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It's Coming! 100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die
2009-01-27 20:20
by Jon Weisman

UntitledI'm pleased to announce that my book, 100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, is on its way to the printers and is on schedule for publication in April.

I really think you're going to like it. Throughout last year, I applied the Dodger Thoughts approach of research and reflection (and joy!) to every aspect of Dodger history and the Dodger experience. The result was something that I think will be a lifelong companion to what you've seen here online. The goal was to make the book meaningful to old and new fans alike, and I was constantly finding new insights into Dodger people and events you'd think you knew inside and out.

Former Dodger owner Peter O'Malley was kind enough to write the foreword for the book, and also gave permission for me to use numerous old photographs, many of which have not been published in decades, if ever. Some of them just made me shake my head with delight.

The readers of this site were never far from my mind when I wrote the book. You are among the most dedicated Dodger fans in the world, and I aimed to satisfy. I'm hoping you'll think I did.

Anyway, here are some early ordering tips:

1) If you would like to attend a Los Angeles book release gathering in late April, don't order the book yet. You can buy the book directly there.

2) If you can't make the gathering and would like to pre-order the book online, do so directly from the Dodger Thoughts link on the left.

3) Eventually, the book will be in bookstores and you can buy it in person, though I don't know right now that you'll find it many places outside of Southern California and New York.

You won't want to miss such chapters as "The Sweetheart From '88" or "The Head-Spinning, Allegiance-Shifting, Authority-Defying Leo Durocher." Get excited for your copy (and your friends' and family's copies) of 100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die.

Comments (526)
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2009-01-27 20:27:04
1.   Tripon
2009-01-27 20:29:05
2.   Eric Stephen
Awesome. Depending on my job situation, I'll try to make it to a signing in April.

LAT'd from last thread...

I agree he was better as a Dodger (159 OPS+), but he was also great as a Met (136 OPS+), plus he had over 900 more PA as a Met. Factor in the World Series appearance, and Piazza's own choice (the HOF will consult him on this even though it has the final say) and it's almost a lock that he goes in a Met.

I would like to see all future HOF plaques with a blank cap, and a separate row on the plaque with the logos of all the teams the player played for. That would be kind of cool, and might be more appropriate for a split career like Piazza (or even Winfield from years past).

2009-01-27 20:29:18
3.   trainwreck
Wow, Peter O'Malley.
2009-01-27 20:35:05
4.   underdog
Cool! Looking forward to it.

Dibs on the movie rights.


Nice to see Adam Morrison is just as annoying in the NBA as he was in college.

2009-01-27 20:35:40
5.   Eric Stephen
Always good to see a 5-point possession directly after giving up a 3-on-1 dunk. :)
2009-01-27 20:35:51
6.   68elcamino427
The long wait is over.
I just ordered my copy.
2009-01-27 20:36:10
7.   Dodgerfan Chris
Congratulations Jon! That's awesome, and I can't wait to read it.
2009-01-27 20:36:45
8.   trainwreck
Michael Jordan can not evaluate talent at all.
2009-01-27 20:37:17
9.   SoSG Orel
Congrats, Jon! Yet another reason to look forward to April.
2009-01-27 20:37:40
10.   underdog
5 - Yep. Brown can't be happy.

Amazing the Lakers almost had the lead at the end of that half.

How is Charlotte only 18-26? They have a lot of talent on that team and great defense.

2009-01-27 20:38:21
11.   Tripon
8 Does Jordan get final say on personal?
2009-01-27 20:40:38
12.   trainwreck
I believe that is what he demanded to be a part of the organization, but that was a couple years ago.

Larry Brown has some pull now.

2009-01-27 20:43:55
13.   Bluebleeder87

He was a privileged child who I admired... his whole story is amazing, I think the main reason he's a favorite around here is because of the way he made it to the bigs.

hard work, hard work & more hard work

2009-01-27 20:44:28
14.   KG16
10 - they only score 91 points per game, fewest in the league. Their great defense (allowing the third fewest points in the league at 93.4 per game) can not over come that.

Turns out that while defense wins championships, offense wins games.

2009-01-27 20:45:13
15.   underdog
14 - Ah. That's sort of the Spurs problem this year, too -- very good defense, very fair to poor offense.
2009-01-27 20:46:53
16.   MyTummyHurts
1) If you would like to attend a Los Angeles book release gathering in late April, don't order the book yet. You can buy the book directly there.

More details to come I would imagine?

2009-01-27 20:48:18
17.   KG16
15 - but the Bobcats have one advantage over the Spurs, the 'cats are young while the Spurs are, um, not so young. The Bobcats have the potential to be pretty good the next couple of years.
2009-01-27 20:48:52
18.   Bob Timmermann
There will be a lot of tweed jacket wearing types no doubt. Some people will be smoking pipes and discussing their essays that appeared in "The Atlantic" or "The New Yorker."
2009-01-27 20:49:04
19.   Tripon
16 I'm imaging Jon selling the book across Dodgers stadium like Pete Rose used to sign autographs in front of Cooperstown. Of course the Dodgers haven't banned Jon from Dodgers Stadium...
2009-01-27 20:49:21
20.   Jon Weisman
I got a screener of Sunday's post-Super Bowl episode of The Office, and the opening scene might be the crazy-funniest in Office history. I certainly laughed out loud more than I think I ever have.
2009-01-27 20:49:49
21.   Jon Weisman
16 - Yeah, once I pick a date, time and place :)
2009-01-27 20:50:05
22.   Tripon
17 That potential will be ruined by Larry Brown's insistence to trade all of their good young players for Eric Snow.
2009-01-27 20:52:08
23.   trainwreck
I don't know about Bobcats being good in the near future.

Okafor has started to dip, Wallace a little too, Augustine and Felton play same position, and all their other picks are a waste.

2009-01-27 20:53:04
24.   Eric Stephen
Thanks for the reminder. I may have to change some DVE settings just in case The Office doesn't start as scheduled.
2009-01-27 20:53:34
25.   Eric Stephen
2009-01-27 20:54:41
26.   Tripon
There's no new ep of the Office this thursday. :(
2009-01-27 20:55:48
27.   Eric Stephen
However, there is a new Hell's Kitchen! :)
2009-01-27 20:56:43
28.   Tripon
27 The 5th season started already?! Is it as terrible as the other seasons? ;P
2009-01-27 20:58:27
29.   Eric Stephen
What can I say; I'm a sucker for competition cooking shows. :)
2009-01-27 20:59:50
30.   trainwreck
It seems like they do not get very good chefs on that show. Of course, why would good chefs want to go on a show and just get yelled at?
2009-01-27 21:01:43
31.   Tripon
30 Good chefs actually apply to Hells Kitchen,(applicants say they applied to all three of Top Chef, and the Food Network Stars, and Hells Kitchen) but FOX intentionally picks people that can't cook.
2009-01-27 21:12:49
32.   bhsportsguy
I'll be interested to see how many things I don't know and have not done.

I am going to guess right now that I am going to fall in the 50-60 range of having known or done the 100 things.

2009-01-27 21:16:31
33.   trainwreck
I will be surprised if I did one thing on the list.
2009-01-27 21:20:36
34.   Jon Weisman
32/33 - Well, it's about 80 "know" and 20 "do."
2009-01-27 21:20:49
35.   Bob Timmermann
It's not 100 things to do. It's 100 things to know and do. So there are many things you know.

And many things you have done.

If you've both known and done everything in the book, then you have lived a full life.

2009-01-27 21:22:21
36.   bhsportsguy
34 If one is wear a Dodger Thoughts T-shirt to another ballpark, I did that.
2009-01-27 21:32:24
37.   ToyCannon
I expect to be one of a handful to have two Jon Weisman autographed books by the end of April.
2009-01-27 21:32:56
38.   Tripon
Schools sometimes will take a lesser player in the hopes of attracting a star as part of the package. Jordan's James Boyd and Delvon Purvis are getting a rush from Washington.,0,7087298.story

Like say... USC?

2009-01-27 21:33:48
39.   ToyCannon
Or your really old and just spaced the good things out over an empty life.
2009-01-27 21:40:56
40.   trainwreck
USC does not really have to do that.
2009-01-27 21:41:57
41.   Tripon
40 I was referring more to Lil' Romeo, and USC basketball.
2009-01-27 21:43:34
42.   bhsportsguy
My question for Rob Dibble, which edition of the Bob Carpenter scorebook will he use in his new gig.
2009-01-27 21:44:27
43.   LAT
Congrats Jon. I am often amazed how much you accomplish: cat herder (father to 3 small ones), husband, full-time job at Variety, full time job here, multiple daily posts and comments and yet you find time to write a book--with 100 chapters no less.

Sheez, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Do you ever sleep?

2009-01-27 21:45:10
44.   Jon Weisman
The "dos" aren't exactly out of The Amazing Race or Survivor or whatnot.
2009-01-27 21:45:18
45.   trainwreck
Aww, yes.
2009-01-27 21:46:25
46.   Jon Weisman
43 - Thanks, though somehow I feel being a lawyer has its own sleep-deprivation issues.
2009-01-27 21:47:39
47.   bhsportsguy
43 Jon had one of those timeshifter things that Hermoine used in the third Harry Potter book.
2009-01-27 21:51:29
48.   bhsportsguy
46 LAT is certainly not one but several people believe that lawyers are one step above the undead.
2009-01-27 21:57:01
49.   LAT
48. Several people believe that lawyers should be one step below the undead. (Sometimes I agree with them.)
2009-01-27 22:04:24
50.   the big grabowski
Hmmm, I've already pre-ordered it on Amazon. If I cancel and re-order through the link on DT, do you get a portion of the proceeds, Jon?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2009-01-27 22:12:58
51.   Bob Hendley
Also jumped the gun way back when, but I am guessing that it would make a great gift so...
2009-01-27 22:15:45
52.   Jon Weisman
50 - Yes, but don't sweat it.
2009-01-27 22:21:10
53.   Bob Timmermann
50 51
You two have just ensured that Jon's children will be going to college at the University of Phoenix instead of Stanford.
2009-01-27 22:22:22
54.   Bob Hendley
A rather ghoulish title, however. Perhaps you can have one of the ghost writers around here contribute an afterword for the departed

101 Haunt Ned.

2009-01-27 22:22:38
55.   kinbote
Congrats, Jon. I will buy a copy and tell every Dodger fan I know to do the same. I hope the orders multiply like rabbits running wild . . .
2009-01-27 22:26:45
56.   Tripon
The tuition at the University of Phoenix is pretty expensive. $475 per unit.
2009-01-27 22:28:07
57.   Bob Hendley
Cardinals all the way!
2009-01-27 22:29:14
58.   Bob Timmermann
Stanford's undergrad tuition for this academic year is $12,010 per term.
2009-01-27 22:30:34
59.   Eric Stephen
Charlotte could be a tough matchup in the NBA Finals.
2009-01-27 22:43:47
60.   Damon
Congrats on the book. Just pre-ordered it
2009-01-27 22:51:11
61.   LogikReader
The Bobcats got away with a LOT of fouls tonight. But even so, the Lakers have now failed to get stops when the game counts.

Why, then, do we think the Lakers will be a championship contender? Usually you look for signs in any team that they're going to make a big playoff run.

I think the Lakers are good enough to win the West, but right now I feel like the Cavs, Celtics, or Magic would be prohibitive favorites against LA. I don't see any killer instinct in this team.

Ariza was out most of the game and Kobe fouled out on a lame call in the first OT. That's tough to rebound from, but the Lakers could have made it work.

This is now two of the last three home games where the Lakers really folded when they could have proven to have the winning tools to close a game.

2009-01-27 22:53:57
62.   fanerman
0 Cool beans!
2009-01-27 22:55:13
63.   Tripon
61 Because there are 82 games in the regular season and there is a good chance that the Lakers are not going to face the Bobcats in the playoffs.
2009-01-27 22:55:55
64.   trainwreck
I would not worry about the Magic.

They are not that good on defense either, reliant on three-point shooting, and they really have never done anything in the playoffs.

2009-01-27 22:56:33
65.   LogikReader
Jon, I hope your new book lands on the NY Times Bestseller list. It's a really interesting book.

You know, if you give the Mad Dog Radio program a call or MLB Home Plate, I'll bet they'd be delighted to offer an interview. I'll be sure to get a copy soon. I'm going to hold out for one of the book meetings myself.

2009-01-27 22:57:32
66.   underdog
"'s Steve Gilbert has a source saying the D'Backs and Garland are closing in on a deal."

Yay! I mean, oh, darn!

2009-01-27 22:58:34
67.   LogikReader

Actually I need to take that one back. After what I saw from the Magic against Boston, I figure they're not a real factor anyway.

The Magic rely wayyyy too much on three pointers, which is strange, knowing they have Dwight Howard manning the paint.

2009-01-27 22:58:36
68.   trainwreck
I guess there is also the possible
hack-a-howard strategy.
2009-01-27 22:59:55
69.   trainwreck
Suckers! He could give up quite a lot of home runs in that park.
2009-01-27 23:02:24
70.   Tripon
I thought Garland was a ground ball pitcher?
2009-01-27 23:14:16
71.   Eric Stephen
Why, then, do we think the Lakers will be a championship contender?

It probably has something to do with having the best record in the NBA before tonight. Or maybe it was beating both Cleveland and Boston handily, albeit at home. .

2009-01-27 23:17:35
72.   Tripon
Looks like the Priates are going to sign Eric Hinske. With Andy LaRoche's luck, the Pirates might make him the 3rd baseman starter.
2009-01-27 23:57:56
73.   trainwreck
Too bad the team of Top Chef "all-stars" seems to be lacking all-star chefs.
2009-01-28 00:00:10
74.   Icaros
The Bobcats also have an OT victory against the Celtics this season.
2009-01-28 00:00:10
75.   waterboy100
you are #35 in sales rank in:
Any Category > Books > Sports > Baseball

though the competition is pretty weak. you are just two spots behind the sports guy..

2009-01-28 00:14:19
76.   delias man
Can not wait for the book. Please make the release get together during an LAD road trip!!
2009-01-28 05:38:18
77.   ChicagoDodger
Rumor has Manny to the Mets.

If that were to happen, what kind of compensation would the Dodgers get? Is Rodriguez ranked higher then Ramirez and therefore the Angels get the Mets pick?

2009-01-28 05:52:08
78.   old dodger fan
77 I read that Jerry Manuel would like to have Manny. Is there more to it than that?
2009-01-28 06:01:57
79.   greenchris
Hey Jon, not sure if its just me, but for some reason the right side of the topic on the main page is getting cut off (its been happening for about a week). Only when I click on comments does the page reformat so that the topic is not cut off...just thought I would let you know in the event that others are having the same problem. congrats on the book.
2009-01-28 06:05:12
80.   silverwidow
77 Manny is the highest ranked FA available. If he signs with the Mets, we get their #25 pick and the Angels get the Mets' 2nd rounder instead.
2009-01-28 06:06:51
81.   greenchris
77/78 - as a Dodger fan living in NYC, my read is that it's the new york press creating a little drama.
2009-01-28 06:45:41
82.   Gen3Blue
81 Do you know if Mike Francesa said anything about the Manny rumor.

As for the formatting problem I've had that in the past but it went away in a day or two and I can't remember if it was something I did.

2009-01-28 07:00:24
83.   Ken Noe
Boras says Manny will be signed by mid-February, he's negotiating with the Dodgers and others, still not willing to back off his demands for four years.

2009-01-28 07:11:59
84.   Disabled List
I've had an Amazon gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket ever since Christmas. Done and done!

Congrats, Jon.

2009-01-28 07:15:08
85.   Ken Noe
84 Did you get an arrival date when you ordered? I pre-ordered last fall.
2009-01-28 07:26:52
86.   kylepetterson
Congratulations, Jon! I'm a Yankees fan but have hung around a bit after the banter left, mostly to read your posts and the discussion that goes on here. You run a great blog. Alex does as well but the discussion has dropped of since the move.
2009-01-28 07:27:27
87.   Andrew Shimmin
Amazon is showing a release date of April 24th, now. Checking the Triumph Books website, I see that Jon has the same publisher as Steve Lyons. I hope he didn't get the same dust jacket photographer.

2009-01-28 07:37:00
88.   Jon Weisman
Thanks, everyone, for their purchases :)

The formatting problem relates to the pictures of me from Saturday night. I'll try to make it go away today.

2009-01-28 07:37:25
89.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow, some outfit called greenlightdeals is asking $75.50 for a used copy of `The Best of Dodger Thoughts'.

It better be a signed copy!

2009-01-28 07:48:47
90.   oshea2002
Wow, congrats Jon. I can't wait for my copy to arrive.
2009-01-28 07:50:32
91.   kinbote
$14.16 out the door. What a bargain! By my math, that figures out to 14 cents per Thing.
2009-01-28 07:51:08
92.   Jim Hitchcock
87 Lyons has the look of someone who would be wearing just a raincoat...
2009-01-28 08:22:02
93.   Eric Stephen
77 ,81
If Manny signs with the Mets, not only would we get the #25 pick as silverwidow suggests but we would get a sandwich pick as well.

If Orlando Hudson signs somewhere other than Arizona (a virtual certainty), the Dodgers are locked into the #37 pick as the sandwich pick for Manny, and Lowe's sandwich pick would be between #41 & 45 depending on some other Type A free agent signings.

So if all this happens, the Dodgers' draft will look like this:

#17 (own pick)
#25 (from Mets, Manny)
#37 (sandwich, Manny)
#41-45 (sandwich, Lowe)
#53-63 (from Braves, Lowe)

2009-01-28 08:24:40
94.   Andrew Shimmin
Just think of how many players White could draft and then not sign with all those picks.
2009-01-28 08:26:57
95.   Eric Stephen
I think part of the problem with some guys (Alex White, et al) not signing is that there is only a finite supply of pens in the world, and some people have an inordinate supply of said pens.
2009-01-28 08:27:23
96.   Daniel Zappala
Jon -- Congratulations. What a great feeling it must be to have this on its way.
2009-01-28 08:31:58
97.   Andrew Shimmin
95- I was cleaning out my laptop case the other day and found a five pack I'd stashed and forgotten about. It was a little like Christmas, but without having to give other people stuff, or be nice to them.
2009-01-28 08:36:25
98.   cargill06
66 Yes, you've made my day.
2009-01-28 08:42:41
99.   old dodger fan
Amazon says free shipping if my order is $25 or more. What else should I buy? Decisions, decisions.
2009-01-28 08:42:56
100.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
0 - Congrats on the incredible accomplishment! Best of luck!

When does the sequel, "100 things a DODGER GM should Know and Do before they die" come out?

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2009-01-28 08:44:21
101.   Disabled List
89 Speaking of... Jon, when can we expect a "Best of Dodger Thoughts, Vol. 2"?
2009-01-28 08:45:56
102.   Jim Hitchcock
99 Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, etc, etc...:)
2009-01-28 08:50:53
103.   Tripon
According to Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic, the Diamondbacks agreed to terms with starter Jon Garland on a one-year deal with an option (likely mutual) for 2010. Garland's guaranteed money is believed to be in the $6-8MM range. Garland's early December decision to decline the Angels' offer of arbitration turned out to be a mistake. The Angels will receive a supplemental draft pick for their loss.

2009-01-28 08:52:34
104.   Alex41592
Garland pitching in Arizona just seems like a really bad idea.
2009-01-28 08:52:59
105.   Eric Stephen
I hope our deal with Wolf isn't more than Garland's deal.
2009-01-28 08:57:20
106.   cargill06
105 I was just about to say that kills Randy Wolf's idea of wanting 3-28. I think that's what he was asking for.
2009-01-28 08:57:32
107.   silverwidow
My top 10, in advance of BA coming out with their list on Friday:

1. Andrew Lambo, OF/1B
2. Ethan Martin, RHP
3. Ivan DeJesus Jr., SS/2B
4. James McDonald, RHP
5. Scott Elbert, LHP
6. Josh Lindblom, RHP
7. Josh Bell, 3B
8. Nathan Eovaldi, RHP
9. Ramon Troncoso, RHP
10. Austin Gallagher, 3B

2009-01-28 08:57:47
108.   Jacob Burch
105 It has to be something around 2/15 with some bizarre option deal (all deals must include these now I think), doesn't it? I'd be surprised if it's much less (sadly).
2009-01-28 08:59:16
109.   ToyCannon
Not sure why we are excited about these late round 1st/supplemental 1st round picks. So far in the decline stage of the Logan White era they have amounted to zip do da. As Canuck himself pointed out those supplemental picks have been bloody awful. A 25th is very close to a supplemental pick. That would be small consolation for losing Manny's offense.

Just for an intellectual exercise if we don't sign Manny we have a gaping hole of 40 million between this years payroll and last years payroll. What player has a huge 2009 contract like Manny did that might be unloaded during the season to save the current owner of that team some Benjamin's?

2009-01-28 09:02:47
110.   Eric Stephen
Wolf's idea of 3/$28.5 was killed in November when the Astros pulled their offer off the table, just before Wolf was going to accept it.

I think Jacob has roughly the right idea for the contract, perhaps less than $15m over 2 years.

2009-01-28 09:03:57
111.   Tripon
109 Its better to have draft picks, than not to have him. Even if not to develop youngsters for the major league team, then to use as valuable trading options for teams such as the Priates, or Marlins who need young players for their own system. If the Dodgers had a poor farm system, the Dodgers would have a much harder time facilitating trades.

I don't know if a trade for Manny happens if the Dodgers didn't have Bryan Morris to trade off, a guy picked with a late first rounder.

2009-01-28 09:04:01
112.   ToyCannon
Looks like the Dodgers made the right choice on Penny. I love the Diamondbacks throwing money at every pitcher until one takes the bait. I read somewhere the Dodgers were interested in Garland but his price was to high. This only leaves Wolf and Looper in the Dodger price range. If we get Wolf for that kind of money, I'd rather have Wolf then Penny only because I like Wolf. It still boggles my mind that we would entertain signing someone as oft injured as Wolf and ignore Sheets over a 17th pick.

I had some strange dream last night that Brandon Looper threw a shutout but all I can remember is the box score.

2009-01-28 09:06:20
113.   cargill06
107 Tell me something about Anthony Delmonico. How does he project defensively? Seems like he has good plate discipline and power in college and in rookie ball.
2009-01-28 09:06:25
114.   Eric Stephen
Not signing Manny, and heading into the season with a $90-ish million payroll would be remarkably disappointing. I'll join the McCourt cash flow problem chorus if that happens.

But I still think Manny ends up here. He just needs to choose a number so I can order bhsportsguy's t-shirt.

2009-01-28 09:07:11
115.   ToyCannon
Sure, we would have just given them Watt and the Padres would have picked someone else. The Manny trade came 1st.

Sure it is better to have draft picks if you spend the money to sign them. I'm not arguing against draft picks in any way, just saying a 25th pick and a 37th pick is small consolation for not signing Manny.

2009-01-28 09:08:41
116.   Jacob Burch
109 For obvious reasons, I can't think of many that hit that close to 20 mil. Carlos Delgado comes to mind though, if he starts out as badly as he did last year. It would require a Manny-esque deal of the Mets getting a non-prospect, though.
2009-01-28 09:09:38
117.   cargill06
114 I think if we lose out on Manny they'll still try and sign a defense-less corner outfielder.
2009-01-28 09:10:55
118.   Jon Weisman
99 - These are upcoming releases:

Forever Blue: The True Story of Walter O'Malley, Baseball's Most Controversial Owner,and the Dodgers of Brooklyn and Los Angeles
by Michael D'Antonio

Bottom of the Ninth: Branch Rickey, Casey Stengel, and the Daring Scheme to Save Baseball from Itself
by Michael Shapiro

2009-01-28 09:11:03
119.   ToyCannon
Delmonico was a terrible defensive SS in college. We moved him to 2nd base and he was one of the players being talked about who was going to move behind the plate. Hopefully we will know more about that move this spring.

From Tot Holmes:
""We wanted to pair him with Devaris Strange-Gordon at Ogden as a shortstop-second base tandem. He would be good for Devaris became the young kid has all the tools and Delmoico has been well-coached."

White later suggested that Delmonico was one two of the players he selected in the 2008 Player Draft might, at some point, trade in their infielder's gloves for some catching gear."

2009-01-28 09:11:39
120.   Andrew Shimmin
109- Beltre and Holiday? I'm assuming the Angels walk away with the AL West, again. Those aren't monster contracts, but they should be hard to justify by the break. This is Delgado's walk year, and he's pulling down mid double digits, but the Mets shouldn't be sellers.
2009-01-28 09:11:40
121.   Eric Stephen
Gary Sheffield :)
2009-01-28 09:12:28
122.   cargill06
I think the Mets are more concerned with pitching. Once they sign Perez their payroll will be in the 140 would they really push it up to 165 with Manny too?
2009-01-28 09:13:01
123.   Jon Weisman
101 - If it weren't for "100 Things," I should have come out with Vol. 2 in December. Depending how things go, I might try for this December, but I might just wait until December 2010 (assuming nothing else comes up).
2009-01-28 09:13:23
124.   Jacob Burch
120 Right, as I suggested, it would take a slump and the Mets either catching major injury bug and/or getting a wacky three way deal. Was thinking of High Paid players in general.
2009-01-28 09:15:30
125.   Jacob Burch
122 By all accounts other than Jerry Manuel's and Scott Boras's, Mets aren't players.
2009-01-28 09:16:20
126.   Jacob Burch
125 ...Players for Manny, not in a Bill Plaschke "Ball Player" sense. Or anything else that may violate some of the various Rules below.
2009-01-28 09:16:22
127.   ToyCannon
The Mets aren't going to be dropping payroll in the middle of their pennant race. I think the pickings are slim. Without Manny this would be the biggest drop in dollars in payroll from the end of one season to the beginning of another. They couldn't sign enough Dunn's to make up the difference given how far his price has fallen.

Hell, I'd sign Dunn, stick him at 1st and move Loney to LF for a year.

2009-01-28 09:16:38
128.   delias man
121 I would take Sheff back in a salary dump in a second.
2009-01-28 09:16:57
129.   Andrew Shimmin
124- I didn't refresh before posting. You're right, it is possible, but I assume it's very unlikely. Delgado probably isn't going to knock an old man down. Plus, the Dodgers already have a first baseman.
2009-01-28 09:20:57
130.   ToyCannon
Don't think they qualify. Holliday is going to bring in a nice bundle for the A's if they move him. Maybe Beltre but he's not exactly an offensive juggernaut. I'm looking for guys who a team will unload just to unload the contract. Many teams are loaded with payroll right now but the Dodgers have room so they could be the team to take these contracts.

Sheffield - Hmmm - If we are going to consider Sheff might we not consider Barry Bonds?

2009-01-28 09:22:25
131.   ToyCannon
So it sounds like your research dug up much more then 100 things. Are you going to let your inside fans know which ones didn't make the cut?
2009-01-28 09:23:41
132.   D4P
If we are going to consider Sheff might we not consider Barry Bonds?

Ned prefers the Bennett/Mota brand of PED user.

2009-01-28 09:25:20
133.   Eric Stephen
Sheffield would be motivated to place higher on our next poll for #3 hitter, so we've got that going for us.
2009-01-28 09:27:43
134.   kinbote
I have to think Bobby Abreu for one year might be appealing to Ned & company. He's not a perfect fit (i.e. he's not a RH cleanup hitter), but he's pretty low risk. At this point, I'd almost rather we snatch him up than wait around for Boras to cave in.
2009-01-28 09:27:49
135.   Gen3Blue
The Dodger's pitching situation looks to be more interesting(or dismal?) than I thought.
Of course there will be the couple of journeymen starters who appear to have made a breakthrough in spring training, and prove not to by May!
2009-01-28 09:28:24
136.   underdog
I wonder how much longer Mark D is going to torture himself by blogging about the Rockies?
2009-01-28 09:28:27
137.   Ken Noe
117 If Ned doesn't sign Manny, I think he starts with JP and if necessary (!) picks up another someone at the break. That's essentially what Gurnick reported awhile back. Personally I'd rather grab Dunn now.
2009-01-28 09:29:12
138.   Andrew Shimmin
They're under contract for more than just this year, but Rolen, Vernon Wells, and Helton all make a lot of money for bad teams.
2009-01-28 09:31:38
139.   ToyCannon
We are going to miss Lowe but the trio of Chad/Hiroki/Clayton is very very good compared to the league. If think we underestimate how good Hiroki was for us and he got better as the season wore on. He was also our best playoff pitcher.
2009-01-28 09:33:34
140.   bryanf
Congrats Jon. I absolutely cannot wait to read this book. I'm looking forward to hearing details about the book release gathering.
2009-01-28 09:34:23
141.   CanuckDodger
109 -- The "decline stage of the Logan White era?" I think it has to be said that we don't have nearly enough distance from the post-2003 drafts to be grading them with much confidence. This time last year a lot of people had completely written off Blake DeWitt, Scott Elbert was an injury case, and Cory Wade was a guy with no tools who had just had a nice little season while being too too old for the California League and nearly too old for the Southern League. Just one year later that 2004 draft is looking a whole lot better. This sort of thing happens, and it happens with White's drafts maybe more than the average.
2009-01-28 09:34:49
142.   ToyCannon
Toronto was better then us last year and will be better then us this year. If you took our team and stuck it in the AL East we'd be chewed up and they managed 86 wins. Not sure how that is a bad team.
2009-01-28 09:35:04
143.   old dodger fan
135 Speaking of journeyman starters- Josh Fogg was simply awful last year but a decent 4/5 starter in the years before. I remember last year thinking, "Why in the world are we inviting Chan Ho Park to camp". I suspect we could get Fogg into camp for almost nothing. Panning for gold.
2009-01-28 09:35:56
144.   dkminnick
Congrats on the book, Jon! Can't wait.

134 - I agree. Ned should at least begin negotiating with Abreu in a very public way. If there actually are other teams looking at Manny, knowing we are exploring options will mitigate a bidding war and keep his price down. If we do lose out on Manny, then we get Abreu. Not so bad. Beats Pierre, that's for sure.

2009-01-28 09:40:25
145.   Andrew Shimmin
142- Bad in that their shot at the post season is bad. What are the chances that the Blue Jays are going to sniff a pennant race in the next three years?
2009-01-28 09:43:53
146.   kinbote
Name That Contract [third year in]:

$8M signing bonus
09:$16M, 10-14:$18M annually
full no-trade clause

award bonuses: $0.25M for top vote-getter in All-Star balloting, $0.35M for World Series MVP, $0.25M for LCS MVP, $0.3M for MVP, $75,000 for Gold Glove

perks: suite on road trips, 6 premium tickets for each home game (spring training - post-season) and All Star Game (if selected)

2009-01-28 09:44:17
147.   underdog
The DBacks-Garland deal seems like two sides who recently made a mistake and were desperate enough to come together. Garland declining arbitration and the DBacks not offering Randy Johnson a similar amount of money.

Btw, Cubs just traded for Aaron Heilman, apparently -- M's get Ronny Cedeno and Garrett Olson.

2009-01-28 09:46:59
148.   Tripon
That Peavy trade ani't happening.
2009-01-28 09:47:58
149.   Gen3Blue
139 That cheers me up a bit, coming from a knowlegeble source.
2009-01-28 09:47:59
150.   kinbote
147 I didn't know trades were allowed during Super Bowl Week. ;)
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2009-01-28 09:48:10
151.   Jacob Burch
146 Vernon Wells?
2009-01-28 09:48:25
152.   silverwidow
146 Vernon Wells. Just a guess.
2009-01-28 09:51:01
153.   Jacob Burch
151 Wow, V.Wells is even worse.
2009-01-28 09:51:18
154.   Kuo-fax
146 Soriano?

Jon, congrat's on finishing the book, my order is in. Can't wait to read it!

2009-01-28 09:51:24
155.   cargill06
139 Kuroda's 2nd half looked like this.(including post-season)
6.05 K/9IP, 1.59 BB/9IP, 0.30 HR/9IP. He was outstanding after the break.
2009-01-28 09:52:03
156.   Jacob Burch
146 My second guess was correct, but I won't spoil it.
2009-01-28 09:53:20
157.   Jon Weisman
131 - Well, the first thing I should point out is that there are 50 sidebars in the book to the 100 things.
2009-01-28 09:53:20
158.   Jacob Burch
154 You win the cookie!

Vernon Well's, in retrospect:

09:$1.5M (Really 9.5 with signing bonus), 10:$12.5M (really 20.5 with signing bonus), 11:$23M, 12:$21M, 13:$21M, 14:$21M

2009-01-28 09:56:02
159.   silverwidow
"He went around, strike three, the ball game is over!"
2009-01-28 09:59:02
160.   Jacob Burch
158 The erroneous apostrophe strikes again. I think VW should consider trading his name.

But really, I like V-Wells and all, but that thing is a mighty albatross.

2009-01-28 10:01:03
161.   kinbote
I fully expected Soriano to strike out every single time he came to bat against us in the playoffs last year. Kuroda made him look absolutely silly.
2009-01-28 10:02:31
162.   cargill06
161 That's probably what a lot of people think when they see Kemp hit. It looks so easy just throw him something low away (out of the zone) and he'll chase it every time.
2009-01-28 10:06:16
163.   kinbote
160 The way the Wells contract came together reminded me of the Mondesi deal: Exciting player breaks out and speculation starts that he could command big bucks elsewhere. The main difference is that Toronto really reached out to lock up their "franchise player" while Mondesi's agent basically bullied us into a deal. Both were mistakes. (I still have hope that Wells can put it back together, but he's clearly not worth his paycheck.)
2009-01-28 10:06:30
164.   Jon Weisman
I guess his nickname was ironic:

"Governor A.B. (Happy) Chandler wept today as he signed an order fixing the execution date for a condemned man who has been 'lost' in the Eddyville death house more than four years."

On the same page, don't miss the story of "elderly prospector" and "septuagenarian eccentric" Peter Voiss, who really didn't like having his picture taken for free.

2009-01-28 10:06:41
165.   Eric Stephen
Soriano seems plagued with Reggie Sanders Disease. Meaning he has one huge, obvious flaw in his swing/approach that it makes one wonder why anyone ever allows Soriano success. With Soriano of course, the slider away seems quite elusive, so much so that seemingly everyone in the park or watching on TV knows what is coming with two strikes.

With Sanders it was high heat. Two strikes? Here comes a high fastball, sit down.

2009-01-28 10:07:54
166.   Gen3Blue
On Wells--why the down year in 2007. Was it a known injury
2009-01-28 10:07:57
167.   Alex41592
159 - I prefer...

"Half swing strike three called and the Cubs are dead."

2009-01-28 10:08:49
168.   kinbote
162 I'm not a batting instructor, but I see a difference between the two. To me, Kemp has a quicker bat and sometimes decides [wrongly] to swing well after the ball has left the pitcher's hand. I swear Soriano makes up his mind before the pitch is thrown that he's going to swing.
2009-01-28 10:09:30
169.   Eric Stephen
Future commissioner Happy Chandler!

He didn't want to send the man to his execution. He felt he owed it to him.

2009-01-28 10:11:32
170.   Jon Weisman
From L.A. Observed:

"The City Council's transportation committee has an item today about the $600,000 cost of the Dodger Stadium shuttle and the team's refusal to pay any of the cost."

2009-01-28 10:12:29
171.   68elcamino427
Good pitching will usually handle good hitting.
There are exceptions to this old rule.
Especially when the hitter is Manny Ramirez aka Mr. Ultimo.
2009-01-28 10:14:47
172.   Jon Weisman
169 - Yeah, that's why I mentioned him.
2009-01-28 10:16:25
173.   Bob Timmermann
You can read the supporting documentation for the discussion at:
2009-01-28 10:19:34
174.   68elcamino427
Kemp 9-23-85
Soriano 1-7-76

Wonder how much better Bison will be in 3,375 days?

2009-01-28 10:23:48
175.   silverwidow
174 9-23-84
2009-01-28 10:28:20
176.   Jon Weisman
173 - Thanks.
2009-01-28 10:29:55
177.   D4P
But they'll pay Mark Sweeney $600,000 a year...?

Gimme a break.

2009-01-28 10:31:12
178.   68elcamino427
Thanks - did not read my own scribbling correctly.

Kemp 9-23-84, The Bison, my favorite player.

2009-01-28 10:34:28
179.   Eric Stephen
They paid Sweeney $725,000 last year.
2009-01-28 10:34:58
180.   68elcamino427
Take one part Sweeny and combine this with one part Bennett and what is the result?

*Hint - he is recently signed by the Dodgers and his ast name begins with "A".

2009-01-28 10:36:00
181.   D4P
Then the break I want you to give me is even bigger!
2009-01-28 10:39:16
182.   Humma Kavula
Question: do any teams located in cities with better or more extensive public transportation systems than Los Angeles has pay their cities to defray the cost of the public transport?

Question: how many more tickets would the Dodgers sell if people could get to the game for minimal cost via public transport? What is the average price of the additional tickets they would sell? How much additional revenue in concessions could they gain? How much would they lose from parking fees of customers who would come to the game anyway? Is this total figure more or less than the $600,000 that the shuttle will cost to run?

My point is: as much as I think there should be public transportation to Dodger Stadium, there are a lot of reasons why the Dodgers might not want to pay for it.

Perhaps, as they have a monopoly on major league baseball in L.A., they have a civic duty to provide an economical way to get to the ballpark, but if I make that argument, I'm going to get in over my head very, very quickly.

2009-01-28 10:43:50
183.   Kevin Lewis

And, as someone coming from Pasadena, I wouldn't want to take it. The gas "saved" was not worth it to me in terms of the extra 60 minutes of travel time, part of which was sitting on the Gold Line after the game for 30 minutes waiting for it to leave.

2009-01-28 10:44:29
184.   Bob Timmermann
I think Dodger Stadium is a unique case because the stadium isn't on a public street. So you need a shuttle that takes you in closer to the stadium.

For example in San Francisco, Oakland, or San Diego, the stadiums are either on a street (San Francisco and San Diego) or near an public transportation stop used for other purposes (Oakland's stop for the Coliseum also serves the Oakland Airport.)

I'm not sure how the shuttles for UCLA and USC football are funded. I would assume that the City of Pasadena and the Rose Bowl Operating Committee pay much of the costs for the shuttle. But that's only for 5-7 games a year.

2009-01-28 10:46:50
185.   Kevin Lewis


2009-01-28 10:54:00
186.   Humma Kavula
184 That is a good point. In other cities, the ballpark can piggyback (in a sense) on the existing system. That answers my first question well enough.

As for my second question: is there any argument to be made that it is in the Dodgers' financial interest to offer fans an economical way to get to the ballpark and avoid the parking fees?

2009-01-28 10:57:33
187.   El Lay Dave
173 Man, the internet is great. From one of the reports:

The Department reported that the shuttle service, which operated for the last two months of the 2008 baseball season (32 home games) and five playoff games, carried an average of 704 riders and 1,408 one-way passenger trips per game. These figures far exceeded the approximate 400 riders per game served when the Dodgers contracted for the service during the 2004 season. The total cost to the City to operate the shuttle service for a portion of the 2008 baseball season was approximately $150,000, ...

My admittedly crude analysis: assuming that two months is a representative sample, 704 round-trip riders per game over an entire season is approximately 60,000 fares. So to break even, the city would have to charge $10 per round-trip.

2009-01-28 10:59:00
188.   Kevin Lewis
When our department moved into our new building, they bought brand new Dell computers for everyone. That was four years ago. Now all the computers are dying at the same time.
2009-01-28 11:01:40
189.   ChicagoDodger
As good of a hitter as Manny is, I don't think he compensates enough for the young Dodger pitching in 2009. I think the young pitchers, though good, will struggle a bit as they continue with their development in 2009. All-in-all, with or without Manny, I don't think the Dodgers win it all in 2009.

Manny may not be able to play the field in 2011 or 2012.

If the only way the Dodgers can sign Manny is if they give him 3 or 4 years, is this a good investment?

Essentially they could be taking a $75 or $100 million gamble on the 2010 season hoping the young pitchers have developed enough by then to win in 2010.

As for the supplemental picks or in the case of the Mets 25th pick being a waste, I don't understand the logic. Unless the Dodgers have never had a good pick beyond say the 20th or so pick in the first round, I don't understand how past performances of players picked late 1st round or during the supplemental 1st round stage indicate in any way shape or form how future players picked at these spots will perform. As many fans like to say regarding stats like this, "small sample size".

As for the size of the payroll? What is wrong with having a good (in this case low)flexible payroll, when the free agent market is void of any players worth spending on, or in the case of Manny, ones that might not make sense in the long term despite their short term value. Should an owner simply spend because they have the money? Or should they spend when it makes more sense, or where it makes more sense?

2009-01-28 11:02:06
190.   Tripon
186 Yes, if you think people will buy at the concession stands in Dodgers stadium.
2009-01-28 11:06:17
191.   ToyCannon

This is a product worth over 1/2 Billion dollars. 600,000 for a full season of shuttles seems cheap enough to me but it ain't my money. If they do it people will complain about how it works, if they don't people will complain they are cheap. They are in a no win situation because if they do it, they won't do it right.

2009-01-28 11:07:12
192.   Daniel Zappala
173 1408 one-way trips per game, times 37 games the service was provided, divided by 150,000 dollars of cost = 35 cents per one-way trip. I fail to see why charging 50 cents per trip is a big deal.
2009-01-28 11:07:48
193.   underdog
Uh oh, the pressure's on, Minotaur!

2009-01-28 11:11:38
194.   CanuckDodger
I wouldn't scoff at the 25th overall pick. Billingsley was the 24th overall pick in 2003. It is in the 31st to 40th pick range that luck has not been on our side.
2009-01-28 11:14:32
195.   ToyCannon
I scoff at the 25th pick when compared to the value of the player who is leaving. I also scoff at the 17th pick compared to the value of the player not being signed. Manny Ramirez and Ben Sheets would be the difference between fighting the Diamondbacks/Giants for the Western Division or fighting the RedSox/Yankees/Rays for the World Championship.
2009-01-28 11:19:09
196.   ToyCannon
Rich Hill is out of options. What would the Cubs want?
2009-01-28 11:21:19
197.   ChicagoDodger
194 But admittedly, are we not talking a small sample size? Especially if we are limiting the research to the Logan White era?

My point was also more to the wisdom of signing Manny long term. Currently the Dodgers are holding firm to 2 years which I agree with and think is smart.

I don't think the Mets signing Manny (albeit the rumor since debunked) is poor or a sad consolation prize for the Dodgers not ending up with Manny. For example, Abreu or Dunn (either for 1 year with club option for a 2nd year) and the 2 picks and all the money saved is quite a nice consolation prize for not landing Manny.

It certainly doesn't have the devastating impact some Dodger fans would have you think. And it certainly isn't such a bad consolation prize so as to give into Boras and Manny for 3 or 4 years.

2009-01-28 11:23:35
198.   CanuckDodger
195 -- Well, I wasn't addressing your point about Manny, but if we lose Manny it is not going to be because we decided we want the 25th draft pick instead. It will be because some other team gave him a contract we wouldn't, and I am fine with avoiding getting tied to Manny for a long term deal. But on the 17th pick/Sheets, no. Sheets is a big enough injury risk that it isn't worth it. Talent, like a willing spirit, is irrelevant if the flesh is weak.
2009-01-28 11:25:26
199.   old dodger fan
Over 37 games the cost was $150,000 with an average of 1,408 one-way trips. That comes to 52,096 one-way trips costing $150,000 or $2.88 per one-way trip.

If the cost per game is the same in the future it would cost $328,000 for 81 games . The study estimated it would cost $383,000 for basic service and as much as $630,000 for a higher level of service as recommended by the Dodgers. If it explained the difference in the levels of service I did not see it.

One suggestion was to charge a dollar. That would reduce the subsidy to less than $2 per one-way trip.

It's hard to say if the sample is representative of a full season. I did not see if the usage increased or decreased during the season or if the playoff games distorted the average.

2009-01-28 11:26:57
200.   fanerman
193 "...the Dodgers probably hope that Kershaw's progess will be more dramatic, and that he will accompany Chad Billingsley at the top of the rotation for years to come."

Wait, are they saying Billingsley is a top of the rotation pitcher?

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2009-01-28 11:28:16
201.   CanuckDodger
197 -- Sure, I wasn't overly serious about that stuff -- predicting patterns of success or failure based on what we have done with picks in a certain range lately. More of a "thought experiment" than anything else.
2009-01-28 11:29:11
202.   ChicagoDodger
195 Again, it's not just the picks. It's also the money. Dodger fans can't have it both ways. They can't on the one hand say "I don't care about the money, it's not my money", and then on the other hand say "what an idiot the Dodger GM is paying Manny $50 million over 2011 and 2012 and he can't even play the field, and his hitting has started to decline so now he can't evn be traded. Or he's injured himself to where he can't be traded."

Things are not as simple as "just give him whatever he wants".

As for Sheets, I wouldn't mind investing the 17th pick on him either. But how healthy is he? Isn't it rather strange that the Yankees would spend on Burnett instead of Sheets? That the Mets or Cubs wouldn't be interested in him? Any team for that matter?

If the cost is the 17th pick for the equivalent of what Mark Prior gave the Padres last year, i sure as heck would scoff at giving it (17th pick) up.

2009-01-28 11:38:43
203.   Alex41592
Gerald Wallace has a collapsed lung and broken rib from the flagrant foul last night by Andrew Bynum.

I would imagine a suspension is coming.

2009-01-28 11:42:21
204.   ToyCannon
The team with the highest payroll by far over the last decade with nothing to show for it is being held up as a reason not to sign Sheets because they took the inferior pitcher?
The Yankee's have made so many mistakes the only thing they have going for them is that they can just buy themselves out of each one. Burnett will be another. If I can get Sheets for 1/2 the price of Burnett I do it.
2009-01-28 11:47:58
205.   CanuckDodger
204 -- Every team in baseball save the Rangers wants nothing to do with Sheets. If he is in danger of spending the next two years as the Jason Schmidt of 2007-08 then he is worth very little.
2009-01-28 11:49:29
206.   68elcamino427
Could the new reality regarding the condition of the present and upcoming state of the national and world economies be playing a role in the issuance (or lack of) of Mega Contracts like those Boras is seeking for Ramirez?
Is it true that the unemployment fund in the State of California is about to run out of money?
Have Mr. Biden and President Obama warned all of us that things will get worse before they get better?
Jus wonder'in
2009-01-28 11:49:37
207.   kinbote
WE (Wolf Expectancy) has to be around 80-90%. The Mets and Oliver Perez seem to be circling around each other; once that's settled, I don't see another team seriously in play.
2009-01-28 11:49:53
208.   Disabled List
Speculating about Ben Sheets is kind of a waste of time at this point. Colletti has already said flatly that he's not considering Sheets. While normally I would dismiss that as standard negotating GM-speak, given the Dodgers recent history with expensive and injury-prone free-agent busts, I'm inclined to believe him here.

I doubt that protecting the #17 pick has that much to do with it. I think Ned's been ordered to avoid any big ticket FAs with significant injury risks.

2009-01-28 11:50:04
209.   Jon Weisman
Alex Belth on Torre/A-Rod/Verducci:

2009-01-28 11:52:39
210.   silverwidow
Really good Dodgers organizational report:

2009-01-28 11:52:55
211.   El Lay Dave
202 I can imagine front offices looking at the fact that Sheets finished the season injured with a torn elbow muscle as being important. The front offices have some sort of access to player medical records - "[Texas GM Jon] Daniels said Rangers doctors have reviewed Sheets' medical records, but the GM wouldn't comment on the pitcher's health. Sheets has not undergone a physical for the Rangers."
2009-01-28 11:56:35
212.   CanuckDodger
208 -- I am sure protecting our first round pick wasn't the only reason for avoiding Sheets, but if protecting that pick wasn't a priority in and of itself we would have heard about the Dodgers showing at least some interest in a type A free agent pitcher like Oliver Perez. Perez would have at least been mentioned along side Wolf, Garland, and Looper.
2009-01-28 11:57:21
213.   ToyCannon
Wolf is not an injury risk? Did he not as recently as 2007 miss significant time with a certain Blue team because of injuries?

I actually agree with you which is why I'm a little surprised we are even talking to Wolf. If they wanted to stay away from injuries then they should have ponied up for Garland.

2009-01-28 12:07:50
214.   68elcamino427
The ToyCannon is firing on target today.
2009-01-28 12:08:03
215.   underdog
213 - If they wanted to stay away from injuries then they should have ponied up for Garland. Well, in that specific case they also wanted to stay away from suckitude. :-)
2009-01-28 12:13:17
216.   68elcamino427
How will the Dodgers avoid "league average" mediocrity in the #4 and #5 slots in the rotation this year?

By trade perhaps?

2009-01-28 12:14:09
217.   Eric Stephen
If the Dodgers can get league average pitching (that is, a 100 ERA+) from their 4 and 5 spots, they will be in fine shape.
2009-01-28 12:14:34
218.   Bob Timmermann
So is McCovey Cove having a long discussion today about whether or not the hiring of Will Clark as a special assistant to Brian Sabean is a good idea.
2009-01-28 12:14:44
219.   delias man
Coletti also signed a big injury risk at SS to a huge contract.
2009-01-28 12:18:32
220.   Eric Stephen
This is going to reek of Chad fandom, but...

I didn't like that the picture they used was of Billingsley coming out of game 2 against the Cubs. The caption reads, "but [Billingsley] couldn't continue his success in the playoffs" and shows Chad coming out of a game in which he had a game score of 66, only gave up 1 run, and won.

But I'm probably a little too sensitive on this subject.

2009-01-28 12:19:23
221.   CanuckDodger
213 -- Strictly speaking, every pitcher is some sort of injury risk. The difference is in matter of degrees. The salient difference between Sheets and Wolf is that Wolf ended the 2008 season strong and healthy (pitching better in Houston than he did in Petco) while Sheets ended the season injured, just like Brad Penny and Takashi Saito, whom we also didn't want on the 2009 Dodgers (or in the case of Saito, I guess we wanted him, but not very badly).
2009-01-28 12:25:51
222.   Kevin Lewis

You made me angry about it/

2009-01-28 12:25:57
223.   Jim Hitchcock
209 Pretty great story about sunflower seed chewing, from the vaults, near the bottom right of the article.
2009-01-28 12:26:49
224.   cargill06
220 I understand your fresturation. At least it didn't say, "Yet, he cost the Dodger's their season by not drilling a Phillie in the NLCS."
2009-01-28 12:29:59
225.   Disabled List
213 The difference between Wolf and Sheets is the cost/length of the contract. Even if Wolf goes down with an injury, you just burn one year and a few million bucks, which makes the risk more tolerable. I just have visions of Frank McCourt grinding his teeth every time he cuts a check to Jason Schmidt.

219 makes a good point about Furcal, though.

2009-01-28 12:32:19
226.   ToyCannon
I would imagine that getting league average pitching from 5 rotational pitchers is not easy to do and that very very few teams last year were able to accomplish that task. I doubt that we do.
2009-01-28 12:33:19
227.   old dodger fan
225 If the checks are in alphabetical order he gets to Schmidt's about the time his stomach settles from signing Andruw's check. Maybe they have direct deposit.
2009-01-28 12:38:50
228.   ToyCannon
I see, but history has shown that Ben Sheets has pitched over 140 innings every year but one and he still made 100 innings that year.

So we are ignoring his career and worrying that a torn elbow muscle is going to change this pattern?

Just for fun, how many pitchers do you think have thrown more innings then Ben Sheets since he started pitching in 2001 that also started pitching in 2001?

2009-01-28 12:47:30
229.   Disabled List
228 But Sheets has had injuries in each of the last four years. Wolf was at least healthy last year, if not the three years before that.

Again, the cost and length of the contract is what makes Wolf more attractive. If Sheets could be had for not much more than Wolf, and for only one year, the Dodgers would accept that risk.

This is the third year in a row that Jason Schmidt's contract is crippling the team. McCourt seems determined to minimize the possibility of that ever happening again.

2009-01-28 12:48:00
230.   old dodger fan
My wife gave me a Baseball HOF daily calender for Christmas this year. I've had Reggie Jackson's HOF plaque staring at me all day. Every time I look at it I see him sticking his hip out to deflect the throw to 1st not to mention the fact that the 3 HR game is mentioned on the plaque.
2009-01-28 12:48:20
231.   Jon Weisman
Tremendous JoePo story on "Coming to terms with Bruce Springsteen playing the Super Bowl."

2009-01-28 12:49:56
232.   LogikReader
More on Gerald Wallace. Wallace is hurt a lot worse than I thought:

Bynum was trying to play hard, but took it a little too far

2009-01-28 12:53:03
233.   CanuckDodger
Of course you ignore career if an intervening factor -- like an injury -- makes the prior career useless as a predictor of the future. You are basically parroting the justification for the Dodgers signing Schmidt -- he always seemed to be sore, but still put in a lot of high-performance innings despite injuries and rumors of injuries.
2009-01-28 12:54:34
234.   CanuckDodger
233 -- That post was a response to #228.
2009-01-28 12:55:15
235.   Gen3Blue
228 19?
2009-01-28 12:56:05
236.   Gen3Blue
Wait, they had to start in2001. 9?
2009-01-28 12:56:45
237.   Xeifrank
A little late to the dance, but I think the Garland signing by the Diamondbacks is a great one for their team. Switching from the tougher AL to the weaker NL should push Garland's value to atleast league average (2 wins over replacement). This signing probably knocks Petit out of their rotation and moves a talented Max Scherzer into the #5 spot. Webb, Haren, Davis, Garland and Scherzer is a pretty good rotation. The NL West now has three our four very good rotations in SF, AZ, LAD and COL.
vr, Xei
2009-01-28 13:01:26
238.   ToyCannon
No my point is that Ben Sheets is not as big an injury risk as the perception. The man gets hurt every year but he still logs enough innings to be effective. Eric Enders has made this point much better then I'm doing. I expect this trend to continue while you expect him to become Jason Schmidt. Time will tell which is right.
2009-01-28 13:01:57
239.   Dodger Tony
Looking forward to reading the book as a companion piece to the end of the Dodgers as we know it.
2009-01-28 13:06:31
240.   Brent Knapp
99 Try
2009-01-28 13:07:01
241.   bhsportsguy
231 My one Bruce Springsteen concert experience was at the LA Coliseum during his "Born in the USA" tour, so I am probably not right the person to judge him (for that and a host of other reasons). But he just played in DC for the Inaugural, he's pre-releasing material on the internet, and he's about to launch a big concert tour. All of those things or none of those things could factor in why he is doing this show.

All that said, I am sure it would be great to witness Springsteen in an intimate setting, doing what he loves to do, but that probably isn't in the cards for me to see anytime soon.

2009-01-28 13:12:22
242.   CanuckDodger
239 -- "The end of the Dodgers as we know it?" I feel great about the Dodgers right now. This has been the best Dodgers off-season in as long as I can remember. The Dodgers committed to building from within, playing hardball with agents instead of dropping their pants and bending over, nary a dumb trade rumor in sight. It doesn't get much better than this.
2009-01-28 13:15:49
243.   bhsportsguy
239 What does that mean, are they moving somewhere.

I believe we are often so focused on the present and that are memories are so selective, we fail to see that the great thing about baseball is that it really hasn't changed in 100+ years its been played professionally in America.

Disputes about player's salaries, complaints about teams selling off players, competitive balance, having enough pitching, etc. The outlandish, eccentric ballplayer, you could find a story from 1914, put Manny Ramirez, A-Rod or some other prominent player in it and you would not know that those incidents took place so long ago.

It is the beauty and perhaps the curse of the game that it really has not changed and if you want to move up the timeline to 1947, you can do that too but outside where the players come from now, the rest of it is just not that much different.

Of the three major professional sports in America, baseball is the closest to what is was like when your grandfather first saw the game. And it is the most likely to be the same when your grandchildren watch the game.

Is that progress, maybe, maybe not. But in a fast moving world, its comforting to me.

2009-01-28 13:16:14
244.   regfairfield
Except for the part where we won't win much more than 82 games. I guess spiting Scott Boras makes it worth it.
2009-01-28 13:20:05
245.   Jim Hitchcock
RIP Billy Powell. Skynyrd loses another one.
2009-01-28 13:21:42
246.   Dodgers49
182 Perhaps, as they have a monopoly on major league baseball in L.A.,

Monopoly. What Monopoly? You're obviously forgetting about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. :-)

2009-01-28 13:23:45
247.   cargill06
237 I guess the question is, is 200 innings of Garland that much better than 200 innings of Petit? I would think not, that's why I've been so opposed to signing Garland. I don't think 200 innings of Garland is worth $5-$6 million more than 200 innings of Stults.
2009-01-28 13:24:33
248.   skybluestoday

Oh, no! Isn't Rossington now the only core member left?

(Yes, I know that Ed King and Artimus Pyle are still alive, but they've long since been drummed out.)

2009-01-28 13:26:14
249.   regfairfield
But is 200 innings of Garland with Petit being the sixth starter instead of some random NRI worth more than 200 innings of Petit? I think so. You need to plan on more than five starters, and the Diamondbacks did not have that plan.
2009-01-28 13:26:18
250.   cargill06
244 Take a look at our 3B, SS, and CF splits from last year and our pythag record of 87-75. Do you really think a full season of Furcal+Blake+Abreu/Dunn is an 82 win team?

Just saying if we don't sign Manny we'll get 1 of the other 2.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2009-01-28 13:26:59
251.   CanuckDodger
244 -- Unless Manny is retiring, we are getting him back -- but on OUR terms, not Boras's. But if Manny somehow goes elsewhere, so be it -- better we take the short term hit in 2009 than screw up our future beyond 2010. Another sign of progress -- taking a long-term view instead of obsessing over the up-coming season like it is a last kick at the can before the world ends.
2009-01-28 13:27:54
252.   Eric Stephen
But it's never been about Garland vs. Stults or Garland vs. McDonald. There is no universe in which the Dodgers would go into the season with McDonald and Stults as the 4/5 starters without injury to other starters.

We know for a fact the Dodgers are in the market for a starter, so we have to hope they choose the best one. I would choose Sheets, but I can understand not wanting to give up a draft pick (sort of).

It's a matter of choosing if Garland is the best option among the trio of Garland, Wolf, and Looper.

2009-01-28 13:28:09
253.   ToyCannon
Gordon and Thornton going to the Rookie game. Thornton only trails Durant in sophomore scoring while Gordon has been the bomb in January.
Love gets no love as they pick the "old one" instead even with Love being the best rookie rebounder in years.
2009-01-28 13:31:30
254.   cargill06
252 Well, 1 down 2 to go. If Wolf and Looper sign elsewhere Ned maybe forced to. But I'm assuming the market for Wolf and Looper is pretty thin so they most likely won't be signing anywhere else soon.
2009-01-28 13:34:14
255.   CodyS
242 Our impressively efficient use of marginal resources this offseason is truly a marvel that will warm my heart during this upcoming waste of a season.
One thing he might address, if the GM has any time left from all that money-saving, is that we have only a handful of players on the roster that are likely to be above average for their position.
2009-01-28 13:35:13
256.   Xeifrank
247. As 249 states it adds depth. And yes, i think Garland is better than Petit, and Petit is likely to get you no where close to 200 innings. The missing innings would then likely come from a replacement level pitcher or something slightly better. Good signing for the DBacks imo. I like the terms of the deal too.
vr, Xei
2009-01-28 13:37:18
257.   regfairfield
250 That's also assuming: Ethier's year wasn't a fluke, Furcal is healthy, Blake doesn't collapse, and replacing Derek Lowe with some positive thinking doesn't matter. If you assume everything goes right, every team looks go.
2009-01-28 13:40:07
258.   Jim Hitchcock
I didn't know about Pyle being gone, so I guess you're right.

I still remember where I was when I heard about the plane crash. Sitting in my apartment in Hermosa Beach, watching channel 5 news on a black & white TV, and it was Hal Fishman, of all people, who broke the news.

The last time I saw the band was a few months before. I scored front row center tickets at the Starlight Amphitheater, buying them two days before the concert.

I sure would have liked to see the Street Survivors tour, though.

2009-01-28 13:40:57
259.   cargill06
257 Well to that I say, we're getting an additional 80 innings of Kershaw. Also, losing 198 innings of complete uselessness from Proctor, Maddux, Penny, and Loaiza.

I'm not the biggest of Loney fans but I do believe he has no where to go but up. Also, if I had to bet I would bet that Martin has a better year this year than last.

2009-01-28 13:41:23
260.   Harold M Johnson
I would say that Garland is probably the best of those three because he doesn't get injured the way Wolf does, and is better then Looper.
2009-01-28 13:42:18
261.   fanerman
I'm by no means a pessimist, but I don't like our chances without Manny.
2009-01-28 13:47:08
262.   Xeifrank
261. Me too, unless we get Sheets and one of the two (Dunn, Abreu). No Manny and no Sheets and we ar probably around an 82 win on paper team give or take a win. With him add a couple of runs to that. Speaking of winning on paper, perhaps the Cubs should resurface their field.
vr, Xei
2009-01-28 13:47:14
263.   trainwreck
All I know is that we better not give Wolf 7 or 8 million if Sheets just wants 9.
2009-01-28 13:47:53
264.   trainwreck
I thought everyone already showed stats that Abreu is worthless because of how bad his defense is?
2009-01-28 13:49:26
265.   mwhite06
Last year we were only 3 games or so out of first before Manny showed up, and that's with Pierre/Jones playing, Furcal hurt, basically no Blake, and before Ethier went on a tear. By simply adding Dunn/Abreu and losing useless AB's by Jones and and the useless innings by Proctor, Maddux, Penny and Loaiza, I don't see how that team wouldn't be better.
2009-01-28 13:51:43
266.   trainwreck
Other teams in our division could be better too.
2009-01-28 13:52:23
267.   Xeifrank
264. Well not worthless. Probably worth 1.0 - 1.5 wins in the NL. He has amazingly seen his value slip every single year since 2002, going from 6.8 WAR down to 1.3 last year. He's probably not a good option looking at it more closely. Dunn is better, even with his awful defense.
vr, Xei
2009-01-28 13:53:00
268.   cargill06
264 He had a remarkably bad defensive year last year. I think that could be contributed to a number of things, age, injury effort, or just plain bad luck. Just like at the plate. For example here are his UZR numbers from 05 on.
05. -6.5
06. -15.6
07. -4.2
08 -25.2
2009-01-28 13:54:32
269.   cargill06
265 I guess we're just glass half full guys.
2009-01-28 13:57:44
270.   El Lay Dave
269 Use one of these to see it the other way.
2009-01-28 13:58:11
271.   Xeifrank
265. You are losing (off the top of my head).

5.0 wins from Lowe
a couple wins from Manny
1.7 wins from Saito
0.7 wins from Kent
0.7 wins from Beimel
vr, Xei

2009-01-28 14:02:50
272.   Xeifrank
265. And by disgarding (Jones and and the useless innings by Proctor, Maddux, Penny and Loaiza) you gain no more than one win, most of that coming from Jones by the way.
vr, Xei
2009-01-28 14:03:57
273.   mwhite06
272 Wouldn't Dunn add some wins?
2009-01-28 14:09:25
274.   KG16
I can't wait for the season to start. No offense to anyone around here, but I just tired of statistical analysis in place of games. I want practice rather than theory. I think we need to bring back barnstorming tours.
2009-01-28 14:09:47
275.   Eric Enders
The Posnanski column on Springsteen was great (which really goes without saying; it's Posnanski, after all). I definitely had a hard time coming to terms with what appears to be a straight-up money grab on Bruce's part. Not that he's never done money grabs before, but generally they've been more subtle than this.

The funny thing is, Bruce apparently has been wanting to sing at the Super Bowl for almost 40 years. In 1973, when Springsteen was still an unknown, his über-aggressive then-manager, Mike Appel (think of him as half Scott Boras, half Jeff Dowd), proposed an outlandish plan to have Bruce perform the anti-war song "Balboa Versus The Earth Slayer" at the Super Bowl. Shockingly, NBC somehow turned down this opportunity to have an unknown singer perform a controversial song the most-watched program of the year.

Anyway, as it turns out, whatever disappointment I felt about Springsteen selling out to do the Super Bowl has now been superseded by disappointment about how bad the new record is.

2009-01-28 14:15:49
276.   Disabled List
265 , 272 There's also the strong likelihood that Ned will replace the useless players with more uselessness. Guillermo Mota comes to mind.
2009-01-28 14:16:16
277.   Bob Timmermann
The halftime show for the Super Bowl in 1973 was the University of Michigan Band and the Woody Herman Band.

That was the soporific Super Bowl VII between the Dolphins and Washington. Needless to say Miami won, creating the NFL's most insecure group of Super Bowl champs.

2009-01-28 14:18:41
278.   Tripon
2:52pm: More details from ESPN's Jerry Crasnick: Garland gets $6.25MM in '09 and the 2010 option for $10MM has a $2.5MM buyout if the D'Backs reject it. If Garland rejects it it's a $1MM buyout. Bottom line: if he doesn't return in 2010, he'll have made either $7.25MM or $8.75MM for '09.

2009-01-28 14:26:52
279.   Jon Weisman
275 - I think the question is, what do we, he or anyone lose from his performing there? A little luster, perhaps, but nothing meaningful. And it might be cool to see him.

I remember being surprised that Bruce was going to be on Saturday Night Live for the first time, back in 1992. And then he played 57 Channels, in what might have been the worst performance he has ever had. In the end, did it matter? It just showed, in a different way, he's human.

Springsteen is not a zero-sum game. I'm disappointed in the new record in places, perplexed by it in places, but I don't lose anything from it.

2009-01-28 14:30:42
280.   trainwreck
I would have Faith No More perform "Be Aggressive" during the Super Bowl half-time show.
2009-01-28 14:41:08
281.   Harold M Johnson
I thought Prince's super bowl performance was awesome. That was the only one in years that I actually paid attention to. Usually we have a touch football game at halftime; last year's ended with an unbelievable catch for a first down on 4th down, and then a game winning touchdown on the next play.
2009-01-28 14:41:50
282.   Bob Timmermann
What would I like during a halftime show?


Absolutely nothing.

Halftime is America's greatest sporting nightmare.

2009-01-28 14:44:50
283.   LogikReader

The Dolphins, like Curt Gowdy and Al DeRogatis, would go on to be one of the more overrated Super Bowl teams in history, despite going undefeated that year (the Dolphins, not Curt Gowdy).

2009-01-28 14:45:50
284.   cargill06
274 I hear ya, I love ST being able to check all the stats of all the players (mostly the minor leaguers) during work.
2009-01-28 14:47:07
285.   Sonya Hennys Tutu
Just out of curiosity would you guys react to a trade of Kemp centered around a package headlined by Ian Kennedy of the Yanks?
2009-01-28 14:47:59
286.   ToyCannon
I'd like them to talk about the 1st half but then that is just me. One year we had a pool on the fake beer game but those were crazy years.

Larry Bowa is a pessimist and not someone I'd want on my side during a protracted negotiation.

How many are going to Bhsportsguys Super Bowl get together? I think I've convinced my wife to go based on the quality of the food more then the company.

2009-01-28 14:48:08
287.   cargill06
285 I'd become a Giants fan.
2009-01-28 14:48:11
288.   bhsportsguy
282 I remember when the Janet Jackson escapade (get it "Ecapade") took place, only one person in the room saw something. This was before I had a DVR so there was no chance for any replay.

Halftime at UCLA games at the Rose Bowl consists of deciding when to go down the restroom and then deciding if you want to buy something. I don't believe I have ever seen Bob leave his seat during halftime, but then he is much closer to exit than I am .

2009-01-28 14:48:15
289.   trainwreck
With extreme rage.

Like Bob at a peach farm.

2009-01-28 14:49:05
290.   ToyCannon
You mean headlined by Joba Chamberlain right? You couldn't mean headlined by the failed prospect for one of the best young center fielders in baseball?
2009-01-28 14:50:05
291.   bhsportsguy
286 On that note, one more chance to email me at for the details.

This is not a sanctioned/official DT event. But I can guarantee that you can debate the TrueBlue lineup, Simpsons trivia and get some good food at the party.

2009-01-28 14:50:13
292.   ToyCannon
Love the screen name.
2009-01-28 14:50:36
293.   Jim Hitchcock
282 Halftime is when Bob takes his cat out for a walk. Or maybe it's the other way around.
2009-01-28 14:50:50
294.   bhsportsguy
285 Melky is your CF.
2009-01-28 14:51:14
295.   cargill06
Speaking of Joba, with the Yanks signing Pettitte does that mean he's in the pen to start '09? I would think the team would be better served with him in the rotation. But I've been wrong plenty of times before.
2009-01-28 14:51:54
296.   ToyCannon
Can I invite Dodger crazy nieces even if their fiance is a Charger fan?
2009-01-28 14:53:20
297.   bhsportsguy
296 Sure, if the game gets boring we can switch off the game and turn on the Wii.
2009-01-28 14:53:23
298.   trainwreck
Is she crazy because shes marrying a Charger fan?
2009-01-28 14:53:39
299.   Sonya Hennys Tutu
I figured that'd be your collective reaction. Given that, those among you more inclined to debate might find Bum Rush's posts here:


2009-01-28 14:53:52
300.   bhsportsguy
296 As long as he doesn't taunt a particular Colt fan, sure.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2009-01-28 14:54:28
301.   Eric Enders
285 You ever seen Michael Douglas in "Falling Down"? Like that.
2009-01-28 14:55:38
302.   bhsportsguy
299 Is it good that more people are interested what the former manager has to say vs your current manager. (PS, it happens in LA all the time, for all I know some people might still think Tommy manages the Dodgers.)
2009-01-28 14:56:41
303.   Xeifrank
273. Sure he would. Probably around 1 to 2 wins above what Pierre would do playing full time in LF. Plus a run and a half from a healthier Furcal and more innings from Kershaw. You can gain back some of it, but I don't see where the math is coming from to make up all the lost value. vr, Xei
2009-01-28 14:56:57
304.   bhsportsguy
301 Is there any talk that Colt McCoy should have gone pro instead of sticking around for one more year?
2009-01-28 14:57:41
305.   Sonya Hennys Tutu
295 No, still in the rotation. CC/AJ/Wang/Pettitte/Joba. With Hughes et al in the wings.
2009-01-28 14:58:06
306.   trainwreck
Colt McCoy's stock is more like Tebow's than it is Bradford's.
2009-01-28 14:58:12
307.   Jim Hitchcock
296 Last night on Hot Stove he was saying that he will be a starter this year.

He also talked about himself and CC going out to dinner, and consuming much food.

2009-01-28 14:59:00
308.   Eric Enders
305 It hasn't been much of a hot topic because it appears that he never even seriously considered going pro. Obviously Longhorn Nation approves of his decision.

The one we were more worried about was Jordan Shipley, but he's coming back too.

2009-01-28 14:59:04
309.   Bob Timmermann
I generally spend halftimes at UCLA football games staring blankly into space.

It's usually more exciting than the action on the field.

Even if it's not halftime.

2009-01-28 14:59:20
310.   Sonya Hennys Tutu
307 That's what about 500 pounds of human out to dinner? Can't imagine the calories consumed (CC...) or the tab!!
2009-01-28 14:59:21
311.   Eric Stephen
Sort of under the radar, Jose Calderon of the Raptors has made 86 straight free throws, dating back to the last few weeks last season. The record is 97, by a man who didn't know how to spell his own name, Micheal Williams.

Calderon's streak is regular season only, and doesn't include the 5 straight FT he made in last year's playoffs.

2009-01-28 14:59:30
312.   ToyCannon
Dodger Crazy not crazy crazy.
2009-01-28 15:00:43
313.   El Lay Dave
282 ... say it again! ...

279 I actually thought longer about the Wal-Mart only compilation release from Springsteen earlier this month and what it means than I did about his upcoming Super Bowl appearance.

Coincidentally, my father is from the same New Jersey county as Bruce. He's far less cool though.

2009-01-28 15:00:49
314.   Bob Timmermann
Micheal Ray Richardson used the same spelling as Micheal Williams.
2009-01-28 15:01:59
315.   ToyCannon
We got a center fielder you'd love for Ian Kennedy. You need a little more payroll, tripling the Rays payroll might not be enough.
2009-01-28 15:02:35
316.   fanerman
311 Wouldn't that be his parents' fault?
2009-01-28 15:03:27
317.   ToyCannon
I thought Micheal Williams was the mother of Heath Ledgers kid.
2009-01-28 15:08:09
318.   trainwreck
There is a female actress named Michael Michelle.

She was on New York Undercover. I loved that show as a kid.

2009-01-28 15:10:56
319.   oshea2002
318 - she was also on ER I believe

Ridiculous recruiting news today, some good for us, some terrible.

2009-01-28 15:11:04
320.   Eric Enders
318 She was on Homicide also, during its last-gasp stage.
2009-01-28 15:12:00
321.   Eric Stephen
Wouldn't that be his parents' fault?

I'd like to think if I was Erik with a "k" I would have had the common decency to switch it to either my current (and correct) spelling or perhaps a nod to Soul Glo and go with "Eric." :)

2009-01-28 15:13:03
322.   Eric Stephen
Michael (note the correct spelling) Smith just reported on SportsCenter that the Raiders are about to name Tom Cable their coach.

Thus ends the mention of the Raiders during Super Bowl week.

2009-01-28 15:13:15
323.   Jim Hitchcock
310 No way is CC only 260 lbs!
2009-01-28 15:13:41
324.   trainwreck
What news are you referring to?

I assume Carroll and Vehikite.

2009-01-28 15:14:23
325.   Kevin Lewis
I am embarrassed to ask this:

What number was Fernando?

2009-01-28 15:14:55
326.   trainwreck
Typical Al. Waiting till he can do at the time when the league wants no one announcing things.
2009-01-28 15:14:59
327.   silverwidow
325 34
2009-01-28 15:15:10
328.   bhsportsguy
325 34
2009-01-28 15:15:36
329.   bhsportsguy
324 Is Gaffney old news?
2009-01-28 15:15:58
330.   bhsportsguy
320 I loved Homicide.
2009-01-28 15:17:04
331.   trainwreck
2009-01-28 15:18:18
332.   trainwreck
Oh, I just saw the Burfict rumor is confirmed.
2009-01-28 15:18:31
333.   cargill06

If Billingsley is listed at 6'0'' 244 Lbs. and CC is 6'7'' "X" Lbs. what is "X"?

My guess 320

2009-01-28 15:18:35
334.   Kevin Lewis
Thank you
2009-01-28 15:18:58
335.   cargill06
332 What's the rumor?
2009-01-28 15:20:40
336.   trainwreck
De-committed from USC and committed to ASU.
2009-01-28 15:20:40
337.   oshea2002
332 - Burfict is part of it. I don't think it's done yet, Pete still gets final shot tomorrow, but they've clearly got him convinced he won't make it at SC.

The Carroll news is simply crazy. Mom v. Son never ends well. Also hearing Hasiak is opening things up again.

2009-01-28 15:21:12
338.   Eric Stephen
Kevin, it's OK that you did not remember Fernando's # (normally a hanging offense) because no one has worn #34 since Fernando left the Dodgers, and yet it is not retired and thus not as prominently displayed at the stadium as others. :)
2009-01-28 15:24:04
339.   bhsportsguy
337 Hasiak reminds me of that guy who kept Stanford hanging a few years ago and from what I recall, never signes with anyone.
2009-01-28 15:24:31
340.   LogikReader

I think the Dodgers employ an unwritten or written rule that numbers are only retired when a Dodger makes the Hall of Fame. That's an unfortunate rule because, I feel like in every other aspect, Fernando's number should be officially retired.

Ah well... Maybe we can wait 20 years and get some fellas to vote him in like with Jim Rice.

2009-01-28 15:28:44
341.   El Lay Dave
340 There is precedent for exceptions. Junior Gilliam's 19 is retired. Not that I'm wishing such a fate to befall El Toro.
2009-01-28 15:29:27
342.   oshea2002
339 - Lorig
2009-01-28 15:29:27
343.   bigcpa
SPAM- I'm selling two decent seats between the baskets for the Saturday UCLA/Stanford game at face. bigcpa@gmail.
2009-01-28 15:30:10
344.   bhsportsguy
340 That's true but in Fernando's case, he has been held out for a while and its unlikely it will be issued anytime soon. I am not a big fan of retiring numbers, it will be interesting if Piazza's number will be retired when he makes the HOF.
2009-01-28 15:30:41
345.   Eric Stephen
I don't think Fernando will ever sniff the HOF, and I hate to say it but rightfully so.

I brought up Fernando because for all intents and purposes #34 is retired, just not officially so. He is unique in that respect.

If anything, Hershiser deserves to have his number retired more than Fernando does. Wayne Kirby wore #55, for God's sake.

2009-01-28 15:33:11
346.   bhsportsguy
345 But there was a difference in impact between the two, Orel had some great years and was the reason the Dodgers won the 1988 title but Fernando probably is the reason that the Dodgers were able to dominate the Latino fan base in So Cal and that is a big reason why the Dodgers remain as popular as they are today.
2009-01-28 15:33:53
347.   trainwreck
I barely know anyone's number in sports.

Magic 32
Robinson 42
Jordan 23
Gretzky 99
Kobe 8 then 24
I believe Martin is 55
Russell Westbrook was 0 at UCLA

Well, that is about it.

2009-01-28 15:34:32
348.   LogikReader
We had a few moments this decade where fans might have down the line retired Eric Gagne's number 38. Gagne's post-Dodger career effectively ends that discussion.

If I remember correctly, there is only one person still wearing Jackie Robinson's number 42, Mariano Rivera. Once he retires, the number will be retired for good.

2009-01-28 15:34:49
349.   cargill06
347 I would bet you know Beimel.
2009-01-28 15:34:59
350.   trainwreck
Oh, and LeBron is 23 because of Jordan.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2009-01-28 15:35:35
351.   trainwreck
I remember it is a high number.
2009-01-28 15:36:04
352.   Eric Enders
I think #34 should be officially retired, definitely moreso than Orel (who admittedly was the superior pitcher, but that's not the only factor).

I do look forward to the day in 2029 when #55 is retired in a joint ceremony for Hershiser and Russ Martin. (Who, by the way, definitely appreciates the significance of that number; I've spoken with him about it and he was delighted that he was thought highly enough of to be assigned Orel's number.)

2009-01-28 15:37:25
353.   Tripon
The Oakland Raiders have decided on Tom Cable as their head coach for the 2009 season, a source close to another candidate for the Raiders' head coaching job has told ESPN's Michael Smith.

2009-01-28 15:40:16
354.   wronghanded
It's been awhile since I've posted but I just wanted to share that I played in my HS alumni game (Vista High) this past weekend and it felt like I was in Spring Training.

AB #1: K vs. Wes Littleton (nasty backdoor slider)

AB #2: K vs. Trevor Cahill (3 straight fastballs...HEAT)

AB #3: popout to 2nd vs. Andres Esquibel (R ball for the Mariners) I finally touched a fastball unfortunately it didn't go very far.

I always have fun at this event but I couldn't have drawn a worse group of pitchers to face. I guess if anything, it has me prepped for my Sunday league starting in late February.

2009-01-28 15:40:34
355.   trainwreck
I could name a few more, but really, I do not pay much attention to it.
2009-01-28 15:41:24
356.   trainwreck
Awesome you got to face Trevor Cahill.
2009-01-28 15:42:10
357.   LogikReader

That's pretty good!

Of the Showtime Lakers I remember these numbers.

Magic, 32
Worthy, 42
Scott, 4
Rambis, 31
Abdul-Jabbar, 33
Cooper, 21

Numbers of the current Lakers:

Kobe (24), Sasha (18), Vlad-Rad (10), Bynum (17), Fish (2), Walton (4), Odom (7), Powell (21, formerly Turiaf's number), Gasol (16), Farmar (5), Ariza (3)

It's easy to remember some of those since they're single digits.

2009-01-28 15:42:11
358.   cargill06
354 What league are you playing in?
2009-01-28 15:43:24
359.   wronghanded
356 Yeah he's gonna be good, I recommend picking him up in fantasy leagues because he has a real shot at their rotation this year.
2009-01-28 15:44:35
360.   wronghanded
354 I play in the North County San Diego MABL, it's a wood bat league. Do you play in a league?
2009-01-28 15:45:04
361.   wronghanded
oops 358
2009-01-28 15:45:46
362.   cargill06
360 Ya, I'm playing in the a league called PCBL in the LA area. Didn't realize you were in the SD league.
2009-01-28 15:46:15
363.   cargill06
[362} SD area I mean.
2009-01-28 15:46:33
364.   silverwidow
Trevor Cahill = Brandon Webb Jr.
2009-01-28 15:47:59
365.   Eric Stephen
1980s Lakers
Wilkes 52
Nixon 10 (actually I'm not 100% sure on this)
Wes Matthews 1
Adrian Branch 24 (that's a guess)
Billy Thompson 55
A.C. Green 45
Mychal Thompson 00 (first game against Boston), then 43
Did Mike Smrek wear 54 or 52?
2009-01-28 15:49:18
366.   cargill06
364 Ya, that's crazy 8 HR allowed in 238.2 IP, and 264 K's to go with it.
2009-01-28 15:49:58
367.   Eric Stephen
I looked it up, Smrek wore 52.
2009-01-28 15:50:53
368.   wronghanded
362 Thats cool, I'm going to keep playing until I can no longer physically compete.

364 Good call, he is a beast on the mound, but a really nice kid when you sit down and talk to him.

2009-01-28 15:52:40
369.   silverwidow
I'm excited to see Cahill's buddy Brett Anderson, too. He has a boatload of plus pitches (slider, change, curve) and a fastball with pristine command.
2009-01-28 15:54:44
370.   trainwreck
ESPN has a new fan voting campaign, the Mt. Rushmore for your state.

For California, I would put Magic, John Wooden, Jackie Robinson, and Jerry Rice.

Disclaimer: I thought about this for about 5 seconds.

2009-01-28 15:57:02
371.   Jon Weisman
370 - I feel like I did that on Dodger Thoughts once, but I don't have the link handy.
2009-01-28 15:59:28
372.   trainwreck
I remember that now. Was it for California, LA, or all sports?
2009-01-28 16:00:15
373.   trainwreck
Looking at the list of California eligible people is just plain ridonkulous.
2009-01-28 16:01:56
374.   Jon Weisman
372 - Just the Dodgers.
2009-01-28 16:02:34
375.   Eric Stephen
I'd replace Rice with Scully, but that's a good list.
2009-01-28 16:04:33
376.   trainwreck
Look at this list. It is crazy.

2009-01-28 16:04:41
377.   fanerman
373 I know, where's O.J.?
2009-01-28 16:05:54
378.   Eric Enders
I remember doing the Dodger Mount Rushmore thing. Maybe it was in the comments instead of a post?

Anyway, for Texas I refuse to pick anyone Cowboys-related, so I'll go with Earl Campbell, Nolan Ryan, Rube Foster, and Don Haskins.

2009-01-28 16:08:38
379.   Jon Weisman
2009-01-28 16:12:36
380.   Eric Stephen
I really liked the titles for Kershaw starts.
2009-01-28 16:22:39
381.   Jon Weisman
380 - Thanks. It should be interesting if we get to Kershaw D:
2009-01-28 16:23:49
382.   Eric Stephen
Al Leiter just invoked the name of Jody Reed discussing this year's FA market on a certain unnamed channel.
2009-01-28 16:24:07
383.   Jim Hitchcock
378 BTW, Eric...Macguffin was the answer to a Jeopardy question the other night.
2009-01-28 16:26:47
384.   Eric Enders
Some of these states are going to have trouble coming up with four people.
Delaware has Judy Johnson and ... ?
Hawaii has Duke Kahanamoku, Shane Victorino, Ron Darling, and ... um ... Sid Fernandez?
I guess for Alaska you could do Rick Swenson, Curt Schilling, Mario Chalmers and Trajan Langdon.
2009-01-28 16:27:26
385.   SG6
Manny = 99 :)
2009-01-28 16:28:36
386.   Eric Enders
383 But that violates the whole pronciple! What makes something a macguffin, by definition, is that it's the wrong answer. :)
2009-01-28 16:28:36
387.   trainwreck
Other Hawaii candidates: Norm Chow, umm Michelle Wie, ummmmm Ahsley Lelie...
2009-01-28 16:28:48
388.   Eric Enders
(or principle)
2009-01-28 16:28:52
389.   wronghanded
384 Alaska also has Carlos Boozer
2009-01-28 16:29:00
390.   Eric Stephen
DeLaware also has DeLino DeShields.
2009-01-28 16:29:01
391.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
385 Right on!
2009-01-28 16:29:11
392.   trainwreck
Do not forget Carlos Boozer for Alaska.
2009-01-28 16:29:15
393.   wronghanded
387 BJ Penn
2009-01-28 16:29:45
394.   Eric Enders
387 Derrick Low is another one I forgot.
2009-01-28 16:29:52
395.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
384 Obama plays hoops, put him on the Hawaii list
2009-01-28 16:30:34
396.   trainwreck
D'oh!!! How could I forget the Prodigy?
2009-01-28 16:32:01
397.   LogikReader
Super Bowl L is going to be a fun title...

Some people could misspell it and say "Super BOWLL"

2009-01-28 16:34:27
398.   trainwreck
I think there should be four faces of Tim Tebow for the state of Florida.
2009-01-28 16:34:45
399.   wronghanded
396 Are you gonna watch the Penn/St. Pierre II fight?
2009-01-28 16:35:07
400.   Harold M Johnson
384 Off the top of my head isn't Jimmy Foxx from Delaware?
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2009-01-28 16:35:38
401.   bhsportsguy
397 Don't get Bob started on Roman numerals.
2009-01-28 16:36:33
402.   fanerman
Bob, do you have any strong opinions about Roman numerals?
2009-01-28 16:37:37
403.   trainwreck
Of course!! Biggest fight in MMA history. Gonna have a party at my friend's.
2009-01-28 16:38:16
404.   Bob Timmermann
2009-01-28 16:39:51
405.   Jim Hitchcock
386 Well, nobody got the answer, if that helps :)
2009-01-28 16:41:13
406.   Bob Timmermann
I didn't know I had strong opinions on Roman numerals.
2009-01-28 16:41:28
407.   fanerman
404 Delino DeShields! There's a guy to be proud of. I mean, he was traded for Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez. That means he's gotta be good.
2009-01-28 16:41:53
408.   fanerman
future blah blah blah
2009-01-28 16:42:17
409.   Tripon
407 Or Lasorda is a crappier GM than Matt Millen.
2009-01-28 16:42:41
410.   Bob Timmermann
Jimmie Foxx was a Marylander.
2009-01-28 16:51:19
411.   El Lay Dave
Wyoming should be sparse too, right?

Um, yup. Of course there is a certain Timmermann "favorite" there as well.

2009-01-28 16:51:40
412.   trainwreck
I am sure Iowa has way better athletes that I cannot think of or just do not know, but I sure hope Marcus Fizer and Jaamal Tinsley make their list.
2009-01-28 16:53:11
413.   trainwreck
Also hope Lamar Odom makes the Rhode Island list.
2009-01-28 16:53:22
414.   Eric Enders
So the Rushmore thing had me wondering if we could come up with at least one Dodger from each of the 50 states. Off the top of my head I could only fill 35 of the 52 slots, though:

Alabama - Dixie Walker
Alaska -
Arizona - Andre Ethier
Arkansas - Preacher Roe
California - Duke Snider, Jackie Robinson, etc
Colorado -
Connecticut - Jackie Robinson lived here for 20 years; that's the closest thing I could think of
Florida - Steve Garvey
Georgia - Jackie Robinson
Hawaii - Sid Fernandez
Idaho -
Illinois - Rickey Henderson (deserves an asterisk, but the only thing I could think of)
Indiana - Carl Erskine
Iowa - Casey Blake
Kansas -
Kentucky - P.W. Reese
Louisiana - Ben Sheets (pretty please?)
Maine - Clyde Sukeforth
Maryland - Brian Jordan
Massachusetts - Glenn Hoffman
Michigan - Kirk Gibson
Missouri - Zack Wheat
Montana -
Nebraska -
Nevada - Greg Maddux
New Hampshire - Brad Ausmus (?)
New Jersey - Eric Young
New Mexico
New York - Sandy Koufax
North Carolina
North Dakota
Ohio - Jim Tracy
Oklahoma - Matt Kemp
Oregon - does Steve Lyons count?
Pennsylvania - Joe Beimel
Puerto Rico - Jose Valentin
Rhode Island - Davey Lopes
South Carolina
South Dakota
Tennessee - Rick Honeycutt
Texas - Clayton Kershaw
Utah - Cory Wade
Washington state - Mark Hendrickson
Washington DC - Maury Wills
West Virginia
Wisconsin - Craig Counsell
Wyoming - Mike Devereaux

2009-01-28 16:55:08
415.   fanerman
Delaware = Delino DeShields
2009-01-28 16:56:39
416.   Bob Timmermann
Poor Charlie Hough gets no respect for being from Hawai'i.
2009-01-28 16:57:20
417.   Eric Enders
Oops, how did I forget Darren Dreifort for Kansas?
2009-01-28 17:00:30
418.   Bob Timmermann
None of the 10 players born in Alaska have played for the Dodgers. But I guess Shawn Chacon is still available.

Brad Ausmus was born in Connecticut.

Sandy Vance was born in Colorado, a state that has produced 80 big leaguers but very few Dodgers.

Mike Garman and Ken Dayley are Idahoans.

2009-01-28 17:01:28
419.   El Lay Dave
Nebraska - Buddy Carlyle!
2009-01-28 17:02:01
420.   trainwreck
Judging by the comments on ESPN for Hawaii. They like them some Colt Brennan.
2009-01-28 17:04:24
421.   blue22
Is Jim Tracy from Ohio? Um, I guess so.

Has he been affiliated with the Dodgers in the past? Of course.

Is Chad Billingsley a more fitting representative for Ohio amongst LA Dodgers? I have to answer yes.

2009-01-28 17:04:59
422.   El Lay Dave
The Fat Tub of Goo was born in South Dakota, although he played his HS ball in CA.
2009-01-28 17:06:04
423.   Bob Timmermann
Jim Eisenreich was from Minnesota.

The Dodgers have not had a native of Montana play for them.

19th Century pitcher Bert Abbey was a Green Mountain State native.

2009-01-28 17:06:20
424.   trainwreck
I swear I thought Fat Tub of Goo was Andruw Jones.
2009-01-28 17:07:02
425.   Sam DC
ESPN is trying to convince me to watch Roger Federer demolish Andy Roddick at 3 am tomorrow morning.
2009-01-28 17:07:24
426.   Bob Timmermann
Tripp Cromer should represent the Palmetto State.
2009-01-28 17:07:43
427.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
New Mexico- 2009 AAA Dodgers Minor league affiliate. Are they still going to be called the Isotopes?
2009-01-28 17:08:47
428.   Bob Timmermann
Steve Yeager was born in West Virigina.
2009-01-28 17:12:16
429.   Bob Timmermann
I challenge Eric's assertion will be the greatest Dodger player from Texas.

EVERYBODY knows that title goes to Brian Bohanon.

2009-01-28 17:12:44
430.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
424 Andruw could easily name a food/dish from all 50 states, no doubt.
2009-01-28 17:13:41
431.   Bob Timmermann
I left out THREE words from post 429. It's one thing to drop words, but I dropped a whole dependent clause.
2009-01-28 17:13:50
432.   Eric Enders
So after cheating by using Baseball-Reference to fill in the gaps and replace questionable candidates, here's my final "Dodgers of the 50 States" list.

Alabama - Dixie Walker
Alaska - none
Arizona - Andre Ethier
Arkansas - Preacher Roe
California - Duke Snider
Colorado - Johnny Frederick
Connecticut - Bobby Valentine
Delaware - Delino DeShields
Florida - Steve Garvey
Georgia - Marquis Grissom
Hawaii - Charlie Hough (for Bob)
Idaho - Jason Schmidt
Illinois - Wes Parker
Indiana - Carl Erskine
Iowa - Casey Blake
Kansas - Darren Dreifort
Kentucky - P.W. Reese
Louisiana - Reggie Smith
Maine - Clyde Sukeforth
Maryland - Brian Jordan
Massachusetts - Glenn Hoffman
Michigan - Kirk Gibson
Minnesota - Tom Niedenfuer
Mississippi - Sam Leslie
Missouri - Zack Wheat
Montana - none
Nebraska - Otto Miller
Nevada - Greg Maddux
New Hampshire - Stan Williams
New Jersey - Eric Young
New Mexico - Cody Ross
New York - Sandy Koufax
North Carolina - Franklin Stubbs
North Dakota - none
Ohio - Johnny Roseboro
Oklahoma - Matt Kemp
Oregon - Greg Brock
Pennsylvania - Roy Campanella
Puerto Rico - Jose Valentin
Rhode Island - Davey Lopes
South Carolina - Mike Sharperson
South Dakota - FTOG
Tennessee - Rick Honeycutt
Texas - Clayton Kershaw
Utah - Herman Franks
Vermont - Henry Porter
Virginia - Tracy Woodson
Washington state - Ron Cey
Washington DC - Maury Wills
West Virginia - Steve Yeager
Wisconsin - Burleigh Grimes
Wyoming - Mike Devereaux

2009-01-28 17:14:15
433.   El Lay Dave
New Mexico - Cody Ross, born and raised.
2009-01-28 17:17:30
434.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think I asked too much when I thought that Charlie Hough had a better career as a Dodger than Sid Fernandez.

Even Carlos Diaz and Onan Masaoka did more.

2009-01-28 17:18:45
435.   Eric Enders
I always thought Masaoka was going to be good, but it turned out Lasorda was never much of an Onanist.
2009-01-28 17:19:58
436.   Eric Enders
Actually, upon further review that was Davey Johnson, not Lasorda.
2009-01-28 17:24:52
437.   Jim Hitchcock
I'm pretty sure Johnson was an onanist in his own least when he was younger.
2009-01-28 17:26:52
438.   trainwreck
Learned a new word once again.
2009-01-28 17:27:11
439.   trainwreck
Not what I was expecting.
2009-01-28 17:27:51
440.   Bob Timmermann
Onan Masaoka was traded to the White Sox so the Dodgers could get the key player in their 2001 drive for the NL West title.

James Baldwin

2009-01-28 17:29:23
441.   Eric Enders
They should have saved Masaoka for the fire next time.
2009-01-28 17:29:44
442.   fanerman
439 Me neither...
2009-01-28 17:30:37
443.   Icaros

Go Tell It On the Mountain.

2009-01-28 17:32:04
444.   Sam DC
So, who am i supposed to root for tonight?

I don't really want any of 'em to win.

I've warmed to Jamie, but her food doesn't do a lot for me.

I guess I'm left with Fabio. Everyone else bugs me something fierce.

2009-01-28 17:34:11
445.   El Lay Dave
440 I witnessed his pinnacle as a Dodger in person, his second start after the trade. Who knew it would be straight downhill from there?
2009-01-28 17:35:43
446.   trainwreck
Yeah, I feel the same. So I am instead going to root for as much Padma face-time as possible.
2009-01-28 17:36:16
447.   Eric Stephen
I'm rooting for Fabio as well. I predict a Fabio/Jamie/Stefan finale.
2009-01-28 17:36:24
448.   Eric Enders
"his pinnacle as a Dodger ... his second start after the trade. Who knew it would be straight downhill from there?"

Sounds like Brad Penny.

2009-01-28 17:37:44
449.   Sam DC
Jose Calderone update -- 0 free throws attempted in the first half v New Jersey.

The dream is still alive.

2009-01-28 17:38:23
450.   Tripon
Its Stefan/Jeff/Horsea for me.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2009-01-28 17:38:24
451.   Eric Stephen
Lasorda was never much of an Onanist

David Cone was though.

2009-01-28 17:38:49
452.   D4P
Recently on Sirius XM Radio, third base coach Larry Bowa said (Tanyon) Sturtze was a good influence on Jonathan Broxton
2009-01-28 17:39:48
453.   Eric Enders
I promise to be a good influence on Broxton also if the Dodgers give me a roster spot.
2009-01-28 17:40:06
454.   El Lay Dave
452 Sturtze know how to put the right look in his eye.
2009-01-28 17:40:51
455.   Eric Stephen
I was at Penny's first start as a Dodger. I knew it would be downhill for him from there since he gave up but two hits in 8 innings, but got booed when he struck out as a batter.

Hey, ToyCannon sighting (via interview) on MLB Network, in the 1968 "Baseball Seasons" show.

2009-01-28 17:40:51
456.   Sam DC
450 Jeff!?!!?
2009-01-28 17:42:59
457.   Sam DC
My media journeys have taken me by The Italian Job.

Charlize Theron as the Cable Guy. Uh, sure . . .

2009-01-28 17:43:23
458.   trainwreck
I can't tell if you are purposely trying to call Hosea a horse.
2009-01-28 17:47:27
459.   Tripon
456 Jeff hasn't won a quickfire, or EC yet. But he's solid, looked to as a leader, and his cooking skills is praised by the panel. And he doesn't usually cook poorly in the EC rounds. Its a dangerous combination that should at least get him to the final four. Its how Sam from season two, Brian from season three, and Antonia from season 4 all survived until near the end.

More importantly, there's no chef this year that is hanging by a thread and yet is still around to torture the rest of us like Lisa from season four was.

2009-01-28 17:48:34
460.   Tripon
459 Also, I don't think any of the women left can or should make it to the finals with the exception of Jamie, and its clear she's heading for a meltdown before the finals.
2009-01-28 17:49:29
461.   trainwreck
Carla. She pretty much only makes good desserts and even screwed that up last time. Plus, she gave the lamest excuse in history of the show.
2009-01-28 17:52:04
462.   das411
145 - "What are the chances that the [AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays] are going to sniff a pennant race in the next three years?"

Not sayin, just sayin...and Jon, the book looks awesome, but do any of the experiences have to do with 8-25-1995?

2009-01-28 17:52:58
463.   Tripon
461 Carla hasn't reached Lisa's levels of suckitude yet though. Although there are similarities. Lisa and Carla did cook two bad dishes that somehow got their leader sent home instead of them.
2009-01-28 17:54:59
464.   El Lay Dave
Bruce Ellingsen was born in Idaho (but drafted out of Lakewood high) and had a bigger positive impact on the Dodgers thanks to his trade.
2009-01-28 17:56:10
465.   bhsportsguy
462 I don't how significant a 13 run loss in Philly is but this game is certainly memorable.

2009-01-28 17:58:07
466.   mintxcore
I can see Stefan/Jamie/Hosea if they want to mix it up. I dont think Hosea is any good, but he seems to be getting a lot of facetime for someone so boring.

My personal favs are Fabio and Stefan. Usually I hate the "villains" (Hung, Marcelo) but Stefan has a different vibe than those others, almost as if he doesn't really care about the show/his persona and just flat out knows he's much, much better than everyone else.

2009-01-28 17:58:26
467.   Sam DC
Surely Carla's time has come . . .
2009-01-28 17:58:48
468.   BlueCorona
Congratulations on the book, Jon. I don't post much, but I read the site everyday and I look forward to reading the book!
2009-01-28 18:01:22
469.   Eric Stephen
A Gregg Jeffries' cycle?
2009-01-28 18:01:26
470.   El Lay Dave
464 ... bigger impact than Jason Schmidt ...
2009-01-28 18:01:31
471.   trainwreck
Stephan and Hung seem similar to me, but Hung was crazy fast and also did crazy things like make that crazy breakfast cereal land.
2009-01-28 18:04:47
472.   Tripon
I think Carla survives this week, the previews makes it look like this week's EC is all about ENERGY, and if Carla only has one thing, its that.

Well, that and 'love'.

2009-01-28 18:05:10
473.   Eric Stephen
For those of us who won't watch Top Chef live at 7pm, no spoilers for a while, please.
2009-01-28 18:08:10
474.   Sam DC
Calderon is 6/8 from the floor and still no FTAs.
2009-01-28 18:09:12
475.   trainwreck
Down goes Duke!
2009-01-28 18:10:26
476.   trainwreck
Slowest rushing of the court I have ever seen.

Crowd was totally not sure if they should rush or not. They do realize they went to the school that produced Chris Paul, Josh Howard, and Tim Duncan?

2009-01-28 18:11:47
477.   Tripon
I thought Wakeforest was ranked higher than Duke was this season.
2009-01-28 18:12:34
478.   trainwreck
Duke was #1 coming into the game. Wake was #4 after being #1 last week.
2009-01-28 18:16:19
479.   Tripon,0,4741734.story

Possible rule 5 violation, but the story is just crazy.

Opposition party members in South Korea tried to get in a locked camber room with a sledge hammer. So the ruling party tried to protect the front door with fire extinguishers. There's a photo in the link. Crazy!

2009-01-28 18:20:08
480.   Tripon
Its kinda odd how the New York media is hiring the Torre story, while the L.A. media just gives a yawn about it.
2009-01-28 18:40:31
481.   fanerman
The actual name of the asian scientist on Lost is Pierre Chang. (not a spoiler from tonight. It was revealed at Comic-Con 2008). Nice.
2009-01-28 18:46:43
482.   trainwreck
Wasn't that revealed last week? I know they at least said his last name.
2009-01-28 18:50:45
483.   Tripon

The hardball times says that its Scott Boras' status as a lawyer that makes him unethical. Not just being an agent.

2009-01-28 18:51:44
484.   Bob Timmermann
According to Lostpedia, that was the case.
2009-01-28 18:55:18
485.   LU Dodger
Lost drops a bomb tonight. Do not miss.
2009-01-28 18:56:24
486.   Sam DC
Jose Calderon update: 36 minutes on the floor, 0 FTsA.
2009-01-28 18:59:38
487.   Tripon
Jose Calderon isn't paid to shoot free throws.
2009-01-28 19:02:56
488.   Bluebleeder87
don't know if this was posted earlier or not []

the Twins have stopped there talks with Gagne.

2009-01-28 19:09:00
489.   Eric Stephen
That was an interesting article, to say the least.
2009-01-28 19:15:32
490.   Eric Stephen
Piazza and Guerrero won the 3 & 4 spots in our TBLA poll. The crucial 5th spot is up for a vote now, with a whopping 10 candidates.
2009-01-28 19:15:35
491.   Paul S
It would be nice to have DT with threads or seperate areas for non-Dodger comments. I'm not much interested in TV shows, much less USC anything.
Conversations here seem to wander aimlessly to this part timer. I'm sure the regulars are able to sort it out though.
2009-01-28 19:20:17
492.   eekrock
congrats on the book, Jon.

can't wait to get my hands on one.

mc, you out there? see that RvP classic today in the 92nd? oh my Dutch baby!

2009-01-28 19:20:26
493.   Tripon
The O's are looking at Looper.
2009-01-28 19:20:56
494.   fanerman
491 I think Jon likes the shifting subjects. Chatting gets more focused when the baseball season actually starts, at least.
2009-01-28 19:21:02
495.   LU Dodger

Whenever I'm in the mood for straight Dodger talk, I use

This site is usually pretty directed though.

2009-01-28 19:26:19
496.   trainwreck
DT has become about much more than the Dodgers. It is a community where we share ideas, beliefs, and our feelings.

And make jokes about Juan Pierre.

2009-01-28 19:27:05
497.   Eric Stephen
And Shimmin's pens.
2009-01-28 19:28:36
498.   trainwreck
And D4P's general disposition.
2009-01-28 19:30:35
499.   Paul S
495 Nice tip, thanks 496 lol
2009-01-28 19:33:09
500.   underdog
Speaking of off-subject, my day was complete when I found that Stephen (Jeeves) Fry is Twittering.

It's definitely him, I checked. Fun stuff. I wonder if Hugh Laurie is twittering too or if he's too busy playing "House."

(Sorry, Paul.)

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2009-01-28 19:35:24
501.   silverwidow

Just got the brand new BA magazine, which features the NL West Top 10s. The Dodgers list will be released Friday on their website, but here it is two days early. Keep in mind that I haven't read the scouting reports yet, but wanted to let you guys know how it turned out:

1) Andrew Lambo
2) James McDonald
3) Ethan Martin
4) Josh Lindblom
5) Scott Elbert
6) Ivan DeJesus, Jr.
7) Devaris Gordon
8) Josh Bell
9) Chris Withrow
10) Nathan Eovaldi

2009-01-28 19:36:18
502.   trainwreck
I saw someone post a Twitter thing with Shaq. When did this start? I am surprised people are willing to do this. Then I remember that Celebrity Rehab exists.
2009-01-28 19:38:12
503.   Tripon
Wow, Nathan Eovaldi is 10th. Is Lindblom going to see time with the Dodgers this year outside of a Sept. call up?
2009-01-28 19:40:51
504.   Indiana Jon
490 I was worried after the first two spots, but your team seems to be on track now. I still think Wills and Gilliam were bad choices, if only because it makes us have an extremely weak outfield batting 7/8.
2009-01-28 19:42:51
505.   Sam DC
Oh Carla. Really?
2009-01-28 19:45:44
506.   Indiana Jon
501 Amazing to me that Gallagher isn't in there. He was pretty decent for a 19 year old in the California League. There must be something they see in person that tells them he won't go far.
2009-01-28 19:45:55
507.   Eric Stephen
With all the eliminated positions by the 8 spot, it may come down to the fact that Willie Davis started 74 games batting 8th. Pretty much everyone ahead of him in starts batting 8th is at a position that will be disqualified.
2009-01-28 19:46:28
508.   Eric Stephen
2009-01-28 19:47:28
509.   Tripon
508 No! Elimination doesn't happen until 7:55!
2009-01-28 19:47:43
510.   Sam DC
Of course not.

Just a mid show reaction to a minor choice.

2009-01-28 19:50:05
511.   Eric Stephen
8:10! :)
2009-01-28 19:50:10
512.   Sam DC
Another non-spoiler. I'm guessing trainwreck will approve of Padma's elimination challenge outfit, which seems like a slightly more modest version of something you'd see in Maxxim magazine.
2009-01-28 19:53:38
513.   trainwreck
2009-01-28 19:54:54
514.   Jon Weisman
500 - I joined twitter for that reason and that reason only. I don't do anything else with it.
2009-01-28 19:58:00
515.   Indiana Jon
507 6th is where it will get interesting. In my opinion, we need to pick a worse hitter to have an overall better lineup, considering who we have for choices at 7th.
2009-01-28 20:02:03
516.   Sam DC
Toby you're killing me!
2009-01-28 20:02:29
517.   Eric Stephen
Are you debating the Cey 6th or Beltre 7th argument?
2009-01-28 20:04:42
518.   Indiana Jon
517 Yeah, I take it that's already been discussed and I missed it. I like Baker at 6th better than any OF I see at 7th, although my research skills aren't great and I've probably missed some people.
2009-01-28 20:05:47
519.   Sam DC
"I'm the judge here, not you."
2009-01-28 20:07:31
520.   Eric Stephen
I'll cey this -- and this will come out in the 6th place post -- right now only Beltre qualifies batting 7th using the qualification of 300 starts. So we have to lower the threshold to include more people, which will be helpful to the process. :)
2009-01-28 20:09:26
521.   trainwreck
Wouldn't that change voting for previous slots?
2009-01-28 20:13:16
522.   Eric Stephen
2009-01-28 20:14:15
523.   Sam DC
I don't like being from the future.

There's so much to say!

2009-01-28 20:18:01
524.   Tripon
A post-script: This is the second time that Top Chef has worked with the NFL and it won't be the last ... keep your eyes peeled ... and enjoy the Super Bowl.

- Tom's blog.

2009-01-28 20:24:37
525.   Sam DC
Peeled eyes. Sounds like something Richard might have made.

Also from the future, Jon Stewart takes on the Pluto question with author Neil DeGrasse Tyson. "Are you going to downgrade the dog next?"

2009-01-28 20:32:17
526.   Jon Weisman
Three new posts up top.

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