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Inauguration Day Open Chat
2009-01-20 06:56
by Jon Weisman

UntitledOn left, my view of the 1993 Presidential InaugurationUntitled

Feel free to chat below - without making politically tinged comments - about today's Inauguration. (Yes, baseball talk is still welcome.)

Comments (93)
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2009-01-20 07:05:08
1.   MollyKnight
I was in Baltimore this weekend for work and I agonized over spending an extra $500 to change my flight and stay until Wednesday so I could be there today. In the end my fear of the cold and a two million person crowd got me on the plane. That and I felt like I already had a satisfying emotional experience on election day and I didn't feel like I needed this to
2009-01-20 07:26:14
2.   Disabled List
1 As great as election day was, I really wanted to experience this bit of history in person. I know at least a half-dozen people here who are making the trip down to DC, and I'm a little tinged with jealousy that I'm not going to be there.

But I had the same feeling about being in a crowd of 2 million people. No thanks. I'll watch it on TV, like everyone else.

2009-01-20 07:26:53
3.   ToyCannon
A good friend just sent me a picture of her boy singing in the San Francisco Boys Chorus.

We just found him during a shot on channel 4. You go Sean Coughlin

2009-01-20 07:32:10
4.   fiddlestick
Keith Law had a humorous observation expressing his apathy towards the inauguration in his chat last week. Something to the effect-- Obama and the voters already agreed to terms. He's just passing the physical and signing the contract now.
2009-01-20 07:34:35
5.   CanuckDodger
Tony Jackson has a story quoting Repko's agent as saying that he and his client have been asking the Dodgers for a trade for two years now, since Repko doesn't seem to be in the Dodgers' plans. Colletti's comment? "It's about production." I wonder if Colletti would say the same thing if Stults and his agent were lobbying for a trade. Production doesn't necessarily keep you on the MLB roster in this organization.
2009-01-20 07:43:17
6.   Jim Hitchcock
The last episode of West Wing was on in the early morning hours today, showing the Matt Santos inauguration.

I miss CJ & Josh Lyman already. And Leo, of course.

2009-01-20 07:49:54
7.   kinbote
It's a great day to be a U.S. History teacher. Go Dodgers, Go Obama, Go America!
2009-01-20 07:51:29
8.   das411
Yes, there is cheering of the inauguration going on in this newsroom. Yes, it is astoundingly unprofessional. Yes, it is still happening anyways...
2009-01-20 07:56:01
9.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
5 Somehow Repko's entering his 11th year with the Dodgers, yet has two options remaining. Talk about a system being broke; he might have to be a Dodger for 12 years before reaching free agency.
2009-01-20 07:57:34
10.   silverwidow
Question for Eric:

Tony Jackson referred to Repko as a "four plus arbitration" player in his story. But, since he accrued almost no MLB service in 2008, wouldn't Repko still be considered "three plus"?

2009-01-20 08:04:08
11.   gsallen
Good grief...I was there in '93 too, just to the right of that tree!
2009-01-20 08:09:21
12.   Sagehen
6 I caught that, and it was much more meaningful in this context. Funny, but I've been thinking of The West Wing a lot lately -- the episode in which the new secretary (Lillie Tomlin) is hired. Bartlett says something like "Even though you disagree with me in your letter, you said "President Bartlett." You had respect for the office." Respect for the Office. Something I've seen missing in people on both sides of the political spectrum.
2009-01-20 08:11:02
13.   cargill06
Jacob, I just heard that Indy's DC will be fired. I'm asking because you would know more than me, are you still fairly confident they'll have the same defensive philosphy next year?
2009-01-20 08:16:57
14.   underdog
Interesting that Jimmy Carter seems much more physically spry than George Bush the 1st. Wonder if the latter had some recent mishap or ailment. It's good that they're both still around, at any rate. Any of us with friends there should be grateful the weather cleared in DC today, too.

I still worry that Obama will pull a William Henry Harrison and not bundle up properly.

2009-01-20 08:27:45
15.   Penarol1916
I can't believe that I got stuck with the lame second Clinton inauguration when I lived there, and my brother gets to be there for this one. I wonder if they canceled classes at his school today?
2009-01-20 08:33:27
16.   Bob Timmermann
bhsportsguy reported that he and Sam DC are by the Washington Monument if you want to wave.

He said it took two hours to get there. Sam's place is not two hours from the Washington Monument.

But you know, it was hard to find a parking place.

2009-01-20 08:36:00
17.   underdog
Is that Joe Biden's daughter? She's kind of... hot.

Sorry, uh. USA! USA!

2009-01-20 08:40:19
18.   Jim Hitchcock
Secret Service, report to comment 17 immediately.
2009-01-20 08:42:12
19.   Bob Timmermann
She has a Facebook profile. See if she accepts a friend invitation now. Her name is Ashley Blazer Biden.
2009-01-20 08:44:47
20.   Jim Hitchcock
12 I remember that scene well. Tomlin played a pretty great role.
2009-01-20 08:48:28
21.   underdog
Dick Cheney in a wheelchair = Dr Strangelove?

19 Nice. Er, my g/f may suspect something, though.

2009-01-20 08:50:28
22.   Jon Weisman
21 - I went with Old Man Potter.
2009-01-20 08:51:44
23.   Bob Timmermann
Put a white cat in his lap and you've got Blofeld.
2009-01-20 08:51:47
24.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
Is there a good place to listen to the ceremony online?
2009-01-20 08:52:39
25.   underdog
There's always Blofeld, too, but he was missing the cat.


Sometime in my lifetime, I'd love to see a Rabbi lead the invocation at the inauguration.

2009-01-20 08:52:58
26.   underdog
Damnit, I'm just seconds slow today.
2009-01-20 08:53:03
27.   Bob Timmermann
You can get it streaming online at of all places.

Or or

2009-01-20 08:54:00
28.   underdog
24 - Could try this:
2009-01-20 08:54:00
29.   Bob Timmermann
I wondered if Dianne Feinstein ever thought she'd get a job as an MC.
2009-01-20 09:00:14
30.   Bob Timmermann
And after 220 years, America gets its first Catholic vice president.

Catholics now preside over both Houses of Congress.

Fortunately, neither Biden nor Pelosi attended Notre Dame.

2009-01-20 09:01:25
31.   cargill06
29 Or Emcee as the kids are calling it.
2009-01-20 09:01:46
32.   underdog
This John Williams piece seems calculated to make me cry. {sniff} Darn you, Yo Yo Ma!
2009-01-20 09:02:07
33.   Jon Weisman
Copeland forever.
2009-01-20 09:04:02
34.   Bob Timmermann
Well, actually it's an old Shaker hymn that Aaron Copland incorporated into "Appalachian Spring." And then everyone just sort of ran with it. Like saying Henry VIII wrote "Greensleeves."
2009-01-20 09:05:55
35.   ToyCannon
Sometimes reality should sit on the sidelines.
2009-01-20 09:06:06
36.   Jon Weisman
Incorporation forever.
2009-01-20 09:06:17
37.   Bob Timmermann
John Roberts showing rookie jitters in his first presidential swearing in.
2009-01-20 09:07:28
38.   Bob Timmermann
High school term paper topic you brought up there.


2009-01-20 09:07:57
39.   Daniel Zappala
Who messed up there?
2009-01-20 09:09:21
40.   old dodger fan
What an amazing thing. I went to a segregated high school and now that same state that would not let me attend classes with an African American voted for Obama.

This is a watershed moment in our history.

2009-01-20 09:09:29
41.   D4P
We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special news bulletin:

According to Fangraphs, Cody Ross was worth $17 million in 2008.

2009-01-20 09:10:21
42.   Bob Timmermann
It was Roberts. He transposed two phrases.
2009-01-20 09:11:47
43.   Jim Hitchcock
33 How cool would Rodeo sound right now.
2009-01-20 09:12:23
44.   Jon Weisman
43 - Perfect for the recessional.
2009-01-20 09:12:39
45.   Jon Weisman
Or if they're having beef for dinner.
2009-01-20 09:13:47
46.   Daniel Zappala
44 Except, I can't get the commercial it's associated with out of my mind. Down with commercial association!
2009-01-20 09:14:48
47.   Bob Timmermann
You can wind back the DVR and see who messed up:
"I (Barack Hussein Obama) do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

It is believed that no president has opted to "affirm" instead of "swear." Pierce might have. Hoover was often reported to have "affirmed" since he was a Quaker, but news reports of the time don't say that.

2009-01-20 09:18:28
48.   Jim Hitchcock
40 In '73, I dropped out of a class I couldn't stand at Westchester High, and was given 5 choices. I enjoyed history, so I chose African American History (guidance counselor:"Are you sure?").

I was sure, and enjoyed that class a lot.

2009-01-20 09:20:14
49.   Bob Timmermann
I'm betting the class had a different name in 1973 though.
2009-01-20 09:26:17
50.   Jim Hitchcock
49 Nope, that was what they called it.

I'll never forget the teacher, either...a guy of Greek extrapolation named Papadapoulis. A good guy.

45 :)

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2009-01-20 09:28:01
51.   CanuckDodger
People in Britain are posting on boards that they can't understand why Aretha Franklin sang "God Save The Queen." I explained on one board that "My Country, 'Tis Of Thee," the lyrics of which were written in 1831, uses the melody of Britain's national anthem.
2009-01-20 09:29:06
52.   Bob Timmermann
I'm always amazed that people still find that remarkable.

Now if Aretha Franklin had belted out a soul rendition of "O Canada" that would have been something.

2009-01-20 09:30:16
53.   Jim Hitchcock
Or maybe Afro-American History. My memory's a little froggy on that point.
2009-01-20 09:31:35
54.   Jim Hitchcock
52 Does anybody besides me think that `America the Beautiful' would make a better national anthem?
2009-01-20 09:32:23
55.   Bob Timmermann
I'm guessing it was "Afro-American" history. That term shows up a lot in old library catalog records.
2009-01-20 09:34:01
56.   CanuckDodger
52 -- The Brits also want to know why the US national anthem wasn't sung instead. What am I supposed to tell them, Bob?
2009-01-20 09:34:27
57.   D4P
"Afro-American" history

See: American Basketball Association

2009-01-20 09:35:29
58.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, Roberts said "execute faithfully" and not "faithfully execute" and threw the two of them off.
2009-01-20 09:36:07
59.   Bob Timmermann
We only play the National Anthem at important events.

Like baseball games.

2009-01-20 09:36:47
60.   Bob Timmermann
Seriously, there is a whole protocol on what music is played at inaugurations.
2009-01-20 09:40:06
61.   old dodger fan
I grew thinking the last 2 words to our National Anthem were, "Play Ball".
2009-01-20 09:43:04
62.   Bob Timmermann
At what point do bhsportsguy and Sam DC wish that they had used the bathroom before they left?
2009-01-20 09:43:56
63.   Eric Stephen
Tony Jackson referred to Repko as a "four plus arbitration" player in his story. But, since he accrued almost no MLB service in 2008, wouldn't Repko still be considered "three plus"?

This is something that I'm not sure of. I asked Diamond Leung about Repko's 2008 salary (earned in arbitration) and he said he believed Repko earned his major league salary of $487,500 throughout the year, even while in the minors.

I scoured the CBA, and can't find exactly where this is explicitly stated. Perhaps the players get 3 years of arbitration no matter what (not counting Super Twos of course). Very weird.

2009-01-20 09:44:09
64.   DBrim
TUESDAY: Repko's agent says he's been asking for a trade for the past two years. They don't see much opportunity for Repko in the Dodgers' outfield. Ned Colletti's response: "It's all about production. That is all I'm going to say."

Ouch. That's pretty harsh.

2009-01-20 09:46:00
65.   Don Tordilla
Martin, 1yr@$3.9 mil.,-$3.9M-deal

2009-01-20 09:50:45
66.   Eric Stephen
I will add also that I think Tony Jackson is wrong in his Daily News story. He notes Repko as having two option years left, but Repko used options in both 2005 & 2008. Repko only has one option year left.
2009-01-20 09:52:57
67.   Ken Noe
65 The deal is the largest ever awarded to a catcher in his first year of arbitration.

I just watched the oath and speech in our library, where the largely African-American janitorial staff had also gathered to watch. It was a joyous place to be.

2009-01-20 09:53:52
68.   fanerman
Yargh my alarm went off late (and thus I got to work a little late). I was hoping to catch more of the festivities. At least I saw most of the speech.
2009-01-20 09:54:46
69.   Eric Stephen
Prediction (/hope): That deal gets ripped up as part of a long-term deal signed before the season starts.
2009-01-20 09:54:51
70.   berkowit28
34 That's why the screen credits said "Arranged by" John Williams, and not "Composed by". Although a commentator on whichever channel I was watching at the time got that wrong.
2009-01-20 09:59:24
71.   Jon Weisman
They sang the National Anthem at the end of the ceremony.
2009-01-20 10:02:03
72.   berkowit28
47 Yes, Franklin Pierce affirmed. So said both the LA Times yesterday and Wikipedia.
2009-01-20 10:05:43
73.   Bob Timmermann
Why are we having so many southpaw presidents lately? Ford, Reagan, Bush 41, and Clinton.

Is this some plan to keep Mark Sweeney from ever batting again?

2009-01-20 10:06:10
74.   Brent Knapp
From Diamond Leung:

Dodgers sign Marin for 3.9 million and Broxton for 1.825. I thought they'd be a little higher.

2009-01-20 10:06:20
75.   Daniel Zappala
I didn't realize Obama is left-handed. I don't suppose there are stats on that?
2009-01-20 10:06:25
76.   CanuckDodger
71 -- Yeah, I saw that.
2009-01-20 10:06:59
77.   Daniel Zappala
Figures Bob would already have caught that, and had data at the ready.
2009-01-20 10:07:04
78.   Brent Knapp
74 Russell Martin that is. Not Cheech.
2009-01-20 10:07:38
79.   Bob Timmermann
Garfield, Hoover, and Truman were also lefties.
2009-01-20 10:09:09
80.   Bob Timmermann
Lefties in handedness that is. Not in the "Waiting for Lefty" sense.
2009-01-20 10:09:27
81.   delias man
Only Ethier is left to avoid arbitration now?
2009-01-20 10:10:23
82.   CanuckDodger
75 -- There are plenty of stats about left-handedness. If you are left-handed, your life expectancy (based on the averages) is 8 years less than if you are right-handed. You are also more likely to be gay, transgendered, suffer from depression, or just be generally crazy.
2009-01-20 10:11:09
83.   Bob Timmermann
But you can pitch forever!
2009-01-20 10:11:41
84.   still bevens
75 Obama and McCain are left handed, which I thought was interesting.
2009-01-20 10:12:35
85.   Harold M Johnson
This is a great day for America.
2009-01-20 10:12:49
86.   delias man
83 Poor Koufax.
2009-01-20 10:14:53
87.   berkowit28
74 Broxton's deal is "plus incentives" (still Leung). It's probably set up such that if he remains the closer he earns more. Actually, I wonder how they'd do that, since a defined closer only comes in under certain conditions (leading bu 3 runs or less, or sometimes tied), while a setup guy will often come in late innings regardless and could pitch in more games.
2009-01-20 10:16:01
88.   Jon Weisman
74 - I was under by only a few hundred thousand on each.
2009-01-20 10:18:03
89.   Jon Weisman
2009-01-20 10:22:21
90.   fiddlestick
My parents are Diamondbacks partial season ticket holders for 3 years. They require handicap accessible seating, and they have 3rd deck seats about the home dugout.

They were informed at renewal time that if they weren't willing to extend to larger package of games, they'd face the risk of losing their seats to someone else. They paid their deposit and hoped for the best.

They got the call last week that indeed the seats were sold. They were offered seats behind homeplate (too expensive) or down the line by the foul pole (bad seats), and they could essentially take it or leave it. I don't agree with the choices they were given, since it seems to me that in this economy, you'd want to keep every paying customer you have and if there aren't enough wheelchair seats to meet the demand, maybe they should look at that.

At any rate, I emailed Derrick Hall and within an hour he responded. Obviously there wasn't a resolution, but he said they'd work to find comparable seats and that he didn't want to lose them.

Has anyone ever emailed Frank McCourt, does he respond to customer issues?

2009-01-20 11:12:11
91.   ToyCannon
Several years ago he responded to my emails and I even saw some action based on my email but I have not heard from him over the last two years when I've emailed.
2009-01-20 12:21:58
92.   KG16
72 - I believe Nixon also affirmed, being a Quaker and all.
2009-01-22 17:06:16
93.   Fallout
You should have had the wife clip those antlers b4 leaving.

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