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Last Call at Vero
2008-10-29 15:49
by Jon Weisman

The final Dodgers Adult Baseball Camp at Vero Beach will take place November 1-7. Instructors for this session are scheduled to include Tommy Davis, Carl Erskine, Rick Monday, Joe Pignatano, Jerry Reuss, Bill Russell, Maury Wills and Steve Yeager.

The camp will resume at the Dodgers' new Spring Training playground in Arizona next year.

Comments (190)
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2008-10-29 15:59:22
1.   Eric Stephen

So Eric Stephen actually needs the Longhorns to lose twice

Bingo! Or Missouri can upset whomever wins a 3-way tie between 1-loss Texas/Tech/Oklahoma for the Big XII South.

I also need either Alabama to lose twice or the Georgia/Florida winner to lose again before beating Alabama in the SEC title game.

Or Penn State can lose one of their 3 games, but that ain't happening.

Also, TC, no I haven't won any bets lately! :(

2008-10-29 16:02:07
2.   Eric Stephen
I mistakenly neglected to include Oklahoma St in the 3-way tie possibility.
2008-10-29 16:04:08
3.   Tripon
Best BCS title game ever: Boise St. vs USC
2008-10-29 16:04:37
4.   ToyCannon
I'll give you an easy one. Bet me the Lakers will beat the Clippers tonight. If you lose that bet then you just shouldn't bet until the cycle has passed.

Nothing says Americans have to much money then blowing several thousand dollars to have Joe Pignatano play baseball with you.

2008-10-29 16:06:50
5.   Kevin Lewis

I wonder if the "misremembering" of the tone has to do with how one felt about Gagne then vs. now.

2008-10-29 16:08:10
6.   Eric Stephen
But how will I know when the cycle is done? Never gamble again?
2008-10-29 16:13:46
7.   ToyCannon
Ask Wes Parker
2008-10-29 16:14:01
8.   Jon Weisman
4 - If you sold stock in August to pay for the camp, that's now the height of prudence.
2008-10-29 16:14:26
9.   Eric Stephen
I'm not waiting 39+ years to bet again! :)
2008-10-29 16:15:10
10.   Eric Enders
1 "Or Missouri can upset whomever wins a 3-way tie between 1-loss Texas/Tech/Oklahoma for the Big XII South."

Maybe I'm missing something in the screwy BCS rules, but if Texas wins everything but the Big XII title game, and loses that to Missouri, then it seems like UT would still have a pretty good shot at the national championship game as long as Alabama loses a game too. Right?

I'm thinking that in order for Eric Stephen to have a chance, Texas has to lose twice no matter what. (Because we assume Penn State is going to run the table.)

2008-10-29 16:16:12
11.   Sam DC
Seems like something every Dodger fan should do before dying.
2008-10-29 16:16:19
12.   Sam DC
Seems like something every Dodger fan should do before dying.
2008-10-29 16:17:30
13.   Tripon
Boras, according to a rival executive, is trying to sell catcher Jason Varitek to the Tigers as a replacement for another of his clients, Ivan Rodriguez. The idea is not without merit; the Tigers' lineup is strong enough to carry Varitek's declining offense, and his defense and leadership would greatly benefit their pitching staff.$100-million-at-CC?CMP=OTC-K9B140813162&ATT=49

The Tigers wouldn't be giving up a first rounder for Varitek, but this doesn't make sense to me.

2008-10-29 16:17:48
14.   Sam DC
(And not just once, apparently.)
2008-10-29 16:18:32
15.   Marty
Because we assume Penn State is going to run the table.

We assumed USC would run the table too.

2008-10-29 16:23:43
16.   Eric Stephen
If Texas was undefeated going into the Big XII title game, it could still get there with a loss (in theory).

I am rooting hard for Texas Tech this weekend.

I am also rooting for Florida to beat Georgia (and lose to FSU in their final game before the SEC title win over Alabama).

2008-10-29 16:25:33
17.   KG16
3 - I'm still pulling for Utah-Boise St
2008-10-29 16:26:39
18.   ToyCannon
Why do you want to go to the BCS Title game and get crushed by Texas again?
2008-10-29 16:27:20
19.   ToyCannon
Is Boise State still as entertaining as they were 2 years ago?
2008-10-29 16:28:08
20.   Eric Stephen
If that rematch were to happen, my bad betting streak ends there. I will make a lot of cash off that game.
2008-10-29 16:29:07
21.   KG16
19 - I've not seen that much of them this year, actually. I know that Ian Johnson isn't the focal point of the offense any more, but they're averaging 417 yards per game on offense.
2008-10-29 16:29:11
22.   Eric Stephen
Oh, and 41-38 is not "crushed." Legitimately won, yes*. Crushed, no.

*Vince Young's knee was down before an early TD in the first half. :)

2008-10-29 16:32:24
23.   Bob Timmermann is projecting a USC-Ohio State Rose Bowl.

Oh College Football God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken the Rose Bowl?

A friend and I are rooting for a Minnesota-Oregon State Rose Bowl.

2008-10-29 16:32:54
24.   ToyCannon
I meant spirit of course. It was a great game.

That is how gamblers turn into embezzlers. The next bet will always dig me out of the hole.

2008-10-29 16:33:09
25.   Eric Stephen
Penn State's final game is against Michigan State. That's certainly a losable game for them, but I'm not counting on it.
2008-10-29 16:34:20
26.   Eric Stephen
It was the greatest game I've ever seen, in any sport.

Stupid Will Ferrell and his jinx. :)

2008-10-29 16:34:30
27.   Eric Enders
19 They still have Ian Johnson, but his play has gone downhill quite a bit since 2006. They have a really good freshman quarterback, Kellen Moore.
2008-10-29 16:36:22
28.   ToyCannon
Cool night of TV.
Obama 1/2 hour

10 minutes of baseball when Stairs goes deep as the 1st batter and baseball fans learn what it felt like to be a fan at the Frazier/Foreman fight.

lag time

Laker/Clipper game

2008-10-29 16:36:59
29.   ToyCannon
Boise State / Oklahoma has my vote.
2008-10-29 16:39:23
30.   Eric Stephen
Also great. I saw a friend the next day and he told me he turned it off with two minutes left. I explained he missed 5 touchdowns!!! He was stunned.
2008-10-29 16:39:32
31.   Eric Enders
I'll go with USC/Texas although admittedly there's no way I can look at this objectively. I absolutely loved the Boise State game too, but in the end, what was on the line?
2008-10-29 16:39:46
32.   Jim Hitchcock
28 Don't forget, Lyndon LaRouche is on an hour before Obama ;)
2008-10-29 16:42:27
33.   Eric Enders
31 I lived on the East Coast in 2006, so the Rose Bowl ended really late. I remember talking with a friend of mine the next day and he was wondering why I was so happy. He'd gone to bed with 6 minutes left and Texas down by 12 and it took me about 15 minutes to convince him that I was telling the truth about Texas winning the game.
2008-10-29 16:44:04
34.   Bob Timmermann
He never should have gotten married.

Women weaken legs.

2008-10-29 16:47:53
35.   zappala
I find it funny that people are assuming anything about who will be in the BCS. I'll call to your attention to the past two or three seasons. Oregon fans in particular call your attention to Dennis Dixon.
2008-10-29 16:49:05
36.   Bob Timmermann
There's another "zappala" here? Or has Daniel turned into Baseball Toaster's version of Ichiro?
2008-10-29 16:49:41
37.   Eric Enders
34 His Wikipedia page claims that he made $1.9 million selling beanies he designed but the NCAA made him stop once he became famous.
2008-10-29 16:50:48
38.   Xeifrank
I am surprised the Bud Selig doesn't get blamed for the BCS.
vr, Xei
2008-10-29 16:51:47
39.   Jim Hitchcock
37 Wow. Were they topped off by a propeller?
2008-10-29 16:52:24
40.   bhsportsguy
33 Best football game I ever attended, 2006 USC @ UCLA. Best individual performance I ever personally seen, Maurice Jones-Drew vs. Cal. 2005 @ Rose Bowl.

If I didn't have money on the game, USC vs. Texas would have been a pretty good game to watch. Also that USC vs. Fresno State game was pretty good too.

In all fairness, the UCLA game would not have been that great if they had not won, the game itself wasn't very entertaining.

2008-10-29 16:52:52
41.   Eric Enders
37 Actually it says $1.5, not $1.9. Still hard to believe.
2008-10-29 16:56:33
42.   bhsportsguy
40 I wish UCLA had just one guy like this right now.

Drew was named the Walter Camp Football Foundation National 1-A Offensive Player of the Week and the Sporting News National Player of the Week after scoring five touchdowns in UCLA's 47-40 win over No. 9/10 California.
Drew returned a punt 81 yards for a touchdown to tie the Pac-10 record for most punt returns for a touchdown in a season (3) and in a career (4). He also scored three rushing touchdowns, and his 28-yard touchdown catch in the final two minutes of the game provided UCLA the decisive score.

With his five touchdowns, Drew tied his own school record for most touchdowns in a game. He accumulated 299 all-purpose yards - 162 on punt returns, 65 rushing, 52 receiving, and 20 on kickoff returns.

2008-10-29 16:57:13
43.   Eric Enders

He learned to crochet in high school, when he needed a hat during a cold spell.

His mother told him if he wanted a hat, he needed to make it. She taught him how.

Soon, he was selling beanies to classmates – making as much as $600 in a year.

Now he sells beanies, scarves and baby blankets to Boise State teammates and fans. He has a backlog of about 100 orders.

"That's my main source of income," he said.

He crochets more than 4 hours per day. His latest project is making personalized hats for his five starting offensive linemen.

"It's definitely relaxing," Johnson said. "Time I would spend watching TV now I spend watching TV and crocheting."

(Big difference between $600 and $1.5 million. Hmm.)

2008-10-29 16:57:57
44.   silverwidow
USC/ND 2005 was my favorite.

4 & 9, Leinart to Jarrett was as exciting as it gets.

2008-10-29 16:59:11
45.   bhsportsguy
44 Ah, when USC seemed to be able to score at will in those days.
2008-10-29 16:59:34
46.   Daniel Zappala
36 Just keeping you on your toes. I use the wrong login from time to time.
2008-10-29 17:01:13
47.   fanerman
43 Hmm... I knit while watching TV, too. Well, it may not be the exact same thing as crocheting, but whatever.
2008-10-29 17:03:42
48.   Jim Hitchcock
47 Both crocheters and knitters would be good at needling, I presume.
2008-10-29 17:06:45
49.   Eric Stephen
Since the start of the post-Leinart/Bush Era, USC has averaged 32.9 points per game.

They have scored 20 or more points in 30 of 33 games.

2008-10-29 17:10:59
50.   trainwreck
Clearly the Suns are not as good as before if Matt Barnes is starting.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-29 17:14:47
51.   fanerman
Apparently Shaq looks like he is in good shape.
2008-10-29 17:15:05
52.   scareduck
The World Series won't start next year until October 28. Wow.

2008-10-29 17:17:06
53.   Tripon
Baseball better hope the World series is the Dodgers vs. the A's next year.
2008-10-29 17:17:15
54.   underdog
52 Seriously? Sheezus. They really need to go to that slightly shorter reg season schedule. Or, I guess the Dodgers and/or Angels will just have to make the series next year to ensure at least some warm weather, outdoors games.
2008-10-29 17:17:33
55.   Bob Timmermann
The Japan Series starts on November 1 this year. And they've already had a week off from the last round of playoffs.
2008-10-29 17:21:13
56.   Eric Enders
They're going to have to bring Dane Cook back to record spots saying "there's only one November."
2008-10-29 17:22:42
57.   Tripon
There's only one presidential election held this four years. Guest spots include:

Dick Cheney
Fidel Castro
Vin Scully
Dane Cook
Hideki Kuroda
Jon Weisman

2008-10-29 17:23:13
58.   Tripon
In 2012, somebody should hold the "There's only one presidential election held in four years." Guest spots should include:

Dick Cheney
Fidel Castro
Vin Scully
Dane Cook
Hideki Kuroda
Jon Weisman

2008-10-29 17:24:04
59.   fanerman
2008-10-29 17:26:28
60.   Tripon
Right, Hiroki. Don't know where I got Hedeki from. Unless I'm mixing up Chobits and Dodgers import pitchers.
2008-10-29 17:45:43
61.   El Lay Dave
Before I became a Bruin, 1974 USC/ND would have to be high on the list.

ToyCannon mentioned the 1969 Cotton Bowl, but I'm a little surprised he fell in love with the Texas colors that day as there are good odds he saw that game in black and white, as I did. The name I remember is James Street, QB. We used to love to practice the wishbone on the playground after school, imitating Texas first, later Oklahoma - Greg Pruitt!

2008-10-29 17:47:20
62.   MollyKnight
From the last thread, the reason Furcal's error made me immediately think we were doomed was because the energy in the stadium changed so dramatically. Up until that point the crowd was DOA. If we'd stayed ahead and won that game the fans would have been muted to start game 2 as well.

People who were at Citizen's Bank know what I am talking about. It literally brought the fans to life.

2008-10-29 17:52:07
63.   Gen3Blue
I alway wished Werth well. I 'm glad for our guys-Werth, Navarro, Jackson. I never bonded to Victarino.
2008-10-29 17:56:22
64.   Bluebleeder87

Both Jon & me know that isn't the first time Furcal dose that... In all honesty though he had a good excuse this time...

2008-10-29 18:12:11
65.   MollyKnight
Yeah, and there's always next year. It hurt for about a week, but now I'm back to being upbeat.
2008-10-29 18:15:39
66.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
Is there a way to watch the game online?
2008-10-29 18:21:49
67.   Jon Weisman
I'm not understanding 57 and 58 ...
2008-10-29 18:33:02
68.   Tripon
67 The Only One October ads feature Dane Cook, some random bit actor, and several baseball players exclaiming that there's only one October to watch. Implying I guess that October baseball is really important to watch.
2008-10-29 18:53:48
69.   El Lay Dave
61 I also remember during those playground touch football games being referred to sometimes as Randy Vataha, due to small stature and good hands.
2008-10-29 18:59:48
70.   weatherman
I wish they were wearing blue.
2008-10-29 19:02:41
71.   Gen3Blue
The Dodgers were beat by the hottest team in baseball. NL ascending.
2008-10-29 19:07:33
72.   Alex41592
ESPN2 is showing the streets of Philly. I fear 2000 NBA Finals atmosphere.
2008-10-29 19:17:17
73.   Eric Stephen
Why did Philly fans care that the Pacers lost? :)
2008-10-29 19:21:27
74.   LoneStar7
hamels sounds like a loser surfer bum too...and yes, sorry, I am now feeling bitter. I mean I truly don't like anyone on that phillies team except maybe Brad Lidge, the only feel good story, as a apposed to the entire feel good rays team.

I also loathe Brett Meyers, as someone dubbed the anti-feel good story.

2008-10-29 19:26:14
75.   fritts
Cole Hamels just told everyone watching that he wife is 6 years older than him.
2008-10-29 19:27:09
76.   Bluebleeder87
I can vouch for El Lay Dave's good hands, he made some good plays in the whiffle ball game...
2008-10-29 19:27:41
77.   Eric Stephen
Another night, another potential late start to the coverage of the Laker game.

Lawler favors the Suns over the Spurs.

2008-10-29 19:28:32
78.   Eric Stephen
The whole world has already seen his wife. She was Heidi from Survivor, and was later in Playboy.
2008-10-29 19:31:56
79.   Eric Stephen
If only Duncan would have missed that 3 in last year's playoffs.

Popovich's beard looks worse than mine was.

2008-10-29 19:35:41
80.   fritts
I had had no idea she was his wife.
2008-10-29 19:40:54
81.   Eric Stephen
Whether or not Brad Penny will be a Dodger in 2009 will be known by this time next Wednesday.

We will similarly know of Gary Bennett by next Saturday.

2008-10-29 19:52:17
82.   fanerman
The Lakers are very sloppy right now.
2008-10-29 20:00:12
83.   scareduck
78 , 80 - take a look at her Google Images page:

She's totally Girl Next Door. In a bikini. Or less.

2008-10-29 20:01:30
84.   Bob Timmermann
If she's the Girl Next Door, I'm having a talk with my neighbor about how disappointing she is.
2008-10-29 20:06:23
85.   Dodgers49
Can you imagine how it would have felt if Tampa Bay had come back to win this World Series but Xeifrank would have lost his 150-1 bet anyway?

Bettors mad after books declare Philly Game 5 win

>> Some have rules stating that rain-delayed games are over after a certain period of time. The books use the score from the last completed inning to determine a winner.

That would make the Phillies the winner. They led 2-1 after five innings. <<

2008-10-29 20:17:14
86.   Gen3Blue
After hearing Coles post-game interviews, I am kind of worried he has an older rather assertive sounding wife.

Ah, Clinton finally arrived in Florida. What a greeting for the poor Rays.

2008-10-29 20:43:29
87.   underdog
Not to be complainy or anything, and congrats to the Phillies, but that was kinda anticlimatic. Another game or so would've been nice, even with the rain-stretching.

Ah well.

To the bat cave! I mean, to the Hot Stove!

2008-10-29 20:46:03
88.   scareduck
87 - I totally enjoyed it. It wasn't like both sides didn't have their chances.
2008-10-29 20:46:55
89.   underdog
88 True, I'm just sorry it's all over. :-(
2008-10-29 20:53:31
90.   Andrew Shimmin
How did it not irritate everybody else enough to remember that the month that there's only one of is "Actober"? So, next year it'll have to be Movember. Or Novamber.
2008-10-29 20:56:05
91.   Eric Stephen

As long as everyone must submit a baseball documentary based on the long-running PBS show Nova, I'm in.

2008-10-29 21:05:12
92.   Andrew Shimmin
MLB has disappeared the site, with extreme prejudice. There is a site, but it's owned by an Aussie called Mary Daffey, and doesn't seem to be about baseball. is available, so act now!
2008-10-29 21:07:25
93.   Andrew Shimmin
I've been watching the Laker/Clipper game for three minutes now. Is it really a big surprise that the Lakers are winning handily, or did I misinterpret ToyCannon's earlier comment? The Lakers are expected to be good this year, aren't they?
2008-10-29 21:10:03
94.   Eric Stephen
TC was trying to goad me into betting on the Lakers tonight to jinx them.
2008-10-29 21:11:47
95.   Gagne55
That triangle drawing ad is retarded. There are 45 triangles in the drawing and thats not one of the choices.
2008-10-29 21:12:53
96.   Andrew Shimmin
Ah, I get. I always tend to read him as being earnest. The next time he accuses me of being a killjoy, though, I'm going to be pointing him back to this thread to revisit his ripping on fantasy camp.
2008-10-29 21:14:53
97.   Marty
I go on an annual Vegas trip right around Xmas time. This year it's 12/26 - 12/28. I got a room at the Riviera (!) for $59 per night. Airfare though is minimum $300. American wanted $700! I guess the airlines want to take advantage of the falling fuel prices. Think I'll drive again.
2008-10-29 21:16:07
98.   Eric Stephen
Awesome rate. Isn't Joey Bishop the headliner at the Riviera these days? :)
2008-10-29 21:17:32
99.   Marty
Last time I stayed at the Riviera was 1975. I saw Rickles and The Mills Brothers.
2008-10-29 21:20:44
100.   Marty
Also, me and my brother got room service and the room service guy asked if "we needed any women". Those were the days.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-10-29 21:32:09
101.   Eric Enders
Those of you who need your daily baseball fix will be glad to know the Surprise Rafters, featuring several Dodger prospects, play at 11:30 tomorrow in the AFL. Of course, almost every Dodger is stinking up the joint, including DeJesus(.241/.323/.328), Lucas May (.143/.189/.171--ouch!), Russ Mitchell (.167 BA), Orenduff (8.10 ERA), Leach (9.35), and even Lambo is mediocre, hitting .355 but slugging just .387. The only guy doing positive things is 24-year-old non-prospect Jamie Hoffmann at .300/.440/.500.
2008-10-29 21:35:11
102.   Tripon
Colletti has traded voicemails with Ramirez's agent, Scott Boras, but they haven't met and he hasn't made an offer. Colletti indicated he will, but he shied away from discussing whether he anticipates, as has been speculated, that the club will offer a shorter term (probably three years) than Ramirez has hinted he's seeking (five or six).

2008-10-29 21:53:21
103.   Tripon
He agreed that three seasons of watching Russell Martin fade in the second half has him convinced that Martin needs to catch less and possibly play third base more, but the GM stopped short of saying the club will move Martin to third permanently, because there is no clear replacement for Martin behind the plate. Martin's future position could depend on whatever acquisition the Dodgers make.

What? No. The answer is to sit him and keep his legs fresh.

2008-10-29 22:14:18
104.   gibsonhobbs88
Kind of glad this series is over actually! Dreadfully run and the umpiring was among the worst I've seen for a final series. Were the umpires all from the Philly - Delaware area because there was a double standard strike zone for the whole series, 3 inches wide and about 1 foot high for the Ray pitchers and about 5 feet wide and 5 feet high for the Phillie pitchers. Well, I was hoping the Rays would win, but small consolation at least Bus received the lowest rated World series in recent memory, Congratulations - small market Bud! Nice Karma kick in the face to you Bud for not fining Brett Myers and Clay Condrey for head hunting Manny and Russell and instigating the beanball wars. Next time Bud-you step into the plate and get thrown at your head! You and Bob Watson should be thrown in the primordial soup and drowned!!
2008-10-29 22:43:31
105.   Eric Enders
So the solution to Martin losing some of his value in the second half is to move him to third base where he loses his value entirely. Good thinking, Colletti.
2008-10-29 22:44:12
106.   underdog
Tell us how you really feel, Gibby! ;-)
2008-10-29 22:45:03
107.   underdog
Sounds like Mike Jacobs might shortly be a Royal after all. For Leo Nunez most likely. If it happens.
2008-10-29 22:57:19
108.   68elcamino427
Congrats to the Phillies.
Pat Gillick
Charlie Manuel
Davey Lopes (Think Cure)

World Series Champions for 2008.

2008-10-29 23:22:06
109.   Eric Enders
Even after I gave up hope that the Rays would win the Series, I was still hoping some Rays pitcher would buzz a fastball and knock the FOX microphone off the chest of that whiny little punk Victorino. Oh well.
2008-10-29 23:28:12
110.   68elcamino427
That whiny little irritating CLUTCHY little punk:)
2008-10-29 23:34:20
111.   Tripon
Re-signing Derek Lowe or landing free agent CC Sabathia are options. A less likely solution is to trade for the suddenly available Jake Peavy. People close to the situation who were unauthorized to discuss the matter publicly say that the San Diego Padres would demand more in return from the Dodgers because they are in the same division

Good use of an unnamed source? Certainly sounds like Dylan Hernandez actually talked to people who actually know about the Peavy situation.,0,2090403.story

2008-10-29 23:46:57
112.   68elcamino427
Re-sign Derek Lowe as a closer?
2008-10-30 06:35:11
113.   Ken Noe
Why is Ned suddenly complaining about the farm system? No more Santanas to trade away? Another version of "spoiled kids?" Or are we finally seeing the White-Colletti power struggle rise to the light?

"We need to get stronger, more fundamentally stronger as soon as they're drafted," Colletti said. "They're going to have to be tough-minded and passionate about playing and willing to sacrifice to be as good as they can be. It's become probably less of a standard in some cases."

2008-10-30 07:40:12
114.   Jon Weisman
113 - Sounds like another version of "spoiled kids" to me. Although of course fundamentals are, you know, good.
2008-10-30 07:50:57
115.   kinbote
I'm torn on whether I'd rather see DeWitt at 3b or 2b. Assuming we re-sign Furcal, I'm leaning toward putting DeWitt at 3b and letting Hu/Abreu/DeJesus battle for 2b.
2008-10-30 08:12:20
116.   regfairfield
When was the last time a guy who hit .444/.583/.778 not named World Series MVP?
2008-10-30 08:14:31
117.   regfairfield
115 I think it depends on if DeWitt can demonstrate he can be a plus defensive second baseman.
2008-10-30 08:14:31
118.   D4P
2008-10-30 08:17:38
119.   D4P
Maybe the World Series should have both an "MVP" and a "Cy Young" award, just like the regular season.
2008-10-30 08:32:33
120.   Eric Stephen
2006 Scott Rolen is wondering the same thing.
2008-10-30 08:33:26
121.   ToyCannon
Coward, you deserve your bad luck streak if you can't take a gimme.
2008-10-30 08:36:40
122.   kinbote
I remember when Brittany Spears married Kevin Federline, there was talk of how Federline's ex-girlfriend had an infant child with him and was also pregnant with a second by him. Spears was quoted as saying something like, "I think the situation is good."

I wonder what Colletti will say this offseason as he attempts to reshape the roster with Jones & Pierre on the team.

2008-10-30 08:38:35
123.   Eric Stephen
I actually really like this part:

One of the things Colletti did at the meeting was have the amateur scout that signed a minor league player meet with his managers, coaches, roving instructors so they could "have a candid conversation in what they knew." That way, they might be able to more easily get through to a kid

This communication is something I took for granted; I assumed it was done on a regular basis, but if you think about it scouts are busy throughout the season and outside of filing reports to a central team source they probably don't have one-on-one communication with the coaches and instructors, etc.

I like these organizational meetings, just like I like the "rookie camp" they have at Dodger Stadium in the winter. Good stuff.

2008-10-30 08:39:26
124.   Eric Stephen
Guilty as charged.
2008-10-30 08:41:29
125.   regfairfield
If you're San Diego, who do would you want from the Dodgers for Peavy?
2008-10-30 08:45:17
126.   D4P
At least 3 of Billingsley, Kershaw, Kemp, and Martin.

NOTE: If I were Los Angeles, I would decline the offer.

2008-10-30 08:48:27
127.   D4P
Actually, if I were San Diego, I would probably accept "just" Billingsley and Kershaw, but if I couldn't get both, then I'd want one plus Kemp and Martin.
2008-10-30 08:56:57
128.   Gen3Blue
123 That rookie camp was a great idea. It also was a once in a generation collection o talent, and I remember the nice blending of Jones with the youngsters. Who could of imagined.

Also it is interesting how the Dodgers over just two years have made it all but impossible to trade Martin, unless in a deal involving a catcher.( or negotiate salary, for that matter).

2008-10-30 08:57:42
129.   Eric Stephen
If I'm SD, I go for the (good) guys with the least service time, since it will be a few years before they're good again.

Definitely Kershaw, plus Kemp and DeJesus.

Kemp is in there as the relatively "known" quantity so the fans won't revolt (as much) for the club "giving up."

2008-10-30 08:58:29
130.   Bumsrap
I don't think the Dodgers should sign Furcal until they know they won't be signing CC or Manny or until they know how much they spent on CC or Manny. Therefore they should commit to a sign or withdraw time frame on CC and Manny.

Between DeWitt, Abreu, Hu, and DeJesus I think the Dodgers are strong enough should they not sign Furcal.

2008-10-30 09:00:38
131.   Bumsrap
Does Peavey's type A personality make him more or less desirable? I go with less.
2008-10-30 09:02:42
132.   delias man
I do not see how the Dodgers fit with SD. I remember reading in the early articles about Peavy on the block that SD wanted an ML ready middle infielder. Dodgers do not really have that to offer.
2008-10-30 09:03:04
133.   kinbote
125 I'd say Kershaw, Kemp, & one from McDonald/Elbert/DeJesus/Lambo. (I don't see any way we'll trade with them.)
2008-10-30 09:06:17
134.   Bumsrap
DeWitt: Great "fundamentals", not fast enough for 2B, not powerful enough for 3B. The perfect complementary player at 3B if the team has strength in the 3, 4, and 5 hitting spots.
2008-10-30 09:14:59
135.   Bumsrap
Whatever the Dodgers were to pay CC will affect future arbitration hearings for Billingsley and Kershaw as well as other young Dodger pitchers that match up with the numbers CC generates. The Agents for young Dodger pitchers can better make their case if CC is a Dodger than if he is not.

Speaking to the choir, the Dodgers need a 5+ year salary plan and not a 2009 budget.

2008-10-30 09:17:15
136.   Eric Stephen
Pre-FA arbitration hearing focus almost entirely on salaries of players with related service time. Sabathia won't really factor in.
2008-10-30 09:19:59
137.   Bumsrap
136 - Oops. My mind was in Free Agent mode.
2008-10-30 09:21:16
138.   Jim Hitchcock
Re: Dana Point meeting with Boras. We can camp at Doheny Beach!
2008-10-30 09:22:37
139.   Bumsrap
Does Doheny Beach still have a rocky bottom?
2008-10-30 09:23:06
140.   Eric Stephen
I love Doheny Beach.
2008-10-30 09:23:20
141.   silverwidow
San Diego will get an upper, middle, and lower tier guy.

There is ZERO chance Kershaw and Kemp are included in the same package.

2008-10-30 09:23:48
142.   Eric Stephen
I agree, but if I'm SD that's who I'm asking for.
2008-10-30 09:25:32
143.   Bumsrap
The last time I was in the water at Doheny Beach was somewhere around 1963 and I hated the rocks. Otherwise, the beach was great.
2008-10-30 09:31:03
144.   silverwidow

This would be my offer, take it or leave it.

2008-10-30 09:35:24
145.   Ken Noe
I look for Peavy to end up in Atlanta, especially if SD can unload Greene on them as well.
2008-10-30 09:45:13
146.   JoeyP
I'd offer Kemp/DeJesus.
Nothing more.
2008-10-30 09:48:55
147.   regfairfield
I think Kershaw has to go if we get Peavy. We have to lose someone that at least can be as good as the guy is. If I'm Kevin Towers I'd be happy with a Kershaw/DeJesus or Hu/Elbert or McDonald package.
2008-10-30 09:50:05
148.   silverwidow
147 But we're also taking a huge contract off the hands of a small market team.
2008-10-30 09:50:42
149.   regfairfield
146 Would you do that if you were San Diego?
2008-10-30 09:51:43
150.   regfairfield
148 He's a top five pitcher, he's underpaid if anything.
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2008-10-30 09:56:04
151.   silverwidow
150 He's awesome, but SD is in rebuilding mode and that contract takes up a huge chunk of their payroll.
2008-10-30 09:56:06
152.   Jim Hitchcock
143 I always loved the sound of the train running through at night, safe and snug in my sleeping bag.

A lot like Carpinteria in that regard.

2008-10-30 09:56:57
153.   regfairfield
151 If they're in rebuilding mode, then they aren't going to be paying anybody anyway.
2008-10-30 09:57:48
154.   JoeyP
If I'm San Diego, I probably dont even put Peavy on the market. Its like the Dodgers trading Martin. I dont see the point of dealing either until their contracts really get huge.

But if the Padres are intent on dumping Peavy, I think Kemp/DeJesus is the best they'll be able to get from any other team. So in that regard, I'd take it.

Maybe even force the Dodgers to take back Kahlil Greene as well & expand the deal:

Peavy/Greene to the Dodgers
(Elbert or McDonald)/Kemp/DeJesus to the Padres

2008-10-30 10:01:50
155.   fanerman
In Laker town, Bynum and the team have agreed to an extension at 4 years, $58 million.
2008-10-30 10:03:21
156.   silverwidow
153 But that makes the Peavy contract stand out more. If they don't want to pay anyone, the trade-off is taking someone who's less than elite in return.
2008-10-30 10:07:36
157.   Kevin Lewis
Lost Season 5 promo: Possible spoiler screen caps:

2008-10-30 10:11:02
158.   ToyCannon
Not bad for a 21 year old. Great deal for both sides if he stays healthy. Thought they would see if he could stay healthy all year before making that kind of commitment as most teams are geared up to have huge cap room in 2010 not 2009 when he would have been a restricted free agent.
2008-10-30 10:12:00
159.   JoeyP
A new (or old) Lost on G4 every nite was one of the best TV decisions ever made.

I forgot how good the 1st season was.

2008-10-30 10:12:34
160.   ToyCannon
If I'm paying 22 Million for a 30 year old I'd rather be paying CC then Peavy while enjoying Kemp's peak year at the same time.
2008-10-30 10:13:08
161.   JoeyP
155- Its nice to have an owner that doesnt care about the luxury tax.
2008-10-30 10:17:05
162.   Icaros

He certainly cares about it, but he is willing to eat it if it means he has a legit title contender.

2008-10-30 10:17:20
163.   Kevin Lewis

I started watching season 1 about 15 episodes in, so I had to hurry before the premiere. It was an awesome 2 weeks of catching up, and the pilot episodes is still one of the best I have ever seen.

2008-10-30 10:20:06
164.   LogikReader
155 , 161

See, now there's an organization that gets it. Its remarkable how much flak Mitch Kupchak got a year ago at this time, yet he knew what he was doing all along.

We have to give Mitch some credit... he built this young nucleus, DIDN'T trade Kobe, then traded Cookie for Ariza, then traded for Gasol.

Imagine Frank/Ned with the Lakers... they'd have traded Kobe from the first paragraph about Kobe's "request." They'd be struggling to get to .500, instead of defending the Western Conference.

2008-10-30 10:20:45
165.   ToyCannon
We will pay for that luxury tax in the end. Buss isn't shy about raising ticket prices and has done so every single year except one since they moved to Staples.
2008-10-30 10:21:04
166.   fanerman
162 Yeah. It's nice to have an owner who knows when going over the luxury tax is worth it.

The 4th year is a team option. Bynum wanted $17M per year, the Lakers wanted $11M. They settled on $14.5. Seems like both sides ought to be happy.

2008-10-30 10:21:22
167.   LogikReader

Some of that "flak" came from ME by the way. A very humble "my bad" to Kupchak. :)

2008-10-30 10:23:49
168.   silverwidow
Tigers declined Edgar Renteria's option.

Say hello to our new SS...

2008-10-30 10:24:24
169.   ToyCannon
I don't know, that is an excellent core that Mitch has built. With the right trade of Kobe they would still be a serious title threat. They have the best 2nd unit in basketball. If Kobe can't win a championship with this unit then maybe he needs to look within.
2008-10-30 10:29:56
170.   regfairfield
160 But imagine Peavy and CC in the same rotation.

Now you've got yourself a team!

2008-10-30 10:31:16
171.   Icaros
Not that he would ever admit to misjudging a person or situation, but no one was more vocally anti-Kupchack around these parts than Joey P.
2008-10-30 10:32:12
172.   LogikReader

HAHAHAHAHAHAH! "They were saying Ken Phelps! Ken Phelps! Ken Phelps!"

2008-10-30 10:32:32
173.   bhsportsguy
Hold on here, Jerry Buss only agreed to increase the payroll after seeing what life was like in the 3 years after Shaq/Kobe and having Kobe ask to be traded.

The Lakers are very fortunate that the really bad trade (not the Shaq trade) but the Butler deal for Kwame ultimately got him Gasol. And that Mitch was also able to find someone who wanted Brian Cook and in return he got a younger, more athletic player in Ariza.

And, the Lakers, unlike the Dodgers, have the best or second best player in the league. And in basketball, that means a lot, probably more than in baseball or football. (The Dodgers did learn what happens if you have one of the best hitters in baseball on your team.)

2008-10-30 10:33:02
174.   ToyCannon
In the last four years Renteria has had two good seasons in the NL and two lousy seasons in the AL.

How is his +/- these days?

2008-10-30 10:33:41
175.   bferb
According to MLBTR, the Padres are seeking a package of 5 players including an MLB ready pitcher and other prospects. Sounds like they know they couldnt get a guy like Kemp in a package, but want a pitcher plus some good prospects. Similar to the Bedard deal before the '08 season.
2008-10-30 10:34:38
176.   fanerman
169 Perhaps, but there's no way we'd get a better player than Kobe through a trade (ie, we'd likely trade quality for quantity). We have a lot of depth already. Having a superstar would be much more valuable than the depth.

I admire Mitch's patience, willingness to stick to the plan, and acquisition of players that fit the system. It's that top-down organizational philosophy.

2008-10-30 10:35:19
177.   ToyCannon
Just about every single sabremetric barometer in basketball would not concede that Kobe is even one of the top 5 basketball players at this moment.
2008-10-30 10:35:59
178.   bhsportsguy
165 The only problem with NBA trades is the matching salary component of it. You can't trade young players for someone making 22-24 million a year like Kobe.

The only way you would get value is to get equal talent and the problem with that is Kobe would invoke his no trade clause because he didn't want to go to a depleted team.

2008-10-30 10:36:28
179.   Eric Stephen
How is his +/- these days?

2006: +6 (10th)
2007: -1 (20th)
2008: -9 (24th)

2008-10-30 10:38:37
180.   ToyCannon
Just about everyone here was anti-Kupchak at this time last year. I don't think Joey was anymore vocal then Underdog who wanted Buss to sell the team because time had passed him by. Or Trainweck I get them confused with the whole Santa Barbara/UCLA thing they have going.
2008-10-30 10:38:58
181.   Icaros

Who would the barometers want to have the ball with the game on the line and ten seconds to play? I know who I'd vote for.

2008-10-30 10:40:19
182.   Jon Weisman
2008-10-30 10:40:22
183.   Bob Timmermann
I thought Joey disliked Phil Jackson more than Mitch Kupchak.
2008-10-30 10:40:38
184.   bferb
177 Stats dont mean everything, especially in basketball. The reason why players and coaches across the league believe Kobe to the best player is the threat he constantly poses and the adjustments and defenses teams have to set up to try to stop him. Also you cant adequately rate defense and court awareness with stats.
2008-10-30 10:40:59
185.   Icaros

I wasn't. His plan always made sense to me, but the NBA is hard to manuever in, and you just have to be patient for the good deals/opportunities to come along.

We cut bait on Snaq at the right time, title in Miami aside.

2008-10-30 10:41:01
186.   regfairfield
A very non forward thinking offseason:

Trade Kershaw, DeJesus, Elbert and dross for Peavy
Backload CC enough that you pay him around 15 million in 2009
Re-Sign Lowe
Decline Penny's option.

You get the rotation of CC, Peavy, Bills, Lowe, and Kuroda. It would be a fun year if no one gets hurt.

2008-10-30 10:42:24
187.   Icaros

Yeah, he hates Jackson too because the triangle is worthless.

2008-10-30 10:44:12
188.   CajunDodger
That would not be too bad of a risk if Furcal leaves:

Oliver Perez
Re-sign Biemel
Re-Sign Garciaparra for super-sub duty
Sign Henry Blanco (I admit to being a fan of his defense)
Work out a Pierre-Arroyo/crappy veteran White Sox pitcher swap for rotation depth.

McCourt would like something like this because he gets his revenue generator; Logan likes it because we probably would net quite a few picks and only give up picks for Perez, and all of our young veterans (I refuse to call our cadre of current home-grown talent young players anymore) get to stay home.

2008-10-30 10:45:44
189.   Eric Stephen
Personally, I find sabermetric measures easier to trust in baseball thanks to the nature of the game, the individual matchups. In basketball, the exclusivity of the ball complicates things.

I'm all for advanced analysis, but I'm not the biggest fan of PER (for instance) when it rates Bill Russell as the 86th best player of all-time.

2008-10-30 11:04:01
190.   JoeyP
187- I hate the triangle bc it led to drafting slow unathletic players like Kareem Rush, Luke Walton, Brian Cook etc.

Kupchak made a good deal for Gasol. A job saver.
But that doesnt forgive dealing Shaq, taking back Brian Grant's deal, Kwame for Caron, etc etc.

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