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I Don't Wanna Go To School
2008-10-02 08:29
by Jon Weisman

October losses make me feel my age. October wins make me feel like a boy again.

I like feeling like a boy.

* * *

Al Yellon passes along the Cub fan perspective at Bleed Cubbie Blue.

Nervous time begins again at 6:30 p.m.

Comments (274)
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2008-10-02 08:57:21
1.   ToyCannon
In our post season contest, Andrew Shimmin picked the Cubs to sweep the Dodgers. Out of 30 something entrants I think his was the only one that had the Dodgers with zero wins. He said he would be happy if he lost early, so I expect he's very happy right now.
I was shocked at the amount of posters who predicted a Dodger World Series. They screwed up my tie breaker system if the Dodgers do indeed win the World Series.
2008-10-02 09:01:05
2.   El Lay Dave
The Dude Abides, LAT, KG16 - add me to the Camp Whittle / Indian Princesses (and Trailblazers) list. My daughter is nearly 19 now, so that was some time ago, but still good memories, even if Whittle is "a dump" as LAT accurately described - although my last trip there we were able to stay in the brand spankin' new building.

Making the effort to have regular one-on-one time with my daughter was one of my better decisions in my life.

0 Jon, you capture the sentiment perfectly.

2008-10-02 09:02:32
3.   underdog
1 - I bet Shimmin picked that way to reverse jinx the Dodgers. He's ingenious! As for you other jinxers, I hope we overcome your picks.


Al on BleedCubbieBlue makes a good point about Pinella leaving Dempster in too long, with Ethier and Loney coming up he should've pulled him for the lefty there. Couldn't have fared any worse at least. I expect the atmosphere to be more raucous at Wrigley tonight, partially because everyone's -- from TBS to ESPN to the Cubs blogs -- talking about how quiet it got there last night. Cub fan pride will respond and it will be loud. It's up to Chad and the Thin Boys to make them go all quiet again.

2008-10-02 09:03:03
4.   MollyKnight
Not going to see Sabathia today. I must attempt to be responsible and get work done so I can attend as many Dodgers NLCS and World Series games as possible, (that is, if they make it).
2008-10-02 09:04:36
5.   underdog
Btw my new favorite college football team after UCLA is Boise State. And not because they're the Broncos. They are crazy fun to watch. I loved them in that bowl game a year.5 ago, too.
2008-10-02 09:09:13
6.   Alex Belth
Congrats, Dodger fans. Jon, I was thinking of you last night as I watched the game. I don't really have a rooting interest--though I do want the winner of the series to win it all. I still can't get over Manny's dinger.
2008-10-02 09:13:58
7.   DaDoughboy
underdog, only you could help me reason through this: Do I trade Frank Gore for Brandon Marshall straight up? I, too, am a Broncos fan..but feel like I need a second opinion.
2008-10-02 09:14:29
8.   Eric Stephen
Dodgers' Games 2 After Winning Game 1
1988 WS: @LA 6, Oak 0 (Orel allowed 3 hits, got 3 hits; young Eric Stephen in attendance)
1985 NLCS: @LA 8, StL 2 (surely this 2-0 lead will hold up)
1981 NLCS: Mon 3, @LA 0 (Jeff Burriss 5-hit shutout; Dodgers won in 5 on Blue Monday)
1978 WS: @LA 4, NY 3 (ended with the infamous Welch striking out Reggie moment)
1963 WS: LA 4, @NY 1 (LA all-time teamer Johnny Podres pitches 8.1, the only non-CG of the series for LA)
1956 WS: @BKN 13, NY 8 (man, this Larsen guy is no good!)
1952 WS: NY 7, @BKN 1 (stupid Vic Raschi)

The Dodgers are 5-2 in Games Two after winning Game One, but went on to win only 3 of the 7 series (including two with 2-0 leads).

2008-10-02 09:15:39
9.   Eric Stephen
Chad and the Thin Boys

Hopefully the Dodgers can stick together through thick and thin.

2008-10-02 09:17:10
10.   Jacob L
I believe that same Al Yellon was interviewed in the Times today (the article about Bleacher Bums, which was out of date by about 30 years).

I resolved my personal dilemna by rooting wholeheartedly for the Dodgers last night. Once I tuned in, I could not do otherwise. That doesn't mean I won't feel about if the Cubs lose.

2008-10-02 09:18:25
11.   regfairfield
Carlos Zambrano from August on: 7.28 ERA.

Compare Zambrano's stats to 2004 Jeff Weaver. Would you be scared about facing Jeff Weaver up 1-0?

2008-10-02 09:19:01
12.   Disabled List
The back page of the New York Post this morning has a picture of Manny and Loney, and the headline "Joltin' Joes".


2008-10-02 09:19:23
13.   Bob Timmermann
Ray Burris

I was there.

And somebody spilled a beer on me before the game started.

And then the guy across from me laughed at me the whole game.

I hate that guy (the laughing guy, not Ray Burris). I hope he ended up unemployed, broke, homeless, and friendless.

2008-10-02 09:20:12
14.   Bob Timmermann
Al Yellon is a pretty knowledgeable guy about baseball in general and the Cubs specifically.
2008-10-02 09:21:11
15.   Jacob L
10 won't feel bad about it, that is.
2008-10-02 09:23:04
16.   HAC3
"Finally, a word about the game threads. I have heard from a few people telling me how nasty it got in there. I do understand frustration and wanting to "get it out". All I ask is that you keep the profanity down and most importantly, don't attack others."

anybody else crack into a big, cheesy smile when they read this? makes you appreciate DT (as if we needed another reason to).

2008-10-02 09:24:32
17.   Tripon
Kosuke Fukudome may get a second chance to prove himself in the postseason because Cubs manager Lou Piniella said before Game 1 he would like to start Fukudome in every game of the National League Division Series.

Keep on batting him 2nd, Lou. You just keep on doing that.,0,3351866.story

2008-10-02 09:27:23
18.   ToyCannon
That game rekindled my interest in College football. Greatest game I've ever watched where in the beginning I had no rooting interest in either team, but by the end I was a bonafide Boise State fan.
2008-10-02 09:28:59
19.   ToyCannon
The Sox broke their curse after being down 3 - 0. Just saying.
2008-10-02 09:29:56
20.   Jon Weisman
LATed from the last thread:

2008-10-02 08:57:33
292. bhsportsguy
And just one thing.

Memo to National Media (and certain writers in a Northeasterly part of the country).

I truly get what you are saying about how unprofessional it was (in your opinion) how Manny Ramirez conducted himself in the last month or so with the Red Sox.

I wasn't there and from what I gather, this wasn't really a lot different than what he had done for the last several years except for the fact that Boston faced a situation of either picking up his option or letting him go as a free agent and getting 2 draft picks.

So they traded him and got Jason Bay for two more players and a lot of cash.

And that left a sour taste in some mouths.

But I didn't hold a gun to Theo's head and say send him to the Dodgers, why should I and the rest of all Dodger fans have to deal with all this whining.

Last time I looked, no one cares about excuses at the end of the day. Its all scoreboard.

So again, please feel free to keep telling us how happy you are with Manny in Hollywood.

I'll take his 3-iron shots to left center everyday until the end of October in exchange.

A Dodger fan.

2008-10-02 09:30:58
21.   Jon Weisman
14 - Yes. But wasn't that the site that went viciously after Ethier a year or two ago?
2008-10-02 09:31:17
22.   arborial
clearly the un-named exec who called the line up "thin" had not seen Chad's thighs
2008-10-02 09:36:09
23.   ucladodger
As was sort of mentioned in the last thread, Chad gets absolutely zero respect from the rest of the nation. Nowhere is it mentioned how good he is, with only Zambrano being mentioned. On Bleedcubbieblue, its almost as if Zambrano pitches halfway decent they win going away. Memo to all non-Dodger fans : Chad Billingsley is a better pitcher than Carlos Zambrano, and it really isnt even that close. Especially with the way Big Z has pitched this last month, I'm not sure how any realistic Cub fan can be super optimistic about today's game. Anything can happen, but my money is on Chad.
2008-10-02 09:38:43
24.   Branch Rickey
23 I feel fairly confident that the average baseball fan has heard the name Chad Billingsley but beyond that has very little idea who he is.
2008-10-02 09:38:56
25.   underdog
19 I'll be fine if the Cubs try to break their supposed curse when down 3-0 in this series though. ;-)
2008-10-02 09:41:36
26.   cargill06
17 Sweet, Chicago is starting their own Juan Pierre.

I turned on the Angel game in the 3rd inning and all I could think to myslef was, Gary Mathews JR is starting game 1 for a 100 win team??????

2008-10-02 09:41:44
27.   underdog
7 Dough, that's a tough call. As great as Brandon is, it's hard to give up a top flight running back, who often give you the most points over any other position. Marshall won't have 150 yard multiple touchdown games every week. But of course neither will Gore. I guess it depends on who you have at RB to replace Gore. If it's a couple more very solid RBs I'd go for it. If you're left thin there you may not want to. Tough call, though, again, because their stats may actually be fairly even.
2008-10-02 09:43:29
28.   cargill06
The best pitcher no one has heard of has a chance to put half of Chicago on suicide watch tonight.
2008-10-02 09:48:03
29.   ToyCannon
I thought it was a bizarre decision to not pitch their best pitcher until the 3rd game. Either Harden is not healthy or it was not a very bright decision. Seems to me they felt they could beat us without having to use their best pitcher more then once. Thus the 7 when Jon asked how we felt about the series. Lilly worries me more then big Z. Cubs better hope they even get to see Lilly pitch.
2008-10-02 09:50:41
30.   cargill06
29 Dempster is 14-3 at home, as sad as it is I think that had a lot to do with Lou's decision.
2008-10-02 09:53:57
31.   Ken Noe
26 29 I've been deluged by people who want to credit Torre solely for the Dodgers' resurgence. I remain skeptical of his "genius." But I will say this, between the rotation and Fukedome, he's outmanaged Piniella so far.
2008-10-02 09:58:57
32.   Eric Stephen
Lilly can relieve Zambrano tonight in the 4th! :)
2008-10-02 10:03:44
33.   ToyCannon
As nervous as I was seeing Greg Maddux come out for the 9th it was also cool seeing him pitch the 9th. It will be nice to have Broxton and Sammy available tonight.
I notice the only guy who said they were going to score a bunch of runs tonight was the guy who hit the weak judy two run fly ball home down the right field line that was clearly wind aided. I think the rest of the team is thinking "crap we have crappy Z going tonight and we are facing thunderthighs".
2008-10-02 10:06:44
34.   Eric Stephen
Billingsley's only career start at The Friendly Confines™ came this May 26. After giving up a 2-run HR to Derrek Lee in the 1st, Chad retired the next 13 batters. He ended up going 6 innings, giving up six baserunners and the two runs, and took the loss (Dodgers lost 3-1).
2008-10-02 10:06:49
35.   das411
Nobody else is nervous for Friend of DT Jamie Shields, who will throw the first playoff pitch in Tampa Bay Rays history at, 11:30?

Where do we go to talk about that one?

2008-10-02 10:09:25
36.   DaDoughboy
Thanks for the input..I have MJD and Jon Stewart as my other backs, so I'm pretty average with who I'm left with.

I don't know why this surprised me, but Martin/Ethier/Kemp/Loney vs. Big Z are hitting a combined .463 (granted in only 50 PA)..I think tonight will continue to be a coming out party for the kiddies.

2008-10-02 10:10:21
37.   KG16
2 - um, yeah, I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of any of those organizations. My comment was meant to be a joke, didn't come out well.
2008-10-02 10:10:41
38.   Bob Timmermann
Jon Stewart is really better at fake news/comedy rather than as a running back.
2008-10-02 10:11:34
39.   Eric Stephen
Not nervous...but eager to see Tampa play. I hope The Trop is packed.
2008-10-02 10:12:31
40.   fanerman
Who's throwing out the opening pitch for the Rays?
2008-10-02 10:12:32
41.   Andrew Shimmin
3- Uh, yeah, that's why I did it.

You're welcome.

2008-10-02 10:14:35
42.   Bob Timmermann
Carl Crawford is on the Rays playoff roster. Edwin Jackson and Troy Percival are not. David Price made it.

Jason Hammel, who had one of the biggest saves of the year for the Rays, isn't on the roster either.

2008-10-02 10:15:04
43.   KG16
24 - America, Chad Billingsly. Chad Billingsly, America.
2008-10-02 10:15:18
44.   Eric Stephen
You are being congratulated, yet meanwhile Bob's effigy guy suffers.
2008-10-02 10:17:58
45.   Bob Timmermann
Paul Azinger is throwing out the first pitch for Game 2 of the Rays-White Sox series. I haven't tracked down Game 1 yet.
2008-10-02 10:18:21
46.   KG16
44 - I'm sure Bob's effigy guy will be getting some business in Chicago in about a week. Of course, he'll have to pay 10% as a protection fee to the local, um, "construction" company, but such is the nature of business in Chicago.
2008-10-02 10:21:22
47.   jasonungar07
Nervous time begins again at 6:30 p.m.


As oppossed to what I am feeling now. Great. Lol

2008-10-02 10:23:30
48.   cargill06
Chad Billingsley: After tonight will I get some national love I deserve?

Keith Law: (1:21 PM ET ) Only if you get the win. If you get the loss, we'll hear about your youth/inexperience. If you don't get a decision, it will be like you never pitched.

2008-10-02 10:31:56
49.   bhsportsguy
I too was at the Burris game in 1981, it was the last playoff game I attended until Game 3 of the 2006 NLDS.
2008-10-02 10:33:15
50.   bhsportsguy
I think Don Zimmer should throw out the first ball on Saturday with his connection to both the Cubs and Dodgers.

Then he could go tackle a Cub during the pre-game introducitons.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-02 10:33:54
51.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps you spilled the beer on me.

Even though you shouldn't have been old enough to buy beer at the time if my math is right.

2008-10-02 10:34:39
52.   Bob Timmermann
I think Zimmer will be en route from St. Pete to Chicago.
2008-10-02 10:35:48
53.   GiantturnedDodger
What a night last night. I did a work stopage at my home office at 3:30. I did not like how the game was going early, had a bad feeling leading to a beer an inning pace which is not good. After the slam switched to ice tea. My kids were representing all over the country, oldest son in SD surrounded by Padres fans, my daughter in NY at the gym surrounded by vacationing Mets/Yankees fans (she had to watch the game there because she doesn't have a tv in her apartment) and my youngest at the frat at Indiana University surrounded by bandwagon Cubs fans. The texting back and forth with my kids and the win made it a special night. As my youngest texted me last night "hand the rock to our real ace, Billingsley!"
2008-10-02 10:37:26
54.   Harold M Johnson
I think it's awesome that no one nationally is talking about Chad. All the pressure is on Z. I think Zambrano will rise to the occasion, but so will Chad, and it will be decided by the bullpens.
2008-10-02 10:37:52
55.   the OZ
45 I remember seeing that a Rays VP, who was technically the first employee of the team, would be throwing out the first pitch. Can't remember the name.
2008-10-02 10:38:10
56.   bhsportsguy
51 You are right about the age. I had a beer spilt on me at a concert at the Forum once.

It wasn't pleasant.

2008-10-02 10:39:33
57.   cargill06
53 That text was a little more pleasent than the one I got at 6:45 this morning. I won't post it word for word, but long story short it was saying how fat Bills was and how he'll get lit up and has no post-season expierence.
2008-10-02 10:39:38
58.   Jim Hitchcock
0 I am not at all embarrassed to admit to jumping up and down on my bed like a nine year old in the 5th last night. I would have been embarrased if I had broken an ankle, though.

And I was screaming so loud I gave myself a brief bout of tinnitus, not to mention scaring the hell out of Seamus the Wonder Parrot.

2008-10-02 10:39:58
59.   fanerman
53 Wow, your kids are such devoted Dodger fans. Good job raising them right!
2008-10-02 10:40:02
60.   KG16
54 - does Zambrano have a history of "rising to the occasion"? I ask in all seriousness. My impression of him is more of the Knicks with a lead against the Reggie Miller-led Pacers in the playoffs.
2008-10-02 10:47:58
61.   cargill06
Josh Byrnes is on ESPN radio saying the Dodgers are the best team in the NL.
2008-10-02 10:48:04
62.   MC Safety
That was some game yesterday. Seeing that annoying glove twirling clown get rocked by Weird Game James has to be up there for Gen X Dodger fans.

And If they had trouble scoring against Lowe's minimalist offerings, good luck against Bills' arsenal.

2008-10-02 10:48:37
63.   bhsportsguy
Well, I guess Bill Simmons (who after his writings about the NBA Finals, I thought I would avoid like Bob avoids peaches) took many more thousands of words than I did but summed up the Manny chronicles quite well.

2008-10-02 10:48:40
64.   Jacob Burch
60 More Miller references! Huzzah! God does want me to return to the NBA, it seems.
2008-10-02 10:49:03
65.   Eric L
57 As opposed to the fit and trim Zambrano?

60 Zambrano hasn't exaclty been lights out in his three post-season starts. Last year he pitched pretty well against Arizona but lost. His post season ERA is 4.73.

2008-10-02 10:49:31
66.   cargill06
61 My mistake, Eric Byrnes.
2008-10-02 10:49:59
67.   Frip
Jon: The Dodgers took the lead. I mean, it was fairly astonishing.

So true. Well put.

2008-10-02 10:50:26
68.   cargill06
Is Billingsley even fat? The funny thing is the guy who sent me the message is very pear bodied.
2008-10-02 10:52:00
69.   Bob Timmermann
So Derek Lowe pitches like Philip Glass?
2008-10-02 10:52:15
70.   KG16
someone mentioned on the radio yesterday (is it Monday doing the color for Stiener?) that the Dodgers only have 6 guys with playoff experience. Which seemed strange to me, because, I'm pretty sure most everyone on the roster had playoff experience, either from two years ago or before, with other teams.

Also, Stiener's call on the grand slam, made it seem like the ball hung in the air for about two minutes.

2008-10-02 10:53:10
71.   KG16
68 - I wouldn't call Billingsly "fat". But, he does, as the kids say, have a lot of junk in the trunk.
2008-10-02 10:53:27
72.   Bob Timmermann
Dave Bush will get the call for the Brewers in Game 3.
2008-10-02 10:57:09
73.   Sam PHL
Does Zambrano crack under pressure? Career OPS against from B-R,

High Leverage = .728
Medium Leverage = .646
Low Leverage = .677

2008-10-02 10:58:45
74.   Sam PHL
Is Billingsley the man for the job? Career OPS against from B-R,

High Leverage = .619
Medium Leverage = .735
Low Leverage = .721

2008-10-02 11:00:34
75.   underdog
68 Seriously dude, you need new friends.
2008-10-02 11:02:35
76.   Alex41592
Still feeling Loney's grand slam as I woke up this morning. Steiner's call of the grand slam was pretty good. As for Vin, sometimes he calls things like it's a TV call. If you sync the radio and T.V feed you're in great shape. Hearing Vin's voice in October feels right.

If the boys turned into men last night then there's one boy on the outside looking in and that is Chad Billingsey who becomes a man tonight.

2008-10-02 11:02:38
77.   bigcpa
The Dodgers odds to win the LDS/LCS/WS accd to BP sims:

Yesterday: 28%/ 14%/ 5%

Today:      62%/ 33%/ 14%

2008-10-02 11:03:38
78.   cargill06
75 Just likes to bait me, he doesn't believe it. It's comical to me.
2008-10-02 11:03:38
79.   ToyCannon
For those of you who joined the TrueBlue contest the grid is up. I expected West Coast bias but nothing like what I saw as I was inputting the numbers.
2008-10-02 11:03:40
80.   MC Safety
69 You could say that. Although, I would have went with John Cage.
2008-10-02 11:05:23
81.   Sam PHL
76. I guess he's never used the troughs at Dodgers Stadium.
2008-10-02 11:05:52
82.   cargill06
Wow, just looked at the line. The Dodgers are still massive underdogs tonight.

ChC -151
LAD +141

2008-10-02 11:06:00
83.   ToyCannon
I heard the Cubs have NEVER won a postseason series after losing the 1st game. Is that true?
2008-10-02 11:08:48
84.   Bob Timmermann
The Cubs have only won three postseason series in their history.

And they tied another back in 1885.

2008-10-02 11:12:26
85.   underdog
69 Actually, Chad Billingsley is considered the Raymond Carver of NL pitchers. And that's a small, good thing.
2008-10-02 11:12:53
86.   milkshakeballa
From BleedCubbieBlue:

"After last night I've decided rather to think that we've got a pitcher who can be absolutely brilliant going against a guy who can't be as dominant as Lowe was over the past month."

Cubs fans. Bills. Bills. Cub Fans.

2008-10-02 11:13:45
87.   alnyden
The curse is over. The curse is over. The curse is over. No more need for "nervous time." Time to enjoy. The curse is over.
2008-10-02 11:19:28
88.   okdodge
Half my softball on Tuesday night didn't know who Bills was. Only one guy backed me up by saying that he was pretty good. Hopefully after tonight, more people will know. Now I'm off to work out at lunch, I think I'll wear my James Loney jersey again, it worked out pretty well yesterday.
2008-10-02 11:20:07
89.   Tripon

Bill Simmons practically writes a thesis on Manny and the Red Sox.

2008-10-02 11:21:44
90.   Tripon
Er, a dissertation, more than a Thesis statement.
2008-10-02 11:24:32
91.   cargill06
77 So yesterday the Cubs had a 72% chance of winning the series. This morning the Dodgers have a 62% chance. They're telling me the Cubs at 0-0 is more likely to win the series than the Dodgers with a 1-0 lead.
2008-10-02 11:25:42
92.   seesdifferent
it's all about Furcal. He's the table setter. He took two walks last night, exactly two more than Juan Pierre would have gotten. If Furcal continues to get on base, the Dodgers will win.
2008-10-02 11:27:11
93.   underdog
89 Yeah, that's quite a story. Been sending it around this morning. I don't always like Simmons (especially during the Lakers-Celtics series, for obvious reasons) but that story seems like one of the few honest, real pieces on the whole saga I've seen. I liked this passage:

>>You can't define "RESPECTS THE GAME!" in this day and age. You really can't. Manny played 135-145 games every season, remained exceedingly durable into his mid-30s and didn't cheat like numerous other sluggers did.9 In his prime, you could bank on an on-base percentage between .405 and .440, as well as 35-45 homers, 105-140 RBIs and countless clutch hits. In his current condition (post-prime, still effective), you can count on a .400-plus OBP, 25-30 homers, 90-100 RBIs and at least two torrid streaks when he carries your offense for two solid weeks ... and that is your worst-case scenario. For someone who didn't respect The Game, he sure was one of the most dependable hitters in The Game.10 Even his funks were reliable. They always happened during the dog days of July and August, when the oppressive New England heat suddenly turned him into a dreadlocked Corey Haim.<<

2008-10-02 11:29:18
94.   Jim Hitchcock
82 That's okay. Being the underdog takes some of the pressure off.
2008-10-02 11:30:08
95.   trainwreck
I am thinking Olney was the one that told Molly Torre will start Pierre.

He covered the Yankees a lot, so he probably think he has Joe down pact. He says he used to be a Dodger fan, but he seems to know so little about our team. And he says a lot of dumb things.

2008-10-02 11:36:24
96.   KG16
91 - yeah, actually, that's about right. before game one, the Cubs just needed to win three home games. Baseball, more than most any other sport, has an inherent home field advantage because of the rules. Looking at the numbers, very few teams actually had winning records this year on the road, but I believe the Cubs were one of them, so it would make sense that the Cubs would be heavy favorites in this series before game 1. Now, however, they must win at least one game at Dodger Stadium and at least one at home. Their odds of doing so, are not as good. Which is fine by me.
2008-10-02 11:43:58
97.   Eric Stephen
+141 was the same line as last night. Here's hoping the winnings will now fund more of my postseason tickets!
2008-10-02 11:44:21
98.   Terry A
The brief Josh/Eric Byrnes confusion reminds me of a story...

A group of kids from my alma mater were taken to last week's D'backs/Cards game (the one that clinched the title for the Dodgers). A good friend of mine is a principal there and went along as a chaperone.

In one of the Busch Stadium concourses, a young guy struck up a conversation with my buddy: "You guys with that bunch of kids?" When my friend explained the situation -- that these kids were being rewarded with a baseball game and that he (my buddy) was the bus driver (facing 9 hours of drive time) -- the young guy said, "Sounds like you could us a break from them."

So my friend sat with his new friend in box seats right behind the D'backs' dugout. Turns out Josh Byrnes is a pretty nice guy.

2008-10-02 11:44:35
99.   waterboy100
20 what does LAT'd mean?
2008-10-02 11:46:05
100.   Eric Stephen
When someone comments after Jon puts a New Post Up Top (NPUT) warning.

It's named after famed DT attorney LAT, for his amazing frequency at such comments.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-10-02 11:46:44
101.   trainwreck
When you make a post and it turns out to come right after Jon posted NPUT. We say LAT'd, because it seemed to happen to the poster LAT a lot.
2008-10-02 11:47:15
102.   MC Safety
The latest FJM post is hilarious.
2008-10-02 11:47:51
103.   waterboy100
100 101 thanks
2008-10-02 11:53:36
104.   Zach the Ripper

You didn't really ask me, but I'd like to interject my opinion on that trade.

I wouldn't trade Gore for Marshall, in a vacumn anyway. It depends on how many other stud backs you have, but Gore is going to be a monster this year. Especially if you are in a PPR league. You'd think a WR would be more valuable in a PPR, and this is often the case, but in Mike Martz's offense Gore could catch 60 passes.
Don't do it unless you have at least three more top 30 rb's to get you thru all the byes coming up.

2008-10-02 11:57:25
105.   bigcpa
Today's victimless crime live feed:
2008-10-02 12:01:39
106.   old dodger fan
Dempster in happier days,0,

2008-10-02 12:03:17
107.   LAT
99/100/101. And I wear my dubious DT moniker proudly.
2008-10-02 12:17:40
108.   Disabled List
I just finished reading last night's game threads at Bleed Cubbie Blue. Very entertaining.
2008-10-02 12:20:34
109.   Bill Crain
The Dodgers took the lead. I mean, it was fairly astonishing.

Nicely said.

Now, I got to go back and try to catch up on two threads of the usual cool. It's got so I'm not doing enough to satisfy the legacy of my father (and men and women and the dead generations) if all I do is watch and live and breathe the game itself. Got to do more.

Ain't life tough?

2008-10-02 12:34:38
110.   milkshakeballa
Evan Longoria is 2 for 2 with 2 homeruns in his post season career with 2 absolute BOMBS.

FYI - He did not show this potential in high school. Kid is AMAZING.

2008-10-02 12:44:55
111.   Ken Noe
Longoria is most impressive. The Trop is still a travesty. And I miss Willy Aybar.
2008-10-02 12:46:04
112.   arborial
110 sure he hit two home runs but the kid doesn't have any post-season experience so he should sit tomorrow :)
2008-10-02 12:46:59
113.   Alex41592
The BEST way to watch the playoffs:

1) Use's Gameday Audio to listen to Vin (or your choice of radio feed).

2) Sync the TBS feed on your television to the Gameday Audio.

3) Click on TBS Hot Corner on, click on the pitchtrax (Pitcher), sync that to your Gameday Audio and turn down Hot Corner's volume.

In the end you'll have your radio play by play and a pitch tracker so you'll really know if the pitch was a ball or strike.

You'll be about a minute behind but it's worth it.

2008-10-02 12:47:30
114.   MollyKnight
Last night when Loney hit that home run, I knew the game was over for three reasons:

1) You got the sense that Ryan Dempster's control problems meant implosion was not a matter of "if" but "when," like global warming. But how many times in the past have we stranded 55 runners in a game we should have won? When Loney broke the seal, I knew it was our night.

2) Any time the Cubs blow a lead the choke collar gets tighter. The Dodgers have a much greater chance of coming from behind because, as the underdogs, they really have nothing to lose. The Cubs, on the other hand, have everything to lose.

3) I have utmost confidence in our BP's ability to lock it down, and I had a feeling if we got Lowe three runs we would win.

After that ball went out, I was fully aware that I'd just witnessed the greatest Dodger post-season moment in the last 20 years, which was both flipping amazing and slightly pathetic.

2008-10-02 12:48:47
115.   Bob Timmermann
Can't I just turn on the TV and forget about it?
2008-10-02 12:49:47
116.   MollyKnight
Also, when I spent time with the team in August I decided Ryan Dempster is my favorite player on the Cubs. He continues to be my favorite player on the Cubs.
2008-10-02 12:53:38
117.   Rob M
Are there any video feeds online for the Rays game?
2008-10-02 12:56:29
118.   Alex41592
115 - Well, sure. If you like hearing Dick Stockton, Tony Gwynn and Tom Verducci for example then by all means go crazy!
2008-10-02 13:02:37
119.   Patagent
Was anyone else tuned to the broadcast on the radio? Listening to Rick Sutcliffe, he kept harping on Kemp and Loney that they were chasing bad pitches and getting themselves out their first 2 AB's. I made it in time to watch Loney's HR and was stunned to see him drive it out on a 0-2 pitch and with the wind supposedly coming in from left.
2008-10-02 13:03:06
120.   Tripon
The players ineligible for this series currently with the team are Gary Bennett (60-day DL), A.J. Ellis, Scott Proctor, Mark Sweeney, Ramon Troncoso, Delwyn Young. Tanyon Sturtze is also here as a bullpen catcher, and Andruw Jones specialist Jeff Pentland is here.

Kinda suprising that they didn't send Troncoso, or Young to the AFL.

2008-10-02 13:06:19
121.   underdog
Totally off topic but when you're between games today and/or bored... does anyone else remember this show from when you were a kid? I used to watch it when I was little and it often creeped the bejeezus out of me. Now it just seems silly but it warms me nostalgically.

2008-10-02 13:07:52
122.   trainwreck
I have heard of that show.
2008-10-02 13:08:05
123.   underdog
119 And what did Sutcliffe say when Kemp later ripped a double for that matter? Sutcliffe had some lame things to say this season when covering a Dodgers game and seems no less clueless about them now. And yes, Kemp does chase balls. Two at bats later he will often do what he did last night.
2008-10-02 13:08:16
124.   trainwreck
In fact, I think it might have been remade at some point.
2008-10-02 13:09:23
125.   trainwreck
Pretty much like everyone on ESPN. Remember Orel saying we do not have the fire to win, because guys were casual when he was in the clubhouse during some random game in the season?
2008-10-02 13:11:17
126.   underdog
124 - Hm, I don't remember a remake but wouldn't surprise me. I wonder if it had better production values? ;-)


Btw, I don't mind Stockton-Darling-Gwynn as much as some, although each has one aspect that annoys me. Stockton has gotten senile and doesn't call the game very consistently, Gwynn's high nasal voice annoys me and Darling's voice is also irritating but I otherwise like him. But I'd still rather hear them than Miller-Sutcliffe. I may do the Vin Scully online-mute TV-delay Tivo thing that worked for a bit last night.

2008-10-02 13:12:28
127.   underdog
125 Yeah, sigh, that made Orel go down a couple of notches in my book, though I have to find it in my heart to forgive him since he's... Orel. Plus he later gave them some props at least, if not admitting he was wrong.
2008-10-02 13:12:37
128.   trainwreck
I don't mind Darling and crew at all. Dick Stockton is terrible, but I knew that going in, but at least he does not go off on stupid tangents. Gwynn has a silly voice, but whatever. I like Ron Darling.
2008-10-02 13:13:42
129.   trainwreck
Well found the remake on IMDB.

2008-10-02 13:13:54
130.   underdog
Attention Fanerman: We have the Godfather Blu-ray discs now at GreenCine.
2008-10-02 13:15:21
131.   Jon Weisman
121 - I used to watch it and get creeped out by it regularly as well.

But then Don Adams' Screen Test would make everything okay.

2008-10-02 13:17:39
132.   Marty
I was not a kid when In Search Of was on. Now I feel even older. But not Dick Stockton old. Also, Stockton was making the same mistakes when he was doing the NBA finals in the 80's.
2008-10-02 13:21:05
133.   Bob Timmermann
"In Search of" creeped me out a lot as a lad. It likely wouldn't now.

After a few years, they were really reaching. The "In Search Of" about the Rockefeller heir who died in New Guinea had a lot of filler.

"In Search Of" Don Juan had almost, but not quite, no factual basis to it.

2008-10-02 13:21:33
134.   underdog
131 Hah hah. Nice.

132 - That's true, he was kinda mistake prone even then, but not quite this bad. I think basketball has been his forte more than baseball, for what that's worth.

129 Weird. I can't even tell from that who the narrator was, except that he/she's no Leonard Nimoy!


Evan Longoria = Good at baseball.

2008-10-02 13:22:32
135.   Jon Weisman
132 - Coen brothers or Dick Stockton? Which do you banish?
2008-10-02 13:26:05
136.   trainwreck
I am embarrassed to admit that Are You Afraid of the Dark freaked me out as a kid.
2008-10-02 13:26:20
137.   Bob Timmermann
For your game chatting schedule:

The Griddle is hosting the Rays-White Sox game.

Bad Altitude will handle the Phillies-Brewers game.

You can figure out the rest of the day.

2008-10-02 13:29:36
138.   Marty
135 I don't understand
2008-10-02 13:29:43
139.   Disabled List
121 I used to love In Search Of. The Loch Ness episode features Bob Ballard, who would later go on to discover the Titanic. He's talking very seriously about how a sea monster would make its way into an inland lake. And Leonard Nimoy looks like he's still wearing his Spock ears.
2008-10-02 13:29:47
140.   Eric Stephen
After an on-and-off attempt thanks to a busy day, I finally finished the Bill Simmons Manny piece on I have to say my first impression is that it is amazing, and probably the greatest thing he has ever written.

I tried to get home for lunch to watch the Outside the Lines piece on Manny but didn't make it; I'll have to catch that later.

2008-10-02 13:30:30
141.   Eric Stephen
That should be attention world
2008-10-02 13:30:51
142.   Marty
The Time Machine scared the pants off of me when I was 5. I slept with the light on for a week. The Exorcist scared me at 17.
2008-10-02 13:33:31
143.   KG16
137 - is there another game today? I was under the impression that the post season ended yesterday.
2008-10-02 13:33:43
144.   trainwreck
The T-rexes in The Land Before Time caused me to cry so bad we had to leave the movie.
2008-10-02 13:33:57
145.   wronghanded
The 2 creepiest shows from my youth:
Unsolved Mysteries
2008-10-02 13:34:11
146.   underdog
Speaking of things that traumatized us as children, I just got a copy of Watership Down (new Special Edition DVD) to review, but it was so traumatic for me as a child (bunnies die!) that I dunno if I can watch it again even now.
2008-10-02 13:35:06
147.   Jon Weisman
138 - Whom do you like the least?

Aren't you our anti-Coen brothers correspondent?

2008-10-02 13:36:28
148.   underdog
147 - Rule 3 violation! {Screech!} ;-)

143 Unfortunately, yes,

2008-10-02 13:36:48
149.   Marty
I love the Coen Brothers. I just hate Raising Arizona.
2008-10-02 13:38:04
150.   wronghanded
145 With Unsolved Mysteries I think Robert Stack's narrative often scared me more than the content.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-10-02 13:38:35
151.   Marty
One Step Beyond was very creepy.
2008-10-02 13:39:35
152.   KG16
As a kid, I loved Tales from the Crypt, but was not too keen on the Cryptkeeper. It was always a challenge to turn it on after the intro.
2008-10-02 13:42:12
153.   KG16
hey, anyone know how many of the iPhone apps are available for the Touch?

I keep holding out on buying an iPhone, especially since I've got the touch which has everything but AT&T's phone service.

2008-10-02 13:42:46
154.   Bumsrap
I was always on pins and needles wondering if Lassie would save Timmy again.
2008-10-02 13:44:44
155.   cargill06
134 You know who else is good at the game of baseball? Chase Utley, to go with his 133 OPS+ at 2B he was also a +50 at 2B. And whatever new product he's pushing it has a very Steve Correl 40 year-old virgin billboard look to it, if you see it on any advertising on a web site.
2008-10-02 13:45:23
156.   Bumsrap
Loney is good at baseball
2008-10-02 13:45:56
157.   Jacob Burch
153 If it's an old touch, you're also missing built in speakers, camera and microphone (and the G3's GPS). All apps are available for it, but some (Shazam to ID songs, certain mapping programs, anything with a camera) won't function quite up to par.

Girlfriend still in love with her touch and all the Apps it has though. 2Across (Awesome crossword app) is a lifesaver for the both of us.

2008-10-02 13:47:10
158.   KG16
I know a lot of us around here the last couple of years kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, for something to go wrong, but it's usually only in fits and starts. Could you imagine being a Cubs fan and being that way everyday for ever? I mean, seriously, that's just got to mess with your mind
2008-10-02 13:47:58
159.   Dane Bramage
Two shows that freaked me out as a kid:

The Invaders
The Outer Limits

This does not really make me that old, because I was only 4-5 years old when those were out (what exactly were my parents and siblings thinking letting me watch?). The aliens creeped me out in The Invaders, and it was always a challenge for me getting past the sinister oscilloscope "There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission." intro...

2008-10-02 13:48:41
160.   KG16
157 - oh, yeah, forgot about the camera. don't much need the mic, and have head phones. but thanks, good to know that the apps all work otherwise. might just have to splurge on the update and some apps over the weekend.
2008-10-02 13:49:31
161.   cargill06
155 Boy, that didn't make much sense. The billboard of 40 year old virgin looks much like the picture of Utley for whatever product he is currently pushing.
2008-10-02 13:51:26
162.   RELX
121 . I was a huge In Search Of when I was a kid, since Leonard Nimoy was the host and I was a fan of all things Star Trek and Star Trek-related. I actually watched an episode a few years ago, and it was hysterical. I forget the topic, but they had some "academic" on--university not identified--who basically said, "yeah, it could be true" to whatever they asked him. However, as a kid, the show seemed so serious and scary because Mr. Spock was the host, and we all knew that Mr. Spock couldn't tell a lie because Vulcans are incapable of lying!

BTW--I got to meet Nimoy when I was about eight. He was signing autographs at a department store, and my mother and I waited on this long line to meet him. Instead of sitting at a table, he actually walked along the line, talking to people. When it came to my turn, I pointed to the Star Trek sweatshirt I was wearing and cleverly said, "I am wearing a Star Trek shirt." He smiled and said, "I see."

I was eight, what do you expect?

2008-10-02 13:54:04
163.   gibsonhobbs88
Wow! Evan Longoria is having a nice first playoff game!! 2 HR and a single and 3 stakes already.

If the Boys can get out to a quick lead tonight, the noose around the Cubs will get even tighter as the game unfolds. I think in this game, whoever draws first blood will have an advantage, if the Cubs score first tonight, they might relax, get re-energized, play their game and be very tough to beat. Dodgers score first and I can see Zambrano getting frustrated and rattled, the hitters pressing and getting tighter and chasing more bad pitches and a long night on the North Side. Psychologically, I think scoring first will be huge tonight!

2008-10-02 13:54:19
164.   overkill94
You know what freaked me out as a kid? That sound "A Current Affair" made when it went to commercial or whatever.
2008-10-02 13:54:26
165.   RELX
159 . Did you ever see the Outer Limits episode with Martin Landau, where he comes from the future in order to kill a scientist who will invent some kind of bacteria that will eventually destroy the human race? Excellent episode.

Speaking of scary things as a kid--did anyone ever see the film The Changeling starring George C. Scott. Scariest ghost movie ever! I saw it again about ten years ago, and it still gave me the chills.

2008-10-02 13:56:50
166.   trainwreck
Like practically every horror movie, they are re-making the Changeling.
2008-10-02 13:57:54
167.   underdog
162 Nice.
I remember the Killer Bees episode really freaked me out. Of course, there really ended up being killer bees, but 20 years later, and not quite at the level of widespread aerial assault that I feared as a kid after watching that.
2008-10-02 13:58:56
168.   Marty
I just watched the original 13 Ghosts because that was a big movie for me as a kid. What a disappointment my youth is turning out to be. Next up: The Tingler.
2008-10-02 13:59:56
169.   RELX
166 . With who?
2008-10-02 14:01:30
170.   underdog
165 Okay, good call - that one also traumatized me as a child, and to do this day I don't know what my parents were thinking taking a 9 year old boy to see a spooky movie about the ghost of a dead 9 year old boy. Nice one!

166 Not to be confused with the Eastwood movie coming out called The Changeling, which sounds less scary and more lame.

2008-10-02 14:02:09
171.   RELX
167 . When I was a kid, the killer bees were always coming...along with the fire ants!

The best In Search Of has to be the one when they look for Big Foot. I really miss Big Foot these days. He was really out and about in the 1970s, but has really slipped under the radar the past few decades.

2008-10-02 14:03:05
172.   bryanf
Did I just read the Zambrano was scratched and Rich Hill is going instead?
2008-10-02 14:08:30
173.   Jim Hitchcock
151 My cousin just got the DVD. Can't wait to watch it. John Newland was great as the host (almost said moderator).
2008-10-02 14:08:38
174.   cargill06
172 I don't know, I haven't seen what you've been reading.

I hope you're right though.

2008-10-02 14:08:45
175.   mintxcore
All this movie talk reminded me of a game i just completed earlier today...

A great time killer until 6:37pm (though I spent a few days trying to finally beat it)...

They show a screenshot of a movie with the person photoshopped out. Some are pretty difficult.

Safe for work... unless you actually have to get work done... ;D

2008-10-02 14:08:52
176.   trainwreck
It is still in development I believe. No guarantee it will get made. So many proposed remakes in horror never end up getting made.
2008-10-02 14:10:52
177.   Disabled List
172 Where did you read that?
2008-10-02 14:11:22
178.   trainwreck
This is fun.
2008-10-02 14:11:22
179.   fanerman
Things that scared me to death as a child:
Unsolved Mysteries
commercials for "Fire In The Sky" the movie

Fantasy did not scare me (too much). Okay, it did a lot, but I got over it. "Real life" scared me. It still does.

2008-10-02 14:11:50
180.   Jim Hitchcock
164 Do you mean the sound of Bill O'Reilly Talking?
2008-10-02 14:12:36
181.   underdog
Russell Martin hopes it's not true -- he's 6 for 8 vs. Zambrano.
2008-10-02 14:14:06
182.   blue22
Nothing traumatized me more than Time Bandits when I was a kid.

I should watch that again now.

2008-10-02 14:14:20
183.   bryanf
I think I misinterpreted some user comments on Sportsline. Never mind... this is why I'm not a news reporter.
2008-10-02 14:16:14
184.   Disabled List
180 Bill O'Reilly hosted Inside Edition. Maury Povich did A Current Affair.

Still a scary sound, though.

2008-10-02 14:16:45
185.   underdog
183 Yeah, not the greatest source for inside information ;-)
2008-10-02 14:19:43
186.   JJ42
140 Eric, I agree. That was a monster of an article.
2008-10-02 14:20:42
187.   Jim Hitchcock
184 Oops.
2008-10-02 14:26:04
188.   Kevin Lewis
For some reason my parents let me watch the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and The Exorcist as a kid.

The only way I could get Freddy out of my mind at night was to play a baseball game in my head.

I can now thank my parents for being desensitized to violence and gore in movies today.

2008-10-02 14:28:06
189.   tjdub
As a child I had a recurring nightmare that I couldn't find my parents and enlisted the help of Scooby Doo and friends to help me look for them. When we found them it was "too late".

A couple of years ago, my mom told me that she and my Dad used to go for walks, out for ice cream, etc. while my siblings and I were asleep at night (awesome early 70's parenting!).

I think those things may be related... :)

2008-10-02 14:29:14
190.   Bob Timmermann
Were your parents Don and Betty Draper?
2008-10-02 14:31:11
191.   kinbote
190 Hey, those kids can make some mean cocktails!
2008-10-02 14:33:58
192.   tjdub
190-Had to look that up. I really need to start watching that show.
2008-10-02 14:35:44
193.   underdog
190 Those poor kids. I keep hoping someone will adopt them but pretty much everyone else on that show is messed up, too.
2008-10-02 14:37:55
194.   Marty
My favorite Mad Men moment is when they go on a picnic and leave all their trash laying around. That pretty much summed up the early sixties.
2008-10-02 14:38:05
195.   Eric Stephen
Good 'ol Fred Rumsen has some time on his hands to watch some kids!
2008-10-02 14:40:30
196.   underdog
195 Poor guy. But the kids may have to change his pants for him at some point, not vice versa.

(Trivia: he's played by one of the acting Murray brothers, headlined by Bill.)

2008-10-02 14:45:25
197.   ToyCannon
Wait Until Dark scared me as a kid.

We went and saw Burn After Reading this weekend. I have to say I went in with solid expectations and came out pissed off that I wasted my time. The acting was good the script was crap. The only good thing to come out was that it was my wife's choice and she hated it so much that I get to choose the next two movies.

2008-10-02 14:48:08
198.   KG16
I get to choose the next two movies

Choose wisely...

2008-10-02 14:49:37
199.   bhsportsguy
I liked the Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Was not a fan of Outer Limits nor Night Gallery.

2008-10-02 14:50:27
200.   natepurcell
Choke looks to be entertaining. I enjoyed the book.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-10-02 14:51:26
201.   bhsportsguy
Not surprised by the results of the first games of the Divisional Series.

Get ready for some type of Desparate Housewives type headline re the Rays/White Sox series.

2008-10-02 14:53:37
202.   ToyCannon
Is is supposed to rain here on Saturday? That would blow for a playoff game after such great weather.
2008-10-02 14:53:52
203.   kinbote
200 There's supposed to be a Radiohead song in it ("Reckoner").
2008-10-02 14:54:43
204.   arborial
197 what is there not to love about burn after reading. In my mind it was solid Coen brothers dark comedy, do you like their other movies?
2008-10-02 14:54:59
205.   underdog
202 I know it's supposed to rain in San Francisco tomorrow later in the day, and then there's a chance of rain early Saturday. Looks like there's a chance of showers earlier on Sat in LA, too, but not a ton of rain or anything.
2008-10-02 14:55:03
206.   Ken Noe
Stupid monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.
2008-10-02 14:55:18
207.   cargill06
Somewhere in comunist China Xei is smiling.
2008-10-02 14:57:17
208.   milkshakeballa
On Diamonds blog someone posted, it says Andrew Jones specialist is traveling with the team? What is that about?
2008-10-02 14:57:24
209.   Jim Hitchcock
206 Hah! It's all fun and games 'till the flying monkeys show up!
2008-10-02 14:57:46
210.   fanerman
203 I like that song a lot more after hearing it live.
2008-10-02 14:58:28
211.   Jim Hitchcock
208 He's picking up Chicago dogs recipes for Andruw.
2008-10-02 14:59:13
212.   bhsportsguy
202 There are 3 live sporting events scheduled to take place, 2 that are going to be televised nationally.

Probably over 200,000 people will be at the Coliseum, Dodger Stadium and the Rose Bowl.

Fortunately, the bulk of the attendees for USC game will already be there before most people head out to the other two games.

Rain would make this a very unpleasant experience.

2008-10-02 14:59:39
213.   Tripon
208 Hitting specialist. The Dodgers basically sent Pentland with Andruw Jones when he rehabbed at Las Vegas to work on his swing.
2008-10-02 15:00:08
214.   bhsportsguy
208 He is a hitting coach (minor league roving instructor) who worked with Jones during the second half of the season.
2008-10-02 15:00:50
215.   milkshakeballa
LOL 211

I was texting some friends last night....obviously way ahead of myself...but imagine a Dodger/Boston World Series...dang would Bristol be ALL OVER that.

2008-10-02 15:01:40
216.   Jerry
Has there been any official word on the starter for game 4? I ask because Yahoo's "Series Breakdown" page shows Lowe and Billingsley starting games 4 and 5 on short rest.
2008-10-02 15:02:13
217.   milkshakeballa
Thanks 213 214

Hasn't helped Andrew though.

2008-10-02 15:03:27
218.   trainwreck
I told a friend that if that happens I may believe in destiny.
2008-10-02 15:04:59
219.   bhsportsguy
216 Billingsley would be on regular rest.

They have not announced it yet, I do know that Lowe likes to get into a routine so they will probably say something after tonite's game.

2008-10-02 15:06:57
220.   Eric Stephen
Lowe said they made a decision, but was mum after the game.
2008-10-02 15:11:43
221.   ToyCannon
Yes or we wouldn't have bothered - this one didn't resonate.
2008-10-02 15:12:53
222.   Mark Linsey
219 I believe Lowe said that there has already been a decision and he knows what will happen, but they just aren't telling anyone yet.
2008-10-02 15:13:50
223.   Jon Weisman
Dodger Game 2 Lineup

According to ITD, same batting order. Different pitcher, though.

2008-10-02 15:14:02
224.   ToyCannon
Maybe the decision was not to talk about the decision.
2008-10-02 15:16:16
225.   overkill94
Wow, that Manny piece by Simmons really was excellent. I guess there's no one better to write about it than a die-hard Red Sox fan who now lives in the player's new home market.
2008-10-02 15:23:43
226.   Lexinthedena
225 It was heartfelt and sincere. I wouldn't call it excellent.
2008-10-02 15:26:03
227.   Eric Stephen
You just blew my mind.
2008-10-02 15:26:37
228.   Eric Stephen
Your post was excellent.
2008-10-02 15:27:24
229.   Jon Weisman
Cubs lineup

Soriano, LF
Theriot, SS
Lee, 1B
Ramirez, 3B
DeRosa, 2B
Edmonds, CF
Soto, C
Fukudome, RF
Zambrano, RHP

2008-10-02 15:27:45
230.   mwhite06
225 I agree. In this article, Simmons stayed away from taking a bunch of jabs at Los Angeles. He has been known to slam the Clippers (he claims it is okay because he's a season ticket holder even though he whines about it every year) and as recently as last Friday he slammed the Kings saying LA didn't deserve a hockey team. Suffice it to say, I do not appreciate those kinds of statements.
2008-10-02 15:28:14
231.   MollyKnight
My best friend Neil wrote about our experience dressed as Brewer fans in Philly country yesterday:

2008-10-02 15:31:57
232.   Kevin Lewis

That game is awesome, but I wish they would tell you the answer to the ones you miss

2008-10-02 15:32:19
233.   Rob M
CC bearing down to strike out Utley and Howard with a man on 3rd. When is going to wear out?
2008-10-02 15:34:18
234.   Eric Stephen
When is [CC] going to wear out?

My guess is Game 3 of the NLCS against the Dodgers, Sunday October 12, at Miller Park.

2008-10-02 15:34:23
235.   Rob M
230 In his podcast a few days ago he picked the Dodgers to go to the World Series. He's also said some nice things about Dodger Stadium and the Latino fan base.
2008-10-02 15:35:01
236.   trainwreck
lol you were in full Brewers attire too?
2008-10-02 15:35:04
237.   bhsportsguy
231 Nice write up, I think as a whole (except for maybe in Anaheim), opponents' fans are not treated very respectfully at the home team's ballpark.
2008-10-02 15:35:14
238.   milkshakeballa
I'm pleasantly surprised Dewitt is getting the start today again. He really deserves it.
2008-10-02 15:35:16
239.   Kevin Lewis
Any live feed for the game?
2008-10-02 15:35:39
240.   trainwreck
Seriously, I keep losing on the same ones. That stupid pirate one especially.
2008-10-02 15:35:52
241.   tethier
215 I live well within the confines of Red Sox Nation, near Bristol, and can attest that a Red Sox-Dodger WS would draw a lot of attention here. You can throw in the Yankee fans who live to see the Sox fail and it would really be a lot of fun.
2008-10-02 15:36:03
242.   Frip
If you sync the radio and T.V feed you're in great shape.

How can you sync them? The radio is ahead of the T.V.

2008-10-02 15:37:04
243.   MollyKnight
I was in a Scott Podsednik jersey.
2008-10-02 15:37:20
244.   Tripon
Accuscore says that the Cubs have a 61% chance of winning today. Guess they really love Theriot batting 2nd.
2008-10-02 15:37:45
245.   underdog
241 Cool, though I think they meant ESPN in particular when referring to "Bristol."
2008-10-02 15:38:32
246.   cargill06
233 In all seriousness it has to be something you have to be concerned about giving a 7 year deal too. Assuming he makes 2 starts this post-season that's going to be 520+ IP the last 2 years (including post-season). He's very fat (3oo lbs+), I don't know if that has anything to do with any type of health problems, but I'm sure it can't help.
2008-10-02 15:40:20
247.   Lexinthedena
235 What kind of things did he say about the Dodger fan base?
2008-10-02 15:42:16
248.   Harold M Johnson
242 TiVO/DVR
2008-10-02 15:42:49
249.   underdog
246 I believe he's around 250, not 300, but your concerns may be legit. I would worry about a real long term contract with him. Though he really does seem like a "horse," in a good way. (And not in the Brad Penny way.)
2008-10-02 15:45:33
250.   MollyKnight
I was also getting a much bigger kick out of getting yelled at then my friends. The only thing you can do in that situation is smile as broadly as possible and hope the clever insults outweigh the unfunny Rule 1 violations regarding sexuality and sexual promiscuity.

And for what it's worth, Phillies' fans are about one percent as scary as Eagles' fans.

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2008-10-02 15:45:51
251.   Frip
248 TiVO/DVR

DVR can do alot of things, but last time I checked it couldn't outrun the future.

Like I said, the radio is ahead of the tv. I fail to see how Tivo/DVR could catch up.

2008-10-02 15:46:13
252.   Lexinthedena
7 year deals to pitchers scare me, but I wouldn't be sad if C.C is wearing Dodger blue in '09.
2008-10-02 15:46:13
253.   cargill06
Sine May 1st, Fukudome has a 81 OPS+.

Thank you Lou for not having DeRosa play RF and have Fontenot and Theriot up the middle.

2008-10-02 15:47:22
254.   cargill06
249 I don't want to get into weight thoughts, but if Billingsley is 6'0'' 244 lbs, and CC is 6'6'' X lbs.

X > 300

2008-10-02 15:48:54
255.   underdog
251 I believe the idea is referring to MLB audio radio on the computer which is about 20 seconds delayed, not actual radio. So if you're using MLB audio and have Tivo, which you can pause to slow down to the audio feed, then you have a match. I tried it last night and it works. But it's a bit of a pain, and then when I paused the TV to go to the restroom it was all messed up.
2008-10-02 15:49:11
256.   Humma Kavula
252 Well, sure, I think everybody would love to see CC in Dodger Blue in '09.

But that's not the question. The question -- as you hint by saying 7-year deals to pitchers scare you -- is, how does the idea of CC in Dodger Blue in '13, '14, '15, and '16 grab you?

2008-10-02 15:49:32
257.   Johnson
251 The speed of sound is much slower than the speed of light. Just keep moving your speakers away from the TV (and cranking the volume) until everything syncs up.
2008-10-02 15:51:02
258.   Lexinthedena
256 My point is that although I am usually not in favor of 7 year deals to pitchers, a C.C deal would not upset me as much as most 7 years deals to pitchers would.
2008-10-02 15:51:50
259.   Rob M
247 Again it was in a podcast, but he was talking about the LA fan reputation for being soft and not caring all the much, and he mentioned being surprised by the "rowdy Latino Dodger fans" and I think he called them "underrated." Forgive the loose paraphrasing.
2008-10-02 15:52:58
260.   LAT
CC starting to look like Steve Fawcett: used all his gas getting there and didn't save any for the return trip.
2008-10-02 15:52:59
261.   underdog
254 I guess I'm just going by what's listed officially on his MLB page, which says 250. I'm sure it's underestimating, though. But not sure it's 50 lbs off. Maybe it is.


250 Molly, that article flashed me back to the Niners-Lions game in SF I went to a couple of weeks ago. I wore my Broncos hat to that game because I figured I'd get less grief there than if I wore my Dodgers hat. I was right, until later in the game when these young drunken jerky guys sitting behind me starting yelling at me for some reason, and most of their comments were of the homophobic variety. It's like that's the fallback insult for people too drunk, dumb and lazy to come up with anything better. And we're in San Francisco! Of course as my friend commented to me, those guys seemed more like they were from the rural burbs. But his comments about Denver fans being (insert homophobic comments here) were bizarro. Then the ringleader starting mocking me for being "at the wrong game" since Denver wasn't playing. I thanked him for the news bulletin, said it was the wrong game indeed, and then as they left (and to my friend's nervousness), said "It's great they let you guys out for the day."

2008-10-02 15:53:12
262.   Tripon
BP has the Dodgers last in the secret sauce stats among all post season teams. My question is, how big is it taking into account of Kent starting at 2nd and Berroa starting at SS? Which isn't going to happen much in the post season?
2008-10-02 15:54:21
263.   Tripon
Shane Victerino hits a grand slam. Brewers seeing a game four is now that much unlikely.
2008-10-02 15:54:24
264.   Humma Kavula
258 I guess that's fair enough.

The idea scares me just as much as anybody.

And CC may be on the market sooner than he'd like: grand slam to Shane Victorino, 5-1 Phils.

2008-10-02 15:54:34
265.   Rob M
Uh oh. CC goes boom.
2008-10-02 15:54:56
266.   Harold M Johnson
Sabathia finally got tired.
2008-10-02 15:57:19
267.   trainwreck
For how much crap Raider fans get, Niner fans have changed a lot since they began losing.

My friend's brother and his friend got jumped during a game for wearing Raiders gear. Good thing both of them are ridiculously strong and can fight and beat the crap out of the guys.

2008-10-02 15:57:21
268.   Tripon
Kevin Brown lives!
2008-10-02 16:04:03
269.   underdog
267 Seriously. I mean I can understand Raider fans hating Bronco fans or whatever, but I was at a bar in SF last season watching a Denver game at the same time as a Niner game was on and this one drunken Niners fan said "I hope the Broncos lose, I hate those guys!" I was like... what?? Didn't you crush Denver in the Super Bowl like a pea? Shouldn't you love them? Fool of a took!
2008-10-02 16:06:22
270.   KG16
269 - in the drunken fool's defense, it is the Broncos.
2008-10-02 16:08:37
271.   underdog
270 Ah, shaddup. ;-)

Jon has a NPUT BTW.

2008-10-02 16:09:28
272.   Jon Weisman
2008-10-02 16:13:20
273.   MollyKnight
I really wasn't aware of how alive and well homophobia is in this country until yesterday. Neil literally got called every derogatory name synonymous with 'gay' in the book, and many, many times over.

And it always came from men. Women would yell things like "Brewers suck" or "Go home" but not one woman speculated loudly about Neil's sexuality.

2008-10-02 16:14:55
274.   Kevin Lewis

That makes me sad

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