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Thunder Road (Reprise)
2008-10-04 09:05
by Jon Weisman

Casing the promised land ...

Dodger Thoughts, July 28:

Yes, the Dodger lineup is infused with youth. Young players are everywhere - in the lineup, in the rotation, in the bullpen. It's not that Colletti and Torre don't want the youth to do well. It's that at the sign of trouble, they don't believe. They're on a roller coaster that they want no part of. In their perfect world, there is no youth.

They're addicts, and they can't stay on the wagon. Veteran talent is the drug and it feels so good, even if they wake up emptier than before. The Dodger leadership doesn't have the backbone to stand on its own two feet. ...

Maybe it's because of Manny Ramirez, a savior rising from these streets. Maybe it's because Nomar Garciaparra and Jeff Kent are just too gimpy. Maybe it's because the younger players just haven't given them much trouble lately - though it's not as if we might not see James Loney coming off the bench in a Game 4 on Sunday.

But in this pursuit of the pennant, five of the Dodgers' eight starters are 26 or under: Loney, Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Blake DeWitt. In the batting order, they're five of the top seven. Kent and Garciaparra aren't being forced in. Two months ago, would you have believed it?

The Dodgers' dysfunction doesn't center on trade talks. It centers on leadership that hides its eyes as the kids grab the car keys, yet doesn't bat an eye when Grandpa's shaky hand and squinty eyes take the wheel. Colletti and Torre might say they like their team - they might insist that they do - but they don't.
Maybe it's only because of Ramirez. But I think Ned Colletti and Joe Torre like their team now.

The real test will come once the Dodgers lose a game or two. If the Dodgers have to go back to Chicago or find themselves in a deficit against Milwaukee or Philadelphia, and Kemp goes 1 for 4 with two strikeouts, will they panic?

When life is good, Torre and Colletti love the kids. When there is doubt, the veterans benefit - not because they are better, but because they are veterans.
I don't think Torre and Colletti will panic. I think they've turned the corner. It might have taken them longer than it should have, but I think they know who their team is now. That doesn't mean we've seen the last of Juan Pierre ever. That doesn't mean the young players should be cocky. (Andre Ethier to Dylan Hernandez of the Times: "I have to compete for a starting job again next year.")

That doesn't mean that the grownups like Torre and hitting coach Don Mattingly aren't getting credit, as Tony Jackson of the Daily News notes:

A major difference in the series thus far has been the Dodgers' ability to execute quality at-bats throughout the lineup. They worked (Ryan) Dempster for 109 pitches in his abbreviated Game 1 start, then made (Carlos) Zambrano throw 108 in 6 2/3 innings in Game 2 - although the Cubs' defensive ineptitude behind Zambrano was responsible for at least part of that.

"I think we're taking a solid approach up there," Dodgers third baseman Casey Blake said. "Donnie has talked about having good at-bats up and down the lineup, a good approach and making pitchers work to get outs."

That approach has long been a hallmark of Torre-managed teams, and Torre tried to instill it from the first day of spring training. But the Dodgers are a younger club than what Torre is used to, and it took several months for those young players to one, buy into it, and two, learn to execute it consistently.

Mattingly, who took over as hitting coach at the All-Star break, was a big part of that process, which is now all but complete.

"I think Donnie has been mainly responsible," Torre said. "He not only gets them to do the physical work, but he also gives them an understanding of why they're doing the physical work. It's just a thought process. My feeling is that he makes things less complicated. He utilizes his experience of being a player."

Mattingly, who also occasionally dropped in to assist former hitting coach Mike Easler during the season's first half, quickly picked up on certain tendencies.

"There were some games where it almost looked like we were having panicked at-bats," Mattingly said. "You're going to fall back into that from time to time, I don't care who you are. (But) I feel like we are getting better as a team."

But I think the hierarchy is clear. Performance first, experience second. Either that, or the Dodgers have decided that their kids have grown up enough. Just in time...

The Dodgers' pitching can win any playoff series. Underdogs? Sure. DOA? No way. The team is one game out of first place, and you know what? I'm too old to thumb my nose at that. The Dodgers should go for it. And they can do it without sacrificing the future, without being desperate. If they fail, it won't be because they weren't experienced enough. It will be because they weren't talented enough. And the talent is there. It has been there all along. Show a little faith - there's magic in the night.

Comments (139)
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2008-10-04 09:21:29
1.   Snake in Philly
I'm not booing, I'm saying BRUUUUUUUCE!!! He's playing a free concert 3 blocks from my house in about 2 hours. Of course whenever I've seen him he's never played Thunder Road...maybe today. Seems like it might be a good omen.

A few early runs today and some early pitching by HIRO, and the Cubbies will be thinking about the flight home. Go Dodgers! So jealous of the many of you here who'll probably be in attendance.

2008-10-04 09:27:17
2.   Bob Timmermann
Thunder Road indeed! Rain is falling in Downtown L.A.

The weather outside is gloomy.

2008-10-04 09:27:28
3.   MC Safety
Quality stuff, Jon.
2008-10-04 09:31:04
4.   bhsportsguy
2 Are you at work already?
2008-10-04 09:37:46
5.   Bob Timmermann
You have to get up early in the morning to run a library of this size. I'm leaving at 4 however.
2008-10-04 09:40:19
6.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
I hope we go all the way so I don't constantly think about what Andy LaRoche might become in a few years while we lack a third baseman in 2010.
2008-10-04 09:43:52
7.   ryu
Check out Martin, Kemp and Loney partin' it up.

2008-10-04 09:50:35
8.   underdog
I believe the rain is scheduled to clear up there at 3:07 PM, at the request of TBS.
2008-10-04 09:51:18
9.   underdog
7 Aww. Whose Facebook page is that from?
2008-10-04 09:59:39
10.   ryu
2008-10-04 10:16:17
11.   regfairfield
Russ loves showing off his sternum.
2008-10-04 10:19:29
12.   Ken Noe
I still wonder, would Ethier be playing if Pierre hadn't popped off to the press? Anyway, I hope Ned has learned because we're one win away from his return in 2010.
2008-10-04 10:22:59
13.   Branch Rickey
Well I'm scared but I'm thinking maybe we ain't that young anymore.
I think the kids forced everyone to believe that they're grown up. You can question youth with struggles but how much struggling has gone on recently with these guys? Right down the youth role call, all the way to DeWitt, they've all earned their wings.
Chicago was a town full of losers, we're pulling out of their to win.
2008-10-04 10:25:01
14.   Branch Rickey
"their" meaning "their town"... yeah, that's what I meant!
2008-10-04 10:28:21
15.   Ken Noe
13 There were ghosts in the eyes of all those Cub fans you sent away
They haunt thus rusty ball park in the skeleton frames of burned out October days
They scream Rhyno's name at night in the street
2008-10-04 10:31:24
16.   Dave60
0 I loved the July 28 entry when it was written. I love looking back at it now. Thanks for the update.
2008-10-04 10:32:43
17.   Dave60
12 Would Ethier be playing now if he hadn't gotten more time to find a groove during the injury absences of Pierre and Jones?
2008-10-04 10:34:13
18.   JoeyP
I dont really agree with this post.

If Kent's healthy, he's starting over Dewitt (and probably should be).

If Manny isnt resigned, then Pierre/Jones will probably platoon next year.

Ethier/Kemp earned starting spots this year, but could still be benched at any time next year due to the PVL factor of Juan/Druw.

I'd argue Dewitt/Loney should be replaced for next year if they can be: Uggla/Tex being the primary targets.

If anything, only Ethier "broke out" this year, so why would Torre/Ned feel more comfortable with the other youngsters?
This team won 84 games & needed a boost from Manny to do it. I dont think they all of the sudden "like the team" based on 2 playoff games.

If they had full confidence in the youngsters, they would have never tried to get Manny.

So yes, it is all about Manny.

2008-10-04 10:34:33
19.   Branch Rickey
And in the lonely cool before dawn
They hear the L train rolling on
But when they get to the park, they're gone.
2008-10-04 10:36:25
20.   Tripon
Furcal helps. A lineup with Furcal on top, compared to a lineup that features Berroa in the 8th spot is a lot different.
2008-10-04 10:36:47
21.   Branch Rickey
12. Jones was never really injured. He was on the DL with strained pride. Ethier has always received chances to prove himself over the last two years. He's just run with it this time.
2008-10-04 10:39:33
22.   Jon Weisman
18 - That's the thing. If a healthy Kent probably should be starting over DeWitt, then that doesn't conflict with what I'm writing. The issue is that they could force Kent into the lineup - Kent would only be too happy to do so - and they're not.

If Manny isn't resigned, and Pierre/Jones are platooned, that also doesn't conflict with what I'm writing at all. That means they no longer will be playing Pierre just because he's older.

They didn't have full confidence in the youngsters when they got Manny - again, not at all in conflict with what I'm writing. I explicitly said that.

2008-10-04 10:40:21
23.   Jon Weisman
22 - In other words, if Manny isn't resigned, and Ethier and Kemp are full-time outfielders, then there has been a change.
2008-10-04 10:46:10
24.   Branch Rickey
Why would we believe that Pierre (or a bad Jones) would get started over Ethier and Kemp next year each has already been benched in favor of the kids this year? And it's worked.
2008-10-04 10:47:28
25.   trainwreck
UCSB surfing national champs!!


2008-10-04 10:48:45
26.   ucladodger
Just found out that I'm going to the game tonight. Verrrrrrrrry excited and hopefully my first playoff game will be a memorable one!
2008-10-04 10:55:50
27.   fanerman
10 I want to be Matt Kemp's facebook friend!!!!!!
2008-10-04 10:57:25
28.   Tripon
Nomo should throw out the first pitch today.
2008-10-04 11:01:20
29.   Tripon has BP break down today's games.

2008-10-04 11:03:50
30.   Bob Timmermann
He's not picky.
2008-10-04 11:09:07
31.   Gen3Blue
26 You're a lucky Dawg:0)
2008-10-04 11:10:09
32.   Tripon

Top Chef season 5 starts on Nov. 12th.

2008-10-04 11:13:32
33.   trainwreck
2008-10-04 11:16:09
34.   Gagne55
It seems like having the games be at 1 and 4 would get higher rating then at 3:30 and 7. Cubs fans can't even see their team play at a reasonable time.
2008-10-04 11:19:00
35.   Gagne55
30 There are 254 Matt Kemps on facebook. Which one is the Matt Kemp?
2008-10-04 11:20:39
36.   milkshakeballa
For bh, trainwreck - ALL UCLA fans

Saw Malcolm, Morgan and Snaer last night in Westwood. Told Snaer he NEEDS to come to UCLA he just has too. Morgan and Lee were laughing with him like "tell him, tell him he has to!" Snaer was laughing and enjoying it. It REALLY surprised him that someone recognized him lol.

But I think we have a good shot, he isn't on his official is he?

2008-10-04 11:21:12
37.   trainwreck
Yeah, it is his official visit. Then he goes to Kansas next weekend.
2008-10-04 11:21:36
38.   trainwreck
And that is their big celebration party thing, which recruits love.
2008-10-04 11:22:42
39.   Gagne55
N'vr mind. I found it. I added Midwest City High School into the search.
2008-10-04 11:28:30
40.   milkshakeballa
I see, yeh I heard Kansas has been in the picture. Rumor is some of his "handlers" are pushing him to play for a black coach, don't know how much truth their is to that.
2008-10-04 11:28:34
41.   fanerman
30 You're so popular.
2008-10-04 11:28:58
42.   Gagne55
Kemp is friends with: Chad Billingsley, Blake Dewitt, Jeff Kent, Clayton Kershaw, Greg Maddux, Don Mattingly, Jason Repko, Manny Ramirez, Juan Pierre, and Bob Timmerman.
2008-10-04 11:29:01
43.   milkshakeballa
there....their they're geezbus
2008-10-04 11:29:20
44.   trainwreck
I know his AAU coach has connections to Missouri. I think they are just coming up with a range of excuses to give him for going there.
2008-10-04 11:30:40
45.   Bob Timmermann
I believe I'm friends with Matt Kemp's publicist.
2008-10-04 11:32:53
46.   Gagne55
The best baseball player I'm friends with is Jaime Ortiz (Great Lake Loons)
2008-10-04 11:34:48
47.   Gagne55
Bob, is that a giant idol in your profile pic?
2008-10-04 11:36:25
48.   Bob Timmermann
That's the actual size of my head.
2008-10-04 11:36:27
49.   Linkmeister
Dear Commissioner Selig:

2008-10-04 11:43:59
50.   trainwreck
Not often I have to root for Stanford.

But it is one of those days.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-04 11:48:54
51.   Bob Timmermann
America, if not God, demands a Stanford win today.
2008-10-04 11:51:06
52.   Izzy
I am having a hard time with this notion the Cubbies gave us something the first game, with all those walks. As if a walk is not something that is earned or a product of skill, patient resolve and/or a good eye. I'm sorry, I read Mike Sciocia's Tragic this morning, and had to say that. I did not realize Kuroda owned the Cubs though. I do now.
2008-10-04 11:54:13
53.   Gagne55
52 Walks do take the skill of not swinging at bad pitches and some players do that much better than others. That said, Dempster did make it much easier than usual to draw walks in game 1 by throwing so many balls.
2008-10-04 11:56:56
54.   Tripon
''But the message he was sending to us, he's right,'' Soriano said, ''because they did not beat us. We gave it to them. The first two games, they didn't do nothing. We gave it to them.'',CST-SPT-cub04.article

2008-10-04 11:59:08
55.   trainwreck
Keep thinking that. That is why you are losing you smug...
2008-10-04 12:01:00
56.   Gagne55
I don't see how saying "we sucked" is better than "they played well."
2008-10-04 12:07:01
57.   Tripon
Any chance of the Cubs moving Soriano to right and making a big splash to sign Manny in the off season? Manny might be the one guy who doesn't realize that the Cubs hasn't won a WS in 100 years.
2008-10-04 12:19:36
58.   Gagne55
57 Worry about the offseason when the postseason is over.
2008-10-04 12:20:22
59.   Tripon
Mattingly continued, quoting another of his hitters: "It's like Juan Pierre says, 'The guy pitching's got a big house, too' — meaning, in the playoffs, everybody you face is a top guy. You've got to take it to a form that simplifies it."
2008-10-04 12:20:40
60.   Tripon
2008-10-04 12:31:32
61.   milkshakeballa
"His mentality is perfect for the playoffs," said Lowe, who also spent four years with Ramírez in Boston. "What I mean by that is, he strikes out two times yesterday, and I tell him, 'Manny, you feel bad for the guy, you trying to help him out?' And he says, 'I'm O.K., Papi, we've got a long way to go.' That's the way he thinks. He puts no pressure on himself, and he never lets one at-bat affect another."


2008-10-04 12:32:35
62.   alex 7
In case you haven't read it yet, OJ has been found guilty.

2008-10-04 12:34:36
63.   goofus
34 You can't use the words "Cub Fan" and "reasonable" in the same sentence.
2008-10-04 12:35:30
64.   trainwreck
Tied up in South Bend.
2008-10-04 12:37:31
65.   Tripon

An article on Wrigley and Dodgers stadium.

2008-10-04 12:40:13
66.   trainwreck
Tripon is the new Dodgers49.
2008-10-04 12:50:09
67.   dzzrtRatt
1 Back in the 70s, Bruce used to perform "Thunder Road" on solo piano, usually at the opening of the show.

It always disappointed me, because I wanted to hear the big band play that powerful coda. But on stage, Bruce wanted it to come off as wistful.

2008-10-04 12:54:46
68.   Eric Stephen
Getting Manny meant the Dodgers didn't waste their summer praying in vein for a savior to rise from these streets.

Branch Rickey has been on fire in this thread by the way. Great stuff.

2008-10-04 12:58:29
69.   bhsportsguy
For those of you attending tonight's game, parking lot gates open at 4:40, stadium opens up at 5:10.

When I went to Opening Day, the opened up the parking lot a little earlier because there were so many cars lined up.

But I got the above from the Dodger ticket office this morning so that is their story right now.

Also remember USC (which is apparently playing for their BCS bowl chance) plays USC at 5:00 and UCLA (in a game that they are the favorite) plays at 7:10 at the Rose Bowl.

2008-10-04 13:01:53
70.   Eric Stephen
You are correct in that USC really can only beat themselves. :)
2008-10-04 13:04:14
71.   trainwreck
I hate Charlie Weiss.
2008-10-04 13:11:46
72.   seesdifferent
I'd say Tavita Pritchard has seen his last start.
2008-10-04 13:15:05
73.   seesdifferent
why is Pritchard still in the game? to set a new interception record? to provide a whipping boy? masochism? insanity? stupidity? a vast rightwing conspiracy? can we have a bailout?
2008-10-04 13:15:08
74.   Tripon
It could be that Norte Dame is actually decent this year. No where near BCS worthy, but still decent.
2008-10-04 13:25:11
75.   seesdifferent
with even a mediocre quarterback, this game is close; with Prithard's incompetence, however, it's a blowout. Don't get me wrong, I have been on his side until RIGHT NOW. But this is ridiculous. Give Stanford some slightly better officiating and maybe just one interception and it's 14-14 at halftime.
2008-10-04 13:28:46
76.   Jon Weisman
69 - I will be late tonight.
2008-10-04 13:30:06
77.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
54 I hope they keep thinking that and underestimating their opponent. If Lou would have taken the Dodgers seriously he wouldn't have waited to bench his .217 hitting since AS break right fielder and put his best lineup out there from the start. This isn't the last week of the regular season or spring training and this isn't the Nationals you're playing.
2008-10-04 13:35:15
78.   Bob Timmermann
I will not be satisfied until the Notre Dame campus is razed to the ground, the soil is sewn with salt, and somebody gives Jimmy Clausen a better haircut.
2008-10-04 13:38:43
79.   overkill94
66 What ever happened to that guy? I used to love his links and blurbs.
2008-10-04 13:39:20
80.   Fallout
From the MIA.
It seems to me that if a kid has talent and gets the playing time, he should improve week to week and month to month. A second year player should be significantly better in September than he was in May. Isn't Kemp a better CF now than he was earlier in the season? In the same way he has less trouble with certain pitchers now than he did back in April. His average may be about the same overall, but his consistency has improved. That is what a veteran brings because of experience. Of course, next year he and others should improve even more. Ethier is turning into a young veteran.
2008-10-04 13:40:49
81.   Bob Timmermann
Don't forget a sold out Neil Diamond concert at Staples too.

Perhaps he will sing "Sweet Caroline" in honor of the Angels.

2008-10-04 13:59:17
82.   Sam DC
32 Thx for the tip.
2008-10-04 14:01:49
83.   trainwreck
Looks like LA will be cracking tonight.

I have a stomach-ache going into Oktoberfest. This is not good.

2008-10-04 14:06:33
84.   Tommy Naccarato
Bite your tongue 51 (it rhymes)

Just got done reading Bill Plaschke's piece on (sniff) Jeff Kent. That Plaschke (sniff) brings a tear to my eye every time.

Is Bill Plaschke related to Sam Zell?

2008-10-04 14:08:02
85.   Tommy Naccarato
Bob, Your just upset after what a horrible Irish team did to the Bruins last year.....
2008-10-04 14:10:08
86.   Jon Weisman
I'm pretty sure Bob's feelings predate 2007.
2008-10-04 14:28:40
87.   Bob Timmermann
I've been this way since 1971.
2008-10-04 14:29:07
88.   bhsportsguy
I'm off to deliver more tix, and then head out to the Stadium.
2008-10-04 14:29:07
89.   bhsportsguy
I'm off to deliver more tix, and then head out to the Stadium.
2008-10-04 14:32:39
90.   trainwreck
BH is like Santa.
2008-10-04 14:34:01
91.   Eric Stephen
BH, I just want to say we're all counting on you.

Good luck.

2008-10-04 14:37:18
92.   milkshakeballa
Santa never gave me dodger post season ticks :(
2008-10-04 14:41:08
93.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I have to work tonight, but I'll be sneaking peeks on my phone all night. I was contemplating going out and getting a 3G phone just so I could get updates quicker.
2008-10-04 14:45:45
94.   Bob Timmermann
bhsportsguy is more of an Oshogatsu Oscar.
2008-10-04 14:50:54
95.   Tommy Naccarato
Here I left 40 minutes ago to change a light bulb at my 77 year old neighbor's condo. (very high up) I come back and it's literally has turned into a Raider game.

Bob and I more or less discussed his feelings of the Irish at the Breeder's Cup some years ago.

I hope to be discussing it again here pretty soon, as soon as the Grand Cosmo gets off his duff and gets us the tickets!

2008-10-04 14:53:13
96.   Marty
Tonight will be the second post-season game I've attended. The first was five days short of 43 years ago.
2008-10-04 14:55:08
97.   Tommy Naccarato
Last play-off series against the Mutt's, we got some pretty decent tickets on game day, right off of

Not this time!

Have a great time tonight Marty.

2008-10-04 15:02:18
98.   Tommy Naccarato
Thanks Harbaugh. Some tremendous play calling there.
2008-10-04 15:06:13
99.   waterboy100
its raining in the valley. anyone know about downtown?
2008-10-04 15:07:52
100.   Bob Timmermann
It's been sprinkling a bit off and on throughout the day in Downtown. Nothing hard.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-10-04 15:08:51
101.   waterboy100
nothing that would delay the game?
2008-10-04 15:14:02
102.   Alex41592
Dennis Eckersley is quite good on the TBS studio crew.
2008-10-04 15:15:39
103.   Dodger Dawg
I expect a close game with the Ds finding a way to win, probably a Manny shot. Whatever happens the rest of the way this has been a fun season and Manny made it fun for everybody involved.
2008-10-04 15:31:40
104.   Dodgers49
79 66 What ever happened to that guy? I used to love his links and blurbs.

I'm still here Overkill. Thanks for remembering me. My brother died of cancer on September 2nd and since I returned from the funeral I haven't returned to some of my previous activities yet. I've just been lurking since I returned home from Virginia two weeks ago. But I'll be back. This was just a tough loss. Still, I'm enjoying this Dodgers run about as much as I enjoyed any since the 1955 season.

2008-10-04 15:34:55
105.   Eric Stephen
I'm so sorry, man. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
2008-10-04 15:35:41
106.   LogikReader
I'll be on my way to the game in just a bit. Man am I ever looking forward to tonight's game. Let's hope for the best!

The Dodger Trolley will be running today, confirmed by calling the number on the Dodger Trolley Home Page. Has anyone tried using the trolley this year?

2008-10-04 15:36:03
107.   overkill94
102 He's easily one of the best baseball analysts I've heard
2008-10-04 15:37:42
108.   overkill94
104 Good to see you're still around, even if it's only in spirit.

Sorry to hear about your brother, must be tough.

2008-10-04 15:37:54
109.   Eric Stephen
Eck is an oustanding analyst. He cuts right to the chase.
2008-10-04 15:51:39
110.   trainwreck
Sorry to hear about your loss.

We miss you around here.

2008-10-04 15:53:29
111.   Dodgers49
108 Sorry to hear about your brother, must be tough.

Ironically, on the very day it was announced that Gene Upshaw had died of pancreatic cancer my 70-year-old brother was diagnosed with the same disease. They thought he might have a few months or at least weeks left and I began making plans to visit him while he was still alive. But five days later my nephew sent me an email saying they weren't sure he would make it through the night. He died the next day. Six days was all it took. But then I read in Sports Illustrated that Upshaw died just two days after he was diagnosed (which they inferred might be some kind of record for pancreatic cancer).

2008-10-04 15:54:29
112.   Bob Timmermann
RIP, Craig Fertig
2008-10-04 15:59:00
113.   goofus
Josh says same lineup as Games 1 and 2. If it ain't broke....
2008-10-04 16:00:59
114.   Marty
Sorry to hear about your brother Dodgers49. I went through the same thing with my brother 10 years ago. He had liver cancer and died 8 days after diagnosis. It's not fun. My brother would have loved this blog if he'd lived long enough. But I'm also a little afraid he would have been a Pierre fan :)
2008-10-04 16:30:36
115.   Ken Noe
104 So sorry for your loss. Where are you in Virginia? I grew up near Blacksburg.
2008-10-04 16:32:29
116.   Ken Noe
Josh Rawitch says same lineup as last time.
2008-10-04 16:34:27
117.   Dodgers49
115 Danville
2008-10-04 16:45:22
118.   Sam DC
104 So very sorry for your loss.

And glad the Dodgers have given you a little respite here and there.

2008-10-04 16:45:39
119.   MSarg29
Great throw by Werth.
2008-10-04 16:45:41
120.   Dodgers49
115 Since you teach Civil War history I should have just said, "the Last Capitol of The Confederacy." :-)
2008-10-04 16:51:20
121.   LU Dodger
115, 117

Va Beach here! Represent Virginia!

2008-10-04 16:57:11
122.   Dodgers49
118 Thanks to all for your thoughts. Even though I haven't been posting the first thing I do each day after my morning walk is logon and read Dodger Thoughts. Jon may not really know just how much this site has come to mean to many of us. I'd just like to take this moment to thank him.
2008-10-04 17:10:35
123.   MSarg29
122-my thoughts are with you Dodgers49
2008-10-04 17:34:32
124.   overkill94
That looked like a catch to me
2008-10-04 17:41:16
125.   LU Dodger

I thought so too, but I hard Corey Hart

2008-10-04 17:42:34
126.   Bob Hendley
122 - Hang in there, Dodger49. And yep, let's hear it for Jon.
2008-10-04 17:45:02
127.   PalmdaleSteve1
Everyone has it wrong.

The Dodgers club house, at least the spread, is much better with more to go around now that Jabba the Hut Jones is off doing something evolving involving Sumo.

OK...maybe not.

2008-10-04 17:51:00
128.   madmac
any UofO backers online right now. GO DUCKS!
2008-10-04 17:51:57
129.   Sam DC
Just flipping, here's a $500K question on millionaire -- In the 18th Centruy Gainsborough painting "The Blue Boy," what is the boy holding:

A Pheasant
B Lute
C Hat
D Sword

She got it . . .

2008-10-04 17:55:55
130.   overkill94
A lute?
2008-10-04 17:56:34
131.   Sam DC
Million dollar question (I've never seen one before):

(side note -- she didn't finish her degree, but did two years at U of A)

Famous Pediatrician and author Dr. Ben Spock won an Olympic Gold medal in what sport?



She's stopping.

2008-10-04 17:56:34
132.   overkill94
130 Nope
2008-10-04 17:57:50
133.   overkill94
131 And Dr. Spock was a Zeta Psi! The same jerks who kept trying to kick us out of our fraternity house in college.
2008-10-04 17:59:48
134.   Sam DC
I put the answers over in the Griddle Phils/Brewers thread.

Gotta goose Bob's traffic somehow.

2008-10-04 18:02:16
135.   Sam DC
In other news around the dial, local PBS is showing Wall Street.

Quite the sense of humor over at our PBS, I suppose.

2008-10-04 18:06:43
136.   seesdifferent
Phatty Phielder Pholds again; doubt the Brewers can win without something from him.
2008-10-04 18:07:45
137.   Sam DC
Anyone know what DT hero has a spot in Wall Street?

Besides Jon.

2008-10-04 18:13:34
138.   Bob Hendley
137 - Cody Ross?
2008-10-04 18:14:36
139.   underdog
Hey, Jon's got a new post above, snuck it in.

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