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Motivating With 'Dre
2008-10-11 20:18
by Jon Weisman

On the flight, there was some discussion about the way we played in Philly. There was some venting and some frustration, mainly that we didn't execute and take care of business back there.

We need to come out tomorrow night with the swagger and the chip on our shoulder and know we can beat these guys and know we're a better team. We believe that and we have to have that in our minds. We have to show no doubt, show that we're not intimidated or fearful. We have to play like it's zero-zero, even though it's not. What's happened in the past is over.

- Andre Ethier

Comments (118)
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2008-10-11 20:23:58
1.   D4P
Anybody out there watch Showtime's "Weeds"? We watched the first 3 episodes tonight. I'm not sure whether I like it or not. The kids on the show are horrendous. I'm not sure what the writers are thinking: it's not as if kids are gonna be watching the show, and it's not as if adults want to watch kids who can't act deliver lines written by writers that were trying too hard to make the kids sound clever but just made them sound phony and unconvincing.
2008-10-11 20:26:01
2.   D4P
Oh: and the African American drug dealers seem like caricatures.
2008-10-11 20:26:31
3.   LogikReader
I like 'dre's attitude. I want to think he's not starting to panic as Cubs players were after their first two losses last week. Objectively, I think the Dodgers had every reason to win any of the first two LCS games. Best of all, they were in each one to the very end. It's a much different scenario than what Chicago faced.

LAT's from the last thread:

Gen3Blue was wondering about the Center from the Early 90's Kings. I believe he's talking about Luc Robataille, who had his swan song season two years ago and had his number retired.

He was special, that Luc Robataille.

2008-10-11 20:27:37
4.   Alex41592
24 hours from now we will know a whole lot more about our season. The boys have to get it done! Step one is Jamie Moyer.
2008-10-11 20:28:45
5.   LogikReader
Sorry, D4P, I didn't see your first two comments. I haven't had a chance to see "Weeds" yet. Is that the one with Kevin Nealon?

Unfortunately, I don't have HBO or Showtime either... which makes it tougher to watch.

2008-10-11 20:29:01
6.   Alex41592
I have Matt Kemp with a huge game tomorrow.
2008-10-11 20:30:07
7.   LogikReader
Hey hey! Oklahoma State upsets Missouri! They're MEN! They're (less than) 40!!
2008-10-11 20:41:08
8.   ibleedbloo
If anyone is interested I have some extra tickets for this series (they were for a friend who was recently laid off)

Tomorrow 2 tickets Infield Reserved Aisle 10 Row F $145/pair

Monday 4 Tickets Top Deck Aisle 6 Row G $100/pair

These are Ticketmaster tickets so I can email them to you if interested. If you are interested email Amurvine at hotmail dot com.

2008-10-11 20:43:06
9.   paranoidandroid
I don't want the boys who wear the uniforms to panic. Good attitude. Don't tense up. I just hope that they haven't had the stomach issues I've had this week. And my wife tells me I keep moaning in my sleep the last two nights.

The key is to have a solid game from Kuroda and to not give the Phils extra outs. We were in both games, we just need to close one out and go from there. Down 3-0 is tough, 2-1 is doable. One at a time. Tomorrow is big, but if we tighten up, we can't give it our best shot.

I sure want to be watching Fri night baseball on Fox on the 17th!

2008-10-11 20:59:40
10.   D4P
Yeah, it has Kevin Nealon it. He was great on SNL.
2008-10-11 21:12:24
11.   seesdifferent
Weeds is a comedy. Get over it. Definitely a lot of escarewing, esmoking, esmuggling, and talking about such. Racially diverse. A really good show.
2008-10-11 21:21:45
12.   Jon Weisman
Davey Lopes interview:,0,3757521,full.story

2008-10-11 21:35:29
13.   I Love LA
Anybody who wants to meetup for a beer tomorrow during the game let me know. I will be in the reserve section, I'll also be checking my iphone so I'm down to have a beer or something.
2008-10-11 21:36:08
14.   spacebrother
I worked with Nealon on a show for 2 seasons. In my few conversations with him, he appeared to be hazy on many cultural and historic subjects, but was an expert at being funny, which is of course what he's paid for.
2008-10-11 21:44:50
15.   Alex41592
There are still some very good seats available on Ticketmaster for all NLCS games at Dodger Stadium.
2008-10-11 21:45:27
16.   Andrew Shimmin
Pac 10 officiating: catch the fever!
2008-10-11 21:46:41
17.   Andrew Shimmin
Also, how much worse is UCLA's next best quarterback than the one they've got in there?
2008-10-11 22:08:20
18.   bhsportsguy
17 He'd rather run than throw.

I've met Terrence Austin, I hope he is okay, he's a good kid.

2008-10-11 22:09:47
19.   underdog
D4P, it may not work for you even beyond the first few episodes but I do recall Weeds growing on me quite a bit as it went along. I really liked it for awhile. But then I lost interest in Season 3 when it got a bit too dark and downbeat for my mood.

Btw, if the game doesn't go as well as we'd hope tomorrow there's at least the all-day Paul Newman festival on TCM to switch to before, during and after.

2008-10-11 22:12:06
20.   underdog
I just tuned back in... What the heck just happened in the UCLA game? A non-player was just badly injured?
2008-10-11 22:14:17
21.   bhsportsguy
20 Terrence Austin was hit on a helmet to helmet hit and he was just taken off the field on a stretcher.
2008-10-11 22:15:41
22.   John Hale
Couple of cowboys were settling it like men and spilled out of the saloon onto the field.

I was thinking of taking my family to Eugene for the UCLA-Oregon hoops game but maybe I am not man enough for that crowd.

2008-10-11 22:23:26
23.   Andrew Shimmin
I thought helmet to helmet hits were against the rules. Isn't that what Spearing is?
2008-10-11 22:29:00
24.   trainwreck
Just burn Kevin Prince's red-shirt year.
2008-10-11 22:32:24
25.   trainwreck
You throw to the guys in the white jerseys, Kevin.
2008-10-11 22:36:06
26.   John Hale
I know its not likely but any chance Ben Olson plays a few games?
2008-10-11 22:36:44
27.   JJ42
Hey all, if anyone is interested I have 2 pairs of tickets for Game 4 or Game 5 for sale. turns out I have to be at work in San Diego and won't be able to get the days off. I'm selling them for face plus ticketmaster fees. They are:

Game 4: Loge 161 row L = $170/pair

Game 5: Field Level 47 row H = $200/pair

email me if interested: jjlacs at hotmail dot com

2008-10-11 22:37:02
28.   John Hale
Was Kevin Craft in right for the sox?
2008-10-11 22:39:49
29.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm now prepared to project that the Oregon Ducks will win this game.
2008-10-11 22:50:06
30.   seesdifferent
JD Drew or Juan Pierre: which one has the stronger arm? brother....which of the announcers made the patently absurd claim that Drew has a strong arm, after he throws a two (and almost three) hopper from shallow right field.
2008-10-11 22:56:34
31.   Bob Timmermann
I don't recall Drew having a Pierre-like arm, but I think his back injury may have kept him from really airing it out.
2008-10-11 23:02:20
32.   Andrew Shimmin
It wasn't that weak a throw, just off line.
2008-10-11 23:05:00
33.   Gagne55
32 It bounced like 70 feet before home plate. It was a terrible throw.
2008-10-11 23:33:49
34.   bablue
0- Glad to hear 'Dre say that. We can definitely still do this.
2008-10-11 23:49:32
35.   Louis in SF
Just read the Davey Lopes interview in the LA Times, and don't know how anyone else feels, but I always felt that he should have had a chance to be a Dodger coach some time in the late 80's or 90's. I know he wasn't a great success as a manager in Milwaukee, but it seems they should have found a place with the Dodgers.
2008-10-11 23:49:52
36.   DBrim
As long as they're still patient at the plate.
2008-10-11 23:55:47
37.   68elcamino427
The Dodgers will now win four in a row.
2008-10-12 01:09:54
38.   ThinkBlue
No, they'll win three in a row, then lose one, then win one. And what World Series it will be.
2008-10-12 06:10:25
39.   MollyKnight
Weeds is really good in the first season, GREAT in the second season, OK in the third season, and sorta good again in the fourth season.
2008-10-12 06:37:20
40.   D4P
Overall, I'm liking Weeds. I think it's just the kids that throw me off, especially "Shane" and "Isabel".
2008-10-12 07:10:46
41.   D4P
I was thinking of taking my family to Eugene for the UCLA-Oregon hoops game but maybe I am not man enough for that crowd

You should definitely do it, especially before the UofO (unconscionably) tears down Mac Court.

2008-10-12 07:17:22
42.   Daniel Zappala
Gotta agree with D4P on that one.

Hard to believe there's a baseball game today when I wake up to a couple of inches of snow.

2008-10-12 07:20:27
43.   D4P
a couple of inches of snow

It's supposed to be 85 degrees here on Wednesday.

2008-10-12 08:04:52
44.   Disabled List
Weeds was really good for its first two seasons. The third season sucked, and I haven't watched season 4 yet. And yeah, the two kids on the show are painfully unwatchable.

Another show that has totally jumped the finned predator: Entourage.

2008-10-12 08:04:55
45.   Dodger Dawg
All they have to do is win 1 game tonight's. After they win tonight they'll have the confidence to win the series.
2008-10-12 09:00:46
46.   LogikReader
Mike of Mike's baseball rants called his shot over in the ALCS Game 2 thread.

I look forward to game 3 of the Phils' first postseason sweep tomorrow night.

IT'S ON!!!

2008-10-12 09:14:59
47.   MollyKnight
You know what? I feel more confident about this series today than I did before Game 2. I do think the change of scenery will help the team get back on track. I do not think winning three in a row at Dodger Stadium is out of the question at all. This team has a history of getting hot. Moyer and Blanton are average, and I think Billingsley will redeem himself in game 5.

Why not, right?

2008-10-12 09:19:51
48.   LogikReader
Off to catch some football at the local sports bar! Over on LOCKS of the Week (on the right sidebar) I have a preview of 0-4 and 0-5 teams. Which one will get a win first?


Somewhat depressing news: The Phillies had the best road record in the NL: 44-37 on the road this year.

2008-10-12 09:26:10
49.   bhsportsguy
48 0-4 in LA.
2008-10-12 09:51:37
50.   Branch Rickey
I'm starting to be concerned that the stadium will be less than full tonight. Tickets have been available all week (you can still buy lodges through Ticketmaster!) and many people here are trying to unload theirs. Stubhub has more than I've ever seen and they are selling for less than the division series (which had a significantly lower face value). Did you see the craziness in Philly? I hope the Dodgers get the home field advantage they need tonight.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-12 09:53:52
51.   Bob Timmermann
In 1983, the Dodgers didn't sell out Game 1 of the NLCS.

I also think that some of the NLDS games in 1995 and 1996 didn't sell out.

NLCS tickets are a strange beast. I think the price for them is not a little too high to ensure that they all get sold ahead of time.

The NLDS tickets were a little bit more reasonable.

2008-10-12 09:54:52
52.   Bob Timmermann
RIP, Gil Stratton.
2008-10-12 09:57:56
53.   Bob Timmermann
Greatest Gil Stratton movie?

Stalag 17
The Wild One
Bundle of Joy

2008-10-12 10:00:21
54.   Branch Rickey
51 Seems like something more than that is going on because the secondary market is so weak. Really good tickets are actually selling for half what they did in the division series. I really think theres some psychology to it. The first round is special. The WS is special. This round somehow seems to be seen as a "let's see what happens" round by LA fans. You could blame the crazy week in the economy but then that apparently didn't reach the east coast.
2008-10-12 10:02:45
55.   bhsportsguy
53 Gotta Stalag 17 mainly because I have not seen the other films.

I wonder who would play the William Holden role today, I immediately thought of Russell Crowe but he might be too rough, he has to be tough but more with his wits and attitude not so much physically threatening.

2008-10-12 10:03:29
56.   dkminnick
Well I'm gonna be there and I'll be screaming loud enough for four.

Does anyone know what time the parking gates open today? My kids and I love going out to the warning track for BP but it's always the opposing team when we get there. I wonder if the area is even open when the Dodgers are hitting.

2008-10-12 10:03:44
57.   D4P
You should really go to Mac Court before it closes, too. UCLA plays there on Sunday, January 4th at 12:30.
2008-10-12 10:05:58
58.   Bob Timmermann
Which UCLA player will the Oregon fans heap verbal abuse upon this time? They don't have Kevin Love's family to insult anymore.
2008-10-12 10:06:39
59.   bhsportsguy
54 There are so many less tickets at the other ballparks. Dodger Stadium holds something like 14, 15 thousand more seats than every other venue in these League Championship series.

Angel Stadium's capacity is 42-43 thousand.

I think regardless, it will be loud and supportive for the Dodgers tonight.

2008-10-12 10:07:57
60.   D4P
Which UCLA player will the Oregon fans heap verbal abuse upon this time?

First question: does UCLA have any white guys?

2008-10-12 10:09:23
61.   bhsportsguy
56 Parking gates will open at 2:30, gates will open at 3:00. Generally that is almost the time when the teams switch.
2008-10-12 10:10:11
62.   Bob Timmermann
The first Sunday with no day baseball games since March.

And there's only one game in the majors today. And I'll be there! The out of town scoreboard will not be busy.

2008-10-12 10:10:59
63.   Bob Timmermann
Nikola Dragovic and Michael Roll.
2008-10-12 10:15:32
64.   Branch Rickey
59 This is true about the larger capacity. Still don't understand the difference in demand between NLDS and NLCS. Either way, I hope those empty seats don't show too much and that the stadium is rocking tonight. It'll be interesting to see if demand changes after we win a couple.
2008-10-12 10:15:48
65.   Who Is Karim Garcia

See you there, Bob.

2008-10-12 10:16:40
66.   AKtheFan
I have two extra seats for tonight. They are in the left field pavillion, section 309. Not great seats, but it should be a good time there. I'm just asking $59.65, that's face vale plus all ticketmaster fees. Email anupum.kumar at gmail dot com if you're interested.
2008-10-12 10:16:54
67.   D4P
A likely target:

2008-10-12 10:18:56
68.   Bob Timmermann
NLCS tickets went on sale when the NLDS tickets went on sale. So buying the NLDS tickets was for more speculative especially when you look at the history of the Dodgers in the playoffs and the big Ticketmaster fees.

Then when the Dodgers won Game 3 against the Cubs, people tried to go buy NLCS tickets, but they were sold out at the time. But now more tickets have been made available, but people might not know it.

2008-10-12 10:19:37
69.   Bob Timmermann
I also forgot that Oregon fans could heckle James Keefe.
2008-10-12 10:20:49
70.   Frip
Andre: We have to show no doubt, show that we're not intimidated or fearful.

In other words, we're intimidated and fearful, so we better act like we're not.

Statements like Andre's defeat the purpose of attempted tough-talk. It's the verbal form of showing your cards, with a weak hand at that.

Guys with soft skin and doey eyes should leave the bruvara talk to others. Luckily Andre doesn't speak for the rest of the team. Unluckily for the rest of the team they don't look like Andre.

2008-10-12 10:23:40
71.   D4P
And Kevin Schmidt. The heckling is a big part of the fun, due in large part to the "intimate" setting.
2008-10-12 10:32:24
73.   Frip
72 Billz acted like such a total effing baby the other night and took himself out of the game.

Does this make sense on some level I'm not aware of?

2008-10-12 10:34:55
74.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Be mindful of rule 1 violations, fellas.
2008-10-12 10:38:58
75.   Jon Weisman
72 - edited

72. Esquinazo
70 Agreed.

But I do find it encouraging they're aware of it and talking about it.

Billz acted like such a total baby the other night and took himself out of the game (and let Myers take a lot of his hitters out of the game).

It sounds to me like they're dealing with it, and learning from it, and that's got to be a good thing.

2008-10-12 10:44:01
76.   KG16
70 - um, no. That sentence you quote is out of context. What it means is that while a lot of teams would be panicking down 2-0 and would be pressing - in other words, playing scared - the Dodgers realize that approach is not going to accomplish anything.
2008-10-12 10:46:41
77.   KG16
I am beginning to suspect that the two teams playing for the national championship for football will not be undefeated. Though, I could see an undefeated Penn St making it. Part of me really, really wants to see either BYU or Boise St play Utah in the title game.
2008-10-12 10:49:56
78.   jasonungar07
If someone throws 2 feet behind Manny in the first inning then Howard should have gotten one in his ear to start the second. Let's see if they will be intimidated today.
2008-10-12 10:51:19
79.   Bob Timmermann
Since BYU plays Utah this year (and every year), they aren't playing against each other in any bowl game.

The BCS is set up in such a way that's it nearly impossible for two non-BCS teams to make into the Big Boy Bowls.

2008-10-12 10:55:08
80.   KG16
79 - i should have known that. i'll be fine with Boise St and Utah.
2008-10-12 10:56:02
81.   Bluebleeder87
I'M PUMPED FOR TODAY!!! (be there in person)

anyways, from Dodgers Dot Com Torre said he's starting Nomar Garciaparra on Sunday night because he has a .417 lifetime average against Phillies starter Jamie Moyer. Torre said the decision was not motivated by wanting to add a veteran to a lineup that Friday night had six starters age 26 or younger. The youngest Phillies starter was 27-year-old Shane Victorino, who drove in four runs.

I just hope Nomar doesn't try to be the hero & just be selective & get YOUR PITCH TO HIT man...

2008-10-12 10:56:53
82.   Frip
76 Well, not to make too big a deal out of Andre's statement...I do get what he's "saying". But he should have put it differently. His phrasing sounds like it's from a hired team psychologist. Instead of beginning his sentences with "we need to / we have to..." He should simply say, "we're going to..." The rhetorical difference is more than grammatical.
2008-10-12 10:57:41
83.   StolenMonkey86
Don't know if it's been discussed, but James McDonald got an endorsement from the LA Times' poet laureate.

The Dodgers need a fifth starter next season? This is their guy.

2008-10-12 10:57:52
84.   Bluebleeder87

that's the way I feel to.

2008-10-12 10:57:56
85.   dkminnick
61 - Thanks, BH!
2008-10-12 10:59:46
86.   MC Safety
78 I was glad Manny got some sort of justice in the end, but I was disappointed in Bills for not returning the favor, too.
2008-10-12 11:04:11
87.   bhsportsguy
At least Oregon doesn't have to worry about where to hang all of their championship banners in their new arena. But I am sure we will see plenty of Nike signs.
2008-10-12 11:05:53
88.   Eric Stephen
Or maybe Ethier was simply speaking in cliches. Personally I hope the club just takes it one game at a time. :)

I'm off from SD to sit atop my lofty perch in the top deck!

2008-10-12 11:06:37
89.   Eric Stephen
The biting version of BH is awesome.
2008-10-12 11:07:47
90.   Bob Timmermann
Bring a glove in case someone fouls one back up to the Top Deck!

It happens about every 10 years.

2008-10-12 11:08:43
91.   Esquinazo
73 Yes. I think so (but of course your mileage may vary).

He was afraid/unwilling/unable to bust the Phillie's hitters inside. (Plaschke--maybe for the first time ever--is right on the money today.)

The reason that helped him take himself out of the game was that the Phillie's hitters didn't have to worry about the inside part of the plate. They could just sit middle out. And even less skillful hitters like Dobbs, Ruiz and even Myers did just that.

2008-10-12 11:14:33
92.   Bob Timmermann
Why can't Fox be showing me the Minnesota-Detroit game? The Vikings are leading 2-0 late in the first half.

Now, that's football!

CBS is showing me the first game of the Tom Cable Era in Oakland and the Fox game is, for some reason, Chicago at Atlanta.

2008-10-12 11:17:21
93.   Esquinazo
75 Sorry for making you do that edit.

I understand the problem and it won't happen again.

2008-10-12 11:18:35
94.   D4P
The Vikings are leading 2-0 late in the first half

Now 3-2...!

2008-10-12 11:19:50
95.   Alex41592
94 - Matt Kemp must of gone deep with Manny and Ethier on base.
2008-10-12 11:20:56
96.   Jon Weisman
82 - Should we really be parsing the writings of Andre Ethier that closely?
2008-10-12 11:21:25
97.   Alex41592
95 - Perhaps I just had a flash of tonight's game.
2008-10-12 11:21:31
98.   Bob Timmermann
My brother in Michigan gets to watch the Lions-Vikings game. I hope he's having a good time.

My older nephew is growing up a Lions fan. This seems to explain a lot of things about his behavior.

2008-10-12 11:22:16
99.   Bob Timmermann
How about we just diagram the sentence?
2008-10-12 11:23:37
100.   D4P
My approach to watching NFL games is to not watch any of them.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-10-12 11:25:08
101.   Alex41592
100 - My approach is to get paid to watch them.

It works.

2008-10-12 11:29:21
102.   Bob Timmermann
I find the lighting in the Louisiana Superdome to be disturbing. Everything looks green. Even the Raiders uniforms look green.
2008-10-12 11:29:34
103.   Frip
I have a date coming over tonight so I won't be able to watch the game until tomorrow. But I'm thinking about listening to it with my tiny pocket radio hooked to one of those discreet earplugs that newscasters use. The kind that runs up the back of the neck into the ear. My hair is kinda long and covers my ears, and I could wear a turtle neck. She doesn't talk much so I just MIGHT be able to listen to her and Vin at the same time. Say, while watching a DVD.
2008-10-12 11:32:40
104.   dkminnick
[103}- Frip, I disapprove of this person whom you have chosen to date.
2008-10-12 11:33:23
105.   Alex41592
103 - If something good happens and you scream out, "YES!" make sure you have a good excuse ready. Also, be prepared for bad things so when it happens you don't blurt out Rule 1's and leave her very confused.

OR when Charley Steiner is involved be prepared for both of these possibilities within a five second span. Good luck to you.

2008-10-12 11:45:51
106.   Marty
Plaschke wants a Phillie head, any Phillie head on a pike tonight.
2008-10-12 11:46:06
107.   Frip
104 I understand. But I've never met a girl that likes baseball well enough to sit through a game. Any man who has is a lucky man indeed. And I'm not the kind of guy that will "force" a girl to watch something she's not into. That just seems very rude.

Good advice Alex. :)

2008-10-12 11:51:20
108.   Jon Weisman
"ISU's safety was the first of three in the game."

2008-10-12 11:55:54
109.   dkminnick
107 I was kidding, of course. I do understand. When I first met my wife, she would dutifully come with me to games night after night (I had season tix back then) and pretend to enjoy it. She is European, and didn't really know what was going on (though I never stopped teaching). She did this for like three years, and I thought she was having a good time all the while. I love this woman with all of my heart.
2008-10-12 11:57:41
110.   Bob Timmermann
Wouldn't it just be simpler for the Dodgers to outscore the Phillies?

Or did Pat Burrell perform a pirouette in Game 1? I can hear those can be DEVASTATING to a franchise.

The Giants have never recovered since Bobby Richardson did a plie after catching the final out of the 1962 World Series.

2008-10-12 11:59:56
111.   MC Safety
90 I'm bringing out the Old School Darryl Strawberry glove tomorrow for that comment, Bob.
2008-10-12 12:02:44
112.   D4P
I had a Darryl Strawberry glove. And a Fernando Valenzuela.

And they both went on the left hand.

2008-10-12 12:03:56
113.   Bob Timmermann
If I sit in the Top Deck now, I get dizzy. The last time I was up there once an old friend of mine asked me to look after his wife whom he suspected of acting a bit crazy. So I tailed her for a couple of weeks and found her at a convent in a bell tower and then, well, you know the rest.
2008-10-12 12:14:40
114.   D4P
The Rams are currently throwing a wrench in my 0-16 plan for this season.
2008-10-12 12:20:26
115.   Jon Weisman
2008-10-12 12:21:32
116.   LoneStar7
While confident, I feel like the phils are due to get one in LA, but I also thought we were due on philly..

Being as a big Loney fan as anyone, I think I would of been ok with Nomar getting a start if it wasnt for that little league at bat on friday..

2008-10-12 12:27:30
117.   Andrew Shimmin
116- I think you have to best Canuck in a Loney Fan-off before claiming the title for Loney-loving.
2008-10-12 12:32:41
118.   Andrew Shimmin
Deadthreading a little farther, the trouble with dating girls is that one must go along with whatever they like, since they can have him thrown in jail the first time he loses their favor. Safer all around to date women.
2008-10-12 14:27:57
119.   ishXdavid

I hate to say it, but Plaschke's right. I couldn't believe that wife-beater, Myers, was allowed to get away with throwing at our players with relative impunity. I think our boys are fine, respectable young men, but sometimes I wish we had a hurler with a mean streak like Drysdale or even Kevin Brown. Someone old school who appreciates the importance of the mind games within the game.

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