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Great Moments in Chutes & Ladders and Candyland History
2009-01-04 12:44
by Jon Weisman

It was still morning, but the Chutes & Ladders equivalent of Rule 9, warding off the jinxing of a no-hitter, was already in effect. My daughter was moments away from closing out what no doubt would have been the first victory in the game's history without climbing a single ladder or sliding down a single chute. Guinness waited on the wire to certify. But just before what might have been her decisive spin of the spinner, I landed on space No. 80, which takes you up a ladder directly to No. 100 and a win. From no-no to uh-oh, the shock on my girl's face was evident.

Next came Candyland. My eldest son joined in to play, but once more it came down to Daddy and daughter. It was a prototypical topsy-turvy game, but when all the candy cards had been exhausted, ensuring that everyone would be moving forward for the remainder of the deck, she held the lead, barely surmountable but likely sufficient. Then I landed on Lose a Turn, which should have all but clinched defeat. But her next draw fell short while using the final card, meaning that, with one space remaining between her piece and glorious Candyland itself, there would need to be a reshuffling of the deck. All the candy cards would be back in play, and drawing one would all but doom her to defeat.

Building the suspense, I shuffled and shuffled, four times, five times, six times, hoping irrationally that the more I did, the more confused those candy cards would be. Good sport that I am, I didn't want one to get any ideas. Still, it was tense as she drew ... a color! After a bitter C&L loss, a triumphant Candyland championship.

We wrapped things up with Yahtzee: I rolled a 329, not my career best but still satisfying in this early January trigameathon.

* * *

Congrats to writer and friend of Dodger Thoughts Jonah Keri, for being named the 64th most influential Canadian in baseball! Russell Martin ranked 32nd.

* * *

Update: David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke to Scott Boras today and is reporting that as part of their restructuring of Andruw Jones' contract, the Dodgers will cut Jones loose January 15, assuming he is not traded before then. I don't know if we can take this to the bank, but I thought I could pass it on.

Comments (78)
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2009-01-04 15:23:15
1.   Gen3Blue
So Sandovals a little small for third? That and being right handed doesn't bode well for first base ( I see 5' 11", 180).
2009-01-04 15:35:28
2.   Bob Hendley
As kids, we used to warm up for APBA by playing a few rounds of Yahtzee! Tech question: When I try to log in, I get the message that my browser hasn't saved the required cookies, so I have to log in again. I am at the beach, otherwise I would ask one of my techies how to resolve. Anyone out there know what I needed to do?
2009-01-04 15:35:43
3.   bhsportsguy
Jon, what's next "Operation" or "Rockem Sockem Robots?"
2009-01-04 15:37:15
4.   Bluebleeder87
He is probably more like 5'9. I'm been told not to trust those things. I've seen the dude bat he definitely has game man.
2009-01-04 15:42:10
5.   PalmdaleSteve1
I did a quick scan of what January 15th was famous for, not much expect MLK's birthday.

So can Dodgers fans claim it as the end of the Blimp era?

2009-01-04 15:44:26
6.   Jon Weisman
3 - Default position is Legos.
2009-01-04 15:46:36
7.   Ken Arneson
2 I don't know what browser you're using, but if you're on a beach, I'm guessing it's a primitive cellphone browser. Which, I'm also guessing, means it might not be resending the cookie on the redirect after you log in. In which case, you can probably ignore the error message, and go to the page you want to see, and you'll probably see that you are indeed logged in.
2009-01-04 15:47:20
8.   underdog
Remember when Legos were just interlocking blocks? Then they get more complicate, with lunar landing sets and so forth. And then they got even more crazy.

I was thinking of writing Candyland: The Motion Picture, but worry that it may require a bit of stretching in the adaptation.


Btw, that Canadian list is a bit odd, not that it's meant to be taken too literally or seriously. But how is Russell Martin only 32nd vs Brett Lawrie's #9? Anyway, congrats to Jonah!

2009-01-04 15:49:50
9.   Bob Hendley
5 - He just would have been the fifth outfielder (assumes Manny or other LF), or at the most the fourth outfielder in any event. Beyond the symbolic, it just gives Ned more (?) money to give to Manny, for which no market appears to exist anyway.
2009-01-04 15:52:07
10.   Bob Hendley
Thanks. Actually we just had a dish connection installed, but I will look. It keeps me on the log-in page, when it gives me the message about the cookies.
2009-01-04 15:55:15
11.   Bluebleeder87
I like the name Jonah.
2009-01-04 16:01:50
12.   Bob Hendley
11 - Are you fond of krill, as well?
2009-01-04 16:13:45
13.   PalmdaleSteve1
11 12

Joe Torre will no longer play the part of Captain Ahab of the Dodgers with the departure of Curaçao whale...Greenpeace could not be reached for comment.

2009-01-04 16:15:40
14.   Jon Weisman
Farewell, Pat Hingle.
2009-01-04 16:16:31
15.   Bob Timmermann
And I was just headed over to his home with a bag of oranges.
2009-01-04 16:16:36
16.   Indiana Jon
0 How can Eric Gagne not be on that list?
2009-01-04 16:28:34
17.   DBrim
16 - The list is for 2008. Gagne didn't influence much of anything in 2008.
2009-01-04 16:29:49
18.   CanuckDodger
Thanks to that list of Canadians influential in baseball I now know that Dodger scouting director Tim Hallgren is Canadian.
2009-01-04 16:32:26
19.   underdog
18 And how come you're not on that list for that matter! ;-)


Pat Hingle is likely the only actor to have played Commissioner Gordon and J Edgar Hoover. May he RIP.

2009-01-04 16:35:34
20.   trainwreck
Oregon State is about to beat USC.


2009-01-04 16:38:29
21.   CanuckDodger
19 -- I was going to say I feel slighted, but didn't think anyone would commiserate.
2009-01-04 16:38:49
22.   Ken Noe
Legos are the greatest toys made for kids today.

I've been out of town; are we assuming that by Freeing Willy that Boras is deliberately making it easier to pay Manny?

2009-01-04 16:40:31
23.   MC Safety
Are Lincoln Logs still around?
2009-01-04 16:43:13
24.   Tripon
Huh, didn't realize that the Dodgers used the 2nd rounder that the Dodgers acquired from the M's for Beltre was the one used to pick Ivan DeJesus Jr.
2009-01-04 16:44:18
25.   trainwreck
UNC gets every call.
2009-01-04 16:44:47
26.   trainwreck
Good, the announcers were wrong.

BC up 4 with 44.8 seconds left.

2009-01-04 16:45:55
27.   MC Safety
Looks like "overrated" McNabb is leading his team to the next round.
2009-01-04 16:47:04
28.   Alex41592
The Celtics are down 9 in the Garden late in the 3rd quarter.
2009-01-04 16:48:07
29.   trainwreck
Down goes the Tar Heels!!!!
2009-01-04 16:49:37
30.   bhsportsguy
And Boston College storms the court. Or maybe not.
2009-01-04 16:49:48
31.   Alex41592
And Kevin Garnett has left the game with a foot injury.
2009-01-04 16:51:09
32.   Indiana Jon
23 Yes, I just bought a can for my nephew for $9.99 at Christmas. They were on the shelf right beside the Tinker Toys.
2009-01-04 16:54:53
33.   D4P
And Kevin Garnett has left the game with a foot injury

Probably faking it, the way Paul Pierce did in the Finals last season.

2009-01-04 16:59:14
34.   Bob Timmermann
Woo hoo, I've dumped Time Warner! The change to AT&T will be made on the MLK holiday.
2009-01-04 17:03:06
35.   MC Safety
32 Nice. I used to love playing with those as a kid.
2009-01-04 17:03:19
36.   trainwreck
You can celebrate by watching the Under Armour All-America Game!!
2009-01-04 17:04:28
37.   Tripon
The Celtics need the Clippers to waive Marcus Camby STAT.
2009-01-04 17:04:56
38.   jujibee
I don't know how I feel about the restructuring of Jones's contract.Part of me feels relieved that the 21 mil wouldn't be a sunk cost this year, but I wish the Dodgers would've just paid him this year and be done with him. Now they'll have a sunken cost for the next few years. IMO, it would've been better to make a trade work out for JP and have Jones be the 4th outfielder for 2009. It would be a relief to know that at this time next year both JP and AJ would be gone, along with Schmidt. I guess I'm happy with the thought of trying to be creative, but I wish Ned could be creative in a manner that won't be an issue 6 years down the road.
2009-01-04 17:10:12
39.   Jon Weisman
34 So I guess 5 didn't stick.

38 - I think, unless you thought Jones would somehow contribute this year, you're nitpicking.

2009-01-04 17:12:33
40.   bhsportsguy
39 Except Bob will get his new service on the 19th.
2009-01-04 17:16:20
41.   Bob Timmermann
I observe MLK's birthday in civil service terms.
2009-01-04 17:17:10
42.   dianagramr

Does deferred money for a player no longer on a team's 40-man roster get factored in to a team's Luxury Tax computation?

2009-01-04 17:18:19
43.   dianagramr

I expect to see John Kruk reporting on this on "Candyland Tonight"

2009-01-04 17:18:21
44.   jujibee
39. Not nitpicking, I just would've preferred to be done with Jones as soon as possible, rather than have 2.5 mil to pay for the next 6 years on someone who absolutly will not be contributing during that span. Really, how many contracts do the Dodgers have right now that could be re-done in the same manner as Jones', only to have those costs be burdensome for years to come. I just assume live with the mistake (though I'll go on record saying that I thought it was a good signing at the time- AJ, not JP) and say good riddence as soon as possible.
2009-01-04 17:19:45
45.   Dodgers49
Per Diamond Leung:

Dodgers' Jones headed home (wife is ill)

>> Overall, he has hit .167 (5 for 30) with no extra-base hits. <<

2009-01-04 17:23:38
46.   berkowit28
45 ... now that there's no one holding him to improving. Doesn't bode well for a trade, nor signing with another team.
2009-01-04 17:26:28
47.   Alex41592
Garnett returned.

Celtics go down for their 6th loss of the season.

2009-01-04 17:26:30
48.   Daniel Zappala
34 You have a choice of cable companies?
2009-01-04 17:28:17
49.   berkowit28
18 And how about Ellen Harrigan, assistant director, administration, Dodgers (no. 48 on the list)? I guess it doesn't help that I've never heard of her. I wonder how influential an assistant director, administration, is.
2009-01-04 17:31:55
50.   Andrew Shimmin
U-verse isn't cable.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2009-01-04 17:38:59
51.   Daniel Zappala
I feel dumb that I haven't heard of U-verse before this.
2009-01-04 17:44:38
52.   Tripon
44 A team like the Dodgers isn't going to notice $2.5 million in dead money.
2009-01-04 17:47:51
53.   Tripon
Rather, I wished the Dodgers were forward thinking, and did this kind of deal with Jason Schmidt.
2009-01-04 17:53:37
54.   Andrew Shimmin
51- It probably has three dozen existing subscribers, nationwide. It'll be exciting to hear all of the things that go wrong with it, assuming Bob doesn't change his stripes in the next few weeks.
2009-01-04 18:01:00
55.   Sam DC
I wouldn't have believed I could get so sick of the "The pizza was delivered by Pizza Hut commercial" so quickly. Guess I've been watching a bit much tube over the post-holidays.

I got a commercial fridge sized cylinder of Tinker Toys for my 3 yr old for Hanukkah. It looked very traditional, but come with string and plastic eyelets and such.

The new mondo-complex Lego toys and I have gone on a real spiritual journey. I started out scoffing at the newfangled kits with their 3 booklet instruction sets and their squealching of creativity and invention. Tradition, after all! But watching my son track through a 200-step process to build a Sandcrawler was a pretty amazing thing. And watching him then break it all down and build a massive Star City of his own, has sort of forced me to move off of my natural "things were better in the old days" stance.

The new Legos are OK!

2009-01-04 18:01:19
56.   Bob Timmermann
AT&T claimed to hit 1 million subscribers nationwide in December.
2009-01-04 18:01:52
57.   dzzrtRatt
It's best for now to just pretend Andruw got hurt in his first game with the Dodgers. It's awful luck, and it could not have been foreseen.

The only thing that would make me upset would be if he signs with, oh, Florida and hits 25 home runs.

2009-01-04 18:02:23
58.   Sam DC
"came" with string and . . .
2009-01-04 18:02:54
59.   Andrew Shimmin
So, a little more than three dozen. Within rounding range, though, I'd say.
2009-01-04 18:05:48
60.   Sam DC
Apparently, on the High Stakes Poker show with Mr. Kotter, they have a running side bet that if you win with 2-7, you get an extra $500 from every player at the table.
2009-01-04 18:11:05
61.   Sagehen
55 My nephew was on the school "Lego" team -- a junior robotics sort of thing sponsored by the company. From that he moved onto the high school robotics team. You have to like a company that encourages future engineers. Alas, I have struggled to find him Christmas presents ever since he got too old for Legos.
2009-01-04 18:12:26
62.   Sagehen
57 Florida I'd be cool with. But if he hits 25 homeruns for the Giants ... He has been looking so bad in Winterball, though, that it is hard to believe he's going to rebound.
2009-01-04 18:19:19
63.   Tripon
Andruw Jones won't do it with the Giants. They're already paying Aaron Rowand a 5 year/55 million contract. It'll be a team like the Tigers who can't help but sign vets.
2009-01-04 18:20:57
64.   The Trolley Dodger
61 Ah, but if you go ahead and get him Legos, which he rejects, you'll have more Legos for yourself. Everybody wins!
2009-01-04 18:25:03
65.   KG16
60 - it's a side game a lot of players, for some insane reason that I can not fathom, like to play called "seven-deuce." I've actually been at a table where I was the only one not playing it, made things more, "interesting."
2009-01-04 18:28:31
66.   Tripon
Ramon Troncoso started again today in the Dominican Winter League for Azucareros and pitched five innings, giving up two runs, while striking out two and walking two for the no-decision. -via Diamond Lueng.
2009-01-04 18:30:52
67.   Sam DC
65 I'd like to see it play out, but it seems like a great shield for a strong -- if you just start betting a ton on your pocket Aces, do folks start convincing themselves you're trying to win a seven-deuce?
2009-01-04 18:37:03
68.   ToyCannon
That is nice to see. He hadn't pitched since Nov 29th.
2009-01-04 18:45:16
69.   AKblue
61 Cool, my school "Lego" team took state in 92'. Sadly, I went down with a crippling thumb ligament sprain and I missed the finals. Even worse…that devastating injury derailed my lifelong dreams of collegiate thumb wrestling.
2009-01-04 18:46:25
70.   D4P
A team like the Dodgers isn't going to notice $2.5 million in dead money

A team like the Dodgers traded a player who is now another team's #1 prospect, just to save $2 million.

2009-01-04 18:46:54
71.   Bluebleeder87
66 68

I'm sure that's normal right? Dodgers watching his innings especially cause he was a reliever, building up arm Strength etc.

2009-01-04 18:53:14
72.   Tripon
70 The 2008 payroll was likely set at the start of the 2008 season. The 2009 payroll likely isn't set yet, and the Dodgers payroll roster is around $30 million lower than it was 2008. Losing Carlos Santana sucks but it was ultimately a different situation.
2009-01-04 19:00:50
73.   Tripon
Rotoworld via OC Register is reporting that Luke Walton is out indefinitely, due to bad feet. Ariza is in the starting lineup in place of Walton.
2009-01-04 19:16:21
74.   Sagehen
69 And now my nephew has shattered the school record for the flinging of a baseball by a catapult / trebuchet. He got it to go 150 yards (the record had been 50 yards), and the administration will now be changing the rules because it is now dangerous. And it all started with Legos ...
2009-01-04 19:17:10
75.   Sagehen
69 Not to mention derailing any future use of a Play Station ...
2009-01-04 19:20:14
76.   JoeyP
Seems like a similar situation to me. Dead money is still money that needs to be paid.

If Loaiza's dead money wasnt on the books for 2008, maybe the Dodgers dont need to deal Santana to save money.

Its seems more apparent to me that the Dodgers are trying to clear payroll space for Manny, rather than to do whatever it takes to get rid of Druw. Sounds like the Dodgers were going to cut Druw regardless of his contract situation.

Since they've more/less publically announced they are cutting him by Jan 15th, I doubt anyone even offers a trade unless its a salary dump of another bad contract to the Dodgers.

2009-01-04 19:46:05
77.   Jon Weisman
The Tony Jackson prophecy has been fulfilled. New post coming.
2009-01-04 19:48:54
78.   trainwreck
Well we know who that means.

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