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Albania! Albania!
2009-01-17 12:53
by Jon Weisman

Comments (52)
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2009-01-17 12:58:40
1.   D4P
Is that Becker...?
2009-01-17 13:05:41
2.   trainwreck
Saliva gets way too much play during sporting events.
2009-01-17 13:09:22
3.   D4P
Washington St. was 28-28 from the charity stripe against Oregon today.

Is that some kind of record...?

2009-01-17 13:10:48
4.   Alex41592
Ah, the first season of Cheers.
2009-01-17 13:13:33
5.   Jon Weisman
4 - Actually, that was third season, but it wasn't dead yet.
2009-01-17 13:13:57
6.   Jon Weisman
282, 290 - from the last thread - I'll pass along the messages.
2009-01-17 13:18:52
7.   Alex41592
Ah, the third season of Cheers.
2009-01-17 14:16:03
8.   PalmdaleSteve1
In other news, Marlins are supposed to be interested in ex Dodger Shamu. Guess the Dodgers did not need that bag of balls he would have brought in a trade.
2009-01-17 14:23:11
9.   GoBears
I was thinking about this episode as I destroyed the "Countries of the World" test on Sporcle.

Thanks, Coach.

2009-01-17 14:35:45
10.   Cones88
anyone know a good place to watch the cal/stanfurd game?? hopefully there is a bay area friendly bar around LA.
2009-01-17 14:40:58
11.   Andrew Shimmin
I just bought a computer for my personal use that has an Intel CPU; first time I've ever done that. It's the end of an era. So, AMD has about three years to get back into the game. They are on the clock.
2009-01-17 14:47:10
12.   Jon Weisman
Arizona State just shut out UCLA over the final 8:12 of regulation to force overtime.
2009-01-17 14:58:38
13.   trainwreck
Get the ball to Holiday.
2009-01-17 14:59:04
14.   trainwreck
Why did he take out the one guy that can create his own shot?
2009-01-17 15:00:42
15.   Marty
Coach looked pretty wan there.
2009-01-17 15:01:17
16.   trainwreck
Well, this is one you can blame on Ben Howland.
2009-01-17 15:01:22
17.   oshea2002
Fork 'em Devils
2009-01-17 15:02:41
18.   Andrew Shimmin
UCLA's chances of tying the game, there, would have been better if somebody had taken a shot.
2009-01-17 15:04:59
19.   oshea2002
Judging by the 15 text messages I just got UCLA fans are about as pleased with Howland as I was with Floyd after the Oregon State game. In fairness to Howland, no post scoring threat and a pg who is really more of a 2 is a bad combination to deal with ASU's zone.
2009-01-17 15:22:56
20.   berkowit28
Just wondering if there's a special or topical reason for this new thread? Something happening with Cheers today?
2009-01-17 15:23:52
21.   Jon Weisman
Nope. I was just thinking about the song.
2009-01-17 15:24:54
22.   Daniel Zappala
6 If she figures it out herself, I'll be impressed.
2009-01-17 15:45:34
23.   Blue Crew
Does anyone have any recommendations for a nice hotel for Spring Training near the Dodges location?

I'm researching, but not finding much.



2009-01-17 15:56:46
24.   underdog
Albania! You border on... the... Adriatic!

Seriously, I remember actually learning something from that Cheers episode, which was not what I expected. One of the show's best seasons for sure.

Poor Coach.


Btw, I didn't see this posted earlier, sorry if it was... but I found Andruw's interview, that Diamond Leung pointed to on his blog, rather sad and enervating.

I think he was misquoted. He meant "Dodger fans wanted to throw me overboard. And rightly so!"

2009-01-17 16:38:40
25.   Dodgers49
Per the last thread:

FDA: 'Postpone' eating foods containing peanut butter

2009-01-17 16:55:05
26.   Dodgers49
From Diamond Leung:

Garciaparra playing soccer, at least

>> Garciaparra said the Dodgers have stayed in contact with his agent, Arn Tellem, and General Manager Ned Colletti has said he still has room for another infielder even after signing Casey Blake, Rafael Furcal and Mark Loretta this winter.

The Phillies are also interested along with a "couple other teams," according to Garciaparra.

"If there's going to a spring training for me, we'll see," he said. "I'm weighing my options. I want to make sure (the calf) is doing well.

2009-01-17 17:04:10
27.   katysdad
R.B.I. Baseball on the web:
2009-01-17 17:18:56
28.   oshea2002
28 - Even though he could likely be had for little money, I just don't see much for Nomar to offer. His body is totally broken down at this point, and if we are going with an injury prone IF for that final spot, I'd prefer they give Abreu a final shot.
2009-01-17 17:30:39
29.   oshea2002
Arizona is making threes like they are layups here early.
2009-01-17 17:45:36
30.   Daniel Zappala
25 While snack products are potentially contaminated, supermarket peanut butter is not.
2009-01-17 17:50:43
31.   Daniel Zappala
The Rams actually made a good hire, signing Spagnuolo to be their new coach.
2009-01-17 18:13:23
32.   katysdad
OK, R.B.I. Baseball. Lost the first game; 88 Oakland 45, 88 LA 15. Lost the second game; 90 SF 15, 85 LA 8.

Then, put together a four-run ninth to rally 85 LA past 90 SF 13-11.

Never had this when it was a game for the Nintendo system and that might be a good thing. I'd have never made it through college. Playing APBA made that hard enough.

2009-01-17 18:36:26
33.   underdog
31 I agree. He was the other guy I liked for the Broncos job besides McDaniel, and Leslie Frazier.

I wonder if the Jets are starting to get bummed.

2009-01-17 19:18:06
34.   kngoworld
27 OMG: that website is just horrible, in a totally awesome way.
2009-01-17 19:24:33
35.   Gen3Blue
If I think hard about it, Nomar is a precurser of Andruw Jones--not as dramatic and a different mode, but disappointing in the same way, only less comprehensively.
2009-01-17 19:24:37
36.   oshea2002
Jamelle Horne has struck again! USC and Arizona tied, Horne fouls Hackett at Halfcourt with 1 second left - Hackett hits the FT and SC wins.

I cannot believe Horne has done that twice, after the UAB debacle you'd think he'd have learned.

2009-01-17 19:47:04
37.   KG16
23 - not sure about in the Glendale area. I'm rather fond of the Hotel Valley Ho which is down Tempe (I think) and is about 30 minutes from Glendale.
2009-01-17 19:49:31
38.   trainwreck
Arizona is pretty much the dumbest team in America.
2009-01-17 19:53:27
39.   trainwreck
So why is Cal vs Stanford not being shown on television?
2009-01-17 19:54:44
40.   oshea2002
39 - It was on Comcast Bay Area. I have no idea why they needed to have SC / Zona and that game start at the same time.
2009-01-17 19:57:06
41.   trainwreck
Oh, I guess it was on here.
2009-01-17 21:13:10
42.   Megaballs
Ned's really working the Poker with Boras well. Once Dunn goes though, he'll lose the upper hand.

I'd a signed Adam Dunn and Ben Sheets over margaritas and given Bore-us the one finger salute by now...

2009-01-17 21:33:29
43.   Bob Timmermann
UC Irvine had a 34 of 34 game against Pacific in 1981 and Samford had a 34-34 game against Central Florida in 1990.

Those are the DI highs.

In 1976, Purdue played Wisconsin and the teams were a combined 47 for 47. Purdue made 25 and Wisconsin made 22.

2009-01-17 22:19:15
44.   silverwidow
DeJesus makes a cameo on the new video at Here's his quote:

"They show me that I'm important for them and, uh, doesn't matter what the change they do upstairs, just I'm ready to go."

I think he's referring to Furcal taking his position, but perhaps Ivan has still been assured of a big role?

2009-01-17 23:37:21
45.   Eric Stephen
Nick Markakis might be "close" to a 6-year extension with the Orioles, for between $64 & $66 million.

Markakis (3 full years of service time) is one year ahead of Andre Ethier (2 yrs, 153 days) on the service time scale, but Ethier has to be happy with these proceedings.

Career OPS+
Markakis 121
Ethier 116

WAR 2006-2008
Markakis: 2.0/3.5/5.4 (10.9 total)
Ethier: 1.7/2.1/3.6 (7.4 total)

I'm not saying Ethier is Markakis, but he's close enough to have a reasonable shot at a contract similar to the one Markakis is "close" to signing.

2009-01-17 23:39:47
46.   Sagehen
Thanks Jon! One of my favorite Cheers moments.
2009-01-17 23:56:13
47.   regfairfield
Is there anyone that would trade Cole Hamels for Markakis? Does this mean Hamels got really jobbed?
2009-01-18 00:09:56
48.   Eric Stephen
Hamels has the benefit of one more year of arbitration (2012), plus free agency. Markakis's contract would buy out 3 free agency years. I'm guessing Hamels is pretty happy with his situation.
2009-01-18 01:10:11
49.   Louis in SF

An interesting take by McCourt regarding Manny, but who knows when things will change other that the Dodgers seem to be trying now very hard to get another offer on the table from Boras which is not 5 or 6 years for Manny, instead of the two the Dodgers offered.

But what I would like to know is why there has been not been more movement on the starting pitching side. Everyone knows the Dodgers want at least one additional starting pitcher. Despite this nothing seems to be happening. Do we think the Dodgers are trying to get Freddy Garcia? Sheets or perhaps a Perez? Don't understand it.

2009-01-18 08:41:10
50.   oshea2002
49 - I agree. I would tend to agree with the McCourt's, or at least believe them. I'd guess they are getting frustrated with Boras. I see why Boras is handling things this way though.

As for pitching, I think the complete lack of movement shows they aren't in on Sheets or Perez. I'm guessing they'll take a Wolf, Garland (the names we've heard) and really don't prefer one to the other so they're willing to wait it out.

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2009-01-18 09:12:23
51.   D4P
On one hand, it's not a bad strategy for the McCourts to express to the media their frustration/confusion over Boras's lack of communication. This makes the Dodgers look like the good guys who really want Manny, and makes Boras look like the bad guy for not engaging in honest, upfront negotiations.

On the other hand, I think it's naive of the McCourt to actually be frustrated/confused by Boras's lack of communication, when such is exactly what they should be expecting from the guy.

2009-01-18 09:28:50
52.   Jon Weisman

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