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Dodgers-Cubs Starting Times
2008-09-28 20:31
by Jon Weisman

Games will air on TBS. Times listed are Dodger Standard Time.

Wednesday: 3:30 p.m.
Thursday: 6:30 p.m.
Saturday: 7 p.m.

Game 4 (October 5) and Game 5 (October 7) to be announced, if necessary.

Comments (58)
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2008-09-28 20:34:19
1.   Tripon
Tony Jackson and Brian Kamenetzky are starting seven minutes later than what you posted. Not that it matters much...

2008-09-28 20:40:37
2.   DBrim
I'm probably the only person in this blog that prefers the Wednesday start time. Oh well, I'm still somewhat geeked by playoff games at Wrigley. I'm not particularly confident but I'd love to be proved wrong.
2008-09-28 20:45:20
3.   Jon Weisman
It's just about when the TV coverage starts vs. the first pitch. If you don't want to see announcers talk for seven minutes, I understand.
2008-09-28 20:46:06
4.   Gen3Blue
Kind of late! Well, we must get home advantage more than I would have thought, or it's to accommodate TV. I can guess which!
2008-09-28 20:50:44
5.   LogikReader
Hrm... I'm not too disappointed with the arrangement. I hope I can get off work early for Game 1. The most surprising start time is Game 3. I thought for sure it would be at 5 pm.

Man, if we can carry over the enthusiasm from the rally tonight into Game 3, we could be in for some real fun!

2008-09-28 20:56:59
6.   Gagne55
I like the Wednesday and Thursday start times, but not the Saturday start time. I'll have to decide whether to see Mustang football at the stadium or Dodger baseball on T.V.
2008-09-28 20:57:08
7.   LAT
Have the odds been posted anywhere?
2008-09-28 20:58:05
8.   LU Dodger
To all of you UCLA football fans:

I'm a Redskins fan, and our rookie DB Chris Horton (UCLA), is fast becoming our game changing player on defense. The guy had 3 turnover recoveries last week, and this week he picks off Tony Romo to seal the game.

My question is, "was he this good at UCLA?" Seems like he's been flying under the radar.

2008-09-28 21:00:42
9.   Disabled List
Any NYC-area Dodger fans up for a viewing party on Wed. and/or Thur.?
2008-09-28 21:01:17
10.   trainwreck
Yes, but mostly because of tackling. His coverage skills were the issue, but that has been his strong suit as a Redskin.

Good scheming by them.

2008-09-28 21:18:26
11.   Louis in SF
Now that the post season is here, Extra Innings on Direct TV is over. How does radio work. Since Vinny is on KABC, can I listen to that here in SF without paying for an MLB subscription?
2008-09-28 21:20:33
12.   dzzrtRatt
Questions, questions:

When will the Dodgers publish the playoff roster?

And how many innings will Vin Scully do on the radio per game?

2008-09-28 21:20:55
13.   Eric Stephen
The MLB Audio subscription is still active for all the audio. It's $14.95 for the season, or if you order it now.
2008-09-28 21:22:33
14.   Tripon
12 I've been told here by others on DT that Vin will do innings 1-3, and 7-9. Monday and Steiner will do innings 4-6
2008-09-28 21:24:33
15.   Eric Stephen
Nothing official yet, but these people are off the NLDS roster, per Diamond earlier today:

"Hong-Chih Kuo is off the playoff roster for the NLDS. He was tested for circulation problems after he experienced numbness in his fingers warming up last night, and will head to Arizona to pitch in the instructional league in case the Dodgers need him later on.

"Also off the roster and headed to Arizona to work out are Chin-lung Hu, Jason Repko and Ramon Troncoso. The Dodgers are also sending Eric Stults to Mexico to play winter ball for Mazatlan, which is managed by Class AAA Las Vegas manager Lorenzo Bundy."

No big surprises there. Hopefully Kuo can pitch in (and the Dodgers can play in) the NLCS.

2008-09-28 21:28:52
16.   Tripon
15 Actually thought TronTron had a shot to make the roster, but then Torre decided to use him only a couple of times in Sept. I think Elbert might of had more appearances in Sept. over TronTron.
2008-09-28 21:33:55
17.   Tripon

If you want to read some Cubs Thoughts on facing the dodgers.

2008-09-28 21:44:00
18.   underdog
So I take it there's not much worth seeing in the last half of today's Dodger game, which I have saved on Tivo? i'll just... skip it unless there's some inning I should watch in particular.

That 3:30 pm start Wednesday kind of sucks but it's about what I was expecting for the first one. I'll see if I can "work at home" that afternoon.

2008-09-28 21:45:31
19.   Tripon
Garciaparra, who had Mark Sweeney as his bench coach and Tanyon Sturtze as his pitching coach, was late to his pregame chat with reporters.

"I had an issue with one of my players," Garciaparra said, explaining that he had to find a pair of socks for catcher Russell Martin.,0,5445427.story

2008-09-28 21:46:39
20.   bluekang
The Thursday start time is annoying as it will coincide with the office and the VP debate.
2008-09-28 21:49:50
21.   underdog
Argh, that's right! I wish my Tivo could record/watch 3 channels simultaneously. Ah well, Dodger playoff games aren't a frequent appearance, that gets top priority for me.
2008-09-28 21:55:09
22.   trainwreck
They are 30-23 with Manny. That's a 92 win team over a full year. Thats as good as Philly and better than the Brewers. And its not just him. Nomar, Ethier, Hu have all been on fire. Their bullpen has been great. It'll be tough.

Nomar and Hu have been on fire?

2008-09-28 21:56:29
23.   kngoworld
21 I would:
watch the Dodger game.
tivo the VP debate.
find The Office streaming/download online.
2008-09-28 22:00:47
24.   underdog
22 That cracked me up. I appreciate the positive sentiment over there, but Hu... in the hell were they thinking of? DeWitt? Kuo?

23 Good call, except I have the cheapo Tivo that can't tape something else while you watch a different channel. But I'm sure the debate will be available online pretty quickly, as well.

2008-09-28 22:01:19
25.   Greg Brock
When your best friend is a Mets fan, and you loathe the team with the fire of a thousand suns, and this happens two years in a row, one doesn't quite know how to feel.

Just kidding. AWESOME. Let's go Mets!

2008-09-28 22:02:03
26.   underdog
Ack, speaking of which... it's Mad Men time!
2008-09-28 22:02:41
27.   underdog
25 Will you be finding a sub for Wednesday afternoon because you'll be coming down with something?
2008-09-28 22:02:51
28.   Tripon
22 Nomar has been on fire, he hit two homers against the Padres when he got his starts. I don't know where the Hu thing came from.
2008-09-28 22:07:36
29.   Tripon
I'm going to try to find a TV that will play the game since I'm at UCI at the moment. The school has a couple of HDTVs on campus, but its first come first serve, and I don't know if I'm going to be fast enough to book one. Hopefully If I can't do that, I can convince the local pub to broadcast the game.
2008-09-28 22:15:04
30.   KG16
25 - dude, this place has not been the same without you.

I'm looking forward to this series. should be a blast.

2008-09-28 22:15:32
31.   bluekang
Dodgers are the top priority of course. I am sure I can watch The Office on Friday, that will be two weeks in a row I will have to miss it. I will just read or watch highlights of the debate, although I've been looking forward to it. Dodger playoff appearances are almost as infrequent as presidential races.
2008-09-28 22:16:57
32.   Greg Brock
27 I wish. Taking a vacation day four weeks into the school year would be pretty weak sauce.

Besides, not watching has worked out pretty well for everybody over the past month. Why mess with a good thing.

2008-09-28 22:17:42
33.   Greg Brock
30 Thanks man. I've missed it a bunch.
2008-09-28 22:22:34
34.   Linkmeister
Dodger Standard Time. Hmmph. I guess I subtract three hours to get my time.
2008-09-28 22:27:56
35.   LAT
32. So one year at BHHS was enough? Can't argue with that. At least you don't have to speak Farsi in Long Beach. BTW, I assume not, but did you have either of the girls involved in the suicide/murder "off the balcony" thing. Did it ripple across the school as reported.
2008-09-28 22:33:34
36.   Tripon

You can see baseball tonight preview the Cubs-Dodgers match up. Kruk and Singleton likes the Cubs. Gammons and Onley likes the Dodgers.

2008-09-28 22:35:05
37.   LAT
Gammons picks the Dodgers. "Key guy is Russell."
2008-09-28 22:43:17
38.   LoneStar7
any predictions on a starting lineup for game 1..

I've liked Bison in the leadoff spot but I assume Russ will start there

is it possible raff would start?

2008-09-28 22:46:09
39.   Tripon
My predictions:


If Furcal doesn't start.


2008-09-28 22:51:02
40.   LoneStar7
39 not to sound like a broken record, but man I just salivate at the idea of that lineup with a healthy raff

I think this series will come down to pitching though, and the idea of maddux starting still scares me to death

2008-09-28 22:58:42
41.   Greg Brock
35 I'm teaching in the South Bay, as I did last year. I never ended up getting the Beverly Hills job, which completely baffled me, as I naturally assume that I am the best candidate for every job I've ever interviewed for. Apparently, not all humans share this opinion.

Thankfully, I love my school and my job, and the school seems to not mind me so much, either.

Which is nice.

2008-09-28 23:05:51
42.   Frip
It just took me 5 minutes on the Dodgers site to find who won today's game. Pretty lame. It's as if there wasn't a game today.
2008-09-28 23:14:55
43.   KG16
41 - yes, but do you ever get into an interview, and think, "why would I actually want to work with these people?"

because that's most interviews I've been on:

1. I'm their best option
2. I don't really want to work for them.

2008-09-28 23:17:27
44.   oswald
9 -- i would really like that!!!!! i've got a great feeling about our chances this year and it would so much fun to share it with the crowd.

jon, could you please be a sweetheart and if this comes together post where the viewing party (or partIES for our friends around the country) would be?

2008-09-28 23:22:04
45.   underdog
I would be up for a Bay Area DT-ers playoff viewing party, if one arose. Could only do the weekend one though, Saturday or (if there's a game 4) maybe Sunday. I'd host one but my place is pretty small, I don't have HDTV or anything, and it's infested with cats. ;-)


Mad Men tonight, one of the best episodes yet imho. I mean I wouldn't pee my pants about it, but it was really good.

2008-09-28 23:22:56
46.   ucladodger

On that page, the "experts" don't think our boys will fare very well. Neyer has up getting swept, Law and Stark have us winning 1 and Olney has us losing in 5. I really think this series depends on the Cubs starters. If Zambrano cannot recover and Harden is still only throwing in the mid to high 80's, we have a huge edge. I dont see Dempster as some unbeatable force (he's still Ryan freaking Dempster), so I am expecting at a split at Wrigley and would not be shocked if the Dodgers came home with a 2-0 lead.

2008-09-28 23:23:35
47.   Greg Brock
43 "I don't want to work for them anyways" is small time. I wish for their buildings to burn to the ground. In my interviewing life, I've only ever not been offered a job twice. Both of those organizations can be hit with a biblical plague.

I'm an amazingly petty man.

2008-09-28 23:23:37
48.   underdog
Oswald, Greg Brock,... this is like old home week at DT! ;-)
2008-09-28 23:26:59
49.   Greg Brock
48 Take it away, bluetahoe!

Hello? Mic check? Check, check...Hello?

2008-09-28 23:28:30
50.   underdog
49 I think he's busy trolling elsewhere and making YouTube stalking videos. Please leave a message after the beep. {{beep!}}
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2008-09-28 23:28:31
51.   KG16
47 - I usually make the "I don't want to work for them" conclusion during the interview. Half the time, I'm relieved not to get a job offer.

In truth, I don't play well with others.

2008-09-28 23:28:31
52.   trainwreck
Yes, nice to see you again. Just ignore D4P like everyone else.

That would be cool.

2008-09-28 23:29:38
53.   trainwreck
I swear I saw bluetahoe around recently.
2008-09-28 23:31:44
54.   trainwreck
The Life and Times of Tim looks like a keeper.
2008-09-28 23:37:21
55.   oswald
it's been a really busy summer for me and i haven't had time to follow my beloved dodgers as much as i would have liked, but i still check in on you boys from time to time :)
2008-09-29 00:17:55
56.   Eric Stephen
The playoff rosters aren't due until, and will be announced on, Tuesday.
2008-09-29 00:30:24
57.   Jon Weisman
54 - Really? I thought it looked more like a compactor.


2008-09-29 00:40:30
58.   Eric Stephen
Dodgers Against Dempster
Martin - .286/.444/.286 (2 for 7, 2 BB)
Loney - .250/.250/.250 (1 for 4)
Kent - .273/.324/.364 (9 for 33, HR)
DeWitt - .200/.200/.400 (1 for 5, 2B)
Furcal - .214/.371/.321 (6 for 28, 7 BB)
Manny - 1.000/1.000/2.000 (1 for 1, 2B in 2005)
Kemp - ..200/.333/.400 (1 for 5, 2B, BB)
Ethier - .455/.455/.909 (5 for 11, two 2B, HR)
Pierre - .417/.500/.500 (5 for 12, 2B, 2 SB)

Casey Blake has never faced Dempster.

Andre Ethier hit a 3-run HR last September 6 at Wrigley field to help turn a 4-3 deficit into an eventual 7-4 win, a game started by Derek Lowe.

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