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Camelback Ranch
2008-11-20 14:42
by Jon Weisman

UntitledWell there she sits buddy
Just a-gleaming in the sun
There to greet a working man
When his day is done
I'm gonna pack my pa
And I'm gonna pack my aunt
I'm gonna take them down
To the Camelback Ranch

That's Bruce Springseen's take. Here follows the Dodger press release:

GLENDALE, Ariz – The Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox announced today that their two-team, state-of-the-art Spring Training campus in Glendale, AZ will be named Camelback Ranch. Dodger Owner and Chairman Frank McCourt and White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf made the announcement.

"The name 'Camelback Ranch' inspires the pioneering spirit of the Dodgers' original move west in 1958 and with our relocation this spring to Arizona, that move is now complete," said McCourt. "We believe this facility will be the best in all of Major League Baseball and will provide our team with an unparalleled place to prepare year-round for championship-caliber baseball."

"Camelback Ranch in Glendale soon will be known as the crown-jewel of the Cactus League," said Reinsdorf. "Starting this spring, baseball fans will be able to enjoy a world-class complex that features the Cactus League's largest ballpark with state-of-the-art amenities and one of the most scenic environments in all of sports and entertainment."

The 141-acre site is located on Camelback Road just west of the Loop 101. The first-rate baseball facility includes more than 118,000 square feet of Major and Minor League clubhouse space, 13 full baseball fields, and three half-fields. The site will feature picturesque walking trails, landscaped grounds, and an orange grove. There will also be two ponds and a fully-stocked lake between the Dodgers and White Sox facilities.

The shared stadium, which will be the focal point of the complex, is the largest in the Cactus League with a capacity of 13,000 which includes 3,000 lawn seats, 12 luxury suites, a party deck, and a unique center field rotunda entrance. Fans will enjoy the ballpark's modern amenities and design as well as dramatic mountain views from within the park that will create one of the most inviting Spring Training atmospheres in all of baseball.

"It is my sincere hope that generations of families will create lifelong memories at Camelback Ranch," said Dodger President Jamie McCourt. "This idyllic setting – only five hours by car and a one-hour flight from Los Angeles – could not come at a more perfect time for Dodger fans, many of whom have waited a long time to take part in the Spring Training experience."

"Many former Chicagoans now call the Valley home," said Reinsdorf. "That large contingent of people, along with the thousands of current Chicagoans who travel to the Phoenix area during the winter months, now will have the opportunity to enjoy White Sox baseball in an incomparable sports and entertainment facility."

In addition to serving as the Spring Training home of the White Sox and Dodgers, the campus will become the home for all Dodger minor league operations throughout the year, including the team's Arizona League entry and Fall Instructional League team. The White Sox also will use Camelback Ranch in Glendale as the home for their Fall Instructional League.

Camelback Ranch will become a multi-use facility, available to host concerts, sporting events, and corporate outings, in addition to Spring Training baseball.

The 2009 Spring Training schedules will be released shortly for each team, while the joint venture offers six different season ticket options: Home Plate Club, Dugout Field Box, Baseline Field Box, Premium Infield Box, Infield Box, and Baseline Reserved, along with day-of-game Lawn seating. Fans interested in purchasing season tickets should call (623) 877-8585.

Updated photos of Camelback Ranch can be seen here.

* * *

Update: More from Josh Rawitch at Inside the Dodgers"

I'm actually very glad that a few of you asked about ticket pricing at Camelback Ranch, as I think that it has been portrayed extremely inaccurately by the media that has written about it so far. Yes, there are seats there that cost $90 and they are the equivalent of the Dugout Club at Dodger Stadium - all inclusive with your parking, food, a promotional item, etc. But the key thing to remember is - much like the Dugout Club, there are only about 600 of them in the stadium. That's just over four percent of the ballpark.

The dropoff then goes to $30 per ticket - which means that more than 95 percent of the seats in the park are at that number or less (with some as low as $8). In fact, our head of ticketing told me yesterday that there are seats that are literally in the front row, where you can put your drink on top of the dugout, and they cost just $30. To me, that's nothing to be ashamed of - I actually think that's extremely reasonable. ...

Comments (119)
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2008-11-20 14:52:57
1.   Bob Timmermann
As I saw the headline, I thought to myself "There will be Springsteen lyrics."

I was correct.

2008-11-20 14:53:20
2.   Eric Stephen
Rockies have announced their 40-man additions:

RHP Samuel Deduno
RHP Shane Lindsay
RHP Ryan Mattheus
SS/3B Hector Gomez
SS Chris Nelson (2004 1st round pick #9)
2B Eric Young, Jr.

Still waiting on the Dodgers and Giants, from the NL West.

2008-11-20 14:59:14
3.   ToyCannon
Might be more fun to have season tickets for the ASL then Dodger Stadium. With this economy maybe I can get laid off on March 1st.
2008-11-20 15:00:12
4.   underdog
Every time Jon makes a Springsteen reference I get to quote from the Simpsons. It's only fair!

No, I'm kidding. Was surely hard to resist this one, especially.

And that facility looks amazing. Should be fantastic when completed.

2008-11-20 15:01:25
5.   fanerman
I didn't realize the CIA trained chefs. Maybe that guy is a Steven Seagal movie waiting to happen.
2008-11-20 15:01:33
6.   underdog
I wonder if there are some hard choices being made re: the Dodgers 40 man. I didn't think it would actually be that difficult this year but maybe I was wrong?
2008-11-20 15:03:31
7.   kinbote
4 If you squint, you can just make out Juan Pierre rolling balls down the third base line . . .
2008-11-20 15:03:53
8.   Eric Stephen
If we find out the address to this new facility is anywhere near a new street named Thunder Rd, that would deserve a separate post.
2008-11-20 15:04:07
9.   Tripon
Rich (Maumee, OH): Your thoughts on Dodgers P James McDonald: thanks.

SportsNation Keith Law: Could probably be their 5th starter in 2009. Upside isn't high but he's close and very likely to succeed as a 4/5.

2008-11-20 15:05:05
10.   Tripon
5 CIA refers to the Culinary Institute of America
2008-11-20 15:05:09
11.   fanerman
7 I can't tell if Pierre is at the plate or in left field.
2008-11-20 15:05:41
12.   fanerman
10 Okay that makes a lot more sense. In which case... Keith Law is playing with the big boys.
2008-11-20 15:06:41
13.   Zak
Is a CIA trained chef something to be proud of? Is it somehow more glamorous than El Camino Real High School trained chef?

Do the chefs have to go through combat training of any kind? I know someone who is a truck mechanic for the Navy and before being deployed he had some kind of combat training. Also, would a CIA chef be a better authority on the correct turkey preparation procedures?

2008-11-20 15:07:58
14.   Zak
10 Wow, obviously I read your post after I posted mine, but you blew my mind. That does make more sense.
2008-11-20 15:10:21
15.   Ken Noe
Viciedo to the Cubbies:
2008-11-20 15:11:57
16.   still bevens
The key to spring training in AZ is chillin on the outfield lawn seats and drinking beers. Dont concern yourself with anything more than $10 tickets.
2008-11-20 15:12:18
17.   ToyCannon
Can't wait to take a picture after it is done so we can see how far off this pollyana version of the complex looks compared to the final version once they start cutting corners to get it done in time for the least amount of money.
2008-11-20 15:14:44
18.   silverwidow
15 ChiSox, actually.
2008-11-20 15:14:57
19.   Eric Stephen
Link says White Sox.
2008-11-20 15:16:14
20.   Eric Stephen
Well, hopefully we can at least see him at Camelback Ranch!
2008-11-20 15:18:10
21.   Ken Noe
18 19 Oops.
2008-11-20 15:18:43
22.   trainwreck
I would have named it Bar None Dude Ranch.
2008-11-20 15:22:36
23.   Tripon
According to Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune, the White Sox reached an agreement with 19 year-old Cuban third baseman Dayan Viciedo on a big league deal worth about $11MM. Alexei Ramirez and Jose Contreras should help Viciedo get comfortable when he joins the big league team. In June, it was reported that 14 teams expressed interest in Viciedo.

somewhere, Scott Boras is pointing at an baseball official, and saying that the baseball draft steals money from the players.

2008-11-20 15:23:44
24.   Jon Weisman
17 - Based on the framework in this link, it seems like they're gonna come pretty close to their target vision. The biggest difference right now appears to be the landscaping.

2008-11-20 15:25:05
25.   Eric Stephen
I would have named it Knuckleball Ranch or something like that, an homage to the only HOFer to play for both the Dodgers and White Sox.
2008-11-20 15:26:47
26.   trainwreck
Damn, there goes the only third base option with upside.
2008-11-20 15:27:41
27.   bhsportsguy
24 This might be the same but this is a link from Josh R.'s blog.

2008-11-20 15:40:05
28.   ToyCannon
Spring Training Prices
2008-11-20 15:41:06
29.   Eric Stephen
This is another reason why I didn't approve of the Man-Ram nickname for Manny. In today's Keith Law chat on, someone inevitably referred to Ramon Ramirez (traded to Boston for Crisp) as RamRam.
2008-11-20 16:00:38
30.   Brent Knapp
Does anyone have any experience at Milwaukee's ST site in Maryvale?
2008-11-20 16:31:50
31.   Bob Timmermann
I was given a restraining order that wouldn't let me within 500 feet of Wes Obermueller once and I stopped going.
2008-11-20 16:33:53
32.   mankatododger
30 I've been there twice in the last couple of years. What do you want to know?
2008-11-20 16:37:38
33.   Kevin Lewis
Speaking of knuckle balls, does anyone have a video of the Japanese girl throwing one?
2008-11-20 16:39:40
34.   Bob Timmermann
I would be wary of going online and trying to find a video of a Japanese teenage girl doing anything that wouldn't get you arrested in 47 of the 50 states.
2008-11-20 16:42:50
35.   underdog
Haley Joel Osment is 20.

Underdog feels old.
No link.

2008-11-20 16:42:57
36.   Bob Timmermann
Anticipating the next question:


2008-11-20 16:46:05
37.   Kevin Lewis

That is why I asked if anyone knew of a video. I wasn't about to type that into google

2008-11-20 16:47:33
38.   D4P
Haley Joel Osment

Was there really already a "Haley Osment" in the acting world...?

2008-11-20 16:50:23
39.   Bob Timmermann
I would ask somebody in Delaware to research it for you.
2008-11-20 16:51:52
40.   underdog
38 Not unless you're thinking of the one who was in The Sixth Sense when he was 11, which is the same person.
2008-11-20 16:53:54
41.   D4P
But why did he have to include his middle name?
2008-11-20 16:54:55
42.   fanerman
41 Maybe he thinks Haley is an uncommon name so he likes to have a Joel there. Maybe he just likes the way it sounds. Why does it matter?
2008-11-20 16:55:19
43.   trainwreck
Maybe so people would not think he is a girl?
2008-11-20 16:57:17
44.   Eric Stephen
By rule, D4P must now change his handle to DP.
2008-11-20 16:59:03
45.   silverwidow
Did we purchase any contracts or not? Victor Garate, at least?
2008-11-20 17:00:15
46.   Jim Hitchcock
42 Maybe he's looking to cut in on the Billy Joel action.
2008-11-20 17:00:28
47.   underdog
41 Maybe he finally found the Blue Fairy who allowed him to change into a real boy's name.
2008-11-20 17:00:46
48.   arborial
29 Yes, that naming convention is so widespread they even call the other player in the trade Coco ;)
2008-11-20 17:01:00
49.   D4P
From Ja(y)son Stark:

Here's an interesting rumbling making the rounds: The Dodgers were concerned enough about Russell Martin's regression behind the plate this year that they at least inquired about the asking price for Jason Varitek.

Had the price been more affordable than Boras' over-the-top quest to beat Jorge Posada's deal (four years, $52.4 million), the Dodgers might have pursued that idea further. But contrary to the speculation that is running through the GM meetings, they wouldn't have traded Martin if they'd signed another catcher. They would have moved him back to his original position, third base.

2008-11-20 17:03:20
50.   Prescott Pete
30 I've been to a couple of games at Maryvale. It's great.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-11-20 17:04:29
51.   underdog
LOS ANGELES, CA. November 20, 2008 -- The Dodgers announced today that they had purged their entire 40 man roster in order to pay for their new spring training facility in Arizona called Camelback Ranch. They will fore go having a 40 man roster until sometime next season.

In other news, the Dodgers announced that their new spring training facility in Arizona will be called Camelback Ranch and will be very cool.

2008-11-20 17:07:39
52.   trainwreck
We can be like Major League!! Too bad Wesley Snipes is in jail. Omar Epps is just not good enough.
2008-11-20 17:08:15
53.   ToyCannon
I go by all three of my names all the time. It gives me great pleasure to realize this would bother D4P to no end.
2008-11-20 17:09:09
54.   D4P
But I'm assuming you don't use all 3 names as a money-making scheme, the way a lot of "celebrities" do.
2008-11-20 17:10:29
55.   trainwreck
I have two middle names. Does that meet the D4P seal of disapproval?
2008-11-20 17:10:48
56.   Jon Weisman
Scrubs supposedly has an ABC premiere date of January 6.
2008-11-20 17:11:00
57.   underdog
52 There are times with McCourt that I was worried that very thing would happen.
2008-11-20 17:11:11
58.   ToyCannon
The part that I fail to understand is if that is true why they would then trade their best catching prospect unless they decided he didn't regress until after July 26th which is entirely possible given how he looked after the all-star game.
If that is the case I'd just try to trade him for Ryan Zimmerman or package him to KC for Gordon and folks instead of making him our 3rd baseman.
2008-11-20 17:12:42
59.   underdog
Hasn't Scrubs jumped the shark by now, or will it when it moves to ABC? I know it got a bit better recently again, but stopped watching it awhile ago. I sort of know one of the writers on that show and know he'll be sitting pretty with syndication moolah for ages, lucky guy.
2008-11-20 17:12:42
60.   D4P
I'm glad Scrubs is ending. I'll watch it, but sans excitement.
2008-11-20 17:13:18
61.   Jim Hitchcock
55 Doesn't having two middle names feel a bit awkward?
2008-11-20 17:13:42
62.   Brent Knapp
32 I'm trying to pick a weekend to go to arizona to see the dodgers new site and another one. I looked Milwaukee's up and saw it's relatively new, built in 1998, is it a nice ballpark? anything that made you think it was worth visiting? Availability of players? The only one I've been to is Vero beach, which I loved, but it was kind of a dump.
2008-11-20 17:13:49
63.   ToyCannon
That is about as negative a post as I've ever seen you write.
2008-11-20 17:14:52
64.   Bob Timmermann
One of my nieces has two middle names. She has a two-line Social Security Card. Her parents couldn't agree on which middle name to use so they picked both.

She has 29 letters overall in her name.

2008-11-20 17:15:39
65.   trainwreck
No. But in filling out most forms I can only put one name in.
2008-11-20 17:16:41
66.   trainwreck
I had to have my second middle name because I am a son of a Mason.
2008-11-20 17:16:50
67.   Jon Weisman
54 - What are you talking about?
2008-11-20 17:16:50
68.   D4P
Dido's full name:

Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong

45 letters plus a '

2008-11-20 17:17:07
69.   Jim Hitchcock
65 You've got a made to order
discrimination case there!
2008-11-20 17:18:28
70.   fanerman
54 Do you approve of using 2 names as part of a money-making scheme? How about 1?
2008-11-20 17:19:04
71.   underdog
63 Just dark humor. Sometimes humor can be dark, really dark. I don't really believe that, of course. I'm was just wondering if the Dodgers were delaying their 40 man announcement for any reason and realized they probably didn't want it to distract from the other news of the day, the stadium reveal. I do think it looks extremely cool.
2008-11-20 17:19:31
72.   D4P
It's complicated. Agents no doubt want to generate "buzz" for their clients and want their clients' names to "sound cool" and have a pleasing number of syllables.

One way they do this is to include a middle name in the stage name, especially for people whose names would otherwise sound boring or unappealing.

The ultimate goal is to make money, by increasingly popularity, marketability, etc.

I don't expect anyone to agree with me about this.

2008-11-20 17:20:32
73.   underdog
Btw, this may be old news but just heard that it sounds like Pushing Daisies was canceled. Along with Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money. No surprise there, I guess.
2008-11-20 17:20:33
74.   Ken Noe
It's a rare and glorious day when I can twice mention Alan Mitchell Edward George Patrick Henry "Dirty Al" Gallagher.

It also just occurred to me that a camelback is a hump. But linking that to "ranch" is illegal outside of Nevada.

2008-11-20 17:20:34
75.   Bob Timmermann
William H. Macy is laughing all the way to the bank with those stolen residual checks from "Maude."

He never has to work again!

2008-11-20 17:22:09
76.   D4P
Two names are generally fine, though I'm still not sure I support U2's "The Edge". Are you supposed to call him that? "Hey, The Edge. Whassup?" or "Hi, The Edge. How ya doin'?"

I evaluate one name celebs on a case-by-case basis.

2008-11-20 17:22:09
77.   fanerman
72 I agree with everything you said there.

But I don't find anything "wrong" with it.

2008-11-20 17:22:32
78.   trainwreck
My uncle has like 20 something middle names because of all the saints my grandmother prayed to about having a son.
2008-11-20 17:22:35
79.   Bob Timmermann
It's hard to agree when you're wrong. 95% of actors who use middle names do so because there is already somebody else in whatever union (SAG, AFTRA, Actor's Equity) with the same name.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that none of Philip Seymour Hoffman's friends use all three names when addressing him.

2008-11-20 17:23:00
80.   fanerman
I'm a big fan of Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno.
2008-11-20 17:23:48
81.   Jim Hitchcock
But linking that to "ranch" is illegal outside of Nevada.

Not if you threaten to name your complex `Moonlight Bunny Stadium'.

2008-11-20 17:24:25
82.   Andrew Shimmin
Responding to Fanerman's post in the last thread, yes, I write Ch-i by instinct, here. And yes, I've said it around real people by mistake. Only did that once; it's problematic on a couple of levels, since it takes a long time to explain and it betrays how much time I spend on this site, neither of which play well in real life, I've found.
2008-11-20 17:24:58
83.   underdog
To further pursue this topic, everyone is sentenced to watch this classic sketch:

2008-11-20 17:26:32
84.   trainwreck
It is sweet that they put a bunch of their stuff on Youtube.
2008-11-20 17:27:31
85.   D4P
I'm not arguing that it's wrong: I'm just not going to play along.
2008-11-20 17:27:55
86.   fanerman
82 I am not alone!
2008-11-20 17:28:18
87.   Andrew Shimmin
And yet facebook is somehow socially acceptable. People are weird.
2008-11-20 17:29:09
88.   Jon Weisman
73 - It's old news still waiting for official acknowledgement from ABC.
2008-11-20 17:29:38
89.   trainwreck
I can't find the video of the State sketch all about Southern names and lineage.
2008-11-20 17:33:07
90.   Andrew Shimmin
Speaking of social acceptability, I have three questions relating to jeans:

1. Levi's are good, right? I don't understand what all the brands mean, but Levi's are acceptable for anyone, yes?

2. Is it acceptable to get jeans tailored? I take a 33 inch inseam, and apparently jeans don't get made with odd inseams.

3. What color socks do people wear with blue jeans? They don't really wear blue socks, right?

2008-11-20 17:34:53
91.   regfairfield
Yes. As long as you don't tell anyone. White is fine.
2008-11-20 17:36:17
92.   fanerman
1. I certainly don't care. I don't know anybody who would.

2. I have an aunt who shortens pants for me sometimes. So I imagine so.

3. I wear white because I'm rac--err, plain.

2008-11-20 17:36:34
93.   D4P
Generally speaking, your socks should match your pants when wearing dress pants, and should match your shoes when you're wearing jeans or other casual pants.
2008-11-20 17:39:04
94.   trainwreck
Some of my friends wear these really short black socks all the time.
2008-11-20 17:39:53
95.   regfairfield
94 I can't think of any situation where that would be attractive.
2008-11-20 17:41:48
96.   fanerman
I go to work in dark colored socks. If I go out later that night usually I don't change my socks, so I end up wearing dark colored socks with light colored shoes. I feel that having matching clothes is part of a money making scheme that I'm not going to play along with.
2008-11-20 17:46:25
97.   trainwreck
Hubert Davis and Emmit Smith should have a competition for worst analyst on ESPN.
2008-11-20 17:46:44
98.   D4P
I feel that having matching clothes is part of a money making scheme that I'm not going to play along with

Kinda like TiVo...?

2008-11-20 17:47:34
99.   El Lay Dave
90 1. Levis have become a staple, like a Navy blazer (was? is?).

2. Yes. As a fellow odd-number inseam person, I believe all pants for men should be sold with unfinished legs.

3. White tube socks with two or three ring stripes at the top with "tennis" shoes. Match the shoe otherwise.

2008-11-20 17:47:47
100.   D4P
Hubert Davis sat near me in the only UNC football game I've attended, a few years ago vs. Rutgers.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-11-20 17:49:22
101.   Andrew Shimmin
Excellent. Thanks everybody.
2008-11-20 17:49:25
102.   Tripon
"Dodger Thoughts, like TiVo, is one of those things you can completely do without until you start using it."

- Fanerman

BTW, Fanerman doesn't have TiVo

2008-11-20 17:49:43
103.   El Lay Dave
90 Also note that jeans do not come pleated.

96 LOL. I once worked with a dude that never wore socks that matched each other.

2008-11-20 17:50:47
104.   regfairfield
Also, skinny hipster jeans make you look like a skinny hipster.
2008-11-20 17:50:55
105.   El Lay Dave
100 Was the cheerleading squad for the visitors referred to as the Scarlet Ladies?
2008-11-20 17:52:19
106.   El Lay Dave
104 nothing could make me look like a hipster, skinny or otherwise.
2008-11-20 17:52:31
107.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
What is the story behind "Ch-i"? I always assumed it was an odd way of expressing the Greek letter, and thus a reference to Christ.
2008-11-20 17:53:34
108.   fanerman
98 No. TiVo is more than a money making scheme. It's a valuable device that provides a very useful service to many people.

102 I just observe!

2008-11-20 17:54:16
109.   fanerman
107 Ch-i is the last name of a former Dodger 1st baseman. Thou shalt not say his name in vain.
2008-11-20 17:54:52
110.   D4P
Socks provide a valuable service to many people too, though not so much in The South. I only wear socks for roughly 4 months of the year.
2008-11-20 17:55:03
111.   Alex41592
For those of you with Time Warner they've added new HD channels today. At least in West Los Angeles. FXHD, ESPNUHD and The Weather Channel in HD(!) are among the new channels.
2008-11-20 17:55:52
112.   fanerman
110 I wasn't talking about socks. I was talking about matching socks. Matching socks with the rest of an outfit generally does not strike me as a valuable service. I do not expect anyone to agree with me.
2008-11-20 17:57:45
113.   regfairfield
108 How many months out of the year do you wear closed toed shoes? I hope the answer is four.
2008-11-20 18:03:01
114.   Jon Weisman
2008-11-20 18:05:53
115.   D4P
Yes, I wear close toed shoes 4 months of the year.

Now then: on to the new thread.

2008-11-20 18:06:46
116.   Andrew Shimmin
The guff I took over my pleats (from real people) was the impetus for buying jeans. Haven't had a pair in at least thirteen years. The flat fronts don't bug me as much as the pockets' being in the wrong place. That, I don't get at all. Hey, you know where your hands are normally? How about we put the pockets somewhere else, instead?

I intended to buy 501 jeans, since that's the number I know, but I tried a pair on and they had a button fly, which is also terribly odd. You know how zipping your fly takes half a second? Wouldn't it be terrific if there were some way to make that take forty times longer? So, I went for the 505's, which the young woman assisting me assured me were the same as 501's, but with a zipper.

2008-11-20 18:51:32
117.   Gen3Blue
It looks nice--but more cramped than Vero.
There is some insurance co. ad that keeps running and seems behind the times back east here. Some guy saves about $300 dollars on car insurance, and two women discuss whether that's a pair of shoes or a big "tricked out" name tag! That will almost heat a home in the NE winter for a month, or feed a family for a month or two. I'm afraid reality is going to whack these marketing guys sooner rather than later.
2008-11-20 19:04:30
118.   scareduck
29 - pray there is never a Asdrubal Ramirez in pro ball, then.
2008-11-21 08:12:25
119.   Jim Hitchcock
103 Is this thread still current?

Albert Einstein (not the Albert Brooks version) never wore socks that matched. Why? Because it just wasn't important to him.

I take my lead from him.

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