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Do You Believe in Slightly Above-Average Teams Winning Somewhat Below-Average Divisions? Yes!
2008-09-25 14:32
by Jon Weisman

We celebrate the hit, even though we're rooting for the run. We celebrate the run, even though we're rooting for the win.

And today, at 2:32 p.m., we celebrate the division title, even though we're rooting for the bigger prize.

Congratulations, Dodgers and Dodger fans. Being the best in anything over 162 games is no easy road. Live it up!

* * *

Here's my speculation on the Dodgers' National League Division Series roster:

Locks (21)
Catchers (2): Russell Martin, Danny Ardoin
Infielders (5): James Loney, Blake DeWitt, Angel Berroa, Casey Blake, Nomar Garciaparra
Outfielders (4): Manny Ramirez, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Juan Pierre
Pitchers (10): Derek Lowe, Chad Billingsley, Hiroki Kuroda, Clayton Kershaw (perhaps as a reliever), Jonathan Broxton, Takashi Saito, Joe Beimel, Cory Wade, Chan Ho Park, Scott Proctor

Remaining spots (4)
Likely (1): Greg Maddux (If Maddux gets hammered tonight against San Diego, that could jeopardize his spot.)
Next in line, if healthy (3): Rafael Furcal, Jeff Kent, Hong-Chih Kuo
Top hitting alternatives: Mark Sweeney (it's possible the Dodgers come to their senses, even in October, and leave him off), Delwyn Young (absolutely deserves a spot over Sweeney), Chin-Lung Hu or Pablo Ozuna (if Furcal can't make it)
Top pitching alternatives: Ramon Troncoso (been on the team almost the entire season, but still could get leapfrogged), Jason Johnson (doubtful because of the off days), Scott Elbert (lefty value), James McDonald (a particularly intriguing choice)

Congrats again!

Comments (289)
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2008-09-25 14:33:36
1.   LOB

Thanks, Jon.


2008-09-25 14:33:51
2.   Xeifrank
Playoff Chances: 100%
vr, Xei
2008-09-25 14:33:52
3.   bigcpa
Start spreading the news!
2008-09-25 14:34:55
4.   briano
Yee ha. Congrats to the L.A. Dodgers. Go Blue!!!
2008-09-25 14:35:05
5.   Peanuts in My Shoes
So very happy today.
2008-09-25 14:35:49
6.   delias man
Congratulations everyone!!!!!!
2008-09-25 14:35:49
7.   ImprobableImpossible
Century Boulevard!
Victory Boulevard!
Santa Monica Boulevard!
Sixth Street!
2008-09-25 14:35:51
8.   TheBigGrabowski
It's too bad the Dodgers most likely won't get the Mets in the first round.
2008-09-25 14:35:56
9.   stevesaxarm
I always knew we would win. least since 2 pm!
2008-09-25 14:36:09
10.   Johnny Nucleo
Yay!!! Looking forward to watching playoff baseball!
2008-09-25 14:36:22
11.   fanerman
Party at my cube. Everybody's invited. Even the jinxers.

There's beer for the drinkers and trash cans for the movers.

2008-09-25 14:36:27
12.   Warren
Happy days are here again.
2008-09-25 14:36:30
13.   dontraiseplz
yaaaaaaa, NL WEST CHAMPS BABY! :)
2008-09-25 14:36:39
14.   njr
2008-09-25 14:37:12
15.   surfing slug
It's a game called baseball.

And I love it!

Congrats to the Dodgers!

2008-09-25 14:37:14
16.   DBrim
2008-09-25 14:37:31
17.   cryptic
way to go boys!!
2008-09-25 14:37:36
18.   trainwreck
I wan the playoffs to start NOOOOOOOOW!!!
2008-09-25 14:37:38
19.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow. Just wow.
2008-09-25 14:37:40
20.   njr
Now back to the sleepless nights of playoff baseball. Oh how I've missed you!
2008-09-25 14:37:53
21.   DaDoughboy
Nobody has any idea why I'm blasting Randy Newman at the bank right now!!
2008-09-25 14:37:58
22.   UVaDodger
2008-09-25 14:38:05
23.   Sushirabbit
Yey! It seemed like I hit refresh after the final out and there was instantly a new post.
2008-09-25 14:38:10
24.   Neal Pollack
Mazeltov! L'Chaim!
2008-09-25 14:38:20
25.   Harold M Johnson
What a wild regular season. I don't remember another recent one with this many ups and downs that ended on an up.

On to the playoffs!

2008-09-25 14:38:20
26.   thinkblue88
What a year this has been! YESSS!!!
2008-09-25 14:38:23
27.   underdog
Hah hah, I love your nicely tempered subject header Jon. :-)


2008-09-25 14:38:25
28.   blue22
I Believe!
2008-09-25 14:38:27
29.   briano
In your humble opinions, what will be the starting lineup tonight?
2008-09-25 14:38:34
30.   Xeifrank
A month ago, who would've dreamed the Dodgers would be the third team to clinch their division.
vr, Xei
2008-09-25 14:39:02
31.   willhite
Hooooray for our side!

Unfortunately, I think the powers that be feel Sweeney is so valuable that they would leave Manny off the roster in order to include him. I hope I'm proven wrong.

2008-09-25 14:39:03
32.   Disabled List
All those goats I sacrificed in the office break room paid off.

The things I do for you people.

2008-09-25 14:39:08
33.   kinbote
Congratulations everyone. And thanks once again for this site, Jon.
2008-09-25 14:39:08
34.   TheBigGrabowski
It's going to be a party at Dodger Stadium tonight!!
2008-09-25 14:39:38
35.   dodgerstang
I think the postseason roster may depend on who we play. If it's the Mets or Phillies, left handed pitching will be key and, if Kuo isn't ready, Elbert may be considered. I really hope they go with DY over Sweeney, and I only see Maddux getting smacked around by any of those big bopping teams, but he is "crafty," so who knows
2008-09-25 14:39:41
36.   DaDoughboy
And ESPN spent at least a whole 2.3 seconds to let the world know we won the NL west before going back to the central and east banter. Thanks guys!
2008-09-25 14:40:08
37.   Dane Bramage
25 There hasn't been the same combination of frustration and magic since the '88 squad that won it all, if you ask me!!
2008-09-25 14:40:40
38.   PalmdaleSteve1
This just in....Andruw Jones last seen looking for an all you can eat buffet to celebrate clinching.
2008-09-25 14:40:55
39.   bhsportsguy
It seems appropriate

2008-09-25 14:41:30
40.   Ken Noe
We are this year's Rockies. Came from behind and on a roll.
2008-09-25 14:41:34
41.   fanerman
32 For the last couple days, I've done nothing but turn around, spit, curse, and knock on wood. All for you guys. Most of whom I have never met.
2008-09-25 14:41:42
42.   preacherroe
Major meltdown by the D-Backs. Too bad for them.
Torre should start D-Young and Sweeney a couple of games and see who can hit their way onto the roster.
I'd like to see Young ,Troncoso, Elbert if Kuo can't go and the healthier of Kent and Furcal to pinch hit.
2008-09-25 14:41:59
43.   underdog
Man, I'd be sad for Pee Wee (and me) if he's left off the playoff roster, but as Jon outlines above it could very well happen. But I am rooting for Furcal to be healthy and ready. I wish the playoff roster size was 26. (One louder than 25.)
2008-09-25 14:42:02
44.   Jon Weisman
Oh - 633 in the last thread? Totally deleted...
2008-09-25 14:42:36
45.   Dane Bramage
36 Who cares what ESPN thinks? I prefer if we go in and take 'em all out stealth style!
2008-09-25 14:43:06
46.   underdog
31 I think the powers that be feel Sweeney is so valuable that they would leave Manny off the roster in order to include him.

Uh, I don't see that happening. ;-)

2008-09-25 14:43:40
47.   ssjames
I am just feeling great right now, and totally at peace for the next couple of days. I dare to dream how good it would feel to win a playoff series. I barely remember the 88 series, other than telling my dad that Gibson would hit a homerun when he came up to the plate.
2008-09-25 14:43:47
48.   Dane Bramage
41 I want to personally thank Fanerman for his diligence...
2008-09-25 14:43:50
49.   njr

I love LA!

2008-09-25 14:44:08
50.   Linkmeister
Yay us!

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-25 14:44:08
51.   Jim Hitchcock
33 Echoing what kinbote said, you've gone a long way toward making this season very special, Jon.
2008-09-25 14:44:30
52.   nick
is the default assumption now that Kuo won't be healthy? new news about him in the past 48 hrs that I missed?
2008-09-25 14:44:31
53.   D4P
Congratulations to Ned Colletti for leading his team to the playoffs twice in three years.
2008-09-25 14:45:11
54.   Disabled List
Keep the champagne away from Clayton. He's not allowed to have any.
2008-09-25 14:45:37
55.   fanerman
48 Thank you. That kind of appreciation makes it all worth it.
2008-09-25 14:45:39
56.   JoeyP
I think Maddux/Kent/Delwyn Young are locks.

The last spot will go to Furcal if he's healthy. Hu if he isnt.

2008-09-25 14:46:13
57.   Jim Hitchcock
Oh, and I feel underdog is at least partially responsible for the magic of the last month.

All he had to do was leave his despair behind!

2008-09-25 14:46:15
58.   Gilberto Reyes
Not a big Colleti fan, but I think it is time we give Ned some credit for the Casey Blake and Manny moves before the deadline. I don't think the Dodgers make the post-season without those guys.

Casey Blake's huge HR off Webb in Phoenix among other contributions should not be dismissed.

And watching Manny's performance over the last 2 months has been worth the loss of Andy LaRoche to me, even if we don't sign Manny next year.

2008-09-25 14:46:16
59.   JoeyP
53--He was Midas afterall.
2008-09-25 14:47:02
60.   Icaros

The recent reports said he's feeling better and has resumed throwing, but his status remains unclear.

2008-09-25 14:47:37
61.   Humma Kavula
53 Heartily seconded. The Manny Gambit paid off in spades.

Since August 1, baseball has been a load of fun.

2008-09-25 14:48:13
62.   rubdawg
(7) we love it! we love it! we love it! I love LA!
2008-09-25 14:48:29
63.   jasonungar07
What's that? Playoffs? You kidding me?
2008-09-25 14:48:44
64.   Ken Noe
Another perfect day.
2008-09-25 14:48:46
65.   68elcamino427
Dodger Love!

Martin - Loney - Kemp

The kids come through.


2008-09-25 14:49:14
66.   Woden325
40 Now, just win the four games that the Rox missed last year!

2008-09-25 14:49:35
67.   Disabled List
From the writeup:

Joe Torre's Dodgers clinched the National League West Thursday in true Los Angeles style -- while on the freeway. As players headed to Dodger Stadium for Thursday night's regular-season home finale against San Diego, the Arizona Diamondbacks were defeated, and eliminated, by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Torre earlier had said if such a scenario unfolded, his club would wait until after its game to celebrate.

2008-09-25 14:49:51
68.   ToyCannon
It is going to be great to be NL Champions for the first time since 1988.
2008-09-25 14:49:51
69.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Diamondbacks are "the first team in major league history to fail to make the playoffs after holding a five-game lead on the morning of May 1."
2008-09-25 14:50:14
70.   underdog
57 My despair?

You mean by going backpacking? :-) Yeah, whatever works!

Hey, I was one of those who didn't give up on the season even at its bleakest hour. And now I feel vindicated for my faith. Thank you, Blue! And thanks to everyone here for being such great company. I look forward to sharing the playoffs with you, however long they last.

2008-09-25 14:50:40
71.   Sushirabbit
It will be fun to hear Vin tonight. I think I'm rooting for the Brewers now.
2008-09-25 14:51:00
72.   D4P
Mayday! Mayday!
2008-09-25 14:51:15
73.   trainwreck
You have to take another shower.
2008-09-25 14:51:49
74.   dzzrtRatt

What a weird season, but the post trading deadline team is a terrific team. I don't know if they're better than the Cubs, but they're right up there with the rest of the playoff teams. Just for the joy of winning some games, I hope we get Philly or New York. We can win a five-game series there.

What I noticed is we dealt during that period with a lot of individual slumps, Martin, Kemp and Blake all come to mind, but we have enough offensive weapons so the slumps didn't hurt us as much as we're used to.

I say Kershaw should get a start if we get to round 2. I wouldn't put him on the roster for round 1 to pitch in the bullpen, and there's no way he'd start Game 4 of the first round. I'd give his slot to Elbert or McDonald. I do think Maddux could be effective out of the pen.

2008-09-25 14:52:05
75.   underdog
52 Nick, yeah, what Icaros said, no one's too sure, cautiously optimistic but they're resting him. Nothing really that new. I'd give the odds of him making the playoffs at about 50-50.
2008-09-25 14:52:31
76.   blue22
51 - Right on. Especially for all the out-of-towners (like me) who might be the only Dodger fans in a 20 mile radius. This site gives me a group to celebrate with!
2008-09-25 14:53:02
77.   underdog
73 Oh that. I've been back to daily shower schedules, and will take two today to celebrate!
2008-09-25 14:53:41
78.   underdog
71 Noooooo! You want to play the Cubs in the first round? I don't. Go Mets!
2008-09-25 14:55:20
79.   overkill94
44 Dang, I switched over to the new thread at comment 632! I never get to see the juicy stuff.
2008-09-25 14:56:24
80.   timetrap
0 No chance for Repko? Really?
2008-09-25 14:56:35
81.   Connector
Dodger Thoughts and Tony Jackson's blog make me feel that I'm not alone. I live in Israel. No one in my immediate circle understands my whacko-love for baseball, in general, or the Dodgers, in particular. I wake up at 4:00 AM to write for an hour (because I am a writer) and click on MLB.TV at 5:10 AM for Dodgers home games.

Today I started fantasizing about winning the Lotto and flying into LA to attend every home game of the post-season.

2008-09-25 14:56:40
82.   Jim Hitchcock
70 That was tongue-in-cheek ;)

And, yes, echoing the part about great company.

2008-09-25 14:58:51
83.   bhsportsguy
I think the moment that made me think they had a shot was on August 2nd, when Manny came up and drilled his first of 17 home runs. That HR so excited the crowd and I think the players, that it just set things in motion for the rest of the year.

Remember when Jon said on September 3rd that the Dodgers did not play that poorly in August but had lost a number of 1 run games but they should have won more games.

Did I think they would go on an 18-5 run, no, but it does not surprise me.

More to come later when I gather my thoughts but for the first time since March 31st, Dodger fans will have a stress free game.

2008-09-25 14:59:14
84.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
For buying postseason gear, do I act now on the "NL West Champions" stuff, or do I wait to see how far they go and then buy that?
2008-09-25 14:59:44
85.   overkill94
80 Have you seen him try to hit this year?
2008-09-25 15:02:38
86.   timetrap
85 Sure. But i've also seen Sweeney hit. At least Repko can play the outfield and run.
2008-09-25 15:03:13
87.   dzzrtRatt
I imagine a day when we all can live in a Dodger Thoughts virtual world, kind of like World of Warcraft except a lot nerdier...where Jon would have this virtual living room with a big TV, or maybe it's a pub, and we can stop by whenever we want to discuss baseball and life, and watch the game on a sofa that expands infinitely to accomodate everyone. We get to pick what we look like. For the far-flung fans, this could be like a second home. In this future site, we'd have access to clips of replays, stats, and maybe there'd be a working dartboard.

I know there's a lot of programming talent around many years away would that be?

2008-09-25 15:05:00
88.   Strike4
And wouldn't you know, today, literally, the haze of the past month is gone, the sky a deep blue. A gorgeous day in L.A.
2008-09-25 15:05:50
89.   Dane Bramage
87 Oh yeah, it all sounds idyllic and wonderful, until those obnoxious virtual Red Sox fans begin to invade...
2008-09-25 15:06:40
90.   kngoworld
This is a very cool shirt:
2008-09-25 15:06:57
91.   UKDodger
Congrats to all from, if we can stop two players getting tagged out at home on the same play we might have some fun!
2008-09-25 15:08:44
92.   nick
thanks, guys!
2008-09-25 15:09:50
93.   MonkeyBlue
Kuo should be in... I hope
2008-09-25 15:11:12
94.   Jon Weisman
The final five relevant games in the NL West this year went in the Dodgers' favor by a combined score of 45-14.
2008-09-25 15:12:26
95.   dkminnick
87 - Count me in! Hey everyone, I don't post so much anymore, but I'm constantly here and I appreciate this site so much. Especially when the Dodgers have just won the West and there is nothing on local TV or radio that I can find even mentioning it. ESPN radio is talking college football, of course. Let's have some fun over the next four weeks.
2008-09-25 15:16:12
96.   RELX
What a crazy season this has been! I must admit that I gave up on this team several times over the course of the season--I never thought they'd break .500, let alone win the division!!!

I think we all have to agree that Torre leads a charmed life these days. It was like he made some kind of deal with the devil--the first 15 years as a losing manager in exchange for the second 15 as a winning manager.

2008-09-25 15:17:47
97.   Deuces are Wild
Now let's win 3 out of the remaining 4 meaningless games to finish with a very respectable 86-76 record. Then we can win the World Series and no one can say we had a poor record like the 2005 Cards (83-78) or the 1987 Twinkies (85-77)
2008-09-25 15:19:21
98.   Humma Kavula
90 Not a huge fan of the font, but the roster on the back is a fantastic idea, and the baseball seams on the front is pleasing.
2008-09-25 15:19:44
99.   bhsportsguy
94 This season does not exorcise 1982 but at least now, you can relax.

Here's something to keep everyone interested tonight.

In 2004, it was the Steve Finley HR, in 2006, 4+1, what is the moment for 2008 at this point?

My vote, Nomar's grab of Jackson's line drive.

2008-09-25 15:19:55
100.   Dane Bramage
Someone please inform Ken Gurnick that Manny's music is Merengue, and not a popular lemon pie topping.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-25 15:20:20
101.   RELX
97 . I have a feeling we're not going to win tonight.
2008-09-25 15:21:15
102.   Dane Bramage
99 JP's home run? ;-)
2008-09-25 15:21:37
103.   RELX
99 . The day Juan Pierre got hurt, effectively ending his run as a starting OF.
2008-09-25 15:22:01
104.   regfairfield
Is Manny the best deadline acquisition ever? Is he number two behind Sabathia?
2008-09-25 15:22:08
105.   bigcpa
In terms of #1/2 starters the Cubs, Mets and Brewers all have major issues. Sabathia is approaching 250 innings with a possible Sunday start to go. Sheets could be toast. Santana is lined up to go Sunday. Zambrano is a mess. Harden is Harden. Philly may be the worst draw in round 1.
2008-09-25 15:22:56
106.   kngoworld
98 The roster on the back was what I was really referring to... so many great names.
2008-09-25 15:23:15
107.   cargill06
Gurnick on

Despite the late date in the season, the Dodgers still have three possible opponents for the Division Series scheduled to start on Wednesday. If the Milwaukee Brewers win the Wild Card, the Dodgers will play the East winner, either New York or Philadelphia. If Milwaukee doesn't win the Wild Card, the Dodgers will play the Cubs.


2008-09-25 15:23:44
108.   D4P
what is the moment for 2008 at this point?

The day Furcal went down.

(Dis)Honorable mention: the day Ned gave Andruw $36 million.

2008-09-25 15:23:45
109.   tjdub
99 I'd have to say the phone calls made July 31st
2008-09-25 15:24:45
110.   ToyCannon

The one liner comments are awesome.

2008-09-25 15:26:21
111.   bigcpa
99 The Moment from 2008 is a no-brainer. It was 1:15 PST on July 31.
2008-09-25 15:26:45
112.   KG16
[wakes up, scratches head] um, did I miss something?
2008-09-25 15:26:58
113.   cargill06
104 The crazy thing is Manny has a higher NL VORP than most of the TV'ed hyped MVP candidates (Delgado, Howard, Armais)
2008-09-25 15:26:59
114.   Humma Kavula
99 The moment is certainly the moment the trade for Manny was announced. The season can be evenly divided into Before and After Manny.
2008-09-25 15:27:16
115.   ToyCannon
Beating Haren/Webb back to back in Arizona. Otherwise the season is over.
2008-09-25 15:29:33
116.   Harold M Johnson
99 Great call, that was absolutely huge.
2008-09-25 15:29:51
117.   delias man
My favorite game of the year - Jul 20 in AZ. What a comeback!
2008-09-25 15:29:59
118.   LoneStar7
yahoo!!, i could barely contain myself in english class as i got news from my blackberry!
2008-09-25 15:30:40
119.   LoneStar7
117 agreed i was going wild, and best series was that phillies series with the ethier walk offs
2008-09-25 15:34:12
120.   regfairfield
I'm writing up a post on if Manny is the best deadline deal ever, anyone remember any particularly great ones so I don't have to go through everything.
2008-09-25 15:35:52
121.   Harold M Johnson
120 John Tudor, 1988 comes to mind.
2008-09-25 15:37:49
122.   ToyCannon
Rick Sutcliffe has to be the best upto now in my lifetime.
David Cone
Doyle Alexander
Marlon Magic Anderson
2008-09-25 15:38:52
123.   trainwreck
Does the Colon trade count since it helped Indians in the future?
2008-09-25 15:39:17
124.   underdog
115 I agree. That wasn't just one moment, but those two games turned the course of the season around. There were plays within those games that were huge, too, of course, and Nomar's grab, but rather than one moment those two games were key.

Btw, 102 followed by 103 made me laugh for some reason.

2008-09-25 15:39:20
125.   Xeifrank
120. Dave Justice?
vr, Xei
2008-09-25 15:39:33
126.   regfairfield
123 No, I'm just looking for one year impact. So far no one's even been close.
2008-09-25 15:40:28
127.   D4P
Jason Bay was a pretty good acquisition for the Red Sox. Nowhere near the impact of Manny, but underrated and overlooked.
2008-09-25 15:40:41
128.   LogikReader

Overall, or just for the Dodgers?

Long term or just for the year it happened?

For the latter it'd have to be top 5, doncha think?

2008-09-25 15:40:43
129.   trainwreck
Carlos Beltran to the Astros.
2008-09-25 15:40:43
130.   ToyCannon
Carlos Beltran for Houston, Randy Johnson for Houston
2008-09-25 15:41:29
131.   regfairfield
128 Just one year impact for the team that got the player.
2008-09-25 15:42:57
132.   underdog
Lou Brock, 1964. End of story.
2008-09-25 15:43:14
133.   ToyCannon
Larry Walker Cardinals
Mark McGwire Cardinals
Cesear Cedeno Cardinals
2008-09-25 15:44:16
134.   D4P
How many "wins" has Manny been worth for the Dodgers thus far...?
2008-09-25 15:45:29
135.   regfairfield
132 Not as productive as Manny, even with twice the PA.
2008-09-25 15:45:54
136.   regfairfield
134 Four, and that's underestimating his impact.
2008-09-25 15:46:58
137.   cargill06
127 I still wish it was Bay that came to LA as first rumored at about 1:04 at 7/31/08
2008-09-25 15:47:31
138.   Disabled List
121 The John Tudor trade was a terrible one for the Dodgers. He was fine down the stretch, but he got hurt and was MIA in the '88 playoffs and for all of 1989. Meanwhile, Pedro Guerrero went on to have two more MVP-type seasons for Cardinals.
2008-09-25 15:51:30
139.   KG16
ok, completely off topic fantasy basketball question, I've got the 8th (of 10) pick in the third round, need a guard to go with (the other) KG and Marion, any suggestions?

Best available as I wait are Manu, Kevin Martin (Sacramento), and Durant (which would probably be a stretch right now). Also Pierce. Durant and Pierce have extra value because they are G/F so I can play them at two different places.

2008-09-25 15:54:09
140.   Harold M Johnson
138 Granted, I was only 12 at the time but I remember him being huge down the stretch, winning some key games after the trade to put the Reds away. But, I was only 12.
2008-09-25 15:55:02
141.   ToyCannon
Tudor threw garbage, I couldn't stand to watch him pitch.
2008-09-25 15:55:47
142.   D4P
Andy now OPSing .464 for the Pirates.
2008-09-25 15:55:55
143.   underdog
135 Oh sorry, I thought we were just trying to find trades other than Manny.
2008-09-25 15:56:32
144.   trainwreck
I like Kevin Martin. He will score a ton.
2008-09-25 15:56:44
145.   ToyCannon
141 138
But baseball reference shows my memory is shot.

He did pitch quite well for us. Wonder why I'm still ticked when I hear his name.

2008-09-25 15:57:26
146.   regfairfield
Right now it looks like the Johnson and Beltran acquisitions are the only ones that come close.
2008-09-25 15:57:34
147.   Jacob Burch
David Justice is the only one that comes close in my mind (not as high of average stats, but 160 OPS+ with more than a month's more of game time is nothing to sneeze at)
2008-09-25 15:58:26
148.   regfairfield
143 Right, I'm just looking to see if anyone was better. It looks like the answer is no. Manny and CC are way above almost every other deadline acquisition ever.
2008-09-25 15:59:10
149.   D4P
What about Aaron Boone™...?
2008-09-25 16:01:57
150.   underdog
John Smoltz (for Doyle Alexander) was a pretty trade for long term impact (or a pretty bad trade depending on your perspective).
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-25 16:02:25
151.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
Check out tonight's lineup! Lots to discuss here...

Furcal, SS
Kent, 2B
Manny, LF
Ethier, RF
Loney, 1B
Blake, 3B
Kemp, CF
Ardoin, C
Stults, P

No Martin!
Furcal leading off!!
Stults pitching!!
Kent playing 2B!!!

2008-09-25 16:02:42
152.   Jon Weisman
Lineup !!!!!


Furcal, SS
Kent, 2B
Ramirez, LF
Ethier, RF
Loney, 1B
Blake, 3B
Kemp, CF
Ardoin, C
Stults, LHP

2008-09-25 16:02:59
153.   Jon Weisman
Ah, sheesh.
2008-09-25 16:03:17
154.   KG16
144 - I'm not so worried about scoring, I'm looking for assists and assist/turnover ratio.
2008-09-25 16:03:25
155.   Dark Horse
Just for fun I've gone back and pored over Deadline Thoughts. Not to mock anyone's prognostic abilities (God knows mine are off most of the time), but there are some amusing posts:

"Manny for rest of 2008 per Marcel projections:
.287/.386/.516 with 11 HR and 12 2B "

"I'm AMAZED that anyone here would want Manny... Compared to Manny Andre's 1000% better in the field has above average speed, a gun for an arm and although his bat might not be in Manny's class it's still solid and remember Manny plays 1/2 of his games in an EXTREME hitters park."

"LaRoche gets sent for a 2 month rental on a below average fielding OF?!?"

The day may come when such comments are less amusing, but today, not so much.

2008-09-25 16:03:45
156.   regfairfield
The Angels acquisition of Teix has been pretty unheralded, but he's right up there.
2008-09-25 16:04:02
157.   Jon Weisman
With Kent batting second, I'm guessing he and/or Furcal could get pulled as early as the second inning.
2008-09-25 16:05:02
158.   KG16
Who would have thought that Ethier would be batting clean up at the end of the season? Going to be interesting to see how the defense up the middle is tonight.

And, wow, Stultz!?!

2008-09-25 16:05:05
159.   still bevens
Yeah this lineup could easily be a 1 inning victory lap for some of these guys.
2008-09-25 16:05:46
160.   Kevin Lewis
So, did Torre assume Maddux would probably not get the coveted win over Peavey and is saving him for SF?
2008-09-25 16:05:55
161.   D4P
Exclamation point!!!!
2008-09-25 16:06:01
162.   bhsportsguy
There is another 2008 mid-season pickup who also happens to lead his league in batting average from the time of his arrival.
2008-09-25 16:06:04
163.   regfairfield
Top 5 VORPiest deadline acquisitions I've found so far:

Sabathia - 47.5
Manny - 47.1
Johnson - 41
Beltran - 39
Teixiera (2008) - 36.1

Beltran's defense probably puts him with Sabathia and Manny.

2008-09-25 16:06:26
164.   Fan since 59
145 Probably because he didn't do muich for us after Sept. 88 and we didn't replace Guerrero's bat until Piazza. Strange lineup. Get Raffy and Kent some at bats early and get em out of there. If Kent singles in the first inning, does Ozuna run for him? No Maddox audition for the playoffs? That's interesting. And the re-emergence of Stults. Why isn't Pierre starting for Kemp?
2008-09-25 16:06:41
165.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
152 Sorry bout that. :D
2008-09-25 16:06:55
166.   Paul Scott
Well, this is certainly good news coming home from a camping trip.

136 not likely, given the number of games he replaced Ethier, but he has certainly been good. Perhaps you are adding to his wins all the plus he gave to Kent and Martin and Ethier though...

His WARP for the Dodgers is 5.2. That is offense only, of course, but his +/- only has him as costing apx. 16 runs over that same time, so you are down to about 4.5 wins. That, however, is, of course, over a replacement player, but whether it was Pierre, Ethier (or occasionally Kemp) that he replaced, all are above (and Kemp and Ethier are well above) replacement.

The worst of them - Pierre - was worth 1.6 wins (offensively) over 394 PA. Manny took 222 PAs, so if you figure he replaced only Pierre (again, not true), then Manny was worth (offensively) 5.2- 222/394*1.6 = 4.3 Offensively. Factoring in defense (Manny being one of the worst, and Pierre being one of the best LF in 2008) costs you about 1.5 wins over that same period, for a total MAXIMUM value for Manny of 2.8 wins. that is, of course, still outstanding. But it is a far cry from 4 wins (and especially if you call 4 wins as an "underestimation"). Factor in the reality that for several weeks Manny replaced Pierre and Ethier at about the same rate, and his value shrinks further.

Your excitement is exceeding the facts.

2008-09-25 16:07:30
167.   Jim Hitchcock
145 Well, he was quite the sourpuss...
2008-09-25 16:07:34
168.   ToyCannon
If Stults can pitch then there are questions that need to be answered as to why he hasn't been used.

Furcal leading off tonight might be the best news of the week. Four games to get ready.

Does Maddux ever get to pitch again? Why wouldn't you pitch Maddux at home and let Stults pitch in SF. Makes no sense to me.

Kent playing 2nd? Who'd a thunk it?

3 or 4 days of rest for Martin could be interesting for the playoffs.

2008-09-25 16:08:07
169.   Jon Weisman
157 - Not that this is the same situation, but it made me think of Orel Hershiser's brief moments of starting at third base for the Dodgers. Such as this:

2008-09-25 16:08:45
170.   D4P
Your excitement is exceeding the facts


2008-09-25 16:09:31
171.   Jim Hitchcock
Dylan Hernandez: After that victory, Torre said he would rest his regular position players tonight if the Diamondbacks lost.
2008-09-25 16:09:41
172.   Jacob Burch
Stults Kuroda Lowe and McDonald to pitch the rest of the way?

What was David Justice's Yankee VORP?

And Victory Lap or not, thanks Joe. Really looking forward to this game now.

2008-09-25 16:09:59
173.   debaser
Micah Owings? ;)
2008-09-25 16:10:31
174.   regfairfield
166 Manny has a 47 VORP and +2 defense with the Dodgers.
2008-09-25 16:11:24
175.   regfairfield
172 26.5, number nine I've found.
2008-09-25 16:12:05
176.   ToyCannon
Since this game means nothing why would the Padres even bother pitching Peavy.

Last night Vinny said that Blake DeWitt won 27 games as a pitcher in HS when he wasn't playing SS. I never knew that about him.

2008-09-25 16:12:29
177.   underdog
Glad to see Raffy in there, though I'm trying to temper my enthusiasm knowing how quickly his health could sour. My fingers and toes are crossed! I'm happy to see Stults pitch finally but surprised it's tonight, I was assuming he'd get time this weekend instead. Maybe they wanted to give Maddux an extra day of rest and then pitch him this weekend? Or maybe this is a sign he ain't gonna be on the playoff roster.

I would expect a lot of the starters don't go very deep tonight.

2008-09-25 16:12:55
178.   regfairfield
166 Plus by using WARP and +/- you're double counting defense.
2008-09-25 16:13:23
179.   Paul Scott
174 I see him as -16. Where are you getting +2?

Either way, using VORP and a +2, you are only getting him to slightly under 5 wins OVER replacement. Since, again, he was not replacing anything close to replacement, your math is still off.

2008-09-25 16:13:35
180.   Jon Weisman
Frank McCourt is moving the L.A. Marathon to President's Day. Hope you runners didn't make plans ...,0,6453500.story

Article also somewhat discusses financial issues. And there's this:

"Steinman, the long-time runner, voiced a hope that many runners have expressed as the deal was negotiated: 'McCourt should have someone design him a fast runner's course that begins in Dodger Stadium and ends at the Beach. This type of course would be so popular that they might have to cap the size of the race.'"

2008-09-25 16:14:10
181.   D4P
Amazing that Furcal is out-VORPing Loney.
2008-09-25 16:14:30
182.   Zak
Go Dodgers! It is such an exciting feeling to know that they are in the playoffs. And I am going away for the weekend tomorrow so I am glad there are no meaningful games for the Dodgers then.

Thank you Jon. For about a thousand reasons. I cannot say enough how much I enjoy every one of your posts and your website.

I feel vindicated that the Dodgers made the playoffs and Manny was a success. I was one of the more optimistic people here at the time of the trade and when they were going through their rough patch, so it is rewarding watching them pull through. Let's hope we can at least win one series and dream that we can win it all.

2008-09-25 16:15:39
183.   Jim Hitchcock
176 27 consecutive games.
2008-09-25 16:15:53
184.   Jacob Burch
179 Ethier was benched, not watching a baby, I believe twice since Manny was acquired. One of which he came in and replaced Juan late in the game.
2008-09-25 16:15:57
185.   Paul Scott
178 yeah, you are right about that. Which, when using WARP gives him a MAXIMUM value of 4.3.
2008-09-25 16:16:44
186.   Bob Timmermann
Micah Hoffpauir puts the Cubs up 1-0.
2008-09-25 16:16:44
187.   Jacob Burch
184 Alert: It is not twice. But I believe the number is less than nine.
2008-09-25 16:16:46
188.   regfairfield
179 I'm seeing -13 on the year, he was at -15 when he came to the Dodgers.
2008-09-25 16:17:26
189.   Paul Scott
181 VORP is position adjusted, but not park adjusted, so not that surprising really even given the disparity in playing time.
2008-09-25 16:17:32
190.   Zak
179 Pierre is not even close to replacement? Are you high? At best, Pierre is close to replacement. Without looking, I would guess that he is under.
2008-09-25 16:17:44
191.   Bob Timmermann
The only semi-regulars in the lineup tonight for the Cubs are Edmonds and Fukudome.
2008-09-25 16:18:26
192.   Bob Timmermann
Casey McGehee makes it 2-0 Cubs. It's not a good night for Pedro Martinez.

But Ramon Martinez is starting at second!

2008-09-25 16:18:42
193.   Paul Scott
180 Good. It will be cooler then.
2008-09-25 16:18:52
194.   Marty
Thanks Arizona, now I can watch the USC game without switching back and forth.
2008-09-25 16:19:05
195.   JoeyP
Carlos Beltran probably a slight edge over Manny bc Beltran carried it over even to the playoffs. Beltran hit 8 homers during the 2004 playoffs alone.

The Astros gave up John Buck, Mark Teahan for him.

2008-09-25 16:19:32
196.   Paul Scott
190 Offensively, he will be close. Defensively, in LEFT field, he is far far above.
2008-09-25 16:20:41
197.   D4P
VORP is position adjusted

I did not know that.

2008-09-25 16:21:36
198.   Jon Weisman
192 - The question is, how many times have Pedro Martinez and a Ramon Martinez appeared in the same lineup?
2008-09-25 16:23:57
199.   regfairfield
197 I'm pretty sure that it's park adjusted too.
2008-09-25 16:25:38
200.   ImprobableImpossible
The Riot is a starter as well.

I predict we'll have a new second baseman in the second inning. Furcal and spots 3 through 7 will last two ABs.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-25 16:26:23
201.   Disabled List
According to Dylan Hernandez, "15 to 20" players were in the weight room when the Dodgers clinched the division. Manny was in the elevator.

Wonder why they didn't gather to watch the game. Or maybe they were watching the game in the weight room. Whatever.

2008-09-25 16:27:19
202.   bhsportsguy
201 I hope Tony Jackson was waiting for that elevator.
2008-09-25 16:27:55
203.   Bob Timmermann
My bank (Washington Mutual) has sold its deposits to JP Morgan Chase. I will not have to sell my shares to Mr. Potter now!
2008-09-25 16:28:14
204.   ToyCannon
The Astro's have made two of the greatest mid season deals ever and yet they still can't fly a flag.
Of all the deals mentioned, who actually ended up winning a title.
The 64 Cards and Lou Brock
The 88 Dodgers and Tudor
The 92 Bluejays and Cone
The 2000 Yankees and Justice

Anyone else?

2008-09-25 16:28:21
205.   underdog
Honestly, I'm rooting for the Mets partially because I would prefer the Dodgers end up playing them, but they really don't look like a deserving playoff team to me at all, and haven't for much of the season. You could say that at times about the Dodgers, too, but at least they got their act together in time. Go Mets! (he says halfheartedly)
2008-09-25 16:29:19
206.   JoeyP
The strange thing about the Astros is they went farther in 2005 without Beltran, than they did with him.
2008-09-25 16:29:43
207.   bhsportsguy
202 Actually I meant to say, I hope Tony Jackson is not waiting for that elevator.
2008-09-25 16:30:06
208.   Bob Timmermann
The Mets got a run without a hit and trail 2-1.
2008-09-25 16:30:32
209.   underdog
203 A toast! A toast to Mama Dollar and to Papa Dollar, and if you want to keep this old Building and Loan in business, you better have a family real quick.
2008-09-25 16:31:00
210.   Zak
196 I'm not as good at understanding replacement players as you seem to be. You say offensively, he is close. In 363 ABs, his OPS+ is 67. Is OPS+ adjusted for SBs? Do his stolen bases pull him close to average? Just wondering how you see him at replacement level offensively when his OPS is less than .650?
2008-09-25 16:31:20
211.   JoeyP
Playing the Mets would make for a long-series travel wise.
2008-09-25 16:32:12
212.   regfairfield
210 VORP includes steals. He's one run below replacement offensively this year.
2008-09-25 16:33:31
213.   Humma Kavula
205 I am rooting for the Brewers.

The Mets have every advantage over the Brewers, and yet two years in a row, haven't been able to get it done. What's more, they have made some dumb moves. Ya know who woulda really helped them this year? Scott Kazmir.

The Brewers built their team the way I think teams should be built. It's easy to root for them.

That said, if the Dodgers end up facing the Brewers in the NLCS, I hope they kick some Brewer butt and take some Brewer names.

2008-09-25 16:34:08
214.   Bob Timmermann
Philadelphia just about as far away.

And even worse. It's in Philadelphia.

2008-09-25 16:35:01
215.   Gagne55
204 The 2005 White Sox and Geoff Blum.
2008-09-25 16:35:29
216.   scareduck
I was in a meeting all morning and I turned on the XM in the car to hear the end of the Snakes/Cards game only to hear it's 10-2, and the Dodgers had won the division.

We stopped off at the library to pick up my birthday present and I'm afraid I frightened Bob... one of the few occasions I ever wear a suit, too.

2008-09-25 16:35:41
217.   Humma Kavula
210 The key is replacement. If you're below replacement, it means that you are about as good as a career AAAA guy. You don't deserve to be playing in the majors at all.

It makes sense to me that as a left fielder, Juan's bat is replacement and that his defense lifts him a bit over that. Pierre, for his faults, is likely a better player than the John Lindseys of the world.

2008-09-25 16:36:14
218.   D4P
We stopped off at the library to pick up my birthday present


2008-09-25 16:39:31
219.   Sam PHL
214 - Hey, it's not that bad. Even for this LA transplant.
2008-09-25 16:39:37
220.   scareduck
218 -
2008-09-25 16:40:43
221.   Snake in Philly
O Happy day! If the Mets can win the WC with the Phils taking the East, I'll be the happiest. At that point I will be risking my life wearing my Dodgers gear to work and to a playoff game in Philly with the fans that booed Santa and threw beer on Michael Irvin's stretcher!
2008-09-25 16:41:04
222.   Sam PHL
8/25: I thought I was present for the end of the Dodgers season.

As of 9/25: If all breaks right, I'll be present for the first Dodgers playoff game.

2008-09-25 16:41:07
223.   Bob Timmermann
Actually, I knew he was getting his birthday present, but I didn't want to spoil it in case it was a surprise.
2008-09-25 16:42:33
224.   Zak
212 Thanks. I thought that I was missing something obvious.
2008-09-25 16:43:08
225.   Sam PHL
221 - Hey Snake. Color me less than terrified of the Philly fans. Maybe I've just attended too many games in DS pavilion...
2008-09-25 16:43:25
226.   underdog
213 That's totally fair, I'm just being selfish since I really don't want to start playoffs vs the Cubs (not that I don't think the Dodgers are capable of at least scaring the Cubs). But I have a hard time rooting for the Mets, believe me.
2008-09-25 16:43:45
227.   Jon Weisman
Amid a panoply of images, AZSnakepit coopted Danica in its comments section.

2008-09-25 16:44:19
228.   scareduck
223 - "he"?
2008-09-25 16:44:26
229.   underdog
221 Shouldn't someone named Snake have escaped from NY, not LA?

(Oh wait, there was that sequel, wasn't there?)


2008-09-25 16:45:12
230.   Bob Timmermann
You = he
2008-09-25 16:45:20
231.   Zak
217 Thanks for the explanation. In my thick head, for some reason I assumed replacement meant average. It does make sense that he is at replacement level.
2008-09-25 16:45:41
232.   scareduck
The I-Cubs are beating Pedro Martinez and the A-Mets 3-1.
2008-09-25 16:45:48
233.   Xeifrank
My 2008 numbers for Pierre have.
WAR (Wins Above Replacement)
Hitting: -2.95
Position Adjustment: +1.5 wins
Defensive Ability Adj: +1.0 wins
Baserunning Adj: 1.0 wins

(3.5 - 2.95) * C
C = Playing time adjustment
WAR = 0.36

Pre-season I had him at 0.47 WAR using ZIPS projections. I am not claiming accuracy, just what I have. :)
vr, Xei

2008-09-25 16:46:17
234.   D4P
Was your present Mike Scioscia or the unidentified Met...?
2008-09-25 16:47:25
235.   KG16
227 - I'd say that this means war, but then I remember, we already won.
2008-09-25 16:47:58
236.   underdog
Off topic, but as a diversion, we have a new poll up for Best Coen Brothers comedy, and it's not surprising which two are far and away in the lead. Vote:

2008-09-25 16:48:13
237.   Jim Hitchcock
227 Saw that. Am very glad there are no reader contributed pics on DT, though. It made reading the comments dizzying.
2008-09-25 16:48:26
238.   Bob Timmermann
Rob really likes Tim Teufel.
2008-09-25 16:51:18
239.   regfairfield
Piazza blows away Manny's value over the year, but he was probably traded too early in the year to be considered a deadline grab.
2008-09-25 16:51:21
240.   Jim Hitchcock
236 Really? Burn After Reading is that good?
2008-09-25 16:51:37
241.   Snake in Philly
Hey Sam, I'm not sure how to reference a post number.

You're right, the fans here are not 1/2 as bad as ESPN would have you think, especially since the Vet came down. Especially in baseball. Many of the drunk hooligans are priced out. I'm up in Fairmount...I listen to most of the games on the internet except when I hit Fox and the Hound where they usually put us in a tiny table in the corner watching the MLB package.

I've been told no company seats for me with a Dodgers hat on in the playoffs.

2008-09-25 16:52:51
242.   scareduck
234 - the photo itself on a 11x14 (slightly smaller than that). We just sent it to the framers, and it'll be on my office wall along with my other Dodgernalia.
2008-09-25 16:57:53
243.   underdog
240 Apparently not that good, since so far 0% have picked it as best. :-) Those were just the 5 most well-known comedic films the Coens have done. Burn After Reading is actually pretty funny, Coens operating in light mode but it's well done for what it is. Doesn't compare with the top 2 at all though, but it could develop a cult following of its own down the road.
2008-09-25 17:00:06
244.   Bob Timmermann
For those scoring at home, Fausto Carmona has started serving his suspension.
2008-09-25 17:03:30
245.   Sam PHL
241 - Well, Philly is not in short supply of drunk hooligans. I think you're right about them being priced out. I just moved here two years ago, so never had the pleasure of the Vet.

I'm in the Grad Hospital area. Good to know Fox and Hound is an option if I want to go out to catch a game next season, especially since I can stumble home from there.

2008-09-25 17:05:04
246.   Bob Timmermann
Rain is delaying the start of the final Nats home game.

The #1 pick is at stake!

2008-09-25 17:05:36
247.   Jim Hitchcock
243 It's beating out The Big Lebowski(for which I voted)!
2008-09-25 17:09:32
248.   DaDoughboy
"They hit a hot stretch, and we hit a cold stretch. Put that together and you get the Dodgers jumping around right now," Chris Snyder said after todays game. That about as short and sweet (and true) statement regarding the last agonizing 6 weeks.


2008-09-25 17:09:55
249.   scareduck
238 - you don't happen to know what game that is, do you Bob?
2008-09-25 17:11:31
250.   trainwreck
Big Lebowski is winning.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-25 17:12:35
251.   RELX
203 and 209 .

A flashback to 2007:

Matt Kemp (to Jeff Kent): You're nothing but a warped, frustrated old man...and (points to Luis Gonzalez)...the same goes for you.

One week later:

Jeff Kent (to Matt Kemp): You once called me a warped-frustrated old you know what you are? You're a warped, frustrated young man!

2008-09-25 17:14:58
252.   underdog
247/250 - Yah, look at that again, Jim. :-) Top one is Raising Arizona, which is in 2nd place. Those two are way ahead, as they should be.

We almost put The Ladykillers on the list and then thought.... nah.

2008-09-25 17:16:27
253.   Jim Hitchcock
247 Really? I'm getting Burn After Reading with 50% of the votes(18).

Maybe it's not updating?

2008-09-25 17:16:42
254.   Jon Weisman
I voted for Raising Arizona, but Hudsucker gets no respect.

Good thing Marty has the USC game to think about instead of this.

2008-09-25 17:16:44
255.   scareduck
Cubbies tied at 3-3 on a double down the first base line by Ryan Church.
2008-09-25 17:17:30
256.   scareduck
254 - me, too. I own Raising Arizona.
2008-09-25 17:18:24
257.   underdog
Yay, someone just voted for Hudsucker!


I think Jim needs to Windex his computer monitor. ;-)

2008-09-25 17:18:26
258.   Jim Hitchcock
Oh, well, duh. I was matching the movies with the wrong line!

Proceeding to laugh at myself...

2008-09-25 17:19:42
259.   underdog
Raising Arizona
32% (12 votes)
Big Lebowski
49% (18 votes)
Burn After Reading
0% (0 votes)

Don't forget to check out the older polls, too, including the "Worst Nicolas Cage Movie" which is a tough one, and Best Stoner Movie.


Man, the mets are gonna blow it again, aren't they?

2008-09-25 17:19:45
260.   Jim Hitchcock
257 Oh, man, where was that excuse when I needed it :)
2008-09-25 17:20:32
261.   underdog
The Wire poll I did was a complete disaster, no one voted in that one :-( Oh well.
2008-09-25 17:20:33
262.   Alex41592
Dodgers NLDS Opponent Watch:

Mets 3 Cubs 3 T5
Pirates 0 Brewers 0 B1

2008-09-25 17:21:48
263.   Bob Timmermann

Top of the 6th.

2008-09-25 17:22:47
264.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert for Micah Hoffpauir in New York. This is a yellow alert.
2008-09-25 17:23:40
265.   Bob Timmermann
Twins take a 1-0 lead in the 1st against the Pale Hose.
2008-09-25 17:24:25
266.   Jim Hitchcock
You know, I no longer care whether Joe Morgan catches a game at Telefono Park this weekend, or not.
2008-09-25 17:25:45
267.   Kuo-fax
259 - Wow, no love for O Brother. That was my pick, but not for lack of love of the other vote getters.
2008-09-25 17:26:10
268.   Humma Kavula
265 Let's go Fightin Huberts!
2008-09-25 17:26:34
269.   Bob Timmermann
Balvino Galvez pitched for the Dodgers in that game. One of only 10 games he pitched in the majors!
2008-09-25 17:28:00
270.   underdog
What the heck is a Micah Hoffpauir?
2008-09-25 17:30:13
271.   Bob Timmermann
Micah Hoffpauir could be seeing a lot of playing time in the postseason. But it should be in right field.
2008-09-25 17:31:11
272.   Humma Kavula
How does one pronounce Hoffpauir's last name?
2008-09-25 17:33:51
273.   Bob Timmermann
I've heard if said as "Hoff-par"
2008-09-25 17:34:30
274.   scareduck
263 - you are a gentleman and a scholar, sir.
2008-09-25 17:35:33
275.   Bob Timmermann
You're welcome.

Nice jacket too!

2008-09-25 17:37:22
276.   D4P
What's so great about that game...?
2008-09-25 17:37:39
277.   underdog
273 Wasn't he also a brain doctor in Vienna at one time? I believe he was played by Steve Martin in the movie version.
2008-09-25 17:37:57
278.   Bob Timmermann
Another source says "hoff-power"
2008-09-25 17:38:35
279.   Bob Timmermann
It's not the game. It's the photo. You know, it's artistic and all that.
2008-09-25 17:39:07
280.   Bob Timmermann
Interesting game in Boston.
2008-09-25 17:42:33
281.   D4P
Were you the photographer?
2008-09-25 17:43:48
282.   scareduck
275 - Once you shop at Jos. A. Banks you'll never go back.*

*Make sure you only lay foot in there when they're having sales.†

†Which is almost all the time.

2008-09-25 17:44:39
283.   Humma Kavula
280 Not anymore.
2008-09-25 17:45:50
284.   underdog
The Dodgers clinch, the Office has its season premiere, and now if my soccer team can win (IF! {knock on wood}) then it'll be a trifecta of happiness today.
2008-09-25 17:46:51
285.   bhsportsguy
Diamond reports that the Dodger rotation over the weekend will be Lowe, Maddux and Kuroda, they will not pitch very long.

He is leaning toward a 11 man pitching staff but only using 3 starters since only one would have to pitch on 3 days rest.

Kuo is out for the NLDS. He is does not know how or if Kershaw will be a part of the NLDS staff.

2008-09-25 17:47:06
286.   scareduck
284 - who is your soccer team?
2008-09-25 17:47:28
287.   Jon Weisman
Two new posts up top.
2008-09-25 17:56:49
288.   underdog
286 Oh, my own amateur co-ed soccer team, nothing professional. :-) We're the Gorillaz. My Sunday t eam is the Quakes, after my favorite MLS team. I follow English soccer but don't really have a favorite.
2008-09-25 20:17:45
289.   lukemccain
Frank McCourt is walking through the left field bleachers high fiving fans with Tommy Lasorda in tow. Nice touch by an owner who seems to want a connection with the fans.
25 years ago, I was in Vero Beach and saw Peter O'Malley sitting a couple of rows behind the Dodger dugout. I was going to say hello but got waved off by a surly usher. What a difference!

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