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2008-09-27 16:15
by Jon Weisman

The Phillies escaped a bases-loaded, one-out ninth inning today with a 4-3 victory to clinch the National League East, but like the Dodgers, the undecided NL wild card race leaves Philadelphia without a set opponent. But at least the Phillies know they'll be home.

According to the Dodger press notes, on Monday, the Dodgers will fly to Chicago or Philadelphia for the NLDS. If there is a one-game tiebreaker between Milwaukee and New York for the wild card, the Dodgers will likely depart Los Angeles at 4 p.m. and once the winner of that game is decided (in a timely fashion, one presumes), the plane will be routed to the correct city - Chicago if the Brewers win, Philadelphia if the Mets win. If the city is known by tomorrow, the Dodgers will leave sometime between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

* * *

Dodgers at Giants, 6:05 p.m.

Comments (393)
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2008-09-27 16:22:45
1.   overkill94
2008-09-27 16:22:52
2.   D4P
Wow. Ryan Howard ended up with 48 HRs. I guess I was sick for most of the season.
2008-09-27 16:24:28
3.   Eric Stephen
I notice you have kept up with Jayson Werth's HR total, though.
2008-09-27 16:25:12
4.   Alex41592
Soria opens with 8 balls. Two on and nobody out.

4-2 Royals Bot 9.

2008-09-27 16:26:07
5.   D4P
I only had to count half as high.
2008-09-27 16:26:18
6.   Alex41592
But Mauer GIDP. Two away.
2008-09-27 16:29:34
7.   D4P
Stupid Twins.
2008-09-27 16:30:33
8.   Tripon
Andre Ethier: 20 HR, 124 OPS+
Cody Ross: 22 HR, 112 OPS+
Jayson Werth: 23 HR, 118 OPS+
2008-09-27 16:30:42
9.   Alex41592
White Sox have a chance to take back over 1st place. U.S Cellular Field goes crazy.
2008-09-27 16:32:43
10.   overkill94
Fox's Extra Innings show just had a story about a jewelery (sic) store being robbed. Don't they have editors for these sort of thing?
2008-09-27 16:32:53
11.   D4P
Juan Pierre: 1 HR, 69 OPS+ ($9 million/year)
Andruw Jones: 3 HR, 32 OPS+ ($18 million/year)
2008-09-27 16:33:29
12.   Tripon
Cartoon Network is playing Operation Dumbo Drop. Remember when Cartoon Network actually played Cartoons? Yeah, I don't either.
2008-09-27 16:34:15
13.   Eric Stephen
I officially apologize for 3 .
2008-09-27 16:38:30
14.   JoeyP
8 - Werth hit his 24th today.

To add to that:

Juan Pierre 1HR 69 OPS+ 9mils
Andruw Jones 3HRS 32 OPS+ 18mils

Something tells me the team will need to win a series or pennant to save Ned's job.

How about 45yr old Jamie Moyer?
196 IP, 3.71 ERA

Unreal in the non-juice era, though Moyer was probably never on it.

2008-09-27 16:39:14
15.   MollyKnight
Serious question: what are the odds Greg Maddux pitches well tonight?
2008-09-27 16:41:37
16.   Reddog
I think we have a better chance of beating the Phillies than the Cubs. Therefore, I guess I'm rooting for the Mets now, even though I'd rather have Milwaukee make the playoffs than the damned Mets.
2008-09-27 16:42:03
17.   Alex41592

Lowe, Billingsley, Kuroda for the NLDS for games 1-3.

2008-09-27 16:44:19
18.   Tripon
We're going to have to go though both to get to the World Series. (well, I guess there's a chance that the Mets or the Brewers can win a series against the Cubs or Phillies). So in that way, we shouldn't care who we face in what order.

That said, first round should be extended to seven games.

2008-09-27 16:46:48
19.   JoeyP
Milton Bradley's had an OPS+ of 165 this year.

He might not be a bad option to play LF next year if Manny goes elsewhere. Especially since Kent will be gone.

Its Manny or bust for LF & I cant see Juan or Druw starting next year. Milton may be the best cheap option for OF available next year.

2008-09-27 16:47:51
20.   goofus
8 Nice outfield; I'd settle for that.
2008-09-27 16:47:58
21.   JoeyP
15- What are the chances it is his last start of his career?
2008-09-27 16:48:50
22.   Alex41592
19 - Milton Bradley is a DH now. He played only 20 games in the outfield this season for Texas.
2008-09-27 16:52:18
23.   goofus
15 Little chance, I think, even though it's a meaningless game for both teams. I just hope Torre has the cajones to tell him, "Thanks, and have a nice retirement".
2008-09-27 16:55:35
24.   JoeyP
22- I think he could play LF for the Dodgers better than other options (Pierre, and/or expensive free agents). Obviously, this would be predicated on a new GM, & McCourt wanting to win moreso than look bad publically.

If the Rangers had a better bat to get into the DH spot, then Milton may have been forced to play a few more OF innings.

THere's just very few OF big bat options out there.

2008-09-27 17:02:26
25.   MollyKnight
If it's the last start of his career, don't you think he'd dig deep?
2008-09-27 17:02:56
26.   MollyKnight
And when I say "good start" I mean 6 IP giving up 3 runs or less.
2008-09-27 17:04:11
27.   D4P
I like to call that a "quality start".
2008-09-27 17:04:50
28.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
19 What makes you think he would be a "cheap" option? I'm sure some team will make him a very, very lucrative offer. Not Manny money, but not all that far off.
2008-09-27 17:06:58
29.   JoeyP
So according to the MLB website, TBS has all of the divisional playoff games.

On October 5th (Sunday), they have possibly 4 games scheduled. Will all these games have individual start times, or will half the country get one game & the other not?

It would really suck for these games to get "regionalized". You'd think every game would be available to the entire country.

2008-09-27 17:07:01
30.   Tripon
24 Milton Bradley has played in 75, 96, 61, and 125 games in the past four years. Can Milton Bradley still be able to play LF? Sure, but you're only going to have him for at best, around 100 games. He's not an everyday player, even when he's DHing. What's good a player if you can't count on him playing everyday?
2008-09-27 17:08:30
31.   MollyKnight
27-Yeah. Well, I'd be pleased with that tonight.

I honestly think he knows this may be his last start ever, so I think he's gonna do well.

2008-09-27 17:11:27
32.   JoeyP
What's good a player if you can't count on him playing everyday?

Better than a bad player playing 162 games?
It'd be better for the Dodgers to play a good player for 100 games & Pierre for 62, than Pierre for all 162.

2008-09-27 17:11:53
33.   Alex41592
29 - A game would end up on TNT.
2008-09-27 17:12:03
34.   D4P
I wouldn't be surprised if

1. Ned sign Maddux to 1-year deal
2. Maddux sustains career-ending injury early on/demonstrates he has nothing left in tank
3. Maddux becomes highest-paid Special Assistant To Pitching Coach in MLB for remainder of season

2008-09-27 17:13:35
35.   Alex41592
White Sox are blowing their chance.

4-1 Indians Top 5.

2008-09-27 17:13:54
36.   Tripon
32 Not if you're paying that player $10 million a year or close to it. We should try to move away from injury prone players, not give them another multi-million dollar contracts.
2008-09-27 17:15:35
37.   Alex41592
U.S Cellular Field is not happy with Javier Vazquez.

6-1 Indians.

2008-09-27 17:16:41
38.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
I like how the Sox announcers tried to spin that heated convo between Vasquez and that douche Pierzynsky. And yeah it's the umps fault that Vasquez sucks.
2008-09-27 17:20:03
39.   Eric Stephen
I think feminine hygiene products in that context are a violation of Rule 1.
2008-09-27 17:22:59
40.   Jon Weisman
I am ready to place bets of any amount against Milton Bradley playing for Frank McCourt again.
2008-09-27 17:24:12
41.   Chiron Brown
Has the game time been changed? I thought it was a 6:05 start but Jon has it at 7:35.
2008-09-27 17:24:36
42.   overkill94
Does any movie look more generic and cliched than "The Express"?
2008-09-27 17:25:11
43.   Jon Weisman
39 - that is correct
2008-09-27 17:26:58
44.   Eric Stephen
I'll probably end up seeing it.
2008-09-27 17:27:26
45.   Jon Weisman
41 - I am incorrect.
2008-09-27 17:29:00
46.   Tripon
Would Milton Bradley play for the Angels?
2008-09-27 17:30:12
47.   Eric Stephen
If gambling were legal, and if someone were to hypothetically place a wager on Alabama and receive seven points, said person would be mighty happy with the start in Athens this evening.

17-0 Denzel/Hackman film

2008-09-27 17:32:13
48.   overkill94
47 What school's mascot is Power?

2008-09-27 17:32:45
49.   trainwreck
So is Nick Saban the best college football coach around?
2008-09-27 17:32:52
50.   Eric Stephen
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-27 17:34:57
51.   Tripon
Saban's the biggest scumbag not named Bobby Petrino.
2008-09-27 17:35:59
52.   Eric Stephen
Shades of George Teague in the Sugar Bowl!
2008-09-27 17:36:27
53.   overkill94
50 To be honest, I couldn't think of any other Denzel/Hackman joint ventures on my own. Thanks IMDB's joint venture search!
2008-09-27 17:42:31
54.   ToyCannon
Other then Towering Inferno I think I liked every movie Paul Newman made including "Quintet". Some of his movies would make my top 20 list. Even his later movies were classy like "Nobody's Fool".

Combine his classy movie career and his philantrophic endeavors we lost one of the good ones. He will be missed.

Any All-Time Dodger team that has Rick Monday in the starting outfield is a bit of a joke. Podres but no Big D?

2008-09-27 17:49:33
55.   MollyKnight
Do we have a line-up yet?
2008-09-27 17:51:22
56.   trainwreck
Furcal, SS
DeWitt, 2B
Manny, LF
Kent, 1B
Ethier, RF
Martin, C
Kemp, CF
Blake, 3B
Maddux, P (and then Billingsley and Kuo)
2008-09-27 17:52:16
57.   Tripon
Furcal, SS
DeWitt, 2B
Ramirez, LF
Kent, 1B
Ethier, RF
Martin, C
Kemp, CF
Blake, 3B
Maddux, P

Tony Jackson also says that Kershaw's pitching long relief in the pen.

2008-09-27 17:58:01
58.   trainwreck
Julio Jones has good chance to be first pick in the draft when he comes out.
2008-09-27 18:02:45
59.   Tripon
Phillies fans think Moyer is their 2nd best pitcher.
2008-09-27 18:04:18
60.   underdog
I decided not to go to the game in person again tonight, not wanting to chance further aggravation in the face of overly celebratory Giants fans, so I shall watch it in the protection of my own home. Looks like a good line-up (for however long it's in there). Sounds like we may even get a Kuo appearance tonight if it works out.
2008-09-27 18:04:22
61.   overkill94
The AFLAC trivia question is really bugging me. They asked who coined the phrase "between the hedges" and claim it was Grantland Rice. Not only do the first few bio pages I found for him not mention the quote, but the wikipedia entry for Georgia's stadium makes no mention of him coining the term.
2008-09-27 18:06:18
62.   overkill94
61 Okay, doing a Google search of "grantland rice 'between the hedges'" did net some corroborating evidence, but it seems odd to me that his bios don't even mention it.
2008-09-27 18:07:53
63.   LU Dodger
why was J.T. Snow taking grounders at first?
2008-09-27 18:08:06
64.   overkill94
And Adam Dunn does his best to hit exactly 40 homers for an amazing four years in a row. Has anyone with more than 100 at-bats ever had the exact same number of homers for four years straight?
2008-09-27 18:08:19
65.   Eric Stephen
He was a pretty famous sportswriter; the quote is probably well down the list of his famous accomplishments.
2008-09-27 18:08:59
66.   Tripon
Woo!!! Furcal's first hit since he came off the DL!
2008-09-27 18:09:36
67.   LU Dodger

Nevermind, he officially retired as a Giant just then I guess.

how cute...

2008-09-27 18:09:48
68.   Kuo-fax
Nice to see Furcal get a hit! Man, it'd be huge to get a healthy Furcal in there for the playoffs.
2008-09-27 18:10:51
69.   LU Dodger

Giants announcer says Ethier has "major ownage" against Cain


2008-09-27 18:11:52
70.   Sam in SC
cool. extra innings is carrying the dodger feed tonight.
2008-09-27 18:12:11
71.   Gen3Blue
I just tuned in to some ridiculous celebration I couldn't figure out, and then switched over to Vin, who cleared it up instantly and gave a nice tribute to Snow.

And it looks like inactivity hasn't killed Furcal's batting eye. If true day by day he should be better, and imagining this team with a functional Furcal is wonderful beyond description. It is also wonderful to look at the individual performances with out a care for the result.

2008-09-27 18:12:25
72.   LU Dodger
Can anyone tell me if Furcal looked tentative on trying to steal?
2008-09-27 18:13:20
73.   Eric Stephen
Fred Lynn had 23 HR each year from 1984 to 1987.
2008-09-27 18:15:00
74.   overkill94
73 We're even
2008-09-27 18:15:01
75.   LU Dodger
Manny looked like he was definitely baiting Cain on that swinging strike
2008-09-27 18:15:14
76.   Kuo-fax
73 - From the Giants feed (I'm in the bay area), they didn't show the jump, but he was just beat out by a perfect throw by Molina.
2008-09-27 18:15:45
77.   Kuo-fax
76 - Um, make that for 72 not 73
2008-09-27 18:19:01
78.   Eric Stephen

Ken Boyer had 24 HR each year from 1961 to 1964.

Curt Walker had 6 HR each year from 1925 to 1928.

2008-09-27 18:23:08
79.   Tripon
Maddux wants that win today.
2008-09-27 18:23:47
80.   Gen3Blue
Well, thats one thing you know Maddox can do, no matter what.
2008-09-27 18:23:55
81.   Eric Stephen
Maddux providing the textbook example of why pitchers should always end their follow through in proper fielding position.
2008-09-27 18:24:14
82.   LU Dodger
Wow, amazing spear by Maddux to get the 3rd out.

Maddux wants on that roster it seems

2008-09-27 18:25:06
83.   overkill94
78 So Dunn is the first player to have an exact number of homers above 24 for four years in a row!
2008-09-27 18:25:48
84.   Bob Timmermann
Greg Maddux wants to win every game. He might not be as talented anymore, but some of the digs people have given him here are borderline repulsive.
2008-09-27 18:27:48
85.   Eric Stephen
I searched for each HR total from 6 to 39, and I only found the 3 people above to have the same total 4 years in a row. Rare and obscure company, indeed.
2008-09-27 18:28:29
86.   Icaros
That was such a bs home run call last night. And I have to listen to these SF announcers defend it.

Bengie Molina is on the list.

2008-09-27 18:29:16
87.   LU Dodger

Get em' Bob!

2008-09-27 18:31:49
88.   overkill94
Maddux seems to have better movement on his cutter than usual tonight
2008-09-27 18:32:51
89.   DBrim
86 - hard to argue with a physical mark on the ball.
2008-09-27 18:33:55
90.   Tripon
89 Yes it is. That thing could have hit the bottom of the roof. Unless the ball actually clears the plain, it shouldn't be a home run.
2008-09-27 18:34:04
91.   Eric Stephen has Molina (not Burriss) credited with the run last night on Molina's HR. There goes the "3 0 1 2 HR" line I was hoping for.

That makes the call even dumber. Burriss has to be counted as "used" in the game yet doesn't get credit for the run he scored in the role he was forced to play.

2008-09-27 18:35:22
92.   Bob Timmermann
From sources I read,'s software couldn't handle Molina not getting credit for the run, so they had to go and change it manually today.
2008-09-27 18:35:55
93.   Bob Timmermann
White Sox pull to within 8-6 in the 8th.
2008-09-27 18:36:02
94.   Alex41592
90 - Unfortunately the rule is if it hits ANY part of that roof it is a HR. It was ruled it hit the front of it, so by rule it was a HR.
2008-09-27 18:36:36
95.   LU Dodger
I know Maddux's trademark is contact pitching and all..but I think it's amazing how he can get still get hitters to swing and miss and/or strike out w/out a good fastball.

Good, speedwise, I guess I should say.
I guess a located fastball is 10x better than a 96 mph wild one. (see Mr. Kershaw)

2008-09-27 18:37:51
96.   Eric Stephen
Cool. Thanks, Bob.
2008-09-27 18:38:34
97.   Alex41592
Getting real good in Chicago. Tying run at the plate.
2008-09-27 18:38:54
98.   underdog
86 We missed the part where Bengie Molina got out a little green marking pen and smeared ink on the ball before lobbing it back to the umps. Also would be nice if the Giants built a ballpark with a clearly delineated home run territory on the right side, but instead they got all cute and confusing. What a joke.

Btw, I tend to agree with Bob. Maddux isn't the pitcher he once was but I have no problem with him making postseason roster if he appears still capable of pitching. It's not like he'll be a primary starter in the LDS anyway. I can't help but root for him, I'm sorry. If he's clearly awful (right now it seems he's alternating between awful and very solid starts) then fine, leave him off. But I'm still rooting for him.

2008-09-27 18:39:20
99.   Sam in SC
LA needs to find a place in the lineup for this dewitt kid.
2008-09-27 18:39:29
100.   Alex41592
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-09-27 18:39:41
101.   Gen3Blue
I like our boy!!
2008-09-27 18:40:01
102.   LU Dodger
2008-09-27 18:40:17
103.   Icaros
The view I had last night and the replay I've seen today both look like the ball hit well below the roof. Hitting the wall could also leave a dark mark, but whatever.

Replay that one, suckers!

2008-09-27 18:40:30
104.   Tripon
94 That is such a dumb rule. The Dodgers might as well draw a line on the outfield at Dodgers Stadium and claim that's the home run area.
2008-09-27 18:41:40
105.   skybluestoday
I adore it when neophyte middle infielders hit home runs for the Dodgers.

I adore it when Vin flashes his considerable vocabulary by employing such words as "zephyr."

2008-09-27 18:41:49
106.   LU Dodger
Did DeWitt hit that into the cove?


2008-09-27 18:41:56
107.   Bob Timmermann
Teams do draw lines on fences and declare them home runs a lot.

Tropicana Field has a lot of yellow lines and weird angles.

2008-09-27 18:42:04
108.   underdog
Oh and belatedly... DESOLUTION! That was almost a seal-bopping, splash hit.
2008-09-27 18:42:25
109.   Bob Timmermann
It's not a "Splash hit" if a visitor hits it.
2008-09-27 18:42:43
110.   Gen3Blue
Our recently(August) 22 year old boy!
2008-09-27 18:42:45
111.   Alex41592
107 - And catwalks!
2008-09-27 18:42:50
112.   Kuo-fax
104 - If I remember, wasn't there a play that worked out for the Dodgers earlier this year with the ball rolling on the wall that was ruled a homer? Wouldn't that fall into the same category of house rules? Just curious if my memory is right...
2008-09-27 18:43:21
113.   underdog
99 He's most likely still starting at 2nd, in the LDS, from what I've heard from Torre and co. They'll find a start for Kent too, probably but sounds like they'd rather keep Kent off the field and DeWitt on it.
2008-09-27 18:43:36
114.   DBrim
I think the ball hit the boardwalk but not the water. It's hard to tell on a compressed stream.
2008-09-27 18:43:52
115.   Kuo-fax
Wow, great play be Dewitt! Showing what he's got on both sides tonight!
2008-09-27 18:44:03
116.   Tripon
There's DeWitt moving to his left.
2008-09-27 18:44:08
117.   underdog
109 I say it is. I don't follow the Giants dumb house rules.
2008-09-27 18:44:16
118.   Sam in SC
and dewitt just had a pretty play at second.
2008-09-27 18:44:19
119.   Icaros
A Dodgers 2B making a nice play wide right. Nice, Blake.
2008-09-27 18:44:52
120.   68elcamino427
#33 - Blake DeWitt the 22 year old second baseman showing off the wood and the leather.
2008-09-27 18:45:10
121.   silverwidow
I really like DeWitt's skill set at 2B.
2008-09-27 18:45:59
122.   silverwidow
He's over his head at 3B, offensively, but at 2B it's perfect.
2008-09-27 18:46:00
123.   Gen3Blue
I have to say DeWitt looks like he could play second almost anywhere.
2008-09-27 18:46:50
124.   LU Dodger
I'm sorry, but I LOVE how DeWitt came out of nowhere this spring to take Andy's job. I mean he just must not have heard where he fit in the organization's depth chart.

And then coming back again with a fixed swing as a 2b. Kid is special

2008-09-27 18:47:09
125.   Alex41592
27 pitches through 3 for Maddux.
2008-09-27 18:47:11
126.   DBrim
I really hope Torre lets Maddux finish off his 5. I'd definitely like to see him pass Clemens tonight.
2008-09-27 18:48:29
127.   Tripon
Jeff Kent can still hit.
2008-09-27 18:49:17
128.   underdog
124 He definitely came out of nowhere this year, though people sometimes forget he was a first round draft pick and very highly regarded coming out of HS. He just ended up making an impact this year well ahead of schedule.

He's no Pablo Ozuna mind you...

2008-09-27 18:49:44
129.   silverwidow
Wow, ETHIER rocks Cain.
2008-09-27 18:49:49
130.   Tripon
Where did Ethier hit that ball?
2008-09-27 18:49:58
131.   68elcamino427
Ethier is back.
2008-09-27 18:50:05
132.   underdog
They just love saying "ownage" when talking about Ethier vs Cain don't they? (Krukow and Kuiper.)
2008-09-27 18:50:22
133.   Alex41592
Man, Ethier just destroys Matt Cain.
2008-09-27 18:50:34
134.   underdog
130 - Triples alley off the wall. I think the Dodgers should protest that it was a home run.
2008-09-27 18:50:46
135.   Sam in SC
wow. the jint outfielders are pretty good at playing those drives off the bricks . . .
2008-09-27 18:51:10
136.   Bob Timmermann
Cleveland ups its lead to 9-6 and threatens for more.
2008-09-27 18:51:16
137.   LU Dodger
Kent looks so effortless right now. Reminds me of how Olmedo Saenz used to hit with us. Both are at the same mobility level it appears now though
2008-09-27 18:51:30
138.   silverwidow
Two more innings for Maddux, then some Chad B. action!
2008-09-27 18:52:03
139.   Tripon
Er, they're not pulling Maddux until he makes the game uninteresting.
2008-09-27 18:52:32
140.   Icaros
Yeah, that ball by Ethier looked off the roof to me.
2008-09-27 18:52:41
141.   silverwidow
139 Sorry, getting Billingsley some work is more important.
2008-09-27 18:52:46
142.   68elcamino427
Bison hack
2008-09-27 18:53:23
143.   underdog
Kemp has less ownage on Cain.
2008-09-27 18:53:23
144.   Kuo-fax
Yeah, Kent really seems to have picked right up from his hot August. What an upgrade over Sweeney going into the playoffs!
2008-09-27 18:53:35
145.   MonkeyBlue
This Bison guy strikeout too much.
2008-09-27 18:53:57
146.   Tripon
Kemp with an 151 strike outs now.
2008-09-27 18:54:29
147.   Icaros

Yeah, we should trade him for Cano.

2008-09-27 18:55:18
148.   Bob Timmermann
Cual bullpen esta peor? Los Mets or Los Media Blancas?
2008-09-27 18:55:27
149.   MC Safety
I hate that guy.
2008-09-27 18:55:29
150.   Tripon
That Schierholtz kid needs to stop making these plays.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-27 18:55:45
151.   underdog
What's with the Giants suddenly going for Gold Gloves when they play LA this past week? It's starting to grate on me.
2008-09-27 18:56:32
152.   68elcamino427
Right field Dodger robber!

It all evens out right?

2008-09-27 18:56:42
153.   Johnny Nucleo
Maddux is oN tOp of HIs game, meThinkS.
2008-09-27 18:57:45
155.   silverwidow
Bring on Chad B.
2008-09-27 18:58:05
156.   68elcamino427
Winn with a ground rule double
2008-09-27 18:58:13
157.   I Love LA
I really dislike that Schierholtz kid.
2008-09-27 18:58:22
158.   underdog
{throws red flag} I challenge! That didn't leave the park! (sigh)
2008-09-27 18:58:43
159.   Tripon
Least we can afford to see the Giants burying Schierholtz another year in the minors for another year because they're paying Wynn, Roberts, and Rowand huge cash to be average.

And there goes Maddux's perfect, no hitter, shut out.

2008-09-27 18:58:56
160.   Kuo-fax
Dang, somehow I had a fee1ing(1) that(5) was(3) coming.
2008-09-27 18:59:06
161.   underdog
Winn has major ownage on the Dodgers.
2008-09-27 18:59:42
162.   MonkeyBlue
Wow, look at Kent run that down!
2008-09-27 19:00:30
163.   underdog
159 Roberts stopped being a starter for them months ago (probably a year too late) when Fred Lewis passed him, then Lewis got hurt and other players have rotated with Roberts. Schierholtz will get every chance to start for them next year. Which is too bad.

160 Are those supposed to be footnotes?

2008-09-27 19:00:58
164.   Bluebleeder87

En el pasado (no estoy seguro) me emajino que el bullpen (?) de las medias blancas era mejor.

2008-09-27 19:01:56
166.   68elcamino427
Kent as a 1b?
An idea about four years too late.

Oh ... wait ... I forgot all about the HOF stats.

2008-09-27 19:02:22
167.   Icaros

Sometimes I think he'd be out of baseball if it weren't for the numbers he puts up against LA.

Even in a meaningless game, it's more irritating losing to lousy players than it is losing to good ones.

2008-09-27 19:02:44
168.   Kuo-fax
163 - Well, I was trying to be clever in referencing the earlier Rule 9 bypass. Numbers don't hide in caps as easy. Oh well, so much for subtlety.
2008-09-27 19:03:29
169.   68elcamino427
Raffy - the secret weapon
2008-09-27 19:06:16
170.   Bluebleeder87
Rafael Furcal todavia se mira fuera de quisio, pues sele entiende con 4 meses fuera de servicio.
2008-09-27 19:07:18
171.   MollyKnight
I don't think Torre is going to pull Maddux after five if the game is tied. He really wants to get him this win. Billingsley will still be able to get his work in.
2008-09-27 19:09:04
172.   Bluebleeder87

last few times we've faced him the Dodgers had done a good job of keeping him on track.

2008-09-27 19:10:24
173.   Bluebleeder87
it was pretty cool reading that Lowe, Bills & Kuroda are gonna be the starters for the best of 5 series.
2008-09-27 19:10:35
174.   Bob Hendley
Los dos calabozos huelen mucho.
2008-09-27 19:12:33
175.   Tripon

Its so beautiful.

2008-09-27 19:12:35
176.   68elcamino427
Raffy cannon
2008-09-27 19:13:23
177.   Tripon
Matt Kemp can run.
2008-09-27 19:14:04
178.   68elcamino427
Bison Defense (much improved fronm this same time last season)
2008-09-27 19:14:42
179.   Gen3Blue
Osuna in the outfield? Thats enough to get a comment out of anyone. That should insult Pierre no end. If he makes the roster I'll be sure he is Coletti or Torres illigit offspring!
2008-09-27 19:15:14
180.   Tripon
Kershaw will be used out of the pen in the first three games, which could limit his availability to start.

2008-09-27 19:15:48
181.   Bluebleeder87
woah. Kofax had 3 YEARS of K'ing 300 plus.
2008-09-27 19:17:20
182.   68elcamino427
Cain has been deal'in so far tonight.

Time for the Dodgers to break on through

As the kid from Whittier draws a walk

2008-09-27 19:18:42
183.   68elcamino427
Dodgers are showcasing Ozuna for a Padres DFA pick up
2008-09-27 19:20:41
184.   Bluebleeder87
looking at Nolan Ryan also had 3 years (consecutive) of 300 K's.
2008-09-27 19:20:54
185.   Sam in SC
that didn't help
2008-09-27 19:20:59
186.   MonkeyBlue
Martin! Whyzzzz?
2008-09-27 19:21:47
187.   Bob Hendley
182 - Cain is able?
2008-09-27 19:21:50
188.   MollyKnight
C'mon Matt. We need a hit here.
2008-09-27 19:22:08
189.   MollyKnight
2008-09-27 19:22:46
190.   68elcamino427
This may be frustrating for Maddux?
2008-09-27 19:24:42
191.   Tripon
Ozuna Manny's that ball.
2008-09-27 19:25:12
192.   68elcamino427
Ozuna looks ...
2008-09-27 19:26:14
193.   MonkeyBlue
Nice throw Martin.
2008-09-27 19:27:38
194.   68elcamino427
Ozuna - The Innocent Bystander
2008-09-27 19:28:19
195.   Tripon
Kemp isn't the most gracious fielder out there tonight, but he gets the job done.
2008-09-27 19:28:35
196.   Gen3Blue
What a stupid play! But I guess thats OK when we have been taking stupid looks at personel changes for two games. I hope they are helping Joe in the long run, I do.
2008-09-27 19:29:29
197.   68elcamino427
Kemp's Defense - Tougher Than a Robot Made of Nails.
2008-09-27 19:29:30
198.   JoeyP
Giants want to get the game over fast.

47 pitches

2008-09-27 19:30:05
199.   Icaros
I want to lock Ozuna in a room full of sharp objects with Jason Repko as his tour guide.
2008-09-27 19:31:01
200.   Icaros

You'd like to see more thank-yous after he makes a catch?

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-27 19:31:31
201.   StolenMonkey86
Casey Blake approved my friend request on facebook 25 minutes ago...
2008-09-27 19:31:47
202.   DBrim
Bah. Bills and Kuo can work tomorrow. Maddux was pitching a gem.
2008-09-27 19:32:45
203.   68elcamino427
With that Furcal is your starting ss.
2008-09-27 19:33:23
204.   silverwidow
202 Bills needs to sharpen up for Thursday. That's all that matters.
2008-09-27 19:33:23
205.   Gen3Blue
Great bunt

But I get the idea Osuna owns a roster spot for some reason----and it ain't pretty.

2008-09-27 19:34:15
206.   silverwidow
Chad's strikeouts:

2008 - 199
Career - 399

Next inning could be a milestone.

2008-09-27 19:35:04
207.   Tripon
Furcal is a master.
2008-09-27 19:36:55
208.   silverwidow
2008-09-27 19:37:06
209.   MonkeyBlue
Clutch hit for Dewitt!
2008-09-27 19:37:48
210.   68elcamino427
#33 - Dewitt with another "clutch" rbi
2008-09-27 19:38:20
211.   Tripon
Ozuna batting for Manny.
2008-09-27 19:39:36
212.   silverwidow
Ozuna looked HORRIBLE. No way he makes it.
2008-09-27 19:39:37
213.   MonkeyBlue
Ozuna AKA Black hole.
2008-09-27 19:39:37
214.   eusmus
That was pretty sad.
2008-09-27 19:39:55
215.   Tripon
Ozuna strikes out. As Vin put it, just a bad at bat.
2008-09-27 19:40:23
216.   underdog
Hopefully Pablozuna is one step closer to watching the NLDS on TV.
2008-09-27 19:40:24
217.   68elcamino427
Looked more like a skinny Jones batting for Manny
2008-09-27 19:40:46
218.   trainwreck
David Blaine has nothing on Pablo Ozuna.

He is magic trick of somehow being on a MLB roster is amazing.

2008-09-27 19:41:14
219.   trainwreck
2008-09-27 19:42:34
220.   StolenMonkey86
insurance runs aren't clutch enough for nomar
2008-09-27 19:44:33
221.   Tripon
Chad, time to earn a hold.
2008-09-27 19:44:49
222.   underdog
Did you see that little conference on the side of the dugout with Torre, Mattingly and Schaefer? I wonder if they were talking about Ozuna, and how he shouldn't go near the NLDS roster.

Chad Alert!

2008-09-27 19:45:08
223.   MollyKnight
OK, Bills. Let's hold this win for Maddux. Let's pitch well, for God's sake.
2008-09-27 19:45:10
224.   Eric Stephen
Billingsley starts and ends his year pitching out of the bullpen against the Giants.
2008-09-27 19:45:40
225.   Tripon
Don't see how Kuo makes it into tonight's game if they want Maddux to win. You don't trust a pitcher who's still trying to come back from injury with a tight lead like this.
2008-09-27 19:46:18
226.   Tripon
Velez out on a Kemp outfield outfield assist.
2008-09-27 19:46:23
227.   underdog
Hi, I'm Velez and I'm so fast I can do anything!

Er, not.

BISON Strength!

2008-09-27 19:46:37
228.   Eric Stephen
Perhaps more important than getting Maddux a win in his final start is this:

8t) Maddux 354
8t) Clemens 354

2008-09-27 19:46:41
229.   68elcamino427
Matt Kemp with 16 outfield assists!
2008-09-27 19:46:55
230.   Sam in SC
another assist for matt.
2008-09-27 19:47:02
231.   MollyKnight
Is Kemp leading MLB in CF assists? I'm ignorant re: this matter.
2008-09-27 19:47:38
232.   Tripon
2008-09-27 19:47:57
233.   Icaros
You mean Ozuna didn't catch it? What a shock.
2008-09-27 19:47:58
234.   Eric Stephen
Ozuna keeps moving further down the depth chart. But nice effort.
2008-09-27 19:48:07
235.   Sam in SC
"an incomplete catch"

jeez, vin is priceless.

2008-09-27 19:48:38
236.   superbas
billz love ozuna
2008-09-27 19:49:13
237.   Gen3Blue
I know we are not trying to win, but to look at some marginal players, with our best RBI man sitting, and our worst player inserted where ever when his normal position isn't available.
But this kid Dewitt looks like he wants to win no matter what, even though he is our only offense. I like that a lot! Even when it is probably futile, I hope he gets a lot of time in whatever playoff games we get.

And boy are those marginal players terrible.
At least it will cause a huge squak if Joe puts certain players on the roster.

2008-09-27 19:49:16
238.   underdog
oh man. For a second there I thought Pablozuna had actually done something nice. So close, but... no.
2008-09-27 19:49:29
239.   Icaros
Why do they keep pitching Molina down in the strikezone? Have they not noticed he hits everything they throw there?
2008-09-27 19:49:34
240.   68elcamino427
The Innocent Bystander or the Momentum Destroyer?

Black Cloud?

you make the call

2008-09-27 19:49:39
241.   ucladodger
Just got to the game. not like it matter, but, why is Ozuna in the outfield? He cant even play second.

Also, if Kemp improves each year as much as he did this year defensively, he will be one of the best CFers in the game.

2008-09-27 19:49:52
242.   silverwidow
Bills is on 3 days' rest. He doesn't look great so far.
2008-09-27 19:49:59
243.   Tripon,1,7705620.column

Plaschke has a negative ninny article about resigning Manny.

2008-09-27 19:50:04
244.   superbas
we need the billz who pounded the strike zone when he was a reliever.
2008-09-27 19:50:37
245.   Icaros
See? Up and fast is better.
2008-09-27 19:50:50
246.   Eric Stephen
Nick Markakis is the only OF in MLB with more assists, with 17. B.J. Upton and Hunter Pence also have 16.
2008-09-27 19:51:23
247.   Tripon
241 Torre wants to see if Ozuna can play the outfield, so he can justify only carrying 4 outfielders.

The answer seems to be no.

And the Giants need to stop running on martin. At least stop using people who have bad base running skills.

2008-09-27 19:51:35
248.   Gen3Blue
Well, Osuna showed he is as incompetent in the outfield as in the infield. Thats consistancy.

Good base running Bruce!

2008-09-27 19:52:18
249.   Woden325
Just got here from the DB/Rockies game. Stupid Rockies.
Did I miss anything?
2008-09-27 19:52:21
250.   68elcamino427
Bison snow cone (over the shoulder)
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-27 19:52:23
251.   underdog
This is all good revenge after Molina was throwing Dodgers baserunners out left and right. Good job, Russ!
2008-09-27 19:52:56
252.   Icaros
Got away with again throwing the only pitch Molina can handle.
2008-09-27 19:53:26
253.   Gen3Blue
241 'Cause Uncle Joe is trying to find an excuse to put him on the roster.
2008-09-27 19:53:47
254.   underdog
247 I hope Torre remembers Delwyn Young is an outfielder. And a pretty decent one. And unlike Ozuna he can hit. In fact, he can even play 2nd in a pinch. Why is Ozuna even in this conversation? Unless Pee Wee's spot is already guaranteed.
2008-09-27 19:54:50
255.   MollyKnight
I know we all wish Ozuna would have made that catch, but it's not like Manny would have.
2008-09-27 19:55:27
256.   ucladodger

Exactly. What has Ozuna done to even earn a shot? I think the best thing he did all year was score on Kemp's double against Zona in his first game. Dude just doesnt bring anything to the team.

2008-09-27 19:56:21
257.   Eric Stephen
I assumed they were trying to see if Ozuna could hang in the OF if needed because they were tying to justify his place on the roster over Pee Wee. I don't think the club thinks Young can play 2B, but thinks Ozuna can play 2B or maybe SS.
2008-09-27 19:56:28
258.   superbas
is repko going to be anything besides an AAAA player? i really liked him once with all the hustle.
2008-09-27 19:56:56
259.   Eric Stephen
Let's hope Kuo just had to take a leak, and that's the only reason he just went to the clubhouse.
2008-09-27 19:57:41
260.   Eric Stephen
They should let Chad get one more out. He's sitting on 199.2 IP.
2008-09-27 19:58:16
261.   trainwreck
While throwing his warm ups, he nearly hit Martin with a ball that got away.
2008-09-27 19:59:23
262.   Icaros
A trotting triple.
2008-09-27 19:59:25
263.   trainwreck
Bison triple power!
2008-09-27 19:59:52
264.   68elcamino427
Stand up triple for my favorite player!
2008-09-27 19:59:57
265.   Eric Stephen
Now the first 35 double and 5 triple trio in club history!
2008-09-27 19:59:57
266.   Tripon
Funny that Kemp kept on looking back. If Kemp can full speed, I think he could have gotten an inside the park home run.
2008-09-27 20:00:03
267.   MC Safety
Trade THAT guy? For Robinson Cano?? Bwahahah
2008-09-27 20:00:27
268.   ucladodger
He's just a gorgeous athlete to watch play.
2008-09-27 20:01:11
269.   ucladodger
I'm listening to the Giants broadcast and they are just marveling at Kemp.
2008-09-27 20:02:29
270.   LU Dodger
Ken Howell relaying a message to the Dodger bullpen, says Rick Monday.

Both him and Steiner sound really worried lol.

2008-09-27 20:02:36
271.   Tripon
What the hell? Both teams meet on the field.
2008-09-27 20:02:40
272.   MonkeyBlue
FIGHT!!!! Bison wins!
2008-09-27 20:02:40
273.   Eric Stephen
Just don't get suspended for the playoffs, Bison.
2008-09-27 20:02:41
274.   underdog
What was going on there? Some barking between Sadler, Kemp and Blake?
2008-09-27 20:02:48
275.   superbas
kemp took exception to a giant scrub move
2008-09-27 20:03:06
276.   LU Dodger
Well let's see who comes out to pitch...
2008-09-27 20:03:21
277.   underdog
Crap, stupid SF broadcast cut away. What's happening?

Please don't do something stupid, Bison.

2008-09-27 20:03:27
278.   ucladodger
This Sadler dude is such a joke.
2008-09-27 20:03:32
279.   Icaros
It's about time. That punk pitcher is always talking crap.
2008-09-27 20:03:45
280.   68elcamino427
Bison Intimidation!
2008-09-27 20:03:47
281.   Eric Stephen
Blake: "Save that [stuff]. Save that [stuff]. That's [freaking] tired."
2008-09-27 20:03:51
282.   Bob Timmermann
Regular season suspensions don't count for the playoffs.

Unless they're for PEDs or stuff like that.

2008-09-27 20:04:09
283.   underdog
Is he? I've never even noticed him before.
2008-09-27 20:04:15
284.   Bob Hendley
I just can't believe that Pablo is auditioning for Pee Wee's spot. Torre is really out of it, but at least there is an audition and he didn't just assume and then spring it on us on Sunday. We have 2nd basemen (of a sort) up the whazzu: the blakes, Kent, Hu, Furcal, Nomar.
2008-09-27 20:04:16
285.   MonkeyBlue
Bison didn't do anything. Bowa stopped right away.
2008-09-27 20:04:19
286.   dianagramr

but he CAN pitch....

2008-09-27 20:04:27
287.   MC Safety
Gotta love The Bison and Blake calling out that clown for that pointless fist pump.
2008-09-27 20:04:28
288.   ucladodger

Same thing. They left of with Sadler coming off of the field. Basically did the same double fist pump crap he's pulled every time he pitches against us.

2008-09-27 20:04:55
289.   Eric Stephen
I'm having a hard time decided who would win a fight: Casey Blake's beard, or Hurricane Ditka.
2008-09-27 20:05:01
290.   underdog
Ah, I see. Sadler thinks he's K-Rod all of a sudden. More spit, less talent.
2008-09-27 20:05:38
291.   Eric Stephen
In that case, start swinging! It's payback time for Juan Marichal! :)
2008-09-27 20:05:40
292.   Tripon
Sadler strikes out Casey Blake, celebrates. Blake takes offense, yells at Sadler's. Salder walks to Giants dugout, Kemp walks past him. Kemp yells at Sadler(presumably that was bush league), Larry Bowa has to make sure that nothing starts, and keeps Kemp away. Giants pitching coach comes out and yells at Kemp. Benches clear for both sides.
2008-09-27 20:05:55
293.   silverwidow
2008-09-27 20:06:03
294.   superbas
alright billz let's get that 200k...will look good for your hof credentials.
2008-09-27 20:06:06
295.   eusmus
286 4.06 ERA and 42/27 K/BB? Meh.
2008-09-27 20:06:08
296.   silverwidow
2008-09-27 20:06:11
297.   trainwreck
200 Ks for Bills!!!!!


2008-09-27 20:06:27
298.   ucladodger

He's a league average 26 year old middle reliever. Big whoop.

2008-09-27 20:06:36
299.   Eric Stephen
OK, Chad has his 200 IP. Time to throw one to the posterior of this batter.
2008-09-27 20:06:50
300.   Gen3Blue
That might heat the Giants up enough to win.
But they will have to play A-team to A-team next year at the latest.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-27 20:07:20
301.   Eric Stephen
200 twice! IP & K on the same pitch.
2008-09-27 20:07:32
302.   silverwidow
201 K
2008-09-27 20:07:41
303.   trainwreck
That was beautiful.
2008-09-27 20:08:19
304.   MC Safety
WAIT A MINUTE, Sadler has done that before?!?
2008-09-27 20:08:22
305.   dianagramr
295 298

just parroting Manny's comments on him ... :-)

2008-09-27 20:08:32
306.   JoeyP
I thought JT Snow retired?

Gameday shows him playing 1st base.

2008-09-27 20:08:34
307.   underdog
Chad is ON.

And no fist pumps after strikeouts. Taking notes, Sadler?

2008-09-27 20:08:36
308.   CanuckDodger
If that 200th K had not come, I was going to go insane. I can calm down now.
2008-09-27 20:09:12
309.   trainwreck
They let him retire as a Giant by allowing him to "start" the game.
2008-09-27 20:09:14
310.   Tripon
Ahh, Matt Kemp is wonderful.
2008-09-27 20:09:29
311.   MonkeyBlue
Damn this Chad guy can be a good reliever.
2008-09-27 20:09:31
312.   underdog
306 They had a ceremony for him and activated him because they had a spot on their 40 man and so he could retire as a Giant. They let him start at first and then took him out before first pitch.
2008-09-27 20:09:31
313.   superbas
whew chad got away with a couple fat pitches...let's get maddux that win!
2008-09-27 20:09:54
314.   underdog
Yay, Chad did it for Canuck!
2008-09-27 20:09:55
315.   silverwidow
Bills is finished for the year.

201 K

3.14 ERA

200.2 IP

2008-09-27 20:09:58
316.   Eric Stephen
He came back for today, and retired as a Giant.
2008-09-27 20:11:27
317.   JoeyP
Did he come today & retire as a Giant ;)
2008-09-27 20:11:28
318.   Eric Stephen
I was going to make fun of the Giants having a ceremony for J.T. Snow, but then I remembered on DT day one of the 3 "stars of the 90s" that showed up for the pregame ceremony for the Dodgers was Don Aase.
2008-09-27 20:11:29
319.   Tripon
Yabu's on the mound.
2008-09-27 20:11:45
320.   underdog
Damn, Icaros, maybe we should've gone to this game instead. Would've been home much earlier, and seen a near-brawl! Of course, if we were there, worse things probably would've happened.
2008-09-27 20:12:26
321.   Tripon
Vin thinks Kuo's hurt again.
2008-09-27 20:12:28
322.   ToyCannon
I hate players whining about emotional displays. He is an average pitcher, it was a big whoop for him. Take your strike out like a man and sit down. If you have such a problem with taking a 3rd strike, swing the bat.
2008-09-27 20:13:09
323.   Gen3Blue
Oh-n Hell Berroa.
2008-09-27 20:13:14
324.   underdog
And JT Snow retired as a Giant.

And eight pieces of French pasty. {Honk!} And three hard-boiled eggs.

2008-09-27 20:14:37
325.   Tripon
JP with a Double.
2008-09-27 20:14:39
326.   Icaros
Of course Winn will bat in the ninth.
2008-09-27 20:14:40
327.   MonkeyBlue
Insurance run(s) please
2008-09-27 20:15:48
328.   ucladodger

i think its the fact that this is the 3rd time he's done this against the dodgers, all in meaningless situations. As a player, it gets to you, and to see it 3 times from the same guy is more than enough.

2008-09-27 20:15:49
329.   underdog
322 I sorta disagree. Almost nobody in baseball can tolerate pitchers appearing to show them up on the mound. Doing it repeatedly, can really tick them off. Doing it to players you see repeatedly is just dumb, as Mike Krukow just pointed out, as you just add more fuel to the fire each time they face you. So, yeah, players should deal with it when they're K'd but it's still considered pretty 'punk' to get that fired up on the mound. If it ticks people off when K-Rod does it, then it's ever more irksome when someone not quite at that level does it, especially when it's not a meaningful game. 7th game of the world series, sure, go to town.

Just MHO.

2008-09-27 20:16:37
330.   Gen3Blue
324 And the 3-stooges theme ending.
2008-09-27 20:16:42
331.   ToyCannon
Respect for the Solution
2008-09-27 20:16:48
332.   Eric Stephen
Maddux pitched 194 innings this season. He hadn't pitched that few innings since 1987!
2008-09-27 20:17:17
333.   Tripon
We've seen some pretty amusing pieces of legislation out of the Board of Supervisors, but this one's a really good read: Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier wants organizers of the San Francisco Italian American parade to boot Tommy Lasorda as grand marshal.

2008-09-27 20:17:22
334.   LU Dodger
as Ali G would say, "RESPEK!"

DeWitt gets the IBB

2008-09-27 20:17:47
335.   ToyCannon
Unless he was a Dodger, then you'd be falling over yourelf coming up with a reason why it was okay.
2008-09-27 20:17:51
336.   MonkeyBlue
332. We should throw him out to pitch tomorrow. He only through about 50 pitches today!
2008-09-27 20:19:06
337.   underdog
330 That was a Marx Brothers shout-out, actually. :-)
2008-09-27 20:19:50
338.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
322 How about not having a big emotional display in the first place? Acted as though he just saved the 7th game of the World Series and it's not the first time he's done it.
2008-09-27 20:20:12
339.   underdog
335 No, I wouldn't. It would bother me, too. Especially in meaningless games. At the very least I would worry about it causing repercussions.
2008-09-27 20:20:15
340.   Tripon
Maddux is our right handed long relief guy.
2008-09-27 20:20:18
341.   Gen3Blue
I guess a Giant supporter could see this as DeWitt messing up a game Joe was trying to give the Giants while experimenting for the play-offs.
2008-09-27 20:22:34
342.   underdog
Oh c'mon Bochy! Sigh.
2008-09-27 20:23:18
343.   LU Dodger

I have to side with the 'Dog on this one. I mean there's more of a difference than a pitcher just being a Dodgers pitcher, when say, someone like Saito pumps his fist mildly after finishing a game, all the while smiling like he's happy for the hitter too.

It's when a middling reliever, that hasn't really accomplished anything during the inning by striking out the hitter in a meaningless game, goes crazy on the mound, that people get peeved.

Once again also, with Gagne, he got excited--but only when the game was over.

2008-09-27 20:24:07
344.   underdog
Btw, on the Giants' telecast they showed footage of Molina giving Sadler a talking to in the dugout after his outburst. For what that's worth. Since I'm not a ballplayer it really doesn't matter what I think about it, but I think that might mean something.
2008-09-27 20:24:10
345.   Eric Stephen
I'm sure there's a line between acceptable emotional displays and chicanery. I would much rather see the personality of a Billy Sadler than the robotic, soul-sucking seriousness of Jeff Kent.

That said, Sadler probably went a bit overboard in his display. The best way to get him back is to do a Bonds pirouette after jacking a HR off Sadler next time up.

2008-09-27 20:24:20
346.   LU Dodger

I think the position's already filled by Kershaw, per the Dodgers homepage

2008-09-27 20:25:37
347.   Eric Stephen
With the strap of his catchers' gear, it looks like Molina is wearing a numberless uniform.
2008-09-27 20:25:48
348.   MonkeyBlue
Saito returns back to his role!
2008-09-27 20:25:52
349.   Tripon
346 Kershaw is left handed.
2008-09-27 20:26:49
350.   LU Dodger
Would be against everything we've just talked about...but who doesn't want to see who ever closes the game to go nuts if he strikes out the last hitter?

hehe...ahhhh immaturity rules!

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2008-09-27 20:26:53
351.   Tripon
Cliff Lee's skipping his last start on Sunday due to a stiff neck.
2008-09-27 20:27:14
352.   underdog
345 Hah, I think that's fair. Or I think there's a place in the game for both kinds of personalities.
2008-09-27 20:27:15
353.   ucladodger

I'm pretty sure that was Molina talking to Sadler after his first little celebration. He then did one at Dodger Stadium and then the one tonight.

2008-09-27 20:27:16
354.   Eric Stephen
Del Taco has certainly made an interesting choice with their current ad campaign.
2008-09-27 20:27:52
355.   LU Dodger
Granted....but do we really need both left and right handed long relievers?

Maybe we do..

2008-09-27 20:28:32
356.   MC Safety
Nice pitch to start him off.
2008-09-27 20:28:40
357.   Tripon
1 out!
2008-09-27 20:28:42
358.   MonkeyBlue
Feels like 04 with Saito pitching! only that this game is meaningless.
2008-09-27 20:28:48
359.   MollyKnight

(Am I the only one who thinks this game is important in terms of morale and momentum and Giant-hatred?)

2008-09-27 20:29:21
360.   LU Dodger

I definitely want a series win...bad

2008-09-27 20:29:25
361.   Eric Stephen
To put this another way, would anyone remember Pascual Perez were it not for his antics on the mound?

OK, maybe the time he took the cab to the wrong stadium in NY but still. :)

2008-09-27 20:30:11
362.   Tripon
Oh wow, Sandoval got fooled badly.
2008-09-27 20:30:11
363.   MonkeyBlue
2 outs!!!!
2008-09-27 20:30:43
364.   LU Dodger
YEEHAW! get em' Sammy!
2008-09-27 20:31:07
365.   Eric Stephen
Reasons to win:

1) Giant hatred
2) Dodger morale
3) An 85-win playoff team will get less "they didn't deserve the championship" grief than an 83-win team.

2008-09-27 20:31:16
366.   Tripon
Forget the Series win. Lets just win this game, and treat the series finale for what it is, with Manny managing the Dodgers like his own personal toy. Yes, that's right you're going to see Berroa play first base, and Ozuna on the mound. And we just may see JP playing 3rd.
2008-09-27 20:31:22
367.   trainwreck
What is it?
2008-09-27 20:31:29
368.   Icaros
Dodgers' green kryptonite up with two outs.
2008-09-27 20:31:31
369.   LU Dodger
The strike-out of Sandoval is precisely why Saito needs to be closing.

Smart pitching him into the dirt. Muscle isn't always the answer

2008-09-27 20:31:45
370.   Eric Stephen
That said, if the Dodgers do happen to win it all, I couldn't care less what others think.
2008-09-27 20:32:23
371.   MonkeyBlue
2008-09-27 20:32:27
372.   MC Safety
Vintage Saito. Looks like The Baseball Gods deemed a Kuo/Saito/Broxton bullpen unfair.
2008-09-27 20:32:43
373.   Eric Stephen
Clemens moves to 9th on the all-time wins list.
2008-09-27 20:32:55
374.   68elcamino427
How Sweet It Is!
2008-09-27 20:32:55
375.   Tripon
Ah, Saito. That was cool. I like Broxton as a closer(most of the time) but Saito is still the King for at least tonight.
2008-09-27 20:33:03
376.   Woden325
#355! Way to go Maddux!
2008-09-27 20:33:30
377.   Icaros
Yep, should've gone to tonight's game instead. I thought underdog was going to get us jumped last night. Good thing I'm too elitist to wear any type of fan gear.
2008-09-27 20:34:06
378.   LU Dodger


2008-09-27 20:34:11
379.   underdog
It may be meaningless, but that win still sure felt good. Wish I could've been there again tonight to see less cocky Giant fans making the long march out of the ballpark, but ah well.

Great to see Saito's breaking stuff back. He looked much better there.

2008-09-27 20:34:25
380.   ToyCannon
Angel starting pitching is not exactly inspiring confidence as they head into the playoffs.

How about KC playing big time spoiler. What a finish for them against the contenders.

2008-09-27 20:34:31
381.   Eric Stephen
Andrew Shimmin's only allegiance shown is when he lines the inside of his lapel with Dodger blue.
2008-09-27 20:34:46
382.   JoeyP
Billz get to ad an "H" to his stat line.
2008-09-27 20:35:07
383.   underdog
377 - LOL. After almost getting attacked by drunken 49er fans, I'd had enough this week. Fortunately for us both I kept my worst stuff to myself at least. I was just protecting Louis in SF!
2008-09-27 20:35:14
384.   MonkeyBlue
Congrats to Mad Dog! seriously what a efficient pitcher.
2008-09-27 20:35:26
385.   jujibee
The major problem with this whole thing is assuming these guys are like us. These are professionals. I would never act like either of the childeren tonight; celebrating after striking someone out, talking trash when you just got taken, at my job. Either way I don't care, but childish acts like I saw from both teams need to be directed towards something positive and these proffesionals need to let some things go.
2008-09-27 20:36:01
386.   Eric Stephen
If by chance someone were to bet on both Alabama and Virginia Tech tonight, each receiving seven points, one would be a very happy person.
2008-09-27 20:36:02
387.   Ken Noe
Auburn wins a close one. Hokies win a close one. Dodgers win a close one. I'm going to bed rather tense.
2008-09-27 20:37:29
388.   underdog
So when do playoff rosters have to be set again? By tomorrow after the game I assume?
2008-09-27 20:38:28
389.   Tripon
Yeah, after tomorrow's game.
2008-09-27 20:39:08
390.   Eric Stephen
Tomorrow night, but I'm not sure what time.

BTW, if anything happens to Ozuna, you and Icaros are prime suspects!

2008-09-27 20:39:35
391.   Gen3Blue
Now tell me--and you know I value defense more than many--how could you use Berroa at SS, when you have Furcal backed by Nomar? And how could you use Berroa at second---when you have Kent(or DeWitt) backed by Kent (or DeWitt). And how could you use Osuna anywhere, when you have players whose hearts are still beating? Berroa's defense is better than Osuna's!

I better get some sleep.

I better try and sleep.

2008-09-27 20:43:21
392.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-27 20:43:56
393.   Icaros
So I have No Country for Old Men on the DVR. Is it worth watching?
2008-09-27 20:45:09
394.   Bob Hendley
I am thinking that the Ozuna gambit involves justifying M. Sweeney over Pee Wee.
2008-09-27 21:11:08
395.   lakerican


last night, this week, last week, last month...

maybe infatuation....

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