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Furcal Reemerges as Dodgers' Top Priority
2008-12-16 16:30
by Jon Weisman

If the pattern holds, this'll be obsolete by the time I publish this. Anyway, it just goes to show that I should always obey my policy of not acknowledging a signing until it's official, because multiple news sources (including Dylan Hernandez of the Times) are reporting that the Dodgers and Rafael Furcal are still talking contract - despite earlier reports that Furcal to Atlanta was a done deal. This is getting almost Hochevarian!

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2008-12-16 16:38:17
1.   trainwreck
Jon made a remake of his own.
2008-12-16 16:40:54
2.   Eric Enders
According to a Google search, that's the first time the word "Hochevarian" has ever been used anywhere.
2008-12-16 16:41:12
3.   Eric Stephen
This is getting almost Hochevarian!

I wonder which member of the 1980s Blue Jays had a son that is now friends with Furcal. I'm going with Josh Barfield.

2008-12-16 16:43:08
4.   Jon Weisman
2 - But there are plenty of "Hochevar, Ian" results, huh?
2008-12-16 16:44:07
5.   Eric Enders
Dylan Hernandez also quotes Cabrera's agent as saying that the Dodgers have expressed interest.

Complicating matters further, Rafael Furcal is a graduate of Cabrera High School, according to wikipedia.

2008-12-16 16:47:16
6.   The Trolley Dodger
5 If only Cabrera High School were in Orlando.
2008-12-16 16:47:18
7.   underdog
Maybe we could then trade Furcal to Kansas City for Hochevar! Full circle and all.

Go Jon, go! Another one of these Raffy Posts ™ by tonight, I expect.

2008-12-16 16:48:07
8.   Daniel Zappala
0 acknolwedging = acknowledging

Would hate to see you start popping up in Google for typos. You have a standard to uphold with Hochevarian.

2008-12-16 16:49:59
9.   Eric Stephen
And the closest airport to the Braves' spring training facility is...Orlando.
2008-12-16 16:50:07
10.   The Trolley Dodger
Hochevarian sounds like it should be the name of a Holy Roman Empire dynasty.
2008-12-16 16:54:15
11.   KG16
We need some way of shortening the off season. Like only having a two week period between Thanksgiving and Christmas when teams are allowed to negotiate deals with free agents, and then a two week period in January when they can make trades. and front office personnel can only talk to the media during those two periods
2008-12-16 16:56:39
12.   Alex41592
"I still haven't talked to the Dodgers,'' Kinzer said Tuesday afternoon. "I'll let them know in person if [Furcal] makes a decision.''

That was before sources told ESPN The Magazine that the Dodgers' negotiations with Furcal were gaining momentum later in the day Tuesday. The two sides had talked as recently as 7 p.m. ET.

2008-12-16 17:01:17
13.   Paul S
At this point it would be hard to see how Colletti could guarantee him the 3rd year and save face. But I'd rather have Raffy and a faceless Colletti.
2008-12-16 17:06:53
14.   Eric Enders
On the other hand, losing Furcal would be Ned getting caught with his pants down. And nobody wants a pantsless Colletti. Especially not with those boots.
2008-12-16 17:15:50
15.   silverwidow
Are there any meetings with Ned in his "suit" tonight?
2008-12-16 17:21:13
16.   Sam DC
I've got a few buck-sezes out that Manny will go to the Yankees.

Which has me thinking that an organized team could save itself some real draft pick compensation value by signing all its big type A FAs in a single year rather then stretching them out over several offseasons.

No doubt, that's just what Hank is thinking about down in Tampa.

2008-12-16 17:23:24
17.   Jon Weisman
I'm about to begin my commute home, which surely signifies that the Furcal decision is about to be announced.
2008-12-16 17:27:15
18.   underdog
13 14 So does he lose face, or his pants? Get your colorful stories straight!
2008-12-16 17:28:55
19.   Ricardo
I really want to see Furcal back because I fear what Ned will do if he goes to Atlanta. Better overpaying for Rafi than losing a draft pick for Cabrera or prospects for Jack Wilson.
2008-12-16 17:29:28
20.   trainwreck
I like the nickname pants face.
2008-12-16 17:30:23
21.   underdog
19 That's basically how I've felt all along. Better the devil you know then... well, the less talented devils Colletti signs or trades for instead. At least I know Furcal is good when he's healthy. The other guys stink no matter what their state.
2008-12-16 17:31:36
22.   Indiana Jon
I'm about to be in the market for a new laptop for some travel I will be doing soon. I know there are several Mac users on here and everyone seems to really like them. Can any of you share with me some quick advantages/disadvantages vs. a windows based system? Basically I'm just wondering if I should consider a switch.
2008-12-16 17:33:55
23.   Bob Timmermann
If you buy a Mac, you can become friends with John Hodgman.
2008-12-16 17:37:25
24.   Indiana Jon
23 If I just buy one or do I actually have to learn to use it also?
2008-12-16 17:39:33
25.   Daniel Zappala
22 What will you be using it for?
2008-12-16 17:39:51
26.   Jacob Burch
22 Smaller market share and 'better' architecture leads to less malware, though it is not Virus-proof.

The UI, for me and most people I talk to, is easier to use--with neat tricks like Exposé that lets you quickly switch windows and Spotlight search acting as a way to quickly launch any app.

From my experience, Apples do a much better job with third party equipment--external hard drives, cameras, etc.

The majority of the reasons I use Apple are due to my main hobby/line of work (web development), however. For a casual-ish user, the best thing you can probably do is find an Apple store or a friend with a computer with Leopard and have someone show you around all the neat tricks and see if they're enough to win you over.

2008-12-16 17:41:19
27.   Paul S
22 Get a Lenovo netbook 10" for travel. 2.5 lbs and 450 bucks. Love mine. Apple meh.
2008-12-16 17:46:26
28.   Jacob Burch
22 As this has shown, Apple is a fringe luxury for a casual/travel/home user--one that, even if I wasn't in WebDev, that I would pay extra for. It's always been a much less stressful, happier experience working on an Apple than a PC. I do think Apples are in almost all cases better machines, but a lot of that is in taste and preference, and may not be worth the premium in price.
2008-12-16 17:46:43
29.   Paul S
Check that 400 bucks for the more robust version.
2008-12-16 17:48:26
30.   dsfan
Atlanta just offered like $80 million for Burnett, betcha they raise the ante.
2008-12-16 17:48:38
31.   Daniel Zappala
With Apple, you're paying more for a product that works really great with the software that's available. Fantastic for graphics work, for editing movies, iTunes, etc. You also get a machine that tends to have fewer software bugs and less problems with viruses. What you're sacrificing is cheap hardware (see 27 ) and the ability to run the huge amount of software that is Windows-only. This last problem is mitigated somewhat by running a virtual machine with Windows -- e.g. using Parallels. If you have the money, it's definitely a better product, unless you have to be in a Windows program all the time.
2008-12-16 17:49:34
32.   dsfan

Interesting way to look at it. So many times, it's choosing the lesser of two evils.

2008-12-16 17:50:53
33.   MollyKnight
You know what? I can't say I'm sad about this. Sign Furcal. Sign Manny. At this point I'd rather sub James McDonald for Derek Lowe than Hu for Raffy.

As the awful Arizona announcers would holler, "Let's get some RUNSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

2008-12-16 17:53:31
34.   Indiana Jon
25 A variety of things. Internet, playing movies, games, photo editing, work (Microsoft Office and internet based programs), etc.

27 When I say "travel", I don't mean that I will be moving from place to place often. Size is pretty irrelevant.

26 28 Thanks. Is there anything I do now on my PC that I can't do on a Mac?

2008-12-16 17:55:02
35.   Daniel Zappala
Is there anything I do now on my PC that I can't do on a Mac?

Not if you run Parallels. There are Mac Office versions (of varying quality), but you can always use NeoOffice to edit Word docs or go into Parallels to run the Windows version of Word.

2008-12-16 17:55:05
36.   Paul S
Daily News NY
ALBANY - Gov. Paterson released a $121 billion slash-and-burn budget Tuesday morning that slams New Yorkers with 88 new fees and taxes - even on their iPods.

Genske...CC here... is it too late to renegotiate...

2008-12-16 17:57:42
37.   MollyKnight
36-I heard on New York 1 this morning that they are raising the price on soda by ten cents, in what is basically a "fat tax." They say kids drink too much of it and become obese. So that extra ten cents is going toward health programs.

I'm kind of mad, actually! Don't penalize us healthy folks who drink pop in moderation!

2008-12-16 17:57:47
38.   Jacob Burch
34 A great deal of higher end games (I only play Blizzard games these days, so this isn't an issue for me) and some other medium level software, a number of Online Poker skins. Bootcamp (You'd have to buy a copy of a Windows OS) takes care of this if you really need it.

As DZ said, if there is any specific software you absolutely must have (as opposed to the service it provides you--most tasks you'd want to do that you happen to use a windows-only App for, there is a [often better] Apple solution) then you're best to look into what Apple alternatives there are. I can answer most questions regarding this, as can any Apple store employee.

2008-12-16 17:57:49
39.   Bob Timmermann
And you expect no tax increases in California?

What's the alternative? Laying people like me off?


2008-12-16 17:58:33
40.   Bob Timmermann
Molly used both "soda" and "pop" in her comment. She plays to a wide audience.
2008-12-16 17:58:57
41.   Jacob Burch
35 I actually always preferred Office 03 for apple than for windows. I do not like the latest version of Office, for either OS.
2008-12-16 17:58:58
42.   Paul S
34 You must not travel often. The difference between 2 lbs and 6+ in a carry-on is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge
2008-12-16 18:02:16
43.   Bob Timmermann
Would this laptop be going to some exotic location like Afghanistan? Or to places less exotic, like Michigan or Kentucky?
2008-12-16 18:03:50
44.   Daniel Zappala
I "travel" with my laptop every day, in the sense that I have to carry it around to take it back and forth to work. This alone is enough to make me thankful to own a 2.5 lb laptop instead of a 6 lb beast. I have to double-check that it is in my bag.
2008-12-16 18:04:18
45.   MollyKnight
40-Well, I aim to please!

Also, I have new, updated information: apparently the new tax on soda is 18 cents a pop, not 10. BUT, only on sugary, non-diet beverages.

Since I really only drink Diet Coke once a month or so it looks like I'm in the clear!

2008-12-16 18:05:21
46.   Indiana Jon
38 I'm not looking for any games in particular, just something to pass the time. Thanks for all the info, you've been quite helpful.

Are there any issues with the Safari browser? Does it work with all sites equally as well as Firefox or IE? Also, do all the common chat programs, MSN, Yahoo, etc. work with the Mac OK?

2008-12-16 18:06:25
47.   Indiana Jon
43 It would probably never go to Kentucky or Michigan.
2008-12-16 18:07:31
48.   fanerman
Gah. Part of an apple I was eating looks funny. The fleshy part under the skin is a little tan/brown-ish and not white. Did I just food poison myself?
2008-12-16 18:08:16
49.   Indiana Jon
42 I travel quite often and already have a small laptop for this purpose.
2008-12-16 18:10:59
50.   Jacob Burch
46 It works better at many things, but I am addicted to a few Firefox extensions, so I continue to use Firefox. IE should not be used on any platform.

But Firefox on OSX is fine and dandy, and getting better. I have both on my dock.

I believe all major flavors of chat programs have OSX ports, but I use iChat if I need to audio/voice chat or AdiumX ( for anything else. The Duck is the greatest experience in chatting I've ever had.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-12-16 18:11:15
51.   Eric Enders
Around here it's neither "soda" nor "pop," but "coke" (lowercase c), regardless of brand.
2008-12-16 18:12:34
52.   Bob Timmermann
Be careful about going further, this topic is a DT landmine.
2008-12-16 18:14:39
53.   Indiana Jon
50 I assume OSX and OSX ports means a Mac?
2008-12-16 18:15:31
54.   Indiana Jon
51 Agreed
2008-12-16 18:16:29
55.   trainwreck
I do not own an iPod and I do not drink soda. Hopefully, California only taxes things I do not use.
2008-12-16 18:16:42
56.   Eric Enders
It's amusing that 48 and 49 are wholly unrelated but both are basically asking if apple is any good.
2008-12-16 18:16:50
57.   Jacob Burch
53 OSX is the Apple operating system, yes.
2008-12-16 18:23:57
58.   fanerman
56 Gah!!!
2008-12-16 18:26:03
59.   Indiana Jon
One last Mac question, this may be a stupid one. Where can I buy a Mac? Besides online and an Apple store, is there anywhere else? There seems to only be one Apple store in my state.
2008-12-16 18:30:10
60.   Bob Timmermann
Best Buy sells Apples.
2008-12-16 18:32:21
61.   Gagne55
"apparently the new tax on soda is 18 cents a pop"

Spectacular pun. That is all.

2008-12-16 18:34:57
62.   Andrew Shimmin
I guess if you're already paying for a Mac, you might as well toss some extra free money on the pile for a retailer, instead of just buying it from Amazon. Plus it could be like your own personal stimulus package to the state government, since sales tax on sixteen hundred bucks has to be pretty impressive, even outside of California.
2008-12-16 18:36:25
63.   Indiana Jon
62 I just want a place to see them, not buy them.
2008-12-16 18:39:19
64.   Gagne55
51 Are you still in Cooperstown?
2008-12-16 18:40:55
65.   Jacob Burch
63 If you can make it to the Apple store (I'm guessing it's in Nap Town?), it is your best bet. Best Buy is another valid option, although I've only seen limited machines on display, and the staff there doesn't know them that well (at least, in my experience).

Bigger Universities should also have student stores with computers on display, and students being one of Apple's key demographics, they do what they can to make sure they're displayed proudly.

2008-12-16 18:41:42
66.   Andrew Shimmin
63- Well. Alright then. I'm still not sure I can condone going into a Best Buy, but if you're confidant that you won't give them any money, I guess that's okay.
2008-12-16 18:44:00
67.   CanuckDodger
66 -- What do you have against Best Buy?
2008-12-16 18:46:51
68.   Bob Timmermann
I have a gift card for Best Buy. I will use it now to solely to spite Shimmin.
2008-12-16 18:53:03
69.   Andrew Shimmin
67- Retail is for suckers.
2008-12-16 18:54:09
70.   Eric Stephen
My brother in law has avoided Best Buy for something like 4 or 5 years due to their return policy. I don't even remember the details.
2008-12-16 18:57:13
71.   El Lay Dave
70 I'm more worried about Furcal's return policy at the moment.
2008-12-16 18:59:02
72.   Andrew Shimmin
I used to like going through the stuff on Best Buy's table of returned items. But eventually the open box stuff was still more expensive than buying the same thing new online. Especially cables. I'm pretty sure I hate anybody who ever sold me a cable in person.
2008-12-16 19:00:05
73.   fanerman
72 Monoprice FTW.

In other news, my stomach has not gone crazy yet. Maybe I'm okay.

2008-12-16 19:03:09
74.   Indiana Jon
65 That's good news I hope. Indiana University is only 20 minutes away. I'll check that out.
2008-12-16 19:05:14
75.   Paul S
55 If your tongue is not securely attached to your cheek, I don't know where to start.
2008-12-16 19:06:54
76.   Alex41592
Pau Gasol is out sick for tonight's game against the Knicks.
2008-12-16 19:09:07
77.   Eric Stephen
Gasol out sick for tonight's game against the Knicks.

2008-12-16 19:09:26
78.   Eric Stephen
I'm so slow.
2008-12-16 19:10:57
79.   underdog
71 Maybe the Dodgers should have a return policy built into whatever contract they offer him. In very small print. There! Problem solved.
2008-12-16 19:11:33
80.   Paul S
Back on point, I never figured Furcal for such a... shilly-shally. Love him though I do.
2008-12-16 19:13:13
81.   Daniel Zappala
75 I don't own an iPod, nor do I drink soda, pop, or coke.
2008-12-16 19:15:16
82.   Paul S
81 Clearly you're not paying your fair share. We'll have to tax your keystrokes.
2008-12-16 19:20:02
83.   Gagne55
I as well neither own an ipod nor drink soda.
2008-12-16 19:24:06
84.   trainwreck
I do not drink coffee either.

So tax the heck out of that.

2008-12-16 19:26:32
85.   Marty
Geez, I do all those things.
2008-12-16 19:27:58
86.   Bob Timmermann
I can't wait to go home, turn on my iPod in its dock, open a can of soda, and then write a check to the California State Board of Equalization to give them EVEN more sales tax than I owe.

I just want to help balance the state budget.

2008-12-16 19:28:17
87.   Eric Stephen
I would endorse a tax on guacamole, mayonnaise, and sour cream.
2008-12-16 19:29:55
88.   trainwreck
So you just want to ruin nachos for the rest of us?
2008-12-16 19:30:10
89.   Marty
87 Already have one. The sales tax.
2008-12-16 19:30:24
90.   El Lay Dave
I want a graduated rumor tax on "journalists". The higher your miss rate, the more tax you pay.
2008-12-16 19:30:54
91.   Eric Stephen
Can you re-post that? I didn't hear it because I was listening to a song on my iPod.
2008-12-16 19:31:36
92.   Eric Stephen
Also, you put mayonnaise on nachos? Tony the Tiger says, "Grrrrrrross."
2008-12-16 19:32:06
93.   El Lay Dave
89 Only if it is served to you; not from the grocery store. (I don't endorse buying guacamole that way; make your own instead.)
2008-12-16 19:34:02
94.   El Lay Dave
92 Belgian nachos.
2008-12-16 19:35:07
95.   trainwreck
I did not realize you were blind and your computer talked to you.
2008-12-16 19:38:08
96.   El Lay Dave
95 Didn't his mother warn him about that?
2008-12-16 19:40:33
97.   Eric Enders
From, an hour ago: "Royals bow out of Furcal bidding."


2008-12-16 19:41:47
98.   Eric Stephen
71 ,96
El Lay Dave is on fire tonight.
2008-12-16 19:43:33
99.   Eric Enders
Maybe it's just my browser, but the New York Times' latest baseball roundup has a really unfortunate widow headline:

Yankees' Chamberlain Has Had Off-Season of Life


2008-12-16 19:51:59
100.   trainwreck
Well now it looks like a full on war between UCLA and USC for each respective teams committed players.

This probably won't end in a good way from my perspective.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-12-16 19:53:53
101.   oshea2002
100 - no it won't. I'm not sure how hard after Hasiak we are though.
2008-12-16 19:55:56
102.   trainwreck
I am not expecting to get any of your guys, I just want to keep Hasiak.
2008-12-16 19:57:44
103.   underdog
Overheard on a Futurama episode I just re-watched.

Professor: "The problem with the political parties is they want you to give your tax dollars to the less fortunate."
Fry: "The less fortunate get all the breaks!"

2008-12-16 20:00:13
104.   oshea2002
102 - I'm fine with that, I'm really only worried about locking up our iffy commits, and filling up the Linebacker class, which includes Burfict qualifying. With Jefferson probably going to JC, we really need to keep Jeffrey and Carroll.

I've given up on Teo.

2008-12-16 20:04:01
105.   trainwreck
What about Flournoy?
2008-12-16 20:05:45
106.   jasonungar07
Since 2003, when he first went to the postseason with the Red Sox, Ramirez is hitting .347 in 51 postseason games, with 15 home runs, 48 RBI and a .452 on-base percentage.


That's just insane.

2008-12-16 20:07:12
107.   Tripon
Heyman is reporting that the Yankees might try to sign Lowe if Pettitte doesn't take their $10 million/1 year offer.

The Yankees must hate Hughes/Kennedy.

2008-12-16 20:07:14
108.   Gagne55
This Lakers defense is horrible. 37 points in a quarter to the Knicks. Thats an average of 148 per game!!

Seriously though, I expect the Lakers to come back and win this game.

2008-12-16 20:07:51
109.   oshea2002
105 - he's 100% solid. But we need more then just him. Shoemate was moved to FB, so really all we had in the last class was Butler.
2008-12-16 20:09:50
110.   oshea2002
105 - the one reason why Hasiak may be in play is b/c there are rumors that Matt Meyer may never be able to play again.
2008-12-16 20:10:51
111.   scareduck
64 - I believe Eric recently divulged his location as somewhere in Texas.
2008-12-16 20:10:54
112.   Icaros
They just showed the whole Lakers timeout on NBATV. I've never seen Phil Jackson yell at his players like that.

Josh Powell should play more.

2008-12-16 20:12:00
113.   fanerman
111 I think it was the West side of Texas. Closer to San Diego than to Houston. Or something.
2008-12-16 20:12:17
114.   underdog
I didn't realize that Ryan Freel. Justin Turner. Brandon Waring. Cesar Izturis constitute an "incredible off-season" but apparently it does.

2008-12-16 20:15:34
115.   Gagne55
Alyssa Milano is on the Lakers game right now.
2008-12-16 20:16:28
116.   Tripon
The Lakers broadcast needs to stop with the sideline interviews. All it shows that Joel Meyers is disinterested on actually talking about the Lakers.
2008-12-16 20:16:44
117.   Bob Hendley
He's a fellow from El Paso, or however that song goes.
2008-12-16 20:17:16
118.   underdog
Weird, I saw first that as "Alyssa Milano is on the Lakers now." Maybe she can help their defense.
2008-12-16 20:17:47
119.   Marty
114 I posted my opinion
2008-12-16 20:20:49
120.   underdog
119 Hah hah. Nice! Wow, talk about delusional. But I can understand the desire for good news, the wishful thinking, on the part of Orioles fans. More power to them.
2008-12-16 20:26:04
121.   Gagne55
The Macphail article had the author repeatedly saying that certain guys that got signed weren't "the answer" and just said they had a few positives. In spite of the title, it didn't seem like he was saying that great of things about the Orioles' offseason.
2008-12-16 20:27:07
122.   Tripon
Matt Wieters would make anyone giddy.
2008-12-16 20:33:20
123.   Gagne55
The Knicks are drilling everything.
2008-12-16 20:35:17
124.   Tripon
The Lakers are currently bad at basketball.
2008-12-16 20:37:24
125.   Alex41592
Knicks are shooting out of their minds. 11/23 from three point land. Pau is missed tonight for sure as Bynum and Odom are missing gimmies in the paint.
2008-12-16 20:41:03
126.   trainwreck
Lamar Odom missing gimmies?

I am shocked.

2008-12-16 20:55:08
127.   Alex41592
11-2 run in 2:07. Nice.
2008-12-16 20:57:16
128.   Tripon
126 I imagine that Lamar Odom will be a King next year. Although, its a bad time for to be a Free Agent in 2009. Teams are going to want to pocket any money they have for the 2010 season with Wade, LeBron, and Bosh being FA.
2008-12-16 20:57:24
129.   bigcpa has the following poll up:

If you were Rafael Furcal, where would you sign?

o  Atlanta

o  Oakland

2008-12-16 20:58:15
130.   Tripon
Why the heck is Joel Meyers speculating on trades about Knicks?
2008-12-16 21:04:29
131.   oshea2002
Lamar is totally in the tank right now.
2008-12-16 21:05:10
132.   Alex41592
129 - I'll be sure to laugh at those responsible. That's all the power I have.
2008-12-16 21:05:11
133.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
The Knicks are making up for last night's display of long-range masonry (5-for-37 on 3s) in Phoenix.
2008-12-16 21:06:52
134.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Reading 115 and 123 in close proximity can cause a real double-take, let me tell you.
2008-12-16 21:07:19
135.   Tripon
2008-12-16 21:15:24
136.   Tripon
Wow! Ariza's smoking! Why did the Knicks traded him away again?
2008-12-16 21:18:30
137.   Gagne55
129 If I were Rafael Furcal, a logical contradiction would be reached.
2008-12-16 21:20:59
138.   kinbote
A little late, but definitely "Roan Inish"--in my opinion the best "children's movie" ever made. That is all. :)
2008-12-16 21:21:47
139.   Tripon
I am partial to Watership Down.
2008-12-16 21:21:54
140.   Xeifrank
Might have to actually get up walk to the living room find the remote under the pillows somewhere and watch the last part of this Laker game.
vr, Xei
2008-12-16 21:24:04
141.   kinbote
I think Rafy is waiting for Jon to use "Furcalate" again before he makes up his mind.
2008-12-16 21:24:18
142.   Tripon
Flagrant foul on Sasha.
2008-12-16 21:25:27
143.   JoeyP
Nate Robinson is the best under 6'0 basketball player in the world.

True or False?

2008-12-16 21:27:06
144.   Tripon

Chris Paul and Allen Iverson are both listed at 6'0", which are liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies.

2008-12-16 21:28:28
145.   oshea2002
What a stupid foul by Sasha the souffle vujacic.
2008-12-16 21:30:35
146.   JoeyP
D'Antoni must be the only coach that knows how to push Tim Thomas buttons.
2008-12-16 21:31:07
147.   Tripon
Nate Robinson is a flopper.
2008-12-16 21:34:51
148.   Eric Stephen
The Lakers' comeback has a new foe, and thy name is Lawler.
2008-12-16 21:35:35
149.   Tripon
Lakers take the lead!
2008-12-16 21:38:03
150.   natepurcell
Furcal needs to make up his mind so we can move on.
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2008-12-16 21:39:25
151.   Tripon
Great news for Rocco Baldelli. A visit to the Cleveland clinic last week revealed that doctors had misdiagnosed his illness. Baldelli missed much of last season, and when he did play, he was limited because of extreme fatigue. Doctors thought it was mitochondrial disorder, which can be fatal. The Baldelli family told me tonight that the Cleveland clinic diagnosed his condition as channelopathy, a non-progressive, highly treatable disease.

2008-12-16 21:48:32
152.   JoeyP
Nate Robinson 31 points.
2008-12-16 21:50:29
153.   Eric Stephen
Lakers really dodged a bullet with that inbound to Odom, followed by the alley oop to Ariza.
2008-12-16 21:53:34
154.   underdog
C'mon Lakers, making me sweat here... Nice comeback though.

Why so much disdain for Lamar round these parts? Whassamatter, 17 pts, 12 rebounds, 4 assists ain't good enough for ya?

2008-12-16 21:54:17
155.   Eric Stephen
Not sure how Ariza kept that ball from going out of bounds. Dodging major bullets here.
2008-12-16 21:56:01
156.   Tripon
154 Odom doesn't fit the team as well with Gasol starting. And the perception that he doesn't get the most of his ability.
2008-12-16 21:56:16
157.   JoeyP
Lakers pull another out even with bad defense & no Pau.

Good foul by Fisher.
Robinson made 3 after the foul.

2008-12-16 21:56:21
158.   Eric Stephen
Love to see the foul under 5 seconds up three. Not enough teams do that.
2008-12-16 21:57:03
159.   Alex41592
158 - Doc Rivers has the Celtics do that a lot.
2008-12-16 21:58:18
160.   Icaros
I thought Jackson was notorious for not fouling when up by 3. He must hate D'Antoni back.
2008-12-16 21:58:30
161.   Eric Stephen
I always root for Doc to be fired as a coach, only because I like him as a broadcaster so much. Well, and now because of blind jealous rage.
2008-12-16 21:59:24
162.   Eric Stephen
No Cleveland State redux.


2008-12-16 22:00:19
163.   JoeyP
2.8 seconds you have to heave it to half court from out of bounds...Not shoot a 70 footer.
2008-12-16 22:00:22
164.   Icaros
I was afraid Robinson would pull a Tyus Edney.
2008-12-16 22:00:26
165.   Alex41592
Heart skipped a beat on a potential Cleveland State miracle. Lakers pull it out. 21 and 3.
2008-12-16 22:01:34
166.   underdog
whew indeed!


Heh. New from Jon Heyman:

>>So to recap, Furcal rejected a four-year deal for about $40 million with the A's to talk to the Braves about a three year deal for $30 million with a vesting option (and according to the Braves, agree to that deal). And after allegedly wrapping things up with the Braves, he's believed to be talking to the Dodgers, mostly likely about a two-year deal with an option.

If he takes a two-year deal with the Dodgers, he will be the first player ever to reject a four-year deal to take a three-year deal for a similar annual salary only to reject that for a two-year deal for a similar salary. If this keeps up, the next stop would be a one-year deal.<<

2008-12-16 22:02:07
167.   Xeifrank
I thought Nate Robertson should've intentionally misses that 2nd free throw on purpose as they really had very little shot of getting the ball down the court with such little time left. 1AM finish in NY, wonder how many people stayed up to watch.
vr, Xei
2008-12-16 22:02:41
168.   Gagne55
108 Yup. I called the comeback.
2008-12-16 22:02:43
169.   Tripon
166 No way the Dodgers are still stuck on two years on Furcal, they'd have to bump it up to 3 years right?
2008-12-16 22:03:44
170.   Gagne55
164 Or a Jerry West.
2008-12-16 22:04:05
171.   Alex41592
Colletti said the Dodgers improved their offer to the 31-year-old Furcal but wouldn't elaborate how and refused to reveal anything more about the nature of the negotiations.,0,2092409.story

2008-12-16 22:08:32
172.   Tripon
A source in Los Angeles last night confirmed that the Dodgers' Plan B is not Wilson but free-agent shortstop Orlando Cabrera, with contact already having been made with Cabrera's agent, Danny Lozano. Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti told reporters that a trade still was a possibility but stressed that his team could use prospect Chin-lung Hu at the position.

Even Dejan Kovacevic can't keep on pushing his Jack Wilson to the Dodgers spew.

2008-12-16 22:08:58
173.   underdog
169 - I should think so. Heyman was going for his joke and wasn't to be stopped.
2008-12-16 22:12:57
174.   immouch
if furcal pulls the last daisy petal and winds up "not a dodger," will ned go after orlando cabrera?
2008-12-16 22:14:02
175.   Tripon

The Woody Paige generator. You too can make Woody Paige's chalkboard say silly things.

2008-12-16 22:15:41
176.   Kevin Lewis
Per the mac discussion, I agree with all that has been said, and I would add that my macs are way more dependable than the PC I have in the house. There are pros and cons for each, but I would never go back after I made the switch to apple as an every day computer.

Also, it is not true that apple hardware and peripherals are more long as you don't buy the extras from apple and are able to install them or know someone who can.

You might want to wait to buy one until after the expo in January just in case new products are you can always buy the previous generation at a cheaper rate.

Also, Best Buy would be on my obelisk if I had one.

2008-12-16 22:16:13
177.   Eric Stephen
Best 24-Game Starts in Laker History
1972: 21-3 (69-13, eventual NBA Champs)
1986: 21-3 (62-20, lost to Houston in West Finals)
2009: 21-3 (???)
1973: 20-4 (60-22, lost to NY in NBA Finals)
2002: 20-4 (58-24, Champs)
1953: 19-5 (48-22, Champs)
2000: 19-5 (67-15, Champs)
2004: 19-5 (56-26, lost to Detroit in NBA Finals)
2008-12-16 22:19:05
178.   Louis in SF

Don't know what to believe at this point but I definitely think that Ned did guarantee a third year. I can't see Furcal's agent going back to the Dodgers if he didn't think it was possible to get a third year guaranteed. And what could Ned really offer in new "improved" negotiations, besides the third year. Wonder if Torre was on the phone to Ned and Frank pushing for the third year?

2008-12-16 22:19:17
179.   JoeyP
21-3 must be close to all time best start by any NBA team.

And the Oklahoma City Thunder's 2-24 record has to be the worst start.

2008-12-16 22:19:43
180.   Xeifrank
177. Would it be too much trouble to show the Celtics chart like that?
vr, Xei
2008-12-16 22:19:58
181.   Tripon
178 More money per year. A higher bonus, etc. Although the 3rd year is most likely.
2008-12-16 22:21:49
182.   Eric Stephen
The 1996 Bulls started 23-2, and 41-3.
2008-12-16 22:28:46
183.   jasonungar07
Maybe they are also negotiating on how physical the physical is.
2008-12-16 22:35:05
184.   Andrew Shimmin
176- The computer itself is $400-$600 more expensive for virtually identical PC hardware. The guts, anyway; it wouldn't surprise me to learn that the cases are better made, which might be worth something. The hinges on the last two laptops I've owned froze and busted through the case; maybe that doesn't happen with Apple (or Lenovo, or any other premium line for that matter). But I can't think of a reason identical CPUs, or GPUs, or RAM would be more durable.

Isn't it a little irritating to know that you're paying all that extra money because Steve Jobs wants to Think Different about OS distribution? Software companies should make software.

2008-12-16 22:35:07
185.   JoeyP
182- The current Celtics are 23-2.
Cleveland has the largest point differential & is 20-4.

Could this be the year a team breaks the Bulls 72-10 record?

2008-12-16 22:35:18
186.   Bob Timmermann
1992-93 Mavs started 2-30. The next year they started 2-39.
2008-12-16 22:35:44
187.   Eric Stephen
Best 24-Game Starts, Celtics History
2009: 22-2
2008: 21-3 (66-16, NBA Champs)
1985: 21-3 (63-19, lost Finals)
1973: 21-3 (68-14, lost ECF)
1964: 21-3 (59-21, Champs)
1962: 21-3 (60-20, Champs)
1991: 20-4 (56-26, lost 2nd round)
1986: 20-4 (67-15, Champs)
1960: 20-4 (59-16, Champs)
1958: 20-4 (49-23, lost Finals)
1983: 19-5 (56-26, lost 2nd round)
1982: 19-5 (63-19, lost ECF)
1980: 19-5 (61-21, lost Finals)
1974: 19-5 (56-26, Champs)
1967: 19-5 (60-21, lost ECF)
1963: 19-5 (58-22, Champs)
2008-12-16 22:38:31
188.   Eric Stephen
The Celtics are currently tied for the best start in NBA history at 23-2. The other 3 teams to do so all won titles:

1966-67 76ers
1969-70 Knicks
1995-96 Bulls

2008-12-16 22:46:17
189.   Eric Stephen
Could this be the year a team breaks the Bulls 72-10 record?

Hard to predict that, but this might be as good a year as any for it to happen.

More likely, I'm looking to this obscure stat:

The highest number of wins achieved by three different teams in one NBA season is 61 (three teams in 1997, and four in 1998). There's a good chance Boston, Cleveland, and the Lakers could all top that and possibly even hit 65 wins each.

2008-12-16 22:48:34
190.   underdog
Heh. Ken/Catfish Stew gets back at Furcal, and teases DT, in latest post.
2008-12-16 22:51:36
191.   Eric Stephen
Since acquiring Gasol on February 1, the Lakers are 50-12 in the regular season.

In the same time period, the Celtics are 53-10.

2008-12-16 22:51:40
192.   Tripon

Cards are looking at Saito as a backup plan.

2008-12-16 23:00:12
193.   LogikReader
Would you look at this...? This channel called "MLB Network" just popped up on my program guide.

I now have MLB Network. How cool is that? Anyone else getting MLB network right now?


Far as the Lakers tonight, I knew the Knicks would play the Lakers close. Even though they were up by 15, I had a feeling the Lakers would make a comeback. Honestly I thought both teams played pretty well.

The Knicks aren't as bad as they used to be. I like what I see with Duhon and now Nate Robinson. If they didn't trade Zach Randolph for cap space, that team could be even better.

Obviously the Knicks are thinking farther ahead...

2008-12-16 23:02:54
194.   Eric Stephen
I meant to call Time Warner to ask what their plans are, but I forgot. I believe the programming starts January 1.

2008-12-16 23:05:48
195.   Tripon
194 I hope its better than the NFL network. The NFL Network is disappointing.
2008-12-16 23:19:08
196.   evenatriple
22 Late to the conversation, but as a lifetime PC user who just bought a new Macbook, I have some perspective on this.

There are a lot of great things about the mac -- it is simple to set up and use, it seems to lack all the fussy pc stuff when it comes to things like connecting to wireless networks, it has tons of really cool and fun features -- for example, the touchpad lets you scroll down by brushing two fingers over it -- and this thing weighs much less than my previous pc laptops. It also just seems to run quickly and smoothly - none of the frozen screens and grindingly slow patches that seem to happen so often with my pc and can be so frustrating.

However, I would not underestimate the cost of the switch -- not only is the machine itself an extra $500 or so, but you need to buy new Mac software as well, plus, if you are over a certain age, like myself, help in moving your files and setting up any custom features from your old computer. Plus books to figure out what you are doing.

It has not been an entirely smooth road learning to use the Mac, and there are some annoying differences -- for example deleting forward requires two keys (option + delete), and I had to relearn a lot of other keystrokes. I have also missed the taskbar at the bottom of Windows that tells you all the windows that you have open - with a Mac there are a lot of ways to figure out what windows are open but none of then are as simple as looking at the taskbar in Windows. Or at least, that's been my experience so far, and perhaps Mac vets will enlighten me.

But overall I am very pleased -- perhaps not a full fledged Mac cult member, but certainly happy with my switch. I plan to replace my work desktop shortly, and make the full switch.

I do have a question for you mac guys -- on Safari, how do I block that annoying ad that is always part of Jon's post? I know how to do it with Firefox, but not Safari.

2008-12-17 03:47:01
198.   Bumsrap
In regards to the Dodgers signing Furcal, they still have the advantage over the Braves and will have as long as they have Furcal's good buddy Jones on the team. If the Braves want Furcal, they should trade for Jones and return him as well to the fold.
2008-12-17 06:58:49
199.   Jon Weisman

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