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The White-Knuckle Ride Continues
2008-10-13 16:00
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers have outscored their playoff opponents by an average of 5.67 to 3.17 runs per game, yet a loss tonight puts Los Angeles on the brink of elimination.

A win creates an all-new best-of-three.

I've got no idea what to expect tonight, especially with Derek Lowe going on short rest, but I'm prepared to be on the edge of my seat with every pitch. (No, I'm not talking about beanballs.)

Nearing the top of the roller-coaster again ... and looking down ...

* * *

Phillies at Dodgers, 5:22 p.m.

Comments (1101)
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2008-10-13 16:10:02
1.   Dodger Lifer
Allow me to be the first to disagree with playing Pierre over Kemp. The Phils will run wild tonite.....damn!!!
2008-10-13 16:14:39
2.   SgtWyatt
Man, this is going to be a rough Sukkot...I won't know how the Dodgers did until Wed night. I was at last night's game though and as long as you were a fan of the home team it was a great game...though in general baseball terms it was rather boring (as any lopsided victory is)...but I"m not complaining.

The thing that I am complaining about though was how vulgar and rude many of the Dodger fans were. It's one thing to heckle fans of the opposing team (especially in a playoff series) but the level of aggression that I witnessed was almost embarrassing.

Additionally, I went to the game with a good friend of mine who wore an Angels cap and while we were leaving the stadium the amount of abuse he endured was disgusting. At one point we were though someone was going to get physical. We weren't even playing the Angels! (And no, they didn't mistake one red cap for another).

I'm hoping these are bandwagon fans and not true Dodger fans. Good fun and ribbing is welcome and expected, but there's a limit that too many people seemed to have crossed yesterday. I've been to many games in the past, and this was by far the worst (even Giants fans didn't seem to take as much abuse as I saw last night)

2008-10-13 16:16:01
3.   D4P
Doesn't Lowe usually perform better on less rest than more...?
2008-10-13 16:16:09
4.   fanerman
1 You think you're the first?
2008-10-13 16:18:51
5.   scareduck
3 - not this year, but he only did it one time. Historically, he has indeed.
2008-10-13 16:20:24
6.   regfairfield
If we lose this game entirely because of Juan Pierre's arm, I'll eat my hat.
2008-10-13 16:21:55
7.   Sam PHL
3. Not much sample size, but

2 Days (Games Started / ERA): 2 / 4.00
3 Days: 4 / 5.09
4 Days: 153 / 3.69

2008-10-13 16:22:35
8.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
1 To quote Rob Scnieder (sic??) in Necessary Roughness: "Coach, now's not the time to make sure everybody has played. Hey I haven't played yet, maybe I should go in"

Say it aint so Joe!!!

2008-10-13 16:23:18
9.   Alex41592
Angst! We need more angst!
2008-10-13 16:24:03
10.   Sam PHL
Lowe might perform better when tired though.

Career August ERA: 3.19
Career Sept/Oct ERA: 3.14

Those are his two best months.

2008-10-13 16:25:31
11.   fanerman
6 What if we win the game because of Juan Pierre's legs?
2008-10-13 16:27:05
12.   underdog
1 Missed the previous thread, did ya? ;-)

Anyway, Lowe will have plenty of backup and we know he's on a short leash, so if he gives us 5 solid innings I'll be happy.

2008-10-13 16:27:06
13.   Alex41592
There will be a moment where Pierre and Furcal will be on base. Vin will say, "two rabbits are loose" and the world will be right again.
2008-10-13 16:27:58
14.   Humma Kavula
9 What! Pierre! MY KITTEN can hit better than Pierre! MY BABY can throw farther than Pierre!

Oooooooohhhhhhh.... Pierre! Ooooooooohhhh!

How's that?

2008-10-13 16:28:47
15.   MollyKnight
Should the Red Sox lose tonight they will be in exactly the same position the Dodgers are in today, down 2-1 to begin Game 4 at home. But they won't have the momentum.
2008-10-13 16:29:00
16.   Kevin Lewis
I really like this early start time
2008-10-13 16:29:46
17.   ssjames
11 Do you think he will distract the Phillies with his sexy legs? Or is there some other manner in which his legs are superior to Kemp's?
2008-10-13 16:32:57
18.   Harold M Johnson
I know it's totally anecdotal and probably wrong, but it seems that Pierre is able to perform when he's been held out of the lineup for awhile. Let's all hope for the best!
2008-10-13 16:33:02
19.   Sam PHL
Manuel's quote on Blanton:

I can definitely say that he's gutty

I'll say.

2008-10-13 16:35:18
20.   fanerman
17 Pierre is a better base-runner than Kemp. That has more to do than just their legs, but I was referring to Pierre's base-running abilities.
2008-10-13 16:35:42
21.   Sam PHL
The loyal Red Sox fans leave games early? Hmmm.
2008-10-13 16:35:52
22.   fanerman
I cannot believe I just defended Juan Pierre.
2008-10-13 16:36:02
23.   Humma Kavula
18 That's not angst! That is sunny optimism!

I sometimes get them confused myself.

2008-10-13 16:36:07
24.   Alex41592
Fans leaving early at Fenway. Must be the first time EVER!
2008-10-13 16:36:11
25.   Marty
Gutty Little Blanton?
2008-10-13 16:37:45
26.   ToyCannon
Fans pouring out of Fenway in the top of the 8th. What is up with that?


2008-10-13 16:38:15
27.   D4P
Is there a clever way to say, "And I thought Dodger fans were the only ones to leave early..."...?
2008-10-13 16:38:45
28.   jasonungar07
You cant defend Pierre. 1/2 one or zero outs is way different than 1/3 one or zero outs. And every time a runner reaches 1st I along with Lowe will have to think about that.
2008-10-13 16:38:50
29.   Lexinthedena
Yeah Rocoooo!, gret movie...great *&%()^@ movie...
2008-10-13 16:39:16
30.   ToyCannon
If the Rays play the Dodgers in the World Series how many Ray Shirts will be spotted at Dodger Stadium and what can you yell at them?
2008-10-13 16:40:20
31.   Alex41592
This is the most depressing "Sweet Caroline" 8th inning for Sox fans.
2008-10-13 16:41:00
32.   scareduck
15 - momentum is tomorrow's starting pitcher.
2008-10-13 16:41:15
33.   ssjames
20 Yes, I know he is a better base runner, but I don't actually think that is because of his legs, more of his reads. I would be willing to bet a significant amount of money that Kemp is actually faster in a straight line race than Pierre.

As for Pierre starting I think it is ridiculous to sit some who before his last bat was hitting .300 in this series. However, it could be worse, we could be starting Berroa.

2008-10-13 16:43:49
34.   regfairfield
30 Bandwagon fan is a good place to start.
2008-10-13 16:44:06
35.   fanerman
33 Thanks for agreeing with me (ie, I already said that). Now do you see that I was being in tongue-in-cheek with 11 ?
2008-10-13 16:44:32
36.   ishXdavid
I fully expect the Red Sox Nation to turn on David Ortiz for not running out that groundball; or at least half the fans that stuck around to watch the end of the game.
2008-10-13 16:45:09
37.   Alex41592
When the Red Sox throw out a lineup with Ellsbury leading off and Kotsay, Varitek and Cora things could be much worse than Pierre over Kemp for one game. All I ask for are productive at bats.
2008-10-13 16:45:20
38.   Marty
McCourt is on Fox. He's sporting a Frankenstein haircut. And with that massive forehead, he kinda looks like Frankenstein too.
2008-10-13 16:45:44
39.   ssjames
35 I knew you were, I just wanted to add on a little bit. Stupid intertubes not properly interpreting sarcasm.
2008-10-13 16:46:15
40.   gibsonhobbs88
Once again Bob Watson shows his disdain for the Dodgers! What no fine for Condrey - The pitcher that threw at Martin's head in the 2nd that preceded Kuroda's pitch? Don't you think that had something to do with it Watson? A pitch right at Martin's eyes!! I guess that is okay with you Watson with your anti Dodger bias, I guess Watson would have stood up and applauded if Martin was laid out unconscious on the plate!! Can someone else explain to me how Condrey is not fined except for the Anti-Dodger bias of Bob Watson!!!!
2008-10-13 16:46:42
41.   ToyCannon
David Ortiz's career could end as quickly as Mo Vaughns.
2008-10-13 16:46:45
42.   wronghanded
Are their any internet links to today's game? This is when its sucks to have to work until 6:30.
2008-10-13 16:49:26
43.   Marty
41 The TBS announcers say he's trying to pull everything because he still hasn't mentally gotten over his wrist injury. In fact, they've said it 1000 times.
2008-10-13 16:49:41
44.   ToyCannon
What if they are sporting a Wade Boggs jersey?
2008-10-13 16:50:22
45.   ToyCannon
The rest of Ortiz's career is going to be one injury after another.
2008-10-13 16:53:00
46.   sporky
Death to the Santa Ana winds.
2008-10-13 16:54:31
47.   Alice S
42 When does it NOT suck to have to work until 6:30?
2008-10-13 16:56:25
48.   wronghanded
47 When your day doesn't begin at 7:00 AM like my wife's schedule.
2008-10-13 16:56:47
49.   D4P
Edwin Jackson: The Closer
2008-10-13 17:01:54
50.   gpellamjr
Oh no! Juan Pierre will intentionally cause the Dodgers to lose in order to get revenge for being benched! All is lost! I am updating my will and setting things right with my loved ones, for Pierre's start will surely cause my death.

Let's hope this angst helps.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-13 17:03:13
51.   LOB
Hey, All!

Just got a cancellation due to fires - we have two unused loge tix for tonight, want them used, so pay what you can (they cost 80$ each.) We're on our way there, and can hand them over at DS. E-mail tbeatty at lakeshoreentertainment dot com.

hope to see you there!

2008-10-13 17:03:47
52.   wronghanded
Pierre is so bad that we may just get swept this series because he's playing today.
2008-10-13 17:04:54
53.   trainwreck
Let's hope Blanton had too much to drink last night.

With him, it is very possible.

2008-10-13 17:04:56
54.   Andrew Shimmin
I still find, "It wasn't at his head, it was over his head," pretty funny. Clearly I'm a cretin.
2008-10-13 17:06:20
55.   scareduck
41 - That's a decent comp. Big immobile sluggers don't age well. Prince Fielder will probably go that route, too.
2008-10-13 17:07:09
56.   scareduck
Anybody want to take bets on what the Santa Anas will do to the pitching in this game?
2008-10-13 17:07:19
57.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Last night was the greatest game I've ever been to. I hope tonight delivers as well.
2008-10-13 17:07:41
58.   scareduck
47 - when you get in at 11:00?
2008-10-13 17:09:04
59.   scareduck
Joe Blanton, pre-magic-spell:

2008-10-13 17:10:47
60.   ryu
Did anyone notice AccuScore projects the Dodgers as 66% favorites in tonight's game.

2008-10-13 17:11:19
61.   wronghanded
58 Usually about 8:00, I work a 9-80 and get every other Friday off. It pays to work for the gubment, unless the Dodgers are playing an NLCS game at 5pm :(.
2008-10-13 17:13:57
62.   scareduck
I am getting a lot of hits on my blog of a sudden with the keywords "dodgers game postponed fire" and similar.

So far as I know, the answer is "no".

2008-10-13 17:15:44
63.   ucladodger
Why am I not surprised that Karros and Kennedy are stupid enough to think that Juan Pierre makes the team better?

I'm predicting at least 1 base taken on Pierre today. Whether it is a first to third on a single of tagging up on a medium fly ball, I have a feeling something will happen tonight.

2008-10-13 17:16:28
64.   scareduck
63 - I like to think of it as Karros providing the company line.
2008-10-13 17:19:46
65.   PDH5204
Three down, five to go.
2008-10-13 17:20:58
66.   scooplew
I hope we are all eating crow when Pierre goes 3-for-5 tonight, steals two bases and we win...
2008-10-13 17:22:54
67.   MonkeyBlue
Really worry about Lowe on 3 days rest. I hope he allow less than 2 runs in 5 innings of work. I would like Clayton eat two inning and let Kuo/Wade/Broxton take care of business. Also the offense need beat up on Blanton because feeling bullpen is pretty tough.
2008-10-13 17:24:22
68.   Jim Hitchcock
60 Wow.
2008-10-13 17:26:51
69.   dzzrtRatt
been off doing other things and just noticed from the TV broadcast: Pierre? Really?

Based on three Lowe pitches, I'd say start warming Kershaw and Maddux. I might be jumping the gun.

2008-10-13 17:28:02
70.   Bluebleeder87
oh man!

yesterday was the most energetic rush I've had in a Dodger game since I could remember, I got there a little late cause of traffic (on Cesar Chavez ave, took me like an hour to go from one block to another) but yeah man, as soon as I got there I had that rush of energy (i saw BH & Sporky! & told BH about how great it felt being there) it was just awesome man....

2008-10-13 17:29:00
71.   Bluebleeder87

so far it doesn't compute.

2008-10-13 17:29:16
72.   scareduck
I believe the technical term for this is a "pickle".
2008-10-13 17:30:20
73.   Marty
Wow, bad start.
2008-10-13 17:30:23
74.   Zak
Lowe is going to have to get gutty right now.
2008-10-13 17:30:54
75.   Bluebleeder87
Utley got fooled but put good wood on it, it happens.
2008-10-13 17:31:16
76.   scareduck
Lowe is looking positively Moyer-tastic.
2008-10-13 17:31:40
77.   Alice S
I'm going to throw up
2008-10-13 17:31:43
78.   Icaros
Well, it was a good season getting here, anyway. Something to build on.
2008-10-13 17:33:01
79.   underdog
Not the greatest of starts for Lowe. My knuckles are already white, Jon!

He sometimes struggles in the first inning though. But he's gonna be on a short hook tonight, so he won't have much time to right himself.

2008-10-13 17:33:44
80.   underdog
Oh stop it you guys! Sheesh. ;-)

Blanton's pitching for pete's sake.

That sure looked like strike 3 to me.

2008-10-13 17:34:50
81.   LoneStar7
the pierre omen is just frightening me
2008-10-13 17:34:59
82.   trainwreck
Maybe the Minotaur will get to have a semi-start.
2008-10-13 17:35:38
83.   underdog
See? Whee.
2008-10-13 17:35:42
84.   LoneStar7
that was pretty
2008-10-13 17:35:47
85.   nick
haha! 78--the reverse jinx?
2008-10-13 17:35:50
86.   Who Is Karim Garcia
We can score 3 runs. I think we've done it before. The sky isn't falling yet...

... but if IT does start falling, I, for one, welcome our new Phillie overlords.

2008-10-13 17:36:10
87.   underdog
Hello? {waves hand} Double play! Anyone watching the game?
2008-10-13 17:36:13
88.   Marty
This is Pierre's fault. And Bennett.
2008-10-13 17:36:16
89.   Alex41592
Got out of it. 2 runs is not a big deal.
2008-10-13 17:36:18
90.   nick
knowing you guys as I do, forgive me if I ask: did Jon already delete an 800-post thread about the Pierre start?
2008-10-13 17:36:34
91.   scareduck
Damage limited to two runs. Lowe is on a short leash.
2008-10-13 17:36:43
92.   Bluebleeder87
only one fly ball (on a line) by Rollins, ALL the rest were on the floor, good sign if you ask me but we shall see...
2008-10-13 17:36:44
93.   trainwreck
Be hungover, Blanton. Come on!
2008-10-13 17:36:56
94.   underdog
Hm, maybe Icaros is on to something. The I Love LA effect. Yep, game's over, season's over. Good luck in the WS, Phils.
2008-10-13 17:37:08
95.   scareduck
90 - no deletions, but it was already discussed to death in the earlier thread. I confess at this point it bores me silly.
2008-10-13 17:37:09
96.   dzzrtRatt
Hopefully Lowe's gotten those batting practices pitches out of his system. He looked better as the inning wore on.
2008-10-13 17:37:42
97.   underdog
90 Quite a few comments on that in the previous thread, towards the end of it. (Not quite that many comments, mind you.)
2008-10-13 17:37:54
98.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Kemp had two seeing-eye singles yesterday. He's been lost at the plate.

With that said, the defensive difference more than makes up for it.

2008-10-13 17:38:07
99.   Linkmeister
The Dodgers haven't had a single at-bat yet, guys. If Blanton is the second coming of Steve Carlton, yes, we're in trouble. I'm pretty sure he isn't.
2008-10-13 17:38:24
100.   underdog
Whatever Honeycutt said - even if it was just "Snap out of it!" -- worked.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-10-13 17:38:30
101.   Bluebleeder87
2008-10-13 17:38:39
102.   trainwreck
That was Pierre-esque.
2008-10-13 17:38:41
103.   dzzrtRatt
What was my kid doing reading the Dodger lineup?
2008-10-13 17:38:48
104.   superbas
jesus how young does kershaw look? and was pierre the only one who didn't have a nickname?

go go fookie!!!

2008-10-13 17:38:58
105.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Shhhh. That's actually Brad Penny throwing BP to us.
2008-10-13 17:38:58
106.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Shhhh. That's actually Brad Penny throwing BP to us.
2008-10-13 17:39:12
107.   Alex41592
2008-10-13 17:39:21
108.   Icaros
I had predicted two home runs for Kemp to myself today. If Pierre doesn't hit them in his place, then screw it.
2008-10-13 17:39:22
109.   scareduck
Furcal reaches. Now it's the Phillies' turn to watch their season come to an end (j/k).
2008-10-13 17:39:22
110.   underdog
A Pierre Special!
2008-10-13 17:39:48
111.   Lee Corbett
2008-10-13 17:40:10
112.   nick
Blanton's face and figure does not suggest that he'll age well....
2008-10-13 17:40:46
113.   Bluebleeder87
I hope this ump keeps a steady strike zone yo.
2008-10-13 17:41:25
114.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Lowe's display

(A) Fiery.
(B) Shows passion.
(C) I wish he'd show more composure
(D) Juan Pierre??!?!?!?

2008-10-13 17:41:56
115.   NWdodger
Walking Manny? This is Bonds-like.
2008-10-13 17:41:57
116.   Icaros
My 78 only says that this has been a good season.
2008-10-13 17:42:05
117.   be2ween
Let's go Martin!
2008-10-13 17:42:11
118.   Crimson Bear
Great baserunning by Furcal!
2008-10-13 17:42:16
119.   underdog
The first inning IBB, Manuel? Really? Sheesh.
2008-10-13 17:42:19
120.   nick
wow, almost a Bonds-style IBB...
2008-10-13 17:42:32
121.   scareduck
2008-10-13 17:42:57
122.   NWdodger
Good thing this is at home. Lowe might be coming out with Sweeney's jersey.
2008-10-13 17:43:56
123.   be2ween
Get deep in the count!
2008-10-13 17:44:19
124.   nick
Martin overswinging there...
2008-10-13 17:44:31
125.   trainwreck
Need a Loney Bomb.
2008-10-13 17:44:56
126.   underdog
Tough slider but yeah Martin looked overanxious. These guys are gonna have to produce today because this won't be the last time Blanton IBB's Manny.
2008-10-13 17:45:20
127.   Icaros
We need to get to the bottom of the order so Pierre can do the little things it takes to win.
2008-10-13 17:45:40
128.   trainwreck
Awwwwwwwwwwww, so close!
2008-10-13 17:45:42
129.   Bluebleeder87
oh man. thank you Loney!!
2008-10-13 17:45:43
130.   Zzyzx
2008-10-13 17:45:49
131.   underdog
And right on cue, there's Loney!
2008-10-13 17:45:50
132.   Rob M
Thank god - that was smoked.
2008-10-13 17:45:51
133.   Icaros
Damnit! We keep missing big HRs by an inch.
2008-10-13 17:45:56
134.   superbas
Big Game James comes through again!!! Thank you Crazy Eye WGJ etc etc etc
2008-10-13 17:46:00
135.   LoneStar7
lonestar smash, thaaaaaaaaata boy
2008-10-13 17:46:17
136.   Bluebleeder87
i really thought he was gonna make an out man... I'm glad I was wrong.
2008-10-13 17:46:18
137.   Alex41592
Got one back! DeWitt time!
2008-10-13 17:46:31
138.   scareduck
I told you we have them right where we want them.
2008-10-13 17:47:03
139.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Two runs should be a small task against Blanton and the kind of stuff he ..... see, told you.
2008-10-13 17:47:24
140.   Icaros

Do you live there?

2008-10-13 17:47:47
141.   Bluebleeder87
you know what, this ump has a big strike zone, I sure hope Lowe gets those calls as well.
2008-10-13 17:47:49
142.   LoneStar7
the ump is going to decide this game...
2008-10-13 17:48:03
143.   Alice S
Once again the Dodgers JUST miss it leaving the park...
2008-10-13 17:48:04
144.   Marty
Damn, two feet longer and it's 3-2.
2008-10-13 17:48:05
145.   Rob M
We were inches away - both in the near HR and in DeWitt's liner - from having 3 runs that inning.
2008-10-13 17:48:15
146.   Who Is Karim Garcia
We got some great swings on Blanton in the first. I'm more worried about Lowe settling down than us scoring.
2008-10-13 17:48:18
147.   DBrim
Man, DeWitt really stung that one.
2008-10-13 17:48:29
148.   underdog
Damn, DeWitt smoked that one, too.

Now Lowe needs to settle down.

2008-10-13 17:48:42
149.   Lee Corbett
They are on Blanton which is good, but more from that would have been nice
2008-10-13 17:49:12
150.   Alex41592
Lowe needs to put up two zeroes in a row and we'll have the lead.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-10-13 17:49:39
151.   underdog
141 Yeah, I was thinking that, too. That strike 2 call to DeWitt looked really low. Then there was a strike 2 to either Loney or Ethier that looked really inside and the Fox ball tracker thing agreed. But if he's giving the same strike zone to Lowe then it's all good.
2008-10-13 17:50:09
152.   ucladodger
Situational luck, my friends. Perfectly place half swing double for Utley. Loney misses a HR by 3 feet and Blake scorches one right at someone.
2008-10-13 17:50:28
153.   superbas
i was a big laroche guy but dewitt has really turned me around.
2008-10-13 17:50:50
154.   bigcpa
It looked like Manny was not running from 1st with 2 down. Did they point that out on the broadcast? Should have coasted home.
2008-10-13 17:51:21
155.   trainwreck
Yeah, so Lowe does not have his A game today.

Let's get Kershaw up.

2008-10-13 17:51:37
156.   underdog
And then he's off to another bad start. Is he tipping pitches?
2008-10-13 17:51:45
157.   overkill94
Clayton Kershaw to the white courtesy phone please...
2008-10-13 17:51:58
158.   LoneStar7
im gonna throw up...this looks like cricket, they're poking extra base hits off balls that should be in the dirt
2008-10-13 17:51:58
159.   trainwreck
They showed him running hard and he had no chance to make it and they even said that.
2008-10-13 17:52:30
160.   Icaros

We still need a third baseman or second baseman. It was only DeWitt vs. LaRoche because people are stupid.

2008-10-13 17:53:02
161.   TheBigGrabowski
Come on Lowe, bear down!
2008-10-13 17:53:08
162.   Alex41592
154 - Victorino played the ball very well off the wall.
2008-10-13 17:53:26
163.   MollyKnight
I sure hope Lowe has more tonight than he's showing right now. We need a little luck. Perhaps a nice 6 unassisted double play.
2008-10-13 17:54:07
164.   Underbruin
The two doubles off of Lowe have both been pretty good pitches. He doesn't look like he has his best stuff, sure, but it hasn't quite been meatballs - just slightly less pace and some good swings by Philly.
2008-10-13 17:54:12
165.   underdog
Nicely done!

Now... no RBI hits to the flippin' pitcher here, please!

2008-10-13 17:54:39
166.   Alex41592
Nice job on Ruiz.
2008-10-13 17:54:58
167.   Crimson Bear
I thought the pitches to Dobbs and Utley weren't that bad
2008-10-13 17:55:26
168.   Underbruin
Well, at least he didn't get Myers-ed like Billingsley in game 2...
2008-10-13 17:55:30
169.   LoneStar7
alright come on now lets go
2008-10-13 17:55:30
170.   underdog
Atta boy! No fastballs down the middle for that at bat.
2008-10-13 17:55:35
171.   Alex41592
167 - They weren't bad pitches at all.
2008-10-13 17:55:39
172.   trainwreck
Hey Rollins, your mom's going out with Squeek!
2008-10-13 17:56:24
173.   underdog
164/167 - Yeah, that's why I was wondering if he was tipping his pitches or something. Those way down and in pitches they roped, it's like he telegraphed them or something.
2008-10-13 17:56:32
174.   Alex41592
Ump is giving Lowe a little bit on the outside corner.
2008-10-13 17:57:24
175.   Underbruin
Lowe looks like he's missing some velocity. Pretty good movement, but a bit slow.

Fantastic pitch at 3-1.

2008-10-13 17:57:54
176.   underdog
THAT's the ol' pepper boy!
2008-10-13 17:58:00
177.   superbas
whew nice job lowe
2008-10-13 17:58:01
178.   Bluebleeder87
that's it. that's what we want...
2008-10-13 17:58:09
179.   MollyKnight
ilu, Jimmy Rollins.
2008-10-13 17:58:27
180.   Alex41592
Million dollar pitch!
2008-10-13 17:58:28
181.   Underbruin
2008-10-13 18:00:11
182.   superbas
OTOTOTOT--how do you quote a comment you want to reply? i'm a posting noob
2008-10-13 18:00:54
183.   Bluebleeder87
wow, that's a beautiful view.
2008-10-13 18:01:01
184.   underdog
176 works better if said in Bugs Bunny's voice, btw.
2008-10-13 18:01:25
185.   alexx
Judging from the dugout cam it looks like Lowe might be having a blister problem.
2008-10-13 18:01:33
186.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Can we officially call Casey Blake "crafty" now?
2008-10-13 18:02:37
187.   Underbruin
182 - Put brackets around it (These guys: ][ only the other way around, so it makes a box around the number).
2008-10-13 18:02:39
188.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Looks like the low strike is in play today.
2008-10-13 18:03:25
189.   Underbruin
Don't remind us about the 5-year deal, Buckster.
2008-10-13 18:03:29
190.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Used to run base like.... Juan Pierre?
2008-10-13 18:03:42
191.   underdog
There we go! Nice hit, Work Ethic™!
2008-10-13 18:03:56
192.   Alex41592
There we go Juan.
2008-10-13 18:03:58
193.   Lee Corbett
it would be massive if we get some production from Casey, Blake and Juan, just to turn the order over if nothing else.

And this umpire is really helping Joe out.

2008-10-13 18:04:58
194.   superbas
187 thank you sir!
2008-10-13 18:05:20
195.   Icaros
What the hell was that?
2008-10-13 18:05:24
196.   Underbruin
What in the heck was that?
2008-10-13 18:05:46
197.   Gen3Blue
I'm not impressed. Pierre's slowing down.
2008-10-13 18:05:50
198.   nick
bad timing so far today....
2008-10-13 18:05:53
199.   underdog
Well, that was poorly done. Wasn't Lowe supposed to be bunting? Wha' happen?

That wasn't Pierre's best jump ever.

I blame Gary Bennett.

And now Lowe gets on with a bloop!


2008-10-13 18:06:20
200.   Bluebleeder87
Like this 182 how do you quote a comment you want to reply

but put these little stars (above the 8) on the BEGINNING & END of you comment.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-10-13 18:06:38
201.   underdog
As much as I want to blame Pierre solely for that it felt like someone missed a sign or something. Or it was just a dumb call from the dugout.
2008-10-13 18:06:45
202.   Preston Bannard
Bad call to hit and run with the pitcher, but even on a hit and run you have to get a better jump than that. That was really about as bad a jump as I've seen.
2008-10-13 18:06:48
203.   TheBigGrabowski
Pierre. Sigh.
2008-10-13 18:07:03
204.   Mattpat11
Did the Dodgers just hit and run with Derek Lowe?
2008-10-13 18:07:06
205.   Lee Corbett
aargh. That CS is even more annoying now
2008-10-13 18:07:30
206.   underdog
200 We call 'em "asterisks" around these parts. :-)

But yep, that makes boldfaced font here.

2008-10-13 18:07:45
207.   Alex41592
That was much ado about nothing.
2008-10-13 18:08:01
208.   Bluebleeder87
honestly man, Furcal doesn't look 100% & in my opinion that's part of the reason he made that bad throw back in Philly. he's had a few hits of late but I'm not convinced he is 100%
2008-10-13 18:08:05
209.   Greg Brock
Um, why is that person on the baseball field at this crucial juncture?
2008-10-13 18:08:54
210.   Icaros
Why hit-and-run with a guy who has 60-something steals?
2008-10-13 18:09:03
211.   Alex41592
If Pierre is still on first base Lowe would not have been swinging away. So, Furcal's fly out would've ended the inning regardless.
2008-10-13 18:09:17
212.   sporky
2008-10-13 18:10:01
213.   capdodger
Hit and run with the pitcher? Good call, Joe.
2008-10-13 18:10:16
214.   still bevens
Can anyone grab Pierre's most recent SB attempts? I feel like hes 0-5 in his last 5 but that might be selective memory.
2008-10-13 18:11:36
215.   Marty
As a member of the Pasadena Marching and Chowder Society, we officially disown Chase Utley.

Thank You.

2008-10-13 18:11:59
216.   StolenMonkey86
I guess Rollins is not doing well with the setting sun; that's 2 pop-ups that have gone for singles.
2008-10-13 18:12:00
217.   underdog
Chase Utley as a kid looked like Clayton Kershaw as a kid. (Which I guess means... now.)
2008-10-13 18:12:03
218.   Nestor
214 he was 0-2 vs the Phil's this year... now 0-3.
2008-10-13 18:12:25
219.   Who Is Karim Garcia

The guys missed 5 months of baseball. It's really safe to say he's not 100%

2008-10-13 18:12:27
220.   MollyKnight
OK, those pictures of Utley were funny.
2008-10-13 18:12:36
221.   Mattpat11
That was 8 seconds of my life I'll never get back.
2008-10-13 18:13:13
222.   trainwreck
I think I am going to have to go with a Journey psych-out next at-bat.
2008-10-13 18:13:28
223.   Alex41592
Might want to consider not coming inside to Chase Utley.
2008-10-13 18:13:34
224.   trainwreck
For Utley that is.
2008-10-13 18:14:10
225.   Marty
Speaking of bugs bunny, I thought that Howard line drive was going to bury Pierre in the ground.
2008-10-13 18:15:23
226.   Bluebleeder87
Looks like Lowe is settling down man, good job.
2008-10-13 18:15:28
227.   underdog
Well, Furcal looks about 90% to me. Which is about 80% better than Angel Berroa at 100%, for those of you doing math problems at home. His arm looks like it's usual 150% though, at least.
2008-10-13 18:15:57
228.   Alex41592
There are the two zeroes.
2008-10-13 18:16:36
229.   Greg Brock
This isn't as stupid as batting Alex Rodriguez eighth, but it's pretty unforgivable.
2008-10-13 18:16:52
230.   Bluebleeder87

true. I guess he is a better option than Berroa.

2008-10-13 18:18:10
231.   underdog
225 And speaking of that cartoon again, I think if the Dodgers are still losing in a few innings, they could always resort to this:

2008-10-13 18:18:41
232.   underdog
230 By a lot.

Don't forget his home run yesterday, too.

2008-10-13 18:19:03
233.   StolenMonkey86
Lowe has 6 ground outs, 1 fly out, and 2 strikeouts. 47 pitches through 3.

Now he just needs some run support.

2008-10-13 18:20:00
234.   trainwreck
An intentional non-intentional walk.
2008-10-13 18:21:02
235.   Bluebleeder87
wow. that looked more like a strike then the previous one.
2008-10-13 18:21:05
236.   trainwreck
Every time Fox goes to their K Zone thing, the ump has called a ball a strike.
2008-10-13 18:21:35
237.   capdodger
Ok... strike two was ball four and ball four looked like strike three.
2008-10-13 18:21:47
238.   Preston Bannard
Joe Buck: "That was right down the middle.

[Pitch tracker shows it to be just a hair outside the strike zone.]

Silence in the booth.

2008-10-13 18:23:04
239.   Greg Brock
I need K zone to show up at my next argument.

It proves everybody wrong every time.

2008-10-13 18:23:44
240.   Crimson Bear
What's bizarre is that the announcers don't ever mention that the K Zone shows the umpire wrong every time
2008-10-13 18:24:14
241.   Lee Corbett
The zone does not seem to be going both ways, to me
2008-10-13 18:24:29
242.   Bluebleeder87
Loney is on fire.
2008-10-13 18:24:50
243.   TheBigGrabowski

Come on Dewitt, bring him home.

2008-10-13 18:25:01
244.   Alex41592
DeWitt gets another shot.
2008-10-13 18:25:08
245.   trainwreck
2008-10-13 18:25:22
246.   underdog
More patience, next time, BDW.
2008-10-13 18:25:28
247.   Bluebleeder87
we need to give Lowe some run support man.
2008-10-13 18:25:34
248.   Marty
It would be nice to see Kemp come up in that spot.
2008-10-13 18:26:39
249.   Lee Corbett
Blake DeWitt is going to have to be good tonight
2008-10-13 18:26:42
250.   Bluebleeder87
un-intelijencia from DeWitt there.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-10-13 18:26:48
251.   StolenMonkey86
ok, we get it. "Clutch" does not exist.
2008-10-13 18:26:50
252.   Crimson Bear
Loney's two hits have come on pitches at the letters and at his ankles. No where to pitch him.
2008-10-13 18:27:20
253.   Bluebleeder87
we need to score more runs so we can win.
2008-10-13 18:28:11
254.   underdog
Mike's got a new Baseball Rant up (actually not a rant this time), as I'm sure everyone was on the edge of their seats in anticipation. Starts with:

>>The Phillies and Dodgers resume playing baseball after Buzz-gate, the much ado about two total hit batsmen on two soft breaking balls in three games. For some reason saying that apparently offends Dodger fans like stealing Chad Kreuter's cap.<<

2008-10-13 18:28:39
255.   underdog
253 Um.... yes.
2008-10-13 18:29:11
256.   Bluebleeder87
Dear Russell Martin,

Blanton is starting you off with straight heat down the middle, please adjust.

sincerely, Blubleeder.

2008-10-13 18:29:41
257.   Lee Corbett
249 I think watching on line in Australia I am a minute behind, which is why I keep making untimely comments
2008-10-13 18:30:41
258.   Gen3Blue
I wonder why DeWitt often seems to be the guy who comes up in the crucial rbi situations. Granted he has done well sometimes, but the guy is only about 22, and that is awfully young for a baseball player!
Maybe it is karma.
2008-10-13 18:30:52
259.   trainwreck
Is Summer Heights High as good as it looks?
2008-10-13 18:31:09
260.   underdog
The balls are too slick apparently tonight? No wonder Lowe's been frustrated. A good dirty rub down in the last inning seems to have made him happier.
2008-10-13 18:31:59
261.   MonkeyBlue
Fly ball outs so far for no likely.
2008-10-13 18:32:33
262.   trainwreck
Flippin Ruiz again.
2008-10-13 18:32:56
263.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Furcal can't field the ball cleanly.... this is ominous.
2008-10-13 18:32:59
264.   LogikReader
Oh come ON, let's not do THIS again, clearing the pitcher!
2008-10-13 18:33:04
265.   underdog
Tough play to make but looked like Raffy should've had it.
2008-10-13 18:33:30
266.   capdodger
I'll say this for Lowe:

They're not hitting him hard.

2008-10-13 18:33:41
267.   Who Is Karim Garcia
chopping broccoli.
2008-10-13 18:33:48
268.   underdog
Boy, Blanton's looked beyond feeble and desperate in his at bats. Fine by me, of course.
2008-10-13 18:33:51
269.   Alice S
Blanton's at-bat about as good as Nomar's there
2008-10-13 18:33:57
270.   Alex41592
That's one of those plays that hurts Furcal's defensive 'numbers' but some would not have even got to that ball.
2008-10-13 18:33:58
271.   Crimson Bear
No chance this happens but I wouldn't mind hitting for Lowe here and coming with Kershaw
2008-10-13 18:33:58
272.   LogikReader
It's K-time for Lowe!!

...still, get that bullpen ready, Joe.

2008-10-13 18:34:04
273.   Gen3Blue
I'd say Lowe has found it. Unfortunately Blanton is getting close also.
2008-10-13 18:34:28
274.   Lee Corbett
What's Ruiz's OBP this series. Guy seems to keep getting on.
2008-10-13 18:34:51
275.   underdog
260 was (sort of) unintentionally perverse. Apologies. Or, you're welome, depending.
2008-10-13 18:34:52
276.   Bluebleeder87
Hale mary type swings by Blanton.
2008-10-13 18:35:36
277.   StolenMonkey86
Blake-Pierre-Lowe up. Let's see if they can manage 13 pitches and let Lowe keep his pitch count lead.
2008-10-13 18:38:10
278.   Bluebleeder87
come on Blake, we need base runners!
2008-10-13 18:38:43
279.   underdog
Sigh. Maybe Nomar should've started after all. (Not that I wouldn't have worried about his defense at third a bit...)
2008-10-13 18:38:48
280.   trainwreck
Why did we start a guy who simply cannot hit Blanton.

Blake's defense is not that much better than Nomar's to make up for the fact that he cannot hit against Blanton at all.

2008-10-13 18:38:49
281.   Lee Corbett
259 I loved it. I hope it translates well, because it plays heavily on fairly Australian ways of speaking. But yeah, it's fantastic.
2008-10-13 18:38:55
282.   Bluebleeder87
it seriously looked like Blake swang at a few balls there.
2008-10-13 18:39:17
283.   capdodger
Ok... This inning is wasted.
2008-10-13 18:40:14
284.   underdog
Darnit. This is one of those BABIP games that will give me a lot of gray hairs.
2008-10-13 18:41:53
285.   trainwreck
This ump sucks.
2008-10-13 18:42:13
286.   Marty
This ump should be suspended.
2008-10-13 18:42:48
287.   Alex41592
Pitch was low and away. However, Manny gets that call and Lowe does not.
2008-10-13 18:44:02
288.   bigcpa
Sorry if this has been covered, but why is sec 1 reserve empty?
2008-10-13 18:44:41
289.   underdog
It's the inconsistency that gets me. If that's a strike all game, fine. But it's not. Lowe didn't argue, probably because he knows it's close enough and hopes to get the same call from the ump, too. But still, give us a consistent zone, ump.
2008-10-13 18:45:02
290.   Alex41592
288 - Extended press box.
2008-10-13 18:45:22
291.   Bluebleeder87
very nice... I was just gonna say, I HOPE we get the first batter out...
2008-10-13 18:46:35
292.   Bob Hendley
Lowe got that one.
2008-10-13 18:46:48
293.   Alex41592
That 1-1 pitch was very low called a strike.
2008-10-13 18:47:04
294.   Sam PHL
The stadium seems very quiet.
2008-10-13 18:47:41
295.   Alex41592
294 - Nervous tension.
2008-10-13 18:48:15
296.   overkill94
Hmm, this Sam Adams Octoberfest ain't too bad
2008-10-13 18:48:44
297.   Bluebleeder87
Seriously man, why dose D-Lowe sweat so much man..
2008-10-13 18:49:06
298.   Andrew Shimmin
How have the reporters not thought to sell the tickets to the seats they apparently don't want to sit in?
2008-10-13 18:49:45
299.   underdog
There we go! That's the ol' pepper boy!
2008-10-13 18:49:48
300.   Sam PHL
Nice inning. Time to get some runs.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-10-13 18:50:09
301.   trainwreck
Yeah, it is quality.
2008-10-13 18:50:09
302.   Marty
I think we just saw BHSportsguy high-fiving his friend.
2008-10-13 18:50:34
303.   Alex41592
Pitch was WAY outside for those keeping score. Both teams should be very upset.
2008-10-13 18:50:34
304.   Andrew Shimmin
Adderall is just speed, right? Are the therapeutic doses not enough to account for excessive sweating?
2008-10-13 18:50:35
305.   Bluebleeder87
Nice pitch by Lowe.
2008-10-13 18:50:41
306.   LogikReader
Time to take some pitches too!
2008-10-13 18:50:53
307.   StolenMonkey86
That might have been ball 2 with a more reasonable umpire, but Sit Down Chase!
2008-10-13 18:51:11
308.   underdog
Some of the fans in the front luxury section could use a baseball primer, too. I saw some confused looks when the rest of the stadium was on their feet cheering after strike 2. "Why are people standing up? What's happening?? Don't hurt me!"
2008-10-13 18:51:15
309.   superbas
can we score and take the lead this inning already so i don't have to sweat being down in the 7th or 8th? pretty please...
2008-10-13 18:51:50
310.   Bluebleeder87

the ump has an erratic strike zone but I guess it's working for both teams 2-1...

2008-10-13 18:51:53
311.   StolenMonkey86
297 - To answer the question, "What if Jason Giambi was a lot skinnier?"
2008-10-13 18:52:34
312.   Alex41592
Even just one run changes everything being at home.
2008-10-13 18:52:40
313.   overkill94
I think Rotoworld is being a bit dramatic in their analysis of the fines given as a result of yesterday's game:

Hiroki Kuroda, Manny Ramirez, Shane Victorino, J.C. Romero and three coaches were fined as a result of the incidents in Game 3 of the NLCS.

In case anyone was wondering, the price for throwing a pitch that could potentially end a player's season, or maybe even his career or life, is $7,500, or 0.06 percent of what Kuroda earns annually (if he remains healthy, he'll earn about $4,000 per pitch over the length of his deal). Ramirez and Victorino were fined $2,500, while Romero was penalized $1,000.

2008-10-13 18:53:47
314.   StolenMonkey86
Ted Barrett is a substitute teacher in the offseason, according to Wikipedia.
2008-10-13 18:54:35
315.   Bluebleeder87
2008-10-13 18:54:49
316.   trainwreck
Alright Dre, need you to come through here.
2008-10-13 18:55:14
317.   Alex41592
2008-10-13 18:55:22
318.   Gen3Blue
I'll be convinced Furcal is back to his old self when he does something after the first few innings.

A walk might qualify.

2008-10-13 18:55:32
319.   Bluebleeder87
dear gawd, that was a ball...
2008-10-13 18:56:24
320.   StolenMonkey86
Walk's as good as a hit. Manny's on deck.
2008-10-13 18:57:02
321.   trainwreck
2008-10-13 18:57:08
322.   Bluebleeder87
2008-10-13 18:57:13
323.   Lee Corbett
Wow, this guy's zone is terribly erratic
2008-10-13 18:57:24
324.   Indiana Jon
Come on Manny!
2008-10-13 18:57:40
325.   Rob M
This is what the crowd has been waiting for.
2008-10-13 18:57:45
326.   superbas
all we need is a bloop single here manny
2008-10-13 18:57:50
327.   Alex41592
Two on for Manny!


2008-10-13 18:57:53
328.   Bob Hendley
Manny time!
2008-10-13 18:57:58
329.   capdodger
Come on ManRam! Find your pitch and drive it!
2008-10-13 18:58:05
330.   Andrew Shimmin
I'd hit Manny, here. But, I'm kind of a jerk.
2008-10-13 18:58:26
331.   Indiana Jon
I think Manny is the calmest hitter in the league.
2008-10-13 18:58:45
332.   Alex41592
To repeat the obvious:

Manny Ramirez owns Joe Blanton.

2008-10-13 18:58:47
333.   Bluebleeder87
saw some Philly fans at DS & was very courteous by the way...
2008-10-13 18:58:58
334.   Bluebleeder87
2008-10-13 18:58:59
335.   Indiana Jon
2008-10-13 18:59:00
336.   nick
2008-10-13 18:59:01
337.   trainwreck
2008-10-13 18:59:09
338.   superbas
2008-10-13 18:59:11
339.   StolenMonkey86
2008-10-13 18:59:22
340.   NWdodger
Furcal runs through the stop sign and scores!!
2008-10-13 18:59:22
341.   Rob M
It's telling that I'm slightly disappointed with a game-tying single from Manny.
2008-10-13 18:59:30
342.   Alex41592
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-10-13 18:59:31
343.   KG16
god, i love this team
2008-10-13 18:59:41
344.   Bluebleeder87
if Furcal is out (seriously) we'd be asking for his head...
2008-10-13 18:59:56
345.   capdodger
He didn't miss the cutoff man. The cutoff man wasn't in position.
2008-10-13 19:00:11
346.   MonkeyBlue
WOOOOOOOOO!!! Come on Martin! Get a sac fly or something!
2008-10-13 19:00:46
347.   Lee Corbett
Did Bowa try and stop him? And Manny is just so good it is ridiculous. The guy could bat for my life anyday.
2008-10-13 19:01:04
348.   Bluebleeder87
Poor Bowe almost had a heart attack in playing view of everybody there.
2008-10-13 19:01:05
349.   Indiana Jon
We need two more right here.
2008-10-13 19:01:41
350.   Bluebleeder87
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-10-13 19:01:51
351.   overkill94
It's so funny watching Bowa run down the line skipping like a girl when there's about to be a play at the plate
2008-10-13 19:01:51
352.   Indiana Jon
There's one.
2008-10-13 19:01:53
353.   MonkeyBlue
Yes Martin!
2008-10-13 19:01:58
354.   KG16
I'll take 'em anyway I can in the playoffs
2008-10-13 19:02:20
355.   Alex41592
2008-10-13 19:02:43
356.   capdodger
Loney getting the Manny treatment! Rich!
2008-10-13 19:02:53
357.   LogikReader
Should Manny be on 3rd base?

You make the call!

2008-10-13 19:02:57
358.   Zzyzx
Respect for Loney, I like it.
2008-10-13 19:03:11
359.   Bluebleeder87
pretty neat man, showing some respect for Loney.
2008-10-13 19:03:14
360.   Bob Hendley
Respect for WGJ.
2008-10-13 19:03:18
361.   Gagne55
We lead!
2008-10-13 19:03:25
362.   Preston Bannard
Um, it would have taken a decent play to throw Manny out at third. Decent. Not impossible.
2008-10-13 19:03:51
363.   Bluebleeder87
there middle relief is pretty bad so it's working out good.
2008-10-13 19:04:02
364.   trainwreck
Double balls!
2008-10-13 19:04:07
365.   KG16
I'm not so sure this is respect for Loney, as it was to set up that.
2008-10-13 19:04:17
366.   Gagne55
359 It sure set up that DP though.
2008-10-13 19:04:22
367.   Lee Corbett
As I said, DeWitt is going to have to be good tonight. what pressure for the kid.
2008-10-13 19:04:35
368.   scareduck
The Solution looking pretty titrated there.
2008-10-13 19:04:56
369.   Bluebleeder87
it keep an eye on Lowe here man, I'm sure Torre & the crew will...
2008-10-13 19:05:04
370.   NWdodger
Nothing worst than seeing Manny caught in a run down. He was looked back.
2008-10-13 19:05:08
371.   Gagne55
363 Don't the Phillies lead league in bullpen era?
2008-10-13 19:05:13
372.   Crimson Bear
I don't think there's any chance that Rollins throws to third there although my fingers are rebelling from typing agreement with Tim McCarver
2008-10-13 19:05:40
373.   Alex41592
Kershaw in the game.
2008-10-13 19:06:14
374.   scareduck
371 - yes.
2008-10-13 19:07:15
375.   Bluebleeder87

they've got good set up for Lidge but that's about it no.

2008-10-13 19:07:27
376.   Bluebleeder87
oh man...
2008-10-13 19:07:42
377.   capdodger
Kershaw for one? Ok.
2008-10-13 19:07:46
378.   Bluebleeder87
let's see what your maid of Kershaw.
2008-10-13 19:08:07
379.   superbas
in kershaw we trust
2008-10-13 19:08:17
380.   Andrew Shimmin
Kershaw's made of snips and snails, and puppy dog tails.
2008-10-13 19:08:18
381.   LogikReader
Wow... I think I like the Kershaw move... but I'm not sure. Welp, Lowe did pretty well on 3 days rest, all things considered. WTG Derek Lowe!
2008-10-13 19:08:55
382.   Bluebleeder87
Hight heat should take care of him... that was close...
2008-10-13 19:08:57
383.   Sam PHL
Why not keep Lowe in? He seemed to be settled down and I'd rather he pitch to Burrell.
2008-10-13 19:09:19
384.   Alice S
This ump is all over the place...
2008-10-13 19:09:31
385.   KG16
easy to call it inside after the replay with the fox tracker McCarver. but boy, live speed, that looked like a strike.
2008-10-13 19:09:38
386.   MollyKnight
I think I'm going to vomit.
2008-10-13 19:09:49
387.   trainwreck
Plus the pitcher's spot is coming up in the inning.
2008-10-13 19:10:17
388.   capdodger
Throw. A. Strike.
2008-10-13 19:10:17
389.   trainwreck
Rule 13 has been obliterated tonight.

Even by Molly.

2008-10-13 19:10:31
390.   Sam PHL
387. I was thinking that too.
2008-10-13 19:10:55
391.   MollyKnight
Does Rule 13 have to do with hazardous material?
2008-10-13 19:11:01
392.   nick
Kershaw is all mixed up now, this is very bad...
2008-10-13 19:11:20
393.   overkill94
Keep it right there, kid
2008-10-13 19:12:00
394.   trainwreck
Aww hell.
2008-10-13 19:12:05
395.   Gagne55
Furcal, what happened to your fielding??!!!
2008-10-13 19:12:15
396.   superbas
well-placed hit...dang it
2008-10-13 19:12:17
397.   Lee Corbett
getting sqeezed
2008-10-13 19:12:35
398.   Bluebleeder87

judging from everybody's comments, we're all in agreement.

2008-10-13 19:12:42
399.   trainwreck
Triple play! Triple play! Triple play!
2008-10-13 19:12:42
400.   Andrew Shimmin
Is all of the vomit talk some kind of viral attempt to get GlaxoSmithKline to buy ads at DT?

I'll help: Zofran, Zofran, Zofran.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-10-13 19:12:44
401.   MollyKnight
I am really going to violate Rule 13.


2008-10-13 19:12:49
402.   nick
Good vs Evil right here folks...
2008-10-13 19:12:56
403.   Gagne55
Bunting with Victorino?
2008-10-13 19:13:36
404.   Bluebleeder87
of course we all want him to prove us wrong.
2008-10-13 19:14:28
405.   nick
Kershaw more likely to get the K than Park...
2008-10-13 19:14:49
406.   trainwreck
NO!!! Not Chan Ho!!!

Keep playing with fire and you are going to get burned!!!

2008-10-13 19:14:50
407.   Bluebleeder87
best laid plans for mice & men (something like that)
2008-10-13 19:14:51
408.   Crimson Bear
I walk Feliz here and look for a Ruiz DP
2008-10-13 19:14:55
409.   superbas
c'mon torre should've just left lowe in then
2008-10-13 19:15:01
410.   Gagne55
Chan Ho Park. This bullpen has no depth.
2008-10-13 19:15:12
411.   scareduck
I walk away and Howard has WALKED?

Howard was the main reason for bringing in Kershaw. Do. Not. Want.

2008-10-13 19:15:22
412.   Bob Hendley
Uh oh...afraid of this.
2008-10-13 19:15:29
413.   capdodger
Well that sucked.

Come on Chan Ho. Strand those runners.

2008-10-13 19:15:31
414.   Linkmeister
Hmm. Why Kershaw at all, if you were gonna bring in Park? Hope overcoming fear?
2008-10-13 19:15:40
415.   Sam PHL
Ugh, this is really starting to feel like a little league game where everyone has to play.
2008-10-13 19:15:41
416.   Bluebleeder87
Park can surprise... who else can we use though.
2008-10-13 19:15:41
417.   overkill94
Intentionally walk Feliz to get to Ruiz with the double play in order? I say yes.
2008-10-13 19:16:20
418.   Vishal
oh man, chan ho. as if this wasn't nailbiter enough.
2008-10-13 19:16:39
419.   Alex41592
Chan Ho Park vs. Pedro Feliz:

3 for 11 with a HR and 3 K's.

2008-10-13 19:16:40
420.   alexx
Where are Kuo and Beimel?
2008-10-13 19:16:50
421.   Gagne55
Kershaw could conceivably get the Hold-Loss.
2008-10-13 19:16:56
422.   LogikReader
I can't trust Park in this situation... I don't know why... I just think of Tatis' two grand slams in the same inning.
2008-10-13 19:17:07
423.   trainwreck
We will have to get rid of Park after this inning anyways.

Torre has mis-managed this badly.

2008-10-13 19:17:35
424.   Bluebleeder87
if anything, it will be edge of our seat entertainment.
2008-10-13 19:17:44
425.   LU Dodger
Ok I don't wanna be pessimistic, but I have to brag that I DO know exactly what will happen....Park will make the first hitter look foolish by K-ing him easily. Then he will follow with a 3-run homer.

I mean come on...who doesn't see it?

2008-10-13 19:17:57
426.   Alex41592
They would probably pinch hit for Ruiz with a left handed bat (Stairs or Jenkins).
2008-10-13 19:17:59
427.   superbas
positive thought...positive thought. my palms are getting sweaty, and they never sweat even when playing sports.
2008-10-13 19:18:05
428.   Bob Hendley
Yes, the walk, but then Clayton would have done that. Who do the fillies have to PH?
2008-10-13 19:18:19
429.   overkill94
Is James McD the de facto setup man if Wade is unavailable? Man, losing Saito really was a killer.
2008-10-13 19:18:22
430.   Bluebleeder87

I saw K/Guo warming up yesterday.

2008-10-13 19:18:28
431.   scareduck
425 - you're on.
2008-10-13 19:18:28
432.   Who Is Karim Garcia
::shakes head furiously::
2008-10-13 19:18:45
433.   Gagne55
Thanks Feliz.
2008-10-13 19:18:51
434.   nick
omg that was lucky omg
2008-10-13 19:18:52
435.   superbas
argh c'mon guys, call it
2008-10-13 19:18:52
436.   trainwreck
Near disaster right there.
2008-10-13 19:18:55
437.   Bluebleeder87


2008-10-13 19:18:59
438.   capdodger
Call the ball.

Call the ball.

2008-10-13 19:18:59
439.   LU Dodger
Holy crap....WHY ANDRE?? WHY!!!!

my heart can only take so much!!

2008-10-13 19:19:21
440.   kadycee
My heart just stopped momentarily
2008-10-13 19:19:22
441.   Crimson Bear
DeWitt needs to get out of the way there. Almost a disaster
2008-10-13 19:19:41
442.   trainwreck
2008-10-13 19:19:43
443.   scareduck
425 - apparently "pop out to shallow right" was the correct answer.
2008-10-13 19:19:49
444.   Alex41592
That could've been disastrous. But, it's just out number two.
2008-10-13 19:19:49
445.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I didn't see that coming.
2008-10-13 19:20:05
446.   fanerman
2008-10-13 19:20:14
447.   Lee Corbett
wow! that was ordinary
2008-10-13 19:20:35
448.   Bluebleeder87
what can you do man...
2008-10-13 19:20:40
449.   kadycee
Well, you knew that was coming.
2008-10-13 19:20:40
450.   Gagne55
Wild pitch! No!
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-10-13 19:20:53
451.   scareduck
425 - wild pitch on the first of the AB works just fine, thanks. Ho, ho, Chan Ho Park!
2008-10-13 19:20:53
452.   MonkeyBlue
2008-10-13 19:20:55
453.   MollyKnight
From lucky to unlucky.

I hate baseball.

2008-10-13 19:21:10
454.   LU Dodger
Has Blanton been hit for yet?
2008-10-13 19:21:14
455.   Alex41592
Just get out of this. A tie is ok.
2008-10-13 19:21:23
456.   Who Is Karim Garcia
It's baseball, folks. Baseball.
2008-10-13 19:21:25
457.   nick
411 over and over again this postseason situational lefties have walked lefty batters--just infuriating!
2008-10-13 19:21:51
458.   ishXdavid
Ugh... Martin needs to take that pitch off his chest protector.
2008-10-13 19:22:00
459.   ishXdavid
Ugh... Martin needs to take that pitch off his chest protector.
2008-10-13 19:22:01
460.   trainwreck
Damn, damn, damn.
2008-10-13 19:22:05
461.   overkill94
Ah, I forgot about Kuo. Is anyone warming up right now?
2008-10-13 19:22:14
462.   Bluebleeder87
seriously though, that's one of those things you can't do anything about.
2008-10-13 19:22:17
463.   scareduck
453 - the second sentence was the exact text of the message my wife sent me when the Dodgers clinched in the NLDS.
2008-10-13 19:22:25
464.   Gagne55
Bring in Beimel
2008-10-13 19:22:36
465.   Alice S
456 I hate baseball
2008-10-13 19:22:42
466.   underdog
I was making dinner while watching the last inning or so, and now that it's ready I'm waaaaay to nervous to eat until this game is over. Sheesh.
2008-10-13 19:23:07
467.   trainwreck
Awesome, get to burn another reliever in a tied game.

How not to manage 101.

2008-10-13 19:23:33
468.   underdog
Did anyone else think Kershaw was squeezed a little on some of his pitches, too? He wasn't exactly wild in my eyes.
2008-10-13 19:23:53
469.   Ken Noe
I find Torre inscrutable sometimes. He's like the sphinx to me.
2008-10-13 19:24:17
470.   LU Dodger
Haha well...look at the bright side, if this thing goes extra innings, we'll see Maddux. YAY!


and we know it's just baseball...blah blah blah. And even though it's just it so much more you have to admit. Thanks for trying though...this board needs a shrink

2008-10-13 19:24:22
471.   jasonungar07
And I thought I was gonna have a heart attack during laker 4th qtr playoff games over the last 20. This is unreal. I need to be sedated. I need Yoda.

"Stopped they must be; on this all depends"

2008-10-13 19:24:36
472.   Linkmeister
Can we double-switch here?
2008-10-13 19:25:02
473.   Bluebleeder87
if we keep it tied up I'll be happy, I don't know man, I'm on the edge of my seat right about now...
2008-10-13 19:25:17
474.   ucladodger
This whole inning is just being executed terrible. Bringing in a 20 year old starter for 1 inning. Bringing in Park. Throwing 4 sliders to Ruiz, when the man cannot hit a fastball. Just really bad.
2008-10-13 19:25:19
475.   Alex41592
Taguchi bats.
2008-10-13 19:25:23
476.   Sam PHL
2008-10-13 19:25:24
477.   fanerman
2008-10-13 19:25:33
478.   LU Dodger
2008-10-13 19:25:35
479.   Marty
What a catch!!!
2008-10-13 19:25:35
480.   trainwreck
Yoda would either make it worse or you would totally lose focus of what is going on.
2008-10-13 19:25:35
481.   Bluebleeder87
2008-10-13 19:25:35
482.   ishXdavid
2008-10-13 19:25:38
483.   capdodger
You can all start breathing now.
2008-10-13 19:25:43
484.   nick
Dre with a little ice cream!
2008-10-13 19:25:45
485.   Gagne55
My heart skipped a beat. That was close. Nice play by Ethier.
2008-10-13 19:25:46
486.   MollyKnight
Back to loving baseball.
2008-10-13 19:25:47
487.   DBrim
That catch was CLUTCH.
2008-10-13 19:25:50
488.   LogikReader
What were you saying about Lucky and Unlucky, Molly??? YES!!!
2008-10-13 19:25:55
489.   kadycee
Andre. Stud. Wow.
2008-10-13 19:26:00
490.   Bluebleeder87
I love baseball.
2008-10-13 19:26:02
491.   MonkeyBlue
Ethier saving the game for us.
2008-10-13 19:26:05
492.   Zzyzx
Thank you Andre!!!!
2008-10-13 19:26:17
493.   superbas
THANK YOU 'Dre. is it fair to say Torre isn't much of an in-game manager?
2008-10-13 19:26:17
494.   Andrew Shimmin
The good thing is, Kemp would have run him over if he'd been in the game.

Torre's a genius.

2008-10-13 19:26:21
495.   Alex41592
ETHIER!!!!! This game is ours.
2008-10-13 19:26:23
496.   Vishal
475 so?
2008-10-13 19:26:23
497.   Zak
467 Yeah, Kershaw walked a guy he shouldn't, Park walked a guy he shouldn't.. let's pile on Torre.
2008-10-13 19:26:25
498.   trainwreck
Pinch hitter needs to come through this inning.
2008-10-13 19:26:39
499.   scareduck
Ethier saves Beimel's bacon. Assuming Beimel likes bacon, or even has any.
2008-10-13 19:26:40
500.   ImprobableImpossible
It's the Dodgers' game to win. Phils just used the good half of their bench. Let's do it!
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-10-13 19:26:50
501.   ishXdavid
I think my heart just resumed beating.
2008-10-13 19:26:55
502.   trainwreck
I will, don't worry.
2008-10-13 19:27:11
503.   kadycee
I would have liked that play even better if we were still ahead by a run.
2008-10-13 19:27:14
504.   Lee Corbett
what can you say about that
2008-10-13 19:27:21
505.   underdog


2008-10-13 19:27:23
506.   LogikReader
We haven't hit this Phillies bullpen all series, plain and simple. Let's make this change TODAY.

Let's do this thing!

2008-10-13 19:27:23
507.   Alex41592
Chad Durbin pitching.
2008-10-13 19:27:53
508.   Linkmeister
Well, if we could, I guess we didn't.
2008-10-13 19:28:14
509.   Ricardo
Sportscenter is waiting for you, Dre.
2008-10-13 19:28:19
510.   Sam PHL
Wasn't someone saying today that Dre doesn't attack flyballs enough? Maybe AE was reading DT earlier.
2008-10-13 19:28:19
511.   nick
those of us in the Yankee fan community took issue, on occasion, over the years, with Mr. Torre's handling of the bullpen...
2008-10-13 19:28:23
512.   Ken Noe
Not to pile on, of course, but given his night, Torre must be wishing he had Sweeney to pinch hit right now.
2008-10-13 19:28:40
513.   MollyKnight
Chad Durbin is an outstanding young man.

Hopefully I will continue to feel that way about him after this inning.

2008-10-13 19:28:48
514.   scareduck
480 - Yoda would throw wicked breaking pitches that drop a foot about two inches before they hit the plate. He would use Jedi mind tricks to fool the umpires into calling everything a strike.
2008-10-13 19:28:52
515.   Louis in SF
We now get to use some of our pinch hitters! Very strange inning
2008-10-13 19:28:56
516.   Indiana Jon
That half inning was my fault. I had to leave for a few minutes to pick up my daughter. Don't worry though, I'm back to stay now.
2008-10-13 19:29:01
517.   capdodger
497 Lowe was doing OK and had only thrown 74 pitches. I know he's on three days rest but at least let him start the inning.

Furthermore, if you're going to bring him out an inning before the pitcher's spot comes up, for the love of God, do a double switch!

2008-10-13 19:29:12
518.   MollyKnight
This game might be bad for my health.
2008-10-13 19:29:34
519.   Vishal
funny, those weren't strikes for kershaw
2008-10-13 19:29:36
520.   trainwreck
2008-10-13 19:29:43
521.   fanerman
2008-10-13 19:29:45
522.   Bluebleeder87
2008-10-13 19:29:47
523.   capdodger
2008-10-13 19:29:47
524.   KG16
funny game
2008-10-13 19:29:48
525.   DBrim
2008-10-13 19:29:53
526.   Indiana Jon
516 See, it's going to be OK now.
2008-10-13 19:29:54
527.   nick
damn, this is shaping up to be a nice little ballgame...
2008-10-13 19:29:57
528.   ucladodger
The BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-10-13 19:30:03
529.   LogikReader
2008-10-13 19:30:08
530.   Nestor
looks like blake was happy to see Blaton PH for. Nice!
2008-10-13 19:30:12
531.   ishXdavid
Blake comes through... finally.
2008-10-13 19:30:15
532.   Marty
Yay! I was just thinking that Blake has really sucked lately.
2008-10-13 19:30:15
533.   Bob Hendley
2008-10-13 19:30:33
534.   superbas
torre as manager: casey we need you to hit a home run.
2008-10-13 19:30:34
535.   Alex41592
2008-10-13 19:30:35
536.   kadycee
This team is toying with me.
2008-10-13 19:30:36
537.   scareduck
Mr. Blake, you've done a man's work, sir.
2008-10-13 19:30:36
538.   fanerman
Time to slap a back-to-back HR, Juan.
2008-10-13 19:30:44
539.   MonkeyBlue
Old Man!
2008-10-13 19:30:48
540.   Indiana Jon
Now maybe Juan can go back to back.
2008-10-13 19:30:55
541.   Bluebleeder87
man, that thing teepee tooed over the fence.
2008-10-13 19:31:18
542.   underdog

Torre's a genius for starting him! ;-)

2008-10-13 19:31:23
543.   Jimmyv11
Its time to grab big MO by the horns and keep him!
2008-10-13 19:31:40
544.   fanerman
2008-10-13 19:31:42
545.   trainwreck
Scrappy is on the loose!
2008-10-13 19:31:59
546.   Bluebleeder87
Rabbit for 2nd base & hit easily will score him, yeah!

that's right!!!

2008-10-13 19:32:00
547.   Rob M
2008-10-13 19:32:18
548.   scareduck
Chad D'oh-bin.
2008-10-13 19:32:23
549.   Alex41592
Joe Beimel in line for a one pitch win.

3-1 pitch way outside!

Pierre with a double!!!

2008-10-13 19:32:24
550.   Rob M
Burrell moves like John McCain in left field.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-10-13 19:32:32
551.   Jimmyv11
pierre showing his worth! besides the base running blunder which appeared to be a hit and rn he has had great abats
2008-10-13 19:32:42
552.   Who Is Karim Garcia
2008-10-13 19:32:45
553.   capdodger
I can hear Plaschke sharpening his pencil.
2008-10-13 19:32:52
554.   MollyKnight
First Ryan Dempster, then Chad Durbin. My two favorite human beings on our two playoff opponents implode when it matters.


2008-10-13 19:32:55
555.   Ricardo
Thanks, Blake and Pierre! Now let´s score some runs.
2008-10-13 19:32:57
556.   Indiana Jon
Mr. Pierre, please don't attempt a steal of third. Thank you.
2008-10-13 19:32:59
557.   KG16
if they waste Kemp with a sacrifice, I'm not going to be happy
2008-10-13 19:33:04
558.   superbas
let's go matty!!!!

you don't send the bison up there to sacrifice

2008-10-13 19:33:07
559.   Alex41592
Bison time.
2008-10-13 19:33:37
560.   fanerman
Kemp showed bunt.
2008-10-13 19:33:44
561.   Alice S
I fell down jumping around after the Beard Bomb and got rug burn on my knee :(
2008-10-13 19:33:48
562.   underdog
That's about as close to Pierre could've come to making your wish come true.
2008-10-13 19:34:00
563.   Rob M
Using Kemp to bunt!!!???
2008-10-13 19:34:12
564.   kadycee
I'd to see a twelve-run inning here.
2008-10-13 19:34:14
565.   trainwreck
Oh, no.
2008-10-13 19:34:18
566.   Alex41592
Berroa can't bunt!?!?!?
2008-10-13 19:34:20
567.   superbas
can kemp even bunt?
2008-10-13 19:34:37
568.   Bluebleeder87
see ball hit ball Bison, come on!!!
2008-10-13 19:34:56
569.   Indiana Jon
What is Joe thinking?

I say that a lot.

2008-10-13 19:35:07
570.   scareduck
Dodgers are trying for an intentional hit-by-pitch to put two on, nobody out.
2008-10-13 19:35:08
571.   fanerman
I bet Joe Beimel is a better bunter than Kemp.
2008-10-13 19:35:13
572.   capdodger
567 Joe Torre wants to know as well!
2008-10-13 19:35:24
573.   KG16
ok, so just got my iphone (yes!) and i got a notice that said that some of the songs I bought on itunes i can convert to free ringtones, but it won't tell me which ones, any ideas as to how to figure it out without going through a couple hundred songs?
2008-10-13 19:35:30
574.   fanerman
Bison patience!
2008-10-13 19:35:36
575.   Bob Hendley
This is stupid.
2008-10-13 19:35:40
576.   trainwreck
Wow, thanks Molly! You have ruined Durbin.
2008-10-13 19:35:41
577.   underdog
Thank you for that gift, Durbin!
2008-10-13 19:35:47
578.   MonkeyBlue
Two fast runners on base!
2008-10-13 19:35:48
579.   Bluebleeder87

LOL, we're all pumped up right now. hehehe

2008-10-13 19:35:58
580.   Marty
Nice AB Matty.
2008-10-13 19:36:01
581.   Jimmyv11
good at bat by kemp
2008-10-13 19:36:04
582.   Rob M
Durbin saved us from Torre.
2008-10-13 19:36:05
583.   scareduck
570 - "No, no... the post-game buffet isn't any better in the postseason."
2008-10-13 19:36:11
584.   superbas
that was hilarious! even durbin thought kemp shouldn't have been bunting there
2008-10-13 19:36:17
585.   Alex41592
2008-10-13 19:36:19
586.   ishXdavid
i like Furcal from the right side better.
2008-10-13 19:36:25
587.   underdog
Weird, I just saw a friend of mine from college in the crowd for a split second!
2008-10-13 19:36:34
588.   Indiana Jon
573 You can't just make any of them ringtones like you can on any other phone?
2008-10-13 19:36:55
589.   Crimson Bear
I'd like to see Kuo pitch next inning through Howard then Broxton for the 2 inning save but I suspect Torre stays with Beimel
2008-10-13 19:37:15
590.   Bluebleeder87
Manuel was over managing in that inning man, who does he have left?
2008-10-13 19:37:24
591.   trainwreck
He can't stay with Beimel. He just pinched-hit for.
2008-10-13 19:37:27
592.   Alex41592
589 - Beimel is gone. You can go Wade, Kuo, Broxton.
2008-10-13 19:37:40
593.   fanerman
589 Didn't Kemp pinch-hit for Beimel?
2008-10-13 19:37:47
594.   trainwreck
* got
2008-10-13 19:38:01
595.   Marty
We've seen Sajak, Penny and Garry Marshall and BHSportsguy.

One of these is not like the others.

2008-10-13 19:38:02
596.   underdog
I don't like the idea of a 2 inning save for Broxton, personally. I'd use Kuo a bit longer if you have to. First, let's get an insurance run.
2008-10-13 19:38:17
597.   Louis in SF
If the Dodgers were a tad unlucky in the last inning, (Martin I think blocks that pitch 90% of the time) We may have lucked out in this inning with Matt Kemp bunting-1 sacrifice the entire year and he walks.
2008-10-13 19:38:21
598.   MollyKnight
576-I'm worried, though! There is also a reverse curse! A player on the Phillies who makes my skin crawl. And he's in the game right now!

He might hit one out.

2008-10-13 19:38:25
599.   Alice S
588 I think Apple has to pay special fees as a ringtone counts as 'public exhibition'

Ridiculous I know; this is the age we live in

2008-10-13 19:38:57
600.   nick
nice relaxed ballclub, hmm? good to see...
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2008-10-13 19:38:58
601.   fanerman
Furcal shows bunt.
2008-10-13 19:39:44
602.   Rob M
Why even bunt - you got the top of the order up!
2008-10-13 19:39:48
603.   underdog
I'm sorry but.. what's with the Milli Vanilli tribute dude in the front row?
2008-10-13 19:39:48
604.   Bob Hendley
More stupidity.
2008-10-13 19:39:54
605.   nick
Wade is tired--1 run game calls for 2 innings of high leverage Kuo, I think...
2008-10-13 19:39:57
606.   Crimson Bear
Thier entire infield defense is scrambled covering the bunt. I would love to see Furcal swing away
2008-10-13 19:40:02
607.   Vishal
out of curiosity, is pablo ozuna objectively more deserving to be on the playoff roster than chin-lung hu?
2008-10-13 19:40:25
608.   Rob M
OK - that was awesome.
2008-10-13 19:40:25
609.   fanerman
Maybe Joe knows what he's doing... 5-3.
2008-10-13 19:40:34
610.   trainwreck
Hooray, Ryan Howard defense!
2008-10-13 19:40:36
611.   Bluebleeder87
that's it guys, this game is ours!
2008-10-13 19:40:38
612.   Andrew Shimmin
Kemp nearly got Upton'd, there. It would have been less charming.
2008-10-13 19:40:43
613.   underdog
Oh my goodness! What the heck was Howard doing there? Well, thank you, Ryan.
2008-10-13 19:40:47
614.   Indiana Jon
599 One more reason to stick with my HTC and not go Iphone.

Yes! Nice throw buddy.

2008-10-13 19:40:47
615.   Sam PHL
Howard is not a gold glover.
2008-10-13 19:40:47
616.   MonkeyBlue
YES! Thank you for the gift!
2008-10-13 19:40:57
617.   Alex41592
2008-10-13 19:41:02
618.   Chiron Brown
Yes! Pile it on!
2008-10-13 19:41:14
619.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
That worked out well...
2008-10-13 19:41:15
620.   Gen3Blue
I laaak it!
2008-10-13 19:41:24
621.   nick

that's a world-historically bad throw.

2008-10-13 19:41:27
622.   scareduck
Utley, utterly confused.
2008-10-13 19:41:28
623.   Nestor
Sweet necter! nice double pump from Howard. 2 runs no outs!
2008-10-13 19:41:32
624.   Bob Hendley
597 - And a little bit more luck for Torre, and US!!!!!!!!
2008-10-13 19:41:41
625.   Bluebleeder87

His D is WAY better in my opinion but I think Torre remembers those horrid AB's Hu had earlier in the year Vishal...

2008-10-13 19:41:41
626.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
Now they can walk Dre to get to Manny!
2008-10-13 19:41:59
627.   Ricardo
Speed, baby, speed!
2008-10-13 19:42:15
628.   babber
That was Luzinski-ian!!!
2008-10-13 19:42:22
629.   Rob M
Let's see Dre heat up a bit now...
2008-10-13 19:42:33
630.   Lee Corbett
Speed never slumps! I love it - sorry I am so far behind the game
2008-10-13 19:42:46
631.   MollyKnight
I don't like the "Phillies suck" chant!!
2008-10-13 19:43:12
632.   shamrok
Yeah, pretty lame chant.
2008-10-13 19:43:35
633.   Indiana Jon
It's become obvious to me that no matter how much I try to like the kids better, Manny is my favorite Dodger. He may be my favorite since Piazza.
2008-10-13 19:43:37
634.   Alex41592
There is zero chance Eyre faces Manny.

4 for 4 with 2 HR's and three walks.

2008-10-13 19:43:42
635.   Alice S
awww, I was hoping they were chanting "E-THI-ER!"
2008-10-13 19:43:55
636.   Andrew Shimmin
But how would the Phillies know that the suck if the attendees didn't tell them? It's a public service. Tough love, really.
2008-10-13 19:43:55
637.   Bob Hendley
Joe can't even give away outs at this point.
2008-10-13 19:43:58
638.   MollyKnight
The difference in energy between the Philly crowd and the Dodger crowd is marked. The Philly DJs play NO pump-up music for the fans. No clap-along prompters, etc. It's so weird and quiet when the team is not winning.
2008-10-13 19:44:00
639.   Vishal
625 i haven't been able to actually watch many dodger games with either of those guys... you're saying ozuna's D is better?
2008-10-13 19:44:11
640.   Bluebleeder87

my buddy keeps on texting me about that...

2008-10-13 19:44:22
641.   Vishal
btw, did i hear a "phillies suck" chant?
2008-10-13 19:44:27
642.   MonkeyBlue
Dang it!!!!!!!!
2008-10-13 19:44:32
643.   Who Is Karim Garcia
IBB to Manny.
2008-10-13 19:44:34
644.   NWdodger
Will they walk Manny? Of Course.
2008-10-13 19:45:10
645.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
It's up to Martin...
2008-10-13 19:45:12
646.   NWdodger
At least Either didn't strike out.
2008-10-13 19:45:28
647.   underdog
Damn, that liner out was huge. Now the IBB and it's up to Russ to make 'em pay.
2008-10-13 19:45:41
648.   scareduck
599 - see

2008-10-13 19:45:43
649.   Indiana Jon
Make them pay Russ.
2008-10-13 19:46:01
650.   Who Is Karim Garcia
My point with trying to heckle the Phillies is this: You can't tell them anything that their fans haven't told them in a meaner, nastier, more vulgar way.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2008-10-13 19:46:04
651.   Vishal
anyone know who's warming in the dodger pen?
2008-10-13 19:46:21
652.   NWdodger
Let's see if Martin can come through. Let's hope for at least a sac fly.
2008-10-13 19:46:55
653.   Sam PHL
Molly, you did see the jumbotron flashing "BEAT LA" in Philly, didn't you? I think that chant is even more unoriginal than "Your Team Sucks" chants.
2008-10-13 19:47:05
654.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
Scoring again here is huge.
2008-10-13 19:47:07
655.   NorCal-Dodger
Wonder if Torre let Maddux in for the next inning?
2008-10-13 19:47:18
656.   underdog
639 No, Hu's D is better but he was so abysmal with the bat earlier this year and didn't show much in late call up that they probably didn't consider him. Still, with Ozuna about the last man on the bench and not much of a player, I'd rather have Hu. But they also said Ozuna's ability to play the outfield if needed was another reason they picked him.

Poor Vishal, about 2 weeks behind on Roster Thoughts. ;-)

2008-10-13 19:47:39
657.   Nestor
I would like to see Blake push Martin up the steps for a curtin call after he makes them pay for walking Manny!
2008-10-13 19:47:41
658.   tjdub
As we wait for the pitching change, does anything think it possible that Kemp was only showing bunt, but was really just taking until a strike was thrown? It is the only plausible explanation I can think of.
2008-10-13 19:47:58
659.   Who Is Karim Garcia
KG16, if you have a mac you can make ANY song a ringtone with garageband.... or even just itunes.

2008-10-13 19:48:47
660.   MollyKnight
Creative, playful heckling is so much more fun than the traditional "you suck" taunting.

The best part about going to Stanford (besides, um, the academics) was that our band would chastise our rooting section when the cheers weren't creative enough.

They didn't like it when people yelled "SUCKS" after the announcement of the starting line-ups, and they didn't like the "overrated" chant, arguing that if a team weren't as good as its rating, that would mean our beating them didn't mean as much. And they were right.

2008-10-13 19:48:57
661.   Bluebleeder87

No, Hu's is, but he had some pretty bad AB's earlier in the year. to be honest, I really didn't see Ozuna play D all that much so I'm just going by what I hear around here, Hu's D doesn't impressive me all that much to be really honest, but of course we'd seen Izzy play here so....

2008-10-13 19:49:04
662.   Ricardo
650- Phillies fans think they´re great fans! lol They should come to my town to learn some lessons.
2008-10-13 19:49:09
663.   LogikReader

The Dodgers haven't flashed any "make some noise" signs in the postseason, as far as I know. These crescendos are generating on their own! [It definitely happened that way during the LDS]

2008-10-13 19:49:20
664.   Crimson Bear
Russell has taken a first pitch strike every time up tonight
2008-10-13 19:49:24
665.   trainwreck
Kuo up in the pen.
2008-10-13 19:49:25
666.   NWdodger
Martin went for it all on that one.
2008-10-13 19:49:44
667.   trainwreck
2008-10-13 19:49:52
668.   fanerman
2008-10-13 19:49:57
669.   Rob M
Wow - that was lame.
2008-10-13 19:50:04
670.   fanerman
Utley is no Howard.
2008-10-13 19:50:12
671.   NWdodger
Worst possible case senario.
2008-10-13 19:50:14
672.   Alice S
2008-10-13 19:50:18
673.   nick
damn, it should be something like 9-3 by now--how many line drives caught by the Phils??
2008-10-13 19:50:19
674.   ishXdavid
Utley is too good.
2008-10-13 19:50:20
675.   Andrew Shimmin
Well. That happened.
2008-10-13 19:50:22
676.   underdog
Ouch. That was some bad luck. Great play and just some of that ol' bad luck.

Guess I won't be eating my dinner now after all.

2008-10-13 19:50:36
677.   Linkmeister
Ai yi yi!
2008-10-13 19:50:41
678.   Alex41592
What a great play by Utley.
2008-10-13 19:50:42
679.   scareduck
That was disappointing.
2008-10-13 19:50:42
680.   LogikReader
What were you saying about lucky and unlucky, Molly? :(
2008-10-13 19:50:45
681.   Ken Noe
This game is like the Trojan War, with the gods jumping in to help one side or the other.
2008-10-13 19:50:47
682.   Vishal
656 i tried using the search function but it's pretty much useless. anyway, i am a few weeks behind... i've been moving! granted, i only moved about a block and a half, but it has still been a big distraction. and i had to help move my gf in as well. so i'm pretty well behind and just enjoying the playoffs as they come.
2008-10-13 19:50:57
683.   underdog
676 (...lest I lose it.)
2008-10-13 19:51:01
684.   MonkeyBlue
Crap, could have used the extra run!
2008-10-13 19:51:11
685.   ucladodger
2 feet and we have 2 more runs. where have i heard that before?
2008-10-13 19:51:51
686.   NWdodger
Meanwhile, the 1-3 Browns are picking apart the Giants.
2008-10-13 19:52:12
687.   ucladodger
Both russ and Dewitt have absolutely scorched balls that would have knocked in 2 runs. This game shouldnt be close at all, but the Phils just have the luck on their side today.
2008-10-13 19:52:38
688.   Vishal
sweet, kuofax is in.
2008-10-13 19:52:43
689.   Alex41592
Kemp stays in.
2008-10-13 19:52:47
690.   superbas
ok at least we got the lead. the human rally retardant is in, let's finish this.
2008-10-13 19:52:51
691.   Bob Hendley
658 - It's not like the guy was wild. The previous two batters (including JP) really smacked the ball.
2008-10-13 19:52:58
692.   Bluebleeder87
I was yelling out, "Rollins doesn't pay his parking meter tickets"
2008-10-13 19:53:07
693.   underdog
682 Congrats on the (1.5 block) move! Mazel tov.
2008-10-13 19:53:17
694.   Vishal
(at least i hope he lives up to the nickname)
2008-10-13 19:53:33
695.   fanerman
Juan gets kicked out of the game for going 2-3. If you voted "Juan leaves the game in the 7th", you win!
2008-10-13 19:53:37
696.   Bluebleeder87
Finally, a good pitching move by Torre.
2008-10-13 19:54:15
697.   Kuo-fax
688 You rang?
2008-10-13 19:54:42
698.   trainwreck
Rollins, you just got Kuo'd!
2008-10-13 19:55:05
699.   Bluebleeder87
it's all working out fine but imagine if Ethier misses those two awesome catches?? yikes.
2008-10-13 19:55:18
700.   superbas
697 lol awesome!
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2008-10-13 19:56:01
701.   Indiana Jon
You've got to love Kuo's little hop.
2008-10-13 19:56:04
702.   Sam PHL
Did Kuo do a pirouette?
2008-10-13 19:56:10
703.   fanerman
That hop-step looked pretty cool.
2008-10-13 19:56:13
704.   LogikReader
I like how Kuo squinted, and for a brief moment, saw the Mets at the plate!
2008-10-13 19:56:14
705.   ishXdavid
2008-10-13 19:56:21
706.   MonkeyBlue
I love Kuo! Damn that was sweet! the celebration was a little too much though.
2008-10-13 19:56:24
707.   NWdodger
Lights out, 96 MPH fastball. If memory serves me, Werth struck out a fair amount of times with the Dodgers.
2008-10-13 19:56:29
708.   Andrew Shimmin
Kuo's little jig was clearly an act of war. Obviously Lidge is going to have to hit three Dodgers in a row to make up for it.
2008-10-13 19:56:30
709.   Bluebleeder87
He is Kuotomatic.
2008-10-13 19:56:35
710.   Alex41592
My goodness Kuo is throwing HEAT
2008-10-13 19:56:38
711.   Gen3Blue
All these youngsters should get better, and when you look at Clay(20) and DeWitt(22?), it's a shame how many times we've had second and third and no outs. But whatever happens now, it can only improve.
2008-10-13 19:56:41
712.   Vishal
693 thanks, man. though, i'm no longer an SF resident... now i'm officially in daly city. but it's all good.
2008-10-13 19:56:57
713.   ishXdavid
2008-10-13 19:57:01
714.   Bluebleeder87
dang, he even has a great hook today.
2008-10-13 19:57:18
715.   Sam PHL
2008-10-13 19:57:20
716.   Rob M
Kuo is as nasty tonight as I've ever seen him. Just pure filth.
2008-10-13 19:57:22
717.   Bluebleeder87
2008-10-13 19:57:22
718.   fanerman
That was rather dominant.
2008-10-13 19:57:27
719.   Alice S
2008-10-13 19:57:30
720.   NWdodger
2008-10-13 19:57:35
721.   trainwreck
2008-10-13 19:57:40
722.   superbas
that was dominating
2008-10-13 19:57:43
723.   Indiana Jon
Kuo ain't messing around tonight. Man, I hope this guy's arm can last a few years.
2008-10-13 19:57:45
724.   MonkeyBlue
Have my babies Kuo!
2008-10-13 19:57:45
725.   Bluebleeder87

i gotta copyright that one...

2008-10-13 19:57:57
726.   Crimson Bear
Is McCarver right that Kemp is batting 9th? Why would they have Kuo come up one batter early?
2008-10-13 19:58:00
727.   Marty
Nice job Kuo, but layoff the histrionics.

Act like you've been there before.

2008-10-13 19:58:06
728.   UKDodger
2008-10-13 19:58:06
729.   fanerman
708 Coming soon, a baseball rant... by Mike.
2008-10-13 19:58:07
730.   Gen3Blue
Was that Kuo. OMG.
2008-10-13 19:58:20
731.   Alex41592
KUO! That was domination!

He pitches the eighth inning. Easy decision.

2008-10-13 19:58:27
732.   Rob M
Werth and Utley - very good hitters both - struck out on 6 pitches. They had no chance whatsoever.
2008-10-13 19:58:29
733.   Vishal
697 hah, awesome.
2008-10-13 19:58:30
734.   nick
man oh man, that was some absolutely grade A Kuo...
2008-10-13 19:58:33
735.   Kuo-fax
Man, welcome back Kuo!!! Do they keep him in there for two innings? I remember Torre saying he'd only use him for one. McDonald or Maddux for the 8th?
2008-10-13 19:58:34
736.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
2008-10-13 19:58:36
737.   kngoworld
Kuo pitched the way I was praying Kershaw would.
2008-10-13 19:58:42
738.   Lee Corbett
2008-10-13 19:59:09
739.   Sam PHL
726. They took out Pierre for Kemp's defense. So pitcher goes in Pierre's 8 spot.
2008-10-13 19:59:11
740.   Gen3Blue
Was that Kuo. OMG.
2008-10-13 19:59:49
741.   Marty
I checked the latest rant, but there were no comments.
2008-10-13 20:00:06
742.   Ken Noe
I love Kuo. Just love the guy.
2008-10-13 20:00:12
743.   dontraiseplz
best single pitches I've seen all series
1. Kuo's 0-1 breaking ball on Utley
2. Broxton's outside corner sliders to anyone
2008-10-13 20:00:20
744.   Ricardo
Wow, just wow! Mr. Kuo, you´re good.
2008-10-13 20:00:22
745.   Kuo-fax
733 :-)
2008-10-13 20:00:25
746.   Vishal
740 darn straight it was.
2008-10-13 20:00:36
747.   MollyKnight
2008-10-13 20:00:36
748.   Sam PHL
Man, that was 11 pitches of awesome. I say he should come out for the eighth. At least for Howard.
2008-10-13 20:01:16
749.   underdog
Dog bless that dude. Kuo is electric.
2008-10-13 20:01:38
750.   Bluebleeder87

that's kind of near Porterville (love driving over there, beautiful) I have family near there bro.

Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2008-10-13 20:02:00
751.   Andrew Shimmin
Maybe one buzz and two HBP.
2008-10-13 20:02:00
752.   Crimson Bear
Yes, but Kemp pinch hit that same inning and stayed in the game so they can switch the spots, no?
2008-10-13 20:02:47
753.   Sam PHL
No, Kemp's stuck in the spot where he hit.
2008-10-13 20:02:48
754.   Crimson Bear
Yes, but Kemp pinch hit that same inning and stayed in the game so they can switch the spots, no?
2008-10-13 20:02:58
755.   NorCal-Dodger
Leave Kuo in for the 8th for Howard, if he's still smoking keep him going, tomorrow is and off day. Brox in the 9th
2008-10-13 20:03:03
756.   Lee Corbett
727 has he?
2008-10-13 20:03:39
757.   Nestor
I think the high and tight to Loney was in response to Kuo hop after the K's. Utley was taking a long look after the strikeout.
2008-10-13 20:03:41
758.   Bluebleeder87

I'd take him out, sure, it's tempting to keep him in but if it were up to me i'd take him out, we need him for the duration.

2008-10-13 20:03:55
759.   LogikReader
Way to revive buzz-gate, Madson. What does the Dodger pitcher do next?
2008-10-13 20:04:23
760.   Alex41592

8) Pierre is taken out of the game. Kuo goes into his spot.

9) Kemp pinch hits for Beimel and stays in the game in CF.

Switching spots is not legal or Manny would be up there a lot.

2008-10-13 20:04:34
761.   LogikReader

Ah, ok, to be fair it was Kuo who revived buzz-gate.

2008-10-13 20:04:49
762.   Andrew Shimmin
Kuo started game two of the NLDS in 2006.
2008-10-13 20:04:55
763.   trainwreck
Nice patience, DeWitt.
2008-10-13 20:05:09
764.   Frip
Blake Dewitt, the essence of sobriety.
2008-10-13 20:05:29
765.   MonkeyBlue
Beardy bat woke up!
2008-10-13 20:05:33
766.   fanerman
The beard is unstoppable.
2008-10-13 20:05:44
767.   trainwreck
I want a Kuo bat-flip!
2008-10-13 20:05:49
768.   Indiana Jon
Need a Kuo bomb here, but I assume he will bunt.
2008-10-13 20:05:51
769.   fanerman
Kuo is hitting. I guess he's pitching to at least Howard.
2008-10-13 20:05:52
770.   Andrew Shimmin
Awesome. It'll be worth the broken bones the rest of the team has to suffer to see a bat flip.
2008-10-13 20:05:59
771.   LogikReader
Oh boy, what if Kuo goes deep here? This would be beyond awesome!
2008-10-13 20:06:00
772.   MonkeyBlue
I'm surprise Torre put Kuo out for another inning. I thought he would baby Kuo.
2008-10-13 20:06:09
773.   Alex41592
Uh-oh. Casey Blake has arrived.
2008-10-13 20:06:21
774.   Kuo-fax
758 Guess that answers that! Go Kuo!!
2008-10-13 20:06:29
775.   Crimson Bear
760: Got it, thanks
2008-10-13 20:06:29
776.   fanerman
Very nice bunt.
2008-10-13 20:06:33
777.   MonkeyBlue
Good bunt.
2008-10-13 20:06:35
778.   Sam PHL
Howard almost did it again.
2008-10-13 20:06:38
779.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-10-13 20:06:47
780.   Indiana Jon
Time for some insurance Matt.
2008-10-13 20:07:18
781.   KG16
i was really kind of hoping to see a play off bat flip there
2008-10-13 20:07:21
782.   Alex41592
Nice job by Kuo. Bison.
2008-10-13 20:07:33
783.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
This would be a great time for Matt to break out - in a non-pressured filled situation.
2008-10-13 20:07:43
784.   Alice S
2nd and 3rd yet again... Surely the law of averages dictates we've got to get something!
2008-10-13 20:07:47
785.   Frip
Oh boy, what if Kuo goes deep here? This would be beyond awesome!

I mean, let's keep things in perpective.

2008-10-13 20:08:12
786.   underdog
I wanted a bat flip, too, but that was a damned good bunt.
2008-10-13 20:08:13
787.   LU Dodger
Is rick james alive and behind the plate near the batters' head?
2008-10-13 20:08:15
788.   trainwreck
Just a bit late on that one.
2008-10-13 20:08:39
789.   underdog
Yet another smash hit ball right at someone. Ah well.
2008-10-13 20:08:44
790.   superbas
eh good swing matty
2008-10-13 20:08:56
791.   Alex41592
Kemp crushed that.
2008-10-13 20:08:57
792.   ucladodger
I hate to belabor the point, but how many hard hit balls can you hit with 2 men in scoring position and not score at all? Its getting a tad ridiculous.
2008-10-13 20:09:08
793.   Bluebleeder87
i guess with the day off it's o.k. (I wouldn't have used him another inning thougn) he's had 4 arm surgeries man!!

plus it's kind of cold...

2008-10-13 20:09:19
794.   Vishal
750 porterville? daly city is next door to san francisco.
2008-10-13 20:09:45
795.   underdog
787 I was thinking a member of the Milli Vanilli Impersonator's club, but that works, too.
2008-10-13 20:09:46
796.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
How many have the Dodgers hit deep flys with a runner on third - but with 2 outs in the inning? It seems like a ton.
2008-10-13 20:10:40
797.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
796 How many times, that is.
2008-10-13 20:10:42
798.   trainwreck
I almost typed earlier that a member of Milli-Vanilli is behind the plate.
2008-10-13 20:11:20
799.   underdog
794 Hah. That cracked me up for some reason. I guess their near in the way that Eugene and Medford are in the same state. Hey, sounds like you're inching closer to BART! That works.

Angel Berroa, SuperDefensiveSub!™

2008-10-13 20:12:19
800.   LU Dodger
ok tried.

now get...Kuo.....outa there

Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2008-10-13 20:12:23
801.   Who Is Karim Garcia
KG16 Did you get the link to the itunes/ringtones how to?
2008-10-13 20:12:26
802.   MonkeyBlue
Crap. Tying run on plate
2008-10-13 20:12:44
803.   MollyKnight
A double play would be nice here.
2008-10-13 20:13:10
804.   MonkeyBlue
Bring in Wade.
2008-10-13 20:13:28
805.   Bluebleeder87

you think he was going for the obviation?

2008-10-13 20:13:33
806.   Andrew Shimmin
It's like Mike Myers said in that serial killer movie: if it's north of Lancaster, it's crap.
2008-10-13 20:13:42
807.   Alice S
Who is coming in? FOX didn't even tell us!
2008-10-13 20:13:58
808.   Penguin
i don't like taking Kuo out
2008-10-13 20:14:00
809.   underdog
Torre, to Kuo: "Okay, well, uh... candlesticks always make a nice gift, and uh, maybe you could find out where she's registered and maybe a place-setting or maybe a silverware pattern."
2008-10-13 20:14:05
810.   Vishal
aw, say it ain't so, joe!
2008-10-13 20:14:19
811.   LU Dodger
I don't like Broxton against Burrell for some reason....It doesn't matter what I think. I just think it.

I shouldn't think it, b/c I know what Brox's gonna do to him;)

2008-10-13 20:14:19
812.   fanerman
Joe is addicted to the Cory Hotline.
2008-10-13 20:14:33
813.   Frip
I hate gut-feel. My gut feel tells me the Dodgers are gonna win this. Yet my gut feel tells me the Phillies are gonna run the score up in an absurdly lopsided win all the sudden.
2008-10-13 20:14:33
814.   Alex41592
Cory Wade coming in.
2008-10-13 20:14:35
815.   underdog
807 I know, they always do that. "Pitching change... And we'll be right back."
2008-10-13 20:14:53
816.   fanerman
807 Vin says Cory.
2008-10-13 20:14:54
817.   ucladodger

Why would you want Kuo out? He's been amazing all year against everybody, not just lefties

2008-10-13 20:15:09
818.   Nestor
I don't like Kuo batting and then pitching to just Howard?
2008-10-13 20:15:27
819.   underdog
Frankly, I don't like Kuo vs Burrell there either. Choose your poison, I guess, but when in doubt replace righty with lefty. Hopefully they won't implode.
2008-10-13 20:15:51
820.   fanerman
813 You have a complicated gut if it can tell you two different things at once.
2008-10-13 20:15:56
821.   ucladodger
Knowing its Wade, I'd much rather have Hong-Chih. Wade has been worked every game, including a lot of pitches yesterday.
2008-10-13 20:16:15
822.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
Wow - Cleveland is really taking it to NY. Manning picked for the 3rd time tonight.
Go Browns!
2008-10-13 20:16:24
823.   Preston Bannard
Howard taking that ball up the middle off a lefty (who he's generally terrible against) seems dangerously like a sign that he's turning things around.
2008-10-13 20:16:29
824.   Icaros

It's looking that way.

2008-10-13 20:17:06
825.   fanerman
Wade through 33 pitches yesterday.
2008-10-13 20:17:06
826.   NWdodger
NY Giants 14, Cleveland 33
2008-10-13 20:17:16
827.   MollyKnight
The reverse jinx doesn't live!
2008-10-13 20:17:46
828.   Vishal
cory wade is joe torre's new security blanket. it really bugs me how is decision making is more freudian than tactical.
2008-10-13 20:17:48
829.   fanerman
2008-10-13 20:17:55
830.   Rob M
oh. my. god.
2008-10-13 20:18:02
831.   Penguin
nice move Joe
2008-10-13 20:18:03
832.   trainwreck
I am going to go over to Bronx Banter and swear.
2008-10-13 20:18:04
833.   superbas
how lucky can they be!
2008-10-13 20:18:09
834.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Flying Hawaiian..... oh boy.
2008-10-13 20:18:11
835.   underdog
So, who saw that coming?

I sort of did.

What else is on?

I'm glad I waited to eat dinner. I would've tossed it there.

2008-10-13 20:18:17
836.   MollyKnight
Here I am, about to vomit again.
2008-10-13 20:18:17
837.   NWdodger
Rule 5 strikes again!
2008-10-13 20:18:28
838.   MonkeyBlue
Shoot me.
2008-10-13 20:18:33
839.   Andrew Shimmin
Should have beaned him.
2008-10-13 20:18:42
840.   Alice S
And now all I can think about is all the insurance runs we could have had
2008-10-13 20:18:46
841.   underdog
832 Hah hah. Tempting, ain't it.
2008-10-13 20:18:51
842.   fanerman
Cory is running out of words that rhyme with Cory.
2008-10-13 20:18:57
843.   Vishal
828 and JUST as i hit send, that happens. :(
2008-10-13 20:18:59
844.   Who Is Karim Garcia
No way that's Joe's fault fellas. No way. Remember, this is baseball.
2008-10-13 20:19:00
845.   Bluebleeder87
man that was a rope.
2008-10-13 20:19:14
846.   Alex41592
Chill out. Still have a game to win.
2008-10-13 20:19:14
847.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
There goes Beimel's hard earned win.
2008-10-13 20:19:24
848.   underdog
Weird to think that it was Burrell that had me worried, and I guess Torre, too. Aaaand...
2008-10-13 20:19:27
849.   Rob M
Wade is throwing BP. I want Kuo back.
2008-10-13 20:19:27
850.   nick
Wade needs to come out NOW.
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2008-10-13 20:19:27
851.   lukemccain
I still don't understand why he took out Kuo.
2008-10-13 20:19:33
852.   Bluebleeder87
Cody has nothing man... I don't blame Torre for using him so much but maybe he's a little tired now.
2008-10-13 20:19:46
853.   NWdodger
I wonder if Maddux will pitch the 9th if they don't get the lead back?
2008-10-13 20:20:03
854.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. good he's gonna take 'em out.
2008-10-13 20:20:11
855.   underdog
Uh, I think we're out of lefties, Joe.
2008-10-13 20:20:18
856.   MollyKnight
LOL, Trainwreck.
2008-10-13 20:20:19
857.   Alex41592
Broxton will pitch the ninth pretty much no matter what.
2008-10-13 20:20:25
858.   Bluebleeder87
keep your head up Cory... your only human man.
2008-10-13 20:20:37
859.   NWdodger
Torre is going through pitchers like it's spring training.
2008-10-13 20:20:48
860.   Lee Corbett
Get Wade out now please
2008-10-13 20:21:07
861.   FirstMohican
Kuo absolutely blows through the heart of the order and comes out after 1 walk? Man. That's rough.
2008-10-13 20:21:14
862.   Frip
836 Girls vomit?
2008-10-13 20:21:39
863.   CanuckDodger
This was classic Joe Torre. He uses a guy tired from going two innings last night, a fly-ball pitcher at that, just because he "trusts" him.
2008-10-13 20:21:39
864.   Marty
Shudda left Kuo in.
2008-10-13 20:21:42
865.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I don't see much that tells me Cory was tired. He just got hit. It happens.

He wasn't leaving the ball up. His velocity wasn't down. Victorino just went in and got it.

2008-10-13 20:21:49
866.   Preston Bannard
Broxton coming in. Good move - might as well make sure you use him in a big situation.
2008-10-13 20:21:55
867.   ucladodger
That wasn't predictable at all. You take out your best reliever and put in a guy who has thrown more games than anyone else and threw 33 pitches yesterday. Just a dumb, brainless move. If you're going to take out Kuo, bring in Broxton.

We still should be up by at least 2 runs if we had any luck. This just feels horrible.

2008-10-13 20:22:08
868.   NorCal-Dodger
If this game goes extra...who is available? Maddux?
2008-10-13 20:22:10
869.   underdog
Well if nothing else goes right tonight, the Browns are gonna win me some moolah.
2008-10-13 20:22:18
870.   Vishal
851 see 828
2008-10-13 20:22:27
871.   fanerman
861 'Twas a hit.
2008-10-13 20:22:31
872.   Who Is Karim Garcia
However, Kuo should have stayed in.
2008-10-13 20:22:41
873.   Marty
862 Yep, they do everything that guys do. Just cuter.
2008-10-13 20:22:42
874.   underdog
868 - Maddux and McDonald.
2008-10-13 20:22:48
875.   Louis in SF

The add on runs we couldn't get, Torre now uses the whole bullpen.

2008-10-13 20:22:59
876.   ucladodger

He wasnt precise at all. Burrell swung at a bad pitch and the pitch before was a fastball down the heart. you cant blame Cory, this is all o n Torre's shoulders.

2008-10-13 20:23:14
877.   Alex41592
We have Maddux and McDonald. That's it.
2008-10-13 20:23:17
878.   Bluebleeder87
Matt Stairs scares me.
2008-10-13 20:24:14
879.   Vishal
852 of torre overuses him to the point of ineffectiveness, isn't it torre's fault if wade is tired or if he puts wade in anyway?
2008-10-13 20:24:31
880.   underdog
NOW he calls that pitch outside? Sheesh.
2008-10-13 20:24:37
881.   Vishal
879 *if
2008-10-13 20:24:45
882.   trainwreck
Is it because he is Canadian or his moustache?
2008-10-13 20:24:56
883.   fanerman
2008-10-13 20:25:01
884.   Bluebleeder87
2008-10-13 20:26:09
885.   trainwreck
Back to Bronx Banter.
2008-10-13 20:26:12
886.   underdog
OUCH. Everything sucks.

And the world cries.

2008-10-13 20:26:14
887.   ucladodger
And thats all she wrote.
2008-10-13 20:26:15
888.   Marty
Well, there it is.
2008-10-13 20:26:25
889.   KG16
2008-10-13 20:27:28
890.   MonkeyBlue
Ok I'm dead.
2008-10-13 20:29:16
891.   Alex41592
Game 4 in L.A NBA Finals

Game 4 N.L.C.S.

Took me 24 hours to recover from the Lakers.

I'm gonna need 48 at least.

2008-10-13 20:29:40
892.   fanerman
Somebody killed the Toaster.
2008-10-13 20:29:57
893.   ryu
That pitch to Stairs was too predictable.
2008-10-13 20:30:31
894.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
Stupid Jack Clark
2008-10-13 20:30:55
895.   overkill94
I'm just banking on Manuel not having Lidge go 2 innings. Philly doesn't really have any other reliable relievers left in their pen unless you consider Romero one.

Then again, we have to get out of this hellacious inning first.

2008-10-13 20:31:19
896.   ucladodger
This game rests 100% on Torre' shoulders. Pulling Lowe early, burning through the enitre bullpen, pulling Kuo early for a guy who has overworked to death. Just a hideous job in the biggest game of the year. Combine that with absolutely nothing dropping on the offensive side, and almost at the end of the road.
2008-10-13 20:31:20
897.   Alex41592
Matt Stairs killed the Toaster and the Dodgers.
2008-10-13 20:31:31
898.   Andrew Shimmin
The good news is, it doesn't hurt his save percentage, since it wasn't a save situation.
2008-10-13 20:31:40
899.   Vishal
matt stairs managed to break both dodger thoughts and jonathan broxton all with one swing.
2008-10-13 20:31:44
900.   Frip
Broxton is one of those hard-luck guys. I wouldn't be sad to see him traded.

I shouldn't say that. I'm just upset.

Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2008-10-13 20:32:06
901.   Gagne55
This bullpen is a complete disaster.
2008-10-13 20:32:07
902.   Lee Corbett
I can't see a way back from this with Hammels tomorrow. And Broxton is back to being wild. He seems to be unhittable or all over the place.
2008-10-13 20:32:19
903.   Bluebleeder87
it's o.k. Broxton, just get us out of this inning & veremos.
2008-10-13 20:32:45
904.   fanerman
Vin didn't criticize Torre, but he wondered aloud why Kuo got pulled after 1 base-hit.

I blame:
1) Torre's bullpen mis-management.
2) Frip's gut.

2008-10-13 20:32:51
905.   The Saul
Its Jack Clark all over again.


2008-10-13 20:33:09
906.   superbas
i loathe the smiling philly dugout...thanks torre.
2008-10-13 20:33:42
907.   Frip
The Rocky Theme indicates that there is an underdog that needs to make a comeback. It doesn't make sense in this series. I hate Fox abusing a great song.
2008-10-13 20:34:02
908.   underdog
896 I agree about Kuo. That was a mistake. But the rest I thought weren't bad decisions at all. Also, it helps if your relievers get the job done. BRoxton made a predictable pitch that was hammered. Whether in the 9th or 8th he's gonna be made pay for that. But I do think he blew it by taking Kuo out.

I haven't given up on everything, however.

2008-10-13 20:34:10
909.   Gagne55
"Combine that with absolutely nothing dropping on the offensive side"

Huh? They scored five runs. There just aren't any reliable relievers in this pen. Even Broxton got beat today.

2008-10-13 20:34:20
910.   Kuo-fax
We still got two innings to come back. These guys have a ton of heart, lets just see some timely hitting to go with it!!! (too much game left for me to give up)
2008-10-13 20:34:51
911.   LogikReader
If we can't pull it out, this season is over, you guys. Let's face it. Even if Jon does one of his great "let's get back at 'em boys" posts, there's no chance. This season is over. The Dodgers bullpen choked... and well I'm frustrated about it, frankly.
2008-10-13 20:34:53
912.   Preston Bannard
Top of the order coming up; this thing's not over yet.
2008-10-13 20:35:04
913.   lukemccain
We have six outs to come back.
2008-10-13 20:35:06
914.   MollyKnight
Heartbroken over here.
2008-10-13 20:35:17
915.   underdog
901 This bullpen has been one of the best in baseball. In the reg season and in the NLDS and before tonight in the NLCS. Or are you talking about the last two innings?

I need a beer. And a shoulder to cry on should a need arise.

2008-10-13 20:35:24
916.   Nestor
Top of the order. Let's turn this around and make it an all time classic game we can talk about for years with out grandkids.
2008-10-13 20:35:27
917.   Marty
If we pull this one out, it will be one we talk about until we die.
2008-10-13 20:35:45
918.   Bluebleeder87
just get on base that's all, no heroes please.
2008-10-13 20:35:52
919.   Gagne55
J.C. Romero had a terrible season with the Angels a few years back. A rally perhaps?
2008-10-13 20:35:59
920.   UVaDodger
Well, our relievers had to give up runs eventually. I just hope that this is the game where we beat Brad Lidge like a drum.
2008-10-13 20:35:59
921.   ucladodger

Dewitt, Martin, and Kemp both hit shots with either runners on 2nd and 3rd or the bases loaded. If even one drops, its 2 runs. Thats being severely unlucky to have 3 line drives caught in those situations.

2008-10-13 20:36:05
922.   nick
both Lowe and Kuo came out because Torre was thinking ahead; problem is, the more guys you bring in, the more likely it is that somebody'll stink....any single decision he made was plausible enough--but I still think more attention to the simple "why remove a guy who's throwing well?" question would prevent a lot of overmanaging....
2008-10-13 20:36:14
923.   fanerman
Just get on-base.
2008-10-13 20:36:48
924.   Bluebleeder87
916 with out grandkids.


2008-10-13 20:36:54
925.   fanerman
2008-10-13 20:37:14
926.   Indiana Jon
We're OK. Manny bats this inning.
2008-10-13 20:37:27
927.   Icaros
I don't want grandkids, either.
2008-10-13 20:37:27
928.   Marty
OK, you gotta have serious ulcers if your a Philly fan.
2008-10-13 20:37:31
929.   underdog
Now what do you do here? No SB attempt, no bunt, but hopefully no DP either.
2008-10-13 20:37:42
930.   fanerman
924 I guess he meant "our."
2008-10-13 20:37:43
931.   trainwreck
Worst thing ever!!!
2008-10-13 20:37:45
932.   overkill94
Sweet at-bat there Andre
2008-10-13 20:37:45
933.   Frip
"Tonights game on Fox is sponsored by...EVERYONE!"
2008-10-13 20:37:50
934.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
Back to back would be nice right here.
2008-10-13 20:38:02
935.   The Saul
That was awful.
2008-10-13 20:38:10
936.   Gagne55
He walks Furcal on five pitches and then swinging at the first pitch weak ground ball???!!?
2008-10-13 20:38:14
937.   fanerman
929 Err.
2008-10-13 20:38:32
938.   underdog
OKAY. I...



2008-10-13 20:38:32
939.   Lee Corbett
Romero choking is good.
2008-10-13 20:38:33
940.   Bluebleeder87
what an emotional game. woah man.
2008-10-13 20:38:35
941.   Nestor
924 our not out - sorry.
2008-10-13 20:38:58
942.   ImprobableImpossible
Baseball is such a cruel, cruel game. Why do we do this to ourselves?
2008-10-13 20:39:22
943.   Vishal
it's over.
2008-10-13 20:40:02
944.   underdog
Sigh. You can't bunt there because then they'll just walk Manny, presumably. A hit and run might have been nice.

There's been so much bad luck, in addition to everything else, for LA today it's hard to even know what to say.

2008-10-13 20:40:26
945.   Alice S
Anyone got the number for the suicide hotline?
2008-10-13 20:40:28
946.   UVaDodger
Think Pujols, Brad, think Pujols.
2008-10-13 20:40:30
947.   Bluebleeder87
if it's not meant to be it's not meant to be, for today, I'll concede, if that's the case.
2008-10-13 20:41:13
948.   underdog
I agree with you nick btw 922

Still, I think Kuo was the one egregious mistake.

2008-10-13 20:41:23
949.   Alex41592
Ugh and there's an off day tomorrow.
2008-10-13 20:41:24
950.   Frip
This game reminds me of going to see Jimmy Connors at the U.S. Open in the mid-late 80s. So nerve racking in his valiant fight to hang on it was almost too painful to be worth it.
Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2008-10-13 20:41:44
951.   Preston Bannard
When the Dodgers got swept in Philly in pathetic fashion, including a bad blown save by Broxton, I gave up on the season. Then it got worse - they got swept by the Nats. They came back then. This feels the same way - we were at a low point with the Stairs homer, then Ethier grounds into a DP right before Manny. They came back then, so I'm not giving up on this team until the last out of the last game.

And regardless, it's been a great ride, and a lot more than I expected.

2008-10-13 20:41:52
952.   underdog
945 Aww. It's just a game, remember, just a silly game.
2008-10-13 20:41:56
953.   Louis in SF

You hit it on the head, I wondered why he didn't try and extend Lowe, but could understand that one. I guess I would have prefered Kuo staying, but again no add on runs, when there was chances, and Andre has to take that pitch.

2008-10-13 20:42:00
954.   Icaros
Torre needs a Scott Brosius and a Byun-Hyung Kim, stat.
2008-10-13 20:42:18
955.   overkill94
Man I'm glad I didn't go to tonight's game. It's hard enough going through a devastating loss in the comfort of your own home, I hate being there live to witness it and have to make the drive of shame back.
2008-10-13 20:42:25
956.   LU Dodger
I just want to take this time to say:

Whatever happens during this game, you guys on this board rock. I mean, I know for a fact that everyone's gonna be bummed and all if they lose, and go crazy if they win. But if we don't win the WS or advance to it...I know that you guys are gonna be there talking about off-season Manny rumors and every thing else. I don't know when the next Dodgers World Series win will come...but I'm happy that I'll be checking this board when it happens. And I DO think it will happen soon.

You guys rule!

2008-10-13 20:43:55
957.   preacherroe
Hark, do I hear the faint wisps of the ghost of Neidenfuhr here?
2008-10-13 20:44:28
958.   Frip
955 ...the drive of shame

Good one.

2008-10-13 20:44:35
959.   Alex41592
This is the first time all season Brad Lidge will be asked to get more than three outs.
2008-10-13 20:44:35
960.   Bluebleeder87
And regardless, it's been a great ride, and a lot more than I expected.

I feel you man.

2008-10-13 20:44:39
961.   Ricardo
Suddenly the life sucks. lol
2008-10-13 20:46:31
962.   nick
2008-10-13 20:46:51
963.   fanerman
Manny is still Manny.
2008-10-13 20:47:02
964.   fanerman
Great at-bat!!!!
2008-10-13 20:47:17
965.   trainwreck
Come on, Loney.

I got a fever and the only prescription is a Loney Bomb.

2008-10-13 20:47:21
966.   Bluebleeder87
the baseball gods keep messing with our emotions.
2008-10-13 20:47:21
967.   dzzrtRatt
Wow. Destiny intervenes!


2008-10-13 20:47:41
968.   superbas
pretty hopeless...but a ray of hope?
2008-10-13 20:47:45
969.   underdog
Okay, THAT was a break, I'll just say that right now. Martin looked hopeless in that at bat. If nothing else, they're making Lidge throw some pitches here, before his subsequent inning.
2008-10-13 20:47:45
970.   fanerman
Golden God knew that pitch would have been wild. By swinging, he ensured he'd get on-base.
2008-10-13 20:47:48
971.   Dark Horse
Even if we lose this game, I believe we have a chance in this series. The Phillies are just...not that good. Although neither are we. Therein the problem.

What scares and depresses me, looking ahead, is that we really do need to sign Manny, and CC Sabathia. Not one. Both. Unfortunately for us, our young core is...OK. Pretty good. I suppose it's possible Kershaw will turn out to be everything we've dreamed he one day will be, and Billingsley will...good like Brad Penny used to be. We have a bunch of solid guys in Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, hopefully DeWitt, with more solidity ahead--hopefully--in...DeJesus, I guess. But we're thin. And right now I don't think a one of those guys will prove to be truly great. Nor Broxton, alas.

It's been a beautiful dream. But I'm awfully sour on it right now.

2008-10-13 20:47:51
972.   Zzyzx
Lidge looks rattled in that meeting on the mound.
2008-10-13 20:48:04
973.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
2008-10-13 20:48:08
974.   dzzrtRatt
James Loney put on your Albert Pujols mask.
2008-10-13 20:48:13
975.   Ricardo
2005, Lidge, 2005.
2008-10-13 20:48:29
976.   Frip
Sorry, I'm just not feelin' Jeff Kent right now.
2008-10-13 20:48:42
977.   I Love LA
Someone keeps toying with my emotions but I think my misery will be put to an end here.
2008-10-13 20:49:46
978.   trainwreck
I hate Lidge and his slider that is usually a ball.
2008-10-13 20:50:14
979.   nick
2008-10-13 20:50:59
980.   scareduck
975 - Albert Pujols played by ...?? Definitely not Loney.
2008-10-13 20:51:08
981.   trainwreck
Did you have to play the song then, Fox?
2008-10-13 20:51:34
982.   Lee Corbett
this is excruciating
2008-10-13 20:51:55
983.   Bluebleeder87
I hope the Dodger hitters are patient at the plate next inning.
2008-10-13 20:52:19
984.   I Love LA
Well i'll get hated for this but i say the season is over.
2008-10-13 20:53:33
985.   Frip
971 Great post Dark Horse. Accurate as hell.
2008-10-13 20:54:13
986.   Gagne55
Broxton is still in? No Maddux?
2008-10-13 20:54:18
987.   oshea2002
984 - in basketball, yes, the series would be over for sure. In baseball, no.
2008-10-13 20:54:47
988.   underdog
971 Sometimes it's good to be looking forward to the Dodgers' future. But right now I think your emotions are getting the best of ya. The Dodgers have question marks as I wrote here earlier and as you point out, but a) some of these "kids" will keep betting better. Kershaw's only 20, and has at times already looked superb. Billingsley's already one of the best young pitchers in the game. And it's not like the cupboard's that bare for the future either. Not just DeJesus, but Lambo and some other guys. And more pitchers coming, like Withrow. I wouldn't despair regardless of what happens here.
2008-10-13 20:55:05
989.   trainwreck
Whatever our game plan for Utley was, we need to change it.
2008-10-13 20:55:22
990.   underdog
984 For you it seems that would be a relief, no?
2008-10-13 20:56:39
991.   Alex41592
987 - Fox hopes you are correct. The prospects of a Tampa Bay/Philadelphia World Series will undoubtedly create the lowest ratings in W.S history.
2008-10-13 20:57:05
992.   KG16
984 - and with that comment, i am now convinced the Dodgers win this game.
2008-10-13 20:57:07
993.   I Love LA
990 - you trying to be funny?
2008-10-13 20:57:19
994.   LU Dodger
I hate Stairs for hitting the home-run, but how can you not root for a guy like that
2008-10-13 20:57:45
995.   I Love LA
992 - I'll bet you a beer we won't win it. Should I be wrong I'll be so happy it won't matter if i buy.
2008-10-13 20:58:02
996.   Alex41592
994 - I'm sure he'll be our hitting coach in 10 years.
2008-10-13 20:58:05
997.   Frip
984 To be hated for that, you'd have to have some substance behind it.
2008-10-13 20:58:10
998.   Dark Horse
988-Thank you. A bracing cup of reason never hurts.
2008-10-13 20:58:35
999.   scareduck
Frankly, Joe Torre lost this game. He went to the well one time too many on Wade and Broxton and paid for it. This is what he does. We knew this is what he does.
2008-10-13 20:58:41
1000.   Gagne55
Manny due up 7th in the ninth.
Show/Hide Comments 1001-1050
2008-10-13 20:59:15
1001.   KG16
995 - it just seems that everytime you post a "the season/game is lost" comment, the Dodgers do something crazy. it was a karmic wisecrack.
2008-10-13 20:59:48
1002.   Frip
Buck wants to sleep with Victorino. This is not vulgar, just an innocent fact.
2008-10-13 20:59:58
1003.   das411
Ach peepz, I just got home from workin the late shift, what have I missed?
2008-10-13 21:00:15
1004.   Preston Bannard
988 Don't forget McDonald as well. I love our rotation going forward (but still think CC would be a great pickup and worth the money). Without Manny, I think we need Kemp to find his power stroke again and the continued development of DeWitt to field even an average lineup.
2008-10-13 21:00:18
1005.   lukemccain
971 Today is not the day to have the conversation about our core. But I have always wondered why our fans always assumed that these young guys are so much better than guys on other teams. I guess we fans like to think with our hearts, not our heads. Our young core players are good but not, and may never be, great. Time will tell.
2008-10-13 21:00:40
1006.   KG16
1003 - the box score will not do this game justice.
2008-10-13 21:01:12
1007.   underdog
993 No, I'm not trying to be funny. I realize I'm only basing it on your comments, and I know you sometimes are just trying to reverse jinx things, but it seems like following the Dodgers is even more emotionally torturous for you than it is for many of us. It's more misery than joy. Is that wrong?

Anyway, I'm not too optimistic about this game at this point either but not giving up on it or the series.

2008-10-13 21:01:36
1008.   fanerman
Nice pitch-out.
2008-10-13 21:01:50
1009.   KG16
nothing better than calling a pitch out when the runner is actually going.
2008-10-13 21:01:57
1010.   Alex41592
BTW, we lost the Jack Clark game 7 to 5.
2008-10-13 21:02:05
1011.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. what does destiny have in store for us...
2008-10-13 21:02:23
1012.   underdog
Nicely called pitch-out btw.
2008-10-13 21:03:40
1013.   underdog
1002 Fox in general. I counted literally 12 shots of him in the dugout during that one half inning where they took the lead. Then they repeat the Victorino montage.
2008-10-13 21:03:58
1014.   Kuo-fax
Rally time. Hopefully Lidge got tired out a little. What'd he pitch? 16 pitches or so?
2008-10-13 21:04:24
1015.   Bluebleeder87
take some pitches boys, if anything Lidge's slider isn't a strike most of the time.
2008-10-13 21:04:56
1016.   trainwreck
Wow, if he is going to call that a strike. We got no chance against Lidge.
2008-10-13 21:04:57
1017.   underdog
1004 And McDonald, indeed! I am not worried about the Dodgers pitching for the future at all, though losing Lowe will hurt. Having a solid power hitter added to the mix, whether Manny or a new player, wouldn't hurt, either.
2008-10-13 21:05:17
1018.   fanerman
1015 Nomar doesn't listen.
2008-10-13 21:05:34
1019.   underdog
Also: This Ump SUCKS.

That strike one call was practically at the catcher's foot.

2008-10-13 21:05:40
1020.   KG16
I just want to point out, Bison is in the hole.
2008-10-13 21:06:27
1021.   fanerman
1015 Neither does Beard.
2008-10-13 21:06:47
1022.   Preston Bannard
I don't mean to be negative, but I've got to say that I always tend to get my hopes up when a closer comes in before the 9th and struggles at first, and then they just about always come out and have a quick 9th.
2008-10-13 21:06:47
1023.   Frip
Casey, just a few seconds ago was the hero. Strange game.
2008-10-13 21:06:58
1024.   das411
Wow and old teammate Kent is the (potential) last batter...
2008-10-13 21:06:58
1025.   fanerman
Alright Jeff. It's all up to you.
2008-10-13 21:07:03
1026.   MonkeyBlue
Sigh.... so depressing.
2008-10-13 21:07:08
1027.   LU Dodger
I will take solace in knowing that the Rays will destroy whoever wins.


2008-10-13 21:07:20
1028.   scareduck
The hills are alive with the sound of choking...
2008-10-13 21:07:23
1029.   dzzrtRatt
So you're saying this will be known as the Matt Stairs game?
2008-10-13 21:07:53
1030.   Bluebleeder87
I welcome the off day tomorrow at this point.
2008-10-13 21:08:29
1031.   Lee Corbett
We had opportunities this game for sure. After Kuo's innings I felt so confident too.
2008-10-13 21:08:31
1032.   fanerman
2008-10-13 21:08:37
1033.   Frip
I'm so sick of Buck's "tying run on deck" talk.
2008-10-13 21:08:44
1034.   KG16
well, just need a three game winning streak. no big deal.
2008-10-13 21:08:51
1035.   trainwreck
Yep, gonna need a beer.
2008-10-13 21:08:52
1036.   underdog
Was anyone keeping track? How many smash hit outs did the Dodgers have tonight? I counted at least 6.
2008-10-13 21:08:58
1037.   scareduck
Happy Pete ends the game by fielding Kent's lineout.

And one of the Phillies says a naughty word they shouldn't be broadcasting on TV.

2008-10-13 21:09:25
1038.   Humma Kavula
Has this been the most excruciating game of the season? It's gotta be up there. Behind, lead halved, ahead, tied, ahead, tied, behind.

Maybe I'm just being emotional, but it sure seems that Torre violated Rule One (not that rule one --- rule one of managing): First, do no harm. WHY PULL KUO?! ESPECIALLY FOR WADE, WHO PITCHED SO MANY PITCHES LAST NIGHT?!

And Bison is out. Waiting two days is going to be horrible.

2008-10-13 21:09:33
1039.   dzzrtRatt
That's a bummer.

Can't help but believe Torre's overthinking blew that game up.

2008-10-13 21:09:42
1040.   Preston Bannard
Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.
2008-10-13 21:09:45
1041.   Frip
No one is "stunned" Buck, it was a close game to the very end. You joker.
2008-10-13 21:09:46
1042.   Daniel Zappala
I saw the good part, where we went up 5-3. Then I missed the rest of this game. I'm going to try to remember it like I saw it, and hope I never see that home plate ump again.
2008-10-13 21:10:31
1043.   underdog
So I believe Wednesday is a must-win game, even if Lou Pinella would disagree.
2008-10-13 21:10:37
1044.   MollyKnight
I can't remember being this upset after a Dodger game.
2008-10-13 21:10:41
1045.   Bluebleeder87
I wonder what the main stream media will say... I'm thinking they'll say it was Torre.

There interviewing Victorino right now, boy he must feel in cloud nine.

2008-10-13 21:11:05
1046.   trainwreck
I can't believe Matt Stairs killed us.

Matt Stairs...

2008-10-13 21:11:17
1047.   Daniel Zappala
I really thought we had it when I saw how good Kuo was pitching, and I figured he'd mow them down the next inning too. Sigh.
2008-10-13 21:11:27
1048.   Alex41592
Just get it back to Philly.
2008-10-13 21:12:20
1049.   trainwreck
Pat Burrell just has a look of a jerk.

Kind of like Karros.

2008-10-13 21:12:26
1050.   superbas
what a fitting end, i'm devastated. hopefully billz will show up next game, show some dodgers' pride and courage...and take it from there.
Show/Hide Comments 1051-1100
2008-10-13 21:12:41
1051.   Frip
Zappala, I think yo speak for most of us.
2008-10-13 21:12:42
1052.   StolenMonkey86

1) Why did Lowe exit after 5 innings and 74 pitches?

2) Why did Ethier swing at the first pitch after Furcal drew a leadoff walk? Frankly, this irked me more than anything.

2008-10-13 21:12:43
1053.   StolenMonkey86

1) Why did Lowe exit after 5 innings and 74 pitches?

2) Why did Ethier swing at the first pitch after Furcal drew a leadoff walk? Frankly, this irked me more than anything.

2008-10-13 21:13:04
1054.   Frip
Zappala, I think you speak for most of us.
2008-10-13 21:13:10
1055.   Rob M
Waaaaaaaah! That was one of the most frustrating games I remember watching. I agree with many here that Torre is the top goat - he really burned his best relievers and left himself relying on Wade and Broxton when both of those guys were likely tired. Broxton especially has proven to be ineffective when he's overused. I still can't believe Kuo was given such a short leash after blowing the Phils away on 9 straight filthy strikes (only one of them touched, and that one shattered a bat) in the 7th. And then to go to a tired Wade - it was painful.

Oh well, that's baseball. I was really looking forward to going to bed with a smile on my face and it hurts to have things turn around on me so fast.

2008-10-13 21:13:29
1056.   dzzrtRatt
Except: It's not over! We haven't lost anything yet. We'll all be back here in two days. Hamels is tough, sure, but look who the Rays beat today. Nobody's invincible. It's best of 7, and we're still alive. Enjoy!
2008-10-13 21:13:30
1057.   Alice S
I can't remember being this upset over sports period

I feel like I felt when I learned my grandmother had died

Thanks Dodgers, you killed my grandma

2008-10-13 21:13:49
1058.   Bluebleeder87
by the way, I LOVE going threw these emotional rides with all of you, everybody brings there own personality to it & it's pretty cool if you ask me.
2008-10-13 21:14:19
1059.   scareduck
I am not upset.

1) I didn't think the Dodgers would get this far. I was happy they did, and given the randomness of the NL, anything was possible.
2) I have a very good dog right by my side who is watching the game and really doesn't seem to be too fazed by it. I'm following his lead on that.

2008-10-13 21:16:00
1060.   MollyKnight
^Speak for yourself! Pirate is weeping under the bed right now. It may be because I threw his toys off my balcony along with everything else in my apartment.

I'm just kidding, but I want to!

2008-10-13 21:16:03
1061.   LeeLacy
1036 Those line shots always seemed to occur with runners in scoring position too. Absolutely maddening.

This one leaves a mark.

2008-10-13 21:16:26
1062.   Frip
1049 Pat Burrell just has a look of a jerk. Kind of like Karros.

Ha. So true. Win or lose, at least you all are funny enough to make it all worth it.

2008-10-13 21:16:38
1063.   MollyKnight
1049-You said it. I've lived it.
2008-10-13 21:16:58
1064.   Humma Kavula
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.

If I say it enough times, eventually I'll convince myself not to be upset.

It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.
It's just a game.

2008-10-13 21:17:05
1065.   Rob M
Karros and Kennedy ripping Torre - it's strangely comforting.
2008-10-13 21:17:40
1066.   I Love LA
1056 - that is what everybody said when the Celtics went up 3-1 on the Lakers as well. I know you are being optimistic, but what the Red Sox did to the yankees is like a once in a life time thing. Don't bet on it....Last game of the season is this Wednesday, at least my misery will finally come to an end. I am still mad proud of this team for getting this far. Now i just hope we resign Manny.
2008-10-13 21:17:41
1067.   dzzrtRatt
I mean, is this team any good or not? With Manny and Torre and the good young players, and all that pitching, we can't win three in a row? We beat the Cubs three in a row, and they're a much better team than the Phils.

Take a day off, Dodgers and figure out who the hell you guys are. Then play that way. (And manage that way.)

2008-10-13 21:18:07
1068.   StolenMonkey86
So anyway, I headed downstairs because I wanted to see the game, since it was going into the 8th and the Dodgers had the lead. I turned on the TV, but for some reason it wasn't displaying anything. It took some fiddling before I realized it was the Digital Cable thing out. By the time I got the game up, the 2 run lead was a 2 run deficit, and Broxton was in. I got to see Furcal's leadoff walk followed by Ethier's worthless first pitch weak chopper. I think I just about gave up at that point, although I still believe in the chance of a Brad Lidge implosion.
2008-10-13 21:18:09
1069.   MollyKnight
I just took a Benadryl, and I am now signing off.
2008-10-13 21:18:28
1070.   Rob M
1059 My two dogs are in pretty good spirits, too. It's hard to stay down with them in the room.
2008-10-13 21:19:33
1071.   Frip
Pat Burrel, sexy mama:

2008-10-13 21:20:02
1072.   I Heard Ron Cey to Steve Howe Davey Lopes
I just hope watching our Canadian election tomorrow evening won't be this disappointing!
2008-10-13 21:20:13
1073.   Andrew Shimmin
For Pellam:
2008-10-13 21:20:17
1074.   underdog
1057 Yikes, Alice. I take it you're too young to have suffered through the Jack Clark game or the Joe Morgan game and countless other painful memories? I guess that's lucky... I envy that. But today was certainly painful. A game we could've had.

But I wouldn't rank it quite that high.

(I also have 3 super bowl losses that I'd put higher as well.)

2008-10-13 21:20:32
1075.   oshea2002
Scott Van Pelt just called Torre - "the goat" on sportscenter.
2008-10-13 21:20:45
1076.   Ricardo
Night guys, it´s almost 2 o´clock here. It was a pleasure, see you on Wednesday.
2008-10-13 21:20:51
1077.   Rob M
1066 You're pathological. It's not pleasant thing to be around.

1067 I'm with you on that. Hamels is beatable. Myers and Moyer/Blanton are EMINENTLY beatable.

2008-10-13 21:21:02
1078.   fanerman
Last year about this time, Manny said after his team was down 3-1 in the LCS:

"We're confident every day. It doesn't matter how things go for you. We're not going to give up. We're just going to go and play the game, like I've said, and move on. If it doesn't happen, so who cares? There's always next year. It's not like the end of the world or something."

And they took it from there. So yeah. It's not over. Chad will come up big Wednesday. Bet on that.

2008-10-13 21:21:24
1079.   Underbruin
1066 - Baseball != basketball. And even if they are, how about the Lakers/Suns in 2006, when LA went up 3-1 and lost the next 3?

Also, the Yankees were up 3-0, not 3-1.

This Dodgers team is none of those teams. Same with this Phillies team. If Chad Billingsley can implode, so can Cole Hamels.

We all claimed that this game was a must-win because we expected to a likely loss to Hamels. Well, if they can still send the series back to Philly, it will be no different than if they had won tonight and lost on Wednesday.

Worry about Game 5.

2008-10-13 21:21:44
1080.   dzzrtRatt
1066 Don't use the Lakers as an example of anything. That team has no soul.

Actually, coming back from a 3-1 deficit is not a freakish occurrence. It's uncommon but it happens. You're referring to the Red Sox being down 0-3 and coming back. That was a once in a lifetime event. We're not in that dire situation. It's semi-dire.

2008-10-13 21:22:20
1081.   underdog
1070 And my cats are purring away happily as if nothing tragic had just happened. Oh to be a cat! But it's nice to have them around to hug and squeeze (and call "George.")
2008-10-13 21:22:39
1082.   Louis in SF
Both Sports Center and the Fox recap put the game on Torre. Have to agree, will be very curious how the LA media handles him. As Kevin Kennedy said, the hit by Howard off Kuo was not a line many questions, and I am not sure the answers will suffice.
2008-10-13 21:22:50
1083.   lukemccain
1057 This was nothing compared to the way the Dodgers blew their lead in 1962 forcing a three game playoff with the Giants. Then, two runs ahead in the 9th inning of game three, the Dodgers blew that lead, the series and the year. I just turned ten years old and was so upset, I had to take a long walk to blow off steam.
2008-10-13 21:23:22
1084.   ryu
Two things that really irked me.

1. Broxton's pathetically predicable right-down-Broadway fastball to Stairs.

2. Ethier's brainless swing at the first pitch he saw from Lidge to bounce into a DP after Furcal had walked.

2008-10-13 21:23:37
1085.   dontraiseplz
2008 has been such a huge tease for me. Every one of my team just raises to the bar to towering, euphoric heights. The Lakers signing Gasol. USC creaming the Buckeyes. The Dodgers sweeping the Cubs.

oy... I keep telling myself 2 of my teams already exceeded preseason expectations and that the third team is still in title contention... and that I have it better than most fans, including Philly. never helps.

2008-10-13 21:23:56
1086.   underdog
1079 Well said, fellow Under-ling.

Well, I'm going to finally eat dinner now that my stomach isn't as nervous, even if I have less appetite and dinner is cold. :-(

Here's to a valiant win on Wednesday, and making Phillies fans sweat a little at least.

2008-10-13 21:24:42
1087.   Duranimal
I don't mind being beaten by better players and a better team, but we're being beaten by their bums. Stairs, Victorino, and Ruiz? C'mon.
2008-10-13 21:24:45
1088.   Humma Kavula
1078 I find that comforting. I thought Manny was right last year and everything worked out for him then. It's time to trust The Zen of Manny once again.

The team played hard tonight. They got beat. Go out, boys, and do it again on Wednesday. Hopefully things will work out, and if they don't, what a hell of a ride this has been.

2008-10-13 21:25:04
1089.   das411
Someday in the future, MLB will let Jon start selling big huge printed out game threads like this one as books, so we can live out the game as it happened.

Hopefully by then we'll have figured out how much of a donation it will take to get him to print the [Rule 1] comments too...I have a feeling there are a few in the thousand comments up there waiting to be read.

2008-10-13 21:25:23
1090.   underdog
You guys are braving than I am to even be watching post-game reports on ESPN or otherwise. I want to take a complete break from baseball for the night and the next day, too. Gonna watch "Mad Men" and use that to feel better about my life.
2008-10-13 21:25:44
1091.   dodgerkramer1
Let's face it, the Phillies are better than the Dodgers. Philadelphia's lineup is extremely potent, and if you fall behind in the count, they make you pay. Even their pinch-hitters are scary.

The Phillies deserve to play in the World Series, so an early congrats goes out to them and their fans.

I hate looking for excuses after losing games, but there are a couple things I'll always remember about Game 4...

-- Why did Torre pull Derek Lowe after five innings? Certainly Lowe had one more inning in him, didn't he? Lowe was cruising in innings two through five.

--Why did Torre pull Kuo after Howard's leadoff single in the eighth? I'll take my chances with Kuo over Wade/Broxton any day -- especially considering Wade pitched two innings the night before. Kuo is one of the best relief pitchers in the majors, and he had an EASY seventh inning.

--I hate to say it, but the Dodgers might have to seriously consider giving Manny Ramirez the 5-year, $125 million contract he so covets. We just don't have much of an offense without him, and frankly I don't see it getting a whole lot better in the years to come. Without Manny, we're probably a .500 team again next season.

2008-10-13 21:26:04
1092.   Jon Weisman
2008-10-13 21:27:47
1093.   I Love LA
1079 and 1080 - How many baseball teams has comeback from 3-1 deficit? Baseball, basketball...I don't care. Point it they are both lecture me if and when the Dodgers even win Wednesday. If not, you guys are just sounding like people in denial.
2008-10-13 21:27:52
1094.   LoneStar7
well I normally am the ultimate half glass empty guy, but look this season has been the best season of my whole life

all we can do now is play with nothing to lose and a reckless abandon, I'm not sure if "its just a game" is necessarily accurate for all because I believe there's a little truth behind falling in love with baseball.

but like any relationship, i wont give up in even the most desperate of times lets go blue

2008-10-13 21:31:25
1095.   I Love LA
1077 - I said I was still proud of the Dodgers for making it this far...maybe next time learn how to read before judging someone.
2008-10-13 21:32:06
1096.   nofatmike
1074 "Yikes, Alice. I take it you're too young to have suffered through the Jack Clark game or the Joe Morgan game and countless other painful memories?"

Yeah, but if you suffered through the Jack Clark HR, chances are that you also were "suffering" when Tommy sent up Mike Davis to hit against Dennis Eckersley. Fans my age don't have that luxury.

2008-10-13 21:37:31
1097.   PDH5204
1079 You might try the '85 Royals. Came back from 3-1 in both the AL playoff and the WS. But we don't have Danny Jackson to say, We shocked the house!, when the team wins it all.

Lastly, for one and all, for Joe to say that if he had it to do all over again...

Oh, almost forgot, for what makes it inexcusable, well, in his post-game remarks Joe referenced Kuo's arm woes and said something about how every time he pitches he feels something. Fine. Then why on earth did you warm him yesterday and then not bring him in? If his arm's that fragile that he can't go two...

2008-10-13 21:41:35
1098.   Strike4
The Dow Industrials rise 936 points today. Now that's hard to believe. The Dodgers win the next three from the Phillies. Not as hard to believe.
2008-10-13 21:44:37
1099.   Andrew Shimmin
1095- The last ten or twelve times you've declared the season over, it's rankled a few nerves. Maybe you could quit doing it. Maybe everybody else could recognize that you're you, and not take it so hard, too.
2008-10-13 21:49:09
1100.   I Love LA
1099 - I have declared a few games that was over...but i don't recall declaring the season being "over" until tonight..either way we are all here under the Dodgers I don't know why everyone here hates me. I seem to get along with every stranger at the Ravine.....and I don't act differently here than in real life.
Show/Hide Comments 1101-1150
2008-10-13 21:54:08
1101.   DBrim
Matt Stairs killed my inner child.

Has that ball landed yet?

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