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One Last Look Backward, And Then Forward
2008-10-12 14:35
by Jon Weisman

In the 2008 National League Championship Series, Rafael Furcal has as many hits as game-changing errors. Casey Blake has one walk, one single and one giant Almost.

But the guy I want to preach patience for most of all today is Matt Kemp.

A lot of folks have grown frustrated with Kemp, such as the estimable ToyCannon at True Blue L.A.. Kemp is 1 for 7 in the NLCS and 3 for 20 in the postseason. All three of Kemp's hits have been doubles, and he also has two walks, but I understand that a .527 OPS is not enough to make people feel better. It hasn't been a great October.

However, I guess what I don't want is for the heightened intensity of the playoffs to cause people to lose faith in Kemp. Kemp is a streak hitter. He's looked bad countless times for the Dodgers - he did set the team single-season strikeout record, after all - and then come back to post remarkable games.

Some of Kemp's failings are more inexplicable than others. Sometimes he gets himself out, but other times, you have to tip your hat to the pitcher. It's not as if Kemp is alone in tipping his hat to Cole Hamels or Brad Lidge or any of the Cub pitchers who came into October with sterling seasons. Kemp has struck out seven times in the playoffs, but that's the same as Russell Martin and one fewer than Andre Ethier. As a team, the Dodgers have struck out 22 times in their past two games.

In any case, I truly dispute the notion that he's been hopeless at the plate.

  • With runners on second and third in the first inning of the NLCS, Kemp went to the fourth pitch of the count and then drove the ball to right-center field. It was an out, but it showed a hitter who wasn't trying to do too much, who was just trying to get that hit. In fact, Kemp has gone to right a few times in the series, including his one hit, a flyball double just inside the line.

  • In the ninth inning of Game 1, Kemp made a bid to tie the game off Lidge with a deep out to center field. Perhaps it wasn't quite in the Manny Ramirez or Blake class of near-home runs, but Shane Victorino had to go back to get it.

  • In Game 2, Kemp got off to an 0-for-3 start that included a first-inning strikeout with two runners in scoring position. But instead of letting that undermine the rest of his game, he drew consecutive walks in the fifth and seventh innings. It was his two-out, none-on walk in the seventh that set up Blake's potential game-tying homer.

    Again, it has been anything but a successful series for Kemp, but he's not lost. He has taken some bad swings, but he has also put the bat on the ball with runners on base and been drawing the occasional walks. In short, he's been Kemp. He's not Willie Mays, but don't let the times he looks awful lead you to believe that he can't look good.

    Kemp is a metaphor for the Dodgers in the NLCS. The bad has outweighed the good, but the good is still there, ready to be tapped.

    * * *

    With the exception of James McDonald, the Dodgers should have a full bullpen to back Hiroki Kuroda today. Hong-Chih Kuo has had two days off, as have Jonathan Broxton and Greg Maddux. Cory Wade threw only three pitches Friday and Joe Beimel 12.

    Kuroda himself hasn't pitched in exactly a week. The Dodgers will of course be hoping that he can pitch more shutout ball, but if the Phillies cash in opportunities the way that Chicago couldn't, Joe Torre can't hesitate to go to the relievers, even though Derek Lowe will be pitching on three days' rest Monday. The Dodgers need to get this victory today before they can worry about problems they might or might not have tomorrow.

    * * *

    Other tidbits:

  • Take away Carlos Ruiz, Cole Hamels and Brett Myers, and the Phillies are batting .208 in the NLCS.

  • When the Dodgers fell behind 2-0 in four playoff series from 1995-2006 - a total of eight games - four of those defeats were by one run.

  • Dodger middle-infielders Furcal, Blake DeWitt and Jeff Kent are 1 for 18 with no walks in the NLCS. DeWitt does have two RBI.

  • In the NLCS, the two teams' bullpens have pitched 14 1/3 innings without allowing a run.

  • Update: Scott Proctor will have season-ending surgery, reports Tony Jackson of the Daily News.

    * * *

    There should be a beautiful sunset tonight. When the game starts, the scoreboard will say 0-0. Let's have some fun.

    Phillies at Dodgers, 5:22 p.m.

  • Comments (501)
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    2008-10-12 14:49:52
    1.   Marty
    Could be on the windy side too.
    2008-10-12 14:53:31
    2.   MollyKnight
    Everyone going to the game: have fun and be safe. And if you see a Dodger fan berating a Philly fan, say something.
    2008-10-12 14:56:03
    3.   MC Safety
    (In best Billy Mays voice)

    Tidbit One! Brought to you by the makers of Life's Not Fair!

    2008-10-12 14:56:38
    4.   Linkmeister
    2 Molly, did you report on your experience at CB Park the other day (and the restaurant review!) and I just missed it in the flood of comments?
    2008-10-12 14:58:57
    5.   Branch Rickey
    Take away Carlos Ruiz, Cole Hamels and Brett Myers, and the Phillies are batting .208 in the NLCS.
    I think this pretty much sums up the whole notion of flukes being the biggest factor. If those three close their eyes, swing and happen to hit like Babe Ruth for two days, you lose. Not a lot more analysis of what you did wrong needed. As for Kemp, he will be starting until these playoffs end and he will be starting opening day next year. He's got the skills. But approach is a real thing and he lacks skills in that dept. With the skills he does have, he can win a game any time. Hopefully we'll see more of that this week than his flaws. Maybe next year he'll close that gap and be unstoppable.
    2008-10-12 14:59:04
    6.   KG16
    I hate to say this, but I think this post-season could be a net negative for the Dodgers. Either this team is a young team that has so far out performed expectations, and the clock is finally tolling midnight; or, this team is a very good team playing below its actual ability.

    Either way, I think it bodes well for the Dodgers over the next few years, as I don't think that any of the core players have reached their peaks. But, let's also keep in mind that this is a team with 2 All Stars (Martin and Saito (did he make it this year); 3 if you count Manny). Manny and an aged/ineffective Kent are the only potential Hall of Famers (at this time).

    When it comes to Kemp, let's not turn into Yankee fans, complaining about A-Rod because he only hits .275 in the playoffs with solo home runs. Bison is going to come around, hopefully tonight, and if not in this series, then next year and the year after that and the year after that. Same with Loney, Martin, Ethier, and DeWitt.

    Besides, all the Dodgers have to do over the next couple of days is what they did in the regular season, beat the Phillies three times at Dodger Stadium.

    2008-10-12 14:59:23
    7.   MC Safety
    First three comments by handles that start with an M.
    2008-10-12 15:00:55
    8.   KG16
    5 - luckily, "approach" is something that can be taught. Where as, "running fast", "throwing hard", and "hitting the ball really, really hard" are not so much teachable as natural.
    2008-10-12 15:01:08
    9.   Branch Rickey
    Time to go root them on... sounds like there'll be a strong DT contingent out there... Cheer loudly and enjoy. If you're not going, cheer loudly and enjoy!
    2008-10-12 15:01:35
    10.   Branch Rickey
    8 Agreed!
    2008-10-12 15:05:01
    11.   superbas
    that's the thing, i haven't seen the progress in kemp from the start of the season till now...that's where the frustration part comes in.
    2008-10-12 15:10:22
    12.   MC Safety
    I miss the first Matt Kemp we ever saw. The one who used to pull homers.
    2008-10-12 15:11:03
    13.   Alex41592
    Matt Kemp (September 12 - September 25, 2008)


    20 for 54 2 HR's 7 RBI's 3 walks

    He's just in a funk right now.

    2008-10-12 15:12:14
    14.   jasonungar07
    If Berroa is playing instead of Furcal we may be winning the series. If Pierre was playing in front of Kemp all of you who write bad things now about Kemp now would

    1. wonder why kemp is not playing
    2. bash torre for not playing kemp
    3. bash Pierre
    4. bash Ned for having Pierre there

    2008-10-12 15:14:06
    15.   KG16
    11 - here is Kemp's game logs for this season.

    I see substantial improvement in the last 65 games (or so) of the season. Only 7 games with multiple strikeouts, his batting average very consistently in the .290s and a ton of multi-hit games. Also, let's not forget, he just turned 23

    2008-10-12 15:15:00
    16.   KG16
    14 - eh, we tend to do #4 just because.
    2008-10-12 15:26:35
    17.   Jon Weisman
    From Tony Jackson: Proctor to have season-ending surgery.

    2008-10-12 15:29:13
    18.   Bob Timmermann
    Dick Stockton makes similar errors in football broadcasts as he did on baseball broadcasts.
    2008-10-12 15:31:02
    19.   D4P
    Do you ever assign him multiple errors on one call...?
    2008-10-12 15:35:53
    20.   DBrim
    Analysis of tonight's pitching match-up

    2008-10-12 15:56:14
    21.   MollyKnight
    3-I had a blast in Philly, despite the losses. The stadium experience during game one was fine, but during game #2 it got ugly. I think people were drunker 'cause it was a Friday, and cockier 'cause the Phillies were already up 1-0.

    Thing is: I've never heard a stadium quieter than Citizen's Bank Park during Game 1 when the Dodgers had the lead. I mean, it was SILENT. Those people are notoriously paranoid, so if we could somehow push this series back to Philly and take the lead in game 6, I really like our odds.

    2008-10-12 15:58:44
    22.   Linkmeister
    21 Philadelphia silent? Yikes. Then I like the odds too.
    2008-10-12 16:10:22
    23.   underdog
    I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.

    (Repeat every few scenes, er, innings or so.)

    2008-10-12 16:31:55
    24.   Andrew Shimmin
    The Cowboys and Cardinals are standing in the way of my learning what Jeanne Zelasko thinks of Loney's benching.

    For the first time in my life, I'm grateful to the NFL.

    2008-10-12 16:36:36
    25.   Andrew Shimmin
    You have forty-five minutes, gentlemen. Use them all, but don't you dare go over.
    2008-10-12 16:38:05
    26.   Sam PHL
    21. Jimmy Rollins has a word to describe those fans.
    2008-10-12 16:38:44
    27.   Sam DC
    What a trainwreck (no offense, trainwreck) the end of this Cards/Cows game is. No one announcing for Fox has any idea what the NFL Rulebook says should happen when a team snaps before a limping player gets off the field.
    2008-10-12 16:39:25
    28.   Sam DC
    ( 27 And they had a LONG time to look it up and still never did.)
    2008-10-12 16:46:30
    29.   Lee Corbett
    what do we think of Loney's benching? Nomar's AB at the end of the other night's game was execrable. I thought Loney was going reasonably well.
    2008-10-12 16:50:58
    30.   MollyKnight
    Update from last night: My super just came and liberated the rat from my cupboard. It was dead. I screamed again.
    2008-10-12 16:52:29
    31.   MollyKnight
    Update again: it was a mouse. I'd like someone (perhaps Bob) to explain to me the differences between rats and mice.
    2008-10-12 16:53:29
    32.   Marty
    Rats are what you saw. Mice are what you find.
    2008-10-12 16:54:05
    33.   gpellamjr
    29 I think it's kind of a non-issue. Loney's been playing fairly well, and is a better defensive 1B. But Nomar has hit Moyer pretty well in the past (admittedly years ago), and seems like a good risk against the soft-tossing LHP.
    2008-10-12 16:55:08
    34.   Marty
    Actually I find dead rats occasionally in my back yard. They're just somehow rattier looking than mice. Usually bigger too.
    2008-10-12 17:02:43
    35.   DBrim
    Generally it's size. Rats are huge, mice are not. At least that's how it works here.
    2008-10-12 17:03:16
    36.   D4P
    Rats are big. Mice are small.
    2008-10-12 17:08:31
    37.   Andrew Shimmin
    Top score wins a prize from Bob!

    2008-10-12 17:08:34
    38.   D4P
    Has anyone else had the flu yet this year? I've been stricken since Thursday, roughly 3 weeks before my scheduled flu shot.
    2008-10-12 17:09:29
    39.   D4P
    10 out of 12
    2008-10-12 17:09:44
    40.   LoneStar7
    will there be rally towels tonight?
    2008-10-12 17:10:09
    41.   Andrew Shimmin
    Rats. I only got a nine.
    2008-10-12 17:12:18
    42.   GiantturnedDodger
    I'm looking for a new idea for pregame early dinner/drinks for tomorrows game. We've done Philips, Spring Street Smokehouse, Chinatown, Olvera Street and Pacific Dining Car (never again). Any new ideas? Does anyone know a good pizza and beer place downtown?
    2008-10-12 17:12:27
    43.   MollyKnight
    I got 12/12!

    So it was a rat that I saw!

    Related: EW.

    2008-10-12 17:15:16
    44.   Ken Noe
    I watched the first two games in a hotel in New Orleans, and thus threw the universe out of kilter. I'm now home. Dodgers roll.
    2008-10-12 17:16:20
    45.   D4P
    When we lived in Oregon, our cat brought in a live "mouse" and dropped it in our kitchen. It ran into a storage room, and hid amongst a bunch of boxes. We looked for it but couldn't find it.

    For the next 4-5 months, we set up a mousetrap every night, with cheese or peanut butter or some such thing, only to awake to find the trap sprung and the food gone. We finally bought a large squirrel trap (that didn't harm the animal, but just caged them in) and eventually found out that the mouse had actually been a baby rat. The thing was humongous.

    2008-10-12 17:18:31
    46.   trainwreck
    Perfect time for family gathering to end.
    2008-10-12 17:19:04
    47.   trainwreck
    My friend is at the game and sitting next to Chase Utley's family.
    2008-10-12 17:21:42
    48.   Alex41592
    There is a media section in the reserve level! Right behind home plate.
    2008-10-12 17:22:45
    49.   trainwreck
    That was awesome to have Rob and Danny do it.
    2008-10-12 17:23:15
    50.   Marty
    Only pizza place I can think of is a Pitfire on Second and Main. Pete's on 4th and Main has good beers and great hamburgers.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-10-12 17:23:58
    51.   nick
    Was that short man in the sunglasses my brother? Am I required to love him?

    I hate the whole city of Philadelphia after that.

    2008-10-12 17:25:14
    52.   Marty
    Joe Buck, what took you so long?
    2008-10-12 17:26:56
    53.   nick
    Was that short man in the sunglasses my brother? Am I required to love him?

    I hate the whole city of Philadelphia after that.

    2008-10-12 17:27:39
    54.   KG16
    11 of 12 on the rats/mice test.

    unrelated: hey, two up, two down. nice.

    also unrelated: i ordered an iphone today. went to the apple store, only to learn that the network with at&t was down and they couldn't complete the purchase. so i have to go back tomorrow. but i did get Civilization IV, so there is a good chance that this is the last you hear from me until Spring Training.

    2008-10-12 17:28:13
    55.   Alex41592
    Utley walks again.
    2008-10-12 17:31:18
    56.   thinkblue88
    2008-10-12 17:31:30
    57.   thinkblue88
    and furcal, nice tag!
    2008-10-12 17:31:34
    58.   Alex41592
    Nice pick by Furcal.
    2008-10-12 17:31:36
    59.   KG16
    nice defense by Martin/Furcal
    2008-10-12 17:31:37
    60.   Marty
    He looked safe to me.
    2008-10-12 17:32:02
    61.   Lexinthedena
    Rosenthal is so usless.
    2008-10-12 17:33:06
    62.   tethier
    60 Caught a break there - he looked safe to me too.
    2008-10-12 17:33:23
    63.   Lexinthedena
    Marty, no one likes a party pooper.
    2008-10-12 17:33:51
    64.   PDH5204
    Those creatures in the photos, well, none of them look like the Rattus rattus that I've declared war on every now and again.

    See that "tending even to flee upwards" there in the 2nd paragraph? Rattus rattus is very good at climbing the curtains. Helps to have your Easton Assassin handy. So too your Titan TPM 2020. The screaching following contact isn't pretty, but this is war.

    What with rabbits as pets, well, Rattus rattus can smell the waste and food, even with regular daily cleaning, and the critters have been known to chew through the bottom of wooden doors to create entry space. Two paid dearly for that error and I was so incensed that they were even buried without customary and traditional honors. Presumably, lucky for me that Rattus rattus is not protected by any Geneva convention concerning the treatment of enemy combatants during time of war.

    2008-10-12 17:34:01
    65.   Marty
    Mary Hart?
    2008-10-12 17:34:02
    66.   KG16
    Mary Hart? that's the best Fox could do in LA?
    2008-10-12 17:34:10
    67.   Kuo-fax
    60 & 62 Looked safe to me too. Nice to see us catching a break, compared to Friday!
    2008-10-12 17:34:56
    68.   thinkblue88
    Furcal!! Yess, solid base hit.
    2008-10-12 17:35:07
    69.   Alex41592
    Atta boy. Now take second Furcal!
    2008-10-12 17:35:16
    70.   KG16
    this bodes well for the Dodgers.
    2008-10-12 17:35:28
    71.   Greg Brock
    Why not just have a botox needle give the starting lineup.
    2008-10-12 17:35:38
    72.   Lexinthedena
    Who's Mary Hart? Seriously, I don't know who she is.

    I thought Beimel did a phenomenal job yesterday.

    2008-10-12 17:35:48
    73.   Alex41592
    2008-10-12 17:36:06
    74.   Rob M
    Nice start guys...
    2008-10-12 17:36:11
    75.   thinkblue88
    Ethier!! Finally, getting guys on.
    2008-10-12 17:36:41
    76.   Lexinthedena


    2008-10-12 17:36:49
    77.   KG16
    72 - apparently she's a host on Extra
    2008-10-12 17:36:57
    78.   thinkblue88

    71. LoL!

    2008-10-12 17:37:08
    79.   Rob M
    Even better! Moyer ain't foolin' nobody.
    2008-10-12 17:37:22
    80.   Marty
    Thanks Brock, I did a spit-take.
    2008-10-12 17:38:06
    81.   Raf
    Not sure what Pat was thinking throwing home...
    2008-10-12 17:38:28
    82.   Sam DC
    Wow. My solidarity-with-la chorizo burrito is good.

    But this -- -- is grossly, overly hot.

    Which I kind of like.

    2008-10-12 17:39:18
    83.   Alex41592
    And look who's coming up.
    2008-10-12 17:39:23
    84.   Lexinthedena
    If Hiroki doesn't retaliate, Rosenthal will have someone's head!
    2008-10-12 17:39:37
    85.   Andrew Shimmin
    2008-10-12 17:39:40
    86.   Indiana Jon
    Things are looking good so far. I am cautiously optimistic.
    2008-10-12 17:39:40
    87.   Alice S
    Right off the kneecap. Ouch. I felt that one all the way over here
    2008-10-12 17:40:38
    88.   Lexinthedena
    82 The Chile Verde they make is fantastic.
    2008-10-12 17:41:57
    89.   Lexinthedena
    Wow....that was a really great pitch.
    2008-10-12 17:42:19
    90.   Sam DC
    OOOoooooohhhhh . . . . so close Nomar.

    Strike 3 was a heckuva pitch . . .

    2008-10-12 17:42:42
    91.   KG16
    that was a nice pitch by Moyer for the called third strike, but what ever happened to defending the strike zone with 2 strikes?
    2008-10-12 17:43:27
    92.   thinkblue88
    Nice hit Beard!
    2008-10-12 17:43:36
    93.   Lexinthedena
    Chuck Norris does not bow to old pitchers.
    2008-10-12 17:43:39
    94.   KG16
    It's time for the hit parade
    2008-10-12 17:43:44
    95.   Greg Brock
    Come on, Matty.
    2008-10-12 17:44:07
    96.   Sam DC
    I'm just stuck with the picture of Jon at the stadium, just hoping so deeply for Kemp here . . .
    2008-10-12 17:44:57
    97.   KG16
    3-0 to Kemp, nice.
    2008-10-12 17:46:10
    98.   KG16
    that was not a strike.
    2008-10-12 17:46:17
    99.   Lexinthedena
    Another great pitch by Moyer.
    2008-10-12 17:46:18
    100.   Greg Brock
    Swing the bat, Kemp.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-10-12 17:46:39
    101.   Rob M
    This ump is keeping Moyer alive single handedly.
    2008-10-12 17:46:51
    102.   MonkeyBlue
    Should have green light Bison!
    2008-10-12 17:46:58
    103.   trainwreck
    Damn you, crafty old veteran.
    2008-10-12 17:47:03
    104.   KG16
    100 - I think the whole team is starting to take a few too many pitches with two strikes.
    2008-10-12 17:47:39
    105.   Sam DC
    100 Well, I guess, but I mean . . . the fox computer thing sure didn't think that was a strike.
    2008-10-12 17:47:48
    106.   Frip
    Regarding criticism of Billingsly not "retaliating" for the pitch thrown behind Manny.

    Not one word by Buck, McCarver or Rosenthal about sportsmanship, rising-above, or maturity on the part of Billingsly.

    Moral of story: nominally civilized sportscasters will condemn athletes for violence...yet condemn them for non-violence. Criticize bean balls...condone bean balls. You can't win.

    2008-10-12 17:48:25
    107.   Lexinthedena
    2008-10-12 17:48:27
    108.   Indiana Jon
    The Solution!!!!!!!!!!
    2008-10-12 17:48:30
    109.   KG16
    2008-10-12 17:48:31
    110.   Rob M
    2008-10-12 17:48:34
    111.   Hollywood Joe
    Blake Bleeping DeWitt we LOVE YOU
    2008-10-12 17:48:35
    112.   LoneStar7
    the solutionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
    2008-10-12 17:48:39
    113.   trainwreck
    DO IT, DEWITT!!!!
    2008-10-12 17:48:40
    114.   thinkblue88


    2008-10-12 17:48:40
    115.   nick
    tough pitch, but it looked almost like Kemp was trying to walk there--he does sometimes seem to me like an overcoached player---


    2008-10-12 17:48:46
    116.   MonkeyBlue
    THE SOLUTION BABY!!!!!!!!!
    2008-10-12 17:48:50
    117.   Sam DC
    To quote The Biscuit, bygones!!!!
    2008-10-12 17:48:50
    118.   Greg Brock
    Great job, Dewitt. YES SIR!
    2008-10-12 17:49:14
    119.   Lee Corbett
    2008-10-12 17:49:47
    120.   DXMachina
    That was beautiful.
    2008-10-12 17:50:10
    121.   DBrim
    AWESOME start.
    2008-10-12 17:50:14
    122.   Alex41592
    What a huge moment in the game. Clutch hit by DeWitt. Tremendous job by the boys in blue.
    2008-10-12 17:50:24
    123.   Lexinthedena
    What a great at bat by DeWitt. I really think he is going to have a long Bill Mueller type career.
    2008-10-12 17:50:53
    124.   Indiana Jon
    Just pitch your average game Kuroda. That's all we need now.
    2008-10-12 17:50:53
    125.   Marty
    You wonder how Moyers gets past the second inning in every game when you see him pitch like that.
    2008-10-12 17:51:15
    126.   Alex41592
    Both Nomar and Kemp were called out on perfect pitches by Moyer. But, Blake & DeWitt picked everybody up.
    2008-10-12 17:51:46
    127.   Gen3Blue
    I laaaak it.

    I almost said something critical about DeWitt being up(which implies Loney is not starting) but never mind.

    2008-10-12 17:52:07
    128.   dontraiseplz
    I really thought that was going to be Kemp's breakout AB... expect the unexpected from him though, he will deliver later.

    Great freakin inning though, I yelled out "WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!" when that ball landed.

    2008-10-12 17:52:11
    129.   Ken Noe
    Solution belongs, yes sir.
    2008-10-12 17:52:33
    130.   Hollywood Joe
    106 - Who cares what McCarver or Buck or anyone has to say about sportsmanship

    Who cares wether they approve or not

    Your first loyalty is to your teammate and baseball has rules about who gets thrown at when. Bills didnt hold up his end of the bargain

    I love him as a pitcher but would be miffed at him as a teammate

    2008-10-12 17:52:37
    131.   LU Dodger

    let's hope he has an un-Dodger-like Bill Mueller career....

    2008-10-12 17:53:07
    132.   Marty
    I'm already tired of the blonde with the pink top in the background.
    2008-10-12 17:54:27
    133.   LU Dodger
    C'mon get Ray Liotta out!
    2008-10-12 17:55:37
    134.   DBrim
    Kuroda is not looking sharp.
    2008-10-12 17:56:24
    135.   LU Dodger
    Not in Philly anymore are we boys!!!

    thats a two run homer in their park

    2008-10-12 17:56:32
    136.   thinkblue88
    Woo...That would have been gone if this was Philly. No cheap home runs here!!
    2008-10-12 17:57:44
    137.   Lee Corbett
    Burrell and Ethier both have the same silly way of jogging
    2008-10-12 17:57:44
    138.   Rob M
    Nice to see Kuroda get that low outside strike too.
    2008-10-12 17:58:03
    139.   Alice S
    Ryan Howard looks hilarious when he runs
    2008-10-12 17:58:21
    140.   LU Dodger
    I just want everyone to know this would be a 5-3 game right now if we're in Philly....that's unbelievable.
    2008-10-12 17:58:26
    141.   Greg Brock
    I'll never know the sense of pride that Tim McCarver has in himself when he makes an especially inane comment.

    He's so proud of himself. That must be awesome.

    2008-10-12 17:59:34
    142.   thinkblue88
    I hate Feliz.
    2008-10-12 18:00:04
    143.   LU Dodger
    I have a feeling we're gonna put more than 5 runs on the board next inning
    2008-10-12 18:02:25
    144.   Ken Noe
    Tim McCarver is the uncle at Thanksgiving who won't stop talking about his lower-level management job at the appliance plant. Joe Buck is the smarmy son who is running dad's business into the ground.
    2008-10-12 18:02:57
    145.   LU Dodger
    Has anyone ever noticed, how on the Sharp tv commercial with the yuppie on his couch, that a Mets pitcher throws the pitch to the Dodger hitter, yet a Marlins player catches the flyball?

    I need a hobby...

    2008-10-12 18:03:36
    146.   thinkblue88
    2008-10-12 18:03:39
    147.   LU Dodger
    That's out of the park in Philly!!!!


    2008-10-12 18:03:44
    148.   Rob M
    I like the way this game is going.
    2008-10-12 18:03:50
    149.   Andrew Shimmin
    145- Must be the all star game.
    2008-10-12 18:04:09
    150.   superbas
    that's how u turn on a pitch!
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-10-12 18:04:26
    151.   Andrew Shimmin
    Does Furry win a t.v. for hitting the Sharp sign? Or an honorary degree in physics?
    2008-10-12 18:04:28
    152.   nick
    if only we'd been playing Berroa.....
    2008-10-12 18:04:56
    153.   Alice S
    145 I noticed that months ago, glad I'm not the only one who was totally confused
    It was a Marlins home uniform too, wasn't it?
    2008-10-12 18:05:17
    154.   Marty
    Well, batting practice is over.
    2008-10-12 18:07:02
    155.   MonkeyBlue
    Good to have Furcal!
    2008-10-12 18:07:49
    156.   LU Dodger
    151 LOL. I think you have to first master the science of looking really creepy to be a physics prof. for sharp.

    Also, I love the Dodger outburst, but you hate to see it happen to Jamie Moyer. Oh well. yeeehaw

    2008-10-12 18:07:59
    157.   Lexinthedena
    It is stupid to throw at a batter anytime, let alone the playoffs. I surprised McCarver didn't pull out a Bob Gibson story.
    2008-10-12 18:08:34
    158.   Alice S
    Is Tim McCarver sitting on like a rocking chair or something?
    2008-10-12 18:10:25
    159.   LU Dodger
    158 I don't get it, but I lol'd
    2008-10-12 18:11:23
    160.   LU Dodger
    Ok Now there's no way Hiroki doesn't retaliate
    2008-10-12 18:11:33
    161.   Marty
    Kuroda needs to bean Rosenthal now.
    2008-10-12 18:11:43
    162.   Greg Brock
    Enough of this.
    2008-10-12 18:11:52
    163.   nick
    "it's all part of the game"!?!?

    McCarver wants to see a nasty brawl on national TV tonight?

    2008-10-12 18:12:03
    164.   Andrew Shimmin
    161- I'm Andrew Shimmin, and I endorse that message.
    2008-10-12 18:12:10
    165.   LU Dodger
    Something tell's me Martin calls for a little something inside, towards the head-ish region
    2008-10-12 18:13:00
    166.   Ken Noe
    Bills needs to go up and bean Buck.
    2008-10-12 18:13:11
    167.   Marty
    I guess the umpires think Kuroda needs to retaliate too since they seem to be waiting for that before issuing warnings.
    2008-10-12 18:13:17
    168.   alexx
    What are you the customs in Japanese baseball when it comes to retaliation and such? Just curious.
    2008-10-12 18:14:23
    169.   Hollywood Joe
    I would leave seams on someones ribs

    I would really try to throw the ball through Utley next time he came up

    2008-10-12 18:14:26
    170.   Lee Corbett
    Good chance Hiro gets tossed if he plugs someone right?
    2008-10-12 18:14:50
    171.   overkill94
    Does anyone have a cooler voice than Keith Jackson? I would want him to emcee my wedding or any other large gathering.
    2008-10-12 18:15:37
    172.   nick
    McCarver using "buzz" like a technical term--what an absolute swine the man is!
    2008-10-12 18:15:56
    173.   overkill94
    168 You just have to tip your hat afterwards
    2008-10-12 18:16:08
    174.   LU Dodger

    Not warning yet

    2008-10-12 18:16:53
    175.   LU Dodger
    JEEZ!!! Stop talking about the damn retaliation announcers!

    That's our job!

    2008-10-12 18:17:00
    176.   LogikReader
    How could the umpire not issue a warning in the top half of the inning? What a complete joke. I've seen umpires issue warnings for pitches out of nowhere that aren't nearly as close. WITH the context of Game 2, how you not issue a warning to Condrey is beyond me!
    2008-10-12 18:17:11
    177.   thinkblue88
    Wow, Russell, setting up WAAAY inside.
    2008-10-12 18:17:19
    178.   overkill94
    I used to love when my coach told me to throw at a guy. Hitting guys is always fun and having your coach's consent is even better!

    The usual command was "put one in his ear"

    2008-10-12 18:17:24
    179.   Alice S
    I'd rather see Hiro retaliate by not allowing any more runs than by putting a ball on someone's noggin
    2008-10-12 18:17:29
    180.   superbas
    shut up mccarver...what's this "buzzing the hitter..." either hit someone with 2 outs or don't hit them.
    2008-10-12 18:17:40
    181.   LogikReader
    Kuroda isn't going to buzz anybody... he's too busy getting people out.
    2008-10-12 18:18:19
    182.   Hollywood Joe
    that was sick

    Martin right behind him and rung him up

    2008-10-12 18:19:00
    183.   LU Dodger

    A pitcher WITH BALLSSSS

    2008-10-12 18:19:00
    184.   overkill94
    There's no helmet on your ribs dummy
    2008-10-12 18:19:01
    185.   kngoworld
    Looks like they have a theme for the rest of the game if not series.
    2008-10-12 18:19:01
    186.   Alice S
    Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
    My stomach just did backflips, I thought he was gone
    2008-10-12 18:19:30
    187.   superbas
    oh man too bad the pitch didn't hit his bat
    2008-10-12 18:19:38
    188.   kngoworld
    I like what Victorino did there.
    2008-10-12 18:19:48
    189.   Lexinthedena
    Classy guy that Shane Victorino.
    2008-10-12 18:20:07
    190.   Hollywood Joe

    I would have preferred Utley but with 2 outs we needed it in this inning

    Maybe the Phillies hitters will deliver the message to thier pitchers - stop that noise

    2008-10-12 18:20:17
    191.   LogikReader
    I guess I like it, but why Victorino?
    2008-10-12 18:20:43
    192.   overkill94
    Don't go to commercial yet!
    2008-10-12 18:20:55
    193.   LU Dodger
    I'm in heaven!
    2008-10-12 18:21:00
    194.   nick
    McCarver acting like these guys all have pinpoint control and can "buzz" guys at will...
    2008-10-12 18:21:13
    195.   Greg Brock
    Get back in the dugout and win the bleeping game.
    2008-10-12 18:21:25
    196.   Lexinthedena
    With WAR playing on the P.A....I love it.
    2008-10-12 18:21:35
    197.   Andrew Shimmin
    How on earth did he get over there so fast? He should be a gold glover if he can move like that.
    2008-10-12 18:21:44
    198.   Hollywood Joe
    191 - cause there was 2 outs and they wanted to do it this inning
    2008-10-12 18:21:47
    199.   Greg Brock
    Mariano Duncan and Davey Lopes. That's odd.
    2008-10-12 18:22:12
    200.   DBrim
    Love the music.
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2008-10-12 18:22:38
    201.   overkill94
    Seems kinda mean to do it to a guy whose grandmother just died
    2008-10-12 18:22:57
    202.   Lexinthedena
    I used to work out at the gym with this scout who said that Lopes was a Hugh Janus.
    2008-10-12 18:23:03
    203.   Marty
    Buck was begging for a beanball war. Then when Manny gets hot, says that's the last thing they need. I hate announcers. (Vinny excepted)
    2008-10-12 18:23:08
    204.   Vishal
    manny is the last guy we needed getting in someone's face right there.
    2008-10-12 18:23:22
    205.   nick
    if they throw anything near Manny now, though.....
    2008-10-12 18:23:39
    206.   LogikReader
    Bottom line here, the Phils are trying to pull a Boston Celtics circa 1984, and if you do that LA won't take it sitting down. Good for the Dodgers!

    Again how is CONDREY not issued a warning? Ridiculous.

    2008-10-12 18:23:42
    207.   Marty
    I know for a fact that Lopes liked the yoda back in the day.
    2008-10-12 18:23:45
    208.   fordprefect
    Heh, I could imagine Manny rolling Manuel like Martinez rolled Zimmer!
    2008-10-12 18:23:49
    209.   LU Dodger
    You have to love seeing Joe Torre restrain his 1st and 3rd base coaches. This Dodger team has anger management issues.....friggen awesome
    2008-10-12 18:23:57
    210.   Ken Noe
    Tonight on FOX: When retired Infielders Attack Their Former Teams, starring Larry Bowa and Davey Lopes.
    2008-10-12 18:24:05
    211.   Gen3Blue
    OK The media and a few coaches got what they wanted. I hope It doesn't unbalance the game we are trying to win.
    2008-10-12 18:24:12
    212.   Lexinthedena
    202 Don't mean to go all TMZ...just what the guy said, and he said it with great emotion.
    2008-10-12 18:24:15
    213.   Lee Corbett
    someone will get run this game for sure
    2008-10-12 18:24:36
    214.   dontraiseplz
    McCarver makes me want to punch my TV. Who is despicable now, Mr. Tactical Expert on Hitting People with High Velocity Objects? Ugh

    Ill admit I got super pumped when that pitch got thrown but I don't want this series to de-escalate into some kind of heat match. Consider me a pacifist with rage problems...

    2008-10-12 18:24:56
    215.   Tripon
    Why can't we be friends?
    2008-10-12 18:26:04
    216.   Gen3Blue
    Could the announcers and media do anything more to provoke havok!
    2008-10-12 18:26:27
    217.   Lexinthedena
    207 Who didn't back then.
    2008-10-12 18:27:11
    218.   Hollywood Joe
    the only thing that ends throwing at batters is throwing at batters

    strange but true, once a team decides they are going to try to intimidate your hitters the only way to make them stop is to return the favor

    now that we have thrown back, we have more of a chance of this all stopping

    2008-10-12 18:27:59
    219.   kngoworld
    I love Matt Kemp.
    2008-10-12 18:28:47
    220.   Lee Corbett
    218 absolutely. Settling it on the field is the only way to do it. I expect, especially if the Dodgers hold their lead, a middle reliever in the 7th or 8th to hit someone and get run.
    2008-10-12 18:28:56
    221.   LU Dodger
    Can you imagine if we still had Gagne? I still get goosebumps when I think about him throwing down his glove and going after Tucker on the Giants and Tucker looking like he was going to cry.

    ....maybe it was the 'roid rage. Sorry i couldn't resist

    2008-10-12 18:29:30
    222.   trainwreck
    Or now.
    2008-10-12 18:32:24
    223.   Lexinthedena
    I missed Kemp's at bat...How did he get on?
    2008-10-12 18:32:52
    224.   DBrim
    223 - Single up the 3.5 hole.
    2008-10-12 18:33:39
    225.   RIYank
    Good evening, DTs.
    I looked in during Game 2 but didn't feel like intruding. Chez Weisman is a good deal happier today.
    2008-10-12 18:34:19
    226.   LU Dodger
    AHHH! Frank Tv ads have infiltrated fox!


    2008-10-12 18:34:58
    227.   Marty
    224 goes on the all time list of things that sound dirty but aren't.
    2008-10-12 18:35:07
    228.   milkshakeballa
    Why are you guys mad.....

    I will be the first to admit I really really dislike McCarver's broadcasting skills, but he is RIGHT. This is BASEBALL.

    This is EXACTLTY what the Dodgers needed! Good job Kuroda!!!! LETS GO!

    2008-10-12 18:35:19
    229.   fordprefect

    it's early yet.

    2008-10-12 18:35:22
    230.   trainwreck
    Nomar flashing the glove.
    2008-10-12 18:35:26
    231.   overkill94
    Wow was that a great snag by Nomar
    2008-10-12 18:35:30
    232.   Tripon
    How good is Nomar defensively at 1st base? As good as Loney?
    2008-10-12 18:35:35
    233.   Alex41592
    Terrific pick at first by Nomar.
    2008-10-12 18:35:40
    234.   MonkeyBlue
    Nomar! nice play
    2008-10-12 18:35:41
    235.   LU Dodger


    2008-10-12 18:35:59
    236.   Greg Brock
    Wow, open your eyes Nomar. Ha ha.
    2008-10-12 18:37:06
    237.   arborial
    how meaningless was that comment?

    "the only other guy who could have made that play was the other 1st baseman for the Dodgers"

    I thought for a second he was going to say Larry Bowa or something. Seriously, am I missing something here?

    2008-10-12 18:37:06
    238.   LU Dodger
    Silly Howard....don't hit into the shift...that's what we WANT you to do.
    2008-10-12 18:37:50
    239.   Greg Brock
    Chip, Ron, and Buck are all sitting at home wondering why their parents named them after porn stars.
    2008-10-12 18:37:53
    240.   Lexinthedena
    Nice play by Nomar.

    236 Hey Greg Brock.

    E-mail me so that we can our program to your school.

    Lexsteppling at encompass dot org

    2008-10-12 18:38:12
    241.   Bote Man
    Phillies radio saying that warnings were issued after the bench-clearing tea dance.
    2008-10-12 18:38:23
    242.   LU Dodger
    That Hiroki Kuroda is so hot right now...
    2008-10-12 18:38:47
    243.   thelarmis
    225 hi RIYank! i'm over at BB...

    congrats everyone on DT, great game, thus far. and kuroda mows down the heart of the order! nice pick by no-mah at first...

    underdog doesn't seem to be around, is he at the game?

    2008-10-12 18:39:12
    244.   Lee Corbett
    perfect way to settle the game down; great job by Hiro
    2008-10-12 18:39:57
    245.   Alice S
    Who else cracked up at McCarver telling Buck he fell asleep during the ALCS game last night?

    And then Buck asks him what specifically woke him up, and McCarver says, "the game".

    2008-10-12 18:40:01
    246.   dontraiseplz
    228. Well, my primary concern over McCarver: you know what else is baseball? caring about contracts and demanding trades.

    you're either a high minded guy or a realist...

    its the hypocrisy, not the point of view

    2008-10-12 18:41:48
    247.   KG16
    tigertigertiger woods, y'all.

    sorry, couldn't help it.

    2008-10-12 18:41:51
    248.   Marty
    If protecting hitters is part of the game and to be expected, why do the people hit/thrown at get mad?
    2008-10-12 18:42:09
    249.   LogikReader
    Is Tiger Woods a Dodgers fan? Another reason to love Tiger Woods!
    2008-10-12 18:42:17
    250.   BlueCrew Bruin
    There's got to be a better way to market the playoffs than having McCarver talking about falling asleep during a great ALCS game. Sheesh.
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2008-10-12 18:42:26
    251.   Greg Brock
    240 For sure. I'll hit you up this week, Lex.

    Glorious looking sunset at the yard this evening.

    2008-10-12 18:42:32
    252.   LU Dodger
    After seeing Tiger Woods wearing a Dodgers hat, I have to say that HE is the only person who I would accept as a Dodgers mascot.
    2008-10-12 18:42:46
    253.   trainwreck
    No, underdog lives in the Bay Area.
    2008-10-12 18:44:00
    254.   fordprefect
    the only way he can keep from falling asleep is to listen to himself droning on nonsensically?
    2008-10-12 18:44:39
    255.   KG16
    252 - what about the Fonz?
    2008-10-12 18:44:44
    256.   Greg Brock
    I would give all the tea in China to see Manny get plugged in the ribcage.

    I bet he'd be pretty calm about the whole thing.

    2008-10-12 18:44:53
    257.   Lexinthedena
    The Phillies Nation board is rich with Manny vitriol. We have Kobe and now Manny.
    2008-10-12 18:45:19
    258.   Hollywood Joe
    248 - because it hurts and is scary

    and you can get seriously jacked

    2008-10-12 18:45:31
    259.   nick
    "Knock more hitters down, and there won't be as much fraternizing"
    --Ah, now we see the bitter old-school ballplayer mentality coming into the open.
    2008-10-12 18:46:01
    260.   fordprefect
    If looks could kill, the Philly infield would be 6 ft under right now.
    2008-10-12 18:46:12
    261.   KG16
    257 - just think, if we had a football team, we could also have Randy Moss, and have the trifecta.
    2008-10-12 18:46:30
    262.   Lexinthedena
    The better the Dodgers get, the more the annoying celebs will come out of the wood work wearing L.A caps. The downside of victory.
    2008-10-12 18:47:02
    263.   KG16
    Was that Davy Lopes or Tommy Chong?
    2008-10-12 18:47:12
    264.   larry slimfast
    I don't watch and this happens... wait... my bad.
    2008-10-12 18:48:55
    265.   overkill94
    Smart play by Martin there, I think Manny would have been out had they let that throw go through
    2008-10-12 18:49:00
    266.   Lexinthedena
    Was that good or bad baserunning by Russ?
    2008-10-12 18:49:01
    267.   RIYank
    Manny Hustle!

    Love it.

    2008-10-12 18:49:02
    268.   kngoworld
    Did I read some place that it was discussed enforcing a rule that would not allow other infielders to the pitching mound for a meeting? Or am I mistaken?

    The Phillies love the team huddle.

    2008-10-12 18:49:04
    269.   KG16
    Larry Bowa needs to learn to GET OUT THE WAY!
    2008-10-12 18:50:24
    270.   RIYank
    There should be some joke about being "Happless" available here.
    2008-10-12 18:50:30
    271.   Greg Brock
    Day by day, Billy Joel and Lopes slowly merge into the same person.
    2008-10-12 18:50:36
    272.   Lee Corbett
    i think that was a good play by Martin - Manny may well have been out at the plate but he gave the cut off man the perfect opportunity to cut it and get the run.
    2008-10-12 18:50:47
    273.   Ken Noe
    252 The Dodgers have a mascot. His name is Tommy.
    2008-10-12 18:50:52
    274.   Gen3Blue
    That was good. I had to notice that the Dodgers offense let up after the first inning, with the exception of a few vets(Furcal and Manny). Keep it stepped up, Guys.
    2008-10-12 18:51:55
    275.   Nestor
    I think Manny wanted a chance to run over ruiz after the talk at home plate when he was batting.
    2008-10-12 18:53:08
    276.   kngoworld
    275 I was thinking the same thing, if the throw went through I was expecting a huge collision at the plate.
    2008-10-12 18:53:53
    277.   Lee Corbett
    275 agreed - Manny was going to light him up i say
    2008-10-12 18:55:38
    278.   Andrew Shimmin
    If he says Bennett, I'm going to lose it. . .
    2008-10-12 18:55:49
    279.   trainwreck
    LOL the Tanyon Sturtze contribution.
    2008-10-12 18:56:10
    280.   Nestor
    Kuroda is the perfect guy to pitch with a lead. He throws strikes and works fast. I would like to work the Phillies bullpen some more and use up some of there arms, let's keep pressure on.
    2008-10-12 18:56:10
    281.   Greg Brock
    Martin must be upset, as he has an especially fat dip in tonight. Rally dip, I guess.
    2008-10-12 18:56:11
    282.   arborial
    I thought Martin was going to spin out of the tag
    2008-10-12 18:56:12
    283.   KG16
    Joe Buck, shut up. I would add two words, but they would be in violation of Rule 1. Sturtz and Sweeney are not important to Dodger victory. In any way shape or form.
    2008-10-12 18:56:19
    284.   Andrew Shimmin
    Alright. Sturtze and Sweeney I can live with, even if that's pretty weird.
    2008-10-12 18:57:25
    285.   Lee Corbett
    I think it is really cool of Sturtze and Sweeney to stay around. A lot of guys would go home. Sturtze has been a bullpen catcher right?
    2008-10-12 18:58:18
    286.   Gen3Blue
    I will violate rule one by saying "Sweeney" and "Sturtze"

    Now go offense go--please.

    2008-10-12 18:59:18
    287.   jdbeauchamp
    Is that Sharp spokesman being played by Macaulay Caulkin?
    2008-10-12 19:00:20
    288.   Greg Brock
    285 Sturtze is in charge of getting all the balls to the umpire when he runs out.

    His jersey says "Tanyon 08" on the back.

    2008-10-12 19:01:17
    289.   fordprefect
    you mean a young Macauley Culkin?
    2008-10-12 19:01:26
    290.   Greg Brock
    "Dodgers hope it's a tidal wave."

    Good joke. Nailed it. High five!

    2008-10-12 19:01:52
    291.   trainwreck
    Yeah, Bison regaining his powers.
    2008-10-12 19:02:22
    292.   kngoworld
    I think its great when a player has a big night after getting profiled by Jon. BISON!
    2008-10-12 19:03:23
    293.   fordprefect
    Can someone slap McCarver please?
    2008-10-12 19:05:08
    294.   KG16
    Listening to McBuck, talk about Vin, I'm suddenly reminded of our reader created world series game 7 between the Angels and Dodgers and the talk of what happened in the booth.

    Kemp looked safe, but for the over slide.

    2008-10-12 19:05:26
    295.   Lee Corbett
    288 Indeed. I still like it; Sturtze is a guy with a lot of MLB experience, and the fact he wants to be involved in any way he can help (even if we discount its benefits) shows a child like love for the game - or maybe a desperate lack of a personal life to go to.
    2008-10-12 19:06:38
    296.   Bote Man
    293 I listen to XM and delay the TV broadcast (muted) to synchronize it with the later radio. Works like a champ. And no McCarver, Buck, et al.
    2008-10-12 19:07:03
    297.   Bote Man
    296 ...delay the TV broadcast with my TiVO...
    2008-10-12 19:08:24
    298.   thinkblue88
    GameDay says Tadahito Iguchi is batting, lol.
    2008-10-12 19:09:02
    299.   Nestor
    295 Well said. I don't know one of us who wouldn't love a chance to be a bullpen catcher for a day.
    2008-10-12 19:09:07
    300.   fanerman
    296 I wish I could delay the TV.
    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2008-10-12 19:10:52
    301.   Bob Hendley
    299 - Me too! Until Torre signals for Mongo to get loose.
    2008-10-12 19:10:58
    302.   nick
    poor guy, lost his grandma.....hope Kuroda doesn't buzz him!
    2008-10-12 19:11:06
    303.   Lee Corbett
    did he say very prideful?
    2008-10-12 19:11:39
    304.   DBrim
    Victorino didn't deserve those boos.
    2008-10-12 19:12:16
    305.   Alice S
    Right now I'm sitting in the same town where Shane Victorino was born...

    But sorry Shane, I'm sending nothing but negative vibes your way for the rest of this series :)

    2008-10-12 19:12:21
    306.   fordprefect

    Bit of a Luddite here-- no tivo yet, but thanks for the pointer!

    2008-10-12 19:14:45
    307.   Bob Hendley
    300 - You don't have TiVo!
    2008-10-12 19:15:06
    308.   DBrim
    I'd rather see Kuroda out here so he'll be rested for game 6.
    2008-10-12 19:16:31
    309.   fanerman
    307 Uh-oh. Is the cat out of the bag?
    2008-10-12 19:22:39
    310.   fanerman
    Mmm. Kuroda may be leaving early after all.
    2008-10-12 19:22:44
    311.   Alice S
    I think it's time to call the Cory Wade Hotline
    2008-10-12 19:23:18
    312.   trainwreck
    Everything means nothing now!
    2008-10-12 19:26:06
    313.   Lee Corbett
    good call. Good job by Kuroda
    2008-10-12 19:28:52
    314.   Lexinthedena
    Let's go Corey
    2008-10-12 19:28:57
    315.   KG16
    that may well be the best pitch any hitter sees this entire series, and Werth took it.
    2008-10-12 19:29:29
    316.   seesdifferent
    Tim McCarver has a contract with advertisers; he makes the audience go the refrig (or the bathroom) while the game is on, rather than during the commercials. He also has a contract with the Pentagon to provide torture services that don't leave any marks.
    2008-10-12 19:29:46
    317.   Tripon
    Kuo's warming up.
    2008-10-12 19:29:47
    318.   Lexinthedena
    McCarver will pretend to know about Wade's curve after he throws it.
    2008-10-12 19:31:39
    319.   KG16
    ok, honest question here, with the dropped third strike, couldn't Martin have thrown to third there to get the lead runner?
    2008-10-12 19:31:41
    320.   kngoworld
    309 I believe your quote on the sidebar deserves an asterisk. I totally agree with your quote, but it is tainted now.
    2008-10-12 19:33:01
    321.   seesdifferent
    can't run on third strike unless first is empty or there are two outs.
    2008-10-12 19:33:07
    322.   scareduck
    Hi, honey, I'm home. Looks like the Dodgers had some fun early.
    2008-10-12 19:33:15
    323.   DBrim
    319 - The batter can't advance with runners on and less than two outs on a dropped third strike.
    2008-10-12 19:33:24
    324.   Bob Hendley
    309 - Frankly, I find the quote to be even more powerful now, in a weird way.
    2008-10-12 19:34:28
    325.   KG16
    I kind of like the idea of Broxton, Kuo, and Wade being a Dodger version of the Nasty Boys.
    2008-10-12 19:35:28
    326.   KG16
    that'd have been a strike for Moyer.
    2008-10-12 19:35:29
    327.   Rob M
    That pitch has been a strike all night.
    2008-10-12 19:36:57
    328.   Lee Corbett
    319 of course the runners can advance at their own peril, but the hitter is automatically out.
    2008-10-12 19:37:10
    329.   Alice S
    Bison highlights!
    2008-10-12 19:37:25
    330.   Greg Brock
    Bison cannon.
    2008-10-12 19:37:30
    331.   KG16
    ok, that makes sense, thanks guys.
    2008-10-12 19:37:30
    332.   kngoworld
    A Bison highlight reel for outfield assists, it doesn't get any better then that!
    2008-10-12 19:37:37
    333.   nick
    Kemp getting a little montage love!
    2008-10-12 19:37:42
    334.   fanerman
    329 That was pretty cool.
    2008-10-12 19:37:49
    335.   Bob Hendley
    That's quite an arm.
    2008-10-12 19:38:03
    336.   seesdifferent
    Tim McCarver has a research lab in which he is trying to simulate fingernails on a blackboard using only his own voice.
    2008-10-12 19:38:10
    337.   KG16
    330 - a cannon that fires bison. Sitting Bull would have been unstoppable
    2008-10-12 19:38:10
    338.   Alex41592
    McCarver needs to look at Wade's LH splits.
    2008-10-12 19:39:48
    339.   kngoworld
    Huge hold for Wade!
    2008-10-12 19:39:54
    340.   thinkblue88
    Cory Wade is awesome.
    2008-10-12 19:40:01
    341.   Alex41592
    Cory Wade again.
    2008-10-12 19:40:10
    342.   LogikReader

    The game is only two hours old and we're already through 6.5 innings.

    I love the NL.

    2008-10-12 19:40:23
    343.   trainwreck
    I thought this song does not get played at Dodger Stadium?
    2008-10-12 19:40:24
    344.   thinkblue88 way...
    2008-10-12 19:40:27
    345.   dontraiseplz
    Cory Wade, ice in veins.
    2008-10-12 19:40:33
    346.   Alex41592
    Bathroom break for Bob!
    2008-10-12 19:41:22
    347.   Greg Brock
    Overly dramatic school musical singing.

    Get off the stage, midget!

    2008-10-12 19:41:29
    348.   Alice S
    What did she just say?

    "The mountains, white with love?"

    That's... not the lyric...

    2008-10-12 19:41:41
    349.   thinkblue88
    Laker highlights!
    2008-10-12 19:42:03
    350.   Andrew Shimmin
    Brock is a Philadelphian at heart.
    Show/Hide Comments 351-400
    2008-10-12 19:42:20
    351.   fanerman
    $4.95 a minute!!
    2008-10-12 19:42:36
    352.   Hollywood Joe
    343 - the Power of Television

    in todays USA you dont love America unless you are telling someone you love America

    Doing something for your country is another matter, all that matters is the right bumper sticker and reverence

    2008-10-12 19:44:00
    353.   Bob Hendley
    Be nice to add on some runs, so that we don't burn the pen (Brox/Kuo) with the hill we have to climb.
    2008-10-12 19:44:08
    354.   KG16
    I no longer like fantasy football. The Chargers continue to disappoint me, so I drop their defense and take the Ravens. The Ravens then proceed to give up 31 to a Colts team that has been less than stellar, and the Chargers have held the Patriots to 3 points.


    2008-10-12 19:44:50
    355.   Linkmeister
    I was a little nervous there and I don't care who knows it.
    2008-10-12 19:45:25
    356.   KG16
    Stop talking about Manny and Red Sox fans being upset.

    Just stop.

    2008-10-12 19:46:07
    357.   KG16
    how many players have gone to the world series with three different teams?
    2008-10-12 19:46:08
    358.   berkowit28
    What's with the religious/chauvinist thing in the 7th inning stretch? It's always Take Me Out. This is Dodger Stadium, not Texas. Who decided we needed that?
    2008-10-12 19:46:53
    359.   Alice S
    Martin beaned AGAIN!?
    I do not believe it
    2008-10-12 19:47:19
    360.   fordprefect
    So the warning is only for Dodger pitchers?
    2008-10-12 19:47:24
    361.   Linkmeister
    358 The Commish, I imagine.
    2008-10-12 19:47:26
    362.   Tripon
    Toss out Durbin!
    2008-10-12 19:47:30
    363.   KG16
    toss him. seriously, Martin has bee hit twice and brushed back another time. run the pitcher and the manager.
    2008-10-12 19:47:30
    364.   Lee Corbett
    unintentional i think. But...
    2008-10-12 19:47:43
    365.   kngoworld
    What good is a warning then, he should be out!
    2008-10-12 19:49:03
    366.   Marty
    So, who do we want buzzed next inning?
    2008-10-12 19:49:16
    367.   capdodger
    365 Meh... Sometimes curveballs just don't curve.
    2008-10-12 19:49:58
    368.   Lee Corbett
    365 the fact it was off speed saved him. If you're going to hit someone you do it with a fastball, but then if you want to hit someone after you've been warned...
    2008-10-12 19:50:02
    369.   Preston Bannard
    Clearly unintentional. It was a a curve ball that he didn't get on top of. No one hits someone intentionally with a curve ball - that won't even leave a bruise. Good job by the umps. Martin wasn't concerned about it either.
    2008-10-12 19:50:34
    370.   Tripon
    Coste is trying to kill his pitcher.
    2008-10-12 19:50:39
    371.   LogikReader
    Now the Phillies are drilling their own pitchers!
    2008-10-12 19:50:39
    372.   Andrew Shimmin
    Coste probably doesn't like seeing another catcher get hit over and over.
    2008-10-12 19:50:41
    373.   Greg Brock
    That's a hell of a throw. Wow.
    2008-10-12 19:50:43
    374.   KG16
    there's so many things i like about that play, particularly the part where the catcher almost hit the pitcher.
    2008-10-12 19:50:43
    375.   kngoworld
    Ruiz just retaliated for us.
    2008-10-12 19:51:00
    376.   capdodger
    366 Victorino is up again, right?
    2008-10-12 19:51:37
    377.   seesdifferent
    dropped third strike, additional:
    By rule, with with two outs and a runner on first, with or without other bases being occupied, the batter becomes a runner, and the force is on as it would be had he hit a ground ball.
    For example: If the third strike is dropped with bases loaded and two outs, the catcher with ball in possession needs only to tag home plate with his foot or hand to get the third out since this is a force play.
    I have never seen this happen, nor even heard of it. But it could.
    2008-10-12 19:52:55
    378.   Hollywood Joe
    the pitcher got a pass because it was a breaking ball and likely an accident

    We got fined in high school if we ever hit a batter with anything but a fastball

    Also, if the ump would have tossed him it would have sent a message to the Dodgers that he thought it was intentional and then the Dodgers would have had to retaliate

    as it stands now I dont expect that our boys send a message next inning

    2008-10-12 19:53:44
    379.   Greg Brock
    Hit a bomb, Matty. Just lose one.
    2008-10-12 19:54:36
    380.   DBrim
    That was a ball for Wade.
    2008-10-12 19:54:41
    381.   kngoworld
    Strange changing strike zone all game long...
    2008-10-12 19:54:56
    382.   dontraiseplz
    I will never understand Kemp's plate approach. He is truly a random generator.
    2008-10-12 19:54:59
    383.   Vishal
    that pitch was low
    2008-10-12 19:55:05
    384.   Lee Corbett
    2008-10-12 19:57:28
    385.   KG16
    from Little League, you learn: protect the strike zone with two strikes. if it is close, swing, either put it in play or foul it off. but don't keep the bat on your shoulder. this is Bison's off season home work
    2008-10-12 19:57:58
    386.   seesdifferent
    Tim McCarver is obsessed with the pitcher being able to hit the batter. I'm not sure why but I do know that McCarver used to wear leather straps at work.

    By my count he has already discussed it 5 times. The over/under: he will mention this twice more in this game.

    2008-10-12 19:59:30
    387.   Hollywood Joe
    386 - Tim McCarver caught for Bob Gibson and had to hit against Don Drysdale

    Those gentlemen took pride in the bruises they left

    2008-10-12 20:00:27
    388.   dontraiseplz
    is Shane Victorino a serial killer? that kind of montage is more appropriate for a Dexter commercial.
    2008-10-12 20:00:42
    389.   nick
    these guys have no idea that Wade is actually an excellent relief pitcher....they keep anticipating his removal at the first sign of something....
    2008-10-12 20:01:22
    390.   KG16
    I always regret that no pitchers saw Bonds' body armor as a target towards the end of his career, especially as he leaned over the plate. Gibson and Drysdale would not have tolerated such things.
    2008-10-12 20:01:32
    391.   kngoworld
    Seems like Kuo has been warming up for an hour.
    2008-10-12 20:01:36
    392.   scareduck
    389 - I think the thing is that Wade doesn't get a lot of K's. Guys who don't strike out a bunch of batters usually get no respect, and with good reason.
    2008-10-12 20:01:58
    393.   Tripon
    They think Wade's getting removed because Torre has both Kuo and Broxton warming up. Wade's getting pulled if he can't get Uetly..
    2008-10-12 20:02:28
    394.   Lee Corbett
    There is a good chance Manny gets "buzzed" in the next game or two esp. given his vociferous reaction to the Victorino "buzzing". My fear is Manny will charge the mound and get tossed and/or suspended.
    2008-10-12 20:02:46
    395.   Marty
    Could Wade be a starter next year?
    2008-10-12 20:03:18
    396.   Alex41592
    Cory Wade...yeah you already know.
    2008-10-12 20:04:47
    397.   MonkeyBlue
    395. I wouldn't mind.
    2008-10-12 20:04:55
    398.   Tripon
    Unlikely, Wade only threw above 100 innings once in 2006.

    2008-10-12 20:05:34
    399.   Tripon
    2008-10-12 20:05:40
    400.   Hollywood Joe
    390 - amen
    Never understood walking Barry on 4 pitches when 1 hard one in the ribs does the trick just fine
    Show/Hide Comments 401-450
    2008-10-12 20:05:58
    401.   Marty
    Dear Phillies pitcher, its ok to hit Berroa if you want.
    2008-10-12 20:07:30
    402.   underdog
    Hey peeps,
    I just caught up with the game live after watching it a bit delayed via Tivo and FF-ing off and on. And here we are! w00t!

    This has been quite a game. Enjoyed catching up on people's comments too.

    I have to say, while I hope someone throws a purpose pitch at Tim McCarver's noggin, Joe Buck, surprisingly to me, has not bothered me at all this series. Don't know if I'm just in a forgiving mood or he's just been less smug or annoying this go round... But McCarver is a major Rule 8 violator.

    2008-10-12 20:07:33
    403.   Gen3Blue
    Why in hell are we batting on-heel Berroa.
    It is unwise to give up an out, even at this stage.
    2008-10-12 20:07:38
    404.   Rob M
    Wade's been a bit lucky on BABIP - I don't see him as an effective starter but I'd defer to some of the more prospect-maveny members here.
    2008-10-12 20:08:10
    405.   seesdifferent
    The crack colorguy said Joe will CERTAINLY bring in Kuo to pitch to Utley and Howard.

    Well, Tim, you CERTAINLY blew that one.... but what's new?

    2008-10-12 20:08:22
    406.   Marty
    You can drill Kent too.
    2008-10-12 20:08:31
    407.   Gen3Blue
    And please don't say he is a defensive replacement.
    2008-10-12 20:08:54
    408.   underdog
    389 They also act like he only contributed during the stretch drive, instead of for almost the entire season.

    Oh, and, Phillies? Please stop hitting my catcher. Thank you.

    2008-10-12 20:09:13
    409.   Bob Hendley
    Why did Berroa get an AB there?
    2008-10-12 20:09:30
    410.   Alex41592
    For those unaware, Berroa took over for DeWitt at second base earlier in this inning. He did not pinch hit for DeWitt.
    2008-10-12 20:10:18
    411.   Gen3Blue
    That looked like Jeff Kent. Tell me it wasn't please!
    2008-10-12 20:10:19
    412.   Nestor
    Kent just moved down to the third RH bat off the bench. check swing - strike three.
    2008-10-12 20:11:37
    413.   Gen3Blue
    Why if Joe letting Furcal bat? Has he gone back to wanting to win?
    2008-10-12 20:12:41
    414.   Alice S
    And Kent is dead!
    2008-10-12 20:13:04
    415.   Tripon
    Romero hurt himself. Twisted his ankle on the mound.
    2008-10-12 20:13:55
    416.   Vishal
    i think the home plate up wants to call it a night. that was outside.
    2008-10-12 20:14:30
    417.   Chiron Brown
    410 And I don't understand either move there, unless Torre figures the game is over and he just wants to get Berroa some playing time. I hope he's right. Three more outs, please!
    2008-10-12 20:14:38
    418.   Bob Hendley
    I think that this has been asked here before, but is there anyone on earth, besides Joe, who thinks that Berroa is an upgrade defensively for the Solution at 2nd?
    2008-10-12 20:14:56
    419.   Alex41592
    They're playing Journey in between innings.
    2008-10-12 20:15:16
    420.   Tripon
    Least it isn't Ozuna.
    2008-10-12 20:16:06
    421.   Alex41592
    Broxton is throwing 96 in his warmups.
    2008-10-12 20:16:10
    422.   fanerman
    That first pitch to Howard looked outside. Maybe the ump does want to go home.
    2008-10-12 20:16:49
    423.   underdog
    Oh and 243 I was just running late getting back to the game today, luckily had it Tivo'd and then took awhile to get through all the beaning and brawling. Almost had heatstroke today after playing soccer midday in dry heat, took awhile to recover from that, too.

    Oh, and Go BULL! Shut them down, Biggest Man Alive.

    2008-10-12 20:17:36
    424.   underdog
    What's with all the vacant seats in that luxury section front row? Will we have to hear about it from Phillies fans tomorrow?
    2008-10-12 20:18:05
    425.   seesdifferent
    Journey/Tim McCarver favs:
    I nominate "Separate Ways."
    2008-10-12 20:19:04
    426.   thinkblue88
    i was thinkin the same thing. =/
    2008-10-12 20:19:17
    427.   Gen3Blue
    418 No
    2008-10-12 20:20:33
    428.   LogikReader
    ...of course
    2008-10-12 20:21:05
    429.   Tripon
    Broxton needs no stinking fielders.
    2008-10-12 20:21:05
    430.   nick
    why not Maddux here, I wonder? save Broxton for a possible Rivera save tomorrow?
    2008-10-12 20:21:17
    431.   LogikReader
    Meant to say Werth base hit... of course.
    2008-10-12 20:22:04
    432.   LogikReader
    We're on the board!

    This moment deserves an ice cream. A humble, yet delicious, ice cream.

    2008-10-12 20:22:18
    433.   underdog
    We win!!

    And Grampa Snipes comes in to catch the final out! That's why we bring Defensive SuperSub in. ;-)

    Whew. A game they had to win, and they did.

    2008-10-12 20:22:33
    434.   MonkeyBlue
    Nice win. Dodges set the tone really early.
    2008-10-12 20:22:37
    435.   Tripon
    Broxton can pitch on multiple days. Torre doesn't have to worry about wearing out Broxton.
    2008-10-12 20:22:37
    436.   Alex41592
    There will be baseball in L.A on Wednesday.
    2008-10-12 20:22:57
    437.   Alice S
    Dodgers win and they interview Victorino?


    2008-10-12 20:23:15
    438.   Lee Corbett
    good victory tonight. Phillies never really got anything going, and the momentum is with us.
    2008-10-12 20:23:39
    439.   Alex41592
    They're interviewing Victorino first!?!?


    2008-10-12 20:23:44
    440.   thelarmis
    423 hey underdog -- missed ya the last coupla times over at bronx banter. just wanted to congratulate you on the playoffs and wish you good luck!

    nice win tonight for you guys, it's a series now. the Lowe-Blanton matchup certainly favors LA...

    2008-10-12 20:23:52
    441.   underdog
    Oh God, Ken Rosenthal interviewing Victorino.

    I like Shane. But, hey, Shane, we get it. Don't throw at your head. Throw at your ass, not your head. After twenty hand signals in the game and saying it fifteen more times now, we get it.

    2008-10-12 20:23:58
    442.   OhioBlues12
    Rosenthal is 2-3 inches shorter than Victorino. Wow.
    2008-10-12 20:24:01
    443.   capdodger
    Victorino complains about Kuroda being near first base when he grounded out 3U? Wuss.
    2008-10-12 20:24:22
    444.   FirstMohican
    Victorino said they trew at Martin tree times.
    2008-10-12 20:24:29
    445.   dontraiseplz
    Great to see Broxton's slider look vicious again in October.

    See you all tomorrow night!

    2008-10-12 20:24:37
    446.   underdog
    "It wasn't at his head, it was OVER his head." -- Martin. LOL. Awesome.
    2008-10-12 20:25:21
    447.   Jonny6
    That was more like it.

    I know Jon often laments that the fans leaving early meme is a bit of media exaggeration, but it's games like this that will legitimately perpetuate that image. There were an embarrassing number of empty seats in the eighth and ninth, not only in the luxury boxes but across the stadium. It's the most important game of the season, you were lucky enough to have tickets, my god can't you actually wait and see us earn the victory.

    2008-10-12 20:27:11
    448.   underdog
    440 Thanks man!

    The last couple of times? I've been checking back there still every couple of days... I miss anything juicy?

    Okay, I'm in a good mood, but tomorrow feels like a must-win game to me, too.

    2008-10-12 20:27:20
    449.   Mariano Duncan Sheik
    447 People have jobs, kids have to get up early for school, some of them maybe have a long drive to get home.
    2008-10-12 20:27:28
    450.   capdodger
    447 It looked a lot worse in the inner Field and Loge levels. Inner and outer reserve looked good.
    Show/Hide Comments 451-500
    2008-10-12 20:27:45
    451.   FirstMohican
    Fox knows what gets ratings. We all hear Buck beg for them not to goto commercial as the benches cleared.
    2008-10-12 20:29:01
    452.   scareduck
    447 - having been there at the clinching NLDS Game 3, I can't blame anyone. It took us an hour and a half to get to the I-5.
    2008-10-12 20:29:48
    453.   Chiron Brown
    447 Especially since tomorrow is a day off for alot of people.
    2008-10-12 20:29:55
    454.   underdog
    447 I worry about it, too, though to be fair I noticed some empty seats in Philly at the end of the last game. The other problem is some of those luxury seats are populated by a mix of fans but at least some of them are just rich people who don't care that much, frankly. It's also a huge stadium. Looked like most people were still around late though...
    2008-10-12 20:31:32
    455.   Andrew Shimmin
    Don't they quit selling beer in the seventh inning? How sure are we that nobody in that stadium was a Phillie fan?
    2008-10-12 20:32:09
    456.   thelarmis
    448 nah, the banter's been pretty quiet as of late. alex is making sure new posts go up regularly and they're all excellent, as always, but the comments have been low, as expected...
    2008-10-12 20:32:19
    457.   seesdifferent
    oh good, there will be more talk about brushbacks in the studio....goody goody goody.
    oh, was there a game tonight? did the Dodgers kick ass? Let's not talk about that, though. Let's get an interview with THE CATCHER Tim McCarver and see what he thinks. That should be FASCINATING.

    I know, I am violating Rule 8.

    2008-10-12 20:33:06
    458.   underdog
    Maybe for tomorrow's game they should call the day a mandatory holiday in LA.

    Or quickly build a stadium teleportation device.

    2008-10-12 20:34:18
    459.   underdog
    457 No I believe Shane "Throw at my side, not my head" Victorino is first place in tonight's Rule 8 violation contest, followed by Tim McCarver.
    2008-10-12 20:35:22
    460.   MollyKnight
    All is nearly right with the world again.
    2008-10-12 20:35:57
    461.   thelarmis
    458 well, not only is tomorrow Columbus Day, but it's "Sports Day" in Japan. seriously!
    2008-10-12 20:36:16
    462.   Gen3Blue
    Broxton can use the work. I anything he is an Ox. He should be just as good anytime.
    2008-10-12 20:38:25
    463.   Chiron Brown
    Now Charlie Manuel is talking about not throwing at his player's head. Then don't throw at Manny's head. Don't throw at Martin's head, you punk.
    2008-10-12 20:38:31
    464.   Andrew Shimmin
    Also, Canadian Thanksgiving.
    2008-10-12 20:38:46
    465.   DBrim
    One must-win down, two (one?) to go.
    2008-10-12 20:42:38
    466.   underdog
    Oh, that's right, Columbus Day! I forget these things because I work for a DotCom that doesn't have time for the "B" Holidays.
    2008-10-12 20:43:54
    467.   LogikReader
    Terrific game for the Dodgers tonight! Such a shame it has to be overshadowed by a ridiculous "unwritten rules" controversy.

    No matter... it's great to have ice cream back in my life.

    2008-10-12 20:44:29
    468.   underdog
    464 When is a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving? I always take that day off.


    Poor alarmis, commenting all by hisself over at Bronx Banter earlier. :-( Well, yer always welcome here during Dodger games, or whenever.

    But now I have to go finish some work, speaking of which, so I can watch Mad Men.

    2008-10-12 20:44:38
    469.   LogikReader
    oh, and!

    I am so glad I got a haircut. I doubt it helped, but I was happy to change things up.

    2008-10-12 20:50:11
    470.   adrian beltre
    i love that such a huge deal about pitch selection and who is calling what and who is and is not throwing at hitters. i like that after all of this the dodgers have remained focused on the task at hand, for the most part.
    2008-10-12 20:50:39
    471.   Johnny Nucleo
    My favorite moment of the game had to be DeWitt's triple. So happy for him that he was able to come up big at such an important time. That was the latest, and greatest "welcome to the big leagues" moment for him.
    Cory Wade just keeps getting the job done. Kuroda settled down nicely after the first. Broxton was able to concentrate in a non-save situation. Furcal hit a homer.
    Lots of bright spots. Go Dodgers.
    2008-10-12 21:04:36
    472.   Johnny Nucleo
    Just catching up to the comments - since nobody said so Ken, 210 made me laugh.
    2008-10-12 21:05:31
    473.   jtrichey
    There was a graphic up early in the game that said that Kuroda is the 7th Japanese pitcher for the Dodgers. For the life of me I can't get beyond Nome, Ishii, Saito, and Kuroda. None of Park, Kuo, Tsao, or Seo are Japanese. Anybody else?
    2008-10-12 21:06:57
    474.   adrian beltre
    210 , 472 really funny. lost in everything else that happened but may have been the highlight of my night.
    2008-10-12 21:10:38
    475.   underdog
    [473 ] Masao Kida is the other one. But that's it as far as I know. That stat is wrong.
    2008-10-12 21:10:48
    476.   das411
    54 , enjoy a few more days of baseball before you fully commit yourself to that

    357 , off the top of my head, Danny Jackson and Lonnie Smith and David Justice say hi...Bob and Eric Stephen must have stayed for the end of the game or else you'd have your answer by now!

    2008-10-12 21:10:56
    477.   LAT
    Great night at the Stadium. Place was rocking, especially with the first inning rout. Dewitt came up huge. As did Kuroda. I'm sure it was widely debated here, but I think Victorino was right. No need to throw at his head. BUt you gotta love Manny, with the crowd already whipped up he sends them over the edge. He is the greatest showman sice PT Barnum.

    Also, I know this isn't popular but the video tribute to Tommy and Fernando followed by the obligatory wave to the crowd is growing old. Surprised Oral didn't get more love than he did.

    2008-10-12 21:11:52
    478.   fordprefect
    On Gurnick (p2) says Kuroda triggered this. the nerve!
    2008-10-12 21:20:00
    479.   Andrew Shimmin
    Nakamura was Japanese, but not a pitcher.
    2008-10-12 21:28:26
    480.   underdog
    Now to Phillies fans -- one of whom I know -- are whining about the Dodgers not being able to deal with a little chin music. The follow up comment from the other Phillies fan (whom I don't know) said "and it was tough of them to throw at the smallest guy on the team (Victorino) rather than Utley, Howard, or Burrell, who could all charge the mound with authority."

    Yeah. WHATever. Why is it acceptable to continually throw at Dodger players, not be expected to retaliate, and then by not throwing at Ryan Howard they're then wrong again? It's hard to win with the logic behind the illogic.

    2008-10-12 21:29:00
    481.   underdog
    Two, not to.

    Okay, stop procrastinating, underdog.

    2008-10-12 21:45:27
    482.   Alex41592
    If there was ever a game to play Jeff Kent it is tomorrow.

    Jeff Kent is 5 for 6 against Joe Blanton.

    Casey Blake is 1 for 21 against Blanton.

    DeWitt at third and Kent at second could be an option for tomorrow night. But, with Lowe on the mound Torre may stick with Blake, Furcal, DeWitt and Loney.

    2008-10-12 21:51:02
    483.   LogikReader

    Defense is key. I'd stick with the regular infield i.e. Blake, Furcal, DeWitt, and Loney.

    2008-10-12 21:52:13
    484.   Alex41592
    483 - I agree.
    2008-10-12 21:57:42
    485.   Marty
    LogikReader, you've got me craving ice cream. Are you a connoisseur? Can you recommend one?
    2008-10-12 22:00:17
    486.   caseybarker
    [473, 475]

    Onan Masaoka.

    2008-10-12 22:00:31
    487.   underdog
    True to it's name, I guess:

    Posted without comment.

    2008-10-12 22:01:47
    488.   underdog
    486 - Good call!

    2008-10-12 22:02:30
    489.   berkowit28
    485 Find out where in LA you can get McConnell's of Santa Barbara. I know there are places. Any flavor. Best ice cream anywhere.
    2008-10-12 22:03:47
    490.   LogikReader
    Hey Marty,

    Ah yes, there are several terrific Ice Cream brands that are great to choose from. This week I'm working on a quart of Thrifty Award Winning brand Chocolate Ice cream. Cheap and yet so delicious!

    If you're not in Southern California, there's lot of other quality Ice Creams to choose from. I'm partial to Breyer's and sometimes Dryer's ice cream. Obviously, Ben and Jerry's has among the best mixed concoctions around.

    If you're out in New England, I've heard great things about Hood Ice Cream. Finally, there's Coldstone Creamery and even the tried and true Baskin Robbins. Mmm mm!

    2008-10-12 22:04:22
    491.   LogikReader

    Gelson's Market might have some McConnell's brand ice cream, but don't quote me on that.

    2008-10-12 22:07:18
    492.   jtrichey
    486 Aww Onan! Well Masaoka and Kida make it 6. Supposedly there is one more.
    2008-10-12 22:08:26
    493.   jtrichey
    492 Hold the phone there. Masaoka is listed as from Hilo Hawaii.
    2008-10-12 22:11:08
    494.   Strike4
    Bristol Farms, including South Pasadena, has McConnell's pints two for one through Tuesday. Probably only a few flavors to choose from unfortunately. A perfect way to celebrate a Dodger win. And a new lifelong vice if you dare.
    2008-10-12 22:11:41
    495.   Branch Rickey
    Great night at the ballpark. Really felt like we needed to not only win but win easily to show them that this is not an easy team to roll over. Glad the place was as full as it was but there were certainly empty seats and it was not nearly as rocking as the NLDS game. Maybe now that we have a win, tomorrow will be turned up a notch. Update for those who are interested... Ticketmaster has tickets in Field 52 for tomorrow!
    2008-10-12 22:11:55
    496.   Lexinthedena
    Don't you guys remember Vin going on and on about Masaoka's Hawaiian tatoos?
    2008-10-12 22:14:20
    497.   Marty
    I'll have to try McConnell's. I'm partial to Fosselman's, but it's a bit of a drive from Altadena. I'll do some Dryer's from Ralphs for a victory lap.
    2008-10-12 22:18:03
    498.   Linkmeister
    Don't you guys try to make Hilo's boy Masaoka Japanese. You'd make our homeristic local sportscasters cry. He is/was one of the "big league bruddahs," doncha know?
    2008-10-12 22:19:00
    499.   LogikReader
    Here we go again:

    East Coast ESPN (radio) condemning the Dodgers for not throwing back in Game 2. Brett Myers is now a marked man. I hate unwritten rules!

    Dodgers, don't give in to this junk... the bat is mightier than the sword!

    2008-10-12 22:19:31
    500.   Jon Weisman
    Show/Hide Comments 501-550
    2008-10-12 22:22:39
    501.   Linkmeister
    Pitchers born in Japan, from Baseball Reference:

    I didn't click on each one to see if they'd pitched with the Dodgers.

    Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.