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Kershaw XXI: Kershama Lama Ding Dong
2008-09-24 17:00
by Jon Weisman

Rafael Furcal has been added to the Dodger bench, writes Tony Jackson of the Daily News, though the team still needs to remove someone from the 40-man roster to make room for Furcal.

Neither Furcal nor Kent figure to start in a game, and it's still questionable how ready either is to pinch-hit. But since the Furcal move actually involves making a transaction, you might see him take a swing and figure out whether it takes two weeks for him to recover from it.

* * *

Tonight, I finally for the first time get to see Clayton Kershaw pitch in a game in person.

Here's the score-by-innings in Kershaw's 20 starts this season. The first inning has been his biggest hurdle.

First inning: 0.7 runs per game
Second inning: 0.3 runs per game
Third inning: 0.6 runs per game
Fourth inning: 0.2 runs per game
Fifth inning: 0.3 runs per game
Sixth inning: 0.1 runs per game
Seventh inning: 0.3 runs per game

Kershaw averages 2.5 runs allowed (and five innings) per game.

* * *

Diamondbacks at Cardinals, 5:15 p.m.

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (1027)
Show/Hide Comments 1-50
2008-09-24 17:15:40
1.   ToyCannon
Zambrano gets pounded again.
2008-09-24 17:17:30
2.   Eric Stephen
Let's hope that continues. Anything that helps the wild card win round 1 is A-OK by me!
2008-09-24 17:18:14
3.   bigE
Is it wrong that I love watching Zambrano melt down, no matter who he is facing?
2008-09-24 17:18:23
4.   scareduck
Re the last thread and Chris "I'm not Pat" Carpenter -- brain fart. I used to share an office with a Pat Carpenter.
2008-09-24 17:19:36
5.   Bob Timmermann
I had a feeling that it was something like that.

Usually I have a hard time keeping straight Chris Carpenter and Cris Carpenter.

2008-09-24 17:20:26
6.   Alex41592
No Score Bot 1 in St. Louis.
2008-09-24 17:29:27
7.   Bilshaw
Cardinals Clean-up
Yesterday: Pujols-Ludwick-Glaus
Today: Stavinoha-Lopez-Kennedy
2008-09-24 17:29:59
8.   bearlurker
Why are Pujols, Ludwick and Glaus sitting for the Cards?
2008-09-24 17:30:37
9.   Alex41592
No Score Top 2.
2008-09-24 17:33:06
10.   Bob Timmermann
The Cardinals were eliminated last night and La Russa, as nearly every manager does in this situation, rests a bunch of his regulars.

The Cubs started a whole bunch of reserves on Sunday against the Cardinals after they clinched.

If the game were do or die, I'm sure that La Russa would have put all the big guns in the lineup. But it's not. And tomorrow, they will be.

And Arizona still has to WIN the game.

2008-09-24 17:34:33
11.   fanerman
10 Which they won't.
2008-09-24 17:35:41
12.   Gen3Blue
Oh, dear. That was not a happy sight. St. Lou gets two on with no one out and then lets Scherzer off with out many pitches.
2008-09-24 17:36:07
14.   Alex41592
Reynolds with his 199th K.
2008-09-24 17:36:31
15.   Tripon
Mark Reynolds now has 199 strike outs.
2008-09-24 17:40:18
16.   Alex41592
No Score Bot 2.
2008-09-24 17:41:01
17.   Linkmeister
Did Billingsley get to 200 Ks last night?
2008-09-24 17:41:37
18.   Alex41592
17 - 199. He'll get it in San Francisco.
2008-09-24 17:43:35
19.   Linkmeister
Thanks. I wonder if the 350K mark should be considered nearly impossible now, like DiMaggio's 56-game streak.
2008-09-24 17:45:42
20.   Alex41592
First two on again for the Cards.
2008-09-24 17:46:02
21.   ToyCannon
Wow about Reynolds 199 k's. He's a right handed Russ Branyan.
2008-09-24 17:46:39
22.   Alex41592
Mark DeRosa just left the game with an injury.

2 base error! 2-0 Cardinals!

2008-09-24 17:47:14
23.   Linkmeister
Hmm. Considering that Randy Johnson has broken the 350K mark twice since 1999, maybe not.
2008-09-24 17:47:19
24.   Alex41592
Mets blow the lead tied at 5 at Shea.
2008-09-24 17:47:27
25.   Tripon
Maybe LaRussa knew what he was doing.
2008-09-24 17:48:01
26.   Nigel
Wild throw to first by Scherzer on the sacrifice bunt. Two runs score. 2-0 Cards!
2008-09-24 17:49:12
27.   Alex41592
25 - He's a genius. Though it does help Eckstein covering first on the bunt attempt couldn't grab the throw.
2008-09-24 17:50:51
28.   LoneStar7
wait whaaaaaa?

two men out at home whats going on

2008-09-24 17:50:56
29.   Alex41592
Phillies are down 6 runs.

Twins are up on the White Sox in a series where the White Sox just need to win one game.

Pittsburgh is up on Sabathia.

Quite the night so far.

2008-09-24 17:52:15
30.   LoneStar7
gameday seemingly tripping out?
2008-09-24 17:52:18
31.   Linkmeister
Yeah, Gameday's all screwed up. No runs recorded, two guys out at the plate on an SB (?!?)...
2008-09-24 17:53:13
32.   Alex41592
2-0 Cardinals Top 3.
2008-09-24 17:53:23
33.   Linkmeister
Ah, now it's been corrected. 2-0 Cards. Keep it up, El Birdos! (Will Orlando Cepeda come after me for calling them that?)
2008-09-24 17:56:06
34.   Alex41592
Wainwright sacrificed Phelps and Johnson to 2nd and 3rd, but the throw to 1st went by Eckstein and both runners scored. Wainwright went down to second on the throw home.
2008-09-24 18:00:06
35.   overkill94
Wainwright is not instilling much confidence by walking the pitcher to lead off the 3rd
2008-09-24 18:00:52
36.   fanerman
35 Grabowski Principle?
2008-09-24 18:01:34
37.   Alex41592
Wainwright suddenly looks pretty bad.

2-1 Cardinals and D'Backs look to add more.

2008-09-24 18:03:37
38.   Alex41592
2-2 on the 4-6-3 DP.
2008-09-24 18:05:58
39.   Alex41592
2-2 Bot 3.
2008-09-24 18:12:17
40.   Tripon
Adam Kennedy is not a good baseball player.
2008-09-24 18:14:19
41.   Alex41592
The Brewers score to put some more pressure on the Mets.
2008-09-24 18:16:07
42.   Alex41592
No change 2-2 Bot 4.
2008-09-24 18:16:30
43.   ToyCannon
I'm still waiting to here an ex-player who doesn't make me wince when they open their mouth ala Rick Sutcliffe. Orel seems okay but I don't get him very often.
2008-09-24 18:17:20
44.   Tripon
What we need is Kevin Malone.
2008-09-24 18:19:47
45.   Alex41592
Another error for Reynolds.
2008-09-24 18:20:18
46.   Tripon
Man, the Cubs-Mets playoff series is going to be brutal.
2008-09-24 18:20:48
47.   ucladodger

That was one of the worst things I've heard in a while. Talk about a guy just spouting baseless accusations with absolutely no information on what he speaks.

2008-09-24 18:21:49
48.   Alex41592
Cardinals now have 1st and 3rd with nobody out. However, Wainwright is the batter.
2008-09-24 18:21:54
49.   Tripon
47 What Sutcliffe say?
2008-09-24 18:23:38
50.   Alex41592
Brewers take the lead. Mets getting nervous.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-24 18:23:59
51.   Alex41592
Izzy the batter with one out.
2008-09-24 18:24:48
52.   ucladodger

Basically that Torre's done a great job because the clubhouse is such a mess. He just threw it out there so randomly that his partner asked him what he meant. Sutcliffe replied with "Well, Manny's there." his partner comes back with "They love Manny there. He's been great for them." Sut comes back with "Well, Jeff Kent is there. Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones aren't playing. Nomar is a different type of guy. Kemp is a different type of guy." And thats really it, and because our team has "different guys" the clubhouse is in a state of chaos.

2008-09-24 18:26:12
53.   Tripon
3-2 Cards on Izzy's sac fly.
2008-09-24 18:26:43
54.   Tripon
52 Oh. how odd.
2008-09-24 18:28:45
55.   Alex41592
3-2 Cardinals Top 5.
2008-09-24 18:29:50
56.   Tripon
On that note, I am disappointed that Jeff Kent didn't try to slug Manny.
2008-09-24 18:34:40
57.   MonkeyBlue
52. That was really awful. I hope somebody from the Dodgers organization call him on that.
2008-09-24 18:35:24
58.   Jacob Burch
As I mentioned yesterday, my dad was going to try and get tickets to Thursday's game on his lunch break. When Jon said around 10-11ish this morning it had sold out, I was th' 'is close to calling him and telling him to not bother, but figured it could easily be a sell out that's not a sell out. After asking for $20, 30, 40, 50 ad nausium dollar value seats to no avail, he was told all they had left was Field MVP twenty or so rows behind home plate, $130 a piece.

FLD11, Row U, Seats 3 and 4B. Hopefully the Bob Carpenter can go 2-0!

2008-09-24 18:39:16
59.   Tripon
Dunn gets an unintentional intentional walk to load the bases.
2008-09-24 18:39:42
60.   Ken Noe
Sutcliffe's a different kind of guy. Ask Bill Murray. Or the Padres crew.
2008-09-24 18:39:48
61.   underdog
Gulp. Come on Wainwright, get out of it!
2008-09-24 18:40:58
62.   Alex41592
D'Backs leave the bases loaded. 3-2 Cardinals Bot 5.
2008-09-24 18:41:29
63.   MonkeyBlue
Grounded out!
2008-09-24 18:42:11
64.   underdog
Btw, I know Bob's right, that it's common practice to sit your regulars game after you're eliminated, regardless of the game's place of import in playoff picture for the other team, but I do hope to see something different tomorrow. Otherwise the chapter of my manifesto on the Cards will have to go back in, I'm afraid.
2008-09-24 18:43:26
65.   Tripon
Chad Tracy grounds out to 3rd. Cards 3-2

Also, Sugar Shane Mosley throws the first pitch at Dodgers Stadium today. I was wondering when the Dodgers traded for a new guy. Didn't realize it was Mosley.

2008-09-24 18:45:42
66.   Alex41592
Cubs take the lead. Mets could be tied with the Brewers at the end of the night.
2008-09-24 18:46:45
67.   Bob Timmermann
I stopped reading 64 after the first sentence.
2008-09-24 18:48:08
68.   Tripon
The New York Mets don't want to go to the playoffs. 6-5 Cubs.
2008-09-24 18:48:30
69.   Alex41592
Adam Kennedy RBI single 4-2 Cardinals.
2008-09-24 18:48:40
70.   underdog
67 Or after the 2nd comma? Frame it!

On the other hand, Adam Kennedy rocks.

Maybe this weak line-up can get it done after all.

2008-09-24 18:48:52
71.   Tripon
4-2 Cards!
2008-09-24 18:49:03
72.   Jacob Burch
67 Do you mean clause? I assume you would stop after someone admits you're right. Underdog went comma splice crazy!
2008-09-24 18:49:12
73.   Alex41592
Ramon Martinez is batting for the Mets!
2008-09-24 18:50:04
74.   underdog
So who are we rooting for or against in the playoff picture aside from the Diamondback game? I know I don't want the Dodgers to face the Cubs in the first round of the playoffs (IF the Dodgers make the playoffs), so that means rooting against the Brewers right?

I need a primer of some sort.

2008-09-24 18:51:29
75.   Tripon
74 Root for the Mets. Mets make it as the wild card, they get to face the Cubs first round, while dodgers face the Phillies.
2008-09-24 18:51:29
76.   Alex41592
4-2 Cardinals Top 6.
2008-09-24 18:51:52
77.   underdog
I assume Scherzer's next inning will be his last -- he's at 85 pitches now. Getting into their bullpen fairly early will be a fine thing.
2008-09-24 18:52:50
78.   underdog
75 Right, thanks. I would love for the Mets to do so well they win the division actually, would rather play them than the Phillies, though honestly any potential matchup will be a challenge for LA.
2008-09-24 18:53:25
79.   Gagne55
67 It was a pretty long first sentence.
2008-09-24 18:55:32
80.   Tripon
Mets into a Double Play.
2008-09-24 18:55:48
81.   Ken Noe
78 I think the LADs actually can do well if they just get into the playoffs.
2008-09-24 18:56:11
82.   Alex41592
80 - The death trap double play at first base.
2008-09-24 18:56:41
83.   underdog
Jeez. If we're gonna start sentence clause and grammar patrol here, I'd hope to not be the first target.
2008-09-24 18:57:41
84.   Tripon
2008-09-24 19:00:38
85.   Tripon
Penny to 60-day DL, ineligible for the postseason

2008-09-24 19:01:16
86.   Jacob Burch
I own a Brad Penny Jersey Shirt and all, but


2008-09-24 19:02:06
87.   Alex41592
Two on, two out for Drew.
2008-09-24 19:02:49
88.   MonkeyBlue
86. Did you buy at Wal mart? That the only thing they got at my Walmart and Dewitt + Saito t-shirts
2008-09-24 19:02:54
89.   Tripon
Scherzer is out. But Snakes has 1st and 2nd on a HBP on PH Jason Whitesell.
2008-09-24 19:04:23
90.   Jacob Burch
86 Nah, Got it in 06 near the beginning of the season. #7 and #55 have been added on, although I can't find them since I moved back home. I know they're here, just am uncertain of which box.
2008-09-24 19:04:45
91.   Jacob Burch
SCY with bases juiced, two outs.
2008-09-24 19:04:51
92.   Alex41592
Drew walks. Bases loaded for SCY.
2008-09-24 19:06:03
93.   Alex41592
First pitch 6-4 forceout. 4-2 Cardinals Bot 6.
2008-09-24 19:06:31
94.   KG16
SCY doesn't take long to end the rally
2008-09-24 19:06:31
95.   LoneStar7
groundout baby
2008-09-24 19:06:47
97.   MonkeyBlue
90. IC

Cards got bail out again.

2008-09-24 19:08:26
98.   Gagne55
Wainwright gets out of it!
2008-09-24 19:09:24
99.   underdog
I thought we already knew Penny was done for the postseason? Or was that just that he was definitely out rest of the regular season before? At any rate, color me unsurprised.
2008-09-24 19:10:17
100.   underdog
Mets begin their 8th with a leadoff double from Delgado. Someone not Marmol is pitching the 8th for the Cubs.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-24 19:10:53
101.   underdog
And on a single Delgado is held up at third! That looked like a Bowa call there.
2008-09-24 19:11:48
102.   Gagne55
100 That "not Marmol" is Bob's mortal enemy!
2008-09-24 19:12:27
103.   The Dude Abides
Casey Blake and Angel Berroa: better on defense than advertised.
2008-09-24 19:13:00
104.   Dave60
Why did Wainwright hit? He's thrown 104 pitches, of which 51 were balls. Please tell me that GameDay is wrong.
2008-09-24 19:14:10
105.   underdog
Samardzija is Bob's mortal enemy? I missed that day in Obelisk School, apparently.
2008-09-24 19:14:21
106.   The Dude Abides
Unbelievably bad call on that 2-2 pitch to Giles. If the catcher catches the pitch at knee height, there is no way it crossed the plate too high.
2008-09-24 19:14:48
107.   underdog
Oops, forgot to start watching the Dodgers game!
2008-09-24 19:15:33
108.   Alex41592
4-2 Top 7 and Daron Sutton is just awful.

"Come on. Come on boys. Lets go." All the while clapping his hands.

2008-09-24 19:15:39
109.   68elcamino427
Kershow or Kemp - who's my favorite player?
Tough call.

Go Dodgers!

2008-09-24 19:15:44
110.   Gagne55
104 Oh nos!
2008-09-24 19:15:48
111.   Icaros
Wow, what a curve.
2008-09-24 19:15:57
112.   Alex41592
Ooooooh. So nice Kershaw.
2008-09-24 19:16:16
113.   silverwidow
Awesome curve.
2008-09-24 19:16:17
114.   trainwreck
That was a thing of beauty.
2008-09-24 19:16:21
115.   underdog
Nicely done, Clay-shaw!
2008-09-24 19:16:27
116.   The Dude Abides
Same exact pitch to Adrian Gonzalez for called strike three. Maybe the ump is just telling the rookie to prove it by putting it there again, and I'll give you the call.
2008-09-24 19:16:36
117.   LoneStar7
nasty curve very solid start
2008-09-24 19:17:22
118.   Gagne55
105 Indeed.
2008-09-24 19:17:31
119.   Humma Kavula
That curve receives the Humma Kavula Seal of Approval.
2008-09-24 19:17:55
120.   Alex41592
116 - To be fair, strike 3 to A. Gonzalez was a no doubter. The pitch to Giles could've been a little high and/or outside.
2008-09-24 19:18:08
121.   overkill94
Bases juiced for Lucille II!
2008-09-24 19:18:23
122.   Gagne55
Wainwright is cooked but still pitching.
2008-09-24 19:18:31
123.   The Dude Abides
Bison speed!
2008-09-24 19:18:37
124.   Tripon
2008-09-24 19:18:40
125.   68elcamino427
Bison Speed!
2008-09-24 19:18:56
126.   LoneStar7
atta way to run
2008-09-24 19:18:59
127.   KG16
Wow, he's fast
2008-09-24 19:19:00
128.   trainwreck
The charge of the Bison!
2008-09-24 19:19:05
129.   Icaros
Can't believe it was that close.
2008-09-24 19:19:08
130.   thinkblue88
Look out, a Bison is loose!
2008-09-24 19:19:30
131.   Tripon
They're telling Martin to bunt? This is foolishness.
2008-09-24 19:20:05
132.   68elcamino427
Ok - so does the Bison have speed or what?
2008-09-24 19:20:46
133.   68elcamino427
Martin rake!
2008-09-24 19:20:48
134.   MonkeyBlue
Wow! tough break for Martin.
2008-09-24 19:21:02
135.   overkill94
121 RBI walk!
2008-09-24 19:21:41
136.   Disabled List
The Mets are trying their hardest to not win this game, and the Cubs are just being uncooperative.
2008-09-24 19:22:09
137.   The Dude Abides
Martin caught the pitch to Giles very close to the outside black, and it was knee height when it hit his glove. I think umps sometimes like to make young pitchers prove their control before they start to give them the benefit of the doubt. Although in this instance, it wasn't even close to being a ball. It completely fooled Giles (first curve in three batters), he has a reputation for a good eye at laying off pitches, so the ump gave Giles the call.
2008-09-24 19:22:13
138.   LoneStar7
i hate reyes, but lets go man drive it baby
2008-09-24 19:22:29
139.   Gagne55
Go Manny!
2008-09-24 19:23:39
140.   68elcamino427
Andre - time to cut loose!
2008-09-24 19:25:52
141.   68elcamino427
Excellent observation!

Clayton will earn that call soon enough.
He's only 20 years old:)

2008-09-24 19:26:04
142.   Tripon
Shawn Estes is a better pitcher than Wade LeBlanc.
2008-09-24 19:26:47
143.   underdog
Russ Springer in for the Cards with one out and one on in the 7th.

There's excitement everywhere you look! Baseball fever, catch it.

2008-09-24 19:28:58
144.   Tripon
Ethier does the Manny special.
2008-09-24 19:29:03
145.   Gagne55
According to gamecast, A Dunn struck out swinging three times in the 7th inning.
2008-09-24 19:29:10
146.   MonkeyBlue
Ethier! nice tracking on the fly!
2008-09-24 19:29:44
147.   MonkeyBlue
145. I wouldn't be surprise.
2008-09-24 19:29:48
148.   Alex41592
Clark goes down swinging.
2008-09-24 19:30:00
149.   Gagne55
142 Indubitably.
2008-09-24 19:30:35
150.   The Dude Abides
Great catch Andre! Sometimes I wonder about pitch calling. Kouz swung and missed badly on a curve for an 0-2 count. Why throw him another curve? Why not work off the same eye level with a high fastball? It would be pretty tough to time from the batter's standpoint, since Clayton's curve and fastball are 20 MPH apart.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-24 19:31:10
151.   Tripon
That breaking ball should be illegal.
2008-09-24 19:31:15
152.   Alex41592
Reynolds fouls out to 1st. 4-2 Cardinals Bot 7.
2008-09-24 19:32:31
153.   Alex41592
Kershaw dealing!
2008-09-24 19:32:36
154.   Tripon
We got good Kershaw tonight.
2008-09-24 19:32:37
155.   thinkblue88
Kershaw looking good!
2008-09-24 19:32:59
156.   The Dude Abides
Now that was great pitch calling to Hundley. High fastball for check swing strike two, then an 0-2 curve that starts high and drops in for called strike three.
2008-09-24 19:33:06
157.   trainwreck
Kershaw is throwing rocks tonight.
2008-09-24 19:33:31
158.   underdog
Oh my, that curveball is so beeyootiful.
2008-09-24 19:34:06
159.   Humma Kavula
Well I say K
Well I say K-E
K-E-R-S-H-A-W, Kershaw, Kershaw, Kershaw!!
2008-09-24 19:34:19
160.   underdog
If the Cards get the next 6 outs with less than 2 runs allowed, then we have ourselves one less magic number to worry about.
2008-09-24 19:34:58
161.   underdog
159 Nice, Danny Kayevula.
2008-09-24 19:35:19
162.   Alex41592
Hitting the ball well but at people.
2008-09-24 19:35:22
163.   Tripon
Casey Blake apprently likes The Killers.
2008-09-24 19:35:37
164.   The Dude Abides
Pretty soon our line drives will start falling in for hits.
2008-09-24 19:36:41
165.   MonkeyBlue
Nice double for Beardy!
2008-09-24 19:36:47
166.   The Dude Abides
Woot! TMIMITW with a shot to the alley off the wall!
2008-09-24 19:39:07
167.   Alex41592
4-2 Cardinals Top 8.
2008-09-24 19:40:09
168.   Alex41592
Mets in great shape with a leadoff triple in the 9th.
2008-09-24 19:40:32
169.   Indiana Jon
Am I dreaming or are the Cardinals about to lower our magic number with a lineup that includes Felipe Lopez batting cleanup?
2008-09-24 19:41:43
170.   Alex41592
Jason Motte is in to pitch the eighth.
2008-09-24 19:41:46
171.   Gagne55
168 With Wright Delgado and Beltran coming up.
2008-09-24 19:42:56
172.   Alex41592
If this game meant anything to the Cubs, Wright and Delgado would be on 2nd and 1st.
2008-09-24 19:43:16
173.   Alex41592
And Wright K's.
2008-09-24 19:44:03
174.   MonkeyBlue
Double to a pitcher?
2008-09-24 19:44:27
175.   Alex41592
2 away in the eighth in St. Louis.
2008-09-24 19:44:47
176.   sporky
As soon as I log on, Estes doubles.
2008-09-24 19:45:40
177.   Alex41592
4-2 Cardinals Bottom of the 8th.
2008-09-24 19:46:53
178.   Gagne55
The Cardinals are three outs away from inflicting a loss on the D'backs.
2008-09-24 19:47:07
179.   Disabled List
They went after Wright and got him. IBB to to Delgado and Beltran, now Ryan Church is up.

This has been a great game.

2008-09-24 19:47:11
180.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Kershaw had the guy.
2008-09-24 19:47:49
181.   MonkeyBlue
Great DP! nices!!!
2008-09-24 19:47:57
182.   sporky
2008-09-24 19:48:16
183.   Gagne55
Delgado and Beltran both IBB'd. That makes a walk as good as a hit.
2008-09-24 19:48:20
184.   Icaros
Berroa is a really sucky shortstop.
2008-09-24 19:48:20
185.   sporky
lol, DeWitt sat on him.
2008-09-24 19:49:01
186.   LoneStar7
184 that seemed like a fine play?
2008-09-24 19:49:40
187.   Icaros
Adam Kennedy as tonight's starting right fielder is pretty comical.
2008-09-24 19:49:55
188.   Alex41592
Berroa sort of threw a lob to DeWitt. That was awkward.
2008-09-24 19:49:56
189.   Disabled List
Church forced the runner at the plate, now it's up to Ramon Castro. Mets on the verge of blowing this.
2008-09-24 19:50:08
190.   Eric Stephen
To the top of the 9th in StL!
2008-09-24 19:50:29
191.   Alex41592
Mets fail.
2008-09-24 19:50:44
192.   Disabled List
Castro K's. God, I love this time of year!
2008-09-24 19:50:44
193.   overkill94
Wow, the Mets choked it again! Free baseball in Flushing
2008-09-24 19:50:54
194.   Icaros

He shoveled that feed so soft, DeWitt was almost killed. Could've ruined the DP.

2008-09-24 19:50:58
195.   LoneStar7
wow, mets cant cash a leadoff triple
2008-09-24 19:51:14
196.   Frip
If Vin is going to buy into the magic number enough to tell us about it, then he needn't call it the "so called" magic number.
2008-09-24 19:51:28
197.   MonkeyBlue
Mets game = a lot of WOWS.
2008-09-24 19:52:33
198.   Alex41592
Brewers win.
2008-09-24 19:52:48
199.   The Dude Abides
I'd like to see the Cards rookie go for a two-inning save. The guy's stats look pretty awesome, and he only threw ten pitches in the 8th and struck out two.
2008-09-24 19:52:53
200.   MonkeyBlue
Shawn is breezing through the inning.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-24 19:53:21
201.   Alex41592
Twins win. A.L Central's biggest game will be tomorrow.
2008-09-24 19:53:40
202.   Eric Stephen
Would it be too much to ask Estes to wear silk stockings?
2008-09-24 19:54:08
203.   Eric Stephen
The hated Stephen Drew with a leadoff double.
2008-09-24 19:54:17
204.   dzzrtRatt
Vin is ahead of Gameday.
2008-09-24 19:54:23
205.   Alex41592
Drew opens with a double.
2008-09-24 19:54:31
206.   The Dude Abides
Drew doubles leading off the 9th. Who's pitching?
2008-09-24 19:54:33
207.   Disabled List
If the Mets choke the wild card away to the Brewers, the Dodgers (assuming they win the division, knock wood) would face the Cubs in the first round. I'm not in favor of that scenario.

Go Mets.

2008-09-24 19:54:44
208.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Franklin don't blow this!
2008-09-24 19:55:57
209.   Alex41592
SCY pops it up. 1 away.
2008-09-24 19:57:21
210.   Alex41592
Jackson grounds to third. 2 away for Dunn.
2008-09-24 19:57:22
211.   mpm31
Anyone else hoping for the Mets/Phillies/Brewers to end in a 3-way tie? Force them all to use their best starters. Ideally, Santana would get used up and we'd face the Mets in a 5 game series.

2 outs in STL!

2008-09-24 19:57:23
212.   MonkeyBlue
2 outs!!! come on one more!
2008-09-24 19:57:31
213.   Eric Stephen
Who's pitching?

This is in honor of D4P:

2008-09-24 19:57:53
214.   Icaros
They should be walking Dunn here. This isn't right.
2008-09-24 19:58:13
215.   The Dude Abides
Franklin better not blow it. That Motte guy who only took ten pitches to get out of the 8th now has an ERA of 1.00, with one BB and 15 K's in nine IP.
2008-09-24 19:58:43
216.   Jacob Burch
Aw, easy AFLAC.
2008-09-24 19:58:49
217.   Eric Stephen
I always hope for the chaos scenario if it doesn't negatively affect the Dodgers.
2008-09-24 19:59:06
218.   Alex41592
Looks like a pitcharound for Dunn. Tony Clark on deck.
2008-09-24 19:59:14
219.   Tripon
This game is shades of Sunday.
2008-09-24 19:59:37
220.   Jacob Burch
214 Dunn does get UII'd a lot, and it may or may not be the case here. That "stirke 1" call looked pretty in to hit.
2008-09-24 19:59:54
221.   Alex41592
Full count to Dunn.
2008-09-24 20:00:02
222.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-24 20:00:05
223.   Branch Rickey
Clinching tomorrow is now officially possible!
2008-09-24 20:00:06
225.   I Love LA
Once again Adam Dunn has another chance to save the day for Arizona.
2008-09-24 20:00:10
226.   LogikReader
The Magic Number is: 2!
2008-09-24 20:00:21
227.   thinkblue88
2008-09-24 20:00:34
228.   LoneStar7
2008-09-24 20:00:37
229.   Alex41592
Fly ball.

Ballgame over!



2008-09-24 20:00:40
230.   underdog
Two is the magic number, oh yes it is, two!
2008-09-24 20:00:41
231.   I Love LA
Dunn flied can we please not repeat Sunday's performance?
2008-09-24 20:01:07
232.   scareduck
I toast the health of the St. Louis Cardinals.
2008-09-24 20:01:09
233.   underdog
225 And once again he fails. :-)
2008-09-24 20:01:11
234.   Alex41592
Cubs take the lead.
2008-09-24 20:01:15
235.   The Dude Abides
Great bit of hitting by Giles and Gonzalez, especially Giles.
2008-09-24 20:01:18
236.   I Love LA
ok looks like we don't want to clinch either.....
2008-09-24 20:01:26
237.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Clayton! Damn focus!
2008-09-24 20:01:30
238.   MollyKnight
The champagne is leaving the warehouse.
2008-09-24 20:01:40
239.   Tripon
Don't know what Casey Blake was doing there.
2008-09-24 20:01:44
240.   Disabled List
Cubs take the lead in Queens.
2008-09-24 20:01:48
241.   Icaros
Got lucky. They certainly didn't pitch around Dunn. That flyout was a fat one.
2008-09-24 20:02:45
242.   LU Dodger

Please not tonight....please

2008-09-24 20:03:08
243.   Jacob Burch
241 Franklin was just shaky early, I guess. But huzzah!
2008-09-24 20:03:12
244.   I Love LA
now Kershaw is just being very sloppy.
2008-09-24 20:03:27
245.   underdog
Now it would help if Kershaw settled down and the Dodgers do what should be done vs. Shawn Estes.
2008-09-24 20:03:58
246.   Tripon
DeWitt is trying his best Kent impression.
2008-09-24 20:04:05
247.   underdog
Wow, that was a great save by The Beard on that crazy throw from Martin.
2008-09-24 20:04:16
248.   trainwreck
Thank you, stupid Padres.
2008-09-24 20:04:30
249.   Disabled List
Aramis Ramirez, 2-run HR, 9-6 Cubs.


2008-09-24 20:04:33
250.   Eric Stephen
ok looks like we don't want to clinch either

I would ask Molly to address this obvious problem on her next round of Dodger interviews, but I don't want her to get laughed out of the room.

Actually, compared to Simers that's a legitimate question.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-24 20:04:51
251.   MonkeyBlue
Mets are a complete mess.
2008-09-24 20:05:20
252.   LogikReader
Gotta love that Mets bullpen!
2008-09-24 20:05:21
253.   underdog
242 Heh. Wishing this comment software had an ignore feature, do you?
2008-09-24 20:05:22
254.   Tripon
1 game playoff between the Brewers/Mets.

Lets do this.

2008-09-24 20:05:29
255.   Branch Rickey
242. Ignore him and maybe he'll go away or finally jump from the ledge he lives on.
2008-09-24 20:05:57
256.   underdog
This is why I wanted the Dodgers to play the Mets in the playoffs, but alas, that looks unlikely now.
2008-09-24 20:06:04
257.   Icaros
I don't care if we have to face the best record in the NL. I drink the tears of Mets fans.
2008-09-24 20:06:31
258.   The Dude Abides
Great decision to pitch to Aramis Ramirez in the top of the 10th with two out and a runner at 2nd, and a banjo hitter on deck.
2008-09-24 20:06:47
259.   trainwreck
Exactly what I was thinking.
2008-09-24 20:06:57
260.   Eric Stephen
The champagne is leaving the warehouse

I wonder if teams order the bubbly online, or just send a lackey (or in Anaheim's case, a Lackey) to Costco to get the celebratory ale.

2008-09-24 20:07:02
261.   Tripon
Well, we know now Kershaw is no Maddux.
2008-09-24 20:07:05
262.   MonkeyBlue
Dang it Kershaw!!!! Shake first
2008-09-24 20:07:16
263.   trainwreck
Stop scoring you jerks!
2008-09-24 20:07:38
264.   Tripon
260 Please, they get a discount at BevMo.
2008-09-24 20:07:40
265.   LU Dodger
253, 255

Not trying to pass judgment...but YES

2008-09-24 20:07:40
266.   scareduck
Come on, guys.
2008-09-24 20:07:43
267.   underdog
It's over. The season's over.

Sorry... It's hard to type that with even a straight face.

2008-09-24 20:08:00
268.   fanerman
262 What do you do second?
2008-09-24 20:08:14
269.   LogikReader
Geez, it's already the 4th inning? Look, the Padres can do whatever they want, its not going to take that Magic number away from us!

but nevertheless, LET'S GETS SOME RUNS!!

2008-09-24 20:08:44
270.   Branch Rickey
With tix for tomorrow night's game, I hope the Dodgers win tonight but I may have to not root quite so hard against the D-Backs tomorrow. Celebrations are fun to attend.
2008-09-24 20:09:16
271.   I Love LA
255 - Very Classy. I'll refrain from responding from this idiotic comment.
2008-09-24 20:09:22
272.   Tripon
I'd like to see if Furcal can play SS today.
2008-09-24 20:09:32
273.   LU Dodger
Aren't the phils and cubs the two teams who we've swept and been swept by? or just the phillies?
2008-09-24 20:09:55
274.   The Dude Abides
OPS post all-star break for Ramirez: .876
OPS post all-star break for Fukudome: .639
2008-09-24 20:10:14
275.   regfairfield
271 Wait a second...
2008-09-24 20:10:14
276.   I Love LA
253 - Hater
2008-09-24 20:10:18
277.   Eric Stephen
There's one back.
2008-09-24 20:10:19
278.   LU Dodger

Maybe refrain post the negativity broken record...

2008-09-24 20:10:24
279.   trainwreck
Steve Finley, I remember that guy.
2008-09-24 20:10:29
280.   Jacob Burch
Nomah Homah!
2008-09-24 20:10:29
281.   Tripon
Nomar homers!

...You know, I don't mind Loney sitting on the bench for this.

2008-09-24 20:10:30
282.   MonkeyBlue
NOMAR!!!!! nice HR!
2008-09-24 20:10:34
283.   LogikReader
2008-09-24 20:10:47
284.   LU Dodger

from posting

2008-09-24 20:10:53
285.   dzzrtRatt
I love it when Nomar hits a homar.
2008-09-24 20:11:15
286.   Tripon
Vin rather talks about how much the Mets suck than Nomar's homer! Hahahahahahahahaha.
2008-09-24 20:11:17
287.   Eric Stephen
You're right. He should have said "...the ledge on which he lives."
2008-09-24 20:11:24
288.   scareduck
Estes rocketry kit, comin' up.
2008-09-24 20:11:31
289.   I Love LA
269 - you got your wish...though you said some.
2008-09-24 20:11:33
290.   The Dude Abides
2008-09-24 20:11:35
291.   Disabled List
Now that's some PVL!
2008-09-24 20:12:03
292.   underdog

There is a reason Dodger fans still like Mr. Mia Hamm, I suppose. When his glass body is temporarily unbroken, he can hit the ball pretty well.

2008-09-24 20:12:19
293.   Tripon
We should stop picking on/responding to I Love LA like this. There's a game on!
2008-09-24 20:12:21
294.   LU Dodger
nomar trying to get paid next year w/ that at-bat

(prob wishing as something other that a sub)

2008-09-24 20:12:43
295.   I Love LA
278 - What i said one thing? You acting like I said it 10 times in a row tonight.
2008-09-24 20:12:49
296.   Eric Stephen
Homar Garciaparra
2008-09-24 20:12:51
297.   LU Dodger

I'm in

2008-09-24 20:13:03
298.   scareduck
Kid K is facing Jose Reyes at Shea with two out.
2008-09-24 20:14:21
299.   Disabled List
"The most devastating of losses for the Mets..."

-SNY Announcer

2008-09-24 20:14:42
300.   Gagne55
There doesn't seem to be any correlation between regular season and post season success. Sometimes the powerhouse teams win and sometimes they lose. Sometimes the flukey regular season teams win and sometimes they lose. Top notch pitching, great hitting, stellar bullpen, power, speed, I haven't seen any factor stand out. And so I don't care much who it is the Dodgers play in the first round.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-24 20:14:46
301.   I Love LA
feel bad for the Mets.
2008-09-24 20:14:51
302.   scareduck
11 - bravo, sir, bravo.
2008-09-24 20:15:23
303.   MonkeyBlue
299. I believe that. Especially with they had a guy on 3rd and nobody out!
2008-09-24 20:15:28
304.   The Dude Abides
I Love LA, I'd estimate that 95% of your posts consist of relentless bellyaching about the Dodgers or chastising another poster for making a wisecrack about your constant complaining. Perhaps if you made positive comments more often, people here wouldn't consider you such a wet blanket.
2008-09-24 20:15:29
305.   underdog
People, people, we're all in this together. The Dodgers or bust, ya know? Love LA, people could probably respond to/about you more politely, but it would help if you would respect the wishes of everyone here including the blog commentator and try, just try, at least? to cut back on the purposely Eeyore-ish negative comments, ya know? I know you're worried and there's the reverse jinx and all that but there's a way to get the point across and then try to join in the fun here, eh? Hope I said this respectfully enough.

Let's all group hug and cheer on the Dodgers.

2008-09-24 20:15:51
306.   Tripon
Blake DeWitt is the Walk King.
2008-09-24 20:16:07
307.   LogikReader
I don't think Estes is going to make Bob Timmerman's over under of 6 innings.
2008-09-24 20:16:36
308.   Eric Stephen
In my immaturity, I would spend a lot of time giggling and making jokes about the name Darren Balsley, but I already have a pitching coach for that (hint: he wears #43 for the Reds).
2008-09-24 20:16:44
309.   Gen3Blue
Ohn-Hell, Berroa.
2008-09-24 20:16:45
310.   tsundstrom
Nomar Garciaparra continues the youthful pastime of launching Estes rockets into the night sky!


2008-09-24 20:17:09
311.   Icaros

Dick Pole.

2008-09-24 20:17:19
312.   I Love LA
Perhaps if some people here just act like mature adult and not make a classless poke at majority of my post. Even if my post are negative why respond with a negative comment? Do they honestly believe it will lead to somewhere good?
2008-09-24 20:18:08
313.   Tripon
308 Richard Brandon Wood.
2008-09-24 20:18:21
314.   I Love LA
305 - Fair enough
2008-09-24 20:18:22
315.   The Dude Abides
Nice takeout by the rook!
2008-09-24 20:18:32
316.   LogikReader
286 , 299

Vin is really letting the Mets have it. Maybe it has to do with how they treated former Dodger Willie Randolph.

It was somethin' to watch btw, that 9th inning. I thought for sure the Mets would find a way to score a runner at 3rd with nobody out, plus the Cubs went right after Wright, following the leadoff triple.

2008-09-24 20:19:30
317.   Berkeley Doug
Dear Mr. Steiner,

I'm not sure if Berrao (with an OPS of .643) qualifies as someone solidfying the infield.

2008-09-24 20:19:33
318.   Gen3Blue
At least--never mind.
2008-09-24 20:19:39
319.   Eric Stephen
I'm asking this in all seriousness, do you honestly believe your negative comments "will lead to somewhere good"?
2008-09-24 20:20:05
320.   Disabled List
Anybody up for a squeeze?
2008-09-24 20:20:07
321.   KG16
this would be a great time for Kershaw to get his first major league home run.
2008-09-24 20:20:07
322.   underdog
I've just been informed that the Arizona Diamondbacks have requested that, due to the current economic crisis, tomorrow night's games both be postponed. That is all.
2008-09-24 20:20:22
323.   Tripon
Why is Kershaw not sacrificing?
2008-09-24 20:20:24
324.   Icaros

He may have left some solids in the infield, though.

2008-09-24 20:20:27
325.   Berkeley Doug
Let the Minotaur hit!
2008-09-24 20:20:34
326.   trainwreck
It seems to me you live your life like a candle in the wind.
2008-09-24 20:20:50
327.   superbas
i chuckle every time i hear on local sports radio how berroa was a good pickup.
2008-09-24 20:21:26
328.   ucladodger

That AB by Wright was just really bad. He was up 3-0 and missed 2 fastballs over the plate. Swinging at ball 4 just compounded the whole situation. I know its just 1 AB, but it just took the wind out of the stadium and could be the difference in their season.

2008-09-24 20:21:44
329.   Disabled List
People, seriously-- there's some incredibly good baseball happening right now.
2008-09-24 20:22:21
330.   KG16
326 - never know who to cling to, when the rain sets in?
2008-09-24 20:22:24
331.   superbas
let's have a good ab here matt!
2008-09-24 20:22:30
332.   Berkeley Doug
Whatever happened to the safety squeeze?
2008-09-24 20:22:36
333.   Eric Stephen
Original or '97?
2008-09-24 20:22:38
334.   The Dude Abides
I have a good feeling right now about the power of THE BISON.
2008-09-24 20:22:39
335.   Icaros

And it's only because they love their country so much. Not because they're losing ground fast...

2008-09-24 20:22:41
336.   underdog
314 Thanks.

Huh. No squeeze attempt there with Kershaw up?

Okay, it's up to the Bison!

2008-09-24 20:23:46
337.   superbas
c'mon that was ball 3, wait for ur pitch.
2008-09-24 20:23:48
338.   trainwreck
Totally the original.
2008-09-24 20:24:06
339.   Jacob Burch
335 I wonder if that has enough context to not Cash it and walk the line.

Fun half inning so far.

2008-09-24 20:24:26
340.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-24 20:24:26
341.   Tripon
2008-09-24 20:24:27
342.   MonkeyBlue
Bison power!!!!
2008-09-24 20:24:34
343.   Icaros
Yes, Marilyn > Di.
2008-09-24 20:24:34
344.   KG16
here's the funny thing, well not so much funny "ha ha" as funny "wha?!", in the last two days we've seen Torre as Martin to bunt and let Kershaw swing away.

Think about that.

Meanwhile, the Bison crushes it!

2008-09-24 20:24:38
345.   ucladodger
That ball was hit pretty good.
2008-09-24 20:24:49
346.   Humma Kavula
2008-09-24 20:24:54
347.   superbas
2008-09-24 20:25:07
348.   fanerman
Bison Strength!
2008-09-24 20:25:52
349.   I Love LA
Thats why i got a Kemp tshirt
2008-09-24 20:25:53
350.   Berkeley Doug
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-24 20:25:53
351.   underdog
Hooray for the Bison!

And I will say that it was the right thing holding up the runner at 3rd that time.

2008-09-24 20:25:53
352.   The Dude Abides
Estes has a very good pickoff move, so Berroa got a lousy jump.
2008-09-24 20:25:55
353.   Berkeley Doug
2008-09-24 20:25:56
354.   Berkeley Doug
2008-09-24 20:25:58
355.   KG16
343 - dude, Marilyn > every woman who ever lived or will live.

your mileage may vary.

2008-09-24 20:26:11
356.   Disabled List
2008-09-24 20:26:22
357.   MonkeyBlue
The heck? Bison shaved!
2008-09-24 20:26:38
358.   Alex41592
It really is ok to just sit back and enjoy all of this. You never ever know if you'll see this again.
2008-09-24 20:26:46
359.   Eric Stephen
Martin's 2008 is now the 20th in LA Dodger history and the 43rd in Dodger history with 90 walks:

2008-09-24 20:26:55
360.   Humma Kavula
333 Thing is, Marilyn Monroe, I can see how she lived her life like a candle in the wind.

But Diana? A candle in the wind? More like a candle under glass, it seems to me. But what do I know about metaphor?

2008-09-24 20:27:02
361.   Alex41592
Bases loaded for Manny!
2008-09-24 20:27:13
362.   MollyKnight
I swear I nearly spit out my Sprite when I saw Ramon Martinez II step up to bat for the Mets in the bottom of the 10th. Like things couldn't get any worse, and then they did.
2008-09-24 20:27:18
363.   Gen3Blue
Due to the Mets performance, on the East coast, Mike and the ? will be a zoo tomorrow.

And not getting that second run in on Kemp's single, may very well be the game.

2008-09-24 20:27:24
364.   I Love LA
I want to see Manny's first grand slam as a a Dodger
2008-09-24 20:27:33
365.   Jacob Burch
Bob does not win.
2008-09-24 20:27:34
366.   Tripon
Estes pulled? That's bull! He has to give up the grand slam to Manny!
2008-09-24 20:27:36
367.   superbas
i love the other team's strategy of walking the hitter in front of manny.
2008-09-24 20:27:38
368.   underdog
You got nowhere to put Manny now, Padres.
2008-09-24 20:27:39
369.   KG16
358 - actually, I can see the future. We're going to see this a lot the next few years. But it will usually be in late August/early September, rather than late September.
2008-09-24 20:27:40
370.   Berkeley Doug
355 Audrey Hepburn > every woman who ever lived
2008-09-24 20:27:57
371.   Icaros
Oh, come on, Bud. It's still tied. What's the difference to you, anyway?
2008-09-24 20:28:17
372.   The Dude Abides
Adriana Lima > Marilyn > Di
I hate Marko Jaric.
2008-09-24 20:28:18
373.   Eric Stephen
Just sayin...

20 grand slams
21 bases loaded doubles

2008-09-24 20:28:35
374.   Humma Kavula
362 Ramon was the one who got them to extra innings by drawing the bases loaded walk in the 8th.
2008-09-24 20:28:40
375.   Sam PHL
A ManSlam would be nice.

I have to be up early tomorrow, so it would be nice if the Dodgers put it out of reach soon.

2008-09-24 20:28:43
376.   underdog
364 That's the spirit! :-)

I'll even take a single here but we should aim high.

Argh, my MLBTV player keeps freezing and getting stuck buffering. Tres frustrating.

2008-09-24 20:29:25
377.   MollyKnight
Is anyone else as excited about Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams starring in the new Sherlock Holmes movie as I am?

Somehow, I DON'T THINK SO.

2008-09-24 20:29:28
378.   Eric Stephen
I love the new I Love LA!!
2008-09-24 20:29:33
379.   Tripon
I heard Queen Elizabeth I was a very handsome woman.
2008-09-24 20:29:34
380.   KG16
370 - i wouldn't begrudge you that.
2008-09-24 20:29:38
381.   Branch Rickey
358. This is truly party time. Stress free.. trouble behind, nothing but good times ahead. There is a place for doubt and worry for an average of 364 days out of the year. Just a handful of times like this that come along every few years if you're lucky. I'm going to enjoy every hour of this week.
2008-09-24 20:30:11
382.   Eric Stephen
Only excited in as much as Chris Parnell can rap about it on SNL.
2008-09-24 20:30:28
383.   Humma Kavula
Wow, ball one wasn't close to the plate.
2008-09-24 20:30:37
384.   mpm31
355 370
I gotta go Grace Kelly > all other women

C'mon Manny!

2008-09-24 20:30:50
385.   scareduck
Mike Eckstrom sounds too much like David Eckstein.
2008-09-24 20:31:00
386.   KG16
Robert Downey Jr is not ugly enough to play Sherlock Holmes.
2008-09-24 20:31:12
387.   Tripon
2008-09-24 20:31:23
388.   MonkeyBlue
MANNY??Why even bother to hit?
2008-09-24 20:31:32
389.   trainwreck
I am more excited for the comedy version with Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell. Must see anything with Sacha as the main star.

Plus, who knows with Guy Ritchie these days.

2008-09-24 20:31:34
390.   ucladodger
Wow. That was right in MManny's wheelhouse.
2008-09-24 20:31:34
391.   The Dude Abides
2008-09-24 20:31:39
392.   KG16
384 - also a good pick
2008-09-24 20:31:51
393.   scareduck
384 - I take it you're not married.

So much for the Man-Slam.

2008-09-24 20:32:04
394.   underdog
You win this round, Ekstrom, but we'll be back for you, oh, we'll be back! {shakes fist}
2008-09-24 20:32:20
395.   Humma Kavula
You guys are crazy. We have not yet seen the woman who rates above all other women.

I'll take the other roughly fifty billion women in the history of the world. You can pick your one.

2008-09-24 20:32:25
396.   Jacob Burch
377 is McAdams playing Irene Adler or just a Bond-film esque female lead?
2008-09-24 20:32:31
397.   KG16
and Jude Law as Watson? Really?
2008-09-24 20:32:54
398.   Eric Stephen
Man-Slam is as unfortunate a term as Man-Ram.
2008-09-24 20:32:58
399.   fanerman
394 Shake harder, boy!
2008-09-24 20:33:12
400.   underdog
Who is Rachel McAdams playing, Dr. Watson?
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-24 20:33:17
401.   scareduck
391 - Talk Like A Pirate Day was last Friday.
2008-09-24 20:33:46
402.   Jacob Burch
377 And as a boy who grew up with English setters named Watson and Mycroft, you may have competition ;-)
2008-09-24 20:34:06
403.   Tripon
394 Unless he's pulled for another Padres pitcher.
2008-09-24 20:34:28
404.   Gen3Blue
Wow--that stunk!
2008-09-24 20:34:45
405.   I Love LA
Now this is the Kershaw I like to see
2008-09-24 20:34:56
406.   KG16
395 - if you choose right, you only need one
2008-09-24 20:34:56
407.   The Dude Abides
I would have liked Manny to do one of his fake bad swings on that 2-0 fastball, in order to get a good look at it and deke the pitcher into throwing him another one.
2008-09-24 20:35:00
408.   Humma Kavula
401 Yes. Today was National Punctuation Day.

2008-09-24 20:35:03
409.   Eric Stephen
That was a wicked curveball to show Mike Ekstrom in his first major league PA.
2008-09-24 20:35:08
410.   fanerman
Tampa Bay doesn't have anyone to throw the first pitch for their first ever play off game. Nobody from the franchise has done anything worthy enough. I think Xeifrank is as good a guy as any. He believed in them from the beginning, after all.
2008-09-24 20:35:10
411.   underdog
I'm with the Grace Kelly pick, as great as Marilyn was, I don't see any other woman at least on film as extraordinarily perfect looking. In modern times, well, there are a lot of gorgeous women, too many to name.
2008-09-24 20:35:45
412.   mpm31
393 Correct, unmarried. Perhaps I should have put in a preemptive asterisk for my future wife, whoever she may be.

Bummer, Manny- get 'em next time!

2008-09-24 20:35:50
413.   The Dude Abides
Don't be fatuous, scareduck.
2008-09-24 20:36:04
414.   I Love LA
so far so good Clayton!
2008-09-24 20:36:05
415.   scareduck
408 - So, Manny needs a colon cleansing?
2008-09-24 20:36:10
416.   KG16
I blame Manny's ground out on I Love LA's sudden burst of optimism

you threw the karmic balance out of whack man. that's bad ju-ju

2008-09-24 20:36:22
417.   Humma Kavula
406 That's certainly true, but they picked Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, who are dead.

I think they'll regret their choices.

2008-09-24 20:36:25
418.   I Love LA
Casey Blake baby!!!!
2008-09-24 20:36:29
419.   MonkeyBlue
Nice play by Casey.
2008-09-24 20:36:31
420.   KG16
416 (that was a joke, by the way)
2008-09-24 20:36:36
421.   Alex41592
Now, that was a GREAT play by Casey Blake.
2008-09-24 20:36:40
422.   68elcamino427
Blake with the leather!
2008-09-24 20:36:41
423.   scareduck
413 - Fatuous? I just lost 60 lbs!
2008-09-24 20:37:10
424.   KG16
417 - well, I started it off by picking Norma Jean.
2008-09-24 20:37:11
425.   Eric Stephen
Nice quick inning for Clay-K. 72 pitches through 5.

Let's get him the lead now!

2008-09-24 20:37:17
426.   MollyKnight
I have no idea what role McAdams is playing, other than HOTT.
2008-09-24 20:37:21
427.   I Love LA
416 - Please don't be ridiculous....don't be blaming everything on me
2008-09-24 20:37:29
428.   Tripon
I'm imagining Vin Scully doing that Taco Bell commercial. Shoot me now.
2008-09-24 20:37:33
429.   underdog
Another Web Gem from The Beard. Nicely done, Zoot!
2008-09-24 20:37:47
430.   The Dude Abides
2008-09-24 20:37:55
431.   KG16
427 - see 420
2008-09-24 20:37:58
432.   I Love LA
416 - Oh I had a feeling but still lol
2008-09-24 20:38:40
433.   68elcamino427
R U Gary Bennett?
2008-09-24 20:38:49
434.   underdog
427 see 420

Okay, let's go Dodgers {clap clap clap}

2008-09-24 20:39:30
435.   Humma Kavula
What's with all the dead hot women?

Let's pick a live hot woman!

I only have eyes for Mrs. Kavula, but if I had another pair of eyes, I would have to say that Salma Hayek would be easy on them.

2008-09-24 20:40:21
436.   I Love LA
dude did half this thread lost interest in tonight's game? I love woman too but there is another time for that man lol.
2008-09-24 20:40:22
437.   Jacob Burch
P. AB for 3.5
2008-09-24 20:40:32
438.   Eric Stephen
I hear Salma is in to dudes with two pairs of eyes. So you've got that going for you...
2008-09-24 20:40:43
439.   Eric Stephen
...which is nice.
2008-09-24 20:40:52
440.   KG16
435 - hmmm, I'm a bit partial to Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman
2008-09-24 20:40:56
441.   oshea2002
Seeing as the season is almost over, I'm guessing Nomar would get a start against Lilly/Santana/Hamels/Moyer if it came to it?
2008-09-24 20:40:56
442.   I Love LA
436 - Women i meant
2008-09-24 20:41:56
443.   The Dude Abides
Oh, so you stopped going to the In and Out Burger on Camrose.
2008-09-24 20:41:58
444.   trainwreck
As underdog said, too many to chose from. I would probably pick a different woman each day.

Today, I go with Maggie Q.

2008-09-24 20:41:59
445.   Humma Kavula
438 "Hey Salma. I think you're beautiful. Wanna see my OTHER pair of eyes?"
2008-09-24 20:42:26
446.   oshea2002
440 - two good calls. I like Rachel McAdams and Daneele Harris for my sleeper pick.
2008-09-24 20:42:40
447.   KG16
436 - you obviously didn't lurk very long before joining the fray. This is what we do. (Just don't get Bob started on the Civil War)
2008-09-24 20:43:16
448.   mpm31
440 I will second those choices for modern-era beauty, and add Evangeline Lilly from Lost.

Let's go Nomah, hit another Homah (feeble effort to keep at least some of my comment baseball-related).

2008-09-24 20:43:43
449.   Eric Stephen
That wandering fan almost got nailed by the foul pop.
2008-09-24 20:43:45
450.   scareduck
435 - What's with all the dead hot women?

"Get yer hot dead women! Hot dead women here!"

"Hey, buddy, what you got?"

"Ah, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, and if you're into classics, Helen of Troy."

"I'll take two Monroes."

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-09-24 20:43:48
451.   Gen3Blue
It really looked like Berroa(I think it was him) could have scored on Kemp's single. His two fakes suggested that. I assume it was Bowa who nix't it. Oh well!
2008-09-24 20:44:08
452.   MonkeyBlue
I love Nomar!
2008-09-24 20:44:13
453.   The Dude Abides
Nomah Powah
2008-09-24 20:44:16
454.   Eric Stephen
Wow, Nomar is Rachel McAdams/Diane Lane hot right now! :)
2008-09-24 20:44:17
455.   I Love LA
wow Nomar again
2008-09-24 20:44:22
456.   Humma Kavula
Nomar is proving he's not completely useless!
2008-09-24 20:44:25
457.   Alex41592
Nomar again. This is crazy.
2008-09-24 20:44:28
458.   68elcamino427
2008-09-24 20:44:30
459.   KG16
hey, there's a lead.

and Nomar is waking them up in Thief River Falls...

2008-09-24 20:44:34
460.   Jacob Burch
Two straight full counts...And Nomah!

and Zooey Deschanel

2008-09-24 20:44:35
461.   fanerman
2008-09-24 20:44:40
462.   Tripon
pencils Nomar to start at first base for the playoffs.

Pencils Loney to play off the bench for the playoffs.

2008-09-24 20:45:01
463.   scareduck
Meanwhile, back at the baseball game, the Dodgers are thumping Mr. Eckstrom.
2008-09-24 20:45:05
464.   nick
Nomar wielding the shillelagh!
2008-09-24 20:45:15
465.   Eric Stephen
...against LHP, probably.
2008-09-24 20:45:30
466.   JoeyP
Bench Loney ;)
2008-09-24 20:45:31
467.   Alex41592
454 - Mmm, McAdams and Diane Lane. No. No. Umm. Baseball. Dodgers! Yeah, Nomar!
2008-09-24 20:45:37
468.   underdog
Is it embarrassing to say I've always had a thing for Kate Winslet? I hate Titanic but I love me some Kate.

But Salma Hayek, yeah, that'd be fine, too.

Or Monica Belucci or Eva Green.

Can you tell my g/f is out of town this week?

Oh, and NOMAR!!

2008-09-24 20:46:16
469.   KG16
462 - [insert bad taste joke about Nomar getting hurt here]
2008-09-24 20:46:18
470.   Humma Kavula
450 The author Robertson Davies once posited that if Helen of Troy is the face that launched a thousand ships, then all other women can be rated in units: the millihelen.

A face that could launch 792 ships? 792 millihelens.

2008-09-24 20:46:33
471.   scareduck
462 - sure, when the Dodgers face the Padres in the NLDS. Oh, wait ...
2008-09-24 20:46:41
472.   The Dude Abides
I wouldn't mind seeing that, especially if he bats next after Manny.
2008-09-24 20:46:46
473.   skybluesky
I hardly ever comment but I gotta break my silence to put in a vote for Tina Fey. Oh, and yay Nomar!
2008-09-24 20:46:55
474.   KG16
468 - Kate Winslett isn't too bad.
2008-09-24 20:47:01
475.   fanerman
458 Whittier represents!
2008-09-24 20:47:13
476.   Jacob Burch
470 You sir have added a piece of vocabulary that may last me my life.
2008-09-24 20:47:21
477.   underdog
460 I do have a crush on Zooey, too.

Um, baseball, yeah, let's go Zoot!

2008-09-24 20:47:39
478.   Jacob Burch
Honorable Mention to Lost in Translation Scarlett.
2008-09-24 20:47:43
479.   scareduck
470 - a gag my wife Helen knows intimately... heh ...
2008-09-24 20:48:04
480.   Alex41592
If Nomar could move at all you'd HAVE to put him at short.

Productive out for Casey.

2008-09-24 20:48:06
481.   tjdub
Lauren Graham anyone?
2008-09-24 20:48:08
482.   MonkeyBlue
Nice Casey at least advanced the base runner.
2008-09-24 20:48:19
483.   68elcamino427
Nomah now at third base
2008-09-24 20:48:24
484.   oshea2002
468 - Winslett is really hot now. I'm kinda like that with Drew Barrymore. I don't know why I like her, I just know I do.
2008-09-24 20:48:33
485.   trainwreck
Definite Kate Winslett fan.
2008-09-24 20:48:48
486.   Eric Stephen
Nomar is up to .263/.322/.469 on the season. And he's .339/.424/.643 against LHP in 66 PA.
2008-09-24 20:48:55
487.   KG16
470 - must resist Simpsons/Helen of Troy reference about launching a 1000 ships in the opposite direction
2008-09-24 20:49:10
488.   trainwreck
Do not like Drew Berrymore at all.
2008-09-24 20:49:10
489.   fanerman
473 Wilco fan?
2008-09-24 20:49:13
490.   Tripon
I was always partial to the USC song girls. :)
2008-09-24 20:49:25
491.   Alex41592
Another walk for DeWitt.
2008-09-24 20:49:27
492.   MonkeyBlue
Heh, disrespecting Angel!
2008-09-24 20:49:51
493.   The Dude Abides the rules are actresses only, and I have to forgo my choice of Adriana Lima. OK, Rosario Dawson it is.
2008-09-24 20:50:03
494.   68elcamino427
Fight on!
2008-09-24 20:50:37
495.   BlueCrew Bruin
Two words.

Megan. Fox.

That is all.

2008-09-24 20:51:22
496.   Tripon
Wow, I thought Pineapple Express was a stoner's movie.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno just blows that out of the water.

2008-09-24 20:51:46
497.   Jacob Burch
493 I was going to add Leslie Feist, Neko Case, and Joanna Newsom. Ahh well.

This is enough woman talk. Dodgers only. Baseball. Baseball.

2008-09-24 20:51:47
498.   Eric Stephen
490 ,494
I hope AZ loses tomorrow afternoon so I don't have to fret about having the Dodger game in the background.
2008-09-24 20:52:03
499.   trainwreck
It's really not much of a stoner movie at all.
2008-09-24 20:52:04
500.   Tripon
I thought the Padres had a decent bullpen.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-09-24 20:52:08
501.   KG16
Elizabeth Moss has her moments.
2008-09-24 20:52:11
502.   underdog
I prefer my Kate Winslet in the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotlight Mind vein, cute pink hair and all.

480 Indeed. That would basically solve any remaining line-up issues. But he can't physically do it there.

Furcal coming back would also work.

2008-09-24 20:52:14
503.   Humma Kavula
493 Who said the rule was actresses only? We welcome all hot women here.
2008-09-24 20:52:18
504.   Eric Stephen
She's definitely more than meets the eye. I approve this message.
2008-09-24 20:52:37
505.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-24 20:52:44
506.   Alex41592
2008-09-24 20:52:45
507.   Tripon
499 Pineapple Express? They were high for about 3/4th of the movie!
2008-09-24 20:52:47
508.   The Dude Abides
2008-09-24 20:52:48
509.   MonkeyBlue
LOL!!!!!! Angel squezzzz!!!!
2008-09-24 20:52:53
510.   trainwreck
I'll go with Little Children.
2008-09-24 20:53:09
511.   LU Dodger
kate beckinsale

sorry i couldn't resist

2008-09-24 20:53:09
512.   skybluesky
489 Yeah. That was the album that I was listening to in the background when I first signed on to the toaster.
2008-09-24 20:53:18
513.   Tripon
Berroa does his job.
2008-09-24 20:53:18
514.   68elcamino427

Yeah we see LA dude - how 'bout you?

2008-09-24 20:53:19
515.   fanerman
Nice bunt!

Maybe the Mets should have tried it.

2008-09-24 20:53:23
516.   KG16
I love the squeeze. favorite play in baseball.
2008-09-24 20:53:27
517.   Humma Kavula
Neko Case is hot, and when she sings, she makes me a little afraid of what she'll do to me in bed, which only makes her hotter.
2008-09-24 20:53:30
518.   tjdub
two nights in a row! We're playing in a time warp.
2008-09-24 20:53:33
519.   trainwreck
That does not make it a stoner movie. You need to have weird random crap in it to be a stoner movie.
2008-09-24 20:53:39
520.   Eric Stephen
The real question is Ava Gardner or Rita Hayworth?
2008-09-24 20:53:45
521.   underdog
Beautifully done, Berroa.
2008-09-24 20:54:29
522.   underdog
Oops, I meant to say, "Squeee! ze!"
2008-09-24 20:54:44
523.   Humma Kavula
520 Rita every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
2008-09-24 20:55:13
524.   Tripon
519 The two most random fight scenes doesn't make it a stoner movie? Also, they literally did the whole movie high on pot.
2008-09-24 20:55:29
525.   Alex41592
510 - Kate Winslet and a laundry room or Kate Winslet being drawn? Decisions, decisions.
2008-09-24 20:55:51
526.   Jacob Burch
We could add Jeff Tweedy to the Hot discussion. But let's not. I don't even think indie-craving ladies approve much of that.
2008-09-24 20:56:04
527.   trainwreck
Not in my world.
2008-09-24 20:56:10
528.   The Dude Abides
That squeeze was the perfect call in that situation. Meredith's pitches are extremely difficult for righties to hit out of the infield.
2008-09-24 20:56:30
529.   KG16
525 - I'm going to have to go with both. yes, both.
2008-09-24 20:56:42
530.   underdog
Two words. Evangeline. Lilly.

That is all.

Hey, we shouldn't make this so one-sided, women commenters here are welcome to contribute their own picks.

For hottest women. (Or men.)

Oh, I do love Neko Case, voice and looks and everything.

2008-09-24 20:57:07
531.   LeeLacy
517 Wow-I never thought I'd see a mention of Neko Case on Dodger Thoughts. Love her looks. Love her voice (especially when she's singing with the New Pornographers).
2008-09-24 20:57:18
532.   oshea2002
Picking Megan Fox is like cheating. That would be everyone's answer.
2008-09-24 20:57:33
533.   Jacob Burch
517 You are 2/2 tonight in my book. I've always tried to describe to people that while she is good looking (I have a thing for the heads aflame), it's the voice that cinches it. Even as she ages into indie Queendom, this will always be the case. That is the best way I've heard.

She's even better live as she throws in fairly raunchy humorous bantering between every song.

2008-09-24 20:57:43
534.   tsundstrom
Did Nomar get hurt? Gamecast has Loney at 1B.


2008-09-24 20:57:52
535.   Icaros
Does Nomar hand a blue baton to Loney for these mid-game substitutions?
2008-09-24 20:57:59
536.   MC Safety
Haha. Tommy Lasorda's commercial keeps getting cut off right at "I'm Tommy La....

I love Charter.

2008-09-24 20:58:06
537.   trainwreck
Being Canadian is also a plus in my world.
2008-09-24 20:58:13
538.   Gen3Blue
Going foward, I love the fact that if I were an opposing pitcher, one of the players I'd least like to see in a jam is Blake DeWitt. He has an awesome eye and that clutchness that is perhaps a myth. But though we know ocassionally even Manny and Ethier get beat, there's something about Blake that is scary!
2008-09-24 20:58:13
539.   Tripon

A Mets fan in utter futility.

2008-09-24 20:58:37
540.   Alex41592
534 - No injury.
2008-09-24 20:59:13
541.   Jacob Burch
531 That's four Neko mentions now! Huzzah.

And as much as I adore the New Pornographers, her voice has yet to be stopped than on Deep Red Bells, though other songs on Blacklisted and Tigers come close.

2008-09-24 20:59:14
542.   underdog
524 I think they wrote that whole script high, too. Not the most coherent of pieces of writing, that one.
2008-09-24 20:59:16
543.   Tripon
534 Nomar can't play a full 9 innings of baseball anymore. He's in as long as the starter is, when there's a relief pitcher on the mound, you might as well pull him for Loney.
2008-09-24 20:59:45
544.   oshea2002
I don't like the fact it's Wednesday and the Trojans are playing tomorrow. Thur. is for middling ACC teams (the thanksgiving game is a bit different)
2008-09-24 20:59:46
545.   trainwreck
Funny thing is, they kept showing him and he was trying to be really positive after the 9th.

That did not last long.

2008-09-24 21:00:05
546.   KG16
539 - the guy smiling in the background is kind of creepy
2008-09-24 21:00:24
547.   Tripon
Love Kershaw going after Adrian G. Of course, I won't love it if Kershaw allows a homer.
2008-09-24 21:00:29
548.   mpm31
530 Beat you to the punch in 448

Hopefully CK can get through 7 tonight.

2008-09-24 21:01:30
549.   68elcamino427
K for Kershaw again!
2008-09-24 21:01:51
550.   skybluesky
The one time I saw Neko Case live she got really upset for some reason and stormed off the stage early. She looked gorgeous doing it, though.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-09-24 21:02:01
551.   Humma Kavula
531 There was an in-depth discussion of Neko about a year ago after the New Pornographers played L.A.

If memory serves, DzzrtRatt said that the combination of Neko Case and Carl Newman ranked with any pair in history.

2008-09-24 21:02:03
552.   tjdub
Hansel -- He's so hot right now!
2008-09-24 21:02:41
553.   Gen3Blue
I am getting so optimistic we might make the playoffs, that I would like to see Kershaw get rested a bit so he could throw a game or two.
2008-09-24 21:03:01
554.   Jacob Burch
550 How bizarre. She's been the sweetest thing the handful of times I've seen her--one of the best crowd engagers and answered multiple encores.
2008-09-24 21:03:24
555.   68elcamino427
#33 right up there on my favorite player list
2008-09-24 21:04:00
556.   Tripon

Ron Santo going nuts.

2008-09-24 21:04:54
557.   The Dude Abides
Bummer, that one was grooved.
2008-09-24 21:04:57
558.   MonkeyBlue
Take out the Kid.
2008-09-24 21:04:57
559.   Humma Kavula
Ohh, I think Kemp might've been able to get to that one.
2008-09-24 21:05:02
560.   Tripon
Matt Kemp got fooled on that ball.
2008-09-24 21:05:27
561.   underdog

Uh oh, might be time to pull the kid. Yep, there he goes.

2008-09-24 21:05:46
562.   68elcamino427
Great game by Kershaw tonight
2008-09-24 21:05:46
563.   Gen3Blue
Here comes Torre--one pitch too late.
2008-09-24 21:05:56
564.   Chiron Brown
Sophia Loren is the only woman. The rest are just females.
2008-09-24 21:05:58
565.   oshea2002
Ball was hit right at him. Tough to judge.
2008-09-24 21:05:59
566.   arbfuldodger
Top 3 women on my "list":

1. Lucy Pinder
2. Alessandra Ambrosio
3. Charlize Theron

2008-09-24 21:06:27
567.   Krebstar
Live commenting from Dodger stadium. The squeeze was awesome. Several people are drunk. Over.
2008-09-24 21:06:50
568.   Gagne55
Chan Ho Park?
2008-09-24 21:06:51
569.   Icaros
You guys are too much into white girls. Yawn.
2008-09-24 21:06:52
570.   Jacob Burch
561 Whether or not Neko had a subconscious effect on me pursuing my current red-headed lady, despite her being a tad young, is a not-so-much mystery.
2008-09-24 21:08:07
571.   KG16
while we're speaking of lady singers, I'm going to go with Monique Powell former lead singer of Save Ferris.

man, those guys knew how to party.

2008-09-24 21:08:15
572.   skybluesky
554 Yeah, i think that was just a weird night, the crowd was listless and unruly. I've always heard she's really cool other than that.
2008-09-24 21:08:20
573.   Tripon
Chan Ho Park does his job.
2008-09-24 21:08:29
574.   trainwreck
I said Maggie Q.
2008-09-24 21:08:31
575.   68elcamino427
Chan Ho takes care of business
2008-09-24 21:08:32
576.   MonkeyBlue
Nices! just 2 pitches for Park.
2008-09-24 21:09:14
577.   Jacob Burch
571 That takes me to when I was like eight. Sort of shame that they were better than nearly every band of that genre in that era and only got a semi-hit and an appearance in a teen comedy out of it.
2008-09-24 21:09:17
578.   Gen3Blue
Come on guys, win this one for Opie!!
2008-09-24 21:10:29
579.   underdog
569 Fine, fine -- for Icaros:

Ina Raymundo.

2008-09-24 21:10:29
580.   Jacob Burch
578 Chad Tracy?
2008-09-24 21:10:37
581.   Tripon

Like this?

2008-09-24 21:11:02
582.   KG16
577 - Eight? Dude, thanks for making me feel old.

thanks a lot.

2008-09-24 21:11:56
583.   Humma Kavula
For Icaros:

Denzel Washington. Not white, not a girl, but hot, I hear.

Ya happy now?

2008-09-24 21:12:17
584.   Jacob Burch
582 It Means Everything came out when I was 11, apologies. A friend got me into them shortly there after.
2008-09-24 21:12:25
585.   KG16
I have to say, I'm rather proud of this group. All this time and no one has mentioned the girl that always gets mentioned in this conversation.

I will not say her name here though. Good job boys

2008-09-24 21:13:00
586.   blue22
577 - When you were 8? Geezus, how long has it been since Save Ferris was relevant?

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the corner murmuring something about the glory days of '96.

2008-09-24 21:13:05
587.   silverwidow
Kershaw finishes 2008 with 168 innings pitched (Majors & Minors).

4.30 ERA with the Dodgers.

100 Ks.

Not bad for a 20-year-old.

2008-09-24 21:13:13
588.   68elcamino427
GG with the swinging bunt
2008-09-24 21:13:15
589.   KG16
584 - considering that I was in college when I partied with them, you being 11 doesn't help all that much.
2008-09-24 21:13:22
590.   The Dude Abides
I wonder how much Mattingly talks with our young guys. With Meredith, if the pitch starts out at your knees then you just have to lay off. Kemp got ahead 1-0, then swung and missed at three straight pitches at his ankles.
2008-09-24 21:13:32
591.   Tripon
Martin breaking out of his slump.
2008-09-24 21:13:55
592.   Gen3Blue
Please replace the divots!!
2008-09-24 21:13:56
593.   Icaros

I just saw American Gangster the other day.

2008-09-24 21:14:03
594.   Jacob Burch
585 Outside of my Claused Scarlett (and I really do only really really crush on her in LiT), The biggest "easy" names (Jolie, Balle, etc) have not made mention. Grats, group.
2008-09-24 21:14:10
595.   Gagne55
585 Jessica Alba?
2008-09-24 21:14:19
596.   Frip
260 I wonder if teams order the bubbly online, or just send a lackey (or in Anaheim's case, a Lackey) to Costco to get the celebratory ale.

What is this demeaning trend of calling anyone who's job it is to assist, a "lackey", toady, or flunky?

2008-09-24 21:14:29
597.   Jacob Burch
Balle? Berry? I am a name combiner!
2008-09-24 21:14:45
598.   sporky
Christian Bale, Hugh Laurie, Kyle Chandler.


2008-09-24 21:14:52
599.   Jacob Burch
595 That was my guess and purposely avoided it.
2008-09-24 21:15:46
600.   Jacob Burch
598 Molly has ditched you in your time of need. She did get a few shout outs at least.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2008-09-24 21:15:52
601.   ucladodger
That man be amazing
2008-09-24 21:15:57
602.   The Dude Abides
2008-09-24 21:15:57
603.   Jacob Burch
2008-09-24 21:15:59
604.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-24 21:15:59
605.   Tripon

And Manny blows this game open!

2008-09-24 21:16:02
606.   Indiana Jon
Manny being Manny!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-09-24 21:16:08
607.   KG16
594 got the name i was thinking of. 595 is always an acceptable answer in this discussion. always.

Wow, Manny is just teh awsum

2008-09-24 21:16:08
608.   fanerman
587 What was the target number of innings?
2008-09-24 21:16:10
609.   Alex41592


2008-09-24 21:16:13
610.   sporky
Manny is unbelievable.
2008-09-24 21:16:15
611.   68elcamino427
Mr. Ultimo
2008-09-24 21:16:18
612.   I Love LA
Manny Manny Manny Manny
2008-09-24 21:16:19
613.   trainwreck
Wow, Hugh Laurie. You sure like British accents.
2008-09-24 21:16:37
614.   Eric Stephen

(a) is tied for 2nd on the club in HR
(b) needs only 1 more RBI to join Oyster Burns (or to miss 1 game)

2008-09-24 21:16:41
615.   underdog
Poop on Grace Kelly, I love Manny!
2008-09-24 21:16:45
616.   The Dude Abides
I thought the rules were actresses only
2008-09-24 21:16:47
617.   Frip
Boy is Rick Monday lame.
2008-09-24 21:16:48
618.   I Love LA
Curtain Call.....Manny is now tied with Kemp with 17
2008-09-24 21:16:49
619.   Tripon
Dodgers fans always want Manny to take a curtain call!
2008-09-24 21:17:10
620.   superbas
how about manny for 3yr/65mil with option for 4th or a 3 mil buy-out? he's just a beast!
2008-09-24 21:17:15
621.   fanerman
2008-09-24 21:17:30
622.   Tripon
You know who's cool?

Wonder Woman.

2008-09-24 21:17:51
623.   Humma Kavula
These two months of Manny have been two of the most enjoyable months of baseball I've ever experienced.
2008-09-24 21:17:52
624.   I Love LA
At the risk of being redundant..Manny seriously need to be resigned.
2008-09-24 21:17:55
625.   68elcamino427
Ethier rakes!
2008-09-24 21:18:46
626.   MC Safety
Power. Bat.

Bring on the Cubs. I'm rooting for the Mets to miss the playoffs. I hate the Mets.

2008-09-24 21:18:54
627.   sporky
616 Oops.
2008-09-24 21:19:13
628.   I Love LA
620 - I think minimum going price for Manny will be 3 yrs/75Mil....the thing is he might be seeking 4 years/$100Mil and someone like Gotham City or Windy City just might offer that...or even The OC.
2008-09-24 21:19:35
629.   68elcamino427
Magic number ... Magic number ...
2008-09-24 21:19:37
630.   Eric Stephen
Even if Manny is Lyle Langley, this 2 month period has been so great I'm willing to put up with North Haverbrook-style production for a few years!
2008-09-24 21:19:46
631.   Humma Kavula
626 If the Mets make the playoffs, we get the Phillies.
2008-09-24 21:19:46
632.   KG16
the discussion is not limited to actresses.
2008-09-24 21:19:51
633.   underdog
I prefer my Hugh Laurie in Jeeves and Wooster and Blackadder, not House, but that's just me.
2008-09-24 21:20:27
634.   trainwreck
Damn straight! Hugh Laurie is a comedian!
2008-09-24 21:20:28
635.   underdog
630 That's more of a Shelbyville idea.
2008-09-24 21:20:49
636.   Jacob Burch
623 No kidding. I remembered hating the idea of the Dodgers making a big deal at the deadline--not considering Manny--and the second it bubbled up just sort of had a big grin. Even then I couldn't have expected this.
2008-09-24 21:20:52
637.   KG16
628 - if you're McCourt you pay it. Three years of Manny will be worth the price of admission. No matter how high it goes.
2008-09-24 21:21:03
638.   Icaros
Loney being Loney.
2008-09-24 21:21:14
639.   sporky
633 I loved him in Blackadder.
2008-09-24 21:21:34
640.   fanerman
Loney pinch-hitting against a LH? Trying to preserve Nomar?
2008-09-24 21:21:50
641.   KG16
...donkey with a spinning wheel...
2008-09-24 21:21:54
642.   trainwreck
Oh, snap! Sporky knows Blackadder.
2008-09-24 21:21:56
643.   Jacob Burch
635 I wonder if that's how they got Ned to sign Juan Pierre.

"The Fastest, Hittingest....aww nevermind. That's more of a....Giant Idea."

"Wait wait wait. Just tell me how much and we'll sign it!"

2008-09-24 21:22:16
644.   Icaros

He'd already come in for defense.

2008-09-24 21:22:20
645.   I Love LA
Manny has given us so much memories this past 2 months that it is worth whatever future trouble he may or may not bring. I'll take my chances..for every hit and every HR he gets I'll gladly accept.
2008-09-24 21:22:35
646.   Jacob Burch
640 Loney was a defensive replacement.
2008-09-24 21:22:44
647.   KG16
643 - sorry Frank, the mob has spoken.
2008-09-24 21:23:01
648.   underdog
640 - He already came in for him in previous half inning as defensive sub.


Seriously though, it's surprising how many people I know were surprised to discover Hugh Laurie was British. That blows my mind.

2008-09-24 21:23:31
649.   Gen3Blue
624 You could be right. Spelling going either way.
2008-09-24 21:23:33
650.   Indiana Jon
Guys I think I may have a problem here. I'm developing a serious man crush on Manny. The good news is that I don't believe that breaks any of Jon's rules.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2008-09-24 21:23:38
651.   Jacob Burch
647 I'd say DT played the role of Marge than Frank, but alas.
2008-09-24 21:23:52
652.   underdog
Mono... D'OH!!
2008-09-24 21:24:13
653.   Jacob Burch
Juan-a pierre does sort of sound like Monorail.
2008-09-24 21:24:20
654.   sporky
And it makes me sad that people only know Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean.

Blackadder! And he was a voice actor in the Lion King!

2008-09-24 21:25:00
655.   I Love LA
637 - I wish I was McCourt...who knows what he'll do. I am sure Boras will attempt to get that 4 yr/100 Million depending on how many buyers are going in that range...NY, CHI, and OC may be biting. If not 3 years $75 million will be minimum they will demand and for sure someone will pay that.
2008-09-24 21:25:36
656.   sporky
Vin sure loves this Chip Ambres fellow.
2008-09-24 21:26:11
657.   68elcamino427
Next out of the pen - the Legend that is Joe Beimel
2008-09-24 21:26:25
658.   Icaros
Joe Torre: not screwing around tonight.
2008-09-24 21:26:36
659.   KG16
So, is it true that we're going to have the Isotopes as our AAA team next year? That's not going to be good with the Simpsons quotes
2008-09-24 21:27:17
660.   Jacob Burch
659 'Tis. I'm buying a hat once I get my next check.
2008-09-24 21:27:24
661.   Humma Kavula
Completely separately from what he does between the lines... do McCourt and Colletti need to re-sign Manny from a public relations standpoint?

After all the memories he's provided, after seeming to lift the team to the postseason, won't the brain trust be ripped to shreds if they let Ramirez get away to, say, the Yankees? Wouldn't they be hailed as heroes and given a tickertape parade by the Plaschkes of the world if they get the deal done?

We've seen McColletti make deals for PR reasons before. This might be another one that simply has the side benefit of the fact that Manny is really, really, really good.

2008-09-24 21:27:28
662.   silverwidow
4 years/$120 mil

That will get Manny. Guaranteed.

2008-09-24 21:27:44
663.   KG16
The Angels aren't going after Manny. They've already said they're not going to increase payroll much. So, the only way they go after Manny is if Texeria leaves.
2008-09-24 21:28:00
664.   The Dude Abides
That's because he seems to hit below .150 against the rest of the league and .500 against us.
2008-09-24 21:28:18
665.   underdog
659 Yes, indeed.

We try to contain our barrage of Simpsons references for when Jon is away at a game in person. Get them out of our system.

2008-09-24 21:28:39
666.   Jacob Burch
Alright, that was Jeff Kentish. But oh well. He's still green there.
2008-09-24 21:28:52
667.   KG16
661 - I think as a PR thing, there's a lot of pressure. Imagine if Gibson was a mid year acquisition in '88 and the Dodgers didn't resign him in '89.
2008-09-24 21:29:49
668.   I Love LA
662 - Well yeah but nobody will offer that much...not even A Rod got that much per year with NY.
2008-09-24 21:30:09
669.   Jacob Burch
667 But let's hope Manny's next few are maybe a tad better than Gibby's ;-)
2008-09-24 21:30:25
670.   KG16
665 - I know, I know, it's just you know, some times, I'll be quirky. I'll be quirky? Albuquerque!
2008-09-24 21:30:29
671.   Humma Kavula
667 Yeah, that's why I think the deal gets done. I wonder if it'll be as rich as 662 , but it might be if that's what it takes for it to get done. I can very, very easily see our management overpaying for Manny, which is kinda OK because it's Manny.
2008-09-24 21:31:05
672.   68elcamino427
look at it this way - today he's playing for the dodgers at no cost.

So it costs a little bit more tomorrow

2008-09-24 21:31:48
673.   I Love LA
671 - I rather overpay for Manny than to let him walk to another team.
2008-09-24 21:32:07
674.   I Love LA
Uh oh this one isn't over yet.
2008-09-24 21:32:20
675.   Tripon
Why didn't Berroa go to first?
2008-09-24 21:32:31
676.   oshea2002
2008-09-24 21:32:43
677.   Alex41592
That was a tough play at every base.
2008-09-24 21:32:48
678.   sporky
Comebacker, please.
2008-09-24 21:32:59
679.   oshea2002
Giles is such a pest.
2008-09-24 21:33:03
680.   Icaros

Yes, but take that a step further and you see that Gibson was injured and lousy the rest of his time in LA, and he was never the same player again. That's what we could be stuck with for $100 million.

2008-09-24 21:33:03
681.   KG16
relax guys, it's Joe Biemel. 1-2-3 double play coming
2008-09-24 21:33:24
682.   MonkeyBlue
Come on!
2008-09-24 21:33:24
683.   The Dude Abides
Beimel having bad luck. Two seeing eye grounders for base hits, one of them the infield type.
2008-09-24 21:33:41
684.   oshea2002
I can live with that result.
2008-09-24 21:33:57
685.   Alex41592
That's ok.
2008-09-24 21:34:10
686.   The Dude Abides
OK, that line out to center makes up for it.
2008-09-24 21:34:20
687.   LogikReader
Yep... its a tough one. The Padres hit the ball juuuuust slowly enough to allow everyone to reach.

Meanwhile, Giles swats the ball but right at Beimel. Thank goodness!

However, this Adrian Gonzalez guy is a mean hitter (never mind his splits vs Beimel!)

2008-09-24 21:34:22
688.   KG16
680 - doesn't matter. in the eyes of the public, you pay for the possible, even the impossible (again, see 1988).

also, as I said, part of what you pay for is what they've done.

2008-09-24 21:34:45
689.   Eric Stephen
For the record, I think I was first to use "Mannyrail" here: (post 357) :)

2008-09-24 21:34:56
690.   Tripon
680 Manny would be a much better bet over Gibson.
2008-09-24 21:35:23
691.   68elcamino427
Ump is bored
2008-09-24 21:35:48
692.   Icaros

Okay, but I disagree.

2008-09-24 21:35:50
693.   The Dude Abides
Woot woot!
2008-09-24 21:35:51
694.   silverwidow
2008-09-24 21:35:55
695.   MonkeyBlue
BREAK! nice job Bimel.
2008-09-24 21:35:55
696.   LogikReader
Yee haw! Go Beimel!!
2008-09-24 21:36:07
697.   KG16
688 - and do you gamble that Manny is going to get hurt or rapidly decline? and do you take the chance of him not declining and heading the parade in Anaheim (or Chicago) next year? from a pr standpoint, that's a nightmare.
2008-09-24 21:36:10
698.   Gen3Blue
I don't think Manny shirked it in Boston and showed he's a total dog, to get out of 2 option years and take a three year contract.
He definitely wants at least 4 at 100 grand.
2008-09-24 21:36:14
699.   Alex41592
3 and 0 swinging.
2008-09-24 21:36:52
700.   underdog


Albuquerque Mayor: See how much Dallas wants for the Cowboys..
Assistant: That's a football team, sir.
Albuquerque Mayor: They'll play what I tell them to play...for I am the mayor of Albuquerque..

Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2008-09-24 21:37:12
701.   JoeyP
Pretty selfish AB by A-Gon.
3-0 greenlight...
2008-09-24 21:37:13
702.   Gagne55
6 outs to go. I wonder if Saito is back to closer status.
2008-09-24 21:37:30
703.   KG16
692 - from a pure baseball perspective, resigning Manny could conceivably not be the right choice. From a business/public relations standpoint, I think it's a nightmare scenario.
2008-09-24 21:39:10
704.   Tripon
I love Casey Blake's new intro music.
2008-09-24 21:39:13
705.   68elcamino427
From a $20 parking fee it's a cinch
2008-09-24 21:40:30
706.   Icaros

What's the worst that could happen? Will people stop going to Dodgers games? Losing Beltre was a PR disaster, so was trading LoDuca. Didn't really matter.

Also, we are paying for Manny this year. We paid in LaRoche currency.

2008-09-24 21:40:41
707.   Tripon

More Mets fan futility, with a Cubs fans consoling her.

2008-09-24 21:41:21
708.   68elcamino427
2008-09-24 21:41:23
709.   silverwidow has a new, faster server. Try it.
2008-09-24 21:41:24
710.   MC Safety
569 Lol. Icaros get points for that. You gotta expand your horizons.
2008-09-24 21:41:42
711.   Gagne55
698 I might do 4/100 with an optout clause after two years. That would essentially make it a 2/50 and Manny gets a reward for playing well. The only risk would be if he falls off in he first two years, the Dodgers would be stuck with the last two.
2008-09-24 21:42:20
712.   blue22
Manny will be 37 years old and is seeking a multi-year contract paying maybe the highest average salary in the history of the sport.

I think you have a legit case to pass on that if you're Frank.

2008-09-24 21:42:26
713.   silverwidow
"Contract" Manny is the best hitter in the game.

I wonder how he'll do once he gets paid.

2008-09-24 21:42:51
714.   underdog
If the Dodgers can trade Pierre for little return in exchange for some of his contract being picked up, and if they can somehow get Manny to agree to a slightly shorter term contract than he may ask for, then I think they should do it. Will not picking up Penny's option help as well?
2008-09-24 21:43:13
715.   Alex41592
Another walk for DeWitt.
2008-09-24 21:43:52
716.   scareduck
Re Neko Case, much lauded above: fun with Google searches:

2008-09-24 21:44:19
717.   MonkeyBlue
Nice no more Sweeney.
2008-09-24 21:44:25
718.   Alex41592
Jeff Kent batting.
2008-09-24 21:44:42
719.   Tripon
706 Beltre and Lo Duca didn't lose much in merch value. Manny already proven that people wants to rock his gear. If you lose Manny, you also lose the several million at least in Manny Jerseys, and such.

Or Who the heck would want a Lo Duca jersey?

2008-09-24 21:44:54
720.   underdog
Jeff Kent Alert. Stand Up. Repeat, Jeff Kent Alert. That is all.
2008-09-24 21:44:55
721.   MonkeyBlue
713. Juan Gonzales can give Manny a run for his money.
2008-09-24 21:45:06
722.   oshea2002
I'm not sure Kent could play 2B before getting hurt, so I'm not sure how that's a test of anything.
2008-09-24 21:45:06
723.   LU Dodger
I know no one is surprised, but absolutely no love for the Dodgers almost clinching tonight on baseball tonight. spend a great deal of clip showing manny ground out with bases loaded, and barely show the homer

let em' hate i say....

2008-09-24 21:45:16
724.   Tripon
Jeff Kent is a pinch hitter.
2008-09-24 21:45:18
725.   Gen3Blue
Its kind of interesting that the offense couldn't put this one away yet, given the pitching we've seen.
2008-09-24 21:45:19
726.   silverwidow
Kent can still hit.
2008-09-24 21:45:22
727.   I Love LA
Kent with a hit
2008-09-24 21:45:37
728.   68elcamino427
Jeff Kent pinch hitter
2008-09-24 21:45:38
729.   silverwidow
Repko in to run.
2008-09-24 21:45:41
730.   Jacob Burch
716 She was also awesome on Aqua Teen Hunger Force in a dual cameo with John Kruk.

Yes. Kruk.

2008-09-24 21:45:46
731.   Eric Stephen
Welcome back JK.

No, I'm not kidding.

2008-09-24 21:45:53
732.   I Love LA
And he did it without Manny hitting behind him too.....
2008-09-24 21:46:07
733.   silverwidow
How about RAFFY FURCAL????
2008-09-24 21:46:20
734.   The Dude Abides
Grumpy skill!
2008-09-24 21:46:21
735.   blue22
713 - When has Manny ever not hit?
2008-09-24 21:46:42
736.   underdog
And he can still hit apparently. And run at about 80% it looks like.
2008-09-24 21:48:08
737.   KG16
723 - as Katt Williams says, "y'all need haters. if you got 10, you need 20. everyone needs a hater."
2008-09-24 21:48:08
738.   Icaros

So your logic is to pay $100 million to make an extra "several million" in merchandise? My math says that's still a loss.

2008-09-24 21:48:15
739.   silverwidow
735 I'm talking about Manny as a super elite hitter (contract years like 2000 or 2008) versus, say, 2007.
2008-09-24 21:48:50
740.   sporky
WE: 86%
2008-09-24 21:48:57
741.   oshea2002
They gotta stop with the In N Out commercials. It's making me depressed.
2008-09-24 21:49:03
742.   Indiana Jon
I'm truly amazed at what I just saw from Jeff Kent. No, not the base hit three weeks after knee surgery. He actually smiled in the dugout!
2008-09-24 21:49:04
743.   LU Dodger

lol, love kat w.

2008-09-24 21:50:13
744.   sporky
741 Now that I live within walking distance of one, those commercials might be the end of me.
2008-09-24 21:50:32
745.   Tripon
738 And other promotional stuff you can do with Manny, such as special appearances, more likely playoff appearances, more attention from national media, a renegotiation of TV rights with KCAL and FSN, etc.
2008-09-24 21:50:35
746.   The Dude Abides
Is Sammy a little sore? BTW, three great pitches from Wade there.
2008-09-24 21:50:35
747.   68elcamino427
How about this - if the Dodgers can sign Andruw Young - then why not Manny?
2008-09-24 21:50:36
748.   silverwidow
Cory Wade: Joe Torre's Favorite Reliever.
2008-09-24 21:50:52
749.   Jacob Burch
744 I blame them (and being well within walking distance of two) and the lack of free time due to thesis for my extra fifteen or so pounds.
2008-09-24 21:51:00
750.   blue22
739 - Well, yeah, that's the rub. Giving Manny a $100M thinking he'll just continue to (as my wife puts it) "get a hit everytime", yeah that could go bad in a hurry.

Enjoy this now. We just might not see this again.

Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2008-09-24 21:51:03
751.   Gen3Blue
698 I can appreciate that as a logical approach. I'm having a problem with the ethical end. Throughout the East Coast and even the Heartland, Manny is seen as everything that is wrong with baseball, and it would be worse than bringing in Barry Bonds to win. I'm surrounded by Red Sox fans.
2008-09-24 21:51:49
752.   LU Dodger
we could be in the playoffs tomorrow...
2008-09-24 21:51:54
753.   Jacob Burch
747 I think the former potentially answers the latter.

Icaros is right--nightmare situation or not, it's not going to kill the Dodgers business plan if they don't resign him.

I still hope/wish they do, whether that's me being a "dumb" fan or not.

2008-09-24 21:52:13
754.   Tripon




Classes start at UCI tomorrow, so I can head over to the In n Out headquarters in Irvine(I didn't even realize the HQ was in Irvine) tomorrow.

2008-09-24 21:52:43
755.   Alex41592
752 - That is true no matter what happens in this game.
2008-09-24 21:53:15
756.   Icaros

I think you're overreaching.

2008-09-24 21:53:39
757.   LU Dodger

I's just sinking in...slowly, and yet so fast

2008-09-24 21:53:57
758.   Jacob Burch
I do wonder how I'll remember/appreciate these last two months, as I've tried to stay level headed through out it--which can effect pleasant memories. Perhaps the most lasting memory will be holding up four fingers in mocking fashion with BH as the Padres kept IBBing him a couple of weeks ago. Just having a guy like that you can get excited about every at bat.

It's been fun, that's for sure.

2008-09-24 21:53:57
759.   MonkeyBlue
Good job Wade.
2008-09-24 21:53:57
760.   silverwidow
Cory Wade might be MY favorite reliever, too.
2008-09-24 21:54:03
761.   Alex41592
Cory Wade!
2008-09-24 21:54:18
762.   oshea2002
Cory Wade is simply awesome.
2008-09-24 21:54:56
763.   Tripon
756 shrugs I just think having Manny on the team will help offset his high salary with the potential promotional stuff you can do with him.
2008-09-24 21:55:16
764.   Gagne55
3 outs to clinch at least a tie
2008-09-24 21:55:21
765.   Frip
Lucille picked a fine time to leave Kenny, and the Dodgers picked a fine time to get hot.
2008-09-24 21:55:31
766.   Tripon
Mets wish they had Cory Wade. Or Chan Ho Park. Or Joe Beimel.
2008-09-24 21:56:35
767.   sporky
766 Hell, the Mets probably wouldn't mind Troncoso. Or even Proctor.
2008-09-24 21:56:52
768.   Alex41592
766 - Mets had Chan Ho Park last season. But, this Chan Ho was not that Chan Ho.
2008-09-24 21:57:10
769.   Tripon
767 They'd take Falkenborg at this moment.
2008-09-24 21:57:27
770.   Icaros
For the record, I want to re-sign Manny. But I'd stop at 3 years/$80 million.

Making million-dollar business decisions based on what fans and newspapers say is US Governmentally inept.

2008-09-24 21:57:43
771.   silverwidow
Wade is an amazing story. He was mediocre prior to last year and now he is a legit major league set-up man. SICK.
2008-09-24 21:57:50
772.   scareduck
754 - John 3:16, Revelation 3:20, Proverbs 3:5, Nahum 1:7, John 14:6.

Hungry now?

2008-09-24 21:58:20
773.   trainwreck
That episode has my favorite joke in the show.

"Ooooooh, you are naughty. Yes, you are a cheerleader, aren't you? Enormous 300 pound cheerleader.... Not too many cheerleaders missing teeth, but uh... sure, I'll go with the fantasy. Yeah, get the mascot involved, that's right. The guy in the bear outfit. I'm so desensitized, it's just got to be completely bananas to get me off."

2008-09-24 21:58:22
774.   The Dude Abides
Make an initial offer to Manny for 3 years/$66 million. Then see what happens with the market. If the Yankees, Mets, Phillies, or Cubs offer 4 years/$100 million, then we have a lot of thinking to do. Personally, I suspect Boras knows Manny would like to stay here, and will use the two NY teams to drive up his price, both in dollars and years.
2008-09-24 21:58:46
775.   68elcamino427
Ok Mr. Ultimo is up again
2008-09-24 21:58:46
776.   sporky
For the past month, I've been trying to decide between a Billingsley, Kershaw, Loney or Bison jersey t-shirt (I already have a #55 t-shirt). I still can't decide.

Any suggestions?

2008-09-24 21:58:46
777.   Jacob Burch
770 A serious question--is your worry production drop off or injury concerns? I just wonder if a 3/75 with some sort of 25/5 investing team option would be fine with you--as that's been the deal I've been tinkering with the most lately, in fantasy land.
2008-09-24 21:59:24
778.   blue22
770 - I'm with you. Give him the token "highest annual salary" figure, but cap it at 3 years (maybe an option for a 4th, with some vesting milestones).

I don't really want to get played as a negotiating tool to drive up Minaya's offer.

2008-09-24 21:59:50
779.   Jacob Burch
772 The word Nahum makes me crave Double Doubles™ always.
2008-09-24 22:00:19
780.   MC Safety
I thought the Katt Williams bit about gangsters being mad at 7 in the morning was hilarious.

"You gangbanging on bacon?!"

2008-09-24 22:00:30
781.   68elcamino427
Yes - get them all - you'll be glad you did:)
2008-09-24 22:00:45
782.   Alex41592
Pierre should be running for Manny.
2008-09-24 22:00:59
783.   The Dude Abides
Shouldn't we pinch run for Manny here?
2008-09-24 22:01:40
784.   The Dude Abides
Woot woot!
2008-09-24 22:01:46
785.   Tripon
Everyone safe!
2008-09-24 22:01:53
786.   Eric Stephen
This inning, brought to you by AllState.
2008-09-24 22:01:57
787.   Alex41592
Andre looking good.
2008-09-24 22:02:04
788.   MonkeyBlue
Lets do the safety dance every one!
2008-09-24 22:02:07
789.   68elcamino427
How sweer it is
2008-09-24 22:02:21
790.   trainwreck
Andre Ethiiiiier!
2008-09-24 22:02:23
791.   Gagne55
772 Scareduck, are you a Christian?
2008-09-24 22:02:33
792.   Tripon
Broxton wants the Dodgers to stop scoring runs. He wants a save!
2008-09-24 22:02:36
793.   Alex41592
Manny scoffs at my Pierre idea going 1st to 3rd.
2008-09-24 22:02:58
794.   The Dude Abides
I guess if this was the Boston Manny, having JP pinch run would have been the right play. The LA Manny really motored there.
2008-09-24 22:03:30
795.   Alex41592
I think Torre can get Saito up.
2008-09-24 22:03:39
796.   Jacob Burch
776 I'd lean toward Bison, as that's what I'm doing myself (7 55 and 31 RIFreeAgency away).

First I need money. And a 'Topes hat. And to find my old ones. And maybe a new 55 as its shrunk beyond my Thesis Fifteen.

2008-09-24 22:04:01
797.   Louis in SF
Getting ready for Furcal?
2008-09-24 22:05:48
798.   scareduck
776 - having been burned by too many name shirts, jerseys, etc. I just buy team logo Hawaiian shirts.
2008-09-24 22:05:48
799.   silverwidow
Dodgers and The Office: Should be a great day tomorrow!
2008-09-24 22:05:49
800.   sporky
781 The frontrunners are Billingsley and Bison. I'd get both, but that's more than $50!
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2008-09-24 22:05:54
801.   Eric Stephen
Been reading the bottom of the cups lately? :)

I worked there in high school and didn't realize those were on the bottom of the cups until after I quit.

2008-09-24 22:05:56
802.   Jacob Burch
791 The question aside (My guess is it won't get answered given the fairly unbiased demeanor of the board), those are all Verses found on In-N-Out product containers.
2008-09-24 22:07:29
803.   Louis in SF
Getting ready for Furcal?
2008-09-24 22:07:29
804.   Tripon
power stroke for Loney.
2008-09-24 22:07:57
805.   trainwreck

I want them to start NOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!

2008-09-24 22:08:03
806.   Alex41592
Loney killed the Toaster.
2008-09-24 22:08:05
807.   The Dude Abides
Woot woot!
2008-09-24 22:08:22
808.   scareduck
776 - having been burned by too many name shirts, jerseys, etc. I just buy team logo Hawaiian shirts.
2008-09-24 22:08:33
809.   thinkblue88
2008-09-24 22:08:38
810.   Frip
According to Rick Monday we are winning lately because we are now ganging up on teams as a cohesive unit, when before we were playing passively.

I don't like Rick Monday.

Whenever something happens, you can bet, not two seconds later he will have a ready-made cliche-ridden theory to explain it all. Call it the "THAT'S what you have to do!" broadcasting style.

2008-09-24 22:08:46
811.   68elcamino427
#7 - James Loney
2008-09-24 22:09:09
812.   scareduck
Sorry about the multiple posts but the site clogged up on me.
2008-09-24 22:09:12
813.   MonkeyBlue
Why didn't Loney go? Giles had nothing on that throw.
2008-09-24 22:09:19
814.   Jacob Burch
791 The question aside (My guess is it won't get answered given the fairly unbiased demeanor of the board), those are all Verses found on In-N-Out product containers.

Loney power! Crashed the server!

And for some reason despite the heart break I still go for Player T shirts. Not expensive enough to be burned, I guess.

If I got a jersey, it would have to be a retired player or someone with at least nine years of wonderful Dodger service. So I got a while to go.

2008-09-24 22:09:21
815.   The Dude Abides
Vinny's already counting the game as a Dodger victory.
2008-09-24 22:09:45
816.   thinkblue88
Hu Hu Hu!
2008-09-24 22:09:55
817.   MonkeyBlue
Oh well pop fly double for HU!
2008-09-24 22:10:03
818.   LoneStar7
2008-09-24 22:10:05
819.   silverwidow
HU LET THE DOGS OUT???????????
2008-09-24 22:10:14
820.   kachang
A hit for Hu! I'm really enjoying this.
2008-09-24 22:10:23
821.   Jacob Burch
813 His team is up a considerable amount. No reason to risk unhealthy scathing.
2008-09-24 22:10:29
822.   The Dude Abides
Hu crushed that one?
2008-09-24 22:10:34
823.   trainwreck
I got a Edwin Jackson jersey back when team had no names. Then it became Jose Cruz Jr. and now thankfully it is Clayton Kershaw.
2008-09-24 22:10:55
824.   underdog
Yay! Something good happened for Hu!

Hu lets the dogs out!

2008-09-24 22:10:55
825.   Icaros

I don't know how a "25/5 investing team option" works. Could you explain?

My worry is that 4 years from now he's going to be 4 years older, and his age will, for the first time (since he was 4), start with a 4.

2008-09-24 22:10:56
826.   scareduck
791 - no, I'm a (Westminster High) Lion.

As 772 observed, those are all references on various paper goods sold by In-N-Out.

2008-09-24 22:11:09
827.   Alex41592
Louis: Looking good, Billy Ray!
Billy Ray: Feeling good, Louis!
2008-09-24 22:11:35
828.   blue22
814 - My only jersey is a #23 Robin Ventura. But I'm from Ventura, so there's that.

So are we rooting for an AZ win tomorrow, so as to clinch in front of the home folk?

2008-09-24 22:11:35
829.   MonkeyBlue
Yeah I off to the gym.
2008-09-24 22:11:38
830.   Tripon
Berroa has a multi RBI game.
2008-09-24 22:11:39
831.   thinkblue88
dont stop dont stop dont stop!
2008-09-24 22:11:47
832.   LoneStar7
grandpa wesley!
2008-09-24 22:11:58
833.   The Dude Abides
Slappy in to bat and play LF. Awesome.
2008-09-24 22:12:23
834.   underdog
823 Quick! Put "Kershaw" on the back to seal that up, and before anything bad happens to him.

Berroa joins the party!

2008-09-24 22:12:28
835.   Jacob Burch
825 25/5 meant $25mil with a $5 buyout. Vesting option would work like Kent's--with X amount of PA, it would be automatic, otherwise, it's a team decision. It protects you from an old player who gets injured too much, but does not protect you against someone who just isn't worth it.
2008-09-24 22:12:34
836.   trainwreck
I see "Hu Let the Dogs Out?" is going to be the new "Manny being Manny."
2008-09-24 22:12:38
837.   silverwidow
2008-09-24 22:12:41
838.   The Dude Abides
My feelings exactly!
2008-09-24 22:13:13
839.   tjdub
Amid all our gaiety tonight and hopefully again tomorrow, let's be a little sensitive and remember that there are some somber hotel rooms or restaurant booths in St. Louis right now. The Snakes worked hard all year too. They deserve a little empathy, a little .... Nah, this is too much fun.
2008-09-24 22:13:35
840.   underdog
831 Um {looks away awkwardly) would you like us to leave the room?
2008-09-24 22:13:42
841.   blue22
825 - Here's Carlos Delgado's terms on an '09 vesting option:

# 2009 option vests at $16M with 30 points in 2005-08:

* 20 points for World Series MVP
* 10 points for LCS MVP
* 10 points for MVP, 9 for 2nd place in MVP vote, 8 for 3rd, 7 for 4th, 6 for 5th, 5 for 6th, 4 for 7th, 3 for 8th, 2 for 9th, 1 for 10th

2008-09-24 22:13:48
842.   Jacob Burch
828 If you knew the Dodgers would win Thursday, yes.

You don't, so take wherever the Magic Number drops come.

2008-09-24 22:14:08
843.   LAT
I offically feel bad for the Padres now.
2008-09-24 22:14:34
844.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-24 22:14:37
845.   Jacob Burch
2008-09-24 22:14:38
846.   thinkblue88
2008-09-24 22:14:38
847.   The Dude Abides
Darkness washed over the Diamondbacks. Darker than a black steer's tookus on a moonless prairie night.
2008-09-24 22:14:39
848.   underdog
Remember last night when I worried momentarily that they were blowing all their offense on one game? That was a silly worry.
2008-09-24 22:14:55
849.   Branch Rickey
Raffy sighting!
2008-09-24 22:15:41
850.   silverwidow
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2008-09-24 22:15:42
851.   Tripon
2008-09-24 22:15:46
852.   thinkblue88
2008-09-24 22:15:49
853.   Alex41592
2008-09-24 22:15:57
854.   Icaros

So the option/buyout is on the fourth year? If so, that'd be better than a guaranteed fourth year. It's hard to say.

This is a murder now.

2008-09-24 22:16:09
855.   scareduck
Raffy Furcal. Now I have seen the elephant.

Watch him GIDP.

2008-09-24 22:16:14
856.   trainwreck
2008-09-24 22:16:18
857.   Eric Stephen
And look who's coming up
2008-09-24 22:16:32
858.   LogikReader
I have goosebumps! GOOSE BUMPS!!
2008-09-24 22:16:50
859.   sporky
858 Me too!
2008-09-24 22:16:52
860.   scareduck
840 - LOL!
2008-09-24 22:16:53
861.   fanerman must be super duper slow
2008-09-24 22:16:56
862.   Louis in SF
Getting ready for Furcal?
2008-09-24 22:16:59
863.   Alex41592
Dodger Stadium stole my post!!!

2008-09-24 22:17:15
864.   LogikReader

LOL. You talk about a roll of the dice...!

ah, not really :)

I Can't Believe He's BACK!

2008-09-24 22:17:43
865.   Bluebleeder87
It's nice seeing both Kent & Furcal back, but in all honesty I really hope upper-management uses them wisely.
2008-09-24 22:18:20
866.   scareduck
Huh... tomorrow we can look forward to Clinch Thoughts.
2008-09-24 22:18:56
867.   Icaros

Now that type of deal I'd go for. Performance is more important than PAs.

I'd option Manny until his 60s as long as he had to win MVP awards for it to keep vesting.

2008-09-24 22:19:27
868.   MonkeyBlue
unfair! a knuckle baller?
2008-09-24 22:19:46
869.   Bob Hendley
Welcome back Rafi. Missed ya. Wesley Sr. has been keeping your place warm.
2008-09-24 22:20:07
870.   Alex41592
GAHHHHH! Man just foul!
2008-09-24 22:20:49
871.   Alex41592
That's all right. Welcome back!
2008-09-24 22:21:04
872.   scareduck
That was ... predictable.
2008-09-24 22:21:41
873.   KG16
I switched over to Sons of Anarchy, and just saw everyone saying Furcal was up, so here I am, just in time to see the third strike.

This season would have been more fun if they were doing this all year.

2008-09-24 22:21:51
874.   sporky
Will Ellis make his MLB debut?
2008-09-24 22:21:57
875.   Icaros
He always does that wrist-breaking dive.
2008-09-24 22:22:13
876.   trainwreck
It's jobber time!
2008-09-24 22:22:19
877.   The Dude Abides
I wonder if Joe's going to put Raffy out there at shortstop.
2008-09-24 22:23:20
878.   Alex41592
Raffy playing short.
2008-09-24 22:23:25
879.   underdog
Ah well. That was still great to see Raffy. Just missed a double.

And I hope Martin gets this last inning off, I saw him with his gear still on.

2008-09-24 22:23:26
880.   Tripon
Raffy's in the field.
2008-09-24 22:24:01
881.   Tripon
Proctor's in the game. I think martin's still in the game too.
2008-09-24 22:24:50
882.   Alex41592
Raffy hit for Martin.
2008-09-24 22:24:54
883.   Gagne55
879 He kinda has to since he got pinch hit for.
2008-09-24 22:25:28
884.   Bluebleeder87
I don't get it, so if the D-Backs lose tomorrow, we clinch? what about if they win & we win? I guess we would have to clinch up north then right?
2008-09-24 22:25:34
885.   Icaros
Adding a healthy Furcal's bat and glove to this lineup would be something.
2008-09-24 22:26:00
886.   Jacob Burch
884 Assuming the lead holds, the next Dodger win or DBacks loss will be a clinch.
2008-09-24 22:26:06
887.   KG16
884 - need either a Arizona loss or a Dodger win to be in.
2008-09-24 22:26:19
888.   Tripon
884 Dodgers clinch tomorrow with either a D'Backs lost, or a Dodgers win.
2008-09-24 22:26:25
889.   The Dude Abides
Entering tonight's game, Proctor's stats since coming off the DL in early Sept:

5 1/3 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 6 K

2008-09-24 22:26:31
890.   Icaros

If the D-backs lose another game this season, or if the Dodgers win another game this season, it's over.

2008-09-24 22:26:42
891.   sporky
874 Never mind. He's already caught 2 innings.
2008-09-24 22:26:48
892.   Tripon
Proctor doesn't look sharp.
2008-09-24 22:26:56
893.   trainwreck
It's over now!
2008-09-24 22:27:06
894.   Alex41592
D'Backs play at 11:15 a.m tomorrow morning. If they lose it's over.

If the D'Backs win the game tomorrow morning then tomorrow night means something. If we win that game it's over. If the D'Backs win and Dodgers lose the San Francisco series means something.

2008-09-24 22:27:13
895.   underdog
Oh duh, you're right. Still, I could've sworn I saw him with his gear on in the dugout. Maybe he wasn't paying attention either.

Good -- and a bit weird -- to see Raffy out there in the field, too.

2008-09-24 22:27:15
896.   fanerman
885 Yeah. If he can come close to form...
2008-09-24 22:27:16
897.   Icaros
I should've figured I'd be late on that one. But I like helping.
2008-09-24 22:28:15
898.   silverwidow
what about if they win & we win?

We would be up 4 games with 3 to play.

2008-09-24 22:28:24
899.   trainwreck
A woman running for county commissioner here has the campaign strategy of putting up sexy pics on her website.

2008-09-24 22:29:21
900.   Jacob Burch
899 Rule 5 and Woman Thoughts! Awesome.
Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2008-09-24 22:29:45
901.   LU Dodger
Won't that be kind of weird if the Dbacks lose and we clinch that way?

weird picturing the dodgers showing up to the clubhouse and bathing in champagne at noon

2008-09-24 22:29:51
902.   Icaros

So you're saying there's a chance!

2008-09-24 22:30:08
903.   underdog
Gosh, Ozzie Guillen continues to make friends wherever he goes. His press conferences are always amusing, or scary. Or both. Not much love for the Twins reliever today.
2008-09-24 22:30:12
904.   Linkmeister
Gee, I go off to eat dinner and come back to find what had been a 6-4 nailbiter has turned into a laugher. Darn.
2008-09-24 22:30:22
905.   Tripon
Think Proctor makes the post season roster? If we make the playoffs and then hunt geese in the wild?
2008-09-24 22:31:16
906.   Bluebleeder87
you know what, I rather they clinch quickly so our starters can rest (especially Martin) well, hopefully they clinch tomorrow.
2008-09-24 22:31:22
907.   Tripon
901 They'd do it after the game, no matter what the result is. I would imagine they would have to have somebody watch Kershaw as he is underage and can't touch the bubbly.
2008-09-24 22:31:27
908.   Gagne55
1 out to go
2008-09-24 22:31:44
909.   The Dude Abides
Proctor's fastball, curve, and slider are all working tonight. Our postseason bullpen will look pretty good.
2008-09-24 22:31:44
910.   Eric Stephen
The Dodgers are guaranteed to play past Sunday!

The magic number:

By the way, the D-Backs aren't going 5-1 in their last 6 games. :)

2008-09-24 22:31:52
911.   thinkblue88
2008-09-24 22:31:54
912.   LogikReader
The Magic Number is: 1!


2008-09-24 22:32:00
913.   Humma Kavula
One to go.
2008-09-24 22:32:03
914.   Tripon
Raffy had no chance to flash the leather.
2008-09-24 22:32:07
915.   Jacob Burch
2008-09-24 22:32:15
916.   Alex41592
Magic Number: 1

The Dodgers have clinched at worst a tie for the division lead.

2008-09-24 22:32:26
917.   blue22
901 - bathing in champagne at noon

Or as I like to call it around here..."Tuesday".

2008-09-24 22:32:37
918.   underdog
Actually Proctor's looked really good, except for that hit. I'd put him on the post season roster over a Jason Johnson or Troncoso.

1 is the magic number, oh yes it is!

2008-09-24 22:33:40
919.   Humma Kavula
By the time the Dodgers throw the first pitch tomorrow night, this one could be over.

But how about those races! AL Central - go Twins! NL Wild Card - go Brewers!

2008-09-24 22:33:43
920.   trainwreck
Get into the groove...
2008-09-24 22:33:54
921.   Louis in SF
Getting ready for Furcal?
2008-09-24 22:34:01
922.   BlueCrew Bruin
Alright, so I'm steadily knocking on wood but if Raffy is really ready to play, how's this? Am I forgetting anyone?

Furcal - SS
Kemp - CF
Ethier - RF
Manny - LF
Loney - 1B
Martin - C
Blake - 3B
DeWitt - 2B

Kershaw (when necessary)

Ardoin - C
Nomar - IF
Borroa - IF
Pierre - OF
Young - OF
Kent - PH


2008-09-24 22:34:06
923.   Gagne55
Game over! Hopefully the Griddle will be updated quickly!
2008-09-24 22:34:48
924.   Bluebleeder87

yeah that's what i'm trying to get at...

2008-09-24 22:35:07
925.   Them Blues
We will see a 163rd game.
2008-09-24 22:35:36
926.   underdog
I would certainly be perfectly happy if the Dodgers clinch based on the DBacks losing earlier tomorrow, of course, but there would be something very cool about seeing them clinch it by winning a game tomorrow night. On the other hand, as pointed out above, better to take the clinch wherever it comes, rather than chance having to win it in SF. (Not that I'd mind seeing them clinch in person Friday night, either, but I'm pretty okay with that game meaning nothing.)

These blowout games against the Pads have really done the Dodgers a favor, too, giving them a chance to play Furcal, get Kent an at bat, give McDonald some work, etc.

2008-09-24 22:35:58
927.   trainwreck
Not involving the Dodgers.
2008-09-24 22:36:58
928.   Them Blues
927 I meant, at very least, a 163rd Dodger game.
2008-09-24 22:37:00
929.   Eric Stephen
Yes we will. Worst case scenario, we tie for the division. Otherwise, game 163 is Wednesday at Chi/Phi/NY.
2008-09-24 22:37:13
930.   underdog
922 That looks spot-on to me!

I like leaving Sweeney off -- I hope they do, too. If Kent and Furcal are both gonna be given space they may have no choice but to leave Sweeney off.

2008-09-24 22:37:35
931.   blue22
926 - Clinching in SF = sweet

But, yeah, asap is good too.

2008-09-24 22:37:43
932.   Humma Kavula
925 That's possible. It's certainly not probable enough to use a word like "will."
2008-09-24 22:38:57
933.   underdog
Also, if the Dodgers do clinch tomorrow, one way or the other, that gives them more chances to give Raffy some playing time in the SF series. That will be key. I wouldn't mind seeing Raffy Friday night.
2008-09-24 22:39:19
934.   scooplew

1956 -- A 20-year-old rookie right-hander named Don Drysdale, 6-foot-6, 216 pounds, goes 5-5 for the Dodgers, throwing 99 innings in 25 games, helping the team win the pennant.

1988 -- A 20-year-old rookie right-hander named Clayton Kershaw, 6-foot-3, weighing 220 pounds, goes 5-5 for the Dodgers, throwing 106 2/3 innings in 21 games, helping the Dodgers...(to be completed).

2008-09-24 22:39:25
935.   Bob Hendley
A magical night: Clayton doing a fine job, dingers by Manny and Nomar and the offense running on all cylinders. Topped off my the reappearance of Grumpy and Rafi. Just think, last time he was on the field we were like 19-16. What a long strange trip its been.
2008-09-24 22:39:41
936.   Eric Stephen
The Dodgers are guaranteed to play in at least 163 games this year.
2008-09-24 22:40:09
937.   underdog
935 And he was leading the NL in hits then, too! Seems like eons ago.
2008-09-24 22:40:09
938.   Them Blues
932 We're officially not done at 162, if you catch my drift.
2008-09-24 22:40:11
939.   scooplew
934 -- Correction for Kershaw, of course. It is 2008.
2008-09-24 22:40:22
940.   Gagne55
932 Yeah, there might be a nuclear holocaust in the next week. Or aliens could abduct all MLB players. Or the rapture could come. Can't guarantee anything yet.
2008-09-24 22:40:31
941.   Eric Stephen
Very nice!
2008-09-24 22:40:44
942.   Tripon
The Dodgers are going to play at least 165 games.
2008-09-24 22:41:02
943.   Humma Kavula
936 Of course, you're right. I thought the poster meant what is traditionally called the 163rd game -- the one-game play-in. I see now what he means. I retract my post.
2008-09-24 22:41:10
944.   Bluebleeder87

I like your train of thought, I like the rotation.

2008-09-24 22:41:40
945.   Them Blues
927 932 936 Eric Stephen gets me :)
2008-09-24 22:41:52
946.   LogikReader
There are actually 8 chances for the Dodgers to clinch the NL West. This is like having 99 lives in King Koopa's Castle to save the Princess in Super Mario Brothers.
2008-09-24 22:42:02
947.   Eric Stephen
Not officially. If they are tied for the division, a 1-gamer decides it (at DS).
2008-09-24 22:42:15
948.   underdog
Okay, I'm off to try to do some catch up writing and cleaning after procrastinating due to baseball.

See y'all tomorrow.

Go Cards! Go Dodgers! Go Mets!

2008-09-24 22:43:00
949.   underdog
So the Dodgers are guaranteed to play at least 165 games this season, then?


Night folks.

2008-09-24 22:44:10
950.   sporky
932 940 You're thinking about it way too negatively!
Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2008-09-24 22:44:55
951.   blue22
946 - I'd prefer the up-up-down-down-L-R-L-R Contra reference, but point taken :)
2008-09-24 22:45:06
952.   The Dude Abides
I like that postseason roster, with one exception. Either Maddux is the Game 4 starter, or Joe leaves him off. If the team decides Kershaw has reached his innings limit, then he gets left off and Maddux is the Game 4 starter. This would definitely open up a spot for Proctor. If Kuo can't come back, then Hu gets on the roster for defensive purposes.
2008-09-24 22:45:22
953.   Eric Stephen
Are you full of animal fries yet? :)
2008-09-24 22:46:30
954.   sporky
953 I don't think I can handle it on consecutive days.
2008-09-24 22:46:52
955.   Gagne55
The Griddle hasn't made a 9-24 post updating all the playoff races. :(
2008-09-24 22:48:17
956.   Humma Kavula
955 Maybe Bob is at the game?
2008-09-24 22:49:07
957.   blue22
952 - So Furcal, Nomar, Hu, and Berroa on the same postseason roster? The shortstop fetish lives on!
2008-09-24 22:49:52
958.   Louis in SF
Although it is a bit risky, regardless of what happens tomorrow with AZ, I would start Raffy tomorrow. If he is going to be more than a pinch hitter the Dodgers have to see how he does, especially against a good pitcher like Peavy. As much as I dislike it, I would bet serious money that Sweeney makes the first round roster. The "left handed power bat" is how it will be justified.
2008-09-24 22:49:58
959.   Tripon
957 Nomar's a 1st baseman now.
2008-09-24 22:51:08
960.   Xeifrank
My simulator now has the Dodgers chances of making the playoffs at 99.83%.
vr, Xei
2008-09-24 22:51:25
961.   Bluebleeder87
If the team decides Kershaw has reached his innings limit, then he gets left off and Maddux is the Game 4 starter.

I like 922 but I have a feeling we will get Maddux as well. He has a 3 something era in post season play so I guess it's not all that bad, but I don't know.

2008-09-24 22:52:34
962.   Eric Stephen
This will be the happiest place ever if this is tomorrow night's lineup against Peavy:

SS Furcal
CF Pierre
3B DeWitt
1B Sweeney
LF Young
RF Repko
2B Hu
C Ellis
P Maddux

2008-09-24 22:52:53
963.   BlueCrew Bruin
I think you have to have either Berroa or Hu on the roster. I'd be surprised to see both though. Furcal will only have a few games under his belt so you hope he'll be ok but can't really bet a lot on it. And Nomar can't be counted on to play SS.

I forget how the playoff rosters work though. If someone goes down with an injury, can a team add a player in the middle of a series?

2008-09-24 22:52:58
964.   blue22
958 - Yep, you kinda need to play Furcal to see if he breaks, right? No need saving him.

And the bench seems a bit right-hand heavy with Kent, Nomar, and Berroa (maybe) but without Sweeney.

Having said that, watch Delwyn be the one left off :(

2008-09-24 22:53:58
965.   sporky
962 No McDonald? :)
2008-09-24 22:55:44
966.   Eric Stephen
I figure Maddux needs to stay sharp.

Torre will save J-Mac for Underdog, et al Friday night.

2008-09-24 22:56:01
967.   blue22
965 - Could be Maddux's last start. Ever.
2008-09-24 22:56:44
968.   LAT
How anti clamatic if the D'Backs lose and the Dodgers lose. Dodgers uncork the bubbly 6 hours after clinching and a loss. Not that it matters but it would be odd.
2008-09-24 22:56:44
969.   JRSarno
959 - It's an interesting question, not because I think it's necessarily the "right" move, but Torre seems to play on streaks and what's working in the moment. Interesting to see what he does vs. Peavy tmrw... if he starts Nomar, I'd say he's goin for the heat of the moment approach.
2008-09-24 22:56:55
970.   The Dude Abides
Kevin Kennedy, yes you take Kent instead of Sweeney. You don't always have to pinch run for him if he gets a pinch hit. You almost have the same decision to make if Sweeney gets a pinch hit, too. Only with Sweeney, he doesn't get pinch hits. He is an out machine. So, Sweeney gets left off the roster. He can only do one thing, and he really can't even do that one thing anymore. Also, I'd rather have Pee Wee than Repko. Pee Wee can hit.
2008-09-24 22:57:47
971.   LAT
969. If he starts Nomar its to rest soemone else.
2008-09-24 22:57:54
972.   Gagne55
956 I guess I'll just get some sleep then. I was staying up waiting for the Griddle to update, but it looks like that won't happen anytime soon.
2008-09-24 22:58:28
973.   sporky
If Furcal can at least get his hitting on track, he'd make an interesting DH.
2008-09-24 22:59:45
974.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
Very happy! Verrrrrrry happy!
2008-09-24 22:59:55
975.   BlueCrew Bruin
968 Perhaps if the DBacks lose, the Dodgers will all pull a David Wells and play tomorrow night's game buzzed.
2008-09-24 22:59:55
976.   blue22
973 - But at least we're not looking too far ahead though, right? :)

I wonder what gives his back more trouble though - offense or defense?

2008-09-24 23:00:17
977.   bryanf
2008-09-24 23:00:55
978.   sporky
Good thing my Friday class doesn't start until noon.
2008-09-24 23:01:42
979.   Jacob Burch
Wood Knocked question:

What time do West Coast, Week day, Playoff games typically start? Just starting a new job, I may have to do some chicken-counting to makes sure I can get proper time-off early.

2008-09-24 23:01:44
980.   JRSarno
971 - If he starts Nomar at first, then your comment must presuppose that Torre's doing it to rest Loney. With that rationale then, might as well throw in a lineup as in 962.
2008-09-24 23:03:17
981.   The Dude Abides
If the D-Backs lose tomorrow afternoon, then Raffy should start and play anywhere from three to five innings tomorrow night. If he's not sore Friday morning, then start him for three to five innings Friday night, and rest him Saturday night. Since Sunday is a day game, see if he can play at least six innings. We're walking a fine line between giving him enough playing time to get the rust out and overworking him too much too soon. I think we want to avoid playing him later in the evening on those cold Frisco nights.
2008-09-24 23:04:05
982.   Tripon
Nomar or Furcal as DH!
2008-09-24 23:04:20
983.   scareduck
962 - not if Maddux implodes for six runs in the first and Peavy shows up breathing fire.
2008-09-24 23:04:58
984.   scareduck
982 - News flash: Dodgers still in NL.
2008-09-24 23:05:00
985.   JRSarno
922 - Looks perfect.
2008-09-24 23:06:53
986.   Neal Pollack
963--I believe anyone who was on the 40-man at the time of roster expansion is eligible for the playoffs.

O Happy Night! Between the win and the McCain Implosion, my day couldn't get much better.

2008-09-24 23:07:14
987.   LAT
984. Tripon's looking forward to the WS.
2008-09-24 23:07:56
988.   blue22
983 - Well that would certainly make the Maddux/Kershaw conundrum even more interesting.

Could Joe really resist picking Maddux over Kershaw for a Game 4 start, even if Maddux is shelled by the SD Retreads?

2008-09-24 23:07:59
989.   The Dude Abides
Kennedy just came around to my thinking, saying Kent should be on the roster because the other pinch-hitting specialist option can't run either. Gee, I wonder who's that other person Kennedy's referring to?
2008-09-24 23:09:33
990.   LAT
The Dodger PR Dept is overdoing it with all these pre-taped promo/historical peices.
2008-09-24 23:09:39
991.   Jacob Burch
983 I'm pretty sure we wouldn't care of the regular season wins anymore by then.
2008-09-24 23:09:47
992.   Strike4
Watching those Dodger highlight clips on FSN reminded me that Drysdale's scoreless inning record lasted a long time, 19 years. But I just realized Hershiser's record has outlasted it at 20 years. Ouch, time flies.
2008-09-24 23:09:55
993.   blue22
963/986 - I don't believe you can adjust the players in the midst of a series. You can add/drop players between rounds though (um, I think).
2008-09-24 23:10:36
994.   The Dude Abides
Kennedy just came around to our thinking, saying Kent needs to be on the postseason roster for pinch hitting, since our other pinch hitting specialist can't run either. Gee, I wonder who that other pinch hitting specialist is?
2008-09-24 23:11:23
995.   The Dude Abides
Jon, please delete 994, I thought the Toaster had eaten my previous post.
2008-09-24 23:12:08
996.   blue22
990 - I hadn't seen the LoDuca one before tonight. Frankly, I'm surprised they voluntarily acknowledge him at all.
2008-09-24 23:15:34
997.   KG16
996 - he was a decent story, career minor leaguer becomes All Star. Almost made people forget about #31.
2008-09-24 23:16:20
998.   KG16
and is it just me, or have the Dodgers had a pretty good tradition on the mound and behind the plate? not quite like centerfield for the Yankees, but still, not a bad run, when you think about it.
2008-09-24 23:16:28
999.   LAT
Kent over Sweeny as PH is a no-brainer. At least Kent can has some power and can make contact when its time to move someone over. Sweeny,not so much.
2008-09-24 23:17:20
1000.   Jacob Burch
998 I was upset not to see Jason Phillips on the "Best LA Catcher" pole last night.

Did no one see his eyewear?

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2008-09-24 23:17:56
1001.   Tripon,0,5109363.column

T.J. Simers writes about Manny pledge about every homer as a Dodgers means a personal donation to Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA.,0,2132708.column

Bill Plaschke writes a negative ninny article.

2008-09-24 23:20:47
1002.   Tripon
Takashi Saito says he has tightness in his elbow resulting from having pitched on consecutive days Saturday and Sunday. Conte said he wasn't concerned, attributing the tightness to Saito's prolonged inactivity
2008-09-24 23:20:47
1003.   Jacob Burch
"During Wednesday's victory over the San Diego Padres, which combined with the Arizona Diamondbacks' loss cut the magic number to one, the loudest and most heartfelt cheers weren't for anything on the field.

Those sounds, that feeling, erupted only when the Dodger Stadium outfield video board replayed Gibson's 1988 World Series homer."

I find it really, really, really hard to believe the video they've showed over and over and over got more cheers than the Manny Homerun or Raffy returning.

Whatever. He is who he is.

2008-09-24 23:21:06
1004.   Gen3Blue
Holy Cow, we win, I said, waking up on the E.Coast having missed the last inning. And we won going away! I had expected a struggle reducing the "magic no." But may it continue to shrink!
2008-09-24 23:21:12
1005.   KG16
HA! Stewart just ripped on the Raiders!
2008-09-24 23:22:26
1006.   KG16
1003 - I am not surprised, not surprised at all.
2008-09-24 23:22:45
1007.   trainwreck
Which Stewart?
2008-09-24 23:23:37
1008.   KG16
1007 - Jon
2008-09-24 23:24:47
1009.   trainwreck
2008-09-24 23:31:05
1010.   Eric Stephen
What time do West Coast, Week day, Playoff games typically start?

This kind of depends on what teams make it, and the matchups for TV in the first round.

This year is the same as last in that the first 3 days of the playoffs are like so:

Wed, Oct 2: 3 games
Thu, Oct 3: 3 games
Fri, Oct 4: 2 games

Last year, the start times were as so (Pacific Time):

Noon - Rockies/Phillies Gm 1
3:35 - Angels/Red Sox Gm 1
7:05 - Cubs/D-Backs Gm 1

Noon - Rockies/Phillies Gm 2
3:35 - Yanks/Indians Gm 1
7:05 - Cubs/D-Backs Gm 2

2:05 - Yanks/.Indians Gm 2
5:35 - Angels/Red Sox Gm 2

This year again both NL series start Wed/Thu so with the Dodgers either in Chicago or Philly I would imagine the middle game on the day the Angels play at home and perhaps the late game on the other day.

I haven't seen anything regarding different start times this year, though.

2008-09-24 23:31:10
1011.   scareduck
987 - which qualifies as premature evaluation.
2008-09-24 23:32:32
1012.   KG16
1011 - it's ok, it happens to every guy.

Well, not me. But you know, everyone else.

2008-09-24 23:33:59
1013.   Jacob Burch
1010 Mine was more in regards to serious knock on wood, as the Dodgers wouldn't host a Weekday game until the NLCS. I fear a start before 6--and if it could stay at 7, I'd be giddy.

Still have to contact you and BH to set up the funds to make sure I have every game covered. If the Dodgers can continue winning, I'm forever in your dudes' debt.

2008-09-24 23:34:40
1014.   scooplew
I made a trip to New York City last month because I had never seen a game at Yankee Stadium. As I watched the game, won by the Yankees over Toronto, I visualized Sandy Amoros making his remarkable running catch near the left-field line and starting a DP in the 7th game of the 1955 World Series, and Johnny Podres, who shut out the Yankees in Game 7, 2-0, deliriously making his way through the crowd to the dugout after the final out in the game that gave Brooklyn its only World Series crown. I was 7 then, and we had just moved to L.A. from Brooklyn. My night at Yankee Stadium was the same night that the Dodgers lost their eighth in a row. I held out no illusions for the Dodgers for this season. The next day I flew back to California and found out the Dodgers had broken the winless streak. Maybe it was karma. You know the rest of the story.
2008-09-24 23:36:35
1015.   Eric Stephen
I believe all the LCS games are 5pm starts (maybe 5:20 or so), except for the one weekday they play both series (Mon, Oct 13). Last year the start times were staggered on that day.
2008-09-24 23:38:12
1016.   Jacob Burch
1015 Groan. I'll either have to show up to work extremely early or make it up other days, I suppose. Just don't know how much leeway I'll have as I'm still fairly new at the job.

Ah well, questions for later. I suppose once the MN is less than one, I'll bring it up.

2008-09-24 23:38:27
1017.   Eric Stephen
Last year the dual Monday games were staggered by roughly an hour:

4pm in Cleveland
5pm in Colorado

2008-09-24 23:39:02
1018.   Eric Stephen
And those times are pacific daylight time.
2008-09-24 23:40:59
1019.   Jacob Burch
I also don't have vacation days to use until February, I should add. I would use them in a heartbeat if it wasn't the case.
2008-09-24 23:42:06
1020.   Eric Stephen
The good news is there will only be 2 weekday games tops (depending on how you count Friday).

Dodgers Play Wild Card Team
Gm 1 - Thu 10/9
Gm 2 - Fri 10/10
Gm 6 - Fri 10/17
Gm 7 - Sat 10/18

Dodgers Play non-WC
Gm 3 - Sun 10/12
Gm 4 - Mon 10/13
Gm 5 - Wed 10/15

Sounds like we will both be Brewers/Mets fans for another 12 days or so.

2008-09-24 23:43:31
1021.   fanerman
No sleeping tonight. I'll be up all night knocking on wood.
2008-09-24 23:50:26
1022.   bhsportsguy
Park at Dodger Stadium - $15
Buy a soda at the game - $4.50
Catch a foul ball (off a Kershaw pitch), well block with my left hand and then grab it before anyone else can get it - a briefly sore left hand
2008-09-24 23:51:52
1023.   Krebstar
You're freaking me out. I also made a trip to NYC just to see Yankee Stadium and Shea since I'd never seen either. I came back as the Dodgers broke the losing streak too. And I thought it was me...
2008-09-24 23:52:52
1024.   bhsportsguy
1022 Couldn't they have scored one of these runs on Sunday? But really, a game that was closer than the final score but seeing Nomar and Manny hit homers and Kent and Furcal hit was certainly cool.

My 2008 regular season record concludes with 23 wins in 35 games.

2008-09-24 23:52:59
1025.   Jacob Burch
1020 Sadly, Fridays count--the big problem is leaving work (Valencia, hour away or so--with playoff traffic at 4, probably even more) on time.
2008-09-24 23:57:20
1026.   Tommy Naccarato
Tonight, I was at El Cholo for the Tommy Davis affair, which was great. I had to keep on giving him periodical updates on the score via my cell phone.

Tommy has a lot of good stories and a lot of good thoughts. I had no idea that he was born and raised in Brooklyn; where he emulated some fellow named Jackie Robinson at the youthful age of 8. What made it even more surreal for him was when he got a phone call at home, telling him he thought he should sign with the Dodgers.

Still, TD literally claims himself a life-long Dodger. He beams with pride while saying it; even though he played for a lot of MLB teams.

Its amazing to talk to a former player that mentally is still thinking he is in the batters box. He shared lots of good tips and gave everyone in attendance the insight of what is better--hitting all over the field as compared to pulling the ball on the ground. (which most pulled balls do) in comparison to pushing it out to the opposite field in the air. (Tommy says the quickest way for a pitcher to get into a hitter is to see an over anxious hitter pull the ball. He said that a pitcher will pick that up and instantly know what next to throw. If he pushes the ball to the opposite field high and foul, the chances are you'll see a pitcher throwing more cautiously to the hitter. But the way to really confuse the pitcher is to be the type of hitter that can spray it all around the ballpark with little problem while knowing the pitcher is completely conscious of that.)

If any of you ever get the chance, I highly recommend attending one of Ron Salisbury's Hot Stove League events at either El Cholo-Los Angeles or The Cannery in Newport Beach. (He's the owner of the El Cholo family of restaurants)

Supposedly next year he has a pretty good slate of people lined-up for this and its all for a good cause, for LA Inner City Youth Baseball.

2008-09-25 00:05:40
1027.   DaDoughboy
Just got home from the game..and I'm sure many of you have mentioned this (I can't read through all 1025 posts right now), but seeing that ball off of Mannys bat live was something extraordinary. I mean, most of the times he makes contact, it's going to go somewhere hard, out or not. But HOLY COW..I don't think I've ever seen a ball jump like it did when he hit that line drive tonight. I'm giddy just replaying it over and over on ESPN :) Night all! Tomorrow we become NL west champs!
2008-09-25 00:09:54
1028.   southbaydodger
1003, 1006 - I was at the game tonight, and I really don't know what Plaschke is talking about. While the crowd definitely got excited for watching Gibby's home run (and hearing vinny's call of it), they were far more raucous the entire night. Nomar's homer, Manny's homer, the entire 8th... even when manny came up early in the game with the men on base and grounded out, it was LOUD! Typical Plasckhe to rain on everyones parade
2008-09-25 00:21:32
1029.   scooplew
1023 That is remarkable. I was sitting behind the right-field wall, roughly where Roger Maris hit his 61st homer in 1961. Where were you sitting?
2008-09-25 00:26:39
1030.   Jon Weisman

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