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On the AAA Broadcasting Beat
2008-10-30 10:21
by Jon Weisman

Back in 2006, I profiled minor-league baseball broadcasters Russ Langer of Las Vegas and Robert Portnoy of Albuquerque for With the Dodgers switching their AAA affiliation from the 51s to the Isotopes for the coming season, it turns out Portnoy will in effect be replacing Langer when it comes to doing the play-by-play for the Dodgers' top farm team. Langer will remain in Las Vegas, which has become a Toronto Blue Jays affiliate.

Many of you are familiar with Langer through his longtime connection to the Dodgers and know how deserving he is of a major-league job. I'm definitely hoping for the same thing for Portnoy - we were pals at Stanford, working together at the school paper so many years ago.

This offseason, Portnoy started hosting a sportstalk show on Albuquerque's 101.7 FM (from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time). Check it out if you want to get a taste of the Dodgers' next AAA announcer.

Comments (335)
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2008-10-30 10:42:11
1.   Bob Timmermann
Must not ... make joke ... about AAA announcer ... complaining... must not....
2008-10-30 10:45:08
2.   fanerman

But if we just sign CC and re-sign Lowe, I'd also enjoy watching a rotation of: CC, Billz, Lowe, Kershaw, and Kuroda

2008-10-30 10:46:00
3.   regfairfield
2 Go big or go home.
2008-10-30 10:46:21
4.   bhsportsguy
I read this somewhere so it must true.

If anyone is wondering what happens when teams switch minor league affiliates, the major league club agrees to provide the players and coaching staff but the local affiliate (in this case, Albuquerque, provides all the other personnel, facilities, etc.

Part of that is the radio broadcaster.

2008-10-30 10:47:06
5.   silverwidow
The thought of Kershaw in Padres gear sickens me, as much as I like Peavy.
2008-10-30 10:47:15
6.   Jon Weisman
1 - What's the joke?
2008-10-30 10:48:32
7.   Jon Weisman
NBA rookie debuts - with the Pac-10 flavor of course:

2008-10-30 10:51:06
8.   kinbote
Here's a little hot stove puzzler: Who will be the high-profile player who signs quickly this off-season (I'm thinking of Torii Hunter to the Angels last year)?

My guess: Orlando Hudson to the Mets for a lot of cash. (Back-up pick: Pat Burrell to the Giants.)

2008-10-30 10:53:29
9.   Marty
Sounds like Love had a nice debut.
2008-10-30 10:54:02
10.   Gilberto Reyes
If the Dodgers exercise Penny's option before next Wednesday's deadline, can Penny say no and become a free agent?
2008-10-30 10:54:58
11.   fanerman
3 Ohg boo-urns. Is Peavy really so elite that he's worth Kershaw and then some? I ask because his home/road splits aren't that inspiring.
2008-10-30 10:56:40
12.   ToyCannon

Just don't see how dealing Kershaw/Kemp for Peavy is going big. To me it is going stupid. Peavy's career year was at age 23 and I'd much rather take a chance on Kershaw having that early career season then Peavy ever being close to being a Cy Young pitcher again. He's no slam dunk for me. His age 25 season leaves plenty of question marks about trading our future for his future. He only pitched 173 innings this year for a reason.

2008-10-30 10:56:44
13.   Eric Stephen
Nope. It is not a mutual option.
2008-10-30 10:56:49
14.   regfairfield
11 He's pretty awesome. If Kershaw turned into Peavy, I'd be pretty happy.

I did call this the "non-forward thinking" offseason, so I wouldn't actually make the move.

2008-10-30 10:57:53
15.   Bob Timmermann
2008-10-30 10:58:12
16.   ToyCannon
I meant to reference 3 and totally agree with 11

No, once we exercise the option he is ours to do with as we see fit.

2008-10-30 10:59:20
17.   bferb
I would guess we could send McDonald plus 4 solid prospects as opposed to Kershaw. Still, our price is inflated since we are NL West rivals. Its doubtful any package would be worth it.
2008-10-30 11:01:28
18.   JRSarno
Portnoy's Complaint is supposed to be a good novel.
2008-10-30 11:04:00
19.   ToyCannon
Only a package that included Kershaw would be worth it. Ned isn't dealing with Ned he's dealing with Towers and Depo. If we were trading Kershaw for a hitter like Miggy Cabrera I could understand the debate, trading Kershaw for Peavy seems absurd since Peavy has already had his best and is expensive while Kershaw has his best to come and is cheap. JMO
2008-10-30 11:05:02
20.   Eric Stephen
8 ,12
I agree Furcal to the Dodgers could be the first high-profile guy to sign.

Last year Hunter didn't sign until November 21. That week before Thanksgiving or so tends to be the time when the dominoes (including Derek) start falling.

The winter meetings are December 8-11 in Vegas. I'm thinking road trip...

2008-10-30 11:06:02
21.   Gilberto Reyes
13 Unless you know that Penny is seriously hurt, doesn't it make sense to exercise his option which is below market value? Even if he acted like a child by leaving the team in late September. If he continues to pout, you still have good trade value, right?
2008-10-30 11:07:04
22.   Humma Kavula
19 I don't disagree, but I'll take the devil's advocate position:

Peavy is, today, better than Kershaw, and while I trust the scouts and the minor league guys, it might happen that Kershaw fails to develop.

If you have the opportunity to mitigate the risk on Kershaw by trading him plus a mystery candidate for Peavy, doesn't that make some kind of sense?

Again, I don't know if I actually buy this argument.

2008-10-30 11:07:35
23.   ToyCannon
Yes, unless Ned knows something about his medical condition it would seem a no brainer to execute his option.
2008-10-30 11:08:16
24.   Humma Kavula
If the Dodgers do pick up Penny's option, are there any restrictions on trading him? There might be good value out there for one year of Penny at a reasonable price.
2008-10-30 11:09:34
25.   kinbote
Trading for Peavy makes a little more sense to me than trading Martin which makes a little more sense to me than putting my hand in an alligator's mouth. At this point, I'm starting to think we should just give Lowe whatever he wants and call the rotation set.
2008-10-30 11:11:19
26.   D4P
I'm starting to think we should just give Lowe whatever he wants

I think that might be illegal, or at least morally suspect...

2008-10-30 11:11:37
27.   Eric Stephen
21 ,23 ,24
I agree, if Penny is reasonably close to healthy, that option is exercised yesterday.

I tend to write off the "acting like a child" part since it appears he left the team for rehab and did in fact rejoin them for the playoffs. I know there were some confusing reports at the time.

If exercised, the Dodgers are free to trade Penny to whomever they see fit.

2008-10-30 11:12:50
28.   Eric Stephen
I think Lowe would want the Dodgers to move to the East Coast, which I guess would make Roger Kahn happy.
2008-10-30 11:16:03
29.   fanerman
14 Yeah I got that. Just curious about Jake Peavy in general though.
2008-10-30 11:19:29
30.   Gilberto Reyes
25 What will Lowe ask for? Do you believe the rumors that he won't play on the West coast again?
2008-10-30 11:19:54
31.   Eric Stephen
I hope the Isotopes play-by-play guy doesn't have the substance abuse problems of his brother Jeff.
2008-10-30 11:21:38
32.   kinbote
28 For all we know, that could just be contract posturing. He probably feels his previous contract was below market value and wants to get as much [money] as he can. 4y/$72m wouldn't be breaking the bank for a #1 guy. I've been assuming he's gone all along, but with NedCo now saying a top-of-the-rotation arm is a priority, I don't see a better or more realistic option. (I think the C.C. bidding will get too rich for our blood.)
2008-10-30 11:22:50
33.   ToyCannon
Oliver Perez for four years or Lowe for four years? No question that D Lowe is the better pitcher right now, the question is who do you expect to be the better pitcher over the next four years. Lowe is 35 and OP is 26. OP has nasty stuff but control is always an issue.

Randy Johnson started being effective at age 26 but wasn't a stud until age 29 when he finally got his control under control.

2008-10-30 11:22:54
34.   regfairfield
29 I'm not a huge fan of just looking at a guys road stats since Peavy misses two starts at PETCO which is kind of big. I think 2008 is more of his true talent level than 2007, but a 134 ERA+ with only two useful defenders behind you is pretty darn good.
2008-10-30 11:24:59
35.   schoffle

"Marc Gasol (#48, 2007) started and had 12 points, 12 rebounds and two blocks while battling Yao Ming"

Wasn't he traded by the Lakers for his brother Pau? Maybe the Grizzlies, with all that acquired CAP space from the trade, knew what they were doing.

2008-10-30 11:26:28
36.   kinbote
30 I have no knowledge of his preferences, but I'm not ready to buy all the East Coast talk as gospel. I've read about his supposed interest in returning to Boston and his stated goal of directing Boras on his destination, but if the money's right here, who knows . . .
2008-10-30 11:26:31
37.   ToyCannon
It would a rude awakening if Lowe gets to go back East to enjoy the intensify of the fans he so misses and then gets booed to high heaven when he discovers he's only good in the NL, and the beasts of the East knock him silly like they did before he came out West.
2008-10-30 11:27:25
38.   Jon Weisman
15 - Oh, yeah. That was too obvious. The AAA part in 1 threw me.
2008-10-30 11:28:41
39.   D4P
He'd still be getting his money and his chicks. Maybe not for nothin' or free, but I'm guessing he'd feel like it was worth it.
2008-10-30 11:28:50
40.   Eric Stephen
With a team like Memphis, what good is cap space if no elite free agent would ever sign with them.
2008-10-30 11:29:35
41.   Tripon

A bunch of Dodgers press located here. Tony Jackson thinks Coletti will do the smart thing and just pick up a competent backup catcher to rest up Martin.

2008-10-30 11:31:34
42.   D4P
Coletti will do the smart thing and just pick up a competent backup catcher

Huh. Ned never thoughtta that.

2008-10-30 11:31:41
43.   kinbote
33 I'd rather have Lowe. A bird in the hand innit. OP has a nice ceiling, but his floor is downright dirty.
2008-10-30 11:31:51
44.   KG16
I was at my cousin's house last night and wasn't quick enough to grab the remote, so I had to watch TMZ. Brad Penny was featured in a "story" about an altercation outside of a club. Russell Martin was not there.
2008-10-30 11:31:58
45.   fanerman
41 That sounds too reasonable to be true.
2008-10-30 11:33:31
46.   Kevin Lewis
Anyone know a good furniture store near Pasadena? I need to get an entertainment center that has doors or the ability to be closed off to my soon to be crawling son.

I already know about Ikea.

2008-10-30 11:33:40
47.   KG16
40 - I think there are some elite (or close to elite) players that might be willing to play in Memphis. But they've got to have the supporting cast in place. And a good coaching staff.
2008-10-30 11:36:04
48.   KG16
43 - isn't everyone's floor down right dirty? I mean Rick Ankiel was a pretty solid pitcher until he started throwing balls into the upper deck.

I'd probably lean towards Perez in that situation. But Perez would really be my third or fourth option in picking up a starter this off season.

I really need to get to work.

2008-10-30 11:39:32
49.   Jim Hitchcock
15 Can I just do it 'till I need glasses?
2008-10-30 11:39:39
50.   Ken Noe
I cant shake this premonition that the biggest arm Ned brings in will belong to Paul Byrd.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-30 11:42:52
51.   regfairfield
41 That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one.
2008-10-30 11:44:13
52.   kinbote
30 Dave Cameron thinks Lowe will command $15m with an actual value of $17.5-20m. That's partly how I came up with 4y/72m as an estimate.

2008-10-30 11:45:43
53.   regfairfield
I'm thinking Lowe will get something around the 2/32 that Pettitte got.
2008-10-30 11:46:16
54.   kinbote
Speaking of the hot stove, where's Milton Bradley going to end up? {ducks and leaves for lunch}
2008-10-30 11:48:25
55.   Eric Stephen
Heh. If you scroll down on Fan Graphs, you see the headline, "Free Agent Bargain: Dave Ross."
2008-10-30 11:48:52
56.   Eric Stephen
In the trainer's room.
2008-10-30 11:50:35
57.   Jon Weisman
Fielding Bible Awards"

2008-10-30 11:50:51
58.   Humma Kavula
46 Does Identity Craft still have a Pasadena location? They make custom-made furniture at regular-furniture prices. Worth checking out.

But I think they might've closed their Pasadena location. I think they might just be in Van Nuys now.

2008-10-30 11:51:39
59.   kinbote
53 I think the Mets will go hard after Lowe and blow that offer out of the water. He's exactly what they need: a solid #2 to follow Santana.
2008-10-30 11:51:53
60.   Bill Crain
I think that only now, with my youngest kid a senior in high school, have I finally rid the place of all the child-proof latches.

The best way to buy furniture--particularly specialized furniture--is online.

2008-10-30 11:52:57
61.   Jon Weisman
57-You can see the Complete Vote Tally under the subhead "The Voting"
2008-10-30 11:55:44
62.   kinbote
57 I might have to buy that book. I usually only buy the Baseball America Prospect Handbook (and the latest Jon Weisman release), but that looks like a good one.

As for 1b, the Vowel was the best I saw last year with my own fallible eyes.

2008-10-30 11:57:35
63.   regfairfield
It's odd that they tend to have statistical justifications for all of their choices, except at the position where the guy that lead +/- by far didn't win.
2008-10-30 11:58:45
64.   kinbote
61 Thanks. Ouch on Gutierrez. Maybe he'll break out offensively next year and make us all even more miserable.
2008-10-30 11:59:33
65.   Eric Stephen
The Phillies have won enough already! :)
2008-10-30 12:01:30
66.   regfairfield
Who the heck gave a vote to Manny?
2008-10-30 12:02:45
67.   Bill Crain
Hal Richman voted Juan Pierre 3rd in left field and Russell Martin 1st among catchers. No one agreed with him.

By the way, who is Hal Richman?

2008-10-30 12:04:21
68.   Bill Crain
I'd be willing to bet 67 answers 66 .
2008-10-30 12:04:28
69.   Eric Stephen
Founder and creator of Strat-O-Matic.
2008-10-30 12:06:38
70.   Kevin Lewis
I checked out identity craft online. I now feel very cheap.
2008-10-30 12:07:12
71.   Eric Stephen
Hal Richman and the Fan Poll really screwed Utley (10th place from each), although those votes alone wouldn't be enough to vault him to first.
2008-10-30 12:11:17
72.   oshea2002
Not only is Gammons advocating a neutral site world series (as is Olney) - but he says it will be discussed too.
2008-10-30 12:14:42
73.   silverwidow
72 Ridiculous.
2008-10-30 12:15:01
74.   fanerman
72 Do we only have ourselves to blame? If we just beat the Phillies, we'd have a California/Florida World Series and nobody would have this crazy idea in their heads.
2008-10-30 12:15:21
75.   D4P
Would anyone be opposed to holding the World Series in Omaha...?
2008-10-30 12:17:21
76.   Eric Enders
The preliminary results of Tangotiger's fielding reports (as voted by fans) have also been posted.

2008-10-30 12:19:43
77.   Tripon
75 In Oct? Yes, yes I would.

Lets hold the World Series in a foreign country, like China. The ultimate brand of baseball on the biggest stage.

2008-10-30 12:20:53
78.   Jon Weisman
Man, Stanford picked ninth in Pac-10 men's hoops.,0,2399452.story

2008-10-30 12:23:59
79.   Eric Enders
Which basically means last among the Division I teams in the Pac-10.
2008-10-30 12:28:21
80.   Bob Timmermann
Jon, those two opening round games in the Pac-10 tournament on Thursday night are a lot of fun to watch.

Bhsportsguy and I paid attention to about 10 minutes of the Arizona-Oregon State game.

2008-10-30 12:30:46
81.   D4P
Bhsportsguy and I paid attention to about 10 minutes of the Arizona-Oregon State game

Game-time or real-time...?

2008-10-30 12:32:39
82.   Tripon

Diamond Leung has his own interview with Coletti. Among other things, DeWitt's coming back to L.A. in Jan to work at 3rd and/or 2nd.

2008-10-30 12:34:19
83.   D4P
- The Dodgers training staff has been checking in on Andruw Jones. "He's working out, doing a lot of cardio work," Colletti said.
2008-10-30 12:34:24
84.   Eric Enders
White Sox decline Griffey's $16 million option, making him a free agent.

Griffey for Dodgers left fielder? Anyone like this idea?

OK, didn't think so. He'll probably sign with Seattle anyway.

2008-10-30 12:36:17
85.   D4P
Among the points of emphasis at the organizational meetings in Los Angeles:

"reestablishing a Dodger way of playing baseball".

2008-10-30 12:36:41
86.   Bob Timmermann
Human time.

Oregon State was buried very early in that game. As bad as you thought Oregon State was last year, seeing them up close revealed that they were even worse.

2008-10-30 12:40:07
87.   Eric Enders
Oregon State hoops will be getting a lot more publicity over the next four years that will probably help them with their recruiting. I'm guessing next year they'll be back up to Division I caliber and three years from now they may even be a contender for the CBI. Dream big, Beavers!
2008-10-30 12:41:15
88.   underdog
82 Diamond also (sort of) answered my question to him about Russell Martin:

We've basically already heard the quotes by now about Martin so it's nothing new at this point. Sounds like it took them (and him) a year to figure out: play him less, get a competent backup. Next!

2008-10-30 12:42:10
89.   regfairfield
84 On a very low value contract, he might be better than Pierre. He was incredibly bad on balls in play this year, and if he hit .270 he would have finished around .270/.370/.445. Not great, but if we end up blowing the budget on CC he's not a terrible low cost option.
2008-10-30 12:44:13
90.   D4P
He was incredibly bad on balls in play this year

Mightn't that just mean that his flyballs aren't flying as far, and are being caught by fielders instead of fans?

2008-10-30 12:46:25
91.   trainwreck
I was the one that hated Jim Buss. And I am still worried about the team when Jerry dies.
2008-10-30 12:52:43
92.   Tripon
Jim Buss made one good year associated with the Lakers. The choice of Bynum over Sean May(Whom Jennie Buss preferred.) Jim Buss is also the guy who recommened that Bynum pick his own doctors and trainers over the Lakers.

The Lakers front office is just as dysfunctional as the Dodgers front office, (remember all the leaks about Kobe's involvement in the Shaq trade?) with the exception that Mitch Kupchak is likely a better GM than Ned Coletti is.

2008-10-30 12:53:30
93.   fanerman
92 And Jerry Buss is a better owner than Frank McCourt?
2008-10-30 12:54:11
94.   trainwreck
I do not think Jennie has any say in personnel decisions. I highly doubt she was pining for Sean May.
2008-10-30 12:57:41
95.   Tripon
92 I meant to say that Jim telling Bynum to choose his own doctors over the Lakers was a bad move, especially how the whole thing played out with Bynum missing the rest of the year.

As for Buss being a better owner than McCourt. I agree with that, with the caveat that they're both with their teams, as in their right as owners of their teams. The Shaq trade doesn't get done if Buss didn't want it to happen, and push for it, and the signings of Andruw Jones and the trade for Manny doesn't happen if McCourt wasn't actively involved.

2008-10-30 13:01:13
96.   Tripon

Since Jackson's return, it has been the mission of Jeanie Buss to try to control and limit the ineptness of her brother, a nice guy who is said to keep his bartender on the Lakers payroll. Jim Buss, however, is the person in the organization who insisted on drafting Andrew Bynum in 2005 when the front office leaned heavily toward Sean May. That one pick has worked out so far, which is the one thing that Jim Buss clings to as evidence of his competence.

Mind you, I think Jeanie Buss would make a much better owner for the Lakers over Jim Buss even with this own potentially huge blunder. Still, gotta point out the one good thing Jim Buss did, even if he sounds like he has no business being anywhere near the Lakers.

2008-10-30 13:06:53
97.   regfairfield
90 His line drive percentage was a bit over 20 and his BABIP was in the .270s. I'll buy that Griffey's BABIP should be a bit lower than most, but not that low.
2008-10-30 13:08:17
98.   KG16
I suspect if Jerry doesn't sell the Lakers, that Jim will be in charge of basketball operations (meaning, he gets to hire the GM and/or coach and then get out of the way), and Jeanie will be in charge of business operations.

One of the best things the Lakers have going for them is that they've managed to keep their tradition fairly well intact, having former players stay close to the organization, that's a lot of knowledgeable people to turn to when making a choice for a new GM or coach.

2008-10-30 13:09:12
99.   trainwreck
That says front office, not Jeanie. I would not be surprised if Mitch liked May since they are both UNC guys.

But yeah, some scouts on that know more about inner-working of Lakers have said that Jim wants to be GM and control team when he takes over and they said that he is basically terrible at evaluating talent and Bynum was his lone success.

2008-10-30 13:09:45
100.   KG16
97 - but realistically, what would we be able to expect for Griffey, Jr at his age? Especially given the toll his once amazing defensive play has taken on his body.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-10-30 13:10:16
101.   trainwreck
And as a Raider fan, I am paranoid about an owner having that kind of power.
2008-10-30 13:11:45
102.   KG16
101 - but the Raiders are committed to excellence.

Or at least they were until Al's brain calcified.

2008-10-30 13:14:02
103.   trainwreck
Al cares more about winning than anyone, but he is just an old man that fears change.
2008-10-30 13:15:10
104.   Tripon
99 I think the implication was that Jennie agreed with the front office decision of picking Sean May.

But yeah, I think I read too much into that.

2008-10-30 13:15:22
105.   trainwreck
Except when it comes to coaches. : P
2008-10-30 13:16:42
106.   underdog
Toby Hall is available!

/problem, solved

2008-10-30 13:19:27
107.   Tripon
105 Well yeah. But she's literally sleeping with the coach there. =P
2008-10-30 13:20:13
108.   ToyCannon
One of this seasons biggest surprises to me was Jim Edmunds comeback after looking for all the world like toast in Petco when we played them in April.

He looks like he'd make a great platoon mate for left field for some team. Maybe even Phillie, with Werth who still doesn't hit righties enough to play everyday when compared to how a left hander would do against them.

2008-10-30 13:20:26
109.   kinbote
I'm still waiting for a Canuck "I hate the hot stove" comment. Maybe he's waiting for the Martin-Peavy rumors to heat up.
2008-10-30 13:22:30
110.   Jon Weisman
109 - Who needs Canuck when you have me?
2008-10-30 13:22:48
111.   regfairfield
108 True, but .767 isn't horrible with the other things that Werth brings to the game.
2008-10-30 13:24:58
112.   trainwreck
That was actually about my Al fears change comment.
2008-10-30 13:27:54
113.   ToyCannon
I'm finding Dave Cameron's best free agent bargains to be bizarre. He seems to not care a whit for OBP naming such players as Crede, Juan Rivera, David Ross as bargains.

Is this the same arrogant guy who runs U.S.S. Mariner?

2008-10-30 13:29:55
114.   regfairfield
113 Yep. He's really big on defense.
2008-10-30 13:30:42
115.   Tripon
David Ross is a good defensive catcher?
2008-10-30 13:31:43
116.   El Lay Dave
53 I'm thinking Lowe will get something around the 2/32 that Pettitte got.

Lowe is a year older now than Pettitte was then, but Lowe actually has about 430 less IP on his arm, regular and post-season combined. Pettitte was also coming off a one-oh-something ERA+, 1.4something WHIP season. I think Boras will get Lowe at least three years.

2008-10-30 13:32:09
117.   regfairfield
115 He had a very, very good caught stealing percentage before last year.
2008-10-30 13:36:01
118.   ToyCannon
I can't see Lowe getting less then 3 years and I expect 4. He has been one of the most consistent pitchers in baseball over the last 4 years.
2008-10-30 13:39:43
119.   Jim Hitchcock
Cool. I just had a customer from Kentucky named Honus. Asked him if he was named after Wagner, and he said "Nope. My Daddy was. I'm Junior".

I failed to ask him if he had a brother named Butts.

2008-10-30 13:41:38
120.   ToyCannon
Defense is nice but don't we want our players to get on base, or am I behind the curve that says preventing runs is more important then scoring runs?
2008-10-30 13:45:18
121.   regfairfield
120 If the article's on free agent bargains, defensive runs tend to cost less than offensive ones.
2008-10-30 13:48:28
122.   Eric Enders
119 Did he pronounce it to rhyme with "honest" or "bonus"? (Wagner was the former, although most people mispronounce it nowadays, when they pronounce it at all.)
2008-10-30 13:58:12
123.   bhsportsguy
If you see some speaking into their sleeve at Dodger Stadium next year, do not panic.

New executive: The Dodgers are expected to soon announce the hiring of a vice president for security, an individual whose name hasn't been released but who has extensive experience in large-crowd safety and is believed to have formerly worked for the U.S. Secret Service.

"This is a time of year when, just as we do with our roster, we take a look at what our future directions are in the organization and work aggressively on our planning for 2009," said Dodgers executive vice president and chief marketing officer Dr. Charles Steinberg, who said he didn't know the new executive's name.

Lon Rosenberg will continue to serve as the Dodgers' vice president for stadium operations, but will no longer oversee ballpark security.

2008-10-30 14:01:06
124.   Jim Hitchcock
I pronounced it the latter way. He didn't correct me, but maybe that was the Kentucky gent in him :)
2008-10-30 14:11:40
125.   ToyCannon
The ushers need to have wireless microphones in the rowdy areas so they can be pro-active in quelling bad fan behavior. Ushers shouldn't be responsible for stopping aggressive behavior but they can easily point the security forces in the right directions.

Simple pats on the shoulder by security forces will usually quell some people. Others will of course ignore these requests but the key is to stop escalation. Dodger Stadium security is just not pro-active about controlling fan behavior.

2008-10-30 14:13:59
126.   CodyS
53 Ethier shows up as the third worst right-fielder in baseball by +/-, and he only played there 109 games. He seems like a good defender, watching him play. He lets the occasional ball drop in front of him that I think he could have caught. Otherwise, pretty solid covering right field and a very good arm. I guess I could be wrong.
2008-10-30 14:25:08
127.   KG16
123 - if this happened a year ago, I'd have the sinking feeling of Bonds being signed.

Now, I wonder if his main job will be Russell Martin Body Guard Duty.

2008-10-30 14:32:10
128.   Harold M Johnson
Ethier is definitely not a great defender, but he is competent. Hopefully he'll hit really well when given a starting role for all of next year.
2008-10-30 14:37:41
129.   Eric Enders
127 Perhaps he was hired so Manny will have somebody to talk to on a walkie-talkie while playing left field.
2008-10-30 15:08:20
130.   JRSarno
I'm sure someone has posted this info already, but if not, here's some stuff from --

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti talked to the media yesterday; here's the latest.

* Tony Jackson of the L.A. Daily News believes Colletti will pursue a competent backup catcher to allow more rest for Russell Martin. A decision is due on Gary Bennett's $900K option within seven days.
* So far this offseason, Colletti and Scott Boras have exchanged two voicemails. They'll meet in person to discuss Manny Ramirez and other Boras clients (Derek Lowe, Greg Maddux, Andruw Jones, maybe Joe Crede) at next week's GM meetings. Colletti will not put the other team needs on hold to deal with Manny.
* Colletti has had preliminary talks with the agents for Rafael Furcal, Casey Blake, and Nomar Garciaparra, while Jeff Kent is expected to retire.
* Colletti intends to acquire a top of the line starting pitcher, but Jake Peavy is unlikely (the Dodgers would have to pay extra due to the same-division factor). Free agents Lowe and C.C. Sabathia may be considered. The Dodgers have seven days to decide on Brad Penny's $9.25MM option versus the $2MM buyout.
* The Dodgers would love to have Takashi Saito back, but the situation with his elbow injury is unclear.
* Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones have expressed a desire to be traded through the media, but not formally to the Dodgers.

2008-10-30 15:10:10
131.   Tripon
Nick (Los Angeles): I've heard the Dodgers have considered offering the Brewers James Loney and Clayton Kershaw for Prince Fielder. Is there any truth to that? Doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me.

SportsNation Keith Law: First I've heard of it and I bet it's bogus.

2008-10-30 15:29:53
132.   Eric Stephen
I liked this exchange:

Charles (San Jose): Keith, in a league with 30 teams, can a fanbase really be long-suffering if they go 28 years between titles?

Keith Law: No. Cleveland fans are long-suffering. So are Cub fans. Maybe Pirate fans just because the suffering has been so deep

2008-10-30 16:04:07
133.   Brent Knapp
40 . Except for your medicine cabinet and liquor storage.
2008-10-30 16:06:49
134.   Brent Knapp
133 Was for 60
2008-10-30 16:12:15
135.   trainwreck
I need cheap Halloween costume ideas.
2008-10-30 16:12:52
136.   trainwreck
I wanted to be Al Davis, but my Raider gear was not bought in the 80's.
2008-10-30 16:17:43
137.   Kevin Lewis

Dress up like the girl from the Lawrence Welk SNL skit.

2008-10-30 16:28:16
138.   Jim Hitchcock
135 You want cheap? Go as a streaker.
2008-10-30 16:30:07
139.   Jim Hitchcock
138 The above can be awfully embarrasing in cold weather, however.
2008-10-30 16:33:43
140.   regfairfield
Don't shave, stained t-shirt, baseball cap, and jorts.

Congratulations, you're a blogger.

2008-10-30 16:36:10
141.   Kevin Lewis
Tighter jeans, tucked in flannel shirt, thin're Jeff Kent

oh and don't forget the magazines

2008-10-30 16:36:52
142.   Jim Hitchcock
140 Yeah, but the problem with jorts is finding the right shoes to go with them.
2008-10-30 16:38:00
143.   regfairfield
Socks with sandals, obviously.
2008-10-30 16:38:11
144.   fanerman
140 But how's he gonna depict his mom's basement?
2008-10-30 16:38:54
145.   Kevin Lewis
Crash test dummy:

Use sweats and tape to look like the crash test dummies and than some fake blood

2008-10-30 16:39:26
146.   Kevin Lewis
not just sandals...Berkenstocks
2008-10-30 16:40:15
147.   Kevin Lewis
Slicked back hair, mustache,'re Ned
2008-10-30 16:41:00
148.   fanerman
Dress up as Joe Torre. Wear surfing gear and and a Dodgers hat.
2008-10-30 16:42:00
149.   Kevin Lewis

Or a yoga outfit

2008-10-30 16:43:55
150.   Eric Enders
148 You'd also have to get a fake nose somewhere. And some tea and some State Farm brochures.
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2008-10-30 16:45:06
151.   Jim Hitchcock
148 Eric could probably loan you a manuscript.
2008-10-30 17:00:25
152.   underdog
Train, a lot of people make their costume ideas more interesting by making them zombies or "...of the dead." It's an idea, but with Al Davis I guess that would be mostly redundant.

I'm still struggling, too. I have a few accoutrements but nothing I'm too keen on. Maybe I'll just cover myself in cat fur and go as a giant hairball.

2008-10-30 17:03:56
153.   Jim Hitchcock
152 Oh, man, underdog just reminded me I missed `Return of the Living Dead' the other night.
2008-10-30 17:07:43
154.   underdog
153 D'oh! "BRAINS! Live brains!"
Favorite of mine since high school.

Oh man! I just thought of a cool costume idea. Go as a "Robo-Caller." tee-hee.

2008-10-30 17:17:54
155.   D4P
I need cheap Halloween costume ideas

Pleated khakis, loafers, long-sleeve button-up shirt, pens in pocket.

2008-10-30 18:29:58
156.   Tripon
Mets resign Tatis. Perhaps they are not in the Manny sweepstakes after all.
2008-10-30 18:42:33
157.   fritts
126 I was surprised to see Ethier at -17 this year as well, because he was rated as a +16 right fielder in 2007. CHONE projects him as average (0) for 2009.
2008-10-30 18:46:25
158.   katysdad
I need cheap Halloween costume ideas

May I suggest Morning Man. A robe, coffee cup, baseball cap and a newspaper tucked under your arm. I did this a few years ago and it was well received.

2008-10-30 18:48:30
159.   trainwreck
I have decided to go as Ricky from TPB.

2008-10-30 18:54:35
160.   El Lay Dave
I need cheap Halloween costume ideas

1. Repeatedly jump up and down and sometimes fall to the floor - you're the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

2. How cheap are Manny dread caps now?

2008-10-30 18:57:27
161.   El Lay Dave
The aforementioned Diamond Leung blog article has this headline:

Call Dodgers GM Colletti the Big Fundamental

Some might think Diamond is only 81.8% right on that last word.

2008-10-30 18:57:37
162.   D4P
I need cheap Halloween costume ideas

Rug, Mustache, SF Giants NL Championship Ring, Ladies Snakeskin Boots.

2008-10-30 19:17:50
163.   D4P
Depo has a nice post up about the Padres's 4-stage plan that was launched 3.5 years ago. It doesn't give a ton of detail, but it's still kinda interesting.
2008-10-30 19:29:57
164.   El Lay Dave
Diamond Leung reporting that Manny Ramirez, Joe Beimel, Casey Blake, Derek Lowe and Greg Maddux have filed for free agency. No surprises there.
2008-10-30 20:37:45
165.   StolenMonkey86
164- Nomar's not filing for free agency yet?
2008-10-30 20:50:00
166.   Gen3Blue
164 I would say good-bye to all, except possibly Beimel. Nomar may be in no hurry.
2008-10-30 21:25:56
167.   Tripon
Huh, Bud Selig makes $15 million a year.
2008-10-30 21:30:11
168.   trainwreck
The state of California is apparently out of fake facial hair.

I just wanted some fake sideburns.

2008-10-30 21:43:06
169.   Eric Stephen
If I would have known I would have saved my playoff beard. :)
2008-10-30 21:45:14
170.   trainwreck
I had an interview on Tuesday, so I had to shave. Ruined everything.
2008-10-30 21:46:53
171.   Eric Stephen
How did the interview go?
2008-10-30 21:47:55
172.   trainwreck
Just a temp agency, but they liked me so hopefully I get a lot of work.

Days of working at home are over. Though, I got tired of it.

2008-10-30 22:21:28
173.   underdog
I have some leftover cat fur if that would help, train.
2008-10-30 22:23:21
174.   trainwreck
I would look like Cartman when he glued pubes to his face.
2008-10-30 22:35:23
175.   Tripon
Colletti said he had spoken with the agent for Blake. Beimel will be seeking a salary exceeding $2 million, and he is likely to leave now that Hong-Chih Kuo has replaced him as the team's primary left-handed reliever.

Well, see ya Beimel.

Offer him arbitration, if he declines, wish him well with his new teams and take the compensation pick, if he accepts, you have a lefty that can fill the LOOGY role, to set-up man for 2009 for a couple of million dollars. Not the worst thing in the world.

And saying that Kuo is the primary left-handed reliever implies that Kuo can only get lefties out. Even Ken Gurnick knows he's better than that, right?

2008-10-30 23:23:55
176.   Xeifrank
2 spots left in a fantasy basketball league that drafts tuesday evening next week at 7pm. First come first serve, here are the details. Default settings, 12 team, H2H.
vr, Xei

League ID#: 105121
League Name: Monkey Hoops
Password: monkey

2008-10-30 23:26:24
177.   trainwreck
I am in.
2008-10-31 04:52:12
178.   xaphor
For you're Halloween pleasure...

2008-10-31 07:16:17
179.   D4P
FJM reports that ESPN may be breaking up the dynamic duo of Miller and Morgan. Here's a snippet:

What's coming to light is how unpopular Morgan has become with many of his ESPN colleagues, who are less than thrilled with the way he prepares for a telecast. Some of them also don't respond well to what they call Morgan's haughty attitude, which he has displayed during some of his more outspoken performances in internal ESPN meetings.

Prone to on-air mistakes, Morgan also has come under some intense media scrutiny. And during those moments when he's made a mistake, the give and take between him and Miller can sound strained.

2008-10-31 07:46:39
180.   FlatbushandAtlantic
Andruw Jones told the Atlanta paper that he wants to return to Atlanta." I've got one more year in my contract. Hopefully, I can come back to Atlanta. I would love to finish my career here."
2008-10-31 07:46:49
181.   Gen3Blue
161 I didn't see that last night, but this morning it struck me as hilarious when I "got it". Good one, Dave.
2008-10-31 08:03:53
182.   Brent Knapp
Black Dewitt was named one of SI's Top Scary Athletes. For your Halloween viewing pleassure:

So was Hiroki, although Hiroki does not play for the Padres.

2008-10-31 08:09:14
183.   Eric Stephen
That was reported last week, but Jon Miller has been interviewed and said no such thing is in the works (although I wouldn't expect him to say anything until the split has been finalized).

I dislike the announcing of Sutcliffe, the rumored replacement, more than Morgan.

2008-10-31 08:10:31
184.   Eric Stephen
If Jon Heyman sees that caption, we can expect a story soon about Kuroda being the centerpiece of the Peavy to the Dodgers deal. :)
2008-10-31 08:12:33
185.   LogikReader

If it really happened, that would be the end of FJM.

What is Mose going to do now?

2008-10-31 08:13:58
186.   Eric Stephen
Part of the rumored split was that Morgan would simply move to Wednesday nights. I'm assuming that broadcast plus the JoeChats would still provide plenty of fodder for FJM.
2008-10-31 08:14:42
187.   D4P
If it really happened, that would be the end of FJM

Well, the plan was to move Morgan to weekday telecasts with a new partner. So, he'd still be on the air.

But that aside, I kinda feel like FJM is already nearing its end anyway. It doesn't get updated very often, and I suspect the authors feel like they've said all they have to say and only end up repeating themselves when they post new material.

2008-10-31 08:18:25
188.   Kevin Lewis

Do you have a source for that?

And isn't that against some sort of contractual agreement to go out and say that when you are signed with another team, and you chose to not show up in shape?

2008-10-31 08:24:32
189.   Eric Stephen
Kevin, it was in the AJC. Here is the link:

2008-10-31 08:26:57
190.   Bob Timmermann
A player doesn't forfeit his right to express an opinion about his own welfare when he signs a contract. The Braves, on the other hand, can't say they want to acquire Andruw Jones, because that would be contract tampering.
2008-10-31 08:27:27
191.   LogikReader
187 Jon Miller could potentially be free to cover more Giants games!

Wait a minute...

2008-10-31 08:29:19
192.   regfairfield
163 Was run out of useful players and trade your best one part of it?
2008-10-31 08:30:47
193.   Eric Stephen
That was the unnamed 5th step.
2008-10-31 08:38:29
194.   Kevin Lewis

Gotcha. Yea, I knew that. I was commenting more from the feeling of, "you gotta be kidding me". I just think it is funny that Andruw "demands" a trade when he hasn't really lived up to his side of the contract.

2008-10-31 08:42:42
195.   Eric Stephen
To be fair, nothing in that article mentioned Andruw wanted to be traded. I read that more as once his contract his up, he'd come back to the Braves.
2008-10-31 08:45:28
196.   D4P
I read that more as once his contract his up, he'd come back to the Braves

I always kinda felt like he wasn't really committed to LA, and just took the contract as a big-money pitstop in between his next destination, whether some other team or retirement.

But Bob doesn't care, either way. Of that I am sure.

2008-10-31 08:49:38
197.   Bumsrap
Does Elgin Baylor have a place in the Lakers' organization? Baylor is still my favorite player no doubt because I was much more aware of his strengths than his weaknesses.
2008-10-31 09:10:37
198.   Ken Noe
I join Jones in demanding a trade for him.
2008-10-31 09:12:30
199.   Eric Stephen
I was scouting the competition, so to speak, and came across this interesting note about the D-Backs:

They have 5 days after the end of the WS (so, by Monday) to exercise or decline the 2010 option for Jon Rauch. The option is worth $2.9m, and if declined he would still be arb-eligible in 2010. So the D-Backs basically have to weigh the risk that if Rauch is as terrible in 2009 as he was the last few months of 2008, his arb number would be lower than the $2.9m option. On the other hand, if he is good in 2009, they save money in 2010.

(Also per that link, the D-Backs should have something like 9 of the first 75 picks)

On a side note about the D-Backs, I wonder what their plan is for 2009. They don't have a single 2B on their 40-man roster except for Augie Ojeda.

The rest of their lineup card is set, with some options. It's basically:

C Snyder
1B Tracy/Jackson
2B Ojeda???
3B Reynolds/Tracy
SS Drew
LF Byrnes/Jackson
CF Young
RF Upton

Snyder, Jackson, and Ojeda are arb-eligible.

I would imagine they will non-tender Chris Burke, Edgard Gonzalez, and Wil Ledezma, all of whom are arb-eligible.

The pitching staff will lose some free agents in Juan Cruz (anticipated Type A!) and Brandon Lyon (Type B), and there are talks of bringing back Randy Johnson, but here's where they are at now:

SP Webb
SP Haren
SP Scherzer
SP Davis
SP Petit???
CL Qualls
RP Rauch
RP Peña
RP Slaten
RP Rosales (acquired last August from SD for Scott Hairston)
RP Peguero

Outside of a 2B and maybe bringing back Johnson and a few bench parts, I don't see the D-Backs making major moves. Which makes the NL West eminently very winnable for the Dodgers again in 2009.

2008-10-31 09:18:01
200.   regfairfield
199 Trade Mark Reynolds for a second baseman seems like a good idea.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-10-31 09:22:36
201.   Eric Stephen
Yeah, to quote Lou Brown, "that's a hell of an idea."

Also, if they bring back The Unit, their starting staff will be a force to be reckoned with (it already is).

2008-10-31 09:41:22
202.   delias man
If I had to guess, I think Big Unit wears Dodger Blue next year.
2008-10-31 09:44:13
203.   regfairfield
202 I think they have to bring the unit back, because this might be their best shot in a while. Next year, all that young talent reaches arbitration, and they suddenly can't afford any free agents.

I think the D-Backs plan has to be run the same team out there, and pray Young and Upton break out.

2008-10-31 09:49:47
204.   Eric Stephen
More D-Backs talk:

Hudson figures to command a deal in the four-year, $40 million range - too rich for the Diamondbacks, who are expected to have between $10 million and $15 million to spend this off-season

4/40 for Hudson is much more palatable than the 5/75 discussed a few weeks back.

That article also mentions Bill James, in his weird young player position rankings, thought in his gut instinct Arizona would win the 2009 WS.

2008-10-31 09:51:55
205.   regfairfield
Looking at what's out there, Reynolds for a second baseman might not be possible. If they were willing to go within the division, Reynolds and Montero for Hu and McDonald or Kuo makes a decent amount of sense for both teams, but I can't see it happening.
2008-10-31 09:55:27
206.   Tripon
It seems that teams have received the official Elias rankings, so we'll have to see if they're posted publicly today. Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reports that Milton Bradley is officially a Type B free agent. Bradley was right around the Type A/B borderline.

2008-10-31 09:56:38
207.   Eric Stephen
I think Johnson ends up back in Arizona. He likes it out there, and he's going to get his 300th win next year and why not get it for the team that will be on his HOF cap.*

*Unit Career
With Seattle: 1838.1 IP, 130-74, 884/2162 BB/K, 128 ERA+, 1 CYA, 2 playoff seasons, 1 series win
With Arizona: 1630.1 IP, 118-62, 416/2077 BB/K, 164 ERA+, 4 CYA, 3 playoff seasons, 1 championship

2008-10-31 09:57:45
208.   Tripon
The Dodgers aren't keen on giving up Clayton Kershaw or James McDonald. Rosenthal believes the Dodgers have enough in-house pitching depth to buy out Brad Penny's 2009 option.

Oh wow, Rosenthal isn't actually pushing for the Dodgers to make a move!

2008-10-31 09:59:53
209.   Eric Stephen
They could eschew defense all together and try Reynolds at 2B.
2008-10-31 10:01:47
210.   Eric Stephen
Cool, thanks for that link. This one mentions that the Elias rankings were distributed to clubs Thursday:

2008-10-31 10:04:20
211.   Eric Stephen
Incidentally, not that I want to change history but with many players playing for multiple teams these days I would like to see HOF plaques show a blank cap for the player, and have a strip just below the name with all the logos of the teams that player has played for.
2008-10-31 10:07:11
212.   regfairfield
208 I don't see how #5 starter Eric Stults counts as "in house pitching depth". This is the thinnest we've been in that department in years.
2008-10-31 10:07:44
213.   regfairfield
209 I guess if we can run Jeff Kent out there....
2008-10-31 10:09:14
214.   Eric Stephen
Here is a nice rundown of the key hot stove dates:

2008-10-31 10:10:19
215.   Tripon
212 I think Rosenthal was referring more to McDonald.

McDonald does not throw as hard as a starter as he did as a reliever in the playoffs, and his stuff is not at the level of Kershaw's or righty Chad Billingsley's. Still, some believe his feel for pitching is the best of the three, and his development should give the Dodgers the flexibility to pay righty Brad Penny a $2 million buyout rather than exercise his $9.25 million option.

2008-10-31 10:12:42
216.   Eric Stephen
If Penny's option is declined, all that does is shine a bright Bat-signal sized beacon saying to the world, the Dodgers are going after a front line free agent starter.

Of course, they might still be going after a starter if Penny is brought back, but declining his option would leave no doubt.

2008-10-31 10:14:20
217.   D4P
all that does is shine a bright Bat-signal sized beacon saying to the world, the Dodgers are going after a front line free agent starter

I have no doubt they are.

2008-10-31 10:15:28
218.   fanerman
As long as it's C.C.
2008-10-31 10:15:46
219.   regfairfield
215 I'm really not comfortable going into the year with only five or six guys that you can count on to be not worthless starters. I think your pitching staff should be eight or nine deep. If we start the year with McDonald at 4 or 5, we're asking a guy who's only been pitching for three years to go 180 innings. It's too much.
2008-10-31 10:17:35
220.   Tripon
Pick up Penny's option. Trade him to the Reds with Juan Pierre for prospects/Homer Bailey/Edwin Encarnacion.
2008-10-31 10:17:46
221.   Eric Stephen


2008-10-31 10:18:59
222.   Eric Stephen
I thought we moved past the point of throwing out unrealistic trade rumors.
2008-10-31 10:20:49
223.   Eric Stephen
Apparently it is "Phillies Phriday" on I think this has gone too phar.
2008-10-31 10:21:15
224.   Tripon
222 Never!

Or rather, I think the Reds would be interested in Penny for one year, even if its coming off an injury. We should explore it.

2008-10-31 10:22:30
225.   regfairfield
I think the Dodgers need to keep Penny, get CC or Sheets, and someone veterany. Having Kershaw throw a full season at age 21 seems like it's asking for trouble. Opening day rotation is something like CC, Bills, Kuroda, Penny, Byrd or Maddux, with Kershaw and McDonald coming in when someone gets hurt or a couple months into the season.
2008-10-31 10:27:59
226.   Eric Stephen
I think Billingsley, Kuroda, and Kershaw are etched in stone right now in the rotation.

I think McDonald is at worst 6th on the depth chart going into the season, with Stults, Schmidt (haha!), and this year's Park is the backups.

2008-10-31 10:29:01
227.   Eric Stephen
I meant "next year's Park".
2008-10-31 10:29:26
228.   Jon Weisman
225 - I see no scenario where a healthy Kershaw isn't in the opening week rotation.
2008-10-31 10:30:08
229.   Tripon

I would be surprised if Park stays. There's will be one team desperate enough for Starting pitching to promise Park a starting job.

2008-10-31 10:31:30
230.   Kevin Lewis
You guys have me all excited for spring training
2008-10-31 10:33:39
231.   Jon Weisman
229 - Promise a starting job to a guy who had a 5.04 ERA in the second half of the season as a reliever? I don't think any team will guarantee anything to Park.
2008-10-31 10:35:34
232.   D4P
Promise a starting job to a guy who had a 5.04 ERA in the second half of the season as a reliever?

Promise a starting job to a guy who hit .264/.344/.383/.728 as a 3B/2B?

2008-10-31 10:36:12
233.   Eric Stephen
I don't think any team will guarantee anything to Park

Including a contract.

2008-10-31 10:37:33
234.   Kevin Lewis

But within the current context of the Dodger's needs it makes sense. If we can sign a quality LF, SP, and 2B/3B, Dewitt is a valuable option based on his cost and potential for improvement.

2008-10-31 10:37:37
235.   Eric Stephen
One is 22 and bound to improve. The other is 35 and put up a season out of line (performance and/or health-related) with any season in some time. Big difference.
2008-10-31 10:39:52
236.   Eric Stephen
I want to amend that by saying "more likely to improve" rather than "bound."

Plus DeWitt has defensive value, especially at 3B.

2008-10-31 10:44:23
237.   Lexinthedena
I hear that the Yanks want Manny. If this is true, kiss him goodbye. If he is gone then the Dodgers have to sign C.C right?

Then stop gap LF (Juan Rivera, Bill Hall, Ethier with jones in CF) and Sign the O-Dawg.

2008-10-31 10:45:08
238.   Tripon
If you're the Padres, and you deal Peavy. You might want to sign Park for a year, and hope for the best. 2009 is going to be a lost year for them anyway, why start any prospects major league clock for it.

Besides, the Padres were throwing out Beak, and Wade LaBlanc in Sept. 2008 in consideration for starting spots in 2009. Park isn't better than those two guys?

2008-10-31 10:45:50
239.   regfairfield
228 I guess, but I just don't like Kershaw's innings being ramped up from 110 to 170 to 190ish so quickly.
2008-10-31 10:46:38
240.   D4P
I hear that the Yanks want Manny. If this is true, kiss him goodbye. If he is gone then the Dodgers have to sign C.C right?

No reason the Yankees can't sign both.

2008-10-31 10:49:40
241.   Lexinthedena
240 True, but if the Dodgers compete for him they supposedly have the Cali edge.
2008-10-31 10:51:56
242.   Kevin Lewis
Unless they sign CC first
2008-10-31 10:52:02
243.   Tripon
Yankees can sign Texiera, Manny, and C.C. and still have roughly the same budget they had last year. They'll just have to deal with one more unproductive year from Matsui.
2008-10-31 10:52:23
244.   Eric Stephen
With a few timely skips, they can keep Kershaw at or around 30 starts and/or 180 innings pretty easily.
2008-10-31 10:53:24
245.   Jon Weisman
238 - I'm not saying no one will sign him. But you're still not going to guarantee him a spot in the rotation.
2008-10-31 10:58:15
246.   Tripon
244 If McDonald and Kershaw are in the same rotation, who do you skip?
2008-10-31 11:01:44
247.   Eric Stephen
They don't have to be skipped at the same time.
2008-10-31 11:03:40
248.   Harold M Johnson
Let's say the Dodgers are unable to sign Manny (an AL team offers him 5 years) and CC. Who then moves up the list to be their main targets?
2008-10-31 11:04:26
249.   Eric Stephen
11 different pitchers made starts for the Dodgers last season. I would imagine regardless of the offseason moves there will be opportunities for those outside the original starting five for at least a spot start here and there.
2008-10-31 11:05:56
250.   Eric Stephen
Just throwing out some names: Sheets, Burnett, Oliver Perez for starters; perhaps Hudson/Furcal up the middle (keeping JP as a starter).
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2008-10-31 11:06:22
251.   D4P
Furcal, Crede, Moyer.
2008-10-31 11:12:45
252.   El Lay Dave
McDonald's IP progression, 2006 - 2008 (minor and majors): 142, 135, 152

Getting him to 200 IP in 2009 might be difficult - his 26 starts last season was his most ever, and probably some were limited to a certain number of innings.

If Kershaw and McDonald both end up in the rotation, all the more reason regfairfield's point in 219 is well-taken.

2008-10-31 11:21:21
253.   bigcpa
Per Rotoworld:
According to the Chicago Sun Times, trading Javier Vazquez is "topping the offseason priority list" for the White Sox... He has two years and $23 million remaining on his deal.

We should be all over him. Vazquez posted another deceiving ERA year 4.67 vs. 3.74 FIP. Factor in the league change and he would be a beast. 9 straight seasons of 198+ IP. Still only 31. Guy is a horse.

Plus they want a leadoff/CF guy.

2008-10-31 11:21:26
254.   Eric Enders
The Dodgers should go all-out for Sabathia and have Sheets as a backup plan if they don't get CC. Yes, there are injury concerns with Sheets, but those have been considerably overstated. The fewest innings he's ever pitched is 106; the next-fewest is 141. In the last five years his worst ERA+ for a season is 117. We should have the depth in McDonald/Stults/Elbert/whoever to fill in for the handful of starts he's likely to miss.
2008-10-31 11:21:29
255.   Jon Weisman
252 - I'd be fine with having Stults in the No. 5 slot and bringing in McDonald if/when Stults falters.

But McDonald shouldn't be looked at the same as Kershaw in terms of arm development. McDonald will be 25 next year.

2008-10-31 11:23:40
256.   regfairfield
253 Vazquez constantly manages to pitch way above his FIP. There's something else going on there.
2008-10-31 11:26:32
257.   regfairfield
255 On a normal team, Stults would be fine in that role, but we're going to have a lot of trouble scoring runs next year. I think our pitching needs to be exceptional, and having Stults as a major part of the rotation makes that hard.
2008-10-31 11:27:17
258.   Eric Stephen
253 ,256
Not to mention the fact that he once refused to come to LA (as part of the ill-fated 3-team Green/Unit deal in 2004). I don't know if his distaste for the West Coast still exists though.
2008-10-31 11:30:02
259.   Jon Weisman
257 - We can debate whether giving Stults eight starts makes him a major part of the rotation. Presumably, we're going to sign either Manny or a stud pitcher. Either way, I think that gives us some leeway with Stults - especially when most of those April-May starts would come against the NL West.
2008-10-31 11:33:10
260.   Eric Enders
Given that Torre treated Stults like a leper this year, I find it difficult to believe that the Dodgers will go into 2009 expecting him to play any role at all, whether eight starts or even one.
2008-10-31 11:36:25
261.   OhioBlues12
260 - That was so confounding since he never approached the level of ineptness that Penny showed over multiple starts.
2008-10-31 11:36:38
262.   Jon Weisman
260 - That may be. He wasn't a leper until Colorado, though. It was amazing the impact that one game had.
2008-10-31 11:38:14
263.   regfairfield
259 It's not the eight starts he's going to be getting that I have an issue with, it's the 17 other ones he'll get as people get hurt that could be a problem.
2008-10-31 11:38:20
264.   Lexinthedena
250 I really hope JP is not the centerfielder.
2008-10-31 11:39:33
265.   ToyCannon
I agree with Eric on Stults. Park made 5 starts and had a 2.16 ERA with 30 K's in 25 innings. I'm sure someone noticed and will offer to put him into their rotation.

I'm not sure that if the Dodgers don't sign Penny that is a sign they are freeing up money for a free agent run or simply freeing up money.

2008-10-31 11:40:25
266.   JoeyP
I'm really not comfortable going into the year with only five or six guys that you can count on to be not worthless starters. I think your pitching staff should be eight or nine deep.

Right, but if you go 8-9 pitchers deep, usually the 6-9 guys are gonna be worthless and it doesnt make sense to spend money on those guys.

2008-10-31 11:43:39
267.   El Lay Dave
255 If McDonalds pitches at age 25 for the Dodgers next season, I will be quite pleased.

Definitely not the same situation, but McDonald essentially took two years off from pitching, so it is sort of like his age 22 pitching season next year (but with more a more mature body). In any case, I imagine that there has to be a version of a plan for him not being able to increase his IP by 33%.

2008-10-31 11:44:15
268.   regfairfield
266 As of right now, this is the Dodgers pitching depth chart: Bills, Kuroda, Kershaw, McDonald, Stults, Orenduff. That's it, no one else in the organization can start, and it's becoming pretty obvious that Orenduff sucks massively. I'd much rather go with someone that will probably not be horrible like Maddux instead of hoping we can get something useful out of whatever Aaron Sele clone comes our way.
2008-10-31 11:44:23
269.   ToyCannon
How can you say things like that when none of us know what the makeup of the offense will be in 2009?
2008-10-31 11:46:07
270.   bigcpa
256 This year he had the 11th worst LOB rate in the majors and a .328 BABIP causing a full run gap in his ERA vs FIP. In 2007 he had normal LOB and BABIP figures and pitched right to his FIP. I'll take my chances with 200ip, 200k, 50bb, 25 HR. The guy is due Kyle Lohse money. He's essentially Aaron Harang.
2008-10-31 11:46:21
271.   regfairfield
269 Okay, it's very likely the offense will be terrible in 2009. Is there any way this becomes a good offensive team?
2008-10-31 11:47:49
272.   JoeyP
270- I'm wondering if the Reds would be interested in dealing Harang. He has a terrible W/L record & perhaps they'd ignore his usually good peripherals and consider dealing him.
2008-10-31 11:49:00
273.   JoeyP
Bad 2008 W/L record that is.

271- Outside of re-signing Manny, no.

2008-10-31 11:49:52
274.   ToyCannon
Sure, if the same team that ended 2008 is playing in 2009 with someone better replacing Casey Blake and expected offensive improvements from Loney, Kemp, and Martin. I don't expect it but it surely doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility that Manny and Furcal resign with us.
2008-10-31 11:51:43
275.   Tripon
271 Loney and Kemp become better than league average hitters, Martin is rested more and posts better numbers for a catcher. Blake DeWitt becomes league average, and Manny is resigned and Furcal is resigned.
2008-10-31 11:55:03
276.   regfairfield
275 In other words, it's very likely the offense will be bad next year.
2008-10-31 11:57:11
277.   ToyCannon
If only you had a blog where you could further define what you are talking about.
2008-10-31 12:00:26
278.   Eric Stephen
If Manny & Furcal are back, I think the offense will actually be good. 750-800 runs good. Dependng on the 2B of course.

Last season, in the 86 games featuring Manny OR Furcal, the club averaged 4.91 runs/game (actually scoring more during the Furcal period than the Manny period).

2008-10-31 12:04:28
279.   LogikReader

A strong case, but I still have my doubts. Vote YES on Sabathia. Vote NO on Sheets!!

2008-10-31 12:06:23
280.   Tripon
Vote Yes on Manny, Furcal, and C.C.

Vote No on Sheets, Texieria, and Prince Fielder.

2008-10-31 12:08:27
281.   fanerman
I'd have to think that regfairfield's assumptions are based on assuming we have a low chance of signing Manny and Furcal, while everyone else is thinking that if we sign those two, we should be at least solid.
2008-10-31 12:08:47
282.   Eric Stephen
Prince Fielder would require a special election, leading to the recall of a few of our players already in office. I agree with your No on Prince, as well as all of your Yesses.

I'm Eric Stephen, and I approve this message.

2008-10-31 12:14:42
283.   bigcpa
What about Pierre + McDonald for Vazquez with no cash involved? That frees up all $45M to pay for Manny, Furcal, Blake.
2008-10-31 12:16:23
284.   Harold M Johnson
283 if you're Chicago, do you take that deal? (I honestly don't know, it seems unlikely since one of their main goals in trading Vasquez is to reduce salary).
2008-10-31 12:17:56
285.   Eric Stephen
I would do that in a heartbeat, but would sign Hudson over Blake.
2008-10-31 12:19:18
286.   blue22
278 - Are you expecting Furcal to OPS over 1.000 and Manny to OPS over 1.200 again next year, as they did during those time periods?
2008-10-31 12:21:29
287.   Johnson
283 I wouldn't want to send McDonald in a deal to trade salary-for-salary.

And if Chicago wants to get rid of salary, that's not much of a help for them. Pierre's remainder is about $5.5M over Vazquez's, although it's spread out over an extra year.

Vazquez reportedly has a limited no-trade clause for AL/NL West teams, so it might be a dead end anyhow.

2008-10-31 12:24:18
288.   bigcpa
284 Oh well. Just read that Vazquez has a limited no-trade clause blocking deals to NL West & AL West clubs.
2008-10-31 12:26:04
289.   Eric Stephen
No, but with their normal production combined with the possibility of improved performances for most of Kemp, Loney, Martin, and DeWitt* will make for a solid offense.

*I realize Kemp, Loney & Martin all regressed in 2008 but lets face it, if that happens again the Dodgers are screwed anyway.

2008-10-31 12:32:32
290.   Tripon
Think about: The Phillies would probably have to submit a salary beyond Soriano's record.

Is $15 million the starting point?

If the Phillies offer $15 million and Howard asks even more than that, I will be giddy, and then very sad since this will totally screw up the arbitration process even more.

2008-10-31 12:37:26
291.   Eric Stephen
As long as Tal Smith's not involved for the Phillies' side of that hearing, they will win this time.

Besides, I bet Howard signs a long-term deal this winter anyway fresh off the championship glow.

2008-10-31 12:37:36
292.   blue22
289 - I figured that you were considering the inevitable decline in Manny and Furcal, but I just wonder how the common LA fan will react when Manny "only" produces a 950 OPS next year.
2008-10-31 12:40:25
293.   Harold M Johnson
292 I would imagine pretty positively, only Sheffield and Piazza have lifetime OPS+ of 950 or above since the team's been in LA.
2008-10-31 12:41:22
294.   Eric Stephen
So there's a 50% chance the fans will like him then? :)
2008-10-31 12:43:06
295.   Eric Enders
The Phillies are really kind of screwed for next year. Gillick's getting out while the getting's good. Howard, Hamels, Werth, Victorino, Blanton, Madson, and Durbin are all due for gigantic arbitration raises. Philly was probably already at its upper payroll limit this year, at $105 million. Which means they have zero chance of signing any new free agents, and probably can't afford to keep their own free agents (Burrell and Moyer) either. They'll probably start next year with Taguchi/Bruntlett taking Burrell's outfield spot and some minor leaguer taking Moyer's. And they may also have to trade one or more of the arb-eligible players listed above, unless they want a Red Sox-level payroll.
2008-10-31 12:43:06
296.   Harold M Johnson
OPS, not OPS+ sorry.
2008-10-31 12:43:42
297.   Harold M Johnson
294 lol, I guess it depends on if he is Good Manny or Bad Manny! In other words, it won't be the OPS that decides it.
2008-10-31 12:44:14
298.   LogikReader
Who could forget Opening Day, 2001?


Sheffield hits home run.


2008-10-31 12:44:48
299.   LogikReader
Is Jim Tracy the Dodgers' longest tenured manager since 1996?


2008-10-31 12:48:03
300.   regfairfield
295 Trading Ryan Howard for prospects might not be the worst idea in the world.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-10-31 12:49:17
301.   Eric Stephen
That's not a difficult list to top.
2008-10-31 12:50:28
302.   Eric Stephen
If there is a time to do it, it is right now during the championship euphoria.
2008-10-31 12:54:21
303.   Eric Enders
It's kind of depressing, though, when a key member of the team is lost right after a championship. I remember it was such a buzzkill when Steve Sax signed with the Yankees seemingly hours after the 1988 Series ended. Of course, he got his job that same way seven years earlier, with Lopes being traded after the 1981 title.
2008-10-31 12:56:56
304.   regfairfield
303 I agree, I don't think you can do without the fans lynching you, but he's the one who's declining, has a contract that's spiraling out of control, and is least likely to age well.
2008-10-31 13:02:34
305.   Eric Stephen
A quick look at the Phillies' potential 2009 payroll:

C Ruiz - $500k (estimate)
1B Howard - $15m (4th yr; 2nd yr arb)
2B Utley - $11m
3B Feliz - $5m
SS Rollins - $7.5m
LF Jenkins - $6.75m
CF Victorino - $2m (1st year arb)
RF Werth - $3.5m (3rd year arb)

PH/OF Stairs - $1m
OF Taguchi - $1.25m (option; or $150k buyout)
IF/OF Bruntlett - $1m (2nd yr arb)
PH/3B Dobbs - $1m (1st year arb)
C Coste - $450k (estimate)

SP Hamels - $2.5m (Super Two)
SP Myers - $12m
SP Blanton - $6m (2nd yr arb)
SP Kendrick - $500k (estimated)
SP Eaton - $8.5m
CL Lidge - $11.5m
RP Madson - $2m (3rd year arb)
RP Romero - $4m
RP Durbin - $1.5m (2nd yr arb)

Gordon - $1m (buyout of $4.5m option)

That's already $102.5m with a few bullpen spots to fill and a bad rotation. Their situation isn't that bad.

2008-10-31 13:04:22
306.   Eric Stephen
I can't add...that's actually $105.5m. Estimated of course.
2008-10-31 13:05:47
307.   trainwreck
Floyd told a story about this season's most renowned freshman, Percy Miller, who is better known by his hip-hop name, Lil' Romeo:

"We had some outstanding recruits in when USC played Ohio State [in football]," Floyd said. "Percy Miller is a great entertainer and he was with us when we took our five recruits out to dinner that night in a little place in Santa Monica.

"We were shooting pool, having dinner, and Percy wanted to host some players, take them out. Percy said, 'Coach, which two of those guys do you really want?' I said, 'I want that one over there, that one in the middle.'

"Percy said, 'Consider it done.' The guy [Miller] is worth a lot of money, so I said, 'Please, don't buy these guys.' That's the first time I had to say that to a player. You're allowed to spend $30 per player for the host, so I put three $20s in Percy's hand. He said, 'What's this for, Coach? Just keep your money.' "

2008-10-31 13:10:48
308.   JoeyP
I'll take Howard's "declining numbers".

2006- 58 HRS
2007- 47 HRS
2008- 48 HRS

His main problem is a declining walk rate.

The Phillies would be much better off dealing Lidge (talk about selling high...the guy had a perfect season) and his 11 mils dollars owed.

2008-10-31 13:13:24
309.   Eric Enders
307 At least this year all of Floyd's players are probably willing to give him their cell phone number.
2008-10-31 13:14:32
310.   Eric Enders
If I were the Phillies I'd be trying to trade Lidge for Broxton or Masterson right now.
2008-10-31 13:15:12
311.   JoeyP
307--USC can probably get away with anything recruiting wise.

Still, I can believe Tim Floyd would allow himself to be quoted like that.

2008-10-31 13:24:32
312.   Bumsrap
My predictions: first listed is most likely.

Manny signs with the Angels or Yankees.

Teixeira signs with Boston or Angels.

CC signs with Dodgers or Yankees.

CC is the only FA the Dodgers sign other than a few Park type pitchers.

2008-10-31 13:24:46
313.   JoeyP
300- If you're the Phillies & the Dodgers offer:

Loney & Kershaw for Ryan Howard.

Do you take it?
If you're the Dodgers, do you take it (provided Howard signs an extension)?

2008-10-31 13:26:58
314.   regfairfield
313 Heck no. Ryan Howard was the 10th VORPiest first baseman in baseball last year, and has the type of body that collapses in it's early 30s.
2008-10-31 13:34:30
315.   regfairfield
VORPier than Howard last year: Mark DeRosa, Christian Guzman, Bobby Abreu, Johnny Damon, Stephen Drew, Manny in Boston.
2008-10-31 13:47:17
316.   D4P
I, too, am not high on Howard.
2008-10-31 13:49:35
317.   JoeyP
True, 1st base you can put pretty much any bat there & giving up a high upside arm like Kershaw is steep.

However, Howard's still likely to put up big numbers for the next 3 seasons (age 29,30,31).

The only thing that hurt Howard in 2008 was his bb rate. That could be an outlier.

I think a deal like that would be fair. It would hurt to lose Kershaw, but the Dodgers would still have a chance to sign him in his prime as a free agent. They'd get Howards (2009-2011) seasons, and still be able to sign Kerhshaw after 2013.

2008-10-31 13:51:32
318.   Gilberto Reyes
289 How did Kemp and Loney regress in 2008? This was their first full season in the majors. They both set career highs in RBI. Maybe their 2007 partial-season stats were artificially high? Did anyone really expect Kemp to hit .330, and Loney to maintain such a high SLG average when he had never done that in the minors?
2008-10-31 13:51:41
319.   Icaros
I remember thinking we could just sign Pedro Martinez again once he reached free agency. Didn't happen.
2008-10-31 13:51:50
320.   ToyCannon
If anyone is interested in helping define the Dodger top 30 prospect list, I started a poll a few minutes ago.
2008-10-31 13:55:00
321.   ToyCannon
How did they not regress? Anyone will put up career counting stats in their 1st full seasons but all of their meaningful numbers were off quite a bit from their near full time seasons in 2007. Avg, OB, Slug%, HR/AB ratio, OPS+, OPS.
2008-10-31 13:55:24
322.   ToyCannon
He is available now:)
2008-10-31 13:57:55
323.   Eric Stephen
Kershaw won't be eligible for free agency until after the 2014 season at the earliest.
2008-10-31 14:00:36
324.   ToyCannon
I think I'd rather have Prince if I was going to deal Loney/Kershaw. They both destroy RHP but are below average(Loney 2008 Level) against LHP.

Instead of trading Kershaw I'd rather spend the money on Manny or Dunn or Burrel. I'd rather have Dunn then Burrel since I think the team needs some LH punch.

2008-10-31 14:03:11
325.   ToyCannon
Skip 321, I reread your post and understand your point. They didn't meet my expectations but then they might have been artificially high based on their 2007 seasons.
2008-10-31 14:03:49
326.   Eric Stephen
I don't think we all expected Kemp & Loney to hit .330, but their 2008 seasons were offensively underwhelming, at least.

20 commenters here submitted predictions before the season, and here's what they were:

Avg Prediction: .311/.368/.494
Low Prediction: .280/.340/.440 (I'll give everyone one guess as to who this was!)
Actual: .289/.338/.434

Avg Prediction: .298/.349/.509
Low Prediction: .260/.322/.480
Actual: .290/.340/.459

Both Kemp & Loney had OPS numbers lower than the lowest of the 20 predictions here. They regressed, relative to their past and relative to our (reasonable) expectations.

2008-10-31 14:04:17
327.   JoeyP
If Kerhsaw doesnt get hurt, he's going to have some huge paydays.

He'll only be 26 after the 2014 season.

2008-10-31 14:04:53
328.   Harold M Johnson
I feel like Kershaw should be close to untouchable. His ceiling is so high, and how often does a pitcher like that come up through the Dodgers' system?
2008-10-31 14:05:41
329.   Gilberto Reyes
321 My point is that you have to be careful about comparing a players first full season with their break-in year. Both Kemp (292 AB) and Loney (344 AB) had great numbers in 2007 in the categories you mentioned. But I would not call 2007 a near full time season for either player. Loney had a red-hot September 2007 that totally skewed his numbers with only 344 AB on the year and gave people false expectations.
2008-10-31 14:09:53
330.   Kevin Lewis

Anyone have a digital slr recommendation for under $800?

Also, would you rather have a nice camcorder or nice camera?

2008-10-31 14:10:30
331.   Eric Stephen
He'll only be 26 after the 2014 season.

Just like Maddux when he signed with the Braves.

So if Kershaw puts up a 76 ERA+ in 155 or so innings next year, don't be alarmed folks! :)

2008-10-31 14:12:31
332.   fanerman
330 Camera. What would you use it for? $800 is including everything?
2008-10-31 14:15:14
333.   fanerman
I'm a Nikon guy myself. I find their cameras more ergonomic. A D90 is more expensive than your budget ($1000 for just the body), but it can record HD video (720p), albeit in small segments (5 minutes for 720p, longer for standard definition).
2008-10-31 14:15:40
334.   Jon Weisman
2008-10-31 14:17:10
335.   Gilberto Reyes
326 I would have predicted similar numbers for Loney and Kemp as the 20 commenters before last year. I was a bit surprised to see Loney hit for less power and Kemp strike out as much. But I don't view their season's as regressions. And I expect them both to gradually improve in 2009. Kemp really cut down his K's after the All Star break, and Loney has a brief history of hitting HRs in bunches. James never seemed to get on a power streak in 2008 which hurt his overall SLG %.

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