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Here We Go - Again!
2008-10-09 17:07
by Jon Weisman
Comments (629)
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2008-10-09 17:09:10
1.   Tripon
Why does Fox need 22 minutes to preview the series?
2008-10-09 17:10:48
2.   ToyCannon
2008-10-09 17:12:43
3.   LAT
Ugh. Its been a while but I LAT'd myself again.

Re Ticker Sales: I put four tickets, field level, behid home plate on EBay and am getting no action. These are scary economic times.

2008-10-09 17:14:32
4.   D4P
and am getting no action


2008-10-09 17:15:01
5.   Jon Weisman
I don't know if this helps anyone, but:

2008-10-09 17:15:53
6.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I can't believe how nervous I am.
2008-10-09 17:19:43
7.   Tripon
5 Cool. This' link is great!
2008-10-09 17:20:03
8.   kadycee
6 Same here.

Vigilance! - that's perfect.

2008-10-09 17:20:24
9.   fanerman
It's game time!
2008-10-09 17:20:56
10.   ToyCannon
Stubhub now only has 3496 tickets available for Sunday. They started at 6000 and dropped to 4800 so they are being purchased.
2008-10-09 17:21:05
11.   D4P
Oh Nellie!, let me tell ya' 'bout that Gatorade.
2008-10-09 17:21:23
12.   mintxcore
6 I can't stop shaking my legs, like right before a test or something haha.

I got laid off from my job the other day, was bummed because I still have to work till Tuesday. But then I got offa work early today. So wooo! And bring on the World Series because I'll be unemployed and have all the time in the world!

2008-10-09 17:21:38
13.   underdog
Small consolation re: Fox: No Frank TV ads!
2008-10-09 17:21:55
14.   underdog
Yay! A D4P sighting! :-)
2008-10-09 17:23:40
15.   D4P
This is Cole Hamels's Biggest Game Ever.
2008-10-09 17:24:11
16.   seesdifferent
Hamels looks tense, a good sign for the Dodgers.
2008-10-09 17:24:37
17.   Who Is Karim Garcia
That link is great for all my replay needs. WOW.
2008-10-09 17:25:05
18.   overkill94
Atta boy Dre!
2008-10-09 17:25:18
19.   trainwreck
Yeah, Dre!
2008-10-09 17:25:20
20.   underdog
Good start, 'Dre!
2008-10-09 17:25:20
21.   bhsportsguy
So do they walk Manny?
2008-10-09 17:25:24
22.   scareduck
6 - oddly, my family motto is "Miseris Succurrere Disco", which means either "I learn to help the miserable" or "Disco sucks and I am miserable."
2008-10-09 17:25:29
23.   oshea2002
Can anyone explain why some HD feeds (like tonight) come in with bars on the sides, and others are full screen?

Great job Dre!

2008-10-09 17:25:41
24.   Who Is Karim Garcia
2008-10-09 17:25:44
25.   fanerman
So much for the lead-off HR.
2008-10-09 17:25:55
26.   Tripon
Hey Joe Buck. I really need you to sell me on that drinkability ad. From the sound of your voice, it sounds like you think Miller lite is like isn't that drinkability.
2008-10-09 17:26:20
27.   Reddog
Allright Andre! Go Dodgers!
2008-10-09 17:26:34
28.   overkill94
2008-10-09 17:26:35
29.   Al Yellon
Hi, I'm a Cubs fan.

No, I'm not going to say anything nasty here -- I'm here with an offer for Dodgers fans.

Back in September, when I thought the Cubs would be playing the Mets in the division series, I bought some tickets for the Dodgers NLCS games. Now, I have some available.

They are in section 304, row O, in the All You Can Eat Pavilion, for game 4 on Monday, October 13.

I've sent the tickets to a friend of mine in Manhattan Beach, so they will be available for pickup in the LA area tomorrow afternoon. I paid $90 each for them (including all the TM fees), so that's what I'd like back.

Email al (at) bleedcubbieblue (dot) com if you are interested.

Good luck to the Dodgers in the NLCS.

2008-10-09 17:26:37
30.   oshea2002
2008-10-09 17:26:39
31.   bhsportsguy
I guess Manny will be walked from here on out.
2008-10-09 17:26:39
32.   underdog

Wait, that didn't go out??


Well, I'll take it.

2008-10-09 17:26:42
33.   scareduck
1-0. Consider y'all succored.
2008-10-09 17:26:47
34.   trainwreck
Awwwwwww so close!!!

Fudge yeah!

2008-10-09 17:26:52
35.   Who Is Karim Garcia

See if you can find a setting on your box for a widescreen setting. On my set there are no bars.

2008-10-09 17:26:56
36.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
2008-10-09 17:26:57
37.   Reddog


2008-10-09 17:27:13
38.   fanerman
2008-10-09 17:27:16
39.   underdog
That might have been a good time to walk Manny with 1st open. But... fine by me.
2008-10-09 17:27:41
40.   Tripon
The chainlink fence stops a homer.
2008-10-09 17:27:44
41.   scareduck
23 -

1) because you are watching on the NTSC feed.
2) because your TV company (cable/satellite) is distributing it in the wrong format.

2008-10-09 17:27:58
42.   DXMachina
Wow! That was really close to going out.
2008-10-09 17:28:01
43.   Jacob Burch
If that's despicable, I'll take it!
2008-10-09 17:28:06
44.   Lee Corbett
he's unbelievable. really
2008-10-09 17:28:26
45.   LAT
Nice to take the crowd out of the game so quickly.
2008-10-09 17:28:49
46.   scareduck
Hey, Russell, not to swing at that eye-high stuff.
2008-10-09 17:28:52
47.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Martin chases. Ugh. Patience.
2008-10-09 17:29:34
48.   thinkblue0
why does buck act as if Manny could possibly have had a triple?

1-0! Great start!

2008-10-09 17:29:40
49.   Lee Corbett
but the commentators still find a way to rip him for hot hustling
2008-10-09 17:29:40
50.   kadycee
My TV & Vin are out of sync! I have to listen to McCarver. I'll be hitting the mute button often.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-09 17:30:20
51.   oshea2002
41 - ok, that makes more sense. For instance, the football game on espn right now is in full screen HD.
2008-10-09 17:30:25
52.   scareduck
50 - you can do what my wife does for Cubs games and listen on MLB Gameday Audio and delay both until they're in sync.
2008-10-09 17:30:44
53.   D4P
Tim just told me that you don't want to give intentional walks in the early innings because that leads to big innings.
2008-10-09 17:30:50
54.   Branch Rickey
Uh oh.. towels. Kemp's Kryptonite.
2008-10-09 17:31:26
55.   Tripon
Hamels look gassed already.
2008-10-09 17:31:41
56.   scareduck
Good eye, James.
2008-10-09 17:31:50
57.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Full to Loney..... c'mon James.
2008-10-09 17:31:58
58.   trainwreck
Crazy patience!
2008-10-09 17:32:15
59.   underdog
That's right, keep those butterflies a-fluttering, Cole.
2008-10-09 17:32:16
60.   Jacob Burch
Loney patience! Let's go Bison!
2008-10-09 17:32:16
61.   LAT
Way to work the count.
Do the same Matt
2008-10-09 17:32:23
62.   Reddog
Allright, let's see some Bison power.
2008-10-09 17:32:23
63.   kadycee
52 I'll try it - thank you!
2008-10-09 17:32:51
64.   Who Is Karim Garcia
My country for a single.
2008-10-09 17:33:02
65.   superbas
let's have a good ab and hit the ball somewhere hard matty!
2008-10-09 17:33:36
66.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Hamels is rattled?
2008-10-09 17:33:38
67.   seesdifferent
Phillies lookin pretty shakey. Foot on the throat already.
2008-10-09 17:33:40
68.   LAT
Just keep making Hamels throw lots of pitches
2008-10-09 17:33:45
69.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
Big at bat here for Kemp.
2008-10-09 17:33:52
70.   scareduck
Wow, that was almost back-to-back wild pitches.
2008-10-09 17:34:32
71.   scareduck
C'mon, Bison... or not.
2008-10-09 17:34:35
72.   Who Is Karim Garcia
pitch count for Hamels?
2008-10-09 17:34:49
73.   oshea2002
Big out there.
2008-10-09 17:34:57
74.   Andrew Shimmin
See? That's why I didn't want Kemp on the NLCS roster.
2008-10-09 17:35:09
75.   superbas
kemp is not clutch
2008-10-09 17:35:20
76.   trainwreck
Made him work and got a run. Real nice start.
2008-10-09 17:35:22
77.   Mark Linsey
Fox plays "I Love LA" at the end of the inning, which makes me think someone is trying to jinx us.
2008-10-09 17:35:24
78.   fanerman
2008-10-09 17:35:28
79.   MC Safety
Cole who?
2008-10-09 17:35:32
80.   D4P
Werth already paying dividends for the Phillies.
2008-10-09 17:35:46
81.   oshea2002
say what you want about McCarver, decent call there saying to sit on the change 2-0, he was right.
2008-10-09 17:36:28
82.   underdog
Whoa. Cat Power on a Lincoln commercial? Weirdness.
2008-10-09 17:36:45
83.   KG16
77 - no, it just means Ghame Over.
2008-10-09 17:36:58
84.   underdog
80 How? By making a routine catch, or are ya being facetious?
2008-10-09 17:37:05
85.   thinkblue0
74- because whoever would have replaced him would have gotten a hit?
2008-10-09 17:37:05
86.   Who Is Karim Garcia
(White Juan + Cody Ross) > [2*(Andruw Jones + Slappy McPopup)]
2008-10-09 17:38:02
87.   underdog
85 I think he's being facetious. Or channeling his inner DBacks fan.
2008-10-09 17:38:09
88.   D4P
If Werth doesn't make that catch, the Dodgers score 2 more runs.

Harry Kalas's voice sounds really familiar.

2008-10-09 17:38:13
89.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Let's see that dirty slider, DLowe.
2008-10-09 17:38:17
90.   trainwreck
Pop ups are not good for Lowe.
2008-10-09 17:38:41
91.   trainwreck
NFL Films and commercials.
2008-10-09 17:39:11
92.   thinkblue0
88 - yes it he doing commercials or something?
2008-10-09 17:39:16
93.   KG16
90 - if they stay in the in field, I'm not going to complain
2008-10-09 17:39:47
94.   Icaros
I wish we had the power to elect national broadcasters. This is tyranny, I say.
2008-10-09 17:39:51
95.   D4P
NFL Films

Yeah, with Steve Sabol or whatever his name was.

2008-10-09 17:39:51
96.   oshea2002
I'd have cheered for the Phils had we not played them, littered with California guys. Plus I also like Victorino.
2008-10-09 17:39:54
97.   Who Is Karim Garcia

That's not even factoring in Victorino.... which leads me to wonder, is Victorino our worst rule 5 loss in recent history?

2008-10-09 17:40:15
98.   Lee Corbett
Lowe looks good. keeping the ball right down.
2008-10-09 17:41:00
99.   kadycee
oh NOW Utley gets a hit
2008-10-09 17:41:30
100.   scareduck
77 - clearly, you missed this week's SI cover:

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2008-10-09 17:41:44
101.   oshea2002
That was a ball?
2008-10-09 17:41:49
102.   scareduck
90 - I know.
2008-10-09 17:41:50
103.   trainwreck
Lowe is going to need those to be called strikes.
2008-10-09 17:42:02
104.   Lee Corbett
88 that was a can of corn
2008-10-09 17:42:10
105.   D4P
If Howard could bunt toward 3B, it'd almost be an automatic hit.
2008-10-09 17:42:17
106.   MC Safety
82 Is that her doing Bowie?
2008-10-09 17:42:26
107.   underdog
How was that ball 2 a ball? Sheesh.
2008-10-09 17:42:53
108.   oshea2002
That was strike 3. Inning should be over.
2008-10-09 17:42:58
109.   Who Is Karim Garcia

And the Dodgers would gladly let him do that every time.

2008-10-09 17:44:01
110.   trainwreck
DeWitt D!
2008-10-09 17:44:11
111.   kadycee
I love Blake D.
2008-10-09 17:44:13
112.   Branch Rickey
He's not Kent!
2008-10-09 17:44:14
113.   Who Is Karim Garcia
That would have skipped past the rosebush.
2008-10-09 17:44:17
114.   underdog
They gave Howard the shift and the shaft!
2008-10-09 17:44:26
115.   LU Dodger
2008-10-09 17:44:35
116.   MC Safety
Phils got nothing.
2008-10-09 17:44:46
117.   D4P
Shoulda bunted.
2008-10-09 17:44:47
118.   scareduck
97 - at the time, Wesley Wright was thought to be such a player, but I would give that one time.
2008-10-09 17:44:53
119.   bhsportsguy
Vin didn't make it sound like Werth's catch was that difficult? Was it?
2008-10-09 17:45:37
120.   Rob M
109 I wouldn't be happy to have him get a bunt single every time up, but I bet he could only get it down and not get thrown out by Lowe or Russ a quarter of the time, or less.
2008-10-09 17:45:41
121.   nick
according to the k zone Lowe got a gift call for strike 2 on that outside slider.....
2008-10-09 17:46:08
122.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
Vin on Gameday sounds like he is a little stuffed up - or perhaps working on a cough candy.
2008-10-09 17:46:22
123.   LU Dodger

He almost lost it, but it wouldve been ruled a catch still if he had dropped it, because he clearly had it caught for the moment

2008-10-09 17:47:25
124.   Who Is Karim Garcia

He was pretty good with the astros this year. It's easier to give up a middle reliever than Shane who plays everday, play an excellent OF and would have allowed us to NOT sign Slappy.

I also miss Carlos Santana.

2008-10-09 17:47:37
125.   underdog
119 No, it was a routine fly ball.
2008-10-09 17:47:38
126.   scareduck
119 - no.
2008-10-09 17:47:59
127.   fanerman
124 Sniff. Why'd you have to bring up Carlos?!
2008-10-09 17:49:23
128.   scareduck
124 - an 85 ERA+ is not good, especially for a reliever.
2008-10-09 17:49:25
129.   Who Is Karim Garcia

It's my running joke around here. Many said that no one would miss him if we made it into the postseason.

2008-10-09 17:49:33
130.   Tripon
Carlos Santana shall be traded for Robinson Cano.
2008-10-09 17:49:36
131.   LU Dodger
Ok if no one else will say it, I will:


2008-10-09 17:50:36
132.   thinkblue0
131- too close to be taking
2008-10-09 17:52:23
133.   Bob Hendley
The Latin feed keeps saying that Lowe has never lost a game in the playoffs with Manny in the lineup.
2008-10-09 17:52:51
134.   LU Dodger

Are you kidding? The catcher framed it well, but it was no where close. That inning was way to quick for Hamels.

Got to say Lowe looking good baby!

2008-10-09 17:53:03
135.   Who Is Karim Garcia

23 year old getting his first taste of the big leagues, pitching in that ballpark, a 2.14 BAA, and tough on lefties... I don't think his statistics tell the whole story, especially when you are dealing with the sample sizes of relievers.

2008-10-09 17:53:35
136.   fanerman
12-pitch inning.
2008-10-09 17:53:59
137.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Remember when Burrell was just a monster at the U?
2008-10-09 17:54:04
138.   scareduck
133 - somebody's calling the game in a dead language! Sweet!
2008-10-09 17:54:46
139.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
Apparently Gameday doesn't think much of Manny's double. Still no video...
2008-10-09 17:54:51
140.   LU Dodger
Lowe's sinker is devastating tonight.

It looks as if he's toying with the hitters before he eventually throws it

2008-10-09 17:55:46
141.   LU Dodger
I will never speak again....apologies
2008-10-09 17:55:52
142.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Way to cut it off, Manny.
2008-10-09 17:56:34
143.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Don't hurt us, White Juan.
2008-10-09 17:56:52
144.   underdog
Good hustle Manny! Take that McCarver.
2008-10-09 17:56:57
145.   Tripon
Great, now Lowe's missing his spots!
2008-10-09 17:57:18
146.   scareduck
139 - love your nick!
2008-10-09 17:57:25
147.   Who Is Karim Garcia
My country for a 6-4-3.
2008-10-09 17:57:29
148.   superbas
man this ump seems to favor the high balls.
2008-10-09 17:57:31
149.   thinkblue0
okay lowe is getting squeezed.
2008-10-09 17:57:49
150.   Tripon
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-10-09 17:58:03
151.   Reddog
2008-10-09 17:58:06
152.   LU Dodger
Dude that play made me scream more than the double by Manny

Whooohooooo DP!

2008-10-09 17:58:06
153.   Who Is Karim Garcia
... or a 4-3.
2008-10-09 17:58:11
154.   MC Safety
Squeeze that, ump.
2008-10-09 17:58:16
155.   bhsportsguy
Lowe was getting squeezed in Game 1 last time but adjusted. I like the ground balls.
2008-10-09 17:58:19
156.   Humma Kavula
DeWitt's glove has been great so far tonight.
2008-10-09 17:58:22
157.   Jacob Burch
Lowe being Lowe
2008-10-09 17:58:23
158.   underdog
MicroStrikeZone. Ugh.
2008-10-09 17:58:28
159.   HAC3
agreed on the ump not calling the low(e) strikes.

attaboy Dewitt.

2008-10-09 17:58:44
160.   Tripon
I love DeWitt's range.
2008-10-09 17:58:46
161.   fanerman
2008-10-09 17:58:56
162.   underdog
Yay! A Werthy DP!
2008-10-09 17:59:27
163.   Bluebleeder87
just got here, did we score on a double from Manny? some friends text me but didn't tell me how the run was scored.
2008-10-09 17:59:37
164.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Feliz scares me more than any of their hitters. He's like Kevin McReynolds.... certified Dodgers killer.
2008-10-09 17:59:43
165.   underdog
Yeah and I agree with McBuck that it's a good sign even when he gets balls that Lowe's pitches are almost all down, even after the long rest.
2008-10-09 17:59:50
166.   LU Dodger
Mark DeRosa kills a puppy everytime a double play is turned in the playoffs
2008-10-09 18:00:09
167.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Ethier doubled, and Manny doubled off the wall in CF. Barely missed going out.

2008-10-09 18:01:16
168.   nick
I love watching Furcal throw...
2008-10-09 18:01:21
169.   scareduck
And Lowe wobbles his way out of it. Not liking this strike zone.
2008-10-09 18:01:24
170.   Bluebleeder87
it's always nice seeing that cannon arm from Furcal.
2008-10-09 18:01:28
171.   Andrew Shimmin
Watching Manny hit is terrific, no doubt about it, but watching Furcal throw isn't far off.
2008-10-09 18:01:29
172.   Humma Kavula
Furcal's cannon is no toy. It is full-size and the real thing.
2008-10-09 18:02:01
173.   MC Safety
158 And Cole gets the SuperStrikeZone.
2008-10-09 18:02:11
174.   Bluebleeder87

thanks much Who Is Karim Garcia. :o)

2008-10-09 18:02:30
175.   Humma Kavula
Commercial just now for "99. The new fragrance from Ralph Lauren."

Is there no part of Mannymania that will go unexploited?

2008-10-09 18:03:29
176.   bhsportsguy
171 I agree with you, I missed that arm all year.
2008-10-09 18:03:57
177.   capdodger
158 A microZone is okay if both pitchers get it.
2008-10-09 18:05:29
178.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Let's go Andre.
2008-10-09 18:05:56
179.   trainwreck
Dre power!
2008-10-09 18:06:20
180.   Rob M
Thanks Ryan!
2008-10-09 18:06:20
181.   scareduck
That ball said "d'oh!" the moment it hit Ryan's wrist.
2008-10-09 18:06:21
182.   Humma Kavula
Ethier deserves to be on -- even on an error -- after the ump's strike one call. Certainly seems like Hamels is getting calls that Lowe isn't.
2008-10-09 18:06:24
183.   oshea2002
Howard needs to get in front of that.
2008-10-09 18:06:29
184.   bigcpa
That was an excellent 20 second recap of the Dodger season. I can't believe I spent 200 hours here trying to reach the same conclusion.
2008-10-09 18:07:14
185.   scareduck
175 - seriously? I missed that.
2008-10-09 18:07:20
186.   LU Dodger
I don't think there was a single person on this sight who thought Howard was going to be able to handle that hot shot
2008-10-09 18:07:27
187.   oshea2002
wow, that was a wicked change on pitch 2 to manny.
2008-10-09 18:08:47
188.   scareduck
186 - s-i-t-e.
2008-10-09 18:10:06
189.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Give it a ride, Russ.
2008-10-09 18:10:17
190.   LU Dodger
whoops. (shrinks into corner)
2008-10-09 18:10:28
191.   trainwreck
Golden patience.
2008-10-09 18:10:38
192.   superbas
man great ab martin!!!
2008-10-09 18:11:02
193.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I like that we are making Hamels work. Anyone with a quick rundown of the Phillies' middle men?
2008-10-09 18:11:34
194.   LU Dodger
First time i've ever heard police sirens in the background of a sports telecast
2008-10-09 18:11:35
195.   Bluebleeder87
it's pretty amazing to me that lefties hit Hamels harder that righties.
2008-10-09 18:12:33
196.   Humma Kavula
185 It wasn't actually tied to Manny -- that was a joke from me. But the fragrance is called Ninety Nine.

I think on the bottle it says 9IX. Whether this says "99" is in the eye of the beholder.

2008-10-09 18:13:14
197.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I hope we can capitalize on some more of these opportunities.
2008-10-09 18:13:39
198.   D4P
It really feels like the Dodgers are dominating this game, but the score is only 1-0.
2008-10-09 18:14:00
199.   LU Dodger

it's Jay-z's perfume

2008-10-09 18:14:11
200.   Lee Corbett
Sorry, not running there by Loney is not acceptable. You make them make the throw.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-10-09 18:15:07
201.   Tripon
There was a guy on first, how could Loney run?
2008-10-09 18:15:53
202.   Humma Kavula
199 I see. If you have 99 problems, but a, um, woman ain't one, wear my perfume?
2008-10-09 18:15:53
203.   LoneStar7
thats was odd why James didn't run? good start, but i feel like we could of capitalized on a few more opportunities
2008-10-09 18:15:55
204.   underdog
200 Yah, tho I don't think he had any idea it had slipped away. I think a base coach needs to clue him in there.
2008-10-09 18:16:05
205.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Agreed. Hamels has made 55 pitches. Lowe only 35, of course, Lowe needs to get through his half of the inning.

2008-10-09 18:16:32
206.   scareduck
194 - yeah, at Shea you can't hear them over the jets.
2008-10-09 18:17:03
207.   Humma Kavula
Thank you, Phils, for the two quick outs.
2008-10-09 18:17:17
208.   LU Dodger

Lowe doing his best to make 'ya proud

2008-10-09 18:17:17
209.   Bob Timmermann
So I got my Game 4 tickets in the mail and my registration stickers from the DMV.

Which ones do I stick on the back of my car?

2008-10-09 18:17:54
210.   LU Dodger
How the hell did that just happen?
2008-10-09 18:18:08
211.   superbas
victorino tried to take lowe down...literally
2008-10-09 18:18:11
212.   nick
aww--a little male bonding!
2008-10-09 18:18:19
213.   underdog
That was pretty funny. You could tell both guys were trying to save the other guy, too, which was nice. More importantly, quite the efficient inning from DLowe!
2008-10-09 18:18:21
214.   Humma Kavula
That was nice to see, each making sure the other was okay. Good sportsmanship.
2008-10-09 18:18:26
215.   Lee Corbett
201 with two outs you have to make the play, correct?
2008-10-09 18:18:35
216.   Bob Timmermann
I guess the refs would rule that a block and not a charge.
2008-10-09 18:18:56
217.   fanerman
Nice inning!
2008-10-09 18:19:28
218.   underdog
216 Do they each get credit for a half sack?
2008-10-09 18:20:15
219.   Bluebleeder87
Things that don't make sense (Wikipedia):He attended Meadowbrook Middle School and Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego, California. According to Tony Gwynn, lots of scouts were interested in Hamels while he was pitching for RBHS because his fastball was clocked as high as 94 mph. However, he broke his arm in his junior year, so some teams, like the San Diego Padres lost interest. Nonetheless, Hamels was drafted in the first round of the 2002 Major League Baseball Draft by the Phillies.

I was under the impression that when you break your arm the bone actually GETS STRONGER. am I wrong to assume this?

2008-10-09 18:20:45
220.   Bob Hendley
Looks like Lowe is adjusting. Hope he gets into one of those rolls of his.
2008-10-09 18:20:47
221.   capdodger
Six pitches. Nice!
2008-10-09 18:20:54
222.   Who Is Karim Garcia
You can use the fox feeds for replay on your computer, this rocks.

Thanks Jon!

2008-10-09 18:21:04
223.   Humma Kavula
I believe that there are two outs, it doesn't matter if first base is occupied -- the batter-runner can run to first and then a play has to be made.

But Bob can tell us, I'm sure.


2008-10-09 18:21:09
224.   Bluebleeder87
easy double for Kemp. YES!
2008-10-09 18:21:11
225.   trainwreck
M. Bison used his psycho powers on that one.
2008-10-09 18:21:13
226.   underdog
Bison Strength with a cue shot!
2008-10-09 18:21:21
227.   oshea2002
Yes Bison!
2008-10-09 18:21:36
228.   MC Safety
I remember Vin saying Victorino loved football growing up.

Go Bison!

2008-10-09 18:21:47
229.   Bob Timmermann
Jason Bay hit the ball the way from Boston to Philadelphia and only got a double?
2008-10-09 18:21:53
230.   capdodger
Yes McBuck. It's all about the Sox. Even when it's not.
2008-10-09 18:21:57
231.   superbas
let's try to manufacture a run somehow here, please
2008-10-09 18:22:13
232.   Humma Kavula
How Hamels keeps getting that pitch and Lowe doesn't is frustrating the Kavula household.
2008-10-09 18:22:28
233.   fanerman
M. Bison does a level 1 psycho crusher. He did not have enough energy charged to do a level 3 psycho crusher.
2008-10-09 18:23:12
234.   LU Dodger

Thank you Bob. I wanted to comment on that stupidity, but only you could word it so beautifully. I'm now glad I refrained

2008-10-09 18:23:34
235.   Who Is Karim Garcia
C'mon Blake*s*
2008-10-09 18:24:09
236.   scareduck
229 - brilliant!
2008-10-09 18:24:10
237.   DBrim
Blake's fighting them off pretty well.
2008-10-09 18:24:55
238.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Are the Phillies fans REALLY groaning for that pitch to be a strike?
2008-10-09 18:25:20
239.   oshea2002
Big AB here for DeWitt
2008-10-09 18:25:34
240.   Humma Kavula
Get 'im home, DeWitt.
2008-10-09 18:25:39
241.   Bluebleeder87
You gotta score that run man... 1 out & runner at 3rd.
2008-10-09 18:25:41
242.   D4P
I predict that DeWitt will drive this run in.
2008-10-09 18:25:41
243.   underdog
I know, that made me chuckle, too. "That was right where Jason Bay hit it when..." No, Tim, it really wasn't.
2008-10-09 18:25:58
244.   Bob Timmermann
And I even left out a word in 229
2008-10-09 18:26:09
245.   oshea2002
Great AB kid!
2008-10-09 18:26:11
246.   Humma Kavula
SAC works for me. Good job!
2008-10-09 18:26:12
247.   Who Is Karim Garcia
That'll do.

2-0, good guys.

2008-10-09 18:26:13
248.   scareduck
2008-10-09 18:26:29
249.   Icaros
DeWitt seems to always get the sac fly.
2008-10-09 18:26:30
250.   Bluebleeder87
nice fundamental baseball.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-10-09 18:26:50
251.   underdog
That worked out quite well, thank you DeWitt and Bison!
2008-10-09 18:26:52
252.   oshea2002
Clearly McCarver has not read any LA press this year, he just said "good baserunning from Matt Kemp"
2008-10-09 18:26:53
253.   MC Safety
Nice execution by The Solution.
2008-10-09 18:26:57
254.   LU Dodger
Good RBI, but we're sooo far away from home still.

Atta boy DeWitt!

2008-10-09 18:27:19
255.   Tripon
Erick Aybar should take a class taught by Blake DeWitt.
2008-10-09 18:27:27
256.   underdog
What's Hamels' pitch count now?
2008-10-09 18:27:42
257.   D4P
DeWitt seems to always get the sac fly

Especially after he bought into Torre's team-work mantra and stopped trying for selfish hits and stuff.

2008-10-09 18:27:45
258.   Branch Rickey
D-Lowe apparently going to swing at every pitch he sees tonight.
2008-10-09 18:28:11
259.   Jon Weisman
229 - That's the way the ball bounces.
2008-10-09 18:28:16
260.   capdodger


2008-10-09 18:28:43
261.   fanerman
2008-10-09 18:28:43
262.   Tripon
Jeff (USA!): Hey rob so are you saying that it will be LA in 7?

SportsNation Rob Neyer: (9:16 PM ET ) For the record? I'm sticking with the Phillies. Off the record, though? Completely off the record? Dodgers in 6.

2008-10-09 18:28:46
263.   Bob Hendley
around 68
2008-10-09 18:29:19
264.   Icaros

I've decided to stop following the narratives.

2008-10-09 18:29:28
265.   Branch Rickey
So which is easier... things a caveman can do or things a baby can do? I guess a baby caveman could do just about anything.
2008-10-09 18:29:39
266.   dontraiseplz
that was a nice inning, you don't often see the Dodgers (or any team, really) grind out that run against a pitcher with a great K/BB rate.
2008-10-09 18:30:51
267.   Who Is Karim Garcia
If we can get through this half inning, we might be in the 7th before we know it.
2008-10-09 18:31:17
268.   Icaros

Yeah, like that little boomerang kid from The Road Warrior.

2008-10-09 18:31:41
269.   scareduck
2008-10-09 18:31:51
270.   underdog
I hope Lowe is okay after that reverb hand stinger on the out he made. Well, he certainly looks okay to start this inning. McCarver's just trying to scare us.
2008-10-09 18:32:35
271.   LU Dodger
The Geico cavemen commercial with the motorcycles is an instant classic in my book
2008-10-09 18:32:36
272.   Bluebleeder87
listening to the radio & the news lately, it's very refreshing hearing the main stream media come around on the Dodgers...
2008-10-09 18:33:06
273.   Who Is Karim Garcia

I've had nightmares about that kid. Especially when he gets all excited by the music box.

2008-10-09 18:34:00
274.   Who Is Karim Garcia
DeWitt is a wiz.
2008-10-09 18:34:00
275.   LU Dodger


2008-10-09 18:34:01
276.   DBrim
Wow, what a play.
2008-10-09 18:34:12
277.   scareduck
WOWSERS another nice play by The Solution!
2008-10-09 18:34:25
278.   nick
DeWitt! 3rd baseman barehand skillz!
2008-10-09 18:34:37
279.   underdog
Awesome hustle, Solution!
2008-10-09 18:34:46
280.   Bluebleeder87
that's the kind of baseball we need to play to win games. Looks easy but i'm sure it's very VERY hard to do, especially on the big stage.
2008-10-09 18:34:59
281.   capdodger
Loney got hung up for a minute on that one.
2008-10-09 18:34:59
282.   Icaros
I couldn't tell who Lowe was mad at. Loney?
2008-10-09 18:35:02
283.   Lee Corbett
DeWitt has made a couple of plays already that no way Kent makes
2008-10-09 18:35:45
284.   Branch Rickey
If Lowe keeps pitching like this in this postseason, we're going to have to just hand him a contract and let him fill in the zeros.
2008-10-09 18:35:51
285.   scareduck
Cha-ching. Lowe cruising.
2008-10-09 18:35:55
286.   Bob Hendley
272 - Yeah, before you know it we'll be Dodger Nation, yuck Nice Solution. Is Kent ever going to make it onto the diamond?
2008-10-09 18:36:07
287.   superbas
lowe is beautiful so far
2008-10-09 18:36:09
288.   MC Safety
Lowe is cruising.
2008-10-09 18:36:32
289.   D4P
I'm predicting a Dodger sweep.
2008-10-09 18:36:41
290.   underdog
That's two foul tip strike outs that Martin held on to. Nice inning!
2008-10-09 18:36:52
291.   Reddog
Lowe really looks on tonight.
2008-10-09 18:36:52
292.   Bluebleeder87
i'd like to see D-Lowe go in game 4, I mean why not,the guy is really well rested & traditionally he strives this time of year.
2008-10-09 18:36:53
293.   Bob Hendley
Rollin, rollin, rollin...
2008-10-09 18:37:27
294.   underdog
289 Argh! {knock on wood knock on wood knock on wood}

Okay guys, off to my own game. I shall catch up to y'all later tonight, hoping to watch the Dodgers hold on {knock on wood} in this one.

Go Blue!

2008-10-09 18:38:05
295.   underdog
Rule 5 violations in some of the ads tonight.
2008-10-09 18:38:21
296.   nick
Lowe's outstanding stretch basically starts with Kent's absence, right?
2008-10-09 18:38:49
297.   underdog
282 Was he mad? I thought he was pumped up by that play.
2008-10-09 18:39:25
298.   Andrew Shimmin
If D4P really could jinx things, I have a feeling the world would have become a giant pyre some time ago.
2008-10-09 18:39:48
299.   capdodger
286 I prefer "Dodgers Duchy".
2008-10-09 18:39:51
300.   Bluebleeder87
the blue has an erratic strike zone no fellas?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-10-09 18:39:57
301.   Who Is Karim Garcia
The bottom half of the Phils' lineup is an impatient mess. Let's see if Lowe can come back out and make quick work in the 5th.
2008-10-09 18:39:58
302.   Tripon
bill murray on SNL-Thursday
presidential debate sketch
murray: "the cubs were swept in the national league divisional series. what will you do to ensure this never happens again"


2008-10-09 18:40:01
303.   Bob Timmermann
A giant pyre where everyone was paid based upon how nice they were to other people.
2008-10-09 18:40:24
304.   seesdifferent
Furcal is trying too hard.
2008-10-09 18:41:30
305.   Who Is Karim Garcia

He made Hamels make 8 pitches there. Did a good job nonetheless.

2008-10-09 18:41:43
306.   LU Dodger

he wasn't mad

2008-10-09 18:42:29
307.   Tripon
5 strike outs for Hamels. He's pitching well, but losing 2-0.
2008-10-09 18:42:44
308.   seesdifferent
The MannSter strikes again.
2008-10-09 18:43:13
309.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Base knock for Manny.... the Phillies will give that to him every time.
2008-10-09 18:43:17
310.   LU Dodger
lol McCarver's first chance to bash Manny, and he's deafly silent
2008-10-09 18:43:17
311.   Branch Rickey
Ethier's at bats so far in the postseason do not match his ABs in September. Small sample and I'm hopeful he'll revert back to his patient ways.
2008-10-09 18:43:53
312.   LU Dodger
And nevermind....there he goes
2008-10-09 18:43:58
313.   D4P
My free internet feeds aren't working very well right now. This is an outrage!
2008-10-09 18:44:20
314.   Bluebleeder87
it looks like Martin is seeing Hamels ball really well.
2008-10-09 18:44:21
315.   oshea2002
I see it took 4 1/2 innings for the Manny bashing to begin.
2008-10-09 18:45:12
316.   Bluebleeder87
set up... he (Martin) was right on the curves though.
2008-10-09 18:45:20
317.   capdodger

84 pitches though.

2008-10-09 18:45:44
318.   Branch Rickey
Arrghhh... McCarver summarizing the entire situation with the Boston traveling secretary as if he were there and saw it all himself. Yeah, the guy politely declined a request for 16 tickets and Manny attacked him. Simple as that.
2008-10-09 18:47:06
319.   KG16
311 - patience does not always mean taking a lot of pitches. that might seem crazy, but it's really not. if a player gets good pitches to hit early in an at bat, there is nothing wrong with swinging early. Ethier has been getting pitches to hit, he's just not getting them to drop every time. Plus, he did already double earlier today.
2008-10-09 18:47:09
320.   Bob Timmermann
The worst part was that Manny Ramirez called the traveling secretary a "purple monkey dishwasher."
2008-10-09 18:47:28
321.   Andrew Shimmin
They should tell the one about Manny's flushing hand towels down the toilet. It's way funnier.
2008-10-09 18:47:32
322.   kadycee
It would be nice if McCarver would think of all the kids watching this who might be Manny fans - is it really necessary to talk about that stuff? I know it's FUN for him, but necessary? I think not.
2008-10-09 18:48:24
323.   Lee Corbett
whatever the outcome, this is a great start by the Dodgers to the series. In the other team's park, they've played good fundamental baseball, got a bunch of hits, showed patience, fielded well (even Manny) and pitched well. Sets a really good tone.
2008-10-09 18:48:30
324.   Bob Hendley
317 - But he should be able to go 7 pretty easily at this rate. Bah.
2008-10-09 18:48:39
325.   KG16
wow, Zoot with a very nice play there at third. that's an in field base hit with a lot of other third basemen.
2008-10-09 18:48:52
326.   Branch Rickey
322. Can you imagine Vin talking about it at all let alone in detail (details he can't know)? That should be your standard. What Would Vin Say?
2008-10-09 18:49:08
327.   Tripon
On the other hand, the Phillies hitters are not having Patience.
2008-10-09 18:49:30
328.   LogikReader
I knew it was coming... and Joe Buck goes in, unprovoked, and brings up the Manny brouhaha.

Branch Rickey is right! They're really making this travelling secretary out to be a saint. Nobody just gets into fisticuffs out of the blue.

It's in the past, whatever happened. Man both pitchers are ON tonight!

2008-10-09 18:49:43
329.   KG16
wow, Joe Torre working the manager cliches quite well.
2008-10-09 18:49:54
330.   nick
Torre showing off his mid-game interview skills, honed throughout the later 1990s...
2008-10-09 18:50:01
331.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
Could we just have Lowe pitch the whole series? Please?
Man he is on tonight... (so far)
2008-10-09 18:50:20
332.   Bob Timmermann
Actually Manny Ramirez was mad at the traveling secretary for failing to remind him when D-Day was.
2008-10-09 18:50:35
333.   oshea2002
Uggh. Turned the line up over.
2008-10-09 18:50:37
334.   Branch Rickey
319 I agree but it seems to me he has been consistently been chasing breaking balls that are low out of the strike zone and that's exactly what he wasn't doing before.
2008-10-09 18:50:48
335.   capdodger
McCarver: "Lowe out early tonight to save him for game 4?"

Torre: "No. We'll play game 4 when we come to it."
Torre's thought: "And that's why I'm in the dugout and you're in the booth."

2008-10-09 18:51:05
336.   oshea2002
Maybe Ruiz will get caught stealing.
2008-10-09 18:51:29
337.   Bluebleeder87
uh oh.
2008-10-09 18:51:31
338.   trainwreck
2008-10-09 18:51:37
339.   Bob Hendley
Torre seems very comfortable to be here.
2008-10-09 18:51:45
340.   Who Is Karim Garcia
2 on, two out. No biggie.
2008-10-09 18:51:47
341.   Tripon
Hamels gets a hit! Ouch!
2008-10-09 18:51:47
342.   Andrew Shimmin
Alex Cora would have had that.
2008-10-09 18:52:10
343.   superbas
hamels got a nice swing...don't lose it here lowe
2008-10-09 18:52:21
344.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
331 Oh my... please don't tell me that I have done something to Lowe...
2008-10-09 18:52:32
345.   oshea2002
those were lucky hits. just settle down and get this guy.
2008-10-09 18:52:41
346.   capdodger
Gah... Don't give up base knocks to the pitcher.

Get this man and get back to the dugout, Derek.

2008-10-09 18:52:55
347.   Bob Hendley
Dang. Let's go Lowe.
2008-10-09 18:52:58
348.   Branch Rickey
322 Now there's a rant that Vinny could get behind.
2008-10-09 18:52:59
349.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Lowe doesn't like the catcher at second base.
2008-10-09 18:53:46
350.   Branch Rickey
348 for 332.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-10-09 18:54:40
351.   Bluebleeder87
what makes Rollins dangerous is that he has a short stroke there for he waits a split second longer than say a Jayson Werth.
2008-10-09 18:55:03
352.   Branch Rickey
Super! Now McCarver trying to steal our signs on the broadcast! I'm sure the Phillies aren't watching.
2008-10-09 18:55:14
353.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Shut up, Joe Buck


The Karim Garcia Family.

2008-10-09 18:55:19
354.   Greg Brock
I'd like to thank Joe Torre and Don Mattingly for giving Lowe the maturity to finish that inning. Without their guidance, who knows what would have happened.

Thanks guys!

2008-10-09 18:55:22
355.   Tripon
2008-10-09 18:55:25
356.   nick
2008-10-09 18:55:47
357.   Bluebleeder87
oh man... Manny nearly gave me a stroke the way he cought that.
2008-10-09 18:55:48
358.   thinkblue88
Lowe is awesome.
2008-10-09 18:55:51
359.   LU Dodger
Manny Ramirez catching routine fly-balls should not do what it does to my heart rate
2008-10-09 18:56:21
360.   kadycee
Lowe was just letting everyone get into a frenzy so the let-down was more painful when they didn't score.
2008-10-09 18:56:24
361.   Lee Corbett
good result. why'd Lowe get so nervy there i wonder.
2008-10-09 18:56:41
362.   LU Dodger
357 Glad to know it's a common side effect
2008-10-09 18:57:23
363.   oshea2002
I cannot stand McBuck, these guys are brutal. I'd rather listen to Sutton and Gracie.
2008-10-09 18:57:58
364.   Who Is Karim Garcia

He was worried about the catcher on second relaying the pitches or location to Rollins.

2008-10-09 18:58:08
365.   Bob Hendley
Jeez, did he have to seem to stumble like that. {heart in throat} I gotta take it easy, but we are getting into crunch time. Next set of Fillies will be telling.
2008-10-09 18:58:12
366.   das411
193 -
Condrey = righty mop-up man, nothing special
Durbin = demoted setup righty, charlie used him waaaaay too much in aug/sept
Eyre = second lefty, beimel w/o the hair
Happ = lefty rookie long reliever, kershaw without the velocity
Madson = tall righty setup man, pitching better this last month than we've ever seen
Romero = different pitcher since he came to the NL. thanks red sox/angels!
Lidge = lights. out.
2008-10-09 18:58:18
367.   Frip
McCarver took a little heat for speaking plainly about Manny. It's only natural that he and Buck would take this opportunity to justify and give backround to his previous comments.

And he's obviously remained objective about Manny since he's complimented his play more than once tonight. Contrary to what a previous poster said, that at least makes him "a man".

2008-10-09 18:58:19
368.   capdodger
361 Probably upset at himself for giving up a hit to the pitcher. The pitch that Hamels hit was outside the zone and a pretty good two strike pitch, but Hamels put a good swing on it.
2008-10-09 18:58:21
369.   KG16
361 - I think he's got an ear piece that allows him to hear the Fox broadcast. he couldn't concentrate with Buck and McCarver stealing signs.
2008-10-09 18:58:26
370.   LU Dodger
363 It's ok, we all know you didn't mean to say such a horrible thing
2008-10-09 18:59:22
371.   Tripon
Wow, Lefties are hitting Hamels really well tonight.
2008-10-09 18:59:31
372.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Burrell rhymes with squirrel.
2008-10-09 19:00:08
373.   KG16
that was not a juggle, Buck. That was a very cool transition from glove to throwing hand.
2008-10-09 19:00:10
374.   Bob Timmermann
Buck and McCarver haven't bothered as much as I thought except for the bizarre remark about Jason Bay's magic double.
2008-10-09 19:00:22
375.   Bob Hendley
Couple of runs would be nice here.
2008-10-09 19:00:25
376.   das411
Does anybody know what those signs on the OF walls that say "January 1 2009" are all about?
2008-10-09 19:00:47
377.   Tripon
Matt Kemp needs to show off his speed. He hanged back on the end.
2008-10-09 19:00:51
378.   trainwreck
Damn, Kemp hit that hard, but right at him.

I think McCarver's brain just shut off for half a second.

2008-10-09 19:00:54
379.   Bob Hendley
2008-10-09 19:01:00
380.   Bob Timmermann
That's the day the MLB Network debuts.
2008-10-09 19:01:26
381.   KG16
i think we need a McBuck drinking game.
2008-10-09 19:01:31
382.   oshea2002
And my directv goes out.
2008-10-09 19:01:44
383.   LU Dodger

And the best part about it, was that you could hear McCarver realizing his stupidity mid-way throughout the story, but he had to finish it.

2008-10-09 19:02:39
384.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Really? Drool. I wonder who we'll steal from ESPN to be the host.

2008-10-09 19:02:55
385.   capdodger
381 Rule 11!
2008-10-09 19:03:54
386.   Bob Timmermann
The hosts haven't been hired. The only people who are known to be working for the MLB Network are Al Leiter and Harold Reynolds.
2008-10-09 19:04:22
387.   Tripon
384 Joe Morgan!
2008-10-09 19:04:39
388.   oshea2002
381 - classic.
2008-10-09 19:05:24
389.   trainwreck
Awwww, come on!
2008-10-09 19:05:38
390.   das411
2008-10-09 19:06:03
391.   oshea2002
wow, bad play by both guys.
2008-10-09 19:06:19
392.   capdodger
Ok, Derek.

Calm. Throw strikes.

2008-10-09 19:06:32
393.   KG16
no reason to panic. one bad play. not the end of the world.
2008-10-09 19:07:03
394.   Bluebleeder87
the hurried throw was justified by Furcal.
2008-10-09 19:07:17
395.   trainwreck
2008-10-09 19:07:19
396.   seesdifferent
should be two errors; Loney could have caught it and kept him at first.
2008-10-09 19:07:23
397.   RIYank
Whoa. That was fast.
2008-10-09 19:07:23
398.   Greg Brock
2008-10-09 19:07:23
399.   Rob M
2008-10-09 19:07:27
400.   Tripon
2-2 Tied game.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-10-09 19:07:29
401.   Andrew Shimmin
There's the end of the world. And I panicked first!
2008-10-09 19:07:30
402.   das411
CHASE!!!!!! UTLEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-10-09 19:07:33
403.   scareduck
That didn't go so well.
2008-10-09 19:07:43
404.   Lee Corbett
I'd have thought changing the signs and setting up late would be something these guys are very comfortable doing. And I find it odd that they'd use something as obvious as second sign. I always imagined they'd have pretty complicated signs, like the first sign indicates the position of the actual sign (first, second, third, etc.).

I was interested to talk to a major league player about their signs, and they are complicated, and get changed fairly often during the season.

2008-10-09 19:07:43
405.   kadycee
The Dodgers can't let this get to them...nor can I...
2008-10-09 19:07:50
406.   Who Is Karim Garcia
sigh. let's go boys. Rally time.
2008-10-09 19:07:54
407.   KG16
still not the end of the world. just a tie game. plenty of time to get back on the board.
2008-10-09 19:07:55
408.   capdodger
It's a three inning game now.
2008-10-09 19:08:18
409.   Bluebleeder87
it's o.k. new ball game. let's go!.
2008-10-09 19:08:18
410.   I Love LA
Furcal's stupidity may have cost us game 1.
2008-10-09 19:08:29
411.   trainwreck
Oh, lord. Not Chan Ho!!!!
2008-10-09 19:08:41
412.   I Love LA
Great Chan Ho Park is warming up which means Phillies will score more runs.
2008-10-09 19:08:49
413.   Marty
Did Lowe eat a bunch of Jalapenos or something? He can't stop fidgeting.
2008-10-09 19:09:19
414.   RIYank
408 I'm afraid not. It's a 3 1/2 inning game.
2008-10-09 19:09:33
415.   Bob Hendley
Take it easy, I Love.
2008-10-09 19:09:51
416.   kadycee
410 The score would still be tied whether a man was on first or second.
2008-10-09 19:10:19
417.   Marty
That doesn't look like Saito to me.
2008-10-09 19:10:22
418.   I Love LA
415 - Apparently Furcal took it too easy
2008-10-09 19:10:54
419.   LU Dodger
Ok either I Love LA or the phillies of you must leave til the game's over.

I keed I keed

2008-10-09 19:11:00
420.   das411
Yes Pat Burrell does always look like he is hung over, why do you ask?
2008-10-09 19:11:14
421.   capdodger
414 H/T. Correct.
2008-10-09 19:11:20
422.   das411
2008-10-09 19:11:23
423.   RIYank
2008-10-09 19:11:26
425.   Rob M


2008-10-09 19:11:29
426.   trainwreck
What a terrible inning. Bringing in Chan Ho is not going to help.
2008-10-09 19:11:32
427.   I Love LA
416 - The score would be 2-1 had Furcal not rushed the throw...ok now Furcal might be the hero.
2008-10-09 19:11:33
428.   capdodger
OK.... Bad Lowe.
2008-10-09 19:11:34
429.   Marty
Like Chan Ho or not, Lowe is done.
2008-10-09 19:11:39
430.   Bluebleeder87
the balls are staying up now from Lowe...
2008-10-09 19:11:46
431.   kadycee
I guess Lowe needs to go - maybe he didn't take his meds.
2008-10-09 19:11:49
432.   KG16
these tiny parks should be outlawed. should be no less than 350 down the lines, 425 to straight away center.
2008-10-09 19:12:10
433.   Lee Corbett
2008-10-09 19:12:14
435.   Greg Brock
I loathe this yard.
2008-10-09 19:12:48
436.   Frip
Ok, we've got ourselves a ballgame.
2008-10-09 19:12:52
437.   Vishal
ok guys, this is my fault. i just started watching video of the game and it's been dodger double-play, dodger error, phillie homer, phillie homer.

don't worry, i shut it off.


2008-10-09 19:13:14
438.   Bluebleeder87
let's get those runs back boys. but first let's get those outs.
2008-10-09 19:13:19
439.   Andrew Shimmin
das411 is good people. He's on the wrong side, but that's okay. Unless he's the Albino astrophysicist in this commercial, in which case I say we hang him.
2008-10-09 19:13:29
440.   Rob M
Might as well go to Wade her, right? Then Biemel or Kuo for the lefties next inning.
2008-10-09 19:13:44
441.   das411
Ok Pat, here's your extension, you just fill in whatever number you like because in these last two games YOU HAVE EARNED IT!!
2008-10-09 19:13:48
442.   LU Dodger
Ahhhhh, and Professor Gerard Fassel makes me feel all better.


2008-10-09 19:14:27
443.   superbas
it's disappointing how lowe always seem to fold so easily when some little thing goes wrong.
2008-10-09 19:14:38
444.   Bluebleeder87
from what das411 says, the Phils don't have much of a bullpen except for Lidge.
2008-10-09 19:14:39
445.   ucladodger
Just got back and this happens. That error really mucked up the inning. Without it, Dlowe isnt in the stretch an a homer is very unlikely. This stinks
2008-10-09 19:15:11
446.   Bluebleeder87
I believe in you Park!!!
2008-10-09 19:15:25
447.   Frip
Buck: "And in a blink, Derrek Lowe is gone"

Well said, I must say.

2008-10-09 19:15:40
448.   Bote Man
The Vet 2.0 is a bandbox.

Is Vinny coming back on radio or is he doing TV the rest of the game, as usual back west?

2008-10-09 19:16:27
449.   KG16
448 - if Vin is doing TV, I'm watching the wrong channel
2008-10-09 19:16:40
450.   capdodger
444 There are only two innings left before Lidge comes in, though.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-10-09 19:16:46
451.   Marty
How big were those flies Tim?
2008-10-09 19:17:00
452.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal hopefully will redeem him self. I still don't blame him, that's a tough play with a speedy Victorino running the bases.
2008-10-09 19:17:18
453.   oshea2002
All I know is that Lidge is blowing one in this series, maybe tonight?
2008-10-09 19:17:35
454.   trainwreck
Damn, nice play by Blake.
2008-10-09 19:17:37
455.   Bluebleeder87
YES! Nice play Blake.
2008-10-09 19:17:46
456.   KG16
they are not playing the Rocky theme.

i hate fox.

2008-10-09 19:17:48
457.   das411
eeesh, no i am not that annoying Sharp TV pitchman...oo nice play Casey Blake!! See, I can root for the Dodgers too (now)!
2008-10-09 19:17:52
458.   D4P
I loathe this yard

And this Park.

2008-10-09 19:17:54
459.   Bluebleeder87
Now let's get those runs back Blue Crew!!!
2008-10-09 19:18:24
460.   Bob Timmermann
Some people really have been feasting on the goo inside people's skulls before I gave them the OK.
2008-10-09 19:18:36
461.   seesdifferent
he was winding up to Burrell, wasn't he?
2008-10-09 19:18:58
462.   Bote Man
Lidge was a tad shaky in his last regular season appearance and downright scary in his only playoff appearance. Don't count your chickens....
2008-10-09 19:19:15
463.   Frip
Fox Bumber Music: I could be wrong but I think that's the first time I've heard the Rocky Theme licensed for something besides strictly the Rocky movie.
2008-10-09 19:19:22
464.   scareduck
... and neither did that.
2008-10-09 19:19:37
465.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal must feel like crap right about now. same with Lowe.
2008-10-09 19:19:41
466.   oshea2002
Wow - real shootout going on between Clemson and Wake. Ugghh.
2008-10-09 19:20:53
467.   Bluebleeder87
man, Hamels must be touching 100 pitches no?
2008-10-09 19:21:11
468.   Bluebleeder87
nobody try to be heroes, just work the count...
2008-10-09 19:22:16
469.   scareduck
Man, Blake hammered that one.

Whiffs on the next one.

2008-10-09 19:22:18
470.   RIYank
460 ????
Is that an inside reference kind of thing?
2008-10-09 19:22:27
471.   capdodger
Where the heck was that second strike?
2008-10-09 19:22:57
472.   scareduck
458 - what has Chan Ho done to you?
2008-10-09 19:23:18
473.   Bluebleeder87
work the count, get something you can "give a ride to"
2008-10-09 19:23:41
474.   Bote Man
That was Hamels' 100th pitch. To Kent.
2008-10-09 19:24:02
475.   RIYank
Speaking of inside stuff, I have a question. How come 434 was removed, but not 433 ?

Sorry, I'll try to pay attention to the game now.

2008-10-09 19:24:10
476.   das411
NOW we see why Cole is the ace of the staff!
2008-10-09 19:24:12
477.   Andrew Shimmin
460- As a licensed bass fisherman, I can tell you that no amount of brain goo would make somebody think Mr. Buck was eloquent. It's got to be something else.
2008-10-09 19:25:02
478.   Bob Hendley
Hamels at 100, but looking good (bad).
2008-10-09 19:25:18
479.   oshea2002
wow, that wasn't unlucky at all.
2008-10-09 19:25:20
480.   scareduck
Welp, Dodgers, you get the eighth to do something.
2008-10-09 19:25:45
481.   Andrew Shimmin
470- An allusion to the Simpsons. We relive it.
2008-10-09 19:25:47
482.   ucladodger
Nice bounce. Next inning is the one whewre we have to score. If Manuel were smart he should just let Lidge pitch the 8th,
2008-10-09 19:25:48
483.   Bote Man
Two changeups followed by a 91mph fastball. Still effective after all these innings.

Just sayin.

2008-10-09 19:26:01
484.   Bob Timmermann
This has been a relatively quick game by postseason standards.
2008-10-09 19:26:24
485.   KG16
is it unpatriotic of me to change the channel during the 7th inning stretch to check in on the Lakers' preseason game?
2008-10-09 19:26:37
486.   das411
woah way to sing along Phila phans (and probably the DT contingent too)!
2008-10-09 19:26:47
487.   DBrim
The balls just aren't bouncing our way.
2008-10-09 19:26:55
488.   thinkblue88

I did the same thing!

2008-10-09 19:27:22
489.   Frip
I'm not sure if that was an earthy God Bless America, or just bad.
2008-10-09 19:27:22
490.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
Well, this wouldn't be a tough a loss as Game 1 of the 1988 NLCS.
That series turned out fairly well.
2008-10-09 19:27:51
491.   Lee Corbett
Was God Bless America sung at ball games before September 11? And is it sung at all parks all the time now?
2008-10-09 19:27:57
492.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
Well, this wouldn't be as tough a loss as Game 1 of the 1988 NLCS.
That series turned out fairly well.
2008-10-09 19:28:19
493.   Marty
I had the worst burger I've had in years tonight. I blame that for the two home runs.
2008-10-09 19:28:30
494.   Greg Brock
If Miller Lite tasted like Ostrich it would probably sell better.
2008-10-09 19:29:24
495.   Andrew Shimmin
493- Where'd you go?
2008-10-09 19:29:28
496.   KG16
491 - I don't remember it being sung at ballparks before then. and I was under the impression that only Yankee Stadium still used it.
2008-10-09 19:29:33
497.   Preston Bannard
I knew that Manny just missing that home run in the first was going to matter.
2008-10-09 19:30:28
498.   Bluebleeder87
a home run ties it up...
2008-10-09 19:30:42
499.   Saburo
Will they play "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" in the postseason once Selig goes bye-bye?
2008-10-09 19:30:44
500.   RIYank
491 I'm sorry to say that I think it's the Yankees' fault. Steinbrenner decided to play it after 9/11, and eventually everyone else felt unpatriotic if they didn't do it too.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-10-09 19:30:52
501.   Preston Bannard
491 - It's sung at every Yankees home game and every postseason game, I believe.
2008-10-09 19:30:54
502.   Bote Man
When did "God Bless America" supplant our National Anthem?

Besides, Kate Smith just wasn't big enough to be the Fat Lady Singing. It aint over...

2008-10-09 19:31:03
503.   Marty
A sports bar called Mother Hubbard's.
2008-10-09 19:31:21
504.   das411
So is it pretty much consensus that Maddux's original deal with Atlanta was the best free agent signing ever?

RUIZ beats one out, wow!

2008-10-09 19:31:22
505.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I think that Furcal error mattered just as much.
2008-10-09 19:31:31
506.   I Love LA
Now all the bad luck/bounces are just coming our way
2008-10-09 19:31:42
507.   RIYank
496 No, lots of parks do it. I guess not all, but lots.
2008-10-09 19:32:29
508.   Marty
Who you callin a nine-hole Tim?
2008-10-09 19:32:35
509.   thinkblue88
2008-10-09 19:32:36
510.   das411
So Taguchi, you fail. Next!
2008-10-09 19:32:36
511.   Lee Corbett
Not that that was an easy play, but I think we might be seeing some effects of Raffy having such a long lay off.
2008-10-09 19:33:12
512.   Bob Timmermann
A lot of parks will sing GBA on Sundays and holidays.

But the Yankees will do it forever. Unless the Steinbrenners do something like sell the team to Noam Chomsky.

2008-10-09 19:33:34
513.   DBrim
2008-10-09 19:33:36
514.   KG16
2008-10-09 19:33:36
515.   Bluebleeder87
2008-10-09 19:33:40
516.   scareduck
2008-10-09 19:33:42
517.   thinkblue88
2008-10-09 19:33:49
518.   I Love LA
Blake DeWitt is a very bright spot for us....
2008-10-09 19:33:52
519.   Branch Rickey
Who is this DeWitt kid??
2008-10-09 19:33:58
520.   das411
Wow can these Dodgers field!
2008-10-09 19:34:15
521.   oshea2002
This is random - but what is up with this music at the end of innings? I feel like I'm watching a Mini-series or something.
2008-10-09 19:34:20
522.   Lee Corbett
Great Play!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-10-09 19:34:22
523.   I Love LA
But we still need runs otherwise we will remember Furcal and not DeWitt tonight....
2008-10-09 19:34:29
524.   kadycee
those Dodge Ram commercials freak me out
2008-10-09 19:34:42
525.   Bote Man
510 So what???

I just wanted to say that.

2008-10-09 19:34:45
526.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
The boys in blue certainly haven't conceded this game.
2008-10-09 19:34:57
527.   LogikReader
Was Rollins safe? That throw to first was close!
2008-10-09 19:34:58
528.   Them Blues
463 I'm pretty sure the Rocky theme has been licensed before, but it probably wasn't licensed here. Sporting events usually fall under the "incidental" use umbrella, even when the use is not actually incidental.
2008-10-09 19:35:27
529.   Lee Corbett
I'd like to see Chomsky own a team - they'd probably be the 'Syndicalists' or something.
2008-10-09 19:35:31
530.   kadycee
512 lol
2008-10-09 19:35:56
531.   seesdifferent
safe by my replay.
2008-10-09 19:36:17
532.   RIYank
Getting three outs on eight pitches is very efficient... especially when one batter singles.
2008-10-09 19:36:57
533.   Lee Corbett
521 you know what it reminds me of, the West Wing suite. But that's a pretty generic mini series motif.
2008-10-09 19:37:03
534.   Frip
359 Manny Ramirez catching routine fly balls should not do what it does to my heart.

Funny. I know what you mean.

2008-10-09 19:37:05
535.   mpm31
512 = Brilliant.

This is our inning!

2008-10-09 19:38:19
536.   Bob Timmermann
So under the Kuo Rules, he's pitching the bottom of the 8th and only that inning and not pitching in Game 2.
2008-10-09 19:38:29
537.   Bote Man
Phillies' radio color man abusing the daylights out of umpire Jerry Mills at 1B on that Rollins out call. Relentless!
2008-10-09 19:38:29
538.   KG16
528 - at the ball park, yes. on the broadcast, likely no. that sounded like it was from the fox truck, not the stadium.
2008-10-09 19:38:39
539.   Preston Bannard
Madson has a better change-up than Hamels, Tim McCarver?
2008-10-09 19:38:49
540.   Bluebleeder87
that's some nasty stuff. K to Ethier.
2008-10-09 19:38:59
541.   superbas
lidge still has pujols nightmares...he'll blow a game somewhere to us
2008-10-09 19:39:57
542.   RIYank
I have a feeling they're going to pitch around Manny.
2008-10-09 19:40:01
543.   KG16
is there stirring in Thief River Falls?
2008-10-09 19:40:17
544.   Branch Rickey
539 But Hamels' is "All World". So Madson must be from another planet.
2008-10-09 19:40:18
545.   das411
Sweet catch by Pete Happy!
2008-10-09 19:40:36
546.   scareduck
As God is my witness, I swear it was gonna be a double.
2008-10-09 19:41:24
547.   Bluebleeder87
woah did Martin scorch that.
2008-10-09 19:41:35
548.   Bote Man
Don't that just figure. Manny lines out to Feliz, Martin lines right past him.
2008-10-09 19:41:42
549.   Branch Rickey
546 That too.
2008-10-09 19:41:52
550.   Bluebleeder87
Feliz is gonna have a bruise on his BIG TOE.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-10-09 19:42:34
551.   KG16
i kind of dig the sliding stop by Martin.

Telephone call for James Loney. James Loney, destiny is calling, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

2008-10-09 19:42:36
552.   scareduck
550 - Replay showed it skipped off his glove.
2008-10-09 19:43:08
553.   scareduck
Well, that was no fun.
2008-10-09 19:43:18
554.   das411
three more outs...but in the meantime let's see what this Kuo kid has!
2008-10-09 19:44:02
555.   nick
behind one this late, I'd be tempted not to use Kuo...
2008-10-09 19:44:32
556.   Branch Rickey
Well let's beat Lidge. If we could win a Hamels to Lidge game, I'm pretty sure they would forfeit the rest of the series.
2008-10-09 19:44:39
557.   Bote Man
Top 9th: Kemp, Blake, DeWitt (hey, how about that!?) vs. Lidge.

Your projected outcomes?

2008-10-09 19:45:22
558.   KG16
Can we get the Houston version of Brad Lidge? or do we need Albert Pujols for that version?
2008-10-09 19:45:31
559.   Bob Timmermann
I think the Dodgers will use Kuo once he's warmed up. He won't be warmed up more than once a game.
2008-10-09 19:46:01
560.   KG16
557 - double, base hit, 3 run home run.

yes, I'm serious

2008-10-09 19:46:52
561.   nick
good to see Kuo pitching, all the same!
2008-10-09 19:47:11
562.   Preston Bannard
How is that first pitch not a strike? I mean, I suppose he's been consistent-ish with it, but it's pretty obviously down the heart and just above the knees (both to the naked eye and on gamecast)
2008-10-09 19:49:26
563.   das411
Man oh man do i hope, regardless of who wins this one, that we get six more games like this there anything better than a tight playoff game?
2008-10-09 19:49:35
564.   RIYank
I think I read something by Bill James suggesting that it's wise to use your closer down by a run late. It's a higher-leverage situation than, say, up by two.
2008-10-09 19:49:38
565.   Frip
I have fried chicken and pizza in the fridge, yet I'm not craving either. I wonder if I'm terminally ill and don't know it.
2008-10-09 19:50:16
566.   Bluebleeder87
Destiny Calling boys...
2008-10-09 19:50:18
567.   Bob Hendley
Ok, beating their ace in their park was not going to be easy. We ned Kuo to shut them down here so that we are in stiking distance. Let's go Bums!
2008-10-09 19:50:19
568.   mattSD
Re: God bless America in the 7th

I went to an Angels playoff game last year, and in the 7th, we were told to stand for God Bless America. Whatever. So I did. Some guy behind me starts drunkenly yelling about taking off my hat and being unpatriotic, and I had to restrain myself from yelling back about being patriotic enough to know that God Bless America isn't the national anthem. I took it off pregame for the anthem, as I've always been told to.

I may very well have been wrong, but it got me very riled up.

What's the consensus here? GBA gets the same hat treatment as the anthem? I lean toward no, but like I said, maybe I'm wrong.

2008-10-09 19:50:27
569.   trainwreck
Alright, boys. Make it so that we have to bring Broxton into the game.
2008-10-09 19:50:27
570.   scareduck

Let's see it.

2008-10-09 19:51:07
571.   Preston Bannard
563 - A tight playoff game that your team wins?
2008-10-09 19:51:13
572.   Bote Man
563 Is this a family channel?
2008-10-09 19:51:49
573.   Bob Timmermann
I would take off my hat for GBA if I heard it being played in an elevator and a lady was present and Don Draper was itching to beat me up.
2008-10-09 19:52:08
574.   Frip
563 Actually it was a pretty boring game until the Phillies pulled ahead.
2008-10-09 19:52:09
575.   RIYank
568 I loathe enforced patriotism.
But I don't want to flirt with Rule 5, so.
2008-10-09 19:52:16
576.   scareduck
568 - I POINTEDLY stay seated for GBA and leave my hat on, and that's at Angels Stadium. As far as I'm concerned, that song has become an anthem for the radical evangelical element in politics, and I will not take off my hat for it, nor stand up for it.
2008-10-09 19:52:19
577.   bhsportsguy
Nice outing by Kuo.

If he has no pain tomorrow, that will be a great sign.

2008-10-09 19:53:13
578.   Bote Man
568 During the final Marlin homestand of this season, despite it being 7th inning stretch I deliberately sat in my seat during God Bless America.

Then when they played Take Me Out To The Ballgame I stood. Screw the revisionists!

2008-10-09 19:53:20
579.   scareduck
I should also mention that I've never been hassled by anyone because of this.
2008-10-09 19:53:56
580.   Bob Hendley
Lidge is "un producto de Notre Dame".
2008-10-09 19:53:57
581.   trainwreck
Damn speedy Rule 5 pick!
2008-10-09 19:54:00
582.   das411
that's one, sorry Bison :(
2008-10-09 19:54:29
583.   Bluebleeder87
Nice contact by Kemp & even better catch by Victorino.
2008-10-09 19:55:03
584.   das411
BEAT LA!!! awesome!

missing with the high sliders = not so awesome.

2008-10-09 19:55:58
585.   Bluebleeder87
2008-10-09 19:56:51
586.   trainwreck
2008-10-09 19:57:09
587.   das411
oooo boy this tiny yard has never looked bigger than these last two fly balls...
2008-10-09 19:57:10
588.   Frip
Hearing this crowd silenced all the sudden would be so great.
2008-10-09 19:57:11
589.   Bluebleeder87
if anything at least there making good contact & aren't looking like chumps.
2008-10-09 19:57:18
590.   Branch Rickey
Gee. Two to the warning track? Is it really impossible to get one a little farther?
2008-10-09 19:57:21
591.   trainwreck
Do it, DeWitt.
2008-10-09 19:57:28
592.   bhsportsguy
584 You do realize that Philly's history in the two major sports (MLB and NBA) is rather poor in that regard.
2008-10-09 19:57:41
593.   Bote Man
Are the radio crowd mics that low or are Philly Phans remembering Lidge 1.0 from his Houston days?
2008-10-09 19:57:50
594.   RIYank
But I'd have another exclamation if I had a serious rooting interest.
2008-10-09 19:57:55
595.   mpm31
C'mon Blake, get on for Nomar (cue highlight of walk-off vs. Phillies at Dodger Stadium).
2008-10-09 19:58:18
596.   trainwreck
2008-10-09 19:58:36
597.   fanerman
2008-10-09 19:58:48
598.   Rob M
2008-10-09 19:58:53
599.   KG16
just need to get a split on the road. still not the end of the world.
2008-10-09 19:58:55
600.   das411
great game, but sorry bout the loss DTers! Shall we meet again tomorrow?
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2008-10-09 19:58:55
601.   dzzrtRatt
Lidge gives the Phils an idge in this series.
2008-10-09 19:59:07
602.   thinkblue88
Bleh, get 'em tomorrow.
2008-10-09 19:59:22
603.   Bote Man
Maybe next time. Take care, all.
2008-10-09 19:59:32
604.   Bob Hendley
Bueno, got our ace going tomorrow.
2008-10-09 20:00:06
605.   RIYank
That was a good game.
I knew those other guys at Bronx Banter were lying when they said there was no more baseball this year.

Here's hoping tomorrow's game is even better (especially in its outcome). Cheers, DT.

2008-10-09 20:00:17
606.   Branch Rickey
The bright side: This was their best opportunity for a win with Hamels at home. Game was extremely close and could have just as easily been won. Hopefully this is their last win of the series.
2008-10-09 20:00:41
607.   thinkblue88
Our first playoff loss in two years.
2008-10-09 20:00:54
608.   I Love LA
I don't have a good feeling...this could have been a turning point even though it was game 1. We had this game won......
2008-10-09 20:01:08
609.   Bluebleeder87

that's the great thing about it, fresh start tomorrow.

as in life & I LOVE IT!!

2008-10-09 20:01:20
610.   JRSarno
That felt winnable for us.
2008-10-09 20:01:39
611.   LoneStar7
disappointing, but not crushing by any means, lets let these phair weather philly phans enjoy this for now and get em tomorrow..
2008-10-09 20:02:13
612.   Andrew Shimmin
Fox should get Robothal a box to stand on when they make him interview Burrell.
2008-10-09 20:02:21
613.   ucladodger
Both balls hit in the 9th were longer than the home runs the Phillies hit. Placement is gthe key, i guess. I'm still pretty confident in the series. I think we have a huge huge advantage at home, so if we win tomorrow, I really like our position.
2008-10-09 20:03:42
614.   Eric L
Both teams played pretty well. Hamels and Lowe both pitched well, but the Phillies had a couple of huge hits.

We'll get 'em tomorrow.

2008-10-09 20:04:32
615.   bhsportsguy
I think it wasn't the 6th inning that lost the game for the Dodgers, it was the 5th.

If Lowe gets Ruiz out, then its 9, 1, 2 and if he could have made through that in the 6th you bring in Kuo in the 7th to pitch to the lefties and go from there.

I bet Lowe will tell you that later.

2008-10-09 20:04:40
616.   JRSarno
Kuo looked fairly encouraging. Hopefully, he can feel his elbow in about 3 hrs.
2008-10-09 20:04:44
617.   bryanf
Don't know what was talked about here, but I said "walk him" the moment Utley came up. Then he hit it out. I know we had some missed opportunities, but I say you pitch to Howard there. Things could have been different.
2008-10-09 20:06:13
618.   scareduck
I wouldn't mind if the rest of the postseason goes that way, no matter who is in it. I'm sick and tired of seeing one-sided victories, especially sweeps.
2008-10-09 20:06:51
619.   scareduck
615 - good point. You don't want the heart of the order coming up with guys on.
2008-10-09 20:07:31
620.   Bob Hendley
617 - That's a pretty tough call. I think bh got it right.
2008-10-09 20:09:52
621.   LogikReader
Good game, huh guys?

Like Eric, I thought both teams played a good game tonight. I can't think of any egregious errors other than the Furcal "error" which could have been scored a hit anyhow.

Hamels was dynamite! As a matter of fact, so was Lowe. This was a game Philly needed and they got it, but for the Dodgers, it's still only one game.

This is the most even keel I've ever felt in any playoff series, including the Lakers. Still got one more shot for the split tomorrow.

2008-10-09 20:12:53
622.   DBrim
I'm nowhere near worried yet. If we lose tomorrow, that will be very different.
2008-10-09 20:14:21
623.   LogikReader
Where'd everybody go?

I'll hang out here while I wait for Molly to get back to DT and bring us her account of the experience today. I can't say I'm disappointed tonight per se, especially since LA held the Phils to 3 runs. That's not easy to do! I was impressed by our staff tonight.

2008-10-09 20:14:45
624.   bryanf
617 I'm with bh for sure, but given the situation in the 6th, I still think you walk Utley there. Howard is clearly the easier out (to me).
2008-10-09 20:17:27
625.   Bluebleeder87
well, hopefully the DT'ers (in philly) can give us a view point from a crowds perspective.
2008-10-09 20:17:43
626.   ucladodger
BH is 100% correct. Giving up 2 2 strike hit to the 8 and 9 guys really really hurt. Even though he got out of the inning, he forced himself to throw 10-15 extra pitches and turned the lineup over. I still think if Raffy makes the play nothing happens that inning, but the previous inning set that situation up.
2008-10-09 20:19:54
627.   Jon Weisman
2008-10-09 20:21:34
628.   bhsportsguy
626 I don't relish being right by the way.

Actually, I didn't know how I would feel when the Dodgers lost a game, but I feel pretty confident with Chad pitching tomorrow.

2008-10-09 20:22:15
629.   JoeyP
Its gonna be difficult to win a game at the Phils park only scoring 2 runs.

Tomorrows a must game.
Winning 4 of 5 would be quite difficult, especially if Hamels pitches 2 of those games.

2008-10-09 20:57:54
630.   lukemccain
I thought we lost the game when Kemp flied out with two runners in scoring position. Later, he doubled with nobody on. He is a little out of sync.
2008-10-09 20:58:11
631.   lukemccain
I thought we lost the game when Kemp flied out with two runners in scoring position. Later, he doubled with nobody on. He is a little out of sync.

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