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Eighteen Short Blog Posts About the Dodgers
2008-12-02 16:57
by Jon Weisman

I believe, however irrationally, that there's a light at the end of the Chin-Lung Hu tunnel.

I don't care what the highest-priced Spring Training ticket is, I only care that there are plenty of low-priced ones.

I think Jason Schmidt will pitch at least 60 innings for the Dodgers this year, and at least 30 of them will be helpful.

I'm willing to have a weak No. 8 hitter if he's a defensive whiz and Juan Pierre isn't batting leadoff.

Couldn't the Dodgers trade Pierre using the argument, "Ex-Dodgers always do well."

Ramon Troncoso's 2.25 ERA as a starting pitcher in the Dominican Winter League might be the best offseason development for the Dodgers – if it's not an entirely meaningless one.

The thought does occur to me: What if Russell Martin is satisfied with how good he is? What if, like me, he doesn't have it in him to push harder for greater greatness (as exemplified by my use of the term "greater greatness")?

I believe Matt Kemp and James Loney will look back on 2008 as a positive learning experience.

I'm tired of people saying the Dodgers have 13 free agents to replace, as if that number is significant, when it includes people like Jason Johnson.

Eric Stults does not deserve to be dismissed for having one bad start in Colorado.

I wonder why the Dodgers have been so eager to turn on their own – like with Chad Billingsley in the 2008 National League Championship Series. Does group anger really work?

I'm surprised how much sense a Randy Johnson one-year contract makes to me. Why not?

I don't have an answer regarding Andruw Jones, but I hope he's been seeing an unphysical therapist.

It almost scares me to think of the excitement a return of Manny Ramirez would bring – because of the sheer credibility he gives the team. Even though I know he wouldn't hit like he hit for the Dodgers last year. Even though the price might not be right. Even though CC Sabathia might make more sense. Crazy. Opening Day couldn't possibly come soon enough if Ramirez returns.

The Dodgers should bump up their offer for Ramirez's third year, and then Ramirez should sign the dang contract and then negotiate a new one as an American League designated hitter when the economy is heading back for an upswing.

If the Dodgers do conserve payroll this winter and pick up draft picks instead of free agents, they must fund the 2009 draft budget to the max.

I have to remind myself that the Dodgers aren't the only team with major holes to fill.

Pennants aren't won and lost in December.

* * *

Bonus: Josh Rawitch is excited about Camelback (or whatever the name ends up being) - and convincingly so.

Comments (191)
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2008-12-02 17:04:44
1.   trainwreck
#16 is my favorite.
2008-12-02 17:07:48
2.   Jacob Burch
O thin men of Haddam,
Why do you imagine golden birds?
Do you not see how the blackbird
Walks around the feet
Of the women about you?
2008-12-02 17:08:57
3.   Tripon
I wonder why the Dodgers have been so eager to turn on their own – like with Chad Billingsley in the 2008 National League Championship Series. Does group anger really work?

Who in the Dodgers organization turned on Chad Billingsley? So far, we have Amy Nelson creating a badly written article out of thin air, and an accident that everyone assumes will be fine by Spring training. Its not as if anyone is trying to push him out the door.

2008-12-02 17:10:21
4.   Harold M Johnson
I have front-row season tickets. They cost an absolute fortune and we have to spread it around to many people in order to make it work. I have never had a better time at a regular season game in 20 years then I had many times in those seats when Manny was playing for the Dodgers. It was awesome.
2008-12-02 17:12:20
5.   Eric Stephen
Mychal Thompson on the Laker broadcast compared the 22,000 point plateau (which Kobe just reached) was like the 500 HR mark in baseball. At first I chalked it up to the Bahamian spouting craziness, but the comparison is not too far off:

Members of 500 HR club: 24
Members of 22,000 Pt club: 22 (NBA only; 27 if ABA included)

2008-12-02 17:14:12
6.   Tripon
22,000/500 = 44.

So 44 points in basketball equals 1 homerun in baseball?

2008-12-02 17:14:29
7.   trainwreck
Except barely anyone cares about that record.
2008-12-02 17:15:29
8.   Tripon

Tony Jackson falls for the 20% salary thing.

2008-12-02 17:18:09
9.   Jacob Burch
8 I commented on MLBTR (Which I wrote for for about a week! It's true. You can look it up. Tim is just way too quick on rumors and made my position defunct) with the correction you gave DT on one of today's Arb posts.
2008-12-02 17:19:42
10.   Jon Weisman
3 - I thought the flaw in the Amy Nelson story was mainly that she said Chad was blaming Martin. I thought that teammates nevertheless were unhappy with Chad.

But I'll defer to Eric "Nelson's a Ninny" Stephen on this.

2008-12-02 17:20:51
11.   Bob Timmermann
There are actually three members of the Basketball Hall of Fame inducted as players and coaches:
John Wooden
Lenny Wilkens
Bill Sharman
2008-12-02 17:23:20
12.   bhsportsguy
7 I recall in one of the first sports biography I ever read, "Mr. Clutch" written by Jerry West and Bill Libby, West talking about the night he reached 20,000 points and how it was kind of downplayed.

Without looking, I am guessing that at that time, Chamberlain, Baylor, Pettit, Robertson and maybe Arizin were ahead of him.

2008-12-02 17:23:26
13.   Tripon
Somebody mentioned Avery in the last thread, and I just want to say. Even if you think his comments are disgusting and outrageous, it doesn't seem to be a suspend able offense.
2008-12-02 17:25:44
14.   Eric Stephen
I think you have it right. I almost want to change my name on Facebook to that now too.
2008-12-02 17:27:31
15.   trainwreck
I do not think they were bad at all; everyone just hates Sean Avery which is hilarious.
2008-12-02 17:29:23
16.   CanuckDodger
Hey, Trainwreck, do you know about the one-hour Trailer Park Boys special that is going to air in Canada on Sunday?
2008-12-02 17:29:40
17.   bhsportsguy
12 Hal Greer scored his 20,000th point in the same year that West did but Arizin did not score 20,000 points in his career.

West joined his fellow 1960's NBA-All Pro team members, Chamberlain, Baylor, Pettit and Robertson as 20,000 point club members.

2008-12-02 17:30:32
18.   trainwreck
Yeah, last bit of television for TPB. I will find it on the internet.
2008-12-02 17:31:51
19.   Tripon
7:05pm:'s Mark Bowman says the White Sox will actually receive four players in the deal. They'll choose from a list of five, with Flowers and Lillibridge their top targets.

Four players? For Javier Vazquez?!?! With Flowers and Lillibridge thrown in? Kevin Towers and the Padres want to know what the hell happened.

2008-12-02 17:33:39
20.   trainwreck
These new Schuerholz disciples (Wrenn and Moore) are not looking too good.
2008-12-02 17:34:58
21.   D4P
The main sticking point in the Peavy-Braves deal appears to have been Peavy's insistence on no-trade protection.
2008-12-02 17:36:55
22.   CanuckDodger
18 -- Trailer Park Boys will air twice Sunday night, so I could tape it for you if you want. Your choice.
2008-12-02 17:38:49
23.   Gen3Blue
I liked a number of Jon's comments above. I feel optimism for Hu but I don't know why. I have been getting ready for the economy to K-bosh many team's plans this year and am readying myself to accept playing young players from the system which I may enjoy even if the results aren't that good.

But one thing that occurred to me tonight is that I would perhaps like to gamble on one of the big 2 or 3 FAs this year and fill the rest with young guys. Just a current whim.

2008-12-02 17:38:53
24.   trainwreck
Naw, that is fine. I will watch it online then just buy the DVD when it comes out. Any idea what it is about? I am guessing Ricky loses all his money and they start doing crimes again.
2008-12-02 17:40:52
25.   Eric Stephen
13 ,15
I think the NHL was sloppy in the handling of the Avery situation. I don't believe for one second that he should be suspended for his comments.
2008-12-02 17:45:54
26.   trainwreck
Thanks for offer.
2008-12-02 17:48:04
27.   Eric Stephen
Remaining opportunities to watch old USC-UCLA games this week:

2pm, ESPN Classic: 1996: UCLA 48, USC 41 (Cade McNown 4th qtr comeback and 2 OT victory)

2pm, ESPN Classic: 1992, UCLA 38, USC 37 (The John Barnes Game) - for some reason I distinctly remember picking up Kenny Rogers Roasters chicken before watching the conclusion of this game
5pm, Prime Ticket: 1992 game

11am, Prime Ticket: 2001, USC 27, UCLA 0 (Carroll's first UCLA game)
2pm, ESPN Classic: 1990, USC 45, UCLA 42 (Marinovich v. Maddox)

Thanks to Tom Hoffarth for this info. Links to clips from the Peete measles game and OJ game below:

2008-12-02 17:50:18
28.   trainwreck
2001 game is hardly worth showing again.
2008-12-02 17:53:06
29.   Bob Timmermann
2pm, ESPN Classic: 1992, UCLA 38, USC 37 (The John Barnes Game) - for some reason I distinctly remember picking up Kenny Rogers Roasters chicken before watching the conclusion of this game

I remember about this game:
1) I was very sick with bronchitis and had coughed so much that week that my ribs hurt. But only when I breathed.
2) I was going to stay home because my mom, who was terminally ill with colon cancer, told me that I shouldn't pass up a game because I didn't know what could happen in a game like that
3) My father, who never fully understood the rules of football in his life, was apparently transfixed by the game and wanted to talk to me about it when I called back home.

It really should be the J.J. Stokes game instead of the John Barnes game. Stokes went through the USC secondary like euphemism through a goose, as George Patton would have said if you watched the movie on an airplane.

2008-12-02 17:54:58
30.   trainwreck
Trevor Ariza should be arrested for theft.

He is picking the pockets of the Pacers.

2008-12-02 17:56:03
31.   ucladodger
Trevor Ariza is absolutely phenomenal. And watching the Lakers second team is really just a joy.

Now back to studying for finals.

2008-12-02 17:56:06
32.   Eric Stephen
Stokes went through the USC secondary like euphemism through a goose

I guess you can call the Kenny Rogers Roasters chicken Stokesesque then. :)

2008-12-02 17:56:18
33.   D4P
The Lakers just scored a bunch of points in a row. Something like 16 or so.
2008-12-02 17:57:08
34.   Eric Stephen
I'm audio only for the Laker game right now, but I want to see highlights of the alley-oop reverse dunk recently executed by Bynum.

17-0 Laker run to end the 3rd.

2008-12-02 18:02:27
35.   Eric Stephen
Stokes had 263 yards on only 6 catches in that 1992 game. Wow.
2008-12-02 18:03:22
36.   bhsportsguy
1996 game, I was working in Pasadena at the time and I remember going into Clancy's (?) 2 or 3 times to watch the end.

1992 game, I was listening to it on the radio while attending a family dinner in the OC. 14 years later I met John Barnes at Touchdown Club breakfast, the next day was 13-9.

2008-12-02 18:04:11
37.   Eric Stephen
4 years later, Sega Genesis legend R.Jay Soward had 6 catches for 260 for USC, but UCLA still won.
2008-12-02 18:04:28
38.   bhsportsguy
The 2001 game, I was in Vegas and I am not sure I bet on the game.
2008-12-02 18:07:44
39.   CanuckDodger
24 -- What I have read is that the money that was made is lost, and back in the trailer park Lahey has another scheme to get rid of the boys.
2008-12-02 18:09:06
40.   El Lay Dave
32 I hope someone just dropped in to see what condition your condition was in.
2008-12-02 18:09:06
41.   Bob Timmermann
By the end of the game, I assume Soward had either finished off a six pack or smoked a lot of weed.

It also didn't help that Matt Koffler was the QB at the end of the game for USC.

2008-12-02 18:11:02
42.   oshea2002
The 1992 game was my 13th birthday and is to this day the worst b-day I've ever had. Stokes was amazing. I'd respect the performance now, but it just made me dislike him at the time.

The 2001 game is worth watching strictly for Antuan Simmons pick-6, plus it was my final game in the student section. Now I actually get to sit down (what a concept).

2008-12-02 18:11:24
43.   Tripon
7:42pm: O'Brien believes Chicago's return to be Flowers, Lillibridge, third baseman Jon Gilmore, and pitcher Santos Rodriguez.

Just an absolute killing there. I made fun of Ken Williams before, but maybe he really is a better GM than most. Even with the dumb trade he made earlier in the year with the Yankees and Swisher.

8:02pm:'s Chris Haft says the Giants accelerated their pursuit of Bob Howry now that the Cubs chose not to offer him arbitration.

And... it looks like we don't have to worry about the Giants being contenders next year. ;P

2008-12-02 18:15:28
44.   trainwreck
I hate when Duke is good.
2008-12-02 18:17:47
45.   Bob Timmermann
Despite reading news sites a lot, when I saw the headline "Chambliss wins Georgia Senate runoff," I kept thinking it was Chris Chambliss.

At least his parents gave him a real first name. But I suppose Georgians preferred a guy with two last names, Saxby Chambliss, to a guy with two first names, Jim Martin.

I did not remember that Chris Chambliss retired after the 1986 season, but came back in 1988 and was active for two days with the Yankees, struck out once as a pinch hitter, and retired again.

2008-12-02 18:18:22
46.   Bob Timmermann
But Dick Vitale is happy.
2008-12-02 18:18:41
47.   Eric Stephen
The 2001 game is worth watching strictly for Antuan Simmons pick-6

That interception was amazing. The 27-0 result was certainly unexpected.

2008-12-02 18:22:53
48.   Bob Timmermann
If only DeShaun Foster had accepted a less flashy free car...

Then UCLA would have lost 27-7.

There was still the matter of Cory Paus too.

2008-12-02 18:24:01
49.   trainwreck
I hated Cory Paus back in the day, but I would gladly take him now.
2008-12-02 18:24:46
50.   Bob Timmermann
You better hire a driver for him.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-12-02 18:26:15
51.   Eric Stephen
Cory Paus managed to leave the dark recesses of my mind, until now.
2008-12-02 18:27:19
52.   D4P
Obscure players earn permanent residence in the light recesses of Bob's mind.
2008-12-02 18:28:24
53.   Bob Timmermann
I can summon up Ryan Fein. And Kevin Walker. And Mike Farr, who caught 66 passes in one season. And none of them were for a TD.
2008-12-02 18:28:28
54.   D4P
Lakers have given up 18 offensive rebounds.
2008-12-02 18:28:43
55.   Eric Stephen
For the most part, this is the Lakers' first close game of the year.
2008-12-02 18:30:58
56.   D4P
Pacers can hold for the last shot to win.
2008-12-02 18:31:12
57.   trainwreck
Lakers stopped passing the ball around and moving on offense. Instead they decided to become the Memphis Tigers and just go one-on-one each time.
2008-12-02 18:32:10
58.   Indiana Jon
Pacers win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-12-02 18:33:09
59.   Eric Stephen
I hate being on audio delay. But I hate more the result. Oh well.
2008-12-02 18:33:37
60.   bhsportsguy
Lakers suck.
2008-12-02 18:34:50
61.   Bob Timmermann
So who on the Lakers will Plaschke compare to Sasha Cohen?
2008-12-02 18:34:54
62.   bhsportsguy
{60] And now, it can be said the Lakers lost 2 games before any of the big free agents were signed.

Indiana will either ride this win to a great back to back tomorrow in Boston or more than likely, get blown out.

2008-12-02 18:35:34
63.   bhsportsguy
But it is hard to complain when you on pace to win 70 games.
2008-12-02 18:35:59
64.   Indiana Jon
62 They already beat Boston once. Twice may be asking too much.
2008-12-02 18:37:10
65.   trainwreck
That is what happens when you let the Pacers score 118 points.
2008-12-02 18:37:12
66.   D4P
Lakers were the #1 rebounding team in the league coming in to the game. Didn't look like it tonight.
2008-12-02 18:38:42
67.   fanerman
First Yahoo said Lakers won 117-116. Then it said Pacers won 118-117. =(
2008-12-02 18:39:51
68.   Bob Timmermann
I noticed that too, but if you looked at the totals in the boxscore, they always added up to 118-117.
2008-12-02 18:42:02
69.   LogikReader
I think tonight's game is deserving of the word "pathetic". Absoultely pathetic.

If the Lakers think they'll skate by blowing leads in the 4th quarter (they practically did the same in New Orleans) they have another thing coming.

Overall their defense has given up about 95 points a game in the last 4 games. That's just not gonna win you any championships.

Sorry guys, I have to have my "I Love LA" moment. I can't believe they blew this game.

2008-12-02 18:45:05
70.   Icaros
Seemed like a bunch of long rebounds went right to Indy at the end, but the Lakers only showed real intensity for the few minutes after Ariza had his legs undercut. It's nice that a regular season loss is such a big deal again. Last year LA started the season 8-7.
2008-12-02 18:47:25
71.   Jacob Burch
*449. trainwreck
The Pacers have a bunch of guys that were stars in college. Too bad this is the NBA. *


2008-12-02 18:47:38
72.   Jacob Burch
Curses to line breaks and asterisks! Curses I say!
2008-12-02 18:53:11
73.   trainwreck
The Lakers do have to worry about beating the Celtics for best record in league for the playoffs.
2008-12-02 18:55:33
74.   D4P
Good point. That's pretty important.

Until proven otherwise, the Celtics are still the team to beat.

2008-12-02 19:00:54
75.   Icaros
Until proven otherwise, the Celtics are still the team to beat.

I don't think that's ever been in question. Even if the Celtics were 8-8, they'd still be the defending champs with virtually the same roster as last year.

2008-12-02 19:02:47
76.   LogikReader

Hear, hear! Even now, the Celtics allow the fewest points per game.

2008-12-02 19:03:54
77.   D4P
You know what the Lakers could use that they pretty much never have?


It says something when Kurt Rambis is perhaps your all-time thuggiest player. I don't know what, but something.

2008-12-02 19:04:12
78.   Bob Timmermann
Presently, the Clippers are the only Pacific Division team not on a losing "streak." The Clippers have won 1 straight.

And lead in Dallas.

2008-12-02 19:05:08
79.   Eric Stephen
The Lakers only have to have a better record than Cleveland, as they will be facing the Cavs in The Finals.

Jacob, we're now even for the 2000 Finals. :)

2008-12-02 19:05:57
80.   Icaros

Before tonight's game, the Lakers were actually better than Boston by one in points per 100 possessions. That is likely not the case now.

2008-12-02 19:06:03
81.   Bob Timmermann
Kermit Washington says hello!
2008-12-02 19:13:10
82.   dianagramr

You've just given me the inspiration for my roto team name next year:

Steve Saxby Chambliss

2008-12-02 19:15:12
83.   Tripon

MSTI moved to the MVN network, and had a site design change.

2008-12-02 19:18:34
84.   Jon Weisman
81 - Bob just sent 30 years of Kermit rehabilitating his rep down the drain.
2008-12-02 19:21:47
85.   Bob Timmermann
If I'd only said "Mark Landsberger."
2008-12-02 19:36:58
86.   trainwreck
Barbara Walters is not very good at deciding who the most fascinating people are.
2008-12-02 19:36:59
87.   bhsportsguy
Darn that sporcle.

I can never remember all the names of the Big East schools.

Probably because they are not all in the east nor that big.

2008-12-02 19:38:52
88.   Xeifrank
Is Tony Abreu expected back next season? Could he be a part of the 2B mix (backup)?
vr, Xei
2008-12-02 19:39:32
89.   Bob Timmermann
Are you wondering why Marquette is in the Big East, but St. Louis is in the Atlantic 10?
2008-12-02 19:40:12
90.   Jacob Burch
86 She's doing better than Time magazine has done the last few years.

That said, this year Time has a pretty obvious answer.

2008-12-02 19:43:26
91.   bhsportsguy
90 Michael Phelps?

Oops, sorry, wrong publication.

2008-12-02 19:43:59
92.   bhsportsguy
The Big East, where former independents go to die.
2008-12-02 19:44:13
93.   Icaros

Frank McCourt?

2008-12-02 19:51:02
94.   I Love LA
To the guy who mentioned my name, thanks as you obviously think of me.

I am very dissapointed in the Lakers tonight, their defense is vastly overrated. The Media has fell in love with them all year and pretty much declared them the champs while Boston is quietly flying under the radar.

The Clippers just blew a 15 pt lead in similar fashion, but the Clippers aren't my concern.

2008-12-02 19:54:28
95.   Xeifrank
94. I hope whoever owns that radar can get their money back, Boston shouldn't be quietly flying under any radars.
vr, Xei
2008-12-02 20:03:18
96.   dianagramr

Gary Burghoff says hello!

2008-12-02 20:03:37
97.   Icaros
Thanks, LogikReader.
2008-12-02 20:04:25
98.   dianagramr

BTW, Frank McCourt was my teacher for a few English courses during my years at Stuyvesant. He was a marvelous story-teller then .... still is.

2008-12-02 20:07:18
99.   Icaros

Yeah, I was expecting better things a few years back when I learned that a famous novelist was buying the Dodgers.

2008-12-02 20:07:23
100.   dianagramr
98 93

I should have stressed .... "Frank McCourt ... East Coast version" :-)

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-12-02 20:07:33
101.   Bluebleeder87

small sample size (166 AB's) but here are his #'s:

.271 BA
.309 OBP
80 OPS+
& 2 dingers

2008-12-02 20:15:46
102.   DBrim
Just read about the Vazquez trade. Wow. Do you think the White Sox may be interested on one Juan Pierre? I can hope, right?
2008-12-02 20:17:45
103.   Samhain
I think the NHL HAD to suspend Avery for his comment.
What he said was clearly going to regarded as "objectifying" women--and in the most specific vulgar sense.

I'm a big believer in freedom of speech; but I don't blame the NHL for not being willing to take what was shaping up to be a firestorm of political correctness . ( Especially not for a player nobody--not even his teammates--can stand.)
Even his team's owner said he (the owner) would've suspended Avery if the NHL had not...

2008-12-02 20:18:10
104.   regfairfield
I think there's a better than likely chance that trade turns into Javier Vazquez for nothing, so I wouldn't call it a horrible move either way.
2008-12-02 20:20:08
105.   trainwreck
How many people would have even heard or read his comments if he did not get suspended?
2008-12-02 20:25:12
106.   Icaros

No kidding, I had no idea until I saw the comments here. He didn't even curse.

2008-12-02 20:40:34
107.   Tripon

Ned Coletti gets profiled. Credit goes to Diamond Lueng for posting it on his blog.

2008-12-02 20:50:14
108.   Bob Timmermann
I just think Sean Avery should have been suspended on general principles. He's one of the most unpleasant people in the sport of hockey.
2008-12-02 20:50:57
109.   trainwreck
I honestly think that is what the suspension is about.
2008-12-02 21:01:33
110.   underdog
You know, the Lakers clearly have some room for improvement and need to keep their concentration up for four quarters or they'll lose, as happened tonight, but I can't see getting too down on them at the moment either. They can be erratic, but after watching them multiple times so far this season there's no doubt their defense is vastly improved from last season, especially with Bynum back and Ariza's presence, and so on. Guess what I'm saying is I'm not getting all the freaking out about them after their 2nd loss of the season tonight. You want to feel depressed? Follow the Warriors. Or most other teams.

They're not clearly the best team in the league, and I worry about early overconfidence, too, but I still like their chances all the same.

Now, time to waste yet more time on Sporcle. That Shakespeare's plays one nearly killed me, especially since I couldn't spell Troilus and Cressida.

2008-12-02 21:07:08
111.   Tripon
One of the oddest non-baseball stories is breaking down an accusation of plagiarism between two former NFL scouts, with one of them trying to become the GM of the Lions.

The one being accused of plagiarism is claiming that his mother illness is keeping him out of the loop.

2008-12-02 21:31:40
112.   Samhain
Avery is that: anyone see the story in the local paper about current L.A. King captain being mocked by Avery in team meetings when Brown spoke up?
Brown has what the paper described as a mild speech impediment and Avery would imitate it when Brown tried to address the team... What a (jerk) !

And why would the previous Kings coach let Avery get away with DOING that?

2008-12-02 21:40:21
113.   Tripon

Kevin Baxter and the L.A. Times has Winter League updates.

2008-12-02 21:40:53
114.   Tripon
Also on Sunday, Dodgers minor leaguer Ivan De Jesus Jr. upped his average to .338 with a four-hit game for last-place Carolina in a win over Santurce.

From above article.

2008-12-02 22:01:18
115.   KingKopitar
I tend to loathe Sean Avery more than most, but it's kind of ridiculous that he got suspended for talking. Playing hockey, I've called an opponent many, many terrible things; it's not personal, it's just how hockey players play. Saying, " *f *" is like saying, "How ya doin'."
2008-12-02 22:01:39
116.   trainwreck
D4P's possible future favorite athlete.

Basketball recruit from Oregon named Stephen Holt.

2008-12-02 22:05:08
117.   Dodgers49
113 Aguilas, whose Friday night game with Licey will be televised in the U.S. on ESPN Deportes, may soon he adding another offensive threat to their lineup with rehabbing Dodger outfielder Andruw Jones expected to join the team on Dec. 10.

The date keeps moving. First it was Dec. 3rd. Then it was Dec. 8th. Now it's Dec. 10th. If he continues to stall it could be Feb. 1st. :-)

2008-12-02 22:05:57
118.   silverwidow
107 So, Colletti plays fantasy sports. No wonder he loves batting average and SB's so much...
2008-12-02 22:06:02
119.   LogikReader

I'm more mad that the Kings blew a lead in the 3rd period to lose... AGAIN!

So strange that Avery gets the NHL the most pub its had in months. Avery?

2008-12-02 22:56:55
120.   dzzrtRatt
0 "The Dodgers should bump up their offer for Ramirez's third year, and then Ramirez should sign the dang contract and then negotiate a new one as an American League designated hitter when the economy is heading back for an upswing."

I was trying, with less clarity, to make a related point about a month ago.

Boras' demand for a six-year deal for Manny essentially leaves the NL out. Why do that? Figure Manny can play the field for three more years -- so get him a big-ass three-year deal. Then go out for one more round of free-agency and get another big-ass three-year deal, with prospects that time limited to the AL.

2008-12-02 23:05:55
121.   Tripon
120 What team is going to want Manny for 3 years after his age 40 season?
2008-12-02 23:24:31
122.   Tripon
Simers has an article about Lasorda up.,0,5650062.column?page=2

2008-12-03 01:02:32
123.   PDH5204
115 (1) It wasn't game time. (2) Even if it had been, those who play, don't talk, as their game speaks volumes. (3) Those who talk admit their inferiority by making it plain that their only hope is taking the other guy out of his game via the "mindgame". (4) If you must use the media to play the "mindgame", "sloppy seconds" should be omitted from the presentation. (5) Pity that Danny Gare wasn't around to put up 1 or more of 40 or so and beat Steve to a literal pulp in the same game. (6) Ditto Dave Taylor, as he too once had some difficulty speaking the language. (7) It always otherwise helps to have a clear image of Craig Ramsay in your mind.

119 The NHL needs a return to the catchy tune:

2008-12-03 05:34:06
124.   D4P
Six players...were suspended for four games without pay by the NFL on Tuesday for violating the league's anti-doping policy.

The suspended players were running back Deuce McAllister and defensive linemen Charles Grant and Will Smith of New Orleans; defensive linemen Kevin and Pat Williams of Minnesota; and long snapper Bryan Pittman of Houston.

2008-12-03 07:08:38
125.   natepurcell

That was a stupid suspension!

2008-12-03 07:41:51
126.   Tripon
Three general managers speculated Tuesday that, in the end, Manny Ramirez will have the best chance to make the most money for 2009 by accepting the Dodgers' offer of arbitration. But in order to do so, Ramirez and agent Scott Boras would have to essentially swallow hard, given what their stated expectations for a big-money deal have been.

2008-12-03 07:51:49
127.   Jon Weisman
121 - First, that's a straw man because Manny isn't getting a six-year deal from anyone, and he might not get five.

Second, keep in mind that the shorter the deal Manny gets now, the higher the average annual salary. So he can take a pay cut in the second contract and still come out ahead.

If he gets $80 million over three years from the Dodgers, for example, I think it's easy to imagine an AL team paying him $30 million over two in a better economy to be a DH. That gives him $110 over five years.

Of course, Manny would need to make an effort in the third year of his Dodger contract.

2008-12-03 08:05:14
128.   skybluestoday

"You'll forgive me, Benjamin, if I don't shake hands with you."

2008-12-03 08:05:33
129.   D4P
Of course, Manny would need to make an effort in the third year of his Dodger contract

Careful: Bob might be lurking...

2008-12-03 08:10:56
130.   Dave60
ESPN is reporting this morning that the race for Casey Blake is coming down to the Twins and the Dodgers, with the two teams running roughly equal. Was this formerly common knowledge? If so, I'd missed it.

What do others think about retaining Blake? I'm not offended by the move, but nor does it thrill me.

2008-12-03 08:11:44
131.   D4P
the race for Casey Blake

AKA "the race to the bottom"

2008-12-03 08:12:45
132.   Jon Weisman
129 - I thought about writing, " D4P would say."
2008-12-03 08:16:18
133.   cargill06
107 Carlos Santana is on his Ipod. Maybe he'll trade it for some average music, maybe Journey?
2008-12-03 08:16:18
134.   D4P
Or " D4P used to would have said, until Bob was mean to him..."
2008-12-03 08:16:36
135.   Dave60
131 I'm not that pessimistic, but I don't see any grand vision behind the move either. We would seem to reaching for good, not great.
2008-12-03 08:21:24
136.   Jacob Burch
135 Closer to hopefully-average, and at a price that does not say "Hopefully average."

But maybe his VORBeard makes it worth the price tag, I dunno.

2008-12-03 08:25:37
137.   Kevin Lewis

A true sign that I should spend my time elsewhere: I was thinking about that last spot in the shower this morning.

It may be that a three year offer from us is the best he will get in this economy. But, I also wonder if Manny is concerned about his long term health. He could be playing through quite a bit of pain, and if he accepts a shorter contract with a higher annual salary, his knees may be broken down by the time he is ready for the next contract.

I would love to see him in LF for 3 years (well mostly his bat), but I can see the reasoning for him to want an AL team. So, maybe they are just holding out for a 4 year contract from some AL team?

2008-12-03 08:31:04
138.   jasonungar07
In 51 games with the dodgers Blake hit

.251 .313 .460 .773 so he has Coletti written all over him. He is a perfect way to waste money but keep dumb fans happy.

2008-12-03 08:31:26
139.   Kevin Lewis

That seems far-fetched. Aren't the Twins rumored to be offering 3 years? I hope we are not close to being equal there.

2008-12-03 08:33:42
140.   Daniel Zappala
I think Manny is waiting for Teixeira to sign -- whoever doesn't get him (Yankees, Angels) may want Manny for four or five years.
2008-12-03 08:39:53
141.   D4P
.251 .313 .460 .773 so he has Coletti written all over him

Ned would prefer that you add 50 points to the BA and subtract 50 from the SLG.

2008-12-03 08:46:10
142.   Tripon
139 MLB trade rumors are saying that the Dodgers and Twins are both offering two years.

I guessing that the team that offered an option with a fairly high buy out(two million?) for that 3rd year will be able to sign Blake.

2008-12-03 08:48:19
143.   Dave60
138 My proposed addition: Keep dumb fans and dumb sportswriters happy.
2008-12-03 08:51:48
144.   dzzrtRatt
By the way, this post was worthy of Alan Malamud. If the Her-Ex still existed, you'd be writing "Notes on a Scorecard."

It also reminded me of "13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" and "32 Short Films About Glenn Gould."

2008-12-03 08:53:51
145.   kinbote
I'm starting to think Casey Blake will be returning as our 3b. That would make DeWitt our 2b and possibly take some offensive pressure off of him.

Blake is adequate as a #6 or #7 hitter (I'm assuming Loney will be batting #5); the problem remains: Who bats clean-up?

My main argument against re-signing Manny--aside from the whole Boras angle--is that we already have Jones & Pierre making tons of money in the outfield. As much as it pains me to say, I can really see Ned dangling Kemp or Ethier for a pitcher to help ease the logjam IF we land Manny.

[OT: I recently started recording the American "The Office" after boycotting it on general principle for years. Dwight's Mussolini-esque speech at the sales conference was laugh-out-loud funny.]

2008-12-03 08:57:54
146.   underdog
I don't think bringing back Blake for one year is dumb at all. It's the idea of bringing him back for three years that would be dumb. But if he agrees to arbitration, isn't that just a one year deal? I think he's solid enough and better than picking up Ray Durham or some other worse ex-Giant. But a longer term contract would definitely be dumb.
2008-12-03 08:58:14
147.   dzzrtRatt
137 Manny said, "Gas is up and so am I." That was then. As I was writing the comment about Boras wanting six years, it seemed a lot more absurd now than it did two months ago. In this economy don't think a GM is going to give any player over 30 a contract like the one Boras believed Manny had "earned."
2008-12-03 09:01:20
148.   kinbote
Blake made $6.1 mil last year on a one-year deal. What's a reasonable guess as to his next contract?

I'd say 2y/$20 mil should be absolute tops:

2009 $8 mil
2010 $10 mil
2011 $12 mil or $2 mil team buyout

Total value of contract could be 3y/$30 mil. Basically, we'd be buying him for this year, realizing next year we lose some heavy salaries. 2011 would be almost a courtesy pay-out.

2008-12-03 09:03:06
149.   cargill06
145 While the Hot Stove is focused on free agents, Colletti has indicated he might do better on the trade market. He doesn't seem to have a lot of surplus chips to toss around if, as he's implied, he's keeping his core of Russell Martin, James Loney, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Clayton Kershaw and Broxton. To trade one of them, he'd need to fill multiple holes with players in return.

2008-12-03 09:03:55
150.   cargill06
146 Ray Duhram is better defensively and a bitter hitter than Casey Blake.
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2008-12-03 09:04:34
151.   Kevin Lewis

Oh man, that episode is awesome. My wife is a huge fan of the Booze Cruise too/

2008-12-03 09:05:16
152.   Kevin Lewis

Does he feel slighted?

2008-12-03 09:05:44
153.   cargill06
150 My mistake, didn't realize how bad Durham was defensively.
2008-12-03 09:10:27
154.   Jon Weisman
144 - The latter was intentional. Although I did think of calling this post "Notes on a Borecard."
2008-12-03 09:12:32
155.   Jacob Burch
144 I'm glad I'm not insane (see 2 ).

149 Down Ned! Just go win the lottery and sign CC. Please? Please?

2008-12-03 09:14:45
156.   Jacob Burch
154 Picked the wrong reference. Wallace Stevens, you've done me in again!

I really would not be that upset if we sign a few low risk stop gaps and play it safe. Not happy at all, but not that upset. But if we do a couple more Ned signings, I don't know what to feel. I'm just happy the Braves appear to be offering Burnett the world.

2008-12-03 09:15:09
157.   dianagramr

I was reminded of this ...

2008-12-03 09:15:42
158.   Hollywood Joe
"The thought does occur to me: What if Russell Martin is satisfied with how good he is? What if, like me, he doesn't have it in him to push harder for greater greatness (as exemplified by my use of the term "greater greatness")?"

Jon my friend, this is genius. Still chuckling, so very funny and deeply insightful too. How easily we all resent those we root for yet we don't hold ourselves at least equally responsible for bringing the effort of greatness into our own lives.

Here it is Tuesday morning and I am on Dodger Thoughts rather than editing the contract in my inbox. How pissed off I would be at Russel Martin if I spied him reading about my industry while in the dugout in between at bats or heard about him playing electronic Scrabble (what I did before checking DT this AM) instead of working out during spring training...

Wasn't there some hokey hippie phrase about being the change you want to see in the world or some other flower power utopian nonsense to that effect?

Well that's it, I don't expect it to last but I will do my best to try, for the rest of the day I am going to do each task I do as well as I possibly can do it. I am not going to place the value in the task, but rather that it is my time and effort spent, and why spend it if not in the pursuit of greater greatness (ha!).

Hopefully Mr. Martin and the rest of the blue will follow my lead.

You my friends are free to wallow in mediocrity or step up to the challenge. I will delight in your company either way


2008-12-03 09:16:26
159.   underdog
153 I was going to say... I gave you a chance to double-check that.

Blake is light years better than Durham on defense, and Blake ain't a Gold Glover. I would not want RD behind Clayton Kershaw next year. And speaking of ex-Giants, I would rather just bring Nomar back as a role player than bring in Rich Aurilia. Ugh.

2008-12-03 09:17:35
160.   Jacob Burch
I think this has come up before, but how close (or has it happened?) has a team come to playing a neutral-site Super Bowl on their home stadium? Tampa appears to be making a case that they have a better than 15% chance at it.
2008-12-03 09:18:32
161.   LogikReader
Going back to the Lakers last night, I took a look at the Pacers' schedule this year.

The Pacers have 7 wins. All but one of them are against teams over .500 .

The Pacers beat the Celtics, Nets (twice!), Rockets, Hawks, and Lakers. That's three division leaders, plus two other good teams.


2008-12-03 09:19:24
162.   Kevin Lewis

Has there been any talk about Nomar coming back as a utility guy?

2008-12-03 09:19:51
163.   Jacob Burch
158 It's Wednesday morning, so a solid morning's sleep may be your best bet at a first action :)
2008-12-03 09:20:10
164.   Sagehen
144 Actually, the very beginning reminded me of the speech in Bull Durham.
2008-12-03 09:21:23
165.   Jacob Burch
161 Granger goes a long way. I remember a friend of mine kept saying "Granger is gonna be a steal" a few picks before Indiana picked, and told me how stoked I'd be in a few years. Hurrah, Hurrah!
2008-12-03 09:22:15
166.   Harold M Johnson
Considering Casey Blake in a vacuum is pointless. The total discussion has to be who is available at 3B via internal options, trade, or free agency. The free agent market is slim and/or expensive. A trade could mean up giving too much. Internal options mean possibly having someone who's not ready at 2B. Given all of that, and given that Blake probably won't sign a huge long-term contract, it looks like one of the least-bad options.
2008-12-03 09:25:55
167.   Tripon
148 Casey Blake agent is asking for 3 years/20 million.
2008-12-03 09:27:31
168.   Tripon
According to Ken Rosenthal, the Red Sox signed second baseman Dustin Pedroia to a six-year deal worth about $40.5MM. The deal buys out two years of free agency and also has a club option for 2015.

Wow, that seems really low for me. The Red Sox got a great deal.

2008-12-03 09:31:49
169.   CajunDodger
I like Blake for a couple of reasons:

1. Guarantees that Joe Crede will not be in Dodger Blue

2. Assuming a 2-year deal, he can slide into a super sub role at the infield corners and in the corner outfield spots if/when DeWitt's bat can be justified at 3B

3. With almost zero options for third base on the FA market, this is better than trading prospects for someone like Ty Wigginton or Garret Atkins

4. A two year $18 million deal actually frees up money because 2/3 of the infield situation is now fixed.

5. Keeps us in the game for both Ramirez and CC since we do not have to commit long term dollars for Hudson.

2008-12-03 09:32:05
170.   cargill06
168 What would his first 3 years of arb equal? 27 million? If you that's a 3 year 13 million dollar contract in his FA years. Ya DP got hosed if that's true.
2008-12-03 09:33:02
171.   ToyCannon
It does seem low. Given the contracts that Longoria and Pedroia have signed it would seem that benchmarks have been created that we should be able to sign Kemp/Martin/Ethier to this winter. One is the current MVP and the other will probably be a contender for the MVP every year of his contract.
2008-12-03 09:33:07
172.   LogikReader

I was this close to drafting him in fantasy basketball. I didn't know he'd be this good. I blew it.

2008-12-03 09:33:27
173.   still bevens
168 We can file this under 'instances where a player left money on the table' for the next argument. Granted hes no FA, but still its remarkable. He must love Boston.
2008-12-03 09:35:03
174.   ToyCannon
Arbitration makes perfect sense. A two year deal borders on a bad move, at 9 Million it is a bad move. He made 6 million last year, why give him a raise to 9 million when his production has already peaked?
2008-12-03 09:36:43
175.   ToyCannon
I mean why give him a raise when he has no viable alternatives. The Twins are not going to give him 9 Million, it would go against everything they have ever done.
2008-12-03 09:36:47
176.   Kevin Lewis

Excellent points. Especially when we consider the cost of signing Blake and the fact that it would put Dewitt at 2B. I am liking this possibility more and more, as long as it is not too long of a deal.

2008-12-03 09:37:10
177.   drewjensen
160 I think the Rams played Super Bowl IV at the Coliseum. (As foretold by Warren Beatty in Heaven can Wait). Unfortunately home field advantage only helped the "Movie Rams"
2008-12-03 09:37:34
178.   Kevin Lewis

2/14 or just no raise and 2/12?

2008-12-03 09:42:43
179.   CajunDodger
That was in arbitration, and he would almost certainly be in the $7-9 million range. Signing him for 2/17-18 with a $10 million team option for year three keeps him in Dodger Blue and the extra $1-3 million prevents us from having Rich Aurilia or Crede on the team.

This is one of those instances where an extra million or two spent to get him here prevents Ned from panicking and making a bad move elsewhere.

2008-12-03 09:44:15
180.   LogikReader

Yep. The Rams played in Super Bowl XIV during the 1979 season.

That game was played in the Rose Bowl, but it was basically a home game. That was an interesting year. The NFC Championship was between the Rams and Bucs.

20 years later, the Rams and Bucs played a rematch for the NFC Championship... and this time the Rams won that game and the Super Bowl.

For St Louis.

2008-12-03 09:49:44
181.   Eric Stephen
The year by year details aren't available yet, but 2009 is a "team control" year, so that will bring the total contract value down.

However, it is still low compared to other deals. Look at Hanley Ramirez's contract (total 6/70):

Arb 1: $5.5m
Arb 2: $7m
Arb 3: $11m
FA 1: $15m
FA 2: $15.5m

That is $54m for the same 5 years that would cover the final 5 of Pedroia's contract. Add in $500k for year 1, plus say a $2m buyout for the option year (on Pedroia's contract), and it seems Pedroia's deal is remarkably low.

2008-12-03 09:53:40
182.   Kevin Lewis
Maybe Pedroia is proving his scrappiness by taking less to help his team in the long run?

Or, he needs a new agent?

2008-12-03 09:56:07
183.   Jacob Burch
I've all but given up on the Dodgers signing any of the Core to a deal anytime soon. Am I silly in thinking this?
2008-12-03 10:00:43
184.   CajunDodger
I think deals like Hanley Ramirez and Pedroia took are going to beome more prevalent only if the economy really goes into the tank. Otherwise, there is simply too little reward involved in signing an under market contract. Pedroia probably left at least $25 million on the table assuming decent health and his option year being picked up.

As an example, Furcal just came off a 3 year contract where he performed to expectations about 50% of the time. He will probably get a contract of at least equal length and money.

2008-12-03 10:06:24
185.   Eric Stephen
I don't see anything happening this offseason at least. The only guy the club has shown an interest in locking up (Martin) has rebuffed their efforts.
2008-12-03 10:09:01
186.   bigcpa
.274/.338/.461 109 sOPS+ Lowell 2008
.274/.345/.463 105 sOPS+ Blake 2008

Lowell is on a 3-year $37.5M deal for his age 34,35,36 seasons. Granted his deal had some World Champion bonus in it, but this is a great comp. 3 yrs $20M would be a bargain. They both have 20 HR pop and 8% BB rates. Lowell is a better defender. Blake has the beard.

2008-12-03 10:11:08
187.   Kevin Lewis

Think of the sale possibilities for fake beards!

2008-12-03 10:16:43
188.   Harold M Johnson
187 He pays for himself!
2008-12-03 10:17:55
189.   Jacob Burch
186 That's really not fair. Lowell hit .324/.378/.501 the year before his free agency, and logical or not, The Year Before dictates a lot about the deal a player signs.
2008-12-03 10:19:51
190.   Jon Weisman
2008-12-03 10:21:50
191.   cargill06
The question is what's a better bargain? Blake DeWitt and Casey Blake are basically equal. Would you be better off spending money at 2B or 3B?

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