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Dodgers Bump Up 40-Man Roster to 38 in Preparation for Rule 5 Draft
2008-11-20 18:01
by Jon Weisman

Just as I'm heading out the work door ...

Contracts purchased: Jesus Castillo, Victor Garate, Jamie Hoffmann, Brent Leach, Travis Schlichting

Reinstated from the 60-day disabled list: Tony Abreu, Mario Alvarez, Yhency Brazoban, Andruw Jones, Jason Schmidt

The Dodger roster now has a ratio of 4.2 pitchers for every infielder.

Comments (187)
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2008-11-20 18:05:04
1.   trainwreck
Seton Hall comes back from being down 15 at half to beat the Trojans.
2008-11-20 18:07:37
2.   regfairfield
Did any of those guys except for Garate and maybe Castillo have a prayer of surviving a full season in the bigs?
2008-11-20 18:08:01
3.   Tripon
Baseball commissioner Bud Selig announced the sport will enact a rules change stating that postseason games cannot be shortened because of bad weather.

"All postseason games, All-Star games and that, will be full-length affairs, and the rule will be so written," Selig said Thursday following an owners' meeting.

I can't wait for the 25th inning for the Next all-star game. This time it counts!

2008-11-20 18:09:27
4.   bhsportsguy
I am still confused on what happens to free agents when they are signed. At what point do you have set your 40 man roster again after acquiring them?
2008-11-20 18:10:23
5.   fanerman
3 So it was written, so it shall be done.
2008-11-20 18:10:44
6.   Tripon
4 If its a full 40 man, you'll have to waive somebody on the 40 man roster to add somebody.
2008-11-20 18:10:54
7.   fanerman
3 Did they mention anything about adding some crazy rule like letting pitchers come back in the all-star game after they had already pitched?
2008-11-20 18:10:54
8.   bhsportsguy
2 I think Leach could be another loogy.
2008-11-20 18:12:09
9.   bhsportsguy
6 Ultimately that's true but I am not sure it has to be done at the time of the deal.

I think your roster cannot technically have more than 40 players before the Rule 5 draft, but after that.

2008-11-20 18:13:28
10.   Tripon
With a number of three-year offers in hand and more teams planning on submitting bids, Rafael Furcal's agent said Thursday it will take at least a four-year deal to land the free-agent shortstop, even though Furcal was restricted to 36 games last season because of a back injury

2008-11-20 18:14:26
11.   D4P
Rafael Furcal's agent said Thursday it will take at least a four-year deal to land the free-agent shortstop

Will he sit out a year (without pay, as opposed to with it) if no one offers him more than 3 years...?

2008-11-20 18:27:50
12.   Disabled List
I missed the last thread on the new spring training facility. It looks nice enough, I just hope that the fans have similar access to the players and the practice diamonds they way they used to at Vero.
2008-11-20 18:31:31
13.   68elcamino427
Went to Dodger Stadium today and purchased my seats for the upcoming season.
I am eager for the games to begin - wish they were playing tonight.

Go Dodger Blue!

2008-11-20 18:31:57
14.   D4P
I missed the last thread on the new spring training facility

Did you notice the "golden arches" in right-centerfield of the main stadium...?

2008-11-20 18:34:29
15.   68elcamino427
Anyone who gives Raffy a long term deal will probably be wearing the Thai hat shown in the Panda Express commercial - Koo Koo!
2008-11-20 18:43:36
16.   Andrew Shimmin
Aboya is a center now? Did he grow?
2008-11-20 18:45:47
17.   Andrew Shimmin
The white guy who isn't Kevin Love is back. So, that's something.
2008-11-20 18:47:33
18.   fanerman
2008-11-20 18:49:56
19.   Andrew Shimmin
18- Well, that's his surname. He's playing pretty well, actually.
2008-11-20 19:06:46
20.   Indiana Jon
Man, it looks like Pat Knight's team won't focus on defense like his dad's did. Texas Tech just gave up 116 points to Div II East Central. The good news is TTU still won by 51.
2008-11-20 19:12:08
21.   Bob Timmermann
Texas Tech tried 98 field goals in that game.
2008-11-20 19:12:57
22.   trainwreck
20 21
All of that is just crazy.
2008-11-20 19:16:38
23.   Bob Timmermann
Crazier is the fact that the D-I record for field goal attempts in a game is 147.
2008-11-20 19:24:42
24.   trainwreck
Jrue Holiday is goooooooood.
2008-11-20 19:28:58
25.   JoeyP
UCLA plays the ugliest ball for a team with great talent of anyone.

Its amazing their style works in the Pac 10. UCLA's like the anti-Pac 10 team.

2008-11-20 19:30:07
26.   Indiana Jon
Their FG%, .694, was higher than their FT%, .692. Their 3PT% wasn't bad either, .650.
2008-11-20 19:31:42
27.   Tripon

Strasburg reminds me a lot of Mark Prior - a truly dominant right-handed college pitcher with troubling mechanics: Bad arm action combined with slow tempo. I predict a steady loss of velocity over the first few years of his career leading to him dropping his arm slot and then a major shoulder injury.


2008-11-20 19:33:03
28.   trainwreck
Pac-10 has totally changed. USC, Wazzu, and ASU play a similar style.

Only Lute Olsen did not give a crud about defense and now he is gone.

2008-11-20 19:34:13
29.   trainwreck
How can afford all this advertising? And if they can afford all this advertising, why do they have some of the worst ads?
2008-11-20 19:36:23
30.   Bob Timmermann
Oregon State is going to adopt the Princeton offense this year.

Oregon still tries to run and gun to a certain extent as does Washington.

2008-11-20 19:38:22
31.   trainwreck
But they are the minority now.
2008-11-20 19:39:15
32.   trainwreck
Those teams still try to play some defense. Arizona looked like they never even practiced defense.
2008-11-20 19:41:42
33.   trainwreck
I am guessing Cal and Stanford will be more methodical and defensive oriented because of their coaches.
2008-11-20 19:42:29
34.   Eric Stephen
Arizona looked like they never even practiced defense

When in doubt, foul.

2008-11-20 19:47:19
35.   Jon Weisman
33 - Stanford was defense-oriented and certainly methodical long before Howland got to UCLA. Maybe never quite as good - though Stanford was ranked No. 1 - but certainly oriented that way.
2008-11-20 19:50:06
36.   trainwreck
Yeah, I did not word that right. I meant I am assuming their coaches will employ that style.
2008-11-20 19:56:31
37.   immouch
dumb question: why would the dodgers keep a. jones on the 40-man roster? i mean, they'd be stoked if somebody picked him up, right? is it some kinda clause in the contract.... meanwhile, raja bell is hacking me off.
2008-11-20 19:58:05
38.   Bob Timmermann
If A. Jones were taken off the 40-man roster, they'd be on the hook for his salary. He'd have to be DFA'd. No one would claim him and he'd become a free agent.
2008-11-20 19:59:09
39.   trainwreck
2008-11-20 20:00:33
40.   trainwreck
I do not remember him always having that accent above the "C".
2008-11-20 20:01:45
41.   immouch
38: thanks... so, there's no way the dodgers (or any mlb team) can pay a player who isn't on their roster?... it's either/or?
2008-11-20 20:01:46
42.   Bob Timmermann
Dragovic should have the ' over the c. All the Slavic names that end in -ic should have them. Sometimes they are transcribed as -ich.
2008-11-20 20:02:52
43.   trainwreck
Free-throw shooting is pathetic.
2008-11-20 20:03:24
44.   Jacob Burch
Tonight may be the last night all-nighter of my (post-) UCLA career. A delayed essay. I already got the email saying my degree would be ready by the end of December, this is for mere formality.

Still, 12 pages must be wrought. I hope Andruw Jones nightmares keep a few of you up with me, at least until the morning shift arrives.

2008-11-20 20:06:52
45.   Tripon
What was the reasoning not to pick up Manny on the wavier wire in 2003?
2008-11-20 20:08:42
46.   trainwreck
No one wanted to pay his contract.
2008-11-20 20:09:34
47.   Tripon
For those on the 60 day DL, did guys like Tony Aberu had to be activated before the rule 5 draft, or did the Dodgers risk losing him if they didn't?
2008-11-20 20:18:18
48.   trainwreck
I think Josh needs to ride the pine for the rest of the game and let Roll play.
2008-11-20 20:30:13
49.   trainwreck
Dragovic and Shipp need brain transplants.
2008-11-20 20:39:43
50.   Jacob Burch
49 Had no one alerted me the game was going on, UCLA would have won. I apologize.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-11-20 20:42:50
51.   trainwreck
Well that stunk.
2008-11-20 20:46:51
52.   oshea2002
Normally I'd get some joy out of ucla losing in the Garden, but we were so utterly pathetic in the 2nd half of our own game that I feel sick. Daniel Hackett was terrible, we have guys playing who have no business playing D-1 ball, and I laugh at the thought of Demar being a lottery pick.

I knew the Pac 10 would be down in hoops, but wow.

2008-11-20 20:49:55
53.   DaDoughboy
How did the Kings not score on this PP?
2008-11-20 20:50:31
54.   Bob Hendley
Note that Hu has starting playing in the Mexican Winter League in Culiacan. Hope he keeps his head down and stays away from Mexican Coke. Meanwhile Stults playing in Mazatlan, just up the road, appears not to have pitched in a game for the past couple of weeks (5.40 ERA and 1.3 WHIP in 4 starts). John Lindsey, also playing there, is not exactly lighting things up with .236/.354/.436 and 2 dingers in 55 AB.
2008-11-20 20:57:59
55.   fanerman
54 But Mexican Coke is healthier than the American varieties!
2008-11-20 21:04:03
56.   fanerman
The NFL should have more games on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
2008-11-20 21:08:22
57.   bhsportsguy
But there is always the Lakers.
2008-11-20 21:16:22
58.   JoeyP
52- I'm shocked Lil Romeo didnt get any minutes.
2008-11-20 21:17:41
59.   Tripon
I'm shocked that Lil' Romeo is on the team.

...No, not really. Tim Floyd's is just that slimy.

2008-11-20 21:18:04
60.   bhsportsguy
49 This team was going to lose soon and you knew it would be against a gimmick type zone defense.
2008-11-20 21:20:43
61.   LoneStar7
jon just wanted to mention i enjoyed your little loney piece

well despite a bruin loss that wasn't entirely unexpected, the kings and lakers are up..what a big sports night

2008-11-20 21:24:28
62.   JoeyP
If the Laker hold on here, they'll be on a 74-8 pace.
2008-11-20 21:37:15
63.   trainwreck
I figured we would lose tomorrow. I knew it was going to take time for this team to get it together, but still annoying to lose to a team we are far more talented than.
2008-11-20 21:42:11
64.   Eric Stephen
I'm going to stop making predictions. I merely mentioned the possibility of UCLA/Duke and USC/Memphis, and it was torn to shreds.
2008-11-20 21:44:28
65.   trainwreck
At least this way our teams do not get destroyed on national television.

Bright side. : )

2008-11-20 21:48:07
66.   bhsportsguy
63 Yeah, but this is a team whose true talent level might not show until February.
2008-11-20 21:50:11
67.   trainwreck
Yeah, this is like Howland's first Final 4 team.

The more the ball is in Jrue Holiday's hands, the better we are.

2008-11-20 21:51:35
68.   trainwreck
At least, Day Man returns to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia tonight.
2008-11-20 22:02:10
69.   bhsportsguy
68 Games like this is when I stay away from BRO.
2008-11-20 22:05:22
70.   trainwreck
Haha, at least nothing too ridiculous tonight. Unlike after Miami of Ohio game.

I think the fact that Tracy posted more tonight about the game helped.

2008-11-20 22:10:47
71.   bhsportsguy
70 He can't do anything about the football board though.
2008-11-20 22:16:08
72.   trainwreck
I just find BRO not welcoming to post, which is why I barely do. People attack and jump on each other way too fast.
2008-11-20 22:25:32
73.   bhsportsguy
I wish just once I could yell like Michael Scott did in the opening of "The Office."
2008-11-20 22:35:20
74.   trainwreck
Day man
Fighter of the Night man
Champion of the sun
You're a master of karate and friendship…for everyone
Day man, day man
Uhh ahhahh
Fighter of the Night man
Uhh ahhahh
Champion of the sun
Uhh ahhahh
Master of karate and friendship…for everyone
Day man, day man
Uhh ahhahh
Fighter of the Night man
Champion of the sun
2008-11-21 00:48:43
75.   LogikReader
I love L.A. Kings College night!

Hey everybody! I just got back from the game at Staples Center. I made a stop at the grocery store before returning here in SB.

What a great Kings game! Thankfully I got to visit the in-house sports bar during intermission to check on the Lakers. but back to hockey: Ovechkin is the real deal. This guy's got skills, moves, and a really hard slap shot. The puck just flies off his stick.

Kopitar, Brown, and Doughty are pretty good too, from what little I've seen. I still can't believe that seat. I bought a "college night" ticket today and picked it up at will call. When I got to my $40 seat, it was even CLOSER than I originally imagined. Center ice, too. It was like being in the 3rd or 4th row of a concert. Truly an amazing experience I highly recommend, a Kings Hockey game. So much fun! I can't wait to go back.

2008-11-21 00:51:56
76.   trainwreck
My friend went tonight. Not sure where she sat. But the Kings are definitely a young and exciting team.
2008-11-21 00:59:39
77.   LogikReader
No doubt about it, trainwreck. I've been a Kings fan for almost a decade now, and this is the most fun I've had watching them in at least 6 years.

If they even make the playoffs, I consider the season a huge success. I don't know much about hockey, like all the rules, and stats and so on, but it does simplify the ability to follow the team. I forget who called them "the Devil Rays of hockey" but that's an accurate statement. btw good crowd tonight with the Caps in town; not a sellout, but close.

ps: Kings beat the Caps... Ducks get blown out by the Caps. Advantage, KINGS!!!

2008-11-21 01:00:08
78.   trainwreck
Aww, she said she sat behind a goal up close for only 20 bucks.
2008-11-21 01:02:28
79.   Jacob Burch
I love going to hockey games so much, but the Kings teams over the last ten years have...well, not done much to inspire me. I really want to try though. I have a friend with season tickets who basically gives away his spare to 80% of the games. And per tradition, once I feel I understand the game well enough, I look forward to buying a Kings jersey.

Are there any DT-quality-level sites for the Kings, or hockey in general to begin learning from?

2008-11-21 01:03:18
80.   trainwreck
That was me!

See this is why I feel bad about hockey. I loved the Kings when I was young and Gretzky was on the team, then the Sharks came to be and I love sharks, so I liked them too. Then the Mighty Ducks came and I loved the movies, so I liked them too. Then the Kings adopted Sacramento Kings colors, which really angered me. Then Anaheim became the Ducks and I hated them and this hot girl I TA'd with was a huge Sharks fan, so I became an even bigger Sharks fan.

So now I am stuck in a glass case of emotion, because I get to see the Sharks all the time and love the players, but I have a soft spot for Kings, but they are enemies!!! This is why I cannot consider myself a true hockey fan.

2008-11-21 02:03:03
81.   trainwreck
And of course, UCLA losing is the lead story on ESPN tonight. Unless UCLA wins it all, they can never be the lead story on ESPN in a positive way.

Someone please make an alternative to ESPN's monopoly on sports. I guess my best hope is Fox, uggggghhhh.

2008-11-21 05:05:59
82.   D4P
Men's ACC basketball is currently 28-0 on the season.
2008-11-21 05:08:17
83.   D4P
The Big 10 is 27-0.

Meanwhile, the Southwestern Athletic Conference is 1-23. Praire View A&M sits in first place, with its gaudy 1-4 record.

2008-11-21 06:09:38
84.   Ken Noe
After reading some hot stove stories this morning, I've come to the conclusion that the Giants are signing everybody.
2008-11-21 06:42:00
85.   D4P
So, I ran across the following video of a certain person (who shall remain nameless) talking about stuff in front of a man slaughtering turkeys.

What the heck is this guy doing to those poor birds? He grabs the live turkey and sticks it upside down, head first into some kind of killing machine. But the machine doesn't kill the turkey right away: it takes it time (for reasons that are completely unclear). You can see one of the turkeys really struggling and kicking its legs around, but for some reason it doesn't die: it's held in place in the machine, presumably suffering and in agony.

Human beings are some piece o' work.

2008-11-21 06:47:15
86.   Ken Noe
Plus they guy keeps staring at that certain person as he does it, obviously hoping that he's impressing her. And maybe he was.
2008-11-21 06:55:06
87.   Gen3Blue
I once thought Hockey was my favorite sport. I wouldn't have thought actions could embitter a fan so much. But the Boston Bruins, trying to be moral leaders or something, let one good young player after another go by refusing to pay them. Then came the year without hockey. I guess that did it, I haven't gone to or watched a game since. I actually haven't read anything about hockey either. I used to kind of like the Kings. I doubt this could happen with baseball and the Dodgers no matter what, I was imprinted very young.
2008-11-21 07:17:49
88.   D4P
More holiday cheer. PETA uncovered the following during one of its undercover investigations:

* Employees stomped on turkeys' heads, punched turkeys, hit them on the head with a can of spray paint and pliers, and struck turkeys' heads against metal scaffolding.

* Men shoved feces and feed into turkeys' mouths and held turkeys' heads under water. Another bragged about jamming a broom stick 2 feet down a turkey's throat.

* A supervisor said he saw workers kill 450 turkeys with 2-by-4s.

* One man said he saw a coworker fatally inject turkey semen and sulfuric acid into turkeys' heads.

A vegan Thanksgiving sounds better every day.

2008-11-21 07:20:36
89.   D4P
Wow. I just watched about 2 seconds of PETA's video of workers stomping on live turkey head before turning it off.

Sad doesn't begin to cover it.

2008-11-21 07:20:58
90.   Ken Noe
87 I considered myself a Red Wings fan until the lockout, but I haven't watched an entire NHL game since. Pro hockey is dead to me.
2008-11-21 07:27:09
91.   Bumsrap
We hear about chickens running around with their heads cut off. Turkeys might be trying to do same after their heads are removed and being bled out. I would think good supervision would be needed to keep the workers that have to kill hundreds of animals everyday from from going into the crazy zone and mistreat the turkeys.
2008-11-21 07:31:04
92.   D4P
We hear about chickens running around with their heads cut off. Turkeys might be trying to do same after their heads are removed and being bled out

Yeah, I think that's probably right.

I would think good supervision would be needed to keep the workers that have to kill hundreds of animals everyday from from going into the crazy zone and mistreat the turkeys

I also think you're probably right that killing animals everyday can't be good for a person's mental health. Course, you probably have to have some mental health "issues" to choose that line of work in the first place, although I suppose some people just need the money and feel like they have no other alternatives. But I don't doubt some of the worst abusers were attracted to the job because it gave them an opportunity to abuse animals with impunity.

2008-11-21 07:50:22
93.   Bumsrap
The groups we find ourselves in have a huge influence on our thinking and behavior. The turkey killing group no doubt consists of many individuals that do things to turkeys that as individuals would never do outside that group.

In college I met several Viet Nam vets that usually wouldn't talk about their experiences there. They seemed to think no one would understand understand they were there. One example given about dealing with the stress had to do with injecting rats with motor oil. That didn't go over well with those hearing the story and that is one of the reasons the vets don't talk much about vet experiences to non vets.

2008-11-21 07:55:54
94.   Daniel Zappala
Special information for Andrew, regarding odd-size inseams on jeans -- purchase your jeans (or other pants) online at LandsEnd and I believe you can get jeans in odd-size inseams.
2008-11-21 07:57:00
95.   D4P
Killing is not only bad for the killed, but also the killer. If I were in charge, we'd stop killing animals completely. But given that that's not gonna happen, it seems like we should have the technology to implement killing procedures that don't require so much hands on participation from humans.
2008-11-21 08:05:26
96.   JRSarno
88 - That's horrifically INSANE, but unfortunately, believable. (sighs).
2008-11-21 08:06:02
97.   regfairfield
But then the guy who invents the killing box wouldn't be no fun at parties.

"So, Ricky, what do you do"
"I invented a way to kill Turkey's without human intervention".

2008-11-21 08:10:11
98.   Bumsrap
And then there would be less captive animals and thus less global warming. We would eat more fruits and vegetables and our health care costs would be less. We could retrain leather workers.
2008-11-21 08:14:31
99.   Bumsrap
Or, if the inventor gave his machine a name like the Robowringer, someone might just think he was a republican.
2008-11-21 08:16:40
100.   Jim Hitchcock
Whoops, from last thread (I've slept since then)...

103 Is this thread still current?

Albert Einstein (not the Albert Brooks version) never wore socks that matched. Why? Because it just wasn't important to him.

I take my lead from him.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-11-21 08:31:13
101.   KingKopitar
Another rousing hockey discussion killed by turkey stomping.

For the guy who asked about Kings sites online, there's:


-run by the beat writer for the LA Daily News; basically like Tony Jackson's site except Rich Hammond is cool; usually posts full interviews with players, coaches and GMs

2) and Hockey's Future

-both have a pretty active forum that brings together information from everywhere else; kind of annoying, but useful


-usually has quotes from players and game recaps that are more extensive than AP


-Fan's perspective, writer's mom doesn't understand why he has to curse so much (full disclosure: that's me)

2008-11-21 08:31:24
102.   scareduck
85 - the old adage about laws and sausage comes to mind. But yes, poultry slaughter is pretty revolting, frankly. Look up "killing cone" for how it's done. Last night on Rachel Maddow's show, she showed a video of the process going on behind an interview of Sarah Palin. You really don't get a good look at it despite the warning:

2008-11-21 08:34:27
103.   Hollywood Joe
Bummer conversation leading up to our national feast but these are the reasons we buy local and organic. Unfortunately cost prohibits that as being an option for all

Truth of the matter is that I love animals and love to eat them too. Hmmmm, tasty!

Veg is a choice I respect but find the holier than thou attitude of most Veg folks I meet tiresome and their tone pedantic at best.

2008-11-21 08:34:45
104.   Eric Stephen
I look forward to buying a Kings jersey

I wish I was into hockey more. They have playoff beards, and the whole "handshake after a playoff series" tradition (although Jim Tracy tried to bring this to MLB in 2004). Plus, hockey jerseys, er, sweaters seem more socially acceptable to wear in public than those of other sports.

2008-11-21 08:36:09
105.   Andrew Shimmin
If it were in California, at least the turkey would have gotten a hug from a cute blond girl, first. Because we're enlightened.
2008-11-21 08:39:04
106.   Disabled List
Would this be a bad time to post my roast turkey recipe?
2008-11-21 08:43:43
107.   JoeyP
98- lol.

And then there would be less captive animals and thus less global warming.

Close a zoo.
Save the environment.

2008-11-21 08:46:43
108.   Jacob Burch
I don't know why, but despite being a fairly big advocate for humane animal treatment, I am impervious to even the worst of PETA's stories and video footage. I don't enjoy watching it, but I've never had a lambchop start talking to me afterward, or any projection of guilt thereafter.

No discredit to those who are affected and will enjoy their tofurkey--it's a healthy and commendable diet choice. But me and Double Doubles are too close of friends.

2008-11-21 08:50:07
109.   fanerman
My old college thermodynamics book said that chickens were killed by electrocution because it was the most humane thing to do.
2008-11-21 08:53:29
110.   fanerman
108 "Why does the worm sound like a lamb?"

Yeah, I kind of feel the same way.

2008-11-21 08:58:05
111.   Eric Stephen
Baked is much healthier, but fried chicken tastes so good.
2008-11-21 09:06:52
112.   Jim Hitchcock
102 On Olbermann it was a little more explicit. The blood, the blood. The horror, the horror.
2008-11-21 09:07:14
113.   JoeyP
108- Me too.

I'd never apply for a slaughterhouse but I also wouldnt give up steak, chops, wings, fish, or burgers.

If PETA wants to protect near instinct animals, I understand. I have a problem when they try to disrupt commerce & trade.

I've always wondered if PETA believe in neutering & spaiding pets? Bc, if anything is cruel & unusual, its that. However, it does help to control the pet population which is good for society.

2008-11-21 09:11:03
114.   Jacob Burch
111 Did you get your 2.2 update? I'm wondering if Street View works in San Diego, and how well.
2008-11-21 09:11:25
115.   D4P
However, it does help to control the pet population which is good for society

Controlling the human population would be good for society too, though most people who use this rationale to justify keeping animal populations low (e.g. through hunting) don't seem to apply it to humans, for whatever reason.

2008-11-21 09:12:32
116.   Eric Stephen
I haven't connected in like a week, so no update yet. I will probably do it tonight, and let you know.
2008-11-21 09:14:01
117.   Jacob Burch
114 Also, in other not-practical-but-hey! iPhone news, I suggest the iPhone crew try out two applications: Ocarina (which has already swept the Featured and Top App lists, so you may have given it a shot), and SnapAll Explorer.

The latter isn't useful too much yet, but the technology behind it is incredible. Take a picture of any piece of media's cover (Book, CD, DVD, Video Game) and within a minute, it spits back to you links to Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Wikipedia, etc. The end after it identifies the result is somewhat lack luster--but if I have to imagine it won't be too difficult to turn the technology into a Delicious Library-esque archiver and a much more in depth price-comparison tool.

2008-11-21 09:16:50
118.   Jim Hitchcock
115 So true. Remember the organization Zero Population Growth? It's kind of faded in the days of teaching abstinence only.
2008-11-21 09:23:32
119.   kinbote
Well, I've decided that "The Moon and Antarctica" by Modest Mouse is my next musical venture. I've been living in an artistic bubble for about the last 15 years and I'm just now breaking out. Opinions on this work, Jacob Burch, underdog, fanerman, or others?
2008-11-21 09:27:32
120.   fanerman
119 I'm not a huge Modest Mouse fan myself. Too.... I dunno. I've been listening to a lot of The Beta Band lately. They're called "Folk Hop" or something.

Do you guys have accounts or anything like that?

2008-11-21 09:29:18
121.   old dodger fan
115 I'd love to have that conversation with you and tell you how it works in practice in China but will be way out in Rule 5 territory pretty quickly. Suffice to say that in practice, like in most other things, the rich and the poor are not treated equally.
2008-11-21 09:35:38
122.   D4P
I'm sure that's true. I'm not necessarily advocating such a policy, just pointing out that the rationale used with animals also applies with humans.
2008-11-21 09:37:18
123.   old dodger fan
Speaking of the rule 5 draft I wonder if we've given any thought to DFAing Schmidt. It would allow us to protect an extra player in exchange for whatever we will get from him this year.
2008-11-21 09:37:55
124.   Jacob Burch
The Big Indies (Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Pavement) have never been my favorite, but it's mostly taste and preference. M&A is good--I don't think it's the magna opus that some say it is, but to each their own.

my is gyberoarke, though It's semi-skewed. I listen to a lot of certain things on repeat (Wester Singer-Songwriter stuff), which while my favorite stuff, isn't preferred over some of the other stuff I listen to. On # of players however, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Smog dwarf anything that wishes to get in their way.

2008-11-21 09:39:21
125.   Jacob Burch
It should be noted I like all three of those bands a good deal, I just don't worship everything they've ever done and immediately launch the latest Radiohead album to #1 of the year. OKC is one of my favorite 90 albums, though.
2008-11-21 09:42:14
126.   kinbote
120 124 Thanks. Now back to turkeys and hockey :)
2008-11-21 09:43:00
127.   Jon Weisman
123 - I haven't researched this, but I don't get the sense that we left anyone unprotected that we need to worry about. Meanwhile, it's possible Schmidt will contribute this year.
2008-11-21 09:43:32
128.   Jacob Burch
I personally approve any musically charged tangent. Once this essay [I did get a little bit of sleep in, but not much] is finished, I shall launch my first DT Mix project!
2008-11-21 09:43:57
129.   fanerman
125 Well there might be 1 or 2 Radiohead albums that I haven't launched to #1 of the year =P.

My is also "fanerman" I think. It's also skewed to music I listen to as I fall asleep (lots of Brian Eno) and music I wake up to as an alarm clock. When I'm at work I use my mp3 player and that doesn't get synced to, so the stuff I listen to at work doesn't show up. That comprises a lot of my listening, so it's a messed up sample. Oh well.

2008-11-21 09:44:55
130.   kinbote
Jon--Did you catch the Bruce Springsteen reference on The Daily Show last night? It was worth a laugh.
2008-11-21 09:46:12
131.   D4P
Sarah McLachlan's new single "U Want Me 2" is haunting and gorgeous. It's about the dissolution of her 11ish year marriage.

2008-11-21 09:47:03
132.   Jacob Burch
129 I've left some things on repeat while doing chores/out of the home just to try and balance the sample. Most of my Beulah, My Morning Jacket, Of Montreal, Volcano I'm Still Excited!!, !!!, Chromeo, Justice, Ryhmefest, Spankrock, Madvillian and other assorted pop/rock/hip hop listening gets done while in the car, which has no tube to connect to Last.Fm. My top artists makes you conclude I only listen to goofy looking white guys and soul.

Which isn't really a bad or false impression, but still!

2008-11-21 09:47:45
133.   Jacob Burch
129 There are albums this and last year (depending on when you make your lists) than In Rainbows. I can certify this.
2008-11-21 09:49:25
134.   oshea2002
The Knicks just got one step closer to getting Lebron.
2008-11-21 09:50:43
135.   Kevin Lewis
So, does anyone have a good recommendation for where to buy a turkey in Pasadena? I don't mind paying more for something that was treated better and is a better quality bird.
2008-11-21 09:53:58
136.   D4P
As a general rule, Whole Foods goes to (great?) lengths to only sell high quality products, which includes high quality meat from animals that were treated relatively humanely.
2008-11-21 09:55:44
137.   Eric Stephen
Something involving trading Marbury?
2008-11-21 09:56:05
138.   D4P
You can read about Whole Foods's meat quality standards here.

There appear to be 2 Whole Foods stores in Pasadena.

2008-11-21 09:57:26
139.   Jon Weisman
130 - Yep :)
2008-11-21 09:57:43
140.   Jon Weisman
Deleted scene from last night's underwhelming Office.

2008-11-21 09:59:00
141.   fanerman
134 Alan Hahn is reporting that it is in fact Jamal Crawford heading to Golden State in exchange for Harrington.

From the Ball Don't Lie thing at Yahoo.

2008-11-21 10:01:29
142.   fanerman
133 My statement was more hyperbole, but I don't necessarily doubt that. I haven't listened to much music from 2007 and 2008 to be honest. There's plenty I could be missing.
2008-11-21 10:02:01
143.   old dodger fan
127 If you weren't going to the playoffs anyway and could afford to carry a guy who was not MLB ready on your 25 man for the year would you gamble $50,000 on Josh Bell?
2008-11-21 10:03:20
144.   Jacob Burch
142 I've been down the last few years while listening to a few bands expansively, but there are a few albums of recent that still blow me away.

If the MMJ fans of the board haven't checked out Fleet Foxes' debut effort, I strongly recommend them to.

2008-11-21 10:05:23
145.   Kevin Lewis

Thanks. My sister-in-law's fiance's dad is one of the meat buyers for Whole Food's. You would think I could get a discount.

2008-11-21 10:07:16
146.   Jon Weisman
Mike Downey laid off:

2008-11-21 10:13:37
147.   D4P
If your sister-in-law's fiance's dad can't get you a discount, who can?
2008-11-21 10:14:17
148.   CanuckDodger
143 -- Josh Bell is not eligible for the Rule 5 draft till next year.
2008-11-21 10:16:09
149.   Kevin Lewis

Except I have never met him, and there appears to be a reason for this.

2008-11-21 10:16:12
150.   Daniel Zappala
119 I just think it's cool that there's a band from Issaquah. My grandmother used to live there when it was a very small town without a single stop light.
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2008-11-21 10:17:00
151.   Jim Hitchcock
131 I woke up in the middle of Tavis Smiley the other night, and she was singing it, and it affected me just like you mentioned. A great song.
2008-11-21 10:18:50
152.   old dodger fan
148 I thought it was after 4 years of service (which he has) but it's actually 4 years after signing. Correct?
2008-11-21 10:19:28
153.   scareduck
131 - wow, what a tremendous video in an era when they just about don't release them, AFAIK. A great song, too, and I have to admit being a sucker for her timbre. (It got me to buy some Dido, anyway...)
2008-11-21 10:20:49
154.   Jacob Burch
My Last.Fm will also falsely report me listening to a lot of R Kelly. Lies! Lies!
2008-11-21 10:22:06
155.   blue22
150 - Funny, I live in Issaquah right now.

Is Modest Mouse from here too?

2008-11-21 10:23:26
156.   ToyCannon
Office was down but 30 Rock bounced back. I especially liked the commercial for the fake company. Ryan would have had sex first and then told her he was leaving. I did like the microwave part.
2008-11-21 10:24:13
157.   ToyCannon
2008-11-21 10:24:41
158.   blue22
Issaquah is also home (sorta) to the reigning NL Cy Young too.

And we got ourselves literally dozens of stoplights now!

2008-11-21 10:26:23
159.   D4P
Yes, that song really shows off her voice. It's pretty amazing, especially combined with the poignant lyrics.

Dido's voice is remarkable as well, and I'm really getting into her new album. I really appreciate that she writes her own music, and even plays the piano, guitar, and drums on her new release.

2008-11-21 10:28:39
160.   fanerman
134 You were talking about the Crawford-Harrington trade right?
2008-11-21 10:30:57
161.   blue22
160 - Sounds like there are two trades:

1. GS/NY - Harrington for Crawford
2. NY/LAC - Tim Thomas and Cuttino Mobley for Zach Randolph.

Both significantly help the Lebron pursuit, but really mucks up my fantasy team that has Randolph and Camby.

2008-11-21 10:31:56
162.   Jon Weisman
156 - Interesting. Each show had their moments, but I didn't think either was all that great.
2008-11-21 10:32:23
163.   bhsportsguy
152 Current MLBPA CBA added an additional year of time until teams need to protect their minor league players prior to the Rule 5 draft.

For players who sign that are 18 and younger, the first year they have to be protected is after their 5th professional season (earliest eligible players would be those who were drafted and/or signed as a amateur free agent in 2004). For those that are 19 and older, you need to be protected after your 4th season, which in this case would be those starting in 2005.

2008-11-21 10:33:42
164.   bhsportsguy
162 Agree, though I laughed out loud when Creed told the "interviewer" lets pretend we're talking.
2008-11-21 10:35:32
165.   LogikReader
Going back to hockey for a moment.

At the game last night, I noticed the little booths behind the goals are missing.

Do they not use goal judges behind the net anymore?

Maybe the booths were there and I couldn't tell from my vantage point, but I am not sure.

2008-11-21 10:36:01
166.   dzzrtRatt
So let me get this straight: The overwhelmingly male DT commenters are vegetarians who ponder the fine distinctions between Sarah McLachlan and Dido.

That would surprise some people.

2008-11-21 10:37:08
167.   fanerman
166 Don't forget, this is the place where Bob Timmermann is the enforcer of masculinity. That's where the bar is.
2008-11-21 10:37:41
168.   D4P
A minority of male DT commentators are vegetarians who ponder the fine distinctions between Sarah McLachlan and Dido.

The majority likes their Double Doubles and music I've never heard of.

2008-11-21 10:38:45
169.   Jacob Burch
168 I am the bar for your average DT poster, apparently.
2008-11-21 10:39:27
170.   oshea2002
137 - traded Crawford for Al Harrington, who's contract expires after next year, unlike Crawford's. Marbury won't be a problem for them b/c his contract is up before Lebron hits FA.
2008-11-21 10:40:30
171.   Zak
I agree that The Office was a little underwhelming. The Toby-Michael relationship really feels forced. Michael's treatment of Toby is not funny and a little forced, even for Michael. I did think it was funny that the salad still had mozzarella pieces in there. Also, when Dwight said that he once framed a bear for eating out of the garbage.
2008-11-21 10:40:47
172.   ToyCannon
We will be fine for the Rule V draft. All of the good prospects are either on the 40 man or are ineligible to be drafted. The weak draft of 2004 and 2003 (Other then Chad/Kemp) doesn't leave much talent out there for the picking. Maybe someone will take a flyer on Jordan Pratt or Cody White or Russel Mitchell from the 2003 draft.
2008-11-21 10:43:44
173.   Andrew Shimmin
166- Rule two can be a real bummer, sometimes.

Any singer capable of playing the piano, guitar, and drum parts of his or her own composition at a level acceptable for publication wrote a boring song.

2008-11-21 10:43:55
174.   Jacob Burch
If the Dido lovers have never tried Stars, Feist, Neko Case, Kat Flint, Basia Bulat, (and getting to the slightly odder voices) Jessica Hoop, Keren Ann, Cat Power, Shannon Wright, Regina Spektor, they may be up their alley. I'm missing a dozen or so that I can think of in that niche, but it's a start.
2008-11-21 10:44:41
175.   ToyCannon
I liked the Melendez brother bit, what creepy rich father doesn't look at his sons different after that deal?
2008-11-21 10:45:05
176.   Eric Stephen
The majority likes their Double Doubles

A double meat, protein style (lettuce instead of bun) without spread is only 260 calories and still quite tasty.

2008-11-21 10:45:37
177.   fanerman
173 Ouch.
2008-11-21 10:45:43
178.   Kevin Lewis
I am just really tire of the Kelly/Ryan subplot. It is getting old, so hopefully he does go to Thailand.
2008-11-21 10:46:45
179.   kinbote
166 Overwhelmingly Male: A new fragrance from dzzrtRatt.
2008-11-21 10:47:00
180.   LogikReader

Fascinating! and a great idea for lunch!

Eric, would a ketchup/mustard substitution have an impact on the calories?

2008-11-21 10:48:01
181.   CanuckDodger
About the minor leaguers we added to the 40-man roster, I wanted Castillo and Garate added, but I wouldn't have bothered protecting the other three (I doubt they would have been picked in the rule 5 draft anyway). The only other player beside Castillo and Garate I wanted protected is Francisco Felix, a Mexican relief pitcher who in 80 IP K'd 80 and walked 32 between San Berdoo and Vegas this year (he skipped Double A altogher). I think Felix is more likely to be picked by another team than the three guys I wasn't keen on protecting would have been.
2008-11-21 10:49:14
182.   D4P
Any singer capable of playing the piano, guitar, and drum parts of his or her own composition at a level acceptable for publication wrote a boring song


2008-11-21 10:49:54
183.   Eric Stephen
Ketchup/mustard is probably negligible, but I believe it is included in that total. From what I remember, each patty is 100 calories and the "other stuff" (onions, lettuce, tomatoes) is 60 calories.
2008-11-21 10:50:19
184.   Jon Weisman
2008-11-21 10:54:11
185.   ToyCannon
Clippers/Elton Brand reunion tonight. Kaman shooting over 60% in each of his last three games while bringing down 40 rebounds in that span.
2008-11-21 10:54:18
186.   scareduck
167 - is that snark?

176 - you know, I hadn't thought of ordering one that way, but that's a great idea!

Here's something amazing: In-N-Out, which for years didn't acknowledge their secret menu items, not only has a web page for them now, but registered them as trademarks, too!

2008-11-21 11:10:41
187.   dzzrtRatt
179 Ha!

173 Is this really what you mean to say? The counter-examples number in the thousands.

P.S. Is self-LAT'ing a sin?

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