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2008-11-15 10:27
by Jon Weisman

Much has been made of the dozen-plus free-agent departures from the Dodgers, but what do the Dodgers need?

  • One front-line starting pitcher.

  • One front-line infielder.

  • One front-line outfielder.

  • Various low-cost complements.

    With those additions - and I'm not talking about signing multiple superstars like Manny Ramirez and CC Sabathia at once - the Dodgers could feel comfortable with the roster entering the 2009 season, and then make further adjustments upon seeing how things shake out after the first month or three. Most of those who left the Dodgers in the past month don't matter.

    It's doable.

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    2008-11-15 10:44:44
    1.   LogikReader
    LAT'd from last thread

    Oops! I'm sorry, underdog. I could have saved so much time if I had paid more attention upthread [in the previous thread].

    I remember the comment about "rat face" though.

    Likewise, I hope for better luck to those of you out in the SF Valley and around Sylmar. I hate to see anyone lose their home and have to evacuate. I'm really pulling for the firefighters to tackle the Sylmar fire.

    2008-11-15 10:47:48
    2.   LogikReader
    Filling the various needs for the Dodgers is doable, but I get frustrated when the Dodgers settle for second best.

    I'm not familiar with free agent history before 1998, but my impression is the Dodgers don't always go after the best available hitter. They do go after pitchers a lot, with Kevin Brown and Jason Schmidt as good examples.

    It's going to be one of the more interesting offseasons in recent history.

    2008-11-15 10:47:49
    3.   Eric Stephen
    Lesson: If Arizona no longer wants them, don't sign them

    The D-Backs don't want Johnson because they have no money (thank you Eric Byrnes contract!).

    The D-Backs didn't want Carlos Quentin either. If he were a free agent, would he not be desirable? (and yes I know Chris Carter was used to get Haren, but Quentin for Carter straight up was one-sided).

    2008-11-15 10:53:40
    4.   JRSarno
    Well, the way it's looking, perhaps the Yanks will take every good frontline pitcher from the free agent pool... in the meantime, I suspect we'll do nothing of worth, withdraw offers, and watch other teams take Furcal, Blake, etc. away. Maybe that's a good thing. Who knows.
    2008-11-15 10:54:14
    5.   underdog
    NP, LR, appreciate your more detailed, first-hand reports!

    God, it's hot here again today. Whatever happened to autumn? I'm calling Al Gore right now.

    2008-11-15 10:54:35
    6.   Bumsrap
    3 - The examples I gave were for players past their prime. White and Gonzo should not have been signed and I suspect Randy Johnson shouldn't be either.

    Kent was a little grumpy and Johnson would replace that grumpiness all too well.

    2008-11-15 10:56:28
    7.   silverwidow
    Diamond says we're looking at Dempster and Garland.
    2008-11-15 10:56:38
    8.   underdog
    So, yeah, the Yankees are making offers to Burnett and Lowe, after making that huge offer to Sabathia? Er, what if all three guys say yes -- can they actually afford that? Those three combined would cost more than most teams payroll, no?

    Or what if they get turned off by the fact that the Yankees are going after other frontline starters and go elsewhere? Just seems risky to me... but I guess they know the odds are they will "only" end up with one or two of them.

    2008-11-15 10:57:31
    9.   Eric Stephen
    I think Johnson would be a decent risk. Something like a 1 year, $7 or $8 million deal would work for me.

    Johnson is past his prime, but relative to the league he is still effective.

    2008-11-15 10:58:12
    10.   Eric Stephen

    I guess the good news is that Dempster's grand slam giveupedness will go down. :)

    2008-11-15 10:58:17
    11.   underdog
    If Furcal goes to the Giants, he goes on my obelisk. Sorry, Raffy.
    2008-11-15 10:58:39
    12.   Dodgers49
    Record Offer Starts Yanks' Courtship of Sabathia

    >> Those who know Sabathia say he wants to sign quickly and has no desire to visit possible destinations. <<

    ## Sabathia's agent, Greg Genske, did not return a telephone call. But if the Yankees' offer is considerably higher than any other team's, the players' union will be eager for Genske and Sabathia to take it. Because the offer would set a new standard for pitchers' salaries, it is hard to envision Sabathia's turning it down. ##

    2008-11-15 11:00:14
    13.   Bumsrap
    As much as I like a healthy Furcal, because of his injury risk, I would rather go with Hu, Abreu, or DeJesus at short, whichever one wins the job. Spend the money on CC instead of Furcal and Manny.
    2008-11-15 11:00:17
    14.   LogikReader

    Lawrence, Kansas seems to have found it. There's enough cold and wind for two states :)

    2008-11-15 11:01:05
    15.   Eric Stephen
    Jon Garland hasn't had a K/9 above 4.77 since 2003!
    2008-11-15 11:02:11
    16.   D4P
    But if the Yankees' offer is considerably higher than any other team's, the players' union will be eager for Genske and Sabathia to take it. Because the offer would set a new standard for pitchers' salaries, it is hard to envision Sabathia's turning it down

    Ya know, if owners expressed support for a player accepting a low contract that would lower the standards for other player salaries, they'd be accused of collusion.

    2008-11-15 11:05:38
    17.   Bumsrap
    16 - Good one!!!
    2008-11-15 11:13:49
    18.   Bob Timmermann
    Collusion would involve the owners actively working together to lower salaries by agreeing to offer lower amounts and not engage in competitive salary negotiations.
    2008-11-15 11:16:58
    19.   trainwreck
    There are no interesting football games today.
    2008-11-15 11:17:03
    20.   D4P
    Yes, and someone (e.g. the players' union) would undoubtedly raise the "collusion" issue if a player accepted a contract that was "too low" and the rest of the owners expressed glee.
    2008-11-15 11:17:13
    21.   Bob Hendley
    I certainly agree with the hierarchy of that list. It will be interesting to see how things shake out as different potential signings are taken off the menu and the extent of Ned's wariness as regards possible damaged goods. I don't think that he is willing to gamble his career on Rafi or Sheets, and probably not the O-Dog or Crede either. Unless Manny falls in our lap, I see JP patrolling LF, as I don't see us going after Dunn/Burrell, and then seeing if we can unload JP or Jones. I see him pulling out all stops in trying to get CC and settling for Blake in the infield, if he will have us.
    2008-11-15 11:19:11
    22.   Disabled List
    I take "front-line" to mean "significantly above average." So yes, the Dodgers do need to target multiple superstars like Manny Ramirez and CC Sabathia.

    The team right now consists of average to slightly-better-than-average players in need of superstar talent to complement.

    2008-11-15 11:21:28
    23.   Bumsrap
    Colletti seems to want a couple of veterans in the rotation and is reluctant to go with Billingsley, Kuroda, Kershaw, MacDonald, and Elbert. My question is if the Dodgers keep those 5 pitchers, when would they be ready to nail down the rotation by themselves?

    Even if they wind up being the rotation for 2009 there is a need for depth to back them up and limit the innings on young arms.

    For me, CC at 3 years $75,000,000 and a Randy Johnson type at 1 year and $6,000,000 would allow the 5 existing young pitchers to evolve into the long term rotation sooner.

    2008-11-15 11:21:57
    24.   Bob Timmermann
    And the MLBPA would have to prove it. And in 1987 and 1988 it was pretty easy to prove because Peter Ueberroth got owners and GMs together and told them what they should pay people.

    Expressing glee would not be the same thing.

    2008-11-15 11:24:06
    25.   D4P
    Expressing glee would not be the same thing

    No, but the owners couldn't get away with it in the same way that the MLBPA can.

    2008-11-15 11:25:36
    26.   LogikReader

    I'm predicting the S. Carolina/Florida game will be more interesting than you think. I have my reasons, over on LOCKS of the Week.

    Half way through the game, I realized Dan MacLaughlin, the voice of the St Louis Cardinals, is calling the Texas/Kansas game.

    2008-11-15 11:26:20
    27.   Bumsrap
    The MLBPA is clearly into the trickle down theory regarding how to escalate salaries.
    2008-11-15 11:30:17
    28.   Bob Timmermann
    Sisyphus had greater job satisfaction than anyone who would try to disagree with D4P about salaries in baseball.
    2008-11-15 11:33:02
    29.   Tripon
    The bad deals that Barry Zito, Carlos Silva, and Carlos Pavano signed did more to escalate salaries than anything Santana or C.C. signed.
    2008-11-15 11:36:01
    30.   D4P
    Funny you say that. As a freshman (roughly 16 years ago), I remember reading a paper/book/something (I think the author was an existentialist, but I'm not sure) in which the author argued that Sisyphus was actually the happiest of all creatures.

    I can't remember the argument for why he was happy, but that's what the author claimed.

    2008-11-15 11:36:53
    31.   underdog
    13 I'm happy to give a shot to Hu or DeJesus next year, too, but who plays 2nd? Hu? No, I'm asking, who? Having to replace 3rd, SS, and 2nd next year is a lot to ask of young 'uns. Assuming DeWitt gets first crack at 3rd -- then they need to fill in SS and 2nd. Which is why they're looking at Hudson. I'd rather have Furcal than Hudson, personally. Ay caramba, this is gonna be an interesting off season.
    2008-11-15 11:39:21
    32.   D4P
    Found it!

    "The Myth of Sisyphus", but Albert Camus.

    According to Wikipedia, the essay ends thusly:

    "The struggle enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy."

    2008-11-15 11:41:14
    33.   das411
    Wait a minute...with four OFers for three spots still, isn't the last thing the Dodgers need another front-line OFer? Did I miss where that argument was addressed?
    2008-11-15 11:42:23
    34.   Branch Rickey
    Players (workers) are allowed to "collude" because they don't have any control over anything (arbitration aside) Owners are in total control of what gets paid so they can't.
    2008-11-15 11:43:01
    35.   D4P
    Camus sees Sisyphus as the absurd hero who lives life to the fullest, hates death and is condemned to a meaningless task.

    Camus presents Sisyphus's ceaseless and pointless toil as a metaphor for modern lives spent working at futile jobs in factories and offices. "The workman of today works every day in his life at the same tasks, and this fate is no less absurd. But it is tragic only at the rare moments when it becomes conscious."

    Camus is interested in Sisyphus' thoughts when marching down the mountain, to start anew. This is the truly tragic moment, when the hero becomes conscious of his wretched condition. He does not have hope, but "[t]here is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn." Acknowledging the truth will conquer it; Sisyphus, just like the absurd man, keeps pushing. Camus claims that when Sisyphus acknowledges the futility of his task and the certainty of his fate, he is freed to realize the absurdity of his situation and to reach a state of contented acceptance. With a nod to the similarly cursed Greek hero Oedipus, Camus concludes that "all is well," indeed, that "One must imagine Sisyphus happy."

    2008-11-15 11:43:25
    36.   trainwreck
    Two of those outfielders stink. It is only because they get the most money that they are still on the team...

    As of this moment.

    2008-11-15 11:44:35
    37.   Bob Hendley the D4P-B. Timmermann relationship is co-dependent?
    2008-11-15 11:50:07
    38.   Bob Timmermann
    All I know is that I tip in restaurants.
    2008-11-15 11:50:28
    39.   JRSarno
    35 - This is far too existential for Colletti to apprehend. Suffice it to say, he's engaged in a somewhat epic administrative journey of mediocrity.
    2008-11-15 11:53:03
    40.   D4P
    Maybe I'm forgetting, but what was it that forced Sisyphus to actually push/carry the boulder up the hill after it rolled down? In other words, what would have happened had he simply refused to take it back up the hill?
    2008-11-15 11:53:36
    41.   Marty
    4 fires burning in SoCal now.
    2008-11-15 11:54:29
    42.   trainwreck
    I am just waiting for this discussion to turn to Marxism and then D4P will incorporate CC Sabathia and the other free agents into the discussion.
    2008-11-15 11:54:30
    43.   Bob Hendley
    38 - I think its your tipping in Starbucks that has everyone worried.
    2008-11-15 11:54:49
    44.   Bob Timmermann
    Sisyphus didn't have any choice but to push the boulder up the hill. Or else Zeus would have taunted him worse. But not killed him. And Sisyphus couldn't kill himself either.
    2008-11-15 11:55:14
    45.   Bob Timmermann
    Basically, the gods on Mount Olympus were colluding against Sisyphus.
    2008-11-15 11:55:51
    46.   trainwreck
    Going to watch the PPV tonight/
    2008-11-15 11:57:03
    47.   Bob Hendley
    39 - Ned gives me sissyfits.
    2008-11-15 11:57:22
    48.   D4P
    You know that website I posted that allows people to watch baseball, football, basketball, etc. for free...?

    Well...(wink wink...nudge nudge...)

    2008-11-15 11:58:14
    49.   trainwreck
    Yeah, I watched the last couple on the tubes, but I will probably go somewhere with friends and watch this one.
    2008-11-15 11:59:44
    50.   Bob Hendley
    42 - But Marxism is all about rewarding labor!
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-11-15 11:59:55
    51.   D4P
    I hope Randy wins. Brock deserves to lose if for no other reason than his ridiculous chest tattoo.
    2008-11-15 12:02:20
    52.   trainwreck
    Brock has no business fighting for the title. Catching Randy with a good punch is his only chance I think.
    2008-11-15 12:02:55
    53.   D4P
    I have a hard time considering wealth athletes to be members of the "proletariat".

    Even Mark Sweeney made $600,000 last year, for Ch-i's sake.

    2008-11-15 12:03:32
    54.   underdog
    Wait, I'm confused -- Sisyphus is on Pay-Per-View tonight?

    Not worth it. I know what to expect in that one.

    2008-11-15 12:04:01
    55.   D4P
    It's pretty ridiculous that he's getting a title fight already, but the UFC is about making money, not about being fair.
    2008-11-15 12:05:22
    56.   Bob Hendley
    Joe, the baseball player.
    2008-11-15 12:06:19
    57.   trainwreck
    It also shows how pathetic the heavyweight division is. They are so worried about Brock losing that they will give him the shot now. I sure hope they sign Fedor, because I do not want to see something like Randy vs Frank Mir.
    2008-11-15 12:07:54
    58.   D4P
    I'm sure the UFC doesn't want Randy-Mir either. I would assume that the UFC wants Brock to be champion, after beating Randy and then Big Nog. Then Fedor can come in and arm-bar Brock in the first 30 seconds of the match and make Dana look stupid.
    2008-11-15 12:09:15
    59.   KG16
    41 posting from my iPhone as I wait in the evacuation line - fire in yorba linda is close, all the important stuff is out. Will update when possible
    2008-11-15 12:11:40
    60.   Bob Hendley
    Nobody beats El Santo.
    2008-11-15 12:11:43
    61.   trainwreck
    I think they want Randy to win, but Brock to look good, so they can say he is just inexperienced.
    2008-11-15 12:12:38
    62.   scareduck
    54 - are you kidding? Sisyphus rocks!
    2008-11-15 12:13:31
    63.   Tripon
    50 Marxist-Leninism created a vanguard class that is supposed to teach the proletariat the virtues of Communism, but seems to be stuck in the 'Vanguard must lead the unwashed masses' phase for eons.
    2008-11-15 12:14:09
    64.   Bob Timmermann
    I have an IRA with Vanguard!
    2008-11-15 12:15:43
    65.   underdog
    62 D'oh! :-)
    Tonight he rolls.

    So Flight of the Conchord fans should know that the NZ movie "Eagle vs. Shark," which stars Jemaine, is on Starz today, now and again tonight. Not a great movie but very cute, amusing.

    2008-11-15 12:15:44
    66.   Bob Hendley
    And masses of unwashed clothes!
    2008-11-15 12:19:39
    67.   Bob Timmermann
    Navy is just giving me false hope.
    2008-11-15 12:19:53
    68.   trainwreck
    Much like Tongan Ninja. Not a good film, but amusing.
    2008-11-15 12:22:39
    69.   D4P
    With a victory today, Notre Dame will become Bowl Eligible™.
    2008-11-15 12:24:49
    70.   Bob Timmermann
    And Notre Dame will likely get to play in the Gator Bowl on New Year's Day.

    With a 7-5 record.

    2008-11-15 12:26:20
    71.   bablue
    (22) So Martin is only slightly above average now? And what about Ethier? He was 4th in OPS among NL outfielders. Ethier had an .885 OPS, while Ryan Braun's OPS was .888. In fact, Ethier's year was probably better because Braun's OPS was SLG-heavy. And I don't think anyone would say Braun is only slightly above average.

    (23) CC just got the biggest contract ever for a pitcher at 6 years. He has absolutely no reason to take a 3 year deal. At the very least we'll need to offer a 5 year deal, more likely 6-7 years, otherwise no CC.

    2008-11-15 12:28:13
    72.   Bob Hendley
    Oh, CC come on and dance with me...
    2008-11-15 12:28:23
    73.   D4P
    Stupid capitalism.
    2008-11-15 12:29:12
    74.   bablue
    Darn, how do you make the blue link to the other comments?

    Side note: Anyone watching the Navy-Notre Dame game? Completely crazy.

    2008-11-15 12:29:23
    75.   Bob Timmermann
    Apparently Charlie Weis has not gotten more involved with Notre Dame's hands team for onside kicks.
    2008-11-15 12:30:41
    76.   trainwreck
    I stopped watching game and started watching an Animal Planet show about animals with two heads.
    2008-11-15 12:32:14
    77.   Bob Hendley
    to each according to his needs, and ND needs to go to a bowl.
    2008-11-15 12:33:24
    78.   trainwreck
    Weiss sure is happy he beat Navy.
    2008-11-15 12:34:47
    79.   Bob Timmermann
    Notre Dame needs nothing more than my eternal scorn.
    2008-11-15 12:37:06
    80.   Tripon
    USC is going to score 80 on this ND team.
    2008-11-15 12:37:22
    81.   njr
    yeah-- i just switched over to the two-headed animals.
    2008-11-15 12:38:04
    82.   Eric Stephen
    Go Bears!
    2008-11-15 12:38:20
    83.   Bob Timmermann
    Since Notre Dame will be playing at USC, the Trojans will be able to call off the dogs early.

    I foresee something like a 45-0 game.

    I see the USC-UCLA game ending something along the lines of 34-3 USC.

    2008-11-15 12:40:30
    84.   trainwreck
    Nice of you to give UCLA a field goal.

    Must be the home-field advantage.

    2008-11-15 12:41:36
    85.   Eric Stephen
    I approve of Cal's opening possession! Down with the Beavers!
    2008-11-15 12:41:54
    86.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm counting on a USC turnover early in the game to give UCLA a chance for a 45-yard field goal.

    Other than that, I think UCLA will be lucky to get double digits in first downs.

    2008-11-15 12:42:00
    87.   Bob Hendley
    Are own-goals possible in American football?
    2008-11-15 12:43:20
    88.   Bob Timmermann
    If you want one of those then it would be 34-2.
    2008-11-15 12:44:09
    89.   trainwreck
    You get a safety if you go into your end zone, which is 2 points.
    2008-11-15 12:45:12
    90.   Eric Stephen
    Auburn decided to save its upset for when they play Alabama.
    2008-11-15 12:45:44
    91.   Eric Stephen
    On the plus side (for those of us rooting for Cal), at lease Oregon State still has 0 yards offensively.
    2008-11-15 12:46:14
    92.   Eric Stephen
    at least

    Stupid real estate terminology.

    2008-11-15 12:47:26
    93.   LAT
    73 Whoa, that makes me feel better. After reading 16 with its almost sympathetic acknowledgement toward management I was about to check to see if the earth had fallen off its rotational axsis ;-)
    2008-11-15 13:00:10
    94.   Eric Stephen
    In the next year or so, whenever the Pac-10 irons out its next football TV contract, they might want some sort of commitment from ESPN/ABC or whomever to actually show the games in HD.

    I can't remember the last SEC game on ESPN/ABC or CBS that wasn't in HD. It seems like every week just about every non-USC Pac-10 game on ESPN/ABC is in regular definition.

    2008-11-15 13:00:11
    95.   Bill Crain
    I'm not counting on finding a lot of USC basketball fans in this crowd, but maybe there's some Anteaters?

    Anybody listening on the radio, I could use some updates.

    2008-11-15 13:07:18
    96.   nofatmike
    ZIPS Projections are up:

    2008-11-15 13:08:44
    97.   Eric Stephen
    I thought the game would be televised but I was mistaken. It's on radio (710 AM), and USC leads 23-22 with 4 minutes left in the 1st half.
    2008-11-15 13:09:31
    98.   trainwreck
    Anything that says Casey Blake will be very good and Andruw Jones average, I do not trust.
    2008-11-15 13:10:48
    99.   trainwreck
    How is Demar doing?
    2008-11-15 13:12:14
    100.   Eric Stephen
    I've been watching the Cal-OSU game instead. I try to avoid things announced by Steve Physioc.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-11-15 13:15:43
    101.   Bill Crain
    Thank you. You've now been officially moved up my list two spots ahead of Rick Monday.
    2008-11-15 13:16:41
    102.   LogikReader
    So much for a close game: Florida 21, South Carolina 0, and we haven't even finished the first quarter!
    2008-11-15 13:19:02
    103.   Eric Stephen
    Ha! At least with me you know what the score is. :)
    2008-11-15 13:21:49
    104.   Bob Hendley
    97 Is it in hi-fi?
    2008-11-15 13:23:24
    105.   trainwreck
    I am going to anger the Gods and say that the SEC is overrated this year.
    2008-11-15 13:32:58
    106.   D4P
    Buster Olney has a piece up in which he conjectures that Brad Penny "probably is drawing more interest now than CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe combined", because of the economy.
    2008-11-15 13:33:41
    107.   trainwreck
    So we should have kept him to trade?
    2008-11-15 13:36:42
    108.   D4P
    Wouldn't have been a bad idea. We probably could have gotten something decent for him, and if not, he wasn't a bad gamble to keep around anyway.
    2008-11-15 13:40:14
    109.   Bill Crain
    I found it on internet: radio station KUCI.

    46-31 Trojans early in the second half.

    The USC broadcast you have to pay for. I swear they've taken more money from me since I graduated than I ever paid them in tuition.

    2008-11-15 13:48:42
    110.   trainwreck
    That is quite a load of green.
    2008-11-15 13:52:12
    111.   Bill Crain
    Two words: Cal State Scholarship.

    There really were good old days.

    2008-11-15 13:57:08
    112.   trainwreck
    Nice, that the USC education does not cover counting. ; )
    2008-11-15 13:58:19
    113.   trainwreck
    And I accidentally put a comma. Well I totally screwed that joke up.
    2008-11-15 13:59:41
    114.   Bob Timmermann
    Eric is sad that Pete Arbogast wasn't given the basketball job to fill in for Rory Markas.

    What's the over/under for "How do you do?" from Eric today. I say three.

    2008-11-15 14:00:24
    115.   Bill Crain
    No, it was funnier the other way. :-)
    2008-11-15 14:23:32
    116.   silverwidow
    96 The Zips projection for McDonald is stupid.
    2008-11-15 14:26:02
    117.   Tripon
    116 Its pretty dumb for Billingsley too. He's suddenly going to drop down from the face of the earth and post a 108 ERA+?
    2008-11-15 14:28:21
    118.   Tripon
    Twins offered Casey Blake a framework for a deal. Woo hoo! Type-B comp picks are on the house!
    2008-11-15 14:31:07
    119.   MikeLumHarris
    "drop down from the face of the earth"


    2008-11-15 14:48:03
    120.   CeyHey
    who are the good 2010 free agents that we will have Jones and Schmidt's money to spend on?
    2008-11-15 14:49:18
    121.   natepurcell

    They have Billingsley at 129 ERA+

    2008-11-15 14:56:27
    122.   Bob Timmermann
    We are getting closer to the scenario where Arizona will end up beating Oregon State in Tucson to send USC to the Rose BOwl and send thousands of drunken U of A fans on to the field celebrating like they either found out World War II ended or that a local bar was offering a 2 for 1 special on tequila shots.
    2008-11-15 14:59:02
    123.   dzzrtRatt
    Was it my cable or ABC? The action froze right before that Cal TD run. Grrr.
    2008-11-15 15:03:51
    124.   dzzrtRatt
    Underlying 0 is the great work by the Dodger front office in filling the team with above average and improving young players, most of them draftees.

    We just need one frontline starting pitcher, not three. We need just one frontline outfielder, and wouldn't even need one if Ned hadn't invested so heavily in the GM and Chrysler of outfielders.

    We need just one frontline infielder because we can choose from Loney, DeWitt, Hu, Dejesus to fill the other three slots, who'll all be okay and will get better.

    Most teams would equate losing a pitcher as strong as Derek Lowe with the end of the world. We're shrugging it off; we figure we can upgrade from him.

    2008-11-15 15:49:30
    125.   D4P
    14-0 Oregon after 1:32.
    2008-11-15 16:00:02
    126.   Bob Timmermann
    And the Beavers appear headed for a win.

    How do you do?

    2008-11-15 16:02:16
    127.   overkill94
    According to the Vs. network, this afternoon's game is being played in Stanford, CA
    2008-11-15 16:06:05
    128.   Bob Timmermann
    Probably because that's where the game is being played.
    2008-11-15 16:07:28
    129.   KG16
    kind of strange to watch your home town burn, especially when you still live there.
    2008-11-15 16:08:23
    130.   Eric Stephen
    The first rule of Geography Fight Club® is that there is no Geography Fight Club®.
    2008-11-15 16:08:59
    131.   Eric Stephen
    My brother lives in Yorba Linda too, but he's not home. What's the latest?
    2008-11-15 16:12:05
    132.   trainwreck
    I think USC fans just had a collected flashback.
    2008-11-15 16:12:55
    133.   trainwreck
    2008-11-15 16:13:24
    134.   Bob Timmermann
    During College Gameday this morning, Chris Fowler said that USC lost to Stanford last year because Mark Sanchez had a bad game.
    2008-11-15 16:13:28
    135.   Eric Stephen
    Not the start I was hoping for.
    2008-11-15 16:14:09
    136.   Eric Stephen
    I saw that! He said as a highlight of Booty throwing an interception was rolling.
    2008-11-15 16:14:49
    137.   Eric Stephen
    By the way, my prediction for this game has already been nullified.
    2008-11-15 16:15:22
    138.   overkill94
    128 Dammit, since when did Stanford become a city? Why was I always told that Stanford was in Palo Alto? I've been living a lie!
    2008-11-15 16:15:25
    139.   D4P
    See also: Your prediction that the Lakers would be 9-0 when they face Phoenix.
    2008-11-15 16:15:42
    140.   trainwreck
    They really made that look easy.

    Too bad UCLA can't run the ball to save their lives.

    2008-11-15 16:16:34
    141.   Bob Timmermann
    Stanford isn't a city. It's an unincorporated area of Santa Clara County. But the university isn't part of Palo Alto.

    Pepperdine isn't in the Malibu city limits either, but still uses Malibu as an address.

    2008-11-15 16:16:44
    142.   KG16
    131 - east Yorba Linda, Bryant Ranch area completely evacuated. reports are they've lost water pressure so the hydrants are no good. 1000+ acres, probably 40+ houses gone. looks like my parents office is gone, fire surrounding the neighborhood.
    2008-11-15 16:17:33
    143.   trainwreck
    That is like how my friend's house has the area code of 00000.
    2008-11-15 16:18:51
    144.   Jon Weisman
    That opening drive was worth the look my wife gave me for ignoring the kids in order to watch it.

    138 - a long time ago. But Palo Alto is very close.

    2008-11-15 16:21:41
    145.   Bob Timmermann
    A Stanford upset could set up a Civil War matchup where the winner would go to the Rose Bowl.

    I'm guessing that hasn't happened before.

    But there's a very, very, very long time to go.

    2008-11-15 16:22:45
    146.   overkill94
    I even lived in Palo Alto for a summer and never knew Stanford had its own town or whatever you want to call it. This is blowing my mind.

    Another thing blowing my mind is that my right Shift button kept getting stuck, so I popped both Shift keys off to see what the deal was and realized that only the right Shift key had a little plastic bar that sprung up and down. I simply took the bar out and now it works splendidly.

    2008-11-15 16:23:15
    147.   D4P
    That opening drive was worth the look my wife gave me for ignoring the kids in order to watch it

    If my wife gave me a look like that, I'd be all like, " get out in the kitchen and make me a pot pie!"

    2008-11-15 16:24:13
    148.   D4P
    The winner of the 1994 Civil War matchup went to the Rose Bowl, but that isn't exactly what you had in mind.
    2008-11-15 16:24:21
    149.   KG16
    147 - HA!
    2008-11-15 16:27:06
    150.   Bob Timmermann
    It's need to be at stake for BOTH teams.

    I don't think that's happened with many of the season-ending Pac-10 rivalry games outside of USC-UCLA.

    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-11-15 16:41:05
    151.   Dodgers49
    Yanks' opening pitch to Sabathia is record-setting

    >> The strongest message, though, clearly is being sent to Sabathia. As the Post reported Thursday, making a swift, overwhelming offer is designed to accomplish two things: 1. Assert in the strongest way just how serious they are about Sabathia's services. 2. With that approach, work to dissuade Sabathia of his desire to play on the West Coast and/or in the NL where he can hit.

    The Yanks are not deluding themselves. They know there is a form of bribery going on here. They recognize all things being equal, Sabathia would prefer to be a Dodger, Angel or Giant. So they want to make sure that all things — notably the money — are not equal. <<

    ## So Sabathia probably would have to leave a substantial amount of money on the table to avoid The Bronx, and the Yanks are hoping that the differential will be just too great for Sabathia to reject. ##

    2008-11-15 16:50:19
    152.   Dodgers49
    Man, the Clippers are in for a loooooooooong season:

    Final Score: Golden State 121, LA Clippers 103

    >> In his first career start, undrafted rookie Anthony Morrow tallied 37 points and 11 rebounds to lead the Golden State Warriors to a 121-103 victory over the hapless Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center. <<

    ## "I was going to go to Ukraine (to play basketball)," Morrow said of being undrafted. "But Golden State gave me a chance. I didn't know I was going to start until this morning. ##

    %% Morrow, a guard, averaged 14.3 points in 32 games last season for Georgia Tech. %%

    2008-11-15 16:58:02
    153.   Brent Knapp
    Does anyone know what channel the USC game is on? I have time warner and can't find it on any of the abc/espn family of channels.
    2008-11-15 17:00:53
    154.   Eric Stephen
    2008-11-15 17:02:19
    155.   Bob Timmermann
    Eric has resumed breathing.
    2008-11-15 17:03:10
    156.   Eric Stephen
    Per Wiki, 1942 was close, maybe:

    "The final game in the Civil War series with Oregon had the Rose Bowl on the line for the Beavers, and a possible 5 way tie for first place if the Oregon Ducks won.4 All five teams would have 3 losses. Oregon State would have the most conference wins and also the best overall record"

    Oregon State won and earned a trip to the Rose Bowl.

    2008-11-15 17:07:08
    157.   Eric Stephen
    ...and back to no breathing.
    2008-11-15 17:08:46
    158.   Jon Weisman
    Stanford's running game is amazing considering everyone knows they can't throw.
    2008-11-15 17:09:06
    159.   Bob Timmermann
    Sheesh, UCLA beat these guys. I don't get it.
    2008-11-15 17:09:47
    160.   underdog
    And why on earth is this game on Versus, and why doesn't my cable provider, well, provide it? Stinks.

    Btw, I just heard Sterling Sharpe on the NFL Network say "Ricky Williams smoked the defense last week," and had to chuckle.

    2008-11-15 17:09:53
    161.   Eric Stephen
    ...oxygen is returning!
    2008-11-15 17:10:44
    162.   Jon Weisman
    157 - And ...
    2008-11-15 17:11:41
    163.   Bob Timmermann
    We'd send Eric an oxygen tank, but with all the fires around that's a bad idea.
    2008-11-15 17:12:12
    164.   Eric Stephen
    Note to ABC/ESPN. This game, on Versus -- a channel that roughly 28 people in America get -- is broadcast in HD.

    Today's 12:30pm broadcast on big boy ABC between a ranked Oregon State team -- leading the Pac-10 -- and Cal, who was ranked as early as last week, was not in HD.

    2008-11-15 17:12:56
    165.   Bob Timmermann
    I don't get Versus in HD on my cable system.
    2008-11-15 17:13:17
    166.   Jon Weisman
    159 - Not in the first half.

    It's all about the final minute.

    2008-11-15 17:14:34
    167.   Eric Stephen
    The best 100-game stretch in USC history ran from the start of the 1972 season through the first three games of the 1980 season. USC was 84-13-3 in that stretch, or the equivalent of 85.5-14.5.

    If -- and I realize this is a big if -- USC happens to beat Stanford, Pete Carroll will have completed 100 games at USC, with a 85-15 record (and that was after a 9-8 start).

    2008-11-15 17:14:39
    168.   Bob Timmermann
    That was not a good first half by Arizona up in Eugene.

    Oregon is not that good.

    2008-11-15 17:15:38
    169.   Jon Weisman
    164 - DirecTV has Versus, so the audience can't be too small.
    2008-11-15 17:16:20
    170.   Eric Stephen
    My Time Warner has been relatively good about adding HD networks. They quickly added TBS HD literally hours before the 2007 MLB playoffs were to start, and somewhere around that time they added Vs HD too.
    2008-11-15 17:17:06
    171.   Eric Stephen
    I may have exaggerated slightly, possibly a Rule 6 violation. :)
    2008-11-15 17:18:58
    172.   Bob Timmermann
    I think the bigger puzzle is why FSN picked UCLA at Washington as a prime time game and it's being shown nationally. And it may be in HD too depending upon if there is any other conflict for FSN.

    I'm not even watching the UCLA-Washington game.

    2008-11-15 17:20:21
    173.   Jon Weisman
    171 - I know. But do you have cable by choice or by default?
    2008-11-15 17:22:34
    174.   D4P
    Stanford's running game is amazing considering everyone knows they can't throw

    Same with Oregon.

    2008-11-15 17:25:29
    175.   Bob Timmermann
    Oregon had over 400 yards of offense in the first half. 269 of it was passing.
    2008-11-15 17:26:54
    176.   underdog
    The fact that I can't watch the Stanford-USC game but am able to watch Montana State "playing" Gonzaga in basketball, an Alabama game and the Iowa State-Mizzou, Vandy-Kentucky, says either a lot about my cable provider or about the state of football broadcasting in general.
    2008-11-15 17:28:15
    177.   underdog
    176 And yeah, in addition to this point 172 .

    (No offense to people interested in those other games; just speaking about regional coverage.)

    2008-11-15 17:33:06
    178.   D4P
    Oregon averages 274 on the ground, 180 through the air.
    2008-11-15 17:39:03
    179.   cargill06
    How is the J Mac predicion stupid? He's a flyball pitcher he may give up a bunch of HR's, it's certaintly possible. I don't agree with it, I think he'll be in the mid 4's, but an ERA in the 5's wouldn't surprise me.

    26 Nice prediction, haha I can't make fun of you because I agreed with you I took USC and the points.

    2008-11-15 17:44:06
    180.   Eric Stephen
    I think if you can average 274 on the ground, you can run it by choice. Also, hasn't Oregon used a few QBs because of injury? Stanford has pretty much just used Pritchard.
    2008-11-15 17:44:45
    181.   Eric Stephen
    I certainly hope that is the last kickoff return for USC this evening.
    2008-11-15 17:49:08
    182.   Eric Stephen
    At least I won't have to travel far for the Holiday Bowl! :(
    2008-11-15 17:51:26
    183.   Bob Timmermann
    In Arizona and Oregon, you trust.
    2008-11-15 17:55:25
    184.   Tripon
    Lets just go back to Las Vegas baby.
    2008-11-15 17:57:18
    185.   Bob Timmermann
    I think Eric would enjoy the Poinsettia Bowl too.
    2008-11-15 17:57:22
    186.   Eric Stephen
    I was thinking USC might not get at at-large BCS bid with two losses, but I guess they still might (fairly or not).
    2008-11-15 18:02:05
    187.   Eric Stephen
    I'm going to go hide the shoelaces in my apartment.
    2008-11-15 18:02:57
    188.   Bob Timmermann
    Or they just might win their last three games, which is the most likely scenario.
    2008-11-15 18:13:30
    189.   bhsportsguy
    This is not impressing the computers.
    2008-11-15 18:15:43
    190.   Eric Stephen
    I thought the computers took out margin of victory?

    For instance, the Sagarin ratings have USC 5, but after removing the margin of victory (per BCS) USC is 10th. The #10 is what is used in the BCS rankings.

    2008-11-15 18:16:51
    191.   Physics DR

    What do think of signing Teixeira and the packaging Loney plus others for Peavy?

    Or somebody other then Peavy.

    Teixeira has a higher upside.

    2008-11-15 18:17:20
    192.   Eric Stephen
    How do you do?!
    2008-11-15 18:18:09
    193.   bhsportsguy
    190 Its more their opponents and their opponents opponents.
    2008-11-15 18:19:50
    194.   Eric Stephen
    I'd rather spend the $30m+ in salary (plus more after 2009) on Sabathia (with some leftover for more), mostly because it is going to take a lot more than Loney to get Peavy.
    2008-11-15 18:23:56
    195.   bhsportsguy
    USC just hates those QBs that run the ball.
    2008-11-15 18:24:29
    196.   Eric Stephen
    They are really, really annoying.
    2008-11-15 18:29:24
    197.   Tripon
    I rather just wait two years or three years and sign ALBERT PUJOLS when he hits Free Agency.
    2008-11-15 18:30:07
    198.   Physics DR
    I have been out of county did Kent retire or file?
    2008-11-15 18:31:10
    199.   Eric Stephen
    He filed for free agency.
    2008-11-15 18:31:11
    200.   LogikReader
    Nice to now have Versus in HD for this USC game. It looks pretty good. At least, the picture quality does.

    Ooh, did not notice 164

    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2008-11-15 18:47:12
    201.   Eric Stephen
    I don't get the point of the robot voice on the Just For Men commercial.
    2008-11-15 18:47:33
    202.   LogikReader
    Ah, revenge is a dish best served cold. I love my ice cream! MUAHAHAHAHA.

    38-17 SC... Jon, I gotta give credit to Stanford for playing well in the first half. The certainly came to play, initially.

    2008-11-15 18:53:09
    203.   bhsportsguy
    202 Stanford beat Oregon State.
    2008-11-15 18:54:42
    204.   Tripon
    In line with totally revamping their starting rotation, Jerry Crasnick at reports that the New York Yankees have sold RHP Darrell Rasner to the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of the Pacific League for $1 million. Rasner posted a 5.40 ERA in 24 games with the Yankees in 2008.

    Wow, that's harsh.

    2008-11-15 18:55:11
    205.   Eric Stephen
    Man, the running game for USC is on fire in the 2nd half. One of these games, McKnight will be fully healthy too.
    2008-11-15 18:57:26
    206.   Eric Stephen
    Rasner may have been a Super Two this year, but I doubt he would have made much more than $1m at most. I wonder if he will make that in Japan. Interesting that the Yanks got that much for him.
    2008-11-15 19:03:18
    207.   underdog
    Quite the defensive struggle in that Az.-Ore game.
    2008-11-15 19:08:41
    208.   Eric Stephen
    USC had given up only 2 touchdowns (13 points) in the 2nd half all season (10 games).

    They had not given up a 2nd half point in the last 117:22 of 2nd half game play (a TD by Arizona).

    And yes, BH, one of the TDs was against OSU. :)

    I did get the USC half of my prediction for tonight correct (I said it would be 45-3).

    And Jim Harbaugh is on my list.

    2008-11-15 19:14:32
    209.   Tripon
    Jim Harbaugh is the next coach of the Raiders.
    2008-11-15 19:26:59
    210.   Joe Pierre
    We need all the things you mention but most of all we need Manny.
    The Dodgers have to do better than the offer they made.
    Our only hope at this rate is that none of the other teams make any substancial offers either.
    2008-11-15 19:44:42
    211.   LogikReader

    I agree. I do think the Dodgers will make another offer, having taken the existing one off the table. I suspect the next one won't be as "insulting".

    2008-11-15 20:05:04
    212.   Tripon
    211 It'll be at best 4 years/85 million. After that, the Dodgers should walk, and focus on other needs.

    My bet the final Dodgers offering will be 3 years, 65 million, with a $18 million option or a $5 million buy out. And no bonus money.

    2008-11-15 20:40:05
    213.   Daniel Zappala
    208 You can't put a Stanford coach on your list when you're USC. It's just plain silly. That's like the Atilla getting mad at the leader of a small village because they took out one of his Huns before they managed to burn the whole place to the ground.
    2008-11-15 20:48:19
    214.   MC Safety
    I can't respond to 179 without sounding like a complete homer, but I'd still like to say Jimmy's stuff doesn't = 5+ ERA stuff, imo.
    2008-11-15 20:49:24
    215.   bhsportsguy
    213 Who knew that the best game west of Texas in 2008 would be the BYU vs. Utah game.
    2008-11-15 20:49:31
    216.   Eric Stephen
    It's not personal, Daniel. It's strictly business.
    2008-11-15 21:09:15
    217.   Bluebleeder87
    i don't know but I'm thinking Manny Ramirez is gonna end up with our cross town rivals the Halos, what do you guys think.
    2008-11-15 21:10:41
    218.   Bluebleeder87
    my grade for Sarah Marshall (I've watched it twice today)

    I give it a healthy C+

    2008-11-15 21:13:57
    219.   Eric Stephen
    I just watched it last night after all the discussion. I kind of liked it. I'd say at least a B-.
    2008-11-15 21:34:35
    220.   underdog
    B- sounds about fair to me, too. Maybe a B because of Paul Rudd.

    Foot Fist Way was kind of fun, by the way. Looks like it cost about 10 bucks and it definitely was short in less than three weeks, and it's basically nonsense, but Danny McBride is funny and many of the jokes work. B-!

    2008-11-15 21:36:54
    221.   underdog
    Shot, not short.
    2008-11-15 22:03:03
    222.   Eric Stephen
    Shocker that Godfather is on AMC right now, but the scene when Sollozzo and McCluskey get killed was just on.

    Pacino's facial expressions and especially his eyes really make that scene. It's so freaking good.

    2008-11-15 22:04:59
    223.   mintxcore
    Today, for some odd reason, I re-watched Oliver Stones JFK and whenever they referred to Tommy Lee Jones' character of "Clay Shaw" it kept sounding like Kershaw. Is it Spring Training yet??
    2008-11-15 22:06:50
    224.   Jon Weisman
    2008-11-15 22:08:04
    225.   bhsportsguy
    222 You must be watching some parallel universe because I'm watching Vito get let go because his boss has to hire the neighborhood don's nephew.

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