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Castro's Last Hurrah
2009-01-04 19:46
by Jon Weisman

Juan Castro is returning to the Dodgers on a minor-league contract, reports Diamond Leung of the Press-Enterprise.

"The split contract would pay Castro $700,000 in major league salary plus incentives beginning at 250 plate appearances," Leung wrote. "The 14-year veteran would make less in the minors, and he has an out clause in the contract."

Castro's OPS+ last season was 35 (100 being the major-league average). He played in the majors with the Dodgers from 1993-99, and started the first triple play in Los Angeles Dodger history.

Comments (86)
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2009-01-04 19:49:51
1.   Bob Timmermann
I shall celebrate this by cracking open another cherry-flavored diet Coke.

And putting away my laundry.

Woo hoo! I'm so happy that all the other Dodgers infielders will have Juan Castro to rely on for guidance.

2009-01-04 19:53:14
2.   Andrew Shimmin
I resolve to only be irritated about this if he actually makes the team. Given that there is absolutely no reason he should, it'll probably be fine.
2009-01-04 19:55:30
3.   Tripon
Its either him, or Angel Berroa.

Speaking of Angel Berroa, I hope Angel and his agent realizes that they can't count on the Dodgers for a spring training invite.

2009-01-04 19:57:44
4.   D4P
I'd rather have Fidel.
2009-01-04 19:58:11
5.   KG16
the Cuban half of my heart jumped a bit when I read the headline. Forgetting all about Rule 5 in the process.
2009-01-04 19:59:16
6.   CanuckDodger
1 -- You have Diet Cherry Coke in the U.S.? We don't get that in Canada. Oh well. At least our Diet 7-Up is fantastic, while yours is, uh, non-poisonous.
2009-01-04 20:00:06
7.   trainwreck
You guys destroy us in the chip department.
2009-01-04 20:02:52
8.   Bluebleeder87
Does not compute...
2009-01-04 20:04:35
9.   CanuckDodger
7 -- Yes, yes, we do. And we have free health care. And, hmmm, beavers. We have beavers.
2009-01-04 20:05:34
10.   Tripon
Does Canada have Mexican coke, or at least coke with real sugar?
2009-01-04 20:08:06
11.   Bob Timmermann
Diet Cherry Coke exports will specifically exempted under an obscure clause of NAFTA. See, I stayed awake for the whole debate between Al Gore and Ross Perot about it on "Larry King."
2009-01-04 20:09:41
12.   Bob Timmermann
That should be "were" instead of "will" in 11 .

I need a nap.

2009-01-04 20:11:49
13.   tjdub
Cherry Coke Zero is not all that bad.
2009-01-04 20:12:05
14.   arbfuldodger
My wife swears that Canadian ketchup (preferably Heinz) is wayyy better than U.S. ketchup. Everytime her best friend goes to Vancouver she'll have her pick up a big bottle of ketchup. I don't get it ....but if my wife is happy than so am I.
2009-01-04 20:14:52
15.   CanuckDodger
10 -- "Mexican Coke?" I believe non-diet pop everywhere outside the U.S. has real sugar, and that certainly includes Canada. Long before I switched to diet pop I noted that your pop tastes worse than Canadian pop, and didn't know why until I heard you use corn syrup instead of sugar for sweetening. Even your chocolate isn't as sweet as that found in Canada and Europe. Hershey chocolate is pretty bad.
2009-01-04 20:15:07
16.   tjdub
14 Coke tastes better from a McDonalds fountain than from any other source. Not enough to make it worth eating at McDonalds, but still true.
2009-01-04 20:16:50
17.   Eric Stephen
Catching up a bit from last thread, I love Yahtzee, but grew up playing Kismet with my grandma so I am partial to that game instead.
2009-01-04 20:23:53
18.   Eric Stephen
For Indiana Jon (also from last thread):

My email is eric d stephen at gmail dot com

2009-01-04 20:26:13
19.   silverwidow
I think Mitch Williams is terrible on MLB Network; provides absolutely zero insight. What are they paying this guy for?
2009-01-04 20:52:31
20.   adrian beltre
mitch williams thinks cc wont win 300 because he makes a lot of money.
2009-01-04 20:58:17
21.   silverwidow
20 He also said Jon Lester was the best LHP in baseball the other day. What a loon.
2009-01-04 21:00:49
22.   Tripon
21 He's certainly in the top ten, and might be top five. Still, until Johan Santana stops being Johan Santana, Jon Lester can't claim that yet.
2009-01-04 21:02:55
23.   silverwidow
22 Mitch Williams was emphatic about it and said something like "without question."
2009-01-04 21:03:56
24.   Tripon
23 Maybe Mitch Williams can't get Mets games, and Twins games before that.
2009-01-04 21:11:47
25.   tjdub
We watch a healthy amount of sports in our house. Lakers games whenever they're on, Dodgers every night via EI package, a couple live events per month with the Jazz, BYU, etc. plus three or four games a week for the kids' various leagues. My penance with my wife is coming due tonight with Superstars of Dance. We've made it through 29 minutes so far, the longest 29 minutes of my life.
2009-01-04 21:12:34
26.   kinbote
I really like the news about Troncoso stretching out his innings. He might be the "surprise" Logan White referred to earlier.
2009-01-04 21:14:09
27.   Tripon
How much does Torre trusts Troncoso though? He was left off the post season roster for McDonald.
2009-01-04 21:18:06
28.   silverwidow
Torre likes Troncoso's ability to get GIDPs.

As for him being a starter, who knows? McDonald is probably higher on Torre's list.

2009-01-04 21:21:49
29.   kinbote
28 I can see McDonald starting the year in the pen to conserve his innings.
2009-01-04 21:24:38
30.   Tripon
The Dodgers are going to be super aggressive in 2009, and just have three starters for the whole year with Billingsley, Kershaw, and Kuroda.
2009-01-04 21:25:00
31.   Eric Stephen
Juan Castro is one of seven LA Dodger non-pitchers to strike out in his only plate appearance of the season (in 1999):

2009-01-04 21:25:30
32.   kinbote
What we really need is a good #2 [preferably a LH] to round out our rotation:

1. Bills
2. [Pettitte?]
3. Kuroda
4. Kershaw
5. Troncoso/McDonald

6. Stults (just being realistic)

2009-01-04 21:28:22
33.   silverwidow
Billingsley & Kershaw will put up #1/2 numbers. Kuroda is a rock solid three. We just need back of the rotation starters.
2009-01-04 21:31:21
34.   bablue
20 22
Yeah I heard him say that too, pretty laughable. I also like how we got 5 minute reviews of the Yankees/Red Sox offseason additions but no other teams. The website said MLB Network was covering all 30 teams, not just a Yankees/Redsox focus. I knew that was a lie the first time I turned the channel on and I had 1 1/2 hour "highlights" of the Red Sox 2004 World Series and then a segment called "Red Sox Memories". I'm sure we can expect "Dodgers Memories" to air sometime in the next... er... decade.
2009-01-04 21:31:32
35.   Andrew Shimmin
First Annual Eric Stephan's Middle Name Guessing Game: ready, set, go!

Dwight. ..

2009-01-04 21:35:55
36.   bablue
Pettitte would be great.

I think you've got it backwards. Kuroda is the good #2 type whereas Kershaw is more likely to be a middle rotation guy this year. But he's so young he could be almost anywhere across the board. Still, getting Pettitte or Sheets would keep us from possibly relying on Kershaw and McDonald so much.

2009-01-04 21:40:30
37.   Eric Stephen
2009-01-04 21:43:02
38.   Tripon
Eric Mike Tyson Stephan.
2009-01-04 21:52:11
39.   trainwreck
Eric John David Booty Stephen.
2009-01-04 21:53:54
40.   trainwreck
Hopefully you will at least get to see the Shaolin monks.
2009-01-04 21:54:01
41.   bablue
38 ,
That's Stephen to you sir.
2009-01-04 21:54:09
42.   silverwidow
On the subject of terrible analysts, Ken Gurnick's latest is disgusting, particularly his constant referrals to Billingsley "and his broken leg." He just ignores the reports that Chad is healing on schedule to try to prove a point that the rotation is a weakness. Hate that stuff.
2009-01-04 21:55:27
43.   bablue
Eric Andruw Stephen...
2009-01-04 22:05:13
44.   jasonungar07
Which is it?

Eric Jack Stephanini Stephan, Eric Jack Stephanovic Stephan or Eric Jack Stephonski Stephan?

2009-01-04 22:13:28
45.   silverwidow just got re-designed. Looks cool.
2009-01-04 22:28:00
46.   berkowit28
34 Actually you only have to wait two days. The next team to get its own program is the Dodgers - it's called Dodger Blue. Airs Tuesday 9 pm PST and twice on Wednesday and repeats thereafter (Saturday and onwards). No Yankees in sight during January. The whole day today was devoted to Phillies and Rays in World Series 2008. No Red Sox or Yankees. There are dozens of programs coming up on historical seasons, World Series. Lots of teams. Maybe you should lay off the sarcasm until you know what you're talking about. The whole schedule for January is available on the MLB website.
2009-01-04 22:31:00
47.   CanuckDodger
42 -- I was wondering if I was alone in noting that Gurnick-created meme. I have resolved that if I ever start a rock band I am naming it "Chad Billingsley And His Broken Leg."
2009-01-04 22:32:40
48.   berkowit28
45 Best thing is it doesn't immediately start playing a movie every time you go there or refresh. So far, anyway.
2009-01-04 22:33:03
49.   Bob Hendley
Eric Baldwin Stephen.
2009-01-04 22:39:40
50.   Kevin Lewis
Does anyone know what Sheets will command? 2/30? If so, why not offer Lowe 3/42?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2009-01-04 22:48:51
51.   skybluestoday
Eric Sean Casey Blake Dewitt Stephen ?
2009-01-04 22:53:59
52.   Tripon
Eric Jamie McCourt Stephen.
2009-01-04 23:06:47
53.   bhsportsguy
In games where Pau Gasol has played for the Lakers, their record is 62-18 (including playoffs).
2009-01-04 23:10:23
54.   ibleedbloo
I am rewatching season 4 of Lost to prepare for the new season. Jon, have you seen any of the new season yet? I can't wait!
2009-01-04 23:11:44
55.   Marty
So with the Castro news I'm guessing Tony Jackson is dancing a jig.
2009-01-04 23:12:31
56.   trainwreck
Me too.
2009-01-04 23:22:45
57.   bablue
Woah, no need to get all testy, I was wrong. It was after all an exaggeration, but the rest of the post is right. We're all Dodger fans here.
2009-01-04 23:37:31
58.   Eric Stephen
The 1956 Gillette pocket-sized baseball encyclopedia, as advertised during Don Larsen's perfect game and shown last week during MLB Network's launch, is available on eBay.

Current bid is $50, but there are 3 days left so it will probably go for much higher.

2009-01-04 23:37:56
59.   KG16
50 - because Lowe does not want to play in LA anymore. Sheets would be an interesting acquisition, but then again I'd be happy to go with a rotation of Billingsly, Kershaw, Kuroda, Tronsoco, and McDonald. Something tells me Ned won't go for that rotation.
2009-01-04 23:39:15
60.   KG16
58 - yeah, you're probably right about it going up since the price has gone from $10 to $50 in about 30 hours.
2009-01-04 23:48:18
61.   LU Dodger

yeah that was mucho harsh.

hey all you cox subscribers: did the mlb network just "work" upon its debut? or have you had to do like me and call cox to access the channel?

2009-01-04 23:50:37
62.   Lexinthedena
Juan Castro's back woo hoo!

He along with Chad Fonville, and Jamie Arnold are my all time favorite low-impact Dodgers.

I have always loved that he has managed to ahg around, and now he is back!

I remember Vin telling us that Bobby Cox said that Juan Castro is the best fielding SS he has ever seen.

2009-01-04 23:53:24
63.   jasonungar07
He was the best I ever saw. My old friends joke at me still whenever I mention anything about any SS in any context. There like yeah Jay but he is no Juan Castro.
2009-01-04 23:53:59
64.   Gen3Blue
If archeologists of 2000 years hence find remains of humans and cattle, carbon isotope studies in much of North America will dub us the corny land.
2009-01-04 23:58:59
65.   scareduck
16 - I would be willing to bet that north of the border, they pay much lower world prices for sugar, so that's what they add to ketchup instead of corn syrup. People who drink Mexican-made Coca-Cola report the same effect of the cane-sugar-sweetened product tasting noticeably better than the other kind. You can get sugared Coke at BevMo, I think.
2009-01-05 00:07:38
66.   Strike4
That overnight price increase just raised the compounded annual rate of return to 8% from 4%, assuming the thing cost $1.00 in 1956.

Be wary of a possible pocket encyclopedia speculative bubble coming in 2009.

2009-01-05 00:27:03
67.   berkowit28
57 Sorry for over-reacting.

61 I (Cox subscriber) just get it - but I have a ridiculously expensive package that covers just about everything. MLB has been advertised as "extended basic" but the channel actually appears in the add-on sports package sequence (as 282) rather than in extended basic territory (MLB website says it should be 128). Then with HD service it also appears as 770. Perhaps they'll hook it up for all extended basic (or even basic?) customers if you just ask.

But it's not showing me any programs in the Channel Guide - just blank, and "No Data Available" if I press Info. I have to get all program info from the MLB website. I'll see if phoning Cox can fix that, but I doubt it.

2009-01-05 00:41:03
68.   bablue
67 No worries.

Does anyone with Comcast get the MLB Network? Because I thought it was supposed to be channel 181 but I do not see it. Is it on an advanced tier maybe?

2009-01-05 01:04:01
69.   arbfuldodger
I have Comcast cable but I'm in Washington state. I get the MLB network on our digital tier, channel 407.
2009-01-05 01:26:55
70.   dzzrtRatt
61 Where I am, the station was running some promo stuff including quick vintage clips for a couple of days before it launched. When it launched, I watched the Larsen game, and a couple of times the picture pixilated, froze or went black for a few moments. But otherwise, it seems okay, though I haven't looked into it today.
2009-01-05 01:27:41
71.   dzzrtRatt
70 , 61 I left out the whole point of my comment. I'm a Cox subscriber.
2009-01-05 06:34:17
72.   Bob Hendley
IIRC, in East Texas there are still a few outlaw bottlers producing sugar-laden Dr. Pepper.
2009-01-05 07:15:47
73.   Bob Timmermann
Coke with Mexican sugar
The MLB Network
The NFL Network
2009-01-05 08:15:42
74.   Kevin Lewis

But is it true that Lowe would not come back? I thought he said something about if we brought back the same team he would want to play with us.

2009-01-05 08:17:38
75.   Bob Hendley
74 - Actually, with Grumpy and Sr. Snipes Sr. out of the picture, he might even be more inclined. Boras has created some space as well.
2009-01-05 08:25:43
76.   Jon Weisman
Since no one got the right answer, I'll spill the beans: Eric Amy K. Stephen.
2009-01-05 08:36:57
77.   Kevin Lewis

Exactly! Plus, if we sign Manny, than it wouldn't hurt to make Lowe an offer of 3/42 to see what he says

2009-01-05 08:51:47
78.   cargill06
Checking out some baseball bodies...

Matt Kemp (OF-LAD)
Claim: Lost 20lbs
Result: Drop off in power from a .521 SLG% in '07, to .459 in '08. But also stole bases more efficiently, increasing his stolen base percentage from 67% in '07, to 76% in '08.

Russell Martin (C-LAD)
Claim: Lost a full percentage of body fat.
Result: Hit for significantly less power, but was more efficient stealing bases. Contrary to all spring training reports--heading into 2008; he played in more games, and took the plate 30 more times.

2009-01-05 08:59:05
79.   68elcamino427
Martin - Loney - Kemp - DeWitt

All will become stronger and develop more power as they move toward and attain their 28th birthdays.

2009-01-05 09:03:57
80.   Jon Weisman
78 - I've been waiting forever for someone to do this.
2009-01-05 09:16:02
81.   Eric Stephen
That one cracked me up.
2009-01-05 09:19:30
82.   Bob Timmermann
Amy K. Nelson turned down my Facebook friend request.

I did not see Eric listed as a mutual friend.

2009-01-05 09:21:22
83.   underdog
47 I was thinking of naming my band "Hiroki Kuroda and His Fickle Shoulder."
2009-01-05 09:27:11
84.   68elcamino427
What is the name of the facility in Arizona where Martin - Bison - and Manny work out at?
I've seen the name of this place mentioned several times and other baseball players are going there too.
2009-01-05 09:31:03
85.   Jon Weisman
2009-01-05 09:31:18
86.   Eric Stephen
Athlete's Performance

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