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Sabathia's Workload
2008-11-08 10:00
by Jon Weisman

CC Sabathia hadn't made a start on three days' rest in seven years until this past September 20. That was the first of four consecutive times he did so at the close of the Brewers' season. After throwing 99 pitches on September 16, he threw 105 on the 20th, 108 on September 24, 122 (spread over nine innings) on September 28, and then in the playoffs, 98 pitches in only 3 2/3 innings October 2. That last start is the only hint that fatigue might have caught up with Sabathia.

In the regular season, Sabathia broke the 120-pitch mark five times, never in consecutive starts. His high was 130 pitches on on August 18, and he had five days off after that game. This link shows Sabathia's career game log, organized by most pitches thrown.

Sabathia's only other career start on three days' rest came on October 7, 2001. After cruising through 59 pitches in only five innings on October 3, Sabathia threw 71 on October 7. Sabathia was 20 at the time, capping a rookie season in which he posted an adjusted ERA of 102 in 180 1/3 innings. By comparison, 20-year-old Clayton Kershaw had an adjusted ERA of 100 in 107 2/3 major-league innings for the Dodgers in 2008 (he also threw 61 2/3 innings in the minors with a 1.91 ERA).

Though he carried a significant workload at age 20 and his innings count increased by 16 percent the following season to 210, Sabathia didn't surpass that total until he was 27 (in 2007).

Comments (178)
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2008-11-08 10:40:32
1.   D4P
Given DT's general aversion to rumors, why are we talking so much about CC Sabathia?

Not that I care, but still...


0 > Notre Dame > Bull-fighting

2008-11-08 10:42:58
2.   Jon Weisman
What rumors am I discussing? He's a free agent of big interest, regardless of press coverage, and I'm starting to study him.
2008-11-08 10:45:18
3.   kinbote
0 > Notre Dame > Bull-fighting > Communal refrigerators
2008-11-08 10:49:41
4.   Louis in SF

I think the reason why CC actually sounds more realistic to me than Manny as a free agent acquisition, because if CC goes into the tank in the last year of his contract you can at least get 5 good innings out of him. When Manny goes into the tank in year 4 or 5 if he is playing for the Dodgers in might get ugly. It would be great for the Dodgers to make a run at CC, but am not optimistic.

2008-11-08 10:54:38
5.   CanuckDodger
4 -- Of course the Dodgers will make a "run," but it is a matter of whether they will drop out early when the price gets too high, or will they match the Yankees in a bidding war.
2008-11-08 11:07:27
6.   KG16
0 > Notre Dame > bull-fighting > communal refrigerators > helping family members move

I think we can keep this going for a while

2008-11-08 11:21:23
7.   Ken Noe
0 > Notre Dame > bull-fighting > communal refrigerators > helping family members move > distant family members moving in
2008-11-08 11:32:22
8.   Bob Timmermann
Scott Boras is negotiating a contract for Manny Ramirez that would require ToyCannon to drive Manny to the airport whenever he needs to go.
2008-11-08 11:37:09
9.   Bob Timmermann
Is there a regulation in the NCAA that all the games that start really early in the day have to be very boring?

I've gotten so desperate that I'm trying Iowa State vs. Colorado.

2008-11-08 11:44:40
10.   D4P
Go here and you can watch Edmonton vs. Winnipeg in live CFL action.

Plus, plenty of soccer games to choose from.

2008-11-08 11:50:20
11.   Bob Timmermann
Then again, I'm voluntarily going to the Rose Bowl to watch UCLA play Oregon State later today.

Oh, the humanity!

2008-11-08 11:52:57
12.   trainwreck
I am not even sure if I can get that game on TV today. FSN Pacific says everything is TBA.
2008-11-08 11:59:59
13.   Bob Timmermann
I would hate for you to miss the fine work of Bill McDonald and James Washington calling the game.

In Oregon, the game will be joined in progress after the Stanford-Oregon game.

2008-11-08 12:04:28
14.   trainwreck
Hope I don't miss Danny Farmer and Sean Farnham either. They are excellent!

Rule 7 explodes...

2008-11-08 12:07:36
15.   Ken Noe
Hot stove fun: Rosenthal thinks the Pads might keep Peavy. Olney thinks he's absolutely gone in a week. Gee, who to believe, the section 32 peanut vendor or a guy who drove Hoffmann to the airport once?

11 I skipped the Auburn - Tennessee-Martin game today, although it might have been fun to see Martin show up in the old uniforms Auburn sold them.

2008-11-08 12:11:49
16.   Bob Timmermann
The sideline reporters will be Dain Blanton and Chris McGee for the UCLA-OSU game.
2008-11-08 12:14:52
17.   Bob Timmermann
So what would be more embarrassing for Tennessee? Losing to UCLA or losing to Wyoming at home?
2008-11-08 12:15:01
18.   LogikReader

I can't believe I'm saying this but...


2008-11-08 12:18:16
19.   LogikReader
On that same note, for those of you who live in the LA Metro, do you know of any good places to watch NFL Sunday Ticket or Out of Market College Football?

I ask because I have never seen any great places in my travels, and I know friends who really want to watch the Oklahoma State/Texas Tech game tonight.


The game is not on locally because the USC game is on at the same time (Thanks ABC!).

I love USC, but I really would like to see OkSt/TT too.

2008-11-08 12:20:29
20.   trainwreck
Yeah, I would rather watch that game too.
2008-11-08 12:23:17
21.   Bob Timmermann
I would just go to Google and look for the extensive listings of places where Texas Tech or Oklahoma State alums hang out in L.A.

There must be like 2 or 3 alums from each school living in the area.

2008-11-08 12:23:22
22.   Patagent
One thing that concerns me about CC is that he's faded in the last two playoffs. I remember Gammons mentioning that CC's 2007 struggles were due to him being tired (his velocity was good but his walk rates were up I think). And he didn't pitch well this year either. Perhaps due to being overworked down the stretch.

If we do get him, I'd like to see us limit his regular season workload to about 210-230 innings per year.

2008-11-08 12:27:10
23.   Bob Timmermann
I found a list of Oklahoma State watch parties:

But none are in California.

The Texas Tech Alumni Association doesn't seem to be as organized.

2008-11-08 12:33:38
24.   Jacob Burch
19 I would always go to Barney's Beanery for Must-See-Colts games (if I woke up on time), can not confirm 100% that they have out of market football, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Speaking of which, LA area is one of three major metro areas to get the awesome SD vs. KC while the rest of the world watches Pitt vs. Indy. Time to start planning...

2008-11-08 12:43:38
25.   Bob Timmermann
Looks like a lovely day in Eugene. At least there are lights at Autzen Stadium so you can see what's going on, unlike last week's Cal-Oregon game at Memorial Stadium.
2008-11-08 13:12:19
26.   D4P
Looks like a lovely day in Eugene

You can see the yellow "O" on Autzen Stadium in the background.

2008-11-08 13:14:20
27.   trainwreck
My friend who was a USC fan is now going to Oregon for grad school and he has become insufferable about the Ducks.
2008-11-08 13:14:50
28.   Louis in SF

One of the advantages of CC, if you get him there is some flexibility on how you manage him. He doesn't have to pitch 8 innings every time out. Yet for right now he seems to have the ability to do that. While I would love to see Manny back the additional years that Manny wants maybe lost if his skills decline. Do you want an average pinch hitter on your bench make 25 million per year? Can you afford a 25 million dollar 4th outfielder?

2008-11-08 13:16:16
29.   D4P
he has become insufferable about the Ducks

Duck fans have pretty much been insufferable since Joey Harrington took Manhattan.

2008-11-08 13:18:26
30.   trainwreck
It's worse, because he tries to claim two teams now in the Pac-10. In addition, I had to tell him all about his own team.
2008-11-08 13:21:29
31.   fanerman
Whenever I see a headline with the word "Kremlin" in it, I think of Kremlin Martinez.
2008-11-08 13:22:06
32.   D4P
Aren't you too young to have friends who are in grad school...?
2008-11-08 13:23:56
33.   trainwreck
I am 24.
2008-11-08 13:27:58
34.   D4P
Oh. For some reason I thought you were 17-18. Maybe that was that "King of the Hobos" guy.
2008-11-08 13:29:18
35.   trainwreck
I just have the maturity of a teenager.
2008-11-08 14:07:14
36.   trainwreck
I hate Pac-10 games. They want stop playing commercials.
2008-11-08 14:15:25
37.   LogikReader
I have a post about all the places that carry out-of-market NFL football games over on LOCKS of the Week (right sidebar).

I am having a whale of a time looking for a decent place in Thousand Oaks that carries all the games. I'm scheduled to meet a friend out there and can't figure out where to go to see Indy/Pit. Does anyone know of a good spot in East Ventura County?

2008-11-08 14:15:59
38.   LogikReader

In Santa Barbara, you practically have an NFL sports bar on every block. I'm a little surprised about it myself.

2008-11-08 14:21:16
39.   trainwreck
When I was in SB every NFL bar all of a sudden became a Chargers bar, which was very annoying.
2008-11-08 14:30:31
40.   cargill06
I don't know his 1st name but that Donaldson guy on CBS, he is absolutley awful.
2008-11-08 14:31:05
41.   LogikReader

Hahahahaha. I lucked out. It hasn't been nearly that bad this year. Their current record might have something to do with it.

2008-11-08 14:31:38
42.   LogikReader

Agreed. He and Blackledge switched networks. I miss Todd Blackledge.

2008-11-08 14:37:53
43.   cargill06
Garret Lee who is having a rough year makes a picture perfect throw on a fade route 30 yards down field and all he can say is, "that's an easy throw, a high school QB could've made that throw." WIth the comment a couple mintues before that saying how John Parker Wilson commited the most selfish penalty he's ever seen.

Wilson held a cell phone up the his ear after he had recieved thousands of threatening calls from LSU fans all week long on his cell phone. I'm sure he'll bring it up again in the 2nd half how that penalty would be the reason why they lose (if they do.)

2008-11-08 14:40:31
44.   Ken Noe
Rotoworld: Travis Schlichting picked up his second save for Surprise of the AFL with a scoreless inning on Friday. Schlichting was drafted as a third baseman by the Rays, but he made the move to the mound with the Dodgers last season and had a 3.77 ERA in 59 2/3 innings as a reliever for Double-A Jacksonville. In the AFL, he's allowed just an unearned run over eight innings. He still needs to improve his slider, but he has a chance of reaching the majors as a middle man.
2008-11-08 15:19:23
45.   D4P
Amazing. After Stanford beats Oregon today, the two teams will have the same overall record, and Stanford will be one game ahead in the Pac-10.
2008-11-08 15:21:31
46.   Dodgers49
Torre patient, optimistic about Manny

>> It's extremely unlikely Ramirez will sign with the Dodgers before considering offers from other clubs, a process that could take him well into next year. <<

2008-11-08 15:29:25
47.   trainwreck
I sure hope Jim Harbaugh ends up coach of the Raiders.

More for the benefit of UCLA than the Raiders.

2008-11-08 15:45:41
48.   Marty
There goes Penn State and now LSU has tied Alabama.
2008-11-08 15:46:44
49.   trainwreck
I am happy, because Big Ten did not deserve a team in the BCS Championship game.

Neither does the Pac-10. : )

2008-11-08 15:46:56
50.   LogikReader
Iowa pulls the upset!

We could have a week where the #1, #2, and #3 teams all lose in the same week. DO YOU BELIEVE IT?!

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-11-08 15:49:01
51.   Marty
CBS in a seemingly cost-cutting move, has decided to give me a picture with no sound. I kinda like it.
2008-11-08 15:49:57
52.   fanerman
51 That's my preferred way to watch.
2008-11-08 15:51:55
53.   CajunDodger
Good Lord this is killing me...thought LSU was destined for a 4-loss season, but could sneak their way into the SEC title game...

God I'm thankful that SEC football happens during the baseball rumor silly season.

2008-11-08 15:55:17
54.   Marty
Now I've lost the picture too. Hope LSU wins.
2008-11-08 16:16:08
55.   trainwreck
LSU blocks a 29-yard field goal to send the game to overtime.

Rahim Moore of UCLA is having quite a day.

2008-11-08 16:21:07
56.   trainwreck
LSU might as well start the freshmen QB.
2008-11-08 16:21:48
57.   trainwreck
Well game is basically over. Alabama going to win.
2008-11-08 16:24:47
58.   Indiana Jon
Great game, wrong ending.
2008-11-08 16:38:39
59.   Jon Weisman
Centerfield defense

2008-11-08 16:40:42
60.   trainwreck
Nice for A's fans to see Carlos Gonzalez so high even though he did not play there a ton.
2008-11-08 16:41:46
61.   Uncle Miltie
Great game at Autzen today. The weather was atrocious though. I was wearing a waterproof jacket and waterproof hiking boots and I still got soaked. It would be nice to see Darron Thomas get a little playing time since the Ducks decided to burn his redshirt this year.
2008-11-08 16:43:11
62.   D4P
"With conditions alternating from sudden downpours to bursts of brilliant sunshine..."

Ah, Oregon.

2008-11-08 17:06:49
63.   underdog
My g/f's three years of free cable abruptly came to an end today.

I suppose it's because someone moved in downstairs who probably ordered cable and then the cable installer switched it off.

Hard to complain. But I wish I'd known ahead of time!

2008-11-08 17:08:45
64.   underdog
I mean, er, this is purely hypothetical. (If any of you work for Comcast.) We'd never steal cable. We're like Kenneth Parcel.
2008-11-08 17:18:43
65.   fanerman
Matt Kemp can play CF!
2008-11-08 17:18:59
66.   Patagent
28 I'd sign Manny for whatever is the remaining length of Pierre's contract. That pretty much ensures that we won't see Pierre as a regular barring injuries.
2008-11-08 17:22:06
67.   Bluebleeder87
pretty cool. I just stepped out side to get some fresh air & admire the city lights & a few fighter jets passed by my house, was there some type of football game today or something?
2008-11-08 17:40:11
68.   underdog
I hope Bob had nice company with him for the UCLA game today, or an iPhone to keep him from being bored.
2008-11-08 17:41:40
69.   trainwreck
Bob is probably used to this by now.
2008-11-08 17:55:15
70.   CajunDodger

Stupid Saban...

2008-11-08 18:10:47
71.   Gen3Blue
It makes me sick to see how adequate Matt Kemp is in center field. It was obvious he could play it two years ago, and he continues to improve with age. The Dodgers hedged his ability with Pierre and then Jones. What a mess, and what a team we could have had if someone realized his ability two years ago.
2008-11-08 18:14:52
72.   Linkmeister
In its wisdom ABC is showing me something other than Texas Tech-OK State. Oh, it's SC-Cal. Guess I just forfeited any chance for sympathy, didn't I?
2008-11-08 18:32:03
73.   LogikReader

I've been complaining about that all week. Why didn't ABC put the USC game on earlier, in the 12:30 slot?

But, I have refuge! The Texas Tech game is on If you have a cable provider that isn't TWC, you should be able to get it.

2008-11-08 18:32:18
74.   LogikReader

Cable internet provider, that is.

2008-11-08 18:32:37
75.   D4P
Matt Kemp is 22nd on the list of 44.

I'm not saying that's bad, but people seem to be acting like it's really good...

2008-11-08 19:04:05
76.   trainwreck
Tucker with awesome catch in Cal/USC game.
2008-11-08 19:09:37
77.   CanuckDodger
75 -- Expectations count. Middle of the pack is good for someone whom many thought couldn't handle center in the majors at all.
2008-11-08 19:11:45
78.   alexx
The reffing in the cal usc game has been so terrible. Any idea why they took away Cal's touchdown?
2008-11-08 19:15:05
79.   D4P
But didn't "we" already think he could play CF? Shouldn't "we" be somewhat disappointed (rather than excited) to see Kemp in the middle of the pack?
2008-11-08 19:21:53
80.   fanerman
79 With defense, it's good to have lots of metrics agree.
2008-11-08 19:22:51
81.   fanerman
80 What I mean to say is, it's nice to have the reassurance.
2008-11-08 19:28:17
82.   fanerman
If Ichiro is so good at CF, why did they move him back to RF?
2008-11-08 19:44:30
83.   Indiana Jon
Texas Tech is a very good football team
2008-11-08 19:44:32
84.   Louis in SF

While it was clear to many about Kemp's CF ability, management in fairness was also looking for a quick power fix, and Jones made some sense on paper. Baseball is not played on paper.

2008-11-08 19:44:46
85.   CanuckDodger
79 -- But did "we" -- or, frankly, any of us -- think Kemp would be a "plus" defender in center? I don't think I ever saw anybody express that opinion. Not here, not anywhere else. The belief of certain people was simply that he could play the position.
2008-11-08 19:44:48
86.   Patagent
Living in Texas, I don't get to watch a lot of Dodger games but I thought the bulk of the complaints re Kemp's defense was his sometimes lackadaisical play. He seems to have the necessary physical tools to be a better than average CF.
2008-11-08 19:46:37
87.   Tripon
82 Because there is a reason why the last Seattle regime fired their GM, and manager.

Ichiro should be playing CF, but him playing RF is the least of their worries right now.

2008-11-08 19:48:51
88.   Tripon
86 Kemp isn't able to read most of the balls off the bat that greatly. I thought he got caught off notice for a number of balls against the Cubs and Phillies. He's fast and athletic enough to catch most of them after a late start, but its still discouraging. His ability to recognize where's a ball's going to land needs to improve.
2008-11-08 19:57:20
89.   fanerman
87 Yeah, I should have guessed the answer was "it's Seattle."
2008-11-08 19:57:45
90.   LogikReader
Defense? DEFENSE? We're talkin' about... DEFENSE? We're not even talking about the game. We're talking about DEFENSE??
2008-11-08 19:59:39
91.   fanerman
Sean, Shawn, Chone, and now Shonn.
2008-11-08 20:03:10
92.   underdog
Speaking of Matt Kemp, he's finally my Facebook friend! Looks like he (or his assistant) logged in to FB for the first time in weeks, approved about 25 friends. Now me and the Bison can hang! w00t.
2008-11-08 20:03:39
93.   CajunDodger
Don't forget Shawon Dunston.
2008-11-08 20:21:44
94.   Tripon
Question: if Matt Kemp eventually has to leave CF, and move to RF/LF. Where does that leave our CF situation?
2008-11-08 20:24:18
95.   LogikReader
Our Amy G (at the Kings game) is way better than their Amy G (at the SF Giants game)


I am so bored... when does Spring Training Start?

2008-11-08 20:26:38
96.   fanerman
94 We can always just sign a free agent CF. We're pretty used to it.
2008-11-08 20:32:16
97.   jasonungar07
What a mess, and what a team we could have had if someone realized his (Kemp) ability two years ago


Not just Kemp. Loney got Nomar paid 20 million and then basically got LaRoache run out of town. Tomko threw 17 starts in 2006 before Bills was given the job us bloggers new he could do, maybe cause he was 12-6 as a starter the previous year.... We paid Gonzo to not play Ethier. We gave up on Aybar and then traded for Betiment. And of course no major league baseball team should have two all star catchers. Instead you trade one for garbage (for his good not ours of course), run your other catcher in the ground and then gripe that maybe he is overworked.

2008-11-08 21:06:56
98.   Tripon
97 LaRoche's attractiveness as a baseball player, talent, ability, and other teams wanting his services got 'LaRoche' run out of town. That said, I'm not sure LaRoche would ever beat out DeWitt after this year in Torre and Ned's eyes. One of the two had to go, and it was LaRoche.
2008-11-08 21:20:12
99.   Xeifrank
So, if USC and Oregon State finish with the same conference record (1 loss) who wins the PAC-10?
vr, Xei
2008-11-08 21:23:43
100.   Tripon
99 They'll be co-champions, but USC will get the Rose Bowl bid because of their higher BCS ranking.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-11-08 21:45:14
101.   Kevin Lewis

I am pretty sure that page was started by one of the girls in his profile picture.

2008-11-08 21:56:02
102.   fanerman
101 How do you know?
2008-11-08 22:06:53
103.   Kevin Lewis
The page itself is so vague, and the profile pictures are 2 from parties and 2 stock photos. It just looks like some fan that has taken a photo of him twice that set up the page.
2008-11-08 22:11:18
104.   mintxcore
103 He friends with a few other Kemps that look like possibly family members!

I'm pretty sure the Jason Repko facebook profile is the real deal as well... even if his only status update was "I hope Juan Pierre's back heals soon" or something along those lines hahah

2008-11-08 22:16:45
105.   bhsportsguy
99 ; 100

If Oregon State wins out, they will finish as Pac-10 champion and get the automatic BCS bid. Which in this case, since they will not be in the BCS Title game, will be the Rose Bowl.

2008-11-08 22:18:01
106.   underdog
I figured it might be an imposter Matt Kemp or a fan page, though that kind of stuff is more common on MySpace where it's easier to do that. I don't think Facebook pays enough attention to fakers, either, but it's still possible it's really Matt. Maybe he just doesn't have enough time to tell us all about him. I want to believe!

I'm sure the Nomar FB profile is not the real Nomar, though.

2008-11-08 23:03:35
107.   mintxcore
Jeff Kent's facebook profile is very convincing hahah
2008-11-08 23:22:29
108.   Tripon
105 USC will likely get an at large bid then.
2008-11-09 00:22:13
109.   Bob Timmermann
There are 10 BCS spots
Championship will likely be Big XII champ (unless it's Missouri) against SEC champ

Rose will be USC/Oregon State versus Penn State/Ohio State

Orange could be North Carolina versus Utah

Fiesta could be Big XII South runner up versus Pittsburgh

Sugar Bowl could be whomever is left over

2008-11-09 01:10:46
110.   berkowit28
109 ...whoever...
2008-11-09 01:16:37
111.   trainwreck
I say the Big East should not be allowed into the BCS this year.

Honestly, Pittsburgh has no right to be in the BCS.

2008-11-09 02:57:39
112.   Bob Timmermann
If not Pittsburgh. how about Cincinnati?
2008-11-09 03:33:58
113.   Dodgers49
Dodgers would make Barnum proud on so Manny levels

T.J. Simers

>> We know about the Dodgers' offer because they wanted everyone to know about it even though they readily admitted Boras was probably going to wait and listen to others Nov. 14.

"We said think about it for a while," Colletti told Boras. "It's not going to be there forever." <<

2008-11-09 09:42:46
114.   Bumsrap
Simmers chose to poke at instead of support the two year offer. It would have been more credible if Simmers clearly stated what he thought the offer to Manny should have been.

I support two years and prefer one year. If Boras and Manny believe Manny's stats will be worth $25 MM a year for each of a 6 year contract then they should have no problem accepting a $5 MM base and $20 MM bonus for each year he gets 500 at bats.

And if he doesn't run out ground balls or becomes disruptive and Torre benches him, he might not get his 500 at bats.

Not that Boras would accept such a contract but it would be a compromise, a compromise that says Manny will be paid according to his ability to stay in the lineup.

2008-11-09 09:51:06
115.   D4P
If Boras and Manny believe Manny's stats will be worth $25 MM a year for each of a 6 year contract then they should have no problem accepting a $5 MM base and $20 MM bonus for each year he gets 500 at bats.

Exactly. The primary reason they want 6 years is that they pretty much know that Manny's stats won't be worth $25 MM a year for each of the next 6 years.

It's fine for them to ask for 6, but nobody's obligated to give it to them.

2008-11-09 10:01:33
116.   Gen3Blue
114 It's a shame your reasoning is way too rational to be compatible with MLB.
2008-11-09 10:39:51
117.   Andrew Shimmin
I also double dog dare Manny to forgo the guaranteed money. If he were a real man he'd do what would be best for me, some jerk he's never met, instead of what would obviously be best for him.
2008-11-09 10:46:13
118.   D4P
If the guaranteed money is in Manny's best interest, then it's probably not in the team's best interest.

Why should a fan care more about a player then a team?

2008-11-09 10:55:15
119.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm not saying Colletti should give him whatever he wants. I'm not even saying he should beat the offers of the other GMs. I'm just saying it's not a character flaw for Manny to pursue his best interest.
2008-11-09 10:57:32
120.   D4P
I agree. Players and agents should ask for what they want.

Ned's 2-year offer is one of the few things he has done that I support.

2008-11-09 10:58:14
121.   Andrew Shimmin
The way he's doing now, I should add. Knocking down an old guy to get out of his last contract (assuming that's why he did it; it seems more likely to me that he's just not a very nice guy) would have been an illegitimate means of pursuing his best interest. But trying to convince a GM to give him more money is legitimate.
2008-11-09 11:07:29
122.   Tripon
121 Pedro Martinez knocked down Don Zimmer down flat in a fight once. Is Martinez a horrible person?
2008-11-09 11:14:08
123.   KG16

and then the Dodgers clinch one year with a week to go and Manny sitting at 475 at bats, and then suddenly gets "rested".

Baseball use to have a lot of contracts like this, and ownership would pressure managers to do things like have pitchers skip starts or hitters get extra days off, not for the player's health but for the health of the owner's bank account.

2008-11-09 11:18:11
124.   Andrew Shimmin
Zimmer charged the mound--maybe the traveling secretary started the physical altercation, but I don't have a reason to believe that's so. Still, I wouldn't say Martinez covered himself in glory.
2008-11-09 11:39:02
125.   D4P
Half-time at the Meadowlands

Brets: 40
Rams: 0

2008-11-09 11:39:07
126.   trainwreck
Finally get to watch Summer Heights High today. Been waiting since I saw first commercial.
2008-11-09 11:43:16
127.   Bob Timmermann
It takes a lot of effort to give a team eight scoring chances in one half.
2008-11-09 11:43:47
128.   D4P
I'm pretty sure the "a" in "Rams" is for effort.
2008-11-09 11:44:56
129.   Bob Timmermann
The Vikings have a "hard 14" in the first half against the Packers. They have just one TD. And just one field goal.
2008-11-09 11:50:23
130.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm watching the paralympics. It's tape delayed (by a month), so nobody ruin it for me!
2008-11-09 12:11:24
131.   Eric Enders
As things stand now, Texas is about three times as likely to make the national championship game as they are to make the Big XII title game

Ah, the beauty of college football.

2008-11-09 12:25:38
132.   silverwidow
Is Matt Ryan the best rookie QB of all-time?
2008-11-09 12:54:47
133.   bigcpa
2 HR day for DeJesus in Puerto Rico!
2008-11-09 13:41:52
134.   Bob Timmermann
You're saying that because it's too hard to spell Roethlisberger.
2008-11-09 13:48:10
135.   trainwreck
Ryan has been better than Roethlisberger was in his rookie year. Roethlisberger had a great team and his job was to not throw to many interceptions.

Ryan is thriving, because he played in a pro-style for so long in college.

2008-11-09 13:49:30
136.   trainwreck
2008-11-09 14:03:40
137.   Bob Timmermann
There it is. I'm convinced. I'll build my shrine to Matt Ryan right now.

Which metal should I use? Gold or platinum?

2008-11-09 14:05:56
138.   trainwreck
He is from Boston College so you gotta use gold.
2008-11-09 14:13:12
139.   Bob Timmermann
So Ryan is better than Dan Marino? Or Bob Waterfield?
2008-11-09 14:16:45
140.   trainwreck
Probably not. I just know he is better than Roethlisberger was.
2008-11-09 14:23:01
141.   trainwreck
I think it should be mandatory that whenever the Raiders are on offense, the Benny Hill theme song must be continuously played.
2008-11-09 14:24:02
142.   Bob Timmermann
I just think it's premature to declare anybody the greatest rookie anything after just half of a season.

Matt Ryan could morph into Rick Mirer.

2008-11-09 14:28:51
143.   trainwreck
The Panthers have decided to just decline all penalties against the Raiders now. Because they know we cant move the ball so why waste clock or they just feel sorry for us.
2008-11-09 14:34:26
144.   caseybarker
The Raiders beat the Brets!
2008-11-09 14:34:51
145.   Bob Timmermann
The day I start feeling sorry for the Raiders is the day I invite Charlie Weis and Jimmy Clausen over for dinner.
2008-11-09 14:37:18
146.   StolenMonkey86
I support a severely front-loaded 4 year deal (25/25/10/10) with an opt out after 2010 and 2011.
2008-11-09 14:57:26
147.   Steve Now in Annapolis
145 Bob, I'll be sure to carry your hatred for ND with me to M&T Bank Stadium next Saturday, not that it will change the outcome or anything. GO NAVY.
2008-11-09 15:00:08
148.   Tripon
Diamond Lueng has a bunch of new Dodgers news, all of it international.

Say goodbye to Chan Ho Park.

- At his homecoming press conference, Chan Ho Park announced that he was unlikely to return to the Dodgers and also unlikely to play for South Korea in the World Baseball Classic. Park wants to be a starting pitcher again and believes the Dodgers would return him to a swingman role. Assuming he gets a one-year deal to start for a new team, he'd like to focus on that rather than pitch in the WBC.

2008-11-09 15:15:28
149.   ToyCannon
Clippers finally had Baron, Camby, and Kaman start the game healthy, and once Eric Gordon was given real minutes they win a game. Only Dunleavy would be giving Gordon less then 10 minutes a game while they were getting creamed every night. This isn't rocket science Mike, if you play your best shooter, your odds go up when no none else on your team can score.
2008-11-09 15:19:50
150.   ToyCannon
Pedro did not knock Zimmer down. Zimmer charged him, he did an ole and Zimmer went down because he's an old fool. Comparing what Pedro did with Zimmer to what Manny did with the Traveling Secretary is ridiculous. Manny confronted the old guy and that is a 180 degree difference.
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2008-11-09 16:19:24
151.   Marty
Wow, why did Kansas City go for two?
2008-11-09 16:33:05
152.   Pepperdine

Yeah they went for two twice in the game and failed both times. That's the difference between the W and the L this time.

2008-11-09 16:39:14
153.   Bob Timmermann
KC didn't really go for two the first time. They had a bad snap on the PAT and there wasn't much else for the holder to do.
2008-11-09 16:40:17
154.   Marty
I think the first one was a botched PA attempt, at least there was one of those. But how do you not go for overtime with 23 seconds left?
2008-11-09 16:51:20
155.   Bob Timmermann
When you're 1-7 and facing a better team on the road, you go for a win when you have the chance.
2008-11-09 17:11:11
156.   Marty
Guess that's why I'm not a coach. I would think you'd have a better chance in overtime.
2008-11-09 17:23:19
157.   Bob Timmermann
Unlike Charlie Weis, Marty does not have a decided a schematic advantage.
2008-11-09 17:35:56
158.   Pepperdine
Well I guess that explains why their punter threw the pass. I just saw the box score online.
2008-11-09 19:07:58
159.   LogikReader
Rockets vs Lakers thoughts:

I've seen a couple of Rockets games going into tonight's Laker game, and I for one am impressed with Houston's defense to start.

The Lakers had a long layoff and Houston takes advantage so far. But beyond that, the Rockets are aggressive, contest shots, and somehow anticipate Laker passes, even forcing them to turn it over.

Of course if you heard it from Joel and Stu, the Lakers were apparently handing the ball to the Rockets every time, which isn't the case.

2008-11-09 19:15:20
160.   D4P
Former Pac-10 Player of the Year runner-up* Aaron Brooks with 11 early points on 4-5 shooting.

*Despite having better stats than the POY.

2008-11-09 19:24:26
161.   Jon Weisman
Third base defense:

DeWitt dominates over Blake.

2008-11-09 19:31:21
162.   LogikReader
Good to see the Lakers respond with a nice run of their own, which cut the Houston lead to one.

I mean, this is a good game. Dare I say "Western Conference Finals preview?"

2008-11-09 20:27:50
163.   Gen3Blue
Blake DeWitt seems to be better at third than Blake, and the equal of Crede. A smart team would take the salary advantage and bulk up somewhere else.
2008-11-09 20:49:24
164.   LogikReader
So much for that Rockets defense:

Lakers 111, Rockets 82

This, with the Rockets up by as many as 16 in the first half.

2008-11-09 21:04:40
165.   KG16
the Lakers look incredibly good this year. 22-point average margin of victory through 5 games. Dallas, New Orleans, and Detroit this week will tell us a lot.
2008-11-09 21:07:40
166.   Louis in SF

Have been wondering about this since the last game of the playoofs. I would love to see DeWitt get a chance at 3rd, but if Furcal want's a 4 year deal and he seems to have multiple suitors, and as good as Hudson is, he is at most a 15hr guy when Dodger Stadium is his home, who do we get?

2008-11-09 21:16:22
167.   StolenMonkey86
163 - Dan Uggla trade? How does his defense at 2nd compare to Jeff Kent?
2008-11-09 21:23:33
168.   Tripon
I don't think Blake DeWitt can net the Dodgers Dan Uggla.
2008-11-09 21:36:54
169.   trainwreck
The new rankings Jon has been posting showed that he was good defensively, while Kent was the worst in baseball.
2008-11-09 22:46:51
170.   Zak
MC Saftey - very good win for Arsenal today. I like Nasri a lot, even before today. Still, I am going to stick by my Arsenal are too young this year to cause damage theme. Man U is strange coz they lost to Arsenal and Liverpool and tied Chelsea, but they play all three of those at home later this season. This was Arsenal's first game against the top 4. I also think Man U has the depth when they get to December and on, whereas Liverpool and Arsenal don't. Either way, great win today... those six minutes at the end must have felt like forever even though Man U didn't do anything.
2008-11-09 23:11:10
171.   LoneStar7
170 how about 10 points in our last 4 matches as well as a resounding UEFA cup victory over Dinamo Zagreb...come on you spurs!

oh and boy did the lakers look fantastic through most of the second half, the defense has been just suffocating and when the offense clicks we can go on 15 point runs in a matter of minutes..

2008-11-10 00:22:06
172.   Louis in SF
The idea now is not to trade Blake DeWitt. Trading for Uggla would be a net plus because he would bring in more power to a position 2nd, which isn't a power position. His defense would be helped with a good defensive shortstop and Loney at first. The question is who would you have to give up to get Uggla.

Does anyone know if Furcal can be had for less than 4 years?

2008-11-10 01:22:09
173.   Zak
171 I suppose if Darren Bent can start scoring goals, anything can happen.
2008-11-10 02:12:22
174.   Benjamin Miracord
Regardless of whether Manny Ramirez is signed, I do not see Raul Mondesi as the answer to the Dodgers's outfield dilemma in 2009.
2008-11-10 04:53:44
175.   Ken Noe
Using those metrics, I'd like to see where DeWitt would rank at second, even given the small sample size. It does confirm my qualitative impression (and Indians' fans rap on him) that Blake wasn't all that great at third. Or with RISP (also his rep in Cleveland).
2008-11-10 05:26:40
176.   D4P
Unlike Charlie Weis, Marty does not have a decided a schematic advantage

Actual headline:

Weis eyes more active role in Notre Dame offense

2008-11-10 06:02:58
177.   Steve Now in Annapolis
176 I would have pegged him as a run-stopping D-Tackle.
2008-11-10 06:54:55
178.   Jon Weisman

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