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Loneygetto: Dodgers Rally and Then Some
2008-10-01 18:50
by Jon Weisman

In the top of the fifth inning, after Rafael Furcal walked with one out, I remarked to myself that Ryan Dempster's pitching performance was Bevenesque - as in Bill Bevens, who walked 10 batters in Game 3 of the 1947 World Series against the Dodgers but came within one out of a no-hitter before losing. As omens go, it was ... inconclusive.

Dempster entered the fifth with four walks and a boatload of pitches thrown, then proceeded to walk three more: Furcal, Manny Ramirez (who was down 0-2) and Andre Ethier (redeeming himself after striking out with the bases loaded on a 3-2 diver in the third.)

James Loney came up. He was 0 for 2, and then 0-and-2. Did I believe? Yeah, I believed. Kinda. Sorta.

And then, he hit it. The ball's in the air … it's not gonna get out … but it's still going … I'm watching the outfielder … it's still going … Edmonds out of room!!!! It's gone!!!!

The Dodgers took the lead. I mean, it was fairly astonishing. The Dodgers took the lead. I thought back to 1977: the grand slam by Ron Cey in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series, followed a day later by another slam by Dusty Baker in Game 2. But wait, the Dodgers lost the Cey game.

It was still the middle of the fifth inning. This game wasn't over. If the Dodgers had been down two, I'd have been saying there was plenty of baseball left. Up two, the song remained the same - if more than a bit happier.

Still, I told myself, "Don't make an error behind Derek Lowe, and it'll be fine."

Two batters later, an error on Casey Blake. Man.

But as far as the fates were concerned, the night really turned on Loney's slam. In the first half of the game, Mark DeRosa was eking out a two-run homer in the corner, while Russell Martin was falling just short. In the second half of the game, either of two drives by Jim Edmonds could have been extra-base hits but failed, and Martin got himself a homer in the ninth after all.

Oh, and Ramirez drove a ball at his ankles into the left-field bleachers in the seventh. And Blake DeWitt scored following a big leadoff double in the eighth.

Cory Wade, Jonathan Broxton and ... Greg Maddux, they all protected Lowe's lead, combining to shut the Cubs out eight innings out of nine.

It actually happened. It was the Dodgers' night. It was the Dodgers' night.
* * *

Update: From the postgame quotes ...

Manny, on that home run, you're bent over, you're stumbling out of the batter's box, your helmet is coming off, your pants are falling down, and you hit it out. How do you do that?

MANNY RAMIREZ: First, I want to thank Joe for cutting my hair.

Comments (293)
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2008-10-01 19:12:46
1.   kachang
this 7.95 for post-season game day audio is the best money i've spent in a long time...
getting post game coverage and torre press conference now.

a rarity for someone out of market.

2008-10-01 19:12:59
2.   bhsportsguy
And you can play with your kids tonight and not have to write another word about the Dodgers until tomorrow.

Good times.

2008-10-01 19:13:22
3.   trainwreck
Chicago meet Mr. Billingsley.
2008-10-01 19:14:24
4.   Jon Weisman
2 - Well, admittedly, they've been playing while I just blogged, but definitely, I'm looking forward to a free and easy evening.
2008-10-01 19:14:47
5.   Tripon
Beimel, Wade, Broxton, should all see duty tomorrow. Don't know about Saito. Then again, we might see Maddux again. :)
2008-10-01 19:15:12
6.   underdog
What was that about the Dodgers "thin" line-up outside of Manny?

I love the patience approach they have had at the plate as this year's worn on. Work the count, work the count, get the pitcher out of there early even if he's not giving up much in the way of runs.

Anyway, a great game, just a great game. Tomorrow everything could turn, but at least the pressure is on the Cubs and Zambrano now.

2008-10-01 19:16:09
7.   Alex41592
I believe the saying is, "playing with house money."

That is the Dodgers tomorrow night. And a big question mark Carlos Zambrano will be our foe.

2008-10-01 19:16:12
8.   Disabled List
GAME REPORT: In the 3rd inning, I left the friendly confines of my own apartment to go watch the game at my local neighborhood sports bar. I knew it would be overrun with Cubs fans, and it was. Fortunately, I'm on good terms with those guys, because things got very bitter after Loney's bomb. Lots of F-bombs directed at Lou Piniella for leaving Dempster in as long as he did, which I thought was a little rough. They tolerated my Dodger cheering grudgingly, and unloaded on Fukudome, whose popularity with the Cub fans has turned 180 degrees. Manny's homerun left everyone's jaws on the floor, including mine. As soon as the last out was recorded, they emptied the bar so quietly, you would've thought church just let out.

Tonight, I got a Dodger playoff win, an actual LEAD in a playoff series, and two Dogfish Head Punkin Ales. I am a very happy man right now!

2008-10-01 19:18:56
9.   kachang
6 I love the patient approach as well. I don't know quantitatively how much of an improvement it has on our team...but assuming it does, how much credit do we have to give Torre for this?
2008-10-01 19:19:06
10.   underdog
Why oh why are the reporters in the post-game press conference (on ESPN News) asking manny and Lowe about the Cubs' supposed curse? After Torre was asked about it earlier. They totally answered it just right. Lowe ended by saying, "It gets kind of monotonous talking about the drought. I don't believe there's added pressure, they only care about this year, they only care about this year." Manny: "We don't care about any curse."
2008-10-01 19:19:06
11.   El Lay Dave
I hope tomorrow we see the Gatorade Cooler Killer Zambrano again. Would be great to see His Royal Thighness put up a great start in a playoff game for a national audience so he could get some of the pub he rightly deserves.

GS IP..... H... HR BB K... ERA ERA+
30 200.7 189 17 40 194 3.27 145 - Beckett 2007
32 200.7 188 14 80 201 3.14 141 - Billingsley 2008

2008-10-01 19:20:07
12.   Bluebleeder87
Zambrano had a few more days to rest that aching arm of his, let's see what he has tomorrow, if Billz is on his game I'm expecting a low run scoring game.

one game at a time though, that's my motto.

2008-10-01 19:20:46
13.   DXMachina
0 I had similar thoughts on Loney's home run. The little grand slam that could.

Manny's homer just amazed me. When he hit it, I was sure it was just going to be a little dunker behind shortstop. I couldn't believe how far up the bleachers he hit it with that swing.

2008-10-01 19:21:01
14.   Daniel Zappala
Can Vlad please take a pitch?
2008-10-01 19:21:20
15.   underdog
8 I don't know what a Dogfish Head Punkin Ale is but it sounds awesome. I want one.

9 In my opinion at least a good amount of credit has to go to Torre and Mattingly. That was their approach in NY and it worked. It can't be an utter coincidence. Hitters need to get some credit too, of course, and Manny's arrival and all that, but that is really what they've preached since spring training.

Okay, dinner's dinged! Cheers.

2008-10-01 19:22:30
16.   Tripon
Wondering. Did Martin make an effort to constantly talk to his pitchers regularly during games? Or did that come this year?
2008-10-01 19:22:39
17.   Disabled List
BTW, I'd like to announce to everyone that I've started growing a playoff beard.
2008-10-01 19:23:25
18.   Bob Timmermann
And Ryan Dempster DID NOT set a Division Series record for walks in a game. Mike Hampton walked 8 back in 1997 when he was on the Astros pitching against the Braves.

The Braves got 10 walks in all from Astros pitching.

2008-10-01 19:24:00
19.   Disabled List
15 Dogfish Head Punkin Ale is the most amazing carbonated beverage I've ever tasted. Pumpkin-flavored beer. I'm telling you, it's incredible. You can get it at Whole Foods.
2008-10-01 19:25:16
20.   underdog
19 Oh man. I am totally going there tomorrow. I like anything pumpkin.
2008-10-01 19:26:06
21.   Ricardo
17. Hockey tradition! If I had enough I´d too, hope it brings luck to our Dodgers, DL.
2008-10-01 19:26:57
22.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
8 Which Cubs bar did you go to?
2008-10-01 19:27:06
23.   El Lay Dave
14 Hey! Take that AL chat over to Cardboard Gods! :) I'm still afterglowing from the Dodger's playoff win and lead!
2008-10-01 19:28:14
24.   Tripon
Soriano went 0-5, Fukudome went 0-4, Derek Lee went 1-3, with a walk. The Cubs aren't likely to let that happen again.

The Cubs should bat DeRosa, and Theriot 1st and 2nd, and will be glad if they keep with Soriano and Fukudome int he first and second spot.

2008-10-01 19:29:37
25.   capdodger
19 I like me a good lambic, but I've never really been able to get behind pumpkin-flavored beers.
2008-10-01 19:30:50
26.   Bluebleeder87
it truly was a huge HUGE win moving forward. I can't wait to see Billz on the big change, hopefully he dose what he did all season long.
2008-10-01 19:31:08
27.   Disabled List
22 Standings, on E. 7th Street. It's not really geared towards fans of any team, although lots of Cubs and Red Sox fans always show up. The Cardinals, Mets, Phillies and Dodgers (me) are all represented among the regulars.
2008-10-01 19:32:42
28.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
27 Hmm. I've been trying to figure out how to not miss the Saturday 10pm game, while also not sitting home alone on a Saturday night. Maybe I'll try that one out.
2008-10-01 19:32:45
29.   ucladodger
I was unable to comment during the game because my computer and tv are in different rooms in my new apartment, but man, what a ride. I couldnt believe that Dempster was pitching so poorly and still shutting us down, and didnt feel condifent with Loney down 0-2. Then he hit the ball and it looked like a routine fly ball. And it kept carrying, Edmonds turned his back and I knew it was gone. Still nervous after that, but I felt supremely confident. Then Manny hit the homer on just an amazing piece of hitting. Brilliant. Lowe, Wade, Brox, Maddux all brilliant. This was just a brilliant game and has me more excited than I ever have been for a Dodger team.
2008-10-01 19:36:09
30.   Disabled List
28 More than likely, I'll be there on Saturday. Stop by and say hi, I'll be the bearded guy with a St. Patrick's Day-style Dodger cap (with a green interlocking LA).
2008-10-01 19:37:15
31.   trainwreck
Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale is good.

I do not like Blue Moon's Pumpkin Ale.

2008-10-01 19:41:40
32.   Tripon

Diamond Leung says an at bat at Chicago in May helped Loney tonight.

2008-10-01 19:44:38
33.   Penarol1916
What a great night. I almost missed the Grand Slam because my son had to go to the bathroom and could not pee in the Wrigley troughs. Luckily, we made it out just in time. My son kept jabbering the whole train ride home until he just passed out. The only downside was my friend's daughter who was crying at the end of the game. The fans were much better than those I usually come across at Wrigley, mostly old-school fans and not a drunken yuppie in sight. In fact, the worst razzing that I got when the Dodgers were down was when my daughter called me in the 4th inning, of course, she was in bed by the time we got home. Just an awesome, awesome night, I can't even really describe it.
2008-10-01 19:45:49
34.   Bob Timmermann
A boy is not a man until he learns to pee in to a trough.
2008-10-01 19:47:39
35.   JoeyP
Walks & Homers are good ways to score runs.
Loney hitting homers is a good thing to see.
2008-10-01 19:48:42
36.   Tripon
The Dodgers won the first game of the postseason on the road for just the fourth time in their history. Each of the previous three times, the Dodgers reached the World Series (including 1963, when the first game of the postseason was the World Series).

I'm giggling already.

2008-10-01 19:49:07
37.   sporky
34 I learn something new every day.
2008-10-01 19:50:52
38.   Penarol1916
34. I'm not expecting him to become a man until he turns at least 6, maybe 7. I may have freaked him out a bit by trying to rush him as I realized that the Dodgers were getting men on base.
2008-10-01 19:51:00
39.   tjshere
34 Are you a man if you are able to pee into a trough but you loathe doing so?
2008-10-01 19:54:38
40.   Bob Hendley
2008-10-01 19:55:07
41.   Jon Weisman
So, to complete my thought, I think Dempster's performance went from Bevensesque to Odalisian.
2008-10-01 19:56:39
42.   underdog
I actually enjoyed it at Candlestick and AT&T Park so much I not only had a trough toilet installed in my bathroom here but I also installed a drunken, bitter Giant fan to threaten me behind my back while I'm peeing. It really livens up going to the bathroom while at home.
2008-10-01 19:58:35
43.   LU Dodger


2008-10-01 20:00:06
44.   Marty
I remember getting total stage fright the first time I had to go in a Dodger Stadium trough.
2008-10-01 20:01:16
45.   trainwreck
The troughs at Cal are the worst, because they are so dirty and the bathroom is so small.
2008-10-01 20:01:20
46.   KG16
[33} The only downside was my friend's daughter who was crying at the end of the game.

Some of us would have told our sons (even at 5) to console the poor young lass. There is a reason that I am not yet a parent, and do not plan on being one for a while yet.

2008-10-01 20:02:48
47.   DBrim
38 - My grandfather taught me the ways of the trough when I was five.
2008-10-01 20:04:16
48.   Jacob Burch
I remember my first Trough experience and thinking it was just funny.

I think I've only cried at a live sports game once, on my 8th birthday I think. It was a Kings game. With it died my hockey love, which I'm trying to bring back, with mixed results.

For some reason the only other violent child reaction I had to a sporting event was the 97 world series. I think I liked that the Indians had a field named after me.

I've been plenty as angry and upset (All non-06 Colts playoff games, 06, 05), but lost the child freedom of being able to just belt and let it out.

2008-10-01 20:04:17
49.   Bob Timmermann
AT&T Park doesn't have troughs for those of you urinating at home.

Modern plumbing codes don't allow them. It has to be an older facility that is grandfathered under older codes that allows them.

Such as the things I have learned from reading old plumbing codes.

2008-10-01 20:04:37
50.   El Lay Dave
Greg Maddux laughs at the trough-shy.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-01 20:06:04
51.   Jon Weisman
Every Dodger starter reached base.

Between this victory and not having to worry about the book tonight, and my wife having a good day and my kids being good, there's a giddiness in my house that is just intoxicating.

2008-10-01 20:06:25
52.   El Lay Dave
All three elementary schools I attended had troughs. I had that rite of passage pretty young.
2008-10-01 20:06:28
53.   Marty
Isn't it the Rose Bowl that has the circular troughs so you get to look at the others peeing at the same time?
2008-10-01 20:06:47
54.   Terry A
In Arkansas, you have to know whether to drink from the trough or pee in it. Complicated life, it is.

By the way, Jon: The city of Sikeston, Mo., has asked me to point out that Blake DeWitt's hit in the eighth inning was a triple.

2008-10-01 20:06:55
55.   KG16
the problem I always had with troughs was when the extra guy would try to squeeze in. peeing sideways is never fun. nor is having the guy next to you pee sideways.
2008-10-01 20:06:55
56.   natepurcell
Tonight, I got a Dodger playoff win, an actual LEAD in a playoff series, and two Dogfish Head Punkin Ales. I am a very happy man right now!

I had this for the first time on Saturday at the Tucson Beer Festival....I agree, its amazing, I fell in love.

2008-10-01 20:07:20
57.   El Lay Dave
51 May you enjoy such blessings at least through the month of October.
2008-10-01 20:08:10
58.   Bob Timmermann
The Rose Bowl redid its bathrooms a few years ago and there are waterless urinals in the men's rooms.

They also built more restrooms and added more stalls for women.

2008-10-01 20:09:00
59.   Jon Weisman
54 - I have some bad news for the city of Sikeston.
2008-10-01 20:09:17
60.   Penarol1916
46. He did. He told her that winning doesn't matter and that there are more games. He's used to dealing with his brother who is the sorest loser in the world.
2008-10-01 20:09:30
61.   The Dude Abides
During the summer between 4th and 5th grade, my YMCA team went to a camp in the Big Bear area called Camp Whittle. We all peed in what we thought was a metal trough in one of the bathrooms, but it turned out to be a sink. We hadn't noticed the faucets. We didn't tell any of the counselors, and we referred to that particular bathroom as "The Scene of the Crime" for the entire week. Good times :)
2008-10-01 20:09:34
62.   Disabled List
It wouldn't surprise me if Candlestick Park had troughs in the women's restrooms, as well.
2008-10-01 20:09:45
63.   ToyCannon
I heard that Maddux makes the rounds of the troughs in disguise.

Jon and UCLADodger put in words exactly how I felt about Loney's ab. I was already counting him out after he went 0-2 and was expecting Kent to be manning 1st base tomorrow. Now he's a part of Dodger Lore.

I love postseason baseball when unexpectedly good things happen. You will all remember this game 30 years from now and it will make you think fondly of the 2008 Dodgers and James Big Game Loney.

2008-10-01 20:11:04
64.   Terry A
59 - You mean to tell me they didn't show the triple in LA? Unbelievable. Stupid West Coast Bias.
2008-10-01 20:12:23
65.   Humma Kavula
I still hate the trough, though I will use it.

If I ever have a trough, I will first teach him the way of the urinal. Only when the urinal is mastered can the trough be approached.

The secret to the trough is simple: never, never, never look into the trough.

2008-10-01 20:12:52
66.   DBrim
64 - It was a double and an error by Edmonds.
2008-10-01 20:13:06
67.   Humma Kavula
65 If I ever have a trough? What's that mean?

Nix that, and read it thus:

If I ever have a son....

If I ever have a son, I hope he is not a trough.

2008-10-01 20:13:22
68.   LU Dodger

Oh! and he went there! lol


2008-10-01 20:13:53
69.   KG16
headline at Dodgers steal game 1.

Um, 7-2 is not a steal. It is grand theft.

2008-10-01 20:15:29
70.   Bob Timmermann
If this were the NBA, the Dodgers-Cubs series has begun in the eyes of Doug Collins!
2008-10-01 20:15:32
71.   El Lay Dave
62 Is that the pumpkin ale writing?
2008-10-01 20:15:37
72.   Humma Kavula
And this:

Goodonya, James Loney and all y'all Dodgers.

2008-10-01 20:15:42
73.   JRSarno
This felt so insurmountable -- imagining, conjuring the image of the Dodgers with the lead in this game. We knew it was possible, but by and large, the national media gave the boys little credit. I hope we can take this confidence into tomorrow (I know Loney will!), and really do some serious jugular damage.
2008-10-01 20:16:07
74.   Terry A
66 - Thank you. I will tell the city of Sikeston. And it will be a bit crestfallen.
2008-10-01 20:16:49
75.   FirstMohican
Can anyone recommend a good Cubs blog? Just... curious to see how they're handling this.
2008-10-01 20:16:55
76.   Humma Kavula
74 Crestfallen? What does toothpaste on the floor have to do with it?
2008-10-01 20:17:14
77.   Marty
Sikeston should be used to it.
2008-10-01 20:17:46
78.   jasonungar07
Via Chicago. Slighty altered.

I dreamed about killing you again tommorrow night
And it felt alright to me
Dying on the banks of Embarcadero skies
I sat and watched you bleed

Buried you alive in a fireworks display
Raining down on thee
Your cold, hot blood
Ran away from Wrigley to the sea

2008-10-01 20:18:25
79.   Jacob Burch
75 Bleed cubbies blue is pretty good, but as most sports blogs, beware of commenters, they heed not Jon's rules, and quite enjoy themselves. Underdog goes there for self-torture, but I can't handle it.
2008-10-01 20:18:50
80.   Tripon
75 Not good. Try this one.
2008-10-01 20:20:24
81.   Jacob Burch
78 I have a Chicago Cubs/LA List in the making, just for fun. Cubs in 5 by the Mountain Goats(which is slightly tainted since the Bucs won the super bowl), Via Chicago, I love LA and Los Angeles I'm yours all top it.

Probably a few other Wilco songs I'm missing. Welcome recommendations.

2008-10-01 20:20:36
82.   Terry A
Please don't tell the city of Sikeston how hard I laughed at Marty's comment back yonder.
2008-10-01 20:22:11
83.   oswald
i am hammered. and oh so happy. we're going to win the whole damn thing!
2008-10-01 20:24:13
84.   Tripon
Russell Martin vs. Geovany Soto. The battle continues on the 'morrow.
2008-10-01 20:24:24
85.   underdog
49 Huh, weird, I was remembering it as having troughs. I think they have trough-like metal urinals there. I was too busy being distracted by the drunken angry guy behind me threatening all the Dodger fans in the bathroom, but unable to see any of them clearly enough.

(One of my favorite band names btw, was "Pee Shy.")

And thus concludes Pee Thoughts.

2008-10-01 20:25:03
86.   CajunDodger
But when you cross the streams you can destroy the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man...
2008-10-01 20:26:15
87.   Disabled List
71 Nah, I've moved on to Fresca. It sounds like oswald finished off all the Punkin Ale.
2008-10-01 20:27:20
88.   underdog
Speaking of BleedCubbie... In the famous last words department from today's pre-game post:

>>Derek Lowe's tough, no question about it. The mass media will tell you that he has been 5-1, 0.89 in his last eight starts. What they won't tell you is that those starts were against Colorado, Washington, Arizona (twice), San Diego, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco (twice) -- not exactly the class of the league. Since June 24, when he lost to the White Sox, he has made 17 starts -- nine against Really Crappy Teams, four against the mediocre Diamondbacks, and four against good teams: the Angels, the Cardinals, the Phillies and the Brewers. In the four starts against Good Teams, Lowe was 1-2 with a 5.04 ERA. Point: if the Cubs' offense is on tonight, they can beat him. He's 1-0 in two starts vs. the Cubs this year with a 1.93 ERA.<<

2008-10-01 20:28:03
89.   Jon Weisman
With four RBI, James Loney now shares the Dodgers' career NLDS RBI record.
2008-10-01 20:30:25
90.   Eric Stephen
Zambrano's Last 8 Starts

Facing a Team Fresh Off a Hurricane in a "Road" Game in Milwaukee
9 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1BB, 10 K, 0.00 ERA

The Non-Magnificent Seven
33 IP, 42 H, 37 ER, 24 BB, 22 K, 10.09 ERA, 8 HR, .309/.409/.561 against

2008-10-01 20:33:04
91.   MSarg29
I lived in Sikeston for 6 weeks.

I did not see any troughs in Sikeston.

2008-10-01 20:33:33
92.   Branch Rickey
DodgerThoughts. Where playoff elation can turn to discussion of peeing in a trough and back without missing a beat.
2008-10-01 20:33:51
93.   Jon Weisman
There's a Friday Night Lights post below this one, for those who eventually getting around to watching its season premiere on DirecTV tonight.
2008-10-01 20:34:46
94.   Eric Stephen
I would like to thank the Dodgers for at the very least having a lead in a postseason series after I was 12.

I can't really wear my Billingsley jersey to work tomorrow, but I'll probably take it in just to hang on my chair. How awesome was it that in the postgame new conference Torre referred to tomorrow's starter as "Bills"?

Chad, I just want you to know we'll all be counting on you. Good luck.

2008-10-01 20:35:17
95.   Tripon

Dining with Dre has become Andre Ethier's own postseason blog. He has an entry about taking BP at Wrigley Field

2008-10-01 20:35:19
96.   Jacob Burch
90 If the necessary comes to heed, are you interested in a pre-game meal/meetup Sunday?
2008-10-01 20:36:49
97.   Eric Stephen
I hope one day, Gerlado Rivera's grandson goes on a mission to unearth the 1972 US basketball silver medals, and that the mission is televised live.
2008-10-01 20:37:06
98.   Jacob Burch
Sweet, Andre did Pizzeria Mozza and I didn't even know it. He has to lead the list of guys I think I'd love if I met in real life among my sports heros.
2008-10-01 20:38:08
99.   Eric Stephen
That is a distinct possibility. I will be attending the if necessary game with my cousin, who will be working during the day. One scenario involves him meeting me at the game, which would free me up beforehand.
2008-10-01 20:39:07
100.   Eric Stephen
I think Jon has a quote for the jacket of his next DT best of book!
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-10-01 20:39:10
101.   Bob Timmermann
Here I am, not paying attention to the Angels-Sox game while I read through old plumbing codes online!

Trough urinals are explicitly prohibited now. If you are replacing an existing trough, the formula for a public building is that six feet of trough equals four urinals.

2008-10-01 20:40:14
102.   Jacob Burch
99 Similar, I'll be with my girlfriend in LA (she's visiting from your territory) until she leaves on a train, but I bet I could get her to tag along until she has to go.

If it is not necessary, I get to start preparing a hefty check to you and BH--especially if BH happened to snag WS tickets.

2008-10-01 20:41:09
103.   Eric Stephen
I hope we see some version of this picture tomorrow (click on the last photo of the gallery):

2008-10-01 20:41:26
104.   Disabled List
The lead of AP's wire story on the game tonight kind of annoys me, for some reason:

Manny Ramirez and Joe Torre brought their winning postseason ways to the Los Angeles Dodgers

2008-10-01 20:43:51
105.   Jacob Burch
It should be noted that was not egg-counting on my behalf, but rather the cost of WS tickets is so much that I'll have to begin day-job and card-playing work well in advance if I have any hope to pay for them.
2008-10-01 20:44:10
106.   Branch Rickey
104 Get used to it. Manny and Joe are the only two things the rest of the world knows or cares about the Dodgers.
2008-10-01 20:45:30
107.   Branch Rickey
I'm curious how many people here have tix to the WS or at least feel confident they can get them if it happens. It can be a tough ticket.
2008-10-01 20:45:31
108.   Eric Stephen
If you would have bet $500 or so on tonight's game, you could have won $705 and paid for your tickets! :)
2008-10-01 20:46:46
109.   KG16
Jason Bay is not popular in Orange County.
2008-10-01 20:47:34
110.   Jon Weisman
Torre postgame quotes:

2008-10-01 20:47:40
111.   Jacob Burch
108 If only!

107 I have one friend already who has given me 50/50 shot at his extras--the rest is up to a few other amigos, along with me trying to attack the public sale.

2008-10-01 20:48:47
112.   Eric Stephen
DL, I forgot to add I have also been growing the playoff beard. The best description of my beard right now is basically how Ryan Dempster' beard looked tonight.

I'm sure I wouldn't walk 7 MLB hitters if I started, but it would be because I would be hit too hard to stay in the game for 7 batters.

2008-10-01 20:48:55
113.   FirstMohican
Announcer for the BoSox/Halos game (sorry, don't know his name) said "Manny who?!" after Bay hit one out. That's the best commentary that you can think of? Beating a dead horse that never existed?
2008-10-01 20:49:18
114.   Jacob Burch
110 But it started with Blake, before Fookie (Furcal) ...


2008-10-01 20:50:04
115.   Jon Weisman
Manny, on that home run, you're bent over, you're stumbling out of the batter's box, your helmet is coming off, your pants are falling down, and you hit it out. How do you do that?

MANNY RAMIREZ: First, I want to thank Joe for cutting my hair.

2008-10-01 20:50:08
116.   fanerman
106 At the beginning of playoffs, yeah. Not by the end =P.
2008-10-01 20:51:29
117.   underdog
113 Yeah, as if Manny is suddenly obscure. I mean, I know what he means, for the Red Sox they've moved on, but it was pretty dumb commentary.
2008-10-01 20:52:45
118.   Disabled List
112 I'm rocking the Bruce Sutter look, myself. I've actually been wearing a beard for a while now, but I haven't been trimming it lately, so it's pretty shaggy.
2008-10-01 20:54:11
119.   Eric Stephen
When do single game WS tickets go on sale anyway? I can't seem to find that info on or
2008-10-01 20:55:44
120.   Jacob Burch
119 I seem to remember someone buying Angels tickets in the middle of the NLCS some years ago. It has likely changed since.

I wonder when I should start begging the season ticket holders I know...

2008-10-01 20:55:53
121.   unlazy4sports
109 I'm in Orange County and I'm planning on being a fan of Jason Bay for the next week or so.
2008-10-01 20:56:48
122.   Eric Stephen
Stupid extra question mark
2008-10-01 20:57:22
123.   Branch Rickey
119. Not until deep into 2nd round usually.
2008-10-01 20:58:24
124.   Jacob Burch
If we find that out, Mr.ES, I'm up for a joint effort to try and make sure we get enough to at least two of the games.

And to be underdog with the wood knocking, I just think planning early has to be done for things like these. I am equally prepared for money refunds after such a scheme.

2008-10-01 21:00:55
125.   fanerman
TBS gave props to Loney and Martin during their NLDS commercial.
2008-10-01 21:01:30
126.   Eric Stephen
Tag team!

The only hurdle is that the cheapest seat for the WS is $156!!! By comparison, $256 field level seats look like a bargain! :)

2008-10-01 21:02:06
127.   thinkblue88

yess!!! DODGERS WIN!!! woooo!!

Having to work the closing shift really sucks today. =/
Oh well, I was following the game on my phone and I was very happy. =)

2008-10-01 21:02:20
128.   Jacob Burch
126 A lot of it is picking seats that won't sell out in a second as well. It's a fun game that usually takes two people with two computers/browsers/accounts each.
2008-10-01 21:02:40
129.   underdog
124 I believe Fanerman is King Woodknocker. I'm just a loyal disciple. I tend to go with the flow, even crossing myself if that's what everyone else is doing.

Okay, as cool as this AngelsSox game is, time to get some work and some writing done. Hasta manana.

2008-10-01 21:03:53
130.   fanerman
Is Gary Matthews a really bad fielder?
2008-10-01 21:04:57
131.   Tripon
Gary Matthews Jr. is a poor fielder.
2008-10-01 21:05:17
132.   Jacob Burch
130 Rob and a few others can feel free to correct me, but I believe he's not terrible but not as good as one catch would lead you to believe.
2008-10-01 21:06:18
133.   fanerman
124 129 It is possible to discuss hypothetical World Series tickets without jinxing the Dodgers =).
2008-10-01 21:09:56
134.   Bob Timmermann
My ticket to sit in the leftfield pavilion for the 1977 World Series had a face value of $8.
2008-10-01 21:10:06
135.   Marty
I'm dreading the Plashcke "Who's going to beat them?" column tomorrow.
2008-10-01 21:10:12
136.   trainwreck
I got playoff beard going, but I will probably shave it tomorrow.
2008-10-01 21:13:46
137.   FirstMohican
135... I'm sure it'll be annoying, whatever the angle his Plashcke's contrarian article generating magic 8-ball tells him to take.
2008-10-01 21:14:02
138.   Bob Timmermann
Did Plaschke go to Chicago? Doesn't someone need to cover the Angels series? It saves a lot on travel.
2008-10-01 21:14:50
139.   Tripon;_ylt=Al80xsrzKOH0Jh08ApWCWEw5nYcB?slug=ys-iepreview281002116&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Yahoo does a scouting report of tomorrow's Cubs and Dodgers game.

2008-10-01 21:15:06
140.   natepurcell
Anyone know how much NBA League Pass costs?
2008-10-01 21:15:07
141.   Eric Stephen
Tonight was the 22nd postseason game of Manny's career in which he got on base 3 times or more (out of 96 total postseason games played).

The only players with more such games are:

Bernie 30
Jeter 28
Chipper 27

2008-10-01 21:16:08
142.   Eric Stephen
but I will probably shave it tomorrow


This will go on the letter I will prepare and back date as evidence to get you terminated from DT with cause.

2008-10-01 21:16:23
143.   Marty
Reading through the Bleed Cubbie Blue threads was very amusing. They went from Euphoria to suicidal in about 3 seconds.
2008-10-01 21:16:39
144.   Eric Stephen
Depending on your cable system, $160-$200
2008-10-01 21:16:41
145.   trainwreck
Something like 100-150, last when we used to get it.
2008-10-01 21:16:42
146.   Jacob Burch
Someone needs to get Craig Sager a new jacket.
2008-10-01 21:17:00
147.   Tripon,0,7225246.story

No Plaschke article yet, but we get one from Jim Peltz who suddenly bumped Hernandez from the main Dodgers beat(Hernandez still writes the FYI reports and a Dodgers column).

Who is Jim Peltz, and why was he handed the Dodgers beat at the most important time of the year?

2008-10-01 21:17:13
148.   fanerman
This play-by-play guy is annoying.
2008-10-01 21:17:34
149.   Bob Timmermann
They haven't set a price yet, but it's around $120-150.
2008-10-01 21:18:15
150.   Marty
Peltz is an ex-business writer who took over Shav Glick's auto racing beat. I have no idea why he's doing Dodger stories.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-10-01 21:19:54
151.   Jacob Burch
150 At least it's not Groundskeeper Willie doing French.
2008-10-01 21:21:35
152.   Jon Weisman
147 - Peltz is backing Hernandez up. The Times probably wanted to get something online while Hernandez was getting quotes.
2008-10-01 21:21:46
153.   Eric Stephen
With four RBI, James Loney now shares the Dodgers' career NLDS RBI record

He actually has 7 total NLDS RBI in only 2 games!!

2008-10-01 21:22:38
154.   natepurcell
Thanks for the responses guys. I tried finding something online and didn't exactly get a concrete number.
2008-10-01 21:24:33
155.   Jon Weisman
152 - The point being, the Dodgers are adding reporters for the playoffs. Just because someone writes a short game story doesn't mean they've been handed the beat.
2008-10-01 21:26:17
156.   Bob Timmermann
My brother has covered a lot of Cardinal playoff games and not nearly as many regular season games.

One year he was assigned Sidebar #5. He talked to a lot of middle relievers.

2008-10-01 21:26:17
157.   oshea2002
138 - I heard him asking a question in the presser, so yes.
2008-10-01 21:26:21
158.   Tripon
155 Ah okay. I haven't actually bought a Times paper since Sunday, so I wondering why the Times seemed to suddenly switch to a new beat writer. I will pick up tomorrow's paper though, and happily read how the Dodgers won game one.
2008-10-01 21:27:22
159.   Bob Timmermann
It is quite likely that the Tribune people have declared any playoff series involving the Cubs to be the most important one.
2008-10-01 21:30:54
160.   LoneStar7
hey finally able to check in! what an absolutely unbelievable experience. Loney's slam pretty much made my life, I don't think I'll wash my jersey ever again..

I was so sure this game was gonna turn into another one of those games where we complain about missed opportunities but Loney's jack changed it all

the pitching was fabulous, Dodger hitters stayed patient as Dumpster slowly lost control it was great to see

I'm still expecting the cubs to come roaring back but wow does stealing game one feel fabulous!

2008-10-01 21:31:08
161.   Eric Stephen
Nate, if you sign up for DirecTV, you save $20 by signing up for NBA League Pass. Total cost is $169.

2008-10-01 21:32:02
162.   Tripon

Diamond Leung has an early copy of his Dodgers-Cubs game 1 piece.

2008-10-01 21:32:47
163.   LAT
Looking at the quotes, Manny reminds me a bit of Jim Tracey the way he repeats himself two or three times in response to a question. Of course, the diffrence is english is purportedly Tracey's native language.
2008-10-01 21:33:05
164.   natepurcell

Yeah, I saw that. We already have cox and I don't think the two other guys I'm living with want to switch services 2 months into getting Cox. I don't think Cox has released a price yet correct?

2008-10-01 21:34:21
165.   oshea2002
159 - Exactly.

The funny thing about baseball, is that Plaschke could write the "Can this team be stopped?" article for tomorrow, then go with the "Not quite ready for Primetime" article if we don't get a positive result 24 hours later. And likely think nothing of it.

2008-10-01 21:34:53
166.   Eric Stephen
Ryan Dempster tonight became the 23rd starting pitcher in postseason history to walk at least 7 men.

Surprisingly, the teams of these wild ones are a respectable 10-13 in those games.

2008-10-01 21:36:47
167.   oshea2002
164 - I don't know if you have an HD TV, but if you do, you may want to make sure that cable offers the NBA League Pass games in HD, like I'm sure DirecTV does (I don't have it cuz there are so many Laker games on anyways).
2008-10-01 21:36:48
168.   Eric Stephen
Cox uses inDemand, and they don't have a price up yet. I would guess in the $160 to $170 range, but you might try calling Cox to see if they will give you an early bird discount.

Also, if you get the right rep on the phone, you might be able to leverage threatening to leave to DirecTV to get a better deal, maybe a free movie channel for a few months or something.

2008-10-01 21:38:00
169.   Eric Stephen
I'm the same way. I think last year there were only 23 road games not on TV for me in San Diego. But I get FSN West, unlike Nate in Arizona, so it's probably worth it to buy the package.
2008-10-01 21:38:52
170.   natepurcell

Good idea. I definitely wouldn't mind to try negotiating some perks.

2008-10-01 21:39:34
171.   Tripon

ESPN ran the numbers and it predicted a Dodgers series win over the Cubs.

2008-10-01 21:40:25
172.   natepurcell

One of my roommates is a huge Warriors fan, so it makes sense to get it and split the costs.

The other roommate isn't into sports and watches car shows all day.

2008-10-01 21:41:42
173.   Eric Stephen
If you're in a fantasy league, the NBA package is a great way to watch your players. I haven't had the package in a few years though because I rarely have the time to watch so many games anymore and tend to stick to Laker games almost exclusively.
2008-10-01 21:42:28
174.   Jacob Burch
Did I miss the NBA fantasy draft for DT? Is there one?
2008-10-01 21:42:37
175.   Eric Stephen
Don't give Jeff Kent, I mean your other roommate a copy of the bill. Just let him know what he owes (a third of the cost) :)
2008-10-01 21:42:59
176.   Jacob Burch
As a Pacers fan, fantasy may be the only thing to make me learn more about the NBA and basketball in general. I'm not totally clueless, but no where near my baseball/football knowledge.
2008-10-01 21:44:42
177.   ibleedbloo
Thats Angels baseball, going from 1st to 3rd on a, wait...nevermind.
2008-10-01 21:44:55
178.   KG16
Vlad should not try to go first to third on pop ups behind first base.
2008-10-01 21:44:56
179.   KG16
Vlad should not try to go first to third on pop ups behind first base.
2008-10-01 21:45:05
180.   Tripon
Vlad is a slow runner.
2008-10-01 21:45:25
181.   LU Dodger
Just watching the Angels/Sox game...

Vlad just got tagged out hobbling around the bases trying to get from 1st to 3rd on a single by Hunter.

Vlad just looks sad right now. He looks a)hurt and b) disenchanted.

Like someone who should be so much happier than he is. Oh Vlad, you should've been a Dodger

2008-10-01 21:45:48
182.   Eric Stephen
Sweet, now I can needle you about the 2000 NBA Finals during the NLCS games, and you can taunt me about the Raiders! :)
2008-10-01 21:47:28
183.   Jacob Burch
182 Sigh. Poor, Poor Reggie.

Not that draws any sympathy from you, evil trojans fan.

2008-10-01 21:47:30
184.   oshea2002
Game 4, 2000 Finals. One of my favorite games as a Laker fan.
2008-10-01 21:50:33
185.   Eric Stephen
Reggie Miller grew on me. He went from hated scrawny dirty beanpole to respected deadly shooter and clutch performer.

In terms of my fanhood, his progression was similar to Larry Bird.

2008-10-01 21:50:36
186.   LoneStar7
man do i loathe both teams so much this is hard to watch...there's the greedy name stealing little brother from the south and then there is the cocky, celtic loving, sports town elitist sullys form the east

I don't know who to root for?

2008-10-01 21:50:44
187.   Tripon
In Los Angeles, fans don't care, just like you don't care. There are stars everywhere and you can have a drink at the Ritz with Enrique Wilson without being dimed out by some crazed LA fan.

Wow, Shaughnessy is bitter.

2008-10-01 21:51:02
188.   KG16
181 - I think Vlad feels a lot of pressure to be the guy that wins a title for the Angels. It seems like he's let all the talk (and there has been some) get to him over the last couple of years. He's pressing, and he's hurt, and that makes it tough to be Vlad.
2008-10-01 21:51:48
189.   LAT
Peeing in a trough after eating aspargus, a DT daily double!

61.Camp Whittle. What a DUMP. I don't think there's a mattress within a mile of that place that hasn't been peed on. I know a few girls in my Indian Princess tribe did thier part.

2008-10-01 21:52:42
190.   Eric Stephen
Every time CHB whines, an Angel gets his wings.
2008-10-01 21:52:51
191.   Marty
I just saw my first glimpse of that Al Davis press conference. He really does look like the walking dead. It was creepy.
2008-10-01 21:53:14
192.   Jacob Burch
185 I tend to say Marvin Harrison is my favorite athlete, but Reggie was probably the easiest to root for (and easily #2). What a wonderful man. His shannagans with Spike Lee still make me smile.
2008-10-01 21:53:21
193.   KG16
185 - I always liked Reggie, but it was the flurry at the Gardens, where he ran by Spike Lee with the choke sign that made him one of my favorite non-Lakers.

In part, because I don't like Spike Lee all that much.

2008-10-01 21:54:15
194.   KG16
189 - you're in Indian Princesses?
2008-10-01 21:54:20
195.   Jacob Burch
But really, is there DT fantasy NBA?
2008-10-01 21:55:32
196.   KG16
195 - i think someone had a league last year. but nothing official
2008-10-01 21:55:39
197.   Eric Stephen
If it makes you feel any better, I distinctly remember waking up the night after the Lima Game to watch the Raiders get destroyed by the Colts (35-14). Little did I know that would be the most acceptable loss for me that day.
2008-10-01 21:55:55
198.   Tripon
McDonald, who pitched six scoreless innings in the regular season, had a blank expression on his face as he waited for the Dodgers to start stretching but denied that he wasn't excited.,0,7035524.story

2008-10-01 21:56:59
199.   Eric Stephen
195 ,196
I want to say Xeifrank ran it, but I'm not sure. I wasn't in it, but I might join the fray this season.
2008-10-01 21:57:37
200.   Jacob Burch
197 I was at last year's game. Really fun experience--my first (and so far, only) NFL game. Not easy when I really only care about the Colts. Baseball I tend to be able to watch/like all games, but without fantasy or the Colts, I tend to grow into apathy.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-10-01 21:58:36
201.   trainwreck
He did. My problem with fantasy basketball is that I get tired of changing lineups so often, but sometimes not changing it actually helps.
2008-10-01 21:58:38
202.   Jacob Burch
Xei is out of the country for a while--wonder if he'll check in.
2008-10-01 22:00:11
203.   Eric Stephen
Aren't there usually game maximums at each position? I haven't played in like 5 years and I forgot.
2008-10-01 22:00:44
204.   trainwreck
Not in any league I have played in.
2008-10-01 22:02:01
205.   Eric Stephen
We used to play on Yahoo, and we had 8 positions (the 5 positions, plus 3 flex spots). Each team was 12 deep, and the maximum total of games at each of the 8 spots was 82.
2008-10-01 22:04:32
206.   underdog
I shouldn't let those Boston/Shaughnessy comments get to me but they do. I'm just sick of LA fans and Dodger fans getting bashed left and right, as if we're all of the same cloth. Someone should introduce the writer to the owner and residents of Dodger Thoughts, for instance. Sure, a lot of Dodger fans are relatively clueless, but even those are passionate fans. Then there are plenty who are very involved with the pennant race. I don't get what is accomplished by sweeping statements like that exact some pathetic form of catharsis.
2008-10-01 22:05:27
207.   underdog
except, not exact.

Sigh. Back to procrastinating/writing.

2008-10-01 22:05:51
208.   Tripon
206 He's trying to prove how much better Boston fans are over L.A. fans I guess. Not even considering that maybe not everyone would enjoy playing in Boston.
2008-10-01 22:07:02
209.   Jacob Burch
206 Now how many idiot Boston fans (in LA, no less) there are. Ah well. Some people get paid to write rubbish.
2008-10-01 22:09:17
210.   trainwreck
Many Boston fans have started smelling their own farts. Everyone around the country has a terrible opinion of all California fans.
2008-10-01 22:09:35
211.   LoneStar7
206 I feel the same way and it makes me sick, its just a stereotype we cant seem break.

regardless of our attendance numbers and the passion our fans show at every game and in blogs or what not, we'll always be labeled as fair weather fans

its quite alright though, boston is no different, I promise you could hear a pin drop in the garden during the regular season just a few years back, I've seen empty outfields at fenway in clips from the early 90s..they're no different

they've just had so much success lately, be it pats celts sox that they feel as though they're on top of world...screw 'em

2008-10-01 22:10:10
212.   LAT
126. My regular season ticket face is $60. WS price. $250. $1000 for my four seats. This is one of the reasons I am leaning against re-upping next year.
2008-10-01 22:11:19
213.   MollyKnight
2008-10-01 22:16:12
214.   Tripon
213 Woo! Belated Loney cheer!
2008-10-01 22:17:08
215.   LoneStar7
I'm always up for a Loney cheer, hip hip hooray!
2008-10-01 22:18:24
216.   I Love LA
Watched the game at the 24 Ultra Sport in the midst of all Angels fans. Watching Manny's unbelievable HR while everyone at the gym was was epic. To be the only one inside the gym cheering was real nice.
2008-10-01 22:20:02
217.   trainwreck
Dang, I just realized I am going to miss the game on Saturday while I am at Oktoberfest.
2008-10-01 22:21:16
218.   Eric Stephen
24 Ultra Sport

The one off the 405 in Irvine?

2008-10-01 22:24:37
219.   kinbote
What a win. Lowe, Loney, Manny, Martin, Wade, Broxton, Maddux.

For one night, it was perfect. Let's enjoy it.

2008-10-01 22:28:02
220.   LoneStar7
just noticed we only gave up two walk...fantastic, I also just cant believe how the ball carried today. The only ball I thought was a sure home run was russell's fly out to the warning track in left field lol...
2008-10-01 22:28:37
221.   underdog
You guys are wrong. It was James "Lomey" who was the official Game 1 hero.

(Jim Caple)

2008-10-01 22:30:18
222.   trainwreck
That's not as good as when Al Davis called Lane, Lame Kiffin.
2008-10-01 22:32:37
223.   Neal Pollack
I read in a Jayson Stark piece that one NL executive called Manny's supporting cast "thin."

Did NO ONE outside of L.A. watch the Dodgers this year? Can anyone really say, after tonight, that the Cubs have a definitively better lineup?

O Happy Day!

2008-10-01 22:34:26
224.   trainwreck
During the game I was thinking how I can't wait to hear Michael Wilbon tomorrow, because I know he does not know any of our players like most people.
2008-10-01 22:34:51
225.   underdog
223 Yep, I ranted about that earlier. And then in that Caple piece I just linked to above, he repeats the exact same thing. "Thin." Devastating? No. Murderer's Row? No. But especially with Furcal back now, not a weak spot in the order, either. "Thin" is... thin. Whatever. Get it done on the field. I wouldn't mind them winning without Manny's help tomorrow (I won't mind if he helps, either, though).
2008-10-01 22:36:07
226.   LogikReader

That's just the beginning. Did anyone see the shots of Patriots fans while NE was getting their butts kicked by the Dolphins two weeks ago?

CBS showed several shots of not just a few fans, but THOUSANDS of fans leaving Gillette Stadium during the Patriots/Dolphins game. It was only a minute into the 4th quarter. What happened to the loyal Boston fans?

2008-10-01 22:37:23
227.   Rob M
Went to dinner and missed most of the Angel game. Jon's reference to the Cey slam in '77 reminds me that I was at that game! I was only 9, and I don't remember the slam, believe it or not. I remember Elias Sosa balking in a key run in the 8th or 9th. I also remember how big Greg Luzinski looked in person, and how apt his nickname - "The Bull" - seemed to me at the time. I mostly remember that we lost. Very disappointing to a kid going to his first post season game.
2008-10-01 22:50:49
228.   Tripon
NEW YORK -- Mets ace Johan Santana had arthroscopic surgery on torn cartilage in his left knee Wednesday and is expected to be ready for spring training.

2008-10-01 22:51:57
229.   LoneStar7
sorry im sure this was mentioned in the thread but does maddux appearance in the end of the game mean that Kershaw will now pitch a potential game 4?
2008-10-01 22:53:23
230.   trainwreck
Could see Lowe on short rest.
2008-10-01 22:56:27
231.   LoneStar7
guess we'll just have to see
2008-10-01 22:58:36
232.   underdog
229 Lowe said in post-game chat tonight that they (meaning he and Torre) had discussed it and made a decision about that already. But that won't reveal it yet. Neener neener!
2008-10-01 22:58:42
233.   Tripon
Is Maddux now our fireman reliever?
2008-10-01 23:03:09
234.   Tripon
"We're going to score a bunch of runs, 'Big Z' is going to throw a gem and we're going to head back to Los Angeles tied 1-1," DeRosa said. "That's what I believe is going to happen."

Mark DeRosa, meet Chad Billingsley. Chad Billingsley, meet Mark DeRosa's groin with your fastball.

2008-10-01 23:07:00
235.   trainwreck
Yep, Mark DeRosa is determined to become my arch-nemesis.
2008-10-01 23:07:41
236.   Tripon,0,5278711.column

Plaschke article.,0,3286189.column

Simers article.

2008-10-01 23:08:25
237.   Tripon
CHICAGO -- He wins the game, enhancing his reputation as a big-game pitcher and setting himself up for a big contract as a free agent, and the first thing out of Derek Lowe's mouth: "I want a statue like Lima.


2008-10-01 23:09:28
238.   Jacob Burch
"I had a game plan against him but he threw a lot of sinkers and made good pitches to me," Soriano said. "I just need to regroup and get ready for [Game 2]. We need to win [Thursday]."

If Soriano's gameplan didn't include sinkers, well. I think he got the wrong scouting report!

2008-10-01 23:12:13
239.   Jacob Burch
It had been awhile since we got a solid Plaschke-graph article. Good to see he's on his game.
2008-10-01 23:19:08
240.   Jacob Burch
"Our kids aren't kids, they're men," Greg Maddux said.

Looks like they finally forced the club to use public DS troughs

2008-10-01 23:44:28
241.   Eric Stephen
There's an ESPN Radio promo that has run often for the past few weeks, with The Herd talking about Manny coming to the Dodgers. I'm paraphrasing Cowherd here:

"You look at the lineup without Manny, it's pathetic. Bottom quarter in home runs...all of a sudden you bring Manny in, and you think 'you know, James Loney is not a bad hitter'."

I thought that was timely given tonight's events!

BTW is Loney the new "3.5" since that's how many RBI he averages per game in his postseason career? :)

2008-10-01 23:44:29
242.   trainwreck
I'm a big kid look what I can do. I can wear big kids pants too!
2008-10-01 23:45:13
243.   Eric Stephen
"Boyz II Men...ABC...BBD...The East Coast Fam"
2008-10-01 23:49:42
244.   The Dude Abides
The Plaschke article strangely doesn't make me want to hurl my shoe at the screen the next time I see his mug on the TV. And the part where the Boston fan calls TJ sycophantic is hilarious.
2008-10-01 23:57:33
245.   trainwreck
Not too hard and not too soft.
2008-10-02 00:04:45
246.   PDH5204
Friends, don't worry about what they say. Did you hear it? The Cubs faithful quiet, and so chimed in with...Let's Go Dodgers, Let's Go Dodgers... To the fixed and roving road crew(s), I salute you!

Oh, and Jon, don't be thinking that I'm taking advantage of the early win after the fact, but I've the same complete and utter faith in Derek, James, Chad, Kaz, Hiroki, and Matt that I am on record [Raysbb] as having in Sonny. One down. Five to go.

And, sorry, Sonny, but there won't be a game 4. Sweep. And, Derek, only one game this series for you. Sweep.

2008-10-02 00:11:29
247.   Jacob Burch
Alright, I'll bite. That post totally confused me.
2008-10-02 00:12:36
248.   trainwreck
Who is Kaz?
2008-10-02 00:12:43
249.   I Love LA
218 - Yup thats the one.
2008-10-02 00:30:32
250.   overkill94
192 The whole Spike Lee / Reggie Miller thing is true? I thought it was just a Seinfeld plot line. Shows you how much I followed the NBA in the 90's.
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2008-10-02 00:35:02
251.   trainwreck
Spike Lee learned to not mess with a Bruin. ; )
2008-10-02 01:40:56
252.   trainwreck
"I feel terrible," Dempster said. "I feel like I let the team down. But we're going to win [Thursday]. You don't have to win five games. You only have to win three. And we'll win this one [Thursday]."

"We're going to score a bunch of runs, 'Big Z' is going to throw a gem and we're going to head back to Los Angeles tied 1-1," DeRosa said. "That's what I believe is going to happen."

This is Bills time to shine!!

2008-10-02 02:24:33
253.   PDH5204
247 248 Sorry, let me clear the water [as it were]. There's that topic here on DT, a few back, re how confident we all are. Didn't get a chance yet to voice my view. So that's the reference I made to the view being shared after the fact of victory in game 1. I am otherwise, well, on Sept. 10 and 16, Andy Sonnanstine made two big starts against the RSox. Before both games I remarked on the RaysBB game thread that I had complete and utter faith in Sonny. Sonny didn't disappoint. I have the same faith in Derek Lowe, James Shields, Chad Billingsley, Scott Kazmir ["Kaz"], Hiroki Kuroda and Matt Garza. Sweep. One down, five to go.
2008-10-02 02:28:51
254.   trainwreck
Awww. Funny because James and Matt can work for the Dodgers. But Kaz did not, unless you traveled back in time for Kaz Ishii.

I am really hoping for a Dodgers/Rays (or DodgerRays as ToyCannon would say) World Series.

2008-10-02 02:32:21
255.   Jacob Burch
That now makes total sense. As trainwreck said, a few common links had me really confused, haha.
2008-10-02 02:33:32
256.   Jacob Burch
As for the AL, if it came to Rays/Angels I'd be pleasantly indiffernt--the 150:1s obviously have some sentiment with the ex-Dodgers and Xei's financial stake, but probably my best baseball friend is a huge Angels fan, and sibling-city rivalry or not, I'd LOVE to go to an Angels/Dodgers world series game with him.
2008-10-02 02:42:00
257.   PDH5204
Yeah, sorry about the linkage. Xei is in the best position here, since his first love could win it all, but if not, maybe consolation pays out at 150:1. And now it's about time for bed, and then breakfast with the Rays. Remarked about that here [4th post down, same screen name]:

"as it will". As I said, a complete and utter faith.

2008-10-02 04:41:12
258.   Ken Noe
Hi, Bill Plaschke. Can I hop on the bandwagon before its too late?
2008-10-02 05:01:56
259.   The Dude Abides
As a night owl, I'm frequently up for Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN2. I don't know if anyone else discussed them already, but I was up yesterday morning when both Mikes picked the Dodgers to play the Red Sox in the World Series. It turns out that Greenie is a big believer in the practical effects of "The Curse" on the Cub players. He thinks there is some sort of negative energy from the city's fans from 100 years of futility, and the players can feel it. He made a big thing about Jon Miller's call on ESPN Radio that Wrigley was "eerily silent" right after Loney's slam. Golic, of course, disagrees, and says the players today don't feel any extra pressure from the 100 years of futility.

Anyway, Tim Kurkjian is a guest right now and he brought up the subject that nobody else on ESPN (except Peter Gammons) has been discussing, and that's just how good Chad Billingsley is. The night before Game 1, Peter said that Chad "is a great pitcher." Anyway, if Chad can be relaxed for Game 2, that's a big advantage for us, as I don't expect Zambrano to calm down enough to be effective.

2008-10-02 05:07:16
260.   The Dude Abides
The other thing that cracks me up is that whenever one of the Mikes utters Kurkjian's name, they play the South Park "Timmah" sound effect and Kurkjian cracks up too.
2008-10-02 05:10:23
261.   bhsportsguy
Chad Billingsley is the first pitcher drafted and developed by the Dodgers to start a post-season game since October 20, 1988 when Hershiser started and won Game 5 of the 1988 World Series.

Ismael Valdes, Ramon Martinez and Hideo Nomo started in both 1995 and 1996 three and outs for the Dodgers, but they were signed as free agents (Valdes and Martinez as international amateur free agents and Nomo from the Japan Major League).

2008-10-02 05:55:28
262.   Sam PHL
Chad's Career Splits:

vs RHB = .645 OPS
vs LHB = .778 OPS

Home = .713 OPS
Road = .705 OPS

With the Cubs' righty lineup, I'm feeling pretty good that at the end of the night the MSM will have to acknowledge Billingsley's existence.

2008-10-02 06:24:10
263.   bhsportsguy
Yesterday's Dodger lineup was the first time all year it had been used.

Of course, 7 of the 8 regulars had been playing together since that winning streak began on August 30th, the only change is Rafael Furcal.

2008-10-02 07:06:09
264.   Eric Stephen
Tim Kurkjian is a guest right now and he brought up the subject that nobody else on ESPN (except Peter Gammons) has been discussing, and that's just how good Chad Billingsley is

Tim said more of the same last night on All Night with Jason Smith. It was refreshing to hear. I can't wait until 6:37!

2008-10-02 07:10:21
265.   Penarol1916
I've noticed trough talk is starting to peter out.
2008-10-02 07:16:29
266.   MollyKnight
I have been running around for the past two weeks trying to tell anyone at ESPN who will listen that the Dodgers are much better than they think, and how I'm not just saying that.
(I knew they'd get beat, and beat badly by the Mets in '06, and didn't try to tell anyone otherwise)

Anyway, one prominent writer for actually argued with me that Torre would start Juan Pierre over Ethier, 'cause in crunch time he goes with experience. I seriously gave up trying after that, watched them all pick the Cubs, and thought, Wow, this is seriously going to mess up their brackets.

2008-10-02 07:28:41
267.   Eric Stephen
Molly is Henry Fonda in "!2 Angry Men".
2008-10-02 07:30:21
268.   Eric Stephen
I'm gonna guess that the "prominent writer" is Jerry Crasnick. I hope to God its not Kurkjian, and I'd be disappointed if its Olney.
2008-10-02 07:31:25
269.   Bob Timmermann
Molly has seen the marks on E.G. Marshall's nose from his eyeglasses and compared them to the witness? And then she's made Lee J. Cobb break down and cry?
2008-10-02 07:37:43
270.   Jon Weisman
266 - Will you talk to Mr. Prominence today?
2008-10-02 07:38:05
271.   Jon Weisman
269 - Love it!
2008-10-02 07:40:21
272.   MollyKnight
268- It's one of the three on your list, but I'm not saying who.

Regardless, I'm sure they'll all be changing their tunes today. The only ESPN analysts who picked the Dodgers were Gammons, Caple, and Lil Wayne, in his latest blog entry. :)

2008-10-02 07:44:49
273.   Jon Weisman
Mike Downey on the Cubs:

2008-10-02 07:46:33
274.   MollyKnight
270-No! I can't show my face in the office because my main baseball editor is a die-hard, insufferably pessimistic Cubs fan. We have not been on speaking terms since Sunday, when it was clear his team would face my team in the first round.

I'm not trying to infuriate someone who has control over my rent $$$.

2008-10-02 07:52:20
275.   cargill06
Yesterday morning I said, "Hopefully Dempster keeps up the trend of walking more guys than he strikes out against us."

Today I say hopefully Zambrano keeps up that 5.10 ERA in his last 18 starts.

2008-10-02 07:56:39
276.   larry slimfast
I love this team.
2008-10-02 07:59:56
277.   milkshakeballa
276 So short, yet so deep. Me too!
2008-10-02 08:00:31
278.   delias man
Did anybody see that shot of Z sitting in the dugout in the 2nd inning last night? He really looked like he was already gripping. I am very interested to see how he will pitch tonight.
2008-10-02 08:19:52
279.   LAT
I am not trying to bash for the sake of bashing but has anyone ever learned anything from a Plashke article. (And the fact that he's an awful writer doesn't count.) Seriously, on the rare occasion I read him I come away thinking "what did I gain from that?" Is there a perspective I couldn't get anywhere else? Is there analysis or break down that is unique or intelligent? Is there statistical analysis that suggests things may not be as they appear? Are there interviews or quotes that no one else can get? No, no and no. So what is the point? How does he keep a job? What would he tell me about why I should bother to read his articles. Again, I do not say this just to rip on the guy. Like or hate Simmers, he brings his own style and unique observations to the table. Not to mention that players will talk to him and he can show you a side of some players you may not otherwise see. Apparently I just don't get Plashke.
2008-10-02 08:21:47
280.   Warren
In all the coverage from Game 1 most people seem to put the blame on Dempster for the seven walks. But why not give the credit to the Dodgers for taking pitches? It seems to me that he did what he always does: throw strikes to get ahead in the count and then try and force the batter to chase something for the 3rd strike or connect on something way out of the zone. The Dodgers to their credit laid off that stuff all night.

It's curious to me that walks are almost always the fault of the pitcher and not the credit of the hitter.

Sorry if this has already been mentioned here. I'm at work and didn't have a chance to read all the comments. ;)

2008-10-02 08:23:28
281.   LAT
I am only concerned that today we could see Bills, circa 2007: the guy who tries to nibble the corners too much and ends up falling behind in counts and walking too many. Let's hope Joe earns that paycheck and has Bills relaxed.
2008-10-02 08:23:54
282.   Jon Weisman
274 - My dad called last night at around 9 about something else - neither of us could bring up the game to each other.
2008-10-02 08:24:18
283.   bhsportsguy
274 Are you going to see CC today?
2008-10-02 08:27:44
284.   Sam PHL
283. I am. It should be fun as a quasi-neutral (but I'll be rooting for the Phils).
2008-10-02 08:36:50
285.   Neal Pollack
The Dodgers had something last night that we haven't seen from them in the postseason in a long time: A game plan. They worked Dempster until he finally gave up a tomato, and then they just kept their feet on the Cubs' collective neck.

Plate discipline, timely hitting, and a killer bullpen. Smells like trophy material to me. Go Dodgers!

2008-10-02 08:45:33
286.   underdog
269 "12 Prominent Men" is one of my favorite courtroom dramas.


"8 Thin Men Out: The Dodgers of 08" is one of my favorite baseball movies, too.

2008-10-02 08:46:24
287.   Indiana Jon
282 The two guys that work for me that are Cubs fans didn't bring up the game this morning either. I have wosely not mentioned it. I will do my talking when w have won three games.
2008-10-02 08:48:51
288.   Eric Stephen
"8 Thin Men Out: The Dodgers of 08" is one of my favorite baseball movies, too.


2008-10-02 08:49:32
289.   bhsportsguy
285 There is a comment from Ethier that after he struck out in the 3rd with the bases loaded, he figured that Dempster was not going to challenge him so the best thing to do was to wait him out.

Loney is the one guy who did not get the memo but it worked out.

2008-10-02 08:54:01
290.   Jon Weisman
2008-10-02 08:56:48
291.   ToyCannon
In our post season contest, Andrew Shimmin picked the Cubs to sweep the Dodgers. Out of 30 something entrants I think his was the only one that had the Dodgers with zero wins. He said he would be happy if he lost early, so I expect he's very happy right now.
I was shocked at the amount of posters who predicted a Dodger World Series. They screwed up my tie breaker system if the Dodgers do indeed win the World Series.
2008-10-02 08:57:33
292.   bhsportsguy
And just one thing.

Memo to National Media (and certain writers in a Northeasterly part of the country).

I truly get what you are saying about how unprofessional it was (in your opinion) how Manny Ramirez conducted himself in the last month or so with the Red Sox.

I wasn't there and from what I gather, this wasn't really a lot different than what he had done for the last several years except for the fact that Boston faced a situation of either picking up his option or letting him go as a free agent and getting 2 draft picks.

So they traded him and got Jason Bay for two more players and a lot of cash.

And that left a sour taste in some mouths.

But I didn't hold a gun to Theo's head and say send him to the Dodgers, why should I and the rest of all Dodger fans have to deal with all this whining.

Last time I looked, no one cares about excuses at the end of the day. Its all scoreboard.

So again, please feel free to keep telling us how happy you are with Manny in Hollywood.

I'll take his 3-iron shots to left center everyday until the end of October in exchange.

A Dodger fan.

2008-10-02 09:13:11
293.   Eric Stephen
Dodgers' Games 2 After Winning Game 1
1988 WS: @LA 6, Oak 0 (Orel allowed 3 hits, got 3 hits; young Eric Stephen in attendance)
1985 NLCS: @LA 8, StL 2 (surely this 2-0 lead will hold up)
1981 NLCS: Mon 3, @LA 0 (Jeff Burriss 5-hit shutout; Dodgers won in 5 on Blue Monday)
1978 WS: @LA 4, NY 3 (ended with the infamous Welch striking out Reggie moment)
1963 WS: LA 4, @NY 1 (LA all-time teamer Johnny Podres pitches 8.1, the only non-CG of the series for LA)
1956 WS: @BKN 13, NY 8 (man, this Larsen guy is no good!)
1952 WS: NY 7, @BKN 1 (stupid Vic Raschi)

The Dodgers are 5-2 in Games Two after winning Game One, but went on to win only 3 of the 7 series (including two with 2-0 leads).

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