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Once in a Lifetime
2008-10-15 08:48
by Jon Weisman

Into the blue again ... same as it ever was ...

October 15, 1988

Comments (258)
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2008-10-15 08:53:46
1.   Bob Timmermann
Why God what have I done?
2008-10-15 08:57:40
2.   MC Safety
Jon=Talking Heads fan?
2008-10-15 08:59:57
3.   Jon Weisman
1 - "Why" God? Not "My"?
2008-10-15 09:03:18
4.   Jon Weisman
Lessons in crafting a message:

"We suspect that the cruelty in every can of Spam will infuriate Shane more than a high Hiroki Kuroda fastball," says Shannon. "If Shane likes Spam a lot, he should buy tickets to the Broadway play but leave it off his dinner plate."

2008-10-15 09:05:30
5.   Bob Timmermann
There's cruelty in every can of Spam, but I'm not sure who it's inflicted upon.
2008-10-15 09:07:35
6.   ToyCannon
I got tears in my eyes just hearing Vinny lead off the video. That was great hearing and seeing the NLCS part leading up to Gibby.

I don't expect to be using my seat much tonight.

2008-10-15 09:07:39
7.   Ken Noe
From the previous thread: I'm prepared to be defeated. I'm not prepared to give up. These last weeks have been too much fun. If we must lose to the Phils, then better 4-3 than 4-1. Second win is tonight.
2008-10-15 09:08:22
8.   ToyCannon
Shouldn't he be throwing out the 1st pitch tonight?
2008-10-15 09:08:28
9.   Kevin Lewis

51. Kevin Lewis

You're correct! It is almost not fair for me to attend tonight's game. Get ready for your comeuppance Phillies.

Side note: I never knew "comeuppance" was one word until now.

2008-10-15 09:11:17
10.   underdog
0 Into the blue again/after the money's gone.


Btw, regarding the Steve Phillips drivel mentioned in earlier thread, about Martin, specifically about that Park wild pitch. Even Tim McCarver and Joe Buck said Martin had been incredible all game, even all series, blocking other pitches, that it was hard to be perfect continually behind the plate and that was a tough pitch to stop. So separate even from the issue of "disappointment," that play was a particularly unfair one to pick on, imho.


Ah well. Same as it ever was...same as it ever was...

2008-10-15 09:12:32
11.   Eric Stephen
Ever since Family Guy, I've been fond of the phrase uttered by Stewie: "Your uppance will come!"
2008-10-15 09:13:12
12.   Frip
We had an office birthday party for an old employee. When I walked into the lunch room the ladies were arranging this huge cold-cut platter of spam. I strarted making jokes, thinking it MUST be a practical-joke type birthday party. The ladies were NOT amused. I quickly shut my Spam hole. I didn't realize until that day, that Spam is NOT a universal joke. People really do like it.
2008-10-15 09:14:50
13.   BlueCrew Bruin
12 Watch out if you ever go to Hawaii.
2008-10-15 09:14:59
14.   Jim Hitchcock
Spam sandwiches. Mmmm...
2008-10-15 09:15:43
15.   Rob M
I got teary all over again watching that video. I wish they hadn't edited Gibson's AB down to only the final pitch, though.
2008-10-15 09:19:03
16.   scareduck
4 - PETA is self-parody.

Shane Victorino will be rather enormous if he keeps eating Spam musubi past his playing days.

2008-10-15 09:20:38
17.   bhsportsguy
12 I like Spam, especially fried with eggs.
2008-10-15 09:21:11
18.   old dodger fan
Can of spam = my email every morning
2008-10-15 09:21:26
19.   regfairfield
I thought it was Rollins that liked Musabi.

Saying Victorino likes it is just enforcing stereotypes.

2008-10-15 09:21:46
20.   Bob Timmermann
PETA would not like what I did this morning when the large waterbug crawled up out of my sink.

I went after it with a broom. I won. They I sent the bug back down the sink as a warning to his mates.

2008-10-15 09:22:01
21.   bhsportsguy
17 However, outside of the very occasional spam musubi, I don't eat it that often.

And remember, always fry your spam for the musubi.

2008-10-15 09:22:47
22.   delias man
Jon - I take exception to this Dodger Curse talk. They were clearly set back many years by a poor administration. That is the logical reason for this drought.
2008-10-15 09:24:06
23.   paranoidandroid
There are much larger issues in life to be concerned and passionate about then who wins a baseball game. Yet, I simply cannot downplay the importance of what these games mean to me on so very many levels.

I still believe we can do it. I have to. I need to. And I know I'm not alone.

2008-10-15 09:25:23
24.   Eric Stephen
Watching that video, I must have somehow forgotten Joe Ferguson was a coach with the Dodgers as well.
2008-10-15 09:26:02
25.   underdog
I prefer it in Lobster Thermidor a Crevette with a mornay sauce served in a Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top, and spam.
2008-10-15 09:26:25
26.   BlueCrew Bruin
I just hope that when I'm 85, the situation isn't such that we're still waiting for a championship, the Marlins have won 26 titles and ESPN Holographic is talking non-stop about the Curse of Piazza. :)
2008-10-15 09:28:30
27.   underdog
26 And (Futurama-style) the disembodied, cyrogenically preserved head of Steve Phillips is talking about the lack of consistency from the Dodger youth.
2008-10-15 09:30:59
28.   Kevin Lewis
I can't believe the Mets player took Orel's fastball right down the pipe to end game 7.
2008-10-15 09:33:41
29.   cargill06
28 I don't know what's more sickening, that or a Nomar type AB in game 2 to end the game.
2008-10-15 09:35:58
30.   Kevin Lewis

At least Nomar swung at the ball. But for the final pitch of the final game...ouch.

2008-10-15 09:36:38
31.   GoBears
Nice posts, Jon. I agree. I didn't expect the team to make the playoffs, or to beat the Cubs, so it's all gravy now. Wins are great, but losses aren't so bad.

A few people have mentioned the Dodgers' injury plagued season. I'm not sure I agree. Losing Furcal was huge. Losing Penny was big, but ultimately Kershaw and Park (!) compensated. Losing Saito wasn't that big a deal. All of the other injuries, to my mind, HELPED the team. Pierre, Nomar, Kent, Jones - the team was better without 'em than with 'em, and since Torre wasn't going to bench them (with the exception of Nomar, I guess), the injuries were GOOD luck. I suppose the LaRoche injury changed the season a bit, but probably didn't change the WL record. All of the kids stayed healthy and thrived, pitchers and hitters alike. If I had to bet, I'd bet that next year will be worse for injuries, because the chances are that one or more of those guys will miss some time.

2008-10-15 09:37:08
32.   Eric Stephen
I don't know if this means anything, but I thought it was cool. Chad Billingsley has given up five or more earned runs in six regular season starts in his career. Here are the starts immediately following those bad outings:

7/2/06: 6 IP, 4 H, 4 R, 2 ER, 4/3 BB/K, loss (4th ML start)
7/28/06: 6 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 5/5 BB/K, win
7/1/07: 7 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0/9 BB/K, win
4/30/08: 7 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 4/8 BB/K, win
7/13/08: 7 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 1/13 BB/K, win
9/23/08: 6 IP, 9 H, 1 R, 2/5 BB/K, win

Totals: 39 IP, 28 H, 7 R, 5 ER, 16/43 BB/K, 5-1, 1.15 ERA

2008-10-15 09:38:48
33.   Eric Stephen
the Mets player

Howard Johnson gets no respect. At lease he has his hotel chain fortune to fall back on. :)

HoJo was the man! At least until I drafted him in my first fantasy baseball season of 1992.

2008-10-15 09:38:55
34.   Frip
I always thought the sign above the stadium parking lot that says "Think Blue" was a bit of a let down. The phrase in general just falls flat, with its icy, dictatorial brevity. Jon's / David Byrne's "Into the Blue" would be a great replacement for the current sign. It's poetic, yet practical, since it's meaning of being "into" the Dodgers would be clear to all.
2008-10-15 09:40:07
35.   Im So Blue has the Gibson HR as one of Baseball's Best Moments:
2008-10-15 09:41:15
36.   Eric Stephen
"Into the Blue"

Plus, Jessica Alba could be more prominently involved with the team!

2008-10-15 09:41:27
37.   GoBears
You know, it's funny. I've read through the comments, and I had no idea about the media's take on the beanball stuff or anything else. I've watched every pitch of every game, but with the sound off. Tim McCarver and Joe Buck have absolutely ruined my enjoyment of too many games in the past, so now I just rely on my own ability to figure out what's going on. If it's not Vin telling me stories, I don't care to listen. For the same reason, I have no time or patience for Baseball Tonight or the like. Saves me a lot of aggravation. I highly recommend it.
2008-10-15 09:44:39
38.   kinbote
23 Long time no read, paranoid. I was just about to post how I've never heard the Talking Heads' song, "Radiohead," from which our favorite band got its name.
2008-10-15 09:47:10
39.   fanerman
17 I do, too.
2008-10-15 09:47:30
40.   Kevin Lewis

I am meeting someone at the game, and I have his ticket. Can I hand it to him through the exit gate, or do I need to wait outside until he arrives?

2008-10-15 09:48:57
41.   PhillyBlue
I was at Game 1 in Philadephia. What a buzz kill.

Three in a row is entirely possible. If we beat Hamels tonight, we have weak starters of Myers and Moyer for G's 6 & 7. Let's do it Blue!

2008-10-15 09:50:39
42.   Sam DC
36 Any room for a Blue Crush/Kate Bosworth tie in?
2008-10-15 09:52:35
43.   Eric Stephen
You could leave it at will call for him.
2008-10-15 09:52:53
44.   Frip
37 I don't have a problem with McCarver's bean ball commentary the other night. He was just conveying the narrative that was on everyone's mind already. Isn't that what sportscasters are supposed to do? And obviously, he was right, the brush-back pitch did come. So it's not like he was just talking gibberish. It's unpleasant talk, for sure, but again, he was just narrating the inevitable scenario in the game of mens' baseball.
2008-10-15 09:53:02
45.   Eric Stephen
There's always room for that, Sam. :)
2008-10-15 09:54:35
46.   Jon Weisman
22 - I don't believe in a Dodger curse. But I believe in the potential of chronic cycles of mismanagement.
2008-10-15 09:59:40
47.   cargill06
Myers losing his start than Moyer losing the next starts has happened 6 out of 30 times this year.
2008-10-15 10:00:52
48.   Eric Stephen
I forgot about the Tom Wilson era

This is from Jayson Stark's latest column:

"ESPN research guru Mark Simon reports that only three players in history have ever played fewer games for any team than Stairs had played for the Phillies before hitting a postseason home run. They're Marv Rickert (three games) of the 1948 Braves, Tom Wilson (nine games) of the 2004 Dodgers and Turner Ward (10) of the 1999 Diamondbacks"

2008-10-15 10:01:52
49.   cargill06
47 Not the individual pitcher, the team outcome has resulted in back-to-back loses 6 out of 30 times.
2008-10-15 10:01:59
50.   greenchris
41 - was there too, we easily could have won both games in Philly. I know every game is do-or-die from here on out, but tonights game puts us right back in the mix. IF we're able to beat their ace, we get Myers/Kuroda in game 6 (I favor Kuroda), and Lowe/Moyer or Blanton in game 7 (I favor Lowe).

We haven't won in Philly all year...I know I'm getting ahead of myself in saying this....we're due!

Let's get tonights game and take this back to Philly!

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-15 10:04:59
51.   Eric Stephen
Another amazing nugget from Stark:

Manny is 7 for 8 with RISP this postseason.

2008-10-15 10:08:32
52.   ToyCannon
How many times with Hamels/Myers/Moyer starting have the Phillies lost all three games. We have to get past Hamels before we worry about beating M&M.
2008-10-15 10:09:59
53.   Bumsrap
2009 Free Agents with ages

2008-10-15 10:11:02
54.   ToyCannon
That is a good strategy but I found I missed the sounds of the game. Crowd noise, ball hitting bat and everything else that goes with it. Ratenthal however gets the mute treatment.
2008-10-15 10:11:10
55.   Jon Weisman

"No thanks to Hiroki Kuroda vs. Brett Myers in Game 6. Myers is still suspect, even though he's rocked at home, and the Phils haven't solved Kuroda. No thanks to Derek Lowe on normal rest vs. TBA in Game 7. Jamie Moyer is still a big-game pitcher despite his struggles lately, but Lowe is still a better bet than Moyer or Joe Blanton, despite a third look against the Phils. ..."

2008-10-15 10:14:33
56.   ToyCannon
If we get to game 7 we will win. Getting there will be the hard part.
2008-10-15 10:15:42
57.   Eric Stephen
June 21-24: The A's and Angels beat Hamels-Myers-Moyer

August 12-14: The Dodgers (at home) beat Hamels-Blanton-Myers

2008-10-15 10:18:18
58.   kinbote
What's funny is that if we would've won game 4 and then lost tonight, few people would be saying we're dead. Down 3-2 is down 3-2, however you get there (so let's get there!).
2008-10-15 10:18:26
59.   GoBears
54. I miss the sounds of the game too, but for me the tradeoff is easy. Silence doesn't annoy me. Buck and McCarver do. I do the same for basketball.
2008-10-15 10:18:45
60.   Frip
Best looking Dodgers in order starting with best looking:

Andre Eithier – Dollish. Soft features, olive skin, dark eyes. Hard to read expression ads mystery to countenance, which women find alluring. As a teenager he said he'd respect your daughter, and you believed him. He did not disappoint.

Nomar Garciaparra – Manly conquistador face with proud nose. If a more rugged look equates to greater handsomeness, then he should take the #1 spot from Eithier. And if it were purely up to me he would.

Rafael Furcal – Laser focus stare, coupled with compact, lapidary facial structure makes for an intense animatronic impression. A face as Spartan and efficiently arranged as his play.

Russel Martin – Boyish go-getter look and quick smile make up for common, everyday face. Eyes are a bit narrow.

Chad Billingsly – Just shy of good-lookin'. Excellent skin. Dirth of expression and character puts this "good on paper" face just back of Martin.

Blake Dewitt – Well proportioned features. Baseball cap and longer hair ads rough flare to an otherwise nondescript face.

Joe Beimel – Tough call. I'm into the gypsy look.

[From here the team experiences a pronounced dip in appearance, to VERY average, to quite below average]

Jonathon Broxton – Southern lumpen, or sturdy and dignified?

Casey Blake – Long, dignified face. Looks quite good clean shaven. But with a beard takes on the solemn look of an overly serious plodding bore.

Jeff Kent – At certain BRIEF angles he looks like a handsome leading man. His implacable expression reflects an always-on the-verge-of-perturbed demeanor. Unloveable. The very definition of average looking. From California, though one suspects Indiana. His baseball card should accompany all deep jungle expeditions as a quick reference to show the natives what an American looks like.

James Loney – A sweet, unassuming countenance nearly puts this amusingly unorthodox face higher on the list.

Clayton Kershaw – An awkwardly boyish face banishes any trace of sex appeal to at least his 30s. At which time he may become very, VERY handsome.

Brad Penny – Brutish. You are surprised it can smile. But when it does it is disarmingly expressive.

Andruw Jones – A cute malfunctioning toy that keeps smiling no matter how much you bang it in anger.

Matt Kemp – Towering jock face.

Greg Maddux – Looks OK. (Personal bias against frigid, self-assured faces.)

Frip – Not so bad as to frighten dogs, but nothing a girl would look twice at without me forcing the issue.

Manny Ramirez – fleshy

Ned Colletti – Not my type. No one's type.

Joe Torre – Just a mess. Can't even begin to sort it all out.

Hiroki Kuroda – Perhaps he should be higher on the list, but this cold draft of a face makes me not want to bother.

Juan Pierre – Earnest look on globular head is usually endearing and imparts trust. But after his late season comments, I can only see it as a grand deception now.

Frank McCort – The facial equivalent of an icepick.

Derrek Lowe – Proportions all askew and ill arranged. A clay sculpture of his face as attempted by an 8 year old, that somehow became his face.

2008-10-15 10:19:01
61.   Kevin Lewis

Should I have the ticket in an envelope with his name, or will they do it?

2008-10-15 10:19:09
62.   cargill06
52 2 out of 30 have Phils lost 3 in a row Hamels, Myers, and Moyer on the mound. (not all in that order of Hamels, Myers, and Moyer)
2008-10-15 10:24:21
63.   Disabled List
Don't be worrying about Game 6 or Game 7 yet, fellas. We gotta beat Hamels tonight, pure and simple. Nothing else matters.

If we lose, it's 4 months until the next Dodger game in Arizona.

2008-10-15 10:26:29
64.   cargill06
62 Like Eric said June 21st-24th the A's and A's and Angels beat Hamels-Myers-Moyer. Also, on July 20th Fla beat Hamels, followed by Mets beating Myers and Moyer on the 22nd and 23rd. If you're looking for the Hamels, Myers, Moyer combo.
2008-10-15 10:27:29
65.   JoeyP
I heard that next year's World Series will last into November.

Is that true?

With the season opening a week later in April, certainly seems possible.

2008-10-15 10:28:03
66.   cargill06
60 Kemp way too low, Nomar and Furcal way too high. Other than that I guess I can live with it.
2008-10-15 10:31:15
67.   Eric Stephen
Nomar Garciaparra – Manly conquistador face

I won't be able to watch Nomar anymore without thinking of this! I will be even thinking of his manly conquistador face as he's rounding the bases after his pinch HR Friday night.

2008-10-15 10:31:46
68.   Bob Timmermann
The 2009 season will start later to allow time for the World Baseball Classic. So everything will last longer.

Japan doesn't start its final playoff series until November 1 this year.

2008-10-15 10:32:06
69.   ToyCannon
Vanity Fair would love that. Angel Berroa deserves some special mention does he not?
2008-10-15 10:35:26
70.   ToyCannon
62 57

By the way Cargill06 I remember when you first started posting this year and took some hits in the beginning. As the year has gone on you have been a great asset to Dodger Thoughts.

2008-10-15 10:38:35
72.   D4P
Wow: the homerun was hit 20 years ago today.

For me, at least, baseball and Dodger fandom peaked at that moment. They've been mostly downhill since.

2008-10-15 10:40:22
73.   cargill06
70 Thank you, much appreciated.
2008-10-15 10:40:40
74.   ToyCannon
True, but the main problem is tonight. If we had won Monday, beating Hamels would not be a must game. Now it is. Hamels is good, probably the best pitcher we will have faced in these playoffs but we don't know how he will react away from home in the playoffs. Maybe he has a Billingsley game two in him.
2008-10-15 10:41:33
75.   regfairfield
60 Drop Nomar and Beimel, raise Kemp and Lowe (really, below Ned?), but otherwise pretty accurate.
2008-10-15 10:41:51
76.   ToyCannon
The Piazza years made up for me the lack of postseason success.
2008-10-15 10:42:01
77.   Eric Stephen
The final day of the 2009 regular season is Sunday, October 4. If MLB has the same postseason schedule as 2007-2008, it should play out like this:

Division Series: Oct 7-14 (Wed-Wed)
LCS: Oct 15-25 (Thu-Sun)
World Series: Oct 28-Nov 5 (Wed-Thu)

Game 3 of the WS would be Halloween, followed by four potential November games.

2008-10-15 10:44:15
78.   FirstMohican
60 - Seriously?
2008-10-15 10:44:29
79.   njr
Interesting tidbit in today's Variety. Seems the Dodgers are enlisting William Morris to help them brand the new Dodgertown:

2008-10-15 10:44:36
80.   ToyCannon
Who would you consider the best looking Dodger you have seen?
2008-10-15 10:44:52
81.   D4P
The Strike of 94 was kind of a last straw for me, pretty much until the Mota trade of 04. That really attracted my attention, for some reason.
2008-10-15 10:44:57
82.   Kevin Lewis
Is there a will call up by top deck?
2008-10-15 10:45:54
83.   Bob Timmermann
The will call is by the club level on the left field side of the stadium.
2008-10-15 10:46:15
84.   ToyCannon
I would so love to be at a World Series game in Dodger Stadium for Halloween, but that would mean the NL would have to lose the All-Star game again, and what are the odds of that happening again?
2008-10-15 10:46:55
85.   underdog
69 You mean Wesley Snipes Sr.?
2008-10-15 10:47:26
86.   cargill06
Hopefully we can put a run together for a couple reasons;

1. Pure excitment and acting like a 12 year old if it happens
2. Put 10 on the Dodgers winning the NL at 15-1
3. I want Pierre to have a chance to redeem himself from, "We went to Wrigley Field, we got that wiggly feel."

2008-10-15 10:47:43
87.   Eric Stephen
Dodgers in the Postseason 2004-2008
When Starting Pitcher Has a Quality Start: 5-0
When Starting Pitcher Doesn't Have a Quality Start: 0-9

The last time the Dodgers lost a playoff game despite getting a quality start was Game 2 of the 1996 NLDS (Maddux outdueled Ismael Valdez).

2008-10-15 10:48:06
88.   ToyCannon
I wouldn't use WillCall myself. Your friend would have to wait in a huge line to get the ticket and you would have to wait in a huge line to get the ticket to willcall. You can simply hand him the ticket through the fence when he shows up and calls you. Cells phones make these meetings quite easy nowadays.
2008-10-15 10:50:05
89.   Bob Timmermann
I remember Game 2 of the NLDS! The Dodgers were really lucky to get two runs off of Maddux. The Braves outfield was really bad.

And the in one inning, Valdes (he had an S then) gave up three solo homers.

Good times....

2008-10-15 10:50:11
90.   Disabled List
87 Man, Torre really should've let Lowe go for one more inning on Monday. The whole bullpen meltdown could've been avoided.
2008-10-15 10:50:34
91.   BlueCrew Bruin
79 "The tenpercentery has been retained to scout strategic branding opportunities for the team..."

Wow...oh man,

2008-10-15 10:51:59
92.   Eric Stephen
I thought about typing the S, since that's how I fondly remember him, but decided against it at the last minute.
2008-10-15 11:01:41
93.   GMac In The 909
87 The last time the Dodgers lost a playoff game despite getting a quality start was Game 2 of the 1996 NLDS (Maddux outdueled Ismael Valdez).

I was in the RF pavilion during that game. In fact, I tossed Jermaine Dye's home run in the seventh inning back onto the field. Of course, he hit his shot into the LF pavilion ...

2008-10-15 11:04:50
94.   fanerman
60 Yeah. Andre is hot. And he looks like a gentleman.
2008-10-15 11:06:45
95.   D4P
Andre is hot

Apparently not as hot as Evan Longoria or Manny Ramirez, at least according to

2008-10-15 11:10:51
96.   Kevin Lewis

Thanks, Toy. That is what I was hoping to do, but I didn't know if security would freak out. Then again, what security?

2008-10-15 11:13:44
97.   Disabled List
This thread is in desperate need of some female perspective.
2008-10-15 11:18:33
98.   Satchmo
On good days I see Matt Kemp as the homegrown 5-tool superstar I will be watching and rooting for over the next 4 years (at least). On pessimistic days I fear he is the second coming of Willie Crawford. I would love to see a big home run from Bison tonight.
2008-10-15 11:22:31
99.   Kevin Lewis
Tonight's ticket should say "Home Game 3" correct? I know...just paranoid I bought the wrong game and I would feel like an idiot at the stadium.
2008-10-15 11:22:56
100.   cargill06
98 If he's even starting.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-10-15 11:24:04
101.   jasonungar07

Gibson: "We had a scout, Mel Didier, and he had watched Dennis Eckersley for many years. He came up to me (before the Series) in his southern drawl, and said, 'Pardnuh, as sure as I'm standin' here breathin', you're goin' to see a 3-2 backdoor slider.'

"You can watch it (on the video). As soon as he comes set at 3-2, I called timeout and I step out of the box and I'm looking at him and hearing, 'Pardnuh, as sure as I'm standin' here breathin', you're goin' to see a 3-2 backdoor slider.'"

Eckersley: "First of all, I didn't get to 3-2 on too many hitters, so if (Gibson) wants to give the credit to the scout, that's OK. I'm the idiot who threw the crappy slider."

Come on Chad. No Crappy sliders.

2008-10-15 11:27:07
102.   ToyCannon
Funny you should say it in that way. Willie Crawford was quite good and very underrated. From 24-27 he had an OPS+ over 110 every year once he mastered plate discipline. He didn't nearly have the power that Kemp has, but he did hit the longest LH home run I've ever seen at Dodger Stadium. He was one of my favorites and it seemed he never was as good as I hoped he would be, but in hindsight he wasn't as big a disappointment as I remembered him being.
2008-10-15 11:27:16
103.   FirstMohican
98 - That made me think, what kind of numbers would everyone be happy with for Kemp's peak years? I'd be satisfied with numbers a bit better than Mondesi's. Higher OBP & better SB rate. (Of course, hopefully playing effective baseball beyond age 30...)
2008-10-15 11:28:08
104.   ToyCannon
2008-10-15 11:29:12
105.   ToyCannon
If he gives me Mondy's numbers playing CF I'll be a very happy camper.
2008-10-15 11:35:24
106.   JoeyP
I know Mondesi's arm was excellent & he made sense in RF, but he would have been a very productive CF'er.
2008-10-15 11:35:30
107.   jasonungar07
Our young players just do not get the credit they deserve. Even from us sometimes. They are all so young. I agree though if we win this thing, even if Kemp and Martin (just picking two) lead the way all the credit will go to Manny and Torre.
2008-10-15 11:37:51
108.   Satchmo
[102,104] Crawford was one of those players who drove me crazy when I was growing up in L.A. Every time I wrote him off, he would draw me back. I can still remember listening to Scully call a line drive home run off Bob Gibson that caromed off the foul pole. But then, after a few more weeks of chip shots, I would start longing for a right fielder with real power or consistency (I was always envious of Pittsburgh).
2008-10-15 11:39:57
109.   ToyCannon
He played some CF for us. 94 games in 98. From 93-95 we had a decent option in Butler.
2008-10-15 11:40:41
110.   bigcpa
Can someone post the link to the Drysdale call of the Gibson HR? I'm pretty sure someone posted it this season. I would like some pregame goosebumps to get psyched up for tonite.
2008-10-15 11:44:31
111.   FirstMohican
106 - I think the Dodgers might have wanted to move him there long term. He played alot of CF in 98, but in 99 they signed Devon White. I don't really remember how well Raul played CF, but I suspect it was adequate. Then of course, he was traded.

That reminds me of a game where Vin referred to the RFer as "Mondesi" while Raul was playing CF, which was understandable considering the years he spent in right. Later that game he referred to the LFer as "Mondesi" as well, and I thought for a second Vin was maybe getting old. Well, 10 or so years after that, he still blows any other in the biz out of the water IMHO.

2008-10-15 11:47:30
112.   ToyCannon
I think they get to much credit here when they have been for the most part quite pedestrian. At least the offensive players do.

Our young pitching is electric, but Kemp, Loney, and Martin need to step up their games in 2009 if they want to be a part of the future. Using their age as an excuse only works for so long. All of them took a step back this year. I have high hopes for all of them but I was unimpressed this year.

2008-10-15 11:47:57
113.   Kevin Lewis

I completely agree

2008-10-15 11:49:24
114.   Alex41592
110 - I couldn't find the complete Drysdale call but I found this a few months back:

It's a combination of Vin, Drysdale and Jack Buck.!.wav

2008-10-15 11:51:11
115.   Eric Stephen
This link isn't it, but it has info from all 3 calls (although it's mostly Buck & Scully). Still cool.

2008-10-15 11:51:32
116.   Eric Stephen
Tipping cap.
2008-10-15 11:52:51
117.   Bob Timmermann
Just remember with Drysdale's call that if you try to imitate, you have to say "WAY BACK!" with your voice going up about an octave.
2008-10-15 11:53:07
118.   Kevin Lewis
I am getting really pumped for the game tonight! There is no way I would be this excited for my softball game, so it is already worth it.
2008-10-15 11:53:48
119.   Bob Timmermann
And you thought PETA was upset at Shane Victorino:

2008-10-15 11:53:59
120.   FirstMohican
112 - I'm not as impatient with Kemp and Martin especially considering their positions. Loney, though, better kick it up a notch next year. 20th in the majors in OPS for 1B isn't cuttin it.
2008-10-15 11:55:46
121.   Sam PHL
The anti Chickie & Pete's:

2008-10-15 11:56:57
122.   bigcpa
114 ,115 I have an audio tape of the entire Drysdale call. I guess I should have digitized it for the anniversary. If we win tonite I'll go to Radio Shack and buy some gear.
2008-10-15 11:57:28
123.   milkshakeballa
Ok guys....I am taking best offer now

2 tickets in the RF pavilion and 1 ticket in the Loge

Best offer...come on guys there has to be a Dodger fan that wants them out there...anyone?

Email me at


2008-10-15 11:58:11
124.   D4P
If you are opposed to horse racing, why (1) ask that a certain horse be castrated (so that it can't have offspring that might become racehorses) rather than (2) just asking for horse racing to completely shut down? It's not as if pursuing #1 will mean that there wouldn't be enough horses remaining to race...
2008-10-15 12:00:21
125.   fanerman
107 112 I think the kids get exactly the right amount of credit here.
2008-10-15 12:00:34
126.   cargill06
53 Looking at that list if Colletti is still the GM I can see a few Colletti specials.

Overpay for Hudson, short-term contracts for Sheets and Furcal. Let Manny go, and leave us with a Kemp, Ethier, Jones/Pierre OF.

2008-10-15 12:01:57
127.   Bob Timmermann
The kids have gotten more credit since Paulson gave Ken Rosenthal $10 million to say nice things about Russel Martin.
2008-10-15 12:03:15
128.   kinbote
126 Any chance we trade Loney and put Andruw at 1b? (Lambo might be ready for 1b in 2010.)
2008-10-15 12:08:38
129.   Eric Stephen
You have just lobbed softballs into the wheelhouse of two people! :)
2008-10-15 12:09:11
130.   Bob Timmermann
The solution to falling behind in the playoffs, throw at the hitters!

2008-10-15 12:10:35
131.   cargill06
128 Personally, I wouldn't see the point of Andruw at 1B. If Andruw really dedicates himself this off-season and gets to a resonable playing weight he can still be an elite defender in CF, just the hitting is another issue.
2008-10-15 12:10:53
132.   Jon Weisman
Lasorda is throwing out the first pitch tonight.
2008-10-15 12:11:22
133.   ToyCannon
Duane Decker woo hoo
2008-10-15 12:13:04
134.   underdog
Loney's OPS needs improvement to be sure but I still feel like 90 RBIs isn't exactly shameful, or a major step back. Perhaps power expectations were too high for him? (Not that I don't think he's capable of 20-25 HRs, mind you.) I think he will get better, but I also don't feel as "disappointed" with him as some here.
2008-10-15 12:13:06
135.   ToyCannon
That will juice up the crowd. They still love him at DT. He was treated like royalty when he did his little walk in the LF Pavillion on the last game of the year.
2008-10-15 12:14:02
136.   D4P
I've got Billingsley down for pitches 2-4. It's anybody's guess after that.
2008-10-15 12:14:53
137.   East Coast Dodger
128 Two problems with that: (1) Jones may be done, and (B) what sort of trade market would there be for a 1B who was 20th in OPS at his position?

Put me in the "I'd like to see Loney improve significantly next year" camp.

2008-10-15 12:16:36
138.   cargill06
137 One of our players significantly improving? I think all of DT would be in that camp.
2008-10-15 12:16:36
139.   Kevin Lewis

Is it the real first pitch, or is it the third of three "first pitch" ceremonies?

2008-10-15 12:18:50
140.   delias man
134 I think his power is there. His homeruns are not cheapies. Something will still click, whether it is the right coach or just maturity. I would bet he will have the best career of these kids once it is all over in 15 years.
2008-10-15 12:20:17
141.   ToyCannon
If Loney keeps whacking the ball in the postseason, probably quite a bit. He's this close to having 3 home runs and being a big story.
2008-10-15 12:27:21
142.   MC Safety
Too bad Kirk's not throwing out the first pitch.
2008-10-15 12:29:02
143.   Kevin Lewis

He's not busy

2008-10-15 12:30:42
144.   cargill06
No Kirk, next best option, Eck.
2008-10-15 12:32:17
145.   Bob Timmermann
Eckersley is in Boston today.
2008-10-15 12:32:33
146.   Marty
I'd like to see Koufax throw out the pitch. Or has he done it and I missed it?
2008-10-15 12:33:36
147.   Eric Stephen
Speaking of Eck, did anyone watch the TBS postgame last night? Ernie mentioned that October 15 was an anniversary, and Eck immediately (and playfully) rolled his eyes like "OK, here it comes". Then they said the anniversary was on 10/15/02 Gibson was named Tigers' bench coach.

Then they finally showed Gibson hitting off Eckersley, but after Gibson hit the ball they spliced footage with a regular flyout to Canseco, followed by footage of Eck celebrating and shaking hands with teammates (in what looked like a game from Fenway). Anyway, it was pretty funny.

2008-10-15 12:33:50
148.   Bob Timmermann
That was on Opening Day.

I doubt Koufax would come out here unless Fred Wilpon gave him the thumbs up.

2008-10-15 12:36:50
149.   Eric Stephen
unless Fred Wilpon gave him the thumbs up

I'm picturing Bruce Dern giving a thumbs down in Diggstown.

2008-10-15 12:41:18
150.   Eric Stephen
I thought this blog piece about the Rays' impending dynasty (from a Yankee fan, no less) was amusing:

The best line: "Longoria? Get this. He's not a free agent until 2017. 2017! We'll have flying cars by then!"

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-10-15 12:45:26
151.   silverwidow
Any thoughts on the Jake Peavy trade rumors? The Dodgers are said to be one his choices. Of course, it would cost a bounty, but he's one of those super elite guys that might be worth the price.
2008-10-15 12:47:27
152.   Eric Stephen
It would be like getting a Jim Eisenreich, only one that's really, really good. :)
2008-10-15 12:49:20
153.   cargill06
I just can't help but laugh, Matt Stairs after Monday night.

"When you get that nice celebration coming into the dugout and you're getting your ass hammered by guys — there's no better feeling than to have that done."

2008-10-15 12:50:25
154.   jasonungar07
Credit might not be right. Patience. Sometime you gotta step back to go forward. Sometimes you gotta forget what every coach in the world is telling you and do it. Alot of these young players have been with two, three GM's, two or three managers. Not an excuse and not disagreeing Toy they have to get better but I think they will. I guess my clock ticks to really "rate them" at 26 or 27
2008-10-15 12:51:40
155.   JoeyP
Martin's had a very Jason Kendall-like vibe to him this year. Kendall was a good player, can still take a walk, but what made Martin appear as a franchise-level catcher was the power that he showed his first two years in addition to the walks.

If Martin ends up being a Jason Kendall clone, thats ok I guess. And if anything, his "average" years currently should keep his arbitration raises low. The power outage & inability to throw out base stealers changed my perception of Russ at least.

Kemp - As long he stays in CF, he's a regular for as long as the Dodgers can afford him.

Loney, Dewitt, Ethier should be placeholders until better replacements are available.

If I was to rank most valuable to the future (2010 & beyond) Dodgers:
#1. Billingsley
#2. Kershaw
#3. Kemp
#4. Martin
#5. DeJesus
#6. Lambo
#7. Broxton
#8. Ethier
#9. Dewitt

2008-10-15 12:56:20
156.   trainwreck
I am shocked JoeyP has Loney last. : )
2008-10-15 12:59:49
157.   Bob Timmermann
I thought he was just going to take Loney out behind the barn and shoot him.
2008-10-15 13:00:17
158.   Sam DC
Dave Sheinin breaks the code:

Burke, Va.: Hi Dave, Starting to shape up to be Phillies/Rays WS. . . . . What's the deal with the Sawx? . . .

Dave Sheinin: I'm actually tackling this very question for tomorrow's paper. The short answer: While the Red Sox have built a tremendous young core (Pedroia, Ellsbury, Lester, Papelbon, Lowrie, et al.), they are still very reliant upon aging players who have let them down. Two of their three losses have been charged to 42-year-old pitchers (Timlin, Wakefield). Varitek looks washed-up. Lowell is out. Ortiz has nagging injuries all over his body, particularly his wrist. You can even throw Curt Schilling in there, because they're paying him $8 million and he hasn't thrown a pitch. They need to make some changes, in line with the Manny Ramirez/Jason Bay trade, which made them six years younger in left field.

2008-10-15 13:00:32
159.   East Coast Dodger
141 Are you giving the same "almost" credit to Casey Blake for the long fly caught by Victorino? Particularly in game 4 I thought lots of Dodgers hit the ball on the head - and right at a Phillie fielder. Manny is a big story because his hits have fallen in (or, of course, sent out). I'm not down that much on Loney, I just don't see this postseason as a big breaking out party for him.
2008-10-15 13:03:05
160.   Bob Timmermann
To be safe, we'll take everyone out behind the barn and shoot them.
2008-10-15 13:03:26
161.   El Lay Dave
159 One of Loney's near-homers was the double early Monday night that was smoked; it had all the necessary power for a homer, just needed ever-so-slightly more loft.
2008-10-15 13:04:23
162.   cargill06
155 Really Lambo over Ethier? Ethier can still be an above average fielder and give you a 120 OPS+
2008-10-15 13:04:56
163.   El Lay Dave
160 I went behind a barn in Reno and shot a man just to watch him die.
2008-10-15 13:05:13
164.   East Coast Dodger
155 While I agree with your placement of Loney, I think you have Ethier too low. At the least, he's more valuable right now than DeJesus or Lambo, until they replicate a monster minor league season or hit in the majors.
2008-10-15 13:07:44
165.   cargill06
Anyone in for a good laugh tune into 710AM. They're suggesting the first baserunner Chad allows they should pull him.
2008-10-15 13:09:35
166.   ToyCannon
Maybe I'm wrong but my recollection of Loney in the postseason so far is a game changing home run in the 1st game. A ball that hit the top of the fence in Philly, and a ball that hit the top of the RC fence in Dodger Stadium that would have been a three run home run.

Blake a hard fly ball and a solo home run. Given the amount of runners he's left on base I think he owed us the solo home run.

2008-10-15 13:10:07
167.   Jim Hitchcock
163 We know. Your picture's hanging in the post office here.
2008-10-15 13:10:56
168.   Bob Hendley
I opened the doors after the barn burned down. Boy, those lucky horses won't have to race now.
2008-10-15 13:11:41
169.   ToyCannon
Joey does not think much of our Major League left handed hitters. He thinks more of a minor league LHH who wasn't even ranked one of the 5 best in his league by BA last month.
2008-10-15 13:13:16
170.   ToyCannon
It is especially interesting because Loney has been used by many scouts as a comp for Lambo.
2008-10-15 13:13:44
171.   underdog
Off topic, but Michael Cera has an awesome (very deadpan funny) playlist on iTunes.

His comment after "I'm a Fool to Want You," by Frank Sinatra: "This man was a famous Italian singer." And on Van Morrison: "This is this new up and comer, he's going to be big."

2008-10-15 13:15:24
172.   ToyCannon
One Hour and 15 minutes until I leave work. Hope to be on the road by 03:00 for the game. What time are the rest of you leaving?
2008-10-15 13:16:52
173.   cargill06
3:45 from Burbank.
2008-10-15 13:17:40
174.   Sushirabbit
155 And don't underestimate how well the staff likes Martin.

Here's my PSA for those around Nashville. Apparently AM 560 in Nashville is playing the Dodgers feed! If only I'd ponied up for the good antenna for my receiver. I forsee a night in the garage with the transistor not even missing the goons on FOX.

2008-10-15 13:17:54
175.   Eric Stephen
The Dodgers have to win the next 3 games, because I gave up my seats for tonight's game and my manager just asked me why I wasn't going tonight. I told him it was because I was already out Monday and the whole day would be shot today (have to leave by 1pm or so coming from SD), and he just said "c'mon, you know how I operate!"

I plan on taking advantage of this leniency on October 27.

2008-10-15 13:18:46
176.   ToyCannon
That was a strange deal. Inking a guy before he'd ever played a game and within a few months it looks like a stroke of genius.
2008-10-15 13:19:03
177.   El Lay Dave
Despite being evacuated out of our homes Monday, we attended the Game 4 of the NLCS anyway. After we got everything settled down - parents, dogs safely with my brother far from the smoke, overnight arrangements made, watching news reports - my wife looked at me and told me we should go to the game given there was nothing to do but wait anyway and we could wait at Dodger Stadium (less than ten minutes from my brother's) as well as anywhere else.

As you know, the game progressed from exhilarating to dispiriting in fairly short order, but soon my disappointment gave way to thankfulness with the phone call from a friend and neighbor who defied the evacuation orders until about 10:00 P.M. and said that his and our homes were still fine when he left. Judging from the news reports, we felt the worst has passed for our neighborhood, and it had.

Not so good for someone else around a couple corners from me (whom I've never seen), but about three to four hundred yards away as the crow/embers fly, who lost one of two residences in my area that looked like complete losses.

My deepest sympathies to all those affected by the fires more severely than I am, my thanks to the fire departments and emergency crews for outstanding work, and thank goodness for no more shake roofs and for mandatory brush clearance.

2008-10-15 13:19:12
178.   delias man
172 Meeting up at 330 and leaving from Carson.....
2008-10-15 13:20:17
179.   ToyCannon
If you leave now you could still make it. You should have no problem scoring one ticket. Last chance to see Manny..........
2008-10-15 13:22:22
180.   East Coast Dodger
166 I agree that Loney has done more than his share of good this postseason. I just question your previous premise that his performance would induce someone to trade anything good for him in the offseason.

My irrational ire is actually directed much more so at Kemp. He's better than this, and I want him to show it.

2008-10-15 13:22:38
181.   ToyCannon
Was thinking about you when they mentioned Granada Hills. Glad to know everything worked out. I used to hike O'Melveny Park and saw a mountain line there once. You must live near there?
2008-10-15 13:22:56
182.   El Lay Dave
175 Just go to will call and say you're Kevin Lewis' friend.
2008-10-15 13:24:33
183.   ToyCannon
Good point, while others will disagree I think a player who has performed well in the postseason and is young gets a little more attention. Mr. Pavano for example. Many still point to how Juan Pierre was a huge force in the Marlin victory.
2008-10-15 13:26:06
184.   Jon Weisman
172 - 4:15 assuming my tickets are actually in my car this time.
2008-10-15 13:26:09
185.   El Lay Dave
181 Thanks. Porter Ranch (not the gated community of $1 million+ homes, the older non-gated area), between Aliso and Limekiln canyons - both burned. They ended up saying "Sesnon Fire" on the news; one of my property lines is Sesnon Blvd., stones throw from one of the early command centers.
2008-10-15 13:27:04
186.   ToyCannon
I'm getting a little tired of the Market crashing everytime I get ready to go to a playoff game.
2008-10-15 13:27:11
187.   regfairfield
165 Does the one he hits intentionally count?
2008-10-15 13:29:25
188.   El Lay Dave
184 Fortunately, my tickets for Monday were already in my wallet and not at home, as I was not planning to go back home, just pick up the wife from her office and head to DS. Drove home anyway but was prevented from getting in; my wife had arrived earlier and evacuated everything with no assistance from me.
2008-10-15 13:30:10
189.   gibsonhobbs88
153 - A little too close of a team if you ask me ;)!

154 - There was some regression by Martin this year and did you really expect Loney and Kemp to hit .330 or .340 for a full year? The fact they hovered around the .300 mark most of the year when they are still in the learning curve was okay with me. Remember peak years are supposed to be 26-29. Ethier showed once he got to be an every day player, that he can be a rock solid player for your team, not a superstar type, but you can't have or afford a team of all superstars. You do need a solid everyday player you can depend on that can hit .280-.290 and hit 18-25 HR and drive in 85-95 runs consistently and play good defense. Those guys have great value on a team as well.

My memories of that game - sitting in the 2nd row of the right field bleachers, even then yelling steroids at Canseco in the pregame warmups. Watching Mickey Hatcher hit the 2 run HR in the first to get the Dodgers started and leading 2-0. My wife had dropped her nachos during the National Anthem, an omen or sign? Earlier in the year, she had sat in her nachos after the anthem was played and that was the game Gibson eventually won scoring from 2nd on a wild pitch against the Expos. Then we watched in amazed horror as Canseco dented the centerfield camera with his Grand Salami to put the A's ahead 4-2 and you start thinking, "maybe we are overmatched". The game progresses and our bullpen holds the A's and the Dodgers bunch 3 singles in the 6th for one run to edge closer 4-3. Drunk Dodger fan in the 7th that had been vulgarly insulting Dave Henderson gets into fight and gets escorted by security from the stands. I whisper to my wife, "I hope the Dodgers come back and win to teach him a lesson." After 8 innings, we see about 20-30 fans leave to go home, I yell out "C'mon it's the World Series, one run game, it's a Saturday night, why are you leaving now? One of them says "Eckersley is coming in, Game over." I say "Maybe, but you never knowin baseball, if something wonderful happens, you'll kick yourself forever." With two out and no one on, I must admit it looked bleak, until Mike Davis ran the count to 3-1 and then seeing him take ball 4 and then the stadium exploding as we saw Gibson lumbering out of the dugout and with a gimp, walking toward the plate. You know the rest! The feeling watching the ball as it left the infield and seeing the trajectory that it had the muscle to leave the yard and looking at Canseco briefly for confirmation and seeing him shake his head and then just a blur of ABSOLUTE EUPHORIA!! My wife and I were among the last 5 or 10 cars to leave the parking lot that night, not wanting the feeling to end! Nothing will ever touch that night as far as being witness to a livesporting event in my lifetime.

2008-10-15 13:30:50
190.   East Coast Dodger
180 As a follow up, I would appreciate it if Kemp would put up a game like Carl Crawford did the other night. 5-5, 2 doubles and a triple, 2 SBs, 3 runs 2 RBIs I think? Wow.
2008-10-15 13:31:13
191.   Bob Timmermann
Billingsley will just take all the suspense out of the game by coming out to the mound with the severed head of a Phillies player.

Tim McCarver will say, "I once knew a guy named Connor McLeod in the minors who did that a lot, even Bob Gibson was afraid of him."

2008-10-15 13:31:53
192.   Bob Timmermann
If Tim Wakefield and Manny Delcarmen were out there, then you might be in business.
2008-10-15 13:33:38
193.   underdog
Glad everything's okay at your homestead Dave. I know how scary or at least nervewracking that can be, having been through it a few times in Santa Barbara. Did they find out the cause of that one yet (out of curiosity)? I'm assuming it wasn't a flaming squirrel like we had up here.
2008-10-15 13:34:20
194.   underdog
Yeah 5-5 vs. Cole Hamels seems a bit too much to ask. I'll take 1-5...with a grand slam. ;-)
2008-10-15 13:36:52
195.   El Lay Dave
193 Not that I've heard, although it seemed to have started in the hillsides beyond the residential areas, in the land owned by the Southern California Gas Company. Seems to this layman to be too far to be embers from the "Marek Fire" (ten miles?) with nothing catching fire in between.
2008-10-15 13:37:33
196.   ToyCannon
I'll take contact with a runner on 3rd base and less then two outs. I know I'm asking for a lot. First just getting someone on 3rd base and 2nd the contact.
2008-10-15 13:37:54
197.   East Coast Dodger
194 It was merely a humble request from a D's fan. I'll be okay with a granny if that's what you're offering. :)
2008-10-15 13:39:24
198.   ToyCannon
Bob has anyone gone for the cycle in the playoffs? World Series?
2008-10-15 13:40:42
199.   East Coast Dodger
Stupid East Coast time. I have to go to bed once the Dodgers games are over, feeling crappy about the losses. It seems to me that having more time after the game would be a positive - to get over the punch-to-the-stomach feel. What do you West Coasters think?
2008-10-15 13:40:51
200.   bhsportsguy

Looking back, we didn't spend a lot of time on Kirk in the pre-game meetings. I mean, no one expected him to play in that game.

The one thing I remember is one of the coaches says to me, "Listen, if he does get up, do not throw him anything soft. He'll hit it." I remember thinking, "Yea, but he's not playing."

Now it's like "OOOOOOK…nothing soft."

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-10-15 13:40:52
201.   Kevin Lewis

I have one more ticket left.

I am leaving around 3pm from Pasadena, but that includes a stop at Chipotle.

2008-10-15 13:41:22
202.   El Lay Dave
196 I was happy with the bases-empty walk on Monday.
2008-10-15 13:41:39
203.   Jim Hitchcock
189 Long paragraph. Good story :)
2008-10-15 13:43:32
204.   El Lay Dave
201 Clairvoyance in 182 ?
2008-10-15 13:48:51
205.   El Lay Dave
108 and previous: the bothersome part about a Matt Kemp / Willie Crawford comparison to me is that Crawford had pretty clear LH/RH splits that kept him from being effective full-time, but didn't penalize him as much since he was a LHB. If Kemp continues to show strongly divided splits (career OPS .765 vs. RHP, .933 vs. LHP), that will keep him from reaching close to the ceiling some think he has.

But he's just barely 24....

2008-10-15 13:50:01
206.   JoeyP
162--I think Lambo has a bigger upside than Ethier, but that could change if Ethier can put up a 2009 as good as his 2008.
2008-10-15 13:51:03
207.   ToyCannon
Going to bed depressed sucks. We have time to watch Jon Stewart and Colbert from 11:00-12:00 and laugh a little. Of course Monday was repeat so we had to make do with a DVR of BBT and HIMYM.
I suppose having sex would have been the best solution but I'm married.
2008-10-15 13:54:43
208.   bhsportsguy
207 TC bringing back memories of Rodney Dangerfield and Henny Youngman.
2008-10-15 13:54:46
209.   Jon Weisman

Furcal, SS
Ethier, RF
Manny, LF
Martin, C
Loney, 1B
Blake, 3B
Kemp, CF
DeWitt, 2B
Billingsley, P

2008-10-15 13:55:17
210.   Harold M Johnson
I'm leaving at 3:15pm from West Los Angeles. Better get there for the player intros! Sunday was an easy drive, but I'm afraid of running into parking lot madness.
2008-10-15 13:57:30
211.   Kevin Lewis

That should be safe for me to put in my scorebook ahead of time, right?

2008-10-15 13:58:40
212.   East Coast Dodger
207 Me too, and the spouse goes to bed way before the game is over. I suppose I could try for celebratory/cheer up sex before the game, depending on the future outcome, but, again, I'm married.

The exciting games are even harder - after Game 4 I did not go to sleep for 2 more hours, reducing myself to zombie status the next day at work.

2008-10-15 13:59:01
213.   regfairfield
Taking off at 3:15 from Torrance.
2008-10-15 14:00:14
214.   JoeyP
170- Scouts may see the same body type between Lambo/Loney, but Lambo to this point (and I know his career is just starting), much greater home run power.

Lambo took a bit of a step back this year in terms of his bb/ks, but he did hit 18 HRs playing in a couple of tough places to hit in (Great Lakes & Jax).

2008-10-15 14:01:05
215.   Alex41592
I will be editing at FSR during the game. I plan on yelling a lot. Krystal Fernandez is prepared.
2008-10-15 14:02:31
216.   Kevin Lewis

That reminds me I need to get gas in case the parking lot is crazy after the game. Don't want to run out on the way home

2008-10-15 14:03:57
217.   ToyCannon
I just had to tell an employee in my best Yul Brynner tone that she would have to move her cubicle tomorrow because I'm not starting anything that would involve me staying past 02:30. I think I frightened her. I may need to calm down.
2008-10-15 14:07:41
218.   Kevin Lewis
I cannot concentrate on work now
2008-10-15 14:09:05
219.   Bob Hendley
217 Yes your Majesty, no your Majesty, give us a kick if you please your Majesty. Oh yes, that was good, your Majesty.
2008-10-15 14:09:58
220.   underdog
217 As long as you didn't say "Try to make me shut up" in a Brynner-as-robot voice she's probably fine.
2008-10-15 14:11:34
221.   bigcpa
213 Do work in Torrance? I want a job in Torrance!
2008-10-15 14:11:41
222.   thinkblue88
Sadly, I have to work tonight starting at 5:30pm. =/

But I work at an electronics store, so I will be watching the game on 40+ big screen HDTV's. =]

2008-10-15 14:14:06
223.   Jim Hitchcock
222 Be sure to crank Buck and McCarver up to 11!
2008-10-15 14:15:01
224.   ToyCannon
I need to rent Westworld, I haven't seen it since before most of you were born.
2008-10-15 14:16:21
225.   underdog
224 I saw it before I was born, actually. That's why I'm so messed up. ;-)

No, I did rent it recently though; while it's dated it's still pretty great.

2008-10-15 14:18:04
226.   regfairfield
221 El Segundo, meeting people in Torrance.
2008-10-15 14:19:19
227.   Branch Rickey
210 I've left West LA at 3:15 for each of the last two games and arrived at both in plenty of time to soak in the scene, have a beer, watch some BP and talk about what it all means by the time the lineups are announced. Your results may vary.
2008-10-15 14:19:46
228.   Marty
I left a job in Torrance!
2008-10-15 14:20:10
229.   Kevin Lewis
Maybe I will get to party at Manny's house tonight after the game.
2008-10-15 14:20:36
230.   Jim Hitchcock
225 Just don't do a double bill with Futureworld. Or the remake of Stepford Wives, for that matter.
2008-10-15 14:21:17
231.   Marty
I'm wondering if Manny is living in my old condo complex in Pasadena. Naw, he couldn't be that dumb.
2008-10-15 14:21:38
232.   Jim Hitchcock
229 Working for the Daily Wheeze :)
2008-10-15 14:24:33
233.   Jim Hitchcock
229 BTW, Marty, do you remember a receptionist by the name of Marquez that used to work there?
2008-10-15 14:25:13
234.   Bumsrap
I take console thinking those that don't think Loney is the best Dodger also may have thought LaRoche was going to start lots of games for the Dodgers.
2008-10-15 14:26:14
235.   Marty
233 Man, it's been ten years. I can't remember most of the people's names any more.
2008-10-15 14:26:26
236.   Alex41592
BILLS BACK ON THE BUMP - Chad Billingsley takes the mound tonight at Dodger Stadium, where he has not lost since July 8. Since then, the right-hander is 6-0 with a 1.60 ERA in seven starts at home.


2008-10-15 14:28:28
237.   Kevin Lewis

It is a condo complex in Pasadena.

2008-10-15 14:30:14
238.   El Lay Dave
224 I remember reading Westworld before the movie was made.
2008-10-15 14:30:30
239.   Marty
237 If it's on Villa and Catalina, Manny needs a new real estate manager.
2008-10-15 14:31:55
240.   Kevin Lewis
Okay, my Ethier jersey is on
2008-10-15 14:32:19
241.   Kevin Lewis

Nope, south of the 210

2008-10-15 14:32:21
242.   scareduck
212 - Me too, and the spouse goes to bed way before the game is over. I suppose I could try for celebratory/cheer up sex before the game, depending on the future outcome, but, again, I'm married.

This doesn't work if said spouse is a Cubs fan.

2008-10-15 14:33:20
243.   bhsportsguy
216 I am not sure that gas station is operational anymore. I would get gas beforehand.
2008-10-15 14:37:57
244.   Kevin Lewis

Oh, I will

2008-10-15 14:40:34
245.   scareduck
243 - the Union 76 station has been closed and boarded (the pumps, at least) for some time. At the clinching NLDS game, there was a rental chain link fence around it.
2008-10-15 14:45:33
246.   Jim Hitchcock
245 Man, poor old Murph.
2008-10-15 14:47:00
247.   Eric Stephen
The last line of that is definitely one of the 2008 Dodger Thoughts quotes of the year.
2008-10-15 14:47:15
248.   East Coast Dodger
242 During the NLDS, before the game would've been the perfect time! Well, at least before Game 1....
2008-10-15 14:55:53
249.   Bob Timmermann
There has not been a cycle in postseason play. Look for a Griddle post on this tomorrow.

Remember that the players only lineup on the foul lines for the first home game in each park in each series.

2008-10-15 15:00:07
250.   Alex41592
I just received my refund for NLDS Game 4 that never happened. It's a good day.
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2008-10-15 15:01:35
251.   D4P
There has not been a cycle in postseason play

Question: over MLB history, there has been a cycle every X games (I don't know the value of X).

Does X exceed the number of post-season games in MLB history?

2008-10-15 15:02:00
252.   El Lay Dave
250 I hope there are no refunds for the remaining games in Philadelphia.
2008-10-15 15:07:30
253.   El Lay Dave
251 Judging by the relative shortness of this list:
the fact that there were at most seven post-season games between 190-something and 1968, and the large number of regular-season games every year, I'd guess somewhat comfortably the answer is yes.
2008-10-15 15:08:42
254.   Bob Timmermann
Honest, I will write up something about near misses for the cycle in the postseason later tonight.


2008-10-15 15:21:34
255.   Jim Hitchcock
Dave, the Times is saying power lines may have sparked the Sesnon fire. No reports of flaming squirrels, though.
2008-10-15 15:32:06
256.   kinbote
Let's all enjoy the last game of Manny in blue. He will go to the highest bidder, and I doubt the highest bidder will be us.
2008-10-15 15:34:22
257.   Eric Stephen
If the Dodgers don't re-sign Manny (they will), Manny still has at least two more home games after tonight. :)
2008-10-15 15:41:06
258.   Sam DC
I am doing everything different tonight than I did Monday.

Who's with me?

2008-10-15 15:43:22
259.   Jon Weisman

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