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Dodgers Sue Schmidt Insurer
2008-12-09 11:42
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers have sued Ace American Insurance Company (They're in the White Pages!) for more than $9.2 million the team believes it is owed in insurance payments covering starting pitcher Jason Schmidt's shoulder injury, according to a wire service report posted on the Daily Breeze website.

The suit, which demands a jury trial, claims Pennsylvania-based Ace American acknowledges that the right-hander suffered "total disability," but contends that a "special condition limitation" contained in the policy limited the number of days for which the Dodgers may recover benefits.

That "special condition" covers disability arising from "conditions, afflictions and consequences of the rotator cuff" in Schmidt's right shoulder, the complaint states.

The Dodgers argue in the suit that the limitation does not apply to Schmidt's right shoulder. ...

(Thanks to commenter Fan Since 59 for the link.)

* * *

Some of the young Dodgers - including pitchers Clayton Kershaw and James McDonald and outfielder Delwyn Young - will be gathering at Dodger Stadium beginning Monday for a strength and conditioning camp, the Dodgers announced today. Dodger strength coach Brendon Huttman will lead workouts from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily through Saturday.

Others scheduled to attend include minor leaguers Chris Withrow, Trayvon Robinson, Devaris Strange-Gordon, Justin Miller, Nathan Eovaldi, Jon Redding, Matt Sartor, Kyle Smit and Kyle Russell.

Two more strength and conditioning camps will take place in January, along with the second annual Winter Development Program.

Comments (140)
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2008-12-09 11:47:43
1.   Jacob Burch
I thought I'd beat the NPUT. I was wrong.

132 I'm in commenting limbo!

For what it's worth, The odds of the Giants going after Manny seem very, very weak. I think they've said as much.

Like Kavula, I am more than prepared for a CC/Mannyless winter. But it's fun to dream.

2008-12-09 11:49:21
2.   Jacob Burch

The word around here is that Giants officials are supremely confident that they are going to sign the big lefty, this despite the fact they are already paying all that money to Barry Zito.

Well that would be depressing.

2008-12-09 11:49:33
3.   oshea2002
Latest Tony Jackson update - Giants supremely confident they will land CC.

2008-12-09 11:51:30
4.   fanerman
3 no no no no no.
2008-12-09 11:51:37
5.   oshea2002
2 - the domino effect on that one could be huge, especially if Teixeria ends up in Boston. One would think the Angels would get in on Manny.

I can see the Plaschke article now if CC lands in SF and Manny in the OC

2008-12-09 11:52:47
6.   Disabled List
I was NPUT'd, LAT'd, and KO'd in the last thread:

The Dodgers have competitive edges with regards to signing CC and/or Manny that other teams don't have. Specifically: CC has indicated that he wants to play in LA, while Manny has already played here and seemed to have a positive experience.

These two factors would mean that not acquiring either would represent a complete failure on the part of Colletti and McCourt from a PR perspective at the least, and likely from a competitive perspective as well.

2008-12-09 11:55:58
7.   D4P
From Ken Gurnick:

Colletti revealed that Sabathia is the kind of pitcher for which the Dodgers might relax their unwritten rule limiting contracts for pitchers to three years, although the club hasn't decided how far it might go for him.

2008-12-09 11:56:11
8.   Zak
CC to the Giants - I know it's inflammatory to say this, and I don't really blame the McCourts for this, but someone who understood the Giants-Dodgers rivalry like O'Malley did, they would never let CC go to the Giants. Of course, all things being equal, CC probably wants to go to the Bay Area.

This would be so depressing. I would rather he go to the Yankees than the Giants. Man, that Giants rotation is going to be awesome, but their lineup is going to suck forever. Expect a lot of 3-1, 2-0 kind of games against the Giants for the next six years.

Also, the Dodgers really sound like they don't want Manny back. They made their token offer and have moved on. I know the CC thing is only a rumor right now, but man, this is going to bother me all day.

2008-12-09 11:56:19
9.   Humma Kavula
If Sabathia signs with the Giants, he replaces Correia?

Sabathia - Lincecum - Cain - Sanchez - Zito.... that's a tough rotation.

2008-12-09 12:03:19
10.   CajunDodger
...and that makes me think that their interest in CC is to try and drive the Dodgers bid up. In 2-3 years, that staff will be, conservatively, a $65 million per year staff.

Though, if they sign CC, they could get pretty much whatever they wanted for Lincecum or Cain in return for a couple of big, cheap bats.

I changed my mind. The Giants must not be allowed to sign CC...

2008-12-09 12:03:49
11.   Zak
I'm willing to bet that if CC goes to the Giants and the Giants have a winning record early on, Zito will morph back into a sub 3.50 ERA guy.
2008-12-09 12:05:49
12.   MC Safety
If it indeed is a CC/Mannyless winter, I'm done with baseball.
2008-12-09 12:07:43
13.   Jacob Burch
12 I wouldn't say that. Too many more wonderful things to suffer through, a bad FA year is the least of it. Just gotta power through it.
2008-12-09 12:09:12
14.   fanerman
Losing CC to the Giants would be incredibly lame. I will spend the entire summer walking around like George Michael listening to "Christmas Time Is Here."
2008-12-09 12:09:57
15.   ToyCannon
It would be fun to read the local media / Dodger Thoughts, and listen to talk radio if the Giants pulled the coup of coups and signed both of them while Jamie was talking about building 50 little league fields that the kids don't care about.
2008-12-09 12:10:08
16.   Andrew Shimmin
Does the Blake signing make any sense if the Dodgers aren't going after a big ticket FA?
2008-12-09 12:12:47
17.   ToyCannon
Yes, last I looked they have a full team except for SS.
2008-12-09 12:13:46
18.   Alex41592
3 - Rumors are funny.
2008-12-09 12:14:25
19.   Humma Kavula
16 The Blake signing isn't big enough to cause heart palpitations either way. Does it "make any sense?" Sure: the Dodgers need a third baseman.
2008-12-09 12:15:38
20.   fanerman
15 While that would be fun, I think signing CC and Manny would be more fun.
2008-12-09 12:15:47
21.   CajunDodger
Your pessimism is misplaced.

Hendrickson, Garland, Cabrera, and Griffey are still available in case the savvy Colletti we are currently witnessing morphs into the 2006-07 PVL loving GM we all know and love.

2008-12-09 12:16:12
22.   Humma Kavula
14 My daughter is one year old. She's barely walking.

This is not stopping me from trying to teach her to dance to "Linus and Lucy."

2008-12-09 12:16:40
23.   Andrew Shimmin
How bad does the NL West have to fall off for the Dodgers to take it after losing Manny and Lowe, and replacing them with nothing in particular? If there's nothing else coming, this team doesn't look like a contender. If it's not a contender, throwing money at Blake doesn't make sense.
2008-12-09 12:17:23
24.   68elcamino427
CC's agent doing his best to forment the bidding - geez there's already $140 mil on the table.
2008-12-09 12:21:17
25.   jasonungar07
Is Blake 16 million dollars better than Loretta?
2008-12-09 12:21:18
26.   Alex41592
I would imagine the C.C to Anaheim rumors any day now. Reality? The Dodgers are in the drivers seat. C.C doesn't want to go the east coast so all his agent can do is drive up the cost on the west coast. Giants, Angels and Dodgers. It's just good business.
2008-12-09 12:21:45
27.   LAT
8. I don't think we can read too much into the Dodgers not increasing the Manny offer. They made their offer, no one else has appraently come forward, why bid against yourself or appear too eager-it will only be used against you later. There will be plenty of time for the Dodgers to sign Manny if they want. However, I'm not sure the same can be said of CC. With the Yankee's offer sitting out there, and other teams circling time is more of an issue.
2008-12-09 12:22:24
28.   Humma Kavula
23 So you're basically arguing that if the Dodgers don't sign a big ticket FA, then they should have an infield of, say, Loney - Loretta - Hu - DeWitt, or (even better!) Loney - DeWitt - Hu - DeJesus, so they can save money?

Maybe that would "make sense," but there is no GM in the game that would do it. And if you fired all 30 GMs and replaced them with the 30 most qualified candidates out there, none of them would do it either.

2008-12-09 12:25:25
29.   Dave G
On this suit--boy, looks like bad lawyering on both sides. You'd think an insurer would try to draft this language narrowly, and the team would try to draft broadly, and that they would actually come to some kind of agreement for when an injury like this happens. It's just so foreseeable that a pitcher will get injured in one way or another.

It's fascinating though that they hired a plaintiff's attorney. He's probably working on contingency--it's a no-cost proposition for the Dodgers if so. They'll get $6m (or 2/3 of a settlement) if the ruling is for them, and won't pay a dime if they lose. Maybe the McCourts hire lawyers the same way they trade...

2008-12-09 12:25:52
30.   D4P
If the Giants sign Sabathia, there will likely come a day when they are paying over $40 million a year for an injured Sabathia and crappy Zito.
2008-12-09 12:26:03
31.   OhioBlues12
I continue to waffle back and forth on which scenario is better, Manny or CC. Right now I am falling on the side of CC but in five minutes I could be going the other way. Is it better to have the solid staff and the really good offense or the excellent rotation and hope that Jones provides some power?
2008-12-09 12:26:38
32.   JRSarno
This CC situation slapped Colletti in the face. Their asserted priority is the infield/shortstop right now. But CC's "declaration," I feel, should change their priorities and they should focus on getting an Ace for their staff. CC in S.F. is a rotation disaster for the rest of the NL West.
2008-12-09 12:28:18
33.   Xeifrank
Nothing that will drive up the asking price for the Dodgers than the appearance that CC Sabathia is in heated talk with the Giants. If I am the Giants, I do this no matter what in order to drive up the price the Dodgers pay. If I am CC Sabathia's agent, I involve both teams. Look at the Pierre fiasco as your case study on this.
vr, Xei
2008-12-09 12:31:24
34.   Daniel Zappala
33 You've just hit on an excellent title for a training manual for new GMs. "The Pierre Fiasco".
2008-12-09 12:31:25
35.   trainwreck
Playing for the Giants allows CC to stay in Fairfield. How can we compete with that?
2008-12-09 12:32:27
36.   Andrew Shimmin
28- You forgot Abreu and Delwyn Young. Repko used to play some SS; throw him in too. At least it would be fun to watch.
2008-12-09 12:32:59
37.   Daniel Zappala
The Pierre Fiasco: Lessons in Player Valuation and Contract Negotiation. A collection of essays by Dodger Thoughts Contributors.
2008-12-09 12:33:08
38.   ToyCannon
Wouldn't it also be a rotation disaster for the NL West if he signed with us? I mean a big three of CC/Chad/Clayton in 2010 should send chills down just about anyone. Has to be some type of Marketing drivel that can do with the 3 C's.

I know you want your Manny but I'll bet you that if we sign Manny you will be singing a different tune long before his contract is up.

2008-12-09 12:33:44
39.   Big Game
23 With the Rockies getting rid of their best offensive player and the Padres in the process of getting rid of one of the best pitchers in the division, any additions the Dodgers make are going to have an impact come September.

Its not just throwing money at Blake, they've secured an above average 3B for a fair price. Considering the 3B free agent market, I'd say the Dodgers have done the best they could given the circumstances.
2008-12-09 12:34:39
40.   JRSarno
I wonder how Colletti will fumble through this one? Herein are the days where Colletti's reputation is really put to the test. Something tells me he'll proudly attempt to recapture Furcal, Furcal will get injured (again), and we'll be talking about how Colletti's focus was mistakenly aimed at injured goods when Sabathia was allegedly "asking" to become a Dodger.
2008-12-09 12:34:54
41.   Humma Kavula
36 Between you and ToyCannon in 15 , there have been some strange definitions of the word "fun" in this thread.
2008-12-09 12:36:28
42.   JRSarno
38 - I don't know if Chad is part in parcel of a rotation distaster with a broken leg. He'll probably be fine, but...? Clayton is definitely huge upside. It would be a formidable rotation, no question. And I agree with the economics and strategy of proclaiming serious SF interest here...
2008-12-09 12:37:29
43.   unlazy4sports
35 I thought I read somewhere that Sabathia recently had a home built in southern California.
2008-12-09 12:37:33
44.   68elcamino427
121 - previous thread. Re 2 pitchers.
In last year's hot stove we enjoyed a vigorous discussion as it related to the merits of signing Kuroda and what he would need to produce to be deemed "adequate" in relation to his cost. A great deal of energy was expended trying to "project" what his MLB performance might be based on the statistics he compiled in Japan.
It seems that Kuroda met and exceeded the expectations.

Viewing the front line pitching available on hand for the Dodgers today - for the team to truly contend it seems to me that the team will need to add two arms similar to or better than Kuroda.
Who they will be - I haven't the foggiest.
CC + ? or two other individuals that are nor currently in the discussion.
I would think that this is a critical issue for Torre as he faces his last two years at the helm?

2008-12-09 12:37:53
45.   Humma Kavula
K-Rod to Mets is done, according to MLB Trade Rumors. $37 over 3 years.
2008-12-09 12:38:03
46.   trainwreck
I have not heard Sheets name attached to anyone.
2008-12-09 12:39:06
47.   Humma Kavula
36 For that matter, I forgot about Berroa, too. Is he under contract? I have no idea.
2008-12-09 12:39:17
48.   trainwreck
I was just making a joke about Fairfield.
2008-12-09 12:39:22
49.   cargill06
45 And some people were outraged about Casey Blake at 3/17.
2008-12-09 12:40:08
50.   MC Safety
35 43 Yeah, I read somewhere (can't remember) he's building a home in Newport Beach. Doesn't Kobe live in Newport?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-12-09 12:40:50
51.   TRM
29 - A search of the California bar website for Andy Lundberg turns up G. Andrew Lundberg of Latham & Watkins. In the firm profile, he's called Andy, and he is an insurance coverage specialist, so it looks like he's the one. Doesn't look like he's a regular ol' plaintiff's attorney.
2008-12-09 12:41:01
52.   OhioBlues12
46 - Apparently the Yankees are preparing a 2 yr/$30 mil offer. I read that he might have talked to the Rangers also.
2008-12-09 12:41:23
53.   oshea2002
50 - yes
2008-12-09 12:44:31
54.   Daniel Zappala
45 I'm sad he won't be pitching for the Angels next year, especially in light of 2002. However, the Angels are wise to spend their money elsewhere, especially since they have several pitchers ready to step into that role this year. I'm still wondering where the Angels put their money this year -- whether it will be Tex, a surprise CC acquisition, or someone else.
2008-12-09 12:46:36
55.   underdog
Such a busy day at work I can't pay much attention to the Hot Stove stuff today, which is probably just as well. Too much of a blood pressure rollercoaster for it to be worthwhile to pay much attention to all the rumors today. I can't help but get the feeling that CC is playing all the teams -- like a girl playing a bunch of potential dates off each other -- and they all end up looking like fools a bit. That said, I still want us to go out with him rather than that jerky guy who plays in SBC Park.

Sigh, back to work.

2008-12-09 12:48:49
56.   Xeifrank
Is Loretta expected to be the full-time starting 2B? 500ABs?
vr, Xei
2008-12-09 12:48:58
57.   trainwreck
I would assume the jerky guy would represent the Yankees. A rich, jerky guy.

Giants would be the trying way too hard hipster.

2008-12-09 12:50:23
58.   trainwreck
Mike Singeltary was on the radio today and said Jamarcus Russell can't play football.


2008-12-09 12:50:37
59.   trainwreck
2008-12-09 12:50:38
60.   Humma Kavula
56 He's expected to be the backup. I would imagine that DeWitt is the starter.
2008-12-09 12:51:18
61.   Andrew Shimmin
41- C'mon. Who among us is so jaded that he doesn't (at least a little bit) want to see Scrappy at shortstop? Tell me that wouldn't be a hoot. I don't want to see it regularly, but at least once. I want to see Martin get a start there, too.

With a little effort, the Dodgers could be the first team in history to play 162 different players at SS during one season.

2008-12-09 12:51:51
62.   OhioBlues12
56 - I think is going be viewed more as the super utility guy and primary RH bat off the bench. I actually see Hu being the RH portion of a platoon at 2B with DeWitt.
2008-12-09 12:52:21
63.   Humma Kavula
57 And the Brewers are the fat guy!

And the Dodgers are the too-slick movie people!

Wait, I've gone too far.

2008-12-09 12:53:12
64.   D4P
I know it's possible to look at a player's home/away splits, or his RH/LH splits.

But is it possible to took at home RH/LH splits and away RH/LH splits?

I ask because I note the Loretta is much better vs. LH than RH, but also much better at home than away. So, I'm left to wonder how good he is vs. LH away, which would presumably be relevant for the Dodgers...

2008-12-09 12:53:16
65.   MC Safety
57 And the Dodgers are the broke guy frontin like they got money. I wouldn't be surprised to hear CC and the Dodgers first date was dinner at Red Lobster.
2008-12-09 12:53:18
66.   jasonungar07
"If Manny Ramirez shows up at spring training in Glendale, Ariz., we'll find him a hat and find him a jersey," Colletti said. "But I can't wait until that day to pursue a third baseman, a shortstop, a starting pitcher."

one down, three to go.

2008-12-09 12:53:38
67.   still bevens
54 I bet the Angels get Manny. Arte Moreno seems to like picking up people the Dodgers didn't re-sign. See: Finley, Steve.
2008-12-09 12:53:42
68.   Humma Kavula
With a little effort

I beg to differ. This would take quite a lot of effort.

However, I would buy tickets to see Manny Ramirez play shortstop.

2008-12-09 12:54:32
69.   trainwreck
Dodgers are homeless guy asking for change.
2008-12-09 12:55:09
70.   trainwreck
65 beat me to it.
2008-12-09 12:55:47
71.   Marty
"We're in the white pages" is just a way to admit "we're too cheap to buy a yellow pages ad".
2008-12-09 12:56:53
72.   Humma Kavula
69 Who would girl-Sabathia choose in this Some Kind of Wonderful scenario gone bad?

Maybe we have the wrong movie.... maybe this is the movie where girl-Sabathia rejects all her suitors and goes to Europe to "find herself."

2008-12-09 12:58:44
73.   trainwreck
Girl Sabbathia takes rich, jerky (Yankee) guy, so that she can eventually divorce him and take all his money.
2008-12-09 13:00:55
74.   Jon Weisman
71 - That was my joke, and it was completely random. Really, I just thought it was funny that their name seems so contrived for placement early in the yellow pages' insurance company section.
2008-12-09 13:01:54
75.   trainwreck
I see the Brewers as the really nice friend that the girl should go with, but never will.
2008-12-09 13:01:57
76.   MC Safety
73 And then later when she's ugly and lonely, move back in with the broke guy-- because it was never about the money.
2008-12-09 13:02:43
77.   kngoworld
We are forgetting about the rich, jolly (Angel) potential suitor for CC.
2008-12-09 13:05:04
78.   trainwreck
Angels are the foreign guy with the accent that every girl wants and if they decide to pursue female Sabbathia, they can easily get her.
2008-12-09 13:07:19
79.   Daniel Zappala
I prefer to think of the Dodgers as the stoner who has no idea what is going on. The cute girl winks at him, and he thinks maybe she likes him or maybe it was the weed. In the morning he can't quite remember if the wink ever happened at all.
2008-12-09 13:07:36
80.   MC Safety
77 But I hear she needs something to hit every now and again, so she may want more of a bad boy type.
2008-12-09 13:08:04
81.   Xeifrank
75. The Brewers are Forrest Gump?
vr, Xei
2008-12-09 13:08:31
82.   underdog
57 Yah, that works even better. Either way, ultimately I will want to throw a drink in both of their faces before the evening is up. Maybe CC will stand us all up.
2008-12-09 13:10:28
83.   trainwreck
Are the Brewers compensation picks Haley Joel Osment?
2008-12-09 13:11:57
84.   underdog
Hah hah. The Dodgers could end up being the "just friends" friend who get the platonic hug (complete with hands patting the back) and have to go back to working the three jobs they need to make enough money in this "wintry economic climate." (Okay, maybe the Dodgers are John Cusack in "Being John Malkovich." Maybe CC is John Malkovich. The Yankees are the monkey? Er... I think this metaphor just crashed on the New Jersey turnpike.)


2008-12-09 13:13:12
85.   underdog
79 Nice. That works, too. Dude!


Colletti: Wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, have you ever really looked at your hand -- I mean, really looked at it? It's so incredible, man.

2008-12-09 13:14:44
86.   kngoworld
84 So much for busy day at work? Love the BJM reference.
2008-12-09 13:16:18
87.   oshea2002
Olney will be talking Dodgers on Mason and Ireland in a few minutes.
2008-12-09 13:16:51
88.   trainwreck
I like how every scenario we created, the Dodgers look terrible.
2008-12-09 13:17:18
89.   underdog
86 I'm at lunch. :-) And this is more fun.
2008-12-09 13:21:14
90.   Disabled List
With all these potential suitors, you'd think CC would look a lot hotter.
2008-12-09 13:22:11
91.   trainwreck
lol Mike Martz is a finalist for San Diego State job. How the mighty have fallen.
2008-12-09 13:23:34
92.   ToyCannon
Who are the Giants in all this? The bad guy, the guy being used to make other teams jealous, or the cool guy waiting in the wings to pick her up when the others don't understand what she wants?
2008-12-09 13:24:01
93.   oshea2002
Recap of Olney
1 - No one really wants Manny b/c of his antics and the market for corner OF's. Our initial proposal may be the best deal he sees.
2 - only other team even discussing Manny internally is DC.
3 - Buster said the Yankees would take Manny at the end of January on a one year deal, that's it.
4 - said SF won't sign Manny b/c they can sign 2 of Dunn/Abreu/Burrell for the same price.
2008-12-09 13:24:37
94.   oshea2002
91 - I heard last night that D Walker is 80% for that job.
2008-12-09 13:24:57
95.   Andrew Shimmin
Cade McNown was banned from the Playboy mansion for dating one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends.
2008-12-09 13:27:00
96.   D4P
they can sign 2 of Dunn/Abreu/Burrell for the same price

What a concept.

2008-12-09 13:27:40
97.   D4P
If you haven't been banned from the mansion, does that mean you're welcome to visit...?
2008-12-09 13:28:12
98.   Daniel Zappala
88 Fine, how's this? CC realizes he's just being played by all his suitors. He fires his agent and quits baseball to lead a simpler life in the countryside. Then his best friend confides that he is actually a pauper, and CC is the one whose dad is the king of a minor country. This makes CC a prince, and a wealthy one at that, so he buys the Dodgers and installs himself as the opening day pitcher, leading them to a World Series and a happy ending.
2008-12-09 13:28:14
99.   trainwreck
Real nice of Pete to try to get him the job.

Please get DeWayne away from UCLA.

2008-12-09 13:29:34
100.   Daniel Zappala
91 I bet a lot of Rams fans are wishing that they had retained Martz and fired the GM and all upper management, replacing them with a team that new what they were doing.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-12-09 13:30:59
101.   kngoworld
We have it wrong, maybe its Something About Mary.

Mary - CC
Crippled Imposter - Dodgers
Lying Detective - Giants
Hived Stalker - Yankees
Brett Favre - Brewers
Ben Stiller - Angels

2008-12-09 13:32:43
102.   mwhite06
they can sign 2 of Dunn/Abreu/Burrell for the same price

I really like that idea too. Like say signing Dunn and Burrell and trading Loney+ for Uggla.

2008-12-09 13:32:54
103.   cargill06
95 So is Pauley Shore I think something to do with monkeys. Johnny Drama was accused at first, but he is now allowed inside.
2008-12-09 13:33:46
104.   D4P
Yes. Burrell in left, Dunn at 1B, and trade Loney/Pierre/Jones for whatever.
2008-12-09 13:35:51
105.   Bob Timmermann
My plan to save the LA Times involves bringing back the Tangle Towns contest.

After that, I'm stuck.

2008-12-09 13:36:00
106.   silverwidow
102 Dunn and Burrell aren't "gamers" or "grinders."

Not that I like the idea of signing them BOTH.

2008-12-09 13:37:55
107.   trainwreck
Molly would boycott the team if they signed Burrell.
2008-12-09 13:38:22
108.   ToyCannon
Curious how you were all over the collapse of Jones in 2007 but the incredible fade of Burrel in 2008 doesn't faze you.
215 .313 .413 .725
2008-12-09 13:38:46
109.   regfairfield
It would be worth it for the massive amounts of strike outs and sideshow defense.
2008-12-09 13:38:50
110.   Disabled List
101 Does that mean that Manny would be Warren, Mary's "special" younger brother?
2008-12-09 13:40:23
111.   ToyCannon
We need a new tagline
2008-12-09 13:41:38
112.   mwhite06
108 Burrrell hit 250/367/507 in 2008.
2008-12-09 13:43:04
113.   D4P
Burrell's road split for all of 2008:


That's still pretty good.

2008-12-09 13:46:02
114.   kngoworld
101 I always pictured Greg Genske, CC's agent, more of the Warren type. Always occupying time and forcing unexpected piggy back rides on all the suitors. Plus, for some reason he is always looking for CC's baseball.
2008-12-09 13:46:55
115.   68elcamino427
So the New "Ace" is pre-paid millions and can't perform. And the insurer "Ace" is paid millions(?) more and refuses to perform.

Andruw - is there a pattern developing here?

2008-12-09 13:46:58
116.   kngoworld
114 Sorry 101 should be 110
2008-12-09 13:47:39
117.   trainwreck
The Braves sure seem active. I have heard all kinds of rumors involving them.
2008-12-09 13:49:10
118.   ToyCannon
Those were his 2nd half splits in over 250 at bats. He was awesome in the 1st half which gives him a decent full season line but doesn't he have the skill set that declines quickly?
2008-12-09 13:52:15
119.   D4P
doesn't he have the skill set that declines quickly?

Maybe so, but he's a lot younger than Manny and getting Burrell/Dunn for 3 years for X dollars seems like a better deal than Manny for 3 years for X dollars.

2008-12-09 13:52:40
120.   GMac In The 909
110 I think Manny would play the role of Magda, and Plaschke would be the old guy with the rifle.
2008-12-09 13:52:43
121.   Marty
Speaking of Warren, you know the actor who played Warren in TSAM is the same actor who played Dan in Deadwood?
2008-12-09 13:54:29
122.   ToyCannon
I'd rather have Loney/Manny then Dunn/Burrell and it is not close for me.

NFL economic woes?

2008-12-09 13:55:40
123.   cargill06
Burrell/Dunn for 3 years for X dollars seems like a better deal than Manny for 3 years for X dollars.

Shouldn't one of the X's be a Y or any other letter? Unless you think they'll all sign for the same price?

2008-12-09 13:57:03
124.   silverwidow
Any guesses on Andruw's K number next year? With a full slate of ABs, it could approach 200.
2008-12-09 13:57:14
125.   D4P
I'd rather have Loney/Manny then Dunn/Burrell and it is not close for me

Except Loney would be traded for something presumably useful, so it would be

Loney/Manny vs. Dunn/Burrell/Something useful

You still might prefer the former, but still...

2008-12-09 13:58:18
126.   D4P
The hypothetical in 93 had them going for the same price.
2008-12-09 14:00:42
127.   oshea2002
I think Olney's assumption that Burrell and Dunn will combine to make what Manny makes is pretty sound given this market.
2008-12-09 14:02:15
128.   cargill06
124 If Andruw get's a full season's worth of AB's I'd be very happy and I could care less what his K total. is.
2008-12-09 14:03:44
129.   Eric Stephen
True Blue LA: Where Toy Cannon takes your mind off the fact that Andrew never posts anymore.


2008-12-09 14:07:34
130.   underdog
KRod is now a Met.

Livan Hernandez is now a Red.

That is all.

2008-12-09 14:09:35
131.   CanuckDodger
Why has Regfairfield abandoned his own website? THAT is the off-season's biggest question, not anything going on with the Dodgers.
2008-12-09 14:19:35
132.   Jon Weisman
Derek Lowe is marrying Carolyn Hughes this weekend.

2008-12-09 14:21:21
133.   Harold M Johnson
128 really???
2008-12-09 14:21:41
134.   Bob Timmermann
I wonder where they're registered. I want to get them a chafing dish.
2008-12-09 14:25:44
135.   Humma Kavula
133 What I think he means is that if Andruw gets 200 Ks, it means that his non-K at-bats are of such quality that he deserves his spot in the lineup.
2008-12-09 14:25:49
136.   MC Safety
125 But I thought he was a powerless, below average 1b with no minor league track record?

What could that and Juan Pierre possibly fetch?

2008-12-09 14:28:40
137.   D4P
Some GMs think Juan Pierre is worth $45 million over 5 years, and his performance the last two hasn't really deviated from his previous performance.
2008-12-09 14:32:37
138.   Jon Weisman
2008-12-09 14:33:22
139.   StolenMonkey86
125 - Loney would make taking on Andruw and/or Pierre's contract more reasonable to some team, so the best we would get would be someone that's halfway-decent but really overpaid.
2008-12-09 14:43:37
140.   Tripon
The Mets are trying to trade Schneider after a year they traded Lastings Milledge for Scneider and Church. That's a wow right there, kinda nice to know there are other teams that don't value what they have as much as the Dodgers seem to do at times.

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