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'Language Is a Complimentary Moist Lemon-Scented Cleansing Square'
2008-12-03 15:45
by Jon Weisman

I'm delving into the Hugh Laurie-Stephen Fry combo for work reasons. Not an unpleasant task, as some of you might know.

This clip from A Bit of Fry and Laurie has the kind of intellectual heft I've always aspired to on Dodger Thoughts ...

* * *

Take a tour of's Proposed Manny Ramirez Little League Park.

Comments (237)
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2008-12-03 15:48:45
1.   trainwreck
Aww this is taking me back to my childhood. This is the stuff I was raised on.
2008-12-03 15:50:13
2.   underdog
Funny, we were having a mini-Jeeves and Wooster marathon this weekend. It's like comfort food. And it made me want to go find some Bit of Fry and Laurie, too. Right!
2008-12-03 15:50:42
3.   underdog
Dodgers made an intriguing signing today:

Travis Chick

I like it. He's worth a shot.

2008-12-03 15:53:04
4.   GoBears
My wife and I watched all of the Jeeves and Wooster episodes and then started reading the original books. It's uncanny how perfect Fry and Laurie were for their roles. And, even if you know the stories and the dialogue pretty well, it's still a riot to read the books.
2008-12-03 15:53:04
5.   trainwreck
Ken also busted out Monty Python recently.
2008-12-03 15:55:03
6.   underdog
May I compartmentalize? I hate to but may I?
2008-12-03 15:55:10
7.   Tripon

Rob Neyer is talking how defensive metrics are forcing teams to bid lower and more prudent than they have in the past for defensively challenged players.

2008-12-03 15:56:22
8.   trainwreck
Our big free agent signing.
2008-12-03 15:56:44
9.   Eric Enders
The sporcle Landlocked Countries quiz is driving me insane. So far I only have Andorra, Nepal, Botswana and Ethiopia and they expect me to come up with 40 more.
2008-12-03 15:58:16
10.   Bob Timmermann
I got 37.
2008-12-03 15:58:40
11.   GoBears
What is this sporcle?
2008-12-03 15:58:40
12.   trainwreck
All of you do the Sporcle quizzes that take actual academic knowledge. While I do things like trying to name the cast of Save By The Bell.
2008-12-03 15:59:26
13.   Tripon
9 Ubezistan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Uraguy, Paraguy, Vatican City.
2008-12-03 15:59:43
14.   Eric Enders
For some reason they won't take Iceland.
2008-12-03 15:59:54
15.   fanerman
11 It's the time-wasting website that Molly (I think?) introduced everyone to.
2008-12-03 16:00:46
16.   Bob Timmermann
You thought the American economy went into recession over a credit crisis? Wrong? It was a sharp decline in worker output because of Sporcle.

Paul Volcker told me so.

I wonder if there's a quiz where I can name all the Fed chiefs?

2008-12-03 16:01:10
17.   Harold M Johnson
13 Uruguay is not landlocked.
2008-12-03 16:03:47
18.   Tripon
17 It could be if they really wanted to.
2008-12-03 16:04:03
19.   trainwreck
I can name all the state capitals. That is the only bit of useful schooling I still remember.
2008-12-03 16:06:33
20.   Kevin Lewis

I opened that one and closed it immediately.

2008-12-03 16:07:15
21.   ToyCannon
You should not have asked, many a DT poster has never come back.
2008-12-03 16:07:20
22.   Eric Enders
Oh, yes. I just found the best one. "Can you name the things mentioned in We Didn't Start the Fire?"

The record is about to be broken, gentlemen.

2008-12-03 16:09:35
23.   Eric Stephen
Wow, I've never heard of "A Bit of Fry & Laurie." The closest I came to seeing British humour growing up was Fawlty Towers (and eventually, some Monty Python).
2008-12-03 16:10:47
24.   trainwreck
They should have a quiz on the lyrics to REM's "It's The End of the World."
2008-12-03 16:12:22
25.   Kevin Lewis
I thought I knew the lyrics to Fresh Prince.

Sporcle proved me wrong

2008-12-03 16:12:34
26.   Eric Stephen
I think Steve left way back when to start Sporcle.
2008-12-03 16:12:50
27.   trainwreck
"We did not start it!"

"Yes, you did, you invaded Poland!"

2008-12-03 16:14:51
28.   underdog
Just try the Hitchcock films one, I dare you. The silent films will kill you. I took a class on Hitchcock in film school and still missed a ton.

Juno and the Paycock I remembered but not Blackmail, go figure.

The European countries one was a fun challenge but I had spelling difficulties on that one.

Meanwhile, back to work. No, seriously. Really.

2008-12-03 16:15:09
29.   Jacob Burch
Someone sent me the RickRoll sporcle and I immediately got 3/6 right, despite (I don't think) never listening to the song for more than ten seconds at a time.
2008-12-03 16:17:26
30.   trainwreck
Haha, I wrote a paper on Blackmail. That would be one of the few I can remember.
2008-12-03 16:21:46
31.   Jon Weisman
For further reading:

2008-12-03 16:21:58
32.   Eric Stephen
I sang that song in front of my 7th grade English class, yet it has completely left my head.
2008-12-03 16:22:37
33.   LogikReader
Shortest Sporcle quiz ever:

Years the SF Giants won a championship.

2008-12-03 16:25:43
34.   Eric Stephen
I only got 18/20 on the Weird Al songs test. I now want to punch Sporcle in the face.
2008-12-03 16:26:50
35.   Eric Stephen
I tried typing in years, but none of them were working. :)
2008-12-03 16:27:19
36.   Tripon
Looks like the relief market is starting to move.'s Jason Beck says talks for Joe Beimel have picked up in recent days, with the Tigers one of the remaining clubs. Darren Oliver's arbitration offer helped the market for Beimel.

Beck also notes that the Reds "supposedly had not engaged in talks as of Wednesday" for Beimel despite the team's reported interest. The Rockies may be in the mix though.


2008-12-03 16:29:08
37.   Jon Weisman
36 - The whole arbitration/draft pick discussion is one thing, but no tears should be shed over the departure of Joe Beimel.
2008-12-03 16:30:28
38.   fanerman
Ah, that always reminds me of this:

Clicking on the link won't work. You'll have to copy/paste it into the URL thing on your browser.

2008-12-03 16:30:35
39.   Tripon
37 I was blehing on the loss of an easy comp pick lost because of the shortsightness of not offering arbitration of Joe Beimel.

Actually losing Joe Beimel causes me no heartache.

2008-12-03 16:36:15
40.   Eric Enders
28 I just tried the Hitchcock one and I did terrible. 31 of 58. Didn't help that I couldn't remember the title of "Frenzy" even though I've seen it twice.
2008-12-03 16:36:40
41.   Eric Stephen
I was as angry as anyone about Beimel not being offered arbitration, but there's no denying the fact that his lack of a giant "A" on his chest makes him a more attractive free agent to other teams.
2008-12-03 16:38:19
42.   Jim Hitchcock
28 Oh, man...out Hitchcocked by underdog!
2008-12-03 16:38:37
43.   TheBigGrabowski
Wow, Sporcle is FANTASTIC. Of course, now my entire evening is shot. I will now mentally prepare myself for the Simpsons one.
2008-12-03 16:38:53
44.   Eric Enders
I thought the red "A" was permanent after the hand-cutting incident.
2008-12-03 16:40:19
45.   Jim Hitchcock
40 And Enders...
2008-12-03 16:40:36
46.   trainwreck
For all those that are excited about De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao fight this weekend, tonight on Versus you can see a much better fight.

One of the world's best MMA fighters Miguel Torres defends his WEC bantamweight title against Manny Tapia. Torres is the kind of fighter that can turn a person into a MMA fan.

2008-12-03 16:41:22
47.   Tripon
41 Beimel's a type B FA.

His lack or branding of a scarlet B on his manly chest would make him no more attractive otherwise to other teams.

2008-12-03 16:43:35
48.   Eric Stephen
Damn! I tend not to let facts in my way when referring to literature I didn't want to read growing up. :)
2008-12-03 16:46:53
49.   Gen3Blue
From the last post 148 I'm with Silverwidow. Kemp is several inches shorter than Winfield or Parker, and until he shows he can't play center, I think with his speed he can.
2008-12-03 16:53:51
50.   Jon Weisman
Washington State's basketball team leads the Pac-10 in scoring defense, giving up 43.8 points per game.

Washington State's football team is ranked last in the Pac-10 in scoring defense, giving up... 43.8 points per game.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-12-03 17:00:29
51.   underdog
So Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune says the Twins offered Casey Blake a two-year deal worth about $6MM per year, with an option for 2011.

If the Dodgers try to top that (especially in length) I'll be mad. If they get him for no more than that I'm okay with it.

2008-12-03 17:00:43
52.   ToyCannon
Latest report is Blake at only 6 Million year. I kind of like how the numbers keep falling.

Now I'm getting quite curious to see what Rafy's numbers really are because if he is reasonable he should be our starting SS so we stop all this Hu nonsense.

2008-12-03 17:02:02
53.   silverwidow
Twins offered Blake 2 yrs/$12M with an option. We can beat that, easily.
2008-12-03 17:02:25
54.   silverwidow
51 52 Oops.
2008-12-03 17:03:08
55.   trainwreck
I wonder if Casey Blake is getting any offers.
2008-12-03 17:05:48
56.   ToyCannon
Should we? or just let him decide between the two of us. I didn't think the Twins would be paying the numbers I'd heard bandied about.
2008-12-03 17:08:16
57.   underdog
Maybe we should sign William Blake instead. He could teach Colletti a thing or two. Like how prudence is a rich, ugly, old maid courted by incapacity.
2008-12-03 17:08:28
58.   Tripon
Make the 3rd year an option year with a fairly high buyout($1 million to $2 million)

2 years at 13 million with a 7 million option with a 1 million would get it done.

2008-12-03 17:08:48
59.   trainwreck
I would rather go with Dewitt and a DeJesus/Abreu combo for cents on the dollar.
2008-12-03 17:09:54
60.   Harold M Johnson
maybe the market on Furcal will dry up and he can be had at a reasonable rate.
2008-12-03 17:10:01
61.   ToyCannon
Isn't his huge thighs and butt the question not his height? Hopefully Matt Kemp doesn't turn into Shawn Kemp.
2008-12-03 17:10:05
62.   silverwidow
I wouldn't have a problem with 2/$20M to be honest. No 3rd year.
2008-12-03 17:11:51
63.   trainwreck
Gotta keep him away from the nose candy.
2008-12-03 17:11:52
64.   ToyCannon
Before you know it we will have our almost championship team put back together minus Lowe.
2008-12-03 17:12:05
65.   Tripon
62 But Blake's asking for 20 million/3 years. Its kinda silly to give him the same amount of money for less years.
2008-12-03 17:13:25
66.   Icaros
I'm as unexcited about re-signing Casey Blake as I was about trading for him. It's like having to go on a date with Plain Jane.
2008-12-03 17:14:24
67.   Icaros
Hopefully Matt Kemp doesn't turn into Shawn Kemp.

How many children has Bison fathered so far?

2008-12-03 17:16:21
68.   Bob Timmermann
They're called calves.
2008-12-03 17:18:11
69.   Icaros

Thought so, but I wasn't sure. Guess you would've corrected me either way, and you did.

2008-12-03 17:24:14
70.   Bob Timmermann
I checked Grzimek's to be sure.
2008-12-03 17:25:21
71.   ToyCannon
He could sire a herd for all I care. Just means he will have to be one heck of a player to handle the money side. I was talking about the weight issue and the fact he was done long before his time, not the drugs or kids.
2008-12-03 17:26:06
72.   fanerman
71 I thought Shawn Kemp's problems mainly had to do with his work ethic and love of buffets.
2008-12-03 17:27:02
73.   trainwreck
Kemp actually is cleaned up now and in better shape and was trying to play in Europe.
2008-12-03 17:27:10
74.   fanerman
72 And drugs.
2008-12-03 17:28:31
75.   Humma Kavula
57 I was under the impression that William Blake worked exclusively for the Detroit club.
2008-12-03 17:28:54
76.   ToyCannon
Elton Brand still can't win in a weaker league on a better team.
Clippers should stay away from bringing home town boys in to become their point guards. The Baron has single handily cost them several fourth quarter games with his inept play at crunch time.
2008-12-03 17:31:04
77.   Icaros

Like every other point guard, Andre Miller is looking great against the Lakers right now.

2008-12-03 17:35:07
78.   ToyCannon
And he's still losing the game. Do any current teammates have more losses then Miller and Brand combined?
2008-12-03 17:35:42
79.   Icaros
Derek Fisher might be the worst player on the roster. If LA had a lockdown defensive PG, they'd be the perfect team.
2008-12-03 17:37:47
80.   Tripon
No, that honor goes to Vlad Radmovdic. Although, my hate of him may transcend all logic.
2008-12-03 17:39:54
81.   fanerman
I'm glad Fisher and Vlad are the "worst" players on the roster. A couple seasons ago Mihm was our 3rd best player.
2008-12-03 17:40:35
82.   trainwreck
Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy got to be close. Less years in the league, but they were with the Warriors for while.
2008-12-03 17:41:07
83.   Icaros
Although, my hate of him may transcend all logic.

It does, just like your Adam Dunn Syndrome. Vlad doesn't get enough minutes to be the worst player, and his defense has been underrated this year. He's not the one giving up more penetration on a nightly basis than an actress in Van Nuys.

2008-12-03 17:42:59
84.   Icaros

Very true. A lot of people have already forgotten.

2008-12-03 17:43:46
85.   Tripon
My Adam Dunn Syndrome consists of not thinking a guy with Dunn's skills not helping a team the same way over two months the way it would over a season.

Its great to have a high OBP, but the 2008 D'Backs apprently didn't understand the value of man on base, with Dunn's meager 21 runs with the D'Backs.

2008-12-03 17:45:15
86.   Marty
83 OK, the contest is closed. Icaros wins.
2008-12-03 17:47:46
87.   Strike4
with apologies to the Beatles...

Dear Prudence open up his brain
Dear Prudence PVL's refrain
With Ned in charge, there's fear and doubt
His bids go in, the funds blow out
Dear Prudence open up his brain

2008-12-03 17:49:50
88.   Eric Stephen
Do any current teammates have more losses then Miller and Brand combined

I'll give Bill Simmons credit for questioning Philadelphia's logic this offseason. I believe his line was something like "why would Philly want to reunite the two best players on the 55-loss 2003 Clippers team?"

2008-12-03 17:51:51
89.   Icaros
The two-disc album, Themes From William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, by Norway's Ulver, is an almost completely unknown classic.
2008-12-03 17:51:57
90.   fanerman
According to Roland Rating, Fisher and Vlad are in fact the two worst players on the Lakers 9-man rotation. Mihm is listed higher than them but he doesn't get many minutes.

2008-12-03 17:52:54
91.   Tripon
83 Also, if Vlad Radmovidic isn't getting enough minutes to qualify to be the 'worst' player on the team, isn't that damning enough on its own? Its like Dodgers fans begging for Juan Pierre to be benched because the things he does 'well' doesn't help the team win.

With Vlad Rad, its supposedly his defense and 3 point shooting, but he takes too many dumb fouls, and he doesn't shoot a high percentage, with a 40.4% this year. His 3 point percentage is considerably higher at 45% this year, but he's a career 38.4% three point shooter.

So yeah, he may not be the 'worst',(Which I guess is Sun Yue this year) but he's certainly overpaid, and Phil Jackson keeps on starting him for some reason that I can't grasp. Unless he stopped that recently.

2008-12-03 17:54:06
92.   trainwreck
Sick put-back by Ariza.
2008-12-03 17:57:04
93.   Icaros

He starts him, but the guy plays 21 minutes a game. He's basically a rotation player who just happens to fit in best with the personnel that makes up the starting 5.

Also, he is paid similar to other mid-level players. Is Lamar Odom worth the $14 million he's making this year?

2008-12-03 17:57:13
94.   Tripon

Big Dodgers report from Rosenthal.

2008-12-03 18:00:02
95.   Indiana Jon
It's too bad the "landlocked" sporcle isn't called "landlocked countries that end in stan". If it was, i would nearly have a perfect score. Unfortunately, there was only one other country, not ending in stan, that I could name.
2008-12-03 18:02:27
96.   Tripon
93 Depends on what the average amount of the contract is. I feel that teams intentionally put high amount of dollars on the last year so they clear as much cap space on a single contract that they can so they drop that much easier against the cap the next year, or make that contract that much more desirable for other teams willing to trade for cap relief.

If I had to guess, I would say Odom probably is not a $14 million per year player, but he's maybe around a $10 million player. A NBA team would rather pay a player 6 million the first year, and then 14 million in his last year to free up more cap space at the end, I guess.

2008-12-03 18:03:31
97.   Andrew Shimmin
I've never heard of folk-lore inspired black metal.
2008-12-03 18:05:20
98.   trainwreck
Ever heard of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum?
2008-12-03 18:05:21
99.   bigcpa
94 Make that Big Bad Dodgers Report.
2008-12-03 18:06:42
100.   Andrew Shimmin
I keep seeing this commercial about how "it's time to see the tobacco industry's free samples for what they are." Are there really half-dressed women handing out free cigarettes somewhere?


Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-12-03 18:10:56
101.   Tripon
100 Can anyone say a Top Chef elimination challenge?

Padma: Your objective this week is to cook an entry using tobacco provided by our wonderful friends at Phillis-Morris as your main ingredient.

Top Chef contestant: ...I hate you so much.

2008-12-03 18:11:58
102.   trainwreck
I would smoke ten packs of cigarettes if Padma told me too.
2008-12-03 18:12:04
103.   Tripon
As part of their search for a veteran to bring leadership to a young pitching staff, the Los Angeles Dodgers have identified former Padres closer Trevor Hoffman among several candidates.

Seems like smoke, but eh. Might be a way to keep Broxton's stats down so the Dodgers wouldn't have to pay as much in arbitration.

2008-12-03 18:12:50
104.   Andrew Shimmin
[haunting native American music plays, scene changes to an Aztec pyramid]
The history of chocolate begins with the ancient Aztecs.
[see a hand holding an `Ah Fudge' candy bar]
In those days, instead of being wrapped in a hygienic package,
chocolate was wrapped in a tobacco leaf.
[candy bar changes to a coiled tobacco leaf]
And instead of being pure chocolate, like we have today, it was
mixed with shredded tobacco.
[pull back to see a smiling Aztec fellow holding the cigar-shaped tobacco leaf]
And they didn't eat it, they smoked it!
[Aztec lights it, takes a puff, and smiles broadly]
2008-12-03 18:13:09
105.   scareduck
95 - I got almost totally skunked on that. Uzbekistan, Nepal, and Chad.
2008-12-03 18:14:11
106.   LogikReader
The Lakers flat out don't look good defensively of late. Icaros makes a good point, however.
2008-12-03 18:14:45
107.   LogikReader
Meanwhile, the Pacers are really making the Lakers look bad.

85-61 Celtics, 3rd Qtr.

2008-12-03 18:14:59
108.   D4P
Dodger Management seems almost maniacal about having veteran pitchers around to teach the youngsters.

Among other comments I could make, what the heck is the pitching coach for?

2008-12-03 18:16:40
109.   trainwreck
I would rather pay Greg Maddux to just hang out on our team than pay Hoffman to play for us.
2008-12-03 18:18:46
110.   Tripon
For instance, the Angels paid K-Rod for his three arbitration years:

2006: $3,775,000
2007: $7,000,000
2008: $10,000,000

Not to say Broxton will reach those numbers but saves are a good and fast way to jack up those arbitration numbers. If the Dodgers find a way to limit Broxton's saves count by signing a guy like Hoffman, I could see the logic of such a move, if say, Hoffman signs for under $5 million this year.

2008-12-03 18:18:46
111.   oshea2002
I don't see how Rosenthal equates Ned not talking to Boras in a month with Manny being a longshot. I personally think a sizeable segment of fans will riot (not literally riot) if Manny doesn't come back, something directly reflected in ticket sales. I still believe McCourt knows this, and probably figures he can go cheap or nothing everywhere else if he brings Manny back. I still think that's what we end up doing.
2008-12-03 18:19:58
112.   Tripon
The Golden Baseball League (GBL) announced today that they have offered professional baseball superstar Rickey Henderson $1M if he elects to be enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown as a San Diego Surf Dawg.

I thought the hall of fame chooses your cap for you?

2008-12-03 18:20:25
113.   trainwreck
2008-12-03 18:21:19
114.   D4P
According to ESPN's Jayson Stark, the Twins and Dodgers both have essentially been told that they'll be able to sign Casey Blake if they add a third year to their current proposals.
2008-12-03 18:21:22
115.   regfairfield
Is Broxton's agent so bad that he can't counter "Broxton only had four saves" with "in five opportunities?"
2008-12-03 18:21:43
116.   trainwreck
Don't bite, Ned!!!
2008-12-03 18:24:56
117.   oshea2002
If they cave and go three years for Blake, but won't for Manny, that is the definition of insanity.
2008-12-03 18:25:11
118.   underdog
I actually instituted a No Ken Rosenthal rule a few months ago and it's down wonders for my constitution. I highly recommend trying it.

83 made me almost spit out my juice, btw.

Hey, Icaros, there are women who are totally your type working at my new dentist's office, btw. You'll have to go there for your next cleaning, even if it's just for... oh forget it, I was gonna try to make a lewd metaphor too but I just can't compete with the other one.

2008-12-03 18:27:37
119.   underdog
Wait, is the Lakers game on national TV? Or are those of you with DirectTV just torturing me? I turned on ESPN and got Dick Vitale, who sounds like Tom Waits after he's gargled hot asphalt.
2008-12-03 18:28:09
120.   trainwreck
I use the power of the tubes.
2008-12-03 18:29:10
121.   underdog
Oh wait, it's over anyway. And they win! They're only 15-2.
2008-12-03 18:35:18
122.   LogikReader
Personally, if I was a player, I'd have a tough time getting over a heartbreak loss like yesterday's Laker game in Indiana. I think tonight was a good rebound win to help get the Lakers back on track.

Like a lot of people said, defense is softening a bit, but its really hard to pick nits with 15-2. Especially with such a long season ahead.


I still can't get over how Sabean went after Affeldt AND Howry, along with a push for Edgar Renteria. Then this news about a 3 year deal for Blake and Hoffman. It's as if Ned and Sabes are competing for the "Worst GM of the Year" award.

2008-12-03 18:35:29
123.   Sam DC
Every wednesday I try and stir up Top Chef thoughts and tonight I nearly miss it.

Even if it was just Padma ogling/product placement mocking.

Actually, Padma ogling/product placement mocking is a fairly potent combination . . .

2008-12-03 18:37:33
124.   trainwreck
If the Giants do the Sanchez/Cantu trade than Sabean wins.
2008-12-03 18:38:32
125.   regfairfield
As much as I don't like Casey Blake, the third base market is horrible for the next three years. Beltre is really the only appalling option until 2011, and even then the only guys out there are likely to get extended before then. We don't have any brilliant internal options either. Casey Blake on a contract cheap enough that we can cut our losses if necessary might not be a bad idea.
2008-12-03 18:39:21
126.   Tripon
125 appalling or appealing?
2008-12-03 18:40:40
127.   trainwreck
What about an improved Dewitt? Granted, I want Dewitt at second, but I would rather have him at third than Blake for three years.
2008-12-03 18:44:27
128.   underdog
124 Really? I think Giants lose on that one personally.


Nice story on on the Dodgers, including young James Mac, helping Santa with local schoolkids.

2008-12-03 18:44:34
129.   D4P
Would Blake make a good Special Assistant to the GM?
2008-12-03 18:45:18
130.   trainwreck
I meant that Sabean would win worst GM trophy.
2008-12-03 18:46:44
131.   regfairfield
127 That leaves the who plays second question. Blake is probably better than whatever stopgap we can throw at second (we aren't starting the season with DeJesus or Abreu there) and if he totally flames out, is eating a 2/12 contract going to kill us?

If there were any other options this wouldn't work but there's really nothing out there. Hell, there's no guarantee DeWitt will be great next year.

2008-12-03 18:47:17
132.   Indiana Jon
105 Uzbekistan was the only stan I missed.
2008-12-03 18:49:52
133.   oshea2002
129 - LOL
2008-12-03 18:53:56
134.   Gen3Blue
61 I used to think that but I swear there have been a few players 6' by 200lbs who have been real speedsters. It is the tall guys who make great middle to long distant runners, but rarely sprinters! Now I'll have to go find the guys I'm thinking of for proof--but think of the shape of running backs in the NFL.
2008-12-03 19:01:14
135.   underdog
130 Oh duh. I should eat dinner, brain not working.


Andy Lambo, phone call for you -- DeJon wants to know if you can play third. And soon.

2008-12-03 19:06:34
136.   underdog
Anyone tempted by the 34 points UCLA is given for the USC game? Tempts me a little, but not enough.
2008-12-03 19:08:43
137.   trainwreck
Not after seeing how many points Kevin Craft gave ASU last week.
2008-12-03 19:10:30
138.   underdog
Oh is he still their QB? I thought he'd been banned after last week's debacle. Never mind then.
2008-12-03 19:13:50
139.   oshea2002
Punting is winning.
2008-12-03 19:14:08
140.   Tripon
Q:Travis from Ewa Beach asks:I saw alot of Satoshi Nagai and when he faced the vaunted Waikiki lineup he dominated them. Where there any thoughts of listing a Japanese player.

A:John Manuel: I tried asking about more Japanese players but time constraints limited those interviews. Nagai is one guy who stood out to the point that he came up, with one manager calling him the league's best pitcher. He has Japan League experience and touched 94 mph with his fastball with life. He also throws a pair of breaking balls and a splitter. I think the most impressive thing for Nagai is he faced Waikiki five times (Alonso, Posey, Kieschnick, Frazier all on that team), and in his last start he struck out 11 and allowed only one hit, one HR to Kieschnick.

Didn't realize that Japanese clubs sends their own prospects to the HWL.

2008-12-03 19:15:07
141.   Tripon
18. Javy Guerra, rhp, Waikiki (Dodgers).

2008-12-03 19:19:26
142.   Andrew Shimmin
125- I was more surprised when you went wobbly on Pierre, but I'm more hurt to see you do it for Blake.
2008-12-03 19:31:40
143.   regfairfield
Desperate times...
2008-12-03 19:31:40
144.   Ken Noe
Ned's Blake-love surely will mean three years. The only silver lining is that he's less likely to trade for Jack Wilson.
2008-12-03 19:36:41
145.   Andrew Shimmin
143- There's such a thing as principles, you know. For example, I have a principle: I don't like Casey Blake. If that means Delwyn Young at 2B, so be it.
2008-12-03 19:37:40
146.   Gen3Blue
#18 in the Hawaii winter league may also indicate desperate times.
2008-12-03 19:41:42
147.   Gen3Blue
But it appears that Nagai isn't in the top twenty--so maybe it does mean something.
2008-12-03 19:42:09
148.   Tripon
8:00pm:'s Mark Bowman says Ross' two-year deal will be worth about $3.5MM. Ross says it could be finalized tomorrow.

Huh. A good deal for David Ross. I'm glad he got this deal, although its kinda funny that Paul LoDuca wishes he could find a deal like this.

2008-12-03 19:42:58
149.   Tripon
147 Nagai shouldn't be in the top 20. He pitches for a Japanese team.
2008-12-03 19:44:18
150.   Sam DC
"When you're a professional chef, and somebody spits your food out, it's bad."

And that was quite a somebody doing the spittin . . .

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2008-12-03 19:54:54
151.   Tripon
Rotoworld is high on David Ross:

Ross certainly could have gotten more playing time elsewhere, but perhaps not a multiyear deal. He's a better player than probably a half-dozen of the players who will enter 2009 as starting catchers.

2008-12-03 19:55:52
152.   El Lay Dave
Gurnick's article from yesterday is running with this photo:

Is regfairfield in charge of coloring Ned's toupee? I'd swear that's "caramel kiss".

2008-12-03 20:01:22
153.   El Lay Dave
135 Lambo throws left-handed, so that would be interesting.
2008-12-03 20:03:27
154.   trainwreck
He is becoming more and more like a wombat every day.
2008-12-03 20:04:10
155.   regfairfield
That's more of an ash blonde.
2008-12-03 20:05:07
156.   El Lay Dave
One 3B off the market.

And the new Seattle GM still says things like "he can hit them a country mile". I like phases like "a country mile", though I fail to understand how it's any more impressive than a city mile.

2008-12-03 20:06:20
157.   El Lay Dave
155 I willingly defer to your expertise on such matters.

On daring days I refer to my wife's gray hairs as her ash-blonde highlights.

2008-12-03 20:07:42
158.   scareduck
156 - and yet, time's superlative is the "New York minute", as though that were faster than the country variety.
2008-12-03 20:09:02
159.   El Lay Dave
Quick quiz: which GM said this about a recent acquisition?

"The big thing with [player X] is been there and done it," [the GM] said. "You can't walk away from the experience. You can't walk away from the fact that he's done it. … No question he's going to return to form and be a valuable cog."

2008-12-03 20:13:30
160.   Andrew Shimmin
Not as funny as Jon's kid mocking him in song (because there was, presumably, no malicious intent here), but still pretty good.

2008-12-03 20:32:48
161.   Icaros
I was away at my bowling league...

Yes, I have heard of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, but haven't really heard them. I actually don't listen to much new stuff of that genre anymore.

Ulver started as folk-inspired black metal and slowly evolved into an avant-garde techno/rock/soundtrack/noise/a little bit of everything outfit.

Underdog, will they line-up the hygienists when I walk in the door and let me choose my favorite one (or two)?

2008-12-03 20:56:33
162.   Tripon
10:41pm: Sherman has an update: the Padres are closing in on a deal that will send Greene to the Cardinals.

Albert Pujols must be scratching his head at Greene.

2008-12-03 20:58:33
163.   CajunDodger

...although I did name the 50 states in 2:47

2008-12-03 20:59:11
164.   The Trolley Dodger
156 158 If Distance / Time = Speed, then...

Country Mile / New York Minute = Suburban Speed Limit?

2008-12-03 21:03:21
165.   underdog
153 So!? Even then he'll be a better bet than Rich Aurelia.

161 Yes, my friend, pretty much. Then one of them will floss you.

2008-12-03 21:10:22
166.   Bob Timmermann
Country folk have a lot more open space and tend to underestimate how far apart everything is.

And if they were like my dad they would use non euphemistic words for excrement a lot.

2008-12-03 21:13:46
167.   Icaros
I want to be flossed and polished at the same time.
2008-12-03 21:21:47
168.   trainwreck
ESPN says the Giants are preparing to offer CC a deal.
2008-12-03 21:24:34
169.   Tripon
Its sad that the Giants are the only team in the NL West acting like they have money.
2008-12-03 21:28:45
170.   El Lay Dave
167 And scraped?
2008-12-03 21:30:43
171.   Daniel Zappala
No rumor to this effect, but if the Giants were to sign Manny, would that mean everyone here and LA fans in general would now hate him?
2008-12-03 21:32:59
172.   ToyCannon
I'd like Jon to use that line in his next forward. Fanerman has had the limelight to long.
2008-12-03 21:39:58
173.   ToyCannon
If the Giants sign CC it would one of the great ballsy moves in baseball. Forget the offense just build the best damn pitching staff you can. As a fan of CC's, I'd rather have him in a Giant uniform then a Yankee uniform.

They have such a boatload of young pitching with a few smart moves they could bring in enough offense to take the division without touching the rotation. Good thing they have the Zito anchor keeping them grounded from buying offense.

A Manny/CC coup for the Giants would just be so awesome I wouldn't be able to stop laughing until they pounded us.

2008-12-03 21:43:26
174.   Tripon
A Manny/CC coup just might get Ned and McCourt run out of town. Can't cry economic uncertainty when your rival just picked up two of the best free agents in the off season. Its not the economy, its just the Dodgers squandered their resources to the point where they're paying heavily for it.
2008-12-03 21:52:38
175.   trainwreck
Who knows? If the Giants signed CC maybe that would cause McCourt to open his wallet a bit more.
2008-12-03 21:53:59
176.   ChicagoDodger
117 If they cave and go three years for Blake, but won't for Manny, that is the definition of insanity.

While I agree I wouldn't go 3 years for Blake, I'm not sure I see the correlation here. I mean, if Manny would take $6 million a year, I'm pretty sure the Dodgers would cave, say, all the way to 7-10 years.

It's the $15 million a year, not the extra year itself that gets in the way.

2008-12-03 21:54:30
177.   underdog
Does the Giants new ownership have anything to do with this sudden influx of money? (Or apparent influx anyway.) Not that McCourt's beginning signaled a boatload of money, but their owner apparently has some. Even so I can't imagine how they're going to pay for CC along with Renteria, the two relievers they just signed, plus Zito and Rowand (never mind even Manny), but if they manage it it will certainly make McCourt look the fool.

Though I would think a Renteria signing on top of the other moves would make the Giants look foolish, too, ultimately.

But talk about a splash hit...

2008-12-03 21:57:09
178.   underdog
Also, new from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

>>The Pirates are focused on Los Angeles in their trade talks involving shortstop Jack Wilson, with Dodgers shortstop prospect Chin-Lung Hu and outfielder Delwyn Young still at the forefront of the possible return. ...<<

(Keeping in mind this is another one of those rumors from the Pirates perspective and from their beat reporter, they focusing on the Dodgers doesn't mean the Dodgers are any more interested than they were.)

2008-12-03 21:58:10
179.   oshea2002
Assuming we don't make a lot of moves, I could see the Giants winning the West by adding CC.

Ned and Frank are in trouble if they simply miss on both those guys, whether passing on them is right or wrong. You can make a reasonable argument that we are each guy's #1 choice. If we miss on both, and they land one, fans will be really steamed. If they landed both, duck.

2008-12-03 22:02:03
180.   oshea2002
176 - I was saying from a risk type perspective, I get that the dollars are different. If you simply say we can't go more then 2 years for an older player, or for anyone other then CC, fine. But if the logic is it's too risky to offer Manny a third year, but not Blake, then I don't get it.
2008-12-03 22:16:52
181.   Andrew Shimmin
The Giants scored 119 fewer runs than they allowed this year. Even assuming that their young players do get better, I don't think Sabathia puts them over the top. Sabathia and Manny and the Dodgers and D'backs bottoming out, maybe. But I wouldn't put money on it.

If TradeSports hadn't gone under. And I had ever bet money over the internet in violation of the SAFE Port Act. Hypothetically.

2008-12-03 22:20:32
182.   LAT
Has there been any Nomar talk this off season? Has he said what he wants to do. Retire? FA? Return to Dodgers? I think the silence is becasue Ned has already told Nomar he will be back and Nomar is willing to take a pay cut. From Ned's perspective Nomar is useful at 3B and SS. Two positions where Nred needs help.
2008-12-03 22:24:21
183.   kinbote
179 Mmmm. Steamed duck.
2008-12-03 22:32:56
184.   oshea2002
181 - if the Giants signed CC and are in "win now" mode, one could assume they'd trade for a bat.
2008-12-03 22:36:13
185.   Andrew Shimmin
Trade what, though? I like Emmanuel Burriss and Travis Ishikawa, but I don't think they'd fetch much on the market. Isn't their system pretty bottom heavy, still? And they can't trade last year's picks till June, or whatever. I don't know; I don't see it.
2008-12-03 22:40:58
186.   trainwreck
A lot of their talent is young, but they got a lot of pitching in the minors that is valuable.
2008-12-03 22:47:11
187.   Tripon
185 Aaron Rowand, and Freedy Lewis has some value. Trade one or the other for something.
2008-12-03 22:49:56
188.   The Trolley Dodger
Matt Cain?
2008-12-03 22:52:08
189.   LAT
Fathers of young girls everywhere should applaud Judge Steven Larson's name. The porn doll is dead. At least for now. (Sorry not even remotely related to baseball but it made me happy.)

2008-12-03 22:53:07
190.   El Lay Dave
187 Rowand still has 4/$48M remaining for his age 31-34 seasons, coming off a 94 OPS+ year. Might be hard to move.
2008-12-03 22:53:14
191.   Andrew Shimmin
186- Yeah, there's a lot to like in the their low minor teams, but the exchange rate on trading those pieces is pretty brutal.
2008-12-03 22:55:04
192.   ToyCannon
Yup, they could keep CC, Cain, Lincecum, Sanchez, and Zito. Trade Tim Alderson who should bring in a bundle or trade Sanchez and let Lowry / Correia take their lumps.

The outfield of Winn / Rowand / Lewis is not bad, it is the infield that needs help but who are we to make fun of their infield when ours right now looks like Loney / ? / Hu / DeWitt? If Sandoval is indeed their 1st baseman and is not a fluke then they just need to worry about 2nd/3rd if they sign Renteria.

You wouldn't need to be that good with those 3 pitching 3 out of 5 games to make the West interesting.

2008-12-03 22:57:24
193.   Tripon
190 I think a lot of Rowand's value is by teams who think he's can still play a good defensive CF. He's kinda in the same boat like Juan Pierre, but Rowand actually hit for some power so a team might want to take a chance on him.

Can Lewis play CF? Then again, he made some eye catching errors in left field too.

2008-12-03 22:57:48
194.   trainwreck
That was something far different from what I was expecting.
2008-12-03 22:58:18
195.   Tripon
192 Kevin Correia got released by the giants.
2008-12-03 23:04:56
196.   Tripon
11:24pm: Henry Schulman says Renteria took a physical for the Giants today and "a deal appears to be done."

Curious and curiouser. So far the Giants has spent $15.275 million on free agents this year. In Affdelt, Howry, and Renteria, and seemly $28.75 million overall.

Think the Giants would be willing to spend another 20 million or so in 2009 to net Manny or C.C.?

2008-12-03 23:05:13
197.   Tripon
above source was from
2008-12-03 23:07:26
198.   LAT
194. Sorry, I have always hated those dolls.
2008-12-03 23:15:04
199.   trainwreck
I figured your daughter only had Shawn Green dolls anyways.
2008-12-03 23:16:13
200.   Tripon
THURSDAY, 1:08am: Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune says the Padres have reached an agreement to send Greene to the Cardinals. Krasovic believes clearing Greene's salary may improve the chances of the Padres retaining Jake Peavy.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-12-03 23:16:20
201.   bhsportsguy
198 Wow, that's a big victory for Mattel.
2008-12-03 23:19:26
202.   Tripon
198 Nothing is going to stop Mattel to continue the BRATZ line. Its clearly popular.
2008-12-03 23:29:45
203.   Andrew Shimmin
Would the dolls be popular if liking them didn't make girls' parents crazy?
2008-12-04 00:42:21
204.   LoneStar7
This put me in the mood for a little blackadder, Goes Forth is by far my favortite
2008-12-04 00:42:53
205.   still bevens
I worked on a trial in Larson's courtroom around this time last year. It was kind of a nightmare.

Whats kinda interesting to this board was that Chris Gwynn was a prospective juror on the case but he was excused because he had spring training obligations for the Padres coming up.

2008-12-04 00:47:37
206.   trainwreck
I remember liking Blackadder II and Goes Forth the most, but I really need to watch them again since I saw that show when I was very young and did not get tons of jokes.
2008-12-04 04:44:04
207.   D4P
For Bob, from Rotoworld:

The Cardinals are on the verge of acquiring Khalil Greene from the Padres for two relief prospects, according to the New York Post. We'll assume that neither Chris Perez nor Jason Motte is in the deal. If that's the case, it will probably be a pretty good one for St. Louis. Greene should prove to be at least a league-average shortstop away from Petco. He'll certainly be plenty motivated in what will be his walk year.

2008-12-04 07:24:17
208.   Disabled List
The Sporcle quiz on the most populous metro areas in the US is bogus. I've never seen a metro area definition that has Riverside/San Bernadino separate from Los Angeles. Ruined my shot at a perfect score on that one.

I did, however, get a perfect score on the major NCAA conferences quiz.

2008-12-04 07:33:47
209.   Esquinazo
Stephen Fry's new series "Stephen Fry in America" is worth chasing down, either via official (Region 2 DVD - ) or "alternative" means.

He drives his old British taxicab across America, determined to visit every state, and fun and hijinx ensue . . .

It just finished airing on the BBC a month or so ago. It doesn't have the "A co-production of the BBC/WGBH Boston" tagline in the end credits that usually tip you off that it's going to turn up on PBS eventually.

For some reason, we don't get most of his more recent works--and especially his more serious works--over here. Too bad.

2008-12-04 07:33:48
210.   dianagramr
Here is what Fry is up to lately ...

Its a huge hit over there .... sadly, BBC America doesn't show it, and the DVDs aren't coded for American machines.

So, I've been left to forage for clips on YouTube. But its definitely worth your time.

2008-12-04 07:40:39
211.   Jon Weisman
Kurt Streeter's column today in the Times is inane. I'm wondering about whether to ignore it or not.
2008-12-04 07:43:45
212.   Bob Timmermann
That made up my mind whether to read it or not.
2008-12-04 07:48:13
213.   D4P
Better yet, just ask the McCourts, who, according to reports, recently purchased side-by-side estates on the Malibu beachfront for just over $50 million.

The McCourts would have us believe that money spent on Manny is money not spent on many. But what money spent on mansions...?

2008-12-04 07:49:49
214.   Eric Stephen
Of course, I had to read it after that. I award Mr. Streeter no points, and may God have mercy on his soul.
2008-12-04 07:50:34
215.   Eric Stephen
Nice word play in a post about language. Well played, sir.
2008-12-04 07:56:35
216.   dianagramr

Now that you mansion it ...

2008-12-04 08:02:42
217.   D4P
Unlike Streeter, I don't really see a need for communal conversations about MLB salaries. If the owners think the salaries are too high, it is completely within their power not to pay more than they want to pay.

Low budget teams in Florida (is not elsewhere) have managed to be very competitive in the World Series over the past decade, so it's not as if paying huge salaries is a necessary condition for success.

It's much more important to spend wisely than to spend widely.

2008-12-04 08:03:20
218.   Ken Noe
213 But there's a Ballfield of Dreams in the back of each, for the servants' kids.
2008-12-04 08:11:10
219.   MC Safety
"Is it OK for players and owners to keep raking in ungodly sums while not giving back more to the fans -- the cops, teachers and plumbers who sit in the bleachers and upper decks?"

Excuse me while I go hurl.

2008-12-04 08:17:49
220.   cargill06
178 How does one just make up trades like that? If someone types somewhere the Dodgers are looking to aquire JJ Hardy with a return of Hu and Delwyn Young I wonder if the story will get legs and work its way to the LA Times and they'll print it.
2008-12-04 08:21:13
221.   MC Safety
If I had season tickets renewed during last years playoff run, I'd be well pissed.
2008-12-04 08:23:46
222.   Eric Stephen
More could have been given back to that one fan in the parking lot mad at Kershaw.
2008-12-04 08:26:59
223.   cargill06
Olney thinks our offer to Manny maybe the best offer he sees. He thinks Manny should accept arbitration.

2008-12-04 08:33:20
224.   D4P
Some friends of Ramirez do not believe that he will allow Boras to take arbitration, as tempting as it may be. "This is not going to be an easy time for Scott," a friend of Ramirez said.


And, again, for Bob:

while none of the Dodgers staffers would ever say it out loud, keeping Ramirez on a one-year deal, with the carrot of free agency in front of him, might be the best way to keep him running hard.

2008-12-04 08:35:36
225.   D4P
One might be inclined to think that agents and players would begin thinking that now (bad economy and all) is not a good time to sign a long-term contract, and that they might be better off signing a one-year deal now and waiting until next year to see if there's more money available.
2008-12-04 08:43:50
226.   cargill06
Is anyone else already stressing about what to get the signifgant other for Christmas? My lack of creativity is really exposed at this time of year. If anyone has any good idea's it'd be appreciated. Some input from Molly or Sporky would be nice.
2008-12-04 08:47:40
227.   oshea2002
I have never found anything Streeter has written worth reading. I thought his piece on Dorrell last year was especially out there.
2008-12-04 08:50:41
228.   ToyCannon
We don't get each other anything but I'm sure that is not the advice you are looking for.
2008-12-04 08:51:42
229.   kinbote
226 I hate gift-giving. To me, it's for children. I give my young son only money in his bank account for when he's older; I let others ply him with material possessions.

As for the missus, definitely steer clear of appliances, electronics, and gift certificates. From my experience, jewelry is the best and safest bet. Tiffany's has some nice pieces with a wide range of prices. I like their recent Frank Gehry collection of necklaces.

Now when is that Juan Castro signing going to be announced?!?

2008-12-04 08:51:47
230.   cargill06
228 LOL, no but I'd be more than happy with that arrangement.
2008-12-04 08:51:54
231.   CajunDodger
One can never go wrong with a gift that contains diamonds...Diamonds embedded in Godiva Chocolate seems to be my wife's idea of creativity.

To which I replied that a Playstation 3 in the back of my new Jeep Wrangler would be nice too...

2008-12-04 08:53:07
232.   regfairfield
Not recommended: power tools, camping equipment, sporting goods.

She's your SO, you know what she likes better than we do.

2008-12-04 08:53:37
233.   CajunDodger
You can get some Elsa Peretti designed silver at Tiffanys for between $300-$1000. My wife collects it...
2008-12-04 08:53:40
234.   Jon Weisman
A rushed NPUT
2008-12-04 08:53:42
235.   cargill06
229 I was actually thinking along the lines of bracelet or necklace but didn't know where to start looking. Thanks for pointing me into the right direction.
2008-12-04 08:58:24
236.   kinbote
235 If nothing else, she at least gets the "blue box." You might be surprised at how affordable their lower-end stuff is. I find their website easy to use.
2008-12-04 09:18:51
237.   dianagramr
236 also has nice quality stuff ...

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