario.

2008-09-20 16:52:14
6.   Bob Timmermann
In the NFL wild cards could only host other wild card teams though. Division champs always got priority.
2008-09-20 17:10:51
7.   gpellamjr
Power came on about an hour ago! I can watch the game tonight!
2008-09-20 17:11:33
8.   Alex41592
1-0 D'Backs Top 1.
2008-09-20 17:23:02
9.   LogikReader
If the Rockies score 7 or more runs today, the Greater Denver area gets 4 for $1 tacos tomorrow!

GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!

2008-09-20 17:35:58
10.   Bob Timmermann
2-0 DBacks going to the bottom of the 2nd.
2008-09-20 17:36:56
11.   Bob Timmermann
Padres lead the Nats 3-0. A win for the Padres could make it very difficult for them to finish with the worst record.
2008-09-20 17:55:25
12.   trainwreck
Noshawn Moreno can fly.
2008-09-20 17:56:38
13.   Bob Timmermann
Home run Chris Young!

Relax, it's Tall Chris Young. Padres lead the Nats 4-0.

2008-09-20 18:08:54
14.   D4P
Noshawn Moreno can fly

But he's no Shawn Moreno.

2008-09-20 18:16:58
15.   LogikReader
Rockies broadcasters... exuding so much joy out of that run scoring infield single


2008-09-20 18:32:05
16.   silverwidow
1 It has to do with the "you don't play a team in your own division" exception for the LDS.

They play each other so much during the season that it shouldn't come down to a best-of-five. If that makes sense.

2008-09-20 18:33:21
17.   Alex41592
2-1 D'Backs Top 6.
2008-09-20 18:36:00
18.   KG16
FSNHD is still showing the Texas beat down of Rice instead of the Dodgers pregame show. This better not be the situation in about a half hour.
2008-09-20 18:36:50
19.   larry slimfast
I find it a bit tragic that the last series in Yankee Stadium isn't against the Redsox. You would think they would have scheduled that. Is there something here I don't know about?
2008-09-20 18:38:43
20.   LogikReader
I always thought MLB assumed the Yankees would just make the playoffs and have the "real last game" some time in October. Thus, the scheduled last regular season game is an oversight.
2008-09-20 18:40:02
21.   KG16
well, the Yankees use to be the Baltimore Orioles
2008-09-20 18:40:09
22.   Alex41592
2-1 D'Backs Bot 6.
2008-09-20 18:44:06
23.   berkowit28
On Dodgers Live just now, Tommy Lasorda just said that he would be celebrating his birthday - on MONDAY - by coming to see the Dodgers play. Hmmmm, either he has a surprise coming or he's talking up his a---. Guess which.
2008-09-20 18:46:25
24.   Alex41592
Jeff Baker solo HR tied at Coors!
2008-09-20 18:48:11
25.   Alex41592
2-2 Top 7.
2008-09-20 18:50:33
26.   silverwidow
"Nobody thought we would win the division. Nobody thought we would beat the mighty Mets. Nobody thought we would beat the team who won 104 games, but we believed it!"
2008-09-20 18:56:19
27.   Alex41592
Chris Snyder draws a 10 pitch walk which pushes Cook over 100 pitches.
2008-09-20 18:57:29
28.   Alex41592
SCY bunts Snyder over to 2nd.
2008-09-20 18:59:10
29.   Who Is Karim Garcia
C'mon Rockies!
2008-09-20 19:00:59
30.   Alex41592
Cook is struggling as he walks Ojeda. Tony Clark is up with two on and one out.
2008-09-20 19:04:31
31.   Alex41592
Willy Taveras blows a fly ball and it drops untouched. 3-2 AZ. GAH!
2008-09-20 19:05:16
32.   Alex41592
And Glendon Rusch to the rescue! Lets go Dodgers!
2008-09-20 19:06:58
33.   LogikReader

I smell a conspiracy!

2008-09-20 19:08:45
34.   KG16
33 - nah, no reason for the Rockies to pull that kind of act. If it was the Giants, that would be a different story.

Also, someone let the kind folks at FSN know that Dodgers-Giants with play off implications beats a Texas blowout of Rice on HD

2008-09-20 19:09:59
35.   KG16
why intentionally walk Upton with 2 outs? He's 0-3 in the game, and is prone to striking out.
2008-09-20 19:10:32
36.   Alex41592
Probably for the lefty/lefty to face Tracy.
2008-09-20 19:11:31
37.   Alex41592
Rusch to the rescue!

3-2 D'Backs Bot 7.

2008-09-20 19:12:11
38.   KG16
36 - but Tracy is 2-3 with two extra base hits. It worked out, but seems like a strange decision
2008-09-20 19:13:33
39.   Alex41592
Brandon Lyon into pitch.
2008-09-20 19:15:32
40.   underdog
Here we go Dodgers! {clap clap clap}

Damn Randy Winn.

Let's go Hiro.

2008-09-20 19:16:42
41.   underdog
Sigh, Saturday night with Kruk and Kuip. How exciting.
2008-09-20 19:18:29
42.   underdog
Berroa's step toward second to cover cost the Dodgers an out on that soft liner.
2008-09-20 19:20:10
43.   Alex41592
Well aren't we knee deep in it.
2008-09-20 19:20:40
44.   underdog
Great start, sigh.

Oh well, get out of this without too much damage, Hiro, and then the Dodgers face Hennessey.

2008-09-20 19:21:34
45.   Gen3Blue
I was about to say I'd never seen the worm turn so quickly, and we may need the Rockies very badly. But it may just be Kurodas inability to get it over. Guess it doesn't make much difference.
2008-09-20 19:22:07
46.   Eric Stephen
Underdog, are you on or cable? For me, on cable, I have both feeds. SF feed is "Game 10", and Scully is "Game 9" channel, if that helps.
2008-09-20 19:22:20
47.   Alex41592
Nice swinging Molina.
2008-09-20 19:23:35
48.   underdog
That shut stupid Krukow up at least, who talked up Molina's huge plate coverage and predicted an opposite field double before that K.
2008-09-20 19:24:31
49.   KG16
you know what would be real nice right here? A 6-4-3 double play, would be.
2008-09-20 19:25:06
50.   Alex41592
A lot of foul balls so far.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-20 19:26:33
51.   underdog
46 I'm watching here on cable TV in SF. Not sure it'll let me choose the game here via MLBTV, thought it was blacked out? Oh well, I don't mind, it's nice to watch on TV for once.
2008-09-20 19:27:30
52.   Alex41592
Too many pitches.
2008-09-20 19:28:01
53.   Who Is Karim Garcia
channeling his inner-Ishii
2008-09-20 19:28:05
54.   underdog
Crap, c'mon Hiro! It was a good at bat from Ishikawa but you have to come inside at least once, c'mon. Keep 'em down.
2008-09-20 19:28:31
55.   Eric Stephen
I must have temporarily forgot you are in Giant Country.
2008-09-20 19:29:09
56.   underdog
Going to the bottom of the 8th in Denver, still 3-2 AZ.
2008-09-20 19:29:11
57.   Alex41592
There's the 6-4-3 DP.
2008-09-20 19:29:25
58.   trainwreck
Well not as bad as it could have been.
2008-09-20 19:29:52
59.   Eric Stephen
Only 1 run with bases loaded no outs is a small victory.

Time to punish Hennessy.

2008-09-20 19:29:58
60.   underdog
Wow. That could've been SO much worse. Whew.
2008-09-20 19:30:23
61.   Eric Stephen
Minus the 4.
2008-09-20 19:30:32
62.   LU Dodger
We'll take it!
2008-09-20 19:31:00
63.   underdog
55 Yep, enemy territory. I'm spying for Bob.

Tomorrow I'll be in Niners Country, which is just as bad, and even more pathetic.

2008-09-20 19:31:58
64.   Eric Stephen
Leadoff double for the Rox!
2008-09-20 19:32:15
65.   underdog
Tulo leads off with a double vs Tony Pena for the Rockies.
2008-09-20 19:32:27
66.   fanerman
2008-09-20 19:33:37
67.   LU Dodger
Andre's totally gonna go yard here...just watch
2008-09-20 19:33:42
68.   Eric Stephen
1st & 3rd none out for Colorado.
2008-09-20 19:34:22
69.   underdog
I never realized what bad teeth Lincecum has until that shot. It's like something from the Simpsons' Big Book of British Smiles.

Maybe it's just his baby teeth still haven't all come out yet.

2008-09-20 19:34:32
70.   Eric Stephen
Wow, that was a fielders choice. Grounder to Drew, who went to 3rd to try to erase Tulo, but Troy easily beat the throw.
2008-09-20 19:34:43
71.   Eric Stephen
Sac fly.


2008-09-20 19:35:17
72.   Eric Stephen
"C'mon, give us a smile."


"There is no God!"

2008-09-20 19:35:45
73.   Eric Stephen
I'm calling it here. 2-1 Dodgers after this AB.
2008-09-20 19:36:13
74.   Icaros
Watching the Dodgers lose to SF with Kruk and Kuip is a real...pleasure.
2008-09-20 19:36:35
75.   underdog
Yes indeed, tied in Denver.

Now let's get a run in LA, too.

2008-09-20 19:36:44
76.   LU Dodger
73's go with your prediction..

2008-09-20 19:37:01
77.   Icaros
"Why must you turn my office into a house of lies?"
2008-09-20 19:37:15
78.   Gen3Blue
I've got Vin thank god. But when I see Kuroda( who seems really intelligent and talented) appear to be terrified of coming over the plate, I wonder about our communication up the coaching ladder.
And of course we seem to fare terribly against unknown pitchers, thats a given.
2008-09-20 19:38:33
79.   Eric Stephen
when I see Kuroda( who seems really intelligent and talented) appear to be terrified of coming over the plate, I wonder about our communication up the coaching ladder.

Couldn't it just be Kuroda fighting his control? Not every mistake on the field is a character flaw.

2008-09-20 19:38:46
80.   LU Dodger
how many pitches did kuroda throw last inning?
2008-09-20 19:39:15
81.   LU Dodger
ok to keep the good luck going, i predict 3-1 dodgers after this ab
2008-09-20 19:39:23
82.   Icaros
When is the September-smashing Loney going to appear? I'm feeling disenchanted.
2008-09-20 19:39:48
83.   underdog
74 As are paper cuts.
2008-09-20 19:40:34
84.   Eric Stephen
The Rockies just showed a replay of an earlier HR and I thought it was live. Fooled by PIP!
2008-09-20 19:41:07
85.   Eric Stephen
To be fair, I didn't say immediately after this AB.
2008-09-20 19:41:26
86.   underdog
That was weak boys, weak.
2008-09-20 19:41:38
87.   Icaros
Well, Logan White said that Lambo could be a gold-glove first baseman.
2008-09-20 19:41:53
88.   Alex41592
3-3 Top 9.
2008-09-20 19:44:19
89.   Alex41592
Fuentes is in for Colorado.
2008-09-20 19:44:41
90.   I Love LA
Nice predictions guys...but just a little short. A strikeout and a popfly and we are still losing 0-1. As consolation we get to watch Kuroda attempt to outdo what maddux did last night.
2008-09-20 19:45:25
91.   LU Dodger
Dude, Hurdle is sooo holding out Holliday for the rest of the dbacks serious because of his anti-dodgers obsession
2008-09-20 19:45:39
92.   Eric Stephen
I'm beginning to think your handle is ironic.
2008-09-20 19:46:26
93.   Icaros
Should've caught that. Vizquel couldn't hit one past the pitcher in Arizona. God I hate the Giants.
2008-09-20 19:46:46
94.   KG16
I thought Andre caught that at first
2008-09-20 19:47:04
95.   LU Dodger
haha Vin is so money on the recovery
2008-09-20 19:47:11
96.   underdog
That ball was ripped but Ethier should've had it. He was playing shallow but still.

Listening to Kruk and Kuip is sort of like an "aren't our Giants great?" dialogue, even if they can be generous about other teams' players. They're young guys are impressive, their pitchers are impressive, blah blah.

2008-09-20 19:47:58
97.   underdog
I take it "I Love LA" hasn't bought his playoff tickets yet?
2008-09-20 19:48:06
98.   Eric Stephen
Just to give you some advice, and to show that Dodger Thoughts' commenters run the gamut of culinary expertise:

It turns out the blade of a food processor is quite sharp. Thumb-cuttingly sharp.

2008-09-20 19:48:18
99.   Alex41592
SCY works a leadoff walk.
2008-09-20 19:48:50
100.   LU Dodger

He's short-selling them:)

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-20 19:49:22
101.   Alex41592
Ojeda pops the bunt. Conor Jackson pinch hitting.
2008-09-20 19:50:13
102.   LU Dodger
nice easy inning for Kuroda
2008-09-20 19:50:18
103.   Alex41592
Jackson lines to left. Two away.
2008-09-20 19:50:19
104.   underdog
I like Holliday but I kinda hope he really is hurt or I'm gonna be particularly peeved at Hurdle, yeah.

Two outs in that ninth now, SCY still at first.

2008-09-20 19:50:25
105.   Eric Stephen
I'm fully on board with DeWitt at 2nd, but something about the deliberate way he goes after balls to his right and his backhand technique kind of bugs me.
2008-09-20 19:50:28
106.   I Love LA
97 - No how can I? This team has me on the edge of my you know I always anticipate the worse possible scenerio.
2008-09-20 19:51:16
107.   I Love LA
I must admit Ethier missing that catch reminded me of Manny's attempt last night and I thought Kuroda was going to pull a Maddux there.
2008-09-20 19:51:55
108.   underdog
106 Really? I hadn't noticed. ;-) (No, I'm superstitious enough about it too, I'm trying not to talk playoffs either. One at a time, one game at a time.)
2008-09-20 19:53:44
109.   Icaros
Watching Brian Fuentes pitch makes me want to _____ .
2008-09-20 19:54:26
110.   Gen3Blue
OHn-Hell. Berroa's up
2008-09-20 19:54:40
111.   underdog
They're predicting Kent will be back soon, or at least in time for the final series in SF. If that series means something, I can see him getting a start, but I don't see what he adds to the infield on defense.
2008-09-20 19:55:07
112.   LU Dodger
Whoa, did anyone else just see Jeff Kent doing what I think he was doing in the dugout?????
2008-09-20 19:55:15
113.   Alex41592
SCY steals second and Drew misses an extra base hit by 2 feet. Still batting with a full count.
2008-09-20 19:55:29
114.   nofatmike
109 ...test out a food processor blade?
2008-09-20 19:56:05
115.   Icaros
Drew was all over him last night, just a matter of time. 2.5.
2008-09-20 19:56:31
116.   Alex41592
It's all on the Dodgers. No help tonight.

5-3 AZ.

2008-09-20 19:57:04
117.   I Love LA
108 - Exactly bro...hasn't our record been better off without Jeff Kent? I mean we can use his hitting.....I guess we just can't put him in front of Manny to upset him.
2008-09-20 19:57:08
118.   underdog
Yeah, thanks Fuentes. Thanks Hurdle. Thanks SOooooo much.
2008-09-20 19:57:30
119.   Gen3Blue
Well that splits our black hole at least.. But I have a bad feeling about the offense tonight. Of course most people here know I'm an awful pessimist.
2008-09-20 19:58:03
120.   underdog
Kent as a PH is fine by me, we could use some help in that department.

Furcal, if healthy, coming back would excite me much more.

2008-09-20 19:58:16
121.   I Love LA
I seriously hate fuentes right now....looks like 2.5 is inevitable. The more it is looking like we might have to play that extra playoff game at dodger stadium.
2008-09-20 19:59:47
122.   larry slimfast
I Love LA, in my head, there is theme music whenever you enter a room.
2008-09-20 20:00:25
123.   Johnson
121 looks like 2.5 is inevitable

Conceding a loss to the Giants already?

2008-09-20 20:00:27
124.   Icaros
Our pitchers are tanking. I can't take this.
2008-09-20 20:00:47
125.   Alex41592
121 - You should look into buying tickets to that tiebreaker game.
2008-09-20 20:01:08
126.   LU Dodger

ok dude I can handle so much,

but 2.5 being inevitable??

-in GOB Bluth voice

2008-09-20 20:01:20
127.   MonkeyBlue
So we got the bad Kuroda tonight and on top of that the offense went south.
2008-09-20 20:02:08
128.   fanerman
121 Take it easy. It's a 1-run game in the 3rd inning.
2008-09-20 20:03:45
129.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-09-20 20:03:47
130.   MonkeyBlue
Dang it Blake.
2008-09-20 20:04:06
131.   Alex41592
Stewart triples with one out at Coors.
2008-09-20 20:04:13
132.   underdog
C'mon, BDW, Kent could've done that.
2008-09-20 20:04:23
133.   LU Dodger
Ian Steward triples with one out in colorado
2008-09-20 20:04:39
134.   I Love LA
Notice my negativity has some truth to it? Look how much sucking Kuroda is doing tonight. There is a reason for my madness guys.
2008-09-20 20:04:41
135.   Icaros
Did he learn that from Kent or Ozuna? We haven't had a 2B who could make that play all year.
2008-09-20 20:04:50
136.   Eric Stephen
Stupid jinx foreshadowing.
2008-09-20 20:04:53
137.   underdog
122 Like something from Bernard Hermann?
2008-09-20 20:05:16
138.   LU Dodger

whoops i meant stewart, actually i just wanna go into a black hole and disappear

2008-09-20 20:05:35
139.   I Love LA
I don't know if it is legal to get mad at Blake since the guy is usually pretty reliable. Kuroda needs to be on a short leash though. I can't stand him or Maddux pitching for us again.
2008-09-20 20:05:50
140.   LogikReader
I don't know about you, but if things go really badly this week, the Dodgers have the market cornered on breaking its team's fans' heart.
2008-09-20 20:06:00
141.   Eric Stephen
But you say everybody sucks, or is choking, or we're doomed, after seemingly every single Dodger out or opponent hit.
2008-09-20 20:06:46
142.   Marty
If the Dodgers lose tonight, I'll be glad I'm missing tomorrow's game. I get to go to Ft. Worth and (hopefully) sample some great BBQ.
2008-09-20 20:06:47
143.   LU Dodger
Seriously though, what's all this talk from Clint Hurdle about playing his best players against the Dodgers AND Dbacks and he doesn't even start Brad Hawpe tonight
2008-09-20 20:06:50
144.   LogikReader

Kuroda?? I think that's a little extreme.

And Kuroda strikes out Rowand to prove it!

2008-09-20 20:06:57
145.   I Love LA
141 - I did not...please tell me all the dodgers that I have said suck. I only recall saying Maddux and Kuroda.
2008-09-20 20:07:17
146.   Eric Stephen
Won't we be moving in on the Brewers' racket?
2008-09-20 20:07:22
147.   underdog
Somebody named Joe Koshansky is our last hope in Denver.
2008-09-20 20:07:25
148.   Gen3Blue
I thought Arizona was tied but they seem to have won. Darn.
2008-09-20 20:08:05
149.   Andrew Shimmin
And Kuroda strikes out Rowand to prove it!

Couldn't it just mean Rowand out-sucked Kuroda?

2008-09-20 20:08:06
150.   LogikReader

Boy that sound tasty! I hope you get lots of good ribs! Beef and Baby Back!!

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-20 20:08:20
151.   I Love LA
144 I just can't trust Kuroda, he is too inconsistent. Out offense has also been nonexistent for the past 12 going on 13 innings. That causes at least some concern.
2008-09-20 20:08:25
152.   Eric Stephen
I do love the first name Eugenio.
2008-09-20 20:09:17
153.   Eric Stephen
Tulo is the winning run at the plate.
2008-09-20 20:09:22
154.   underdog
Methinks Velez can't hit Kuroda's slider, what do you think?
2008-09-20 20:09:47
155.   Alex41592
Tulo represents the winning run.
2008-09-20 20:09:53
156.   thinkblue88
Kuroda!!!! Great pitching after the error.
2008-09-20 20:10:00
157.   I Love LA
Our only hope is Qualls give up a hit over the fence otherwise we will be 2.5 up tonight.
2008-09-20 20:10:15
158.   underdog
151 It's not fun, but the offense has been fine for the most, even hot, over the past three weeks. Isn't that more a cause for optimism than 11 innings?
2008-09-20 20:10:16
159.   Icaros

Are you still speaking Pirate?

2008-09-20 20:10:26
160.   LA Native

You are going to go crazy watching baseball for 162 games getting too worked up about giving up a couple of runs. We haven't looked good yet on the homestand, but it has been all of 12 innings...

2008-09-20 20:10:37
161.   I Love LA
Tulo is about to strikeout.
2008-09-20 20:10:52
162.   underdog
Next person to say "2.5" goes on my obelisk. Seriously.
2008-09-20 20:10:52
163.   LU Dodger

methinks you're gonna get in trouble

2008-09-20 20:11:11
164.   Eric Stephen
Yes, because our offense is apparently incapable of scoring runs according to you.
2008-09-20 20:11:22
165.   KG16
For the record, I will be laughing, a lot, when the Dodgers put together a six run rally in the next inning or so.
2008-09-20 20:11:24
166.   Johnson
157 Since we've already lost this game, maybe you should go watch a movie or something.
2008-09-20 20:11:45
167.   I Love LA
I doubt Qualls will do anything stupid.
2008-09-20 20:11:48
168.   larry slimfast
137 ...and performed by Beasley for the crossover vibe.
2008-09-20 20:12:07
169.   underdog
159 - Yar. She blows.


2008-09-20 20:12:21
170.   I Love LA
and Arizona just won.
2008-09-20 20:12:26
171.   Alex41592
Ok, full focus on this game.
2008-09-20 20:12:33
172.   thinkblue88
Kuroda!! Continues his awesomeness.

=( AZ wins.

2008-09-20 20:12:37
173.   Eric Stephen
The D-Backs' young SS came through in the 9th. The Rockies' did not.
2008-09-20 20:12:47
174.   LU Dodger

HAHA he DIDN'T strike out!!!

2008-09-20 20:12:57
175.   LogikReader
The Dbacks finally win a game on the road after, I think it was 11 straight road losses.

They were due, wow.

2008-09-20 20:12:58
176.   underdog
166 ...For the next week.
2008-09-20 20:13:57
177.   larry slimfast
168 Beasley??? don't ask. Bea Hefley
2008-09-20 20:14:16
178.   Alex41592
Dodgers got something going here.
2008-09-20 20:14:30
179.   Eric Stephen
Russ, Russ, the walkin' machine!
2008-09-20 20:15:02
180.   LogikReader
Hey, Hey! Two base runners!! Nice work, Russ.
2008-09-20 20:15:34
181.   thinkblue88
Russ walking again. Makes me happy. =)
2008-09-20 20:15:35
182.   Marty
I just realized if the season ended at 154 games as it should, this would be over. Stupid expanded schedule.
2008-09-20 20:16:21
183.   Alex41592
Manny with a chance to turn the game around.
2008-09-20 20:16:51
184.   thinkblue88
Gaa!! ethier! you suck!! ITS ALL OVER!! WAAAA!! WAAAA!!


2008-09-20 20:17:14
185.   underdog
This Ethier guy's terrible, he should be benched!


2008-09-20 20:17:29
186.   Eric Stephen
Russell Martin now has more walks as a catcher (81) than an any season ever by a Dodger.

Piazza had 80 walks as a C in 1996.

2008-09-20 20:17:32
187.   LU Dodger

I really don't know why, but I just LOL'd really really hard

2008-09-20 20:18:21
188.   Icaros
Hennessey sure seems to be throwing meat up there. This is like an itch I can't scratch. For seven years, even.
2008-09-20 20:18:25
189.   Alex41592
2008-09-20 20:18:34
190.   Eric Stephen
Take that Randy Newman!
2008-09-20 20:18:40
191.   thinkblue88

MANNY!!!!!!! WOOO!!!


2008-09-20 20:18:42
192.   underdog


Tee hee.

2008-09-20 20:18:44
193.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-20 20:18:48
194.   trainwreck
Home runs are good.
2008-09-20 20:18:49
195.   Icaros
Thank you.
2008-09-20 20:18:53
196.   LogikReader
Whoof! That was close, but Manny got it. WOOT CITY BABY!!
2008-09-20 20:19:02
197.   larry slimfast
I like it when you do that, Manny.
2008-09-20 20:19:18
198.   LU Dodger
2008-09-20 20:19:20
199.   nick
back to .400, baby!
2008-09-20 20:19:27
200.   Eric Stephen
Love to see Furcal celebrating with the boys. Would love it more if he didn't have his jacket on.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-20 20:19:56
201.   underdog
184 Okay, I'll just put you on the Spinal Tap Mini-Stonehenge-sized obelisk instead, since you were just being facetious.


Ohhh, to hear the sadness in the voices of Kruk and Kuip on that dinger was sweeter than nectar.

2008-09-20 20:19:58
202.   Marty
Hey, we should all lay off ILLA. His passion is obvious and he's a true fan.
2008-09-20 20:20:46
203.   LU Dodger
I Love LA


2008-09-20 20:20:47
204.   I Love LA
Would anybody believe me if I was secretly think HR the entire time? Doesn't matter...i guess for the time being I can stop freaking out until Kuroda, Torre or someone in the bullpen does something stupid.
2008-09-20 20:21:24
205.   I Love LA
203 - Trust me I am celebrating...I am sick and I just yelled really loud in the living room. neighbors probably think I am crazy.
2008-09-20 20:21:32
206.   Icaros
What is up with Loney? I'm turning into JoeyP over here.
2008-09-20 20:21:50
207.   I Love LA
202 - Thanks, that means a lot bro.
2008-09-20 20:22:04
208.   nick
204 oh c'mon--who would've thought that Manny could go yard there? ;-)
2008-09-20 20:22:31
209.   larry slimfast
202 Can he still have theme music?
2008-09-20 20:22:39
210.   LU Dodger

lol. sorry to hear you're sick. a manny a day keeps the dbacks away

2008-09-20 20:23:13
211.   Eric Stephen
Marty will you be able to watch the USC game Thursday night? Or are stuck doing businessy-type stuff in TX?
2008-09-20 20:23:19
212.   Icaros
I think HR every time Manny bats. It's the whole point of having Manny.
2008-09-20 20:23:35
213.   Alex41592
2008-09-20 20:23:46
214.   thinkblue88


2008-09-20 20:23:48
215.   trainwreck
M. Bison rules all!
2008-09-20 20:23:49
216.   Icaros
2008-09-20 20:23:51
217.   Eric Stephen
Kemp felt Manny breathing down his neck!!! His HR lead is back to 2.
2008-09-20 20:23:58
218.   Marty
Did Kemp hit that to Toy Cannon?
2008-09-20 20:23:58
219.   underdog

Are you laughing out loud yet KG? ;-)

2008-09-20 20:24:00
220.   I Love LA
WOOOOHOOOOOO I am so proud to OWN a Matt Kemp T shirt right now LOL.
2008-09-20 20:24:02
221.   MonkeyBlue
Bison power!!!!
2008-09-20 20:24:04
222.   nofatmike
Roam Free!!!
2008-09-20 20:24:07
223.   LogikReader
Manny and Kemp taking turns with the foul lines! YESSSSSSSSS!
2008-09-20 20:24:07
224.   scareduck
Something exciting happened, because I just came back and the Dodgers have a lead from a 1-0 deficit.

Kemp appears to be at playing baseball.

2008-09-20 20:24:12
225.   Andrew Shimmin
Matt Kemp is good at baseball.
2008-09-20 20:24:17
226.   Johnson
Our offense is really in the tank.
2008-09-20 20:24:19
227.   Daniel Zappala
Manny and Kemp make quite a pair!
2008-09-20 20:24:27
228.   scareduck
224 - good, that is.
2008-09-20 20:24:34
229.   LU Dodger
2008-09-20 20:24:38
230.   Eric Stephen
That's so true. I'm like a little kid when Manny bats, expecting the moon.
2008-09-20 20:24:47
231.   Icaros
I like how Bison spit right after making contact.
2008-09-20 20:25:02
232.   underdog
208 Manny of us did, except those who are obsessed with reverse-jinxing.
2008-09-20 20:25:12
233.   I Love LA
210 - Thanks Bro....Manny and now Kemp has certainly make me feel better than any medicine can =)
2008-09-20 20:26:18
234.   I Love LA
210 - Thanks Bro....Manny and now Kemp has certainly makes me feel better than any medicine can =)
2008-09-20 20:26:18
235.   Eric Stephen
He said 6 run rally! :)
2008-09-20 20:26:19
236.   KG16
219 - I actually just stepped out of the room to plug the laptop in, after Manny's homer, and refreshed to see that Kemp it a home run.

But to answer your question, yes, yes I am.

2008-09-20 20:26:20
237.   I Love LA
210 - Thanks Bro....Manny and now Kemp has certainly makes me feel better than any medicine can =)
2008-09-20 20:26:21
238.   Daniel Zappala
Kemp better stay with this team a long time and become a superstar, because I bought one of his shirts when I was in LA. It's the only piece of memorabilia I have ever purchased.
2008-09-20 20:26:55
239.   LA Native

You may be right. However, I was at a Laker playoff game this year and there was a guy behind me who was whining and throwing a coniption every time something didn't go our way. I wanted to smack him and thank god we won or I think he would have been in tears.

It is okay to have passion, but being overly negative on every little thing that goes wrong gets old quick. A little patience is in order sometimes, especially in baseball.

Kemp goes deep - yes. Illustrating my point that you have got to roll with the tide in this game a little bit sometimes.

2008-09-20 20:27:36
240.   LU Dodger
looks like the dodger's arrived a little late to the stadium ( a day late), but glad to have em' back
2008-09-20 20:27:36
241.   Marty
Ah, it didn't make the loge section this time.
2008-09-20 20:27:40
242.   LA Native

You may be right. However, I was at a Laker playoff game this year and there was a guy behind me who was whining and throwing a coniption every time something didn't go our way. I wanted to smack him and thank god we won or I think he would have been in tears.

It is okay to have passion, but being overly negative on every little thing that goes wrong gets old quick. A little patience is in order sometimes, especially in baseball.

Kemp goes deep - yes. Illustrating my point that you have got to roll with the tide in this game a little bit sometimes.

2008-09-20 20:27:40
243.   underdog
233 - I hear bison noodle soup is good for colds.
2008-09-20 20:29:00
245.   underdog
239 - Well said.


Be nice to have Hiro shut the Giants down quickly after that big inning.

2008-09-20 20:29:10
246.   Eric Stephen
Magic number countdown:

Current: Garvey

Marshall (sorry Nomar)
Pee Wee
Al Oliver

2008-09-20 20:29:13
247.   I Love LA
Sorry my computer went a little crazy...
2008-09-20 20:29:46
248.   MonkeyBlue
Kuroda is not doing so well. Would be surprising if he goes in the 6th.
2008-09-20 20:30:36
249.   I Love LA
238 - I have his t shirt too and I love it. he is actually my favorite Dodger well if you don't count manny.
2008-09-20 20:30:52
250.   Eric Stephen
That's fine. A 5-IP win is in order.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-20 20:31:51
251.   superbas
whooo kemp finally turned on one with his whole body...what power!
2008-09-20 20:31:54
252.   Gen3Blue
206 I love that comment, I could have made it myself. But I have been one of Loney's biggest boosters, and I think it is some kind of stupid sophomore thing.

Meanwhile we may have to take out people like Maddux and Kuroda the minute they show suck--even if it is the first inning.

2008-09-20 20:32:16
253.   Eric Stephen
Chan Ho has adopted my philosophy and is also growing a playoff beard!

Or perhaps he has hung around Casey Blake too much.

2008-09-20 20:33:08
254.   Icaros
This is one of those games where I'd be fast-forwarding through the top of each inning if I was watching on DVR delay.
2008-09-20 20:34:12
255.   Eric Stephen
He caught this one! Whew.
2008-09-20 20:34:18
256.   LU Dodger
I hope Kuroda doesn't run too many laps after this game....
2008-09-20 20:34:22
257.   scareduck
253 - Shoe polish is my alternative explanation.
2008-09-20 20:34:32
258.   MonkeyBlue
That would have been disastrous.
2008-09-20 20:36:14
259.   Eric Stephen
Hey, it worked as motivation 20 years ago! :)
2008-09-20 20:37:05
260.   LU Dodger
Proctor warming up....ughhh
2008-09-20 20:37:38
261.   scareduck
259 - that was eye black, but I'll take it. :-)
2008-09-20 20:38:35
262.   Eric Stephen
I could've sworn that hit the batter.
2008-09-20 20:38:50
263.   MonkeyBlue
The heck?
2008-09-20 20:39:12
264.   Alex41592
2008-09-20 20:39:38
265.   MonkeyBlue
Yep it did hit the guy.
2008-09-20 20:40:01
266.   I Love LA
Did they use replay? I was about to rag on kuroda...even on a strikeout he couldn't do it right
2008-09-20 20:40:18
267.   LU Dodger
it hit his leg i swear
2008-09-20 20:40:43
268.   MonkeyBlue
266. They don't use replay on these kind of stuff. Only HR calls.
2008-09-20 20:40:45
269.   Eric Stephen
Replay can only be used on HRs. The 2nd base umpire was asked since he had a straight on view.
2008-09-20 20:41:05
270.   scareduck
That is one crazy play.
2008-09-20 20:41:20
271.   underdog
The look of confusion on Vizquel's face in the dugout there is priceless.

Got to give some credit to the Giants announcers for saying it's a good call.

2008-09-20 20:41:40
272.   Marty
Nice job of the umps to make the right call.
2008-09-20 20:41:41
273.   Tripon
Bet the Umps wish they had replay now on just about everything.
2008-09-20 20:41:58
274.   LU Dodger
haha you gotta love the ovation for visquel coming back onto the field
2008-09-20 20:42:12
275.   Daniel Zappala
I've never heard of that rule before.
2008-09-20 20:42:46
276.   Eric Stephen
As announcers, I actually like Kuiper & Krukow. I know they can be annoying especially if anything pro-Giant is grating, but they have a good rapport and generally call a good game. They are in the upper half of MLB announcers to be sure.
2008-09-20 20:42:56
277.   Alex41592
Way to go Kuroda to get out of it.
2008-09-20 20:43:09
278.   Tripon
Man, the Dodgers got REALLY REALLY lucky there.
2008-09-20 20:43:16
279.   LU Dodger
that was also huge for kuroda to get a little breather there
2008-09-20 20:43:59
280.   MonkeyBlue
273. Yep, I would be loving them 4 hours games.
2008-09-20 20:44:24
281.   LU Dodger

Not really, the Giants just ALMOST got really really lucky

2008-09-20 20:44:29
282.   I Love LA
Vin summed it up - I rather be lucky than good. That has to be what Kuroda is thinking because he definitely isn't good tonight. Now should we pull him or will Torre give him a chance to win this game?
2008-09-20 20:45:10
283.   Alex41592
I've never heard Kuiper and Krukow call a Dodger game. But, based off several other games that I've seen I consider Kuiper to be one of the best (especially on radio).

It's possible for Dodger games they act differently. Because of the rivalry and such.

2008-09-20 20:45:22
284.   I Love LA
I don't usually see Umps reverse their call. Usually they stick with their bad calls.

Thanks to the guys who told me how replay works.

2008-09-20 20:45:23
285.   Marty
5 more runs would be nice.
2008-09-20 20:45:26
286.   underdog
I believe Kuroda is a Japanese word meaning "One who lives in danger."
2008-09-20 20:45:32
287.   Daniel Zappala
Nice to know Tommy is willing to be sacreligious in order to win.
2008-09-20 20:45:51
288.   Tripon
280 Games wouldn't be longer. It took the umps a couple of minutes to talk to each manager, and to huddle about making the correct call. That replay wouldn't cut the time down is indeed debatable, but I doubt it would actually make it longer than TV breaks already does.
2008-09-20 20:46:05
289.   thinkblue88
I think Hu got hit on consecutive pitches after swinging and missing on both of them earlier in the year.
2008-09-20 20:46:18
290.   MonkeyBlue
285. Yep the Dodgers got to take advantage of the weak giant bullpen.
2008-09-20 20:46:31
291.   underdog
I would pinch hit for Kuroda this inning but we'll see. He won't last more than one more inning at the absolute maximum anyway and why push it with so many relievers in the 'pen?
2008-09-20 20:47:14
292.   underdog
I believe Kuroda pitching + instant replay = 7 hour game, actually.
2008-09-20 20:47:26
293.   Tripon
I'm surprised that already pulled the Giants SP, but I guess this part of the year, you're not worried about burning though your bullpen if you can have ten guys warming up at any time.
2008-09-20 20:47:48
294.   JoeyP
206- Loney is what he is. You got CanuckDodgerFan on one end, & then Paul Scott on the other.

Dodgers absolutely need a win tonight, especially with facing Cain/Peavy back-back, while the Dbax are throwing Haren/Webb.

Could very well be a 1 game lead with 5 to go (and knowing the team faces Lincecum again).

Tonight's a must win.

2008-09-20 20:48:19
295.   underdog
Nope, although he got a hit his last at bat which is probably more than Sweeney would give.
2008-09-20 20:48:34
296.   MonkeyBlue
288. How about if the Ump don't want to use the replay, when the Manger ask for a questionable call? Do we use the flag system like NFL?
2008-09-20 20:49:02
297.   underdog
Hah hah. 2-2.
2008-09-20 20:49:06
298.   Andrew Shimmin
Worked out okay, any way.
2008-09-20 20:49:10
299.   Tripon
291 So Kuroda can go the minimum five, and get Kuroda a win. That is the difference between Kuroda and Stults. Well, that and the $40 million contract, and the no trade clause.

And Kuroda singled! Obviously the correct decision!

2008-09-20 20:49:11
300.   Alex41592
Kuroda doing what he can with the bat.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-20 20:49:18
301.   JoeyP
Torre's only leaving Kuroda in to pitch 5 & get the win.

I really dislike that managing.

You got an expanded roster, he should be pinch hit for givin he's at 90 pitches thru 4.

2008-09-20 20:49:21
302.   I Love LA
Kuroda might suck at pitching tonight but he certainly can hit. I'll give him that.
2008-09-20 20:49:25
303.   Johnson
Do we have a new pinch-hitter here in Kuroda?
2008-09-20 20:49:42
304.   underdog
C'mon Russ! Grrr.
2008-09-20 20:50:23
305.   Gen3Blue
For some reason the Dodgers down the stretch under Torre remind me of an old Johny Winter album. It had only three sides and had blues shuffles "I love everybody" and "I hate everybody" on it.( It also had a good cut called "Memory Pain" I think.

My main problem is I get the feeling if anyone from a bullpen catcher to Honeycutt to a pitcher himself said "Ive got nothing today" it wouldn't reach Torre. One guy I actually trust is Saito, who I think will make it clear if he is unable to pitch.

Well, half way through the black hole, I have to say Kuroda is a tough b___, at least with a bat.

2008-09-20 20:50:36
306.   Tripon
296 Make it like the college football way, where all calls are reviewable from a guy upstairs.

For a game without a time limit, why are we worrying about slowing a game down that is already slow to begin with. Its baseball, not chess boxing!

2008-09-20 20:51:45
307.   Tripon
Vin griping about the Ump is hilarious.
2008-09-20 20:52:48
308.   LU Dodger
This homeplate umpire has Vin's respect almost as much as "Cowboy" Jerry West
2008-09-20 20:52:52
309.   Alex41592
Ethier is so impressive. Manny time.
2008-09-20 20:52:58
310.   Eric Stephen
Matt Cain has never beaten the Dodgers. He's 0-5 with a 4.73 ERA in 9 starts.

You are also discounting the fact that in the two games we face Cain & Peavy, we have Lowe & Billingsley going.

2008-09-20 20:53:45
311.   MonkeyBlue
306. I don't know!
2008-09-20 20:54:04
312.   Tripon
305 Even if a starting pitcher has nothing that given night, he still has to battle and try to get at least five innings. He's the first line of defense, and he gets blown out, bullpens today aren't constructed to last for seven innings. I mean the Dodgers don't really have a mop up guy outside of say, JJJ. Park, Kuo, Wade, and TronTron are capable to pitch multiple innings on a given night but they don't have a real mop up guy all year long.
2008-09-20 20:56:02
313.   Alex41592
Park is in the bullpen and easily could be coming in. Maybe, Torre didn't want to burn a pinch hitter with nobody on base.
2008-09-20 20:56:19
314.   Eric Stephen
I'd say Chan Ho has been mop-up as well, or at least a long-man. He has 9 relief outings longer than 2 IP this year.
2008-09-20 20:56:33
315.   Andrew Shimmin
When Vizquel retires, I'll be happy.
2008-09-20 20:56:34
316.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Omar is still a good defensive play.
2008-09-20 20:57:36
317.   LU Dodger
That one was hard to tell if it was a better play made, or a slower Manny running.

either way..he's got a free hustle pass in this game as far as i'm concerned

2008-09-20 20:57:57
318.   LogikReader
re: Viva Los Dodgers promo

Why would the Dodgers run a promo for something that just happened?

2008-09-20 20:58:22
319.   I Love LA
Come on Kuroda give us 1 good inning here and you can call it a night.
2008-09-20 20:58:29
320.   Alex41592
Kuroda is still in.
2008-09-20 20:59:43
321.   Tripon
314 Both Park and Kuo has been doing long relief, but they had to change into set up men when Saito went down. Stults could be a mop up man/long relief guy if Torre ever lets him out of the dog house.

And er, wasn't Molina out there?

2008-09-20 20:59:43
322.   Alex41592
That should be all for Kuroda. Man, Molina is slow!
2008-09-20 20:59:46
323.   MonkeyBlue
Take out Kuroda.
2008-09-20 21:00:28
324.   nick
surely the ball beat fat lil Bengie by 30 seconds or so?
2008-09-20 21:00:32
325.   Tripon
Oops! Well, there goes that argument about Torre leaving in Kuroda for the win.
2008-09-20 21:00:34
326.   JoeyP
Dont take him out now.
Leave him to get his "win"....


2008-09-20 21:00:40
327.   I Love LA
Guess not...Kuroda really stinking it up tonight.
2008-09-20 21:00:56
328.   LU Dodger
i think he was out
2008-09-20 21:01:06
329.   underdog
Wow, he was about a shoelace away from being nailed at 2nd on that one.
2008-09-20 21:01:35
330.   I Love LA
326 - Who knows? Maybe if Kuroda stays in he might be looking at a loss. Then again Torre doesn't make very good pitching changes.
2008-09-20 21:01:51
331.   JoeyP
Thats gotta be some of the dumbest managing I've seen all year. Its not going to cost the Dodgers a game, but its little things like letting your pitcher bat, then having him face 1 guy the following inning that make me wonder what mlb managers are thinking.
2008-09-20 21:02:07
332.   I Love LA
I thought he was out too....maybe they should use replay on these kind of plays.
2008-09-20 21:02:23
333.   ucladodger
Just got home and watched the Bison bomb on Gameday. Man, what power he has when he pulls the ball. Such a sweet swing.
2008-09-20 21:02:44
334.   Eric Stephen
That was just a case of trying to get Kuroda the win, but letting him know if anyone got on he was out of there.
2008-09-20 21:02:51
335.   underdog
I agree, Kuroda should've never come in this inning, he seemed done long ago. On the other hand, y'all seem to be hyperbolizing (I know, it's not a word) just a bit.
2008-09-20 21:02:54
336.   I Love LA
331 - We did that to Stultz last time up in Colorado as well.
2008-09-20 21:03:31
337.   ucladodger

Kuroda might be a better hitter than the guy he would send up there (Sweeney)!

2008-09-20 21:03:46
338.   CanuckDodger
294 -- "CanuckDodgerFan?" Not that I doubt I have a fan around here, but I suspect he is called "JoeyP":)
2008-09-20 21:03:54
339.   Alex41592
A lot of managers do it.

334 - That's it.

2008-09-20 21:04:45
340.   Tripon
Travis Ishikawa is now on my most hated list.
2008-09-20 21:05:32
341.   JoeyP
This kid Ishikawa has a really good approach at the plate. The Giants have a couple good youngsters. They may not be bad for forever after all.

Lets up Rowand can go 0-3 and strand 7 in his 1st 3 abs.

2008-09-20 21:05:51
342.   LogikReader

In a vacuum, I won't worry too much about Cain tomorrow. His daytime ERA is still 4.93, although it improved a lot over the season.

but yea, this is still a must win.

2008-09-20 21:07:54
343.   JoeyP
338 - I enjoy you and Paul Scott's posts even if they are exactly opposite ;)
2008-09-20 21:08:05
344.   Alex41592
Man oh man.
2008-09-20 21:08:21
345.   MonkeyBlue
Dang it Chan ho.
2008-09-20 21:08:28
346.   Icaros
Can anyone pitch tonight?
2008-09-20 21:08:37
347.   Eric Stephen
This whole "Giants loading the bases with nobody out" thing needs to stop. Mmmmkay?
2008-09-20 21:08:56
348.   Tripon
Park doesn't have it either tonight.
2008-09-20 21:08:56
349.   ucladodger
Did our pitchers forget we're playing the Giants?
2008-09-20 21:09:15
350.   Alex41592
Any groundball come home.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-20 21:09:35
351.   Gen3Blue
312 Tripon: You have a good point there.
This is just the place a guy like
Stults could be very valuable, and if he did well he could get a start, instead of seeing a disaster like tonight happen.
2008-09-20 21:09:38
352.   dzzrtRatt
I don't have a good feeling right now.
2008-09-20 21:10:38
353.   Eric Stephen
I know Bengie Molina didn't score from 2nd on Ishikawa's single earlier this inning, but he has actually scored a lot -- for him -- in those situations this year. He has now scored 8 times in 19 such situations, after going 0 for 16 combined in the previous two years.
2008-09-20 21:11:16
354.   Eric Stephen
Did you have some bad sushi?
2008-09-20 21:11:26
355.   ucladodger
Get...Chan Ho....Out
2008-09-20 21:11:41
356.   Tripon
When is a strike on the knees not a strike?
2008-09-20 21:11:46
357.   Alex41592
This is agonizing!
2008-09-20 21:12:07
358.   MonkeyBlue
2nd time tonight this has happen. MY GOODNESS!
2008-09-20 21:12:10
359.   Eric Stephen
Time to bring in the comebacker specialist.
2008-09-20 21:12:13
360.   ucladodger
Torre really butchered this inning. Yuck.
2008-09-20 21:12:19
361.   underdog
Wow, Park was surprisingly terrible there. Oh well.
2008-09-20 21:12:19
362.   Tripon
Kuroda might have done a bit better than that.
2008-09-20 21:12:26
363.   Icaros
Breaking things.
2008-09-20 21:12:28
364.   Alex41592
2 hours and we're in the top of the fifth.
2008-09-20 21:12:47
365.   underdog
360 "Park really butchered that inning." Fixed.
2008-09-20 21:13:03
366.   JoeyP
Is it too early for Saito?
2008-09-20 21:13:47
367.   I Love LA
Torre has been making terrible pitching changes all week long. Kuroda, park and Torre just may have screwed the team over tonight.
2008-09-20 21:13:58
368.   underdog
The Dodgers should have every representative of Asia in their bullpen pitch tonight.
2008-09-20 21:13:59
369.   JoeyP
Vizquel's only .123 vs lefties all year.
Beimel needs his patented 1-2-3 DP.
2008-09-20 21:14:38
370.   underdog
367 Dude, I'm sorry you're sick, I really am, but you have to try not to say the same thing over and over and over again, it's really tiresome.
2008-09-20 21:15:28
371.   Alex41592
Oh my gosh! This is just ridiculous.
2008-09-20 21:15:29
372.   ucladodger
This is ridiculous
2008-09-20 21:15:29
373.   Eric Stephen
Damn, I though Ishikawa was toast. Grrrr.
2008-09-20 21:15:40
374.   scareduck
Merry-go-round broke down.
2008-09-20 21:15:47
375.   MonkeyBlue
Karma comes to bite us in the butt.
2008-09-20 21:16:37
376.   Tripon
I love L.A. just hates the Dodgers.
2008-09-20 21:16:40
377.   Eric Stephen
The way Beimel's right arm was exposed there trying to catch the Martin flip could have been dangerous. Non-pitching hand, but still.
2008-09-20 21:16:45
378.   MonkeyBlue
Would be lucky if we get out of this inning with a lead.
2008-09-20 21:17:04
379.   nick
346 No.

This has been another edition of....

2008-09-20 21:17:39
380.   Icaros
That would've been our double play.
2008-09-20 21:18:54
381.   Disabled List
Park was an absolute arsonist tonight. 3 batters faced, 1 hit, 2 walks? Against the Giants??? Ugh.
2008-09-20 21:19:19
382.   scareduck
2008-09-20 21:19:22
383.   MonkeyBlue
Start winding that Torre cause this is going to be a long game.
2008-09-20 21:19:34
384.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-20 21:19:44
385.   Tripon
So why was Chan Ho brought in over Proctor? Proctor was warming up first.
2008-09-20 21:20:02
386.   Alex41592
Halfway through and we are tied.
2008-09-20 21:20:15
387.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-20 21:20:20
388.   scareduck
346 - me! Pick me!
2008-09-20 21:20:41
389.   Marty
It took over two hours for 5 innings. Gonna be a long game in maybe many facets.
2008-09-20 21:21:13
390.   Gen3Blue
I'm not sure I want to go into a play-off with Torre.
2008-09-20 21:21:35
391.   scareduck
389 - and thanks to this, my wife is walking our bad dog.
2008-09-20 21:21:38
392.   underdog
To say something positive, Beimel was terrific that inning and at least put out the damned fire.

I love how people get upset when Proctor is in the bullpen but then wonder why he's not brought in. Park's been great this season. He was terrible that inning. End of story.

2008-09-20 21:21:46
393.   Tripon
Now just imagine instant replay drawing this out by another five seconds. The horror!
2008-09-20 21:22:06
394.   Disabled List
Our starting pitchers three of the last four days:

Bills: 4.2 IP, 8 hits, 7 runs, 2 BB, 5 K
Maddux: 5.0 IP, 9 hits, 7 runs, 0 BB, 1 K
Kuroda: 4+ IP, 8 hits, 3 runs, 1 BB, 5 K

That's not against tough offenses, either. Anybody concerned?

2008-09-20 21:22:12
395.   Tripon
Guess the Giants wanted their own Japanese pitcher.
2008-09-20 21:22:13
396.   scareduck
390 - Torre is not the best base-ball manager.
2008-09-20 21:22:15
397.   underdog
387 That makes me miss Bert Convy for some reason.
2008-09-20 21:23:01
398.   Marty
I wouldn't say Beimel was terrific. He wild-pitched in the tying run.
2008-09-20 21:23:30
399.   Eric Stephen
Me too.

I hope Yabu continues tonight's theme of horrible outings from Asian pitchers.

I hope Saito doesn't pitch!

2008-09-20 21:23:37
400.   scareduck
Loney eligible for the golden sombrero.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-20 21:24:06
401.   underdog
Why did the Giants announcers keep saying that Ishikawa bore the brunt of that collision with Beimel when both have them took it equally hard. Beimel took it into his back.
2008-09-20 21:24:32
402.   underdog
398 - Okay, that was bad. But he was good after that.
2008-09-20 21:25:20
403.   underdog
That was the same pitch called a ball in the last half inning.
2008-09-20 21:25:25
404.   Eric Stephen
Because Beimel is one tough hombre?

I always assumed that was a big selling point for Troy from WV.

2008-09-20 21:26:28
405.   Eric Stephen
Time to visit the Loge again.
2008-09-20 21:26:43
406.   Tripon
Hopefully the Dodgers ban Journey for all eternity.
2008-09-20 21:27:39
407.   underdog
Btw, Eric, you were right - the Dodgers home broadcast is not blacked out for me up here so I can indeed watch Vin instead, which at least puts me in a slightly bette rmood.
2008-09-20 21:29:20
408.   Tripon
394 Not really. If Bills and Kuroda does this again next time out, I'd be concerned.
2008-09-20 21:29:57
409.   Tripon
Wow, that ate up two Giants!
2008-09-20 21:30:05
410.   scareduck
That was like, a two-bank shot.
2008-09-20 21:30:45
411.   Tripon
Berroa and then Mark Sweeney on deck.
2008-09-20 21:31:05
412.   scareduck
2008-09-20 21:31:14
413.   Eric Stephen

It's sad they are not welcomed with Open Arms. I hope during next year's celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1959 championship club, this song is displayed in honor of the series hero:

2008-09-20 21:33:01
414.   underdog
Sometimes those go through, and sometimes they don't. Ah well.

Time for the pen to shut things down.

2008-09-20 21:33:28
415.   Tripon
Beimel's still in the game?

This is odd. Torre is he a LOOGY, or a long relief guy?

2008-09-20 21:34:42
416.   fanerman
407 Are you talking about Why isn't it blacked out for you? It's blacked out for me, I think.
2008-09-20 21:35:43
417.   Tripon
Would you tip if it allowed you to listen to Vin all year long?
2008-09-20 21:37:20
418.   Tripon
That tarp again!
2008-09-20 21:37:49
419.   Icaros
Words cannot describe how much I detest that fat blob.
2008-09-20 21:39:39
420.   Icaros
Will the Cory Hotline be taking calls tonight?
2008-09-20 21:40:25
421.   MonkeyBlue
Biemel restores order for now.
2008-09-20 21:41:13
422.   Tripon
I'm surprised the Proctor hotline wasn't called yet. Torre already had him warm up twice.
2008-09-20 21:41:31
423.   underdog
All I know is Beimel pitched great after that first costly wild pitch, and even Molina's double was a golf swing on a pitch very low.
2008-09-20 21:42:25
424.   underdog
416 er, because I'm special?

I have no idea. I assumed it was and then just for the heck of it checked and it wasn't, so I have Vin. Although it's about 20 seconds slower than live action.

2008-09-20 21:42:31
425.   scareduck
417 - There isn't enough money in the world for that.
2008-09-20 21:43:24
426.   Icaros
Randy Winn, master of the needless outfield slide.
2008-09-20 21:44:21
427.   scareduck
Clearly, we are headed to 9th inning walkoff territory.
2008-09-20 21:44:59
428.   underdog
Poor Pierre. Even when he does something right he's often foiled.
2008-09-20 21:45:49
429.   KG16
427 - nah, Broxton is going to get a save tonight.
2008-09-20 21:46:44
430.   KG16
what confused me was Ethier being called back to the dug out for a second. What are you telling him? Don't take second on a sure double so Manny doesn't get walked?
2008-09-20 21:47:50
431.   Tripon
430 Try to get a walk?
2008-09-20 21:48:39
432.   KG16
431 - ugh.
2008-09-20 21:48:42
433.   underdog
Since when did Yabu become unhittable?
2008-09-20 21:49:21
434.   LU Dodger
after 6 innings...12:48am here in good ole virginia.
2008-09-20 21:50:43
435.   Tripon
Don't think the giants care about letting us clinch.
2008-09-20 21:52:01
436.   preacherroe
Isn't that the lyrics from a Labelle song:

Keiichi keiichi yah yah yabu.....?

2008-09-20 21:52:11
437.   Eric Stephen
That pitch had some crazy movement on it.
2008-09-20 21:53:00
438.   MonkeyBlue
The guy on the plate right now has the same physical feature as Pierre... and weak ground outs.
2008-09-20 21:53:17
439.   Tripon
Man, Saito's dealing at the moment. Guess we found our 8th inning guy for the playoffs.
2008-09-20 21:54:15
440.   scareduck
439 - provided the Giants make the postseason.
2008-09-20 21:54:56
441.   Tripon
Saito's also throwing around 92.
2008-09-20 21:55:23
442.   MonkeyBlue
How the heck do you walk Omar? Come on!
2008-09-20 21:55:37
443.   Tripon
Isn't this the guy who the Giants drafted this year, and put on the 40 man roster?
2008-09-20 21:56:02
444.   fanerman
Omar Vizquel should not be having this good of a game.
2008-09-20 21:56:47
445.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-20 21:56:52
446.   scareduck
Watch Gillaspie rock one down the RF line.
2008-09-20 21:57:25
447.   Tripon
94 MPH on that fastball right there.
2008-09-20 21:58:05
448.   Tripon
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Omar doesn't have speed anymore.
2008-09-20 21:58:08
449.   scareduck
446 - not that I think he has any serious expectation of doing so (the Giants are crazy to advance him as fast as they have).

Well, we'll never know. 'Bye, Omar.

2008-09-20 21:58:09
450.   MonkeyBlue
LOL Omar!
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-09-20 21:58:16
451.   underdog
In the words of Nelson Muntz,

Hah. Hah.

2008-09-20 21:58:24
452.   KG16
well, you don't see that everyday.
2008-09-20 21:58:27
453.   Eric Stephen
What's more unexpected...Omar getting on base thrice, or pulling that boneheaded baserunning move?
2008-09-20 21:58:34
454.   Alex41592
Ok, here we go guys.
2008-09-20 21:59:19
455.   Neal Pollack
This game feels playoff-y...come on, Blue!
2008-09-20 21:59:31
456.   scareduck
453 - the former. Guys overestimate their abilities all the time.
2008-09-20 22:00:00
457.   scareduck
455 - there's something very, very sad about that statement.
2008-09-20 22:00:10
458.   underdog
Not that I'd ever try to impersonate Cher willfully, but I do feel like slapping the Dodgers before this inning and saying "SNAP OUT OF IT!"

And here we go.

2008-09-20 22:00:38
459.   Alex41592
Good ole Tyler Walker.
2008-09-20 22:00:47
460.   Eric Stephen
Tyler. Manny.

Manny. Tyler.

2008-09-20 22:01:26
461.   Tripon
This isn't a playoff game. If it was a playoff game, the Giants would be trying to steal signs from a telescope, and watering the fields down to prevent a running game.
2008-09-20 22:01:31
462.   underdog
How do you categorize zero runs out of five scored on RBI hits? Luck? BABIP Machine goes haywire?
2008-09-20 22:01:54
463.   fanerman
443 445 Who?
2008-09-20 22:02:37
464.   Alex41592
Man(ny) on.
2008-09-20 22:02:41
465.   Tripon
All walks to Manny should just be marked as IBBs.
2008-09-20 22:02:50
466.   MonkeyBlue
Bah I knew they would walk Manny. Loney is struggling tonight.
2008-09-20 22:02:56
467.   silverwidow
The Dodgers aren't renewing Penny's contract.

Hopefully more people believe it now.

2008-09-20 22:03:17
468.   KG16
462 - there's a phrase in poker to explain the inexplicable: That's poker.

I think tonight can be summed up in a similar means: That's baseball.

2008-09-20 22:03:44
469.   Tripon
We should move Kemp up to 4th.
2008-09-20 22:04:04
470.   berkowit28
Saito pitched like a great closer. He's back.
2008-09-20 22:04:09
471.   Eric Stephen
Tyler Walker wishes he could turn back time on that pitch.
2008-09-20 22:04:12
472.   MonkeyBlue
There you go Loney!
2008-09-20 22:04:13
473.   Alex41592
Right through the hole. Nice piece of hiting.
2008-09-20 22:04:42
474.   Tripon
2008-09-20 22:04:59
475.   Disabled List
2008-09-20 22:05:11
476.   MonkeyBlue
Why is Casey trying to bunt?
2008-09-20 22:05:16
477.   KG16
Apparently, Jim Tracy is wearing a Joe Torre mask tonight.
2008-09-20 22:05:21
478.   Icaros
Oh come on, Joe. Don't do that.
2008-09-20 22:05:47
479.   Eric Stephen
Is that being reported, or are you just speculating?
2008-09-20 22:06:09
480.   Tripon
IF you're going to ask Blake to sacrifice, you should at least ask him to sac fly something. Asking him to bunt is just ridiculous.
2008-09-20 22:06:13
481.   Icaros
Hell, just take the walk.
2008-09-20 22:06:22
482.   silverwidow
479 Call it an extremely strong hunch.
2008-09-20 22:06:46
483.   Tripon
Blake doesn't seem to want to bunt.
2008-09-20 22:07:00
484.   StolenMonkey86
2008-09-20 22:07:03
485.   Alex41592
Well now he'll swing away. But, if you're asked to bunt you have to be able to do it.
2008-09-20 22:07:09
486.   Icaros
This is so stupid. Blake clearly doesn't even know how to bunt.
2008-09-20 22:08:18
487.   Tripon
FOrce out. COuld be worst.
2008-09-20 22:08:47
488.   Alex41592
2nd and 3rd with one out looks better than 1st and 2nd with one out. But, it falls on Kemp regardless.
2008-09-20 22:08:59
489.   underdog
Darn I was hoping that would go foul.

Okay, c'mon Bison!

{bite nails}

2008-09-20 22:09:06
490.   scareduck
C'mon, Bison.
2008-09-20 22:09:33
491.   underdog
Sheesh, this is a ridiculously long, slow game.
2008-09-20 22:09:38
492.   Eric Stephen
I hope Blake scores from 1st on Kemp's double.
2008-09-20 22:09:51
493.   Andrew Shimmin
484- You are the wind beneath my wings.
2008-09-20 22:10:33
494.   silverwidow
That was a LOUD Rule 1 from someone.
2008-09-20 22:10:42
495.   Alex41592
We need a two out solution.
2008-09-20 22:10:52
496.   underdog
That could've been worse. Could've been better.

Sigh, is it up to Berroa?

FastForward >>

2008-09-20 22:11:03
497.   MonkeyBlue
This innning.... so promising... still could be.
2008-09-20 22:11:09
498.   silverwidow
Jeff Kent?!?!?
2008-09-20 22:11:27
499.   Eric Stephen
Yeah, it was quite audible. If I had to guess, it was either Kemp, or perhaps more likely, Tyler Walker.
2008-09-20 22:11:29
500.   scareduck
Not what I had in mind.

Good grief, it's 10:11 and we're only in the 7th.

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-09-20 22:11:30
501.   silverwidow
2008-09-20 22:11:36
502.   underdog
Oh DeWitt, never mind.

So, is Kent available to pinch hit tonight? Maybe he could come up for Berroa or for the pitcher's spot this or next inning.

2008-09-20 22:11:38
503.   LU Dodger
which dodger had the rule 1 violation?
2008-09-20 22:11:46
504.   Tripon
Dodgers should look into playing games eariler at least on the weekends.
2008-09-20 22:12:58
505.   Alex41592
It'll be Nomar.
2008-09-20 22:13:06
506.   silverwidow
Nomar. Whoopie.
2008-09-20 22:13:09
507.   MonkeyBlue
Nomar? WOW!
2008-09-20 22:13:19
508.   Eric Stephen
Nomar tries to help get the magic number to match his back.
2008-09-20 22:13:25
509.   Tripon
DeWitt out of the game then?
2008-09-20 22:13:59
510.   silverwidow
509 Yes, Hu will come in to play 2B.
2008-09-20 22:14:11
511.   underdog
Or Nomar.
2008-09-20 22:14:23
512.   scareduck
493 - Google TOLAXOR for help.
2008-09-20 22:14:38
513.   Tripon
I really hate this ump.
2008-09-20 22:14:46
514.   StolenMonkey86
510 - What're you asking me for?
2008-09-20 22:14:48
515.   Eric Stephen
I'm guessing Hu comes in at 2nd for defense.
2008-09-20 22:14:49
516.   underdog
Never crossed the plate but that's okay.
2008-09-20 22:15:38
517.   Lexinthedena
513 So does Vin.
2008-09-20 22:15:45
518.   MonkeyBlue
Well its up to Angel.... God help us now!
2008-09-20 22:15:51
519.   Tripon
That we're trusting Berroa to get a hit is amusing.
2008-09-20 22:15:59
520.   Marty
This is coming down to Berroa? That's torture.
2008-09-20 22:16:00
521.   Eric Stephen
I would have thought they would have PH for Berroa. Oh well, let's ride this one for as far as she goes.
2008-09-20 22:16:02
522.   Alex41592
Big at bat for Berroa.
2008-09-20 22:16:05
523.   KG16
um, what was that music just playing when Nomar walked? Was that something from Grease?
2008-09-20 22:16:16
524.   silverwidow
C'mon On Hell. Do something.
2008-09-20 22:16:42
525.   trainwreck
Please hit him or something.
2008-09-20 22:16:52
526.   KG16
bases are loaded, walk is as good as a hit.

(no, I can't believe I just said that either)

2008-09-20 22:17:24
527.   silverwidow
BALL 3!!!!
2008-09-20 22:17:25
528.   Alex41592
523 - The Four Seasons - Walk Like A Man
2008-09-20 22:17:31
529.   Tripon
2008-09-20 22:17:38
530.   Eric Stephen
Angel Berroa asks the question: Rita Hayworth or Jack Taschner?

I believe you know his addendum to that question.

2008-09-20 22:17:39
531.   fanerman
Berroa's been playing well. Maybe he can continue.
2008-09-20 22:17:44
532.   silverwidow
2008-09-20 22:17:51
533.   Tripon
YES. He walked Berroa!
2008-09-20 22:17:55
534.   underdog
Thanks Taschner. Good eye, Ahn-hel.
2008-09-20 22:17:55
535.   trainwreck
2008-09-20 22:17:55
536.   Alex41592
YES!!!!! Turnabout is fair play!
2008-09-20 22:17:55
537.   KG16
I'm laughing again.
2008-09-20 22:18:07
538.   fordprefect
oh yeah baby.
2008-09-20 22:18:07
539.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-09-20 22:18:10
540.   Lexinthedena
Good eye!
2008-09-20 22:18:12
541.   Marty
This game is hilarious.
2008-09-20 22:18:12
542.   BlueCrew Bruin

523 I think that was the Four Seasons - "Walk Like a Man (but sing like a girl)".

2008-09-20 22:18:12
543.   MonkeyBlue
I believe in the almighty one!
2008-09-20 22:18:14
544.   StolenMonkey86
yay, RWI!
2008-09-20 22:18:27
545.   scareduck
493 - also,
2008-09-20 22:18:32
546.   Eric Stephen
Time to capitalize on this Grabowski Principle moment!
2008-09-20 22:18:33
547.   Disabled List
Turnabout is fair play.
2008-09-20 22:18:44
548.   silverwidow
2008-09-20 22:18:46
549.   underdog
Now I love this ump! (Heh.)
2008-09-20 22:18:53
550.   JoeyP
What a choke job by Taschner!

Walkin Angel Berroa?

Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-09-20 22:19:04
551.   Tripon
Young's PHing for Saito. Funny, our best PH in a high leverage system.
2008-09-20 22:19:06
552.   trainwreck
They really play "Who Let the Dogs Out?" for Hu?

That is just terrible.

2008-09-20 22:19:57
553.   Disabled List
Thankfully we got SOMETHING out of this inning. But I want MORE.
2008-09-20 22:19:59
554.   underdog
Oh the ump's squeezing him now is he, Krukow? Sheesh. (Yes, I stupidly put the game back on local TV.)
2008-09-20 22:20:05
555.   trainwreck
Good thing Bengie is slow as molasses.
2008-09-20 22:20:08
556.   Alex41592
552 - They had "Who Are You" by The Who earlier this season as well.
2008-09-20 22:20:10
557.   silverwidow
If Proctor pitches the 8th, this game is FAR from over.
2008-09-20 22:20:15
558.   Tripon
552 I thought it was for Young.
2008-09-20 22:20:16
559.   HAC3
i was just about to say, how long have they been playing that Who Let the Dogs Out for C.L. Hughley?
2008-09-20 22:20:30
560.   Eric Stephen
It could be Hu's Cryin' Now.
2008-09-20 22:21:19
561.   scareduck
Taschner looks like he just ate a tasty furball.
2008-09-20 22:21:21
562.   Tripon
this is a good at bat for Young.
2008-09-20 22:21:24
563.   Lexinthedena
For those of us on gamecast, who's up in the 'Pen?....Wade?....Proctor?
2008-09-20 22:22:05
564.   Alex41592
Perhaps this can be Proctor's theme song:

2008-09-20 22:22:22
565.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-20 22:22:47
566.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-20 22:23:11
567.   silverwidow
All right Pee Wee, just draw a walk.
2008-09-20 22:23:33
568.   Johnson
564 I thought maybe it would be "Every Day (I Write The Book)".
2008-09-20 22:24:11
569.   underdog
God bless Krukow, the ump had a wide strike zone, he said that all night. Now he's one with a small strike zone that's getting smaller. Silly, silly man.
2008-09-20 22:24:18
571.   Eric Stephen
Vin is trying to will this to Cora territory.
2008-09-20 22:24:20
572.   Alex41592
This at bat alone puts D.Y on my roster.
2008-09-20 22:24:53
573.   scareduck
Ha, ha.
2008-09-20 22:24:53
574.   Eric Stephen
The Pride of Riverside!
2008-09-20 22:24:56
575.   silverwidow
2008-09-20 22:24:58
576.   Alex41592
2008-09-20 22:25:05
577.   Tripon
I had to laugh at that. That was just too funny.
2008-09-20 22:25:40
578.   underdog
FANTASTIC at bat by Delwyn. Super.

Let's see Sweeney have an 11 pitch at bat.

2008-09-20 22:25:44
579.   JoeyP
Taschner needs a playoff cut should the Dodgers make the playoffs.

3 walks in a row!

Tonight is a huge win.

2008-09-20 22:25:45
580.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-20 22:25:45
581.   Marty
What a great at bat by Pee Wee.
2008-09-20 22:25:46
582.   scareduck
"That'll do it for Jack, and we'll be back."
2008-09-20 22:25:51
583.   Johnson
Now we're even in the Runs Walked Home department.
2008-09-20 22:25:51
584.   Icaros
Best AB of Delwyn's career.
2008-09-20 22:25:55
585.   Eric Stephen
Tomorrow's LA Times headline:

"Dodgers Walk Closer to Postseason"

2008-09-20 22:26:00
586.   trainwreck
It looks like you have come over to Icaros and mine's side.
2008-09-20 22:26:18
587.   KG16
I love this game.
2008-09-20 22:26:25
588.   underdog
574 You mean, the Pride of SBCC! Go Vaqueros!
2008-09-20 22:26:33
589.   trainwreck
2008-09-20 22:26:35
590.   StolenMonkey86
What's the record for most bases loaded walks in a game?
2008-09-20 22:27:12
591.   Lexinthedena
585 Not bad!
2008-09-20 22:27:23
592.   silverwidow
I HATE this Giants pitcher. He's a real clown.
2008-09-20 22:28:05
593.   underdog
586 - Oh, he's annoying no doubt. In the past I've just appreciated that he can at least also openly effuse/praise the opponent's players and he seems to know a good amount about pitching. But he's a total homer and contradicts himself - like there - when it doesn't go the Giants way. Boo hoo! Siddown, Meat!
2008-09-20 22:28:08
594.   scareduck
First pitch swinging and the inning is over. Be patient, Russell.
2008-09-20 22:28:21
595.   trainwreck
Martin comes out to some Hendrix. Finally he has a good batting song.
2008-09-20 22:28:28
596.   MonkeyBlue
You can walk too Martin!
2008-09-20 22:28:43
597.   KG16
Ok, Russ, that was your one free swing. No more crazy stuff this at bat
2008-09-20 22:29:03
598.   MonkeyBlue
The guy is throwing heaters!
2008-09-20 22:29:05
599.   Eric Stephen
Martin is merely baiting Sadler with those two overswings. :)
2008-09-20 22:29:35
600.   Alex41592
We're also due a wild pitch somewhere around here.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2008-09-20 22:29:37
601.   underdog
C'mon, Russ, you should be able to fare better against a character actor!

2008-09-20 22:29:50
602.   JoeyP
I guess home runs & walks arent so bad.
2008-09-20 22:30:37
603.   Tripon
No more walks!
2008-09-20 22:30:42
604.   silverwidow
2008-09-20 22:30:50
605.   scareduck
592 - candy colored?
2008-09-20 22:31:00
606.   MonkeyBlue
Damn it Martin! you chased that. I think Kemp deserve his lead off role back!
2008-09-20 22:31:02
607.   underdog
Sadler appears a better pitcher than Taschner.
2008-09-20 22:31:05
608.   Marty
Russ is swinging out of his shoes. He needs to calm down.
2008-09-20 22:31:05
609.   Eric Stephen
Heywood struck him out.

Maybe Clew Haywood would have done better.

2008-09-20 22:31:09
610.   Icaros
That's right, Russ. That nobody made you look terrible.
2008-09-20 22:31:16
611.   Alex41592
Sadler has a wicked curve ball.
2008-09-20 22:31:34
612.   trainwreck
He really shines in the Tales From the Crypt movies.
2008-09-20 22:31:45
613.   underdog
585 Better than walking into the light.
2008-09-20 22:31:49
614.   Linkmeister
Well. Way to knock the cover off the ball, Dodgers. I appreciate the runs, but man, bases loaded for three or four straight hitters and that's all you got out of it?
2008-09-20 22:32:41
615.   JoeyP
Russ's OPS is down to .766 for the year. Good for a catcher, but not by Martin's high standards he's set his 1st two seasons.
2008-09-20 22:33:05
616.   underdog
612 He was kinda creepy in The Mist, too.
2008-09-20 22:33:10
617.   Marty
JoeyP said nice win for the Dodgers. I think there's a lot more to this game.
2008-09-20 22:33:16
618.   Alex41592
That's right he struck out Martin last time we faced him and show boated I believe. Martin was looking for some response and went up there swinging for the fences. But, that curve ball was a good one.
2008-09-20 22:33:21
619.   Tripon
Wade's in the game. We got this!
2008-09-20 22:33:24
620.   scareduck
Roy Orbison on the effectiveness of the Giants relief corps so far:

2008-09-20 22:33:36
621.   silverwidow
Wade is now Torre's favorite reliever.
2008-09-20 22:34:04
622.   Alex41592
Man our bullpen is deep.
2008-09-20 22:34:19
623.   Tripon
Hu has some range.
2008-09-20 22:34:20
624.   underdog
Dear Duane Kuiper,
It's "who," not "Hugh."


2008-09-20 22:34:47
625.   trainwreck
lol was just about to say that.
2008-09-20 22:34:47
626.   Tripon
Who's up for the win, Saito?
2008-09-20 22:34:51
627.   MonkeyBlue
621. Does not bode well... for Wade arm at least! You think Proctor is jealous?
2008-09-20 22:34:59
628.   Alex41592
Hu covering some ground.
2008-09-20 22:35:21
629.   Eric Stephen
Kemp scored his 90th run of the season last inning. That has only happened 46 times in 51 seasons in LA.
2008-09-20 22:35:27
630.   Icaros
Krukow and Kuiper were putting down the Dodgers PA for mispronouncing Schierholtz's name earlier, yet they both think Hu is said like "Hugh." Dorks.
2008-09-20 22:35:49
631.   underdog
617 - Yes, I was trying to pretend that jinx didn't happen.
2008-09-20 22:36:28
632.   silverwidow
SICK defense by Loney.
2008-09-20 22:36:30
633.   trainwreck
Now there's the Loney D.
2008-09-20 22:36:31
634.   Tripon
Wow, an easy inning for the Dodgers. Awesome.
2008-09-20 22:36:34
635.   MonkeyBlue
Loving the D in the 8th!
2008-09-20 22:36:42
636.   underdog
An insurance run sure would be nice, wouldn't it?
2008-09-20 22:36:47
637.   Lexinthedena
Wade most definitely has the "look" in his eyes. Closer material for sure:)
2008-09-20 22:36:56
638.   Marty
Wow, I didn't know you could end an inning that fast.
2008-09-20 22:37:02
639.   Eric Stephen
Well, that inning was uneventful. Nice job, Wade! Congratulations on your two inning save (thanks to the 4+ run lead).
2008-09-20 22:37:07
640.   silverwidow
Loney, DeJesus, Hu, DeWitt


2008-09-20 22:37:36
641.   underdog
630 - I'm gonna call him "Duh-wayne Cooper" from now on.
2008-09-20 22:37:38
642.   dzzrtRatt
634 Didn't strike me as "easy" exactly. Two of the outs were nerve-wracking.
2008-09-20 22:37:44
643.   Alex41592
Kuiper also called David Eckstein, David Eckstein like Juan Luis Pedro Philippo DeHuevos Epstein.

Great defense in the 8th.

2008-09-20 22:38:04
644.   I Love LA
634 - Saito had a relatively easy inning in the 7th unless you count that walk.
2008-09-20 22:38:20
645.   MonkeyBlue
636. I thought having more that one run is insurance? You don't trust Oxton?
2008-09-20 22:38:48
646.   Eric Stephen
You must have "I Love LA"'s nerves! :)
2008-09-20 22:39:15
647.   underdog
637 Tee-hee.

Well, we may see Broxton in the 9th, depending on what happens here. Hopefully his eyes will be spinning and steam is coming out of his ears like the bull in that Bugs Bunny matador cartoon.

Geno Vanelli is pitching now.

2008-09-20 22:39:24
648.   I Love LA
Our inability to pitch recently has got to cause some concern. Maddux, Kuroda, Park was terrible. I didn't expect that kind of crap from Park though.
2008-09-20 22:39:44
649.   Eric Stephen
Wow...old school stirrups!
2008-09-20 22:39:55
650.   MonkeyBlue
646. You're not nervous?.... I don't know but it feels like 2004 all over for me.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2008-09-20 22:41:31
651.   silverwidow
650 Someone is going to throw a water bottle in the stands?
2008-09-20 22:41:44
652.   Eric Stephen
Normal pennant race nervous I guess, but I really, really like our chances to win this game. I certainly don't think we are on the precipice of blowing it...either the game, or the season.

I plan on using all the playoff tickets I bought! :)

2008-09-20 22:41:55
653.   trainwreck
I say Bowa.
2008-09-20 22:42:19
654.   Tripon
2008-09-20 22:42:24
655.   Alex41592
Another good at bat for Ethier.
2008-09-20 22:42:34
656.   Eric Stephen
Casey Blake walk-off grand slam to clinch the division?
2008-09-20 22:43:11
657.   underdog
645 I do, I do!

644 - Yeah it would be great if Saito does return to form, whether he's a closer or just a set up guy now having him pitching well again makes the pen that much stronger. Wade, Beimel, Kuo (if healthy), Saito and Broxton, plus Proctor, is not a shabby pen at all.

2008-09-20 22:43:31
658.   Eric Stephen
Oh man, Manny is going to straighten out one of these puss balls pretty soon.
2008-09-20 22:44:28
659.   MonkeyBlue
651. lol

656. Why Casey specially? Anyways I would Kent should be the clincher!

2008-09-20 22:44:56
660.   Eric Stephen
Like that one
2008-09-20 22:45:13
661.   Alex41592
2008 is not quite like 2004. We don't face Arizona again this season. We may face the Giants 6 times in the final week and a half like 2004, but Arizona is chasing us.

This win would be a big one. But, they all are at this point.

2008-09-20 22:45:42
662.   Eric Stephen
Blake has been hitting kind of like Finley in 2004, and was a midseason pickup.
2008-09-20 22:45:50
663.   Tripon
Manny just golfs that. FREAKING AWESOME.
2008-09-20 22:45:54
664.   trainwreck
Holy Mother of Dear!~!
2008-09-20 22:45:54
665.   silverwidow
2008-09-20 22:45:57
666.   Icaros
Saw that coming.
2008-09-20 22:46:03
667.   Alex41592
MANNY!!! Again? Yes, again!
2008-09-20 22:46:05
668.   Eric Stephen
I love Manny Ramirez.
2008-09-20 22:46:07
669.   Johnson
Manny gets BOTH short porches on the night!
2008-09-20 22:46:08
670.   underdog

Well, whether we needed it or not... INSURANCE.

Geno Vanelli vs Manny is never a fair fight.

2008-09-20 22:46:09
671.   silverwidow
2008-09-20 22:46:12
672.   KG16
Ok, the Manny for MVP stuff, not so outlandish
2008-09-20 22:46:19
673.   MonkeyBlue
I love Manny.
2008-09-20 22:46:40
674.   Linkmeister
Goodness me.
2008-09-20 22:47:16
675.   skybluestoday
Oh, my!

This man can sure hit a baseball, no? My goodness!

2008-09-20 22:47:19
676.   Alex41592
Manny's taking off. See ya tomorrow boss.
2008-09-20 22:47:28
677.   underdog
Well, Krukow was right about that one -- Manny had his FB timed and Espinelli should've avoided that at all costs.
2008-09-20 22:48:18
678.   MonkeyBlue
662. I see
2008-09-20 22:48:28
679.   Marty
We need to remember what happened here the last two months. We may never see the like again.
2008-09-20 22:48:29
680.   Tripon
Another walk . This time to Loney.
2008-09-20 22:49:02
681.   I Love LA
Thank You Manny
2008-09-20 22:49:11
682.   dzzrtRatt
yeah, now I can exhale.

How does McCourt not resign Manny? How does Manny sign anywhere else? Was there such a love affair between Manny and the Sox fans, ever, like there is with the Dodger fans?

Seems like it was more a marriage of convenience in Boston. Sort of a "We like your hits but we don't like you."

2008-09-20 22:49:28
683.   KG16
679 - until he signs somewhere else, I will hold out belief that we will get to see it for 162 games next year.
2008-09-20 22:49:40
684.   Johnson
That's what, 16 HRs for Manny since the trade? He's in realistic range to hit as many with us - in just the regular season - as he did with Boston on the year. Huh.
2008-09-20 22:49:50
685.   68elcamino427
Mr. Ultimo indeed. Unreal.
2008-09-20 22:49:50
686.   trainwreck
These local SF commercials about fantasy football are awkward.
2008-09-20 22:50:07
687.   scareduck
682 - if he gets in a bidding war with the Steinbrenner Brothers?
2008-09-20 22:50:35
688.   MonkeyBlue
10 walks so far for the Dodgers WOW!
2008-09-20 22:50:48
689.   Tripon
682 Boston fans loved Manny just as much as the L.A. fans do. Until it all went bad for them. The difference is that the Boston papers are Satan reincarnated.
2008-09-20 22:50:54
690.   trainwreck
That is what I am worried about. I think it is between Yankees, Mets, and Dodgers.
2008-09-20 22:51:00
691.   scareduck
682 - more like, here's your paycheck, now produce like a HoF'er.
2008-09-20 22:51:27
692.   trainwreck
Apparently a bunch of fans got kicked out of the game.
2008-09-20 22:51:30
693.   I Love LA
I am very surprised that Manny got a 2nd shot at that HR....he just missed one earlier at that bat, I thought the pitcher would go more conservative.
2008-09-20 22:51:44
694.   Tripon
687 Way I see it, Mets, Yanks, Angels, Cubs, Dodgers.

No way in heck the Cubs are going to be content with Reed Johnson as their LF in the off season.

2008-09-20 22:53:18
695.   Tripon
Apparently, Orisis Matos is code for HIT EVERY DODGER.
2008-09-20 22:53:40
696.   Tripon
Matt Kemp's getting hot!
2008-09-20 22:53:42
697.   scareduck
694 - point taken, but the Yanks before anyone else will have a big pile o' dough to spend this offseason, more than anyone else.
2008-09-20 22:54:35
698.   scareduck
695 - not like "take off every Zig."
2008-09-20 22:54:44
699.   MonkeyBlue
694. I see the Jays in the Manny sweepstakes too. Their offense is putrid.
2008-09-20 22:56:02
700.   underdog
Help me, Jeebus. This game is gonna last 'til my 9am soccer game.
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2008-09-20 22:56:08
701.   Alex41592
#11. Team OBP is getting a hefty inflation tonight.
2008-09-20 22:56:18
702.   MonkeyBlue
Time for the Dodgers to blow this wide open.
2008-09-20 22:56:31
703.   ToyCannon
Manny was beloved in Boston. All long term marriages that end, usually end badly.

Two years from now if Manny is signed the fans cheering him tonight will have forgotten these two months and wonder how they can dump his contract.

2008-09-20 22:56:54
704.   trainwreck
But you will miss the Raiders game!
2008-09-20 22:57:19
705.   Eric Stephen
This just in...with 90% of the precincts reporting, CBS News is ready to call this game a victory for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

[insert graphic with Dodger logo and check mark here]

2008-09-20 22:57:28
706.   Alex41592
Productive out.
2008-09-20 22:57:33
707.   Tripon
At least Berroa was a productive out.
2008-09-20 22:57:42
708.   scareduck
I'm glad I'm watching this at home. Hoo, boy, it's a long one.
2008-09-20 22:57:47
709.   KG16
694 - Angels won't compete for him, Moreno has already indicated that they aren't going to increase payroll much. Angels probably won't be too active this off season, probably resign Big Tex and that's about it.

I also think the Yankees are going to have to do a real rebuild over the next few years. Plus, they're already old in the outfield, can't see them wanting to get older.

Mets and Cubs will be the competition.

2008-09-20 22:57:57
710.   MonkeyBlue
Good job Berroa.
2008-09-20 22:58:12
711.   Eric Stephen
Sadly it's not in here in SD, even though the Chargers aren't playing.
2008-09-20 22:58:14
712.   Tripon
Sweeney batting for Wade. Doubt Broxton comes in this game, so who's getting mop up duties? Proctor, TronTron? Heck, Stults?
2008-09-20 22:58:54
713.   ToyCannon
"dead run" is such a strange saying.
2008-09-20 22:58:58
714.   MonkeyBlue
Sweeney put good wood on that at-bat, but he still blows and does not deserve a playoff spot.
2008-09-20 22:59:35
715.   MonkeyBlue
712. I'll be comfortable with Proctor.
2008-09-20 22:59:45
716.   Gen3Blue
OHn Hell---Berroa!

Followed by Sweeney.
I totally agree with Kemp's play a game or two ago. Kemp knew the only chance was to steal third and then steal home somehow. Too bad it didn't work.

2008-09-20 23:00:08
717.   underdog
704 Don't worry, I'll be punished enough by going to see the Niners game live in the afternoon.
2008-09-20 23:00:23
718.   Tripon
709 Angels already have Kendry Morales at first, and their outfield next year is going to be Torii Hunter and Gary Matthews Jr. Their outfield is going to be a bigger concern than first base. And Texiera is going to be expensive, since he's going to be looking for at least a 8 year deal, and possibly up to ten years.
2008-09-20 23:00:33
719.   Eric Stephen
I hear the sound of victory.
2008-09-20 23:00:47
720.   Alex41592
Compare a kid's at bat (D.Y) and the veteran's (Sweeney). It's not just tonight it's all season. I believe in Delwyn Young.
2008-09-20 23:00:55
721.   trainwreck
You will actually probably see a lot of scoring, which isn't that bad.
2008-09-20 23:01:06
722.   MonkeyBlue
Oxton is in.
2008-09-20 23:01:11
723.   Tripon
And Broxton's in the game regardless. And Journey is played with a 5 run lead. Yeah, okay.
2008-09-20 23:01:14
724.   Eric Stephen
Joker's Wild host Jack Barry comes to mind.
2008-09-20 23:01:35
725.   underdog
Is Broxton coming in because he'd already warmed up that last half inning? I assume so, otherwise I don't get having him in.
2008-09-20 23:02:34
726.   underdog
721 True, true. Though the Niners defense is pretty decent. But yeah.

Okay, off to put away laundry and listen to what I hope is the end of this game. Cheers.

2008-09-20 23:02:47
727.   Tripon
725 Only reason I can think of. Torre should try to install a two headed closer thing next year.
2008-09-20 23:03:46
728.   Eric Stephen
I think it's a combo of (a) getting some work in (since Saturday he has pitched only twice, and (b) off day Monday, and he can pitch tonight and tomorrow and still get rest, and (c) he already warmed up.
2008-09-20 23:04:11
729.   ToyCannon
With those two home runs tonight, Manny has now hit more home runs in two months then any Giant has all year. The Giants are having a 1968 Dodger type power outage. Paging Len Gabrielson.
2008-09-20 23:04:27
730.   Johnson
The S.F. announcers have to go and bring up the spectre of the "Brian Johnson Game". Man, I still remember where I was when I saw that one...

Not sure why Berroa didn't go to first there.

2008-09-20 23:04:43
731.   Gen3Blue
I think Broxton is coming in because we need the best. Three western div. teams have no give against the Dodgers,
2008-09-20 23:04:58
732.   Andrew Shimmin
Looks like there might be a double indemnity situation between Berroa and Hu.
2008-09-20 23:05:02
733.   Tripon
Broxton looks sharp tonight.
2008-09-20 23:05:30
734.   I Love LA
we are 1 for 11 with RISP tonight yet we have 10 runs. That is crazy combined with a lot of luck compliments of the Giants pitching. I guess that takes away all those giving Park and kuroda did as well.
2008-09-20 23:05:37
735.   Eric Stephen
He's one hot week from leading the Dodgers! :)
2008-09-20 23:06:07
736.   MonkeyBlue
Why u gotta make it so hard? Oxton?
2008-09-20 23:06:52
737.   I Love LA
Doesn't matter what the lead is but Broxton loves to make the 9th inning filled with base runners.
2008-09-20 23:07:03
738.   Eric Stephen
I gotta ask, why "Oxton"?
2008-09-20 23:07:24
739.   Johnson
C'mon Broxton. Don't Stop Relieving.
2008-09-20 23:07:50
740.   Andrew Shimmin
I've missed a couple of comment threads over the last week, is "Oxton" a thing we're doing? What's that all about?
2008-09-20 23:08:16
741.   Tripon
Freaking heck Berroa.
2008-09-20 23:08:19
742.   MonkeyBlue
He is built like one. Oxes are such majestic animal. Bah what the heck Angel?
2008-09-20 23:08:19
743.   underdog
When's Furcal back again? :-/
2008-09-20 23:08:22
744.   Icaros
2008-09-20 23:08:23
745.   trainwreck
I may be going out on a limb here, but Mr. Berroa may suck at defense.
2008-09-20 23:08:25
746.   scareduck
Dear. God.

A routine play to first.

2008-09-20 23:08:34
747.   Alex41592
Should've just gone to second there, Angel.
2008-09-20 23:08:36
748.   Johnson
738 He's so hot, there's no "brr" in him?

...I now wish there was no "brr" in Brroa, either.

2008-09-20 23:08:40
749.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-09-20 23:08:40
750.   I Love LA
Berroa just reminded everyone why he sucks so much.
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2008-09-20 23:08:42
751.   Gen3Blue
OHn-Hell Berroa.
2008-09-20 23:08:46
752.   ToyCannon
If Ethier hadn't had his hot week he would be leading the Dodgers. The difference is that the lineup is scattered with double digit home runs.

Berroa also wanted to see Pablo hit one more time.

2008-09-20 23:08:46
753.   Eric Stephen
Berroa has not had the best defensive inning.
2008-09-20 23:09:05
754.   superbas
i am so sick of berroa and ozuna "defense".
2008-09-20 23:09:06
755.   MonkeyBlue
740. It just my thing. Don't need to use it.
2008-09-20 23:09:18
756.   Tripon
Sadavol scares the heck out o fme.
2008-09-20 23:10:20
757.   scareduck
718 - I figure the Angels have a years*dollars figure for Teixeira and they're not exceeding it.
2008-09-20 23:10:44
758.   Gen3Blue
After San Fran rolled over for the Snakes.
This is disgusting.
2008-09-20 23:10:48
759.   Tripon
2008-09-20 23:11:01
760.   ToyCannon
It will be curious to see who become the better pro. The guy with no plate discipline who can hit bad pitches ala Manny Sanguillen or Carlos Santana the guy with plate discipline. They are both switch hitters, who starting catching late and just destroyed minor league pitching this year after not even making either teams top 20 prospect list spring.
2008-09-20 23:11:01
761.   MonkeyBlue
Oh my!
2008-09-20 23:11:17
762.   scareduck
I may get banned for saying it, but Broxton still is not that impressive in the 9th. That said, his defense has let him down multiple times.
2008-09-20 23:11:29
763.   fordprefect
cue twilight zone music...
2008-09-20 23:11:34
764.   Eric Stephen
It probably had nothing to do with the Snakes' pitching; you're right.
2008-09-20 23:11:36
765.   Disabled List
Tying run is at the plate. Good God.
2008-09-20 23:12:10
766.   fordprefect
which rule?
2008-09-20 23:12:11
767.   I Love LA
broxton just isn't a closer I am sorry. Sure Berroa sucks but Broxton is not the answer. One swing here and we are tied yet again. basehit makes it a 1 run game. Our pitching is beyond atrocious.
2008-09-20 23:12:12
768.   thinkblue88
what the?!?! this game is still going on?!?
2008-09-20 23:12:30
769.   scareduck
Dave Roberts looks really old.
2008-09-20 23:12:35
770.   ToyCannon
How did they roll over? Losing doesn't mean they didn't try, they are after all not a very good team.
2008-09-20 23:12:37
771.   fanerman
Come on and just finish the game.
2008-09-20 23:12:39
772.   Alex41592
I'm surprised Vinny hasn't said, "It's the Giants and the Dodgers."
2008-09-20 23:12:59
773.   trainwreck
2008-09-20 23:13:05
774.   Tripon
8) making the same point over and over again
2008-09-20 23:13:13
775.   MonkeyBlue
high heater please. Old man can't catch up to it!
2008-09-20 23:13:13
776.   Johnson
C'mon, high heat!
2008-09-20 23:13:26
777.   Tripon
2008-09-20 23:13:27
778.   Alex41592
3 1/2 game lead.

Magic Number: 5

If the Dodgers go 4-3 in their remaining 7 games the Diamondbacks have to go 8-0 in their remaining 8 games in order to force a divisional tiebreaker at Dodger Stadium.

This was a very big win.

2008-09-20 23:13:30
779.   Icaros
That game sucked.
2008-09-20 23:13:33
780.   thinkblue88
woo! Dodgers win!! yay!
2008-09-20 23:13:34
781.   scareduck
Randy Newman time. Jeez.
2008-09-20 23:13:43
782.   ToyCannon
You can take your thumb out of your mouth now.
2008-09-20 23:13:45
783.   Eric Stephen
The only things Broxton is not the answer to are:

1) Name a player that skipped dinner today
2) Name a bad pitcher

2008-09-20 23:14:24
784.   MonkeyBlue
Wooooo..... what a win! magical number 5?
2008-09-20 23:14:28
785.   KG16
759 - why does Dodger Stadium even have a tarp?
2008-09-20 23:14:37
786.   Johnson
775 776 Less than one second!
2008-09-20 23:14:42
787.   ucladodger

Lol. I giggled at that comment.

2008-09-20 23:14:46
788.   underdog
Can't a man finish his laundry in peace without having to sweat through a ninth inning! Ay caramba.

Well, anyway... we win! Whew.

2008-09-20 23:14:47
789.   Tripon
Broxton is no Brian Wilson. After all, Broxton has an ERA under 4.00
2008-09-20 23:14:51
790.   scareduck
766 - wuzza?
2008-09-20 23:15:03
791.   Marty
Well, that didn't take long. I could tell from the first inning this was a Dodger win.
2008-09-20 23:15:05
792.   Eric Stephen
Let's skip right over 4 tomorrow and get to 3!!!
2008-09-20 23:15:54
793.   KG16
783 - also:

3) Name the player you want coming to the plate with two on and two out in the ninth inning of a tie game.

2008-09-20 23:16:01
794.   Alex41592
That's two ugly wins in three games. But, all that matters is the win.
2008-09-20 23:16:05
795.   underdog
"Our pitching is beyond atrocious."

I don't even know what to say... I... I give up.

Night for real folks. Magic number = 5.

2008-09-20 23:16:48
796.   MonkeyBlue
786.Great mind think alike!
2008-09-20 23:17:06
797.   I Love LA
Did Broxton get a save out of that? If so that is just ridiculous. I don't think you should be rewarded for your inability to hold a 5 run lead. This is why stats are so misleading, chalk this save up as an asterik if he indeed got one.
2008-09-20 23:17:06
798.   KG16
794 - the only stat that matters is the final score
2008-09-20 23:17:59
799.   Johnson
796 Apparently Russ Martin and Jon Broxton are not great minds, because that fastball was low and away. Oh well.
2008-09-20 23:18:05
800.   thinkblue88
Just checked the box score...Wow! Manny is awesome!
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2008-09-20 23:18:34
801.   Tripon
Broxton wasn't credited with any Earned runs.
2008-09-20 23:18:55
802.   Tripon
Also, Saito was credited with the win.
2008-09-20 23:19:05
803.   Johnson
797 By rule, Broxton did not get a save. Now please stop complaining.
2008-09-20 23:19:12
804.   MonkeyBlue
799. Meh, they knew the old man couldn't catch up to the heater though!
2008-09-20 23:19:34
805.   Eric Stephen
He didn't get a save. He did allow 2 unearned runs though.
2008-09-20 23:20:11
806.   Tripon
And Ethier had another 3 walk night. That's beyond ridiculous.
2008-09-20 23:20:25
807.   I Love LA
803 - Why don't you get off my back man and please mind your own business. thank you. For the record I am not complaining.
2008-09-20 23:20:59
808.   Alex41592
Man, if only Broxton could run over to Loney and lift him on top of his shoulders in order to grab the ball thrown over his head by 2-3 feet. All runs were unearned. But, it felt like that all night except for Manny!

A good late night to you all.

2008-09-20 23:21:27
809.   I Love LA
805 thank you...803 can sure learn from you as to how to answer a question in a classy manner.
2008-09-20 23:21:29
810.   KG16
Wow, Yeager ran kind of funny.

(watching the post game show and the great moments in Dodger History)

2008-09-20 23:22:33
811.   Tripon
807 If you're going to comment on this site, you shouldn't be surprised if people respond to you.
2008-09-20 23:23:59
812.   Eric Stephen
Man, if only Broxton could run over to Loney and lift him on top of his shoulders in order to grab the ball thrown over his head by 2-3 feet

That really cracked me up. What a great way to end the night!

2008-09-20 23:24:27
813.   Jon Weisman
Finally caught up on the comments.

Berroa had a hat trick that ninth inning: he flailed at Aurilla's grounder, botched a double-play ball from Ishikawa, and threw away Velez's ball. Maybe it's Broxton's fault that he just draws bad defense behind him, Nomar's catch the other week notwithstanding.

Sandoval's double was a 175-foot cue shot that didn't even make it past the tarp. Two other batters struck out. There was only one legit baserunner that ninth inning, and it came after what should have been three outs.

So yeah, this still doesn't work for me as a "Broxton can't close" game. (Of course, it wasn't a save situation.)

2008-09-20 23:25:01
814.   Gen3Blue
I disapprove of pitchers with good arms making it to the Majors the easy way---in relief, ala Broxton, and I hope not Elbert.
2008-09-20 23:25:05
815.   I Love LA
I want to thank all the people here that usually put up with me and understand what type of fan I am. Basically letting me be me, the obsessive way I am. With the exception of Trippon and Johnson, I don't know what their problem is. They have been haters from day 1. Oh well, I will just take the hit and not say anymore.
2008-09-20 23:26:53
816.   fordprefect
temporarily too lazy to scroll down to rules section......
2008-09-20 23:27:11
817.   Tripon
Anybody else get the feeling that the Giants won't be that bad next year? I'm quickly becoming a Sandoval believer, and Ishiwaka should be a capable first baseman, who can flash the glove. And they have a pitching staff, no reason they can't be around .500 next year, which should be good enough to contend in the NL West.
2008-09-20 23:27:13
818.   underdog
813 But how was the look on his face? Did he look like he wanted it? ;-)
2008-09-20 23:28:59
819.   Jon Weisman
I Love LA -

I believe you're a real fan, but you do have a responsibility to comment according to the rules of the site. I know you've seen them by now. Here are some as a reminder.

6) using hyperbole when something less will suffice

8) making the same point over and over again

If you can't understand how your constant and excessive negativity can frustrate people, you need to try harder to understand it.

Most everyone here wants the Dodgers to win and fears they will lose. But they realize that they have to take other people in consideration when they comment. This is a social setting where there are limits to what you can say. I ask you again to pay attention to those limits.

2008-09-20 23:29:55
820.   Gen3Blue
810 But the Penguin made him look almost normal!
2008-09-20 23:30:50
821.   KG16
817 - I don't think .500 will be good enough to compete in the NL West next year. I fully expect the Rockies, Diamondbacks, and Dodgers to be well above .500. I think the division next year will be what we thought it would be this year. The Giants could also compete, but whoever wins the West is going to have to take care of business outside the division, because inside the division is going to be tough.
2008-09-20 23:31:14
822.   I Love LA
819 - Sure you got it. Its just hard to think and post at the same time when something on the field is frustrating. I usually just share the thoughts in my head right away. I know its not an excuse but...anyway but nothing. Oh well like someone said all it matters is the W. I hope everyone has a good night.
2008-09-20 23:33:03
823.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
807 , 803 Another way that conversation could have been:

803 - By rule, Broxton did not get a save.

807 - Ah, that makes sense, then. Thanks.

2008-09-20 23:36:26
824.   Jon Weisman
823 - Yes, thanks.
2008-09-20 23:38:30
825.   Gen3Blue
I get it Love LA.

I'm having trouble dealing with a feeling that Manny is our Bonds. I know this isn't totally fair, but I think Giant's fans may taste how we felt for years.

2008-09-20 23:40:53
826.   KG16
825 - turnabout is fair play
2008-09-20 23:41:31
827.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
825 Not exactly. Do we Dodger fans find ourselves needing to be apologists over Manny? It may be because I bleed blue, but I don't see Manny as a boorish jerk who very likely used PEDs to break records.
2008-09-20 23:41:52
828.   Johnson
824 & 807 I apologize. I was frustrated, and I should know better and just let it go.
2008-09-20 23:42:50
829.   Tripon
827 We as Dodgers fans get annoyed by all the Boston and National Media who are all outraged at Manny's exit from the Red Sox. In that way we're similar to the Giants fans who defended Barry Bonds over his troubles.
2008-09-20 23:44:53
830.   Brent is a Dodger Fan

I may be suffering from being up a bit too late, and from small sample bias, but it seems to me that in terms of fielding at SS:

Berroa = Garciapara Berroa > Hu

So wouldn't it make sense to start Garciapara OR Hu before Berroa?

I mean, I get that Torre is totally gunshy about Hu's ability to hit, but he believes in Garciapara at the plate. So is Garciapara not 100%? I'd think he'd at least justify some of the awful defense we're seeing with some better hitting.

2008-09-20 23:45:34
831.   LAT
Most everyone here wants the Dodgers to win and fears they will lose.

Does that ever sum it up.

2008-09-20 23:47:50
832.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
829 Ah, that's a comparison I didn't see. I guess that makes sense.

Since I live in San Francisco, the whole Bonds thing was uber-annoying, and I just can't imagine Giants fans generating the kind of animosity towards Manny.

2008-09-20 23:49:55
833.   Gen3Blue
831 Amen, said the choir
830 I'd be more comfortable with Nomar on offense or with Hu on defense. I hope Torre isn't smarter than me trying to get a little of both.
2008-09-20 23:51:16
834.   I Love LA
Thanks Johnson....In the end we all stand united under the Dodgers =)
2008-09-20 23:53:23
835.   Andrew Shimmin
Not me. I'm a D'backs fan.
2008-09-20 23:55:15
836.   Gen3Blue
I don't suspect Manny of using PEDs. But all these people around me see Manny as a Boorish Jerk who abandoned his team and his fans for $s.
2008-09-20 23:55:25
837.   Tripon
835 Is Drew going to be an above average SS?
2008-09-20 23:59:08
838.   Andrew Shimmin
He is already. Having been born a Drew, he has no soul, of course. But he's running a 124 sOPS+ for a SS, this year, and his glove is at least adequate (I think).
2008-09-21 00:01:32
839.   Tripon
New Simers article up:

"I kept asking everyone where you were," Ramirez says. "I thought maybe you were off talking to Schilling." Then Ramirez pulls out the perfume. "Every time I spray you, I get two hits," he says. He singles his first time up.,0,2695182.column

2008-09-21 00:06:26
840.   Tripon
Yet Jones, the five-time All-Star who left his bat in Atlanta, became a supporting actor, with Kemp as the electrifying force at bat, on the bases and with the postgame victory bump in center field.

"He's the Fonz," Kaufer said. "When 'Happy Days' started, Ron Howard was going to be the star. They found out people were tuning in to see Henry Winkler, so they rewrote the show to be a starring vehicle for the Fonz."

Well, that's the first time I heard Kemp referenced as the Fonz.,0,645130.story?page=2

2008-09-21 00:11:35
841.   bhsportsguy
This might be a little long and rambling.

It was a long day, I spent the first part wondering how hard it can be to make a first down without the benefit of a penalty.

The only upside is that I do enjoy going to the Rose Bowl and that Neuheisal has a long honeymoon due to the previous regime.

Now, I go to Dodger Stadium and sit down on the field level by the foul pole, not real close but its nearby.

I had an adventure because I left my ID and credit card at will call and spent an unsatisfactory moment with the Guest Relations person who told me that I could wait for a phone call from them when someone turns in my cards. But little later on, I come back to my seat to find a guest relations person waiting for me with my cards, so all was good.

I'll sum up the game experience, lots of men on base, beach balls, Manny, more men on base, beach balls and Manny.

I felt bad that no one called out Kemp for a curtain call.

Congrats to Cory Wade for being the only Dodger pitcher to retire the side in order.

I have seen Berroa hit a home run and draw a bases loaded walk, which is more improbable, I don't know.

Best plate appearance, Delwyn Young.

2008-09-21 00:12:06
842.   Gen3Blue
Man, this Simers guy is a wreck. With his insecurity and name dropping, how did he ever get a blog.
2008-09-21 00:13:20
843.   whodat807
Went to a BBQ in Diamond Bar and missed the game. Sounds like it was a doozy.

I ended up having to take the subway from Union Station to N. Hollywood and then the Orange Line bus to Woodland Hills - a long and arduous journey on late night public transport. I saw lots of ugly human behavior - a guy talking to a box of chicken, a half-dressed woman muttering to herself and drinking a 40, two guys trash talking each other and getting into a fight after getting off the bus... but what distressed me the most was the sight of two Dodger fans (who apparently used that new Union Station shuttle), dressed in jerseys and those gigantic blue sombreros, looking rather exhausted and forlorn on the subway. They looked like they had just seen the Dodgers lose a heartbreaking game. So when I finally got home, I rushed to the computer to see what had happened, and read through the comments of DT, and was happy to find the Dodgers eked this one out. Whoopie!

2008-09-21 00:26:13
844.   sporky
That was a long game.

I also got to see some schmuck wearing a Pierre jersey, which is almost as rare as a Pierre HR. I took a photo to commemorate the event.

2008-09-21 00:29:48
845.   bhsportsguy
844 I am happy you went to a game.

Just to be clear, I do not own a Pierre jersey.

2008-09-21 00:41:28
846.   Ranma
I'm not sure if I previously mentioned this here, so I apologize for possibly doing a repeat, but I choose to think of Manny's turbulent exit from Boston (and subsequent arrival to L.A.) as payback for the whole J.D. Drew fiasco. I was personally glad Nancy opted out and left but I'm not exactly thrilled with the report of Ramirez pushing a traveling secretary to the ground during his last days in Beantown nor am I excited at the prospect of committing big-money long-term to a Boras client who's proven temperamental, but--despite Depo's assertion of its overratedness(?)--Manny's presence on the ballclub has been a boon for the Dodgers' chemistry and resulting success. If Theo's Red Sox can take advantage of situations resulting from Scott Boras's machinations, then the organization and its fans can buck up and take their medicine like the rest of us have had to endure.
2008-09-21 00:41:28
847.   Andrew Shimmin
As much as he'd like to, it would be against the rules for Juan Pierre to wear a Kemp jersey.
2008-09-21 00:55:39
848.   dzzrtRatt
The best fit for Manny is right here.

I don't think he's like a Johnny Damon, getting a thrill out of thumbing his nose at his previous team's fans. I don't think Manny wants the grief.

The laid-back teams that fit Manny's personality: Dodgers, Angels, Padres, D-Backs, Marlins, A's, Mariners, Twins, Royals, Braves.

The laid-back teams that can afford Manny: Dodgers, Angels, maybe the Mariners.

I think he's coming back.

2008-09-21 01:29:46
849.   JRSarno
Manny having so much fun is contagiously making this squad have a lot of fun -- and I'm liking the potent broth of baseball chemistry that we're brewing day-by-day into this postseason... I just wish Broxton could CLEANLY close a game...!
2008-09-21 02:19:23
850.   Louis in SF
Was at the Stanford San Jose State Football game, taped the game, but could not communicate with everyone in this fine community. Just watched the game and looked at the comments, this win was one of the most exciting, even if ugly late season Dodger Giant games I have ever seen...Dodgers always win these games sooooooooo easily!

The Manny Barry comparison does have similarities, Manny was not the first star player not too run out a grounder, but while the player whoever it is receives the rath of the fans and ire of the media, the manager almost never benches the player. Again this is usually with Superstar players. Perhaps had Francona benched Manny maybe things would have been different in Boston, but that is their loss.

With the crazy way the season has gone I predict a key hit between now and the San Francisco series by Kent to get the Dodgers in the playoffs. His shortcomings have been chronicled here in depth, but his hitting on the Houston road trip, as I recall really gave the team a lift. It goes nice with the LA Times Dodger story as a team which has been a TV show all year.

Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2008-09-21 03:39:15
851.   tethier
Nice to wake up here on the east coast and see that the Dodgers reduce their magic number to 5 in a wild game. As Matt kemp said, where would they be without Manny? I suppose we really have to give Ned credit for pulling off this trade. If the Dodgers fail to win the division, it won't be becasue of the Manny trade.

Let's go Derek Lowe!

2008-09-21 03:41:02
852.   tethier
848 I hope you're right. He just seems like he would be a better fit in the AL, especially at this stage of his career.
2008-09-21 08:56:23
853.   Ken Noe
I've thought for awhile that Manny would be back next year. The weird thing is that I've concluded that Berroa will too. Berroa and Hu, with Furcal in some place like KC.
2008-09-21 09:23:07
854.   Bob Timmermann
Well, he did work for the Patriots before he got to Notre Dame

2008-09-21 10:00:42
855.   Eric Stephen
I think there will only be one Pac-10 team ranked after Oregon's loss to Boise State. Boo.
2008-09-21 10:02:41
856.   unlazy4sports
849 What's the point? K-Rod's getting Cy Young and MVP considerations by hardly cleanly close a game, even in his cheap saves.
2008-09-21 10:07:48
857.   trainwreck
Terrific, Dan Fouts is calling Raider game.
2008-09-21 10:16:32
858.   Eric Stephen
Thank God for the WAC, Big 10, and Big Sky.

Pac 10 Non-Conference Records Against
Big Sky - 2-0
Mid-American - 1-0
WAC - 4-1
Big 10 - 3-1
SEC - 1-1
ACC - 1-1
Big 12 - 0-3
Mountain West - 0-5

The only non-conference games left:

Fresno St (WAC) at UCLA next Saturday
Oregon St at Utah (Mtn West) Thu Oct 2
Cal at Colorado St (Mtn West) Nov 15
WSU at Hawaii (WAC) Thanksgiving weekend
3 games against Notre Dame (Stanford, Washington & USC)

2008-09-21 10:20:58
859.   Bob Timmermann
The non-USC Pac-10 teams are a frightening bunch to behold. They all have major flaws.

Even Rudy Carpenter can't save the conference! And without faith in him what do we have left?

2008-09-21 10:34:21
860.   trainwreck
We are doing complicated blitzing!
2008-09-21 10:42:22
861.   bhsportsguy
What no Ryder Cup thoughts?
2008-09-21 10:44:17
862.   Samuel

Just a correction, Colorado St. is at Cal on Sept 27th.

2008-09-21 10:47:28
863.   Bob Timmermann
Anthony Kim's belt buckle scared me, so I turned on baseball.

The Padres are already up 2-0 on the Nats with Odalis on the hill.

2008-09-21 10:50:02
864.   bhsportsguy
Last night, there were these two young boys, 8-9, I guess, sitting in the row in front of me. And all the time, Manny is out in LF, they are yelling "Manny, Manny, look over here."

I was tempted to say to them that he really can't acknowledge your constant yelling right now.

But I controlled myself.

2008-09-21 10:54:24
865.   LAT
864. If you are around give me a call on my cell 310-405-1232
2008-09-21 10:59:01
866.   Bumsrap
For a good time call 310-405-1212
2008-09-21 11:01:14
867.   Bob Timmermann
Does anyone have Jenny's number?
2008-09-21 11:02:43
868.   skybluestoday

That's kind of a cool moniker, I think. (How could it not be cool?)

It's still not as cool as "Bison."

2008-09-21 11:04:49
869.   KG16
2008-09-21 11:05:16
870.   Bumsrap
The Dodgers big FA bat choices for next year are Manny, Tiexiera, and Holiday. I would only want to include Tiexiera in the mix if only, and I mean only, he were to play third base and then if only he would be good defensively there.
2008-09-21 11:07:31
871.   Bob Timmermann
Somebody missed the 1980s and didn't quite remember the Greatest Hits of Tommy Tutone
2008-09-21 11:09:42
872.   KG16
871 - well, I was 11 when the 80s ended, and I was more interested in the hair bands than I was in the pop bands.
2008-09-21 11:10:20
873.   Bumsrap
869, 871 Without google I would miss most of the humor and wisdom here.
2008-09-21 11:10:34
874.   KG16
also, I just woke up, brain is not yet working.
2008-09-21 11:15:00
875.   MollyKnight
I am rooting really hard for the Mets so the Dodgers open up here in New York. That would rule.
2008-09-21 11:17:46
876.   KG16
875 - yeah, but you're going to end up with a lot of people looking to sleep on your couch...
2008-09-21 11:21:57
877.   underdog
If you want me, I'll be at FRozen Tundra-6-5239.

What, no one remembers "Play It Again, Sam?"

Actually, if you want me, I'll be watching the mistake-prone Lions@Niners game, following the Broncs and Dodgers via my cell phone and trying not to be too rude.

2008-09-21 11:23:28
878.   underdog
Tee hee. The Dolphins are beating the Patriots 21-6 at halftime. Tee hee. They're playing with a real porpoise, it appears. {duck}
2008-09-21 11:24:36
879.   Tripon
The Raiders are beating the Bills 9-7. This is odd.
2008-09-21 11:25:12
880.   Bob Hendley
It was nice to see Pee Wee getting some DT love last night, showing some PVLness during this pennant race. I would be remiss, however, if I didn't note that M. Sweeney had a good week as well. Eleven PH PA by the two yielded 3 hits and 3 BB over the past week.
2008-09-21 11:28:42
881.   underdog
880 - True, Sweeney's looked a bit better as of late and last night he almost got a hit in his appearance. Since they'll likely keep him on the playoff roster (despite our protests) IF they make the playoffs might as well hope he's better. Delwyn's still their best PH though and I think even Torre knows it by now.
2008-09-21 11:29:17
882.   underdog
Okay, off to the 'Stick. Go Dodgers!!
2008-09-21 11:31:03
883.   KG16
Hey, crazy thought... Loney-Young-Hu-DeWitt as an infield next year? With Manny, Kemp, and Ethier in the outfield?

Yeah, I don't expect it either, and it's going to be a shame to see Young getting to play everyday somewhere else. Maybe they'll trade him to the Angels so he can DH and occasionally play second.

2008-09-21 11:33:56
884.   Alex41592
I love D.Y's bat. But, his glove will always hold him back.

Per ITD:

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Lowe, P

2008-09-21 11:34:31
885.   underdog
(I wonder if a certain DT FF player is regretting not starting Ronnie Brown today?)
2008-09-21 11:34:58
886.   Bob Timmermann
From lightly read Detroit columnist Jerry Green
"And on the field this season, the Tigers are doomed to finish below .500. And the formerly woebegone Tampa Bay Rays are destined to finish far above .500, perhaps in first place in their division. And perhaps in the World Series, perhaps against the once-lowly Dodgers."

2008-09-21 11:35:31
887.   Bob Hendley
881 - Is that the famous big "if"?
2008-09-21 11:38:09
888.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-21 11:38:33
889.   Bob Timmermann
Unless Sweeney suffered a major injury, he would be on any putative Dodgers postseason roster.
2008-09-21 11:38:52
890.   KG16
886 - "once-lowly"? When, recently were the Dodgers "lowly"?

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