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If You Care About Cupcakes
2008-09-26 14:38
by Jon Weisman

I'm not assuming that the Dodgers will play the Cubs, but FYI:

Record against teams .500 or better:
47-40 (.540) Cubs
27-38 (.415) Dodgers

Record against teams below .500:
49-22 (.690) Cubs
56-38 (.595) Dodgers

Interestingly, the Dodgers have a .595 winning percentage against sub-.500 teams before and after August 1. That eight-game losing streak really mucked up the works.

* * *

The Dodgers are having a pep rally Sunday at Dodger Stadium from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. with Dodgers alumni, musical entertainment, $2 pricing for Dodger Dogs and other popular items - and an appearance by the team itself, assuming their game in San Francisco doesn't go 20 innings. Admission and parking are free, free, free. Seems like a good occasion for an impromptu Dodger Thoughts gathering - maybe, if the kids feel like hot dogs for dinner, we'll stop by ...

* * *

Weather permitting ... revel in the tension of others!

Nationals at Phillies, 4:05 p.m.

Yankees at Red Sox, 4:05 p.m.

Rays at Tigers, 4:05 p.m.

Marlins at Mets, 4:10 p.m.

Braves at Astros, 5:05 p.m.

Cubs at Brewers, 5:05 p.m.

Royals at Twins, 5:10 p.m.

Indians at White Sox, 5:11 p.m.

Dodgers at Giants, 7:35 p.m.

Comments (507)
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2008-09-26 14:56:14
1.   Bumsrap
As our choir already knows, the Dodgers now are not the team that played most of the year. I don't this year's history is going to help us predict what can happen in the playoffs. A few great pitching performances to begin the playoffs, either by the Dodgers or their opponents, could be the determining factor for moving forward in the playoffs.
2008-09-26 14:57:36
2.   LogikReader
Man I cannot WAIT to see all those games tonight! I just don't understand why some sports fans out there need to put down the Pennant Race, toot their horn and proclaim "FOOTBALL SUPERIORITY". I mean c'mon, really? It's Week 4, give me a break.


Man this rally is such a great idea! I wish it was on Saturday though, instead of Sunday. I won't be able to make the commute from SB with the work day tomorrow. Hope you all can represent!

2008-09-26 14:59:16
3.   LogikReader
For those without Extra Innings, will ESPN and Fox be carrying a good portion of those games over the weekend? Hope so... this is exciting!
2008-09-26 14:59:27
4.   Bumsrap
Kent and Nomar and Pierre for that matter (maybe Furcal as well) have to be thinking this is their time and Torre has to feel those vibrations if not outright pressure from them to play.
2008-09-26 15:03:08
5.   D4P
Yeah. I don't think Kent, Nomar, and Furcal worked themselves back onto the roster during the last week of the season just so they could keep sitting on the bench during the playoffs.
2008-09-26 15:05:17
6.   Bumsrap
My playoff team

Martin, Ardoin
DeWitt, Hu
Blake, Nomar
Berroa, Furcal
Manny, Pierre
Billingsley, Lowe, Kershaw, Kuroda, Maddux
Park, Wade, Biemel, Elbert, Saito, Broxton

2008-09-26 15:08:50
7.   underdog
If you missed Molly's link at end of last thread, here's her "6 Things You Should Know..." chat with Joe Beimel.

2008-09-26 15:10:10
8.   underdog
I liked this one from Beimel:

"We don't rack up the stats that help fantasy teams, and that doesn't bother me. But it does make it funny when fans shout, 'You're on my fantasy team! Throw me a ball!' " It's like, c'mon. We both know I'm not on your team."<<

2008-09-26 15:23:18
9.   fanerman
It turns out I'm going to tonight's game after all. Woohoo!
2008-09-26 15:25:43
10.   Rob M
6 I wouldn't leave Proctor off the way he's been throwing since he came back. I don't think Ned will, either. Slot him in for Elbert. I think I'd rather have Stults than Maddux, too, for that matter.
2008-09-26 15:27:18
11.   ToyCannon
Holds are a fast growing roto category and Beimel had 12 this year, 2nd only to Broxton on the team and tied with Kuo. He's got value he just doesn't know it.
2008-09-26 15:28:57
12.   ToyCannon
Kent is going to be on the playoff team and he's going to be playing 2nd base unless they cut his leg off.
2008-09-26 15:35:54
13.   LogikReader

I dunno if that's such a good idea. I know it is bound to happen, but I loved DeWitt's defense this month. Ah well.

2008-09-26 15:37:27
14.   CanuckDodger
At his website, Scareduck has a link to a San Diego paper that says that with the Dodgers making the playoffs the Padres are now, under the terms of the Maddux trade deal, entitled to a better prospect than what they would have gotten if we didn't make the playoffs. Just kill me now. Nice knowing you, Lambo.
2008-09-26 15:40:46
15.   underdog
14 It's not going to be Lambo, no way, no how. It won't be De Jesus, either. After that, anyone's guess. Maddux better win a playoff game for us now.
2008-09-26 15:42:46
16.   LogikReader
14 , 15

This is the flip side of making the playoffs with NedCo. Grr!

It's a slow day today...

2008-09-26 15:44:10
17.   ToyCannon
Oh please, if it is Lambo I'll gladly do you in but there is no chance it is Lambo.
2008-09-26 15:46:12
18.   oshea2002
I was questioning why Maddux was even celebrating with the team. At least Sweeney contributed by running the rookie hazing program.

in all seriousness, there's no way it's Lambo.

2008-09-26 15:48:27
19.   oshea2002
Jon Heyman is on TV right now. He's picking the Brewers to be the odd team out. Full disclosure - this is on the Mets' pregame show.
2008-09-26 15:53:14
20.   underdog
I still think it'll be someone like Adkins and maybe someone like Bridger Hunt, or Jamie Hoffman.
2008-09-26 15:55:16
21.   CanuckDodger
San Diego started out asking for McDonald AND Elbert. Are we supposing master negotiator Ned got them to lower their demands from those lofty heights to Alberto Bastardo and David Pfeiffer? And now what about this business with the "upgrade" triggered by the playoff clinch? Lambo is not as good a prospect as Carlos Santana, and it took Santana PLUS another decent prospect to get two months of non-descript journeyman Casey Blake. I am not saying it is Lambo for sure, but is Ned dumb enough to do that? Yes, yes he is.
2008-09-26 16:01:11
22.   still bevens
Can it be Stults or is he out of options next year and likely to be cut?
2008-09-26 16:01:40
23.   underdog
Well, let's just say we all hope you're wrong. I just think he has a staff full of people who would come after him with baseball bats if he tried to give them Lambo.

Remember, just because a team asked for the moon doesn't mean they will be given the moon or a different moon, even with NedCo at the helm. Otherwise, he'll be mooned.

2008-09-26 16:02:36
24.   scareduck
21 - it's a valid point. You're dealing with comparables, but on the other hand, Maddux hasn't been very valuable with the Dodgers (and wasn't really with the Pads before that).
2008-09-26 16:03:41
25.   scareduck
23 - given that Logan White was happy to sign off on the Manny rental at the cost of Andy LaRoche, who's to say what he would do?
2008-09-26 16:03:59
26.   trainwreck
Underdog has given us all permission to hit Ned with bats if he trades Lambo.

That is what I am telling the cops.

2008-09-26 16:06:41
27.   ToyCannon
Christ, just because some paper reported the original asking price doesn't mean squat and you should know that.

Casey Blake was a starting 3rd baseman who could be traded anywhere and we paid the price to get him and not pay his contract.

Greg Maddux would only agree to be traded to us. We had a ton of leverage and if Ned did not use that leverage and it resulted in a top 5 pick getting traded for a 5 inning pitcher then I'd pitchfork Ned myself, but I'm comfortable with the idea that they will get two pitchers who we probably won't miss but if we do it will only because they are pitching in Petco.

2008-09-26 16:09:24
28.   bhsportsguy
27 Justin Miller or Steven Johnson seems like the range of pitchers that could be part of the deal, also Scott Van Slyke.
2008-09-26 16:11:53
29.   Kevin Lewis
Is there any word (valid at least) on what is happening with Brad Penny?
2008-09-26 16:12:55
30.   Icaros

Typical Dodgers fan talking to he cares about baseball. :-)

2008-09-26 16:13:46
31.   trainwreck
Being put on the 60-day DL is not a good sign for his future with the team.
2008-09-26 16:16:28
32.   Alex41592
Mets down early to the Marlins.
2008-09-26 16:19:01
33.   Jim Hitchcock
32 Yeah, sure , cheer us up...
2008-09-26 16:20:35
34.   underdog
26 Basically. :-) Though I was implying his colleagues would do it for us.

25 True, but don't you think White sees that Ramirez is in a different stratosphere of value than Maddux? And while I'm sure he liked LaRoche he probably had his own doubts about him at that point. I think he adores Lambo, from what I've read. Yes, I could be wrong.

Thus, the baseball bats.

2008-09-26 16:20:52
35.   Alex41592
Ryan Howard puts the Phillies in great shape. 3-0 Phillies.
2008-09-26 16:22:48
36.   Alex41592
NLDS Opponent Watch:

Marlins 2 Mets 0 B1
Nationals 0 Phillies 3 B1
Cubs Brewers Later

2008-09-26 16:22:48
37.   underdog
Carl Crawford was activated by the Rays today. That's sort of like their Furcal, though he wasn't out nearly as long, but in that he will be eased back into it and could be a big late bonus for them in the playoffs.
2008-09-26 16:24:03
38.   Kevin Lewis

I guess I was also wondering if Brad was asking for something that is not know before the season whether or not the option would be picked up. Who knows what happened behind closed doors, but he seems to be acting like a child about this.

2008-09-26 16:24:31
39.   Bumsrap
I thought the prospects for Maddux would be better if Maddux pitched well for the Dodgers more than if the Dodgers did well while Maddux was on the team.
2008-09-26 16:26:46
40.   trainwreck
I am going to say you were a Charles Manson-like figure.
2008-09-26 16:27:49
41.   trainwreck
I think he is depressed, frustrated, and angry about how bad he was this year and not getting his stuff back.
2008-09-26 16:31:11
42.   MollyKnight
Beimel is as good of a dude as he is a pitcher. I only hope he remains with the Dodgers..
2008-09-26 16:31:47
43.   underdog
Bases loaded for the Mets bottom of the 2nd, 2 outs, for Ryan Church. 2-0 Florida.
2008-09-26 16:33:25
44.   underdog
And Church hits one deep to left... a way back!.... And it's caught. 3 outs.
2008-09-26 16:36:03
45.   scareduck
30 - of course Jesus cares about baseball. Remember that famous passage in Genesis: "In the big inning ..."
2008-09-26 16:37:22
46.   scareduck
34 - when does a scouting director ever say anything negative about a prospect before he's traded?
2008-09-26 16:37:30
47.   Jim Hitchcock
42 I can't imagine him not being resigned.
2008-09-26 16:38:44
48.   LA Doyers
What's up with Penny? I heard he cleared his locker out, and hes nowhere to be found

2008-09-26 16:39:29
49.   scareduck
Wow, Tampa's behind the Tiggers 3-0 in the top of the 2nd. Not that that's likely to stay that way, but still.
2008-09-26 16:44:18
50.   Alex41592
Phillies put their game away early. 6-1 in the 2nd.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-26 16:44:20
51.   RIYank
45 I thought Jesus came later.

But, come to think of it, that was a big inning, and He kept it up for a few more too, huh? He deserved the Seventh Inning stretch.

2008-09-26 16:46:46
52.   Alex41592
Cubs or Phillies?

Cubs or Phillies?

2008-09-26 16:50:18
53.   LoneStar7
the mets are useless
2008-09-26 16:50:35
54.   Alex41592
NLDS Opponent Watch:

Marlins 2 Mets 0 T3
Nationals 1 Phillies 7 T3
Cubs Brewers Later

2008-09-26 16:56:25
55.   underdog
51 And on the 7th game, He rested?

48 A lot of discussion on it in previous thread. He sounds like he's frustrated, with himself and with the team and despondent and not wanting to be around the playoff atmosphere. It's sounding like his big option won't be picked up due to his horrible year and he won't acknowledge that it's in large part his own fault for playing hurt long before saying anything. Either that or it's Eliza Dushku's fault.

2008-09-26 17:03:11
56.   D4P
NLDS Opponent Watch

For whom are we supposed to be rooting...?

2008-09-26 17:05:59
57.   Alex41592
56 - I root for chaos. I don't actually care.
2008-09-26 17:06:05
58.   MC Safety
Playing/beating the Mets would be nice and all, but not nicer than seeing them completely miss the playoffs after being gifted Johan.
2008-09-26 17:06:14
59.   Bob Timmermann
I'm rooting for the Mets and Marlins to play to a tie after six innings. Then there would be rain. That would suspend the game. Then it would rain all day Saturday. So on Sunday, they'd have to play the conclusion of the suspended game and then a doubleheader.

I want this because I'm that kind of a guy.

2008-09-26 17:06:30
60.   trainwreck
I believe the strategy is to not face the Cubs, so we want the Mets to win.
2008-09-26 17:07:09
61.   Alex41592
56 - But my question is why?
2008-09-26 17:07:24
62.   trainwreck
In reality it may be better to face the Cubs in the first round. Shorter series, plus their pitching is a little tipsy turvy at the moment with Dempster as the Game 1 starter.
2008-09-26 17:08:45
63.   Alex41592
Excuse me. 61 is meant for 60 .
2008-09-26 17:10:38
64.   trainwreck
Because the Cubs have the most talent in the NL and they can throw Harden, Zambrano, and Dempster at you.
2008-09-26 17:13:03
65.   Jim Hitchcock
59 Bob's telling the truth. For sport, he likes to make little kids at the library cry.
2008-09-26 17:14:38
66.   scareduck
62 - Dempster at Wrigley is a tough match-up. He's not a dumpster-diving catch, no sir, more Greg Madduxy.
2008-09-26 17:16:55
67.   scareduck
53 - Chris Volstad is darned impressive. You may remember this game:

He reeled one off very like it against the Stros a couple starts ago.

2008-09-26 17:17:53
68.   Bob Timmermann
Only after Andrew Shimmin softens them up for me by heaping abuse upon them for not knowing what bokonon42 meant.
2008-09-26 17:18:54
69.   Jim Hitchcock
Of course, Bob was also part of the team that discovered the first ever verified Mersenne prime number, so there's that.
2008-09-26 17:19:13
70.   trainwreck
White Chocolate Jason Williams has retired.
2008-09-26 17:20:46
71.   Alex41592
So some people's plan is to get to the World Series by not playing the best team (record wise)?

Or is it some don't want to face them in a short series because you think Dempster, Harden and Zambrano can shut us down?

If the choice is Cubs or Phillies for the first round. Both are very good teams but I think we match up well with both of them. But, if we're going anywhere in October we're probably going to have to face both of them. That's why to me it doesn't matter. The question becomes who do you think the Dodgers can beat in a shorter series?

2008-09-26 17:21:39
72.   underdog
I'm rooting for a tripleheader and chaos.

Short of that, the Mets, though I think they're gonna choke and miss the playoffs altogether.

Okay, off to get ready for the Dodgers-Giants game! Wish us luck. Will report back here late tonight.

2008-09-26 17:22:16
73.   Jim Hitchcock
71 And the answer is...the Mets!
2008-09-26 17:23:13
74.   underdog
71 I think the Dodgers can beat any of the NL teams in a short series. They could also get swept by any of them. It really doesn't matter much, ultimately, though I'd love to see them play the Cubs in the NLCS, in a longer series, if nothing else it would be fun. I want them to win some playoff games for once, too.


2008-09-26 17:23:48
75.   trainwreck
Maybe Kemp will have some extra champagne left over.
2008-09-26 17:33:54
76.   still bevens
Nu lineup tonight

Furcal, SS
Dewitt, 3B
Ramirez, LF
Kent, 2B
Ethier, LF
Loney, 1B
Pierre, CF
Ardoin, C
Lowe, P

2008-09-26 17:34:22
77.   RELX
59 . Unfortunately, it is not raining at all here in NY right now.
2008-09-26 17:35:30
78.   Alex41592
NLDS Opponent Watch:

Marlins 2 Mets 0 B5
Nationals 3 Phillies 7 B5
Cubs 1 Brewers 0 T2

2008-09-26 17:37:12
79.   overkill94
Has there been any coverage about the rookie hazing? They showed some of the costumes on the local news and they were quite entertaining as usual. Blake DeWitt as Marilyn Monroe was especially awesome.
2008-09-26 17:40:59
80.   trainwreck
I like Kuroda as a pimp with his interpreter doing the LA sign with his hands.
2008-09-26 17:43:06
81.   Marty
I want the Cubs. Because most of my friends are Cubs fans and I want them as miserable as possible.
2008-09-26 17:46:06
82.   CanuckDodger
81 -- If you wish misery on your friends, God help your enemies.
2008-09-26 17:46:29
83.   Alex41592
Replay in Philadelphia.
2008-09-26 17:47:26
84.   Alex41592
Kansas City takes the lead over the Twins right after the White Sox take the lead over the Indians.
2008-09-26 17:47:49
85.   Alex41592
3-0 Marlins.
2008-09-26 17:48:07
86.   Alex41592
Brewers tie it at 1.
2008-09-26 17:49:05
87.   Bob Timmermann
And it was America's Hero, AJ Pierzynski,who put the White Sox ahead.

Would Pierzynski be liked as a player for any team except the White Sox? I suppose Mets fans would like him.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

2008-09-26 17:49:17
88.   Ken Noe
76 Two left fielders...that clever Torre.
2008-09-26 17:50:13
89.   Bob Timmermann
Asdrubal Cabrera, not having a good inning.
2008-09-26 17:50:42
90.   Indiana Jon
76 I don't like that lineup one bit. I know we've already clinched and all, but has Torre lost his mind? Manny is a small defensive liability, but does he really need Ethier over there while we leave RF wide open? The lefties are going to kill us tonight.
2008-09-26 17:52:01
91.   Alex41592
90 - That's why he has Pierre in center tonight of course! He's a genius!
2008-09-26 17:55:23
92.   Alex41592
Kansas City is all over Liriano.
2008-09-26 17:55:25
93.   trainwreck
We can have Kent stand in the outfield, so he can cover balls in right.

It is probably better than having him at second.

2008-09-26 18:06:00
94.   old dodger fan
Nats are putting up a little bit of a fight. 7-4 at the 7th inning stretch
2008-09-26 18:44:44
95.   Alex41592
I think I know why there is such a halt on posting.

But, the Cubs have officially announced their rotation for the NLDS, in this order:

Dempster, Zambrano, Harden, and Lilly.

2008-09-26 18:48:04
96.   Marty
I'd like Lehrer to ask McCain and Obama what they think of the Dodgers' chances.
2008-09-26 18:48:13
97.   berkowit28
95 Please tell us.
2008-09-26 18:48:34
98.   Bob Hendley
It's a Rule 5 thang.
2008-09-26 18:49:34
99.   Indiana Jon
96 Probably Cubs and Diamondbacks fans. There opinion would be meaningless.
2008-09-26 18:50:27
100.   Indiana Jon
99 "Their" Just wanted to say that before someone else did.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-26 18:50:48
101.   Alex41592
99 - Obama is actually a White Sox fan, FWIW.

I connected it to baseball. I think that's ok.

2008-09-26 18:51:32
102.   trainwreck
Obama apparently likes the White Sox.

I want to know if they are pro-Manny with long hair or anti.

2008-09-26 18:51:43
103.   Bob Hendley
McCain is calling for the Snakes to surge.
2008-09-26 18:56:03
104.   KG16
I want to know where they stand on the spread option.

And who I should take with the 8th pick in round 5 of my fantasy basketball draft. Turkoglu, Bynum, or Maggette?

2008-09-26 18:58:38
105.   Alex41592
Phillies win.
2008-09-26 18:59:43
106.   Indiana Jon
2008-09-26 19:00:41
107.   Alex41592
Rockies up on Arizona 3-0.

Oh, right that doesn't matter anymore.

2008-09-26 19:02:00
108.   KG16
106 - yeah, I'm thinking Bynum on a best available strategy and then hoping that one of the other two drop five spots to my next pick.
2008-09-26 19:11:27
109.   Alex41592
Tampa Bay is close to it's first division championship.

12-3 Yankees.

2008-09-26 19:12:23
110.   Bluebleeder87


hey ScareDuck so what's the scoop on the Cubs man, should we be scared?

2008-09-26 19:20:26
111.   Alex41592
Brewers take the lead.
2008-09-26 19:22:18
112.   trainwreck
Damnit, the Dodger game is not being televised on time because of the debate.

Those monsters! We got more important things!

2008-09-26 19:28:10
113.   Alex41592
112 - Aha, that's why the game is at 7:35 tonight. The game is on NBC in San Francisco and the debate will end around that time.
2008-09-26 19:29:03
114.   LogikReader
Whew! I thought we were getting the game on tape delay.
2008-09-26 19:29:54
115.   Andrew Shimmin
For the record, I do not abuse children. And, if I were going to (which I'm not; see above), it would be over Tom Sawyer, not Vonnegut.
2008-09-26 19:30:25
116.   trainwreck
They say they won't show the game till 8.

Travesty, I tells ya!

2008-09-26 19:35:22
117.   Tripon
They're starting now in L.A.
2008-09-26 19:38:52
118.   Alex41592
Brewers on their way to a one game lead in the Wild Card.

NLDS Opponent Watch:

Marlins 6 Mets 1 B9
Nationals 4 Phillies 8 Final
Cubs 1 Brewers 5 B7

2008-09-26 19:40:02
119.   Xeifrank
The 150:1 Rays with a little help from the Yankees are about to clinch the AL East. Inevitably, some uninformed soul will say that the Rays backed in to the division title because they lost two games in a row, even though they will end up winning 96 or more games in the toughest division in baseball.
vr, Xei
2008-09-26 19:41:13
120.   Bluebleeder87
ERA+ Cubs starters
Carlos Zambrano - 116
Ted Lilly - 108
Ryan Dempters - 151
Jason Marquis - 102
Rich Harden - 207

ERA+ Dodger starters
D-Lowe - 135
Billingsley - 140
H.Kuroda - 116
Maddux - 93
Kershaw - 103

2008-09-26 19:41:54
121.   trainwreck
Baaaaaaaah, start the game before I leave to the bars Bay Area TV.
2008-09-26 19:42:57
122.   Bluebleeder87
I've come to the conclusion that Manny Ramirez isn't human, he's a hitting machine....
2008-09-26 19:48:50
123.   Bob Hendley
He's a little grumpy and not what he once was, but I still get a kick out of seeing Kent in Dodger Blue facing the Geeants.
2008-09-26 19:53:14
124.   Tripon
Did Kent ole the ball that allowed Sandoval a single?
2008-09-26 19:55:41
125.   Alex41592
124 - He shouldn't move on any ball. He's in there to get at bats.
2008-09-26 19:57:27
126.   Jimmyv11
Looks like the mets are going to collapse AGAIN! Bring on those Cubbies and I like going against Dempster first.
2008-09-26 19:59:39
127.   Tripon
If Pierre was truly smart, he'd wouldn't try to steal in the first place.
2008-09-26 20:01:45
128.   thinkblue88

Dempster isn't a pushover. He had a great year.

2008-09-26 20:02:01
129.   Gen3Blue
Pierre's reaching that age where his raw speed isn't going to do it anymore. But I'm only mildly disturbed by a strategy of lose fairly quickly at this point. Less injuries going into the playoffs.
2008-09-26 20:04:06
130.   Tripon
128 He's having a bit of a fluke year. And I think Lowe can match him for 7 innings, as long as Torre doesn't get cute. (Starting JP over Kemp because Dempster is a righty, etc.) We should start our best defensive field, which might mean actually starting Berroa over Furcal.
2008-09-26 20:05:12
131.   Gen3Blue
126 Oh my God-are the Mets eliminated? They sure lost and the Phils sure won! I am awfully ignorant of the East.
2008-09-26 20:05:13
132.   Jimmyv11
Don't think he is a pushover but rather face him then Zambrano first even though we lost to Demp and beat Carlos in this years meetings.
2008-09-26 20:07:18
133.   Tripon
131 Mets are two games back, and one game back behind the Brewers(Or will be when the Brewers win tonight.) They're not done yet but... well, they're done. The Phillies are going to kick the crap out of the Nats one more time to secure the NL East, and the Brewers aren't going to mess around with the AAA team the Cubs are fielding.
2008-09-26 20:07:38
134.   Jimmyv11
Phils magic number is 1 now. I do not see Furcal starting over Berroa, I have too much faith in Torre and his "feelings" for that to happen. Pierre is reserved for late inning base stealing, pinch running in case Kent gets on in a sticky situation.
2008-09-26 20:08:41
135.   Tripon
The thing is Zambrano isn't having a great year this year. His ERA+ is 116, compare it to Kuroda(who is the likely 3rd pitcher) who also has a 116+ ERA.
2008-09-26 20:12:44
136.   Jimmyv11
But Zambrano is so unpredictable, he goes from shoulder soreness to a no-hitter? If we can get to him early then we are in good shape. He can be emotional. I have high expectations of Lowe. Don;t think he will let us down but our offense will need to win this game for us.
2008-09-26 20:14:13
137.   Tripon
Its kinda hilarious that Manny's playing today.
2008-09-26 20:14:23
138.   Alex41592
Brewers magic number is 2.
2008-09-26 20:16:41
139.   LogikReader
Wow! Vin giving Kruk and Kuip well deserved props. I don't know if I've ever heard him do that. Awesome.
2008-09-26 20:16:45
140.   Tripon
How was that ball fouled?
2008-09-26 20:17:12
141.   Tripon
And wynn doubles. What the heck.
2008-09-26 20:18:59
142.   Alex41592
Great play by Furcal!
2008-09-26 20:19:13
143.   Andrew Shimmin
Furcal is good at baseball.
2008-09-26 20:19:20
144.   Tripon
That's the Furcal we want to see!
2008-09-26 20:20:30
145.   Bob Hendley
A cannon back at short.
2008-09-26 20:22:59
146.   Rob M
Larrusa is one...
2008-09-26 20:23:07
147.   Tripon
Oops! Manny tried to hustle for a Double.
2008-09-26 20:23:32
148.   Jimmyv11
I can't see the game being in Washingto did Furcal look 100%, like the Furcal of old?

College football question, anyone like Bama over Georgia?

2008-09-26 20:23:54
149.   Alex41592
Nice idea by Manny and in a game like this you just smile but more importantly he got DeWitt to third.
2008-09-26 20:24:08
150.   Tripon
Jeff Kent can still Homer.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-26 20:24:21
151.   Alex41592
Jeff Kent hitting home runs people!
2008-09-26 20:24:41
152.   thinkblue88


This lineup is suddenly very very good.

2008-09-26 20:24:46
153.   trainwreck
Woo hoo!!!

Take that, Giants.

I got a Dodger debt card today too!

2008-09-26 20:25:00
154.   Bob Hendley
2008-09-26 20:25:44
155.   oshea2002
146 - Sparky Anderson
2008-09-26 20:25:53
156.   Jimmyv11
Atta boy Jeff, just starting to warm up for the playoffs. This is his chance and he will be rolling his sleeves up high next week.
2008-09-26 20:27:08
157.   Tripon
Maybe he really was injured for the whole year.
2008-09-26 20:28:03
158.   oshea2002
I'd still rather face Dempster in Game 1, despite his success this year Big Z is a better pitcher.
2008-09-26 20:28:59
159.   Rob M
Kent is a lot better than Sweeney, that's for sure. I still think I'd rather not have him in the field every day in the playoffs. Run prevention is of primary performance in the post season.
2008-09-26 20:29:25
160.   Bob Hendley
148 He doesn't look all that rusty, but don't think he'll go all nine.
2008-09-26 20:30:25
161.   I Love LA
Kent had to make sure he was going to hit one out at SF just in case this is the last weekend he'll ever play at that park again.
2008-09-26 20:30:30
162.   Alex41592
Kent is a major upgrade to our bench for the NLDS. But, he's still a major defensive liability and should not start. That HR was nice to see.

So the Dodgers win the 3 1/2 inning game 2-0.

2008-09-26 20:31:31
163.   Tripon
Kent is a DH.
2008-09-26 20:31:41
164.   Jimmyv11
Im not concerned about him going nine right now but I just want to know if he will be contributing come next week. If he can we just got that much more dangerous.
2008-09-26 20:33:46
165.   Tripon
I think Furcal earning him another year with the Dodgers.
2008-09-26 20:34:43
166.   KG16
ok, Joe, let McDizzle hit, let him go a couple of innings.
2008-09-26 20:34:55
167.   Tripon
And James McDonald keeps his perfect ERA. Or an infinite ERA+.
2008-09-26 20:35:25
168.   68elcamino427
Are the fans of the Metropolitans freak'in out tonight?
2008-09-26 20:36:25
169.   Tripon
168 I think they accepted that the Mets are doomed forever.
2008-09-26 20:38:55
170.   CanuckDodger
McDonald's fastball velocity is 88-90. I think this is the REAL McDonald. In the other games, he was just going all-out knowing he would only pitch an inning.
2008-09-26 20:39:34
171.   Tripon
Also, Vin Scully is doing only six innings of radio for each playoff games. I don't know why he's doing only six instead of the full nine innings. I assume Steiner and Monday will do the rest of the broadcast.
2008-09-26 20:41:10
172.   68elcamino427
My question regarding McDonald is what will happen with his performance the second and third time around the leauge.
What say you?
2008-09-26 20:43:08
173.   Tripon
Furcal got pulled for Berroa after he walked.
2008-09-26 20:44:01
174.   Bluebleeder87
it's pretty cool using our B guys & still beating the Giants.
2008-09-26 20:45:05
175.   Bob Hendley
Professional AB. Ahn Hell, get used to that pine.
2008-09-26 20:46:08
176.   Tripon
Their right fielder is annoying. Don't know if Schierholtz can hit, but he sure can field.
2008-09-26 20:46:25
177.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Any talk of a DT meet up? I'll bring the carne asada again.
2008-09-26 20:48:42
178.   Tripon
Diamond Leung says that both Kent and Furcal are likely additions to the playoff roster. Unless Ozuna hacks up the outfield tomorrow(where he'll get a start) he'll likely make it in to. Also, there's this little thing...

- The Dodgers went on with their rookie hazing during the celebration last night, and among those players forced to partcipate was Blake DeWitt, who dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. The players landed in San Francisco at about 3 a.m. and were then dropped off a few blocks from the hotel. As the players paraded down the street, one San Franciscan seeing how some of the players were dressed as women expressed interest. "I took off running," DeWitt said.

2008-09-26 20:48:54
179.   68elcamino427
Alexander Science Center - Best elementary scool in the LAUSD
2008-09-26 20:49:42
180.   Jacob Burch
171 Vin is doing the first three, Charlie+Monday 4-6, Vin 7 and on (I guess a long extra innings game would allow another break). Don't ask me why, I don't know. (Other than "he wants a break," etc)

177 I will be possibly heading efforts for a meet up for the If-Necessary Game 4.

2008-09-26 20:49:59
181.   Bluebleeder87
from past tendencies Who Is Karim Garcia we ain't gonna meet till next year, personally, I'm hoping we go some where like "Zona" for ST & such.
2008-09-26 20:51:33
182.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Damned straight! What's your connection?

2008-09-26 20:51:59
183.   68elcamino427
171 - Isn't that the way Vin used to split the work with Jerry Doggett back in the day?
2008-09-26 20:52:18
184.   Tripon
Mr. Perfect stays perfect.
2008-09-26 20:56:25
185.   MonkeyBlue
Forgot about this game. I was having a fun time watching the debate. Anyways good see Kent hit one out and McDonald doing good.
2008-09-26 20:56:30
186.   Jon Weisman
Before Vin went to TV only, for years he would fo 1-3 and 7-9 on radio. Otherwise, you'd have never heard of Doggett, Porter or Monday.
2008-09-26 20:59:23
187.   Jacob Burch
186 I seem to vaguely recall this as well, but (and I am more than likely wrong) I do seem to remember them using a full Vin in the playoffs before.

As long as Vin gets to call the dramatic last innings, that's all I care about. I'll be trying to hunt down a solid AM radio to take to all if necessary games.

And if we get swept and I don't get to go, weep quietly in my room.

2008-09-26 21:00:38
188.   CanuckDodger
172 -- I don't see McDonald having that big of a problem once teams see him a few times. He is not over-powering, but he isn't one-dimensional either. He has a full repetoire of pitches, and as long as he mixes them all in he should be fine. I want both McDonald and Stults in our rotation next year, as our #4 and #5 starters, behind Chad, Kershaw, and Kuroda, but the Dodgers would be too scared to go with so little MLB experience in their rotation.
2008-09-26 21:01:39
189.   Bluebleeder87
you guys think Ned COlletti will take a chance on any injury risk players next season?
2008-09-26 21:03:08
190.   Bluebleeder87
Injury risk players (off the top of my head)


You guys are welcomed to add more.

2008-09-26 21:04:05
191.   Tripon
Proctor's in the game, and pitching well at the moment.
2008-09-26 21:04:06
192.   LogikReader

Ben Sheets!

2008-09-26 21:04:44
193.   LogikReader
Boy we just can't stop Sandoval! This guy is good.
2008-09-26 21:06:35
194.   Tripon
190 Offer Saito a similar contract to this year, which I assume he'll take.

Offer Furcal a base contract around $5 million with easily attainable incentive(plate appearances, etc.)

See if there's a trade market for Penny, and if there is, activate Penny's trade option and trade him, if not, just buy him out.

2008-09-26 21:07:00
195.   Bluebleeder87
reading Wikipedia, Proctor went to all the stops as a Dodger minor leaguer.

vero beach

2008-09-26 21:07:17
196.   Tripon
The Giants are arguing that Molina homered. Boy I wish we had INSTANT REPLAY.
2008-09-26 21:07:41
197.   Jimmyv11
171 Man do I wish Vin would do the national broadcast, that be nice for an out of towner like.

I think he will go after Furcal, depending in how he looks now and in fall league. Told we aren't the Yankess and could sign Manny and CC.

2008-09-26 21:08:04
198.   Alex41592
Replay in San Francisco!
2008-09-26 21:08:14
199.   KG16
2008-09-26 21:08:28
200.   thinkblue88
Gameday is showing that ball landed somewhere near Alaska.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-26 21:08:30
201.   Bluebleeder87
this is actually pretty cool, 1st time for us right?
2008-09-26 21:08:45
202.   KG16
that is not a home run. And it's kind of sad that it's just a single
2008-09-26 21:09:58
203.   I Love LA
Yeah no way they can call that a HR.
2008-09-26 21:09:59
204.   thinkblue88
Of course GD isn't always very accurate.
2008-09-26 21:10:07
205.   KG16
wow, Vin being a bit sarcastic about the announcement in the press box
2008-09-26 21:10:33
206.   Tripon
This shouldn't take this long, right?
2008-09-26 21:11:00
207.   KG16
206 - they had to go to the video replay booth in Oakland.
2008-09-26 21:11:02
208.   Bluebleeder87
2008-09-26 21:11:03
209.   Tripon
2008-09-26 21:11:23
210.   thinkblue88

HR??? Really?

2008-09-26 21:11:23
211.   MonkeyBlue
What the heck?
2008-09-26 21:11:24
212.   Rob M
That was odd. How can that be a homer?
2008-09-26 21:11:24
213.   KG16
So, does that mean that Molina gets to come back in the game?


2008-09-26 21:11:30
214.   eusmus
Wow, I can't believe they messed that up.
2008-09-26 21:11:34
215.   Tripon
Torre does not care whatsoever.
2008-09-26 21:11:36
216.   Bluebleeder87
2008-09-26 21:11:46
217.   Alex41592
Seems like a bunch of horse fertilizer. But, in a meaningless game, whatever.
2008-09-26 21:12:09
218.   I Love LA
What the heck? Good thing this game is meanlingless but still a BS call.
2008-09-26 21:12:29
219.   Tripon
I do not get how FSN can show it didn't clear the plain, and the Umpires can get it wrong. Well, I guess this leads off Baseball Tonight and Sportscenter.
2008-09-26 21:12:53
220.   KG16
They should get Molina back. This, of course, is one of the problems with replay in baseball. Need to clean this rule up.
2008-09-26 21:13:12
221.   Alex41592
If that were a HR the ball would've kicked up in the air. I mean seriously bad call.
2008-09-26 21:13:28
222.   68elcamino427
Thanks - Your opinion ... I respect :)
2008-09-26 21:13:30
223.   I Love LA
Joe Torre is like ok lets just move on lol. But that ump should get punished for that lame call. How can you call that a HR with the benefit of a replay? He better get fined for not knowing how to watch a video.
2008-09-26 21:13:33
224.   Bluebleeder87
This is gonna be one of those weird things I'm gonna remember EXACTLY what I was doing when it happened & some guy 10 years from now is gonna ask when the first Dodger replay happened & i'll remember to a tee & the dude will think i'm a genius.
2008-09-26 21:13:40
225.   MonkeyBlue
It not a meaningless game! its against the hated one! UGH Blind umps! not even technology can help them. Time to replace them with Robots.
2008-09-26 21:13:50
226.   Tripon
Wow, this is taking just as long as a regular Ump huddle.
2008-09-26 21:13:57
227.   dzzrtRatt
Typical. San Francisco litigates two runs for itself.
2008-09-26 21:14:46
228.   Bluebleeder87
how can you botch that, I mean SERIOUSLY!!
2008-09-26 21:14:48
229.   Tripon
Guess Baseball's replay system doesn't have slow mo, freeze frame, or zoom in action.
2008-09-26 21:14:56
230.   I Love LA
Very true...we are out for revenge for what they did last weekend. We can't let those people up North cheer.
2008-09-26 21:15:25
231.   Tripon
Vin Scully is loving this. He's just loving this.
2008-09-26 21:15:42
232.   thinkblue88
I'm not watching the game, did the ball bounce back into the field?
2008-09-26 21:16:04
233.   Alex41592
This is so ridiculous! Who cares!!?!? Move on already.
2008-09-26 21:16:31
234.   MonkeyBlue
232. Yes, Repko caught it off of the wall.
2008-09-26 21:16:46
235.   Bluebleeder87
I wonder if Torre will play under protest.
2008-09-26 21:16:53
236.   dzzrtRatt
Think so. Scully seems to be suffering fools gladly at this moment only for the sake of decorum. Get on with the game.

Based on this small sample, I think replay is yet another Bud Selig botch job.

2008-09-26 21:17:01
237.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
WOW i'm shocked they didn't get it right. What are they looking at? I'm amazed at how often in football they STILL don't it correct after looking at the replay. What a joke.
2008-09-26 21:17:11
238.   alexx
I'm watching the SF feed and they said that if the ball hits any part of the green roof then it is a home run. At one point they showed Molina holding the ball he hit and it had a large green mark on it. It sort of looked like it hit the bottom of the roof area a bit in the replay.
2008-09-26 21:17:41
239.   Bob Hendley
Is there another angle that they are looking at? It didn't look out to me. At the very least that should have been inconclusive and not merited a reverse of the call on the field.
2008-09-26 21:17:43
240.   thinkblue88
Wait, nevermind, if the ball bounces back in after going over, its still a HR right?
2008-09-26 21:17:52
241.   Bluebleeder87

you know what though, what IF it were a game that means something for our play off birth.

2008-09-26 21:18:04
242.   dzzrtRatt
"It's awfully late to be calling New York...maybe Dial-a-Prayer..."

Classic Scully.

2008-09-26 21:18:31
243.   Tripon
Scott Proctor can't take it anymore and restarts to warm up.
2008-09-26 21:18:43
244.   68elcamino427
Been do'in work to help the teachers in the LAUSD for years. Have visited your campus before.
Knew you were there from your post re: selling the water for the Sox game :)

Will that plane never land?
Most eco-friendly roof in the city.

2008-09-26 21:18:51
245.   Jacob Burch
I missed most of the hoorahrah. How is Vin having fun with this?
2008-09-26 21:18:51
246.   Tripon
Game finally restarted.
2008-09-26 21:20:21
247.   KG16
Interesting, you can pinch run on a home run. So, does Molina get two RBIs and Burress gets a run scored?
2008-09-26 21:20:23
248.   Tripon
The Giants are playing this game under protest. That is hilarious. The call went in their favor!
2008-09-26 21:20:44
249.   Alex41592
241 - So they blow the replay and they can't get the pinch runner revert correct. Idiots.
2008-09-26 21:20:58
250.   MonkeyBlue
247. Vin saids no. LOL Umps are inept tonight.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-26 21:21:29
251.   Eric Stephen
The first HR without a run scored (for Molina)? What an odd call.
2008-09-26 21:21:33
252.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
They need to have someone in the commissioners ofice look at it like they do in hockey. Waste of time to go have them trot their fat butts to wherever it is that the tv is at.
2008-09-26 21:21:58
253.   68elcamino427
Time for Proctor to burn some more leather
2008-09-26 21:22:49
254.   Tripon
Surprised Torre didn't pull Proctor. The whole delay with Instant replay was almost like a rain delay.
2008-09-26 21:23:12
255.   Alex41592
If there is anything to get upset about the call cost McDonald his first win.
2008-09-26 21:23:22
256.   Tripon
Torre pulls Proctor for Park.
2008-09-26 21:24:08
257.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
250 Tonight? ;)
2008-09-26 21:24:31
258.   Tripon
So is this the first blown call for Instant Replay?
2008-09-26 21:24:33
259.   LogikReader
The Giants are nuts to even begin complaining about this. I don't know how the replay system works, meaning, did the Giants officially challenge the call or did the umps put it to review on their own?
2008-09-26 21:24:46
260.   Alex41592
258 - Yes.
2008-09-26 21:24:58
261.   Bob Hendley
One for the ages, that couple of calls. They'll change that rule and it will never happen again.
2008-09-26 21:25:49
262.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
I think Torre should protest just for fun, the ruling on the protest will take about 10 minutes less than the original ruling.
2008-09-26 21:26:23
263.   LogikReader

The pinch-hitting deal or instant replay altogether?

2008-09-26 21:26:25
264.   Tripon
Wait, who protested, Joe Torre, or Bochy?
2008-09-26 21:28:27
265.   Eric Stephen
The Giants are nuts to even begin complaining about this

They have a legitimate beef. The only reason they brought in a pinch runner was to run for Molina if he was on base after the double. Since Molina's play was ruled a HR (i.e. the umpires went back in time and overruled a call) then the insertion of Burriss should have also been negated.

2008-09-26 21:28:56
266.   Bob Hendley
263 - The change for the pinch runner. I think instant replay is probably here to stay on questionable dingers.
2008-09-26 21:29:27
267.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
Another well thought out Bud innovation, guess they have some kinks to sort out.
2008-09-26 21:29:34
268.   Tripon
265 So even if they win the game, does the Giants still have a right to protest the game?
2008-09-26 21:30:01
269.   Eric Stephen
If they win, the protest will be withdrawn.
2008-09-26 21:30:22
270.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-26 21:31:26
271.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
What I don't get is why you'd insert a pinch runner if you're so sure it was a home run, why not have him stand at the bag until it's sorted out?
2008-09-26 21:32:00
272.   Tripon
Baseball Tonight is talking about the Twins instead of the instant replay mess. I'm disappointed.
2008-09-26 21:32:16
273.   LogikReader

Not really debating the pinch runner decision, but the fact that they even bothered to challenge the HR in the first place. This is about as meaningless as a game gets.

I guess, in an odd way, this is a really good thing because it will set some ground rules for future, similar calls. In that respect, this was excellent timing for the controversy. Better this game than a WS game, right?

2008-09-26 21:33:00
274.   Eric Stephen
Since 1956 (the Retrosheet era) no batter has had a run-less homer.
2008-09-26 21:33:45
275.   Alex41592
241 - If this were a meaningful game there would be about 100 more negative fueled comments right now. We would all be in massive rule 8 violation. But, it's not and I'm glad it happened in this game.

Wrigley is sort of easy as they have a basket all around.

2008-09-26 21:34:00
276.   Jimmyv11
BBTN said they gave him a homerun, they didn't sound convinced either.
2008-09-26 21:34:50
277.   Tripon
Twins and White Sox lose tonight. Ozzie sounds pissed.
2008-09-26 21:35:17
278.   Bluebleeder87
i feel like blaming Gary Bennett for this mess.
2008-09-26 21:35:27
279.   Eric Stephen
The instant replay decisions are made by the crew chief, not from a challenge from either manager.
2008-09-26 21:36:14
280.   68elcamino427
Ha - we witness another first!
2008-09-26 21:36:18
281.   Alex41592
Nice running by Pierre. We'll need that in a late inning situation.
2008-09-26 21:36:44
282.   Jacob Burch
274 I do wonder if if that'll get changed and just have Burriss come in like an injury replacement post-facto. We'll see I suppose.
2008-09-26 21:37:10
283.   Jon Weisman
274 - Guerrero and Gibson almost did.
2008-09-26 21:37:49
284.   Tripon
Looks like Baseball Tonight isn't going to touch the Replay mess in this show.
2008-09-26 21:39:11
285.   68elcamino427
The Gary Bennett karma was signifigant but the Kids and Manny were able to overcome the negative vortex.
2008-09-26 21:39:13
286.   Eric Stephen
If Molina is eventually credited with the run, this might be the first time a runner was credited with a run without actually touching home plate since Chris Chambliss eding the 1976 ALCS. Yankee Stadium was a madhouse with his pennant-clinching HR, and with all the fans on the field, Chambliss made a beeline toward the dugout/clubhouse for safety. I'm pretty sure he never touched home.
2008-09-26 21:39:53
287.   MonkeyBlue
277. I thought he was about to cry.
2008-09-26 21:40:02
288.   Eric Stephen
I don't remember the Guerrero HR. Which one?
2008-09-26 21:40:10
289.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
284 If the Red Sox, Yankees or Mets aren't involved they don't care.
2008-09-26 21:41:32
290.   Bluebleeder87
a couple of things I didn't know about Bruce Bochy (Wikipedia)

1) his 26 career homers are the most by any player born in france.

2) "When he joined the Mets in 1982, they did not have a batting helmet that would fit him, and they had to send the ones he was using in the minors."

2008-09-26 21:42:06
291.   Eric Stephen
Bill Simmons' pet idea of a "VP of Common Sense" would sure have come in handy for the Burriss PR fiasco.
2008-09-26 21:43:09
292.   Tripon
Berroa hit by pitch!

Bases loaded for DeWitt.

2008-09-26 21:43:21
293.   Alex41592
I went back during the break and it is possible it nicked the very edge of the green. If that means a HR then it was a HR. They need a yellow line.

And Berroa takes one for the team.

DeWitt bases loaded!

2008-09-26 21:43:22
294.   Eric Stephen
Mr. Bases Loaded!
2008-09-26 21:44:37
295.   Jon Weisman
288 - He blew out his back on a HR swing and took about an hour going around the bases.
2008-09-26 21:48:33
296.   Eric Stephen
I guess for Molina this wouldn't quite count as not scoring from second, would it? :)
2008-09-26 21:48:45
297.   Bluebleeder87
is there any news yet on who is gonna start, Kershaw or Maddux?

I'm thinking it's Maddux.

2008-09-26 21:50:00
298.   Bluebleeder87

That reminds me of when Robin Ventura hit a grand slam but only rounded 2nd & that was it.

it was a playoff game.

2008-09-26 21:50:06
299.   Eric Stephen
The Yahoo boxscore does not list Burriss as a participant, let alone a run-scorer, in tonight's game. Molina's line is currently showing as 3 1 1 2.
2008-09-26 21:51:13
300.   Eric Stephen
That, and Joe Adcock's HR in the Harvey Haddix game, are close, except both were changed after the fact to base hits due to runners being passed.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-26 21:51:30
301.   Bob Hendley
Jon Miller mentioning weirdness in Red Sox Yanks game. Its like 19-8 in the 9th and outfielders are losing flyballs in the fog. (who cares?)
2008-09-26 21:51:49
302.   Tripon
Dave Roberts knows of Juan Pierre's arm.
2008-09-26 21:51:56
303.   Bluebleeder87
Beimel is pretty much our left handed horse, he always takes the ball & dose a great job.
2008-09-26 21:52:27
304.   Alex41592
301 - Well the Rays do.
2008-09-26 21:52:55
305.   Alex41592
And the Tampa Bay Rays are the A.L East Champions.
2008-09-26 21:53:12
306.   Eric Stephen
The Molina/Burriss situation is pretty much what The Griddle was invented for. If you think about it, Burriss was guilty of a different kind of catcher's interference. I'm giddy in anticipation of its coverage there!
2008-09-26 21:53:50
307.   Bluebleeder87
if this goes extra-innings I hope James Loney shows off his pitching arm.
2008-09-26 21:54:41
308.   Eric Stephen
Brad Penny will pitch another inning in a Dodger uniform before Loney ever does. :)
2008-09-26 21:55:12
309.   68elcamino427
I never look forward to the end of a season.
Finding this site last October I am about to come full circle. Being able to visit here has enhanced my enjoyment of the game so much that I really don't want this season to end. Many unexpected twists and turns. Since the Win in Arizona this has been a very special time and alot of fun.

Jon along with many others I just want to thank you for the great job that you do.

2008-09-26 21:55:43
310.   Tripon
ESPN decides to show a rerun of NFL Live. Bleh.
2008-09-26 21:58:44
311.   Bob Hendley
Roberts not scoring? That's one for the ages as well. I guess the only thing worse would have been being thrown out by JP (that could ruin one's reputation.
2008-09-26 22:00:15
312.   Bluebleeder87
SF leads.
2008-09-26 22:00:28
313.   LogikReader
2008-09-26 22:00:44
314.   Tripon
Sandoval singles. I wish Dodgers outfielders stop letting balls drop for dinky singles.
2008-09-26 22:01:19
315.   LogikReader
I meant Sandoval, in the last comment. Man this guy is gonna be scary someday :)
2008-09-26 22:02:31
316.   Bob Hendley
314 - That said, I don't want to see Dre diving for any balls out there tonight.
2008-09-26 22:03:08
317.   Bluebleeder87
Joe Torre is indifferent about this whole situation.
2008-09-26 22:03:58
318.   Bluebleeder87
imagine if Aurilia hits a grand slam home run.
2008-09-26 22:04:08
319.   LogikReader
I know it's the subs, but if the Dodgers lose 4 in a row, should I be concerned? I'm new to this clinching before the second to last day business :)
2008-09-26 22:04:17
320.   DBrim
Beimel should have tried to pick off Sandoval. He wouldn't have known what the move is, and if you snuck in behind him he'd be gone easily.
2008-09-26 22:05:31
321.   Tripon
I think Torre told his relievers to throw the game.
2008-09-26 22:07:17
322.   Alex41592
I just can't find it in me to care about this game. I mean you really have to treat it like a spring training game. It just doesn't matter.
2008-09-26 22:07:36
323.   Chiron Brown
317 So, it's just a normal game for him.
2008-09-26 22:10:44
324.   LogikReader
I just can't find it in me to care about this game.

Based on the traffic here, that must go for most of DT as well.

2008-09-26 22:10:52
325.   Bob Hendley
Jeez, I didn't even notice that Dre is out and Pee Wee is patrolling LF and Reko in RF. Dive boys!
2008-09-26 22:13:49
326.   Bob Hendley
Last night when the Bison went deep, there was only one comment about it.
2008-09-26 22:14:07
327.   Jon Weisman
319 - No doubt some people will make a big deal out of it, but you should be completely unconcerned. The circumstances just aren't relevant.
2008-09-26 22:16:54
328.   Tripon
Kemp has 18 homers.
Ethier has 20 homers.
Hopefully, we'll keep Manny, and we can have a outfield that hits for 25-30 Homers each.
2008-09-26 22:17:58
329.   adrian beltre
does sweeney being the ringleader of something fun like the rookie costumes make it tough for torre to keep him off the playoff roster?
2008-09-26 22:18:24
330.   Tripon
Sweeney has an OPS+ of 11. That's a wow right there.
2008-09-26 22:19:17
331.   LogikReader


2008-09-26 22:20:49
332.   Bob Hendley
Giant announcer (not Miller) assuring us that there is no way that Torre leaves M. Sweeney off the playoff roster given his PVL credentials.
2008-09-26 22:21:09
333.   Alex41592

Torre said he won't allow sentiment to dictate his roster decisions.

"It's tough being sentimental when it comes down to this," he said. "Not when it's a five-game or seven-game postseason series. I admit I like to think I'm loyal to my players, but when it comes to something as immediate as a short series, I have to be loyal to the 25."

2008-09-26 22:21:26
334.   Tripon
It'd help Sweeney's cause if he could actually get a hit.
2008-09-26 22:27:49
335.   Bluebleeder87
Loney hits a home run, NICE!
2008-09-26 22:28:14
336.   Alex41592
So, the Angels have clinched homefield and will face the Red Sox starting either October 1st or 2nd by their choice.,0,3222601.story

2008-09-26 22:28:15
337.   Tripon
James Loney hits a homer.

Joe Torre wonders if Loney got the memo to not care about this game.

2008-09-26 22:28:17
338.   68elcamino427
#7 - James Loney
2008-09-26 22:28:25
339.   Bluebleeder87
The air in Frisco is very thick I would imagine with the ocean & all.
2008-09-26 22:28:58
340.   Alex41592
That was crushed.
2008-09-26 22:29:07
341.   Bob Hendley
2008-09-26 22:29:28
342.   Tripon
Nomar's Pinch hitting for Ardoin.
2008-09-26 22:29:29
343.   Bluebleeder87

That's very encouraging.

2008-09-26 22:29:41
344.   I Love LA
Loney just hits one out so Torre wants Nomar to one up him
2008-09-26 22:30:34
345.   Tripon
Nomar base hits a single. Nomar out for pinch runner... A.J. Ellis.
2008-09-26 22:30:38
346.   I Love LA
344 - and Nomar shows why the competition for 1B is on!
2008-09-26 22:30:57
347.   Tripon
Matt Kemp hits for Repko.
2008-09-26 22:31:05
348.   Alex41592
A.J Ellis pinch runner. That's funny.

Bison cameo!

2008-09-26 22:31:08
349.   68elcamino427
Nomar the late season hitting machine
2008-09-26 22:31:28
350.   I Love LA
Hmm if Kemp didn't hit his #18 last night I would say he hits a HR here, but since he is ahead of Manny again Kemp is just going to chill with this AB.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-26 22:32:22
351.   Alex41592
We've got quite a stacked bench. Nomar, Kent and Furcal.
2008-09-26 22:36:18
352.   Alex41592
Bless the Giant fans as this is their World Series.
2008-09-26 22:37:25
353.   kinbote
I'm watching this game, but it doesn't matter. I'm like . . . detached.
2008-09-26 22:38:02
354.   Bluebleeder87
oh my god!!!!!
2008-09-26 22:38:04
355.   Tripon
2008-09-26 22:38:05
356.   kinbote
2008-09-26 22:38:07
357.   LogikReader
2008-09-26 22:38:11
358.   Alex41592
2008-09-26 22:38:18
359.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-26 22:38:21
360.   Bluebleeder87
2008-09-26 22:38:21
361.   68elcamino427
GG goes Downtown!
2008-09-26 22:38:24
362.   Bob Hendley
A.J.'s first appearance in the bigs?
2008-09-26 22:38:35
363.   Tripon
352 They just blew game 7 of the world series.
2008-09-26 22:38:48
364.   Alex41592
If this game meant anything THAT would've been the moment!
2008-09-26 22:38:49
365.   Bluebleeder87
i'm doing the worm!
2008-09-26 22:39:00
366.   Bob Hendley
Golden God, wop, wop, wop Gold.
2008-09-26 22:39:21
367.   Tripon
362 3rd game. He caught an inning of McDonald, and Penny.

And Broxton's up to close the game. I assume Martin stays in to catch him.

2008-09-26 22:39:21
368.   Alex41592
363 - AGAIN!?!?
2008-09-26 22:39:24
369.   dzzrtRatt
Wow. That's Martin's first home run in how long?

Very cool that the team is so excited. This team is peaking at the right time.

2008-09-26 22:39:47
370.   KG16
no such thing as a meaningless game
2008-09-26 22:40:33
371.   I Love LA
I saw that 2 run shot..Go Russell!!! Silent those people up there.....
2008-09-26 22:40:50
372.   Bluebleeder87
it's always impressive when when they hit home runs & night in SF, I always feel the air is really think over there.
2008-09-26 22:41:00
373.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
No good vibrations for the Giants closer. Stopped the beat LA chants real quick.
2008-09-26 22:41:08
374.   Jon Weisman
319/327/331 - Die by the sword, live by the sword.
2008-09-26 22:41:37
375.   68elcamino427
All-Star catcher chokes up against the flamethrower and goes deep!
Love It!
Frisco beat down!
2008-09-26 22:41:41
376.   Tripon
We scored all our runs on homers tonight right?
2008-09-26 22:42:39
377.   Tripon
Broxton's pitching, Martin catching.

JP in left, Young in Right, Kemp in center.

Don't think the infield changed.

2008-09-26 22:43:10
378.   MonkeyBlue
376. Yes. Kent with 2, Martin with 2 and Loney with one
2008-09-26 22:43:43
379.   Bluebleeder87
let's throw strikes Brox.
2008-09-26 22:44:03
380.   Bluebleeder87
ugh, here we go.
2008-09-26 22:44:08
381.   MonkeyBlue
Broxton does not make this easy.
2008-09-26 22:44:36
382.   Alex41592
It's the Giants and the Dodgers.
2008-09-26 22:44:58
383.   Bluebleeder87
at least we got one.
2008-09-26 22:45:05
384.   MonkeyBlue
Randy is hurt.
2008-09-26 22:45:15
385.   Tripon
Force out. Randy Wynn was basically sat on for the force out by Ozuna. Wynn might be hurt.
2008-09-26 22:45:43
386.   I Love LA
Has Broxton ever had a 1-2-3 inning being the closer? I really wish Saito is ready...if we call upon Broxton to closing in a one run game next i won't be able to watch.
2008-09-26 22:46:08
387.   68elcamino427
OZ perforates Winn's left hand on the tag
2008-09-26 22:46:43
388.   MonkeyBlue
Martin. :( still awful defensively.
2008-09-26 22:47:02
389.   Tripon
Oops. Sloppy play by the Dodgers here. Velez steals second, throwing error to second on Martin, Velez moves to 3rd.
2008-09-26 22:47:37
390.   Bluebleeder87
I was thinking maybe Torre should use Saito here but it's to cold & with Saito arm issues of late, forget it.
2008-09-26 22:47:41
391.   LogikReader
I'm listening to Jon's advice in 327 . Even if it means the Giants are going to beat us in the 9th three SF home games in a row.
2008-09-26 22:47:47
392.   Bob Hendley
I no want free baseball.
2008-09-26 22:47:50
393.   Alex41592
386 & 388 are funny posts.
2008-09-26 22:47:51
394.   I Love LA
Jon is so right..Broxton does draw terrible defense.
2008-09-26 22:48:02
395.   68elcamino427
Oz just an innocent bystander on the errant throw by Martin.
2008-09-26 22:48:11
396.   Tripon
Ozuna also wasn't able to turn the double play on that force out. He basically bounced the ball up in the air.
2008-09-26 22:48:17
397.   Bluebleeder87
it's very rear when Brox gives us a stress free save.
2008-09-26 22:48:51
398.   Tripon
Broxton so wants the strike out here. I'd say just walk the guy to set up the DP.
2008-09-26 22:49:19
399.   Tripon
397 Is it because Broxton's butt is so big?
2008-09-26 22:49:34
400.   MonkeyBlue
393. Throwing out base runner wise. I should have been specific.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-09-26 22:50:15
401.   KG16
who'd have thunk that game 160, between the Dodgers and Giants would be suspenseful?
2008-09-26 22:50:21
402.   Bluebleeder87
this dude is right on Broxton's fastball man, throw him something else BROX!!!
2008-09-26 22:50:33
403.   kinbote
Just remember--it doesn't matter.
2008-09-26 22:50:48
404.   thinkblue88


2008-09-26 22:51:12
405.   I Love LA
It matters only because it is the Hated Ones especially in their house.
2008-09-26 22:51:54
406.   Tripon
Velez isn't looking to steal home.
2008-09-26 22:52:23
407.   kinbote
McClain's got Matt Williams hair :)
2008-09-26 22:53:06
408.   Tripon
Broxton should walk the AAAA already.
2008-09-26 22:53:12
409.   I Love LA
Quit fouling it off...just swing and miss it on purpose and sit down.
2008-09-26 22:53:14
410.   Bluebleeder87
Inside heat of I were Brox, right here.
2008-09-26 22:53:19
411.   dzzrtRatt

397 could refer to Chad Billingsley, however

2008-09-26 22:54:04
412.   dzzrtRatt
C'mon Broxton, channel Derek Lowe and induce a DP.
2008-09-26 22:54:15
413.   68elcamino427
Ugh - wasn't that pitch strike two on the Bison?
2008-09-26 22:54:22
414.   Bluebleeder87
it's probably for the best, now lets get a DP here. Broxton's style of pitching doesn't lend it's self for DP though man.

K 'em I guess.

2008-09-26 22:54:39
415.   Bluebleeder87
all tide up.
2008-09-26 22:54:40
416.   Tripon
JP arm is no good.
2008-09-26 22:54:41
417.   kinbote
Noodle arm!
2008-09-26 22:54:43
418.   I Love LA
WTH Pierre? That was terrible!
2008-09-26 22:54:51
419.   MonkeyBlue
Pierre weak little arm wasn't even close.
2008-09-26 22:55:03
420.   Alex41592
Bleh, Martin will have to catch another inning.
2008-09-26 22:55:18
421.   68elcamino427
JP pinch runner and pinch hitter.
2008-09-26 22:55:48
422.   dzzrtRatt
What a horrific, embarrassing throw!

When he wonders how he lost his role as a starting major leaguer, this play ought to be on the DVD.

2008-09-26 22:55:55
423.   Tripon
Torre holds up the signs for "LET THE GIANTS SCORE AND END THIS GAME."
2008-09-26 22:55:58
424.   I Love LA
That was one of the worse throw by a left fielder
2008-09-26 22:56:08
425.   KG16
I dislike Pierre more than just about any other ball player i can think of at the moment.
2008-09-26 22:56:09
426.   kinbote
Put Kuo in leftfield.
2008-09-26 22:56:16
427.   thinkblue88
2008-09-26 22:56:25
428.   Bob Hendley
If we go into xtras Torre should make JP pitch (its only 66 ft).
2008-09-26 22:56:37
429.   Tripon
Ozuna might get outfielding practice next inning.
2008-09-26 22:57:21
430.   Alex41592
Gah, can they end in a tie?
2008-09-26 22:57:32
431.   Bluebleeder87


2008-09-26 22:57:38
432.   Tripon
Free baseball. Really, this game should be 5-3 and over already. Aw well!
2008-09-26 22:58:10
433.   thinkblue88
Not picking on your spelling, I'm not the greatest spelar ever, just thought I'd help you out.
2008-09-26 22:58:39
434.   The Dude Abides
It's the home plate umpire's fault. Same pitch that was strike two on Kemp (where he started to go to first) is ball four to McClain. Oh, and a pathetic throw by our left fielder. There is no way he can be considered a postseason defensive replacement.
2008-09-26 22:59:04
435.   68elcamino427
That image is hilarious
2008-09-26 22:59:18
436.   LU Dodger
425, 426

Wow, some genuine unbridled Pierre hate there.

He really didn't score the runs for the Giants himself...

2008-09-26 23:00:02
437.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
428 I doubt he could get it to home on the fly even from 60'6'.
2008-09-26 23:00:11
438.   Bob Hendley
Vin says that the boys didn't get to bed until 4 am last night. Jeez, they don't need this.
2008-09-26 23:00:11
439.   bhsportsguy
Before you blame Broxton and Pierre, blame Russell Martin and his very poor throw that allowed the runner to get to third base, even if Velez steals second, he is still there when the fly ball is it and is still there when Aureilla strikes out.
2008-09-26 23:00:30
440.   Tripon
Ozuna to left field next inning, and Casey Blake to 3rd, and DeWitt to 2nd.
2008-09-26 23:01:11
441.   Alex41592
I have no idea why Broxton's run is earned. It shouldn't be.
2008-09-26 23:01:16
442.   Bluebleeder87
I'd much rather have D.Young be our PH then Sweeney.
2008-09-26 23:01:25
443.   The Dude Abides
I should also add that Ellis should have caught that inning. If this game goes deep into extra innings, it's that much extra rest that Martin was deprived of.
2008-09-26 23:01:50
444.   LAT
Russell giveth and taketh away. My bet with my buddy that the Giants will lose at least 90 games was in the bag until that ill-advised throw.
2008-09-26 23:01:56
445.   kinbote
Who was that on deck?
2008-09-26 23:02:22
446.   Tripon
Stults PHing for Broxton, but JJJ is going to come to pitch next inning. And the previous post was what should happen but Casey Blake seemed to be hurt(Vin says his back tightened up.) So he's not going to play.
2008-09-26 23:02:52
447.   Bob Hendley
Stults on-deck. Torre is a genius!
2008-09-26 23:03:00
448.   Tripon
Was Hu used yet?
2008-09-26 23:04:06
449.   Tripon
Wow, that was not strike 3.
2008-09-26 23:04:15
450.   Bluebleeder87
I'm gonna have to admit, if Broxton comes in to save a game in a critical game, I'm gonna be a little scared inside.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-09-26 23:04:42
451.   kinbote
When we sign Darvish, we will have Yu and Hu's army {g'night}.
2008-09-26 23:04:44
452.   The Dude Abides
Unbelievable 3-2 call to Delwyn. Replay showed it was clearly low.
2008-09-26 23:04:49
453.   68elcamino427
Consistent strike zone - not
2008-09-26 23:05:20
454.   Bob Hendley
Pee Wee rung up on a bad call.
2008-09-26 23:06:43
455.   LogikReader
Can't we just bring in Maddux and get this over with?
2008-09-26 23:07:02
456.   bhsportsguy
450 Rivera has lost some games in the playoffs, Brad Lidge, the Phillies closer got so traumatized by Pujols he lost his job in Houston.

So, I would say no one is immune.

Remember Dennis Eckersley.

2008-09-26 23:07:07
457.   Bluebleeder87
I hope they pull it of, good night fellas.
2008-09-26 23:07:24
458.   JRSarno
Leave Brox and JP off the playoff roster for that 9th inning ineptitude. Joe Torre needs to show no mercy like a Cobra Kai.
2008-09-26 23:07:28
459.   Tripon
We're bringing in JJJ. This game is already over.
2008-09-26 23:08:11
460.   Tripon
Oh, Hu's already in the game.
2008-09-26 23:08:31
461.   The Dude Abides
To be clear, the call on the 3-1 pitch to Kemp that the ump called strike two was the correct call. Broxton's 3-2 pitch that was called ball four was in the exact same spot, and the 3-2 pitch to Young that was called strike three was clearly low.
2008-09-26 23:10:38
462.   Alex41592
458 - Or heck leave off Martin. A.J Ellis can start in Game 1.
2008-09-26 23:11:01
463.   Tripon
Fair ball. Huh. And that was Visquel's tenth double this season.
2008-09-26 23:12:22
464.   Bob Hendley
JJJ, just throw him a grapefruit.
2008-09-26 23:12:51
465.   Tripon
Giants win the game 6-5. Ozuna loves to miss balls in the infield.
2008-09-26 23:12:57
466.   Eric Stephen
I would like to see a cleanly fielded inning behind Broxton one of these days.
2008-09-26 23:12:58
467.   MonkeyBlue
And the Giants are going to the PLAYOFFS!!!... oh wait.
2008-09-26 23:13:03
468.   Alex41592
Go home and get some rest fellas.

JJJ, good job.

2008-09-26 23:13:11
469.   The Dude Abides
Awesome...once we didn't score in the 10th, I was hoping the Gints would win it quickly.
2008-09-26 23:13:27
470.   Eric Stephen
Consider the protest withdrawn!
2008-09-26 23:14:21
471.   Tripon
I wonder what Torre sees in Ozuna. He's not a defensive presence, and his bat is JP-like.
2008-09-26 23:15:08
472.   scareduck
And just as I get here the Dodgers manage to lose it.

Still not that impressed with Broxton in the ninth. Not that Russell Martin helped any, but it seems like Broxton just comes unglued the second his defense can't back him up. The walk to quadruple-A players Scott McLean was a Grabowski Principle moment if ever there was one.

2008-09-26 23:15:50
473.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
The Giants won the pennant, the Giants won the pennant....oh, nevermind
2008-09-26 23:15:52
474.   Bob Hendley
Vin signs off suggesting no big deal: "I think we have had enough".
2008-09-26 23:15:58
475.   Tripon
472 The walk to McClain was a strike that was ruled a ball.
2008-09-26 23:16:43
476.   I Love LA
Martin was the temporary hero until his terrible throw to 2nd base that eventually scored the tying run. Would have been nice to beat the hated ones at their house....the have now beating us 5 out of the last 7 games. Good thing we aren't playing them in the playoffs.
2008-09-26 23:17:06
477.   Bob Hendley
471 - Err..scrappy?
2008-09-26 23:18:54
478.   MonkeyBlue
Steve Lyon! Sweeney is not going to CHANGE!! Sweeney is awful. Him in the playoff does not transform back to his old self.
2008-09-26 23:18:57
479.   LAT
So with Maddux going tomorrow and Lincicum going Sunday I think I have very little chance to win my bet. I feel like the Mets.
2008-09-26 23:19:11
480.   LogikReader

Some things just don't make sense. Let them eat cake! Remember how we used to have such a hard time beating the Padres, either at home or at Petco? That certainly turned around this year, especially since July.

2008-09-26 23:19:25
481.   Alex41592
476 - I'd love an NLCS between the Giants and Dodgers. Can we do that?
2008-09-26 23:20:11
482.   Eric Stephen
I feel like the Mets

No way you can be the Mets. We don't loathe your existence! :)

2008-09-26 23:20:25
483.   Tripon
A man faces criminal charges for allegedly stealing a uniform from Dodger Stadium and posing as one of the team's players.,0,4669320.story

2008-09-26 23:21:21
484.   Tripon,0,7413786.column

New Simers article.,0,7726513.story

Dylan Hernandez writes an review of the Dodgers season.

2008-09-26 23:24:00
485.   LAT
482. Thanks but I have about as small a chance as the Mets . . . or Maddux, come to thinkk of it.
2008-09-26 23:25:57
486.   The Dude Abides
I missed Winn's single to lead off the 9th inning, but none of the other balls were hit hard. On the walk to McClain with 1st base open and a runner on third with one out, Broxton threw a ton of strikes that were fouled off. A number of those foul balls were on very tough pitches, and ball four was clearly strike three. The plays that tied the score were the errant throw by Martin, and a VERY short fly ball to left. I think there is only one outfielder in all of MLB whom you run on on a ball hit that shallow, and that's Juan Pierre. I think if he played as shallow as the shortstop, you could still run on him.
2008-09-26 23:27:22
487.   Tripon
post Dodgers talk isn't even talking about the replay call. Fools!
2008-09-26 23:27:59
488.   Alex41592
In the end it's all about 327 .

5 days until Game 1.

2008-09-26 23:32:19
489.   JRSarno
Has Jason Johnson done anything positive this season? I'm devoid of any meaningful response to this somewhat rhetorical question.
2008-09-26 23:34:58
490.   Alex41592
Tony Jackson checking in:

"It's extremely late. I'm extremely tired. And this game meant extremely nothing. I promise to blog more tomorrow. If you care, Dodgers fall to 83-77, their first two-game losing streak since their eight-game losing streak."

2008-09-26 23:35:12
491.   bhsportsguy
489 Yes.
2008-09-26 23:35:29
492.   Tripon
489 4 innings of manageable relief after Kershaw got run out of a start. JJJ has a 88 ERA+, as expected for a guy who's not good enough to hold down a permanent job as a Major league pitcher.
2008-09-26 23:50:30
493.   JRSarno
491 - You'd be awesome in a deposition. 492 - thanks!
2008-09-27 00:45:09
494.   underdog
Hey all, just home from seeing the game live in person. Anyone want a report? Well, you'll get one anyway. (But short, because I'm way past tired.)

Went to the game with Icaros, and met up with Louis later, and I know Archivist was there because he sent me both happy and sad text messages during the game. ;-)

I enjoyed reading everyone's comments here, especially those during that ludicrous home run replay mess. We (and even the Giants fans seated near us) were shocked that was called a home run. It didn't look even close. Apparently it was close, but it still didn't look like a home run, and we had a straight on view of it. Then we thought the PA announcer misspoke when she said the Giants were playing under protest. But as noted here it made sense because the pinch runner call was wrong too. They botched everything there and it's a shame.

Whatever, the game was meaningless, although between the overzealous Giants fans throwing it in our face after the game ended and the Giants celebrating on the field as if they won the WS (which was an embarrassing display if you ask me), it was still a bit maddening.

But a crazy game. Seeing Loney's blast into the fog in the 9th, a rocket shot that got out in a hurry, and then Martin come up, and then smash stupid, overrated Brian Wilson's FB into the left field seats, was the highest of highs.

We should've left then.

Broxton looked fine to me in that inning except for a little wildness. His velocity was great. He got no help from his defense. Between Ozuna -- who Icaros and I both decided is completely WORTHLESS and should be nowhere near the roster (he has no range, can't hit, what can he do again?) -- and then Pierre's noodle-armed throw. (To be fair, he did make a nice t hrow earlier in the game). But that one was so terrible it made the Giants fans behind us go, "Who was that? I could've made that throw!" to which we responded, yes, any of us could have, and that's why we wish your stupid GM had signed him instead of ours and one reason why he's on the bench. Whatever his faults, if Repko was still in there he would've nailed that throw.

Lowe looked really sharp. I wish he could've gone one more inning but I understood pulling him. McDonald looked okay but they hit him pretty hard. His balls have some snap to them and I saw him break off at least two lovely curves.

Oh, and as you probably noticed, Furcal looks GREAT, both in the field and at the plate, so that is something to cheer about. Kent ripped that home run ball, and looks good, too. Honestly all the guys who are our regular starters, whether they played early in this game or those who came in late look playoff ready. Giants fans probably don't care but if this game meant something you would've seen a different result. Lowe would have gone deeper, the line-up would've been solid from the get go and no scrubs like Ozuna coming in early and so on.

And Icaros did call it -- JJJ facing Roberts, "base hit game will be over in a second."

This was just one of those games, between the blown replay mess and the player shifts and some bad luck and some bad defense that would very easily have gone different had it meant anything.

Which didn't stop Giants fans from harassing Dodger fans on the way out, of course. This is their sad little world series. My retorts of, "Enjoy watching us in the playoffs!" didn't do much good, so I gave up.

It was basically another crazy Dodgers-Giants game, fun, irritating, highs, lows, and ultimately meaningless but I'm fine not attending the last two.

2008-09-27 00:46:07
495.   underdog
Yikes, that was long after all. Sorry about that. Well, everyone's asleep anyway. I was going to watch the tape of the debate but I think I better not do anything else to stir me back up again after that game so... night!
2008-09-27 01:06:40
496.   still bevens
[494[] Thanks for the report.

I won't be crushed if Kent starts in the playoffs. He, along with Loney and Betemit, were the only bright spots during the playoffs in 2006.

2008-09-27 01:09:47
497.   Bob Timmermann
I'm awake!

So that's what happened...

2008-09-27 02:34:43
498.   trainwreck
I am out of it and did not see the game, but I agree!!

Ozuna is so worthless that I think Jim Tracy could do his job.

2008-09-27 03:09:35
499.   whodat807
Like underdog, I too just returned from a night at the ballpark, and I too wish to provide a report!

I was planning on paying for standing room tickets, but my friend had another friend who was apparently in the ticket-brokering business, and so I let him handle things, though I was somewhat skeptical. I should not have been. The ticket-broker (who turned out to be a real interesting guy) took us into the field level entrance, through an extensive restaurant that served delicious sandwiches, and through the door leading to the section. I was already impressed - I usually sit in loge, and never behind the plate, so I was thrilled. What I didn't know was how far down we'd be sitting - I kept getting more and more excited as he led us down row and after row after row, eventually ending up on the very front row, slightly on the third base side of home plate. Had I been a bit to the right, I could have been one of those jerks who wave to the cameras while talking on my cell phone.

The game itself was a bit of a mixed bag. I'm starting to come to grips with the fact that Chan Ho Park is on a decade long mission to disappoint me, and I'm afraid that if he comes to the mound in a tight spot during the playoffs, he'll have another day like today - nothing catastrophic, but enough to dig us a hole that will be difficult to claw our way out of. He was throwing smoke, but didn't seem like he was locating. I also got very defensive to a few of the catcalls people were making - the gliterrati, it seems, is only slightly more civilized than the bleacher bums.

That home run replay was an absolute disaster. First off, it didn't to me like it was indisputable visual evidence that it was a homerun, but whatever, I'm a homer, who cares. I could not believe how long it went on -- that was exactly the wrong way to handle it, and I'm still baffled as to why the umpires held the game up for so long after they signaled it a four bagger.

During that string of regulars-turned-pinch-hitters during the ninth inning, I kept getting chills watching star after star come to bat. Nomar still gets me excited like no other player other than Manny in the ninth - I must say, I'm quite attached to him, despite his shaky performance. That he got a solid single early in the count delighted me. I leaned over to my friend and told him that I had a sinking feeling that Kemp would whiff when he got called for that 2nd strike (which was not a strike, I maintain). Martin's homer was incredible -- I delighted in how it silenced the crowd. The best part was during the middle of the ninth, when the park tried to pump up the crowd by playing intense music and exhorting them to "MAKE SOME NOIIIIIISE!" only to be met with grumbling silence. Too bad it didn't last.

Boy, these Giants fans sure cherish small victories, don't they? They celebrated like they had just walked off with the pennant, not just a slim victory over a team that played its best players for only a fraction of the game. They got a bit too big for their britches after that Roberts walk-off, if you ask me.

My favorite moment of the night was Manny's second at bat, hearing the boos rain on him and seeing him promptly bang out a hit. When he turned for second and saw that he was out by a mile, I was charmed to see him grin with chagrin when he got tagged out, even though it was a pretty boneheaded decision. Then Kent heard those same boos and hit an absolute laser, which pleased me immensely. Think he can do better than Sweeney in the designated veteran pinch hitting role?

2008-09-27 03:20:36
500.   trainwreck
That is funny. You just got to let Giants fans have their small moment in the sun. ; )
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2008-09-27 07:19:45
501.   bhsportsguy
RIP Fast Eddie.

Actor Paul Newman, who became as famous for his charitable work and race car driving died this morning at 83.

My advice, take the weekend off from Dodger baseball and watch "The Hustler."

2008-09-27 07:19:53
502.   D4P
RIP Paul Newman.
2008-09-27 07:22:11
503.   Gen3Blue
Apparently an awful lot happened in the late innings after I fell asleep. Thanks for the reports guys. Just as well I missed it, for it was reminding me of the way things seemed to go back when we started Pierre, among other things.
2008-09-27 07:25:02
504.   Gen3Blue
Oh dear. RIP. I think I'm going to watch "Cool Hand Luke" as well.
2008-09-27 08:13:17
505.   LAT
494. This is their sad little world series.

Ha ha. That's so cold. Good but, cold.

2008-09-27 08:34:19
506.   silverwidow
Dodgers currently hold the 16th draft pick (17th overall due to Nats' failure to sign Aaron Crow).

The key point is that it's NOT protected (if we sign Sabathia, the pick is gone). It's important to finish 15th, where we get to keep it.

2008-09-27 08:50:06
507.   Jon Weisman

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