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Stretch - Arms Strong?
2008-09-23 16:22
by Jon Weisman

So far, my September 5 comments haven't been much to write home about. Let's see what Chad Billingsley can do tonight.

NL West Stretch Run
Date Dodgers Diamondbacks September 5 Comment At Day's End


at San Diego at San Francisco Dodgers have the easier opponent but probably the tougher atmosphere to play in. +1.5 games
9/9 at San Diego at San Francisco    +2.5
9/10 at San Diego at San Francisco    +3.5
9/11 Idle Idle    +3.5
9/12 at Colorado vs. Cincinnati Advantage, Arizona. The Rockies might still be fighting to stay in the race, at home.  +3.5
9/13 at Colorado vs. Cincinnati    +4.5
9/14 at Colorado vs. Cincinnati    +4.5
9/15 at Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco Traditionally an easy series for the Dodgers, this comes at the end of a 10-game road trip, so they'll be hoping Giants pitching gives Arizona trouble.  +4.5
9/16 at Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco    +4.5
9/17 at Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco    +3.5
9/18 at Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco    +3.5
9/19 vs. San Francisco at Colorado Advantage, Los Angeles.  +3.5
9/20 vs. San Francisco at Colorado    +3.5
9/21 vs. San Francisco at Colorado    +2.5
9/22 Idle at St. Louis    +2
9/23 vs. San Diego at St. Louis Ditto. Following a rest day to themselves, the Dodgers have one more big shot to make a move if they haven't already.  
9/24 vs. San Diego at St. Louis    
9/25 vs. San Diego at St. Louis    
9/26 at San Francisco vs. Colorado Dodgers have won big games in San Francisco before, but they'd like to avoid the race coming down to this weekend.  
9/27 at San Francisco vs. Colorado    
9/28 at San Francisco vs. Colorado    

* * *

Diamondbacks at Cardinals, 5:15 p.m.

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (760)
Show/Hide Comments 1-50
2008-09-23 16:33:36
1.   Jim Hitchcock
Hmmm...once again, I tried to get to I Love, but wound up here instead...

(just trying to loosen things up a bit, guys)

2008-09-23 16:36:27
2.   Xeifrank
Rays are four outs away from a big win.
150:1 baby!
vr, Xei
2008-09-23 16:36:48
3.   Bob Hendley
0 - I know that the Dodgers (and shoe shine boy) want to avoid a showdown in SF, but I say, bring it on!
2008-09-23 16:38:42
4.   underdog
3 I won't be too troubled if the magic number is 1 before Friday night's game. :-) (I'll be more troubled if it's 3 or more.)
2008-09-23 16:39:39
5.   Jon Weisman
Stop, Evil-doers!

2008-09-23 16:39:40
6.   Tripon
The return of Matt Kemp to the top of the lineup. Its his birthday tonight right? Lets celebrate with his first multi-home run game.
2008-09-23 16:42:58
7.   thinkblue88
I'm pretty sure he had a multi-homer game in Colorado when he first came up.
2008-09-23 16:45:58
8.   68elcamino427
Here's to an oppo home run tonight for the Bison.

Happy birthday to my favorite player.

2008-09-23 16:46:33
9.   thinkblue88
And yes, happy b-day Bison!
2008-09-23 16:46:45
10.   Tripon
Okay, first 3 homer game.
2008-09-23 16:47:19
11.   Gilberto Reyes
4 I agree. They need to go into SF on Friday with at least a 2 game lead (i.e. Magic number of 2 or less).

I would hate to see the panic on this site if the lead is cut down to a single game or worse heading into SF.

2008-09-23 16:48:03
12.   silverwidow
7 Yes, yes he did.

That was during the Grady Little/Kemp mancrush period.

2008-09-23 16:48:44
13.   overkill94
I'll use the Office discussion from the last thread as an excuse to link to the funniest thing I saw this weekend:

It's SFW, but a very odd sketch from "Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job" (Rainn Wilson's involved)

2008-09-23 16:59:26
14.   Eric Stephen

I forgot: are the Rays 150:1 to win it all, or just the pennant?

2008-09-23 16:59:28
15.   Frip
I'm going to the game tonight. Section 7, Field Box MVP. Anyone else going?
2008-09-23 16:59:41
16.   Tripon

Whats the point of having a guy like Travis Vetters in the organization?

2008-09-23 17:00:39
17.   Eric Stephen
Nice seats!
2008-09-23 17:01:14
18.   Eric Stephen
Gotta fill the rosters somehow.
2008-09-23 17:01:46
19.   ToyCannon
I wondered why they didn't promote him instead of just letting him smash away.

I'd like the Bison to celebrate his 24th with a bomb into the Loge tonight. Has anyone ever hit two into the loge?

2008-09-23 17:03:19
20.   Tripon
18 Yeah, but Vetters already 24, and failed to do anything at low-A. I rather see 18 year old try his luck over Vetters who seems his ceiling is smashing rookie ball pitchers.
2008-09-23 17:03:24
21.   ToyCannon
Yup, bullpen loge.
2008-09-23 17:07:03
22.   68elcamino427
I had seats for the game tonight but had to give them up for more pressing matters at hand.

The resident baseball expert will be sitting in section 2-4 in the reserved.

This should be a great game.

Think Cure everybody:)

2008-09-23 17:15:54
23.   Bob Timmermann
I'm sitting here wondering why I need to think of songs by The Cure.
2008-09-23 17:16:22
24.   Alex41592
D'Backs and Cards underway with a Stephen Drew base hit.
2008-09-23 17:17:38
25.   D4P
Drew is double-handedly trying to lead Arizona to the playoffs.
2008-09-23 17:18:17
26.   Bob Timmermann
I'm not sure why Reynolds is out of the lineup for AZ.
2008-09-23 17:18:20
27.   Bob Hendley
23 - Maybe you need to be sitting there wearing black eyeshadow.
2008-09-23 17:18:42
28.   Alex41592
More awful defense and D'Backs in business.
2008-09-23 17:19:22
29.   Tripon
Tony LaRussa hates the Dodgers.
2008-09-23 17:19:55
30.   Bob Timmermann
There's nothing to fear with Nick Stavinoha in the lineup for the Redbirds.
2008-09-23 17:20:04
31.   Alex41592
Bases loaded and one out for Upton.
2008-09-23 17:20:14
32.   Bilshaw
Cardinas died.
2008-09-23 17:22:24
33.   Alex41592
Upton strikes out. Two away for SCY.
2008-09-23 17:23:16
34.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
23 - Trying to avoid 200 Ks on the year?
Bob Melvin is tired of watching the butchery at third base?
2008-09-23 17:23:38
35.   Bob Hendley
4 - Here in Mexico, your namesake is known as Supercan (as in canine). Es muy macho, so three games wouldn't trouble him. But, I agree, one would be less troubling for all of us.
2008-09-23 17:23:58
36.   Alex41592
SCY grounds to second. No Score and the Cards are coming up.
2008-09-23 17:24:21
37.   Tripon
Mark Reynolds should go for the gold
2008-09-23 17:24:27
38.   cargill06
Kyle Lohse you stud!!!!!!!

Off to the game, I'm 9-2 at Dodger games this year.

2008-09-23 17:25:50
39.   Alex41592
Also, the Metrodome is rocking tonight as the Twins host the White Sox.
2008-09-23 17:26:23
40.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Reynolds could lead the league in errors and Ks - quite a feat.
2008-09-23 17:27:20
41.   Tripon
Kyle Lohse wants that Calros Silva special. a $48 million/4 year and then he can totally take a 4 year vacation with a bad team willing to overpay a veteran.
2008-09-23 17:28:00
42.   Alex41592
Izzy leads off with a base hit to right. Eckstein's sheer determination and will could not make the grab on the liner.

And Izzy steals second off the Unit.

2008-09-23 17:28:39
43.   Tripon
Gamecast is saying all the balls Izzy got were in the strike zone.
2008-09-23 17:29:18
44.   D4P
Clay Aiken exits closet.

Elsewhere, the sun is hot.

2008-09-23 17:29:18
45.   sporky
Will Kyle Loshe replace Jody Gerut as my new love? Let it be so.
2008-09-23 17:30:08
46.   Alex41592
Infield single for Lopez. 1st and 3rd with nobody out for Albert Pujols.
2008-09-23 17:32:11
47.   Branch Rickey
Rally in St. Louis!
2008-09-23 17:32:18
48.   NoHoDodger

I don't like the 9/26 comment.

I'm going to unjinx that one and proclaim an easy weekend, resting many regulars.

How's that.

2008-09-23 17:32:32
49.   Bilshaw
M!V!P! Pujols
2008-09-23 17:32:32
50.   Alex41592
Base hit Pujols! 1-0 Cardinals.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-23 17:33:13
51.   thinkblue88
Albert Pujols is awesome.
2008-09-23 17:33:22
52.   fanerman
44 I'm glad this place has pop culture experts/devoted followers like D4P so I'm kept up-to-date with what's going on in the celebrity world.
2008-09-23 17:34:06
53.   bigcpa
It sure is fun rooting for Pujols/Glaus/Ludwick vs. the 45 yr old goat.
2008-09-23 17:34:07
54.   Tripon
Clay Aiken is a celebrity like Britney Spears is.
2008-09-23 17:34:43
55.   Alex41592
Glaus flies to left and hits himself with a broken bat on the swing.
2008-09-23 17:34:55
56.   D4P
You know me. I loves me some celebrities.
2008-09-23 17:35:07
57.   Alex41592
2008-09-23 17:35:27
58.   D4P
Cardinals win. Dodgers in.
2008-09-23 17:35:42
59.   Nigel
Ludwick for MVP!!!
2008-09-23 17:35:49
60.   bigcpa
YES! It's a laugher at Busch!!
2008-09-23 17:36:00
61.   thinkblue88
2008-09-23 17:36:03
62.   Branch Rickey
Magic number twinkling already!
2008-09-23 17:36:19
63.   Alex41592
Base hit Stavinoha.
2008-09-23 17:36:33
64.   Tripon
4-0 isn't a laugher at Busch.
2008-09-23 17:37:15
65.   fanerman
2008-09-23 17:37:18
66.   Eric Enders
However, the baseball gods take umbrage at a 4-0 score being called a "laugher." They are now officially Planning Something.
2008-09-23 17:37:37
67.   Alex41592
4-0 Cardinals Top 2.
2008-09-23 17:38:46
68.   Bob Timmermann
Are the Baseball Gods related to Gregg Easterbook's Football Gods? Is it somewhat akin to Greek and Roman mythology?
2008-09-23 17:41:16
69.   kinbote
Is Randy Johnson the Rolling Stones of baseball? Dominant at his best, stuck around too long, bad skin?
2008-09-23 17:41:28
70.   Alex41592
Jason Kubel hits a bomb in Minnesota to give the Twins the lead.
2008-09-23 17:43:23
71.   Bob Timmermann
With two outs and two on, Dave Bush walked Jeff Kartens to load the bases. Nyjer Morgan followed with a 2-run single to tie the game and then Freddy Sanchez doubled home Karstens to make it 3-2 Bucs in the 2nd.

I've noticed that Dale Sveum tends not to have his cap on in the dugout. It's not a good look.

2008-09-23 17:43:37
72.   Alex41592
4-0 Cardinals Bot 2.
2008-09-23 17:43:46
73.   sporky
Animal style fries for me!
2008-09-23 17:46:12
74.   bigcpa
I apologize for the laugher proclamation. However I did literally laugh when I saw that jack so technically, ya know.
2008-09-23 17:48:03
75.   thinkblue88
Lincecum now leads MLB in Strikeouts and ERA. How can he not win the Cy Young?
2008-09-23 17:51:18
76.   D4P
How can he not win the Cy Young?

The NL has a 20-Game Winner™, and it's not Timmy.

2008-09-23 17:52:00
77.   oshea2002
I take back what I said about removing Ludwick from my Christmas card list.
2008-09-23 17:54:27
78.   Eric Stephen
Sporky, I missed something. Are you rewarding yourself with Animal Fries if the D-Backs lose? Or are you just having them?
2008-09-23 17:55:21
79.   Alex41592
Dunn hits it 390 feet but to center field for the out.

4-0 Cardinals Bot 3.

2008-09-23 18:00:32
80.   Alex41592
4-0 Cardinals Top 4.
2008-09-23 18:02:06
81.   Bob Timmermann
An Alfredo Griffin special for Jose Reyes makes it 6-2 Mets over the Cubs.
2008-09-23 18:04:26
82.   Alex41592
4-2 Cardinals SCY 2 run HR.
2008-09-23 18:04:35
83.   Eric Enders
SCY homers. Grr.
2008-09-23 18:05:00
84.   gpellamjr
75 Does he lead the league in wins? That's all that matters to me.
2008-09-23 18:06:27
85.   fanerman
Bad Kyle Lohse. Bad!
2008-09-23 18:07:19
86.   Alex41592
4-2 Cardinals Bot 4.
2008-09-23 18:08:04
87.   oshea2002
One of those runs is on Stavinoha for his abysmal attempt at catching that fly ball.
2008-09-23 18:08:12
88.   trainwreck
That song was stuck in my head Sunday night after watching that episode.
2008-09-23 18:10:47
89.   regfairfield
If you assume that the MVP has to come from a contending team, does Manny have a compelling case for the award?
2008-09-23 18:10:53
90.   Tripon
Yeah, see. There's no such thing as a laffer.
2008-09-23 18:14:59
91.   Alex41592
4-2 Cardinals Top 5.
2008-09-23 18:18:03
92.   Bob Timmermann
But what about the Laffer Curve?
2008-09-23 18:19:24
93.   Tripon
Cliff Lee gives up five runs to the Red Sox, blowing up his ERA to 2.53, costing him a loss, and letting Boston clinch a playoff spot.
2008-09-23 18:21:00
94.   underdog
48 and the other jinxy comments made Disabled List die a little inside. C'mon people, have some consideration along with having faith. ;-)
2008-09-23 18:21:53
95.   underdog
Nice. Dunn is done and on to the bottom of the 5th.
2008-09-23 18:21:53
96.   Alex41592
4-2 Cardinals Bot 5.

Red Sox 6 outs from the postseason.

2008-09-23 18:23:06
97.   underdog
I'm surprised the Red Sox game isn't on ESPN, followed by a 2 hour post game special celebration.
2008-09-23 18:24:46
98.   underdog
Infield single for Sporky's new hero.
2008-09-23 18:25:27
99.   Alex41592
Randy Johnson can barely move on any sort of infield grounder. Kyle Lohse leads off with an infield single. LaRue bunts Lohse to 2nd base for Izzy.
2008-09-23 18:25:33
100.   Tripon
Is that hero or love?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-23 18:25:36
101.   oshea2002
Whatever Ozzie tried to accomplish by calling out Javy Vasquez, it didn't work.
2008-09-23 18:27:58
102.   LoneStar7
alot of really interesting games right now, mets up 4, phils down 1, brewers down 1, dbacks down 2
2008-09-23 18:30:44
103.   oshea2002
I'm really starting to like Felipe Lopez. 5-3 StL
2008-09-23 18:30:53
104.   Alex41592
Woooo! Lopez RBI double 5-2 Cardinals. And here comes Albert.
2008-09-23 18:31:10
105.   LoneStar7
felipe lopez doubles! 5-2
2008-09-23 18:31:23
106.   Bilshaw
Two out base's huge
2008-09-23 18:31:25
107.   Alex41592
They will walk Pujols. It falls to Glaus.
2008-09-23 18:31:44
108.   oshea2002
5-2, my bad.
2008-09-23 18:32:28
109.   underdog
Yay! I like seeing "in play, run(s)".
2008-09-23 18:33:19
110.   Tripon
Lopez could have been ours.
2008-09-23 18:33:57
111.   underdog
80 pitches and counting for Giraffe Johnson.
2008-09-23 18:36:14
112.   Alex41592
5-2 Cardinals Top 6.
2008-09-23 18:36:16
113.   Bob Timmermann
Effective motivational technique by Ozzie Guillen to call out Javier Vazquez before tonight's game.

He's getting beaten around like a pinata!

2008-09-23 18:36:35
114.   LoneStar7
alright we'll take a run though, lets hope they can close this out, maybe dig into the dbacks bullpen in an inning or so
2008-09-23 18:36:38
115.   underdog
5-2 through 5 now and I would assume next inning will be RJ's last.
2008-09-23 18:37:54
116.   Alex41592
Red Sox 3 outs from the postseason.
2008-09-23 18:41:26
117.   Alex41592
Montero solo HR 5-3 Cardinals.
2008-09-23 18:42:16
118.   oshea2002
Montero hit the ball real hard.
2008-09-23 18:42:49
119.   Eric Stephen
It's too bad Stephen & J.D.'s older brother Tim never faced off against Kyle Lohse, so we could see the headline of the game preview: "Win: Lohse or Drew?"
2008-09-23 18:42:59
120.   Gagne55
Montero belts one.
2008-09-23 18:43:50
121.   underdog
Montero? Are you kidding me Lohse?
2008-09-23 18:44:06
122.   Eric Stephen
The Tim Kawakami / Raiders press conference stuff as sadly hilarious.
2008-09-23 18:44:10
123.   LoneStar7
2008-09-23 18:44:15
124.   Alex41592
Great play by Felipe Lopez robs Eckstein of a base hit.

5-3 Cardinals Bot 6.

2008-09-23 18:44:29
125.   underdog
119 You're really missing Bert Convy game shows aren't you?
2008-09-23 18:45:52
126.   oshea2002
122 - a complete joke. What was Herrera thinking. As a life long Raiders fan, this garbage is making me physically ill. Goodell needs to step in and figure out whatever way he can to wrestle control away from Al.
2008-09-23 18:46:35
127.   overkill94
88 It's still stuck in my head
2008-09-23 18:47:17
128.   Tripon
122 You could make the argument that Lane Kiffin is the most mature Raiders coach at the moment.
2008-09-23 18:47:44
129.   Alex41592
Leadoff walk for Ludwick.
2008-09-23 18:48:03
130.   Tripon
126 Somebody told me on DT that there's a Raiders board that has John Madden as part of it. Just think about it. John Madden as owner.
2008-09-23 18:48:08
131.   oshea2002
Bottom of the 9th in Philly. 3-2 ATL.
2008-09-23 18:48:30
132.   Alex41592
Stavinoha bunts Ludwick to 2nd.
2008-09-23 18:49:09
133.   Alex41592
Rauch is up in the D'Backs pen.
2008-09-23 18:49:12
134.   oshea2002
130 - that would be hilarious. PFT was saying today that Troy Aikman is a part owner. I'll take an investment group headed up by Clay Aiken at this point.
2008-09-23 18:50:57
135.   Eric Stephen
The password is "Yes".
2008-09-23 18:51:22
136.   oshea2002
Uh-oh. Lohse is getting pulled after 82 pitches. That means 9 outs of the Cardinals pen.
2008-09-23 18:52:10
137.   LoneStar7
alright cards, make good use out of this. How are the card's set up men?
2008-09-23 18:52:32
138.   Tripon
Think Lowe is worthy of the Carlos Silva special? (4 years/$48 million)
2008-09-23 18:53:11
139.   Alex41592
5-3 Cardinals Top 7. Jason Motte will take the mound. He throws the ball real hard.
2008-09-23 18:54:36
140.   Alex41592
Philles lose and Red Sox one out away.
2008-09-23 18:55:06
141.   oshea2002
137 - their pen leads the NL in blown saves.
2008-09-23 18:55:11
142.   Bob Timmermann
Luis Ayala in to save the game for the Mets in the 9th with 2 on, 1 out and a four run lead.

Old Friend Koyie Hill is up.

2008-09-23 18:55:26
143.   trainwreck
The Aikman rumor is wrong, just like most things from PFT.
2008-09-23 18:55:32
144.   Gagne55
138 Yes and more.
2008-09-23 18:55:51
145.   Alex41592
Yankees are eliminated in the regular season for the first time since 1993.
2008-09-23 18:56:58
146.   Gagne55
Kemp. CF
Martin. C
Ramirez. LF
Ethier. RF
Garciaparra 1B
Blake. 3B
DeWitt. 2B
Berroa. SS
Billingsley. P
2008-09-23 18:58:59
147.   Tripon
Randy Johnson is out!
2008-09-23 19:00:02
148.   LoneStar7
i would have preferred kemp ethier manny but whatever
2008-09-23 19:00:45
149.   trainwreck
I get to hear Vin again!
2008-09-23 19:00:52
150.   Alex41592
5-3 Cardinals Bot 7. Motte impressive.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-23 19:01:38
151.   68elcamino427
Ahhh! Vinny!

Being in the moment and savoring the now.

2008-09-23 19:02:01
152.   JoeyP
Bhsportsguy said Nomar couldnt move.

I guess he miraculously recovered.
Or Torre has lost confidence with Loney.

2008-09-23 19:05:10
153.   LoneStar7
little cesar singles
2008-09-23 19:06:00
154.   Tripon
152 Dodgers are facing a lefty. That and Nomar was doing his best Paul Pierce impression, and all that was missing was the wheelchair.
2008-09-23 19:06:41
155.   oshea2002
Our Cards are in business, 2 on, no out, for Pujols.
2008-09-23 19:06:41
156.   Alex41592
1st and 3rd for Pujols with one out.
2008-09-23 19:06:49
157.   Branch Rickey
Rally in St. Louis! Pujols up with runners on 1st and 3rd 1 out.
2008-09-23 19:06:54
158.   sporky
78 I was planning on having animal style fries if/when the Cards were blowing out the Diamondbacks. This was close enough.
2008-09-23 19:06:58
159.   Gagne55
153 Gamecast iz slow. :(
2008-09-23 19:07:01
160.   underdog
First and third with 1 out for Sir Albert.
2008-09-23 19:07:29
161.   Tripon
Ah, Jon Rauch is in the game. I feel better already.
2008-09-23 19:07:55
162.   Eric Stephen
May you get to have them twice more!
2008-09-23 19:08:32
163.   Branch Rickey
2008-09-23 19:08:41
164.   underdog
2008-09-23 19:08:48
165.   Eric Stephen
I'm not digging the soul patch on Mattingly.
2008-09-23 19:08:49
166.   Alex41592
Pujols base hit! 6-3 Cardinals.
2008-09-23 19:08:51
167.   LoneStar7
albert baby!
2008-09-23 19:08:54
168.   oshea2002
Think the Snakes would like a do-over on the Jon Rauch deal?
2008-09-23 19:08:58
169.   Gagne55
163 :)
2008-09-23 19:09:46
170.   ucladodger

Its almost mind-boggling how bad he has been for them. I love it!

2008-09-23 19:10:10
171.   underdog
Okay, Dodgers, as you prepare to start your game tonight may I remind you of my oath of stinkitude until you win a game?
2008-09-23 19:10:52
172.   Eric Stephen
Hit parade in St. Louis!
2008-09-23 19:11:05
173.   Alex41592
Base hit Glaus! 7-3 Cardinals.
2008-09-23 19:11:25
174.   underdog
Glaus for MVP! Heh.

I may have to remove some of these guys from my hastily written manifesto.

2008-09-23 19:11:41
175.   sporky
I feel obligated to have more fries now.
2008-09-23 19:12:29
176.   trainwreck
I don't even like In-N-Out fries, but I feel compelled to try animal style.
2008-09-23 19:12:50
177.   Eric Stephen
Welcome back, Good Chad!
2008-09-23 19:12:55
178.   LoneStar7
did vin just call bills a lefty?
2008-09-23 19:13:02
179.   Bob Timmermann
Replay delay in Houston.
2008-09-23 19:13:08
180.   trainwreck
Now that' a way to start the game.
2008-09-23 19:13:55
181.   sporky
176 Your arteries will weep.
2008-09-23 19:14:40
182.   Bob Timmermann
Actually your arteries won't weep. They will just harden up.
2008-09-23 19:14:47
183.   Alex41592
7-3 Cardinals Top 8.
2008-09-23 19:14:48
184.   Eric Stephen
I misspoke earlier. J.D. is the eldest of the three MLB Drew brothers. Tim was drafted out of HS, 1 year before J.D. out of college.
2008-09-23 19:15:04
185.   Branch Rickey
Umm Andre... your allowed to move towards the ball and try to catch it on the fly.
2008-09-23 19:16:00
186.   Alex41592
Comebacker for Bills. Good start.
2008-09-23 19:16:09
187.   LoneStar7
2008-09-23 19:16:41
188.   Tripon
168 I'm more outraged that Bowden wanted us to trade Raunch for DeJesus and then went on Mason and Ireland to blast the Dodgers for not doing the deal.
2008-09-23 19:17:14
189.   Tripon
185 Andre is just following what Manny would do.
2008-09-23 19:17:37
190.   Eric Stephen
I would like to know the election process for the position of commissioner of the More Taste League.
2008-09-23 19:18:29
191.   underdog
Nicely done, Chad!

185 - Yeah there was one of those on Sunday too, after all those diving catches by the Giants people were kinda wondering why he didn't dive as well. Easy to say from where we sit, but...

2008-09-23 19:18:47
192.   gpellamjr
189 It did look rather Manny-like, didn't it?
2008-09-23 19:19:13
193.   Eric Stephen
LeBlanc gives Kemp an early birthday gift.
2008-09-23 19:19:26
194.   Alex41592
4 pitches and a Bison aboard.
2008-09-23 19:19:27
195.   LoneStar7
haha happy birthday bison
2008-09-23 19:19:29
196.   thinkblue88
And a Bison is loose!
2008-09-23 19:20:50
197.   Eric Stephen
Jim Joyce is the home plate umpire responsible for the loud and poetic strike calls audible to everyone in the park tonight.
2008-09-23 19:21:37
198.   Tripon
2008-09-23 19:21:49
199.   DaDoughboy
Russ the bus.
2008-09-23 19:21:51
200.   Eric Stephen
Looks like Ethier will bat with full bags.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-23 19:22:02
201.   LoneStar7
woohoo! lets go
2008-09-23 19:22:24
202.   Tripon
If it wasn't the Tarp, Martin would have a RBI.
2008-09-23 19:22:38
203.   Eric Stephen
Wow. Thanks!
2008-09-23 19:22:51
204.   Branch Rickey
I've never seen an umpire make that gesture-- putting his hand over his eyes. I guess he was saying "you can't see it".
2008-09-23 19:22:51
205.   Alex41592
Oh yes!!! Feeling good tonight!
2008-09-23 19:23:01
206.   thinkblue88

Clearly batting in front of Ethier makes Manny better!

2008-09-23 19:23:12
207.   LoneStar7
there we go!!
2008-09-23 19:23:16
208.   DaDoughboy
2008-09-23 19:23:23
209.   Tripon
What was the Padres SS doing?

Also, Manny hair can't be denied.

2008-09-23 19:23:46
210.   Eric Stephen
Only 3 more RBI needed for Manny to guarantee being the first Dodger since Oyster Burns in 1890 with at least as many RBI as games.
2008-09-23 19:24:22
211.   Branch Rickey
Gotta love what this is doing for scoreboard watching in St. Louis.
2008-09-23 19:25:20
212.   nick
Dre protects Manny!
2008-09-23 19:25:20
213.   DaDoughboy
Don't touch that phone Bud...
2008-09-23 19:25:21
214.   Tripon
Walking a lefty? Wade LaBlac is in trrrrrrrrrouble.
2008-09-23 19:25:24
215.   LoneStar7
uh oh cards in a tad bit of trouble
2008-09-23 19:25:30
216.   trainwreck
Go back to your crappy sitcoms, LeBlanc!
2008-09-23 19:25:43
217.   68elcamino427
This is a fine turn of events - very fine.
2008-09-23 19:25:51
218.   Alex41592
Chris Perez is not impressing anybody right now.
2008-09-23 19:25:59
219.   larry slimfast
Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, can we keep him, Frank? Please!!!
2008-09-23 19:26:06
220.   underdog
Would I be going out on a limb by saying this is a good start?
2008-09-23 19:26:29
221.   Eric Stephen
7-4 in StL, 2 outs, top 8. Man on 3rd.
2008-09-23 19:26:53
222.   Eric Stephen
Wowie wow wow.
2008-09-23 19:26:57
223.   Branch Rickey
220. Ummm. no.
2008-09-23 19:27:02
224.   ucladodger
Wawaweeewaaaaaa!!!!!! Not a bad start
2008-09-23 19:27:02
225.   thinkblue88


2008-09-23 19:27:15
226.   68elcamino427
Garciaparra - Home Run!
2008-09-23 19:27:16
227.   Alex41592
Sac fly 7-4 Cardinals 2 away Top 8.

NOMAR!!!!!!!!! I think he looks just fine to me.

2008-09-23 19:27:19
228.   trainwreck
Wow, death by Nomar.
2008-09-23 19:27:21
229.   Tripon
WHOA! Nomar looks fine here! Looks like we got a platoon here at first base.
2008-09-23 19:27:22
230.   Tripon
WHOA! Nomar looks fine here! Looks like we got a platoon here at first base.
2008-09-23 19:27:26
231.   Johnson
Gameday seems to be confused in St. Louis - Adam Dunn's PA appears not to have happened despite the batters on either side making it on base. What's actually going on there?
2008-09-23 19:27:33
232.   Branch Rickey
Hey! Vin stealing my point!
2008-09-23 19:27:38
233.   LoneStar7
Nomah!.....7-4 cards, come on red birds!!
2008-09-23 19:27:42
234.   fanerman
2008-09-23 19:27:49
235.   DaDoughboy
ring ring....ring ring...
2008-09-23 19:27:49
236.   regfairfield
2008-09-23 19:27:54
237.   Eric Stephen
I'd give a leblanc check to be able to face this pitcher again this year.
2008-09-23 19:27:54
238.   Alex41592
This is Kip Wellsesque.
2008-09-23 19:27:57
239.   Tripon
Casey Blake singles!
2008-09-23 19:28:33
240.   Bob Timmermann
It's a glitch that Gameday has.
2008-09-23 19:28:39
241.   underdog
"LeBlanc" apparently means "soft throwing left hander" in the Scully-French/French-Scully dictionary.
2008-09-23 19:28:41
242.   thinkblue88
The call by Vin on Nomar's home run was classic.
2008-09-23 19:28:48
243.   Eric Stephen
Good thing Nomar jacked that one out. It's easier for him not to have to run around the bases. Trotting is much easier.
2008-09-23 19:29:00
244.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-23 19:29:18
245.   68elcamino427
#33 - DeWitt
2008-09-23 19:29:25
246.   Johnson
231 Well, Gameday's still not fixed, but above comments suggest Dunn did get out somehow. (Oh, and I meant GameChannel from Yahoo - oops!)
2008-09-23 19:29:27
247.   Tripon
DeWitt singles!
2008-09-23 19:29:33
248.   DaDoughboy
his arm is full of LeBlanks
2008-09-23 19:29:35
249.   ucladodger
This is just some BP right now.
2008-09-23 19:29:37
250.   Indiana Jon
We need these kind of innings when Maddux pitches.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-23 19:29:54
251.   Eric Stephen
StL ends the threat. 7-4 mid 8th.
2008-09-23 19:30:00
252.   Tripon
Berroa makes an out by swinging at the first pitch.
2008-09-23 19:30:07
253.   Alex41592
7-4 Cardinals Bot 8.
2008-09-23 19:30:07
254.   Branch Rickey
Vinny: "It's gotta be so tough when you know you can't throw with the big boys and you're somehow trying to make a living as a Major League pitcher".
2008-09-23 19:30:24
255.   underdog
And the Dbacks are down to their last three outs of the game...
2008-09-23 19:30:51
256.   DaDoughboy
2008-09-23 19:30:53
257.   Tripon
Yeah! Bills helps himself!
2008-09-23 19:30:56
258.   Alex41592
2008-09-23 19:30:56
259.   sporky
2008-09-23 19:30:56
260.   Eric Stephen
I loves me some squeezin'!
2008-09-23 19:30:58
261.   thinkblue88
yay!!!! hahaha!! this is fun!
2008-09-23 19:31:09
262.   trainwreck
2008-09-23 19:31:09
263.   ucladodger
Wow. Chad would be the last person I'd squeeze with. He really is a terrible bunter, but good job Chad!
2008-09-23 19:31:30
264.   LoneStar7
ok few, cards out of it, if they cant hold 3 runs then so help me God..

and a squeeeeeeeeze!

2008-09-23 19:31:34
265.   68elcamino427
Squeeze time! Billingsley gets the bunt down!
2008-09-23 19:32:10
266.   underdog
Excellent squeeze bunt, Chad! I love it -- going for the kill. Kill, kill! Grrowwwlll!
2008-09-23 19:32:24
267.   Bob Timmermann
Jackson singled
Villon replaced Motte
Dunn flied out to center
Perez replaced Villone
Jackson stole second
Upton walked
Jackson and Upton advanced on a wild pitch
Jackson scored on a sac fly by Upton
Franklin replaced Perez
Lopez moved to third, Miles came into play second
Montero grounded out
2008-09-23 19:32:28
268.   Alex41592
Kemp was just up 12 minutes ago.
2008-09-23 19:32:31
269.   DaDoughboy
awww man, that was just getting fun..Way to be guys!
2008-09-23 19:32:52
270.   Eric Stephen
It's got to be tough on a young pitcher having to face a team 3 times in 3 weeks.
2008-09-23 19:33:29
271.   68elcamino427
Ha! This is fun!
2008-09-23 19:33:46
272.   KG16
Am I too late for the hit parade?
2008-09-23 19:33:54
273.   Them Blues
Anyone else feeling just a little better?
2008-09-23 19:33:56
274.   Icaros

I'd really like for Friday night to be the most meaningless baseball game I've ever attended.

2008-09-23 19:33:58
275.   DaDoughboy
Didn't know Mannys full name ia Manuel Aristides Ramírez Onelcida.

Just sounds like baseball royalty don't it?

2008-09-23 19:34:15
276.   Eric Stephen
I hope sunglasses are being worn at The Griddle, what with all the walking into the light going on tonight.
2008-09-23 19:35:12
277.   Bob Timmermann
No more teams can be eliminated tonight. Maybe tomorrow.
2008-09-23 19:35:48
278.   Louis in SF
Given the St. Louis bullpen, would love to see the Cards get a few more runs. It was wonderful to hear Darren Sutton describe the Nomar homerun, his voice really dropped.
2008-09-23 19:35:53
279.   DaDoughboy
Oh, they're on..
2008-09-23 19:35:58
280.   Bob Timmermann
Old Friend Mota trying to pick up a hold for Old Friend Gagne in Milwaukee.
2008-09-23 19:36:22
281.   sporky
277 I'm still waiting to make $50. Hurry up and die, Yanks.
2008-09-23 19:36:36
282.   Eric Stephen
Last time Martin came to the mound, the next pitch was a double play.

Here comes the sequel!

2008-09-23 19:37:16
283.   Eric Stephen
What is your bet?
2008-09-23 19:37:32
284.   Bob Timmermann
The Yankees were eliminated tonight.
2008-09-23 19:37:52
285.   Krebstar
"I can't wait for HOUSE to start in 25 mins"

- sdsuaztec4 on gaslampball

2008-09-23 19:38:03
286.   sporky
284 YES!
2008-09-23 19:38:07
287.   Tripon
281 Yankees were eliminated by the Red Sox winning the game vs the Indians.
2008-09-23 19:38:08
288.   lukemccain
Nice way to start the game. I knew immediately from the sound of Nomar's homer that it was going over the fence.
It reminded me of Buck O'Neil who wrote in his book about the distinctive sound made by Babe Ruth's bat during batting practice. Nobody else made that sound. Fifty years later, he heard that sound again in Kansas City when Bo Jackson came up.
2008-09-23 19:38:34
289.   trainwreck
Icaros is just waiting for 90210 to start.
2008-09-23 19:38:55
290.   Eric Stephen
That counts as an assist for Kemp! (and Blake)
2008-09-23 19:39:01
291.   Tripon
Does Kemp get an assist on that?
2008-09-23 19:39:02
292.   sporky
283 I bet my dad $50 that the Yankees wouldn't make the playoffs.
2008-09-23 19:39:06
293.   68elcamino427
Bison power!
2008-09-23 19:39:09
294.   ucladodger
i'll take that.
2008-09-23 19:39:10
295.   thinkblue88
nice play.
2008-09-23 19:39:40
296.   Tripon
He does! Jeez, imagine Kemp as a pitcher?
2008-09-23 19:40:45
297.   KG16
It's a shame more guys don't swing heavier bats these days. I really think that has something to do with the sound. Plus, probably fewer broken bats (heavier bat can take more torque).
2008-09-23 19:40:46
298.   Bob Timmermann
Old Friend Mota with the blown save as he gives up a 2-run homer to Pearce in the 8th.

Bucs 5, Brewers 4

2008-09-23 19:41:00
299.   Eric Stephen
I think he'd fair about as well as LeBlanc tonight.
2008-09-23 19:41:16
300.   Icaros

Recording it.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-23 19:41:23
301.   Alex41592
1 out in the 9th. 7-4 Cardinals.
2008-09-23 19:41:34
302.   Eric Stephen
1 away in StL
2008-09-23 19:42:24
303.   Tripon
Bills doesn't look sharp tonight.
2008-09-23 19:42:36
304.   ucladodger

It's the handle of the bat that changed everything. The handles are so thin today you can see why anything not hit on the barrell will break it. Just hold a new bat in your hand with an old one and the difference is amazing.

2008-09-23 19:42:50
305.   Eric Stephen
Vasgersian just called that a "BroBI" (Edgar driving in his brother Adrian).

Normally I stick up for Matt Vasgersian, but he no help me now so I say forget him, I do it myself.

2008-09-23 19:43:05
306.   Alex41592
2 outs in the 9th.
2008-09-23 19:43:07
307.   underdog
So Kemp does get an assist on that play? That was purty cool all around.

So what's the magic number in the Daron Sutton Sad Panda watch?

2008-09-23 19:43:08
308.   oshea2002
Bills is not on tonight.
2008-09-23 19:43:09
309.   KG16
Kemp to Blake to DeWitt just doesn't sound as good as Tinkers to Evers to Chance, does it?
2008-09-23 19:43:18
310.   Gen3Blue
Wow, have we got a couple of arms in the outfield.

I'd hate to see Bills have more than one ineffective game in a row right now.

2008-09-23 19:43:22
311.   LoneStar7
dang, come on now chad
2008-09-23 19:44:07
312.   Branch Rickey
2008-09-23 19:44:19
313.   Alex41592
Magic Number: 4!
2008-09-23 19:44:21
314.   LogikReader

Cards win 7-4

2008-09-23 19:44:22
315.   underdog
Yesssss, Dbacks go down.

Now c'mon Chad, settle down pardner. This game ain't won yet.

2008-09-23 19:44:24
316.   Eric Stephen
I imagine the nature of this mound visit by Honeycutt is the same as Don Draper's visit with Mrs. Barrett near the powder room at the restaurant.

Woo hoo, magic number is 4.

2008-09-23 19:44:31
317.   KG16
2008-09-23 19:44:36
318.   LogikReader
The Magic Number is: 4!
2008-09-23 19:44:50
319.   Tripon
2008-09-23 19:44:57
320.   Gen3Blue
Snakes go down, thanks.
2008-09-23 19:44:57
321.   Vishal
magic number is 4, hopefully 3 after our game is over!
2008-09-23 19:45:13
322.   Alex41592
This is the night we've all needed.
2008-09-23 19:45:29
323.   Vishal
haha, i knew i wasn't going to be first, but i didn't think i would be thirtieth :P
2008-09-23 19:45:39
324.   underdog
That's better.

I won't start up the bath just yet though.

2008-09-23 19:45:48
325.   Eric Stephen
The best part of the AZ game ending is that I don't have a PIP taking up part of the Dodger game.

Oh yeah, and the loss part was good too.

2008-09-23 19:46:03
326.   Gen3Blue
Now if we can just get this one. I'm afraid they have to watch Bills closely.
2008-09-23 19:46:23
327.   Zach the Ripper
I'd like to take this moment to apologize for quitting on this team during that 8 game losing streak that now seems like ancient histroy. I am totally lame.

Now, if we could only get a certain LA times writer to admit the same.

2008-09-23 19:46:36
328.   oshea2002
AZ Snake Pit in full melt down after Melvin both put in Rauch, and then left him in.
2008-09-23 19:48:26
329.   Eric Stephen
I think this sums up our feelings about the AZ baseball club:

2008-09-23 19:48:43
330.   KG16
322 - dude, that's a rabbit hole kind of question.

I look at it and every possible response that I have just takes me to crazy town.

2008-09-23 19:49:06
331.   DaDoughboy
lost in the sun!
2008-09-23 19:49:19
332.   Tripon
I love the 3 man coverage on a ball, and they let it drop
2008-09-23 19:49:25
333.   trainwreck
Cue the Benny Hill music.
2008-09-23 19:49:34
334.   Alex41592
Just awful.
2008-09-23 19:49:40
335.   KG16
San Diego Padres is apparently spanish for Washington Generals.
2008-09-23 19:49:40
336.   KG16
San Diego Padres is apparently spanish for Washington Generals.
2008-09-23 19:50:02
337.   Tripon
Dang, thought Manny had a chance!
2008-09-23 19:50:46
338.   underdog
Somewhere out there right about now there's a DBack fan writing a manifesto of their own with several run-on chapters about the Padres.
2008-09-23 19:51:32
339.   Eric Stephen
Yeah, but theirs is in need of editing.
2008-09-23 19:51:56
340.   trainwreck
I don't to jinx anything, but...

The Los Angeles Sparks look to be in the Conference Finals.

2008-09-23 19:52:04
341.   KG16
Wally Joyner, I always liked him. My dad had a habit of calling him Jolly Warner, became kind of a running joke in the family. Shame he resigned today, hope he finds a place in baseball again.
2008-09-23 19:52:06
342.   oshea2002
338 - best one I found on the Snake pit - "Le Blanc if French for - I'm a zero."
2008-09-23 19:52:06
343.   Bob Timmermann
Dale Sveum is a man who loves his sacrifices.
2008-09-23 19:52:26
344.   regfairfield
Jon Rauch: example 765 on why you don't trade for middle relief.
2008-09-23 19:54:25
345.   lukemccain
Leave it to Vinny to come up with "Alphonse and Gaston" as a way to describe the misplay.
I had to look them up. Here is what I found:

I am not sure exactly who they were, but my mother used to quote their
lines..."After you, my dear Alphonse." "No,no, after you dear Gaston."

2008-09-23 19:55:06
346.   oshea2002
Brew Crew ties it in the 8th on a Kendall double.
2008-09-23 19:55:07
347.   Bob Timmermann
John Grabow returns the favor with a blown save for the Bucs in the 8th.
2008-09-23 19:55:15
348.   Eric Stephen
My favorite Wally Joyner story came from when he was with the Angels. When Jackie Autry ruled the roost, she instituted a no-alcohol policy in the clubhouse. Joyner, a Mormon who didn't drink, brought in a few cases of beer because one of his favorite things about baseball was sitting around after the game and just talking baseball with his teammates.
2008-09-23 19:55:46
349.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-23 19:56:02
350.   Eric Stephen
Bob, why do you bother? :)
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-23 19:56:04
351.   CanuckDodger
Chad is four K's away from 200 for the season. Anybody think he won't make it? If the Dodgers clinch before Sunday tonight is probably his last game of the season. He needs four more tonight and he may fall short.
2008-09-23 19:57:02
352.   oshea2002
348 - good stuff.
2008-09-23 19:58:05
353.   Eric Stephen
Don't you think Chad might see an inning or two during the weekend so he doesn't go 9 days in between starts?
2008-09-23 19:58:38
354.   KG16
348 - growing up behind the Orange Curtain, I probably saw as many live Angels games as I did Dodger games, and for what ever reason, Joyner was among my favorite Angels. Him and Devon White.
2008-09-23 19:58:43
355.   Bob Timmermann
The 150:1s have rallied to take an 8th inning lead in Baltimore.
2008-09-23 19:58:52
356.   oshea2002
Have they released any information on why Joyner resigned?
2008-09-23 19:59:20
357.   Tripon
Ethier has a disinterested face going on. D:
2008-09-23 20:00:06
358.   Bob Timmermann
Joyner said he didn't feel welcome in the organization anymore or words to that effect.
2008-09-23 20:00:14
359.   trainwreck
It is quite easy to have a bored face during a baseball game.
2008-09-23 20:00:34
360.   Tripon
353 Shakin said Bills would likely make his schedule start on Sun, and then come out after a few innings to stay sharp, and then pitch in game two on 3 days rest.
2008-09-23 20:01:44
361.   trainwreck
Wonder if Bills is tiring at the end of the year? That butt has got to weigh you down after awhile.
2008-09-23 20:03:52
362.   Tripon
Bills is bending, but not breaking. Still, this is a game where a long relief guy would be key. Free Eric Stults!
2008-09-23 20:04:19
363.   trainwreck
I totally jinxed the Sparks.
2008-09-23 20:04:37
364.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-23 20:04:50
365.   underdog
Hey, he's ThunderThighs, not ThunderButt.
2008-09-23 20:05:04
366.   LoneStar7
361 I hope thats not the case...if so lets hope they'd all get an extra kick of adrenaline if we are able to make the playoffs
2008-09-23 20:05:52
367.   underdog
360 You forgot to add, IF the Dodgers made the playoffs.
2008-09-23 20:06:04
368.   sporky
365 ThunderButt sounds horribly sulfurous.
2008-09-23 20:06:46
369.   Tripon
Looks like Nomar got an order from the staff not to hustle on to first base.
2008-09-23 20:07:13
370.   Jon Weisman
362 - When Billingsley got in trouble in the second inning with a six-run lead, I wondered if Torre was going to pull him and bench him for the remainder of the season.
2008-09-23 20:07:28
371.   Tripon
I also didn't say if the Dodgers died in a fiery crash.
2008-09-23 20:09:41
372.   The Dude Abides
Careful man, there's a beverage here!
2008-09-23 20:10:17
373.   Tripon
Hah! Somebody screencapped a Philly fan giving the finger to a camera at the Philly-Braves game.
2008-09-23 20:10:24
374.   trainwreck
The plane has crashed into the mountain!
2008-09-23 20:11:20
375.   DaDoughboy
How dare you..
2008-09-23 20:12:02
376.   Eric Stephen
Wow, this is a great night for me. Arizona lost, the Dodgers are up 6-1, and my dessert just informed me I will inherit money and jewelry.

I hope it's from a wealthy great aunt I didn't know I had like the am/pm commercial.

2008-09-23 20:12:57
377.   trainwreck
I thought you were on acid for a second.
2008-09-23 20:13:53
378.   sporky
376 My $50 pales in comparison now.
2008-09-23 20:14:29
379.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
As long as Vin is talking about Tommy John and his wife, this seems a good time to say Jim Bouton's wife (and another woman married to a ballplayer) said TJ was the one guy in the bigs who was faithful to his marriage.
2008-09-23 20:14:30
380.   Tripon
2008-09-23 20:14:46
381.   KG16
Billingsly really helping his own cause, 2 RBIs tonight.
2008-09-23 20:15:05
382.   LoneStar7
2008-09-23 20:15:28
383.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
379 - The other wife might've been married to Mike Marshall (the pitcher).
2008-09-23 20:15:35
384.   Tripon
Aww, LaBlac is pulled!
2008-09-23 20:15:42
385.   fanerman
I wish my dessert talked to me, but it just sits there and looks delicious.
2008-09-23 20:15:57
386.   larry slimfast
Vin going on about the Tommy John story. TJ has a solid case for the HOF under some courage/pioneer + very good player clause.
2008-09-23 20:16:18
387.   Eric Stephen
I've always said, driving in more runs than you allow is a recipe for a win.
2008-09-23 20:17:05
388.   underdog
I shall miss you, LeBlanc. Au revoir!
2008-09-23 20:17:07
389.   KG16
386 - after he passes, they will put his elbow on display at the Hall
2008-09-23 20:17:41
390.   Eric Stephen
The greatest fortune cookie prediction I ever received was "You will receive the gift of fortune (cookie)."
2008-09-23 20:18:07
391.   The Dude Abides
That RBI by Billingsley really tied this inning together.
2008-09-23 20:18:17
392.   Tripon
LeBlanc looks like he knows that he's at Triple-A next year, and is never going to get called up again.
2008-09-23 20:18:24
393.   Eric Stephen
I think it's only fair John's ligaments are used for future Tommy John surgeries.
2008-09-23 20:18:30
394.   underdog
I'm opening my fortune cookie, too. Presumably that's what Eric was referring to and not some talking mousse.
2008-09-23 20:18:38
395.   superbas
i tune in just in time to see the billz rbi, but also 5 hits/ 2bb in 3 ips...hang in there chad.
2008-09-23 20:19:07
396.   eusmus
It's Knuckleball time!
2008-09-23 20:19:19
397.   Berkeley Doug
Lincemcum appears to be struggling tonight (relatively speaking). Hopefully, this will encourage Bochy to shut him down for the rest of the year.
2008-09-23 20:19:35
398.   underdog
Uh oh. I might be getting the call from the Padres soon. "You're help will be needed in an embarrassing situation."
2008-09-23 20:19:45
399.   Tripon
Berroa! What are you doing!
2008-09-23 20:19:47
400.   regfairfield
Awesome, I did not expect to see Charlie Haeger ever again.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-23 20:20:10
401.   superbas
very smart play by berroa so chad won't have to run the bases! /sarcasm
2008-09-23 20:20:31
402.   underdog
Ohhh, Ahn-hel. Bad! No dessert for you.
2008-09-23 20:20:58
403.   Indiana Jon
387 It would be interesting to see how many times a pitcher has driven in more runs than he gave up and NOT won. I'm sure it's happened a few times.
2008-09-23 20:21:18
404.   underdog
397 Yeah, for his sake. And for the Dodgers sake, hopefully it won't matter whether he pitches Sunday or not.
2008-09-23 20:22:14
405.   larry slimfast
389 ...his left elbow and his right forearm. It might not be a pleasant sight after a while.
2008-09-23 20:22:22
406.   Humma Kavula
I came home with a fever, so I'm just checking in on the score now.

May I assume that the mood around here is much improved?

Good, good. I'm going back to my fever now.

Have fun, everybody!

2008-09-23 20:22:32
407.   trainwreck
I didn't jinx the Sparks.

We are going to the Conference Finals, everyone!!

2008-09-23 20:23:30
408.   trainwreck
You know what the prescription for a fever is?
2008-09-23 20:24:05
409.   Tripon
LeBlanc looks so sad. I'd feel for him, but I rather laugh at his misfortune.
2008-09-23 20:24:59
410.   underdog
406 Advil, water, heater, hot tea, sweat it out with the pleasant dreams of DBack losses and Dodger wins and kittens and puppies. We'll wake you if something dramatic happens.
2008-09-23 20:25:03
411.   scooplew
397 Even if the game against the Dodgers doesn't mean anything on Sunday, which we all hope is the case, Bochy won't shut down Lincecum because he is being touted in Northern California, including on sports radio programming, as a likely Cy Young Award winner. This despite the fact Webb has 22 wins.
2008-09-23 20:25:03
412.   Tripon
Dodgers don't care to make fantastic defensive plays tonight.
2008-09-23 20:26:14
413.   scooplew
397 Even if the game against the Dodgers doesn't mean anything on Sunday, which we all hope is the case, Bochy won't shut down Lincecum because he is being touted in Northern California, including on sports radio programming, as a likely Cy Young Award winner. This despite the fact Webb has 22 wins.
2008-09-23 20:26:15
414.   Tripon
Dodgers don't care to make fantastic defensive plays tonight.
2008-09-23 20:26:24
415.   Tripon
Dodgers don't care to make fantastic defensive plays tonight.
2008-09-23 20:27:00
416.   fordprefect
not nearly long enough, is it?
2008-09-23 20:27:23
417.   scooplew
Sorry for my doubleheader.
2008-09-23 20:27:54
418.   Tripon
Charlie Haeger has a base hit. Isn't he the pitcher?
2008-09-23 20:28:09
419.   oshea2002
407 - I'm pumped.
2008-09-23 20:28:11
420.   fordprefect
[a] cold?
2008-09-23 20:28:27
421.   underdog
Living up to the "tri" in your name, eh? ;-)

C'mon Chad, a hit to Charlie Haeger?! Okay, he needs to be on a short leash tonight.

2008-09-23 20:31:25
422.   ucladodger
Let Billz go one more inning and let him take the rest of the night off.
2008-09-23 20:31:27
423.   The Dude Abides
Geez guys, the only prescription for a fever is more cowbell!
2008-09-23 20:31:40
424.   thinkblue88
2 more strikeouts..come on Bills, you can do it.
2008-09-23 20:31:49
425.   oshea2002
Clearly not Chad's best stuff, but some times it pays to play the Padres.
2008-09-23 20:31:57
426.   underdog
Thank you, Venable.

Whew. One more inning for Chad and then bring in the pen, I say.

2008-09-23 20:32:17
427.   Jon Weisman
This is nothing personal against Nomar, but if you're concerned about him holding together, and the lefty starter is out of the game, wouldn't you rush to take him out?
2008-09-23 20:32:59
428.   trainwreck
Maybe they aren't concerned about him holding together.
2008-09-23 20:33:42
429.   Branch Rickey
2008-09-23 20:33:53
430.   bigcpa
For those stuck in an NL west bubble... Prince Fielder hit a 2-run walkoff to keep Milwaukee 1 back of the Mets. Mets have to face Zambrano and Harden while Milw plays 2 more with the Pirates. Not sure who has the coin flip there.
2008-09-23 20:34:12
431.   Tripon
Does lefty and righty matchups mean anything with a knuckleballer?
2008-09-23 20:37:14
432.   scooplew
Billingsley is paddling in new waters. He pitched 146 innings in 2005, 160.2 in 2006, 147 in 2007, and was at 192.2 before the start of tonight's game. I agree that the Dodgers should pull him after 5 tonight.
2008-09-23 20:37:19
433.   Tripon
Bison steal!
2008-09-23 20:38:12
434.   Tripon
I'd say the Dodgers should pull Bills when his name gets called in the batting box.
2008-09-23 20:44:56
435.   KG16
every team should have a knuckleballer
2008-09-23 20:45:13
436.   larry slimfast
Scully got dangerously close to saying something embarrassing there.
2008-09-23 20:45:30
437.   KG16
Have I mentioned lately that I dislike the Brothers Giles?

Because I do

2008-09-23 20:45:50
438.   underdog
When did the Padres sign Jim Bouton?
2008-09-23 20:46:20
439.   Icaros
I just yelled the same word Ethier did.
2008-09-23 20:46:38
440.   underdog
Darn, I thought Ethier had hit that outta there, just missed.
2008-09-23 20:46:40
441.   Branch Rickey
Anyone notice that Ethier's calm "letting things go more easily" attitude that he said came from Manny was short lived? He has been really frustrated for the last week or so. On Saturday I saw him beat a bat to splinters in the dugout.
Maybe it's the lack of sleep with the new baby.
2008-09-23 20:48:10
442.   KG16
441 - the relaxed attitude is good in the batter's box, outside the batter's box, I like the breaking of equipment.

Of course, I don't have to pay for said equipment

2008-09-23 20:48:19
443.   Jon Weisman
441 - I noticed on that last at-bat.
2008-09-23 20:49:21
444.   Icaros

I think it's the fact that he isn't tearing the cover off the ball like a couple weeks ago. It's easy to have a new attitude when things are going well. I know from experience.

2008-09-23 20:49:25
445.   Tripon
Ethier had to put up the Paul O'Neill routine so Torre thinks that O'Neill is still in RF and pencils his name every night.
2008-09-23 20:49:44
446.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Ethier, since returning from paternity leave, is 7-for-27 with no XBH.
2008-09-23 20:49:54
447.   sporky
442 There's always the risk of him injuring himself (a la Tulowitzki).
2008-09-23 20:51:19
448.   Alex41592
Lincecum is struggling in his game against the Rockies.

101 pitches so far and he's only in the fifth inning.

2008-09-23 20:51:31
449.   underdog
I'm sure he'll be much calmer once the Dodgers make the playoffs, or when the baby turns eighteen. Whichever comes first.
2008-09-23 20:51:33
450.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
445 - Paul O'Neill's tantrums were not theatric. Nay, they were operatic.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-09-23 20:51:38
451.   Icaros
Do we have any second basemen who can range right?
2008-09-23 20:52:17
452.   Alex41592
4 1/3 innings and Lincecum is done.
2008-09-23 20:53:23
453.   underdog
He looked better that inning, but I'd still pull him now.
2008-09-23 20:54:06
454.   underdog
451 - Ivan DeJesus?
2008-09-23 20:54:06
455.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Thank you, Chad. Now have a seat.
2008-09-23 20:54:42
456.   Branch Rickey
444 Yeah, I thought it was funny that he was talking about how he was so much calmer as he was hitting like .400. Not much of a test. And claiming Manny as your biggest influence is a questionable choice. I still think Ethier isn't the most mature player on the team but he has come a long long way in two years and I think it's affected his play in a very good way.
2008-09-23 20:54:44
457.   Icaros

Aw...I wanted him to make 160 pitches tonight.

2008-09-23 20:56:04
458.   Tripon
Vin is hilarious!
2008-09-23 20:56:36
459.   Lee Corbett
I'm having an argument as to why the NL West is not the worst division in baseball. I am saying it is not. Am I wrong?
2008-09-23 20:56:42
460.   underdog
Hah. Vin is so cute tonight. I love it. (We're his alibis for his kissing Tommy John's wife.)
2008-09-23 20:57:03
461.   Icaros
One of the rare times you'll see James Loney as a pinch runner.
2008-09-23 20:57:03
462.   Tripon

Tim Kawakami does an interview with Deadspin about the Raiders.

2008-09-23 20:57:04
463.   68elcamino427
Torre reading DT in the dugout?
2008-09-23 20:57:06
464.   Alex41592
Nomar out. Loney is going to run for him. That's silly.
2008-09-23 20:57:07
465.   LoneStar7
lol james loney pinch running
2008-09-23 20:57:30
466.   underdog
Hah. James Loney, pinch runner. (I know, he's staying in the game, just as Jon was thinking should happen. Still, it's a funny thought.)
2008-09-23 20:57:48
467.   CanuckDodger
Chad better NOT be done. 1 K to reach 200!
2008-09-23 20:58:06
468.   Tripon
459 AL West is worst. The Angels just beat up on 3 really bad teams, while the NL West has two average teams, and 2 mediocre ones, and one really bad team.
2008-09-23 20:59:59
469.   Tripon
Headley is fine, but he hit his hand pretty badly on a wall.
2008-09-23 21:00:59
470.   Lee Corbett
468 that's what I said. I was hoping not to settle for second weakest, but I may have to
2008-09-23 21:02:07
471.   68elcamino427
Close one for crazy legs there
2008-09-23 21:02:31
472.   Tripon
DeWitt hits his 8th homer.
2008-09-23 21:02:32
473.   thinkblue88



2008-09-23 21:02:49
474.   Alex41592
A DeWitt BOMB!

That magic number is coming down another notch tonight!!!

2008-09-23 21:02:50
475.   68elcamino427
#33 - Blake DeWitt - how sweet it is!
2008-09-23 21:03:19
476.   LoneStar7
the solution!
2008-09-23 21:03:20
477.   underdog
Knuckle THIS, says the Solution!

Woo hoo!

Should I start up my bath now?

2008-09-23 21:03:53
478.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
OK, now pull the starters.
2008-09-23 21:03:58
479.   Eric Stephen
DeWitt prefers David Lee Roth!
2008-09-23 21:04:02
480.   Tripon
470 If I had to list the divisions from strongest to weakest.

AL East
NL Central
NL East
AL Central
NL West
AL West

2008-09-23 21:05:37
481.   Alex41592
480 - I agree with that.
2008-09-23 21:05:53
482.   LogikReader

Defending the quality of the NL West, like Defending the Pac 10, is the battle we cannot win.

I don't think anyone can debate that the Pac 10 is the worst of the major conferences. Sure, we have USC, but everybody else is just awful. Thoughts? Rebuttals?

2008-09-23 21:06:03
483.   68elcamino427
Bison is having a happy night
2008-09-23 21:06:24
484.   trainwreck
Please, you dirty hippie. We can smell you in Walnut Creek.
2008-09-23 21:06:44
485.   Bob Timmermann
Let me introduce you to the ACC.
2008-09-23 21:07:47
486.   Alex41592
The beauty of a game like this is the only complaint we have is how long we keep Billingsley, Martin and Manny in.

I say 6th, 7th and 8th respectively. But, whatever. It feels good tonight.

2008-09-23 21:08:02
487.   trainwreck
Big East ain't exactly the greatest conference either. Or Big 10.
2008-09-23 21:09:27
488.   LogikReader

I would agree, but who just got their butt kicked by the lowly Terrapins of Maryland? A Pac 10 Team.

Still, I think the ACC might take the cake, because they don't have a dominant team to speak of.

2008-09-23 21:10:27
489.   underdog
484 LOL. I believe this may be one of the shortest bathing strikes on record, as I showered last night. I think you're smelling my upstairs neighbor, a real hippie who looks like Snuffleapagus and smells like him, too.
2008-09-23 21:11:25
490.   underdog
486 That sounds about right to me. I'd put in Hu and Delwyn or Repko and pull Bills after or during this inning.
2008-09-23 21:11:50
491.   underdog
Or and Ardoin for that matter. Sit Russ!
2008-09-23 21:12:56
492.   Icaros
I want a McDizzle appearance.
2008-09-23 21:14:08
493.   LogikReader

Yea... now that I think of it, the ACC would have to be it. At least UCLA beat Tennessee (albeit now that isn't saying much). Bob was right on top of that one.

2008-09-23 21:17:10
494.   Louis in SF
I feel so much better with the nice addition of the 3 spot, I figure this is Bills last inning. Wonder if Jeff Kent will pinch hit tonight? Wonder if we might also see Stultz? It would be good if Stultz and McDonald could finish this off.
2008-09-23 21:17:21
495.   Tripon
A.J Ellis, with Loney pitching.
2008-09-23 21:18:40
496.   Icaros
Would be nice to see Kuo...get an at bat.
2008-09-23 21:19:02
497.   Eric Stephen
Dodger Leaders, Multi-RBI Games 2008
Loney 18
Manny 17
Martin 16
Kent 15
Ethier 15
Kemp 14
DeWitt 14

2008-09-23 21:19:54
498.   Icaros
Called it!
2008-09-23 21:19:57
499.   Alex41592
There's McDonald in the pen.
2008-09-23 21:20:10
500.   Jon Weisman
497 -

12t. Billingsley 1

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-09-23 21:20:38
501.   Tripon
496 Considering that Kuo is on the unofficial DL, he's not coming into a game tonight any time soon.

Also, a McDonald sighting in the bullpen, and nobody else is warming up. Elbert looks like he's in Torre doghouse for a little while longer.

2008-09-23 21:20:49
502.   underdog
McDizzle's in the pen warming up!
2008-09-23 21:20:52
503.   KG16
I stepped out of the room for a few minutes, came back to find that Tivo had changed the channel. I just realized, I've got two shows recording right now, so I can't watch the rest of the game.

(Eureka and Fringe, for those wondering)

2008-09-23 21:21:59
504.   Alex41592
200 K's will have to wait for San Francisco.
2008-09-23 21:23:10
505.   underdog
I think Eureka and Fringe would both be better as one combined show. That would be a cool program.
2008-09-23 21:24:01
506.   CanuckDodger
Damn! I wanted that 200th K!
2008-09-23 21:24:40
507.   Tripon
4.1 IP, 5 H, 5 BB, 6 R, 4 ER

Lincecum had a bad night. Hopefully this convinces Bochy to shut down Lincecum for the rest of the year. Since he won't reach 20 wins, or 19 wins.

2008-09-23 21:25:28
508.   overkill94
Billingsley's 199+ strikeouts are the most by a Dodgers pitcher since...

his teammate Chan Ho Park back in 2001! He had 218 K's in 234 IP.

You'd have to go back to 1997 to find a player with 100+ IP with a better K/9 (Nomo with 233 K's in 207 1/3 IP).

2008-09-23 21:27:57
509.   underdog
Okay, let's save some of this offense for tomorrow, guys. (I know it doesn't literally work that way but sometimes it feels like it.)
2008-09-23 21:28:05
510.   Louis in SF
Where was that hit on Sunday with the bases loaded? It does seem like the baseball gods are giving some of what they took from us on Sunday.
2008-09-23 21:28:42
511.   Eric Stephen
It has gotten so bad for the Padres that their announcers are mourning the loss of WSH Geoff Blum.
2008-09-23 21:32:52
512.   Eric Stephen
In comes Mr. Zero.
2008-09-23 21:33:41
513.   LoneStar7
man he sure is a beanstock
2008-09-23 21:34:00
514.   Icaros

Really? I was seriously expecting Kuo to make a PH appearance.

2008-09-23 21:34:14
515.   LoneStar7
2008-09-23 21:34:35
516.   trainwreck
McDonald hit 95!

Bada ba ba baaaaaa!!!

I'm loving it!

2008-09-23 21:34:53
517.   Tripon
514 Last I heard, the Dodgers just decided to shut down Kuo for the rest of the year.
2008-09-23 21:35:46
518.   Icaros
I think those are the longest human legs I have ever seen.
2008-09-23 21:36:24
519.   Some Guy in San Diego
McDonald on the mound looks like a cross between Ramon Martinez (Lucille 1??) and Pedro Astacio.
He seems to pitch like a big leaguer too.
2008-09-23 21:36:40
520.   Alex41592
517 - That is not true.

2008-09-23 21:37:21
521.   underdog
C'mon James, you shouldn't give up hits to Ambergris.

But McDonald's impressive-looking to me. I really look forward to seeing more of him next year.

2008-09-23 21:37:30
522.   trainwreck
Longer than these?

2008-09-23 21:37:55
523.   Icaros

Okay, I guess you really do think I was being serious.

2008-09-23 21:38:28
524.   Bob Timmermann
I'm behind on comments, but ...

RIP Wally Hilgenberg

2008-09-23 21:39:27
525.   LoneStar7
some of those pitches seemed to be left up in the zone a bit, but hey he got out of it
2008-09-23 21:40:59
526.   underdog
524 - Aw, another Purple People Eater leaves us.
2008-09-23 21:41:16
527.   oshea2002
517 - just the regular season, or the whole year?
2008-09-23 21:42:48
528.   Tripon
TronTron sighting.
2008-09-23 21:43:55
529.   LoneStar7
I just remembered that Juan Pierre hit a home run as a dodger, and that I saw it....still a memorable season
2008-09-23 21:44:27
530.   overkill94
Even Slappy gets to join the hit parade!

Old Man Berroa is the only one on the outside looking in but even he has a walk.

2008-09-23 21:45:34
531.   underdog
As Alex pointed to above, here's the official scoop on Kuo just so we can put this discussion to bed. He's not done for the year. Not even for the week.

>>Saito may soon be joined in Los Angeles' bullpen by Hong-Chih Kuo (let triceps stiffness), who said he felt good on Tuesday but has yet to cut loose with his best stuff.

Kuo, who has pitched once in the past 16 days, played catch before the game and is expected to throw off a mound any day.

Torre said Kuo may be available on Tuesday, but he does not expect that.<<


2008-09-23 21:45:58
532.   LoneStar7
529 that sounded weird, as if the season is almost over..I meant that regardless what happens, Pierre's homer will be a classic memorable moment for me
2008-09-23 21:46:33
533.   68elcamino427
Hardest work'in man in baseball at the plate
2008-09-23 21:46:46
534.   underdog
If Troncoso comes in, that may give Stults some hope.

At the worst, IF the Dodgers clinch a playoff berth before Sat or Sun I'm sure he'll pitch one of those games. IF.

2008-09-23 21:47:26
535.   trainwreck
Let McDonald close the game!
2008-09-23 21:47:42
536.   trainwreck
What a waste.
2008-09-23 21:48:05
537.   Alex41592
Martin out. I'm two for three. Manny is out in the 7th.
2008-09-23 21:48:06
538.   Eric Stephen
89 walks for Martin now.
2008-09-23 21:48:19
539.   underdog
Good. Russ is done for the night.
2008-09-23 21:48:37
540.   trainwreck
I still have no idea why Ozuna is on our team.
2008-09-23 21:49:00
541.   underdog
In case you were wondering, Pablo Ozuna < Manny Ramirez.
2008-09-23 21:50:01
542.   underdog
540 - Every September roster has a Pablo Ozuna on it. A utility guy who is speedy and mostly worthless. He won't be on a playoff roster IF they make the playoffs, I would think, barring injury.
2008-09-23 21:50:18
543.   Tripon
Wonder why Torre didn't let Manny hit. I'm sure Manny likes Padded Stats as much as the next guy.
2008-09-23 21:50:53
544.   68elcamino427
Tron Tron Time
2008-09-23 21:51:30
545.   Icaros

Someone has to file down Torre's toe calluses.

2008-09-23 21:51:31
546.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
543 - Perhaps because the Padres threw at Manny's head his last at-bat.
2008-09-23 21:51:33
547.   trainwreck
But he has been on way longer than September.
2008-09-23 21:52:21
548.   Bob Hendley
542 - Well then, hopefully he doesn't get injuried.
2008-09-23 21:53:45
549.   Tripon
Sign TronTron for the post season roster.
2008-09-23 21:55:15
550.   LogikReader
It's funny how quickly the mood of DT can change in only 5 hours. My only concern tonight was Chad's relative shakiness over 5 innings. Seems like he's still fighting it since the Pittsburgh series. Small quibble, but great work by the boys in blue so far!

Anybody seen I Love LA?

Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-09-23 21:56:20
551.   Tripon
For the Giants series, Derek Lowe, Hiroki Kuroda and Chad Billingsley are scheduled to go in that order. That would allow Lowe to pitch in a potential Game 1 of the NLDS on regular rest. If the last game of the season ended up being meaningless, Billingsley could make an abbreviated start in order to rest up for Game 2.

2008-09-23 21:59:19
552.   underdog
547 Then I believe Icaros' answer above is correct. He has other uses.
2008-09-23 22:02:22
553.   Tommy Naccarato
I here now, ready to eat some crow--raw if needed.....
2008-09-23 22:03:07
554.   Alex41592
Elbert gets the scraps.
2008-09-23 22:03:09
555.   Johnson
550 Well, as of five hours ago only one of the last five games in the pennant race had gone our way. It's natural that a bit of uneasiness might set in. Barring disaster, we'll have our magic number down to three tonight and be 3 games up with 5 to play. One more win or one more D'backs loss in the next four games, and the worst case scenario is tied on the last day of the season. That can make a fan feel a bit more comfortable.
2008-09-23 22:03:15
556.   silverwidow
2008-09-23 22:03:28
557.   Tripon
Elbert in the game with his guady 13.50 ERA. Yeah, doesn't mean much but doubt he'll make the team next year.
2008-09-23 22:04:47
558.   Johnson
555 And by that, I mean tied going in to the last game of the season - kind of sloppy wording there.
2008-09-23 22:06:06
559.   silverwidow
Believe it or not, McDonald has been throwing harder than Elbert with the Dodgers.
2008-09-23 22:06:14
560.   Bob Hendley
554 Dogbert?
2008-09-23 22:06:41
561.   Jon Weisman
557 - In fact, it doesn't mean much. The Dodgers seem very interested in having him on the team next year.
2008-09-23 22:06:53
562.   silverwidow
557 Jason Johnson gave up most of Elbert's runs.
2008-09-23 22:07:51
563.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-23 22:07:55
564.   Alex41592
3 game lead.

Magic Number: 3

Or 3 'good' outcomes out of 10 possible.

5 games remain.

The lead and magic number are the same. This is very good news.

The Dodgers need two wins and one D'Backs loss to clinch Thursday night at Dodger Stadium.

2008-09-23 22:08:00
565.   LogikReader
The Magic Number is: 3!
2008-09-23 22:08:09
566.   LoneStar7
3 is a magic number, yes it is its a magic number!
2008-09-23 22:08:16
567.   trainwreck
We win!
2008-09-23 22:08:20
568.   Johnson
557 Elbert's knocked 1.69 points off that ERA since you posted!
2008-09-23 22:08:27
569.   Tommy Naccarato
Horray, we made 82 wins!
2008-09-23 22:09:12
570.   Jon Weisman
I Can Dream About You
2008-09-23 22:09:34
571.   Johnson
568 And another 0.69 points in the time it took me to post that! I love small sample sizes!
2008-09-23 22:10:03
572.   underdog
566 let's just sing it all, shall we?

Three is the magic number,
Yes it is, it's the magic number.
Somewhere in the ancient, mystic trinity
You get three as a magic number.

2008-09-23 22:10:17
573.   Bob Timmermann
It is also possible that Arizona could lose twice and the Dodgers win Wednesday and then Thursday night's game wouldn't matter.
2008-09-23 22:12:33
574.   Alex41592
573 - Grr. Arizona has a day game Thursday. I like this scenario. Lets do that.
2008-09-23 22:13:29
575.   underdog
My less than a day-long bathing strike is over! Hurrah! It worked! Maybe I'll threaten to start another one if things get dicey again.
2008-09-23 22:14:10
576.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Am I correct in stating the D-Backs need 8 of 10 results to go their way to force a playoff?
2008-09-23 22:14:44
577.   Bob Timmermann

I've always found this Schoolhouse Rock to be not sufficiently edgy.

2008-09-23 22:15:59
578.   Chuck Essegian
Dodgers clinch a winning record for the season - I remember when some people were wondering whether any NL West team would be above .500. Way to go, blue.
2008-09-23 22:18:32
579.   trainwreck
I miss Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon.
2008-09-23 22:19:42
580.   KG16
watching these old clips of the Dodgers on the post game show, I have to ask... a lot of people talk about how Yankee Stadium wasn't really Yankee Stadium after the remodel in the 70s. Anyone get that feeling with Dodger Stadium? The lose of foul ground, the plate being moved up, and all that stuff, is the current Dodger Stadium really Dodger Stadium?
2008-09-23 22:21:05
581.   KG16
579 -
2008-09-23 22:21:23
582.   Bob Timmermann
Dodger Stadium is still very much Dodger Stadium. You can still pee in a trough. The exterior of the stadium hasn't changed much.

The differences in the field dimensions aren't that jarring.

And the place still looks old in parts.

2008-09-23 22:21:45
583.   Louis in SF
Still don't understand it, with all of the switching and the playoffs getting closer, if you are going to consider Kent, wouldn't you have wanted to give him an AB tonight, there seemed to be a number of places to do it. Especially when he pinch hit for Manny with Ozuna.
2008-09-23 22:21:55
584.   trainwreck
That's not the real Blind Melon. Not same without Shannon.
2008-09-23 22:24:09
585.   KG16
582 - the lack of foul ground still looks weird to me. And the exterior of the stadium is a hill, so short of a really bad earthquake, I can't see it changing all that much.
2008-09-23 22:24:28
586.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Kind of like the Alice in Chains-minus-Layne Staley abomination touring now.
2008-09-23 22:24:48
587.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
OK, bed.
We'll do it again tomorrow.
2008-09-23 22:27:57
588.   trainwreck
2008-09-23 22:28:05
589.   68elcamino427
I'm ready for a modest two game win streak.
2008-09-23 22:28:55
590.   underdog
583 On the other hand, why not give him more rest if the game's a blowout? Why risk anything in a game that is long decided? I know whatcha mean but I think keeping him out makes sense. He already knows how to hit. Why risk it?


Btw, I always liked De La Soul's take on "Three is the Magic Number" a lot, too.

2008-09-23 22:29:21
591.   KG16
Katt Williams is funny, but he violates Rule 1 with impunity
2008-09-23 22:30:06
592.   trainwreck
His bit on Michael Jackson is great.
2008-09-23 22:32:00
593.   KG16
yeah, hasn't got there yet, but I caught part of it the other day
2008-09-23 22:40:50
594.   silverwidow
True Blue Stories: 2005


2008-09-23 22:45:05
595.   LoneStar7
sp i guess the only negative today was a walk off in Milwaukee?
2008-09-23 22:50:15
596.   Tripon
Andruw Jones' off-season training regimen will be overseen by a personal trainer and nutritionist hired by the Dodgers,0,7493099.story

2008-09-23 22:51:00
597.   Gagne55
The expansion of the lead made me feel much more secure about said lead. 3 games up only five left. The D'backs have a mountain to climb.
2008-09-23 23:03:08
598.   Eric Stephen
You're just setting these up on a D4Tee.
2008-09-23 23:06:33
599.   68elcamino427
There's no quit in Andruw Jones?
That's hilarious.
Bad joke.
2008-09-23 23:10:16
600.   trainwreck
At least Andruw can film a reality show about him keeping in shape, if his baseball career is over.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2008-09-23 23:13:02
601.   underdog
Here's an interesting stat I don't see mentioned very often. I just saw that the Dodgers have given up the least amount of runs (627) in the National League. 2nd least in baseball after Toronto. Pretty impressive.
2008-09-23 23:15:55
602.   Benjamin Miracord
Sorry for this off topic:

For fans of Bob Dylan (or anyone who likes free things), there is a new Bob Dylan mp3, released today, available for free at

I'll bet Bob is a Dodger fan. Didn't he write "(Chris) Gwynn the Eskimo"?

2008-09-23 23:20:20
603.   Bluebleeder87

if anything, I'm glad all parties are taking this serious.

2008-09-23 23:23:53
604.   Tripon
An Andruw Jones- Jeff Francoure trade, and then trade Francoure to Kansas City for spare parts
2008-09-23 23:24:43
605.   Xeifrank
I updated my table with the Dodgers odds of winning the NL West pennant with tonight's results. Using my simulator the Dodgers chances of winning the NL West now sit at 98.06%, with 3% of seasons ending with a one game playoff.
vr, Xei
2008-09-23 23:27:02
606.   trainwreck
Go math!
2008-09-23 23:32:09
607.   underdog
Go banana!
2008-09-23 23:34:29
608.   dzzrtRatt
Life gets better.

I'd rather be 3 up with 5 to play than 4 1/2 up with 15 to play. And that was a good day! But this is much better.

2008-09-23 23:35:04
609.   bhsportsguy
4 games down, 1 to go.

Tonight, I sat with Jacob Burch and one of his friends in my DodgerTalk Call of Night seats (free Infield Reserve, Mon-Thurs). I got there just in time to hear Vin salute Dr. Frank Jobe.

As Vin would say, the seats were barely warm when Chad got Giles to hit into a DP. After Martin hit the ground rule double, I said to Jacob, well, he'll walk Manny to face Ethier. So we waited to see the catcher raise 4 fingers and instead in got down into a crouch.

Before I could say, "I guess they are pitching to Manny, Manny rips a line drive into left center, both runs score and the game was never in doubt. Another walk and then Jacob said that on the third pitch Nomar will hit a home run.

On the third pitch Nomar hit a home run.

When Chad had 1st and 3rd, 1 out, I thought Chad would just bunt to more DeWitt over, Jacob and I both agreed you can't trust Chad to get a squeeze bunt down. Then I see Casey Blake running and Chad bunting, what a play.

After that it was wondering if McDonald would pitch (he did), if Stults would pitch (he didn't), how many tickets sold (48K+) and what the mood was on DT.

One more game for me this regular season.

Looking forward to ending my journey to Dodger Stadium like I entered it on Opening Day, with a win.

2008-09-23 23:35:54
610.   bhsportsguy
607 All cleaned up?
2008-09-23 23:37:03
611.   trainwreck
Well he's got all the money in the world but there's one thing he can't buy.

What's that?

...a dinosaur.

2008-09-23 23:37:32
612.   silverwidow
McCourt's cryptic comments about Ned today were great.

He's good as gone. Hopefully Logan is the choice.

2008-09-23 23:38:16
613.   trainwreck
Where are these comments?
2008-09-23 23:40:32
614.   silverwidow
2008-09-23 23:41:16
615.   trainwreck
2008-09-23 23:46:09
616.   underdog
610 Fresh as a daisy! :-)


So I scanned this popular Cubs blog just for the heck of it and one of the fan posts was asking which team they'd prefer to face in the playoffs. Most of the comments were fairly predictable and even rational. But there's some real ignoramuses, too. Including this guy, chastising a fellow Cubs fan for saying Dodgers rotation scares him more than Mets:

"you would rather face johan, pedro, maine over lowe, kuroda, and billingsley? you are CRAZY

lowe doesn't scare me, i don't care how hot he is…..kuroda hasn't proved anything yet and i'm not even going to address chad billingsley"

That last one made me actually post a comment there, I just couldn't take it.

2008-09-23 23:53:34
617.   Jacob Burch
616 I really don't understand where these people come from. John Maine has been below average, Pedro has seemingly become more hit or miss than Kuroda away. They win the Ace battle obviously, but seriously? Does it just hurt some people to do a little research? Or is this another "you can see it in their eyes" argument?

Wonderful wonderful game to go to live. The Bob Carpenter book is 1-0 (2-0 if we count TV games), even though it got a little water on it which caused me to ask BH for about half of the scoreboxes.

The third pitch called shot was my best since the David Ross walk off. I was this close to saying it would be to the Universal Studios sign as well, which is just about where he hit it. Ah well.

Going with my Dad thursday it sounds like--just surprised me on a text message. Could be two very different games depending on what happens in St.Loius!

2008-09-23 23:54:11
618.   sporky
616 It'll make it all the more gratifying when Chad strikes out 10 Cubs over 7+ innings of shutout ball.
2008-09-23 23:55:52
619.   trainwreck
Yes, ruining Cubs fans lives would be excellent. Especially, Billingsley domination.
2008-09-24 00:01:53
620.   sporky
They shall learn to never underestimate HRT.
2008-09-24 00:03:45
621.   underdog
617 Yeah, in fairness there were other Cubs fans there who were talking up the Dodgers staff who seem more knowledgeable. I'm sure that fool doesn't represent every fan, but I've seen some other postings like that which make me wonder if some of these fans live in a bubble and then come out of it just to type nonsense. Of course, Chad's had one bad outing and one mediocre outing in his last two starts so I hope he doesn't make me look foolish, but his numbers this year are pretty overwhelmingly clear.

And bring us luck on Thursday if you go -- you never know, that could be the one!

I'll be perfectly happy watching Jason Repko and Hu start on Friday night because that would mean good things happened for the Dodgers, though it would be fun to see a clinching game in person. But one game at a time, one game at a time. Night folks.

2008-09-24 00:07:05
622.   bhsportsguy
616 Dodgers may have lost 5 of 7 against the Cubs but it wasn't because of the pitching.

2008-09-24 00:07:35
623.   Jacob Burch
621 That wasn't necessarily a shot at Cubs fan--I am friends with many who know what they're talking about (and isn't the Met's rotation more likely to include Pelfry than Pedro or Maine? And possibly even Perez?) in spades, and I know plenty of Dodger fans that are even worse. I just don't know what leads the men to type with such forceful opinions these things that don't seem to have much basis in fact.
2008-09-24 00:10:31
624.   Jacob Burch
As long as Thursday doesn't sell out by tomorrow afternoon, I'm going--Dad wishes to avoid Ticket Master wonder and go to the box office.
2008-09-24 00:12:23
625.   Bob Timmermann
Maine would be unlikely to pitch in the postseason. Manuel (Jerry, not Charlie) is hoping to get a "few innings" out of him this weekend.

I would assume the Mets would go something like Santana, Martinez, Perez, and Pelfrey.

2008-09-24 00:14:53
626.   Jacob Burch
625 Don't know if you heard (or even went ot the Game), but the Coca Cola question today involved a one-batter-faced W. I called it a "Timmerman Win"
2008-09-24 00:24:51
627.   Alex41592
Aaron Cook will not make his final start of the season against the Diamondbacks this Friday. Jason Hirsh will get the call.

2008-09-24 00:32:34
628.   Eric Stephen
BH, how many games did you go to this year? Also, sorry for ruining your record! :)

Nice call, JB on the Nomar HR and creating the "Timmermann Win" moniker.

2008-09-24 01:07:55
629.   bhsportsguy
628 Counting tomorrow 35, so far my record is 22-12.
2008-09-24 01:14:55
630.   Zak
Whew, good win. Now I think we can talk about the postseason. I'm torn between wanting to play the Phillies and taking my chances against the Cubs in a best of 5. If we do play the Phillies, I think Lowe and Kuroda should pitch Games 1 and 2. This would let Billz and Kershaw pitch at home in 3 and 4. Also, it lets Billz throw some this weekend and throw on regular rest in Game 3 at home. Also, Kuroda was awesome in his last start in Philly. A lot of this logic also holds true against the Cubs. I also heard the Cubs are planning on using Dempster and Harden in G1 and G2 with Big Z in G3 on the road. Not sure I love that idea, but ok.
2008-09-24 05:22:05
631.   MollyKnight
Diane Lane is on the Early Show on CBS right now. It's not even 8:30 and she looks ethereal. God bless.
2008-09-24 06:12:41
632.   Ken Noe
I'm sure this was discussed yesterday, but what are we to make of McCourt's comments on management? I certainly didn't hear the "Ned will be back" line the press has been putting out.
2008-09-24 06:17:31
633.   Bob Hendley
621 - Just as long as it it not a clenching game.
2008-09-24 06:18:01
634.   Bluebleeder87
I remember first seeing Diane Lane in "The Outsiders" she's aged very well.
2008-09-24 06:44:36
635.   Bluebleeder87
From the PE Dodger Blog (Diamond Leung) For the Giants series, Derek Lowe, Hiroki Kuroda and Chad Billingsley are scheduled to go in that order.
2008-09-24 07:01:06
636.   Bluebleeder87
From the DailyBreeze In a move that might have been designed to help Matt Kemp cut down on what is about to become a franchise- record strikeout total - although Torre wouldn't say that was the reason for it - the lineup was shaken up dramatically.
2008-09-24 07:03:57
637.   bhsportsguy
632 Right now, not too much, remember he is still under contract through 2009.
2008-09-24 07:07:08
638.   bhsportsguy
631 When is that Joe Beimel piece going to run in the magazine?
2008-09-24 07:12:19
639.   old dodger fan
635 That allows Lowe to stay on a 5 day schedule and pitch game 1 of the NLDS on schedule October 1st.
2008-09-24 07:36:06
640.   silverwidow
Right now, not too much, remember he is still under contract through 2009.

That means absolutely nothing. Remember, DePo had three full years left when he was canned.

2008-09-24 07:39:06
641.   D4P
True, but that was before McCourt was broke...
2008-09-24 07:46:19
642.   old dodger fan
641 Maybe Frank will give all the World Series profits to Manny.

Where did those chickens go?

2008-09-24 07:49:15
643.   MollyKnight
634-Her performance in Unfaithful remains one of the hottest things I've ever seen. I'd definitely be nervous interviewing her.
2008-09-24 07:53:21
644.   D4P
Anybody see VH1's "Best Week Ever" 3-4 years ago when that one comedian (I think his name is Doug Benson or something) said "I'd like to take a walk down Diane Lane..."?
2008-09-24 08:27:56
645.   old dodger fan
Happy Birthday to Dick Nen and thanks for a great Dodger moment!

2008-09-24 08:34:41
646.   Tripon
Matt Millen was fired or resigned from the Detroit Lions.

2008-09-24 08:40:38
647.   Dexter Fishmore
Angel Berroa VORPWatch: -2.2
2008-09-24 08:42:14
648.   underdog
646 - I'm not a Lions fan but after watching them in person on Sunday I can definitely say... good move.

About 3 years too late, but good move.

2008-09-24 08:43:12
649.   JoeyP
True, but that was before McCourt was broke...

It'd be quite a bit of irony for McCourt to fire Colletti due to the playoff profits generated.

2008-09-24 08:44:04
650.   Tripon
McCourt just bought the L.A. Marathon with his own money.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2008-09-24 08:46:36
651.   cargill06
Just because I'm bored.

Odds of finishing...

5-0 5.0%
4-1 21.1%
3-2 34.7%
2-3 27.5%
1-4 10.3%
0-5 1.4%
5-0 8.8%
4-1 28.2%
3-2 35.0%
2-3 21.2%
1-4 6.2%
0-5 0.7%

The Dodgers have a 36.3% chance of clinching at home, and a 72% chance of clinching with no help.

2008-09-24 08:49:30
652.   MC Safety
I saw trainwreck mentioned Katt Williams' bit on Michael Jackson above. I don't know what it is, but I'm just not that big a fan of Katt Williams. I hear he has another special that's pretty funny, though. I'm more of a Mike Epps guy. His HBO special was hilarious. The bit about Michael Jackson never inviting kids from the hood to his ranch because they would just steal everything was comedy. "There's a giraffe missing, Tito!" still gets me every time. His bit where he imagines Michael Jackson in prison, running the joint was hilarious, too. "Call up Bubbles, and let's get up and get it done! I'm gonna make a change, wooo! Mike Epps bit on watching Unsolved Mysteries alone was classic, too.
2008-09-24 08:50:55
653.   D4P
McCourt just bought the L.A. Marathon with his own money

...leaving less money to spend on the Dodgers. Adios, Señor Santana.

2008-09-24 08:55:14
654.   underdog
652 And I'd rather re-watch Dave Chappelle's concert on HBO for the 5th time, which is what I just did the other night over either of those guys. I still bust a gut watching that one. (Kind of interesting to hear him talking about a black president in a 2000-ish concert, not to get in Rule 5 territory but just interesting -- parts of that concert are also a little dated even but that much more is still relevant.) Please belieeeve me!
2008-09-24 08:57:30
655.   Disabled List
Hank the Tank fired a few shots at Torre and the Dodgers today:

Yankees Senior VP Hank Steinbrenner isn't all that impressed that Joe Torre has the Dodgers on the brink of the playoffs in his first season managing in L.A.

"I'm happy for Joe, but you have to compare the divisions and the competition," the bombastic Baby Boss says in a guest column in the new Sporting News magazine, which hits newsstands this week.

"What if the Yankees finish the season with more wins than the Dodgers but the Dodgers make the playoffs? Does that make the Dodgers a better team? No."

2008-09-24 09:00:31
656.   bhsportsguy
653 The only money that is listed in any of the articles about this is that the new operating company for LA Marathon will reimburse the City of Los Angeles $534K that was due for expenses for the past 3 years.

Other than that, McCourt's new company just won a city contract to operate the Marathon, so to use the term "bought" the marathon is inaccurate and there was also no timetable set on when the reimbursement of those expenses needed to be paid.

2008-09-24 09:01:11
657.   MC Safety
Not to get into Rule 5 territory

I plead the fifth! 1,2,3,4, FIFTH!

2008-09-24 09:04:46
658.   fanerman
I got to work early today.
2008-09-24 09:05:56
659.   D4P
If the Dodgers were in the Yankees's division, their current record would net them 5th place.
2008-09-24 09:08:39
660.   Ken Noe
655 I sincerely hope the baby bosses run that franchise in the ground. They're certainly off to a good start.

646 Speaking of running a franchise in the ground....

649 I'm still betting that the team needs to win a playoff round for Ned to survive.

2008-09-24 09:13:21
661.   Tripon
"This is by no means a knock on Torre - let me make that clear - but look at the division they're in. If L.A. were in the AL East, it wouldn't be in the playoff discussion. The AL East is never weak."

That would be kinda hard, since the Dodgers play in L.A. which is on the west coast. The AL East is a division made up of American league teams on the east coast.

2008-09-24 09:16:40
662.   delias man
657 I think it is more like "FIF!"
2008-09-24 09:17:58
663.   FirstMohican
"What if the Yankees finish the season with more wins than the Dodgers but the Dodgers make the playoffs? Does that make the Dodgers a better team? No."

Good teams find ways to win... their division. =)

2008-09-24 09:18:12
664.   underdog
No one will argue that the NL West is in the AL East's class, but it's not as simplistic as they make it sound when comparing teams. You design your team at least in part to the competition around you, the pitching is strong in the NL West for example, and the parks you play in and so on. They're totally different kettles of fish. Again, no one would argue the divisions compare right now, but it's hard to know if the Dodgers were an AL East team, if they'd be designed the same way in the first place, and how their record would translate over there, and so on.

Plus, yeah, all that east coast travel would be hard on them. :-/

Plus, shut up Hank.

2008-09-24 09:19:11
665.   Brent is a Dodger Fan

Yeah, it sounds like a lot of "woulda coulda shoulda" to me.

The Yankees have nothing to complain about, and that argument in particular is completely hollow. Go back to 16 teams, no interleague, and no DCS and LCS, and maybe you stop that argument.

2008-09-24 09:19:54
666.   sporky
655 Someone needs so shush him.
2008-09-24 09:20:09
667.   sporky
2008-09-24 09:22:25
668.   Tripon
Hank Steinbreener doesn't really run the team, its his brother Hal, and his sister. Or that at least what the Yankees want you to believe.
2008-09-24 09:23:33
669.   cargill06
664 I've heard something along those lines a lot, but isn't the goal to build your team to win the most games espically in a big market? I can't imagine a team like LA holding back on a player that may when them a few more games because they believe they already have a team designed to win the divison.

I maybe wrong because I think of this years Twins for example, they thought they had no shot to win the divison because of how good Clev, Det, and maybe even Chi were supposed to be so they unloaded Johan.

2008-09-24 09:24:20
670.   D4P
So, if the Dodgers were in the AL East, Ned wouldn't care about "speed and athleticism" and would care about getting on base and hitting for power...?

I dunno. I think Ned carries his philosophy with him wherever he goes.

2008-09-24 09:24:28
671.   cargill06
669 win not when.
2008-09-24 09:27:31
672.   Lexinthedena
No Hank, your not wrong, your just an....
2008-09-24 09:27:42
673.   ToyCannon
Is anyone impressed with the quality of the AL East this season? How can you compare wins in a totally different league? I'd be betting on this Dodger team against any team from the AL East. You think Berroa is a black hole, take a look at what Lowrie has done in Sept. With Ortiz and Drew hurting, and Manny in LA who is going to come up with the big hit for the Sox. They couldn't even run down the Dodger Rays this month.

Hank can spin it anyway he wants but his team got beat out by a team who makes less then his 3rd baseman.

2008-09-24 09:28:17
674.   underdog
669 Yes, big market teams are expected to bring in marquee players, which the Dodgers do, for better and for worse (we've seen both this year). But I'm talking about the types of players you bring in, certain hitters and maybe focusing more on pitching because the other teams in the division have strong pitching and not as strong hitting. Not saying the Dodgers avoid trying to bring in strong hitters (or even that Colletti has subscribed to the above) but just in general there are ways of designing your team based on both the level of competition, the parks you play in and the lineups you face, and that it's too simplistic to even compare. Would the Dodgers as designed have made the playoffs in the AL East? No, likely not, but they're still a good team and most importantly, at least right now, the best team in their division.
2008-09-24 09:31:19
675.   underdog
673 - Yah, it would've been fun if the Dodgers had faced a few AL East teams this year just for the sake of argument. I don't know if they would've fared that well but who knows, with their pitching and pen they might've competed. Pre-Manny their offense wasn't as strong though, but with him I would think the games might have been close and fun. Ah well.
2008-09-24 09:32:09
676.   D4P
Is anyone impressed with the quality of the AL East this season?


2008-09-24 09:34:36
677.   MC Safety
Anyone else going to see My Bloody Valentine next week?

I can't freaking wait much longer. I heard ATP New York was amazing.

2008-09-24 09:35:05
678.   cargill06
673 I wouldn't go as far as saying in a 7 gamer I'd bet on us vs. Boston. But I would say Dice-K would be the worst pitcher of both teams top 3. Billingsley and Beckett are at least a toss up, same with Lowe and Lester.

I already have a bet in place with my pal who's a Sox fan that we will not get swept. He said, "If they played it would be a sweep, look at that team they have too many fake players."

2008-09-24 09:36:00
679.   still bevens
If the Dodgers were capable of doing damage against the American League in any significant way we would have clinched the division this weekend. We're a good team now but we would have been slayed in the AL East this year.
2008-09-24 09:36:50
680.   still bevens
677 Im going. I need to get industrial strength earplugs at guitar center this weekend.

Also saw Okkervil River last night which was great but I didn't get to bed until 2am because of it.

2008-09-24 09:37:19
681.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers offense + 5 games against Roy Halladay = bad news
2008-09-24 09:38:04
682.   Lexinthedena
678 Your friends are like a united nations of baseball fans...You have any friends that are Dodger fans?
2008-09-24 09:39:19
683.   Lexinthedena
679 Especially with Nomar, and Juan manning the DH for most of the season.
2008-09-24 09:39:34
684.   underdog
678 - Obnoxious comments like that are another reason to root for the BoSox to get their comeuppance in the playoffs. And what does "fake players" mean? I guarantee the Dodgers would not get swept vs the Sox, and don't you think Manny would, you know, play pretty hard in that series? Ah well, odds are we won't find out what would happen so we can just ponder it.

Your friend and that Cubs fan who disrespected Chad Billingsley should be locked in a basement somewhere and forced to watch highlights from the Dodgers 88 season on repeat for several days straight, (followed by repeated "Diff'rent Strokes" reruns for added torture).

2008-09-24 09:39:38
685.   cargill06
682 Of my close buddies;

2- Indian fans
1- Red Sox fan
1- Yankee fan
3- Dodger fans

2008-09-24 09:40:00
686.   old dodger fan
Who would be our DH if we were in the AL?
2008-09-24 09:40:37
687.   underdog
681 - Boy, that'd be a tough 5 game series!
2008-09-24 09:41:06
688.   sporky
I got an e-mail from my ex-coworker regarding Billingsley. She's regressed back to "omg, he can't start a playoff game."
2008-09-24 09:42:28
689.   old dodger fan
685 I'm surrounded by Cubs and Braves fans.
2008-09-24 09:43:26
690.   Tripon
Nomar wouldn't be DHing against an AL team, it'd be Manny.
2008-09-24 09:44:23
691.   underdog
686 - Again, if we were in the AL we would probably have a different type of roster, at the very least a more appropriate DH type.

But of the current roster, probably Delwyn Young or maybe Manny with someone else playing the field for him.

2008-09-24 09:44:32
692.   still bevens
686 We have a bunch. Nomar, Delwyn, Pierre, Jones.

688 I just hope we clinch by Sunday so he can have a day off. Dude could use a break.

2008-09-24 09:44:49
693.   fanerman
688 Sigh.
2008-09-24 09:44:49
694.   Tripon
Next year, I expect Dodgers games to lead off Sportscenter next year due to ESPN opening a new headquarters in downtown L.A.
2008-09-24 09:44:57
695.   old dodger fan
690 Manny to DH means JP to LF.
2008-09-24 09:45:07
696.   underdog
688 - What on earth does that mean?

She's fired!

2008-09-24 09:46:09
697.   cargill06
684 I think his definition is a player that comes up and makes a splash and than is never heard from again. He always says the Dodgers always have a bunch of fake players, McKay Christionson, Grabowski, Robles. This years group of fake players apperently are, DeWitt, Wade, Kuo.
2008-09-24 09:47:45
698.   MC Safety
680 Yeah, definitely. What day are you going? I'm going the 2nd. Maybe an ultra mini DT/MBV gathering is in order.
2008-09-24 09:49:53
699.   still bevens
698 Going on the first. I head to SF on the 2nd which involves me missing out on my game 3 playoff tickets as well as the potential ability to watch all the games on tv since I will be deep in enemy territory surrounded by giants fans. =(
2008-09-24 09:52:51
700.   Bluebleeder87
Hank can spin it anyway he wants but his team got beat out by a team who makes less then his 3rd baseman.

that's crazy man...

Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2008-09-24 09:53:42
701.   underdog
697 Then he doesn't know a) what he's talking about or b) the Dodgers. Grabowski, yes, fake player, Kuo, DeWitt, etc, were always highly regarded prospects. I don't think fans who are completely unfamiliar with a team's roster and backstory should make comments as if an expert but of course that doesn't stop most fans from doing just that anyway. Anyway... go Rays!
2008-09-24 09:54:43
702.   underdog
699 There are plenty of friendly faces up here in enemy territory. ;-) IF they do make the playoffs and there's a DT north playoff game TV watching party we'll invite ya.
2008-09-24 09:55:17
703.   Tripon
Maybe the fake player is Berroa.
2008-09-24 09:55:49
704.   still bevens
702 the rabid giants fans Im staying with are not so friendly. perhaps I can make some sort of an escape. however they might let me watch the games with the vain hope that the dodgers will lose so I have that in my back pocket.
2008-09-24 09:56:44
705.   underdog
677 Speaking of ATP New York, a friend of mine who used to be a college radio DJ and goes to ATP every year wherever it is, told me a horrible story about how she and her b/f went and never got to see any of the bands because the place they stayed in was infested with bedbugs and they spent 1.5 days dealing with that and then gave up and went home. I'll spare you the details but it was pretty awful. So they missed almost all the music even though they were staying in the place where the music was. :-(
2008-09-24 09:57:31
706.   underdog
704 Oh no, we can't have that. We'll have to help you escape. That's no way to watch games.

IF they make the playoffs.

(Whew, almost forgot to type that.)

2008-09-24 09:58:23
707.   underdog
703 - Well that I'd accept though he's only filling in for their injured MV-SS.
2008-09-24 09:58:49
708.   Disabled List
I see Dodger fans are feeling pretty full of beans today. It really is remarkable the swings in mood that happen on this board from day to day. (I'm as guilty of that as anyone, of course. I don't mind saying, I'm feeling pretty good today.)

However, I still like to be as objective as possible. Assuming they win the division, I would argue that the Dodgers might be the weakest of the 8 teams in the playoffs (maybe except for the Mets). The Red Sox, Rays and Cubs are FAR better teams. The Dodgers would indeed be long ago eliminated if they had to play half their schedule against competition as tough as the AL East. I'm all for optimism and confidence, but a little humility isn't a bad thing either. The Dodgers have had a terrific September, but they've been pounding on crummy teams all month. They haven't played a team with a winning record since getting humiliated in four straight by the Phillies Aug. 22-25.

2008-09-24 10:00:41
709.   Bob Timmermann
The Red Sox have Mike Timlin. He's their Roberto Hernandez.
2008-09-24 10:00:53
710.   MC Safety
New rule.

No more relaying your dumb friend's 5th grade level commentary on the Dodgers. Please.

Thanks in advance,

MC Safety

2008-09-24 10:01:52
711.   cargill06
Good luck Fausto tonight on your quest to get 16 outs.
2008-09-24 10:02:24
712.   old dodger fan
708 I believe the Dodgers are 15-5 in September. Over the course of the season we are as you say, but the team we put on the field today can (IMO) compete with any of them.
2008-09-24 10:05:17
713.   Disabled List
710 But our own 5th grade level commentary is still ok, right?
2008-09-24 10:06:10
714.   cargill06
710 I like it, it's comical.

Cubs fan wants to play the Dodgers because they have a bunch of journeymen starters.

They lead the NL in ERA.

2008-09-24 10:07:59
715.   underdog
708 Honestly though, I don't think anyone here needs much of a reminder about humility. The team's been humiliated enough in recent years. ;-) Despite my confidence the team might win a few games vs AL East foes (which isn't the most brazen statement in the world), I don't expect them to run on through to the World Series. I just want them to make the playoffs. Where I think they can compete with just about anyone in the NL, except maybe the Cubs - I don't see them winning a series vs the Cubs but I think they'd at least give them a series. That's not being overconfident, I don't expect they're the best team competing for a playoff spot right now, but is there anything wrong with having some faith in them, too?
2008-09-24 10:08:13
716.   cargill06
713 Don't they have a show on Fox about this?
2008-09-24 10:16:08
717.   Bob Timmermann
I believe it's called "Joe Buck covers the World Series."
2008-09-24 10:17:16
718.   Disabled List
715 Some folks sounded like they needed a humility reminder. But to be clear, I couldn't care less that the Dodgers aren't the best team in the playoffs. That team rarely wins the big prize. In the last decade, I'd say that the Red Sox last year, and the Yankees in 98-99 are probably the only "best teams in baseball" that went on to actually win the World Series. The Rockies might've been the 10th best team in baseball last year. But somehow, there they were at the end, runners-up to the title.

Just because the Dodgers aren't objectively as good as the Cubs or Phillies, doesn't mean they can't win a playoff series against them. Believe me, I'm as fired up as anyone!

2008-09-24 10:17:44
719.   D4P
With special guest star, Tim McCarver.
2008-09-24 10:18:30
720.   MC Safety
705 Yeah, I heard that place was a dump. In the Pitchfork review, they mentioned Patton Oswalt joked that David Lynch would have walked in and said "Ahh, perfect".
2008-09-24 10:19:39
721.   Bluebleeder87

Ardoin. But you know what, i think he's a better catcher then Bennett that's for sure.

2008-09-24 10:21:23
722.   D4P
Venus de Milo is a better catcher than Bennett.
2008-09-24 10:22:16
723.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but the Dodgers are enjoying one of their best Septembers since moving to LA.
Previous high winning percentage I've found is 1965's .733 (22-8).
2008-09-24 10:25:22
724.   Tripon
721 That's because Ardoin can actually throw to the plate.
2008-09-24 10:25:24
725.   Xeifrank
Hank Steinbrenner = Sour Grapes.

Don't worry about his comments. The Yankees are 6 games behind the WC leaders and are about 6 wins below average fielding as a team due to their three DHs (Abreu, Giambi, Sexson) that they trotted out on the field this year.
vr, Xei

2008-09-24 10:26:43
726.   MC Safety
713 Totally made me laugh out loud. Coming from Mr. Superstitious, especially.

Superstition (Latin superstitio, literally "standing over"; derived perhaps from standing in awe; used in Latin as a unreasonable or excessive belief in fear or magic, especially foreign or fantastical ideas, and thus came to mean a "cult" in the Roman empire) is a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge.

2008-09-24 10:26:48
727.   Bluebleeder87

I've never seen the movie, just checked out the Wikipedia plot line for the movie, sounds entertaining.

2008-09-24 10:30:56
728.   cargill06
725 I'm sure he wasn't complaining in 2000 when they won the WS with 87 wins and the 9th best record in baseball.
2008-09-24 10:31:53
729.   Tripon
Considering that the Nats are going to lead the league in missed attendance, exactly why did they leave Canada? You're telling me that they couldn't do this in Montreal?
2008-09-24 10:32:53
730.   Tripon
728 To be fair to Hank, it was his father who was the proponent of the current divisional divisions. Really, Hank should blame his father for the Yankees current woes.
2008-09-24 10:34:51
731.   Bob Timmermann
The Expos drew a little over 740,000 in their final season in Quebec.

The Nationals are still going to draw over 2.2 million.

2.2 million > 740,000

2008-09-24 10:37:01
732.   Bluebleeder87
so I guess if the season ended today we'd have to face the Phills... I'd much rather face the Mets.
2008-09-24 10:40:28
733.   Disabled List
726 I am so not "Mr. Superstitious". I'm as logical and level-headed a fan as there is. I just have an irrational fear of impending doom, that's all. Hubris and irrational exuberance sets me off.

Now, that said, the cosmic baseball gods are vengeful, so I have taken it upon myself to purge the sins of the DT commentariat. If you'll excuse me, I have to go find a quiet place at work where I can sacrifice this goat (my cubicle is just too small).

2008-09-24 10:41:12
734.   Bluebleeder87
The Phills to me are great hitting, o.k. pitching & great closer. I guess it would be a coin toss if we were to face them.
2008-09-24 10:42:12
735.   Tripon
I think the Mets can win the East.
2008-09-24 10:43:50
736.   Bob Timmermann
The Mets have a much harder five games left. Although the Cubs don't have to trot out much of a lineup today and tomorrow. The Marlins are going to be a challenge for the Mets just because they can hit a bunch of home runs off of the soft underbelly of the Mets bullpen.

The Mets pen is 100% soft underbelly!

2008-09-24 10:50:49
737.   underdog
733 Hah hah. Believe me, I'm the one who has to post "IF we make the playoffs" as if knocking on wood every time I post about it this week. I ain't taking nothin' for granted, either, and I, too, am fired up.

So if the Dodgers and DBacks both won their next two games, the magic number would be 1 for Friday's game right?

Not that I'm rooting for that or anything.

2008-09-24 10:51:15
738.   Bob Timmermann
The Tampa Bay chapter of the BBWAA has chosen the Rays MVP for the season:

Jason Bartlett

2008-09-24 10:53:35
739.   Tripon
Who is the Dodgers MVP? I vote for Larry Bowa.
2008-09-24 10:54:56
740.   ToyCannon
Manny will go Pujols on Lidge and give him nightmares all over again. Just like Wagner, Lidge will cave again.

That said I'd also rather face the Mets but then we start sounding like Cub fans who say they would rather face us and I hate that.

I'm just glad that we are in the playoffs, picking who we'd rather play sounds like something Disabled List's Baseball Gods would frown on. I'd rather they smite the Cub fans for being cocky then us. I was just cocky about winning the division with a 90% of doing so. Not like I was out on a limb or anything.

2008-09-24 10:55:06
741.   MollyKnight
638-Next issue out tomorrow. It's one of those "6 Things You Should Know" about being a set-up guy things.
2008-09-24 10:55:18
742.   cargill06
Was Troy Percivil on the ORV list?
2008-09-24 10:56:16
743.   Bluebleeder87
XeiFrank's simulator sure comes in handy these days.
2008-09-24 10:56:32
744.   cargill06
742 AKA Troy Percival.
2008-09-24 10:56:42
745.   ToyCannon
Joe P was all over that yesterday.

Are you letting work get in your way of timely information?

2008-09-24 10:57:00
746.   Jon Weisman
From the Dodgers:

Thursday's game is sold out. Limited tickets remain from tonight.

2008-09-24 10:57:23
747.   Jon Weisman
"for tonight"
2008-09-24 10:59:12
748.   ToyCannon
Dodger MVP is a no brainer but how about ROY?

I think most of us would have bet that LaRoche would have been the guy on March 1st. At least he brought us our MVP thank you very much.

2008-09-24 11:01:24
749.   underdog
738 Check out the latest FJM post on that, too.

I just want to announce here on this blog, that if any baseball analyst of any kind tells me that "you really have to watch Jason Bartlett play every day to understand how much he means to this team," and that same analyst is found drowned at the bottom of my hot tub the next morning, and...<<

Well, just read the rest.

2008-09-24 11:03:11
750.   underdog
748 Tough choice. Three erratic but very important contributors, and the incredibly consistent Cory Wade. Wade gets my vote. But Kuroda, despite some horrible games, has mostly been very good and solidified a pitching staff that got nothing from Brad Penny this year. And DeWitt was incredibly important both at the beginning of the year, and then over the past month. Tough.
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2008-09-24 11:07:34
751.   Eric Enders
If Win Shares are your thing, the Dodger MVP is Ethier followed by Kemp, Martin, Billingsley, Loney, Lowe, and then Ramirez seventh.

DeWitt is your ROY, followed by Kuroda, Wade, Kershaw, and Young.

DeWitt has had a pretty roller-coaster rookie year. It's sort of instructive to divide the season into four parts for him.

1st quarter: Lifesaver.
2nd quarter: Mildly annoying.
3rd quarter: Not on the team.
4th quarter: Lifesaver.

2008-09-24 11:09:15
752.   blue22
Question...what kind of bear is best?

Nah, sorry, for real: how specific has MLB been in a playoff schedule so far? I can just see that games are to start on 10/1. Just wondering if LA (er...the "NL West winner") would be playing Friday and/or Saturday of the following weekend.

2008-09-24 11:11:51
753.   ToyCannon
Only mildly annoying in the 2nd qtr? If he had hit the wall any harder he'd be Wile E. Coyote.
2008-09-24 11:13:03
754.   Bob Timmermann
The NL schedules have the same pattern, so it's just a matter of figuring out the pairings and then TBS deciding on when to show each game.
2008-09-24 11:13:49
755.   Eric Enders
Well, OK, he was really annoying, but you couldn't really hold it against him because of the previous "Lifesaver" period.
2008-09-24 11:17:18
756.   blue22
754 - So the NL might be:

Game 1: Wed, 10/1
Game 2: Thu, 10/2
Game 3: Sat, 10/4?

2008-09-24 11:20:03
757.   Tripon
DeWitt was also hitting 8th. Expecting your 8th hitter doing much is well, kinda silly when the whole team was scuffling. I expect Berroa to make an out every time he's at bat, and am pleasantly surprised when he doesn't. That's the attitude you should take with DeWitt.
2008-09-24 11:20:05
758.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-24 11:22:46
759.   Bumsrap
1st quarter: Lifesaver.
2nd quarter: Mildly annoying.
3rd quarter: Not on the team.
4th quarter: Lifesaver.

This made me wonder how many players have enjoyed such a season. Considering injuries, etc. some of the names could be HOF names.

2008-09-24 11:23:50
760.   underdog
I don't know why I read some of Bill Plaschke's latest other than self-torture, but besides it being idiotic in other ways, I feel like it's also poorly edited. To wit:

>>So, well, OK, couch spectator Manny Ramirez apparently forgot which pennant race he was playing in.

And, OK, so neither did Angel Berroa, who was stressing so much he was flying a remote helicopter near his locker.<<

Neither did...? That really doesn't match with the previous paragraph, Bill, does it?


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