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Lineup Change
2008-10-12 12:13
by Jon Weisman

Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness has the starting lineup of the Dodgers' first game against Jamie Moyer - on July 10, 1986:

1. Bill Russell RF (RF?!)
2. Steve Sax 2B
3. Ken Landreaux LF
4. Enos Cabell 1B
5. Jeff Hamilton 3B
6. Reggie Williams CF
7. Mariano Duncan SS
8. Jack Fimple C
9. Orel Hershiser P

In that game, Davey Lopes started at third base for the Cubs over Ron Cey. Greg Maddux made his major-league debut for Chicago two months later.

* * *

Speaking of obscure but memorable Dodgers, minor-league coach Garey Ingram and two others have been let go by the team, reports Tony Jackson of the Daily News.

2008-10-12 12:20:17
1.   Alex41592
If the Dodgers have the same success tonight as they did on that date we're in great shape.
2008-10-12 12:25:07
2.   jtrichey
But, oh!, that lineup. 1986 and 1987, the bad old days for sure.
2008-10-12 12:26:03
3.   LoneStar7
eh I got LAT'd but it my statement was pretty unimportant, basically I'm going to just try to keep myself busy until game time because the nerves are really setting in now..

I'll maybe check in later, go blue!

2008-10-12 12:27:29
4.   Bob Timmermann
Of players who participated in that game 22 years ago, Davey Lopes is the oldest. He's 62. Bill Russell turns 60 next week.
2008-10-12 12:33:42
5.   Bluebleeder87
with out looking I'm thinking Steve Sax probably had a good year in '86 maybe Duncan as well, Hershiser from what I remember was o.k. (still coming into his own that year) but that's about it, Landreaux for some reason I feel bad for because (i'm I remember correctly) got traded or retired in '88 & that's the year we won it all...
2008-10-12 12:39:28
6.   Bob Timmermann
Landreaux's ineffectiveness, probably not helped by his substance abuse problems, led the Dodgers to acquire a slightly younger and just as bad center fielder in John Shelby in 1987.

Sax almost won the batting title in 1986.

2008-10-12 12:52:34
7.   jasonungar07
Did Ken always have problems or just when Enos Cabell came to town?
2008-10-12 13:11:54
8.   berkowit28
Am I mistaken, or has Loney not been next only to Ramirez as a contributor to postseason hitting, right up through the last game? And didn't Garciaparra go out on the very last at bat of the last game on 3 pitches, swinging ineffectually at all 3? And hasn't Blake been somewhat under par as a hitter in the postseason?

I get it that Loney has done well in the past against Moyer, and that he doesn't have the dexterity for handling 3rd base. But is he really going to get more hits than Loney? Can there be some other reason for starting him over Loney?

2008-10-12 13:15:00
9.   Bob Timmermann
I think that once Moyer leaves the game, Loney comes in. The Dodgers just have to worry if Romero comes in to relieve.
2008-10-12 13:18:14
10.   Bob Timmermann
During Landreaux's entire career, he had a reputation for a poor work ethic and not living up to his ability. When the Angels and Twins traded him, his teammates were not sorry to see him go.
2008-10-12 13:18:28
11.   Bluebleeder87
Romero this year (I've notice) has Billinglsey like thighs...
2008-10-12 13:19:51
12.   Bluebleeder87

Nomar hits Moyer very well Berkowit28... I'm cool with it (lefty righty) but like Bob says once Moyer is out bring in Loney.

2008-10-12 13:26:29
13.   Alex41592

Rollins, SS
Victorino, CF
Utley, 2B
Howard, 1B
Burrell, LF
Werth, RF
Feliz, 3B
Ruiz, C
Moyer, LHP

Furcal, SS
Ethier, RF
Ramirez, LF
Martin, C
Nomar, 1B
Blake, 3B
Kemp, CF
DeWitt, 2B
Kuroda, RHP

2008-10-12 13:28:41
14.   atg12
Something came up last minute and I can't go to the game tonight. Have two tickets in reserve section 25, 2nd row. If anyone wants these, you can have them for under face value. 310 945 6811.
2008-10-12 13:32:04
15.   DBrim
I can't believe we're rewarding Nomar with ABs after that atrocity he ended Friday's game with.
2008-10-12 13:37:29
16.   goofus
Wasn't Landreaux stopped once in an airport with a gun in his pocket during his playing days?
2008-10-12 13:37:31
17.   Who Is Karim Garcia

During a game last year me and my brother had a conversation about the worst Dodgers we'd ever seen play. I gave my argument for Mel Rojas, Alan Mills and Shelby. My brother went on this huge rant about how he hated Ken Landreaux.

Turns out the woman seated in front of us was his sister in law and she called him down from where he was sitting to sit with.

Never met a better guy. Great baseball talk and had great things to say about Loney and Delwyn Young.

Weird, eh?

2008-10-12 13:37:43
18.   Bluebleeder87

the guy had not played in about a week, relax man... besides he OWNS Moyer.

2008-10-12 13:39:08
19.   Who Is Karim Garcia

It was one at bat.
Against a very good closer.
In a high pressure situation.

Tonight he's facing Moyer, not Lidge. He's starting, not pinch hitting. And look at his career numbers and season splits and not just one at bat.

2008-10-12 13:39:31
20.   Jon Weisman
This is an unsourced report, so I offer it just to balance other unsourced reports:

"White has led the last seven Dodger drafts, three of which have been ranked in the top five by Baseball America. Every Dodgers first-round pick from 2002 to '06 has made the majors, giving the team an astounding 100 percent rate of return on its first-rounders when the industry standard is around 65 percent. White's work has earned him a spot on the hot list of potential GM candidates, talk he slinks away from. An industry source indicates that it might be tough to pry him away from the Dodgers because of his loyalty to the McCourt family, which owns the team."

2008-10-12 13:41:24
21.   DBrim
18 19 - Old Nomar against Moyer, not current one. Also, look at who we benched. Loney's been our most timely hitter over the postseason, and even if it's a lefty it doesn't make much sense to me to bench him.
2008-10-12 13:48:21
22.   goofus
20 Does anyone wonder why Kim Ng and not White is interviewing for the Seattle job? Could it be that he has been told that Ned is a lame duck and he is the new GM next year?
2008-10-12 13:49:20
23.   Who Is Karim Garcia

I see your point, however, my initial response was geared towards your assessment that Nomar's at bat was atrocious and that he was being "rewarded" for it.

He's getting a start today because of his career numbers. Whether it be an old Nomar or new Nomar the fact is that the current Nomar is facing the current Moyer.

Loney is hot, so I think it's risky, but I do see the logic in it even if I'm not sure I agree with the move.

2008-10-12 13:54:03
24.   Bob Timmermann
I also think that Torre hopes that the Dodgers, like the Brewers, can get some quick runs against the Phillies and force them to go to their long and middle relief.

Not that the Dodgers did all that well against the middle relievers in the first two games.

2008-10-12 13:55:51
25.   Alex41592
Torre was going to start Nomar in Game 3 before Game 2 took place. Nomar had a terrible at bat but that's all it was. Also, Nomar is at home and could benefit from that. Plus, I don't trust Nomar to play third base very well. With Rollins and Victorino running Nomar would be a giant liability at third base.

I also agree that once Moyer is out of the game or the fifth inning comes Nomar will be out of the game, whichever comes last.

2008-10-12 13:58:47
26.   Bob Timmermann
Interesting fact (at least to me):
Of Josh Beckett's 93 pitches last night, Rays batters swung and missed at two of them.

That's Ericksonian.

2008-10-12 13:59:46
27.   Bluebleeder87
MLB.TV just said that D-Lowe will get the nod for game 4 monday, is this true?
2008-10-12 14:03:26
28.   Jon Weisman
22 - I can't imagine that Colletti hasn't punched his ticket to at least be able to serve out his contract.

As for Seattle, maybe they're just interested in the more experienced executive.

2008-10-12 14:03:34
29.   Jon Weisman
27 - yes
2008-10-12 14:08:02
30.   Bluebleeder87
oh man... this is my first playoff game in gawd knows how long. I'm expecting more people & louder noise that's all.
2008-10-12 14:10:29
31.   Bluebleeder87

I like the move (really like the move) he like Kuroda are SICK at home.

2008-10-12 14:12:20
32.   Bob Timmermann
Today will be my first NLCS game I've attended since Game 2 of the 1981 NLCS.

Is Ray Burris starting for the Phillies?

2008-10-12 14:15:09
33.   Bill Crain
For all our wide-ranging discussion and speculation, the truth is we really know very little about Logan White, and even less about Kim Ng, in the sense of how they would operate as top-level decision makers.

Not that I wouldn't welcome the opportunity to find out more...

2008-10-12 14:45:26
34.   Jon Weisman
2008-10-13 15:16:48
35.   seesdifferent
it's the fifth inning at Fenway, and the Red Sox Nation is booing their heroes.

and Sarah Palin isn't even there.

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