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Warmup Tosses
2009-01-16 06:38
by Jon Weisman

Lots of little tidbits for a Friday in January. Brace yourselves - after Martin Luther King Day and the inauguration, 2009 is about to get rolling ...

  • Ramon Troncoso, who had a 2.57 ERA in 20 innings as a starter in the Dominican Republic this winter, is in fact a candidate for the Dodger starting rotation, general manager Ned Colletti confirmed to Dylan Hernandez of the Times.

    In addition, infielder Tony Abreu, who missed the 2008 season, says he's back in business, that there's no tension between him and the Dodger organization over all the time he has been sidelined, and that he's ready to try to win over Dodger manager Joe Torre.

    "Everything's fine, everything's fine," Tony Abreu said.

    The 24-year-old infielder went into spring training last year as a candidate to start at second or third base but missed the entire season because of a hip problem that required surgery. During a season that the Dodgers had to make numerous changes on the left side of their infield, Abreu heard about other players getting chances that could've been his.

    "I thought a lot about that," Abreu said of missing out because of a second lower-body operation in as many years. "I didn't know why that happened to me. But right now, I have a chance."

    He said he played seven or eight games at the instructional league in Arizona and felt fine. He said he worked out this winter at the Dodgers' training facility in the Dominican Republic and said he is now down to 195 pounds, some 11 pounds lighter than he was a year ago. ...

  • Dodger catcher Russell Martin has changed agents and is open to a long-term deal with the Dodgers, reports Bill Shaikin of the Times. in a story that cruises among several topics. Martin also commented on how Camelback Ranch will have no barriers preventing fans from mingling with the Dodgers between the clubhouse and practice fields.

    Said Martin (who also brought his girlfriend on the Camelback tour): "Who wants to build barriers? That's why they tore down the Berlin Wall.

  • Chin-Lung Hu went to an eye doctor and left with his head shrunk, according to Diamond Leung of the Press-Enterprise.

    Hu went back to Taiwan during the offseason and saw a doctor to check up on the blurred vision in his right eye that caused him to go on the disabled list. The doctor gave him the same advice as his coaches have - relax and don't put too much pressure on yourself.

    To be clear, I don't interpret this to mean the doctor was dismissing the eye problem.

  • Jonathan Broxton, Andre Ethier, Russell Martin and Jason Repko have filed for salary arbitration and will exchange salary expectations with the Dodgers Tuesday, according to Ken Gurnick of They figure to ask for more than the $56,000 Ron Cey got from the Dodgers in 1975, Gurnick points out, adding that only 20 Dodgers have actually gone to an arbitration hearing without settling since that time.

  • Look how many of John Sickels' top 50 pitching prospects from 2004 have been waylaid by injuries.

  • Sportswriter John Klima, author of the upcoming Willie's Boys: The 1948 Birmingham Black Barons, the Last Negro League World Series and the Discovery of Willie Mays has started a blog, Seeds on the Dugout Floor.

  • Dodger body-snatchers? Fire Ned Colletti Now passes along a photo from Dodger Blues that suggests it's possible.

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    2009-01-16 07:01:17
    1.   D4P
    I expected the "his girlfriend" link to contain a photo.

    I was disappointed.

    2009-01-16 07:03:55
    2.   Gen3Blue
    It is incredible how many young arms go down to injuries. The set of guys like Lowe who avoid arm problems for long careers is very small.
    2009-01-16 07:14:24
    3.   Ken Noe
    According to Rosenthal (yeah, I know) Ned's now focusing on Garland or Wolf (not Looper); Braves aren't sure they really want to sign Jones.

    2009-01-16 07:21:54
    4.   OhioBlues12
    Does anyone know if the Dodgers are going to hold that winter camp for some of the young players to get acclimated to the major league lifestyle like they did last year? I think that it was around this time.
    2009-01-16 07:25:28
    5.   LU Dodger

    Yes, It's been underway for some while, and might be over by now.

    There are pictures on the dodgers homepage.

    2009-01-16 07:25:41
    6.   Gen3Blue
    4 Yes, I beleive there may be gallery photos up at
    2009-01-16 07:26:36
    7.   Gen3Blue
    Damn, 13 seconds late.
    2009-01-16 07:27:17
    8.   LU Dodger

    Here are photos

    2009-01-16 07:31:15
    9.   D4P
    Does anyone know if the Dodgers are going to hold that winter camp for some of the young players to get acclimated to the major league lifestyle

    Just send them out at night with Russell Martin.

    2009-01-16 07:32:29
    10.   OhioBlues12
    Thanks all, I guess there was more publicity surrounding it last year. Nonetheless, I think it is a good idea.
    2009-01-16 07:35:07
    11.   Disabled List
    That Sickels' list made me sad. We had three of the top 15 prospects that year, and I thought for sure by 2009, Jackson, Miller and Hanrahan were going to be anchoring our rotation.

    TINSTAAPP, indeed.

    2009-01-16 07:36:10
    12.   PalmdaleSteve1
    What can the guys expect out of arbitration in terms of a salary bump?
    2009-01-16 07:39:05
    13.   Gen3Blue
    I'm afraid as well as less publicity, it is evidence of a much less well known and smaller group of prospects getting near show-time. Oh well, these things have to be cyclical almost by nature
    2009-01-16 07:39:42
    14.   JoeyP
    Of course Troncoso will be a starting rotation candidate...look at the rotation as it is currently:


    That said, I'd be shocked if Troncoso actually made the rotation. He hasnt pitched more than 80 IP in any of his seasons. Plus, the team cant be that confident about how many innings Kershaw will be good for.

    This is the most unknown starting staff the Dodgers have had in a long time.

    2009-01-16 07:39:53
    15.   silverwidow
    12 For Ethier and Martin, anywhere from 6 to 8 times more than last year. ($3-5M)

    Broxton will be in the $2M range and Repko around 650K.

    2009-01-16 07:43:26
    16.   Jon Weisman
    10 - There was more publicity on it toward the end of the session last year, as there will be this year.
    2009-01-16 07:52:50
    17.   Terry A
    Things that make you go "D'oh": The story on Troncoso hints that the Dodgers were so happy with McDonald in relief last year that they may be wanting to switch the two pitchers' roles.
    2009-01-16 07:55:52
    18.   cargill06
    17 I don't see how that makes any sense? The guy who's actually been a starter his whole career they'd move to the bullpen and the guy who's been a reliever his whole career they'd move to the rotation?
    2009-01-16 08:00:20
    19.   Terry A
    18 - Seems pretty dumb to me, so I figure it must be true. (smiley)

    Here's a quote from the story. The use of "apparently" could mean this is Gurnick's idle guess, or it could mean it's what the club told Troncoso. The story is unclear, and Colletti's quotes don't address McDonald's status:

    "Troncoso said he got the surprising word of a change in roles when he showed up for winter ball. Apparently club management so liked what it saw from James McDonald in relief that it might want to keep him there instead of starting, so the decision was made to try out Troncoso as a starter."

    2009-01-16 08:17:56
    20.   therickdaddy
    That doesn't mean anything. That's how Bills started if you recall.
    2009-01-16 08:21:47
    21.   Jon Weisman
    19/20 - Yeah, I don't think McDonald's fate is sealed.
    2009-01-16 08:23:22
    22.   ToyCannon
    Nothing wrong with being flexible. As management personnel and scouts come and go it is possible someone in the current regime who was not part of the regime when Troncoso was made a reliever, may have noticed his excellent ground ball rates, and talked someone into giving him a starting shot.
    It has been well chronicled how McDonald's velocity jumped when in our bullpen last Sept. Would we have been as impressed with James if he had started a few games in Sept and only thrown 88-90 instead of the heat he was throwing out of the bullpen?
    2009-01-16 08:32:43
    23.   Terry A
    With Bills it was done to limit innings, wasn't it? If that's the plan with McDonald, great. But if the plan is to dump him into relief before he gets a deserved opportunity to start, that stinks.


    2009-01-16 08:34:39
    24.   silverwidow
    23 Bills wasn't trusted at the beginning of 2007 because of his high walk rates/pitch counts the previous year.
    2009-01-16 09:09:50
    25.   cargill06
    Just curious if you're on that plane yesterday you still need to go where you were headed to. Do those same passangers board a plane again sometime this weekend? Personally, I'd probably never board a plane again.
    2009-01-16 09:18:43
    26.   cargill06
    I wonder also who was the last gold glove winner forced to change positions the next season?
    2009-01-16 09:22:39
    27.   silverwidow
    26 Ichiro.
    2009-01-16 09:24:11
    28.   Xeifrank
    Seems to me like they should try both McDonald and Troncoso out in the rotation during spring training, not pigeon-holing either one as a reliever. Then decide things as spring training winds down. Both may start in the bullpen, with one moving to the rotation when a 5th starter is needed (haven't looked at schedule yet). I have no problem with McDonald in the pen for part/most/all of the 2009 season to keep his innings pitched count reasonable. Same holds true for Troncostco. I think both could easily wind up getting a fair share of starts. Why does it have to be either/or?
    vr, Xei
    2009-01-16 09:27:12
    29.   D4P
    The second episode of Scrubs this season wasn't nearly as good as the first. There was pretty much only one storyline (which they've done multiple times before), and there were no appearances from Cox, Elliott, or the Janitor.
    2009-01-16 09:32:19
    30.   oshea2002
    29 - the new blond intern with no bedside manner is pretty funny. She wasn't in ep's 3 or 4 though.
    2009-01-16 09:33:16
    31.   Ken Noe
    Meant to mention this earlier, I really hope that healthy Abreu gets a fair chance this spring, but with Blake, DeWitt, Hu and DeJesus in the offing, I still wonder if he'll end up trade bait.
    2009-01-16 09:40:34
    32.   D4P
    She's OK, but shes kind of like Elliott in some ways.

    I don't really dig the "whole new pack of interns every year" thing. I know that probably happens in real life, but I don't think it really does much of the show. For one thing, I think the writers struggle to create a bunch of new interesting, unique characters every season and they start to run out of ideas.

    2009-01-16 09:42:41
    33.   kinbote
    31 I'm guessing Hu & Abreu will battle for the other infield bench spot (Loretta's in). Whoever loses should join DeJesus at AAA.
    2009-01-16 09:43:32
    34.   Ken Noe
    32 The last two season of House should be enough to comvince screenwriters that new doctors, while realistic in the real world, are a bad idea on TV. I've grown so weary of Thirteen and Taub that I plan to watch Chuck and then catch my former favorite series on the web.
    2009-01-16 09:44:53
    35.   Kevin Lewis

    I imagine a few were flying for business, so I bet they will be on a plane soon.


    Ramon Martinez looks pissed off in that second group of photos.

    2009-01-16 09:54:43
    36.   ToyCannon
    I expect that is how it will play out. Off season comments are just filler until spring training.

    Abreu needs at bats after missing so much time. I'll be surprised if he is not started out at AAA since he has options. Long term I still think he is our 2nd baseman unless he really is injury prone. Would not surprise me a bit to see Casey Blake becoming super sub by August. A defensive infield of Loney, Abreu, Furcal, and DeWitt could be as good as it gets.

    2009-01-16 09:55:40
    37.   fanerman
    BSG returns!
    2009-01-16 09:56:13
    38.   fanerman
    1 I as well.
    2009-01-16 09:58:00
    39.   East Coast Dodger
    34 I agree with your thoughts about Taub and 13, but I'm not sure that's the direct result of tinkering with the number of doctors. Taub has no personality, and 13 seems to only have one - angry. The writers seem to want to give each of them something to deal with, so they write in all these side plots. Either through limited acting ability or simply their character's personality, neither is remotely compelling. Kutner is pretty good though.

    The interesting parts of the show, IMHO, are the introspective moments for House. Sometimes this is brought out by Wilson (a role for him of which I am growing increasingly weary), or maybe by Cuddy (I like the direction her character is taking). But House's introspection becomes less the focus of the show with more doctors and their own side plots. I think the best episodes are those where House is dealing with prosperity (like when his leg is temporarily healed).

    Just thought I'd chime in on House, since it's one of only three shows I watch.

    2009-01-16 09:59:44
    40.   Kevin Lewis

    I am only on disc 3 of season 4, so I don't think I will be caught up by tonight.

    2009-01-16 10:00:38
    41.   ToyCannon
    This may not be the ideal solution but it should get the conversation started.
    2009-01-16 10:02:02
    42.   fanerman
    40 D'oh! There are also webisodes between the two halves of season 4. I'm going to try to watch them between now and tonight.
    2009-01-16 10:05:09
    43.   Xeifrank
    What ever happened to the Screen Jam blog?
    vr, Xei
    2009-01-16 10:08:41
    44.   bhsportsguy
    Today is the last day for "The Baseball Beat" show on XM radio with Charley Steiner.

    First Kevin Kennedy and now Steiner.

    I wonder how much taking on Howard Stern's salary is affecting the overall budget?

    2009-01-16 10:14:48
    45.   Jon Weisman
    43 - I put it on ice since I found it hard to maintain.
    2009-01-16 10:15:19
    46.   Jon Weisman
    For Battlestar Galactica fans:

    2009-01-16 10:16:41
    47.   delias man
    I do not quite understand why people are expecting anything from Abreu. Has not had a ML AB since Sep 07. I really, really need to see it to believe it in his case. It would just be a bonus at this point if he can play and contribute.
    2009-01-16 10:19:52
    48.   PalmdaleSteve1
    44 ...This just plain blows! I'm a big fan of Charlie's show, and this is rotten.

    By the way I think Kevin is still on, just later in the day. Mark Patrick is gone from Baseball This Morning, as is Buck. Whatever XM does, please keep Holden Kushner off the air, can't stand that sort of shock jock junk by some no talent boob.

    Anyone else notice that XM is now the NY Yankees, East Coast baseball network with even less coverage of anything East of the Hudson?

    2009-01-16 10:20:46
    49.   Jon Weisman
    47 - The same could have been said about Kuo a year ago.
    2009-01-16 10:22:29
    50.   ToyCannon
    If he's healthy why wouldn't he be able to contribute? He had some strange injuries but until then he was injury free. As a 2nd baseman he has the skills to be something akin to Orlando Hudson.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2009-01-16 10:26:42
    51.   Tripon
    49 You can show more direct impact as a reliever vs. a bench player.
    2009-01-16 10:27:24
    52.   LogikReader

    Sirius... this is all Sirius' doing. Apparently they're hell bent on turning a national radio medium into a Mega New York Radio station.

    Started with Howard, then the merger of XM and Sirius, continued with injecting Cousin Brucie and old 80's MTV Vee-Jays into the decades channels, then Mad Dog Radio (which I enjoy), and finally the merging of the XM channels with Sirius ones.

    We all have Mel to thank for this.

    2009-01-16 10:27:48
    53.   LogikReader

    By the way, did you mean "West" of the Hudson?

    2009-01-16 10:28:59
    54.   PalmdaleSteve1


    2009-01-16 10:29:01
    55.   cargill06
    The Riser: Victor Garate | Born: September 1984 | Left-Handed Pitcher

    The organization is loaded with talent but Victor Garate stands out thanks to his interesting background. A middle reliever in the Houston Astros organization, Garate was nabbed by the Dodgers in the minor league portion of the 2007 Rule 5 draft. He was a little old for A-ball but he took to the starting role like a fish to water, so there may be something there. It will be interesting to see if the Dodgers organization fast-tracks him to Double-A even though he struggled a little bit in a tough pitching environment to finish the season at High-A ball (44 hits allowed in 38.1 innings, but with rates of 3.29 BB/9 and 11.03 K/9). Earlier in the season, Garate carved up A-ball hitters with 61 hits allowed in 77.2 innings. He also posted rates of 3.24 BB/9 and 11.94 K/9. The southpaw has a high-80s fastball and a plus change-up, as well as an OK breaking ball. If he can tighten up his third pitch, Garate could slide into a fourth or fifth starter's role at the Major League level, thanks in part to solid deception and good command.

    With that K rate I expected his velo to be much higher. That change-up must be pretty nasty. Maybe he can follow a former Rule 5 LHP with a plus change up?

    2009-01-16 10:45:22
    56.   ToyCannon
    2009-01-16 10:47:39
    57.   delias man
    50 Well, I did not think he was that good in the first place. But believe me, I want to see him do well on this team. Hopefully he can get more BB's.
    2009-01-16 10:52:12
    58.   Eric Stephen
    You can show more direct impact as a reliever vs. a bench player

    Right, but I think the only thing we are expecting from Abreu is to be a quality backup middle infielder, at least for 2009. Anything more would be icing on the cake.

    2009-01-16 10:54:22
    59.   cargill06
    2009-01-16 10:54:54
    60.   Icaros
    Tony Abreu can make a big impact simply by allowing the Dodgers to not have to bring in anymore Berroas, Ozunas, or Lucilles.
    2009-01-16 10:55:25
    61.   Icaros
    No loose seals, either.
    2009-01-16 10:59:35
    62.   Kevin Lewis

    Any progress in your phone decision?

    2009-01-16 11:02:45
    63.   ToyCannon
    Time will tell. Back in 2005 I got to see the Dodger AFL team and he was very impressive playing on a team that boasted boasted Loney, Kemp, LaRoche, and Ethier(Oakland property at the time). He was playing SS at the age of 20 even though he'd only played 2nd in the minors. I came away very impressed and was disappointed injuries derailed his ascent to be our 2nd baseman.
    2009-01-16 11:04:25
    64.   underdog
    60 Exactly, says it all. I think between Loretta (for once a decent veteran backup infielder) and Abreu and Hu, we should have the backups covered and don't need to bring in any more riff-raff.

    (Or simon bar sinisters.)

    2009-01-16 11:04:51
    65.   ToyCannon
    2009-01-16 11:08:38
    66.   Kevin Lewis

    Do you think it would be even possible for Abreu to get enough plate appearances to push Casey Blake into a sub-utility role this year? Barring any injuries, I just can't see that happening, unless Blake drops off big time or Dewitt does over at 2b

    2009-01-16 11:09:51
    67.   underdog
    There's no way C Blake gets pushed to the bench this year unless he goes Andruw on us (heh) or is injured, not after they signed him to that contract. That could, however, happen next year, and even more likely in the final year of the contract. imho.
    2009-01-16 11:10:16
    68.   Tripon
    What would a Russell Martin extension look like? Less money than Dustin Perdoria, and Youkilis's contracts? More?
    2009-01-16 11:11:01
    69.   Tripon
    67 Dodgers could always trade Blake. He's signed for $5 million or so per year. Its a decent contract for a 'starter'.
    2009-01-16 11:14:00
    70.   Jon Weisman
    62 - Traffic prevented me from getting to the Verizon store last night, so it will have to wait until the weekend. Doesn't seem like I have many choices, if I have a choice at all.
    2009-01-16 11:15:26
    71.   underdog
    69 - Sure. But I guess I don't see that happening this year.
    2009-01-16 11:17:08
    72.   ToyCannon
    Yes, injuries are not uncommon for old 3rd baseman. As I recall he spent most of Sept hurt. If Abreu can stay healthy I think he will play a significant role on the team this year. I thought the same thing last year and then Abreu pulled up lame so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
    2009-01-16 11:18:29
    73.   Ken Noe
    Blake could always get attacked by a grizzly, engage in a iconic battle with the Crow nation, or tick off Tommy Lasorda as Will Geer.
    2009-01-16 11:19:33
    74.   ToyCannon
    Something like this:
    2009-01-16 11:21:27
    75.   Kevin Lewis

    That is a good point. I imagine Casey would be injured at least for a month at some point, so if Abreu is healthy and playing well, Dewitt goes to 3b and Abreu slides right in.

    2009-01-16 11:32:13
    76.   Kevin Lewis
    Oh, "Come Sail Away" just came on the radio. I am picturing Freaks and Geeks
    2009-01-16 11:39:57
    77.   Jon Weisman
    "The date of USC's home game against Arizona in 2009 has been moved to Dec. 5. That's a week after Arizona plays rival Arizona State and USC plays rival UCLA."

    2009-01-16 11:40:17
    78.   Jon Weisman
    By the way, how many teams are going to beat Arizona State and lose to Oregon State in men's hoops this year? Quite a win for USC last night.

    I like this quote.

    "Coach came out and asked who wanted the assignment, who wanted Harden," said the Trojans' Taj Gibson, who had 11 points and 11 rebounds. "Daniel stepped right up and said, 'Me.' That's him. He's got that edge. He was raised in Italy."

    That explains it.,0,7105623.story

    2009-01-16 11:45:07
    79.   bhsportsguy
    77 That game should do well against the Big 12 and SEC championship games.

    Brian Dohn, Daily News UCLA beat writer answering a question on what campuses are the best to visit says that he likes Stanford and Cal (the views of the SF Bay is a big selling point). He does not like WSU (Spokane plus I am sure the travel) and thinks both campuses in Arizona are boring (to look at).

    2009-01-16 11:48:59
    80.   ToyCannon
    I have some good friends who went to WSU. They were a combination of drunk/stoners because they had nothing else to do at WSU. Why any athlete would pick WSU if they had choices is a mystery to them and myself.
    2009-01-16 11:50:49
    82.   DaDoughboy
    Just 'upgraded' to the BlackBerry's good, but it's no iphone. Hopefully the expansion of Verizons 3G network will help the speed of the Storm soon. As of now in Ventura Co. I get 3G only about 10% of the time.
    2009-01-16 11:52:54
    83.   Zak
    As a side note, I had Verizon for over 6 years and left them in July for the iPhone. THE best purchase I have made in 2008. I can't imagine how I used to live without it. Plus my kid watches Wall*E on it.
    2009-01-16 11:55:01
    84.   Tripon
    I feel that the iPhone makes users into pod people.
    2009-01-16 11:56:52
    85.   Tripon

    Another Ichiro-ism. warning for salty language.

    2009-01-16 11:59:26
    86.   oshea2002
    What do people think of the Storm? I'm thinking of getting one today - right now I have the Blackberry World Edition.
    2009-01-16 12:10:23
    87.   DaDoughboy
    I like it. Great phone capability..good speakerphone, and Verizon is a good network in SoCal, so no dropped calls. Touch screen 'clicks' when you push it..takes some getting used to but I like it. Browser is slowwwww..had to download Opera which is a bare-bones browser. Much faster.
    2009-01-16 12:16:19
    88.   kinbote
    He's got that edge. He was raised in Italy.

    Forza Italia!

    2009-01-16 12:16:44
    89.   Tripon
    You would think ESPN wouldn't bother letting from buying ads. But no! Not even when people point out that the crappy actor is using a Mac to supposedly run windows xp!
    2009-01-16 12:19:46
    90.   Kevin Lewis

    I love when I see couples in line some place, and both people are just surfing on their iPhone.

    2009-01-16 12:28:40
    91.   dzzrtRatt
    67 Andruw's value to Dodger fans: As far as FA signings go, we've officially seen the bottom. The limit has been reached. We will never be more disappointed.

    For a site dedicated to "dealing psychologically with the Los Angeles Dodgers," this is a valuable therapeutic tool.

    2009-01-16 12:31:54
    92.   cargill06
    91 And that's saying alot considering there is a very real possibility we signed a pitcher for $1,831,168.80 per inning with a 6.31 ERA a s a Dodger.
    2009-01-16 12:36:28
    93.   Tripon
    Its not the worst MLB contract ever. Zito's has to be the top one.
    2009-01-16 12:38:55
    94.   D4P
    And that's saying alot considering there is a very real possibility we signed a pitcher for $1,831,168.80 per inning with a 6.31 ERA a s a Dodger

    Despite knowing that he was injured when he was signed.

    2009-01-16 12:51:19
    95.   Disabled List
    The "Upcoming L.A. Dodgers Schedule" module on my Yahoo home page updated itself today.

    Next game will be Feb. 25, @ Chi. Cubs, 4:05 pm EST.

    2009-01-16 12:51:27
    96.   D4P
    BTW: lost in the Andruw Jones hullabaloo is the fact that the Dodgers still have Juan Pierre on the payroll for (at least) 3 more years.

    As I said months ago, if we were going to get rid of just one of Jones and Pierre, it should have been skinny one.

    2009-01-16 12:55:26
    97.   ToyCannon
    The baseball blogging world loses a good one.
    2009-01-16 13:01:22
    98.   Terry A
    96 - I agree, but it sounds like Jones wanted out much worse than Pierre does. I'd still rather live with one year of uncertainty with Jones than three years of guaranteed mediocrity with Pierre.
    2009-01-16 13:03:13
    99.   D4P
    it sounds like Jones wanted out much worse than Pierre does

    Maybe, maybe not. Both players apparently asked to be traded or let go, though we haven't heard much from/about Pierre for a while now.

    2009-01-16 13:12:55
    100.   Ken Noe
    Like everyone else, Pierre's quietly waiting to see if Ned signs Manny/Dunn/Abreu. If that happen, I'm quite sure the trade demands will follow.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2009-01-16 13:18:02
    101.   D4P
    That makes sense.
    2009-01-16 13:30:24
    102.   delias man
    84 You must have seen my wife and I doing that just about everywhere. But don't be fooled. She is playing Cake Mania.
    2009-01-16 13:56:15
    103.   Kevin Lewis

    Zito got too many years, but I think he will bounce back, and the SF rotation will be something to fear.

    2009-01-16 14:20:43
    104.   Kevin Lewis
    Everyone already gone for the long weekend?
    2009-01-16 14:31:10
    105.   Jon Weisman
    I'm here. Hi.
    2009-01-16 14:32:23
    106.   cargill06
    I wish I had a long weekend.
    2009-01-16 14:35:51
    107.   Bob Timmermann
    I've been napping.

    I think I can return to that state.

    2009-01-16 14:40:54
    108.   Jon Weisman
    Mike Ramsey!

    2009-01-16 14:40:54
    109.   D4P
    Is Oregon a state to which you can return...?
    2009-01-16 14:41:13
    110.   fanerman
    No long weekend here.
    2009-01-16 14:48:25
    111.   LogikReader
    This is one of those days where I might have been better off just taking the day off.

    So beautiful outside, and so unproductive inside. Hope you're all doing ok out there.

    P's & C's are only weeks away. I am really surprised Manny hasn't signed with someone by now.

    2009-01-16 14:52:21
    112.   Howard Fox
    I suspect that Manny will be ready to swing the bat when the time comes, wherever he lands.
    2009-01-16 14:55:55
    113.   kngoworld
    I would probably be able to afford more long weekends if there was no Dodger Thoughts, but I would never wish that in a million years.
    2009-01-16 14:57:27
    114.   Kevin Lewis

    I wish we would just get it done

    2009-01-16 15:00:17
    115.   kngoworld
    Now that I have realized I can use slacker radio on my computer and not just my blackberry, I get to listen to great tunes while reading my D Thoughts. How can anyone be expected to be productive while at work anymore?
    2009-01-16 15:00:44
    116.   D4P
    I assume that Boras believes that Manny's price goes up with each passing day that he doesn't sign.
    2009-01-16 15:01:43
    117.   Gen3Blue
    Is this a long week-end. They so often catch me unprepared.
    2009-01-16 15:01:51
    118.   trainwreck
    Jon Gruden fired.

    Bring him back, Al!!!!

    2009-01-16 15:05:47
    119.   kngoworld
    I know that Jon mentioned this the other day, but I was really looking forward to a Manny press conference where he said something along the lines of, "Gas prices are cheaper so the Dodgers got me at a bargain." It would have been a humorous way for himself and Boras to save face after asking for too high of initial contract expectations.

    Too bad gas is rising again.

    2009-01-16 15:11:08
    120.   DaDoughboy
    That was stupid. He was one of the better coaches in the league IMO. Nobody seemed to get more out his players than Chucky...wish Denver coulda waited to pluck him up.
    2009-01-16 15:11:18
    121.   Kevin Lewis

    Thank you! My work music was getting stale, and this is great.

    2009-01-16 15:16:17
    122.   GoBears
    If Zona beats the Iggles on Sunday, I betcha Gruden lands in Philly next year. Maybe even if it's the Super Bowl that Philly loses.

    And heck, if I were Andy Reid, and I were to WIN the SB, I'd resign the next day. The way he's been treated in that city is a crime. 5 NFC Title Games in 8 years, with nowhere near the best talent (and consistent injuries to stars), and all Philly fans do is whine. Granted, Reid the GM might be Reid the coach's biggest problem, but still...

    2009-01-16 15:16:30
    123.   DaDoughboy
    Is Slacker like Pandora on iphone?
    2009-01-16 15:20:10
    124.   underdog
    118 - Wow. Didn't see that coming. But yeah, I don't see Al bringing him back any more than I see him bringing Shanny back (well, maybe slightly better chance, but Gruden would have zero interest).

    And 122 yah, totally. Reid and McNabb have both been pretty disrespected in Philly. I have mixed feelings but part of me is rooting for them just for that reason.

    2009-01-16 15:33:29
    125.   oshea2002
    118 - I don't see it, but I'll see what I can find out. Obviously it'd be a coup, not b/c Jon and Bruce are some genius duo, but Al trusts them enough to let them actually do their jobs.
    2009-01-16 15:42:06
    126.   underdog
    Hmm, I wonder if Circuit City will have any HD TVs left this weekend, when I drop by to scavenge their offerings.

    2009-01-16 15:44:42
    127.   fanerman
    underdog, are you back to HDTV hunting?
    2009-01-16 15:52:03
    128.   underdog
    I was putting it on hold just to financially smart right now, since it's not a top priority, but I did get a little money towards that for my bday, and if they're really cheap at CC I'd be seriously tempted. Recommended brand? I liked the Samsungs I saw at Best Buy. Even on sale I could only afford the small sized ones, though.
    2009-01-16 15:59:48
    129.   Kevin Lewis
    I love my Samsung!
    2009-01-16 16:00:15
    130.   Kevin Lewis

    Hmmm, I need new speakers, but I don't know if I want to deal with the crowd.

    2009-01-16 16:00:35
    131.   Howard Fox
    ok, here goes...

    AZ over Philly
    Pitt over Balt

    AZ over Pitt

    2009-01-16 16:02:33
    132.   fanerman
    It's hard to judge a TV from seeing it in a store. Unless you have space issues, I'd recommend at least 42". TV's shrink when you bring them home. The common axiom to buying a TV goes something like, "Look at progressively larger TV's until you see one that's way too big. Then buy one size bigger." I think for about an 8' viewing distance, 42" through 50" is a good range of sizes.

    LCD's don't look as good as plasmas, but they use less energy and plasmas dim over time. LCD's still look very good, but plasmas have blacker blacks.

    For LCD's I think sticking with the big brands like Sony, Samsung, or Sharp would be good. You probably get better standard-def conversion and they have better warranties and are generally higher quality.

    You may want to consider 120Hz TV's because they can play blu-ray at 24fps without doing fancy processing. (Most TV's are 60Hz and 60 doesn't divide by 24 nicely so the frames get split up with what's called 3:2 pulldown). I don't think it matters for DVD, but just looking down the road... 120 Hz TV's do cost more though. (120 HZ TV's have other features like frame interpolation, but I don't use those)

    2009-01-16 16:03:07
    133.   thinkblue88 week after i quit ccity, they go out of business. i hated working there.
    2009-01-16 16:04:46
    134.   Howard Fox
    133 like a rat deserting a ship
    2009-01-16 16:12:54
    135.   trainwreck
    Of course it will never happen. Raiders do not do smart things anymore.
    2009-01-16 16:13:50
    136.   mintxcore
    thanks for the CCity heads up, I might have to snoop around some stores looking for deals... I've been wanting an HDTV for a year but never had the money, they when I finally got a job that paid me enough, i opted to buy an engagement ring and get engaged instead.

    Now I'm unemployed but these prices keep maybe i can find something good and cheap :D

    2009-01-16 16:16:23
    137.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
    Go with an HDTV projector. For the same price as any +50 in HDTV. If you mount a projector anywhere from 8-12 feet away from a wall, the HDTV projector will change your life! (seriously) We currently have one (bought from Costco for just over $1000). The result is an 106 in HDTV on our wall!!!

    The only drawbacks are during the day, the sun will not make the picture as crisp, and the bulbs in projectors will burn out eventually. We've had one since Aug 06, and we've only replace the bulb once and the 2nd one is going strong. Bulbs go from $200-$400.

    Seeing a 4ft tall Manny in HD bat every night is definately worth it. Oh, if any of you live in Santa Barbara, I welcome any of you over to watch this thing. Enjoy the 3 day weekend
    (long time reader, rarely post)

    2009-01-16 16:19:09
    138.   GoBears
    I was thinking about a 40" Samsung (Amazon has a great deal), but reviews said the sound is pretty bad. I don't have a real sound system for the room that this TV would be in, so I'm not sure how I feel about that.

    Any Samsung owners have opinions about the speakers built into the TVs? I can live with "adequate," but some of the reviews say the sound is actually pretty awful.

    2009-01-16 16:21:23
    139.   fanerman
    137 Projectors are definitely awesome, but depending on how one uses a TV, they may not be practical.

    If anyone does get a projector, I'd recommend getting a Mack warranty. They're a couple hundred dollars but they come with 2 (or 3?) bulb replacements at no charge. Basically it ends up as much or cheaper than the bulb replacements alone, plus you get 3 years of warranty for it.

    2009-01-16 16:22:07
    140.   fanerman
    139 should be "at no extra charge."
    2009-01-16 16:25:10
    141.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
    139 Definately true.

    We were young and naive when we bought it, didnt get a warranty. We only use the thing at night or during day games. If it would be your only TV, then I wouldnt recommend it.

    2009-01-16 16:29:20
    142.   LogikReader

    I know a friend (also in SB) who has a setup very similar to yours. It's an Optoma projector that just dominates the big wall in their living room. Actually I think they use a ginormous screen as well.

    I can imagine your setup is very impressive. And we get KCAL HD in SB now!! Kool!

    2009-01-16 16:29:33
    143.   underdog
    133 Thanks, great advice! I think if I can't afford a 42-incher right now I'll hold off. Hoping to move into a house within a year but right now living in an apartment. Ther's space for it, but not a ton.

    136 What, you didn't get her an HDTV-ring instead?

    2009-01-16 16:30:38
    144.   Bluebleeder87
    I was watching the photo's of "Camelback Ranch" & there right, Russell Martin did trim down...

    What ever happened to "The Learning Channel" @ 3'oclock there were showing "What not to wear" I mean COME ON!!

    2009-01-16 16:30:43
    145.   GoBears
    I have the Costco projector too, but w/o HD signal. It's nice, but its basically useless for daytime viewing (unless I want to invest in blackout curtains). I like it, esp. for movies, but need something else for my morning football viewing.
    2009-01-16 16:34:22
    146.   underdog
    In my current place, getting an HD Projector would require my removing the couch, coffee table and possibly my cats. But someday...
    2009-01-16 16:37:22
    147.   bhsportsguy
    146 Speaking about Annie Hall, is Diane Keaton acting?
    2009-01-16 16:40:13
    148.   Howard Fox
    147 no, just pretending
    2009-01-16 16:40:25
    149.   underdog
    147 - Hm, a non sequitur, but I approve. Sure, she's still acting, if you count some of the bad comedies she's been over the past couple of years. Because I Say So (ugh), Mad Money (feh) and Mama's Boy (meh).

    Would love to see her do something with Woody again someday... Manhattan Murder Mystery was fun as a sort of reprisal.

    2009-01-16 16:43:01
    150.   Kevin Lewis
    I found this helping when shopping around;contentNav

    I don't have any info on the sound for my Samsung HDTV since I use a sound system.

    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2009-01-16 16:48:23
    151.   bhsportsguy
    147 Should have been more specific, I meant in that movie, she just seems to be so lackadasial in it, maybe that was just because she was never allowed any joy in the Godfather films.
    2009-01-16 16:49:36
    152.   fanerman
    150 That's a pretty nice guide.

    If you're willing to brave 100-page threads about TV models, check out AVSForum's model-specific threads:

    2009-01-16 16:54:37
    153.   underdog
    151 Her character is quite ditzy (based on how she apparently used to be when younger) but I wouldn't call her performance lackadaisical. Didn't she win an Oscar for that one? She's certainly flighty in it though, but her character also shows growth (though the editing moves around in time).


    Speaking of movies... Attention sci-fi nerds:

    >>Columbia Pictures has won rights to produce a film adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation science fiction trilogy, with Roland Emmerich attached to direct. Emmerich will produce along with Michael Wimer, who was also a producer (and thus, a complicit party) in Emmerich's own 10,000 B.C.<<

    2009-01-16 16:54:45
    154.   trainwreck
    I had friend with same set up in SB.
    2009-01-16 16:58:26
    155.   underdog
    We need more Sta Barbara customers. We just started an ad campaign on When I was home for XMas I learned one of the last remaining cool indie video stores, Video Schmideo, had closed. If you know any likely SB cinephile customers, send 'em my way.
    2009-01-16 16:58:45
    156.   berkowit28
    154 It looks like you may all have the same friend.;-) OK, I live in SB and I don't don't a soul with such a set-up. However I like my 37' Sharp HDTV very much.
    2009-01-16 16:59:40
    157.   berkowit28
    37", that is. 37' would be something.
    2009-01-16 17:04:52
    158.   das411
    Jeff Carter has just put his 30th biscuit into the basket. This is not a drill.

    (tsk tsk, wait until I'm behind on my DT to confuse Jeff with Joe Carter...)

    2009-01-16 17:06:38
    159.   Bluebleeder87
    John Shelby replaced Mike Ramsey but here are the #'s Shelby put up in '87:

    AB's - 476
    dingers - 21 (with dodgers - overal 22)
    Runs Batted In - 69
    BA - 277
    OB% - 317
    OP+ - 106


    I remember T-Bone hit 2 home runs one summer with his family watching in the stadium (I don't know why but I always remember that about him) Vinny seemed very excited for him & I thought it was cool...

    trying to remember the name of the stadium, I think it was old bush stadium but not sure.

    2009-01-16 17:09:16
    160.   Jim Hitchcock
    115 Speaking of which, has anybody checked out Spazz Radio on the web yet? Awesome. Amateur DJ's with a passion for music...make a request, and if they don't have it, they'll get it.

    Hey that reminds me of the way FM used to be!

    2009-01-16 17:13:16
    161.   Jim Hitchcock
    132 I'd add LG to that list...I picked it over all the others based mostly on picture quality, and it also had a contrast ratio of 10000 to 1, making the blacks very black.
    2009-01-16 17:15:46
    162.   trainwreck
    Aww, that place closed.
    2009-01-16 17:19:19
    163.   Jim Hitchcock
    150 , 152 I used to read Perfect Vision magazine, and it was the absolute authority on high end audio and video:

    2009-01-16 17:22:31
    164.   kngoworld
    Never heard of Spazz, will have to give that a try. Thanks.
    2009-01-16 17:26:06
    165.   Bluebleeder87
    reading Jon's post on Mike Ramsey instantly reminded me of my Mike Ramsey, Jose Gonzalez. Here are his #'s. Career:

    AB's - 676
    Dingers - 9
    Runs Batted In - 42
    Stolen Bases - 33
    OB% - .277 (He was up there swinging)

    His swing was IDENTICAL to Brad Pennie's, I guess that's why I remember him so much...

    2009-01-16 17:33:02
    166.   Bluebleeder87
    Ramon Troncoso, who had a 2.57 ERA in 20 innings as a starter in the Dominican Republic this winter, is in fact a candidate for the Dodger starting rotation, general manager Ned Colletti confirmed to Dylan Hernandez of the Times.

    Whoo Hoo!

    2009-01-16 17:35:26
    167.   D4P
    Just saw that the Padres got Eckstein for $850k, or roughly one-third what the Dodgers are paying Mota.
    2009-01-16 17:36:04
    168.   Bluebleeder87
    I just wonder what his MENTAL MAKE-UP us like (I really like this move by the Dodgers), does he take advice & APPLY IT HIS GAME etc...
    2009-01-16 17:36:29
    169.   D4P
    Asked to explain why numbers with the Dodgers were what they were, Jones said, "I think I was just not in good shape, I think."

    Ya think?

    2009-01-16 17:40:43
    170.   GoBears
    167. Wow. What was Eckstein's last contract?

    Heck for $850K, I would even like Juan Pierre!

    2009-01-16 17:43:12
    171.   D4P
    Eckstein made $4.5 million last season.
    2009-01-16 17:45:15
    172.   D4P
    McCourt denied that the decision not to proceed (with trying to void Andruw Jones's contract) was based on the fact the club would have stood very little chance of emerging victorious in such a matter against the all-powerful players' union. He said the decision was instead based on not wanting to create a distraction for the team.
    2009-01-16 17:47:12
    173.   GoBears
    171. His star has sure fallen. I'm not surprised that the Padres would play Sir Scrapitude about what he's worth, but I can't believe he couldn't get some Colletti-type to give him a raise. Maybe people are wising up.
    2009-01-16 17:51:14
    174.   D4P
    I can't believe he couldn't get some Colletti-type to give him a raise

    It is pretty surprising.

    Maybe people are wising up

    I'm more inclined to think that teams just don't want to spend a lot of money right now. A GM and his/her owner's money are soon parted.

    2009-01-16 17:54:23
    175.   GoBears
    173. "pay...about what he's worth." Although I guess "play" works too.
    2009-01-16 17:54:48
    176.   Eric Stephen
    Is there a better remake of a song than Johnny Cash singing "Hurt," originally by Nine Inch Nails? It's so good. And the video is almost haunting.
    2009-01-16 18:07:14
    177.   mintxcore
    176 How about Fred Knittie's version of "Fix You". Coldplay is awful but he knocks it out of the park! :D
    2009-01-16 18:07:23
    178.   Marty
    Speaking of Eckstein, if anyone wants to see something truly bizarre tonight, "The Terror of Tiny Town" is on TCM at 11:30 pacific.
    2009-01-16 18:09:49
    179.   D4P
    I like Coldplay's "Fix You". I consider that and "The Scientist" to be their best songs.
    2009-01-16 18:09:51
    180.   trainwreck
    Raise your hand if you knew there was now a MLS team called the Seattle Sounders.
    2009-01-16 18:13:57
    181.   El Lay Dave
    180 Named for a dog?
    2009-01-16 18:14:53
    182.   Marty
    181 Nice, no one under 50 should get that one.
    2009-01-16 18:20:12
    183.   fanerman
    2009-01-16 18:31:01
    184.   mintxcore
    180 I remember hearing that the Sounders (drew carey, etc) were going to allow online voting to help determine some GM moves.
    2009-01-16 18:39:15
    185.   Jon Weisman
    182 - I think the cutoff would be 40. I got it easily.
    2009-01-16 18:41:48
    186.   Indiana Jon
    176 That's one of my favorites too. My favorite though is "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" Guns 'n Roses style.

    Also, I have to apologize. I thought some mail I was sending you had gone out already, but this morning I realized that it hadn't. I will get it out soon.

    2009-01-16 19:05:00
    187.   Sam DC
    What in the name of Choi is Lebron James wearing?
    2009-01-16 19:05:21
    188.   tjdub
    HDTV Thoughts: We have two Sharp Aquos sets, one 46" in the living room and got a new 32" for the bedroom for Christmas. We have loved them both.
    2009-01-16 19:22:12
    189.   Icaros

    At least his jersey has his team's name on it. Who are the "Bucs?"

    2009-01-16 19:26:29
    190.   oshea2002
    280 - rumor is they are after Thierry Henry.
    2009-01-16 19:27:12
    191.   oshea2002
    185 - I'm 30 so you'll have to lower it to that.
    2009-01-16 19:53:46
    192.   Tripon

    Main dodgers site has a video of today's winter development stuff at Dodgers stadium.

    2009-01-16 19:58:55
    193.   Tripon
    192 Also includes an Andruw Lambo sighting.
    2009-01-16 20:12:53
    194.   Ken Arneson
    180 Hand raised. I can also name one of the players on their roster.
    2009-01-16 20:15:31
    195.   berkowit28
    It's interesting how the Dodgers are using, releasing spin to Gurnick to pass on to the public. I hardly think that Boras is going to depend on Gurnick for his information, but they're trying to make a consistent stance publicly and, presumably, privately.

    Now that it's clear that there's no interest from any team in long-term, 4+-year contract for Manny, and only the Giants just possibly willing to compete at the shorter end, not what Boras wants, Boras's only hope is that when the other biggish bats like Dunn are on the verge of signing, the Dodgers might panic that they won't have any alternative and will finally cave.

    So now they're saying, through Gurnick:

    "They seem committed to wait out Ramirez, making the acquisition of an alternative hitter unlikely as long as Ramirez's situation is unresolved, even if it means going into the season without the addition of a run producer."

    They're taking the stare-down to a new level, saying they just wont budge, Manny will have to take what they're offering or nothing. I wonder if they'll really let the other bats go elsewhere. Maybe they figure if the season begins with Dunn and others elsewhere, finally they'll still be the biggest Manny bidders standing in April or May. Worst come to worst they might trade from someone else in June or July. Hmmmm.

    2009-01-16 20:26:38
    196.   El Lay Dave
    182 I'm still under 50! For a couple years anyway....
    2009-01-16 20:37:28
    197.   Icaros
    If they aren't signing another left fielder, I would've at least tried Jones again before throwing in the Pierre.
    2009-01-16 20:42:09
    198.   Tripon
    Would Jason Repko produce less than what Juan Pierre would?

    And how many times did Torre put Furcal, and JP in the lead off, and 2nd spot?

    2009-01-16 20:43:20
    199.   scareduck
    196 - five more for me ... gad ...
    2009-01-16 20:51:04
    200.   Jon Weisman
    Friday Night Lights season three re-premiere in 10 minutes. You've got nothing better to do!
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2009-01-16 21:04:45
    201.   Louis in SF

    Ned has been very active lately, being interviewed by KNBR the Giant station on Wednesday, also was on the MLB Hot Stove Show, Thursday, it seems that this might be his way of trying to put some pressure on Boras to come up with a better counter offer than four years.
    In my opinion Dunn, and Abreu are waiting until Manny signs. For reasons I don't understand they haven't been able to do a deal with a pitcher-not even offering a two year deal to Sheets.

    2009-01-16 21:06:18
    202.   Tripon
    201 Its past the time for players like Dunn and Aberu to hate for other players to 'set' their contracts. They need jobs, and they need jobs soon.
    2009-01-16 21:14:53
    203.   das411
    200 , I have something better to do!

    Rings In A Box:
    Jon Gruden 1
    Andy Reid 0

    2009-01-16 21:20:30
    204.   Samhain
    Good choice.
    As a child of the 60s, let me nominate a couple of covers by members of the Rock & Roll HOF ( of songs originally by other members of the R & R HOF):

    1) The Rolling Stones cover of Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away" (which blows the original away)

    2) Jimi Hendrix's cover of Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower" (that one is a toss-up, depending on one's feelings about Dylan)

    2009-01-16 21:26:29
    205.   Eric Stephen
    Charley Steiner is sitting courtside for the Lakers/Magic game. Kobe has a triple double with about 2 minutes left in the 3rd.
    2009-01-16 21:30:54
    206.   Eric Stephen
    Jimi Hendrix's cover of Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower" (that one is a toss-up, depending on one's feelings about Dylan)

    I like both, but Hendrix's version is classic. Dylan himself has said he prefers Jimi's version. Nice call.

    2009-01-16 21:47:32
    207.   StolenMonkey86
    167 - I guess they figured Mota had more of an arm.
    2009-01-16 21:50:15
    208.   StolenMonkey86
    188 - I got a 37" Aquos shortly after Christmas and I enjoy it greatly. It's quite an upgrade over the 20" tube I was watching. My wife doesn't seem to care one way or the other, but we'll see.
    2009-01-16 22:07:18
    209.   Eric Stephen
    Quite the entertaining game at Staples Center this evening. Friday Night Lights is on hold.
    2009-01-16 22:45:42
    210.   LogikReader
    Anybody watching the old film on the 1947 World Series between the Yankees and Dodgers on MLB Network?

    The film quality really held up. This is riveting!

    2009-01-16 22:46:16
    211.   Xeifrank
    Another entertaining game that ended in a loss for the Lakers. I feel comfortable saying that the best team won this game.
    vr, Xei
    2009-01-16 22:50:18
    212.   LogikReader
    Seven consecutive games the Lakers gave up over 100 points.

    I'll say it right now, this team is not going to win an NBA championship. They don't have the heart, guts, or determination to get the defensive stops they need to make it happen.

    I liked the Boston game, but since then they've folded against all the elite teams. They got lucky at Houston, then folded to SA and Orlando back to back. Granted, they're missing 4 guys, but doesn't excuse their lack of defense.

    2009-01-16 22:53:56
    213.   preacherroe
    176- Eric, It is a sweet song knowing Cash's scrappy life. He had his own"Empire of Dirt"
    His cover of the Beatles' "In my Life" on the same CD is nice too.
    2009-01-16 23:06:11
    214.   Eric Stephen
    I love, love, love Cash's version of "In My Life." Also, he does a mean "I Won't Back Down."

    Taking the lead after being down 100-89 in the 4th to San Antonio is "folding?"

    2009-01-16 23:34:45
    215.   underdog
    212 They have flaws no doubt, but they have as much a chance of anyone of winning the whole thing. Aren't they missing a couple of key people, too? (Walton and Farmar.) Also when I hear questions about lack of "heart" I can't help but think of Jonathan Broxton. ;-)

    In other words, I would like some more consistency. But am not too worried, either.

    2009-01-16 23:43:49
    216.   Xeifrank
    The Lakers could use a little more cowbell.
    vr, Xei
    2009-01-16 23:45:55
    217.   underdog
    The perfect capper to a long day: unwinding with Match Game '75 on GSN. Ah, the Bret Somers-Richard Dawson repartee.
    2009-01-16 23:51:09
    218.   Tripon
    Whats with all this coaching upheaval in the NFL?
    2009-01-17 00:09:20
    219.   Tripon
    &What really counts is when the ball is hit, does the fielder make an out? That's the definition of Defense Efficiency Rating (DER) on a team level. Whether it's by range, throwing arm or good hands, it's the out that counts. With 1000 or more ground balls, the bottom five at shortstop are Angel Berroa 71.1%, Michael Young 71.0%, Jeter 70.9%, Felipe Lopez 70.2% and Carlos Guillen 69.8%. At the top are Adam Everett 75.7%, Omar Vizquel 74.9%, Troy Tulowitzki 74.3%, Julio Lugo 74.1% and Khalil Greene 74.1%.*

    Boston fans will disagree on Julio Lugo right there.

    2009-01-17 00:34:32
    220.   berkowit28
    210 (1947 WS) I saw it on its first run a few days ago. Yes, terrific, very clear film, not blurry like that complete 1956 game. I just find it unsatisfying watching little snippets. But seeing Furillo, Reese, Reiser, Robinson was great - this was Jackie in his prime. Oh, yeah, seeing DiMaggio was pretty cool too.
    2009-01-17 00:36:36
    221.   trainwreck
    Just came back from finally seeing Slumdog. It was good, but definitely not the best movie I have seen this year.
    2009-01-17 00:37:42
    222.   Tripon
    In 1962, Wills virtually reinvented baseball offense in the same way Koufax and Drysdale reinvented pitching. Without Wills, the Dodgers would have had no offense. He was the first player to steal 100 bases in a season. His total stolen bases in 1962 represented 25% of the total bases stolen in the major leagues in the previous year.

    That 1962 Dodgers team scored 842 runs.,0,198022,full.story

    2009-01-17 01:15:25
    223.   Bob Timmermann
    Friday Night Lights will wait until after I get up. I was more determined to find out who the Final Cylon was on BSG because that could leak.
    2009-01-17 01:29:29
    224.   trainwreck
    I apparently need to watch Battlestar Galactica, because I am told it is great.

    Obviously, Friday Night Lights too.

    2009-01-17 02:02:03
    225.   trainwreck
    There is a Sci-fi movie on AMC that is called Sabretooth. Sawyer from Lost is in it.

    Sigh, Sawyer.

    2009-01-17 06:37:11
    226.   Terry A
    Just ran across this headline. I had no idea she played baseball:

    "Marlins have interest in ex-Brave Star Jones"

    2009-01-17 07:27:56
    227.   Gen3Blue
    I didn't know she used to be brave.
    2009-01-17 07:32:42
    228.   D4P
    I always thought football was her game:

    2009-01-17 07:38:49
    229.   Gen3Blue
    228 I'm not sure thats her game either.
    But it reminded me of the great clip of some outfielder(Conseco?), in which a fly bounces of his head and over the wall for a HR. I'll have to check youtube.
    2009-01-17 07:59:01
    230.   bhsportsguy
    Man, it is cold out here in DT DC bureau.

    I thought it was somewhat ironic to be exiting a Metro station listening to the Beach Boys as a blast of Artic air came blowing on my face.

    2009-01-17 08:06:12
    231.   Bob Timmermann
    I will remember you when I'm having lunch at the Getty Villa today.
    2009-01-17 08:09:35
    232.   D4P
    It's cold in the DT NC bureau as well.
    2009-01-17 08:31:14
    233.   D4P
    Cold weather is not fun when you have cats that like to go outside.
    2009-01-17 08:37:07
    234.   Gen3Blue
    It's relatively mild today compared to the last few days in NE. It's actually above O'F right now.
    2009-01-17 09:04:58
    235.   Xeifrank
    67 degrees at 9AM in the VTC, with highs expected in the lower 80s for those of you on the east coast. :) But in all seriousness, bundle up out there!
    vr, Xei
    2009-01-17 09:23:38
    236.   Bumsrap
    Does anyone else feel that getting Manny free for part of last year pays for one year of Jones?

    I am perfectly fine if the Dodgers play Blake in LF instead of Manny to pay for the second year of Jones. And, I would love to see an infield of Loney, Abreu, DeWitt, and Furcal.

    If the Dodgers could get Peavy for Hu, DeJesus, and either McDonald/Stultz or Elbert/Stultz.... I am not that big of a Peavy fan to offer more even if warranted.

    2009-01-17 09:27:16
    237.   oshea2002
    This heat spell is awesome - up to 24 today. Negative 14 on thursday really was cramping my style. I cannot wait to get back to California.
    2009-01-17 09:41:37
    238.   Tripon

    The Phillies have reached a three-year, $20.5 million contract with their ace, Cole Hamels, the Post has learned. Hamels will receive $4.35 million in 2009, $6.65 million in 2010 and $9.5 million in 2011.

    2009-01-17 09:49:09
    239.   silverwidow
    238 Bargain. He would EASILY get $100 million on the open market.
    2009-01-17 09:51:00
    240.   silverwidow
    236 I don't like Abreu has a starter; DeJesus is our future 2nd baseman.
    2009-01-17 09:54:49
    241.   Tripon
    We better figure out who's our future short stop is then.
    2009-01-17 09:58:58
    242.   regfairfield
    The Padres do seem to love players that can be best described as "doesn't completely suck" so Stults seems right up their alley.
    2009-01-17 10:00:49
    243.   D4P
    The Padres do seem to love players that can be best described as "doesn't completely suck while not costing very much".
    2009-01-17 10:01:32
    244.   regfairfield
    They did win more games than us per dollar.
    2009-01-17 10:03:01
    245.   Alex41592
    238 - That just buys out his arbitration years. If he stays healthy he'll get his money in 2012.
    2009-01-17 10:04:17
    246.   Tripon
    245 Provides the Dodgers as a basis for the Billingsley contract.
    2009-01-17 10:06:04
    247.   D4P
    Unless I'm mistaken, they usually do. But that's partially because the relationship between player performance and salary tends to be non-linear, with increases in salary growing faster than increases in performance.
    2009-01-17 10:07:21
    248.   Tripon
    The Padres also don't have $30-40 million in contracts to players on the DL/no longer on the team.

    If you compare the salaries to players actually on the field, I'm sure the Dodgers compare favorably.

    2009-01-17 10:09:30
    249.   regfairfield
    247 No, it's true, they did have more wins per dollar, it's just that that number means nothing.
    2009-01-17 10:12:43
    250.   D4P
    Whenever I've looked into this issue, I think I've generally found that low payroll teams typically do better on wins/dollar than high payroll teams. But that doesn't mean much if you're not winning many games.
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2009-01-17 10:14:41
    251.   silverwidow
    245 Hamels is a Super Two, so it doesn't buy out his last year of arbitration (2012).
    2009-01-17 10:29:59
    252.   das411
    Cole Hamels for $20.5M over 3 years or CC Sabathia for $20.5 per year...hmm...
    2009-01-17 10:31:20
    253.   D4P
    Baseball is screwy. Young players almost inevitably make less than they're worth, and old players almost inevitably make more.
    2009-01-17 10:32:57
    254.   D4P
    Not to imply that Sabathia won't be worth $20.5 per year for at least some of his Yankee contract.
    2009-01-17 10:34:56
    255.   Tripon
    If Hamels survives though his arbitration years without injury or ineffectiveness, I'm sure he can see that $20 million per year payday.
    2009-01-17 10:50:09
    256.   StolenMonkey86
    From what I've seen, salary tends to be correlated more with attendance than performance.
    2009-01-17 11:13:22
    257.   Bob Timmermann
    Oregon is wearing yellow jerseys with yellow letters.

    Someone needs to tell the people in Eugene about concept of "contrast." Although I suppose if Phil Knight said that he wanted all of the Ducks basketball players to wears a coat with tails and shoes with spats, they would all look like very tall Fred Astaires.

    2009-01-17 11:13:53
    258.   Bob Timmermann
    The spats would have a Nike swoosh on them of course.
    2009-01-17 11:18:16
    259.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm also surprised that FSN is showing Wazzu vs. Oregon as a national telecast. But I've got the Day-Glo Yellow Ducks in HD.
    2009-01-17 11:29:37
    260.   D4P
    Oregon has been bad at basketball since the best player in the Pac-10 and Pac-10 Player of the Year Runner-Up Aaron Brooks left.
    2009-01-17 11:32:07
    261.   Bob Timmermann
    The best player in the Pac-10 that year was an Arron, not an Aaron.
    2009-01-17 11:35:48
    262.   D4P
    Arron wasn't the best player: he was just the Player of the Year.
    2009-01-17 11:39:54
    263.   Bob Timmermann
    Perhaps playing defense counts too in basketball.

    It also helps to be on the team with the better record.

    The second is more important than the first.

    2009-01-17 11:40:06
    264.   ChicagoDodger
    253 Baseball is screwy. Young players almost inevitably make less than they're worth, and old players almost inevitably make more.

    But does that make it screwy overall?

    If a player makes less then he is worth early on, and more then he is worth later on, isn't the cumulative effect a wash? Certainly not in every case, but in most?

    2009-01-17 11:46:17
    265.   D4P
    If a player makes less then he is worth early on, and more then he is worth later on, isn't the cumulative effect a wash?

    To the extent that this rationale holds, it only really holds when the player stays with the same team. There's no reason for Team X to compensate Old Player Y for being previously underpaid by Team Z. And it's not even totally clear that Team X is obligated to compensate Old Player Y for previously underpaying him.

    2009-01-17 11:48:03
    266.   D4P
    Oops. That second Team X should say Team Z.
    2009-01-17 11:49:32
    267.   Young Miss Weisman
    hello people! I'm back!
    2009-01-17 11:51:21
    268.   Young Miss Weisman
    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1!
    2009-01-17 11:53:05
    269.   D4P
    Ten billion, nine hundred eighty seven million, six hundred fifty four thousand, three hundred and twenty one factorial is a really big number.
    2009-01-17 11:53:30
    270.   Alex41592
    Georgetown's Greg Monroe just got his 4th foul on the bench. College rules are fun.
    2009-01-17 11:53:58
    271.   Young Miss Weisman
    z y x w v u t s r q p o n m l k j i h g f e d c b a!
    2009-01-17 11:54:54
    272.   Young Miss Weisman
    Time for lunch!
    2009-01-17 11:57:37
    273.   StolenMonkey86
    272 - What's for lunch?
    2009-01-17 12:00:01
    274.   MC Safety
    273 Please don't say peanut butter and jelly. That sounds so good right now.
    2009-01-17 12:03:03
    275.   ChicagoDodger
    265 I thought we were talking about the player, not the teams. If a players has a $50 million career, and he earns $50 million in his career, then he was adequately compensated. It matters little if $35 million of that career was due to his earlier stats, when only, say $8 or $10 millon was paid.

    In terms of the teams, they control that. If a player is only going to be worth $15 million to you over the next 4 years, then why give him $35 million? As you say, they are not obligated.

    It would appear, smartly, that the Dodgers are not playing this game currently. At least not with long term deals?

    2009-01-17 12:06:08
    276.   LogikReader
    My weekend is not off to a good start.

    I got hit with some really nasty viruses lately, and after numerous attempts to restore them, in safe mode, I still haven't shaken the malware.

    I keep getting these stupid pop ups. Next, I tried to run a repair installation of Windows. Now my computer hit a dead end. I get a Blue Screen of Death. If only I could have backed up my system. Now, I'm running on this old PowerMac G4. What a day!


    Lakers talk: I think the one thing that concerns me, since I already know they're banged up and all, is their occasional lack of focus. I just hope that they don't get shell shocked as they did in last year's Finals. Kobe has been playing great this week, though, no doubt!

    Young Miss Weisman gives me a good idea...

    2009-01-17 12:07:04
    277.   LogikReader
    The G4 is a backup computer... which works surprisingly well on only 384mb of memory.
    2009-01-17 12:12:18
    278.   StolenMonkey86
    Blake DeWitt had better platoon splits against left-handers than right-handers. I might have missed this earlier, but is there anything to him having 17BB to 18K against left-handers in 2008, or is that the fluke source of his plate discipline that suddenly came about in the majors?
    2009-01-17 12:14:36
    279.   still bevens
    I just read the times article about the Laker game last night with Phil and Kobe kvetching about the calls in the fourth quarter. Sure that technical called on Pau was garbage but if the team hadnt played the worst third quarter I have seen all season they wouldn't have had to worry about those calls deciding the game.
    2009-01-17 12:18:51
    280.   Jon Weisman
    274 - Actually, that's what I'm having.
    2009-01-17 12:20:13
    281.   D4P
    You should try almond butter some time. Just as tasty but more nutritious.
    2009-01-17 12:29:52
    282.   Daniel Zappala
    Special message for Young Miss Weisman:

    8 1 22 5 1 7 18 5 1 20 4 1 25

    2009-01-17 12:37:10
    283.   MC Safety
    280 Yumm! Crunchy or smooth?

    Boysenberries=best berry, too. Just throwing that out there.

    2009-01-17 12:39:00
    284.   D4P
    In case 283 was actually intended for me, I like crunchy almond butter. I usually eat it with strawberry fruit spread, but I'm fine with rasp, boysen, blue, or black as well.
    2009-01-17 12:40:24
    285.   MC Safety
    284 I'll have to give that a shot. I'm a crunchy guy, too.
    2009-01-17 12:43:11
    286.   D4P
    The almond butter I get from Whole Foods is literally just ground up almonds, with nothing else (e.g. sugar or salt) added.
    2009-01-17 12:48:02
    287.   Icaros

    Does it come in an edible container?

    2009-01-17 12:48:26
    288.   trainwreck
    UCLA basketball and the UFC, every day should start out like this.
    2009-01-17 12:49:59
    289.   D4P
    Come to think of it, no. I think I'll add that to their comment box.
    2009-01-17 12:51:52
    290.   Sam DC
    Young Miss Weisman -- young Sam DC says "Hi!"
    2009-01-17 12:53:57
    291.   Sam DC
    If I could figure out how to get it off my phone, I've got a fine picture of bhsportsguy fast asleep on a bench in the middle of the Natural History Museum rainforest exhibit.

    I tried to send it to Bob - not sure if it came through.

    It was 9 degrees (not counting wind chill) this morning when bh was exiting the metro.

    2009-01-17 12:56:48
    292.   Jon Weisman
    2009-01-17 13:01:12
    293.   MJW101
    Hamel's new contract is a good guideline for what Billingsley will expect.

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